StatsCube: Heat Go Cold in the Clutch

For the Orlando Magic, Thursday’s comeback from 24 points down in Miami was huge. For the Miami Heat, it was epic. And not in a good way.

With the 99-96 loss to the Magic, the Heat are now 2-12 in games decided by five points or less. And like with many of their other close losses, what we’ll probably remember from this one was a failed offensive possession at the end.

In general, the Heat are a very good offensive team, and they weren’t all that bad down the stretch on Thursday. But when they absolutely needed a bucket on the final possession, they came up empty.

Miami Heat offensive efficiency

Situation Off. Eff. Rank FG%
Overall 108.4 4 0.475
Last 5 min. of 4th or OT, 5 pt. game or closer 117.7 5 0.403
Last 3 min. of 4th or OT, 3 pt. game or closer 107.1 18 0.329
Last 30 sec. of 4th or OT, Tied or down 1-3 95.0 13 0.174

Off. Eff. = Points scored per 100 possessions

Miami’s efficiency isn’t terrible because the Heat are one of the best teams in the league in getting to the free-throw line. But when it comes to actually making a shot from the field, they’ve been awful, connecting on just 4 of their 23 shots with a tie game or when they’re down 1-3 points in the final 30 seconds of the fourth quarter or OT.

They’re 2-for-13 from 3-point range in that situation and 2-for-8 inside the arc. Six different Heat players have taken a shot when they absolutely needed a bucket, and none of them can really say they’ve come through in the clutch.

Heat shooting, last 30 seconds, tied or down 1-3

Chris Bosh 0 2 0 2 1 2 0 1
Mario Chalmers 0 2 0 2 0 0 0 0
Eddie House 1 3 1 3 2 2 1 5
LeBron James 2 8 0 5 3 4 2 7
Mike Miller 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0
Dwyane Wade 1 7 1 2 4 4 0 7

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  1. LOL says:



  2. Dragonslayer says:

    the heat led the bulls for most of the game. they lost by one, so the adjustment to go from a lost to a win is pretty small. here is my suggestion, when lebron was isolated at the top of the key against noah the heat got the match up they wanted. all lebron has to do is drive to the basket which he did except rather then take on the whole defense as they collapse on him he has to feed to chalmers at the left corner who was set and waiting with arms extended and nobody on him. he just hit the last five points for the heat including a big three to tie the game and shift momentum over to the heat, so the man’s head and heart and in the right place to put the bulls to sleep. lebron looks good passing to chalmers, the role players feel good for contributing to a big win and hell we’ll even say spoelstra drew it up that way. all would be good again in heat land. don’t panic the problems aren’t that big.

  3. Dragonslayer says:

    is eddie house still on timeout for hitting a cluth three in the corner and then getting fined 25K from the league for making an in your face obscene gesture to show everybody what it takes to keep other teams from stealing your lunch.

  4. T.J. says:

    Miami should use bibby, wade, miller, james, & bosh in close games. At least have one guy (bibby) with some sort of close game experience on the floor, even if he doesn’t take the last shot. Looking back, I remember robert horry would laugh & joke during close games b/c he didn’t allow the situation to get to him. Horry would would joke & then make a big shot to win the game. Shooting fall away 3’s will only get you so far, especially in the playoffs.


    im a die hard heat fan that reads alot of bull sh-t about the haters,and it all comes down to jealousy, why. because the players choose miami over any other team and they took less money, the result is hating by people that wish they were part of south Florida. the Caribbean in the states and they dont have it,

  6. Love2k says:

    Well I say Sploestra sucks.Even though i am a heat fan I want this guy fired now!
    OMG my high school coach is better than him…
    About the shots: James cant take a last second shot.He isnt a clutch player and cant get the ball in the last seconds.
    Miami need to move the ball.All they do is give the ball to james and dunk or something.That aint an option omg.
    If anybody around here plays basketball in a team will understand what i am saying.Ball movement breaks defence.

  7. Doc says:

    The fact of the matter is that the Miami Heat have way too many problems to be a championship team. You can try and solve one or two, but there are just so many things that need to be fixed before they are championship material. I don’t see it happening anytime soon. Coaching, pride, ballhogging, no offensive plays, bosh too soft, Lbj taking out point guard and not being a great jump shooter, no bench help, no great center, etc, etc, etc.

    Plus it doesn’t help that they traded away all their draft picks for the next five years and they are paying chris bosh that much money!!

    Come playoff time, when they will only play +0.500 teams, at a slower basketball pace, they will be destroyed and humiliated. It’s really unfortunate, I was really hoping Miami would win this year. I guess we’ll just have to live with another Lakers vs Celtics showdown. …sigh.

  8. LeBronze Medal James says:

    Well I think it’s safe to say that the Heat won’t be winning a championship anytime soon playing like this. They have a serious problem, I keep hearing James and Wade say they’re going to figure it out, when? They played 60 something games already and if they haven’t figure’d it out by now then they sure is hell won’t in the playoffs! Really Lebron needs to Improve on his jump shot, you can’t power your way to the paint in clutch moments when he has the ball and there is like ten seconds left everyone on the other team knows that Lebron is going to try to get to the rim if he kicked it out to Miller or House they might have a better chance at winning these close games but it seems to me that him and Wade have too much pride to let another teammate besides them self take the last shot, really think about it House and bibby can knock down some clutch shot’s Lebron and Wade knows this they are the two super stars, they should demand for the coach to put those two in in clutch moments to give them self a better chance at winning thats if these two wanted to really play team ball and not try to hog the spot light,,when the Wade and James account for more than have of the teams points how can that be consider’s team ball?

  9. new mike says:

    All I can say is that heat struggling now in their games, they can’t just relax because playoffs is already approaching. Low in field goal percentage is one basically of a team to be lose and they must to step up on that matter.

  10. MARK-A-FELLA says:


  11. Ryan says:

    Miami have no basketball IQ, well no clutch IQ anyway. Previously clutch moments for the big 3 were relatively defined. Each individual was the go to guy for plan A,B,C and sometimes D game situation ( esp clutch) moments. And running a simple drive to the basket for the win play is so ineffective, I can’t recall many game winning situations where a drive and score final play was successful and yes I know Miami have LBJ. Kobe, Reggie Miller and MJ would always close the final play of the game with a completely isolated jump shot….and at least two of those guys in their prime could equally choose to drive it in, but hey I guess MJ and Kobe knew better.
    Not to mention Miami’s defense. They seriously need a player like Bogut. Big, strong and someone who probably doesn’t care about scoring, just get the boards and block shots.

  12. Nicole says:

    Another loss for the Miami Heat today, I would not be suprised at the end of the regular season they are the number four seed and have to face Boston in the second round……………..and u guys know how that will turn out LOL

  13. master debater says:

    Heat, with all its star-studded cast and an acquired side-kick in the name of Mike Bibby, cannot be considered as an elite proven by their losing records against other and TRUE elite teams. If they were so to be called as an elite, they should have able to handle clutch situations. Maybe the problem is the lack of passing down the stretch and the team is left with a difficult shot executed by lebron or d-wade in dying seconds of the game.

  14. JP says:

    The BIG 3 play to many minutes. Its probably not the reason they are loosing games right now, but come playoffs playing 40+ minutes EVERY game wears your body down when your game is based soley on going hard to the basket (Wade & James). I do think however it is already taking a toll on them already.

  15. Carmen says:

    FUnny people say Lebron is not clutch, must have never watched the times he played with cleveland. Super clutch. The coach just needs to learn his strengths and coach towards them. Nobody is clutch on the heat with the way they are running plays. Coach is being lazy. No strategy what so ever.

    No screens set for Lebron to make his moves towards the basket so hes stuck with being a jump shooter. That is not his game.

    Wade gets to the rim but when hes trapped noone comes to the ball result- 7 turnovers. Where is the teamwork.

    Bosh just has to be stonger and quicker defensively. Its a shame what this coach is getting away with.

  16. Jones says:

    I just watched Miami lose to Chicago. I am starting to think there is some type of officiating conspiracy against
    the Heat. Chicago missed a free throw with fifteen seconds and Mike Miller was called for a foul to give Chicago
    another chance. The instant replay indicated that this call, at that time of the game, in Miami, should not have happened. The game was over. On the other hand the officials seem to have a difficult time calling fouls when Wade or Lebron go to the basket. I wonder has the unpopularity of the Lebron move to Miami has biased NBA officiating ?

  17. Lakers Heat says:

    who the asked yall

  18. jwall says:

    Heat just have to be used to these situations. This will happen alot in the playoffs. Im excited to see the time when they shooit in the clutch calmly

  19. mailman says:

    no way for d-wade and cb4 to be clutch this season, they never got the chance to show it!…. you cant shoot without the ball! its always at lebroom’s hands shooting bricks

  20. LeBruce says:

    miami can only beat weaker teams, but when confronted by elite teams, they destroyed themselves miserably..

  21. FOXXY says:

    Lets just keep it funky heat fans, the heat CANNOT beat the top tier teams, point blank period, if this was a two or three man game they probably would be crazy, but this is TEAM BALL, BOSTON OR DIE!!!

  22. breeze says:

    its just that lebron has a LOW BASKETBALL I.Q.

    • tre' says:

      LeBron has a low basketball IQ?
      You’re trolling, right?

      • fan says:

        who is the troll? there is no chemistry in whichever team lebron joins. is the team dumb or lebron cant read the team’s mind?

    • tre' says:

      There was no chemistry in the Cavs the entire time he was there?
      If you’d actually watched Cavs games, you would have saw that the entire team was fluid & running smooth because of LeBron.
      A team with no chemistry doesn’t go 66-16 in one season, then 62-20 the next by pure coincidence.
      Think before you type something that dumb again.

  23. Dwayne Wade says:

    LeBron sucks…He takes out the PG in a team because he handles the ball too much…

    He needs to pass me the ball in crunch time…Did you all see how clutch I am last season when LeBron was not yet in Miami…

  24. likedamaster says:

    Heat are a disaster this season. Nuff freakin’ said.

  25. likedamaster says:

    Hear are a disaster this season. Nuff freakin’ said.

  26. XSP17 says:

    I don’t think the coach is gettine enough blame in this. I’m sick of everyone saying what a great job he’s doing. I know he’s doing the best he could but it’s not good enough. I knew this even when the Heat were on their winning streak. Letting them run their own offense as long as they play defense philosophy is just plain stupid. I knew from the beginning that just simply running the fastbreak wasn’t going to get them a championship. Anybody who knows basketball knows that the game slows down significantly in the playoffs. Spo has got to execute offense plays. He’s the freakin coach for crying out loud. I there’s a significant drop off from the Big 3 and the role players are not consistent as they should be. When they were on their winning streaks, beating the Lakers and such, there was so much ball movement. Now the ball just sticks. I know LeBron is a great player but he has got be quicker at making decisions when he get the ball. Look at all the other good teams. Theres tons of ball movement. Like I said before, Heat management deserves a lot of the blame too. They really should have had better players around Wade before LeBron and Bosh came. Now they’re just stuck with what they got this year because they can’t afford anyone else. If they don’t win a championship in 2 years together, they really need to consider trading Bosh for a nice point guard or big man. In the meantime, find a coach that the players respect and a coach that can speak his mind and execute the offense. If anyone recalls, in the beginning of the year, Riley said he would like have Doc Rivers coach this team. Hopefully that could happen if he decides to leave the Celtics as Doc already lives in Florida. I know this would be a better team if Doc was coaching. He’s a nice guy, but if don’t like the way he’s running things, tough luck. He makes that clear to all of his players and look where it has gotten him. Just think about some of the things he has did to win games. Remember that game against the Lakers when they came back from a 20 something point lead to beat the Lakers in LA and Ray Allen drove the ball in the paint for a layup; crossing dude over. WELL EXECUTED. That was all DOC. You got to get a coach in there that has played the game. Subconciously, players don’t respect Spo.

  27. duncan213 says:

    Chris Bosh is soft period Miami needs a bench!!! playoff time u definitely need a quality bench like the Spurs, Celtics
    Miami got smashed in SA by 30 wutt happened?? 17 3 pointers wtf happened? Bosh a non factor as usual ahahahah
    if Miami wants to go anywhere they need to play team defense and share the ball as a team King James and Wade
    can’t do it all by themseles they are obviously tremendous players but they need help seriously

  28. neaaal says:

    REMEMBER THE TEAM USA! BLUE VS WHITE??? Where KOBE hits the game winner. on the very next possession, Lebron Misses with kobe guarding him. End! Lebron .00001% CLUTCH! LOL!

  29. Ice Pogi says:

    ooops typo error “BELIEVE”

  30. Ice Pogi says:

    I’m A heat fan and really disappointed to their previous games….
    1. They lead the game by 24 pts.
    2. 3rd qtr. they’re always having a great drought…
    3. CBosh shooting 3’s at last finishing seconds.
    4. Poor coaching abilities….
    1. They keep shooting outside…. resulting to poor field goal percentage.they have 2 of the top5 explosive players that can drive to the basket. create an opening for others. or get at least a free throw if fouled.
    2. same as 1. trying to get points on shooting far from the basket… while its way better shooting in the paint… much more higher chance to make a field goal…DWade attacks the basket… even attack D12… why they stop doing that?
    3. Lot of three point shooters. Miller House Bibby and lastly Jones who is the 3point shooting champ in AllStar…and they end up in Bosh…I beleive in bosh shooting but closer to the basket like 18ft. not in 3pt Arc….
    4. I’m not a pro but at least i know why they lose the game. Maybe coach Spo never seen that coming until its too late.
    Spo must act he suppose to be…. He’s the coach!!! No offense on spo, even if I’m your (Kababayan Pinoy) I have to say this…Don’t wait until Pat Riley kick you on the sideline too….Do you remember Van Gundy 2006 when Payton Williams Posey walker ZO and O’neil was struggles because he didn’t try to use their abilities….

    Pat may come down after all… Hey Coach Riley the HEAT is in need of a new coach… would you like to take it?

  31. Courtland Gray says:

    I agree with the first couple comments… One guy just literally blasted Lebron James and said that he wasn’t clutch though he took a whole team to the finals… But that’s not the discussion…They were very capable of dominating any game. When their star players get hot. Because they have so many go to guys… I do feel like the other players are scared to take more shots… Which should happen. They need their bench. They need all their players… Chalmers is most definitely trying to step up… but when it comes about Wade/Lebron… And then when those players stop scoring… Who else is going to score? That long drought in the 3rd against orlando… no one could get a shot down EXCEPT DAMPIER! Also, Nuugame… I agree there are a lot people who would rather seem them fail as opposed to succeed… I feel like the team as a whole has very very low confidence. Especially Chris Bosh… Who was averaging 18, 19 pts in the beginning… He’s taking ALOT more less shots because he doesn’t want to fail. When it comes to experience… Yea.. Erik is a young coach… He may not have the experience as say Phil Jackson… but he’s improving… You can only blame the coach for so long… Wade and Lebron and Bosh are the cause of a lot of turnovers.. Mostly because the other team know that’s who the ball is going to. I know that the controversy is whether or not they’re clutch… But that isn’t the question… all of those games they lost where they had big leads… The change happens in the second half. It just doesn’t start at the end of the game… They just stop playing when it’s 5 min in the fourth. As soon as the second half starts… they can’t score. The other teams gets on a role… And they get real sloppy. turnovers happen. And next thing you know it’s an 18-0 run. They have other scorers… But the team needs to step up… Wade/Lebron needs other players who will take shots in their stead, to open up space for them. If not… They’re just gonna be one dimensional. Since Wade/Lebron are gonna score 60% of the pts… Teams know who they need to stop.

  32. Whoa says:

    As an lebron fan and supporter’s hard to admit that the Miami heat aren’t going to get very far in the playoffs this season..I see an early second round elimination because they don’t have what the other elite teams in the league have and that’s a bench , they have the lowest scoring bench in the NBA right now ..which puts pressure on erik spoelstra to play lebron and wade more minutes as anybody else on the team so down the stretch in close games they aren’t able to perform their best because of fatigue and they don’t have anybody else who can step up ..chris bosh have been struggling as of late..he’s not consistent at all, they started out as being the favorite out the east to not even making it out the 1st round.

