Bosh Vents Frustrations

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Five straight losses has a way of shining a light on a team’s warts that no man-made device can.

Losing repeatedly also has a way of encouraging angry or frustrated players to speak their minds, for better or worse, in ways that they never would when things are going well.

So we weren’t surprised at all to read the comments from Heat forward Chris Bosh after his team dropped its fifth straight Tuesday night to the Portland Trail Blazers.

If you haven’t heard, Bosh is a little upset with his role in Miami … we know, the nerve of this guy, complaining about being the third option after LeBron James and Dwyane Wade after signing up last summer to be exactly that. In short, Bosh wants to play like he did in Toronto, when he was the No. 1 option on largely mediocre teams and piled up impressive statistics working his way inside and out as he saw fit.

The only problem is, two other guys get their food first every night — and that’s not going to change anytime soon. And it’s showing, particularly on those nights when Bosh’s counterpart on the opposing team is the No. 1 option (LaMarcus Aldridge roasted him last night, outscoring him 26-7.)

“I’ve got to get back in my comfort zone, I haven’t been in my comfort zone,” Bosh told Brian Windhorst of “A lot of things are new for me. I just have to be more aggressive in demanding my [the ball] comfort zone, you know I’ll take the fault for that… I’m effective down in the low post area, so that is where I need to start getting the ball. I need to be assertive in demanding it.”

That Bosh decided to pipe up after what was arguably his worst game of the season (he did have that 1-for-18 stinker a couple weeks ago) only serves to enhance the belief that the Heat still have not solved the chemistry issues that were credited for their uneven start to this season.

But if Bosh has any delusions about being something other than the third option on this team, the Heat have something much bigger than chemistry issues to worry about.

You’ve heard the jokes about the Heat’s Big 3 being the “Big 2.5” or “Two and A Half Men,” or whatever the tasteless moniker they are being plagued with that day. But tasteless or not, the reality is the Heat have two superstars that get theirs no matter what. And then there’s Bosh, a star in his own right, but one that has yet to find a comfortable niche as their third.

Bosh is supposed to take all of this up with his teammates and Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. Too bad he didn’t try that first. Because by whining (crying would be too strong a term in this matter) about this publicly before addressing the matter within the confines of the Heat locker room, Bosh is feeding the daily beast that is the Heat hate machine.

And as you may have witnessed — Lakers coach Phil Jackson is the latest to tweak the Heat’s cry-gate episode by telling the Los Angeles Times, “This is the NBA: No Boys Allowed. Big boys don’t cry. But if you’re going to do it, do it in the toilet where no one sees you.” — there is no extra fuel needed.

In the meantime, we prefer the remedy Chris Webber prescribed for the Heat during last night’s Fan Night broadcast on NBA TV:


  1. Boston fan says:

    Ive read a lot of comments… from being on a cloud to being xtremle annoying… Bosh is not the “power forward” that we are use to seeing, aggresive dominant in the paint and mean like….. but he is an all star, people are now saying he is over-rated,that nobody will want him??? Plz come on give me a break Bosh is a excelent player he lacks defense but hey if it wasn’t fr him toronto would have been the worst team in the recent years…. he is clearly not a superstars but if he wants to sign with you and sure you will say yes….

  2. wkzk says:

    Kevin Love would be a great addition for Miami. They should not have gotten Bosh in the first place because he is frail and he is not aggressive enough.

  3. T-Rex says:

    Bosh can really become a prolific superstar in this league if only he will sacrifice a little more and not to be recognized as someone who can only contribute on offense. There are so many role players in the NBA who gets a lot of recognition because for them the team must come first before their individual interest. In a lot of ways, a player can really make an impact and it is a question of heart, will and desire just like what the “Birdman” does for the Nuggets or Blair for the Spurs. Bosh is so lucky, having been drafted high on the first round and being surrounded by great players and a great organization at present time. The Heat has a “Warrior” in the person of Alonzo Mourning in their organization who could really communicate a lot of experience to these young guys. If only bosh can have Zo’s heart, courage and the never say die attitude he can really make a difference for the team. Bosh is nearly 7 feet tall and being run over by either small or big men in the league. There is no one legit in the Heat’s line up who can stand, defend or dominate other big men in the NBA anymore, not to mention the aging frontline with lesser mobility. Bosh needs to become that guy for them. . . There is no question on what Wade and James can do, Bosh needs to attack the situation with urgency.

  4. loulou says:

    I think Miami Heat have a lot of issues not only Bosh not play well, Dampier needs too play as Center. Heat have Coah Issue also, I really dont think he has enough experience to coah this Team, Pat R. needs to take over to save the season otherwise Miami Heat gonna Crash

  5. CB is taking the team down says:

    CB is the downfall to the heat. The heat fail most at rebounds in my opinion, and CB is not a rebounder, hes a shooter, a scorer, nothing more. Hes not smart without the ball as he clogs the lanes, making 1 on 1 players like LJ and DW have a harder time, and when your forward doesnt rebound, especially in the clutch, then your team will just lose.

  6. Yoyoyo says:

    Sometimes Bosh plays like a SG and Lebron plays like a PG 😐

  7. bman says:


  8. bman says:


  9. M Pizzle says:

    Honestly, the bench problem can be solved easily….Bosh would be better suited to a second unit that he is the number one option on…split up the big three, its not like boston where you have allen an outside shooter, garnett a rebound monster low post man and tough defender, and pierce who can drive the lanes and hit outside shots, so instead of making bosh a #3 on the first unit, where his defensive skills are also not the best, instead make him a #1 coming off the bench or #2 when LBJ or DWade are on…this way you always have an oustanding #1 on the court

  10. TO says:

    I don’t know why everyone is saying that Bosh knew that he was going to be the third option when he got into this. Bosh chose to go to Miami before Lebron made his “Decision”. I don’t think anyone can argue that he should be the second option because it is clear that he should be the third, but they need to try to work him into the offense more even if it is just for him to kick it back out to the first two options.

  11. SergioCR says:

    So, To me, it seems that it all falls on Spoelstra’s shoulders. Based on what everyone have said (no ball movement, LBJ 1 against 5 and so on) means to me that there isn’t any teamwork here. The one who draws the plays ain’t LBJ, D-WADE and the other cry-baby! Take Spoelstra and Riley away and the Heat will be a contender again.

  12. Me says:

    Chris Webber went thee hell OFF! Yes! He just told the truth though!!!

  13. Arthur says:

    @Paul Sokoloff
    WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? “like it has for Jameer in Orlando (that guy rarely drives anymore and lives outside the 3-line; he’s lost his toughness since his injury waaaay back and still hasn’t recovered mentally – and may never will).”. YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVN’T BEEN WATCHING THE MAGIC PLAY RECENTLY.

  14. You know people what MIAMI HEAT ORGANIZATION has to do? Log on to YOUTUBE.COM write the keywords CHRIS BOSH HIGHLIGHTS on the search box, play tons of videos of how good CB1 is, watch and learn from it. Isn’t that simple? And have this equation ELITE POINT GUARD + CB1 = BIG TIME SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. f2m says:

    bosh is the weakest link on the miami heat team…

  16. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    I understand where Bosh is coming from. I’ve watch a lot of Miami games where he is open in the post, but then Lebron or D-Wade don’t get the play they want so they go up top to the key and call another play. Bosh is good, and he really hasn’t been himself ALL YEAR. I saw him in Toronto and he was always on his A game.. Yes he is kind of like the “third option” but he is a good one. Miami needs to get Bibby comfy at the point and get a good center… (look for one’s on WAIVERS!!!).. The people they have don’t get it done, and specially won’t get it done against the Celtics when it comes to playoffs.. Bosh I understand your feelings.. Talk to coach… Talk to Bron and Wade.. Do something that’ll get you back to your old self and HELP THIS MIAMI TEAM KICK BUTT!! DIE HARD MIAMI HEAT FAN!! 🙂

  17. victor says:

    The problem is that there are 3 guys and 1 ball. This has been said numerous times, but it’s the truth. Michael and Scotty, Magic and Worthy, Tim and Dave. 3 guys and 1 ball never works out. The 3rd option on a team has to be a guy that makes points in other ways than plays being run for him.
    Heat should try to trade either James or Wade for 1st round pick and a few good but not great players, like what the Nuggets did with the Knicks. Sometimes its not the big names that win the games, its the other 10 guys on the team that carry you to the wins. The superstars just put you over the top.

  18. LA says:

    Hey Sekou, do you have an ability to read Bosh’s mind or something because from what Bosh said, I don’t see Bosh complaining about being the third option. All he’s saying is he knows he needs to be more assertive and demand the ball more. I mean… why you are trying so hard to put the blame for the Heat’s little slide on Bosh is beyond me, but I can clearly see that you are not being fair here. Read your quote of Bosh’s comment to the ESPN reporter and tell me if you think he’s really complaining publicly about his role.

  19. Neil Alex™ says:

    ^^^ oops, was supposed to reply to that Scalabrine comment.

    just like Stockton / Malone / Ewing and other superstars that didn’t win any, a core of supportive cast from the bench is indeed essential.

  20. Neil Alex™ says:

    Barkley? Scalabrine is much more of a champ than him. lolz

  21. Nicholas says:

    I think it could work if Bosh plays in Miami’s 2nd team, when James & Wade are rested. He may get lesser minutes but at least he gets the ball when he calls for it… just like when he played for the Raptors.

    Now to see if his ego allows for it.

  22. pedobear says:

    betcha they miss Haslem’s D so much, poor Heat…

    and Barkley? Scalabrine is much more of a champ than him.

  23. John Hoe says:

    I’m saying it here Clippers may need to let go C. Kayman.

    C.B. to the Clippers for Kayman and one more. Bosh needs to foul out from now on!

    • tingyman1 says:

      why would the clippers want bosh to come and spoil the chemistry that is being built with blake griffin and the team?

  24. seattle fan says:

    Chris Bosh is a pansy and a crybaby who whines when he doesn’t get what he wants. Just another one of the many players in the league that are over paid

  25. JJ says:

    Miami Heat Must learn How to play like The big 3 of the Boston Celtics !!!!

    They must Trust there PG.. like Paul ray and kevin did !!!!!!!
    They must know there roles and Limitation…!!!!!! like the trio of the celtics did!!
    They must give up some of there stats !!! to be just a team player!!! LBJ is 3rd and Wade is the 4th leading scorer of the league today!!! They doing great for MVP Awards!!! not A NBA Championship…!!!!!
    The top 5 teams in the east and west or some of the teams above .500 they not afraid of 26.3 PPG from LBJ 25.6 from Wade..!!! because those guys are selfish players… although LBJ is averaging around 8 assist and wade 6 assist!!!
    80% of there assist is like !!! LBJ alley opp to wade or Wade alley opp to lebron!!! Wade alley opp to bosh or lBJ alley opp to Bosh!!! Wade to LEbron !!! Lebron To wade !! LEBRon to Bosh or Wade to Bosh!!!!
    its like 3 on 5 + 5 to 7 Bench players!!!!!

    the miami heat trio are not yet mature enough to win championship lke Boston Celtics trio(PP,ray ,KG)
    who win 2008 nba championship and been a contender ever seen there tro was built or The san Antonio Spurs Trio (TIM,Manu and parker) who won 2 or 3 NBA Championship together !!! or the LOs Angeles Lakers (Bryant Fisher) who won 5 NBa championship Together..!!!

    Thats It..!! but i didn’t say that they can’t win a championship is that there chances of winning it is like 10% !!!!!!

  26. christelo says:

    The Heat have been looking like that easy sensitive sexy looking girl lately!!! Everybody wants a piece of that southbeach ass…The New York knicks came with that New York swag and gave her the business, The Orlando Magic said hey baby I got Superman… she fell for it and gave it up… The old looking Spurs came with that french accent and a nice “bonner” (Mat)..Oh yea she gave it up so fast with no resistence that she fell ashamed after that… she promissed herself that From then on she was going to play hard to get.. but the romantic chicago bulls came with “Roses”(derick). she couldnt bieleve her eyes finally a guy who doesnt just want to f@%$ her…altough she was playing hard to get the bulls stayed persitent and got what they came for and left… heartbroken she spent the night crying at a bar where the trailblazers took advantage of her after getting her drunk on that miller(andre) lite… She woke up the next morning thinking she will not give it up anymore untill the right guy puts a RING on it!! I heard the lakers are in town and they bringing the “rapist” and the guy that brought home with him a kardashian sister!!!

  27. tna says:

    Man up heat Orlano will win it all

  28. tata says:

    Bosh had to go public. It’s plain to see that Wade and Spoelstra can’t get the ball out of Frenchy’s hands. If Kobe was putting up 35 points a night and the Lakers lost every game people would be going nuts. All Frenchy can do is “get his” every night whether the team suffers or not.

  29. Motivator says:


    I agree on you with that!
    man oh man!.. The BIG 3 is really really really looking to compete with each other and it pulls the team down the boards..
    I think coach spoelstra should clear this out..

    @FAKE though guy?

    You got it!
    and that’s the BEST choice for them!.. its what I’m always waiting for…

    to BOSH quit asserting for it… this is not TORONTO RAPTORS where you had a different role.. THIS IS MIAMI HEAT! where you should look to a new perspective..


  30. Yardmon says:

    Ha Ha Chris is a high paid decoy. Wade and Labron need him on the team so people dont double. He should just shut up, get paid and be happy playing sidekick. Did he really think he was going to be a double double guy? Ok, Chris is you want the stats go back to Toronto where no body is watching and get your highlights there otherwise stop crying.. Man he looked like a dehydrated crackhead, maybe they shouldnt do interviews after games.. too funny!!! Big 2.5 ha…maybe they should sign Charlie S. ha ha

  31. Austin Williams says:

    If Bosh doesn’t figure something out for their game against the Lakers Gasol and Bynum are going to destroy Bosh. Bynum has completely turned around his season after the all star break. He realized that hes is usually not going to score as much as Kobe and Gasol. He has figured out how he the best help to his team by grabbing rebounds and play d-fence. Now Bynum has got 50 rebounds and last three game and has been getting easy shots after getting offensive rebounds. Now as as a result the Lakers are playing there best ball of the year. So Chis Bosh needs to stop complaining and figure out how he can best benefit his team just like Bynum.

  32. Dave says:

    I can’t really think of any NBA team that won a championship that didn’t have a a legitimate point guard on offense, a legitimate center on defense, a better than average bench, and a couple of consistently good go-to guys for clutch shots at the end of the game, or had any real exploitable weakness that good teams could consistently exploit. Miami comes up short on all accounts. I suppose a truly great coach might be able to devise some sort of strategy to get around Miami’s weaknesses, but it’s pretty clear to me that Spoelstra ain’t that great, but you never know. Actually I think if this team had any shot Spoelstra would have “resigned” to spend more time with his family by now and Riley would have stepped in. This team is done.

  33. the Donn says:

    they need to practice “D”. bench or starters they lack in defense. bosh lebron and wade are good on offense, the heat are best on fast breaks not on set plays.. they need guys who will do the dirty things for them.. (if they cant do it for themselves). Bosh is fine on offense but needs to adjust on defending big men if you are eyeing for a title.. they also need a reliable center. not priced center but a reliable center that can be a treat offensively and defensively as well..if they want to be in the finals, teach james to play low, make bosh learn to play “D” or.. put a big chunk of meat in the middle to make amend on what’s lacking on the sides..

  34. Jerry says:

    lol@this article. Man it amazes me how people can twist words when they have nothing to write about. I watched the interview and youve taken what hes said and made it MUCH worse. You should be a politician. Classic

  35. kantankruz says:

    Be funny is Carlos Arroyo wins a ring before LBJ and Bosh.

  36. jason says:

    whoever agrees that melo and amare are one of the best combos in the league comment on this

  37. jason says:

    whoever agress that melo and amare are one of the best combos in the league commnt on this

  38. cooljoeji says:

    I pity these players having too much to prove to everybody…It’s really hard to be considered the best team if they can’t work out their respective issue as a player…they need a true leader whom they will all respect. It doesn’t have to go down who’s going to take over or who has the ball more often…it’s simply recognizing their respective role in the team and accepting it wholeheartedly. For the benefit of the League, I hope the Heat resolves this confusion within themselves instead of using the media and press to express their frustrations and disatisfactions.

    • tata says:

      I hope they just keep on imploding. The new excuses are going to be funnier than the old ones.

  39. jc says:

    this aint the raptors mr bosh…’re trying to be a big man in a man’s game, well no mr bosh!! instead if telling your coach and teammates in a more private manner what you did was “whine” and you did “WHINE” bigtime mr bosh. lebronn james…this aint your team either homeboy..its dwayne wade”s. eric spoelstra is a good coach but the problem is he has to handle huge egos of mr james and mr bosh w/c goes as far as cleveland and toronto. miami would have been better adding veteran role players to help out wade who know their and play their roles to the hilt rather than getting 2 superstars who are cry babies whenever they dont get the ball at certain times in a game…for pat riley… want to go back to coaching sir…well go back if you want anyway you’re used to that..remember you robbed stan van gundy of a title for the heat 2006.. one more thing….new york loves you mr riley….. you promised the knicks in the 90″s a title w/c you were’nt able to do because you jumped ship to where the gold is…you’re in the same class as shaq (when he left orlando for the lakers in 1996)and better for you two to do a movie together titled”take the money and run”. nice movie mr riley and if it becomes a box office hit then you can make a part 2 of that movie” take more money and run…run……..real fast”

  40. Lonestar327 says:

    I just would like to say on behalf of the rest of the basketball world, we are enjoying this more and more each day!
    Enjoy the playoffs and your first round exit while the rest of us (Mavericks, Spurs, Lakers, Thunder, Celtics, Magic, etc) make our deep runs into the playoffs!

  41. Jealousy is always killer in the basketball universe especially when you have a star-studded line up.

    I hope Miami would not do the same thing as the Lakers did when they have Kobe, Shaq, Malone and Payton.

    LBJ & Wade are doing their chores in the offensive end. Likewise, Bosh should assert himself in the defense and rebounding department if he really wants to help his team and stop complaining.

    I think Kevin Durant is telling the truth when he said “Chrish Bosh a FAKE though guy”.

    I hope tomorrow’s matchup Miami-Lakers, Bosh woul redeem himself.

  42. Christopher Aruelo says:


  43. Doomdoom says:

    Is it me or Bosh only said he needed the ball on the low post where is his comfort zone in the beginning of a game, so he could be in rhythm the whole game NOT THAT HE WANTED THE BALL MORE AND THAT HE’S UPSET ABOUT BEING THE THIRD OPTION. The guy just want the ball in his comfort so he could help his team effectivelly thatt’s it… Media always twisting up athletes words to make their stories.

  44. Gustavo Salgado says:

    im a straight up heat fan even before the big three came bt really chris ur whining about ur role in miami wat did u expect u hav 2 of the 3 best players in the leauge (the other one is kobe even if it pains me to say it) on ur team u got urself into this wen u sined the contract with the heat im nt sayin we dnt need u its jst u must understand ur gunna be our third option behind lebron n wade

  45. DaniDumbii says:

    This is what happens when you build a team around “3” stars, deplete your roster and follow-up by barely using that guy that’s taking up 16m that could easily be distributed to 3-4 decent role players….

  46. Blackmamba24 says:

    Chris Bosh is a skinny ethiopian idiot, Probably has to stuff rocks inside his pockett when he steps outside so the wind doesnt blow him away…..Hit the weight room more often and play like a big dude, you sissy.

  47. Antav says:

    Cryami needs to shut up and play ball

  48. Paul says:

    Too much talk for too obvious a problem.

    1) No bench and injuries.
    2) Not utilizing Bosh’s presence inside more often, especially during crunch time and game ending plays.
    3) They players cannot handle adversity

    Let’s start with bench and injuries:
    On paper, the ‘rest’ of the team (including a healhy Haslem) looks really good on paper. The problem is chemistry and pressure. Of course we all know chemistry takes time – this is not Magic/Kareem situation where the team clicks immediately in the first year and goes to the top (that is rare). This team needs more time, a lot more time. We can assume that this team will ‘click’, though that is based on a high probability and never a guarantee.
    And with Haslem back from injury, he will be the guy that goes to war against other teams and his toughness will rub off on his teammates (right now they play too soft for a playoff atmosphere, despite their great talents).
    Miller is back from injury and needs time – hopefully he won’t need over a year to find his touch again, like it has for Jameer in Orlando (that guy rarely drives anymore and lives outside the 3-line; he’s lost his toughness since his injury waaaay back and still hasn’t recovered mentally – and may never will).
    And Wade needs to stop playing superman so often – it’s fun to watch, but he’s too damn injury prone. Even if he doesn’t get injured enough to stop playing completely he gets injured often enough to play less than 100% or lose confidence altogether (this is very obvious when you see the drastic changes in his rebounds/points/minutes from game to game – you never can predict any of them!!). If Bosh gets more touches down low, Wade doesn’t have to risk his body so much out there – C’mon coach, slow him down a little, he has lots’s of help this year so he needs to be given the yellow light (caution). And for all the Wade fans that want to see his numbers skyrocket and be ‘the man’, it’s just too risky! They guy is only 6’3″ and takes advantage of his physical capabalities too often so he is FEARLESS and will keep getting injured until the point that he will never be a ‘consistent’ part of the team – THAT IS THE REALITY FOLKS, SORRY!!

    Bosh needs to be treated as an equal third superstar. No more of this crap “well, he knew that if he stepped into this, he would be the third option”. Who ever said that??? Only critics, media, analysts and pedestrians – but not the team!! Did you ever hear the team or Spo’ say that? It’s bogus. It’s an expected assumption everyone makes and it’s BS. Bosh is not Rodman, so they certainly didn’t bring him along for rebounds and defense. They brought him along because of friendship, pure offensive talent down low with the fastest spin moves for a big man, and the ability to get defensive rebounds (if he stays where he should and plays with floor IQ).
    When Toronto won the division a few years back, Bosh was the star and they won for two reason: the team was deeper and had the right chemistry, role players and coach. They also gave Bosh touches on most plays – especially late it games. He often scored half or more of Toronto’s points in the final 3-4 minutes of close games – he was a genius down low since he would either make the lay-up/dunk with his array of spin moves, or go to the line, and OFTEN BOTH with all the old-fashioned 3-point plays he created. But the team went sour after their great run, with the loss of Garbajosa to injury (they got knocked out the first round), then their coach Sam Mitchell was fired for no reason (Colangelo mistake), and many other changes that eventually took place so that a few years later by 09/10, the Toronto team had completely killed what they had.
    But the worst thing that happened is Bosh fell in love with his jump shot over the past few years and Triano gave him the green light to use it too often – ERROR. Ever since Bosh decided his shot was ‘good enough’, he has failed at tiring out the other team. First of all, we all know this is not nearly as effective as his low post game. But the real problem is that the defender does not get worn down trying to defend this, whereas when Bosh is backing into you every time he is down the floor, the defender is expelling energy holding him and then jumping after him (and swatting for ‘air’, because Bosh has already spun and dunked by then). This is the offensive Bosh I knew a few years back. Why did he soften’ up? At the other end, Bosh’s defense in Toronto was great one-on-one IF he was against anyone who was ‘not’ a star in the league, but was not so great against any star (particularly the bigger and tougher ones).
    His ‘team-defensive’ skills never improved much in Toronto over the years and were mediocre at best. His switches on defense were inconsistent (often was steps behind the play on swithching against players) and his anticipation skills were slow and he could use improvement because he has the speed for it (just needs the mind) – for example, he is wirey, nimble, fast, but somehow doesn’t block shots nearly as much as he’s ‘physically’ capable of, nor does he interfere against team’s set plays by disrupting their flow (this requires foor IQ – where to be and when to be).

    The Miami players in general cannot handle adversity. If they have a bad run in a game, they panic instead of remaining confident (this is where SPO is good – he gets his team mentally back into it, and then you cometimes see these tigers come back in for the kill and takeover games after being down 20).
    When they have a loss, they go into a shell. It seems they dwell in the past (whether the previous bad run in a game or the previous loss of a game) instead of looking only into the future.
    Great teams like the Bulls dynasty, the 80’s Celtics, the 80’s Lakers and the 60’s Celtics had a magic power about them unlike any other team >>> These teams were always confident no matter what the score in the game; and they take their losses with strength, not let it get to their hearts/egos. Their strengh and confidence showed in their eyes, so basically they had the ‘mental’ effect against their opponents – ESPECIALLY in crunch-time of games!

    If Miami (James and Wade) wants to make it far in the future, they need to let the rest of the players have the green light and feel like family. Yes, the players must accept their roles, but the leaders must make them feel good about being part of the family, HIT OR MISS! So what if Miller misses, if you give him the green light to take a game-winning shot, you also need to let him keep his confidencek, HIT OR MISS. That is how you build a ‘team’. You give everyone the chance to win or fail in a game, without giving any individual the blame! With that, the rest of the team will build confidence and then you get the Kerr’s and Kukoc’s to play alongside you. Right now, this team is not a ‘family’. They are just a bunch of guys on paper whose names fall are listed under the same ‘team name’, but somehow they were supposed to have collaberated to become ‘something special’ – DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. You don’t just pen in players and press ‘go’ – it takes time. You have to build with each other, and most of all trust each other…..

    ….. and for crying out loud Bosh, get in the post, stay in there, and demand the ball like you intend to start doing! That’s the man I knew in Toronto a few years back!! Get selfish and make your moves; besides, your assists will skyrocket when you have Wade or James cutting to the hoop when you can’t get the ‘move’ you want sometimes.
    And sure, go ahead and set some picks, but do it only twice a game! Leave that to big Z; and tell SPO to play Big Z more minutes alongside you, so he can spend all day setting picks and clogging lanes while you go for offensive boards and make post moves 10 times a game (minimum).
    Also, with a big body like Big-Z soaking up the paint on defense, your job on defense will be a little easier also (What do you think Luc Longley did for the Bulls in the 90’s? He clogged the paint with his 7’2″ height and big frame!).
    Big Z can stand down there and be big while you spend time chasing drives and finding the right spots to block shots (this will be great practise for you – you don’t belong in one spot down low playing like a Center on defense, which you so often do the past few years, that is your ONLY weak spot, so don’t do it!

  49. jdq says:

    trade bosh!

  50. Jonesy says:

    the lack of knowledge from the wriiter is quite amazing. how are you on the nba website? all the heat haters are jealous, its pretty common sense. of course its the same with every sport, sad people hate the best, and negative things are said about them at any opportunity.

  51. ohyes77 says:

    i think bosh is the consistency on open jump shot…4 lebron low IQ on close games.there offense is very predictable to other teams…kobe24 4 lyf..

  52. micce says:

    well, no panic for the heat actually. They may have lost 5 in a row or even 10 in a row but heat is heat, lebron is lebron, dwade is dwade and bosh is bosh. anytime and anyday those guys can just light it up and demolish you without warning and I sincerely believe that it only take a game for them to get back on track and when that happens…. BEWARE! They are still in the top 5 in the east. They’re 4.5 games behind boston and 2.5 games behind chicago. They lost those games ‘coz they weren’t able to maintain momentum till the end of the game. The format? dwade and lebron got cold and cb is almost non-factor. The last game against portland all 3 committed turnovers. This is NBA….where amazing happens. How amazing will it be if this reeling miami heat makes it to the finals and maybe, just maybe, close out this season with a championship. i think it will be better to wait when playoffs starts….

