Van Gundy In A Fine Mood!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Where else can you go halfway around the world for a week, seemingly disconnected from all that you know and then show back up and things haven’t changed a bit?

That’s the beautiful thing about the NBA, even as the days go by, most of the headlines stay the same. The Lakers are still rolling through the competition since the All-Star break. The Miami Heat still can’t win the big one. And Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy is in a cheery mood.

In sticking up for his big man, All-Star center Dwight Howard, Van Gundy guaranteed the league’s fine police will be knocking on his door this week, courtesy of some pointed comments he made about NBA Commissioner David Stern. Howard had to sit out the Magic’s loss to Portland last night after receiving his 16th technical foul of the season, which triggers an automatic one-game suspension without pay.

Van Gundy cited a statistic from the Elias Sports Bureau that details that Howard has been fouled nearly 600 (593 to be exact) times this season without a single flagrant foul being called on the perpetrator in any of those instances. What that has to do with Stern and embattled dictators around the world no one knows. Yet somehow it all got wrapped up together before the night was over.

More from the Orlando Sentinel (video included) :

Van Gundy said he finds it “really incredible” that referees have not called a flagrant foul on an opponent for excessive contact against Howard this season.

When a reporter asked Van Gundy if he expects anything to change in the way referees officiate Howard’s games, Van Gundy responded that he expects no change from the NBA.

“They like the way the game is being called,” Van Gundy said.
When another reporter asked if it’s fair to fans who paid money to watch Howard play tonight but now won’t be able to watch Howard, Van Gundy responded, “You’ll have to ask [NBA Commissioner] David Stern about that. He obviously thinks it’s better that he sits out.”

A reporter later asked whether the technical-foul system is fair, but Van Gundy expressed concern that any statement of opinion could net him a fine from league officials.

“I can’t answer that,” Van Gundy responded. “And I certainly can’t have an opinion because David Stern, like a lot of leaders we’ve seen in this world lately, don’t really tolerate other people’s opinions or free speech or anything. So I’m not really allowed to have an opinion, so it’s up to him. He decides. And he likes the system that he has.”

Later, a reporter asked Van Gundy if he was comparing Stern to Middle East tyrants such as former Egypt leader Hosni Mubarak or Libya leader Moammar Gadhafi.

“I did not say that at all,” Van Gundy said. “I don’t even remember even mentioning their names. No, I do not. I just said David Stern does not want other people’s opinions and he does not tolerate freedom of speech when it comes to NBA issues. He’s the only opinion.”

Ah, it’s good to be back home!


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  2. Roger Tornga says:

    Stan is right on with his current comments about Stern prohibitng free speech. He is a totalitarian dictator, intolerant of differing opinions. He doesn’t care about ruining cities, owners, players, or coaches. I think it’s time to exit stage right, Mr. Stern. More and more of the fan base are sick of your bullying ways. This sport would be less interesting without people like Riley and Jackson, whom you’ve chosen to villify in your rush to establich more rules and suspensions. Do us all a favor, David Stern, put your chaps on and ride into the sunset.

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  4. fregonassi says:

    They asked him if he agreed with the NBA rules for technical fouls. He just replied that Stern doesn’t like other peoples’ opinions like some dictators. Which is true.

    He’ll be fined and he knew that before his comments.

    But it is unfair to say he just doesn’t have a point to say what he said. It’s not related to the fouls on Dwight. It’s not whining It’s the lack of free speeching in the NBA nowadays.

  5. steiny says:

    well I would go as far as to say David Stern is the Don King of the NBA………..

  6. ANTITRUST says:

    Stern’s secret to success is presiding over a monopoly in a post Jordan era. And that’s it. A rhesus monkey would be as successful given such conditions.

  7. LakeShow24 says:

    I believe that the officiating has become more stringent, but for a good reason. Some calls I have seen made this season are very excellent calls that would have decided games last season, and so I congratulate Stern and his officiating team.
    However, I believe some of the new “respect for the game” calls have taken the emotion and grind out of basketball, and I believe the league should rescind some more calls for players, especially big men who are hardly respected.
    To call fouls on big men is difficult, because they take pain better than, shall we say, Guards. But to give technicals to frustrated Forwards and Centers is slightly ludicrous considering the fact that they are flagrantly fouled constantly and get no calls for that.
    Van Gundy makes an excellent point here, and his remarks are heartwarming because they show his true compassion for the game.
    David Stern, before you start implementing a false “respect for the game”, please try to respect the players and their human natures.

    • HOLAMIGO says:


  8. Bud says:

    New Ts system is bad for the league. A player needs to score because there’s a couple of minutes left in the game and his team is down, and he gets whacked but the referees don’t call it because either they didn’t see it or because they don’t expect it. Now that’s all right, we’re just human. But it’s also human to cry out in dismay and throw your hands in resignation. So if we let referees get away with missed calls, we should let players get away with bursts of emotion. Both things are human.