  33. U mad? says:

    BEAT MIAMI!!! BEAT MIAMI!!! BEAT MIAMI!!! BEAT MIAMI!! Hahahahaha u guys r so crappy and overrated!!! Heat = Epic Fail

  34. Win says:

    Lebron is not a clutch player. I’d make Wade the go-to-guy during the last few seconds.

  35. Win says:

    Lebron is not a clutch player. I’d make Wade the go-to-guy during the last few seconds. The Heat simply bullies teams that are not that good but can’t beat the stronger teams. I think they must admit to themselves that they ain’t the best team as if all other teams will roll-over when they play Miami.

  36. Love the lakers but love the NBA too! says:

    Hello to all here! I’ve been reading the blogs and I just had to way in! First of all I’m a Lakers fan! Every time the Lakers have had downtime this year, they’ve been trashed by everyone. The Heat is having some downtime and they’re being trashed by everyone now! The Lakers are still an elite team, as are the Heat. The Heat will bounce back, believe me. I have to comment on one blogger in here. A guy that calls himself WILL! This blog is about the clutch play of the Heat. Yet all this man has done is trash the Lakers and Kobe Bryant! Listen: Kobe Bryant is a clutch player! Lebron James is a great player. They’re both amazing players so just get away from the hate man! As I said the Heat will bounce back! The Lakers seem to be bouncing back now! Two great teams. Actually though the Spurs are the team to beat. They’ve been the only consistent team this year. Kudos to the NBA. Another great season!

  37. I really think there’s a 3-peat this season but make no mistake about it. It’s not the Lakers I’m talking about. It’s LeBron who is going to win 3 MVPs in a row.

    About Miami’s poor performance, I think they will not go any further coz the Celtics is going to win the championship at all coz.

  38. hahaha says:

    wrong heat is struggling now but its not a problem for lebron to not make the last shots. it could happen to anyone like kobe, carmelo or so on. kobe suckers are the only ppl think kobe could make all clutch shots but no way..he got rapped by wade on chirstmas day and again he doesnt shoot well (yea hi know kobe suckers would say hes role is to shoot a lot yeah yeah yeah) also by fat what I know from 2000’s NBA, carmelo is the one who had a highest percentage for clutch shots and even lebron place dhigher than kobe guys. dont blame miami heat soo much cuz they rapped LA dont u guys remember?? LA also lost twice by SAS so wut is the problem with this??

  39. J ROSS says:


  40. oppss says:

    i think lebron is the player ever… why? coz he was the only one man superstar who got his team on the eastern finals and had two best season record… even kobe or jordan couldnt do that on their own… Just a thought!!;-)

  41. Basketballislife says:

    Lebron SHOulDNT have the ball in clutch situations , this is Dwdades team and more clutch than lebron. Coming from a person who is not heat fan! Its just hilarious how the last person in my mind Chris Bosh is shooting threes in Clutch time. They better Find something to get it done in late 3rd and 4thqtrs Bulls just slipped to 2nd place in the standings, on that note lets see how they match against the bulls sunday. Coach spo has some little blame in this, what the hell is telling them in the timeouts?

  42. KIngKobra2 says:

    The Heat are just my favorite team but i don’t care any more. You Heat fans need to forget about them because they are not winning a title. You dissapointed my little b rother on his birthaday on March 3rd by losing like a couble of beep beep beep beep holes. Chicago is the real king team with D-ROSE1

  43. Stef says:

    What about Bosh’s made 3 pointer when they were down 86-91 with 29 seconds left…I’ll never trust anything from Statscube ever again!

  44. PhilippineCoconut says:

    Offense wise the Miami Heat should have players capable to drive and kick…. the miami heat have too many spot up shooters,…
    so they should acquire a good point guard…. LBJ and Dwade is capable of doing that but they should have at least somebody who could bring the ball up and down and a drive and kick play just like Tony Parker..

    Also the Miami Heat is lacking inside presence.. they should have at least a player with the likes of Andrew Bynum on their roster.

  45. monta8 says:

    you all don’t know anything about basketball. Miami is a good team. There just saving it for the playoffs. And they want to be second in the east. Have you people done your homework. The past two seasons the team who was first in the east failed to make it in the finals. They made it in 2007 cause they were second in the east. unfortunately they got swept. So first of all being second in the east going to the playoffs would be easier for Miami. They might not even face Boston in the playoffs cause there the only worthy team against Miami.

    • Mada says:

      thts just plain stupid. honestly basketball cant be predicted. its just plain coincidence, what the hell get real monta! for me they just need to work the ball more and make everyone have the feel for the ball i mean have u ever seen james jones drive to the basket and make plays or even mike miller eddie house! have u ever seen a consistent fluid ball movement! thats just whats this teams problem and to tell you honestly the C and PG spot aint there biggest problem(center by committee and Bibby CHALMERS) its mind over matter. TEAMWORK makes basketball easy i mean is that hard to do. plus it makes the big three rest for the more thing LEBRON! stop stathogging, it because of your over playmaking and ball handling that makes this Heat offense stagnant. AND GIVE THE BALL TO WADE IN CRUNCH TIME C’MON!! its his time he’s done that countless times, Lebron only made what? 5 game winning shot in an 8 year career some where just hard drives to the basket thats easy to do. CLUTCH TIME is WADE time. SPO get it to ur HEAD!

      DIE HARD WADE FAN, HEAT FAN get this thing rolling beat the ELITE

  46. ELDiablO says:

    kick lebron out of him with blake hehehehehe

  47. tonsh says:

    they should get tmac from the pistons to be their point guard. make a trade to get tmac. LOL

  48. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    This had to be one of the worst NBA games I’ve ever watched this season.. The Cavs might have them beat, but the Cavs learned (tonight for example vs the Knicks) that you have to make free throws.. In the clutch you go to the person that is hot.. I just don’t understand them anymore.. One day they are a championship contender, and then the next they look like the worst NBA team in history.. Spolstra seems to NEVER get angry.. Every good coach has at least ONE TECH! From what I can remember.. He was none.. Pop was ejected from a game.. Same with Doc Rivers.. ejected because they fight the refs for the right calls.. Obviously tonight there were clearly some wrong calls.. A lot.. but for some reason.. He just keeps his cool.. There are pros and cons to that.. Just to see that he pulled out D-Wade and Bron in the late of the 3rd quarter shows you how bad they were losing.. To ask the NBA if you can just run the clock for the rest of the period is crazy!!! This isn’t one of their good moments.. For someone new that fed into the hype of the Heat, and then watched this game.. I’m sorry.. Sorry is exactly the word for this game.. SORRY.. 36-12 in the 1st quarter was unbelieveable! I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only person that flipped from different channels praying that this would actually be a GOOD game.. Now they play Chicago who is only two and a half games behind them now since they beat the Magic.. They play them on Sunday.. Are we gonna see the explosive heat with Lebron driving down the lane, or are we gonna see the sorry heat that look like they’ve never played a game of basketball in their lives?? IDK.. We will have to see.. Not a good night at all! DIE HARD HEAT FAN is not impressed at all :/

  49. Dragonslayer says:

    problem with the Heat is they have to learn how to win. Bad teams fold when behind, good teams make a run, championship teams learn how to hold off that run. It’s all in the head and the heart. Miami right now doesn’t have enough confidence and has 0 heart. It’s fight or flight. When they get tired of teams stealing their lunch someone will kick the cooler or break a chair, get pissed off and make a stand to hold off the late run. Fire spolstra, bring on Mr. Knight. A team plays like the make-up of their coach. Mr. nice guy isn’t cutting it.

  50. INDIANBALLER says:

    LEBRON SHOULD LEARN FROM KOBEEEE THE “CLOSER” and just let WADE take the shots

  51. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    Okay.. I have no idea what else to say now.. How in the world do you give up 36 points in the 1st quarter.. Yes,, You heard me right.. 36-12 end of the FIRST down in Texas.. The spurs are just hot.. I believe in the Heat, and I thought this was gonna be a really good game.. But right now.. I’m a little iffy… The last time they scored 12 in the FIRST quarter is when they play BOSTON for the 1st time and only had like 9 points.. I just.. Man.. Can they win??? Yes.. I’m sayin a lot just 4 it 2 b the 1st quarter.. but hey.. the SPURS ARE HOT! I’ll blog after the game.. :/

  52. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    I’m not happy with the way the game came out yesterday.. I was yelling at my tv and I was just highly upset… In crunch time.. who should the Heat really go to?? Just because Lebron isn’t proving it now, he can prove that he’s a crunch time player in the future.. WE all know how he plays, we all know how good he is.. but we gotta remember that this is D-WADES team.. He is the player to me that should go down with the ball in crunch time… I didn’t watch Chris Bosh play that much so I have no idea how he is in these situations.. Credit to my cousin Dwight!!! 🙂

  53. Tcha says:

    As far as I follow NBA, it’s the matter how you behave towards Lebrone James (I am not talking about the funs but his team). For centuries and centuries we have lost our acceptance of honoring the people as heroes with respect (I believe, this is the side effect of some religions). We have forgotten the feeling of letting him or her be a god or a goddess… A hardworking player with some skills can be seen as a valuable asset for the team. And being a valuable asset can be a nice feeling for that person; but not for a hero! This approach would simply make a hero get extinguished… Will Miami team see Lebrone James as a hero and behave accordingly? We will see…

  54. GOTYA! says:

    hahaha! speak forurself WIL. be the best player and all talented without championship and true passion makes you like ur man, leBROKE = wilBROKE.

  55. Arya says:

    You need to let Chirs Bosh score because he only averages 18.3 ppg

  56. Arya says:

    Also I cant beleve that there was an amazing comeback. I want to write the book called “The Amazing Comeback” for basketball

  57. Arya says:

    If i were the Heats coach i would tell them that last night and a few nights ago they had a amazing 1st half with LeBron and Dwayne scoring a lot but they failed (aganist the Knicks and the Magic in the second half. If i was eric spostra I would not let LeBron and Wade take it up. Since you have Mike Bibby now on the Heat you should let him take it up from now until the playoffs start.) Also you need the Heat to practice because I notice you nobody ever practiced (since maybe lets say Jan 3 2011 or 4th whatever.)

  58. Zeal says:

    Two words. Over Confident.

  59. NBAFAN says:

    you just can’t win em’ all..
    give them a chance, it’s they’re first year together.. they are superstars, they know what they are doing, they talked to each other before signing in to miami, they believe in each other, it’s just that the coaching staff sucks.. If the Big 3 are superstars, the coaching staff are just like newbies, they can’t handle that too much talent… who knows who’ll win the championship this season, anything can happen in nba, lakers may get their 3peat, chicago might won, miami might won too.. nobody knows.. but surely, next season will be different not only for miami.. love the game, stop criticizing..

  60. Arya says:

    Also, if i was eric spostra I would have a better ball handler take up the ball then LeBron and Dwayne of even the pf and c. Let Mike Bibby take it up because he is a okay baller handler

  61. Arya says:

    I think the heat have to practice because when they play their games, they get a good start with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.I don’t want to make you upset but the heat failed (against the New York Knicks and the Orlando Magic because of comebacks in the second half. If i was eric spostra i would keep the pg sg sf pf and c in the second half because you dont know whats goin’ to happen

  62. heat fan says:

    Yeaahhhh. heat will improve significantly they are learning from their mistake.

  63. Simday says:

    And I say they’re yet to be a Champion in terms of their team.. They only have the guys but they do not have the ‘A’ team..
    Common Coach… you got to do something about that.. James is holding the ball tooooooooo loooooooonnngggg.. And I quote “Hey James this is not your CAVS team and your not alone here you got to pass the ball..”

  64. lordkhim says:

    I think DWADE must handle the game in the last possession.LBJ already failed so many times in his career.

  65. Simday says:

    Bosh Should Go D.. And they must rotate the ball in a selfless manner.. Wade and James is like competing on their PPG and Who’s the better player When you look on their Stats.. They’re just owning the game.. and that pulls them down the standings.. Look at the other teams.. they’re not straining their players on offense its always in the ball rotation and defense..

  66. kobefan says:

    I’m a huge Kobe Bryant fan and believe that Lebron James does not even come close to him by far but i am also a basketball fan and in this one im actually going to have to stick up for Lebron James a little bit. There was a reason why Lebron left Cleveland in the first place and that was because he wants a championship and like any player including Kobe Bryant and even MJ he can’t do it alone yes i do agree that he needs to be a little bit more selfless and trust his team mates a little bit more but how can he really trust a team that other than Dwade and at times Bosh is non existent. He is pretty much being asked to do the exact same thing he was in Cleveland and that was for him to single handedly win the games for them. We all have to be fair and say that when Lebron and Wade aren’t getting into the paint the Heat pretty much have no team! Spolestra needs to finally step up and take over this team instead of sitting back and letting the superstars take over his “coaching”. But i do agree that Lebron chokes way to much and they need to give the ball to the guy who has already been to where they all want to be and that’s DWade NBA Champion!

  67. JH says:

    They need a Center! I say they get Nene next year (he’ll be a free agent). Bosh is not a pure center (and doesn’t have the size against the best of them). I say keep him at forward (him and LeBron) and D-Wade at guard (and LeBron can play guard as well as forward). Then, the team would be complete. Bibby can come off the bench for Wade or Arroyo. I just hope Bibby wipes off the nerves from last night. I think folks are trying to take on too much (someone is going to get injured going That hard every moment of the game – God forbid!). They need a center and all should be good and they can use the rest off the bench and so others can get rest.

  68. HENRY says:

    Let me start by saying this, The HEAT are not doing what they singed to do, i mean lebron and wade are averaging almost the same points as last year and bosh is being used -actually he’s not being used to his fullest. last nights game was a embarrasment for all heat fans(i am a heat fan and live in miami). How r we suppost to win gsames with two players(wade.James) taking all the shots, wich leaves me to this-we blew a 24 point lead and we ask why? by wad and James taking all the shots everyone else is DEAD COLD. wich is why bosh couldnt get it going and everyone else sucked aswell. Put Bibby as the point guard,have him run plays,have wade,james play off the ball,use bosh at the post(wich is why he averaged 25 n 12). The point is wade n james r not suppost to be scoring 24+ points in everygame, they were suppost to sacrifice their averages from last year but only bosh is suffering from this, get other playes involved more, coach Spo eather grow some balls n stop letting LeBron run the team or get fired. AND PLEASE HEAT, STEO UP YOU GUYS R BETTER THAN THIS AND STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO DO WHAT YOU WERE BUILD TO DO PLAY WITH MORE HEART AND PLAY SMART, IM A HUGE FAN AND THIS MAKES ME AND EVERY OTHER HEAT FAN EMBARRASED.

  69. great88 says:

    hey jj ruance. why are you comparing heat with the bulls??? are you kidding all the people here? Heat are nowhere near bulls. The lakers with Kobe and Phil Jackson is the only one comparable with the bulls

  70. LeBronze Medal James says:

    Well I think people are starting to see why Lebron went to the heat,,he is not the guy to give the ball to with ten seconds left at best he will try to power his way to the paint and hope for a foul other than that him pulling up for a jumper or taking a jump shot is out the question,,I watch Kobe put teams away when it’s crunch time I mean he had done it in many games this season but as far as the heat go there is just to much pride between the so called big three example they were down by six get the rebound off of a magic miss give the ball to wade and he throws up a three early with 20 seconds still left on the shot clock they was still plenty of time left in the game but no set plays were run just the heat players launching three after three and when Lebron shot the ball with 2 or three seconds left I knew it was a brick lol hey I’m not a heter the man Lebron is a beast but lets be real he can’t hit big time shots!

  71. joel best says:

    lebron is the best player in the game and if anyone could ever be compared to MJ its him but this team demands a lot from him, am not worried about that lost because orland magic is a great team (give them credit) wade is very very greedy but he is a great finisher ..i know it will be hard for him to be a pippen to anyone ,, i think this is the first team with two leaders. the coach made some mistakes but after all nobody is perfect, am sure HE repented for it, mike bibby change there game alot but all and all there is no team that can beat them in the play off……oh am sorry maybe the old lakers with shaq and kobe or micheal and pippen and the bulls but NO ONE ELSE MARK MY WORDS NO ONE

  72. melvin says:

    if you like to win miami in the close game dwade may be the one who takes offensive weapon not lebron.dwade is the best clutch shooter..pls try this coach erick..