  53. brian says:

    hey chris …know your role man.other people need to demand the ball to rack stats….others make a way to climb the stats….your role is simple rak more rebound and take your shot or give an assist….forget the 2 superstars….they climb the stats by not being selfish to each other….an assist to d-wade then d-wade assist to lebron….there passing to each other thats why they have more assist…..hahahahaha….just watch there game and you’ll see…look at kevin love…he has alot of offensive rebound, tip-in’s ….you’ll role right now is the defensive stopper…..have you seen a championship team that hasnt had a defensive/offensive rebounder…effectively!!!!!!remember dennis rodman!

  54. jj ruance says:

    c-webb is correct! michael jordan and the bulls won multiple titles because they know their role in their team…what the heat need is CHEMISTRY! LeBRON, DWADE, BOSH have the skills…just play like a team HEAT…just shut up and play!!!! I BELIEVE THE MIAMI CAN WIN ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP! just PLAY YOUR BEST AS A TEAM MIAMI!

  55. Agent 0 says:

    Wow, Phil Jackson always has to get in on the trash talking.

  56. steve says:

    for bosh he is a great player but it is true that he’s not in his comfortable zone maybe if he just went to celtics just like rashheed wallace a few years ago a good powerforward. but in heat lebron and wade always want to score more points for the team and want to handle situations that can be done by others in the team. like bosh hitting buzzer beaters when he was in toronto. i like bosh but teaming up with lebron whose mind is always to be a scoring champion.

  57. Hasib says:

    Chris Bosh is better for the team then the other 2. D wade shoots like 5-19 every other night, lebron just plays for his stats; when they dont allow bosh to do well they always lose. But when Wade/Lebron have an offnight and bosh does alright, it’s a W.

  58. Tkolla says:

    I don’t get it, there is nothing wrong with what he said. Why is he getting drilled?

  59. Moe says:

    I’m a huge Miami Heat fan. LBJ is my favorite player right now and Wade is also on my top 5. Bosh used to be a favorite but I lost my interest in him when he joined Miami. Thing is, I think he thinks he’s up there with LeBron and Wade, which he clearly isn’t. I love the Heat, but I think it’s say to say they have a big 2.5, not a big 3. On top of that, having two players that play very alike (D-Wade and LBJ) is a huge mistake. They need to trade away LeBron to a team that is struggling now BUT still has a good team, which is exactly what he didn’t have with the Cavs. LeBron should be the play maker but he needs a good team to do so.

  60. bob says:

    If you look at the old Bulls teams of the 90’s, you’ll see that they had two superstars in Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. The Heat have Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. The Bulls also had a third scorer name Toni Kukoc. The Heat have Bosh. Obviously, the Heat have more scorers than the Bulls did, but they’re lackin a few key elements, a bench and a consistent rebounder. The Bulls had a bench, they might not look great on paper, but they knew how to get open and hit shots. They also had dennis Rodman, who lead the league in reboundin 7 years in a row. Now with these pieces, they won 72 games in their first year together and 69 games the next year. Now the Heat have these pieces, Bosh is a great rebounder who should be gettin easy buckets off of putbacks. They also have a bench with Mike miller, Mike bibby, and Udonis Haslem, who is also a terrific rebounder. Going back to the Bulls, they liked to run, and they would do that with Jordan and Pippen leadin the break with Rodman trailin. The Heat have the 2 best open court finishers in the NBA. But the difference between these two teams is that the bulls could 1. they could run in a half court and 2. they had a designated player to perform in the clutch. Im not hatin on LeBron, but D-wade has hit more shots in the clutch (If you dont believe me, watch the 2006 finals). Everyone is makin a fuss about all the problems the Heat have when its only three minor things. First, they need to get out and run, but they need to have a half-court offense to go to when they’re not. Second, they need to get their bench guys to step up and hit some shots. And lastly, they need to know who they’re goin to in the clutch, LeBron or Wade, or even Bosh, he can hit big shots. If they o these things, then they’ll win mulitple titles.

  61. Jonathan Alicaycay says:

    hey man,its not bosh..its in the coaching staff of how they handle the BIG 3 in their line up’s.why don’t they try to let bosh lead the second unit that when the first five got exhausted,here comes Chris Bosh who will led the second unit..Spoelstra try not to start Chris Bosh in your first five, so that in the second unit Bosh will led the offense for your team and he will be the number option in your offense rotation..MIAMI HEAT’S ROCK>>><<< go for the championship HEAT!!!

  62. LAKE SHOW says:


  63. AL says:

    Chris Webber WOW! Im impressed, knew you had it in you but DAMN! Gonna follow your rise.

  64. BLUESODA says:


  65. Earl says:


  66. Bdedley says:

    Bosh, STOP CRYING YOU HUGE SISSY LOSER!!! What the heck do you think was gonna happen when you and the big two wienies colluded to try and basically buy a championship?!? You thought you were gonna be “the man” behind two of the best players in the league?!? Wow buddy you are delusional! That’s what you get for turning your back on the Raptors and basically screwing any future attempt for them to bring in any big names. You deserve this. Its too bad cause even as a Lakers fan, I rooted for the heat mainly because I am a big fan or D-Wade. Now, I hope none of you ever win a championship, especially Lebron. Hey Lebron, you know why Kobe is, and always will be, better than you? Its because he know how to put his team on his back, make the big shot when it counts, and pure and simply, Kobe know how to win. Here’s to hoping the Heat never win a championship, and they go on an epic slide and completely miss the playoffs all together.

    And to KJ-B. No one except dumb Heat fans care about the Christmas day game. Kobe had an off game and Bynum was still playing on one leg. plus, who the heck cares about the regular season. The Lakers do their talking in the playoffs and the finals, and the Heat will DEFINITELY not make the final. Because the finals is for winners, not crybaby little girls that are the Miami Heat!

  67. Mark says:

    Bosh need to take a deep breath and relax. It is still long way to go in the season. Miami is not the first team to lose five games consecutively; other teams have lost more games. I think the Miami heat players are watching a lot of sports’ news than focusing on the game. Also, I advise that players avoid the microphone when they are angry because you say somthing that you will regret.

  68. TTOTambz says:

    What many of you Chris Bosh lovers don’t seem to understand is two very simple facts:

    1) Bosh DID score in Toronto but used up 2/3rd of the shoot clock to do it. If he could do more i.e. like a Dwight Howard (inside out man) then his assists would be up, plain and simple, but he is a ball hog. Point in case, one of the reasons Toronto signed Turkuglu was to give Bosh what Howard benefited from in Orlando but Bosh wouldn’t pass him the ball rendering him useless in this capacity. That’s why the notorious You Tube comment of “Ball” received so much play because it followed a great game by Turkuglu at MSG on a night when Bosh was out injured! There’s nothing wrong if Bosh wants the ball and wants to be “the man” as long as he acknowledges it will mean he won’t be able to contend on a top team, which is why he supposedly came to Miami.

    2) Bosh said upon signing he was prepared to do all the intangibles and even if you put scoring aside his rebounding is one of the lowest since his rookie season. If he was so prepared to win which is supposedly why he was willing to be number 3 on the team why aren’t his rebounds, blocks and defensive efforts better this season? And why did he show up to camp so small? Last season he showed up in the best shape of his life, yet after signing with arguably the two best players in the league he was motivated to do what….. go film a scene on Entourage, order better cable, get as much TV coverage as possible all while bragging about the 6 championships they were going to win.

    Bottom line, Bosh is talented but has a huge ego and was the first of the big 3 to sell out his coach (he wants us to practice, we want to chill), sell out his teammates (I can’t score if they don’t get me the ball) and repeatedly make excuses for not being able to do the intangibles he said he would eagerly do to obtain the 6 consecutive championships he predicted! If he was worth what they spent to get him then WHY AREN’T ANY OF HIS STATS BETTER PLAYING BESIDE MORE GIFTED TEAM MATES IN WADE & JAMES?

    Do you honestly think Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose or Kobe Bryant would be out in the press complaining if things weren’t rolling smoothly? Or calling out their team/coach publicly? Oh that’s right, they’ve all played through injuries and missing teammates, adversity and questions from their fans & press but the difference is they did exactly what Chris Webber suggested which was to put it on the floor & obviously let their ACTIONS SPEAK MUCH LOUDER THAN THEIR WORDS….

    This is a lesson Bosh never learned and never will. He should pack his bags because there’s no way the Heat will keep him for 6 years of whining, pouting, disrespect for his team/coach, lack of commitment and excuses as to why he can’t deliver on what they paid him for. That is unless they wait 6 years which is the next time he’ll show up in great shape ready to sign the next big contract & then proceed to bash James, Wade and Miami fans once he gets a new contract in a new city!

  69. LAKERS>HEAT says:

    imma just say this now…, heat aren’t winning a championship. they need consistant shooters, some decent bigs and a frigin’ bench, oh and a half decent PG wouldn’t be bad . MIAMI isn’t making it outta the east .

  70. dennis says:

    are you kidding me chris bosh?!?! YOU ARE A 3RD OPTION SINCE BIRTH!!!

  71. LAKERS>HEAT says:

    maaaan bosh is prolly kicking himself for not stayin’ in TDot.

  72. John says:

    This is my fist time replying on and on you blog. Im a fan! But I have to disagree with this segment. I’ve watch this interview a few times now and I see no way you can say Bosh is going about this the wrong way. Im from Detroit and I’m not a fan of the heat at all especially Bosh. The more I listen the more I hear him talk about the team and his role. he speaks about improving his play by being more agressive! is that not what you want a big man to do? He didn’t call out any of his teammates even when provoked to do so. You’re kind of going at this guy hard, maybe?

    And to all the other who replied to this blog, stop turning every blog on into an argument about Kobe/Jordan/ Lebron just because Lebron is on the heat. Stop making the comparison’s. they are their own players. hit me back

  73. slicky says:

    how about if UD comes back then BOSH could play off the bench that way our bench can produce some points and not let Bosh just watch the ball when he’s playing with LBJ and Dwade… maybe that way he would not complain about not getting any touches..

  74. Q says:

    To me it makes no sense that he should have to beg for the ball. Big guys should be fed first. The stars can always hog it after feeding Bosh. But Olajuwon, Robinson, Ewing, Shaq, Kareem… Any big guy would be nothing without being fed first. The fact that Lebron is making it out that it is Bosh’s fault cos he’s not asking for it, I find humorous. Lebron and Wade both need to get Bosh involved. THey have the ball, it’s not up to Bosh, what they choose to do with it.

    Another example of hog players ruining chemistry of a team that could be so much more.

  75. lol says:

    like a bosh

  76. Killa says:

    Are u serious this Heat aint got no Heat at all…LeQueen couldn’t win by himself so moved to south beach florida to unite with the best players in the league has to offer and still suffer..His comment was kinda funny when he said even if they loose the whole thing they would be at the playoffs…dude come on u cant even show ur talents while ur in the regular season u already talking about playoffs…think about one game at a time then u might win it all… Lets see what happens while they play the champs tomo!!

  77. LOLS says:

    your all idiots

  78. chris to bosh says:

    its very sad Chris Bosh has a lack of defense compare to Aldridge, i saw on his previous game he didnt work well like Howard who is defensively block and counter the ball from opponents.Wishing you Bosh if you read this to change your perception in playing….

  79. Bahamas#1 says:

    Who were the idiots to call Miami’s Big # the Big 3 any way? There is only One BIG 3 and they reside in Boston everyone else that is trying to duplicate is something else, BUT THEY ARE BY NO MEANS A BIG 3!! And especially when they have not won a ring together yet. I don’t care what you call them it serves all you right that Miami is getting all this attention for loosing and not what you THOUGHT was going to happen! There is nothing wrong with Miami it’s all you Media bucket heads giving them titles and names that esteem them higher than they are and you have the masses following like sheep.
    Miami 3 some, 3 amigos, 3 henchmen, 3 headed hydra whatever…But know this there is only one BIG 3 and they reside in BOSTON. Amen church? AMEN!!

  80. Aunonymous says:

    Bosh isn’t even that good he was only good when he played in Toronto, and its not that hard to be good in Toronto.

  81. -=rajo15=- says:

    hey..your right guys…
    but the bottom line of all this battle cry in Miami is their COACH…its his Game Plan..
    He let wade and James do the stuff..
    Players will always be players..LBJ, Dwade and CB4 will always be the players that they are…
    Look at Boston, when their own BIG 3 won the Championship. For me its not just because of Allen, Pierce and Garnett…
    But the credit is more on their coach..Doc Rivers…
    I salute him for orchestrating his team and how he merge the BIG 3 as ONE fighting MACHINE…

  82. mike obama says:

    chris bosh has to get at least 10 rebounds a game!! he should not be allowed to go pass the three point boundary line and always attack basket with each shot. right now his goal should be 1o rebounds and 10 points!! with the law of average on heat’s side, heat will beat lakers.

  83. new mike says:

    I know Bosh making some excuses, why he can’t look all their FIELD GOAL PERCENTAGE EVERY GAME? LeBron and D-Wade making their best to win but Bosh just missing couple of shots. FIELD GOALS is important if you want to win a game and as what I see Bosh just dropping it.

    • HENRY says:

      He is not making excusess he wants to win , Wade and Lebron are the only one’s scorring how is bosh or for that matter the rest of the team suppost to contribute if they dont get touches to get them going?

  84. Chris Dwyane James says:

    sorry for the wrong spelling.let chris bosh be aggressive in the low post and james and wade shall work in the jump shot area.also let mike bibby do the leadership things cause he has been in the playoffs several times and he has more experience than the games and learn how to hsare the ball to everyone.GOD BLESS MIAMI HEAT

  85. Rob says:

    This article is just really weak for anyone who’s been keeping up with the Heat’s struggles. Looks like you get paid by the word or something, and filled in as many “cry”s (and other hot topic phrases) as possible without saying anything relevant. And you’re making negative extrapolations as well that Bosh didn’t speak to the Heat first.
    Chris Webber for head coach!

  86. Bear says:

    Let me start by saying I’ve been a Knick fan since they drafted Clyde & I dislike this current Heat team intensely! With that off my chest, I have to say that what Miami needs right now is a point guard, a Billups/Kidd/Nash/Fisher veteran type that will command the respect of the “Big Three”. Wade & Lebron have no business bringing the ball up & distributing. If Riley & Spoelstra let them know right off the bat that the point is running the show, all this fourth quarter collapse crap would disappear immediately. The ball would get to the right player, at the right time, to exploit the weak match-up of the moment.

    Unfortunately for Miami, no decent guards will be available until the summer of 2012, but Chris Paul or Deron Williams will not fit cap-wise without one of the three going. And you can also forget about Rose, Rondo, Wall or Westbrook! However, Raymond Felton (sad to see him leave NY!) or Baron Davis might be available, and both have enough skill, swagger & basketball IQ to get the job done.

    From the beginning, I didn’t think Wade & Lebron would work because they are basically the same player, playing the same position. Which is why Boston, L.A., San Antonio & Chicago work, and why ‘Melo & Stat may work in New York – the superstars all play different positions on these teams.

    By the way, all my Knicks are missing now is a Tyson Chandler/Camby/Dalembert type center, who’ll inhale/alter all shots in the paint & rebound!

  87. Chris Dwyane James says:

    the miami heat needs to learn how to “SHARE” the ball especially with chris bosh.wade and james are good for jumpshots,but bosh is the man who can score easily on the low post.give him the ball and lear how to rotate the ball.BE BETTER THAN BOSTON’S BIG THREE.YOU ARE 3 SUPERSTARS BUT IT SEEMS THAT IT JUST A DYNAMIC DUO.i am a lebron james fut but i am disappointed because he is very selfish about the ball.give the ball to bosh and you will see what is the real problem taht is why you are losing games.GOD BLESS MIAMI HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Jackmouve says:

    CB4 (Cry Baby 4) and LBJ (Lousy Bad Jumper) and both under rated, CB for his game and LBJ for his leadership (or lack thereof, as it were). LBJ is a FAR CRY from Kobe and Michael, in that he has NO leadership skills and is NO threat to close out a game, compared to them, quite frankly, I would rather have Fish, Big Shot (Bob or Billups) or even Rhondo (ok, that one was a joke) take the final shot than Lebron, and if you watch him at the end of games, it seem like HE would too. He just doesn’t seem like a cold blooded killer in crunch time the way MJ and Mamba do. So, all that having been said, the easy fix for Miami is to give the team back to Wade. He is the deadliest player on the team. The Miami Heat need to claim him as the #1 option and play that way. When the game is on the line, the WHOLE team will know who the go to player is, instead of being confused on who they should get the ball to. Also, make Chalmers (or Bibby, though I prefer Chalm) the PG and let him own that position. This is what the Celtics did with Rhondo (poor shooting and all) and now he is a super PG. Let Chalmers be the general with the ball and run the show. Even with a “Big Three” is still needs to be a “Real Team”. You can manhandle to weaker team with street ball, but that doesn’t work on the elite teams. I would even go further and say, that among the 4 or 5 ELITE team, the talent is a wash and it all comes down to Basketball IQ from coaches to the bench players and that is why the Lakers are the favorite. D Wade IS the greatest Basketball mind in the ENTIRE Heat organization, give him his team back. Option 1 (the other should be 2a and 2b). Lebron has to figure out a way to become Pippen and stop trying to be Jordan. But let the record show that I am not saying LBJ Sucks (Pipen is still one of the top all-around players ever, and for 2 years the best in the league), just saying OVERALL he is no Jordan or Kobe, he has all the gifts just not the mindset. And the sooner the Heat realize this that sooner they can beat a good team. If they can barely get A win, how are they going to win a whole series? I think the LBJ Cleveland team could beat this Heat team… and my point in that is that LBJ could not get that team (better “TEAM”, IMO) to a championship, so why should he be able to get this team anywhere? It’s that whole “same thing and expecting a different result, bit. Now, I open the floor to all haters or LBJ fan boys.

  89. Fran A. says:

    Miami should trade Bosh next season. Get a good point guard that has some experience playing with stars. Get a good center! And try to sign free agents like Boston did in 2008 to have a chance to win a championship. Miami needs a point guard and some thing like a Spurs/Boston tipe of bench players!!!

  90. Juan says:

    I think Bosh is right if they can get a second bigman in the paint and once Udonis Haslem is Healthu again those two can work together to score inside then leave Wade James and Chalmers to score outside

  91. buznezz says:

    Or Bosh could maybe learn how to play affective defense and become a force and help his team that way. Having a strong defensive presence down low is exactly what this team needs as the Heat are constantly being punished by ludicrous help defense and some of the simplest offensive sets the oppostition throw at them.

  92. Lakers4Life says:

    Heat will be out 1st max 2nd round of playoffs. No bench no point and no center plus wining Bosh and Queen James. Love Wades game but sorry you picked wrong crew, if you wanted rings should of join your home team and be a hero there likely going to the finals vs. Lakers

  93. Sharon says:

    CB4 is not a superstar. Maybe only in a weak team like Toronto. And 2.5 is not the right term, it should be 2.0.

  94. gaijin says:

    plain simple,they justhave to play team as a team,coz if they play like that they can beat those elite team..

  95. Heat Analyzer says:

    Chris Bosh made the heat worst…. why? bec he has no body in defence no power he is very weak he so slow and even can’t jump he’s not deserving in that team, bosh plays like a girl… everything should blame to him… he said he wants
    his comfort zone, u dont need that gay bosh play hard in defence before asking for offense… bec only one man can take the ball bec there is only one ball when u start ur offense when it comes to defence ur opponent can easily take a shot in front of you if ur not a good defensive player… there’s no need for you to be an offensive gadget but be at defensive gadget thats wht u should think of… like they said defence is the best offense… put that in your mind GAY BOSH!!!!

    • HENRY says:

      Dude you call youself HEAT ANALYSER please bro STFU cuz u dont know what you talking about, or you r probly a LEBRON biter and cant blame him for playing so poor and hugging the ball all the time like he missis it or somthing.

  96. Sharon says:

    CB4 was good only in Toronto becausae no one is good in that team before. Today he was with good and better players, honestly the Heat did not need Bosh. What the team need was the one who can dominate the board block shots and thats it! Bosh doesnt have that talent and for him sayng he need the ball more, that will not work with the Heat team. It will only work when hes on Toronto because nobody is good in that team but not in Miami kind of team.

  97. Lx says:

    all i can say is Bosh sucks…he cant defend the post,inconsistent in his offense, and poor in decision making..

  98. come on BOSH you’re the next KG, so stop playing like amare you’ve got the talent the range the hops you just need to watch KG’s game a bit more and see why he was so effective even when scoring less

  99. pedro says:

    I really believe they are under mining bosh. if lebron passed the ball they wouldn’t be having this problem

  100. Scott Sullivan says:

    I like D-wade and James as individual players. I like Amare more than Bosh but unless Miami Heat plays as the Celts have had since they’ve got their Big3, which now is Big4, Heat would never be a championship team. They need to sacrifice and find and embrace their roles and start making each other feel good. I’m a Laker fan, don’t like Celts but Miami should learn from Boston Celtics.

  101. Aaron4 says:

    I have to say that I was impressed by what Chris Webber said. What is even more surprising that Chris has never won any championship ever, but he seems much stronger than LBJ and D Wade. Apparently, they do need to move the ball much better, and feeding Bosh more often. It is such a waste if they don’t use him wisely. I don’t think Bosh is as good as KG or Paul Gasol, however he is a pretty good jump shooter and he can get rebounds and give defenders facial dunks. He is very quick and not very strong, so LBJ and D Wade should really trust him and give him more chances rather than letting him shoot the 3 pointers, that is insane. He is no Brand Miller or Troy Murphy, if you use him in that way, it is so wrong. They all need to have a true point guard, I dont know what Bibby will be like when he is settled in Miami, I hope he is the one who controls the ball rather than LBJ or D Wade. Try to learn from Celtics ok? They all trust Rondo since the day they got there. If you even don’t Chris Bosh or Mike Bibby, who the hell you can trust? Dampier or what? Truly trust your teammates, pass the ball well, then it will be a very difficult team to play with. Anybody thought Big Baby, Perkins, Rondo could play so well? not really, pass the ball well, the rooster of Heat is not bad at all, they may need a big guy though. Anyway, trust your teammates and pass the ball well.!!!!!

  102. Salomon says:

    I just want to tell something to Mrs Phil Jakson. Remember the 6 game of the 2003 semi-final match Spurs Lakers. The Lakers lost to the spurs and Kobe and Derek Fhiser was crying like the boys that you talk about .
    Es mejor pensar la cosas bien antes de hacer algun comentario que pueda lastimar a alguien de tu propio equipo
    GO Spurs GO

  103. HENRY says:

    All i have to say is this…Look at the Chicago game, Bosh was down in the post and was getting his way, thats how they HAVE to play him in his comfort zone, its common sence if you want more production out of Bosh USE HIM TO HIS ADVANTAGE, and one more thing, I belive using Bosh as at the low post will create ball movement not only for D-Wade and LBJ but for the rest of the team cuz he will get doubled and he will pass out cuz he is not selfish. The coach needs to man up run the team and draw some plays use his bench get them going and have Wade and LBJ move when they dont have the ball in their hands.

  104. Young Zeke says:

    Yea everybody throw lebron under the bus! Thats whats hip to do right Kobes better right blah blah blah they play two different positions compare wade and kobe not bron and kobe you kobe fans are too much

  105. Young Zeke says:

    Chris Bosh is a joke. Being the big man on the team i was expecting Chris this year to increase his blocks and rebounds and take a dive in his points, but he hasnt, hes showing how much guys in Toronto were masking his weaknesses. We all know Chris is good on the offensive end but he evidently is the wrong fit when he should be adjusting his game and becoming more of a defensive presence, I guess we know who was crying because he didnt show up like Bron and Wade.Im just glad chris aint in Toronto anymore

  106. Mike says:

    Seriously HEAT!!! Need Udonis Haslem back….he’s the forgotten man in this whole Miami Heat funk the past few months. He’s their glue guy…the double double machine…you do remember how the heat made it to the 5 seed in the east a couple of seasons ago.

    Here’s some advice for coach Spolestra…coming from an NBA fan, why not put Bosh on the bench to strengthen that bench, think about it…look at how the Lakers have made Odom a better player and knowing their role. Bosh would instantly get the touches he needs, improve the players coming from the bench, then get Wade and James to finish games. Get Haslem back then the heat can really push for top 2 seed in the east

  107. Lakers4Life says:

    James will choke. He’s been a choker through out his carrier. He wins meaningless games but disappears on the big stage. Last two seasons proved everything. Self proclaimed King. He thinks he is better than MJ or Black Mamba but these guys are so far away from him with ability to be clutch in the final seconds of the game when it counts the most. Who cares he can score 20 points in the first qtr by driving to the hole and going to the line. He proved over his carrier he can’t deliver when it counts the most. He can’t hit big shot (accept one lucky bank shot in the final seconds vs Orlando. I forgot did he call bank). How many time James will miss free throws in the final 60 seconds of the game. It tells a lot he is not mentally strong that’s you can’t count on him.
    Yes signing him and Bosh was a big boost for Miami but both guys been losers so far, specially Bosh. I don’t remember Raptors passing 1st round off playoffs in stinking Eastern conf. where teams with below .500 record make playoffs. I think it tells a lot. Going for 1 out of 18 from the field this is ridicules. Name one All Star player who heats 1 out of 18? Yes there are bad nights for every player but if you can’t throw the ball in the ocean get your self out of the game, or stay in the game but help on defense, rebound the ball don’t keep shooting.
    I don’t blame Wade or James not wanting to let the ball go out of their hands. The feel they have better chance scoring even with their eyes closed.
    I suggest next season Miami needs to trade CB to trigger happy franchise like New York willing to give half of their promising young core for somebody who never won anything. Miami get 3 good players for CB and maybe some draft picks. Let James score in the first half and keep ball in Wades hands in the second and you have a chance in few years.

  108. samwise says:

    c’mon dey don’t want to be the best team in the league but they can beat the best. that’s what they’re tasking for. Lessons on games they loss can make them a better team and adjust immediately to what they were supposed to do best to beat this teams. Trades has been all around the league adjustment really occurs on each team. Knicks, blaze, Bulls and the Magic. those have trades.. To end this lakers will loss..

  109. The Wirk says:

    Great post, Sekou and agree on all points. Bosh needs a dose of self-awareness…

  110. daniel says:

    There’s no problem with Heat players. It’s the coaching staff! The Heat have a very good rooster but can’t show the full potential because of bad coaching. Pat Riley please step up and Coach this great players! There’s lack of Motivation… You can’t allow players to cry after a loss. What the hell’s hapenning

  111. LFL says:

    I don’t know why there is even a blog about his comments. He’s not saying he wants to be the number one option, he’s saying that when there is a mismatch, his team needs to realize that and take advantage!! I hate the Heat honestly but I’m not about to bash this dude for using his basketball sense!! I’ve seen the same thing happen (not lately thank God!) with my beloved Lakers! So many times we had size advantages on the inside but instead we would shoot jumpers?!! It was maddening!! But now we are exploiting our size advantage to great effect and teams are really having problems with us! So I understand Bosh because I understand the game. Stop hating on this dude for wanting his team to recognize the obvious plays they should be making.

  112. Shedymac says:

    I don’t know why the heat haven’t made Bosh a larger part in the offense. I think I’ll blame Lebron because he is doing way too much. It should be D-wade who is the 1 option. Bosh can play. If he got more trust and the ball a little more often this team would win.

