StatsCube: More Miami Misses

It’s the story that won’t go away until they make a(nother) shot.

So when the Miami Heat host the Portland Trail Blazers tonight (7:30 p.m. ET, NBA TV), they’re probably hoping to get another chance to make a big bucket down the stretch.

Here are the up-to-date numbers, according to StatsCube

When the score is tied or the Heat are trailing by 1-3 points in the final 30 seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime, they’re shooting 5-for-26 (19.2 percent) from the field. League-wide, shooting is generally bad (31.6 percent) in those situations, but only four teams have been worse than Miami.

Lowest FG%, Last 30 seconds of fourth quarter or OT, tie game or down 1-3

Houston 4 24 16.7% 0 9 .0% 3 3 100.0%
New Orleans 4 24 16.7% 0 10 .0% 8 11 72.7%
New York 2 11 18.2% 2 5 40.0% 1 2 50.0%
Philadelphia 4 21 19.0% 1 7 14.3% 2 2 100.0%
Miami 5 26 19.2% 2 15 13.3% 12 14 85.7%
Portland 3 15 20.0% 1 4 25.0% 7 11 63.6%

Now, when you look at just the last 10 seconds of the fourth quarter or OT, the Heat’s numbers look even worse. They’re 1-for-18 from the field and 0-for-11 from 3-point range when looking to tie or take the lead. And though league-wide shooting is worse in those situations (25.1 percent) than when you look at the last 30 seconds, that 1-for-18 mark is the worst in the league.

The one make came back on Nov. 20 in Memphis, when LeBron James tied the game with a fast-break dunk off a turnover with 5.5 seconds to go. But on the next possession, Rudy Gay beat the buzzer and beat the Heat with a pull-up fadeaway jumper over James.

So not only are the Heat 1-for-18 in those situations, but the one shot they made was a wide-open, fast-break dunk, not a half-court situation. And they still lost that game.

And it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Gay is the guy that victimized them. He’s one of four players with four buckets in the final 30 seconds with the game tied or his team down 1-3.

Most field goals, Last 30 seconds of fourth quarter or OT, tie game or down 1-3

Player FGM FGA FG% 3PM 3PA 3PT%
Dirk Nowitzki 4 5 80.0% 0 0
Russell Westbrook 4 8 50.0% 0 1 .0%
Rudy Gay 4 10 40.0% 1 2 50.0%
Derrick Rose 4 11 36.4% 1 4 25.0%

Twelve different players have three makes in that situation. Here’s the list (with number of attempts in parentheses):

Carmelo Anthony (5), Michael Beasley (6), Monta Ellis (5), Tyreke Evans (10), Channing Frye (6), Manu Ginobili (7), Stephen Jackson (9), Tayshaun Prince (4), Charlie Villanueva (7), Deron Williams (9), Mo Williams (4)

One more note: The Heat haven’t done too well in protecting a close lead either. In the final minute of the fourth quarter or overtime, the Heat are just 1-for-6 from the field when they’re ahead by 1-3 points.

Obviously, they go to the line often in that situation, but when it comes to hitting a dagger shot from the field in the final minute, only the Bucks (1-for-8) and Pacers (2-for-13) have been worse. The league as a whole shoots 41.5 percent from the field in that situation.


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  1. ddddd says:

    The Lebron on 5 play came with him to south beach!! nuff said…

  2. John says:

    Dwayne Wade needs to be the scorer. Lebron James needs to be the facilitator. Chris Bosh needs to be traded for someone who has heart. …and muscles.

    • bigtodd says:

      What team in their right mind would trade a good center or low post player for Chris Bosh??? Keep dreaming LOL

  3. The User "theheatsuck" is dumb says:

    if the big 3 of the heat can get help offensively on thier role player.. they can won the championship…

  4. Lakers fans says:

    lebron should of play for the Chicago Bulls

  5. chad says:

    wow no doubt, i know lebron is one of the great player on earth, But LOLs hahahah wheres LBJ when his team need him most????, a great player have a big responsiblity!so are u considered lebron is a great player???.. Like M-JORDAN the Superman of the Bulls, when his team down JORDAN came to the rescue and lift his team… KObe did, Bird did, magic did… but where is lebron?? he made a decision to joined to south beach MIAMI wiv his buddy D-WADE and Chris bosh for one GOAL, goal of WINNING??? hmppff i dont think so… im not sure about miami going to finals!!! i think bulls or celtics or NYKnicks… it is hard to choose… but for me i thnk knicks is dangerous.. because they got ellite player MELO a clutch player who can deliver a crunch time and Billups a high basketball i.q and a great resume to help amare and knicks to the FINALS….!!! spoestra did his job but not his player…! AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE???????

  6. Gary says:

    More stats to prove that Miami is doing bad?…if you take any team that is on a five game lossing streak you’ll find some pretty bad stats if you mold the numbers to how you want. Dumb post…

  7. Tenki says:

    Everybody is criticizing the Heat for not making the crucial shot, especially in the final two minutes. Basketball is played for 48 minutes, and most of their losses came because they can’t finish strong. Wade and James are strong finishers around the basket, but Miami as a whole doesn’t get the job done right, particularly in the second half. Had they performed better in the second half, they should be leading the East, maybe ahead of Boston by at least 5 games. Here’s why:

    1. Opening night against the Celtics, the games was decided in the final 2 minutes.
    2. Paul Millsap’s 46 points to force overtime. That game, Miami was leading before the end of the third quarter.
    3. Against Chicago, Wade missed a three the first time they met. Wade was also responsible for Deng’s open three when he helped on Derrick Rose, not to mention the last game sweep.
    4. Orlando was trailing by 24 points when J-Rich caught fire in the second half, draining six threes.
    5. Oh, did I mention Rudy Gay’s fadeaway buzzer-beater?

    There are more games that Miami should have won because they held it close. Last season, they are on fire at this juncture. Same coach. Games were decided by at least 5 points. This season however, it seems like they took three steps forward and four step back. As a Miami fan, I am very disappointed of the results. That being said, I am very optimistic that they can perform on a higher level in their following games. And they should. With LA, SA, and OKC coming to town, it’s going to be a hell of a schedule for them.

  8. NBAmax says:

    wew heat lost again… But then again in every story the heroes always had to struggle before the climax… and guess what the climax is just around the corner (PLAYOFFS). Struggles like this losing streak makes victory at the end much more sweeter when achieved.

  9. allaround baller says:

    lebronwade together put 69 point and they lost again. i hate playing like this if i’m their teammate. i swear some of their mate feel this. this way is not healthy
    afterall i hope miami meet ny in 1st round playoff. their position in league might not change

  10. bigtodd says:

    Somebody stop me. I can’t stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Heatin Down says:

    Hi from Oz, first of all.. wowW!, there’s so many comments/negativity against the heat basketball haha.. although i support the heats (and hoping a good play-off stretch all the way to the chip) but i agree to a degree to some of these comments from all the heat haters..ok offensive wise, Heat basketball needs more set plays in close games score rather than iso and throw a LeChoke/Brick style..(i believe james jones is affective after all he did beat 2 boston clutch shooters in the all star 3pt comp/nt sure why Spolstra dont use his reserve)..defensive not sure why again Spolstra dont use Joel as much- he brings energy to their defence and thats good with transition basketball and miami basketball is very good at that..but hopefully soon miami basketball will smile again and stop the crying as reported haha..

  12. bigtodd says:

    I hope Portland puts a foot in their butts. Go TrailBlazers lol

  13. SA,GO says:

    what i dont understant is no WADE on the list of 12. he’s proven clutch yet not on the list.

  14. shinja says:

    For the Heat to be successful, they should tell LeBron, – “Hey LeBron, dont force a last shot! Pass it if someone’s free to shoot!”