  73. jj ruance says:

    easy guys! heat players need to mature!..michael jordan and the bulls need the triangle and its chemistry to won multiple’s only the heats own big 3 season…and they will improve and gel soon! and it’s getting me excited!! go HEAT!!

  74. pmoney23 says:

    Riley needs to just step in and take over…. The team will not succeed under Spolstra… Period!!! Quit saving everyone’s feelings and just step in and take over and start winning the right way…. It’s not that hard

  75. kk says:

    Honestly Lebron is not clutch and he needs to stop hogging the ball at the end that game against the knicks wade was on the corner calling for the ball but Lebron didn’t pass it to him and he decided to instead mae the shot and he missed it and he did the same thing against the magics. Wade is more of a clutch player i wish the damn coach would draw something for wade at the end to make the shot instead of making allowing Lebron to do it instead, this is one of their biggest problems right now not closing out late games and they were up a dozen during that game with orlando too. Coach make them give the ball to wade gosh it ain’t that hard to do.

  76. great88 says:

    Kobe…Since Kobe is the best player in the world and the most clutch! without a doubt

  77. john says:

    Funny how Lebron fans are complaining about the coach. LOL dumbasses. Lebron does what ever the F he wants at the end of the game and that is why they lose. You guys think the Spolestra actually draw up those plays? Besides the one from last night everything has been Lebron does what ever he wants even if spolestra drew up a play.

  78. ELDiablO says:

    hehehehe is lebron a jinx..

  79. WARRIOR says:

    @THEHEATSUCK: its you again Retard Cavs FAN… hahaha

  80. john says:

    Lebron always has the ball when the game is winding down. He holds the ball, walks the ball up the court, lolligag everyone to sleep. That is why the Heat always lose in close games. It’s the truth, no one wants to admit it but 70% of the reason why they don’t win close games is because of Lebron. Last five minutes of the game Lebron has the ball 85% of the time. Wade can’t t going, no one else can get going. Then when Lebron can’t score to save his life they expect everyone else to be on fire. Doesn’t work that way. Maybe if Lebron stop hogging the ball and let everyone else get their shots in and bring their confidence up then they wouldn’t even be in a close game situation. I bet if you asked any heat player to honestly evaluate Lebron and how much he has the ball they would say he has the ball too often and is making the team worst. For someone who has the ball as much as Lebron he should be averaging 15 assists/game.

    Someone should make a statistic of how many times Lebron has the ball and compared that to some of the top point guards. I bet his posession would be just as much and the sad part is he can’t create like those other top point guards.

  81. bigperez says:

    Yo gary your miami team well not win a champion with out a big men in center chirs bosh is not a true center so it seem to me that your miami will lost to chicago,boston,or magic in the playoffs

  82. Andres says:

    Its not D-Wade’s fault nor LeBron’s . Its all Bosh’s Fault he is supposedly apart of ‘The Big Three’ and isn’t playing up to expectations. If he wants to be apart of the ‘The Big Three’ he must contribute more.He only scored 13 points and 5 rebounds in the lost to the Magic yesterday. He has to “step up” in the next 20 or so games left . He must play like how he played in Toronto.I am looking Forward seeing the Heat’s next game which is tonight against the Spurs.

  83. g1212 says:

    i will give lebron this tho, atleast the self proclaimed king is takin shots at the end of games. before he was too scared to even shoot the ball at the end of games.

    im sure he will learn from this and become a better closer although i have a hard time believing that :p

  84. Mada says:

    They need to give the ball to Wade in crunch time, he is CLUTCH more clutch than LeBron. They need to Play in their style but they got to move the ball and let others score because if that happens it will boost the confidence of their other teammates and they get a feel for the ball it just knowing how to play basketball and its not always about pure individual talent. “TEAMWORK” is key but i know they will figure it out and its the perfect time when that happens PLAYOFFS.
    it irritates me to see them play without fluid movements but im still rooting for them because their my team and WADE will come through.

  85. g1212 says:

    makin the playoffs in the east when usually the 6th 7th and8th seed team have losing records isnt impressive. also, lebron only made it to the finals once and got swept, not twice.

  86. Rodney says:

    im very mad wit the heat. when they are losing by 3 point they should put all the point shotter on the floor( eddie house, james jones, mike miller, mike bibby, d-wade) not chris bosh or lebron james cuz the game against orlando they should have not gave the ball to chris bosh. they should have put eddie house and james jones in or gave the ball to d-wade at least they would have made it. #imjustsayin

  87. g1212 says:

    @FIRSTTHINGSFIRST 1 question for you and your stats.

    if you got the chance to pick between lebron or kobe to hit 1 game winnin shot and win amillion dollars who would you pick?

    • WILL says:


  88. eddy says:

    OK this is the deal..when you got a guy like lebron who is a former MVP playin for your team your take more shots than that guy…and wade sometimes just take way to many shots and that defnetly take lebrons out of the game..guy lets be honest beside pat riley gambling the future of this team with that young coach i think WADE shows he ego once in a pretty sure if wade let lebron be jordan and wade takes scottie pippen place this team will do what it suppose to do..lebron should be the main guy in the fourth quater…ok ok ok yes he missed in the last minutes in the last couple of games but heyy he is not in the zone or hot when that happen cuz other people like lebron were shootin too much..and what in the world miamis coach is doing in putting lebron on the bench for sooo long when he is not in foul trouble or anythin like it..he is a young kid let the guy play //he sat down for like 5 mins in the second quater yesterday and then in the 3rd quater oohhh come on what kind of strategy this coach is using..samethin when the heats run the play in the last seconds against orlando bosh was the one ending with the ball on his hands to take the 3point shot that tells me he play was sucks lol…so yess neww COACH and lebron should be the player takin the most shots every single game..period

  89. HeatFan says:

    Everyone here on this page are Miami haters. D-Wade is still not fully recovered, remember that. And everyone says in defense that Kobe is a better player is because he has more rings. LOOK AT KOBE’S TEAM.

  90. GOTYA! says:

    Are you all kidding me leblamable fans???!!! ur leblame isn’t gunna be of any hero and why does the couch would limit d-wades capability of scoring and making the last three point to tie/ win close games as what he did before and why would the couch simply rely the ball to leblame when he is just about nothing when pressure is given to him?

    why would he leave the ball to someone who cannot make his team win!!!! lebroke!

    • WILL says:


  91. Frank says:

    @John Schuhmann:

    I’m curious to know how the Heat compare to the other teams in the league for the stats that you put up. In other words, there are two questions.

    Does FG% go down as the game winds down for all teams?

    For the stat “Last 30 sec. of 4th or OT, Tied or down 1-3”, how does the rest of the league compare?

  92. ruis says:

    ..hey y’ll!!! aight….As I saw the last play, there was something wrong with the coaching..!! DWAde supposed to be the first option right?…As he wants the ball on the left wing side, the passer couldnt make it, THEN, the play should designed a 2nd option for LBJ where he was in the wrong place at a wrong time!!! I Dont know why he was far away from the pLay or is it designated to SHAking Bosh to take 3.??
    Anway, AFter all that, first option, DWade should he find a way to get the ball as he was first option?? Or he has just follow what the Coach said to him…LOL

  93. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Okay these stats mean nothing. Lets take Kobe and the Lakers as an example in the same situation. Close games of five points or less.

    At Cleveland, 6secs left Bryant missed 3pt attempt.

    At San Antonio Bryant missed 3pt attempt with 1.40 to play

    At Kings Bryant missed 3pt attempt with 2.1secs

    At Chicago missed 2 of 2 free throws with 11.9 to play

    These are just some of the stats and I could pull more but this was just for and example. It goes without saying that a player/team is going to have some really bad looking stats when you compare losses duh!

    Granted that the Heat have been doing bad in close games, but it doesn’t change the fact that their point difference in wins is one of the highest (if not the highest), their Record is 4th best in the league so to say they are sorry or rating their clutch performance on losses only just makes a person sound dumb.

    Lastly consider this if a player/team dominates in the final quarter to make it impossible for the other team to catch up that is also clutch so in turn we would need to examine wins as well to judge a player/team’s clutch performance

  94. Evan says:

    Besides last night, I have had trouble understanding why Lebron not D-wade has the ball in his hands in the final seconds of the game. He has consistantly been one of the top clutch performers in the nba not to mention his biggest in bringing the heat back from 2 games down in the finals. I respect lebron as a great player but if they want to make things work in miami they have to let each player bring what they do best and the best clutch performer is dwade. As for last night i thought it was just terrible coaching execution even though it did look like they tried to get the ball to wade.

  95. Neil says:

    Wow, I kept replaying that last play they did. On that play, Mike Bibby was actually screening for Chris Bosh to shoot the three, Unbelievable! When it should have been the other way around.

  96. CARLITOS says:


  97. UNKNOWN says:

    I bet D-Wade is like GET ME OUTTA HERE!

  98. David Pat says:

    All HOF players need to be coached by a HOF coach, or a coach with a “shut up and listen” attitude. When the players think they know more then the coach then they wont respond. Look at Doc Rivers and Phil Jackson. they are the only teams who can handle more then one all-star at a time. Imagine how scarry the heat would be with Phil or Doc???? Go Lakers for their second threepeet!!

  99. Joe cooper says:

    They don’t have any one that can come off a screen and nail a jump shot. Richard Hamilton would be a nice pick up.

  100. linebacker0000 says:

    Sean & KS you guys are right! Too much talent is simply a “over kill!” Now Miami is asking Wade, Bosh to be role players and play off of Lebron when each player is used to being the Man for their teams in the past. Also, their playing styles don”t compliment each other because they’re all about offense. Every championship team has had the Dennis Rodman’s, Kurt Rambis’s, Rick Mahorn’s and Ben Wallace’s, Robert Horry’s,Ron Artest’s and Tim Duncan’s. On every team you always gonna have somebody with too much ego. Lebron told everybody after the famed “Decision” that it’s not about sharing, it’s about everybody having their own little spotlight,” well that should have been a red flag in itself. Lebron plays as if he’s playing football. He’s always the guy trying to run over/through people and whenever, if ever the refs call a fouls against him, he always cry like a baby and throw a tandrem, but never do the refs hit him with a Tech.Lebron is clearly about Lebron, and no one else! Miami don’t need Lebron because he does what he wants to do, regardless of the play that Spoelstra draws up, and he disrupts the other players opportunity to contribute. He tries to be the Shooting Guard, Small Forward and Point Guard, therefore it makes the other players look useless. Miami has more Super Stars and 3 PT Shooters than any other team in the NBA but TOO MUCH SALT ON YOUR FOOD RUINS THE TASTE!

  101. JKey says:

    I think Miami’s big problem is that they shouldn’t be getting to clutch situations. It would help them out tremendously, given the stats. But negotiations are vital to determine who has the shot and how it is executed. Too many players and not enough leadership. This is Wade’s team and I think it should be treated so.

  102. daniel says:

    i think lebron is the most physically gifted, and arguably most talented player in the league. (and im a Wade fan, although i think kobe is the best overall player). But after watching the Heat play, they are just not a cohesive unit and the plays set by coach spoelstra just dont cut it. I like Spoelstra, but he needs to tell them straight; every player needs to play a role. I really felt i was watching LBJ and Wade trying to out-do each other. Which is fun to watch, but its not going to win a championship.

    The plays drawn up are not getting the whole team involved, it was simply a screen and roll. and when that doesnt work, or wade and Lebron miss, it looks like they dont know what to do.

    This is what i think should happen. Lebron is and overall better player than wade, but he needs some advice from MJ to improve his clutch game. if he still cant get better, he should step back and let wade take over. He should also stop playing like a guard and improve his post game. the guy is big and fast, and he could use that muscle inside. Or, he needs to get play like a scottie pippen, and set up bosh in the lane.

    Or worse comes to worse, if the heat dont get it together come playoff time (they should be able to win a championship with this team and a healthy haslem) make a bid for phil jackson or jerry sloan next season. under jacksons authority they will come out on top.

  103. Arthur Jenkins says:

    Coach Spolestra needs to really push these guys in late game situations
    It seems as though they go cold
    As a Miami fan i get scared late in the 4th
    Something has to change before the playoffs
    GO HEAT!!!

  104. Lebron James says:

    They are not that polish yet and everybody can see it that DWade and Lebron should compliment each other and understand each other…the chemistry should develop and the coaching staff should learn who will take over during crunch time….. but again, Miami would be the force to reckon with in playoff time…

  105. LeBronDbest says:

    Y’all don’t remember that LeBron James took the Cavaliers to playoff for 7 years all by himself and to times to the finals, His the best player but the problem its not him the Coach its not doing his job right, and i blame James b/c his not complaining about it he should step up and speak out he has the power to do so, like Kobe does wit Phil when he feels things r not going right……… Hopefully they’ll do something about it………………. I love you LeBron

  106. Chris Bosh Sucks says:

    ok thats just gross how the Heat gave it to Chris Bosh for the big time three pointer that they needed. i mean first of all, he sucks and second of all, the Heat also have Dwayne Wade, LBJ, Miller, Eddie House, and James Jones to shoot that three instead.

  107. MR.NBA says:

    43-18 miami will be fine. people acting like they’re getting blown out, they just have to get better in the halfcourt possesions. lebron and wade are playing fine. bosh needs to score in the paint and stop being a punk though.

  108. Mitchel says:

    C’mon Guys… Heat will never get a playmaker point guard because we all know that Lebroke wants the ball in his hands so he can pad his assist numbers, same as rebounding center.. It will hurt Lebron’s stats…

  109. jake says:

    as a laker fan i think this is awesome..peopel actually though tthey were going to come in their 1st year together and get it done and beome champs nope sorry. a lot left to learn before they can compete w/ real veteran teams

  110. Reel Deez says:

    Ive read most of yur guys comments…and for the most part (the ones that i read) are rite on target…Just a few things i like to add…Lebron is not the closer he was in Cleveland; Wade is not the closer he was last year; Bosh was a 25 & 10 guy last year on the block/dwn low – he was not shooting 3’s or alot of jumpers. (not that he cant make em’ frm 15-18ft. They have no stragey down the strecth…Last 3 games teams have come from behind and spank that ass…With all that being said….THE COACH DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING!!!!! HE CAN NOT COACH THESE PLAYERS!!!!! AND HE DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH(IF ANY) GOOD PLAYS FOR THEM TO RUN…SO PAT RILEY- WHAT DO YU THINK NEEDS TO BE DONE…oh yea CHARMERS IS GARBAGE he cant buy a basket if he had $500 in food stamps… MIKE MILLER sucks too…(an im a HEAT FAN FOR LIFE)

  111. First Things First says:

    @ heh8meN1

    Is that your rebuttal for your hero Kobrick ? No refuting my stats ? Haha.

  112. martin says:

    Thats y i traded wade for nash in 2k11 and am kicking but. hahah. Give lebron a break. Thinnk about it this way, lebron has been clutch his entire career. but in the final minutes of the game. he is a dribble drive person who can get to the basket and all. but when it comes to final seconds, he never had to take a last second shot because he had someone on his team able to knock down a tray or where just winning by a huge margin. just give him time. thats what everyone said to kobe in his first years with the lakers and look how he turned out. sure this is lebrons 8th season but even Michael Jordan said “He failed time and time again,and that is why he succeded.” If MJ can admit that he has failed at some parts of his career, he can tell you it was worth it cuz of those 6 rings he has. If lebron lets go of his ego, improve on his post game and improves on his clutch performance, he will be unstoppable. ive said this before and i will say it again, This is going to be lebrons team sooner or later, when pat and eric feel he has matured fully eanough to take this team to the top. it may not be now or tyhe next 1-3 years but it will happen. BTW bosh should do what richard jefferson did with the spurs and take less negotiate to take less money so the heat can have enough money next year to sign a quality big man. i think they should make a move for demarcus cuzins. he is going to be a beast and will fit well in this system. assuming he doesnt give crap to anyone onn the team. haha.