  9. lsanpedro says:

    stern won’t reason out. he’ll just slap you with a fine. and his referees can’t be wrong! and in this league, i think only Stan Van Gundy has the balls to say that.

  10. lsanpedro says:

    very true. stern is a dictator

  11. Firebrand says:

    I have stopped watching the NBA because of Stern. I hate what he has done to basketball. I’ll visit to see who won or if there are newsworthy articles about once/week. Stern is a dictator who needs to be ousted by the fans!

  12. ras virapz says:


  13. Stern salary is 23 Millions says:

    WOW; he gets more than Most of the players;
    I think the NBA players should organize anger basketball DAY

  14. James Quall says:

    now, being a huge celtics fan, i can’t say that i like stan van gundy (granted he’s a hell of a lot better than his air-headed brother jeff). but he hit this nail right on the head. the only person i can think of who openly says exactly what he wants is mavs owner mark cuban, and these fines to him are like chump change. svg is right, stern silences even those who constructively criticize the way the nba is currently being run. for three decades now, stern has done literally whatever he’s wanted with our league instead of respecting and employing what the players, coaching staff, and fans deem fit. the day that stern resigns is the day the nba begins its comeback.

  15. lolhoward says:

    lmao, are u kidding, what abt the non calls when howard foul other players
    the hard foul to derrick rose comes to mind

    instead of qq’ing abt fouls commited against howard, dun u think the coach shd do more abt improving howard?
    he seemed stagnant for the last few seasons

  16. KMSTAR says:

    WOW – all these comments – amazing. I used to watch NBA games regularly but got really tired of bad and one sided calls. Touch fouls on one side of the court and no calls on the side even though the players get clobbered. Once damage is done, it will be all FAIR GAME again. All these days I wondered why people don’t see all this. Now I understand when I read all these comments. I even think some of the games are rigged. It appears REFs are instructed to call fouls in favor of one team.

  17. rigosc says:


  18. hopinfor3peat says:

    Every single NBA player needs to boycott games until Stern steps down…with numbers on their side, the people do have a say wether they believe it or not.

    Let’s get someone in there who loves the game

  19. Alan Hatch says:

    To me the refs cheat. I mean lets look at teams who play very good basketball but may be in a small market, they get no calls going their way unless it is so obvious there is no way to not call a foul. Superstars are cry babies when they do not get a foul and the refs know this, so when they don’t call a foul on a star player it is more to be fair yet in being fair they are also being unjust to the game. the whole reffing system is bought and paid for and if you have the right amount of star power or money you get the calls and really have the ability to win that game. The NBA is nothing but the WWF FAKE>>>FAKE>>>FAKE>>>if you truly want to watch a basketball game get rid of these refs. all of them and go with people who do not play favoriteism

  20. Ace says:

    So…how much longer until there in a new NBA commissioner?…

  21. NuggetsFTW says:

    It’s pretty obvious that the tech system needs an overhaul, especially since officials start calling techs for BS like making a funny face, or in Tim Duncan’s case, laughing. LAUGHING?? Just google “Joseph Crawford” and you’ll know that technicals are thrown around way to easily, especially when they mean the difference between and win and a loss, as they did with Howard and the Magic. Considering the fact that it’s us, the fans, who pay Stern’s salary ($23 million in 2011?!?!) so we should get to watch the players PLAY, instead of getting T’d up by some old white guy.

    One thing people don’t seem to mention enough is the fact that the NBA executives are almost EXCLUSIVELY white, and are raking in millions, yet they want to cut player’s salaries drastically and there’s no mention of taking Stern’s down a bit. When I see Stern dunk on Howard, I say he deserves his $23 million.

    Someone needs to tell Stern that Lincoln freed slaves AWHILE ago.

  22. Dex says:

    Stern is a pupeteer of refs, they do what he commands…he is so concerned about making money that he doesnt care about spoiling a game as good as bball… read all this comments, or better, make a survey and take the hint, nobody wants you here anymore.

  23. Coop Diesel says:

    I think refs control to much of the game they call certain fouls on certain players and sometimes it feels like they dnt call fouls because of emotions. I think a great solutions to this would be to get retired players who still are in shape to refs games because only a player that has played in that type of situation can understand what is and what is not a foul

  24. Ryan says:

    My opinion (sorry stern don’t fine me), I feel the NBA hasn’t headed into the right direction since the late 90’s. The officiating is so biased. You watch a game and someone gets nailed and no call then they run back and a slight tap and they get the foul. I amd still waiting for a ref to call a fair game and not favor players over others. Lebron and Wade are the worst when it comes to getting fouls. They make them nearly untouchable because of the calls, you wonder why those 2 get to the rim so easy. Kobe gets a crap load of calls, but its not abused like those other 2 crying down in south beach. Stern needs to let the NBA have some freedom, he’s trying to completely take over every aspect. Sports come with emotion, everyone knows that, and yeah to a point it needs to be handled correctly, but they just throw techs up in the air like sunshine. Let the guys play they worked their butt off to get to this level only to be a marketing tool. NBA gives them everything to easy, could also be the reason. I could be a rookie and get swamped with endorsement deals and millions of $$$$ before I even play a game. I guess thats why the NBA is critisized so much, in honest true opinion, the only true superstar in the league is Kobe. He at least worked for his title. Lebron was giving the star role, wade was as well and carmelo. i never seen those guys come off the bench as a 6th man or 7th man. Maybe thats why they only got 1 ring between all of them.