    Its all about how you trust your teammates, and the elimination of what is so-called PRIDE on superstars (I think LeBron is afraid of having someone take the last shot other than him because of his arrogance XD). That’s why the Heat management are trying to surround them with some role players..

    Well, I’m glad to see this situation for this superhyped Heat… Even the greatest teams in the league history (Bill Russel’s Celtics, Magic Johnson-Kareem’s Lakers, Larry Bird’s Celtics, Jordan-Pippen’s Bulls, Shaq-Kobe’s Lakers) did not predict themselves as future champions, not even one… But this Heat team, that has not accomplished anything yet, already started counting rings even before they start the season…. With that they also counted the targets aimed at their heads…

    And, if you dare compare the Heat to those teams I’ve mentioned, you’re just a HEAT fan, but not an NBA FAN.

    Peace out!


      Shinja, many many people want nothing more than to see the Heat fail. There was a game earlier this year where in the closing moments, LeBron passed the ball to Eddie House who sank a 3 pointer for the win. LeBron caught flack from the reporters on ESPN for passing the ball instead of taking the shot himself.
      Damned if you do…Damned if you don’t.

  15. Heat 4 Life says:

    Who laughs last laughs the best and loudest…come PLAYOFF TIME…CELTICS>>MAGICS>>>BULLS>>>LAKERS..see who wud be laughing

    • bigtodd says:

      The Heat are too busy crying to ever start laughing LOL


      In a way, LeBron suffers from the same mental issues as Kobe…EGO. Kobe is just as likely to shoot his team OUT of a game as back into a game, Regardless of that fact, he will continue to shoot. That is what LeBron is doing. The DIFFERENCE is that Kobe is a bonfide CLOSER. LeBron IS NOT….never has been.
      The stupid thing about it, as everyone knows…is that the solution to that problem is right there. Everyone knows that Wade is a closer. The team is better off with the ball in Wade’s hands at the end of the game. He creates better than LeBron.
      Does that solve all of their problems? No. Of course not. The Heat need a legitimate inside presence on their team. Trade Bosh and any other player on the team except Wade and LeBron for a legitimate inside threat. Then put the ball in Wade’s hands at the crucial moments of the game. THEN you will have a team that will scare the rest of the League. Remember: Wade was giving the Celtics fits during last years playoffs WITHOUT LeBron and Bosh. The Heat don’t have the inside presence I mentioned. They won’t solve that particular problem this year. But they can make things better for themselves by putting the ball in Wade’s hands when it counts.

      That being said, would LeBron’s HUGE EGO allow him to accept it???? That’s the question.

  16. Carlos says:

    The miami heat are good, its not the players fault we loosing its the COUCHES FAULT for not making the right decisions he doesnt take out lebron or wade when they start missing shots instead he keeps them in, he doesnt trust the bench players, he should put in jones more and ilgauskas, also dampier and stop putting joel anthony cause he does not provide any points, everyone says he’s a good blocker but he only has about 1 block per game and thats nothing, also we gotta get rid of chalmers and get IVERSON he’s abou the same age as bibby only faster and a better shooter he has 27.1 points per game in his whole career. WE NEED PAT RILEY BACK AND GET RID OF SPOELSTRA!!!!

  17. MeMyselfIBulls says:

    Miami needs to step it up especially on the defensive end. And give the ball to Wade or Bosh more teams cant double team the big 3 so theyll get a chance to shoot. They need way more ball movement and a strong defensive minded coach…like Thibodo lol

    • bigtodd says:

      Name any NBA Champion that didn’t have a good bench and good role players. Heat fans are suckers!!!! Go Bulls

  18. bigtodd says:

    If the Heat were such a great team, why are we talking about last minute shots. If they were as good as they thought they were why are so many games going down to the final seconds. Last summer they told the world no other team in the NBA would be any competition. Wonder how it feels to eat crow. They thought the NBA was going to roll out the red carpet and hand them the championship. Now they’re getting their butts kicked by everyone that is anyone. Now they have more excuses than a hooker on judgment day. Where is all of the dancing now??? Where are all of the arrogant statements now??? Where are all of the celebration parties and news specials??? And they wonder why they are the most hated team in all of basketball. Miami spent all of their money on these three losers and now they have no money left for improvements. That’s what I call pure foolishness. Chicago has a full roster and still well under salary cap. That’s just good business. If Miami wants to trade Bosh, what idiot team is going to take on his contract??? You all asked for that mess, and now you’ve got it LOL.

  19. LEBRON IS A BEAST says:


  20. Ragib Zaman says:

    A common theme on basketball comment threads is the thought that “clutch” baskets somehow matter more than buckets made in the first 45 minutes of the game. This permeates common thought because this is what is glorified in highlight reels, but it’s certainly not what determines the better basketball player/team. Clutch buckets are not worth more points. I read a comment that went like “Kobe may miss lots of shots in the first 3 quarters, but he’s ready to sink the game winner when he needs to. Lebron hitting all his shots in the first 3 quarters doesnt matter, he can’t hit the ones in the last 10 seconds”. Even if Kobe hits that game winner, that’s not as good (in terms of winning ball games, I don’t care about the highlight reels) as just hitting 2 more of the easier, less pressured shots in the first 45 minutes of the game. If that occurred, no “clutch” bucket would be nessicary. A respected NBA figure once said “Good players win close games, Great players avoid them”. Tim Duncan is not known as a clutch player, yet most agree he’s the greatest power forward of all time, and he had 4 rings.

    The best combination? Playing excellent the entire game, and then if still required, hitting the hard shots at the end. I’m thinking Michael Jordan here.

  21. Heated says:

    The problem isnt the big 3 the problem is the coaching,… throw in a capable coach and things will change.

  22. stop the hatin on the heat says:

    everyone needs to stop hatin on the heat cause they made great off season moves. now im not a heat fan but they were really good in the off season. all these guys end up doing amazing in the playoffs (lebron and dwade and bosh probably if he would make it.) lebron is arguabley the best player in the game and dwade is arguably the third best they will figure it out

  23. HeatH8r says:

    Everyone was bragging about how the Heat were going to do all these wonderful things when LeBron, Wade, and Bosh got together. First everyone talked about how many championships in a row the Heat were going to win, then everyone talked about if the Heat could win a record-breaking 73 games this year, and then about how no team in the league could stand up to Miami. I dance a jig every time I see LeBron miss a clutch shot, because it 1) Proves my point that Kobe Bryant is the best closer in the game; and 2) That the Miami Heat don’t have what it takes to win big games in the final seconds. Championships can be won or lost in the closing seconds of a critical game: look at Game 7 of the Finals last year. Ron Artest was clutch from three-point land when he usually doesn’t make that many from out there. Derek Fisher hit the big shot that tied the game and built the Lakers’ momentum up to take the lead. LeBron should have just stayed in Cleveland, and given up some of his salary so Cleveland could sign other role players (NOT SUPERSTAR PLAYERS) that could provide a strong supporting cast to help him get to the Finals, like what Wade had in 2006 when the Heat won the Finals and what Kobe’s had in 2009 and 2010.

    • LEBRON IS A BEAST says:

      Kobe is the worst player in the NBA. he shoots at a low percentage and hits one dirty shot everyweek
      that appears on court cuts and mans boost on dat
      he only gets win becaue of the roster
      kobe is doooo-doooooo
      and lebron hes a beast in playoffs so every man get off them and chill
      just watchem slap da blazers tonight

      Then TALK
      Kobe loses to the cavs by 50

  24. rayo_mortal says:

    you are wrong…
    we are glad you have Lecry James….because he can’t hit a damn shot!!!