  113. HEAT FAN . says:

    this was a very disappointed game they had the chance to win it , but the lack of defense wasnt their i guess they gave up their confidence in the game. its time for pat riley to step up to be a coach and set a side spolestra , you gave up alot of money to bring the big three but towards my opinion the heat needs more motivation and be confident with themselves if they want to win a championship down the road.

  114. speolstrasucks says:

    First of all, each and every one of the big 3 is clutch and has had their moments. They CAN be clutch however if they have great late game plays being drawn up. Spoelstra has to do a better job of playing his stars the way other great teams play their stars in late game situations. He has to draw it up either to the dude who has the hot hand or the dude with a mismatch. Thats the first thing, then once he chooses wisely he needs to draw up a decent and efficient play for him. None of that bs with the quick 3 when theres 8 full seconds left .. If Spoelstra actually coaches , the heat would be THE elite team right now

  115. yesssir says:

    true that

  116. MK says:

    Ok it seems that most of you like seeing guys loosing … why most of the americans can`t enjoy seeing their “team” losing in battles like afghanistan or iraq …. i know its political … but it shouldn`t be…. i just want to express that you guys in the states are glorifying the winners way too much and hating the loosers way too much … Come on guys it´s still a sport not a war …. so calm down.

    Sorry and why all of you don`t play in the NBA? If you are “arguing” on players like LBJ is playing crap … why you are not there instead of him … might not have the balls? Nobody have ever been playing on a pro-court, but knows he can handle that in a better way like lebron does … impressive americans…

  117. David M. says:

    chris bosh … why you taking the last shot . come on son -__-

  118. magic fan says:

    im sorry but dwyane wade should be taking the last shot.. i dont understand how for the past 3 games, lebron takes the last shot.. dwyane has proven he’s the 2nd best clutch player in the nba behind kobe yet coach spoelstra gives the ball to lebron like wade doesnt exist ..lebrons so overrated

  119. Entric a.k.a Mr. NBA says:

    This is Wades house LBJ fall in line

  120. Gary - True Heat Fan says:

    Does anyone else realize how diluted and pointless these stats are? Heat are 2-12 in games decided by 5 points, which means two things: 1. They’ve lost 12 close games. 2. they don’t often lose by large margins. The worst stat that should be shown is the amount of times they lose large leads. Also calculating games where there is 30secs left is not valid for the shot being clutch. The clutch shot is the very last shot before time expires. My argument for that is if Wade/James/Bosh take a shot at lets say 29secs and there are two or three other shots taken and the score remains the same then those previous shots are not considered the clutch shot of the game but they are. I will say that Lebron has missed the last three close shots they really needed but does anyone realize he has about 20+ clutch shots under his belt? Not the far behind Kobe either. Here’s a fact for you: the Heat’s worse three losses have be 28, 16, and 9×2 with the 28 point loss when James was out. Whearas other top teams like LA have lost games by 20, 19×2, 16, 15, 13 and 11. So if anything the Heat’s losing record shows that they are more of a threat to beat. But whatever because the haters are going to hate regardless. Heat fans don’t be discourage because playoffs will be a different story I can tell you that.

  121. Entric a.k.a Mr. NBA says:

    I still pick the heat winning it all unless everyone gets on the same page as me. The Miami heat is D-wades team, I repeat the Miami heat is D-wade’s team. The only one with a ring and nothing to prove is Dwayne Wade. Lebron James had his chance to be the man in Cleveland where he had big men, spot up shooters, good defensive help, and cohesiveness. LBJ had the best team two years in a row and couldn’t lead his team to victory. Dwayne Wade won the 2006 finals in one of the best individual performances I have ever seen or herd of with a very old team. When it comes to the big 3 I think it is a joke because bosh is the most over paid role player I have ever herd of. I would have rather seen them get David Lee and nate robinson this off season for less than what you are paying that guy. What the heat needed was someone who could hit open threes and pressure ballhandlers (nate robinson) and a big man who grabs rebounds and can hit a wide open mid range (david lee). Hell I would have gotten Al jefferson and shannon brown instead of paying all of that for soft bosh. However the heat are stuck with him so here is what they should do, let lebron dominate the first 3 quarters and in the fourth GIVE THE BALL TO WADE. Lebron is more talented, bigger, and stronger but wade is better because he is basically a bigger, stronger,Allen Iverson in his prime with out the ego and a better b-ball IQ. Lebron is not the closer at all and he needs to realize that and do whats best for Miami. Spolstra either needs to man up and say this or let pat do it because we all know how nasty lBJ gets when he looses and Spo will loose his team next year

  122. Crazy says:

    Miami has only one problem, lebron is not a guard, when he start handling the ball, the game sucks, first half yesterday was fine when bibby and chalmers were handling the ball…….Is not a problem of being clutch or not, is ball movement, LJ needs to stick that in his brain
    When he acept that the het will win those close games

  123. great88 says:

    Steve Aschburner…Pls nba.COM LET THIS GUY NOT WRITE the MVP Rankings…Not credible and biased

  124. Kb24 says:

    Are you trying to say lebron is clutch? he cant close games, he sucks at 4th qourter end of story dude, kobe is clutch and can close games 5 rings this guy has dummy

    • WILL says:


  125. great88 says:

    Kobe Bryant is the best player in the world. He is the greatest clutch player (Jordan 2nd). And the 2nd best player of all time (next to Jordan) who is bound to surpass him if he gets his 7th ring. Kobe said it best on MVP rankings (like the silly rankings of Steve Aschburner, a marketing agent of Lebron James, ” its what brilliant writers decide.” The hardware speaks for itself. Players are measured through championships because, championships don’t have biases.

    and why is Lebron James still no. 2 in the rankings while they have been losing 2 or 3 straight games.. What criteria is this Aschburner using? He appears to be adjusting his criteria for Lebron..Steve Aschburner, you must resign. Dwight Howard deswerves 2nd and 3rd should be Wade. Kobe should not be at 6th place considering they’ve won 5 straight and playing both a facilitator and a closer of those games.

    • WILL says:


  126. Nicolas Ocoro says:

    LeBron and Wade can’t combine 60+ every game, they need to have a third scorer, bosh is not even that nice, he should of been nominated for the Oscars. Second of all, they need a solid point guard that could distribure sometimes to LeBron and the rest of the team. Third, I think Erik Spolestra is not a good fit for the heat, there is something missing for that guy to be a good coach

  127. Spud Wade says:

    How come Lebron is the only one taking the game winners? And why on earth did Bosh take a three?!?!?! Wade has not got a touch in the last 3 games in the closing seconds and he, after all, is a gaurd! Miller, Wade, and Bibby are the only ones that should be shooting.

  128. Melvin Quinones says:

    If you cant make such a talented group like this work together, this is definitely a coaching issue. A coach is more than just calling plays (which Spolstra has nothing offensively). He also needs to gain trust and respect from his players and be a leader. If Riley was coaching that team it would be a different story.

  129. Greg says:

    @heat fans, yes that game wasn’t lost because of clutch shooting, it was lost by porous defense, and a lack of offensive consistency. The fact is that regardless of how this game was lost for the heat, there was an opportunity to win or tie the game, and LeChoke lived up to what is expected out of him… TO CHOKE!!!
    Yes James had a good game on paper, but guess what… IT ALL MEANS NOTHING if you cant close out a game for your team. Michael Jordan didn’t always get 35 points in a game and completely collapse when it counted, niether does Kobe Bryant. LeBaby looks good early in games, but late in the game when they need him to step up he shows his true colors whether it be by taking stupid shots and getting blocked, missing key free throws, or missing wide open shots & good looks……….
    Fact is LeBaby is a good player, but has a huge ego and is a complete cry baby. He will never live up to the greats of the game. He will just continually get good stats, maybe a couple more MVPs, and that’s it.

    • WILL says:


  130. heh8meN1 says:

    @First Things First, what’s REALLY funny is you trying to “STAT”-UP a guy that has LOST every LAST GAME OF HIS & HIS TEAMS SEASON(S).


  131. dro says:

    Coach needs to steal the triangle offense from Phil Jackson.

  132. First Things First says:

    I love all these Kobrick homers posting here. Saying that Lebron ” choked ” yesterday without acknowledging he went 11 / 16 from the floor. And please Kobrick is the most overrated closer of all time. 36 / 115 in Game Winning attempts ( LMAO ! ) and he’s 5 / 18 in Playoff Game Winning attempts. Kobrick homers base their conclusions on a couple of games. That’s why half of these guys post here are ignorant. And Wade is more clutch then Lebron ? Lebron has a better three point shot, better mid – range game, better attacker, better playmaker, and better man on man defender. ( All evident by stats ) No disrespect to Wade as he has proven that he can carry garbage teams. ( Unlike a shotjacker that resides in LA ) Lebron is a much better off the dribble shooter then he is spotting up. When he has a huge night ( 35+ ) you see that he isn’t
    getting his points by spotting up. I knew there was much ignorance here but I thought that Kobrick fans would atleast know Lebron’s tendencies. They talk so much about him and his ” failures ” …

  133. Real Basketball fan says:

    It is amazing to me, that everyone is bashing the Miami Heat for yet losing the game. For those of you who knows the game of basketball will realized it is a game of runs and it is up to the opposing team to stop the bleeding. In the first half Orlando was getting torched, because Lebron and Dwayne were on fire and they had no answer stopping them, but in that same sequence of events no other Heat players were involved in the offense. But at the same token all shots were open and within the offensive set. Second half, Orlando played defense and started getting hot from the three point line. So if Coach Spoelstra was paying attention Dwight Howard was not getting the ball he only had ten points by the middle of the 3rd quarter. So a smart coach would have played everybody straight up and let Dwght Howard beat you, besides he is not a great free throw shooter. You have Dampier, Big Z. Juwan Howard and Magloire and Anthony that is a total of 30 fouls you can use. When they pass down to him foul him and make him beat you from the free throw line. It is just that simple and then everytime Orlando did a pick and roll it was with Jameer and Howard this is when u put Joel in the game at center and let Lebron play power forward. Also when Orlando started making threes he never once went to a zone to stop the penetrating Jameer. You can play a matchup zone and still be affective on defense. I know they have a game tonight, but he should have kept Lebron in the game to keep the flow of the offense going, that is why the Heat were cold and since no other Heat player was in the flow of the offense early, those were the only two players Orlando had to worry about. Not trying to be a smart azz but I am a true fan of the game and Miami Heat but one thing I do know is everyone has to be involved early in order for the Heat to win late. Also about making shots in the clutch House, Wade, James, Bosh, Miller are a combined 2 for 20 in final shots. So it is not just Lebron in late game situations it is everybody and I do believe early in Kobe’s career before he won championships he did not have the clutch gene yet, he shot quite a few bricks and air balls himself. So unless you practice late game situations on a daily basis it will be hard to win in those situations. And trust Kobe has perfected it, that is why he makes those shots all the time, but he has some misses as well. I have never been a fan of Kobe’s I have a love/hate relationship with him, LOL but Kobe is a seasoned veteran, the three amigos havent gotten there yet they only have two finals appearances, 1 ring and 1 mvp, plus Bosh has not even been to the playoffs before so it is going to take some time people. Rome wasn’t built in day. Thanks and just think about what I am saying.

    • WILL says:


  134. Jesse aka LIKEjayUrock says:

    idk why every so worried bout the heat being clutch, maybe they should wry bout their defense more than being clutch, i mean come on they allowed a 40-9 run from the magic, if they had good focus and dicipline we wouldnt be talking bout clutch

  135. Sergio Dubon says:

    Lebron and wade need to stay away from the internet/ Twitter and start practicing to win a championship ring, if MJ had twitter in hes days I don’t believe he would of became a superstar like he did. This basketball players need discipline and they need to man up as well as the coach he needs to look at all the times they have won and learn from that he needs to know who will be effective and who is not going to be affective I swear if they lose to the spurs tonight I am switching to Volleyball….!!!!! Lebron and Wade need to step up and be MVP’s together is not matter of asking who will be the leader or who not they need to be like MJ and Scottie Pippen. If wade has the ball in front of lebron and he about to make a lame layup he needs to pass it to lebron to dunk it the same for lebron., they need to start playing like teammates/brothers.

  136. quinton says:

    the thing that is wrong with the heat is…they dont play team ball the only people taking shots are the big three, if anyone esle takes a shot its a three…so no one else besides the big has a ryhtme beside them. if u look at the celtics and other teams everybody takes shots that what the heat have to do plan an simple than wade and lebron can close a game..

    • WILL says:


  137. Ace says:

    Man..!!! miller is afraid to take the shot.. he has the rebound, he could have toss it up, instead he passes it to lebron for a haymaker!!..

    • The 2k Champ says:

      Lets get one thing str8!! it wasn’t clutch ” offense” that lost the game for the heat it was clutch ” defense” that lost the game.. three words plane and simple STEP IT UP!!!!

  138. Chares Barkley says:

    Two words will save the heat: UDONIS HASLEM, this is the difference. Give them time, I know many have taken their respective teams to the playoffs or finals in their first year, but the chemistry and the players are not 100% there yet. Even Lebron is not making any of the buzzer beaters and game winners he made last year. Last year he made everything, this year he is adapting. Age catches up on you boss, and he is not a rookie anymore.

    What happens when you have 3 guys that score all the points is that at the end of the game the other team knows who to guard, who to step up the defense on, who to press.

    I believe that one way the Heat may win games against over .500 teams is by not falling behind in the first place. How about getting a lead or going into the 4th with one and not blowing it? Not letting the other team back in the game during the 4th quarter. I believe they think it will be easy when they reach the 4th quarter and give the other teams opportunities to come back and beat them.

    If you are up by 15 or more in the 4th, you should be able to win the game. This shows a lack of defense, a lack of organization, a lack of coaching and a lack of the players wanting it bad. The Heat always get beat las minute because this is when teams turn it on, this is when teams want it more, when the “playoff” basketball is played. Miami is just a first round playoff team for now. So much for being the 1 or 2 seed in the east. Miami had more buzzer beaters and more importat games and wins both in the regular season and the playoffs last year when they were 5th and only had Dwane Wade.

    Why not just work on your halfcourt offense and save some balls for the 4t quarter of games? just a thought.

    If your not first your last, and if you let a team come back from 24 down in the fourth quarter, you still suck, regardless of who is on your team.

    bring UD back! he will show them the meaning of hustle. I like the heat, but only for the first half of games.

  139. MO says:

    This is the 3rd time it happens to Miami Heat. and they have three freaking SUPER STARS. they should be dominating.. very single game against…. those kinds of teams…

  140. WILL says:


    • Gary - True Heat Fan says:

      Real talk. But let the haters hate because these stats prove nothing more than a few bad shot attempts. The same stats can be pulled up for Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Mr Three himself Ray Allen. As one fan to the next let’s just keep watching because we both know that this is not the Heat team that will show up come playoff time.

    • DREAZY says:

      Teams are starting to learn their pick-up game style…
      LAKE SHOW 2011

  141. The 2k Champ says:

    Look!!.. house needs more minutes.. as well as Bibby…bosh should never and i repeat never! take a three in the final moments of a game when you’re “down”!! WTF was the coach thinking..? All-in-all i believe the Godfather Pat needs to come back and coach this team.. Somthing needs to be done asap!!! there is not time to wait.. This team has all the right pieces to not just go to but also and most importantly “Win” a championship.. D.wade knows.. been there done that.. Bron bron is my fav.. not gonna lie.. I turned my back on the Cavs for homo.. but he needs to learn what ever it is in experiance the wade has to offer.. same goes for bosh! I swear if i see him take another 3 at the end of a game like that i’m applying for a job as the assistant coach / motivational speaker.. am I out of place for saying this???

  142. Sergio Dubon says:

    I believe that erik spoelstra needs to be a better coach if he cant do it step down. Why would he start lebron james sitting down in the biginning of the 4th when they are up by 9? Then he puts him in when the other teams catch up I say this because look at their past 5 games. Last night Lebron was on fire in the beginning and what does eric bum do? He sits lebron in the beginning of the 2nd quarter. I know if the heat want to win they have to play like every game is a playoff game They dont want to be number one but they do. My suggestion Stepup the game practice to win. and lebron you need to be dunking that ball at least three times a night.!!!!