  25. Squeaky Wheel says:

    SVG’s frustration is justified. This entire issue is about the safety and health of a player. Have we forgotten the Hack-a-Shaq
    that sidelined Shaq for a month because of a broken thumb? The Ref’s allowed the Karate match in the paint to continue unabated till it reached its inevitable conclusion: injury. David Stern, and by default, the Ref’s, are not adequately keeping big men safe from becoming punching bags for everyone 6′-10″ and under. (Maybe it would have been better if Shaq and Dwight hadn’t assumed an alter-ego from a comic book. Superman, the man of steel? Tall boast for anyone) As my father used to remind us, “It’s all good fun till somebody gets hurt.” A flagrant foul not called today, may lead to a career ending flagrant foul in the future. If that ever occurs, a conciliatory note from David Stern to Dwight Howard that reads, “I guess you were right to complain about the lack of officiating.” will be too little, and too damn late. If David Stern won’t act, maybe it’s time to find a new NBA Commissioner. Before somebody really does get hurt.

  26. Eric says:

    xXGEOMANXx, shaq is shaq and dwight is dwight! Dwight is a more emotional guy. The fact that dwight is big doesnt mean you can break his neck! I Stop comparing DH with Shaq…

    STERN…please go back where are you from!!!!!

  27. xXGEOMANXx says:

    Howard is one of the dirtiest players in this league. He over-bumps everyone, every time in the post. Everybody remembers how he sidelined Rose last year two times. Wade got smacked by him some weeks ago, and I can mention one after another and another and another… I remember when Shaq was the dominant big men on the league, everybody fouled him at crunch time every single game. He got frustrated but wasn’t always arguing to referees and crying all the time. Neither he was trowing elbows recklessly or trying to injure other player as Howard does. If he wants the referees to stop calling him technicals, he better start with self control.

  28. Stern be Fair says:

    I think Jef van gundy is right, on the other hand I tried to buy ticket to watch Knicks lakers game couple of weeks ago; Can you beleive the chepeast ticket was $180.
    The President already mentioned the tickets are becoming so expensive so people can not watch.

  29. LAKERS-3PEAT says:

    this is the NBA i dont get the idea why a lawyer who knows no physical activity is at the helm and has the nerve to tell people how the game is supposed to be played, too me a nerd nba2k11 player would suit the position better than stern

  30. ViciousA says:

    If you’re going to call silly little taps as fouls then you have to call it for everyone. I personally would like to see the league get more gritty, basketball is suppose to be a contact sport. There’s nothing wrong with letting blood flow within players or teams as rivals. However there is a fine line between heated gameplay and violent gameplay, which should obviously not be acceptable. Innumerable times I have seen refs call fouls for players like Kobe or Lebron on benefit of the doubt simply thinking that if they missed the shot, then they were surely fouled. Another issue is refs blundering obvious calls then making another terrible call as “reparation” for their first mistake. This changes the entire flow of the game. The purpose of refs should be to make sure the game stays in line , not to change the outcome of a game with their mistakes. Frequency of a certain call should be universal, and should have nothing to do with the personality of the ref or who the player is. The league should encourage use of replay. There is nothing wrong with correcting a wrong call as it happens by quadruple checking (there are 3 refs) with replay, Lastly it would be interesting to incorporate something like the flag system from football into basketball, where teams may have the ability to dispute a call once a game.


  32. David says:

    Well, if David Stern does fine him then it just solidifies exactly what he was saying. Why shouldn’t be able to openly complain about the current system?

  33. faustonauta says:

    I Agree with Mr. Van Gundy, is not the first one (from a team) that make statements in this direction. There’re fans that find the “technical” thing very annoying too. Tech fouls are used to stop any conversation, even a one that make sense and can’t be dangerous for the ballgame. Tech fouls are for stopping any wrong direction in the game, slowing down some emotions on the floor, egos, frustations and recovering the sport spectacle, but anyone can see a given night that are just the opposite. The principal actor of this drama cannot be the referee, that’s a wrong understanding of this movie.

  34. Stan's ole pal says:

    Well, well, well Stan….criticizing David “Muammar Gaddafi” Stern…this is another “fine” mess you’ve gotten us into!