  25. bigtodd says:

    It’s funny to watch these Heat fans blame all of their problems on the coach. The Heat have no bench and lousy role players. 3 great players will never beat 5 good players and a solid bench. Stop fooling yourself, numbers don’t lie. Look at all of the top teams in each conference. They all have one thing in common, a good bench and great role players. The Heat don’t stand a chance in the playoffs against the top teams as long as they have the same lousy bench and role players. Spo is doing what he can with the crap management gave him and they are still 3rd in the east. There will be no teams under 500 in the playoffs for them to beat up on and look like stars. If you can’t beat the elite during the regular season, what in hell makes you fools think they are going to be any better in the playoffs. The Heat are lacking in so many different areas and it really shows when they play the elite teams. Don’t be surprised if they finish 4th or 5th in the east. They have been exposed for who they really are by all of the elite teams. They are who we thought they were. Stop blaming the damn coach and look at reality. NO BENCH AND NO ROLE PLAYERS= NO RINGS. It’s just that simple!!!


    @THEHEATSUCK: Your Just a Retard Cavs Fan and Lebron Hater… hahaha

  27. PAPABRAVO says:

    In every last minute situation so far the heat has go 1on1 trying to drive all the way to the basket. This is the easiest move to defend as it is much easier to get help from the weak side defender. They better call is to go with a pull up move off the drive before the help can get there or a dish off if the help comes too early.(Of course if you have no confidence in your jump shot then that’s another story)
    In any case it is much better to initiate the play with Wade who is a better dribbler and leader than James and just as good as finishing at the rim.

  28. thejerr says:

    please, lets have 3 more articles on how the heat arnt clutch, i love reading the same stuff over and over and over and over again, PLEASE!!! MORE!!! (sarcasm)

  29. Yohannes Yirsaw says:

    I love the miami heat,but this days I am struggling with my self why I love the losing team
    I used to be the fun of the Chicago Bulls During Micheal Jordan Scottie and the rest,When I compare
    The chicago of the 90 and The Miami of Today completely no comparison at all,particularly at the finnishing
    time take Micheal Jordan,s last Minutes shut against cleavland, Jazz and others, I am still looking for hope that
    King and wade will chang e for the better I will watch tonights game against The Blazer .

  30. ron says:

    they need to add kobe in miami for some clutch.

  31. Heat fan says:

    Now i know this has nothing to do with the subject. But seriously, I have been noticing it so easily, that our home court fans arrive so late, and when it is full in late game situations it’s silence. After Miami got D Wade back, LeBron James and Chris Bosh I’ve been expecting our home court to be “alive”. I have been expecting the fans to embraze the game and help our team to victory. This is something that never happened. I hope people will understand that to come into a full arena, really is helping your spirit increasing.

    I just had to say it : )

  32. JG says:

    Lebron: great player. So great he is always the main man. What happens? Dwayne Wade, also a great player becomes a avarage player the same with Bosh. Bosh is doin his thing. The same with Cleveland. Lebron was the main man doing everything and more. This is dangerous for the heat. Lebron needs to be more of a team player is he want’s to be a great player. What about the coaches. They are allowing James so much space

  33. Please dont count those missed shots and sorry losses (recent) for the the HEAT still bein the best team in the NBA..
    Watch out for the playoffs and surely they will give some stuff for you.. Anyway they are a great team now;
    They will win more games and more…. maybe a crown.
    The situation in the East is gettin interesting where The Celts are surely slumping down; and the Knicks had a rebirth of a team… and D Rose is like bein the Griffin of the East…
    Still, the HEAT is on..

  34. hdsnake says:

    These are all good comments but its all just a big waste of time, since the Celtics are going to win it all this season. The Cs are better than they were in 07-08. 2nd best record in the NBA with all of their injuries says a lot. As for the Heat’s Not-So-Big-3 saying that they have to have time to come together, I don’t seem to recall the Celtics big 3 needing time to come together. They had the chemistry from day one, something that the Heat probably will never have. Too many egos to make it happen. Remember, 2011 will be BANNER #18 for the Celtics!

  35. Laker24 says:

    @ Imad Akel…

    LeBron IS the kind of guy who is going to roll over in the face of a challenge (See game 5 playoffs). Dude has been piling up a LOT of bad character issues over the years (see also “The Decision”, see the proclamation that the Heat are going to win 8 championships, see whining , see the power-struggle over who’s the leader of the Heat, etc. etc. etc.) LeBron + The Decision = Karma. Karma also = no championships. Looks good on them.

    And @ Francisco… I’m a Laker fan, and I absolutely want to face the Heat in the finals (although the Heat won’t make it there… playoff basketball is an entirely different animal. You’re going to struggle in the first round). The reason I want the Heat in the finals… one more feather in Kobe’s hat in the idiotic debate about who is better.

    Kobe 5
    LeBron 0


    • SAL josh says:

      Kobe is the most doooo-dooo baller alive
      he has 3 rings b/c of shaq
      and the other 2 because of gasol
      any true laker fan would recall that kobe never won game 7 last year
      tight game lakers up by 2
      boston begins to foul
      sasha vujaic hit the 6 game winning free throws and the lakers won
      so really vujaic won the finals and kobe shot 6/27 in dat game and is dirt

  36. bulls2011 says:

    why lebron is driving from the left side he is righthanded

  37. ulrich says:

    We nneed a NEW COACH period…. his a wimp and has no respect

  38. Ian John says:


    • SAL josh says:

      take my words miami will slap boston by game 5 of the playoff series boston wll lose its 1st round series to philadelphia

  39. walkerdog says:

    Nobody wants to play the Heat in the playoffs

  40. Frank says:

    Thanks for posting this John!

    These numbers are definitely more interesting with context.

    I wonder why the league FG% is so much lower than the average. I have a hard time believing that defenses across the league take a huge step up in this situation. More likely, I’m guessing it’s the players that psych themselves out.

    On this topic though, If I were Spoelstra I’d draw it up for Wade 9 times out of 10 in clutch situations. His performance vs. the Mavericks in 2006 was just too good. All of Lebron’s “clutch” moments seem to be either lucky shots (like Game 2 vs. the Magic) or power plays because he is a living freight train.

  41. Francis says:

    whatever…the heat is still the best!

  42. loso@nba says:

    out of a 7 game series you think that 4 of the games miami will lose by a last minute shot do you think that chicago,new york,or orlando will come back after a 20 point lead NEVER……with that said MIAMI are the real CHAMPS in here HATE IT OR LOVE IT…….

  43. TRUE FACt! says:

    It’s okay to say you’ve got a weak spot
    You don’t always have to be on top
    Better to be hated than love, love, loved for what you’re not

  44. YV says:

    Wade has been struggling lately and thats part of the reason they been loosing. is not about giving the ball to wade or lebron, teams know that they r going to take the last shot, and thats why they have to drive and kick out to the open man. The role players are missing alot but thats bcause they barely get the ball. In the Chicago game everybody outside the paint was wide open but they dont trust team mates. In the 4th quater they stop attacking the basket and they run so many pick and rolls, teams catch up to that. Hopefully when Haslem comes back hell give them some points from the bench as well as rebounds. Heat fans dont panic, playoffs is what counts and the heat are capable of beating any team if they play together. last time heat lost 4 in a row they won 20 of 21

    key for the heat is dont settle for jumpers, dont stop attacking the basket, and trust team mates.

  45. loso@nba says:

    might as well make a website bunch of haters in here…….

  46. EL HEAT 136 says:

    the heat r just chilln thats all
    come playoff time they will step it up
    lakers are trash, no more rings for them
    celtics will be wiped, no perkins
    spurs will be swept, too trash
    chicago will be swiped, no questions asked

  47. Michael says:

    the heat may have 2 of the best nba players in the league but NEITHER of them are clutch or closers. Add that to the many weaknesses of the heat, hence reasons why they will NOT win a championsip anytime soon. They lack a decent point guard, they have no interior defense, they have poor shooting, they have no real plays, they have no bench players, they have no chemistry, they can’t handle pressure situations and not one of them can close out games. Until the Heat learn how to play as a TEAM, they won’t even get near to the Eastern Conference Finals. Sure they have Wade, James and Bosh, but those guys play heavy minutes EVERY GAME and eventually the fatigue and stress and depression from losing will catch up to them. Who’s gonna step up when the three aren’t playing well? That’s just it. No one.