    I don’t think Kobe is the greatest ever. I’m gonna say Bill Russell, 11 titles in 13 seasons.

  113. amen to WEBBER, the trio need to play like a trio they are supposed to be to be the true triple threat that they are and to have the top 3 talent in the past decade. is a blessing already but bosh when he’s not having the ball or having a bad offense should stop playing like amare stoudemire. he should play like KG who is just as effective in offense as in defense as looking at CHRIS BOSH reminds me of KEVIN GARNETT his range length and defensive prowess

    nothing can say it better than WEBBER he’s been through everything even that infamous sacramento-lakers finals where the games where fixed to favor LA

    • OldSkool says:

      You’re on drugs! Bosh plays revolving door defense and shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as Garnett, unless that sentence is; “Garnett drives down the lane and dunks on Bosh” or “Bosh goes up, blocked by Garnett”. If Bosh reminds you of Garnett, then you should make an appointment for a CAT scan because your brain fcuked up!

  114. The UC says:

    We don’t have no fear or respect of the Heat! You see how my boy D-rose took it to both Wade and Lebron on that fast break the last time we played them…..

  115. anthony says:

    your a dummie Blackmamba24 chris bosh better than kobe ever was!!!!

  116. Tax Analyst says:

    Isn’t part of the problem that someone the size of LeBron ought to be developing more of a post-up game? Now I admit I haven’t seen that many Heat games this year. Slash-&-Drive is real nice and all that, but at the end of close games even LeBron & DWade are not going to get foul calls when they do that. Both players make around 25% of their points from the line(DW: 25.09%, LJ: 24.75%. That’s high even when compared to Kobe & Gasol on the Lakers (KB: 22.90%, Pau: 23.5%), and magnified even more since KB & Gasol are both 82%+ FT shooters while LBJ & DW are 75% and under.

    I’m not usually a stat-parsing geek, because the game is played on the court by flesh-&-blood, but having either an effective post-up game or a mid-range game is essential in crunch time if you want to go very far in the play-offs. I don’t think the Heat has either right now. Kobe knows he’s gonna get slaughtered going to the hoop at the end, but he also knows he’s not gonna get too many calls, he complains, but notice he doesn’t cry – he took the time and effort to developed his mid-range game so he can put points up when the team really needs them.

    IMO the “crying time” ought to be spent figuring out how to be effective when it really counts. All those tears just make everything wet and too hard to hold on to – you know, things like the ball, a lead, your dignity, the NBA title trophy – little things like that.

  117. calmerlek says:

    he has no right to complain until he starts cleaning the boards, getting blocks and actually playing defense – all of which the other two stars do fine/well for their position.

    and tbh hes not that effective in the low post vs good teams… just vs noobs

  118. Blackmamba24 says:

    You guys are all morons.

    Why not blame Lebron? He has accept his role to lead this team but he’s not acually doing a good job at it, he goes off 1st, 2nd, 3rd quater but he’s no where to be found in the most important 4th quater?, He had like what? 2 4 points in the 4th yesterday? LMFAO. This is why Lebroom James sucks., he’ll never be as talented as Kobe is, he’ll never have that killer mentality like the great KB, & MJ. LMFAO.

    Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player in history. Go LAKERS!!!!

    • HENRY says:

      I tottaly agrre with you on blamming Lebron, he had like 4 points in the game against chicago in the forth, if D wade and Lebron are the leaders of the team, they need to sit down with the coach and point out not only on not using chris on the block but y r there no plays being ran y isnt the bench being used and if i was the coach i would say this, i want ball movement i dont want You(LBJ) and D wade playing 1 on 5 get other guys some touches to get them going cuz its a TEAM SPORT NOT A COMPETITION AGAINST EACH OTHER. BTW if they loose to the lakers and they loose the next game after that, FIRE THE COACH and get PAT down there ASAP.

  119. anthony says:

    bosh the best player on the heat. what yall talking about

    • OldSkool says:

      Hahahahaha. That’s hilarious. They really need to invent a sarcasm font, some of the jock riding Heat fans will think you were actually being serious. Man, that was one of the best laughs I’ve had all day reading these posts (long boring day at work).

  120. overseas says:

    The dream team is falling apart, didn’t expect that it would happen that soon.

  121. The UC says:

    I think Lebron made a big mistake in going to the Heat. Lebron and Wade are the same player and they both demand the ball on the court. When you are in a situation like this, it won’t work out. Lebron should have came to the Chi and played with D-Rose, Noah, Boozer and Deng. You can always visit south beach in the off season. Miami don’t have an big 3, they just have 2 great allstars and an overrated small forward that is being exposed. No one could see that with Bosh while he was hiding in Canada.

    • OldSkool says:

      Well said. It’s nice to know that there are other people in the world with intelligence……it’s just a shame that there just aren’t too many of them posting their thoughts here.
      I agree with you 100% and I’m really getting sick of all these band wagon Heat fans riding the jock.

  122. Andy says:

    Damn, Chris Webber is some serious speaker 🙂

  123. donut says:

    i will say this again, either lebron or wade has to go. we really do not need 2 guys doing exact same thing. if i were the management, i would trade wade away because lebron is just a better player overall.

    • OldSkool says:

      That’s a great way to look after a loyal player. Dwayne could have left the Heat and they would have got nothing for him (just like what LeBron and Bosh did to the Cavs & Raptors). Instead he stayed and convinced a great player (LeBron) and a very over rated player who was a good friend of his (Bosh) to come to Miami. Bosh was a bad idea. The Heat are stuck with him for the duration of his contract because no team will trade for him. LeBron on the other hand could get the Heat a lot.
      Keep Dwayne, it’s his team. Ship LeBron out and you could get the rest of a starting line up to put around Wade and Bosh. Just one option, Lebron to Milwaukee for Bogut, Jennings and Ilyasova or Delfino. It gives you your center, point guard and a forward who can step out and shoot from range and help out on the boards. If the Heat could make that trade it would make them an instant title chance. At the moment when it comes to the play-offs they’re just one of the “also played” teams like Philly, Indiana and Atlanta.
      I guess it’s just lucky you aren’t the management of the Heat, otherwise you’d just about kill that team and any interest the fans had in it. Dwayne Wade is the team, the rest of the players are his team mates.

  124. heat all the way:) says:

    Webber, the guy from the second video( the news guy) is absolutely right…….. no one wants to see their team cry after a lost……. NO ONE cares you lose, EVERY ONE has its good times and bad. It is about how you jump back after losses which is most important. And if the players start playing like the players that helped the team go on a 9 straing game winning streak, NO ONE can stop the heat.

    • OldSkool says:

      That’s funny. Webber, the guy from the second video (the news guy). WTF! Most basketball fans know who Chris Webber is and it’s not as the news guy. It’s as the guy who played for Michigan’s fab five (one of the greatest college basketball teams ever), the guy that “took time-out” and basically cost his team the NCAA championship, the guy that in 1993 was the number 1 pick in the NBA draft (drafted by the Magic, but traded to the Warriors), the guy that played in the NBA for 15 years for the Warriors, Bullets/Wizards, Kings, 76’ers and Pistons (finishing in the 07/08 season only playing 9 games for the Warriors), the guy that almost averaged 20 points and 10 boards a night (20.7 PPG & 9.8 RPG) over the span of that 15 year career and you (heat all the way) have the nerve to call him “the news guy”. I couldn’t take your post seriously after that. I wasn’t even going to read it, but I thought I’d better, just incase you wrote something intelligent ….. Nope, you sure didn’t. What exactly is a 9 straing game winning streak? Was it 9 straight, or 9 strange games that they won in a row? Just so you know, 9 straight wins won’t win a championship, but 4 straight losses will guarantee that you don’t win one and the Heat a quite capable of doing that. They’re 0-3 against both teams they’re likely to meet in the 2nd and (if they some how manage to win their 2nd round match up) 3rd rounds of the play-offs (Boston & Chicago).
      I’m guessing you’re a band wagon Heat supporter who only just started following the NBA this year when LeBron & Bosh moved to Miami. You’re a joke.

  125. Chase19b4 says:

    The Heat should get Bosh more involved. It will give them more of a balanced attack and it will also make them that much more difficult to defend. Dwayne Wade and Lebron James need to stop filling up their stats and get other teammates on the ball or they won’t get far in the playoffs. If you look at the other good playoff teams in the NBA: Lakers, Boston, Spurs, and Orlando, they all play as one unit.

    • OldSkool says:

      Get Bosh involved more? I’ve got an idea. He can come out during time outs and dance with the cheer leaders. Can he sing? They could get him to sing the national anthem before the game. Or did you mean he should look after the water bottles and make sure they’re all full and make sure there are enough towels for everyone? Surely you didn’t mean get him more involved on the court did you? Just incase you haven’t noticed I’ll let you in on the truth about Chris Bosh. Now it’s not a secret so it’s ok for me to tell you. Here it is. Chris Bosh isn’t really that good at playing basketball. There it is. The truth is now out. Now people can stop talking jizz that he should play more or he should get the ball more or that it’s LeBron and Dwayne’s fault that he’s not playing well. He’s not playing well because he’s sh!t. End of story.

  126. Candyman says:

    Why are my comments not showing up on sites, is it because I am to true? Chris Bosh is absolutely right, they have no post offense, opposing teams big men are not getting in foul trouble they are not getting worn down. He absolutely has to demand the ball more, He has taken all this media garbage about him being a third wheel, liike he is not a superstar and all this bull. and he’s playing like that. F that Chris Bosh, you go out there dominate that post and be the BEAST!!! I thought Webber was tellin chris to shut up, I think it is good to talk and nothing he said hurts the team, in fact it has to help….. I am from Toronto , I know what Chris Bosh can do, believe me when I say he is a BEAST.

  127. the truth says:


    • OldSkool says:

      I think you should lay off the drugs, turn the caps lock off and learn how to spell. Bosh doesn’t need the ball more, The bench needs Bosh (sitting on it) more.

  128. passersby says:

    I cant wait till Lakers hand Heat their 6th lost in a row 🙂 . For The Heat you can’t win a championship by building your roster with all stars. The Portland game expose how bad their bench is, on top of that your so called “all stars” failed to close the last 2 clutch games. Now I wonder if this team will be a repeat of Dallas 2006-2007 post season attempt.

  129. Cry Baby says:

    The HEAT made a big mistake of spending all that money on a third wheel.

    I really believe that the HEAT could have just gotten LeCantHitTheBigShot James and spent all the money for Chris the Cry Bosh on the good supporting cast. Seriously, they could have gotten a good PG (Chalmers is doing well though), a good PF that doesn’t need the ball but does all the garbo stuff (like Udonis does for the team) and….wait for this….a Fricken BIG center that can play. Big Z and Dampier…they should be just water boys now.

    Think about it folks. Where are the HEAT hurting right now….on those three spots and their bench. With the money they spent on the third wheel, they could have gotten a good supporting cast and a decent bench. AND NO, Bibby and Mike Miller are not decent. They are past their due dates that are just hanging around to get a ring…IF they get a ring.

  130. Adem says:

    I agree with Bosh about his role. Miami should get him to the post more often and let him operate. He can beat anyone off the dribble and he has lots of offensive weapons. Just give him some room to operate, it`ll open up the floor for the rest as well. Right now Miami plays like ; Wade – it`s my turn to shoot, Lebron- my turn, then Wade my turn again. Bosh gets shots rarely as well. There is no harmony. They individually attack and try to get something out of it. It is predictable and easier to stop when your opponents know it and control it

  131. fdgfdgdf says:

    How is calling them the Big 2.5 “tasteless”?

  132. DaveFish says:

    it just goes to show you have to have the right ingredients that compliment eachother, and not just some good ingredients mashed up. Boston,for example, when they formed their own big 3 in 2008, they had superstars, but they all mixed well together. Pierce was the first option on O, KG was the defensive leader, and you had the pure shooter ray who gladly took the sacrifice to become their 2nd/3rd option. I give a lot of credit on ray for that, because he is sacrificing what he needed to to win. Bosh has to accept his 3rd option role like Ray. He needs to learn to sacrifice his stats and his shots to make the team better.
    On top of that, you have an allstar pt guard in rondo who is pure passer. All he wants to do is pass. What more can you ask for in chemistry? I really don’t know if the Heat is going to work things out by the end of the year, but they really do need to talk about their concerns as a team and to work things out, someones going to have to sacrifice more than others.

  133. George says:

    The heat just need to play basketball the way they can. at the end of the game the ball should go to wade and bosh needs to be a consistent double digit rebounder and lebron has to be the point guard, like a magic johnson type. they have the potential to dominate and all they need to do is figure out their roles and not listen to the critics.

    • the truth says:

      NOOOOO!!! NO! NO!NO!

  134. highflyer says:

    Its simple Heat need Haslem back because Dampier & Igualskas are just past it players inside and then you have other ast it players like mike miller, juwan howard & maybe mike bibby… Heat need a physical center someone like Perkins or Bynum… they need a guard who can lead a team… Chalmers maybe in 5 years but someone like Rondo just not as good. They also need a bench simple and Bosh is never going to even be the 2nd option with Lebron & wade… Kind of stupid signing Bosh because his game is offense and they needed a PF that can contribute to a game on defense someone like Josh Smith. Anyway i hope the losing streak continues because they were so big headed when they made a big 3 thinking they were the celtics and they beat Lakers on Xmas day lol i’ll never forget that Bosh dunk.

    • the truth says:

      your right bosh wont be 2nd 3rd 4th option but heres the truth


  135. Albee says:

    LeBron and D-Wade need to share the ball with their teammates. They have to use Chris Bosh more so often low post, and their shooters too like James Jones, Eddie House and Mike Miller. Solid defense is what they need, and avoid collapsing before the end of the 4th quarter. I hope they realize their mistakes before it’s too late.

  136. Al says:

    I hate the Heats!! Enough said!!

  137. Arcenio says:

    I CB4 is right, he is not complaining about being the 3rd option he mad that he is basically playing the 3 not the 4. the heat would be much better if he got touches on the block not the elbow

  138. Daniel says:

    To those of you who keep saying Bosh is this good or he is an important piece of the team blah blah blah…. Yes he is!!! He is very good!! A Talented player but….. the fact is that he ain’t better than LeBron or even Wade. The fact is that he is going to be a third choice on that team regardless of what his request from the coach is or wether you guys like it or not!!!!

    • the truth says:


      • Daniel says:

        Look man, what do you mean LeBron and D-Wade can’t make shots? Have you looked at their stats? Just a week and a half ago, before the Heat went into this losing streak, sports analyst had James among the leaders on being the MVP cause he’s having another one of those crazy numbers season, and D-Wade is not putting bad numbers himself… What? That they’ve had some games in wish they’ve struggle… Well, didn’t Bosh shoot 1 for 18 the other day? Come on now!! I hate LeBron and probably D-Wade as mutch as him… But a fact is a fact. And no matter if LeBron or Wade have their struggles once in a while, they’re still gonna be the Heat number one and two option…..

    • donut says:

      however, bosh is a different player than wade and lebron. he does lack defense, but he is a good shooter. since wade and lebron pretty much playing the same style of game, they should trade away one of them and get a better center and bench, then they will be set.

  139. ax says:

    it’s that star player feeling catching up on bosh.

  140. NENE says:

    I think the Heat heavily depend on LeBron James and Wade too much. On a couple of nights the two of the the could make 30 – 35 points apiece with the rest of the team making about 25 to 30 points. Thats when Chris Bosh makes about 15 points. I think there is bad distribution and with Bosh asking to get involved means a lot. It is the same problem with the Lakers anytime Mr Bryant goes all alone he makes teammates go out of sync.

    Everyone needs to be involved and that is the point of being in a team.

    • NENE says:

      According to Synergy Sports, 50 percent of Bosh’s shots have been jumpers this season. Last year, only 31 percent of his shots were jumpers.

      • NENE says:

        Wade, who combined with James to score 69 of the Heat’s 96 points in the loss, said he’ll attempt to address Bosh’s concerns.

  141. moujik says:

    I’ve seen all Bosh’s games for the past 3 seasons and can tell you this: He’s so soft and overrated, so I’m not surprised in the slightest by his wanna-team-built-round-me success. I’m surprised at why he’s still starting. When I saw the parade I knew Miami wasn’t gonna be any trouble in the east. Raptors wanted to give him max, that’s crazy!

  142. Lakers4Life says:

    CB needs to look at Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, Andrew Bynum accepting their roles of being 3rd, 4th, 5th options and even being 6th man playing of the bench. LO would be a starter on any team but he sacrificed his ego for a sake of the team and winning rings. But when LO or Ron Ron needs to step up they are there. Last year conference finals and finals game 7, Ron was there. LO was performing big when we needed him the most. Even Bynum was playing on 1 leg.
    So CB stop crying like a little girl you want the ball go get the rebound and stick it back, block some shots. Stop winding that you not getting shots after going 1-18 from the field. Accept your role on the team and maybe in few years you will win something. For now sorry Lakers are much more mentally stable team with tones of talent and length.

    • donut says:

      the difference is, lakers are winning with the way they are playing, but heat is losing partentially because bosh is a 3rd option.

  143. AT-42 says:

    for anyone who stands up for chris bosh its obvious you know nothing about sports or his career. he is nowhere near the level of james and wade, or for that matter carmelo, kobe, amar’e, and dwight. he’s not a legitimate superstar. he’s a 6’11 SF. which would be great but he wants to pretend to be a post up guy. its not working cause rilley should’ve looked at t he tape and realized this guy wasn’t able to lift his team to anything, unlike the before mentioned players. yes he was on a mediocre team in toronto but so was james and wade and with the exception of one year each, they took there teams to the playoffs every year. udonis haslem was more valuable to the heat team than bosh is. he doesnt like to bang, or rebound. and now he’s trying to put it on they don’t get me the ball in my spots and i’m not the first option. i’m sorry but no you’re not the first or even second option and quite frankly shouldn’t even be the third. riley should’ve either kept beasley or signed amar’e. both players are more than likely going to end up having better carrers than bosh is going to have in miami. i say most likely because amar’e is already light years ahead of bosh and beasley has shown some promise. now miami gave up the money it could’ve spent on a bench signing the most over-rated player in the nba.

    • the truth says:

      1. beasley is a bust
      2. dont isult people who do n=know about basketball
      3. bosh is mad because he actually know about making shots when it really count and dwade and james dont he wants the ball because dwade and james are choking i garentee you if the heat were winning he wouldnt be saying anything but there losing so they need something to change he may not be a physical player but hes a guy that can score give to him on the block heat will win i shouldnt even be saying this cuz erik sprostra or whatever might hear it and then use this and start winnig dont insult if you should be the one being insulted

  144. Carlos says:

    this is stupid.. im a miami heat fan.. and remember every1 was saying that this team was unbeatable… we are thought so… and we all wanted Bosh in Miami.. so now that he is struggling we are just going to kick him out?!?!?!?! jesus people grow up really… Bosh is an all star for god sake he is avaraging 18 points a game with Lebron and D-Wade on the same team try to do that for yourself… Bosh is playing solid yes he has struggle in a couple of games but is not Bosh faults that they have lost the games this is a losing streak as all team have and we’ll get over it… please stop acussion Bosh he is a great player.. what we need is more bench porduction cuase we are getting production from our big 3 only is going to be fine leave Chris Bosh alone HE IS PART OF OUR TEAM! we should be supporting the guy not hating him and kickin him out of the team come on people show some love or appretiation

  145. Shedymac says:

    I respect C-Webb but I think the Heat should be worried about 5 losses. I don’t know how far Chris got in getting a ring… But the Heat are in the race now and they were neck and neck with the Celtics. They know if they don’t get the 1 seed in the east, that’s an even less chance to get to the Finals. And as Hi said, the big three in miami don’t fit well together.

  146. Blfrazier says:

    Look. First of all kobe is just as good as lebron. Now, about the heat; Webber is right, there making a big deal out of losing 5 games. Cleveland lost 25! Who cares get over it! They are a new developing team, they can’t expect to come in and win every game, especially when they only rely on 2 players. They just have to keep playing hard, and reflect on how they can play better, the only way a new team like the heat is going to win.

    • Ed says:

      BL Frazier, let me correct you there: Lebron is just as important to his team as Lebron is, and has been more successful. He is not as good as him. Success and ability are different things.

  147. Hi says:

    I think I mentioned this earlier in another post, but James, Wade, and Bosh are all the same type of players in different positions. They’re all good choices for team leaders, but at the same time, they can only do 1 set of things: hog the ball, shoot whenever they feel like it, and blame other teammates for losses. If NBA was a game that is decided upon bunch of 1v1 matches or have multiple balls on the court, then sure, the Heat will definitely get the championship. Too bad there is only 1 ball going around the court, and there has to be a hierarchy of ball movement. The team might have worked if LeBron did not decide to jump in with Bosh and Wade since then the salary would have opened up for better role players that would help these two players reach their maximum potential. Having 3 of the same guys, however, becomes cancerous. I will give the Heat 2 more seasons until they become too frustrated with each other and break up without a single ring. Each of these guys want the ball, and it is only a matter of time until they start pointing fingers at each other. Bosh’s complaints today are only the beginning of the drama that will eventually lead to the end of this poorly constructed team.

    • the truth says:

      now you are a smart person he lebron should of went to the clippers so we can play him more often so he know our ron artest defence

  148. Shedymac says:

    i started thinking about it and I don’t think people would be hating so much and calling this whining that much if Erik Spolestra hadn’t said people were crying in the locker room. Now It’s apparent that it had to Bosh. I’m going to blame Erik now.

  149. Ed says:

    Gotta say, C-Webb was brilliant here. Spoke well about this and with passion. Not too many horrible sporting cliches either. Well done my man, Can see he’s really progressed from his playing days into a great broadcaster. Keep it up C-Webb! On the team, depth is key, and it’s gonna be tested as we get deeper. Will be interesting to see how they do. Wish them all the best, as I’ve been a Wade fan for a long time.

  150. MonK3y says:

    That’s a Hang Time Blog dream article now isn’t it? Opinionated title, brings a lot of emotion to the topic, lovers, haters and magically turns into tonza comments, that’s what it’s about.

    Now from the start of the season I was surprised by the way Bosh played, he was taking a lot of jumpers, even 3s, and he wasn’t posting up a lot, I thought “what’s wrong with that”, and apparently it came down to a point where Bosh himself felt he cannot perform like he should because he isn’t being given the possibility to do what he does best.

    And if this story has become public it is because there was no way out of it, don’t tell me they hever discussed it in practice, or even SAW it, CB4 has been playing like a 3, LBJ does play 1-2-3-4, D-Wade’s in his house, he does whatever he wants, the bottom line is they FAILED at putting Bosh in the mix. Integrating him. Yet. And that’s what makes em scary, the day they play the way we all expected them to they’ll be fine.

    But one love for my man CB4, he’s a great player, and all the haters who want to call him a cry baby whatever we’ll let the playoffs do the talking.

  151. CarlosO says:

    I think that Bosh is a great player, but he is in the wrong team, because wade and LJ are better than him and make him a third option. LJ and Wade score too much , and he was in the top 5 scorers last season. 3 Players of this kind is too much , I think Wade , LJ a good point guard and a decent bench will be good .Bosh is just ruining his career stats , he should move on.

  152. Phill says:

    “I have to get it where big guys get it” lmaaooo

  153. kolliegt says:

    dude…..da LAKERZ WERENT TRYING CHRISTMAS DAY–WEN WE TRY NO ONE CAN BEAAT US WE PROVED IT 2 YEARZ INNA ROW-if u think miami got a real win against us on christmas day udk basketball cuz da lakerz alwayzzzzzzzzzzz loze on x mas day alwayz–n we still end up winnin bak to bak titlez

  154. Gustavo Martins says:

    I see a big baby crying here… What a shame! How many players on Earth would give their souls to play in such a talented team? The question is: where do you prefer to be? On the head on an ant, or in an elefant´s tail? you’re going nowhere on the head of an ant, Bosh!
    I believe a low-profile player PF like Milsap, would fit better on this team! Trade him, Miami! Send him to the Wolves on exchange for Love (in my dream…). Hire Tiago “The White Shark” Splitter! He’d love to play on that team and would deliver the same 16/10 for 10% of what you pay for Big Baby Bosh…

  155. eggy says:

    Lbj and dwayne need to do there thing when theres fast breaks. In the half court they need to swing the ball and play “boring basketball” and go thru bosh down low. They run up and down the court as if it were an all star game and then expect bosh to be in it mentally. Shot clock is running down then spread out and do yoour thing lbj and dwayne but half court go through bosh and actually set screens away from the ball for someone else! then use your athleticism to offensive rebound. when do you see dwayne and lebron offensive rebound in the half court? I love those players but it has to be all show buckets for them. Look at Carmelo and kobe they get 4-6 points a game on cheap putbacks. I hope they get all this for the playoffs. there just too good to play all show and not set screens and cut off the ball. Go heat!

  156. kurt says:

    wow sekou smith calm down. This is not news worthy. I should write for the NBA because mr. smith needs to think of some better material to talk about.

  157. Sports_IQ says:

    @Laura, LOL, I’m already amazed….at how bad they are vs good teams and the turmoil that is ensuing…so now, Spoelstra comes out and says they were crying in the locker room and then because anyone with sense realized how weak it made his team look, he tries to reverse it on the media and call is sensationalism…what he did was idiot-ism…he should never come out and say they were crying as some things you keep in the locker room and I know without a doubt his players were and are bothered by it as I would…Professional Teams are like Fraternities and Wade is right when he says they are all brothers and it’s why you keep personal things in house. He made his team look weak, every analysts/media head is running with crazy with it including C-Webb on NBA TV last night, they have become the butt of everyone’s jokes. How does Lebron look talking about 6+ Titles, a month ago to saying they are trying to catch BOS for #1 to now saying he’s content being the 8th seed….WOW….talk about doing a 180….they are looking like my NYG down the stretch of the last two seasons…started off nice and stinking it up when it matters…

    GO NY

  158. Invalid Name says:

    I am sorry but this guy is an offense killer and always has been. Any rhythm a team gets going he kills instantly once he touches the ball, when he stands there with it not moving for a good 4 seconds before deciding what he will do. Why is this team not living up to its potential? Bosh

  159. Chicago vs Miami Game says:

    Did any of you watch the game when Miami lost to Chicago when James and Wade both failed to hit shots less than 10 feet from the rim with less than 10 seconds on the clock?

    The crazy thing was that Bosh shot 9-14 for 23 points (better averages than Wade and LeBron) and never took a shot in the last 9 minutes and 27 seconds of the game. Miami is too predictable down the stretch. Coach Spoelstra is always preaching teamwork, but LeBron and Wade just hog the ball when the game gets down to the last 6 minutes. They need to CONTINUE to rely on each other down the strech so that when the ball does go to Wade and LeBron they aren’t being double teamed. Ironically enough, it was Chalmers who kept them in that game down the strech, shooting clutch three’s and getting to the line – meanwhile Wade and LeBron continued to miss highly contested shots.

    Bosh is right to be frustrated! (although telling the media only makes things worse — TELL YOUR TEAM NOT US!) He needs to continue to get touches down the strech so that opposing teams are forced to D-up on 5 guys…NOT 2!!!

    I think we all can agree that Wade and James are better than Bosh, but he is still plays a crucial role in forcing teams to respect his ability to shoot the ball, thus spreading the floor for Wade, James, and the rest of the Heat players to get better shots.