    Best regards,

    PS – you are correct though – he is just a short little man with a chip on his shoulder…he and Bettman are cut from the same cloth (a very small piece of cloth ha ha)

  35. Greedy Jew says:

    The reason the refs call so many techs is because they are a bunch of little 5’10” guys surrounded by a bunch of big scary 7 ft. tall black guys. So they call techs as if to crack the whip and keep them in line. And David Stern is a Tyrannical Jew with a dictatorship of the NBA. He is no different than the dictators in the middle east with how he rules the NBA, with the only exception being that speaking out gets you fined as opposed to being jailed. More money for the filthy rich Jew.

  36. Clone says:

    SVG just said what almost everybody’s thinkin.. and will be fined like every guys that said something that the allmighty Stern dont want to hear..
    NBA is all about money now. People’s favs or those who make the “buzz” are always “helped” by the NBA system…
    Like one said upper, we just have to look at the slam dunk contest and how Griffin went to 2nd round.. makin 2 loldunks after 60tryies (10years ago, he would have made barely 35pts for each 1round dunk)
    Another big exemple is LeBron James and his referee friends…
    Since day1 of the season, he is makin gesture and speakin/arguing on any call without taking any technical foul… i like to see him playin and i’m NOT one of LBJ’s haters but, seeing that at everygame is becoming a bit boring. Especially when the Heats won lots of their games by 1 or 2pts. If those techs would have been wristlle, Miami would be more around 50%W.. And i dont even add all those travelling that he is doing at every games that apparently refs dont want to see.. (if u dont agree, just watch again their games and count trav/tech not wristled just on LBJ.. its funny :))

  37. Eric says:

    STERN YOU DEStROYED THE GAME WE LOVE!!!!!! What do you want to do with all that money ? take it to your grave? Do u think you will live longer if you earn 1 more million ? YOU SUCKKK!!!!!!!! Hope you get what you deserve!!!!

  38. dfcjkldsjkflwemlk says:

    Stern must not directly run this website, or else none of these comments would be getting through.

  39. dfcjkldsjkflwemlk says:

    Watch out…all of you speaking out against Stern are going to get your IP banned from this website!

    Heil King David!

  40. Joe says:

    hahahah he’s getting a fine for this? This is exactly what he’s saying about him not allowed to have an opinion. communism ftw. so I assume when Stern passes away, his son takes over NBA? niceeeeeeee. APPOINTED FOR LIFEEE.

  41. Scott says:

    I quit watching the NBA a few months ago. Any time I try and watch a game I’m disgusted how soft the players are, and how every two seconds there is a foul call.

    I’m done with the NBA. I’m not the only one.

  42. LakeShowSoPro says:

    Just a smart@ss with a valid point just like his brother. Lol. But it does seem like it though that the commissioner has put more emphasis on the ratings and ticket sales more than the game itself. And about the lockout, I wonder who is to blame for that. LOL

  43. NBA FAN says:

    There should be a change on the suits up there, because they are not doing nothing good for the sport. In the 90’s the game that was played was better than now. I have been talking to different people of what is going on in the nba and the ref and we have discussed that every time a ref makes at leas 3 to 4 bad calls in a game they should be fined and if they keep doing what they are doing then they should be suspended for 30 days, the second time for 60 days, and the third time for a whole season with out pay. If they keep doing it then the commissioner should be replaced by not the other suits but by someone better and younger.

  44. Silver says:

    refs akways sucked. i just rewatched the kings-lakers in 2002 and laughed at how pathetic the nba has come. all about money now. no intergrity or fair play. just like how griffin won the dunk contest. ha good one nba.

  45. NoFoul says:

    Heres a possible approach for Dwayne. Shoot FTs in the 80% range and maybe it wont be so appealing to foul him.

  46. Marina says:

    I whole heartedly agree with what Stan Van Gundy said! He is what an ideal coach should be like. Protecting his team no matter what the consequence might be.

    I find it slightly ironic that while writing this comment, the “Comment Policy” above my box states that “We encourage you to add a comment to this discussion. You may not post any unlawful… or other material that would violate the law.” However, by giving a fine to Stan Van Gundy for simply expressing his opinion (He did not insult anyone therefore it’s not illegal) they are violating a law by taking away his freedom of speech.

    The NBA spoils the teams and people that they so dearly love, and neglect all the other teams that they don’t care about. They plan it ahead of time so that they can pitch whichever teams they need to be in the finals for the best amounts of viewers, ratings, and income.

    The fact that Stern himself is not passionate about the game makes it hard for me to accept. If he does is not passionate about the game, why on earth is adding all these new rules to the game? “Disrespect to the game” what on earth does that even mean? Someone throwing up their hands is “disrespect to the game” yet people on the sideline, not even apart of the game get to change the rules and add in new ones? Isn’t that “disrespecting” the tradition of the game? If anything the person that was still holding onto Howard was the one “disrespecting the game”. He was still holding onto another player long after the whistle was blown, therefore blatantly ignoring the officials. If we’re going to be technical here, Howard wasn’t “disrespecting the game” in fact, he was getting disrespected as a person and as a player.