    Can’t wait for kobe to retire… im sure laker fans will stay laker fans brrrrrrrrppppppppppppp

  49. Sotiris says:

    The best double in the NBA without any doubt. Lebron , a “miracle” of the nature and Flash. Lebnron deserves by all means the ring of the champion. I hope not to watch again a boring final Celtics-Lakers.
    Enouph. This is not history.This is a soap opera. Kobe will be written with golden letters in the NBA history. At least equal to MJ. But Heats with King & Flash are extraordinary. One of the most powerful doubles in the NBA history. Only Michael & Scottie come to my mind. Go Heat. Go. You are the most spectacular team in the NBA.The records are for the most boring team SAS. But the ring belongs to the King. He deserves it most.

    • rayo_mortal says:

      first learn how to write words….then you come up here and post…
      another blind people..

  50. Knick 1999 says:

    Kevin Durany is better than Lebron and the Heat have a big problem and is the inexperience. They are 3 good players playing with fire…and they gonna’ get burn

  51. xdbstxlakers says:

    I dont see why people are making such a big deal about this team. This team is made up of mostly 3rd rate players and 1 demensional allstars. If they are wondering why they arn’t as good as the celtics Big 3 its simply because they arn’t. KG Ray and Pierce are more complete players than lebron, wade and bosh.. compare Pierce and Lebron– Pierce can actually shoot the basketball consistently especially late in games unlike lebron who can only drive the ball because he has no confidence in his shot. defensively ther both about the same… Wade and Ray, obvioulsy ray’s the better shooter plays great D and makes clutch shots as well, well as wade he is a good shooter but no where near ray’s level but his defense lacks… and KG does everything Bosh does and more the defense, rebounding, leadership, ability to score is just overall better…. The only 2 “elite” teams in the leauge are the Lakers and Celtics with lakers being the better team no other team comes close.. Yea the media likes hypeing teams like the bulls but boozer/rose combo is better than boozer/deron they couldnt ever get passed the lakers with a great jazz team no way they gets passed the celtics

  52. scd11 says:

    Up and downs..agreed. But then again this is a team that was expected to have more UP than Down. But here we are, EL HEAT struggling time and time again, against the teams they should and need to be beating in order to prove they have the GAS it takes to make a run in the playoffs. LENRON and the gang are starting to feel EL Heat and its not from their outstanding play..its from all the FRAUDULENT hype they brought to themselves at the beginning of the season..Crying after a loss? Now its becoming obvious that this team is no where near maturity, but closer to a picture of little egotistical kids playing basketball with their best friends because “hey we can do what we want”…. Good luck EL Heat reality is a trick.

  53. GOSH!!!!! says:

    wow…. a lot of haters here, grow up and get a life!

    What are you going to get for saying Kobe is great, or Lebron is great? are they going to share their wealth with you for saying it? This is just a show, no different than going to a movie or a broadway show. I watch basketball games for almost 30 years, i only care about the competitive of the game and not the result. and definitely not the ranking or their regular season seeding.

    FYI, i’m not a fan of Kobe nor Lebron, or any other players or teams. I only enjoy watching basketball games period.

  54. GOSH!!!!! says:

    wow…. a lot of haters here, grow up and give a life!

    What are you going to get for saying Kobe is great, or Lebron is great? are they going to share their wealth with you for saying it? This is just a show, no different than going to a movie or a broadway show. I watch basketball games for almost 30 years, i only care about the competitive of the game and not the result. and definitely not the ranking or their regular season seeding.

    FYI, i’m not a fan of Kobe nor Lebron, or any other players or teams. I only enjoy watching basketball games period.

  55. Isorfeus says:

    This is what gonna happen in the playoffs. The Bucks will be the champions. Next year the Heat will be playing in the mongolian league with a bunch of monkeys…

  56. Pinoy says:

    lebron is not a clutch shooter look at his records.. its boiling with an amateure like shot.. give the ball to wade when the situation like this arises .. then the miami heat will know the truth……. that it can set you free.. hurry for Wade…

  57. Aerials287 says:

    There is no doubt that the Heat team as currently constructed should not be considered a favorite to win. I, however, will disagree with you on who the Heat should trade. What people are forgetting is that while Bosh seems less aggressive, complacent and not the same superstar we all saw in Toronto, he has become what the Heat need him to be (minus his awful defense, but he was never a good defensive player). We can all thank Bosh for Miami only needing 2 balls to win, not 3. They honestly would be a much better team if they traded Lebron or Wade for AWESOME role players. Remember the Knicks beat them with only 2 superstars, but their 2 superstars are extremely complimentary to each other. Bosh would compliment either Lebron or Wade nicely, and the amount of talent that would be sequestered for a person of their talent would be off the charts. Honestly, most of their problems would be solved if Wade and/or Lebron learned how to shoot. Anyone calling Lebron the best player int he league is naive. The best player in the league has a complete repertoire, and can do anything he wants on the court (Kobe….I’d like to see anyone deny this claim). Lebron has one super skill, and that is driving to the rim, creating contact, and finishing. This is also responsible for his many assists. Mark my words, once his athleticism diminishes, so will his game, and his ability to call himself the best player ever. He also wants 1000 things, but a championship isn’t even in his top 5.

  58. dude565 says:

    no excuse you got three ridiculas insane clutch players on a team but they cant hit anything

  59. getreal says:

    this game won’t come down to the final shot. Heat get a blow-out victory here.
    And I’m willing to bet that they take the Lakers and Spurs at home too. Then the critics will talk about how the Heat are out of their slump, and they will be 1st on the power rankings list again, and everything will be like early January.
    Teams have their ups and downs. It’s the regular season. I doubt anyone would ever make a large bet against the Heat in the playoffs.
    I’m not a Heat fan, but all of this criticism is ridiculous. So they can’t hit clutch jumpers. Well they shouldnt have been in those situations from the start. They just need to work on adding the extra effort to preserve the lead, end of story.

  60. Me says:

    Its funny how all the preseason talk was about them breaking the bulls record, now we have to wait til the playoffs to watch them succeed. GTFOH!!

  61. Heat to the top says:

    The Heat is a good team no doubt about it, but the fact is, LEBRON IS NOT THE BEST CLUTCH SHOOTER FOR THE HEAT. Honestly, Lebron is a dynamite player but the Heat are just making things to obvious on who’s getting the ball, as far as last minute choices, they need to change up their “Clutch Moment” decisions and maybe they have a possible chance at the playoffs and take it all home this year. Im a die hard Heat fan but some things have to change or else its goodbye to the rest of the season and the playoffs. So ERIC SPOELSTRA, CHANGE IT UP FOR THE SAKE OF THE TEAM.

  62. Heat to the top says:

    The Heat is a good team no doughbt about it, but the fact is, LEBRON IS NOT THE BEST CLUTCH SHOOTER FOR THE HEAT. Honestly, Lebron is a dynamite player but the Heat are just making things to obvious on who’s getting the ball, as far as last minute choices, they need to change up their “Clutch Moment” decisions and maybe they have a possible chance at the playoffs and take it all home this year. Im a die hard Heat fan but some things have to change or else its goodbye to the rest of the season and the playoffs. So ERIC SPOELSTRA, CHANGE IT UP FOR THE SAKE OF THE TEAM.