  160. Sports_IQ says:

    As far as Bosh, just look at his October comments and that’s all you need to know…he doesn’t like to bang with bigs and his game is a finesse one. If he had KG or Amare’s toughness, he would be good. Those guys have drives to dominate and also know how to play within a team. To think with his shooting percentage the last few games and how he shot last night that the 1st thing out of his mouth is “I need to demand more shots” is as funny as Tiki Barber coming out of retirement! How many blocks and rebounds did you have Chris? And how much did Aldridge have on you? Yep, that about sums it up Chris…@HEATH8R, well said and agree….I told people all FA this guy isn’t in the class of Amare and for some reason wierdos were ranking him ahead of Amare….go figure….and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they also tout themselves upon their callabo as “the best Big 3 in NBA History” without winning anything as a unit?

    Yeah, I thought so…Wade is right, I’m enjoying each and every last loss since you guys made the Lebron signing look like the Ultimate Warrior coming out of retirement and back into WWF….how many oops has Riley caught Lebron? LOL

    GO NY

  161. youngsam says:

    Basketball game is a team effort. I am beenwatchign since my kids were growing. An individual within a team can be only praised if team wins. It team loose then all blame/fault goes on coach. Bubringing three super star uner one game
    some one in organization should have thought who and how will concentrate/funnel their effort so NBA championship
    is guaranteed.

  162. Sports_IQ says:

    Well, it’s what they all wanted…a report had come out before the trade that Bosh would accept a trade to CLE if Lebron stayed…Lebron wanted no part of staying and thought DWade would get him his ring the easy way…so lesson learned for you now Lebron, “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side” as they say! You had it better off in CLE where you went to a Finals and the Eastern Conference chip every year pretty much over the last 3-4 seasons…so in actuality, not only will he not win as many games as he did in CLE with lesser talent, they’re still talking about learning to co-exist almost with a full season gone by and may not make it past the 2nd round…so in actuality, Lebron took a HUGE step backward going to MIA since now they need to “build chemistry” and are working out the kinks. Lebron has now learned like DWade, let your GM do his job though Riley was in on this from jump. Pat the Rat will hopefully fail miserably again.

  163. Joaquin Miranda says:

    I never saw Chris Bosh as a superstar. I saw him as the best player in a team that sucks. He is like Gerald Wallace when he was with the Bobcats. Above average players that play in bad teams will get better numbers just because they are the number 1 option. If you’re not that good but your team keeps giving you the ball in order to score, then yes, you will get 20 points a game. Ask Michael Beasley, he is averaging nearly 20 points a game since he is now one of the primary options. Kevin Love would not have been an all-star if Al Jefferson had not been traded to Utah. That is what happens, players, when giving the number one responsibility on bad teams, will get big numbers. Chris Bosh is not good enough to be the man in a contender. He is a good second banana, a guy that is not that good but is a solid addition. He is way to soft, a big man that will rather socre with a J. If you want to know how a real all-star power foward plays, look at Amare Stoudemire. That guy has the same J as Bosh, which he takes regularly, but he can drive to the lane and beat his defender facing him, getting a big dunk, or at least getting to the foul line quite often. Dwayne Wade and Lebron James are amazing players, if you are gonna share the ball with them, then you should know you are probably have a smaller piece of it.

  164. bostonboy says:

    miami really looks bad this year and i agree with C-webb 100%.they need 2 shut up and play some ball,like the lakers did and like the celtics did.i think miami could b a better team if they wouls just shut up and play some ball.cb needs 2 accept his role on this team.he needs 2 let lebron and wade play and let them do wat they do nite in and nite out.but this year i really dont think miami has wat it takes 2 win not just in the playoffs,but in the finals.

    • the truth says:

      but if bosh CONTINUES to let dwade and lebron ”do what they do” then they will lose because lebron and dwade cant make shots 2 feet from the rim when its a close game and thats what the playoffs is all about clutch lebron doesnt have that chrish bosh is more clutch than lebron and dwade combined

  165. HeatH8r says:

    Chris Bosh just needs to shut his mouth and play. Miami needs to be more concerned with trying to get back on track and winning basketball games to get ready for the playoffs rather than worry about a whiner like Bosh. We all knew this was going to happen when Wade, Bosh, and James joined up in Miami: we all knew it would be difficult for the three of them to share the ball equally to make sure point production was balanced. And he has no excuses: he shot 1-of-18 (EIGHTEEN) from the field. If he had made all of those 18 shots, he’d have a minimum of 36 points, and I doubt he’d be complaining. Not everyone can be THE MAN on a championship team. There will come nights in the future for Miami when Wade and James are going cold, and they need their big man to carry the load for them until Wade and James get their shots to start falling again. If Bosh REALLY wants to win a championship, he’ll accept the fact that he’s going to have a smaller offensive role than he did in Toronto, and will focus on keeping teams from scoring on the defensive end, like what Bynum is doing in Los Angeles.

    I think Bosh is a little overrated and that the Heat paid too much money for him. Miami would’ve been better off not signing him…OR ILGAUSKAS for that matter. They should’ve just traded to acquire someone, like, say, Tyson Chandler, who would shut up and play defense for eighty-two straight games if that’s what he was told to do. Bosh is too spoiled, too used to getting his way. This problem isn’t going to go away, and until the Heat solve it they aren’t winning those seven championships the Big Three promised.

  166. Shedymac says:

    I think the Celtics are going to win it this year. They’ve been trying to get homecourt and that will be the factor. I don’t think anyone coming out of the West will be able to beat them to be honest. The real threat to the Celtics I see are the Bulls and Mavs because they are really great and have cause them trouble this season. The Heat are incomplete and the Knicks still have to get used to that new setup in my opinion. And the Spurs are great but Tim Duncan is having career lows. And the Lakers may give them a run for their money because Artest is starting to contribute. But that’s my prediction.

    • the truth says:

      …….what did you predict
      what? celtics????????? the BOSTON celtics….HA! I SPILLED MY DRINK BECAUSE OF YOU

  167. Dave Clarke says:

    It’s actually a good thing for the game…i been watching NBA basketball for 25 years and the last couple of seasons it’s started to turn again..the fans..the real fans are now recognizing that’s it the fundamentals in basketball that get it done.. defense, ball movement, making the right decisions on the break…working hard for your TEAM and doing the job your asked to do.
    This can only be good for the kids, so instead of seeing “stars” taking down championships…they are seeing solid guys with great work ethics, and intelligent play winning games….but who also have great skills..Derrick Rose for one…for me thats exciting..I thought the game was lost to the hype machine..for me this has been the best season in years..a triumph of team work…the Spurs..the celtics.. Lakers, Mavs and for me the bulls….a lot of teams can win it this year…long may it continue

  168. jhoops says:

    i imagine if Kg is on the heat instead of bosh. kg in his 34 still much better compare to bosh. anyway i didn’t really care about him i knew he would rant like this since the day they formed the so called big 3. this big 3 cant even win against the big 3 of boston in ther mid 30’s

  169. jeb says:

    do the heat even have plays that they run? i’ve watched every game that has been nationally televised and that rarely seems to be the case. you want to know what play they run? okay, scenario #1: lebron gets the rebound so he’s gonna bring the ball up, dribble around and take a high difficulty shot once the shot clock is wearing down. scenerio #2: Dwade gets the rebound brings the ball up the court dribbles around and takes a high difficulty shot once the shot clock is wearing down. scenerio #3: someone else gets the rebound, wade and lebron rush to the ball, whoever gets there first is who the person passes the ball to…see scenarios 1 and 2. i know this is an exaggeration but my point is these guys to not work as a team at all. as far as ‘team’ goes, they are one of the worst in the league that i have seen and that is just pathetic.

  170. Shedymac says:

    It isn’t really fair to call him a drag. Sure he had a bad night like many players do, including Lebron. But I remember watching that Christmas Day game and they won. Chris Bosh was having a great night. I can’t say that without Bosh, the Heat will be any better. When Bosh is contributing, they win and that isn’t coincidence as an earlier poster said. They need a true pg like rondo or something. He needs to get more involved and infact the whole team needs to get involved to win and get past the Celtics.

    Lebron and Wade can’t be doing it all. The sooner Bosh is confident and the more complete they are, the higher the chance they’ll win a title which is unlikely due to the fact The CELTICS are winning it this year. It’s sad but despite The celts being depleted at times, no one took over..

  171. Marco says:

    Don”t know why he talking about offence, should be talking about defence cause that is what The Heat needs. Lebron and wade will take care of the offence. He should focus on defence… play a role like KG what he did and still doing for the Celtic.

  172. laura says:

    everyone here doesnt know whats goin on or hasnt played the game of basketball before the MIAMI HEAT are just on a losing slump and that will end thursday just because erik said we have guys in the locker room crying didnt mean they really had tears coming out they were just mad that they lost its normal people so chill …. basketball is there passion and thats what they do the answer is yes they were mad it happens , just like the lakers had before the all-star weekend they had a losing streak but they came back and played the game of basketball , thats excatlly whats going to happen with the HEAT they will come back as a team, and there team chemistry is going to get better. And plus we have the playoffs soon and the MIAMI HEAT are going to come out more focused so people just sit back and watch cause you are going to be amazed at what you will see from the HEATS BIG THREE!!! #6 #3 #1

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      @laura face it, there are a bunch of babies in that locker room. You say the slump will end thursday. Thats funny, they have been in a slump all season againist teams over 500, what makes you think all of a sudden it will end. Face it boo, your heat suck. Lebron is waaaaaaaaaay overrated and has been since he came into the league. Someone needs to tell chris bosh men wear boxers not panties. Wade i respect.

      • OldSkool says:

        THEHEATSUCK – Once again you’re all over it. We must be on the same wave length.
        Now Laura, when Erik said there were guys in the locker room crying ….. there were guys in the locker room crying, tears and all like the babies they are. If they were angry then Erik would have said they were angry, but they were crying. Looking at their roster my guess is that it was just Bosh bawling his eyes out like a little biatch.

  173. Stevie says:

    blaming this to the under productive bench players is a very immoral act. Lebron and Dwade rarely rotate the ball around, the only time they pass out the ball is when they are in traffic and really have no good shot, then other players get a taste of the ball. Without dribbling or a feel of the ball now and then, every player will just get cold and lack of feeling and sense of how the game is going. Pass around more often.

  174. Brad-Lohouse says:

    Pat Riley is a fool. This experiment is not working. He went out and purchased 3 of the best players in the world and expected that they would be able to play with each other. The pieces just don’t fit!!! These guys have been in the league for some years now and have established they’re style of play. I really don’t think this point in their careers they will make any changes.

    Bosh needs the ball to be effective; he shoots jump shots and pretty dam good at it. He’s not a garbage man, you are not going to get rebounds, defense, banging in the paint (he is no Kevin love). He does not impact the game in the paint which is what Miami needs. He’s talents are best suited for another team that needs a 1st scoring option.

    Miami, trade bosh or Lebron.. one has to go

    In the mean time Bosh should come off the bench and be the 1st scoring option for the second team.

  175. DwadeinHeat says:

    He knew that he’ll always be the 3rd option when LBJ and DWade are on the floor. And actually he’s a drag and his teammates don’t fully give their trust on him in the post. He’s a weak low post player (everybody in the NBA knew that). He was destroyed by L.Aldridge. He should show some strength and aggressiveness in the post before he can demand the ball. Because as of now, he’s just a push over. He’s more of a PF than a Center, and Haslem is a better low post player than him considering their height differences.

    • jebdamone says:

      bosh is a cream puff…he is a heck of a shooter and can score on the block but he is not tough mentally or physically. i cannot wait to see what a guy like KG would do to him in the playoffs.

  176. JNT says:

    I have to agree with C-Webb don’t talk about what you are going to do just do it. Also I’ve been saying for a month now they sholud trade Bosh for a good center. They don’t need a mid-range jump shooter the need a back to the basket post present plus Haslem is good at the 15 footer and he tough. I think the should go for Brook Lopez and Kris Hump from the Nets people may think it sounds crazy but they are going after D.Howard this offseason right? No way Lopez is coming off the bench he’s to good for that if they get Bosh Howard may want to go there more and the are moving to Brookyln. The Heat don’t need a Big Three just the Big 2 and role players when you have two of the top 3 players in the league you just need the right pieces around them.

    • JNT says:

      Also I heard something today about Phil Jackson coaching the Heat next season. Even though he said this is his last season what to you guys think about that?

  177. Shedymac says:

    I don’t like how everyone is saying Chris Bosh is the weak link because he’s not. If you had to play with Lebron and Wade, you’d expect he’d not be the top option. I feel him because he just wants to be a bigger part of the team and not the guy that is just forgotten, the other guy. I think he did the right thing and get it off his chest to the world. People can hate but now we know how he feels.

  178. walt larsen says:

    The BIG three are very impressive, but alas they need help in scoring from others. The problem is, they are not a complete team as are the Lakers who have had their problems early on. Now comes the moment of truth as they enter the playoffs where completeness is indeed what it takes to win a title. I don’t know who will win it all, but it won’t be just three superstars. Basketball is an exhausting sport, and a player can take jus so much and then the shots become misses. walt larsen

  179. BobbyS says:

    iThink all the big and small things Chris Bosh does for this team is underrated it’s sad that during free agency everybody was trying to reel him in to their respective team and now everybody dissing him with half a player or overrated. I think if they want Lebron to play point guard, let him play, but he has to take on a Magic Johnson role and sacrifice his points for assist , and since he is “the best player on the team” everybody else would be better off in there respective positions on the court. It would allow everybody to play there position HAPPILY …

  180. Boston fan says:

    Its funny since the Heat have Chalmers instead of Arroyo nothing has gone right…. coincidence???? Im just saying and not a lot of people have mention this, Now instead of a good half court offense which I think arroyo knew how to handle they just completely,absolutly Suk!!!

    That’s why Im really happy Boston signed Arroyo he fits perfect in Boston ways of playing!! The Heat suk right now and Spoelstra really doesnt really know how to coach… however I don’t blame him…. I love the knicks right now cause they have different position superstars… and they know how to compliment each other…. while LBJ and WADE just llok for shots… its like whos gonna play better you or me???? I just hate that!

    Miami needs to Bosh in the off season or LBJ….. cause LBJ aint a clutch shooter and I dont think Spoelstra gets that…..

    People telll me: “Yeah but since wade is the only clutch they will double team him”, Pierce is the clutch player in Boston and he always gets the ball…. Why in the blue h3ll lebron gets the ball, He suks at clutch moments….

    Anyway either trade bosh or Lebron send Lebron to the Fakers…. hehehehe for Bynum and Gasol!!!

  181. Michael B says:

    I don’ feel sorry 4 CB4 he already knew he what he was getting himself into before he signed the contract.The big problem I have with CB4 and I said it before the season started that he isn’t a good defender he isn’t physical and he isn’t a true post forward he shoot 2 many jumpers and spend 2 much time on the premeter like he a guard.Miami run a predictable but effective offence and they dont need more scorers they need defence rebounding and toughness so this year I promise U they wont win it I still like Orlando or Chicago I would have picked Boston had not they Traded Perkins 2 OKC he would have made CB4 cry most so

  182. Alex Fraser says:

    Look its obvious bosh needs to be on a team thats guna share the rock more 4 instance yeh lebron and d wade average good assist number night in and out but they pass to eachother to get these averages say bosh playin on any other team that has an actual pass first pg and he will dominate the more he gets the ball the his confidence will grow. he will become in time wht hes been b4 tht means that his defense will get bacjk 2 what he used to be its clear .heat need a pass first point guard or bosh needs a trade in the off season because if not the heat are goin to ruin the guys career.

    • Ed says:

      Michael B I totally agree with you about CB4, and Miami’s issues. Can’t think or play like you’re in Canada! How does the old saying go? It’s easy to be the big fish in a small pond. (BTW I’m Australian and not trying to stir up any trouble) When you speak about the east contenders, I think you shouldn’t count out Boston. (I’m acually not a big fan of them) You have to remember that they have a lot of vets on their team that are facing their last, or second to last real chance at a ring. That is going to spark a fire in a lot of guys in that organization, especially vets who may tend to hold back during the regular season. Just look at last year’s finals. Who thought Boston would almost take the title? The greens have a lot of quality in the roster, and may be able to make up for Perk still. All the best to SA!

  183. wise man says:

    Reporters have a way of manipulating peoples words, CB was not upset or anything; all he did was call himself out that he needed to demand the ball more in deep post position and wen he has position he should be hit with a pass. He knows hes the 3rd option and only wants to put himself in a position where he can be more effective.

  184. praice81 says:

    man, i heard cwebb talking for the 3rd time straight. Incredible the energy, he put his heart on this speech, cause as a player that he was, he knows whats goin on… incredible man, just keep giving us your insights cause u were incredible on this one..

  185. praice81 says:


  186. t70cyy says:

    When Karl Malone joined LA Lakers in 2003, almost all his numbers dropped. Malone did a lot of things of the defensive end that may not show on box scores. People never heard him say a word, because he knows he needs a ring. What does Chris Bosh want ?

  187. praice81 says:

    best answer ever, thanks Chris, This guy knows what hes talking about, nothing left to say! Keep doing what u do, from this day on, im a big fan!

  188. mepeterser2451 says:

    in response to KJ-B’s first post: (for some reason i couldn’t reply to that post)

    I was just about to say what Lfamily10 just said. Bosh in the post clogs the lane for James and Wade. It doesn’t help them. It forces them to shoot. And your response was James and Wade were on fire that game? You just avoided explaining how Bosh is going to fit in with the team. He can’t and he knows it.

    This is the most extravagant oxymoron I’ve ever read,
    “The fact is, you take Chris Bosh off this team, and LeBron James and DWade will have the lanes packed against him” –KJ-B

  189. MrDaMuzikbox says:

    I AGREE!!! C-Webb has got it right on this one. Shut up… and just play ball. Stop cryin like a bunch a babies. Go back and look at the Premature Celebration like the Heat won a Championship back in July!!! Enough Said. Man Up. And Play Ball!!!

  190. inkybreath says:

    There is clearly a disconnect on this Miami team.

    They hit the microphone after the Bulls game and talked about their unity, their brotherhood. There is no way that Bosh coming out and saying what he is saying is a good thing or a good indication for this team.

    Did he complain about his touches after his 1 for 18 shooting night? He got 11 shots last night (I think) and there are nights where he is just going to have to deal with that … when Bron and Wade are scoring 30 and 38 or whatever, he just needs to make due with what he gets. They need to get Miller some shots to open the floor (his 1 for 7 night was a huge help) and Bibby needs to find some rhythm with them. Chalmers needs to take a shot here and there to keep him focused.

    What does he expect?

    No sympathy for these glitzy chest-bumpers … They wanted attention and they got it.

    boo hoo.

  191. ash says:

    He has a point

  192. Torontofan8881 says:

    Fact is, Chris Bosh, and even all the Chris Bosh haters needs to understand when Bosh is playing well, the Heat are playing well. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. He has to set pick and rolls with Wade and LeBron more often, so he can glide to the rim and get some points. In my opinion, the Heat struggles is because their lack of depth, which they could of improved at the deadline. When you have three, top 10 players in the NBA, things will go wrong, because that usually means you have no depth.

  193. Sports_IQ says:

    @Janice, yeah, he actually has legitimate Stats in the playoffs and his career was deralied by a knee injury…what’s Bosh’s excuse? So when they were winning and his jumper was falling like vs. LA in DEC, it’s all good? But now, when he can’t hit anything and is playing like trash, it’s someone’s else fault?? Please…Bosh never did anything in TOR, how many playoff apprearances did they make? How many FULL seasons has he played? Not one…Bosh has never been a winner and if you want to blame someone, why not RILEY??? Isn’t he the one who supposedly put this team together so like me, no non-Heat fan wants to hear complaints about what they don’t have because according to their “Big 3”, Riley could play and they would win and they’re going for 6+ Titles though they were each only signed for 5 years (talk about illiterate)…

    Their schedule consists of battle tested teams right now, playoff contenders and they’ve failed that test 5 games and counting which was of course conveniently started by Mr Big Shot and the NYK…send this team a case of Miller Lite and tell them to Man up! Yeah, I would’ve passed to Bosh too when Wade and Lebron had 30+ a piece and this guy is 3 for 11 with 7 pts…that makes sense in a bizarro universe maybe…

  194. NBA says:

    […] […]

  195. Whozdat says:

    Its still too much 3 vs 5 going on with the Heat. It’s really not a lack of chemistry but Spoelstra needs to assert himself as the coach and snatch their collars. Its no reason to have LeBron isolated everynight its a last second shot when u got guys like James Jones, Mike Miller, Eddie House, even Z and everybody just clear out for LB. Spoelstra need to draw up some plays and have the ball moving with the main 3 options that can create enough space for a good look for whoever is on the court. From the outside looking in it appears the inmates are running the jail as the old saying go. Even as good as Michael and even Kobe is as players Phil still coached. Man up Spoelstra i think it would make a huge difference.

  196. big3clutch says:

    and cb4 dont just settle for jump shot try posting him up ..just jiLL man ,.and dont pretend you are the only one supahstar in miami ..youve got finls and two tmes mvp right by your side ..just help up ..bcause heat team is awful

  197. gary says:

    bosh is right – the bench aint scoring give him the ball

  198. BeliSRB says:

    I don’t want to hate them but I can’t help it..I loved them once (Bron & D-Wade) but now………they should be the leading force of the NBA after Kobe(best player in the game) retires,instead they act like spoiled bitches..guess Durant and D-Rose will have to do that…shame..

  199. Sports_IQ says:

    @TTO, well said and the reason he had one shot in the 4th was because he was 3 for 10 up to that point…his 1 – 18 performance would have anyone looking the other way as that set a record for the worst FG% in NBA History by a player who made one FG in a game…and then you have guys like Wade crying with “the MIA lost..the world’s a better place”…so that’s why you lost 5 in a row, because “the world” wanted you to lose and willed it?? What do you think you live in a Marvel Comic??

    You see, Mike D squashed it right away on who would take the last shot or determine with the NYK and he said “Billups. He’s the one with the ring so he’ll decide by the flow of the game who gets the last shot”…MIA still hasn’t figured this out or maybe, just too coward to admit it! Wade is their closer, the one with the ring and the one who averaged 37 PPG to bring a title to MIA…Lebron is a good creator, he’s not a closer and has one 3 pt game winner vs. ORL that saved them from being swept…of course, they will get better but those saying they need a more dominant Big and so forth, from where?? They have no more money, it’s all tied into these 3 guys which is why everyone asked “who will they get to fill in the blanks?” A bunch of cast offs and the role players on MIA just aren’t holding their own…Dampier stinks, Chalmers is still learning and shows flashes, Bibby is done except for spotting up for 3, Miller can never stay healthy and stinks as well and House is clutch but doesn’t play enough..funny enough, the one guy who may help them is Udonis Haslem since he bangs and can defend. He might be their blessing in disguise as he’s tough and part of that 2006 Title team.

  200. Lamin says:

    OK CB4, the fact of the matter is you are not a low post player. you prefer facing up, pump faking or taking jump shots.. numerous times this season the ball was given to you in the low post and instead of backing your defender down, you always ended up facing him up. you’ve got your fair share of touches. i’m honestly believe your days in maimi are numbered. lamarcus aldridge dominated that match up yesterday.

  201. Janice says:

    Everyone quit complaining. The Heat will be fine. Don’t listen to C. Webb because he has nothing to show for his own career, but stats.

  202. LeCanadien says:

    CB4, you don’t always have to have ball in your hands to be aggressive. You can ALREADY make a difference BY getting rebounds and not committing much lapses in defensive rotations and 1-1 situations. So, quit yapping and DO THOSE! PERIOD.

  203. big3clutch says:

    relax miami ..everybodys just finding their comfort zone..just play ..loss is a part of a game ..more touches for bosh please ..and the heat will be alright

  204. Honestly.... says:

    Moral? Oh, morale! That’s brilliant, if the heat couldn’t figure it over the first 64 games they’ll definitely get it right over the last 18 and “get there (not their) act together”.

    Good luck with that Richard. Nice comment 😉

  205. NBA2kKing says:

    OK where do I start… Obviously the majority of people leaving comments on here have a very extensive lack of knowledge for the beloved game of basketball and Sekou Smith is at the top of that list. I don’t agree with how Bosh has handled this issue but i feel what he’s saying. Bosh is a 20-10 player with solid defense. He creates serious match-up problems for all defenders because of his post and perimeter play. His career in Toronto is proof of this, I don’t care who he played along side. Now he’s playing with 2 guys in James and Wade who’s dynamic duo approach is destroying the entire team. Now I’m mad son because you people are too dumb to see that all the players in Miami have the same role except for D-wade and LBJ. Which is stand at the perimeter and wait for an outlet! Are we watching the same games? Remember what happened to Shaq in 06-07 on the MIAMI HEAT? didn’t touch the ball. they went from champions to garbage in 1 year (Shaq made all-star selection next season with Suns). The heats game plan is all jacked up. This is how they’d win a championship: Run offense inside out through a point guard. Chrish Bosh is the key to this team’s success. If he gets hot first that team would steamroll their way to a championship GUARANTEED because we know what the other 2 guys can do. But a point guard’s balance is necessary. I understand he’s the third option but look at teams like Boston, San Antonio, ATL and a few others who sometimes have a fourth and fifth option. MY GOODNESS PEOPLE. Its NBA basketball not NBA jam. A team game not “anything you can do i can do better”. Once Spoelstra, James, Wade, and Riley can get this through their heads, this team can be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in this league. Can’t believe the nba hires idiots like sekou smith for his ridiculous outlandish opinions.

  206. Sports_IQ says:

    @bigg todd, LOL, well said! When Lebron made jokes saying that Riley could play with them and “just throw it up and we’ll go get it”, Riley was amused as were these same cry babies saying “we don’t know what’s going wrong”…of course not, you’re qualified to be GMs and evaluate talent so instead of conspiring amongst yourselves, you should’ve left that up to the GM of the team you really wanted to play for. When I head Wade’s sources saying they were surprised he came, then what is that? I’m inviting you to be nice because we’re friends, but really don’t want you to come? I said from Day 1, all Wade needed was Bosh and role players…Bibby is washed and again, dumb team because TJ Ford would’ve been a much better pick up and didn’t take the buyout once they signed Bibby. Ford is much younger and quicker which would allow them to get out in transition more and can defend. Supposedly Lebron wanted Jamison in CLE instead of Amare last year before the trade deadline so he could kick out to him for 3s….again, if there is any credence to that, it again shows you a player knows squat about assembling a team…if that’s even half true, Lebron is worse than Mike at talent evaluation….Jamison or Amare? Is that even a real decision??? LOL

    GO NY

    • bigtodd says:

      D.Wade thought that he could play the NBA like it was some type of pick up game in the park. He went on a mission to get these two bums, and now he’s starting to see it’s going to take more than 3 stars to get someplace in the NBA. The NBA was around well before he was ever thought of, and it will still be around once he’s a has been. Let the general Manger do his job, and D.Wade should just play basketball. Who died and left him talent scout.