  47. iamdudematt says:

    I would like to see David Stern get hacked, smacked, and man-handled for 30+ minutes on the basketball court by other NBA players. He better not complain to the ref for an uncalled foul or show a little too much emotion or get into a fight with the other players.

    All these players respect the game, that’s why they decided to devote their lives to playing it. To put a restriction on natural reaction like emotion is like taking away freedom to the people. The more this rule becomes a problem, the refs should might as well be voted to the All-Star game instead of the players.

    Sincerely, die hard Knicks fan.

  48. Al says:

    stern go home.
    we dont want you anymore.
    stop this totalirism!!!

  49. Jerry says:

    David Stern is the Ghaddafi/ Mubarak of the NBA. If you challenge or question his authority, you’ll get ‘bombed.’ Way to go van Gundy, saying it the way it is without fear of reprisals

  50. Alex says:

    What the heck is this Sterm doing with the league ? It’s getting more and more atrocious ! He’s making it look like a dumb theatre ! No one can speak, everyone has to behave like a puppet !!! What the heck !?!? They’re human ! The game is emotional and you can’t stop that, you can’t kill that ! Come on, you, Stern !!? The refs whistle dumb calls lots of times, yet you can’t even speak to them !?!?!?!? What the f### !! What are you doing ? LET THE PLAYERS PLAY THE REAL F###### GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDIOT !

  51. Larian says:

    Freedom of speech is always granted as long as it doesn’t hurt the current government/organization leader. Now days because of the media and internet, people at the top are always smart enough to grant people the right of speech, but when the speech start to impact their authorities, then right of speech will be taken away. Like in our NBA case, if anyone even question the authority, then fine and punishment will come. Of course, the shady actions will always be covered up.

    So our right of speech is useless, because if your speech can make a difference, it has to agree with the authority, or else it will become an evil plot, and by nature, the authority will take u down.

  52. adam says:

    does anyone else think he sounds exactly like Kevin Costner!?!

  53. BLM73 says:

    How do you think they caught Tim Donaghy? That’s right, the teams that David Stern wanted to win weren’t winning 100% of the time when Donaghy was officiating.

    Tell it like it is Stan, if I want fake crap disguised as Sports I’ll watch ‘Professional’ Wrestling lol.

  54. Rob says:

    Stan is right. The problem is with the definition of a flagrant foul. Any foul that is intentional and does not include a legitimate attempt to get at the ball should be a flagrant foul. If Wilt Chamberlain or Bill Russell were fouled like Dwight is all the time, they would not have been happy either. The thing is, the other players were pros back then and didn’t foul as part of the strategy. They played the game the way the fans wanted to see it – pro against pro – and this is what fans still want to see. We need to get some people up in the league office who understand what being a professional basketball player is and not create incentives to foul. This is what we have now unless the definition of a flagrant foul is changed. If the defensive player is not in a position to go for the ball and not willing to sacrifice their own body to do so, then, that if they grab or tackle or hold the offensive player it should be a flagrant foul. I think we should expect our pros to be pros and not use amateur tactics.

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  56. bballbeast says:

    SVG is absolutely right. The NBA has turned into a game of politics and $$$, and less about playing the game. Howard gets hacked left and right , even after the whistle blows. If the refs arent calling it, I would retaliate too…theres only so much one person can take. I am starting to watch less NBA basketball for these very reasons…..I am not going to contribute to the bank accts. of David Stern and his entourage of dictators.

  57. joe says:

    Amazing how Stern and the NBA are above the US Constitution.

    Freedom of speech, if so precious, should be a right US citizens, legal residents, corporations and associations, including the NBA, should not be able to abrogate.

  58. Chris M says:

    I think the Magic coach has a point. Although I can see why someone has to be the final authority (David Stern)…punishing opinions like that of SVG is just wrong. He is not saying anything disparaging about Stern. A smart man would consider the comments and ponder the validity and substance.

    Dwight Howard is officiated differently. The fouls against him replayed in slow motion looks like behavior that would surely get you a beat-down in NYC. If I was Dwight Howard, I too would find it next to impossible to not want to defend yourself.

    C’mon Stern…stop being a spectator and get in the game and do something about these frivolous technicals (Not the blatant ones) being called on good players.

  59. jolly says:

    david stern has ruined the game im starting to believe that the nba is fixed, if i was fined for voicing my opinion i would sue the league we have freedom of speech, if you make the refs available to the media i think some of the bad calls will stop, i think tim donahey was right

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  61. WildSchatz says:

    Just giving a shout out to SVG! Man, I wish you were still in MIA, but no worries, I will respect you where ever you coach! You speak the truth and defend your players like a true coach should, despite the possible consequences. Never change your ways Stan! Oh, and Mr Stern, go choke on a d!ck….