  63. As much as I hate the heat, I think everyone is overreacting. They have has some good looks to close out close games, example the multiple chances at Orlando. I think that their closing is an issue but the probability is going to turn in their favor sooner or later. I know people are saying that 63 games into the season they should have figured it out by now but they haven’t and I think it will take them a little longer. The thing is Lebron and Wade are getting all the attention late in games but Miami for me has a few clutch role players. Barring a lame foul by Mike Miller against Chicago Mario Chamers had nearly closed out the Bulls. Apart from him I think Bibby, Miller, Jones and House are perfectly capable of making open shots under pressure. They are successful in the first half of games because multiple people are involved. The NBA has created this somewhat misleading paradigm of Star players dominating end of games. Derek Fisher and Robert Hory were not stars but still closed plenty of close games.

    The only thing Miami fans should worry about is their coach . I think Spoelstra will be fired its just a matter of whether it is now or after the season is done.

  64. sergio dubon says:

    Lebron needs the #23 jersey back can somebody find it……….please. Because it seems like he left his talent in Cleveland. I hope they don’t cry today if they lose.

    • rayo_mortal says:

      you are right…
      Lequit James said in the one hour special:
      i’m gonna take my body to south beach……………………..and what about your “talents” dude????
      where are they?
      pinche mamon…

  65. DIAMONDboy says:

    the bad moments are what prepares a person for a better future, im a miami heat fan and all these struggles they are having now in the season are needed for these players and the coach to be get prepared for what is next, miami big 3 had a big confidence that nobody will stop them if they were together, which for sure is not true, a team involves more than 3 players, and is better for this to be recognized now and not later in the post season, right now the heat are developing a new method, a new game plan, preparing themselves, getting ready for the playoffs, miami has proven that basketball is just not a game to them, they have put feelings on what they do and their will to win is bigger, if lebron was missing a heart, those tears might have given him a heart, if wade was missing a time to lead, those losses will give him a spark to command, if bosch was missing agressiveness may those falls bring him up higher than before, and for the rest of the players, miami is not only the big 3, its the miami heat, and spoelstra he has the knowledge to guide this team, he still needs to forget he is not pat riley right hand no more, that he is now the coach.


  66. heat says:

    even when the refs pull ridiculous and sad

  67. Michael says:

    The problem with the Heat is it’s not a team. That’s what happens when you let the players run the show. As they say careful what you wish for , you just might get it.# 1. prob. These three guys are treated seperate from other players, and cant be told what to do by their coaches. ,# 2.prob. 3 stars put together at the whim of players not GMs. This is the outcome. A GM would have probably gone for Joe Johnson instead of Bosh. Joe is your glue guy , and a person that would have made you a better team. That’s ok cause after the basketball lockout when they put the clamps on player movements and put Franchise players into play, this will be a thing of the past.

  68. Ao1 says:

    I think LeBron should stop hugging the ball at the last minute and give it up to Wade who is a better clutch player than he is, i think, or at least kick it to someone else. He should trust his team mates. He need to stop he “I’m the best player” attitude and be simple and win the game.

    Every player is different way of playing or different styles. If all are the same then it’ll be so boring to watch NBA. So, James should stop proving like he is the only best because he is not. Who is the best player that ever played in the NBA is just an opinion depending on the individual’s like. For example if a person likes to see more passing then his best player will be Magic or White Chocolate or Stockton, Kidd, Nash or CP3 or etc… If an individual likes to see dunking then you have Vince Carter, D. WIlkings, Shawn Kemp. Griffin etc… Air-time you have MJ, Dr, J… . if a person likes shooting then his best will be Bird, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen etc…. If he likes clutch player, perimeter and leader, scorer then you have Kobe, Wade, Paul Pierce etc…. If a person like someone who likes to be known and ballhug then you have LeBron James. hahaha!!! Just kidding. King James is a great player.

    • EL HEAT 136 says:


  69. Ian John says:

    BOSTON WILL EMERGE AS EASTERN CHAMPS 2011…AND NBA CHAMPIONS 2011…FOR THE 18TH TIME…SORRY MIAMI…..AS LEBRON SAID LAST TIME: NOT 1, NOT 2, NOT 3 NOT 4, NOT 5 NOT 6 NOT 7….YES you’re right…you won’t get any ring or rings….hahahahaha…:)

  70. Ian John says:

    Miami is a great team, but not a champion team…needs more time….NOT 1 NOT 2 NOT 3 NOT 4 NOT 5 NOT 6…YES LEBRON, YOU WON’T GET ANY RING..:)

  71. Ao1 says:

    LeBron is more ballhog than KOBE… hahaha!!! The worst thing is that Kobe can make it but LB can’t. Kobe is one of the best clutch players in the NBA history probably next to MJ but LeBron is not! They are distinct players… both great, both have different way of playing. LeBron has highet stats ofcourse and also known to have more tripple-double. Kobe, meanwhile, is not into tripple-double but he is very good scorer. He is more into scoring than having complete stats but nevertheless, he is a very good team-leader. He has a leadership attitude vs Lbron don’t have. LeBron just want to be known he is the best! Stats don’t mean nothing, winning the ring is everything specially when there is only one superstar in a team not 1, 2, 3 together. I’m not a hater to either. I’m just stating my opinion.

  72. cozi says:

    its ok to cry.., but its scary coz u dont knw wat will happen next^_^

  73. Paul J says:

    Closing the game the winning ways, this is where they need to improve heavily in many areas. It is imperative from this moment on, no more crying, instead set a goal that will enhance their mindset to positive attitude. The after shock of last depeats could be digging deeper into their brains negatively and scared to death during crunch time of the game. I think they need motivitional leadership……….like how Kobe is communicating with team mates. A cheering bench players could add up like steroid to the moral of struggling souls on court. The big three are deadly combination, all they must do, play like a real team…..teamwork, teamwork, teamwork …… highest level!

  74. rckmn11 says:

    hey! they dnt need lbron to win the game…

  75. Hotloaf says:

    It’s like Mike Brown system all over again. instead of drawing up an actual play, spoelstra draws lebron dunking the ball with one hand in stick figures. I think an actual play should be drawn. motion or set or flex. and if the play get’s broken, that’s the time they should iso james or wade. give them a strong pick, drive the lane, command double teams, kick out pass , extra pass(for a realy wide open look!), then shoot. if not, they drive the lane get the foul and finish. Hit or miss, it’s a team effort not a “Hero” type of play.

  76. All 3 just simply can’t take the pressure period!! They feel everyone is watching them and all their mistakes are going to be seen. Well, that’s what they asked for!DUH! I think all 3 our afraid to miss. So, when in doubt let Bosh (the loser) get the blame and have him shot a 3 point shot. Which happens a lot. They will lose in the 2nd round to whoever and complain all year that bosh is the problem or their coach, or someone other than of course the almighty LB! HAHAHAHA What a loser!!! The only reason why they have that one win against the top 4 teams in the league is because Lakers didn’t feel like coming out to play Christmas and that’s why they won. Hopefully L.A. wants to come out and play Thursday, they will beat them and it will be GREAT!

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      @ Paul ( Go L.A) I agree 100% about LB making every excuse in the world when they dont when the championship this year. This is what he has been doing the last few years he hasnt won it. His fans seem to do the same thing. Make excuses when he doesnt step up in the playoffs and make plays. He was the superstar in cleveland. It wasnt up to anyone else on that team to step up and get that team over the hump. That was lebums responsibility and he failed, just like he will fail with the heat.

      • LOL says:

        LOL just keep hatin man..its shows how good you KNOW Lebron is, or you wouldnt be hatin on the guy lol. It shows how absolutely TERRIFIED you are of the Heats potential and all you do is hope they disband before it ever comes to fruition. You are a true JOKE of a fan.


      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @LOL Statistically the guy is great! Other than stats, what has he accmoplished? At the end of the day a superstars career is judged by rings. And right now your lebron has 0. Oh, hes great alright, and oh ya i am terrified of what the heat may do in the playoffs. What a joke, with the heat 0 and 1000 againist teams over 500. You say im a joke of a fan. Well hey, at least i can be realistic about whats going on. Unlike you heat and lebum fans. You lebron fans drull over a player who is more hype than anything else. LOL, and im the joke.

