StatsCube: Aldridge Gets Closer

Our first reaction in the wake of Portland 105, Miami 96 is to rail on the Heat for their five-game losing streak and all that talk that has surrounded it. And NBA TV’s Chris Webber did a fine job of just that.

But the Heat didn’t beat themselves on Tuesday. The Blazers took it to them.

Portland has won 11 of its last 14 games and despite all its injury woes this season, is somehow tied with the Denver Nuggets for fifth place in the Western Conference. Tuesday’s win was huge, because the Blazers have a rough schedule the rest of the way, with 13 of their final 18 games against teams with winning records.

In the absence of Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge has carried much of the load offensively for Portland, averaging 22.4 points per game on 49.8 percent shooting. Before Tuesday’s game LeBron James called Aldridge the “biggest snub in All-Star history.”

That may be a bit of an overstatement, but Aldridge certainly got snubbed. And his improvement this season isn’t just about carrying a bigger load. He’s actually become a different kind of offensive player.

In the past, Aldridge has been a jump-shooting big, Mr. Pick-and-Pop. But this season, he’s doing a lot more of his work near the basket, as StatsCube makes it clear…

LaMarcus Aldridge, percentage of shots attempted from distance, last two seasons

Season 0-5 feet 5-9 feet 10-14 feet 15-19 feet 20+ feet
2009-10 26.5% 16.4% 19.2% 22.2% 15.7%
2010-11 40.8% 19.3% 12.1% 15.3% 12.5%


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  1. Smytho says:

    Loving this little article on LaMarcus, just shows how the dude has grown, with hopefully even more to come.

    As a Blazer fan from the UK, I end up staying up most nights to follow the games (the home games are killers time-zone wise) and seeing the team give maximum effort and still stringing together wins after unprecendented adversity makes it worth the extra effort. I love the identity/make-up of this team, and adding Wallace is adding proven quality and character, a really nice addition.

    With a healthy Oden, we’d be deep enough and (just about) big enough to make some serious playoff noise, but even without that this year, we’ll give some team a hell of a series, and hopefully a memorable win. Something to feed the hunger until the full-on healthy assault next season, a la San Antonio this season!

  2. josh says:

    It was a very good two days for us in Portland with the Florida Sweep! We are just sick of the National Media dedicating 95% of the story on how the other teams Lost, and not how we Won! As for the All Star Snub, it was a stub indeed. Especially since Blazers have Swept Clippers and Wolves this year, with L.A. dominating Love and Griffin!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Ghost: Patty Mills is doing a wonderful job backing up Andre Miller. Not only is he playing well, he gives the second unit a whole new style of play. I think patty is like a glue for the blazers, in the locker room too. Everyone loves Patty and he does a lot for this team and their moral! Patty Cakes!

  4. Ghost says:

    Blazers probably have the best bench in the NBA right now and great starting line up headed my LaMarcus! We keep winning games and we’ll be set for next year to make a run at the championship if everyone stays healthy. We’ll have 3 allstars on one team (that’s including Aldridge) and wesley matthews and nic batum are all set for break out season with consistent play! Hopefully armon will become a great backup for miller. If so we’ll be very dangerous next year.

  5. Brady says:

    I like the first comment as well. And, whats up die hard blazers fan! that makes two of us. The injuries have been decimating the last two or three seasons. but this season has shown the silver lining. Lamarcus has flourished as an all star and fourth quarter player, can you imagine if i said that last year!? Adding gerald finally showed its potential last night. Our bench is the starting line up for most teams, it looked scary against the heat. If we can get anywhere close to duplicating that of the rest of the year and the playoffs we will frustrate a lot of teams. Great to see, hope to see even more.

  6. Steven says:

    I’m should hate the Blazers but I can’t! It almost doesn’t even make sense that they have been so good with all the injuries they’ve sustained. With this team the sum is greater than it’s parts, like 1+1=3. I hope they can build around L.A. and make some serious noise in the future!

    • James says:

      So impressed with L.A., by expanding his low game he hasn’t lost anything with his pure/automatic jumpshot, as witnessed last night.

      Steven, God bless you. As a die hard blazer’s fan it’s been tough seeing the huge injuries sustained over the last few seasons to assets/potential assets on the team. The flip side has been seeing the Blazer’s still come out each night to compete and seeing their cohesiveness as a team, they want wins, regardless of which man’s sitting out, and now we’re finally on the mend, fingers crossed. I’m very much looking forward to the future with this franchise, as always, but now Nasty Nate McMillan’s sticking around at least another 2 more years and with that kind of coaching we can overcome tons, witness exhibit A.

      Last night’s beautiful win was for all Rip City fans who witnessed the raised hands taunt Lebraun gave us in Portland in the Heat’s OT win. That memory, makes this memory, that much more memorable. I realize I don’t have the authority to dedicate that win, but I just did. I don’t hate you anymore Lebraun, now we’re even.