  62. Mengesha says:

    David Stern is like Gaddafi or like most of African leaders my way or highway.

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  64. NBA_Mamba says:

    I think we need a new NBA Comissioner Guys! A new era of NBA where the players will rule the game not the people with suits! Cheers!

  65. Snap says:

    Far be it for me to side with Don Stern but I can understand the rationale behind these rules. In other professional leagues the rules regarding these things are much more lax and it becomes about what coach X or team owner Y said and the game takes a back seat to theatrics from people who don’t even play it. I believe Stern had the right idea at the beginning to keep the talking to a minimum and focus on the game of basketball. The way it is now though is a far cry from those noble intentions.

    Referees are affecting the outcomes of many games (whether this is malicious or not is disputable) and, to the casual observer, it looks like they’re totally above the law as far as the NBA is concerned. This is a situation that should be avoided by any means necessary because it negatively affects the quality of the product.

    The NBA needs to throw away this whole “respect for the game” ruleset and implement a proper checks & balances system for the referees.

    I don’t care if it’s handled internally or not but it would help the game a lot if referees knew someone was always watching and called a game as if correctness was a primary concern. The way it is now it seems as if they don’t know or care if they made the right call and it makes the entire league look bad.

    Also, we’re not here to see robots play. The NBA needs to realize that players expressing themselves can be an acceptable thing even if everyone doesn’t like it. No, players shouldn’t be jawing at referees over a call but T-ing up a player for smiling or whatever other foolishness is going on today is a little too draconian.

    • Chris M says:

      SNAP…that’s a great idea. Kind of like an air marshall on a plane. I agree, the ref’s would probably be more diliberate and exacting with their calls. With slow motion replay and all the camera angles shown…there is not one game I have watched these…as a “League Pass” subscriber where the ref’s made several questionable calls…BUT AT LEAST TWO CALLS PER GAME THAT WERE PLAIN BOGUS.

  66. LakersWillWin says:

    I completely agree with Stan. He’s going to get fined he should have just let it all out!

  67. Franklin T says:

    Just wanted to chime in about the great headline. lol But please Mr. Van-Gundy, let’s not offend Qaddafi.

  68. he's right says:

    he’s 100 percent right!!! people give david stern so much credit for being such a great commisioner but i personally think he runs the league like a dictatorship….we as phoenix fans have not forgotten the ever so just calls when robert horry hockey checked steve nash out of bounds in the 07 playoffs i believe and somehow it was decided that just one spurs player should be suspended but two suns players for ‘stepping on the court’ should get suspended, somehow rewarding the spurs for their dirty play. 9 out of the 12 last champions have been the spurs or lakers this league is a sham under david stern!!!!!

  69. Fire Stern says:

    Nobody likes David Stern or the way he does things, it’s time to remove him already and have a new commissioner who’s actually played the sport of basketball before(pref NBA but collegiate is fine too). How do you make rules and even use a new basketball without knowing about the game of basketball? Stern needs to be removed ASAP he’s horrible. Players and coaches need to express their frustration in the heat of the moment; referees make mistakes too not just players. David Stern’s the one rigging games with his boy Tim Donaghy and taking away from the sport.

  70. Sef says:

    Most of you can’t run a household let alone a major corporation like the NBA and as far as the officiating being terrible. Most of you have never officiated a little league game in any sport. Why do you think you’re capable of criticizing an official of any professional sport. What do you know about the rules and how to intrepid them. Let the officials do their jobs, let the association and owners determine the rules and let the coaches coach.

    • QuestionMark says:

      We are fans that pay money to watch games, its the same as voting in an election, we give taxes we vote, we pay to watch games, we can complain and criticize.

    • youreanidiot says:

      sef are you serious? if you dont agree with any of the things everyone else here has said, you have no clue what is going on. you’re the kind off ppl david stern wants to be surrounded by. people that just let “the owners and association” determine the rules are ppl with no opinions and let ppl run over them. grow a pair and learn to stand up for what you believe in like everyone else that commented on here

  71. I.G. says:

    Van Gundy has every right to be frustrated. With all the technical fouls called on Howard, have any of them been rescinded? I can’t think of one. This is what happens when a player gets a certain “reputation” for complaining about fouls, like Howard: the refs treat him differently, in a bad way. They should treat everyone fair regardless of how often they complain or what they say. But hey, it’s David Stern’s league and we all know Stern plays favorites. You wonder why great coaches get fired after a long stint? Or why CEO’s of companies change so frequently? Because the organization needs a new direction. Wish somebody would tell David Stern that.