    • heat says:

      d wade is the best and i feel the same things people focus on in the regular season players don’t for instance “you see that shot” or “he isn’t better than him because he got dunked on” or maybe even “d rose is better than d wade and lebron james because everytime he plays them it is always one on three” come on guys and gals regular season is regular season it happens on the regular for someone like d rose hes just starting out and persons like wade and bron it doesnt really matter a whole lot (melo cp3 manu) they know what they are doing they kknoow what they are capabe of you play them outside o these strict rules of the nba its a different ball game (no hand checking no this no tthat) anyoone can score now it is how well you can make it difficult for them to score. d rose is a great player but its hard to defend some one who is overly aggressive (wild) at attacking the rim it is always an up and under 360 t avoid the block he knows the rim and is very athletic people just wait til the playoffs then you will see their true coloors last year bobcats beat miami and orlando miamii (3-0) and on the fourth game miamii had to make a push and it was aainst bobcats for playoff position (d wade said it was time to win ended up with 5 blocks on each of the starting 5 and the magics swept the series dallas beat the heat in all of their matchup in the REGULAR season in 06 and got beat 4 games to 2 in the finals (having gotten swept the last 4 games) just play ball its entertaining now just let it be that do you know what it 1-18 having lost 18 games by one miss and in total they lost 20 only san antonio and denver they really wasnt in it everything else was close pulleeeeeaaaasssee

  77. Sàvage says:

    Forget about the last 30 seconds, I would like to know how many shots “the big three” are taking in the 4th qtr. Seems like they get big leads and then disappear in the 4th.

  78. Miki says:

    the problem is the 4 losses come from the teams they will have to faci in the playoffs and they did’t play like a champion, they lost with 30 than got beaten up in the last minutes after leading in the first half. These are frightening signs for the playoffs. And the fact that they cried after the last loss means that they’re frustrated by these facts too!

  79. Zaza says:

    What Heat really needs is right coaching, specially during clutch time. They should do it like every winner team does, like Celtics. You will never know who’s gonna shoot the last shot, Rondo, Pierce, Allen and KG have taken last shots depending on a situation. I don’t understand why can’t Spoelstra do the same thing. He should draw plays sometimes for Wade, or Bosh, sometimes for James or even one of the shooters (Miller, Jones, House) specially if they are hot, don’t just dump the ball to James and stand and stare what happens, mix it up, keep teams guessing, you have more than enough talent on your team to do that. Heat can be nightmare for opponents if they are unpredictable, but now thay are nightmare to their own fans.
    As for Bosh, who is not really soft or a bad defender, at least he wasn’t in Toronto, he also needs right coaching. If I’m Spoelstra, I’m telling him that if he doesn’t start driving the ball to the basket and takes more than 2-3 jumpshots per game, I’m benching his rear end….. Bottom line is that Heat needs coach with tough mentality and experience more than anything

  80. Emperor James says:

    We’re just playing rope-a-dope on purpose to give everybody a sense of false security. We want to be the first team in history to never have the HCA in any series, and to go 16 – 0 in the playoffs. Make no mistake, everybody must remember that this year is just the first year that we will win 7 consecutive Titles. Once the playoffs arrive, you won’t be able to see us even if you rent the Hubble Space Telescope, we are just too superior.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ Emperor James you heat fans are just toooooooo funny! Thats what you hope happens. You hope your heat snap outta this funk. 7 consectutive titles, dude are you serious. You must have been smoking the angel dust with lebron when he made that dumb a** prediction.

    • dave says:

      In NBA2K11, in myplayer mode we were the 8th seed and we swept the playoffs. So its already been done 🙂

  81. heat fan says:

    GIVE WADE THE BALLL!!!!!!!!!!! I BEG YOU!!!!!!

  82. heat fan says:


  83. Al says:

    pat riley has to come and coach the team.
    i bet they get much better.
    but pat doesnt want to do that.

  84. basketballer says:

    we all have our turn in life the things that don’t kill makes one stronger; we are still playing the regular season.
    heat basketball team you got my unwavering support .
    D-wade the best player in the NBA today!
    D-Rose is very much too over rated but agree that he is phoenominal.

    • dave says:

      That is an exteremaly bold comment. Dwade being the best? i dont know about that but he is definetly top 5. D Rose is not at all overrated, he is brining an otherwise sub .500 team to be a playoff contendor. MVP

  85. Padtrick says:

    come on guys, whats going on right here, a losing streak of 4 and we’re thinking that there is a problem. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. They will beat Portland and LA, and then is everything allright.

    • patrick says:

      come on guys, whats going on right here, a losing streak of 4 and we’re thinking that there is a problem. Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. They will beat Portland and LA, and then is everything allright.

      • Miki says:

        These 4 losses comes from teams they have to beat to proove they can win the championship. Once they lost by 30 than lost in the last minutes after leading in the first half with atlesat 10 points ( they let orlado come back from a 24 point lead…) these ar bad signs for the playoffs. And the fact that some of te team cried after rhe last lost means that they’re frustrated by this too. I think miami has no chance wining this year maybe later.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA. I expected the heat to beat the Lakers on Christmas day. Anybody who know the Lakers, know they dont play well on Christmas day. So the fact the Lakers beat them means nothing. Lets see what happens this next match up. Who will guard the two 7 footers Bynum and Gasol? Joel Anthony and pink panny wearing Bosh, AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA ya righ. Lakers are coming for the heats a**!

  86. donski says:

    It is really hard when there is too much expectations. At the end of the regular season probably the expectations on the heat winning will be less and that will be the time that they will show what they are truly made off. Lets just see what happens come playoff time.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      @ donski I will tell you what will happen come playoff time. The heat, out the first round.

    • mg78 says:

      You think there is even a remote chance that there will be less expectations in the playoffs? The playoffs are when the expectations of winning begin. It wasn’t hard to figure out that they would make the playoffs, and they talked of winning championships when they made the moves to south beach, so the expectations are going to just be getting started come the playoffs.

      that is almost as bad as the “they should stop playing as a team” comment made by Imad Akei

  87. Banjo says:

    Blah blah, whatever you say, there are teams that win and lose. It is noone’s fault, it is just THERE ARE BETTER TEAMS and you can’t avoid it. There are better teams better than the Heat, a lot, even though they have 2 of the best players. Everybody blame coach Spoe, lack of center, lack of PG. WTF! Even if you’re the greatest player on earth, that doesn’t mean that you can easily win multiple championships.! I repeat, WTF! This is basketball, no excuses! One must accept the fact that there are better teams, as of now. The Heat have a lot to learn more, they have to be a team. Celtics-Lakers rematch, you better win the Conference Kobe and be ready for our payback time

  88. hans says:

    im sorry but the heat will go all the way, im am willing to bet anyone. they will get there game, straight. james is honestly the best player in the NBA. let face it. and all he want is a ring. and he will get it. like hes got everything else!

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @hans, are you serious?!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude wake up outta your coma and come back to earth. The heat are going no where but fishing in june. You need to face reality and realize this team sucks. The only way the heat will see a championship is to trade bosh so this team can pick up better role players. And as far as lebum being the best player in the league, that is just too funny. If you like flashy dunks and him running down the lane running over people and making layups, ok fine. But his over all game is average. If he was such a great player, he should have had at least one chip before he jumped ship to join up with another superstar to chase his first ring. But wait, i know, you say the same thing other heat fans have said. Lebum never had a decent team in cleveland. But they won 60 + games two seasons in a row.

      • nene celtic says:

        lmao oh lord was that funny…….his clevland team was rolling over everyone in the east so the team wasnt that bad but yet again he failed in the playoff…………how is “the best player in the league” now joined with 2 superstars not producig any better?? lol just goes to show TEAM WORKS the heat will never come close to what the celtics or spurs or lakers have..