  207. iwillfilm says:

    Miami is doing a terrible job handling these 3 stars. It’s sad to be honest, but one of those 3 have to come off the bench in my opinion, it will give them more star time for instance, and finally allow them to drop this ego. It’s obviously an issue. Bosh is a smart player, let him play within his comfort zone, don’t take it away, hell try taking touches away from wade and bosh, they’ll react the exact same way. Bosh is the only one sacrificing here, and why, because h’es the 3rd option, thats BS, everyone should sacrifice, in order to be champions, you honestly have to follow Boston as an example. KG, inside threat, Allen, outside Threat, Pierce, all around threat. Completely unselfish! All 3 of them.

  208. T Dawg says:

    Bosh likes to be a face to the basket player and go from there…..I can’t imagine him catching the ball consistently back to the basket.

    Also, he sucks on defense. If this year doesn’t work out, Bosh will be traded next year for sure.

  209. Ease says:

    I actually like what Wade said about the heat’s woes in a conference, in a nutshell LET THE REST OF THE TEAM PLAY! He and lebron have both complained about their minutes in the past, you need to give the guys on the bench to log some minutes and gain some confidence. Wade and bron are going to have a good game regardless, maybe they should think about running their offense through bosh. As i said, if you run it through bosh wade and bron will still get theirs.

  210. TTOTambz says:

    Hey Sekou,

    I posted a blog this morning on on a similar subject which you might find interesting:


    I had to call upon the great Tom Hanks quote and change it up from baseball to basketball but you get the drift.

    Yes none of us can seem to get enough of these Heatles, the Big 3, Two & a half men, etc etc since they “decided to take their talents to South Beach” but it’s definitely been fun watching them NOT do what they expected would be so easy.

    The remark about “players were crying in the change room” from Spoelstra on Sunday was just another reason for us to once again analyze this “super team” and once again a reminder that two players does not a team make. What is surprising is after all the heat (no pun intended) that Spoelstra took early in the season that he would make such a terrible error by announcing something like that to the masses.

    Yes the Heat have been pretty much the coldest team coming out of the All Star Break and are on a current five game losing streak following their defeat to Portland last night. This blog covers some facts I’ve noted throughout the course of the season regarding this team and more specifically the 3 players who changed the course of player signings this past summer. (On a side note: If I’m right in my earlier season predictions perhaps David Stern will actually grow some and address the collusion which occurred between these three players and subsequently continued with Melo in New York prior to CP3’s inevitable exit from New Orleans this summer. In a saguay let me just note I’m thrilled there are players like Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant and Kevin Love in the league as well, who give me hope that talent and competition are the ultimate standard to aspire to).

    Is it really surprising this team would hit another slump? This is the first time all season they are facing elite teams on back to back outings and their record is less than stellar against these teams. Yes they’ve got a great record but they’ve also benefited from being able to play games on days off while facing teams who are coming off back to backs. Remember the Raps first two games against them were on back to back outings from Orlando and Miami had 3 games in 12 nights on the last one of those (which included 3 days rest for the Heat).

    Having lost 5 straight and now with the impending doom of facing a hot L.A. team on a 6 game win streak will we now see what character this team actually has?

    I noted at the recent Toronto game how small Bosh really is! Having gone to a game at least once a year since the Raptors inception I wondered how a player of his supposed will to win could come to camp so small! Following his 1 for 18 shooting in Chicago recently I wondered if he was having the same conversation he supposedly had with himself following the Olympics when he said he was really upset by how small he looked or was that self analysis done only because he was entering a contract year? If he and LeBron really signed with Miami to win championships then why would he enter camp so small and without having put in the summer work required?

    At the same game although the final stats sheet showed Bosh as having an above average game I noted he touched the ball ONCE in the final frame and his points were mostly courtesy of his team feeding him the ball to make sure he got his stats in his first visit back to the ACC but with the game on the line and close it was Wade and James who had all the touches from the 3 minute mark on in the fourth. In fact, I’ve been watching a lot of their games lately and this is a recurring theme!

    Another note on this game (which is not me crying over spilt milk but rather a FACT) was that the Heat went to the line SEVENTEEN times in the final 8 minutes while Toronto only went twice, once when Bargnani was knocked down hard and once for a defensive 3 second call which was closer to 8 seconds! I know I’ve touched on this several times this season and I do understand elite players get the benefit of the doubt but please David Stern do something about these refs because it’s not just Toronto getting screwed.

    Too many times this season we have been in a 5 point or less match (Atlanta, LA twice, New Orleans, all 3 Miami games 3 of 4 Boston games etc) where the refs have had TOO MUCH of an affect on the outcome. If it were simply an elite player getting a call then I’d be quiet but I’m talking about plays where DeRozan gets hit so hard it’s surprising he gets up and then the refs call a rinky dink foul on the Raps thus bending the score by more than 3 points into the other teams favour, which affects the overall momentum of a game. I could go on but suffice to say 17 trips to the line to 2 in the fourth quarter where the Raps energy and defensive presence should have been rewarded, left a very bad taste in my mouth. Let’s hope our young guys can start out next season strongly because then the refs won’t be so inclined to give the games away.

    Of note in recent games is the elite teams know how to play Miami and take full advantage especially in the final frame. They know if they keep the game close Miami does not do well in a close game or in a half court game. Chicago beat them twice in as many weeks and what’s scary about that is Noah has only been back 7 games so he is still getting used to playing with Boozer. I’LL SAY IT AGAIN AS I DID 35 GAMES IN, FOR MY MONEY THE BEST EASTERN CONFERENCE TEAM IS THE BULLS WHO I BELIEVE WILL WIN THE EASTERN CONFERENCE & DEPENDING ON THEIR OPPONENT THE WHOLE THING! To be honest the only team with a chance to beat them in the east is Boston and depending on fairness by the refs and health I still think Chicago will prevail.

    I digress, what was evident in Sunday’s game was how fluid Chicago’s offensive sets are and how much they pinpoint the holes in Miami’s. Bosh can be easily guarded by a smaller player freeing up their bigs to help out with Wade and James. Although Miami has good stats in the defensive categories many of these were obtained early in the season facing the mid and lower teams and they simply cannot compete with Chicago who shut them down in the 2nd half. It’s crazy that Chicago had a very bad first half and were still in the game and it’s scary how great that team is going to be after Boozer and Noah get another 20 games together!

    The other very obvious factor is the Miami Heat have become LeBron James team and have taken on his identity. You won’t get an argument from me that James is a great player and a specimen of an athlete, in fact both he and Wade (who I still love btw), are both bigger than Bosh which I found shocking. But this team definitely is James now and that is reflected in some stunning similarities to when he was in Cleveland; The Cavs often pulled away from teams while LeBron gathered his typical 20 – 25 points and around 7 boards/assists often to let teams back into the mix, played defense well but were not COMMITTED night in & out and could be taken apart in close games but the Cavs actually had some bangers who afforded James 2nd & 3rd chance rebounds which Miami does NOT have.

    I think for the Heat the worst part of this trade was losing the character of Wade as it’s guiding principle since he is a scrappy competitor who did not give up and who single handedly willed them into the post season without his costars last year. Further, I believe when Miami turned the corner it came at the decision for James to be reqarded as their closer and leader and this makes Wade useless in the final minutes of a game.

    Often in the games this season when Miami needed a crucial score it is Wade who has been able to deliver off the bounce creating and weaving his way to the basket or through hitting a critical field goal. James may still improve in this area but it seems to me when the chips are on the line and James feels the need to be the hero the game does not come as smoothly or easily to him and the team suffers the losses because of this fact.

    Ultimately, Miami will be in the playoffs but I for one do not anticipate them moving out of the second round as they cannot beat Orlando, Boston or Chicago unless they go on a terror with their supporting members hitting field goals and 3 pointers like crazy which is unlikely. Once again, it’s a repeat of LeBron’s Cav’s teammates who never had to do it all year and then were thrust into that position in the later rounds of the playoffs only to succumb to the pressure.

    It does lead you to wonder if James is having nightmares about the collusion and asking himself how much happier he would have been had he signed with Chicago………. just sayin.

    Wade vehemently denied it was him crying and James laughed at that prospect, one can bet at some point this season though that Wade, James and Bosh will all be shedding some tears as they try to regroup moving forward. I’ve said before and I’ll reiterate, Bosh will get traded either next season or within 2 years having never won a championship so the Heat will have money to get valuable role players like a Perkins so Wade and James can accomplish what they began planning years ago.

    All I know is while these “Big 3” get misty the rest of the league will shed tears of laughter for them getting what they really deserved which is payback for trying to think they could do what no other had done before them which is win with only two and half players on the floor.

    Just my two cents…

    This is TTOTambz signing off anticipating another entertaining contest tonight against Utah and definitely tuning in tomorrow to hopefully watch the Black Mamba add to the misty eyes of the Heat!

    **After this post I headed to get my daily fix of NBA news and much to my delight found an article by Sekou Smith which corresponds nicely with this blog. Turns out Bosh is not just crying but whining about not getting the ball after being soundly outplayed by LaMarcus Aldridge last night (Bosh scored 7 points to Aldridge’s 26!). Gotta love analyst hottie Chris Webber saying they should just shut up and play.

    What I find interesting about Bosh complaining about not getting the ball (and highlighting my point about him not being a go to guy in the 4th quarter) is how telling his little rant is. In his off season signing he said he would do all the intangibles to make the team great as they headed for their 6 straight titles.

    Intangibles which one would assume would include blocks, rebounds and defense, NO? So on a night when he chose to complain about not getting the ball it’s funny he had only 4 rebounds, no blocks and obviously was unable to defend Aldridge!

    All this points to my early prediction which is before the mid way point of his 6 year contract he will find himself on some other team. Wade may have been willing to pass off the reins to James and put up with his egotistical “god like” treatment but he won’t stand for a player who came to camp undersized and petulant while not committing to getting the job done no matter what it takes!

    Can’t wait to hear what Charles has to say in the matter on TNT Thursday, should be a good half time show!

  211. Tre' says:

    1s off i’m a Knicks Fan…Go Knicks!!! but you guys kill me on here, you guys are missing the big picture, the problem is not Bosh, Bosh is a Big man and needs to play in the paint, the problem is with LJ/DW whether you want to admit it or not, Lebron and DWade are similar player and play the same position and demand the ball the same, you can not create a dominant team with the same super star players who play the same position there will always be major problems that occur especially when you play very good teams with a bench because the two players who play the same position although they score more than half the teams points it will take away from the rest of the teams efficiency and it is impossible to win big games with only two guys scoring and the rest of the team being inefficient. For example there is not 2 Kobe’s there is one Kobe and one Gasol two different players, so that make the rest of the team play with top efficiency, there is one Melo and one Amarie two different players which even with a mediocre bench they are still able to get the maximum efficiency out of the team. Why? because although they are two super stars they play different positions and demand the ball at different positions. Just my thoughts!!

    • passerby says:

      yea… if only lebron or dwyane were three point threats like ray allen, then i think it would be easier for the heat. and if bosh played like garnett, then it would be interesting because i think they need the aggression.

  212. Richard says:

    Moral is low right now, but I still believe the Heat can come back and win the championship. Lebron led the Cavs last year with excellent wins and I believe he can do it again for the Heat. Every team out there is concern about the big 3 when facing the Heat, so they put heavy D on them, but once the Heat start playing like a team, and start relying on everyone on the team, the Heat will be unstopable. Every team in the league will need to be concern about the entire team roster. There’s only a month left before the playoffs, thats plenty of time for this team to get there act together

  213. The Heat would be more effective if they called more plays for Bosh in the post, PERIOD. Their inside scoring comes from James and Wade going to the basket. They have no inside scoring at all, and he and James could bring that. Look they run no plays for Dampier, so there are shots right there. No plays for the shooters so there is no inside shots there. Having James and Bosh on the blocks, switching off, could be the spacing and continuity issue they are trying to rememdy. Having Bosh at the high post to drive around other PFs and shoot jumpers is not the answer. And James and Wade only playing on the perimeter doesn’t solve their inside scoring problem which is why they have no balance. Pierce, Ray, KG all post up to get easy shots. These Heatles havent figured out that a team takes the easy shots and moves the ball until they find it. It might mean that any one of those 3 stars may get 30 shots one night and only 10 shots the next. They still dont share the ball as intensely as they could.

  214. dwyane says:

    Miami don’t really need Bosh.They got the needed offense,they need a big man in the middle who can dominate and scratch for every rebound

  215. bigtodd says:

    It’s so funny to see these Heat fans talking about trading Bosh!!! What team in their right mind wants a soft big man??? What team in their right mind wants to take on his contract. If he is useless and over paid in Miami, who would ever take a chance on him. Miami would never be able to trade Bosh!!!! They don’t have anything to offer any other NBA team in a trade with Bosh. Their bench is the weakest in the league, and their role players don’t produce. All of the other general managers are watching these bums just like we are, and trust me, they don’t want any parts of them because no one on that team understands the concept of team,(thanks to their coach.) Every night it’s two and a half men against five. I have said it all season, 3 great players can’t beat 5-12 good players. The elite teams in the NBA have proven me right all season. NO BENCH AND NO ROLE PLAYERS= NO RINGS!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t believe me, name one team that has ever won a championship without good role players and a good bench. These Heat fans suck, because they obviously have not studied the game of basketball for very long!!!! It takes more than five players to win in this league and these losers were tricked into believing they could win a championship with three. You all can thank D.Wade for that stupidity!!!! After all, it was his idea.

  216. Honestly.... says:

    Who cares about any of this junk? Real champs do what it takes to win. You don’t have to lead a team in points or FGAs to be the leader of your team. Heat players take note: Be dynamic like the Spurs, Bulls, Lakers, Celtics and Atlanta. Let the game come to you and mix up your attacks. Those teams all have go to guys but they don’t have to dominate the ball to win games. Play D and crash the boards. I’m a basketball fan and I want to see you guys make the playoffs interesting.


    • passerby says:

      i don’t get why atlanta is included with the other 4, but i do like your opinion about everything else

  217. rebirth34789 says:

    LOL it has started… this is the worst time to have this issues. postseason is coming and they have this? so much for egos out the door and teamwork. this what happens when 3 stars go to 1 team at an early stage of their careers, if you gonna talk about the big 3 of celtics or big 4 of the lakers before…. let me remind you… the big 3 of celtics are almost at the end of their career, while these 3 of the heat are still in the middle and young in fact. being impatient and egotistic and this is what you get, i wont be surprised if 1 of these guys bailed out during a playoff game because of this issues.

  218. noob says:

    Bosh is use to having the ball given to him in the right spots, LBJ and DWade can create their own shots when they are handling the ball. So when you have LBJ and DWade handling the ball without a great PG player to bring the ball up, Bosh isn’t going to get a lot of touches. Only way for him to be effective is get rebounds. If he can’t do that, then don’t cry about it and work to get it. The day when you don’t care about your statistics, it’s the day you start winning. A quote from Shaq.

  219. Sports_IQ says:

    Not to mention MIA is a joke of a sports town and everyone knows including the MIA Herald writers who said when the move 1st went down “we don’t deserve this”….it’s embarrassing in a primetime game vs the rival NYK where you expected fans to get their early, that half the arena was NYK fans and Lebron was getting boo’d at the line on his own home court. People in MIA care more about the Heat outside than the HEAT playing a game…Lebron himself was happy to say he was going to South Beach rather than the Heat…right, CLE was sold out every night and if he went to CHI or the NYK, he would’ve gotten the same treatment…a two time MVP with all the skills in the world is no longer recognized as such strictly for going to another SuperStars team who many like myself feel he is not better than D-Wade. I’ll tell you this, in the Finals when MIA was struggling it was D-Wade who went nuts to the clip of 37.7 PPG, higher finals average than Jordan to bring home the trophy. I guy you know can take over and hit game winners…the biggest problem is some think and so does Lebron that he’s the best…maybe best all around, but NEVER the guy I want taking a game winner…he’s hit the least amount of game winners and missed more clutch FT’s than any Top 5 player I’ve seen…even Shaq in a Game 7 vs. SAC years ago was able to hit when it counted pulling out an OT win…Lebron is a good fantasy player, that’s it…Bret Favre of Basketball without the ring…

  220. Rap says:

    Bosh is a fool.
    He says in Toronto no matter where he goes he wants to be “the man”.
    Then he burns Toronto, jets to Miami where they are the big 3, not one Bosh.
    and then he whines about not being the man.
    You deserve nothing. Go overseas

  221. Breaker says:

    KD was right! Fake tough guy….Kobe just scored 81 when he was in Toronto.

  222. jap says:

    its very simple…you dont have to make it long…bringing 3 superstars in one team needs a lot of adjustment…like the celtics…3 superstars who knew they’re role…lebron and wade, they didnt allow bosh feel the game in short…decoy…set some plays for bosh as well..if the other is in good rythm support him…if not…pass it…dont make it too beautiful before u pass it…basic basketball…quick passing and see other options…

  223. Richard says:

    I think Heat’s coach need to get is game strategy together. Sure the players execute the plays and are the ones on the field, but the coach is the one who decides the last minute plays and defensive matchups. the Heat is a outstanding team, but their potential is limited to the coach’s decisions. They need to start using their players affectively instead of relying on 3 star players to score. They need to start utilizing their point guard to set up good plays for their team. Wade is a excellent ball handler, but he is not a point guard type of player. He is a scorer, not a playmaker. Lebron is also a scorer, not a good playmaker. The Heat traded for Mike Bibby. Use him. Mike Bibby is a good pg.He has made it to the playoffs many times with good teams and he is a playmaker.Use him. Stop relying on the big three to set plays and score. Utilize the bench. utilize Miller and Chalmers for those outside 3s. Wade and Lebrons are great shooters, but they are the better driving inside and creating open shots. Bosh is the man inside. He can hook shot anybody and a great rebounder. The Heat need stop taking 1 on 1 shots and start making team shots. The Spurs does it in every game, and I dont even think they have the best roster. Suns made it to the Finals last year not because they had the best team, but play the best as a Team. Nash created plays, everyone contributed.

  224. Dave Clarke says:

    “I’m a big man I don’t shoot the ball” I think he should drag his game in 2011 and wake up to whats needed from a big man, stay behind in training and learn to shoot the ball

  225. Tobias_WETZ_Germany says:

    The Heat still have to build up a real team chemistry. Passing and Skipping the ball around Wade and James won’t make them a contending team. They need real plays, not just lean back and wait what the creativity of wade and james will arrange. If they keep playing without a system that involves the whole team (and the bench) , they will be routed by Boston, Chicago & Orlando in the playoffs.
    Com’on Miami, you could do it much better…

  226. Sports_IQ says:

    @KJ-B, “the only athletics ya’ll ever played was in video games”…kind of like the team the MIA have where Bosh himself lying as if he didn’t know Lebron was coming since they all conspired, said it would be like an NBA Live video game…then you said “Any good sports team is built balanced”…yeah, tell us something we don’t know which is why most were skeptical about 3 SuperStars taking Max Money killing the HEAT of having any chance of balancing the team…Explain how Lebron James with 4 role players in CLE won 60+ games two years in a row??

    Right, balance and it’s why you don’t let players as these three did dictate how you assemble a team! Riley thought he was smarter than everyone and was building the 80s Lakers all over again…difference is, they had a dominant PG in Magic, great swingman in Worthy and dominant Big in Kareem….hmmmm, seems kind of like the team the NYK just put together with Melo, Stat and Billups putting up ridiculous numbers in two weeks together unlike MIA “trying to figure it out” with 3/4 of the season gone…now you have Wade saying they have bench players than can play, Lebron being happy if they were the 8th seed basically again trying to lower expectations and take the pressure of his team and Bosh saying it’s because of where he’s getting the ball…yeah, Amare Stoudemire played without any help most of the season and still was dominating on the same plays Bosh can’t…as I said from Day 1, anyone who thought Bosh was equal to Amare never watched ball…Amare lead the league in points in the paint last year and is or was leading it again.

    And as someone who was a 3 sport athlete, playing sports or being the best doesn’t mean you know squat about evaluating talent which is why MJ never had any input on who CHI got other than Rodman. Jordan is the best player to touch a basketball and the worst talent evaluator in NBA history…Kwame Brown, trading a young upcoming Rip Hamilton for Stackhouse, Adam Morrison, trading Gerald Wallace for Pryzbilla??? LMAO

  227. koby says:

    this is for kj–b. chill out yo the heat just sucks as of now, their numbers don’t lie. bosh wouldn’t been able to do anything if bynum was healthy the last time they play. they have three number one guys that all need the ball at all times to do damage. know they’re 1, 2 and 3 so theres the issue. they’re not smart, they’re ball hoggers, thats why they cry like little bi*ches. pat just need to step in and take control of the heat so they can play to hype. until then the heat will never play well together as a team and they need more then just the big three.

  228. Mike says:

    CB will be killed tomorrow by LA front Line, LA Lakers are playing like a champion team right now, Gasol and Bynum both plays very good defense and Gasol also a great Offense, so there´s no chance Bosh will be effective against any of them during the game, the only way Heat could repeat christmas day win, is one of the Lakers get Injure before the game,

  229. Nathan says:

    The Heat need role players!!!!! Other than James Jones no one has stepped up and shown a skill in any one area.

    Think Bruce Bowen, Horace Grant, Rick Fox.

    Who do the Heat have?

  230. Lucid says:

    My question is why are the Heat crying?…… Correct me if i’m wrong but they had an induction ceremony when they first got signed, a heat domination ceremony if you will. I’m not sure what they were expecting to happen, did they honestly believe the NBA’s best teams were just going to lay down and let them take over? That they would just show up and the other team would forfit because they were in the presence of greatness and had no chance, none in the slightest, of ever being worthy enough to step on the court with “the big 3”, let alone compete with them. Oh what ever will we do? So what’s the problem with the Heat, and why are they crying?

    (Besides the fact that when you really sit down and look at this team, none of the players actually fit well together at all)

    This expectation of winning might be one of the most pressing problems with the Heat, and mainly with Bosh and LeBron. These guys don’t understand what it means to play team basketball. They don’t grasp the idea of what a team is, what it means to sacrifice for the better of the team. Couple that with a Head coach who isn’t ready to lead a team with three “superstar” level players, the leader of the team relinquishing his power to a “prince” who is not ready to take over any throne, and you get to see some of the best and worst basketball all in one game.

    So if the Heat don’t happen to find out how to write the ship this season and miraculously fulfill their pre-ring, ring ceremony, they will be facing a fate worse than a 5 game losing streak, an early playoff exit, or a total and utter meltdown of confidence. They will be faced with the architect of it all, the undesputed master of pain. Mr. Pat Riley, oh yes we all know it’s coming next season, i’ve read this story before. The only thing is this time, i believe there might be a different ending. I don’t think LeBron, Bosh and Wade are ready for that physical and mental punishment. That my friends may be why the heat are crying. Or maybe they just can’t take the Heat.

  231. Trav says:


    • mjarami3 says:

      D-Wade isn’t selfish, Lebron isn’t selfish???? What happened when D-Rose penetrated to the basket and dished it out to Deng!!! Thats not selfish! Lebron wants to steal the show! It doesn’t matter where you played! College ball wherever! The game of basketball isnt about your resume! Its anout what you do on the court now! You aint’ winning so get off the court! Pass the ball to someone who can make it happen! Lebron said he won’t let his team down again! Damn rahtard u just did by saying that! He should of said, I will trust my teammates to get the job done! I guess you missed the part in practice where the coach said there is No I in TEAM! But Lebron thinks there is an M and a E in TEAM!!! Pay attention to the game and not to yourself man!

      • Whozdat says:

        That’s your opinion but you look at the stats and the guy is doing everything he can to win. He’s almost filling out the stat sheet with a triple double everynight. Spoelstra need to grow some and start coaching. LeBron dont need the ball in his hands all night to create & score. Basketball is organic and you suppose to play in the flow of the game but the Coach

    • passerby says:

      yea… that’s why they are one of the top defensive teams in the nba right now… please think about what you say before you type it all in capital letters.

  232. Sean says:


  233. anonymous says:

    Riley step down to coaching part 2 and take over as the coach of this Miami Heat, I can’t see any other options other than that at this point.

    Trade Chris Bosh for Gerald Wallace and some draft pick plus and cash consideration if Miami Heat exits round 1 eliminate by New York Knicks, if he still keeps this stupidity. KD would be extremely pleased.

    • mjarami3 says:

      It’s more like keep Bosh, Keep D-Wade, trade Lebron James and get mulitiple picks and a solid role player and the problem is solved!! James is the Heats problem!! Not enough of the pie to go around! James can’t set aside his ego! Yea this team was really good during the olympics, but that was for a brief period not a whole NBA season! James thinks he is the greatest thing since Coca Cola!!! He has all this I’m great tattooed on his body and what not! I don’t feel sorry for any of them cause they brought it upon themselves!!! They were selfish and thought they were gonna win every game! Well News Flash, Jordan had pippen wasn’t like Jordan saw Pippen and said come to Chicago! This whole Idea was Lebron’s and now he will reap the consequences!! He is not the player you want on your team cause he is all show not heart!! D-ROSE for MVP!!

  234. KwissKwoss says:

    C Webb is right. If I was Spoelstra, i’d quit giving press conferences, in bad times and good times, period. It doesn’t do any good to anyone. All it does is give the media (and the NBA TV crew) some words and feelings to extrapolate and distort what has really been said. Of course they’re disappointed after a loss (or two, or three, …). Which team isn’t? Everyone wants to know how the big three feels and when they do, they’re the first at throwing stones to the player. Spoe, Bron, D-Wade, CB4, boycott those interviews. Whe clearly noticed that you’re not interested in doing that, in bad times and good times. One they the media and the public cheers when you win, then the next day, you’re nothing when you loose.
    C Webb is right, leave the hypocrits behind and focus on your team and your game. Now go get these Lakers!

  235. undon says:

    the main thing with the heat right now is the bench. they can not do ANYTHING! all they do is dribble the ball around and pass to lebron and dwade. they are almost afraid to shoot the fricking ball or drive to the basket. miller and bibby in particular don’t seem to be able to do anything but dribble and get the occasional easy basket. they should be able to hit threes. that is their job. frankly i am not surprised in the least that the heat are losing when all the other team has to do is guard lebron and dwade. everyone else they just have to basically baby sit and make sure they don’t end up alone right by the basket. the bench needs to man up, do there fricking jobs and not leave all the work up to lebron and dwade. JEEEEZ

  236. undon says:

    I don’t see why its such a problem for bosh to get more touches. it seems like the offense of the heat is lebron drive; score or kick out. d-wade drive score or kick out. there are very few instances where anyone else scores besides lebron or dwade because most of the time, the bench misses or lbj or dwade scores. when bosh gets the ball in the low post, he can usually convert. shooting mid j s is not his speciality, hes usually good at it but as we saw last night its very hit and miss. as i see it, there is two problems with the heat: the bench and bosh. and as much as i like bosh watching bosh, i gotta say that he screws up a lot. he turns the ball over, he doesn’t play the greatest defence, he is very shoddy with rebounding etc. if he could just get his act together and post up, that would solve that problem.

    • Whozdat says:

      People see LeBron and Wade with the ball a lot but if you look at the game Bosh get’s his share of touches. Last night vs. Portland he took 11 shots and only made 3. Thats all on him. 4 rebs come on. I like Bosh and when he’s on he’s fire but he’s not consistent in this system. He even had 1 free throw attempt, play stronger and atleast get to the line more. He had 1 free throw attempt to Wade’s 13. I like Bosh I hope he become a strong and more dominate post player. Him in a pick n roll with any of those guys should be money everytime.