  72. deb says:

    Stern … and all the higher ups…. you STINK. How can you PERMIT teams like… LA and CELTICS and MIAMI …BUY their way into a championship and then let these REFS call such bogus fouls on Howard? MONEY>>>MONEY>>>MONEY. They hit this GUY hard at every game! If I were Howard I’m afraid I’d haul off and put my fist in their faces…. I think He HOLDS HIS TEMPER quite well considering the CRAP these Refs let these other players get away with. IT”S CALLED BEING FAIR….. nothing fair about the way three defenders hit Howard from all sides at one time…. these are big guys…. that’s got to HURT. You need to look into these games closer!!!!! Maybe your BLIND.

  73. magic fan says:

    dude, shaq… the nba in the 90s and early 2000s was a less strict place. you could do things there that would be called a foul over there…
    as for howard, he must realize that this is a guard driven league and david stern sees more money in his wing players than post players and will tell the refs to officiate as such. the refs here dont know how to officiate post players and it is shown every time espn or tnt shows a magic game. also, a reason for the 593-0 foul/flagrant ratio is due to the fact that dwight isnt a european wuss (ginobili/gasol) and flops every time he is hit. He is big and does not fall over by some of the hits that he takes (many are by the head and shoulders) and his hits to other players are simply retaliation. He’s a nice guy in real life, why would anyone even say he hits people on purpose? I think its time for the magic franchise as a whole, not just (the very honest) van gundy and howard to stand up against the blatant discrepancy between wing players and centers

  74. Mike says:

    Van Gundy has a very valid point here. I don’t even like the Magic and I feel bad for how Howard gets treated by the NBA.

  75. jai2 says:

    Oh my God Mr. David Stern…..martial law is not allowed in NBA and even America.I agree that owners of NBA team will make protest against this old man.INCREDIBLE STERN……

  76. BeliSRB says:

    stern going to destroyed pasion of the game..everyone now need to behave like heartless beatches to evade tehnicals..shame..

  77. Nothing new... says:

    Seriously, this has been going on for way too long. The refs always look the other way when there is a call to be made against a team that Stern wants to win. If you watched any of the playoffs last year, far too often would the officials turn a blind eye to blatant violations and fouls by the Lakers and Celtics, only because the league (Stern) wants a Lakers/Celtics Finals (for the ratings). I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory, but really, why else would the officials call games in the favour of a few select teams? Guaranteed we will see the Lakers, Celtics and Spurs win a few games in the playoffs this year because of questionable officiating.
    As for the fines SVG will likely pick up, that’s garbage. Any coach is well within his rights to stand up for his players (I would be suspicious of a coach that didn’t stick up for his guys). The league is far too harsh on players and coaches that are just trying to speak their mind and make the game a little more fair. This is ridiculous.

    I think we need a new commish. Stern has done enough damage I think.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, anyone here agree that someone like Magic Johnson, or Larry Bird or Jerry Sloan should be the commissioner? Someone that actually spends their time to watch games and actually played the game themselves and someone that has a passion for the game instead of wanting the money or the ratings. As a true Raptors and Magic fan, I have the right to say refs always play favorites. As a Raps fan, I love watching Demar Derozan play, and 90% of the times he drives and gets hacked are not foul calls, thats pure garbage, and players like Lebron and Kobe (Fan of both) gets fouled after being touched by a finger. Even players have the right to talk or give opinions, yes Howard gets emotional at times, but I don’t see any reason for him to get techs because of that.

  78. Adam says:

    The sad thing is that the fine that’s about to be issued to SVG will come because what he’s said is exactly true. It’s almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. The league doesn’t tolerate any opinion that diverges from the official line.

  79. SHAQ says:

    i agree with SVG about Stern WHOLE-HEARTEDLY. but dwight howard beats up people ALMOST AS MUCH as he gets beaten up. the guy loves to shove people to the ground; push them away under the basket. by the way, SHAQ GOT BEATEN UP ALMOST HIS WHOLE CAREER. he rarely retaliated. although his signature move was the drop-step (with an elbow), you didn’t see shaq pushing people to the ground in the block and then complaining about it.

    DWIGHT: stop being a baby. you are a force down there, you’re gonna get fouled. let your coach do the complaining. stop throwing elbows. stop throwing people to the ground in an attempt to show the world that you are really Superman(you stole Shaq’a name). AND STOP COMPLAINING

    • OMagic07 says:

      SHAQ… your name says it all.

      The Coaches and Players may be restricted from commenting but the fans are not. We the fans pay top dollar to see Professional Basketball. Lately all we see is a game controlled by ref’s. All I have to say is ” David Stern you are distroying the game that we all love”. You are a disappointment to the NBA and you need to retire. We pay over 10,000 a season to support our team. Not to watch a game that is run like a dictatorship. Please do us a favor and consider retiring immediately. Respectfully, A loyal Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard and STV Fan!

      • QuestionMark says:

        Agreed, I think someone that actually loves the game should be the commissoner, not someone thats in it for the money. Let the game go on like its supposed too, and let the game be a little more physical, not calling fouls for laying a finger and not handing out techs like your handing out ad papers in the mall. I think someone that actually has a passion for the game should be the commissioner, someone like Jerry Sloan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, not some fake ass guy that does it for the money he gets.