      • Law064 says:

        @Hans LMAO he’ll get it when he go to Jacob the Jeweler and pay for a replica!!!!!!@Heatsuck your correct the heat are not what people thought they would be.To the Miami fans sorry but your heat will not advance out of the 2nd round

    • mg78 says:

      hi hans……are you talking even money for Miami to win the 2011 NBA championship? how much can I take from you?

  89. big3clutch says:

    yeah yeah is a problem but in playoffs is a soulution ..go heat

  90. ------- says:

    haha! Bosh is a throw, a third wheel

  91. Nancy says:

    Raptors are horrible in the clutch. Jay Triano pulls the same uncreative play each time. Look at their last game they lost to the nets, in what, triple OT? Jay Triano pulled the same play and it failed all 3 times

  92. itchy18 dwade fan says:

    @ T.O.

    miami always have a good lead in the first half but they always fail to hold it in the 2nd half. that’s their problem right now and the clutch shots. they need to start giving the ball to wade

  93. federico says:

    Honestrly, I don’t know why the ball is ALWAYS in LeBron’s hands.
    We’ve a lot of evidences of how much he is frail in cluch situation. Not only in the last 10 seconds .He usually melts during the postseason.

    The Heat have Wade, probably the best cluch shoter in the league with KB and Billups.

    Maybe Spoelstra is not that efficient in the cluch decisions, just as LBJ.

    What would Riuley do?

    Hi from Italy

  94. icy says:

    to begin with they should never made that trade Lebron should of stayed with the cleveland and bosh should of stayed with… i forgot and things would be different

  95. T.O says:

    how about: get a good lead so u dont have to take clutch shots?

    • Law064 says:

      If they can keep the lead my friend. Even with a lead they can’t seal the deal they manage to let teams back in the game

  96. koko says:

    go go go miami all the way

  97. Aerials287 says:

    Disagree. This team is not Bosh’s fault. If anything he is the piece that they NEEDED. Now, Lebron and Wade play the same exact game. Becaue of this, the Heat have to decide which player to use when, as opposed to having complementary players. Look at what the Celtics did. Pierce, Allen, and Garnett not only play different positions, but they bring a different dimension to the game. For the Heat, it will always be a struggle to mesh when you have identical 2 identical pieces in their championship puzzle.

    • Nick12 says:

      Agreed but Bosh is a BIG part of their losing, he is playing no defense and isn’t aggresive! He needs to play like he did in Toranto! LeBron jus wants to be known as “THE GUY THAT MADE THE SHOT AND WON FOR HIS TEAM” which is wrong, thats why we’re losing, if you notice, Wade has never gotten that last shot! LeBron or Wade need to drive attract defense and kick out to the open man! They do that throughout the entire first half but fail to do that the second half because they have no trust in teammates and because they want to be known as the “GUY WHO WON IT”

      • nene celtic says:

        I agree with u both……..bosh is too soft but he is needed all he has to do is step up his game………also the heat are losing becuz he tends to fade away most games but to no fault of his when lbj n wade especially lbj keeps the ball to theirselves………..i feel a lil bad for bosh but oh well they asked for it……if u cant handle the heat get out of south beach

  98. duncan213 says:

    ahahha Heats are a joke please they don’t play team basketball!! they play 2 on 5 basketball that’s why they will get crushed by the celtics or the magic in the playoffs.. oh by the way that dude chris bosh he is soft as hell gots no defense no inside game he just spots up and shoot jumpers thats why he gets dominated by kg and the other pf in the leaguehe needs to step up his inside game Miami’s frontline is thin wayyyy too thin to hang with the magic or the celtics Miami to have success they need a quality big man inside who could play a decisive inside game

  99. LakerFanIam says:

    Yeah, but none of the other teams on that list are “contenders” this year… You can’t consider yourself an elite team & be in the bottom 5 in clutch stats…

    • dave says:

      doesnt that just show how bad it is for the heat? If the bottom teams are beating them in these clutch stat, if the heat is an elite team shouldnt they be able to beat the bottom teams in clutchness?

  100. Tenki says:

    Maybe Miami had their regrets by not dealing with STAT during the free agent frenzy last July.

  101. trix says:

    What the heat’s fault is that they dont have a set system how to go about down the stretch. When asked before the season, who is going to take the last shot, they said whoever is hot at that time. That seems all nice but it doesnt work like that. To be honest with you i dont even know if thats what they are doing? Most of the time its just an iso for lebron. Dont get me wrong, lebron is a great player, but by doing this they are so predictable and the defense can play him 1 on 5. Instead they should have set plays they should run. When its all set and done, Wade should get the ball more than he has in these situations. Cmon bosh took a 3 againts the magic where was wade then. Miami is not organized when they approach these situations and they need to figure it out before the playoffs begin because thats when you play elite teams and gamees are going to be close. Even though I am a lakers fan and hate the celtics, I admire the way boston plays down the stretch. Heat should learn from them to see how to build a contender.

    • Law064 says:

      I Agree @Trix they need a GAME PLAN for the stretch. They don’t have defined roles and look like a bunch of guys playing 5 on 5 at the local playground. I say Wade need the ball to take that shot but Lechoke needs to make plays as well drive then dish or set a play where 3 or 4 guys at least touch the ball 3 quick passes and a shot. Lebron is not a clutch player he freezes in those final seconds. The heat better hope they can buil a 30 point lead in games so they don’t have to face these situations but come playoff time a 20-30 point lead is far fetched. I think they need to give someone outside of the 3 clowns to take the shot. I don’t think Bibby is reliable enough but give him a shot at least him and Jones or even House. Miami needs some help like a half way decent bench and some role players not the washed up has beens they have on that roster. Erica Dampier lol give me a break but Damp will give you a big man in the middle but that’s about it. Sorry Heat fans but this was not a good move maybe they should’ve just went after Amare and that’s it Wade & Amare with a decent roster behind them would’ve caused a serious problem for the East.

    • mnshyn says:

      When Boston’s big three were asked who would take the last shot on a final posession, KG and Paul said Ray, and Ray said the open man.

      Says a lot about them, I think. Any of those three can make that last shot, but the trust and chemistry they have allow them to collectively make the best decision going down to that final second.

    • trix says:

      you know what i dont get…how the wade and lebron are complaining how everyone is watching their every move and the media scrutiny. They brought this on themselves. Lebron asked for the attention with his one hour long “the decision”. He liked the attention in the off-season. Had a huge celebration like they won the championship. Its childish when you want all the attention when things are going good but complain about it when they are not. JUST PATHETIC!!!

      • Nate Higgins says:


      • DWILL1 says:

        @Trix! One word says it all, ‘IMMATURE’ First they were saying they didn’t care was said about them. Wade said it himself “We welcome the criticism, we can handle the pressure” They really thought they were going to intimidate and run over ever team. But not they are finding out they it’s not so easy. So just like any bully, when you fight they back they run and cry. Wade is the Man period. Bosh does have some heart but he ‘s overated just a big man with a decent jumper, Lebron whom I live and died with for seven years. has all the weapons but no HEART!. Besides Haslem who’s out for the season, everybody is just there and don’t mean much. They will never win a title together!

    • trix i couldnt agree with u more
      i love the lakers and im a huge laker fan and wen its them against the lakers, its lakers all the way but i also love the game of basketball and the way the celtics play is so great and beatiful and admirable tat u cant hate on them, i hate the boston celtics but not the boston celtics players and theyre team is definitely one tat is a force to be reckoned with
      heat, sit down and take some note cuz the celtics are the real beasts of the east and u could learn alot of the game of basketball from this team
      the heat say hooevers hot will take the last shot in close games but if no ones hot and with the worst bench in the league what is the third option?
      like i told my friend hoos a heat fan the only way the heat can win is if all 3 stars hav a great game, and tats no way to win it all

  102. jaye says:

    the 1-18 is an amazing statistic….