  237. new says:

    It’s karma.. dumping Arroyo just to get Bibby

  238. Nemke says:

    i say let this experiment go on till the end of the season…which could be in April, May or in June…depending on playoff sucess…if Bosh keeps whining about playing time,shot selection or no attention focused his way,TRADE him…trade him…i myself have a short fuse for guys in his situation( that situation being-playing for a team that,if they sort things out could be the best team EVER assembled) whining…they seriously could be the best team ever assembled…1995/96 Bulls?? 72-10?? they could be better then that…just stop whining and PLAY LIKE A TEAM !!!

    • mjarami3 says:

      Best Team ever??? Are you serious???? They Have Lebron dude!!!! Guy is a Diva!!!! Has No Heart, look what he did to Cleveland, they did everything for him!!! His stupid lil’ sign when someone makes a three reminds me of how big his A-HOLE is! LOL! He is the reason why Miami gets booed every night! Cleveland had the best record! But like I say all the time “I can tell Lebron isn’t too great w/ the ladies cause he doesnt know how to finish them”!!!! Lol! It’s weird but he is in the same town as Dan Marino! Isn’t that a coincidence!!! Really great talent but no rings!!! HAHAHAHA! The Heatles!!!! Chicago Bulls w/ MVP derrick Rose all the way!!!!

    • OldSkool says:

      Sorry for all the capital letters, but I thought it might get the attention of you losers that are continually writing about this subject. Get over it! Bosh is a Miami Heat player for the next 5 years…..Sucked in Miami!

  239. RUBEN says:

    all you guys are funny!!! lmao what makes you think guys like KEVIN LOVE would want to play for the cHEAT????? so he can be hated and booood??? he’d rather play in soda

  240. 3Z says:

    I won’t be surprised if this is the downfall of Chris Bosh’s career. I haven’t seen anyone who used to be a Raptor and asked to be traded or out of T.O. that has been successful post-Raptor era. Most of us probably have forgotten these names: Damon Stoudamire, V. Carter, TMac to name a few.

    • Sean says:

      thats why you stick it out with the team that drafted you like a man
      he wouldve made more money in toronto
      been the star player
      and wouldnt of cryed like a baby

    • OldSkool says:

      Not sure about that comment. I agree that Bosh’s career is on the ropes because he’s been “found out” this year. By that I mean everyone has realised how over rated he is. But saying no-one has any success after leaving the Raptors?
      Carter played for the Raptors for 7.5 seasons and played in 15 play-off games. He played for the Nets for 5.5 seasons and played in 27 play-off games in his first 2.5 seasons there. In the 2004/5 season he played 20 games for the Raptors and averaged 15.9 points per game. He played 57 games for the Nets and averaged 27.5 points per game. His last full season in Toronto (03/04) he averaged 22.5 PPG. His first 2 full seasons in New Jersey (05/06 & 06/07) he averaged 24.2 & 25.2 PPG. His rebounding and assists also went up. Then in 1 season in Orlando he played in 14 play-off games, the most play-off games he’s played in a single season for his career (only one less play-off game than he played in for his 7.5 year stint at the Raptors). His numbers have steadily decreased since 07, but I doubt he’d look at his time in Toronto as the most successful time of his career.
      As for T-Mac, it wasn’t leaving Toronto that ended his career it was injury (which could have happened wherever he played). He played 3 seasons in Toronto where he averaged 7, 9.3 and 15.4 PPG. He left Toronto and averaged better than that for the next 9 years. It wasn’t til 09/10 that he averaged 8.2 PPG in only 30 games. His last season in Toronto 15.4 PPG. His 4 seasons in Orlando 26.8, 25.6, 32.1 (career high) and 28 PPG. He played 3 play-off games for Toronto, 15 for Orlando and 20 for Houston. He had two All-Star selections while playing for Houston. Much more successful after leaving Toronto. As for Damon Stoudamire, well, I’ll give you that one. He did drift off into obscurity when he left for Portland.
      So you named 3 players and 2 of them did better when they left. What is it with people making outlandish claims without having the proof/stats to back it up.
      That was a lot longer than I had intended, but seriously douche, check the facts before you write something stupid in the future.

  241. Webber says:

    Love Chris Webber’s preach!

  242. get down or lay down says:

    Lebumm and D-Wade are the same type of players needs the ball its not bosh fault he got took out the mix without noing like someone said they only look for him unless its a pick and pop face it people the sh it they doing aint going 2 work i can see them losing 2 the LAKERS MEMPIS AND THE THUNDER 2 make it 8 in a row they might not want 2 see anybody in the playoffs with that type of balling D-WADE SHOULDA CAME HOME now suffer the consequence for yo MISTAKE u woulda fit right at HOME

  243. LBJ6DW3 says:

    If anything i say the Heat go so Bosh less. Anyone who has seen the recent Heat games knows that Wade and Lebron have torched the opposition throughout the course of this losing streak. (LBJ 28-8-6-60%FG–DW 23-5-5-47%) Forget the late game chokeage for a minute. If Bosh who is shooting 44% the past 2 months is asking for more shots he should make more of the shots he is given. So far this season LBJ and Wade each take around 18 FG a game and Bosh takes 14. 14 shots is all Bosh should have if not less. You can tell the Heat are trying to fit him in and he is just awful, if he was just making half of his FGA a game the Heat would be in far better late game situations.

    • passerby says:

      just because james and wade are torching the opposition does not necessarily mean you win games… kobe was killing the opposition when he played 1 against 5. so what? it doesn’t mean you’ll get the win. kevin love is crazy with his double-double streak. so what? he even said that he would trade in some for some wins. i agree tho that bosh is getting enough shots with the way it is and that the late games are unfortunate. but players have some bad games. in this case, james is consistent, but look at wade, he had some bad games too. i think bosh just needed to vent, but i don’t think he should have did it with the media

    • the truth says:

      ummmm okay either they give bosh tghe ball ir heat lose

  244. Jao says:

    Bosh is being used wrong. all of Miami’s problems goes straight back to the coach. their only play is screen and roll with bosh setting the screen. but this play only works if your ball handler isn’t predictable. tell me, when has Wade ever passed the ball to Bosh on a PnR? NEVER! you watch and it’s so easy to defend a Wade pick n roll with Bosh. the opponent would leave Bosh and double Wade because they all know Bosh would never get that pass because Wade is the epitome of a black hole. Lebron PnR with Bosh is a bit better because LBJ sometimes passes to Bosh when he sees an open lane, but only just. Most of the time, LBJ also leaves Bosh high and dry even when Bosh has a clear path to the lane after rolling. and the worse thing of all is that this is Miami’s ONLY PLAY. the predictable PnR. watch all the PnR plays, you will see, defenders always leaves Bosh and doubles Wade or LBJ. they know 9 out of 10 the ball will never leave Wade’s or LBJ’s hands.

    IMO, Miami’s first priority in EVERY GAME is to get Bosh going FIRST. they should establish him in the post right at the outset. let him work in there and once he gets hot, Wade and LBJ can get theirs. by getting Bosh hot first, it will ensure that the defense stays honest once they start using pick n rolls.

    and I am flabbergasted how everyone can criticize the big 3 yet never mention their bench. their bench is horrible! they would be excused if they’re having trouble scoring because of difficult shots, but they’re not. they miss wide open shots one after the other! come on! you’re wide open, make that shot for christ’s sakes! Chalmers should not even be shooting 3s. he is dismal from beyond the arc. there is a reason why opposing teams leave you wide open bozo. they want you to take that shot because they know 8 out 10 you will miss that shot.

    IMO, Miami should replace their 3 point shooters. they are not producing. if their shots are falling, the lanes would open up. but what’s happening is opponents are leaving Miami’s shooters open and hoping they miss. they’d rather pack the lane than guard the 3 because they are playing the percentage game. a reliable threat from deep is all Miami needs. when i watch the Heat and Spurs’ game i thought to myself, wow, if Miami can only get 3 point shooters like Bonner they’d have an easier time winning games.

    • passerby says:

      agreed with the last part… the celtics actually have ray allen as a threat when they made their big three while the heat has inconsistent shooters. OR maybe the three point shooters should get the ball more and actually shoot because the heat’s “big three” are currently taking almost all the shots.

  245. mjarami3 says:

    The Heatles suck!!!! Lebron is nothing but excuses, it’s everyone’s fault but his!!! I can tell what D-Wade is thinking right now, “Maybe I should of went Chicago and played for the REAL MVP in Derrick Rose”!!!!!!! Lebron aka THE ONE WHO CHOSEN not the CHOSEN ONE is a big DIVA!!! You will never win a championship because you have no heart, you have TWITTER THO!!! I can only remember Lebron making one game winner and that was against Orlando!!! My advice to Lebron is be like ROSE! Quiet, humble, and he plays like he is against the world, which takes heart not TWITTER!!! That whole parade before the season started was like a panty party! Looks like Lebron went to South Beach and wanted to turn up the HEAT and have a THREESOME!! Seriously tho, I never expected a KING can turn into a QUEEN overnight, but todays world having plastic surgery anything is possible especially if you WITNESSED it first hand as I did on the DECISION!!!!!! Once I submit this, I don’t want your coach to start saying “you guys are crying in the locker room”!!! Like Tom Hanks once said “there’s no crying in baseball”!!!! I can’t wait for you guys to see Chicago again!!!!!! CHIIIICCCCAAAAGGGGGOOOO BUUUULLLLLSSSSS are back !!!!! Derrick Rose for MVP!

    • passerby says:

      teams are on the rise… but the playoffs tell all. i’m not saying this for the heat by the way because i don’t think they can do it this season unless david stern does something about it. the bulls are good, but keep in mind, the celtics and the lakers are different teams in the 7 game series.

      • mjarami3 says:

        Lakers are a good team don’t get me wrong but they have to take out the Spurs!! As for the Celtics they traded Perkins, they can’t take out the Bulls Plain and simple!!!!! Bulls are young, play as a team and have an MVP PG in Derrick Rose!!! I don’t see any team taking out the Bulls! Defense wins Championships!!! Not Twitter! I don’t see Rose Twittering about saying he is going to turn it up! The Bulls will be in the championship this year PERIOD!!! End of story! Not the GET BEATles, Heatles or whatever the heck Lebron wants to twitter!!! I’m refocusing on the Playoffs????? Are you serious?? Jordan never said any of that!! I’m in Miami now trying to figure out where Lebron took his talent cause it’s not in South Beach thats for sure!!!! Get at me when Chicago is in the SHIP!

    • Law064 says:

      @Mjarami3 good comment and I’m a Chicago native and D. Rose is the MVP. The only star on the team but has the Bulls in 2nd place. Quiet,humble and not a crybaby. He just plays hard get’s fouled no call ok he’s not crying to the refs he’s going back on D. Then he drives even faster and harder to the basket. MVP MVP 1st bulls MVP since the gratest His Airness MJ

    • passerby says:

      i like the bulls a lot too, but the playoffs is seriously a whole different atmosphere. in a 7 game series, we’ll have to see if the celtics or the bulls are better. i hate the celtics by the way, but i don’t doubt them. good luck to the bulls because it would be interesting to see them knocking teams off.

  246. James says:

    Bosh is the type of guy that wants the attention to be on him. It’s the reason he left Toronto (not enough exposure) and it is the reason he is complaining now (behind Lebron and Wade). I don’t see how he can complain seeing as how he has played the worst in the Heat’s recent losing streak. The guy is a straight up emotional b*itch who will cry if he doesn’t get his way. Did he really think he was going to be the main attraction or hold 1/3 of the star power on a team with Lebron and Wade? Bosh probably accounts for about 20% of the Heat while Lebron and Wade are 35% each. Unless Bosh understands his role (that he isn’t Lebron and Wade’s equal), the team will fail.

  247. Ghost says:

    That is: Bosch SHOULD HAVE talked things over with the coach and the rest of the team.

    • Law064 says:

      Yeah should have but no I’ll cry to the media to get attention, he act like a step child.

    • OldSkool says:

      Actually it’s BOSH SHOULD HAVE talked things over with the coach and the rest of the team.
      There is no “C” in his last name.

  248. Ghost says:

    By no means have I read all the comments on this blog but I must say a lot of them are way off!
    Fist off, Chris Bosch should not have talked things over with Spolestra and Bron/Wade before the press conference.
    Second: Bosh is a great player and does need to get into the post more. Do you really think that he is choosing to play from the free throw extended? No when he was in toronto he started in the post and then got the ball around the free throw line. As junior high coaches will preach to their teams “You play basketball from the inside out!” That’s how he played in toronto. When the defender’s respected his quickness and his ability to make lay-ups/dunks they gave him space around the perimeter that allowed him to consistently hit the jumper.
    Lastly: Bron and Wade are too selfish and they need to let Chalmers run the offense since he IS the point guard. They need to play on the wings and let Bosch play the middle so they can swing the ball and keep the defense spread. If they do this not only will they get a lot of driving layups but they will also get more looks from 3-Land where their bench can be more helpful.

  249. Jake says:

    I’m not a Miami fan, but they better punk Phil Jackson and the Lakers after that comment he made. Lebron, do to LA what you did to Cleveland and Orlando earlier this year after they insulted you. D-Wade, when you play LA it’s time to go into FLASH Mode. Bosh, keep your mouth shut, do your job, and don’t get in the way.

  250. cris nyandoro says:

    basically miami have to sort things out with cb cus if there are arguments and a lack of comunication and co-operation when they have to come up and play against the 3-headed monster in the gasol,bynum and odom. they are gunna have a feild-day(im a lakers fan so i want that to happen)

  251. c-mac says:

    Bosh whining is not the problem, POOR COACHING is the problem. Erik Spoekstra can not coach when his team needs guidance he seems to be lost most of the time, continuing to rub is forehead with a look like some please help me!
    Well help is on the way as soon as he’s FIRED!!!!

    The heat offense is so predictable that any decent team can defend the pick and roll by Lebron or D-Wade and force Bosh to take jump shots all night long, this is a recipe for a quick exit from the playoffs.

    Remember it was motor mouth Coach Spo who informed the world that guys were crying in the locker room, for any one who has ever played on a team would you really want to play for a guy that throws his players under the bus.

    The answer is no, it will only be a matter of time before the entire team turn on him – probably tonight when the Lakers the destroy them.

    Talented teams don’t win championships unless they have qualified coaching Period.

    If you don’t believe me look at the Lakers before Phil Jackson arrived.

  252. T.J. says:

    If I remember correctly, the Heat beat the Lakers without Bynum so Miami may want to be prepared to see the occaisional line-up of Bynum, Gasol, & Odom. Bosh may be in a 3 vs. 1 matchup when it comes down to the bigs crashing the boards. Plus, the Lakers just beat a playoff contender (Hawks) last night & Kobe don’t need a reminder of what happened on Christmas (in his gym) . I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers avenge the Christmas loss the way these two teams are heading in opposite directions.

    • passerby says:

      L.A. had bynum, but he just got back around that time so he was rusty. i agree about the redemption though. we’ll just have to see tomorrow

  253. passerby says:

    bosh is attempting a lot of shots so it’s not about getting the ball. sometimes you make them, sometimes you don’t. just need to be consistent tho. like chris webber said, stop talking about it and do it. i think the miami heat has to play with that fire they had against LA on christmas day, but that was only one game. lakers had their down time this season but look where they are now. they are playing like they did at the very start of the season 8-0 since all star break. it’s not only bosh, it’s the team.

  254. P. Burton says:

    Hey, the wizards will take Bosh! I knew that they couldn’t play fair. The game is about 5 players. You’ll didn’t rest until you did that thing and now you want to exclude Bosh. LeBron with your baby acting self. It was probably you crying in the locker room. Grow up and win some games.

  255. silentq says:

    The blessings of adversity. Better now than in the playoffs.

  256. dj says:

    heat suck point blank

  257. get down or lay down says:

    Kevin im a BULLS FAN but u are exactly right

  258. Rayo_Mortal says:

    you people are missing the wisdom here…
    You don’t put 2 Jordans on one team and no Pippens….and no Phil Jacksons…

  259. MG1984 says:

    Why is Bosh complaining about shot selection? He did know he was joining a team with LJ and DW right?

  260. baldy says:


    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      @baldy before you post a comment, know what the hell you are talking about. The Lakers have NOT lost 4 or 5 games in a row this season.

  261. ricardo8 says:

    bosh es horrible, nunca gano nada

  262. laakkeerrss says:

    they have to trade bosh for a decent supporting cast(hardowrking center, steady point guard). bosh will not be effective with wade and lebron even in years to come.

    • OldSkool says:

      Who’s gonna take on Bosh’s contract? Seriously? Any takers? No? Didn’t think so. The Heat are stuck with him. They’ll have to trade LeBron or Dwayne.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        That is a mistaken assumption, that nobody would want Bosh’s contract. A big man who can fill up the basket like Bosh, is a very coveted commodity. There’s only a handful of players like him in the league. He is a max-salary player. Who else are you going to get with that skill-set, without paying a max-salary? Amare? Max. Gasol? Max. He’s the wrong man for this team, (everybody other than geezer gold-brickers like Dampier and Juwon Howard are wrong for that team), but he’s still a major offensive talent. Don’t get ridiculous in your criticism of Bosh, just because LeBron doesn’t know how to run a team. Bosh is more likely to win a championship in his career than LeBron is, because Bosh has a game that can be incorporated into a team concept… LeBron still thinks a team is “that group of guys that gets to celebrate your heroics in the locker room, after the game”.

  263. jim says:

    according to synergy sports data, about 51% of bosh’s fg’s this year are jumpers. last year it was only 31%. yeah its not his fault. its the people who feed him the ball. there are still chemistry problems to solve

  264. Yoahl_Snkyder says:

    bench bosh for a change

  265. Bulls says:

    All I have to say is that I am one of the fans that is happy to see the Heat are lose, especially to the Bulls. All that smack about, “We are going to win mulitple championships,” is not going to happen. D. Wade and Lebron James are ball hogs. Chris Bosh never really touches the ball down the strecth. If you were watching last night game you will notice that wade and lebron kept jacking up jump shots when they came down the court. They never even thought about passing the rock. If they want to win games they have to get the team involved. They had more than half of thier teams points. To all you Heat fans that thought you were going to walk over everyone, Im sorry to say that your team is not going anywhere! But if you want to jump an the Bulls ban wagon, with the real MVP in DERRICK ROSE, there is still plenty of time left. Oh yea if you didnt notice, we just swept the Heat, which totally puts ROSE in front of Lebron for the MVP race, so you can forgot about Lebron winning.

  266. Sea Pea says:

    Play like you got an All-Star center an run the ball through him. Every All-Star big man I’ve ever seen is the first option. Name me some that weren’t.

    • passerby says:

      sad thing is… miami doesn’t have an all-star center.

      • OldSkool says:

        Really they don’t have an All-Star power forward either. Bosh only got in the All-Star game out of sympathy. No way was he picked based on performance. Danillo Gallinari deserved a spot on the Eastern All-Stars bench ahead of Bosh.
        All-Star big men that weren’t first option….Shaq. At some stages of his career he was, but he’s been an All-Star when he wasn’t the number 1 option in his team. Last few years at the Lakers, Kobe was number 1. All three years at Miami he was an All-Star and Wade was number 1. He was an All-Star at Phoenix where he would have been probably the 3rd or 4th option.
        David Robinson was an All-Star in 2001. By that stage Tim Duncan was in his 4th season. David Robinson was not the first option then.
        Theo Ratliff was an All-Star at the 76’ers in 2001 (he was selected but didn’t play due to injury) while playing with Allen Iverson, I don’t think he was the first option considering A.I won the MVP that year and lead the league in scoring (points per game, he was actually 2nd in total points scored that season but only played 60 games).
        Also in 2001 Vlade Divac was an All-Star whilst playing for Sacremento with Chris Webber. That Kings team also featured Peja Stojakovic and Hedo Turkoglu. I don’t think Vlade was ever the first option for any team he played on.
        2002 Dikembe Mutombo was the starting center for the East All-Star team whilst playing for the 76’ers. Allen Iverson was still playing for the 6’ers then. Mutombo definitely not first option.
        2003 Ben Wallace was the starting center for the East. You trying to tell me he was the first option when he averaged 6.9 points per game?
        2003 Zydrunas Ilgauskus was an All-Star. Now I love Ziggy as much as the next guy, but first option?
        Still 2003 and Brad Miller was an All-Star for the Indiana Pacers. Sea Pea, did you actually think before you started typing?
        2004 Yao Ming was an All-Star for Houston while playing with Steve “Franchise” Francis. Once again Ben Wallace and Brad Miller were All-Stars.
        2005 Ilgauskas was an All-Star…LeBron was playing for Cleveland. Ben Wallace was an All-Star and Yao Ming was an All-Star (this time he was playing with T-Mac at Houston).
        2006 Saw Ben Wallace and Yao Ming again.
        2007 Mehmet Okur for Utah. The Jazz had Carlos Boozer, AK47 and some guy named Deron Williams on their roster that year. Not to mention Derek Fisher, Ronnie Brewer, Matt Harpring and Paul Millsap. Mehmet Okur was not their first option.
        So every All-Star big man you’ve “EVER” seen is the first option for their team. I’ve just listed at least 10 centers (some multiple selections) over a period of 7 games. You really have absolutely no idea what the fcuk you are dribbling sh!t about.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        Old School, you missed the point:
        When you have an offensive big-man like Bosh, you should be running a lot of inside-outside ball movement. The guys you listed may not have been the first SCORING option, but the offense was usually running through them as a “passer who takes open shots”, they were getting touches on most plays. That’s the game Bosh played in Toronto. Miami’s most effective basic strategy with the personnel they have, would be to bring the ball down, dump it in to Bosh, see how the defense is rotating, and then kick it out to an open shooter or to one of your “superstars” who has ditched his double-team moving without the ball. Bosh can’t help them on the block if they won’t get him the ball on the block, and if he has to come out to 18-20 feet to get the ball, then he brings nothing to the team that you couldn’t have gotten for a fraction of the salary.
        Seriously, for a guy who calls himself “Old School”, you apparently have no understanding of the ancient, championship-tested concept of “big-man as a passer”. The way James and Wade play, everyone else on that team is just a “bailout” option when one of them has managed to dribble-out the shot clock without succeeding at getting open. That is a losing strategy, that’s “Allen Iverson ball”.

  267. get down or lay down says:

    Well ima speak for all BULLS FANS when i say we glad they as tanking and 2 D-WADE u shoulda brought yo punk as HOME talking about the world a better place bcuz the heat losing u damn right me personnally love it when “THE FRAGILES” lose no pitty partys here D-WADE u shoulda got off that boat this summer WE gave u every chance 2 come on home now u gotta sit back and watch another CHICAGO BORN BALLER win MVP coulda been yo TROPHY D-WADE cause as my guy D-ROSE stated he just wont 2 WIN no matter what. U was the missing piece fa the CRIB but we over it NOW thanks 2 D-ROSE and the BOYS.Now if I were betting and sumbody had 2 go between D-WADE and LEBUMM im betting its u D-WADE your older and LEBUMM is better than u so when the time come for them 2 trade someone bye-bye D-WADE so much for all u did there. So dont look for no PITTY from the CRIB YO HOME TOWN cause we aint giving NONE. CHI-TOWN ALL THE WAY LETS GO YOUNG’N BRING YO CITY THOSE TITLE. Thanks for staying” LOYAL” 2 yo city D-ROSE lets go BULLS. FU CK U DWADE FU CK ING CRY BABY we dont need U.HA

    • OldSkool says:

      I’m sorry but I only speak English so I had a little trouble reading this one. The general idea I got from it was that you’re happy the Heat are losing because last off season you wanted Wade to return to his home town of Chicago and play for the Bulls and he didn’t. This made you rather upset with him. Yes? Is that where you were going with this? Now, because Rose is playing so well and the Bulls are winning, you don’t care what Wade does because you feel that the Bulls no longer need him in order to be a contender for the NBA championship. Have I understood correctly? If this is the case then I think this is a valid point you have made. I understand where you are coming from and think you are well within your rights to make these well thought out comments.

  268. Steven says:

    I belive chris bosh should have reliazed this set up before he picked miami… if he wants to be a number one option hes going to have to realize he’ll be playing for another bottom feeder team…no good nba team would utilize him as a number one star since his scoring options are slim..all he does is post and pull up from 13 no long range game nore does he attack the basket and get fouls what he needs to do is get tough and play for more rebounds and work on attacking the hoop from inside the paint then he might contribute more to the team since no one else can do dirty work on that team

  269. Doniel says:

    It’s simple, Miami needs more defense, rebounds, and toughness out of their big men. His play is to soft right now. He kind of reminds me of Pau Gasol when they were calling him out for being to soft a few years ago against the celtics. Wade and James are going to be the primary scorers, CB4 focus each night should be more on rebounds and tough defense. That weak stuff is not what’s up.


    quit lien

  271. Jasper says:

    Chris Bosh, shut up, and adress that issue with your coach and teamates! The media don’t care if you ever get the darn ball! You’re playing with Wayne, and Bron. Go talk to them about it not the MEDIA…….

  272. yanick says:

    In case you haven’t noticed, anyone that plays with Lebron get worse. I hear all the time how he makes his teammates better, he makes his stats better not his teammates, you truly make your teammates better by letting them play instead of assisting all the time in my opinion. This guy averaged 25 points last year, he can definitely score, but they’re making him into a jump shooter. Like he said, i’m a big man first that can shoot the ball. Bosh will never be effective in that offense unless he’s making jumpshots. Lebron and wade will keep running their pick and roll most of the time. This team will never be able to beat boston with the way they’re playing right now. They’re making Bosh look like a role player (set pick wait catch ball and shoot)

    • OldSkool says:

      This team will never beat Boston with the way they’re playing right now? This team (in it’s current incarnation i.e. current roster) will never beat Boston period! End of story! Never gonna happen! They’re 0-3 against the Celtics this season. They’re 0-3 against the Bulls (I wonder if LeBron & Dwayne are wishing they’d gone to Chicago, or got Boozer instead of Bosh. At least Carlos knows his place, knows his role and does his job). The Heat will head off on summer vacation early this year and will need to trade and re-build for next season.

  273. Kevin says:

    I don’t see why everyone is making a big fuss over Bosh. He was just unhappy that he only takes jumpers. If your jump shot is off one game, you can’t just take the same shot over and over again. There is a reason he went 1-11. Out of those 12 shots, 9 of them were mid range jump shots. Does no one else see a problem?

    In Toronto he got a lot of touches in the post. That first step of Bosh’s is how he plays. He works his finesse over his strength.
    And for those who say he can’t muscle for rebounds, that isn’t true. Yes Bosh did lose quite a bit of muscle mass, however, when you’re out 15 feet setting a pick for Lebron or D Wade or waiting for a jump shot, how are you ever going to manage to get back into the paint and box out your man? Use your brains people, don’t just look at numbers. Look at how and where he plays. He clearly isn’t comfortable and Spoelstra isn’t using him to his full effect.

    • K says:

      You get there off of effort and determination; can you say Joakim Noah? Chicago uses Joakim Noah the same way, setting a bunch of screens out on the perimeter because Boozer is Chicago’s low post presence. Noah sets all the screens and with effort and determination still gets back to attack the offensive boards. Bosh on the other hand when a shot goes up, is more interested in being the first player on his team back on defense; Chris Bosh, that’s the guard’s job not the four, that’s learned in midget league basketball. Bosh going forward should make it a goal to be the leading rebounder for this Heat team every single night. That demands enegry and max effort every night; CAN YOU SAY JOAKIM NOAH? Get the hint BOSH!