    • Number12 says:

      oh you’re the crybaby. This has nothing to do with that overgrown tree that happens to stand under the basket on a basketball court.

  80. Daniel says:

    With that much money, people, time n not least very physical athletes ofc their gonna argue about most calls cause they don”t see the information you referee’s do. So try to explain it and stand by the information rather then eject or fine someone that tries to understand it. You don’t have to, but understanding is the key in life to maintain the balance of power.

  81. bhoidy says:

    I agree with Coach Van Gundy.

    In other countries, how does the government make it look like everything is okay?
    Suppress the press. Punish anyone who criticizes the government.

    Isn’t David Stern a lawyer? How can he continue pull this off? Are his actions legal? Isn’t he violating peoples’ right of free speech?

  82. MagicNoOneFan says:

    Stan right, can’t let other player players get away from murder on the court. 600+/- hard foul, no flagrant. Wow! NBA are fix.

  83. TONY says:


  84. nba fan says:

    I feel sorry for NBA fans like myself because David Stern does not care about the sport itself anymore but more about ratings and ticket sales also if speak of him in a neutral or negative way you will be fined.

  85. knickfan212 says:

    I also think it’s wrong to not let players and coaches voice their opinions for fear of fines. Why not be able to say the referee’s were terrible if they were?

    • dubfanoutwest says:

      I know … do you wonder how many people got fined for complaining about Donaghy-refereed games? The ones he fixed? Stern’s reponse? Fine ’em! Oh, you’re complaining about a referred so bad, the Feds will have to come in and do something about it? Fine ’em!

      That said, not one player, nor one coach, has ever utilized the provisions in the league’s contract to officially challenge poor officiating. So that is the product we are left with in the end.

  86. Peroul says:

    SVG speaks the truth!
    Great coach with a great personality!

  87. knickfan212 says:

    I agree with Van Gundy,I’ve watched Howard get beat down in games with no fouls called and if they are called they’re against him. The ref situation is very bad,awful. But the refs are doing Stern’s bidding. Stern has really messed the game up IMO! The same with Stoudemire and lots of other players that play in the paint. Blatant beat downs. It wouldn’t be bad if the calls were consistant both ways. If they are gonna let you get beat down don’t call ticky tac fouls.

  88. Law064 says:

    I love Van Gundy’s outspoken ways. He’s a great coach and he has his team’s back just like family. I think the fashion that Howard got that tech was a lil over board he was just snatching away from being held. Well Dwight will be back in action vs Sacramento so go Magic

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I personally think he deserved that 16th tech because he swung his elbows, but he was fouled 4 times after the whistle blew. The NBA officiating has in my opinion been better than last season, but not calling any fouls for Kobe is getting kind of ridiculous. He got manhandled during the OKC game and no foul. He gets to the line 4 times a game if that now. I don’t know how to feel , but I think officiatingis in the right direction coming from how bad it was last season. I hate watching 4854754 freethrows and 3845845 stops in the game. JUST LET ‘EM PLAY!

      • Jake says:

        So let me get this straight. You hate it when they stop the game for free throws, but you’re whining about Kobe not getting any foul calls…typical Lakers fan.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Howard’s elbow swings aren’t for no reason, Im sure everyone here if not most people will swing in elbow if someone else is just holding onto them after they get fouled, Howard does it to get them off, I think the NBA should makes games more physical, its become to soft lately, I always see games where a player gets a foul call for just putting their finger on the other player, and it sometimes annoys me about all the foul calls. And its even more annoying when sometimes players like Dwight gets fouled but never gets called and gets called for a foul on him at the other end. I think techs should be given when there are fighting or arguements between players, not for swinging elbows as long it doesn’t hurt them.

      • Arthur says:

        Stop complaining about Kobe. Just because you like the Lakers you think Kobe is the only player in the NBA who doesn’t get calls.

  89. NAJ says:

    Haha he’s brilliant! Always fun listening to what he has to say!

  90. Fan from Canada says:

    I definitely think that Van Gundy has a very valid point. Yes, I do understand that reffing can be very challenging, especially in fast NBA basketball environment. As much as I do appreciate the appeal for NBA basketball, the board should be more tolerant when it comes to criticism for the betterment of the league. Players and coaches don’t rant about nothing, and are just regular human who can have opinions. Just because the power of their contract lies within the association, Stern has total control about everyone’s business, and I have to agree with Van Gundy that Stern definitely likes it that way.

    It is indeed ironic how so much criticism can be directed towards individual players and teams when they do bad (Miami and LA), but none against the officials of the association

    • Hasib says:

      The hilarious part to all of this is the multiple questions by reporters to try and milk as much out of van gundy as they could l0l

      If i was Stan I would just tell them stop trying to get me fined, but I guess Van Gundy doesn’t really care about the few thousands they’ll make him pay