  103. MJ says:

    lebron is a bigtime player with a small time heart.
    talent is there, but where is the determination?

    • CELTICS!!!!!! says:

      what talent? the only thing he has going for him is his athletic abiltiy.

      • jfabian says:

        As a Lakers Fan i hate to agree with CELTICS

      • nene celtic says:

        lmao but its true none the less laker fan

      • dave says:

        its too bad that he does have talent. I personally dont like him, but you cant become one of the top 5 players in the NBA on straight athletic. I agree that it helps him a lot but it will only take you so far.

  104. Mikael Jordan says:

    Yeye….. they should have gone for dirk and another good bigman instead of Bosh! no dizzin of Bosh!

    • Hate4Heat says:

      Miami Heat will not do anything with the current roster. If Le-brick cannot finish in the clutch, and Wade tries to get out of LBJ’s way there will be more last second misses or bricks. Bosh is overrated and cannot play defense to save his life. The other clowns leave much to be desired. Only D Rose by himself scores more in one game than the heat bench scores in 5. Reshape the roster Heat if you want a chance at a RING.

      • Nick12 says:

        I agreed and disagree! I’m a Heat fan and they straight suck right now, you cant have to Superstars in Wade and Bron and only have Lebron take the last shots! Lebron is a clutch game ball hog! The coachs surround him with 3pt shooters and he does the same thing everytime, crosses to the left, drives, tries the left hand lay up, misses or gets blcked and the Heat go crying to the locker room! They have a good squad, they just need to USE the squad, its 15 players NOT 3!!! Bosh isnt aggresive and I agreed he’s overrated until proven otherwise! LeBron need to drive, attract the defense giving them a wide open man, like VS the Bulls when Chalmers hit a 3pt in the last 30 secs! LeBron drives leaving someone open!

      • R4 says:

        As a Raptors fan i can’t wait until next season and they trade Bosh away. I guess Bosh the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence. Better luck next time

    • Omar = Mavs ALL THE WAY says:

      Dirk would have never left the mavs even if it meant multiple championships !! Its called loyalty. But it the should not have gone for Bosh nonetheless .

    • Imad Akel says:

      Oh for goodness’ sake bosh is doing better than i ever expected him to really lol.
      We knew from the start wade and lebron are each >>> bosh.
      Bosh isn’t bad he’s just not great.

      The only thing is the heat need to stop playing as a team. They are not well rounded, and they should not try to channel their offence through 5 players. Also they were winning without miller, i think they need to stop counting on him anymore. No more open shots for you mike…

      BTW they have something wrong on This portland game will not be a chance to win a close one, because it’s not gonna be close…You can count on everyone playing alot harder this game.

      • trix says:

        You sound so stupid. They should stop playing as a team? seriously now?

      • DWILL1 says:

        Imad Akei, You defy logic! If you had brains you would be dangerous, lol. Seriously though do you really believe what you are saying. If the Heat played the way you would like them to play, they wouldn’t even win a game in the NBA.

  105. Arthur says:

    Hornets are horrible in the clutch.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      The Hornets cant be any worse than the heat in the clutch.

      • Francisco says:

        some stats :lebron 32 out of 53 for 60% shooting in last 3 losses
        kobe 30 out of 68 for 44% shooting in last 3 wins
        kobe has taken 15 shots more and he has made 2 less.
        I love what is happening to the heat , this will make them stronger and release a lot of pressure.
        I am pretty sure that nobody wants to play the heat in the playoffs
        every team that has played the heat tries to make an statement, specially those good teams.

      • jfabian says:

        Francisco, the problem is not how many shot were missed or made, the problem is the impact of each shot. Kobe may miss all shots in the first three quarters but is ready to sink the dagger in the fourth. Lebron do exactly the opposite.

      • kenny says:

        lol i love how we r talkin bout lebron and u ppl need to bring kobe in. kobe is probably the most loved nba player cuz man fans love him, but haters love him even more

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @Francisco I understand your a heat fan and Lebron fan. But there comes a time you gotta be realistic. How can you possibly expect the heat to win it all and they cant beat the teams that they will face in the playoffs now? C’MON, if your a smart person, then make sense when you speak. This team is weak. Three superstars are not enough to win it all. It takes a complete team. When are you heat fans gonna understand this? When the contracts of all three stars on the heat are up and they still havent one a championship? Again, C’mon dude. This is what i cant stand about heat and lebron fans. Your so in love with a team thats going no where, and a player who hasnt accomplished anything, except for individual stats you cant be realistic with yourselfs. Anyway ill love to watch the heat continue to lose.

    • Imad Akel says:

      Lebron will make those shots….Eventually xP

      Listen he used to make them in the past. Chances are he’ll start making them again soon.

      Are you seriously questioning Lebron James’ work ethic? Forget that he may have cried after (just) a season loss, Lebron isn’t the kind of guy that’s gonna roll over in the face of a challenge. You might not like him, you can make alot of fun of him, but you can not say this guy’s not serious. Lebron’s as serious as they get sometimes. He takes personally almost anything anyone says about him or his game.

      Again i say, you are nuts if you bet on the bulls to beat the heat come playoff time. With or without home court advantage, my money and word is on the Heat…
      This 4 game skid is good for them right now. Watching the heat play, they need to learn that being up by alot at the half is not enough. They have to remain consistent and focused, and stick the dagger in deeper. Those late game situations fluctuate, better they take those close losses during the season than the playoffs…

      • ill say this once and ill say it again
        players dont win championships teams win championships as well as defense
        yes u do need 2 or maybe even 3 superstars to win it but basketball is a TEAM sport;not 3 vs 12
        forget bosh he barely gets any recogniton they should change the name from Miami Heat to Miami BallHogs and every nba fan who watches nba basketball and watches every team noes im telling the truth
        alot of room for potential on this team just not this year, do yourself a favor lbj, dwade, and bosh and admit u bit off more than u can chew, so spit out whats in ur mouth and wait till next season to try to get a piece again cuz the 2011 season nba championship aint going to miami this year
        it’ll either be boston, chicago(maybe), lakers,or spurs the real elite teams
        think of this if the heat cant be clutch in regular season games and got swept by chicago(3-0) and beaten 3 times out of four against boston(3-0) , how will they be clutch in the playoffs where it matters the most agaisnt teams that completely own the heat? lets be real and understand this year doesnt belong to the 3 super friends, it belongs to veteran teams that noe how to play ball and dont isolate the ball everytime they go down the court
        i dont hate the heat but i certainly dont support them…admit ur wrong and move on to next season where they MIGHT suceed

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @Imad Akel you say lebron will make those shots eventually. When, in the preseason, or againist teams under 500, when it doesnt count?

      • Ima SmarterThan Akel says:

        Ha Lebron not backing down in the face of a challenge that’s a good one. Look at last year’s playoffs for an example of exactly that. He knew his Cavs weren’t getting by the Celtics so he came to the conclusion of why should he bother trying

    • renton says:

      wait im pretty sure Ariza hit a gamewinning three against the heat this year? y isnt that counted…

      • ddavis says:

        If you watch every single game the heats play you will understand how much of a good team they really are…of course its things the have to work on but when you look at teams like the Spurs, Lakers, Orlando…they have been with each other for years and est. chemistry and the ability to adapt to ones attributes. Every one in the NBA is good…(thats the reason why they are in the NBA…duh) no team is wack or garbage…they just have things to work on..if Bosh wasnt on the heat he would still be on the Raptors bussing his butt for nuthn….if LeBron was still on the Cavs he would still be gussin his butt off for nuthn….and if Wade was by himself he would still be bussin he butt for the teams points…they 2gether make a unreal squad that once they begin operating good would jus dominate the haters.