  143. K says:

    LBJ and Wade are not the major problem with this team; the current problem with this team is that Bosh’s game mistakenly got on a plan from the All-Star break and flew back to Toranto instead of coming back to South Beach with him. The purpose of bringing Bosh in as part of this experiment was that Miami was expecting him to be able to average a double-double (scoring and rebounding) and be that inside presence for this team. However, that has yet to happen and Bosh’s double-double games can be counted on one hand with 21 games left in the regular season. If Bosh is unable to get touches due to LBJ or D-Wade dominating the ball, then hit the offensive boards, there plenty of opportunities for him to easily get 4-5 offensive boards per game. When other teams big’s come off him to double are shut-off LBJ or D-Wade’s drive to the basket, if Bosh would just go to the front of the rim he would find all kinds of opportunities to score. However, Bosh prefers to remain out on the perimeter while D-Wade and LBJ battle the other teams big’s for rebounds. You can’t be afraid of contact if your going to try an compete with the elite teams of the NBA.

  144. Greg says:

    Heat have a big problem, it is the lack of a clutch player. James and Wade are both excellent offensive players, but when they heat is on it is like watching choke city! James needs to put his ego aside, him and his decision and that whole escapade. In the NY game 2nd to the last heat possession, james goes to the left and gets smacked down by A’Mari, the next and final heat posession james completely bricks a nearly wide open 3 for the tie. Last night against the magic, guess what??? james BRICKS ANOTHER shot to tie the game. He obviously doesn’t have what it takes to make a game winner, he’s done it once or twice, but not nearly as much as he misses them…………. I agree with a comment above, the only way the heat win a title is if they get Kobe, and that ain’t happening.

  145. it was funny when leBron hit Bosh in the face says:

    with the ball, LeBron passes the ball so fast and hard but this time the pass was not on tarcket and ended up hitting bosh in the face, heat check

  146. It really was Wade vs LeBron says:

    they were trying to out perform each other thus being out of team chemistry in the late fourth quarter

  147. JP says:

    To GAR……

    More star players?? are you kidding me……The Heat need to realize that they need more “role” players, look at the Lakers Kobe and Gasol are the stars then they have lots a “role” players that do there job and they do it right; same goes for Boston, you can say the stars of that team are Garnett and Pierce, Rondo and Allen can also be considered stars but they assume the position of “role” players the they WIN, this is what matters most.

    Its fact that talent does not win championships, team work and defense does, go back to the Bulls glory days, they didnt have a Big 3 or even more superstars, they had Jordan and Pippen along with a GREAT cast of “role” players, not just the Bulls look at the Spurs, the Rockets from the 90’s, the Lake show from the 80’s none have been filled with only superstars most have always has 2 great players and then the “role” players.

    • K says:

      JP your comments are so correct; the role players more then anything plays a bigger role then the superstars on most nights. Players like “Big Baby Davis;” Ryan Anderson and Jason Richardson; Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer; these are the players that make the big difference. Miami thought Mike Miller was going to be that player for them, but his game has still not consistently shown up in Miami. For this thing to work in Miami it was imperative that Pat Riley find the right combination of role players to place around the big “3” and unfortunately that combination has yet to be found.

      This Heat team gets absolutely nothing out of their role players. Eric Dampier as hard as he tries can’t match the athleticism or energy of a Joakim Noah are Amar’e Stoudemire. Mario Chalmers was a good college player period. James Jones played well enough to get invited to the All-Star three point contest; apparently that was his goal for the season because he hasn’t hit from behind the arch with nearly the consistency that he did prior to the All-Star break. Miami’s bench averages less then 10 points per game; last night against Orlando, Ryan Anderson out scored the Miami bench by himself (15-11). That’s the importance of having quality role players, in essence to having a bunch of role player for the sake of filling out a roster.

  148. JR says:

    Miami’s problem is simple.They have three starters.Every other team in the league has 5.
    They also have a coaching problem.What is House doing on the bench when the team needs a 3? last time they needed a 3 to win a ballgame he made it.

  149. JP says:

    Damn!! Thats all I got to say about Miami and the “Big 3”,

    Im a Laker fan myself, love the game of basketball, watch every game I can including the Heat games, but this team needs a change and they need it now! It cant be possible that it seems more like a battle between Lebron and Wade to see who scores more each night than them trying to win games, thats all I gotta say about that, and sorry to all Heat fans but they aint making it to the finals any time soon.

  150. cauyao says:

    they need to ask KOBE for tips…lmao

  151. Me says:

    Theyll get better…now they have a veteran PG, AND hes not COMPLETELY handicapped by age. There is too much talk about them clashing on the court and such(LBJ -Wade) but its hard playing with so many people who can create their own shots, especially when your Lebron and your used to creating others shots. More time will tell them how to move the hands on the clock. My opinion is to feed Bosh early…let Lebron lose in the 4th…then let D Wade be clutch in the final seconds with 2 shooters in the game…

  152. PC3 says:

    If there is someone to blame, it’s the coach.
    The Heat played hard only in spurts.
    Lebron, Wade are playing too many minutes.
    They have to always run.
    Lebron and Wade cannot play PG.
    Why do you get a new PG (bibby), if you do noy use him?
    You have better 3 points shotters, they do not shot the 3 pointers when you need them at the end of the game.
    Something is not right.
    The offense at the end is too much one on one,
    Looks to me that Lebron and wade are always tired in the 4th quarters!

  153. artandkim says:

    It was a mistake picking up Bosh! I guarantee he will be the first one of the big three to be shipped out. We need a big who will bang in the midle, not someone who will shoot ill advised 3’s and way too many girly finesse jumpers. He needs to go. He has to go. He will go.

  154. No, its just that they need more practice and more teamwork during these twilight zones…
    Look for some opening or who is the hottest (having an awesome 4Q maybe) and let him shoot…
    If the defense is tight look at the match ups even LBJ or DWade can shoot becoz they are marquees..
    Avoid the individual plays better give screens, touch passes for a higher percentage shot..
    LBJ or Dwade , who else …. Eric is very lucky… ONLY the shots are arrrr…

  155. WestEndGirl says:

    It s not the coaches fault. The problem is all three players move in the same direction. You forget Bosh osh koboshed is a left handed player and so is LeBron(watch he signs autographs with his left hand) who also wants ot go left the majoority of the time. Wade also falls in that category. So how can you win with all three of your top players pet moves is predicated on going to their left. Watch when Wade and James cannot go to their left they inevitably throw the ball away or take bad shots. Bosh has more success going to his right but he only does it to against wekaer opponents. Notice once again LeBron blames the coach for calling the play and doesn’t take any of the responsibilities. We all know the elephant in the room is putting on weight and Osh’s shattered look said it all last night. The party is over! Teh glitz and the glamor cannot hide the warts of the low baskeball IQ of the supposed big three. These guys have been in the league for 7 years and they haven’t learned to play nice. come on! People can see clearly thorugh tha glass house they built in Miami. Their dirty little secret is out and the rest of the NBA does not fear them as much as they thought they would. The basketball gods are making sure they pay for the arrogance of all the fireworks and prognostications about 7 championships like they had done anything yet. Foxsports has an article on Riley being the don of the NBA. Right now he is more like Tony Montana in scar face, he will be found collapsed face down in all the piles of money (a suitable substitute for Montana’s vice) he sacrificed the Heats ability to field a real team for years to come.

  156. Steve-O says:

    U know people miami heat will mostly or never go to the finals if they can’t beat the best teams.
    one thing for sure i mostly see LeBron taking the last shot instead Wade,why is that?
    Futhermore, their defense was HORRIBLE for example leaving guys open like Richardson to shot 3 like crazy.
    After all of this i think Eric Spolstra fault because he wasn’t thinking or doesn’t do anything right for heat and the big 3.

  157. FOXXY says:

    LOL i love to see these comments, numbers don’t lie, teams who are above .500 Miami cannot compete with period, point blank. Secondly, we can talk about them next year becuz the only threats on the east to my team is the bulls and maybe orlando BUT THE BOSTON CELTICS RIEGN DOMINANT!!! WE WANT THE LAKERS (I SMELL A MASSACRE)

  158. AC says:

    I lied… I have to give credit to Miami’s D. It has been great this year. Orlando shot 55% from 3 point land! That’s amazing in itself. It’s going to be hard to win when that happens. A lot of those 3’s were tough shots. I had to give them a little credit.

  159. AC says:

    One more comment… Does anyone remember someone saying when the Heat signed Lebron, “I want the ball in Lebron’s hands at the end of the first three quarters and I want the ball in DWade’s hands at the end of the game.” Did I dream this up or did it happen? Either way, this is how it should be. Listen, I know that Spoelstra said last night that DWade was the first option. But they had time to get up 2.5 shots. Did he not design a play that would’ve freed up Wade again or at least made Mike Miller the second option? However the play was executed last night, I can guarantee that it was poorly designed from the get go. I hate to say it but I think the coaching staff needs to be fixed before they find a PG or C.

  160. lowster says:

    people always wanna compare lebrick to michael jordan… jordan had that clutch gene in him, lebrick is a great player but you just cant put the game in his hands like jordan.. just give the damn ball to wade. hes proven he can be clutch. weve just “witnessed” another brick….. give me kobe all day over this guy. kobe is gonna make that shot

  161. AC says:

    I don’t know who to blame for this Fail team; the players or the coach. The Heat have yet to show anyone that they are a threat in the league. The only game that I’ve seen that was impressive by the Heat was on Christmas Day when they beat the Lakers in LA by 16. I think the coach isn’t a great fit for this type of team. They need a coach that has dealt with this kind of talent before. Their offense is almost as painful to watch as Barkley’s golf swing. So much talent, I feel, is being wasted.

    Lebron is not a point guard, he’s 2nd in the NBA in TO’s per game. He makes great plays but he shouldn’t be initiating the offense. Why the hell do you think Chalmers has no self-confidence? They probably tell him to not touch the ball when Lebron is in. Another thing; what the hell is Lebron doing barking for the ball after a rebound when he could have been down on the other end already dunking the ball on the break? It’s really starting to drive me nuts. I blame Riley for filling Lebron’s head with thoughts of becoming the next “Magic”. Riley, Lebron: There is only ONE magic! Please Miami start playing to your strengths. Stop trying to reinvent the “big 3’s” roles in the NBA.

  162. GAR says:

    The Heat will need more star players. Common get Derrick Rose, Gerald Wallace, Tony Parker, DHoward. That will be a good line up addition to contend with the Boston and LA Lakers.

  163. maestre says:

    Now Carlos Arroyo can relax. Now fans blame others when Miami did not perform well. As a Miami fan I insist it was a bad move, bring Bibby to the team. Lets see.

  164. theheatcritique says:

    It’s simple

    Lebron and Wade carry this team the first half of every game.

    When it’s time for Chris bosh and the rest of the team to chip in the 2nd half. THEY’RE NO SHOW!

    Lebron and Wade need help. It’s a shame, but bosh isn’t doing anything good for this team. He doesn’t rebound well, doesn’t block anything….and when his offense is off he just stands around looking stupid.

    Until they get helped from bosh and the bench. They will continue to lose in the 2nd half.

  165. albert says:

    first of all miami is the no 2 seed in the east so lets give them a little credit and not completly bash them.. Now im not agreeing the spoelstra is a good coach. Cause the plays he creates are horrible not only is he scared of his players he doesnt know how to draw plays that are effective. Hes lucky to have this trio on his team. If it wasnt for lebron bosh and wade bein who they are miami will be nowhere.. Now if you look at last year james team the cavaliers had the best record in the east and that was without wade or bosh the miami heat should be the no1 team in the nba..Just like miachel jordan couldnt win a ring until phil jackson came along. So instead of miami looking for point guards and centers they should be looking for a new coach and spoelstra should go back to being the camera man..As to wade and james having big egos..Well lets get one thing straight james wade and even chris bosh deserve to have big egos..If anyone was in their shoes they too will have egos maybe even bigger then theirs..obviously this big three are in miami to win rings and nothing bottom line get rid of spoelstra and start winnig

  166. Sanny says:

    Offense wins games, defense wins championships.

  167. Prince says:

    Kobe would have hit that wide open 3 LeBron missed. i don’t hate LeBron, he’s 1 of my favorite players but people need to stop saying that he’s better than Kobe, thats absurd. Bron is the best athlete in the world but not the best basketball player, Kobe is still the best player in the NBA!!!!!!!

  168. B.B. says:

    If i were coaching, I would run a pick and roll with Wade and Bosh, have Lebron cut hard from one side, and have Eddie or Mario or whoever on the other for the open shot, over and over and over again in the final minute(s).
    It’s not that hard. The key is setting a good screen.
    Forget about the one-one plays.

  169. SPURSFORLIFE says:


  170. madreid says:

    Remember that game winning 3 pointer Lebron hit against Boston last season in the playoffs? So funny, he was more surprised than anybody that it actually went in. Lebron led teams have always been terrible in close games come win or go home time.

  171. the truth hurts says:

    spolestra sucks. . lebron carries bad luck and now brought it in miami. . wade now is suffering from lebron’s losing ways. . bosh is getting forgettable because of the plays. . in the long run lebron will be traded for a player much less talented than him but more of a team player. . lebron will be the most losing loser of all time 😀

  172. g1212 says:

    Miamis problems:

    they have no heart and balls. if they had a stat for heart and balls they’d be 0 for 100

    i saw someones post blaming their coach for lebron sitting out for so long. Thats cause he has to, if you havent noticed lebron gets winded fast and needs big breaks.

    he needs to spend less time on twitter making retarded war refrences and more time working on his cardio.

    wade needs to stop being so buddy buddy and wearing matching clothes with lebron in interviews and needs to start gettin on his team to get him the ball late in games since he’s the only one thats shown that he can atleast speratically hit a game winning shot.

    the last problem miami has is injuiries. Wade seems to always let little naggin injuiries affect his game, and when ur in the playoffs , playing a lot of games you have to be mentally tough.

    then you have lebron who fakes elbow injuiries in the playoffs, its just a terrible mix.

    and in the end ppl need to stop mentioning lebron in the same sentence as kobe. Last year kobe hit 6 game winning shots, thats six extra wins(without those wins they’d gone in the playffs in like 6th place)

    lebron is on pace to miss 6 game winning shots if not more haha. so please stop with the non sense

  173. Kavman says:

    This comes down to an odd and ineffective group of players that have trouble in late game/high pressure situations. As phenomenal as LBJ and Wade are, they have similar games and consequently; similar weaknesses. Both are virtually unstoppable in the open court but simply don’t have the clutch shooting touch required to truly break down the d at the end of games. Teams know these two will drive when it counts and can load up. As for Bosh, he’s a solid player but I feel overrated…he’s either a power forward that’s not very powerful or a small forward that can’t really shoot. As for the other wandering vagabonds that fill out the roster, it ain’t pretty. All in all, there are just a number of good teams this year that have more continuity and better chemistry. I’m not ready to write Miami off just yet, but a second round knockout would surprise me very little.

  174. ken says:

    Lebron plays very different when he was in cavs, he was so aggresive, like no one can stop him, but here in heat, he’s not that aggresive, we dont know whats the reason, we will just wait in postseason what will happen to this team with full of talent but no heart at all.

  175. Gonzalo says:

    Just want to say that is not the first time that Bosh shoots a 3 in the final moments, Is that Miami’s real offensive ????

  176. Jeromebze says:

    Ok people i hear all of you. From when Dwayne Wade came in the league i was a fan of his because he’s a great player so im a Miami Heat and Dwayne Wade fan. I don’t like LeBron, never have and never will but i just have to accept him because he came to my team and im all for the team to win. Its so ludacris that people praise LeBron that he is the best player when he was the one who ran to my team to try to win. D Wade runs the team and he shud be the go 2 guy when the game is on the line. I believe he is way more clutch than LeBron and that he would make the rite decision most of the time when the game is on the line ie take the shot or pass the ball to the open person. LeBron or LeChoke doesnt have what it takes to be the man who will’s the team to victory, he couldnt do it 7 years in Cleveland and he cant do it now. Wade is just as skilled and more clutch than he is and i wud wish the damn media stop putting lebron like he is above all other players. Wade is my favorite player and LeChoke is my least liked player and for me Kobe is in the middle but of the 3 guys id rather Kobe take that shot anyday, he should be called the CLOSER because thats what he does best.