  274. think says:

    These three have been teammates before and thats in the Olympics. They shouldve at least have some idea how their games would play out if they play together. During that time, Lebron was mostly the facilitator, playmaker and mr. do-it-all (though there was paul, deron and kidd, he still handles much of their team’s plays)… Wade was the leading scorer off the bench (of course you have Kobe as the starter, so that’s a no-brainer why he plays 6th man)… and Bosh, as Howard’s backup, had the job to man the middle, hustle, kill for every rebound and hit open jumpers (or drop passes) when he’s open. And everyone then play their part on defense.

    I just don’t see what’s all the fuss why they’re having chemistry issues. Yes they are weak at some positions, but so are other teams in the NBA (I remembered when Boston built their Big3, people said Rondo and Perk won’t help them, but we can see how valuable they are now). In the Olympics they have a full roster of superstars, but so are Spain, Argentina and the other teams that have the right pieces in every position (though not NBA superstars, they’re still dangerous as parts of a unit).

    Maybe in the NBA, its about who’s the man of the team, about who gets the most touches, about who gets to shoot the clutch basket. Although these three have been used to have teams built around their skills, they’ve once understood that if they utilize their skills for the team, then thats what will make them win.These three have played in a team before, and they knew once how to play for a team.

  275. JDee says:

    Isorfeus, with all due respect to the Ukrainian League, it’s not the Greek or Spanish League, let alone the NBA !!

    I think C-Webb is absolutely right – guys just need to shup up and play ball, that’s it !
    This is a team that went 21-1 in December and January. Granted, there werent many Top teams during that stretch, but they have beat the Lakers, and all those games againt NY, Orlando and Chicago could have gone the other way….Problem is that team has just been relying way too much on James and Wade – they are the main guys no question about it….but Miller has to turn it up a notch….he’s just been a ghost – Bosh, enough said about him….he need to play more defense and be more aggressive down low….it’s not like the Heat have enough big guys for Bosh to play out of the paint…..what about Bibby ? OK he’s been there 3-4 guys, but I seriously doubt he will contribute much more than Arroyo used to… matter how much the team improves, the bottom line will be the same this season….whether they can beat NY, Orlando or Chicago in the playoffs, they can do it, but they just cannot beat the Celtics !! the C’s are way too deep and experienced a team…

  276. John says:

    Chris Bosh knows that even if they pass the ball to him more, or run plays through him, the Heat will not win more games. He just wants to salvage what’s left of his image. He lost muscle mass over the summer instead of gaining more. He doesn’t have heart like J. Noah to run after the ball or play like his life is on the line. What Bosh doesn`t understand is that that is what they brought him over for, to a an aggressive pf who will get them their rebounds and points in the paint. He is a softly who gets rebounds when the ball lands in his hands, and only scores by taking jump shots. He is the highest paid player on the team (tied with LBJ) and they had to trade TWO first round draft picks for him. If they Miami Heat are lucky they can trade him away for a solid center or PF.

    • Faubsam says:

      I completely agree with you, but I don’t think the Heat will trade Bosh. No team in their right mind would give up anything to have him on their roster. Looks like Miami is stuck with this guy on their roster for quite a while…

      • John says:

        You are right, but what I meant by `lucky` is sometimes a great player wants to be traded to a certain team (ex: Melo), so that team tries to at least get something in return. If a solid center or a great power forward WANTS to be traded to the Heat, before they become free agents their team will try and trade to get something in return. I don`t know, I`m a dissappointed Heat fan and I`m just fantasizing.

      • K says:

        That’s not necessarily true, Bosh is still a very good NBA player and if for some reason he should decide to play like a true NBA four, he could help not only the Heat but any other NBA team. Remember, like him or dislike him; if you do the numbers over his career he would still come up to being one of the top 25 players in the NBA today. The only unfortunate thing right now for Bosh and the Heat is that, Bosh has decided to be only a one dimensional player and when he’s not scoring then he becomes a liability to the Heats goals. I have no doubt that if Bosh committed to doing the other things, (rebounding and solid defense) his numbers as a whole would increase and in turn Miami couldn’t help but to be a better team. 28-30 per night from LBJ; 25-28 per night from D-Wade and 21-24 pts. and 10-15 rebounds per night for Bosh, along with 20-25 from the bench, (another sad story) would lead to many more wins for Miami.

  277. alfredk5 says:

    honestly, i see miami’s recent slump as a failure to evolve as a legit TEAM.. they r still a loose bunch of god-knows-what (couple of superstars, petulant cry-babies and washed-up has-beens)… To me, a team is an organized group bound together by a shared destiny where everyone’s role is clearly defined. For a team to succeed and attain its ultimate goal, individuals must shed their egos and blend seemlessly (or cooperate) so as to sustain the team’s life; otherwise, it’s doomed to fail… In my humble opinion, of the 8 best teams in the NBA so far, only miami has yet to prove it is a team (while its superstars r putting up stellar shows, the supporting crew simply disappears into inaction when its support is desperately needed).. miama needs to change gears rite NOW, or a long summer awaits them…

  278. CELTICS_MJKH says:

    I hope you, Mr.Bosh are reading this right now… In the unlikely event your lousy team is able to make it through the first round of the playoffs, I wish you luck with KG who is going to rip you apart limb from limb. Of course you’ll have to make it through the likes of Amare’, Horford, and a whole host of players who are considerably better than you are.

    • whatrutalkinbout says:

      did everyone forget during the offseason that chris bosh was the number one get in the bigs category, amare was the second option while boozer was the third. Teams would look for Bosh FIRST if they couldn`t get him than they would look for other options. NOW with bosh playing for the heat it looks like everyone forgot what bosh used to be, and he could be that if they use him the right way.

  279. CELTICS_MJKH says:

    Well I think it’s pretty clear now who was crying in the locker room. No surprise that a guy that played 7 seasons for a terrible team had big numbers. Bosh isn’t fit to play in the D-League

  280. Lauri says:

    Chris Bosh is being Chris Bosh, immature, mistimed comments. He needs to take C-webb’s advice; shut up and just play ball. The Cryami Heat are hurting themselves more on the podium than on the court. Miami’s games are mindnumbingly boring to watch: no cohesiveness, no chemistry or any other element even slightly resembling teamwork. Just a bunch of guys dribbling the ball around, zero ball movement.There is absolutely no way they’ll be able to win any championships without playing like a team, because the elite, veteran teams will always outsmart them.

  281. Jim Saati says:

    What needs to happen is : 1) Bosh really needs to define his role : In my opinion he should concentrate on REBOUNDING and defending his man and let the offence come naturally.

    2) I would like to see Lebron post up whoever is guarding him because no one can guard him 1 on 1. Lebron has to be way more agressive (LIKE KOBE) and take charge when his team is struggling to score.

    3) D wade needs to be the guy bringing up the ball (not lebron james). He needs to make the decsions whos going to
    get the ball and when hes going to take his shots.

    4) Of course , it all starts with defence and this is something they have to continually work on. But the main problem
    is they need a big time rebounder when Lebron and wade do miss. AND thats what BOSH should be doing , HE MUST if the heat are going to win

    5) Look for the mismatches – Depending on who they play , get the ball in the hands on which superstar has the scoring advantage

    Its as simple as this : I should coach the MIAMI HEAT ! I think the Miami coach is really bad and can’t figure out which player duties and responsiblities are.

    • KJ--B says:

      I’d love to see DWade handle the point duties more with Mike Miller and James on either wing… and Bosh roaming down low with Haslem!!! What a team that would be, Wade could pull up, which is his best shot OR drive and kick to Miller OR dribble hand off to James OR Bosh could high low screen James for a backdoor cut OR James could screen hi lo screen Bosh for a j @ the elbow where CB could kick it to Haslem OR James OR Miller or drive with two rebounders already in the lane… MAN IF THESE GUYS COULD FIGURE IT OUT, it could be waaay awesom3!

      Basketball can be such fun, when the egos are put aside and like youngsters just play the Game–if these guys just played the game, and didn’t look at their stat line… LeBron would average 30, Wade 27.5 and Bosh 24–would love to see them just leave it all on the court and forget about the naysayers; now the question is, does their coach know what he’s talking about?!?

      • Law064 says:

        K-J B that would be great if they did that but, then they’ll still need others to step up and score some baskets. It was the game vs Orlando I think. Those 3 had like 80 of their 86 or 88 points but they still lost. The bench scored like 6 points that is not going to get you a ring. They need a good bench that can actually keep the pressure off of the main 3. If Miami had some nice players on the bench they would be real contenders only Haslim should be kept from Miami’s bench the rest of them can go.

      • KJ-B says:

        Notice I mentioned the name *Haslem…. They didn’t do that with UD in the lineup and they don’t play selfless basketball often enough–that’s what separates them from Boston…Those guys sacrifice their numbers willingly, knowing it will net them championships…In the case of the Heat, if they sacrifice, I actually think they will individually score more, get more assists, rebounds, stea at a better clip + fill the stat sheet even more and could be a team that could shoot close to 50% because they ARE younger and more athletic…That’s scary and I think that’s why everybody’s in the NBA is jumping down Miami’s throat!

        But being young doesn’t mean that LeBron’s gonna be able to shoot 3’s like Ray Allen or DWade score more efficiently a la Pierce! Being young means that they have more time to “get there” together–It’s crazy how, for the first time Bosh speaks up and everybody’s tryna break up the HEAT!? I know folks don’t think he’s got a pulse, but you should’ve seen some games when he chewed out Andrea Bargnani on the bench for underachieving and almost made him cry like ‘Big Baby’ when Garnett chewed him out that 1 time in 07-08…CB is a leader, in his own way and I hope that his comments challenge Erik Spoelstra to not be such a ‘lazy’ coach by just giving the ball to Wade & James and expecting to win a championship that way–it’s as if the entire NBA is gonna lie down…

        Get creative, lead James/Wade to work on their fundamentals, especially shooting form and play conventional but hyper athletic..! Michael, Magic couldn’t shoot well when they came into the NBA but look at what hard work can do… Not sure, if you’ve seen DeMar DeRozan outside of dunk competitions, but his shooting form and stroke have improved under the tutelage of Alex English immensely and he’s become a dead-eye mid range shooter by going back to the gym to put shots up for hours on end each night… I just hope that James/Wade/Bosh can rediscover their love for the game!

    • OldSkool says:

      Hey Jim, I agree with what you’re saying about Spoelstra. He’s not old enough or experienced enough to coach these ego’s. Will we see the return of coach Pat Riley to the side lines? I sure hope so for Miami’s sake. At the moment they’d be lucky to win a 1st round play-off series and would have absolutely no chance of winning a conference semi against the Bulls or the Celtics.

  282. Faubsam says:

    Correction : it says that Bosh knew he was going to be te 3rd option when he signed with the Heat last summer, but that’s not entirely true. Chris Bosh signed his contract with Miami before speculation of LeBron joining the Heat had even arose. I think he is a little upset because he thought he was going to be able to be the number 2 guy on this team, that is until LeBron decided to join the mix.

  283. Heat631 says:

    Without CB, Miami will stink!! Count on that.. Time for him to take the spotlight!!

    • Joey3 says:


    • OldSkool says:

      THEHEATSUCK you are right on the money. CB4 brings nothing. That was a complete “bust” signing by the Heat. It’s right up there with Detroit drafting Darko as one of the worst signings a team has ever made.

  284. acon says:

    the miami heat team is over rated… basketball is a team sport not a 2 or 3 men sports… I’m a spurs fan but i think the lakers will definitely be a strong contender and hopefully the spurs can beat them but i won’t be surprise to see the lakers, celtics or the spurs to win… my dark horse will be the bulls…

  285. france says:

    i think CB should realize that if you have both lbj and d-wade as teammates, you ARE the third option. Look at the mirror chris…. who do u see??

  286. Isorfeus says:

    I allways said, what miami heat need is the center from the Ukranian league Kasavosh Prictren 7’9″. He break the single season record for blocks with 789. Have the all-time record for the Ukranian league with 2.2 ppg, 56.0 rpg and 1.0apg.

  287. GHOST says:

    what’s he talkin bout gettin some down the post? bet he cant even move a point guard who’s built like a tank on switches. how much more to the likes of Garnett, Aldridge, Horford, Odom, Ibaka, etc.? When Haslem returns, so long Baby Bosh!

    • KJ--B says:

      Maybe you wouldn’t know but Bosh has scored 40+ against the Magic on several occasions when being guarded exclusively by Dwight Howard… And then he hit a game winner near 3 in one of those games when Howard was protecting against penetration–He can do an awful lot for his physique, but he, like ZBo benefits from being a lefty and is an unorthodox guard for many a BiG…

      The surprising thing is he actually has a career average of 20/10 over 7+ years in the L; I wonder how on earth he did that?!

    • Joey3 says:

      Ghost stop listening to the media and actually watch Bosh and look at his past stats…I promise you’ll have a diffierent point of view

  288. Victor says:

    Let all the players of Miami getting involve.This is basketball a game of involving not 2 or 3 players,it is a game that needs of team involvement.good luck Miami Heat.beat all the critics using your winning ability.

  289. Snoozer says:

    I think I agree… It seems Miami has one play set… LBJ or D Wade Drive and dish out for a jumper…
    Bosh should get some down the Post… and it does frustrate a player to just play Defense only and then go for basically a catch and shoot… I barely seen Bosh work his man on the Low Post on Offense

    But seriously then again I dont think Pat Riley contracted Bosh to get out rebounded and barely out muscle and barely even make a preference in the low post

    • Law064 says:

      @YourMom Yes I know the differance between guys & girls and Chris Biatch is a female. He plays like a little man or sg/sf not a PF. Anyhow Yourmom just make your comments, are you mad the heat can’t beat good teams? Answer this will they beat LA tonight?

  290. GHOST says:

    know your role bosh. the Heat ain’t about you. If you’re gonna whine about it now, you shoulda thought that before you joined the team. seems nowadays you cant play anyway. all you give the Heat is that FLOP of all Flops stunt you pulled from Boozer. I suppose LBJ’s pass wasn’t hard enough to make you pipe down after Blazers game, and you ain’t KG #5 you just cant shoot mid-long range jumpers. You say you wanna post up? KD #35 says you’re a fake tough guy. So, where to?

    • KJ--B says:

      Last time I checked, he was a starter on the team and by trying to improve in his role, he’ll help Wade and James have even more space on the floor to operate and that will actually improve their numbers as well…

      The Name on the front of each jersey says, “HEAT”…

    • Law064 says:

      @YourMom Stop making talking like your a mad heat band wagon jumper, make your comment and STFU. It’s odvious that you was upset at my comment. Like I said Chris Biatch is just that a little female. No D, No Low post game at all. He must think he’s a guard or small foward. Yes you need to educate yourself at day care cause you have no intelligence, fyi you don’t need wifi just cause your at a trailer park. Your probably using dial up anyhow. Make your comments and shut up don’t get mad cause your a heat band wagon hopper.

  291. Law064 says:

    Chis Biatch should be the last person complaining. He has to be aggressive and take charge when he gets the ball. 4 rebounds LMAO come on son get in there and battle for the boards. Lamarcus killed this lil softee Bosh sorry Biatch. The heat have now lost 5 straight. Will they beat LA again? I have to say Lebron and D.Wade did what they could but 2 people can’t beat a complete TEAM!!! The Blazers will be someone for the West to watch out for with Roy coming back and G Wallace addition. All the heat fans that said that they would win the Eastern conf. Do you honestly think they can still do that? Do you Heat fans mostly the band wagon jumpes think the heat can actually win a playoff series when all the games are close? I never hated on the heat but some of their fans said I was just hating. I’m only speaking true words and now maybe some of the delusional heat band wagon riders might open they eyes and realize that Miami has 2 great players well 1 great and another steroid kid aka Lechoke. Outside of those 2 who can the heat depend on? Haslim should be considered the 3rd Big three cause Bosh the lil fruit cake is not. Bosh always find a way to be a non factor on D and in close games. Go cry again Chris Biatch!!!

    • Your Mom says:

      GO TO PRESCHOOL AND LEARN ENGLISH!!! oh wait you cant understand. here ill put it in your language.
      so many gansta dudes round hera. get out and lern sumtin! oh and dont yo be comin back!

      • Your Mom says:

        oh and next time, dont let your mom drop a baby on the head like she did to you

      • Law064 says:

        @YourMom go educate yourself in a day care. Gangsta dudes? WTF are you talking about you must be your uncle and aunt’s son. Get out of the trailer park you live at and stop having sex with your sister and brother. You Learn how to be funny Moron

      • Your Mom says:

        day care? wow someone is getting mad. i dont live in a trailer park and how would i? a trailer park wouldnt have wifi. sex with my brothers and sisters? first im not gay and second i dont have any brothers! might want to go ask your mom before you take her laptop and make stupid comments about someone. now go back and cry to your little blankie.

      • Luke says:

        Cool story, bro

        Stop having sex with your sister

  292. rishabh says:

    From last year to this, it looks like bosh lost all the muscle mass he gained a year ago. He’s now unable to fight for rebounds, was really never able to back anyone down but was able to go up strong, and especially now, he’s being bullied down low by opposing big men. This especially hurts the heat since they now need to double down on every possession (as seen against LMA lastnight).

    Or maybe bosh was always soft and the reason he grabbed so many boards was the fact of playing along side the worst rebounding center in the league in bargnani.

    You be the judge.

    • jj says:

      bargnani would have been a better fit for miami than bosh, with his shooting it would help add more space for d-wade and lbj to move the ball, and he can be a legit 3rd option

      • KJ--B says:

        So basically, the NBA will just run zone vs that offense–All 3’s all day every day…Correct, me if I’m wrong but the only team that can play this way is Orlando + as great as DWade/LB are they can’t run the paint like D12… Sorry dude, the guys that need to be making the outside shots are named LeBron and Wade–if they do that, this team is unstoppable as CWebb said, shut and play…Get in the lab!

      • K says:

        Bargnani would be a horrible fit for this Heat team; he mirrors Bosh to much. Miami needs a bruising four to put alongside LBJ and D-Wade not another player that’s soft as Charmin tissue paper. Miami needs a Kevin Love, “Big Baby” Davis, DeJuan Blair; hell even an Anderson Varejao would compliment LBJ and D-Wade better then Bosh and Bargnani. This Heat team needs a four who’s going to be willing to follow LBJ and D-Wade to the rim when they drive and be there for an offensive put back when the other team’s defensive players try to swarm LBJ and D-Wade. Not another four who’s standing out on the perimeter looking for a kick out. Although Bosh would never sit quietly and let this happen; Miami would do better, upon his return, to put Udonis Haslem at the starting four and either move Bosh to the five or bring him off the bench to play the three when LBJ goes to the bench.

    • nbeatz says:

      OMG………. people understand this PLEASE………… If we are going to say that Chris Bosh grabed 10-12 boards a game last year and then only 8-10 a game this year only because he played with Barnaini. Then we have to look Kevin love grabbing OVER 15 is crazy in it’s own right……. but he plays with Milicic that ONLY grabs 5.40 RPG witch is accually less then Barnaini had last year in TO witch was 6.2. So RISHABH think about that!!!!!!!. For everyone that will be posting here has to understand that it does not matter what big man you bring. You have to be incorperated in the offence a lot of times for players to get going. One other thing think of how they play Bosh in Miami he is very rarely down low, he seems to always be out on the point. Sorry but watch how MN plays Love 90% of the time……Down low. Watch how Gasol plays in LA Down Low. (Remember 90% of bloggers were saying Gasol waas Way to soft when playing KG 3 years ago and now he is one of the best????????? just because they are winning?????) If Miami was winning they would be talking about this team being great even now Bosh would still be averaging 18 and 8??????.. Lets look at how Boston plays KG. how Memphis plays Gasol and Randolph. Everyone has got to remember that ANY BIG MAN COMMING FROM ANY OTHER TEAM would average less. MY GOD PEOPLE think about it……………. If Bosh got JUST 2-4 more shots a game he would be averaging 2-4 points more a game witch would bring him to 20-22 PPG, and if he got thoes extra 2-4 shots a game where he did in TO……….. DOWN LOW you would probably see him get 1-3 more RPG as well. Now is that what you want from Bosh???????? 20 and 10. He can give that to you if he gets the chance. EVERYONE is saying that he is the third string…… WITCH IS EXACTLY CORRECT….. But use your players where there most efective…….. Watch some TO games and you’ll see over 50% of his shots are in the painted area… When your down low you get rebounds…….. Now I DO agree with Bosh that he should get more toches. Pleaase look at these games where Lebrone and Dwade are taking an extreamly hard shot and dont make it and look at Bosh, ya he’d be open???????. THINK ABOUT THIS PEOPLE… It is NOT working the way tyhey are playing right now, so why not give bosh a chance to play 1st or second and see how that turnes out……. ONE other thing. watch games where WADE and LEBRONE are on the bench and they run the offence through Chris, he playes really well…….. That should prove something……..THINK ABOUT ALL OF THIS………?

      • trix says:

        The point here is not that chris bosh can rebound. Im from toronot I have seen some his best rebounding games. But he needs to be more agressive. Its like he is getting lost in the shadows of two superstars. He needs to be tough down on the block and not get ouplayed.

      • KJ--B says:

        Well said, the beauty of Basketball or any sport is balance… Superstars, are those special players that can tip the scale by doinga little extra here and there beyong what is expected and produce in the win category as a byproduct of appropriately applied skills — However, if the scale tilted too much to one side, all of the heavy lifting and labor being produced by this collection of prodigious talent will be negated as their approach is one-sidedly obvious…Too much of anything is good for nothing at all!

        They, being James, Wade & Spoelstra, need to flip their approach to some of the sets they’re running and it won’t just be Bosh seeing an overall boost in his numbers, but more importantly, the rest of the team will as well—The Heat should average 110-115 ppg as a team if theyare to maximizie they’re talent by using spacing and misdirection with backdoor cuts, low post screens and more ‘motion’ in their offense….Once, these guys all start seeing the ball go through the hoop they’ll explode on D like they did earlier in the season!

        Play faster and there’ll be more possessions to play with, so to speak…

      • jj says:

        well said, it’s not about bosh’s numbers, it’s about a player’s aggressiveness that we are talking about.. if he is aggressive, he would be shooting free throws and being aggressive would mean that the other team would double on him and you do the math.. and i’m a miami fan and i’ve watched many games where bosh is getting open shots, just could not make them, he’s just struggling and frustrated

      • linebacker0000 says:

        NBEATZ you are correct and I will add that it’s too much ” I got this-look at me” going on between Wade and Lebron. Bosh made the mistake to go to Miami especially after he said that “he has to be the centerpiece and that he is not a role player.” Well he should have known from the beginning when he signed up that he was going to be the garbage man to set screens and get rebounds for Lebron and Wade. Lebron told everybody shortly after the famed “Decision, that it’s not about sharing, that it’s about everybody having their own little spotlight.” Wade said, “the offense flows through Lebron and him, so the red light should have went off in Pat Riley & Spoelstra and all the other Heat players head that this is not about winning and playing as a team.

      • Lablock says:

        I have to comment on the CB Klove comparison. At Bosh’s best he averaged just under 11 rebounds a game. Klove is now averaging just under 16. Yes, Love’s rbs would drop off a bit on a better team but not by much. He’d still be one of the top rebounders in the league at 12-14 a game. For Kevin he uses rebounding as a way to get himself going offensively. Why can’t Bosh? Love is on the perimeter at times but if he isnt setting screens for the guards then he is usually positioning himself on the weak side to get the O rebound. he get’s 4-6 points + a night on that activity alone from put backs and getting to the foul line. Its made him one of the most efficient scorers in the league. A couple weeks ago he had 23 fta and most of them were from fouls that happened while he was trying to get O and D rebounds. What he does isn’t glamorous, but it serves a purpose. Bosh needs to knock himself down a peg or two and get back to doing the little things. He’ll be more productive for it.

      • Gangstarr says:

        Damn! Can you do spell check before you send your opinion? Just saying.

    • Ldeez says:

      i agree with kj-b. bosh was a 25 n 10 guy with the raps. a lot his points came inside contrary to popular belief. also, i’m not sure why people are ripping him for not being a bruiser. he’s never been one! miami knew what they were getting when they signed him. i actually think the heat woulda been better off if they just signed bosh/boozer/stoudamire to play with wade and used lebron’s salary to sign some other good role players. too late now…

      • db83 says:

        I hear a lot of points on this and respect everyones. One thing is clear – Some of us are fans, and some of live and die basketball. Ive been on a couple successful college teams. I played juco and NAIA ball. I know my share and would like to think im still learning, but come on man. C webb said it best – Shut up and hoop fellas. Im a celts fan in respect to my fav player KG and i got a lil nervous when this trade went down. Thats a lot of talent. LBJ is a tie wit KB24 and D rose for tops in da league this year. D12 too, but i mean come on LBJ. In Cleveland you loved to pass and D wade has always been at it on both ends of the floor. its obvious LBJ is chillin because they have talent. And he has D wade.Thats fast break money all day. LBJ killed it in da all star game against da best of da league. I need to see that and i have no doubt he can deliver. As hard as he went against da lakers on christmas, he was goin that hard all year for da cavs last year. No im not saying he quit on anyteam, but he was killing because thats what da cavs needed. The LBJ needs to superstar to emerge. And everyone realize that what da celts did by winning the first year is amazing. And how mant times has that happened not that many!

        CB4 on da otha hand could hit da boards more. he may not get every rebound but if he stays with it, his younger body should be able to outwork bigger stronger ppl.

  293. jj says:

    wow, they need to trade bosh for a more suitable big like kevin love or marc gasol or simply other than bosh..

    • OldSkool says:

      jj – How can they trade bosh? No team in their right mind would take him. His contract is huge and his abilities are almost non – existent. He is quite easily the most over rated player in the NBA. I’m not saying he’s the worst player in the NBA, just the most over rated. I’m sorry to say Miami, but you are stuck with that contract. You are right about them needing to trade though which means either LeBron or Dwayne will have to go. The Heat will need to decide “who’s team is it now?” LeBron’s or Dwayne’s and “who can they get the most for?”. Nuugame was on the money. Trade LeBron. A team like the Bucks, struggling to fill the stadium night in and night out, might be interested if they could bring themselves to part with Bogut, Jennings and maybe Ilyasova or Delfino. I’m sure the Heat would “love” to get big Kevin from the Wolves, but who else do they have? They’d need to give up 5 or 6 players in the trade. I’d like to see him go to LA…..the Clippers that is. Send Blake, Kaman, Mo and maybe even Jamario to the Heat. I’d love to see Mo and Jamario (2 guys LeBron left in Cleveland) win a ring before the “King”.

  294. […] Go win some games. (video via Sekou Smith’s Hang Time Blog) […]

  295. SoulHonky says:

    Yeah, Bosh whining about touches after grabbing just four rebounds and giving up 26 points to Aldridge just shows how he truly doesn’t understand what the team needs from him or what his role is going to be alongside to ball-dominant players in Wade and LeBron. I doubt that they’ll really consider dealing Chris this offseason but they need someone with a defense-first mindset. Getting Haslem back will help the Heat but I think that is just going to make Chris even less necessary.

    • K says:

      Amen! Chris Bosh needs to play like a four instead of a damn guard; if you want more oportunities to score the ball, then hit the offensive boards. Stop trying to be the first player to rotate back on defense; news flash Chris, that’s what your guards are suppose to do, not your damn four! I watched that game last night and on several occassions observed Bosh make absolutely no attempt at all to attack the offensive boards. Hell on one play he was the only player under the offensive board and because he went so weak after the ball, one of Portland’s players come from at least 8-9 feet away and was able to still get his hands on the ball and knock it away.

      Bosh keeps whining about finding his comfort zone and being more aggressive; well, this is not Toronto where your comfort zone was shooting 18-19 foot jump shots. In case you haven’t figured it at yet; which is obvious, your comfort zone with the Miami team should be attacking the boards (offensive & defensive) and manning- up on the low block where he need to try to get out of his guards metality and start finishing with a strong move instead of a fade away jump shot. If Bosh is unwilling to accept this role with this Heat team; although it’s only been one year, Miami may need to seriously think about moving Bosh during the off season.

      • KJ--B says:

        I wish you could have the privilege of saying this rant to these guys’ face–the thing is I can bet beyond the shadow of a doubt that LeBron or Dwyane would be the 1st ones in line to slap yah!!!

      • K says:

        What I’m saying is not a rant, it’s the truth. If Bosh is going to be a part of any championship runs with this Heat team, he’s going to have to accept his role; which is doing the dirty work. Kevin Garnett changed his game once he joined Boston from Minnesota. KG was the number one option for Minnesota for several years; however, he willingly accepted being the second, hell sometimes third option if that meant that was going to help his team win a championship. The difference for KG is that he did other things for his team, like play first class defense, rebound and then when that opportunity came for him to be a scorer he was able to do that too. In Bosh’s case; if he’s not scoring, then he’s done for the night. NOT A RANT, JUST THE TRUTH!

      • MJBethancourt says:

        If he went down to the blocks playing on that team, he wouldn’t even be an effective decoy anymore, because everybody in the league already knows that the Heat (ahem… I mean, LeBron) do not pass the ball into the paint. Bosh is stepping out to get the ball, because that is where the ball is; and consequentially, he can’t even be effective passing the ball to the outside, because he’s already at the top of the key facing the basket. The Heat simply have a worthless, ineffective gameplan … time to let the coach and GM do their jobs, instead of letting LeBron usurp their jobs. LeBron ain’t much of a coach.

    • UFC iTard says:

      Bosh CAN’T give the team what the team needs from him, because what the Heat need from him is for him to be their Kevin Garnett, but Bosh is just a big softy, like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man with anorexia.

  296. Vesper says:

    What Bosh is really saying: “Lebron and Dwyane do these press conferences together. I’ve been here 4 months… and they still haven’t invited me”.

    • Sandile says:

      Lol.. that’s quite true, remember what the big three did in Celtics when they got together “Pierce, Allen, KG” it was Chemistry on and off the field. even for press conferences they demanded to be interviewed together. in South Africa we call it togetherness. that’s what they need

  297. Isorfeus says:

    Chris Bosh looks like the grasshopper from James and the Giant Peach…

    • KJ--B says:

      LET ME BE THE FIRST TO STAND UP FOR MY MAN CB4… It’s obvious by the comments on here and by the ignorance of Mr. Smith, his physique notwithstanding, that only experience y’all have had with elite level athletics is either on video games or thru fantasy sports! Y’all forgot Christmas Day in LA already, when the team was clicking and he dominated the Laker frontline…

      The fact is, you take Chris Bosh off this team, and LeBron James and DWade will have the lanes packed against him and be forced to do the one thing in hoops they struggle with, hit and open J! They’re amazing slashers/creators but if you see beyond the peripherals it’s obvious that they love using CB4 on the block and in pick ‘n rolls because it keeps the defence honest against clogging the lane–very often, to the point where they’ve now made it a predictable habit, they’re using him as a decoy, and driving to the hoop and getting “theirs’…CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS ARE NOT BUILT ON “GETTING YOURS”…

      The Heat can listen to the champs like Kevin McHale and Charles Barkley who say they need to run more, not have LeBron bring up the ball and use more movement and bring beauty into the game or they can listen to pedestrian basketball bloggin’ minds like the opinions expressed here and lose any hope of a championship…

      ANOTHER NOTE TO LB/DWADE… I doubt if any big man in the L would like to sign up play the brand of ball you guys are “leading” this team with currently–just spotting on the elbow and shooting j’s…Bosh’s strength in the post, in an oxymoronic way has never been his ‘strength’ so to speak but his versatility–he literally slithers around defenders and outquicks them to his spot–if you think his upfake is dangerous from 18′ out, you should see it on a consistent basis on the post where he unconventionally collects a lot of And1’s…

      My suggestion is that these guys become practice addicts and spend less time on the other elements of the NBA lifestyle…James fix that J–Wade, improve your movement of the ball …Bosh be Bosh.

      • LFamily2010 says:

        How does Bosh open up the lanes? He’s a post that shoots a midrange J. If anything he clogs the lanes. Three point shooters open up the lanes, e.g. Mike Miller, who hasn’t been able to hit 3’s consistently since about 2006. Oh, and Mike Bibby, who’s legs haven’t worked right in about 4 years. The Heat don’t need Bosh, they need a bench. That’s the common denominator between all the best teams in the league (minus the Heat). The Heat bench got outscored 41-8 last night. That’s unacceptable. And those type of numbers have been a regular thing this year. Lebron and Wade are fine. They need complimentary players — which Bosh, rightly, is not. And if you’re not going to utilize his offensive capabilities, then what’s the point in having him around? He’s at best a mediocre defender, and that’s stretching it. He’s been hammered by the top bigs in this league, which makes me think that the Heat do not want to face Amare and the Knicks in the playoffs. Amare will own Bosh.

        And that Christmas Day win in LA, well, that was the only time the Heat have beaten a top 5 team this year. So, yes, there is something wrong there, besides Lebron’s J. The Heat have been flat out mediocre against plus .500 teams this year.

      • KJ-B says:

        Response to LFamily2010: Uhmmm… you did see the game right? LeBron James was on fire from beyond the arc that game and was in a stretch of games where he was really shooting the basketball proficiiently…DWade got to where he wanted to but I believe was slowed by an ankle or something that caused him to miss the previous game in PHX… Ball movement and diversity in offences like the Triangle, Princeton and basic motion is based on getting maximmum scoring looks from every area on the court… You can only be successful in the post if you actually go there…

        From a guy, in myself, that saw nearly every game Bosh has played, I think your media-based view on his game is not formed on reality… Granted James/Wade love having a stretch four but you can see that the League has figured out MIA’s game plan and the Heat are not getting a lot of movement off the ball because teams are stacking the paint area… It’s just common sense to space out the 3 best players on any team to increase your returns!

        As far as Bosh goes, the guy shot nearly 700 free throws last year… He’s a smart player and will produce more on defence when he’s included in the flow of the game and has a feel for what he’s up against… It takes 5!

      • Kevin says:

        Actually it takes more than 5, because when that 5 goes out it’s up to those on the bench to keep the lead or gradually cut the deficit… Takes a team not 5…..

      • larry33 says:

        KJ u right!!!
        The good teams know how to defend the HEAT. Look at the games. It’s LBJ or DWade who going to the paint, takin J’s and stuff. They have the ball all the time!!! Look at the game against the Spurs. Ok, LBJ and DWade were hot but you have to play like a team, involve everybody. They must have the ball too. 2nd half of that spurs game, the 2 superstars were cold as ice and the rest couldn’t fit into the game, cause they havn’t get ball since LBJ and DWade struggled. The HEAT have to play more sets not only one on one or pick and roll. There’s no way that the HEAT will win anything when they play like this in future!!!

      • elx says:

        Agreed… They need to move the ball better. The constant driving to the lane between Wade and LeBron is predictable, and more importantly the team is suffering as a result. This is playoff time, and you’re not going to win with bad distribution. They need to do a better job of facilitating a balanced offense. Boston has 3 hall of fame players (4 if you include Shaq) but Rajon Rando is often the big player. There’s a good chance he would be an afterthought on any other team, but because Boston is concerned with winning, Rando gets the ball. Now Boston has Arroyo… Miami’s problem was not at the point position, but instead that they ignore the point.

        L.A. is playing great right now and again, it’s a similar scenario… balanced play is the difference. Hopefully Miami get’s it together because I would like to see some good match-ups once the playoffs begin, otherwise it’ll just be a route of Miami.

      • sbfern805 says:

        we will see tonight if its the same LAKERS team that played on Xmas.

      • Joey3 says:

        bro KJ–B u are so on it!!

      • UFC iTard says:

        Pretty sure Barkley never won a championship, but I could be wrong. No, actually I know and everyone knows Barkley never won a championship.

      • UFC iTard says:

        And maybe you should refrain from using words like notwithstanding in ways that make it clear you have no idea what they mean. By the way, you do know that the Lakers are a spring/ early summer team that always hibernates during the winter right?

      • UFC iTard says:

        lol @ KJ-B, can you stop pulling numbers out of your @$$? Shot nearly 700 free throws last year? 590 seems like a far cry from 700 if you ask me. And for you to say that he’ll produce on defense once he’s used more in the offense, and then go on to say that it’s a team game, and all this nonsense earlier about, and I quote: “CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS ARE NOT BUILT ON ‘GETTING YOURS’…” well then, I guess this Heat team’s not gonna go very far as it’s currently comprised then is it?

      • Stevenrod says:

        I couldn’t agree more with this.. KJ–B sumed it up perfectly. Bosh hasnt played in his element all season. And why is LeBron playing the PG position?! The bigs arent working as hard because they have someone to fall back on, and the bench doesnt want to take their shots in fear of being the reason for a loss. Bench production MUST improve and everyone has to play hard!

      • DIaLaker says:

        You can’t live in the past; winning one game does not a dynasty make!!

      • maestre says:

        I remember that game, when Miami defeated the Lakers easily. In Miami there was enthusiasm, good chemistry, players know each other. Is important but many do not think so, clearly the importance of PG. In that game Arrroyo started the game. Alreadyhe knew the Team. To whom and when to pass the ball. The team then began to make changes and I think it was a mistake to change PG at this stage of the tournament. Bibby now have to figure out when and to whom he must pass the ball. Lets see tomorrow.
        By the way Arroyo good luck with your new team BOSTON CELTICS..

      • Nuugame says:

        See here is the problem. The Miami heat have NO BODY besides LBJ, D Wayde and the other guy. They control 70% of the team’s scoring rebounds and assists. Check the box scores and goes somrthing like this: Lebron James 31 points, 9 rebounds 8 assits, D Wayde 28 points 6 assits, 5 rebounds, 1 stl, 1 blk, Chris Bosh 7 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists…..this formula doesn’t work. Take a look at the Lakers, Kobe 26, 5, 6, 2, 1, Pau G. 16, 11, 6, Bynum 16, 16, Lamar 12, 10, Shannon Brown 10, 4, Ron Artest 12, 8… get the point. These guys have to bring it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT or they loose. So the solution? Trade LBJ and get 3 players (PG, C and PF) and the Miami Heat will become a real contender.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        I agree to a good extent. Bosh can’t be entirely to blame, because there is literally ZERO INSIDE-TO-OUTSIDE BALL MOVEMENT on that team, if Bosh wants the ball he has to go out to the perimeter and get it. Really, there isn’t much ball-movement at all, just LeBron and Wade taking turns playing 1-on-5… and that kind of basketball does not win championships, just a lot of regular-season awards. Just look at the Lakers over the past decade: in seasons where Kobe really hogged the ball, they got bounced from the playoffs by the Suns every year; they won championships in the seasons where Kobe bought into the coach’s gameplan and ball-movement scheme. If the Heat want to have the ball dominated by Choke-master LeBron, then they wasted $14-million-per-year on a Big that they have no intention of ever properly utilizing. They should have saved the money and gone out and got a defensive Big. Look at the way the Lakers use Gasol, for an idea for how to properly utilize Bosh: Gasol doesn’t have to go out to the perimeter to get the ball, the Lakers get the ball in to him, and as long as Kobe trusts him to take the good shot or kick it out if the shot isn’t there, the Lakers are very, very hard to beat. The Heat are worse than last year’s Cavs, and they have the same problem: it doesn’t matter who else is on the team, the ball is being hogged by a guy who can’t get it done under pressure, but who still insists on taking all the big shots and making all of “The Decisions”.
        Bosh may be soft, and maybe not too diplomatically savvy, but he is absolutely right: he is not being utilized correctly. Additionally, Sekou Smith is probably very wrong to assume that Bosh has not broached the subject with his teammates and coach … I’m sure his complaints have been long-since aired out, and promptly ignored by Princess LeBron. James runs the team, he’s the self-appointed GM, he doesn’t listen to Spoelstra, why would he listen to Bosh?

      • Joseph says:

        I wouldn’t put too much weight on them beating LA on christmas day. That involved a streak in which the lakers got blown out by several other teams including the team with the worse record at the time. After the all-star break, teams start to play a little harder, it’s a different game altogether leading up to the playoffs and there on.

      • Joker says:

        Chris Bosh is an inside man, that much is true, except he is a horrible rebounder and only knows to score. Perhaps they should try having more rebound, play better D, rather than getting 3 ball hogs on the team to do all the scoring

      • whatrutalkinbout says:

        @ kevin wtf r u saying. he meant it takes 5 players on the court which includes when the bench players are on and the starters sit

      • AT-42 says:

        bosh was one of the most over-rated players when he was in toronto. he could never left his team to the next level like superstars did. james carried a team of nobodies and an old larry hughes to the finals. wade carried a team that knew it wasnt going to be together this year to the 5th seed in the playoffs. its pretty obvious that you know nothing of proffessional athletes.

      • Gangstarr says:

        I Charles Barkley a champion? When did he win?

      • PLAY D says:

        Maybe if your man Bosh had of ‘played D on Aldridge the Heat would’ve won. He got smashed and although he can slither through defences like you said, he consistently gets smashed in the post by stronger, harder players. And CHAMPIONSHIP teams are built on solid defense first and foremost, not offensive efficiency. Why do you think LA have their current streak, they’ve won a couple of games shooting less than 40% – it’s because of their D!!!!
        Someone with such extensive b’ball knowledge should know that LMAO.

      • Le Luchini says:

        Thursday Night (Feb. 24, 2011)

        Bulls VS Heat

        Chris Bosh FGM-A = 1 of 18 !!!!!!!

      • Luiz Santoro says:

        c’mon, now….
        let’s be honest here……
        “being bosh” in toronto is easier than do it being in the spotlight and with the kind of pressure they created on themselves by talking too much crap before winning anything…..

        and a guy that calls himself the king before getting rings…’s laughable……

        and wade was able to win because he had shaq and coach riley with him…..

        it’s either chicago or boston in the east……

        spurs or lakers in the west……

        and that’s it……

        they gotta wait a couple of years and a good center to have the chance to win anything…..

      • Paul Sokoloff says:

        1) No bench and injuries.
        2) Not utilizing Bosh’s presence inside more often, especially during crunch time and game ending plays.
        3) They players cannot handle adversity

        Let’s start with bench and injuries:
        On paper, the ‘rest’ of the team (including a healhy Haslem) looks really good on paper. The problem is chemistry and pressure. Of course we all know chemistry takes time – this is not Magic/Kareem situation where the team clicks immediately in the first year and goes to the top (that is rare). This team needs more time, a lot more time. We can assume that this team will ‘click’, though that is based on a high probability and never a guarantee.
        And with Haslem back from injury, he will be the guy that goes to war against other teams and his toughness will rub off on his teammates (right now they play too soft for a playoff atmosphere, despite their great talents).
        Miller is back from injury and needs time – hopefully he won’t need over a year to find his touch again, like it has for Jameer in Orlando (that guy rarely drives anymore and lives outside the 3-line; he’s lost his toughness since his injury waaaay back and still hasn’t recovered mentally – and may never will).
        And Wade needs to stop playing superman so often – it’s fun to watch, but he’s too damn injury prone. Even if he doesn’t get injured enough to stop playing completely he gets injured often enough to play less than 100% or lose confidence altogether (this is very obvious when you see the drastic changes in his rebounds/points/minutes from game to game – you never can predict any of them!!). If Bosh gets more touches down low, Wade doesn’t have to risk his body so much out there – C’mon coach, slow him down a little, he has lots’s of help this year so he needs to be given the yellow light (caution). And for all the Wade fans that want to see his numbers skyrocket and be ‘the man’, it’s just too risky! They guy is only 6’3″ and takes advantage of his physical capabalities too often so he is FEARLESS and will keep getting injured until the point that he will never be a ‘consistent’ part of the team – THAT IS THE REALITY FOLKS, SORRY!!

        Bosh needs to be treated as an equal third superstar. No more of this crap “well, he knew that if he stepped into this, he would be the third option”. Who ever said that??? Only critics, media, analysts and pedestrians – but not the team!! Did you ever hear the team or Spo’ say that? It’s bogus. It’s an expected assumption everyone makes and it’s BS. Bosh is not Rodman, so they certainly didn’t bring him along for rebounds and defense. They brought him along because of friendship, pure offensive talent down low with the fastest spin moves for a big man, and the ability to get defensive rebounds (if he stays where he should and plays with floor IQ).
        When Toronto won the division a few years back, Bosh was the star and they won for two reason: the team was deeper and had the right chemistry, role players and coach. They also gave Bosh touches on most plays – especially late it games. He often scored half or more of Toronto’s points in the final 3-4 minutes of close games – he was a genius down low since he would either make the lay-up/dunk with his array of spin moves, or go to the line, and OFTEN BOTH with all the old-fashioned 3-point plays he created. But the team went sour after their great run, with the loss of Garbajosa to injury (they got knocked out the first round), then their coach Sam Mitchell was fired for no reason (Colangelo mistake), and many other changes that eventually took place so that a few years later by 09/10, the Toronto team had completely killed what they had.
        But the worst thing that happened is Bosh fell in love with his jump shot over the past few years and Triano gave him the green light to use it too often – ERROR. Ever since Bosh decided his shot was ‘good enough’, he has failed at tiring out the other team. First of all, we all know this is not nearly as effective as his low post game. But the real problem is that the defender does not get worn down trying to defend this, whereas when Bosh is backing into you every time he is down the floor, the defender is expelling energy holding him and then jumping after him (and swatting for ‘air’, because Bosh has already spun and dunked by then). This is the offensive Bosh I knew a few years back. Why did he soften’ up? At the other end, Bosh’s defense in Toronto was great one-on-one IF he was against anyone who was ‘not’ a star in the league, but was not so great against any star (particularly the bigger and tougher ones).
        His ‘team-defensive’ skills never improved much in Toronto over the years and were mediocre at best. His switches on defense were inconsistent (often was steps behind the play on swithching against players) and his anticipation skills were slow and he could use improvement because he has the speed for it (just needs the mind) – for example, he is wirey, nimble, fast, but somehow doesn’t block shots nearly as much as he’s ‘physically’ capable of, nor does he interfere against team’s set plays by disrupting their flow (this requires foor IQ – where to be and when to be).

        The Miami players in general cannot handle adversity. If they have a bad run in a game, they panic instead of remaining confident (this is where SPO is good – he gets his team mentally back into it, and then you cometimes see these tigers come back in for the kill and takeover games after being down 20).
        When they have a loss, they go into a shell. It seems they dwell in the past (whether the previous bad run in a game or the previous loss of a game) instead of looking only into the future.
        Great teams like the Bulls dynasty, the 80’s Celtics, the 80’s Lakers and the 60’s Celtics had a magic power about them unlike any other team >>> These teams were always confident no matter what the score in the game; and they take their losses with strength, not let it get to their hearts/egos. Their strengh and confidence showed in their eyes, so basically they had the ‘mental’ effect against their opponents – ESPECIALLY in crunch-time of games!

        If Miami (James and Wade) wants to make it far in the future, they need to let the rest of the players have the green light and feel like family. Yes, the players must accept their roles, but the leaders must make them feel good about being part of the family, HIT OR MISS! So what if Miller misses, if you give him the green light to take a game-winning shot, you also need to let him keep his confidencek, HIT OR MISS. That is how you build a ‘team’. You give everyone the chance to win or fail in a game, without giving any individual the blame! With that, the rest of the team will build confidence and then you get the Kerr’s and Kukoc’s to play alongside you. Right now, this team is not a ‘family’. They are just a bunch of guys on paper whose names fall are listed under the same ‘team name’, but somehow they were supposed to have collaberated to become ‘something special’ – DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. You don’t just pen in players and press ‘go’ – it takes time. You have to build with each other, and most of all trust each other…..

        ….. and for crying out loud Bosh, get in the post, stay in there, and demand the ball like you intend to start doing! That’s the man I knew in Toronto a few years back!! Get selfish and make your moves; besides, your assists will skyrocket when you have Wade or James cutting to the hoop when you can’t get the ‘move’ you want sometimes.
        And sure, go ahead and set some picks, but do it only twice a game! Leave that to big Z; and tell SPO to play Big Z more minutes alongside you, so he can spend all day setting picks and clogging lanes while you go for offensive boards and make post moves 10 times a game (minimum).
        Also, with a big body like Big-Z soaking up the paint on defense, your job on defense will be a little easier also (What do you think Luc Longley did for the Bulls in the 90’s? He clogged the paint with his 7’2″ height and big frame!).
        Big Z can stand down there and be big while you spend time chasing drives and finding the right spots to block shots (this will be great practise for you – you don’t belong in one spot down low playing like a Center on defense, which you so often do the past few years, that is your ONLY weak spot, so don’t do it!

      • Imad Akel says:

        no they shouldnt be playing like a team
        they LOSE when they play like a team.

        Give the ball to chalmers for some run plays.
        Give the ball to jones for some 3s
        But everything else should be lebron and wade and bosh (in that order)

        they should stop passing to miller altogether.
        they were doing much better when he was injured. MUCH better…

      • todd says:

        jarrett jack, bosh’s good friend from all the way back at georgia tech, said this year that it bosh didn’t get his 20 shots a game in toronto he was hell to deal with in the locker room. i knew it was a matter of time before something came up this year. i wouldn’t talk too much if i was him, i’m sure the slightest bit of discontent would give miami the chance to unload his huge contract if anyone would take it. huge mistake giving him all that money, they could afford 3 or 4 very good and solid role players with what they gave him. they could have signed kirk hindrich, tyson chandler and 1 or 2 more solid players for what they paid bosh and they’d be in much better shape than they are now. i look for him to be traded next time a carmelo type situation comes up when a team knows their star isnt going to resign; say next year when new orleans realizes chris paul isn’t going to resign, or maybe when kevin love or someone similiar’s contract year comes up. they’d get bosh locked up for 4 or 5 years, at least it’s something in return for losing a star.

    • TOOT says:

      hahahahahaha he looks like the blue ppl!!

      • Sandile says:

        Paul i agree with you, the people are the one who are crying third option, he should not behave like that. if they lose against Lakers tonight lets hope his numbers improve on this game. whiever way you look at it guys the weak link in this team is “D Wade” trying to be Superman all the time, it’s not about highlights it’s about the team- chemistry, and most of all trust. they need to believe that they win together and lose together as a team, how many games went down the strech and they failed to trust a bench player “ie Eddie House” to make the game winning shot??? it’s all about trust and for Wade to stop being Superman. i have seen a lot of games where Wade has an open look for a shot, but he will want to commit to the drive and take some pounding with his body. well i kinda feel sorry for them thinking like it was going to be a walk in the park.

    • UFC iTard says:

      Pretty sure the player that you’re referring to is named Rajon Rondo.

    • sdfvsdfav says:

      turkey dinosaur mor like


      for the miami heat to be a lil bit more effective i agree with bosh.

      i believe on offense that with what the heat have they need to play inside out. lebron and wade are going to get there points sooner or later, but in the first quarter at the beginning of the game Bosh needs to get his touches, not outside for jumpshots, but inside like a TRUE POST PLAYER.

      it seems to me he cant get into a flow, apparently. get him going in the first quarter posting up and then most likely he will do better.

      more pressure on bosh now to prove himself.

    • tellthetruth says:

      bosh had to see it coming…goin on a team with two superstars tat demand the ball, he shouldve known everything would change from being the 1st option to the 3rd or even 4th option
      u got to feel bad for bosh but its his dumb fault for goin to miami he shouldve gone to a team tat was looking for a big man where he knew he was gonna get playing time and be the 1st or 2nd option
      lbj and dwade just over shadow him…bosh u should do yourself a favor and go to a team tat needs a PF
      i never got to see u play in toronto but ive heard good things about u and u should do urself a favor and go to a team tat will appreciate u and actually let u fulfuill ur basketball potential

      • todd says:

        i loved when stan van gundy said that the miami heat messed up by throwing a championship celebration before they big 3 ever practiced together. their dynasty hopes are looking pretty dismal to me. bosh is not playing like the max player he was supposed to be and people don’t realize it because they all came in the league the same year, but d-wade is 28 years old. and he’s played an allen iverson-type game for his entire career, taking a beating on his body so his 28 years old is a hard 28. if you ask me their best opportunity to win is the present, d-wade’s game is sure to decline as his injuries start to take a toll on his body once he hits 30, but unfortunately they don’t have the bench or the chemistry to win right now. the mad scientist pat rileyis going to have to get back in the lab and figure something out.

    • tellthetruth says:

      and to be fair
      christmas day was wen the lakers were just flat out slumping
      it wasnt an embaressing loss but it was defintely felt by laker fans
      theres no doubt….miami beat us fair and square but the lakers werent even playing like they did in the 09-10 season or like a championship team but everyone here noes wen the lakers actually try to win a game nd everyone gets involved theyre a scary team,so now the lakers are hot and the heat r tripping toward the finish line of the playoff race…it will be a good game and may the best team (lakers) win….hahahaha

    • KJ-B says:

      @ UFC iTard–who knew a man could hide numbers in there… He was on pace for 700 but missed most of the games after the All Star Break due to a bum ankle and broken face… “Notwithstanding” this fact he’d have made it to 700 fta’s fo sure–do I have ur permission to breathe?!? (Don’t hold ur breath in a guillotine iTard)

    • KJ-B says:

      @Gangstarr–just in case you forgot Charles Barkley was the leading scorer and the best player on the best team ever put together in the HIStory of basketball in the 1992 USA Dream Team in Barcelona–should count for something or the other… That was the ultimate display in selfless basketball and ball movement that taught the world literally how to play the game… Their practices were apparently the highest level of basketball ever experienced/played anywhere!

    • R-Mill says:

      I’d say more like a brown Avatar.

    • jwy of Singapore says:


      • MJBethancourt says:

        Are you kidding? The only way that Miami will ever win another championship is if they dump LeBron. He can’t get it done himself, and he refuses to buy into a true team concept. Never will. Rasheed Wallace is a fat, old, has-been. He can’t play at the NBA level anymore; that’s just crazy talk. Rasheed couldn’t possibly do anything that Bosh doesn’t already do better. That’s a ridiculous suggestion.

        LeBron could have the 11 best players as teammates, and he still wouldn’t win it, because he would still hog the ball and shoot his team out of it in the 4th quarter. LeBron is Charles Barkley: great enough to demand that the offense runs through him, but not great enough to beat the real contenders … and not humble enough to ever admit his own limitations.