    • JNT says:

      He’s on your team why are you calling him Lechoke if the Heat do win a ring he will play the biggest part in winning it

  177. Nick says:

    I’m not shocked they are having the difficulty they are closing out games. Everyone including the heat themselves are to enamored with names on the jerseys. They don’t have good ball movement. That is it. Any high school ball coach can see that. While they are making shots no one cares what shots they are we are just amazed at the awesomeness. But truth be told many of those awesome shots are terrible shots that go down. Watch the ball how it starts at the top of the key moves one side or the other to the hands of one of the big three and stays there. You have three players each trying to play 1 on 5 basketball. If they actually passed the ball, move the ball from side to side they would have a dangerous offense but even the great LeBron is not going to win a match up playing 1 on 5.

  178. Heat-Solution says:

    Guys it’s not all the heat fault. The Magic were making every single three pointer, even Arena that was awful from anywhere on the floor he hit 2 critical 3 pointers (well guarded) in the 4th quarter. Teams tend to bring their A game and sometimes their luck game when they play the heat. I agree that storming howard was a great plan in the first quarter and the coach should have changed it in the second half after the Magic started hitting every three.

    I’m pretty sure the Heat will win a 7 series game against the magic. They won’t shoot 65% from 3 and win by 3 in 7 games.

  179. Chris P says:

    Yall Laker fans KILL me talking about Lebron going to Play with Wade to win a championship! I guess yall forgot that it took SHAQ, one of the greatest and most dominant if not THE GREATEST center, in his PRIME years, to go to LA for them to win a championship! Shaq left, and so did the championships! When Kobe had to shoulder the load by himself, what happened?? Two early exits in the first round of playoffs, by the Phoenix Suns, and if I’m not mistaken, they didnt even make it one year!! Lakers were SUB-PAR at BEST! It wasnt until yall TRADED to get another great superstar in Pau Gasol, and every year since then yall have either won the title or been to the finals! So technically Kobe and the Lakers were just an AVERAGE team with a great scorer until SHAQ & GASOL got there!! I guess yall forgot that tho huh?? So please LA fans stop embarrassing yourselves by knocking Lebron for wanting to go play with someone that could help him win a title!

  180. Ross Draluck says:

    It is clear that the heat need somebody to run the point. If they choose lebron in late game situations, he should not be the one scoring. They should have wade running off screens on the baseline, to get a curling look… Wade needs to catch the ball in attack mode, either score, dish or get fouled. That is their only recipe for success. If they only rely on one person to get his own shot (wade/ james), the defense can obviously lock down, and it is difficult to do so. Also, any time in a late game situation that Lebron is in iso, i know that the Heat will not win. He is a great player, but cannot deliver under that sort of pressure, and if he does, it is so rare that it would not behoove the heat to put the ball in his hands, asking him to score.

  181. it's funny says:

    I like it the way it is. The Heat get a good record during the season and will get wiped away in the playoffs since they are just an accumulation of stars, not a team. All of them have the wish to get some rings – none of them wants to do the work for it and none of them have the pure will to get there.

    I don’t like the “we need three stars” to get a championship mentality. Besides I can’t see a star in those players. Stars are guys that work hard. That take the blame. Try to name 5 real superstars (superhard workers) in the league. You won’t name a heat player.

    • carlos says:

      so there was no playing hard in the first half its what ure saying? they play hard they just dont do it the whole game and its coming back hurt, but they wont do that in the playoffs

  182. Kobe Bryant says:

    @ JP, maybe they should trade James or Wade for Howard.
    “I’ll take a team with one superstar and 4 players that know their roles and plays together over 3 superstars and 2 lost souls any day of the week.” I actually laugh about 5 mins reading this statement lol, and i agree.

    • carlos says:

      go grab a fat black mamba kobe lover, thats dumb and impossible.

      • donut says:

        impossible? i’m sure orlando will welcome lebron/wade’s 7(?) years contract over the last year contract from dwight. u have heard the rumor, dwight wants to go to LA

  183. carlos says:

    The only problem here is effort, if the heat would keep goin hard to the basket when up by 10 or 20 they would still win these games, they end up getting complasant and take their apponent for granted.and end up playing hard when they are down again and then the other team is too jacked up about the comeback so they come up short. trust me this garbage will not go on in the playoffs, too much talent and years of experince in playoff games from wade and james to slack in crunch time of a playoff game. In the playoffs there alot more factors like foul trouble that will intice the heat to attack the paint with more a pourpose. If the heat go inside and attack the paint, and post up consistently, they will not losse in the playoffs, because they will impose their talents on the competition, On the other hand if they play lack luster on d and play a perimeter driven offense they could losse in the 2nd rd. they have the opportunity to go as far as they like when ure up in games big and losse u have to notice that the problem is probably EFFORT. I dont think pat riely agreed to sign these guys for 330 million and not get effort. the Heat will play 48 mins in the playoff every game.

  184. Ghost says:

    So what if lebron isn’t that clutch. Does nobody remember two years back when he hit to threes in a row to beat the magic in the 5th game of the playoffs. He can be clutch he just needs to work on it but, would you rather have a role player or Bron Bron make an open shot? I agree that wade should be shooting the tres in the final seconds if possible but bosch is pretty clutch too and shouldn’t be doubted. Time was winding down and he was open so he took the shot.
    The whole situations is less about being clutch and more about the heat not having any sort of distributing point guard who can run a half court set in the 4th quarter.
    With out a half court offense the heat won’t make it past the second round.

  185. Nick says:

    Wow. It seems like everyone is so quick to panic and dramatize. They are still learning how to play with each other and the system (James, Bosh, BIbby,…) The Heat still have one of the best records and just need to remember who took over and won one of the best playoffs series, and comeback in NBA history to win a ring. The year they won the championship they were 42-40 but clearly D-wade becomes a different player going into the playoffs. D, just do your thing and the Heat will be just fine !!!

    • donut says:

      funny because the big3s in the C’s already got used to each other in the first few games.

  186. Kobe Bryant says:

    they need rudy gay!

  187. puertorican sensation says:

    you know what??? I think Carlos Arroyo its more clutch than LeQuit!! hahaha they should relese LeQuit and sign Arroyo again!! hahaha Lakers all day!!! sorry heat fans!

    • carlos says:

      thats a puerto rican joke right? No wonder you have a reputation for being slow. Papa eres un mongo

  188. Franco says:

    That does not happen to a good coach with experience. They need Pat Riley NOW!

  189. GAR says:

    LBJ = the king without a crown.
    Trying to snatch the MVP All-Stars? Nahhh…..maybe next time.
    What’s with the powder rosin tossing in the air? Looks like your tossing your championship dreams har har har.

  190. Tungie says:

    The game on thursday was almost a replica of the game played in orlando a few weeks ago. Miami got going then the magic came back but lebron hit some clutch shots just to get the heat over the line. The way the heat play they will always start well because wade and lebron have too much energy for any team but the magics on the other hand are a three point team and it takes them a while to get the feel of the game. They shot terribly from the arc but eventually got there eye in, if you keep shooting them eventually they will go in. Spoelstra should have changed his plan they were too slow to act on the shooters their natural defence is too swarm the ball but what they should have done was stayed directly on their opponent allow the one on one and dont over commit. When a team is startin to hit 3’s press up on them and let them throw it into dwight, Dampier was doing a good job on him he wasnt scoring that easy plus if he fouls him dwight aint the best free throw shooter. This in turn will slow the momentum and allow lebron or wade to get back the rthym. One thing the heat need is a big man who can post and score, bosch must man up and take ownership in the middle this will allow the the others to have room to move because the defence will try and double then he can kick it out to a slashing player or for an open J

  191. six6heat says:

    they need to define the role players role..bosh needs to be in the paint just rebounding and playing defense…i watch players from other teams out rebound him on a consistent basis and he takes too many shots from outside the are getting the max which seems to be an over will get traded after next season if they don’t win the championship..beside bosh playing like a small forward the heat need to be more of a fast paced team, they seem to walk the ball up the court way too much and you don’t have the team to beat half court defenses when it comes to the top teams in the league who will pack the paint and force you to shoot jump shots.

  192. Lechoe says:


    like you said they have bad days… i think 6-24 is only a single game… about failing to make a basket 3 straight times.??? then thats a choker..Lechoke

  193. Cameron says:

    This has nothing to do with lebron Wade or bosh it’s the coaches fault when it all comes down to it you have enough talent on the floor to set someone up with an open shot with at least a 50% chance of making it. Instead you have iso pick an rolls an lebron and Wade dribbling for 20 out of the 24 second clock . And bosh shooting threes???..spolstra just needs to set up a half court offense which shouldn’t be hard with one of the best ball movers in basketball in lebron. As a coach it’s obvious to see that spolstra can’t control this team

  194. auntjemima says:

    LeBron “Got a Good Look” James

  195. JP says:

    I want to preface this statement with the fact that I absolutely HATE the Lakers. The difference between Kobe and LeBron/Wade/Bosh is that everyone knows that the Lakers are Kobe’s team. The super friends all might want the last shot but not a single one of them has the nuts to stand up and say this is my time, get me the damn ball. They all want to share it in the final seconds with the game on the line. Can you honestly see a time where Kobe is going to defer to someone else when the game is on the line? He might not take the final shot, but he’s the one with the ball in his hand and he’s the one that makes the decision to shoot or to pass to the open guy. There’s no question who is the man in LA and when they do well Kobe spreads the love and when they don’t Kobe steps up and takes the brunt of the punishment too. Lebron/Wade/Bosh are all so scared to fail. Not one of them is willing to step in front of the other two and say this is my team.

    I’ll take a team with one superstar and 4 players that know their roles and plays together over 3 superstars and 2 lost souls any day of the week. The best thing Miami could do right now is trade one of those three away to a team that needs a superstar but can provide them with some value at other positions to create some balance.

  196. DG7 says:

    Vincent said the right thing… The lack of a clutch player.
    Lebron and D-Wade are doing major damage to every team in transition and when they are on fire, boy you saw in the the first half what they are able to do. BUT in the last minutes.. they get nervous.
    But lets get back to the last shot…. sure Lebron blowed a wide open three…. thats inacceptable for a player like him BUT, why the hell was Chris Bosh shooting a three, why did they draw up such an absurd play???? If you are Miami and you need a three, give it up to Eddy House or Mike Miller. They are not outstanding clutch players but way better than the Big Three.

    Kobe and clutch…. sure he makes a lot of buckets down the stretch but there was a statistic here on, and Kobe was miles away from being at the top.
    When it comes down to the Top-clutch team you have to mention The Spurs (Manu is giving you the business on both ends of the floor when he has to) and my favourite down the stretch THE MAVS!! For me, Jason Terry is the most clutch player in the league at this point, he hit so many important threes in the fourth quarter this season. Plus you have Dirk who can deliver you threes any time in the fourth.
    Guys like Manu and JT, that is what the Heat need, not another PG

  197. dave1 says:

    poor miami…it would have been nice if they had the black mamba on there team lol. maybe they could close games out . during the play-offs there will be so many close games and if they think shooting stupid three’s all the time will save them , its gonna be a miserable playoff end for them lol.

  198. zach says:

    well for me it all starts with the miami need a good big man, someone to take that center position and muscle his way in with it, and bosh needs to stop taking these little turn around and shoots, he needs to be aggressive and take it to the hole, that way they spred the d out and it gives dwade and them room to work the outside, and lord only knows why bosh took that three… first i couldent belive what i saw untill i heard the announcer rlly say it lol, if i was them when it got passed to wade and he started goin in i woulda kept goin untill i saw someone movin, bumped into him while goin up for the shot and took the easy bucket with the free throw…….

  199. Francoheat says:


    • Dave says:

      Wow… I haven’t seen this much bashing since Shaq left L.A. You’re gonna make and miss some shots. But, if it is the best shot you can get at that time you can live with it whether it goes in or not, no matter who shoots it. Personally, I have never understood why it has to be LBJ or D-Wade shooting a 3. Aren’t these situations why people like Miller, Jones, and House were brought in to begin with. Those 3 guys are known for their 3 point shooting… So, while LBJ or D-Wade are moving the ball those 3 point shooters should be waiting to get a wide open shot instead of Bosh taking a questionable 3. Even MJ deferred to shooters like Steve Kerr at those times in the game. In the long run, that kind of play makes everyone become more involved with the game, and confidence in those situations is the result. Just a thought… No bashing needed.

  200. alex ianos says:

    the problem is that LBJ and Dwade started the game over-scoring (yes, you heard right), and competing against each other. At least that is the vibe that i get… it’s like they were playing school-yard basketball with all the popular girls watching on the sidelines. This gets all the other players out of rhythm, and when it comes to 4th quarter crunch-time, no one seems to be able to execute.
    I admit it is entertaining to watch those two play, but that isnt championship basketball.

    I’d like to provoke miami to keep the big 3 from “over-scoring” in the first half of games. Sounds silly but it could provide the necessary spark for the team

  201. siv024 says:


  202. jacob says:

    its frustrating see Lebron go off in the first 40 min of tha game just to see him get stalemated in tha last 8 min

  203. YV says:

    Yep last night was crazy, the heat got away from what was working for them in the first half and they stopped playing defense. Second half “COACH” decided to start giving the ball to Bosh which wasnt hitting shots, then Wade and Lebron got cold and they couldnt hit anything. The magic got back in the game and rest is history. There is no doubt in my mind that they could beat anybody in the league but they have to run plays for the rest of the team and they also have to start making shots because they are missing wide open shots specially Jones, Miller, Chalmers. Jones won the 3 point challenge but during the game he cant hit any.

  204. Chak says:

    Another disappointment as a miami heat fan…. i realise its not just lebrooms fault for missing important shots, its spoletras fault for taking time-outs and drawing plays where Lebroom and BOSH?!? get the game deciders for miami. wade is not even looked at as an option?? while lebroom has not even made one 3 in the last 30 secs of games neither has bosh and the only person beside house is wade….. i think its time pat riley comes back to coach the heat and spoletra can sit and learn

  205. Andre says:

    Wade is 1 for 7, so Lebron is not the only problem here.

    People make a lot of noise, but forget Lebron always delivered in end game situations where in Cleveland. I don’t believe that there’s people dumb enough to thing the guy the played better in 4th quarter for the past 5 years simply won’t deliver anymore because he went away from the worst team in the league.

    Anyway, I wonder when someone will ask me what means going 6-24 FG in finals game 7. Does it mean the guy is a choker?

    Bball players are humans. They have bad days. 10 shots will never be a reasonable statiscal sample to decide if a player is clutch or not. But only people who went to school will be able to know this.

  206. roman says:

    when miami came together in the off-season, they werent thinking of whose going to be the one , two , n three scorers, evry good team have team, mavs have dirk ,then terry,then kidd and so on ,lakers kobe, odem, , spurs manu, parker , neal , boner, heat dont have that they have three players scoring 80% of the teams points , that wouldnt be so bad but with all of them doing the scoring in the first three quarters , no one takes charge at the end cuz theres no number one scorer so no one knows who to give the ball to then u have the wrong person taking the shots like james, bosh dont know u but i rather have d-wade or house , or bibby taking that shot james has been taking the final shots lately and has been way off its going to take years for the team to get on the same track , i thought this was wades team why is james taking the final shot , i guess james wants this team unless they figure this out they arent going to win anything

  207. evan says:

    This is all i’m saying…LeBron did leave Cleveland and I don’t blame him, he does want to win. However, he doesn’t act like he wants to win. He can talk all of that but he has to prove it. Personally i’m a fan of him but people hate him for going to Miami, but if the Heat don’t win this year….LeBron’s reputation as one of the best ball players will go down and he never will be mentioned in that elite group anymore.

  208. mirko says:


    • Andre says:

      Wade is better than Lebron when you need someone to take a single shoot in the last few seconds.

      In the entire 4th quarter, 12 minutes, Lebron is number one in the league for the past 4, 5 years. Feel free to collect data. No one went closer to him in 4th quarters in the past years, I can assure you without checking.

      And people should blame Spoelstra. He’s the one that needs to say: ‘Wade, you take the last shot’.

  209. jay says:

    first and foremost the problem with the miami heat is discipline, and that starts from the coaching staff……everytime i was a heat game, it reminds me of the playground or in baller term, street ball….i played pro over seas and coach highschool and college and the problem is easy… needs to develop an offensive game plan, in which there is none……many of the good teams figure out miami by halftime and adjust to wade and lebron……the key is adjusting to double teams and getting other players involved….many of us shake our heads with coach spo rotation in desperate situation, for example leaving bosh in the game and bosh shooting a 3……UNACCEPTABLE…….i truly think they should put the ball on Bibby’s hand, have Wade of the ball and run screens for him, in which he is great at !!!! Bosh needs to be MORE aggresive in the inside and drive and post to the basket and for Lebron keep running full and isolate him and keep the ball out and get your teammates involve……….OUR BENCH IS NONE EXITENT !!!!!! ALSO, GET RID OF ERIC SPOLSTRA, AND GET A REAL COACH THAT CAN TELL WADE, BOSH AND LEBRON WHAT TO DO !!!! THANX

  210. Andy says:

    i saw the game last night, and i have to say that eric does not make a good coaching job! I mean miami is build around 3 players who is great in “one on one” situations. but beside that eric has put on like 5 3-point shooters, and im sorry but i can get why bosh is the one who get a play for a 3-point shot in the end of the game? i mean, mike bibby, mike miller or the three point chanmpion james jones could shoot the three ball? i dont get how eric was thinking, i mean maybe its eric who doesn´t is´clutch, but i really agree with you guys.

  211. Personwhoisunknown says:

    People are forgetting that this is Wade’s team, Wade has been a heat the longest and Wade has a ring. Now when it comes to late game situations it mostly goes to LeBron. Spolstra has too come up with a half-court offense instead of LeBron hogging the ball the whole time.

  212. Sean says:

    Out of the big 3, d wade posts up more then any other and hes the smallest. Lebron and bosh need to start posting up much more i feel like all 3 of em refuse to do things they are not comfortable with, but they need to do it to win big games. Spolstra should have gotten on wade and lebron to take the ball to the hole, not do bad jump shots. They will win it all but they need to stop talking and just do there talking on the court

  213. K says:

    This lose last night by the Heat should have even the big three scratching their heads and saying, WOW!!! This team had better get ready for possibly having to play from the number 4 or 5 seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. The pattern of play by Miami of blowing big leads and struggling down the stretch didn’t just start last night are with the Knick’s game. This pattern started during the Washington Wizards game when again they had a big lead and then LBJ, D-Wade and Bosh all went into a deep freeze at the same time. During these last three games like clock work, LBJ and D-Wade got out played by players that aren’t suppose to even be at their level, (Nick Young, Wizards; Chauncy Billups, NY and last night Jason Richardson & Ryan Anderson). The victory over the Wizards was simply due to the Wizards not being able to finish unlike NY and Orlando.

    In watching the last few minutes of last night’s total melt down by Miami, it was painfully clear that this combination of players is not going to work. This team is lacking a big man with a live body who can not necessarily dominant as a scorer, but can force the other teams big to have to stay with him when LBJ or D-Wade drives the lane. Dwight Howard was able to closed down the middle last night because he knew all of Miami bigs were not accustom to rolling to the front of the rim when he came off of them; they instead, stood out on the perimeter hoping to get a kick out for an outside shot. LBJ struggles this year because he’s being asked to do somethings that players like Anderson Varejao used to do for his team in Cleveland. Miami doesn’t have that type of player on their team and unfortunately until they can get that type of player to either mix with the big 3 or replace one the big 3, then I believe this team will face alot of struggles in winning any meaningful regular season game or playoff games.

  214. maestre says:

    Do not blame Lebron or Wade, about last night loss. I think the problem was PG’s. they made 3 shots out of 15 . That is very low %. I think Biddy was a wrong moved. Lets see.. .

  215. Slowing Down? says:

    The heat was up 24pts by the half, Wade and Lebron Combined with around 42 points by the end of the half and only 8-10pts by the end of the 2nd half. I don’t know why they slowed down but they don’t need to since they’re the primary scorer’s on the team

  216. Juice1017 says:

    Nobody Said The Heat Were The Best Team , You People Hold Them Up To Such High Standards Just Cause Its 3 Stars On 1 Team. Your All Expecting Them To Come Together Like KG, Allen, & Pierce Did On Their 1st Season ?!… Yeah, That Was Just Luck. But Lebrons Shooting Career 3-pt % Is Better Than Jordans.. & Im Pretty Sure Thats A Higher % Than D.Wade So I’d Rather Bron-Bron Take The Last Shot. & Orlandos Nothing, They’re Both 2-2 For The Regular Season. ONLY Team Thats Gonna Give Miami Problems Is Boston . So Chill

  217. Sean says:

    Chris Bosh needs to man up, hes always falling on the ground. He could b so good, but he refuses to post up even with his size. D wade goes flying into the stands, lebron gets a block then bosh had a chance for the ball and gets knocked down. Its pathetic!!! d wade is my favorite but he got lazy on defense, and that happens a lot. Can there roll players hit a shot, they have been so cold. Heat need Riley to step in cause he has an ego that can put the big 3 in there place.

  218. Knives says:

    I think the Miami lost in their last three games because they did not give their best! They are not so motivated to win the game. I believe Bosh is a good shooter but there are times that he can’t feel the ball. He needs to be confident to shoot the ball well. They need to trust their shooting and their teammates. But for James, he passed the ball to much. Play your game and do not lose your momentum. For Wade, he is the leader of the team. His a good leader and scorer but sometimes he forgot to defend the shooters that make them pay at the end. Erik Spoelstra is an intelligent and open minded coach. He only needs to learn how to keep their lead. I think their just put the team in relax mode when their too much ahead. I believe Miami will make it!

  219. itchy18 dwade fan says:

    and let dwade handle the ball in final seconds! he’s better clutch shooter!

  220. itchy18 dwade fan says:

    ” We know they are good finishers and almost unstoppable on a fast break but in the half court, sometimes they look so stagnant and robotic. No fluid movement.” LMAO i really agree with this. i’m a fan of miami but gosh i’m so disappointed with them. if they always play like this they will never win the championship

  221. magic says:

    Everyone is talking about what miami did wrong? how about talking about what orlando did right. nailing 3’s in clutch moments. steppin up their defense to shut down miami. Q rich on lebron was killer, made him look like a little girl. Miami just sucks. Always have and always will. ORLANDOOOOOOOOOOO

  222. wycliffe says:

    this is why I believe that Miami does not want to meet the Knicks especially in the first round. Knicks have 3 guys that can make the Big shot and they seem to gel together more than the big 3 of Miami even though miami has the best team

  223. mirko says:


  224. Shaad says:

    This is my take on their problems…When the ball is moving constantly it puts a lot of pressure on the defense to not only keep up but to be perfect in rotations. When you have threats like Lebron and Wade one slip can result in an easy bucket. The heat have been doing this in first half on games but when the 4th quarter comes they forget movement and try to rely on talent. Isolations will not work with this team because we do not have a threat at the center position and defenses are quicker to help on Wade and Lebron penetration. So instead of isolations, Heat should keep up the motion offense and just take what the defense gives them rather than forcing isolations or pick and rolls. Lebron doesn’t have the best crossover or agility to split defenders during the pick and roll nor do we have any good ROLLERS. Which is essential for best results. For instance the best way to take advantage of a defense and exploit overplaying is to run multiple screens like Boston does for Ray Allen and Paul Pierce cause if you over play then there is the back door or switch then there is a mismatch. Keeping the ball moving and giving everyone the GREEN light looking for the open man also gives confidence to all of the other non-stars. Just take a look at the Nuggets now without Carmelo.They keep the ball moving no matter 1st or 4th quarter and whoever is open shoots!

  225. DJ says:

    The cav’s were a better team last year then the heat are this year. I think thats evident.
    The Heat have great players..but they dont play like a team…their offense is sloppy and they seem confused.
    13-14 against teams that are 500. or above and Every team in the playoffs will be above 500.,

    First round and out unless they get their act together.

  226. Kwesi Samuels says:

    I am so disappointed with the Miami Heat. I like to feel like I am their biggest supporter, but lately they have been letting me down and at times has been causing me some anxiety. How could a team with so much talent give up a 24 point lead instead of just building on that lead? I dont know who is at fault here. But here is what I noticed form watching the Heat play all season. Wade (my favorite ball player of all time) turns the ball over to often. James holds the ball for 8 to 10 seconds before he decides to make a move, which usually results in him driving to the basket or shooting the ball. Bosh needs to be a bit more physical. I know he can knock down the mid range jumper but he should develop his post game. As far as the other players on the team, THEY NEED TO WAKE UP. Stop relying on Wade and James all game. Its like the just stand around when those guys have the ball. I dont know the last time I seen them run a set offense in a half court set. Everything is one on one. You cant win a championship that way, maybe a few games but thats it. I hope that these last two loses serves as a wake up call to this team. Playoffs are about to start. Time is of the essence… LETS GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!

  227. asdf says:

    it’s really simple, offense wins the game, defense wins the championship. too many stars in your team make your team bad, the coach confused who gonna take the last shot. just see lakers, game on the line. BLACK MAMBA TAKE THE SHOT !

  228. malonepg3 says:

    The problem aint that they need kobe or they dont have the personel to get it done, the problem is they not gettin Dwade the ball down the stretch. Lebron has hit like two game winners in his freakin life! And he has a teammate in Dwade who has won a championship and hit numerous game winners and big shots throughout the course of his career. so for Dwade not to touch the ball on any final possession is ridiculous and unexplainable and thats the reason there so terrible in last shot situations!

  229. itchy18 dwade fan says:

    i’m so disappointed with miami heat team. they’re the next Golden Stated Warriors who can’t hold a big lead till the end of the game. they should change their game plan and not always Iso’s. and don’t let bosh shoot the three!!! they should trade bosh to a better power forward. he’s too soft.

  230. miami cool says:

    don’t let lebron take the last shot. he’s not a clutch shooter. that’s the reason why in previous games, he was afraid of taking the shot. remember the game winner of eddie house against OKC, lebron was so wide open but opted to pass it to house. should have done the same thing, pass the ball to team mate who are clutch shooter.

    another problem for heat is bosh. he ain’t power forward. he is more of SF, as in soft forward. Once haslem is back, make bosh as bench player. haslem provides defense and rebounds. which category will bosh help then? field goal perhaps? nahh, not after a 1 for 18 performance against bulls. rebounds perhaps? nahh, at 6-11 he hardly can rebound the ball. conclusion, bench him.

  231. Gimmedat says:

    The problem with the heat is that they run to many iso plays and one on one plays. They have other players on their team that they should have set plays for. The last play of that game should of been a set for eddie house. The heat will live n die with wade or james goin one on five and why the hell was bosh shooting that three with 7 sec left on the clock.

  232. AziLa says:

    Bosh already score 3 points in the last 2 minutes… 2 or 3 times I think…

  233. Paul J says:

    A simple problem that Heat need to overcome, a play maker. The usual attitute and usual mistake, Lebron playing his Cleveland C style that didn’t worked good down there. For him playing like point guard won’t make the Heat a serious contender for NBA top prize. Wade doing the same thing, to much time with the ball. Normally a coach would love to attact in pick n roll style. I don’t know if these two superstars are listening! I believe there is potential for them to be better, now that Mike Bibby is in the team. They need to practice more on this area! A court general should be the one to plot strategy. Lebron and Bush are hard to beat when positioned close to the rim, Wade or Jones somewhere outside to deliver three pointers. They need Mike B experience on pick n roll. Chalmer is not faster dribbler just stronger.

  234. Chris says:

    They have to keep being active as a team unit. Running pick and rolls all game isn’t gonna make them a successful half court team. Stop shooting threes if your not known as a three point threat. Bosh shouldn’t be allowed to touch the ball unless its down in the block, just like LeBron needs to get his big 270 pound self down there and free up the shooters. The problem seems to be the bench and the fact that they don’t have a legit bog man to help with second chance points and paint control doesn’t help the cause neither, but obviously they don’t really need that big of they can jump up on you by 24! Players need to learn their role, event big three. Stop super hopping in the first half, then come out the 2nd half shooting and not passing the ball around, those are guaranteed ways to keep losing! Pat Riley should’ve chewed all of their a**’s out….

  235. Paul says:

    I’ve said it before and I’lol sayit again, the heat roster will change!
    If you recal, they joined forces in the first place so they could potentially steamroll over the league without much competition (bragging about winning 5 or 6 championships in the future) because they cannot handle any form of adversity and are afraid of the competition (Michael Jordan had to wait 7 years before everything fell in place – he didn’t cry and leave the team to join with Magic Johnson and convince Barkley to join also).
    This Miami team cannot handle a loss and their inferior complex is HUGE, so they lose their focus after a loss or after a bad run during a game. Just wait until the playoffs where the best teams are the ones that don’t worry about any bad runs or any lost games – they come out every second thinking of the future only, not the past. This Miami team dwells on every past mistake, loss, etc and it is only a matter of time before they start yelling at each other for the ‘clutch’ misses >>>> and that will be their demise.
    My theory, either Wade or Lebron will be traded in the offseason OR during next season before the all-star game.
    It’s ironic to say that they may trade Wade, since this is supposed to be Wade’s team; but the reality is Wade is either super strong ready to blow out teams or he simply doesn’t show up (and he is always injury prone, which is a huge factor to consider).
    So just imagine what kind of a roster they could create if they trade Wade and pick-up more key guys (top roll guys, like Rodman and Kerr were added to the Bulls) to complement James.
    People think the Pippen/Jordan duo or Bird/McHale duo can simply be created through a trade.
    It doesn’t work that way!!!
    Pippen and McHale were young raw players that developed under the shadows of Jordan and Bird, over time.
    Pippen and Jordan were extremely unique where their talents complented each other – when you watched them on defense or offense, their floor IQ was incredible and they looked like 2 cheetahs going in for a kill, in other words, they didn’t just succeed on talent but rather they had perfect chemistry.
    Wade and James do not have that chemistry and to make matters worse, each of these guys developed their own legacy in diferent places, so it’s like you now have a tiger and a lion joining together and it just doesn’t makes sense. Even a young Johnson developed under the leadership of Jabbar, though Magic learned very quickly how to be a leader also, which explains the numerous times they went to the finals in the 80’s (alomost every year in the finals).
    The duos of Pippen/Bird, McHale/Bird, Johnson/Jabbar, Kobe/Shaq ae all examples of one new young player entering the league under another superstar – but with Wade and James you have to superstars in their own making that join together and as a result, will clash together. If one or both of them were late in their careers, then the trade is ok (you see this all the time for decades – with the recent ones being an older Drexler joining Houston (and then Barkley), older Malone joining LA, older Shaq travelling to every contender the past several years, etc.
    But you just don’t find two league superstars in their primes joining forces together – it’s ridiculous!!
    When Jordan missed the finals in 1989 or 1990, did he cry and ask to join Olajuwan?
    Did Bird cry and ask to join Johnson. Did Duncan cry from three years of missing the finals (00 – 02) and ask to join Iverson?
    The whole thing is a joke between these Miami guys – and many people are stupid enough to say “it’s their choice”. People are just ignorant to say such supid words with no understanding
    It’s my choice whether to run someone over or not, but that doesn’t make either choice ‘correct’.
    It’s my choice whether to go to the gym and create a team of the best players so we can steamroll over everyone else in the gym for 3 hours while playing ‘king’s court’ (winner stays on) – that doesn’t make it right.
    How the hell can people think that because you have a choice to do something, then either choice is ok if that’s what they want.
    So if someone has the choice to argue with someone ro kill someone instead of argue, then it’s ok to kill someone because that was their choice? Too many ignorant people in this world, and the irony is that their idea of “it’s their choice” is ignorant, wheras James decision was just a mistake (and not ignorant). Too many fans are ignorant and will say anything to protect what they like, no matter how stupid it may sound.

  236. Tenki says:

    Miami’s failure to close out the game against Orlando happened because Erik Spoelstra opted to get Chris Bosh involved in the second half. He should have continued to do what they have done in the first half, where James and Wade were efficient at the floor, and let the offense run through them first, and the rest of the team second.

    Erik Spoelstra should develop a strategy for them to play in the later stages of the ball game, especially when Miami leads comfortably coming in the second half. The fact that Miami lost three games where they had the lead by halftime in double digits this season proves that they are having a hard time dealing with such situations. Spoelstra is known to steal close games even when played bad, and it was evident last season where the Heat made a run at the later stages of the regular season, claiming the fifth seed in the East. Now he needs to be successful with the other way around. Miami isn’t designed to play close games. With their firepower (or at least the hype of it), they should be winning by at least 10 or 15 points. This is coming from a Dwyane Wade fan.

  237. Ken Fenty says:

    Ahhhh.. Good. See Miami will not win until they find A COACH.. Sitting on the bench thinking you have this GREAT team and not knowing how to direct that team means. These guys will be watching from the sideline when they are outted from the playoffs.. LeBron will feel the tears welling up in his eyes again at the hands of Orlando if they don’t find a coach.. Pat Riley is NOT the answer.. that may have worked when you had Shaq and a Young D-Wade but now.. NO Way.. Couldn’t happen to a better group.. GO Lakers and Knicks!

  238. yungdeuce says:

    lebron is a beast but he’s not clutch that’s not anything you can teach either you have it or you don’t and he doesn’t i can only remember him hitting the game winner against the magic in game 1 in late game situations the heat should go through d wade

  239. pixar says:

    I love how Bosh was rolling on the floor during the last hustle play at the end of the forth. Being from Toronto, most players who leave there never really make anything of themselves (Damon Stoudamire, Vince Carter, Tracy Mcgrady, Marcus Camby, Chris Bosh). He should be traded next season for some role players … I agree that Lebron isn’t playing as hard as he did when he was in CLE. The big 3 need the ball all the time so it’s starting to show when they don’t have the ball ie: standing around … They’re still fun to watch though …

  240. Black7 says:

    @LAW064 The guy might have meant “Lebron needs to improve (his) clutch (play)”

    Hmmm… Why did they go to Bosh? Because it would have been dramatic and unexpected like when Artest hits it? Or maybe because he had knocked down his prior shots before that? Still, I would have given it to Wade anyday. He’s not afraid to shoot and not afraid to miss. He might just be 1/7 FG% but he’s 1/2 3PT% compared to Lebron’s 0/5. I also noticed that James can’t hit the open three. Must be awkward when there’s no one to blame for missing a shot. Even more so when it’s clutch. He also seems to be trying to hit buzzer beaters lately but can’t seem to close even choosing not to pass to an open Wade at the Knicks game. He seems to… ehem… something’s in my throat.

  241. Jermaine says:

    EDDIE HOUSE! thats a clutch shooter, if they want baskets they shud drive and kick it out to eddie bcuz its been proven he’s clutch from in boston and looking at the table, one wud say he’s the best option. not the best player obviously but the best option in such a situation.

  242. johnson says:


    • QuestionMark says:

      Dude I doubt 90% of the people are Heat fans at all. I actaully thought at one point they may win it all, but as of now I highly doubt it will happen.

  243. Michael says:

    That’s all miami will ever be. and because they took these three “superstars” together they wont be able to sign quality players for a looooong time. the three combined cant even reach half of kobe’s clutchness or even a fourth of MJ’s. Geez. and they boldly proclaim to be the kings of the NBA and claim that theyd win multiple championships. Lebron is only good for 3 quarters. Wade should take over in 4th quarters. bosh should sit on the bench or better yet be traded.

  244. Janice says:

    They need to get everyone involved early and keep them involved throughout the entire game. Two or three people will never beat five. Get the other players involved. Until they do that, they will never win a championship.

  245. davidz says:

    i think miami needs a new coach…i mean look @ this game…they were winning by 24 pts…than he sub´s wade and bosh and let lebron playing…i mean why he do that? when that hapend the MIAMI coach was just looking hes team losing pts for orlando…wtf why he just put wade and bosh when they were winning by 4 pts? MIAMI GET A NEW COACH

  246. ruff says:

    I agree with Matt too. I’ve been watching LB played in Cleveland he’s very inconsistent in dying minutes. A good team must have a go to guy during crunch time like Kobe…. D Wade can do that but not LB or CB. Another thing they’re having a defense problem also, they become complacent if they’re up by big margin…. go Kobe….

  247. Carrington Banks says:

    look….its really not Lebron or Wades fault….scoring 20 in the first half is TIRING…u notice that James Jones isn’t shooting threes like he use to, Mike Miller isn’t shooting 3s, Mike Bibby new to the team he set EXCELLENT picks, but he was nervous….Bosh plays like a bitch, and needs to drive to the hole more and play better D….its the supporting cast thats not playing and is why the lose their leads…..Carlos Arroyo use to make shots from mid range, I dnt know why they traded him……Eddie House is a 3 point expert, and he hits midrange jumpers with a quick shot…why they not playing him? I have no Idea….Illgauskus is a great shooter, they aren’t playing him….

    Its the coaching…..if ur 1-7 or whatever against the TOP teams, that winning streak they had is because the PLAYERS are talented, and not because the COACH is good…Pat Riley anybody?

  248. SAM says:

    I think the coach is your problem, you have superstars on the team and when they have the ball they play like it.
    the team has alot of weapons and is a very athletic team but erik does not know how to use them to there full potential, You need a coach that will take them over the hump and lbj had the same problem in cleveland with mike brown they are puppet coaches they are not coaches that will win you a championship its not the dont want to but the dont know how too…

  249. Game is Fixed says:

    I’m just not buying that this team blows leads like that. Considering they were doing the same a couple months ago in the year but winning. Just doesn’t add up and I think this stuff is fixed.

    • QuestionMark says:

      The game isnt fixed, explain this then, if the game is fixed then how are the players able to hit gamewinners for example Kobe or even weaker teams like the Kings, Tyreke Evans hit a half court game winner, Im sure any player would make like 1 out of 10, if it was fixed then no one would know if they can hit it or not.

  250. CJ says:

    Lebron will end up as another Wilt, breaking lots of personal stat records while losing out on championships every year to teams that play as a TEAM. This is why the Celtics are so successful with no one scoring more than 17 or 18 pts per game, yet still leading the league in team assists. It’s a team sport guys, not a boxing match!

  251. are we in playoff yet? says:

    C’mom guys!!! C’mom Heat fans!!! I know is dissapointed to lose a game like this but remember that we have the Spurs, Bulls and Lakers coming up. Loses like this can shake a team around. Let’s see how they do againts the Spurs, Bulls and Lakers and if they can win two of those three games, that will be a huge step moving forward. Lebron is clutch. He happens to be in a bad strecht. NOBODY not name MICHAEL JORDAN mAkes all the shots in the last minute. If you look at the Lakers game Kobe takes like ten shots and only makes 4 of them. The Heat will be ready when it matters most. Don’t worry Heat fans…they will be ready

  252. DY3eezZZY says:

    number 1, these stats are wrong because they’re are 5-12 in late game situations, not 2-12, and two the stats for individuals are wrong because I’ve seen chris Bosh hit 2 three in late game situations, so this guy needs to check his stats, (don’t believe me, check when Miami played new Orleans and Washington, chris bosh hit a three in each one)

  253. John L says:

    Don’t sleep on the Chicago Bull’s Noah and Boozer too, Chris Bosh probably wouldn’t be able to handle them either hahaha! MIAMI HEAT AND LEBRON JAMES ARE OVER RATED! ITS STILL D WADES HOUSE!!! SHOULD HAVE LEFT IT THAT WAY!

  254. Brucemetz14frosh says:

    I didn’t have high hopes this year for Miami, but they have done better than I thought they would at the beginning of the season. But really people just need to give them time to get comfortable with their team and learn the shooters. With 3 roosters in a chicken coop it would be hard to decide one leader, wouldn’t it?

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      Stop making excuses. Im sooooo d**n tired of hearing the excuses as to why this team is sorry! You heat fans are still talking about give them time. How much time do the heat fans want to give this team, the length of the contracts? You people really need to face it. The heat overpaid on this team and they suck. They will win a championship when there is no more big three in boston, kobe retires, and they better hope d rose breaks something on his body and miss a whole season. Otherwise that crap lechump was talking, “i came here to win not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7” How stupid does he look right about now?

  255. arnel says:

    To all my friends who bet that Miami will have the 70+ wins in the regular season, I’ll be collecting those stake dinners ASAP… Thanks “big 3”, I’ll be feasting for a week.
    This team has some talent but when you don’t let your PG have the ball and make plays, your “talented” PF shooting 3’s and you have two alpha males second guessing if who will be the closer on crucial possessions, this kind of “epic” will hit them more often than not.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Ha at least you aren’t the only one. My friend bet me $100 Heat would beat the 72-10 record this season. I said “are you sure you want to make this bet.” “dude how could I not, heat arejust too good.”
      Guess who has $100 in their pocket? :]… Also made $150 on the last Celtics Heat game as well….Heat are making ME money… KEEP ON LOSING IT’S PAYING FOR MY PARTYING

  256. John L says:

    They’re dominate but come on… Chris Bosh is not a Tim Duncan, or a KG or Bynumn he doesn’t even have a post move.. he can shoot the ball and dunk when he’s open, I loved the end of Chicago, Orlando and New Yorks game. Lebron shoots 3s and missed them all LOL I love it.. Over rated, when will people see that in him, he’s trying to get Kobe’s “Clutch” title but he can’t!

  257. FLAL FANS!!! says:

    First of all F all the Miami Haters!!! Don’t be quick to judge, Miami Heat will pull through in a 7 game playoff series. They just lost a single tough match against NY, Chi, & Orlando and people are blowing it out of proportion. Yes I understand they are blowing leads and coming up with close losses. This is a good wake up call for Miami that you can’t under estimate your opponent. All Miami needs is to learn on how to close out games and that shouldn’t be a problem when the playoffs come around. Also the bench and Chris Bosh need to show up at every game in order for Miami to prevail. With that being said Miami is still #2 in the East and 1.5 games behind Boston. I think that Lebron James & the Miami Heat will take it all the way and the Perkins trade Boston will feel it in the playoffs just like how they felt his absence in last years finals. Boston & Chicago got nothing on Miami and the West won’t be an issue since East is the power house. Lebron James & Miami heat All Day Everyday!!!

    • B.O.B says:

      Why would Boston feel the trade of Perk against Miami who have no inside game. Also, Boston and Chicago have evrything on Miami.

    • DREAZY says:

      Miami needs to trade with LA and get the BLACK MAMBA if they want to win a Championship this year. KOBE is going to complete the final BACK TO BACK TO BACK for PHIL before he rides into the sunset…

  258. shelton says:

    its not heat year

  259. heatroletrash says:

    Miami Heat’s PG and C are not even a D players. Chalmers is garbage.

  260. Someone says:

    I didn’t watch the game, but I just wonder how can even a lead that wide can be blown? Why do teams settle for jump shots when they have such lead? Is it a unwritten rule to just shot jumpshots and brick to let the other team comeback? Why not drive to the basket and force it, seriously.

  261. usbuck says:


    • B.O.B says:

      Just because you followed Lebron from high school doesn’t mean you’re his biggest fan, he was televised, i’m sure thousands of little kids followed him. Plus, if you’re the best in the NBA (as you say he is) being asked to play a couple of positions shouldn’t be too much of a hard task. Hell I play two positions, I’m not getting payed 15 million a year. As for what you’ve said. Guarding the best player on the opposing team isn’t that hard for a player of his calliber. He’s a power forward and a small forward, and he’d probably have a diva moment if they stopped him from running the point. So all of what you’ve said is pointless. Stop kissing Lebrons ass, if he wanted to win a championship that much he’d do anything and not think twice about it. If i were miami i would’ve got something more out of beasley than two second round picks, passed up lebron because you don’t need two got to guys, got a better big man than bosh e.g boozer, nowitzki. Then with the extra money left over from not signing Lebron I would of actually assembled a group of guys experienced enough to actually make a run at the championship. Because let’s face it Miami aren’t winning any of those many championships that Lebron promised them. This is the Celtics year

  262. Jake says:

    Not entirely surprised, I like the parting of the red sea when jameer nelson was driving to the basket. Their defense is overrated and their offense is all iso and some down picks. They expect to just throw a bunch of shooters out there with their playmakers and win but they have no fluid offense. It’s selfish basketball, reminds me of the 04/05 lakers when they had all their hall of famers. The only clutch player they have is D-wade at times, lebron is no where near a clutch player which is exactly why everytime they needed a last second shot his first couple of seasons he would simply pass the ball off. He says pressure doesn’t bother him but to me it seems palpable he can’t handle it…. that or he simply has no jumpshot… which is valid

  263. Mathew says:

    no one in miami has managed to understando how to make is teammates The clutch when ALL the D is making extra effort they just can’t deliver anything because of this. Its ironic that they keep losing to players (Deng, J-rich) how needs team off to score, and it will be noticeble against the team-effort tendence created by boston’s oldies…

  264. AngelaF says:

    I agree with Spencer. Dwayne Wade needs to take the final shot. LBJ may be the best player on that team, but he is not the best closer on the team. It’s disappointing that Wade doesn’t touch the ball in a final possession. Bosh and LBJ jacking up 3’s isn’t going to get it done. Remember that brick LeChoke shot against the Bulls recently?? Pathetic. Pass it to Wade.

    Kobe may not make all of his shots down the stretch either, but if I were tp pick anyone in the NBA to take the final shot it would be Kobe. He had what 6 or 7 buzzer beaters alone last season. LBJ only 2 in his career so far. Kobe also was the only player to come up big down the stretch in that gold medal game in the Olympics while the others were like a deer caught in the headlights.

  265. LBJ FAN says:

    i am a big LBJ fan. a d-wade fan too. im a filipino so i dont want coach E to get fired. cmon heat, wake up. learn how to protect a lead. clutch time, i’ll go for d-wade. you guys need to practice more plays come crunch time. have the killer instinct, you were up 24, dont relax, give lebron more playing time in the 1st to 3rd quarter, he loves playing with a big lead. no one can stop lebron when he is not pressured. look, LBJ has a better field goal percentage during 1st half. so maximize it. i still believe you can win the championship this season.

    • Coffee says:

      but it’s true Pinoy. Spoelstra is one of the Heat’s weaknesses… not that he’s dumb or whatever… it’s a matter of commanding respect out of your players. he doesn’t have that much of accomplishment to be able to bark at lebron and expect the dog to hide his tail between his legs.

      • tama ka boy says:

        I agree.. I’m a avid Heat fan because of Spo.. but on what’s happening to Heat right now is too much for him to handle. I want to support through out all of his career.. maybe its the right time to give up his coaching from Heat and find some other team else.. I believe he will do better in other team that has less pressure and descent attitude players. The Big2 (big3) is too much for him,.. he is too soft for them and can’t descipline and he always get on stake everytime they lost. The big problem is THE KING.. who runing the game as always because of his bad nasty decision making, ignoring his team mate and his coach… Its good for him to have a gorilla coach who will punish him for his nasty attitude.

  266. Miami10-11 says:

    In the final minutes, Heat need to establish that Lebron needs to be the Facilitator, and Wade the First scoring option! And if wade isnt available, Lebron can find one of the shooters on the floor! Lebron was missing that lethal 2nd option in cleveland that he wouldve died to pass to in the final moments when he was doubled or trippled. Now that he’s got one of the best scorers in the league, he needs to use him, aswell as some of the better shooters in the league in the clutch moments because Lebron’s facilitating is the best part of his game in my opinion!

  267. Keiber says:

    What they need is a center… Dampie (whatever his name is) he is not doing anything, he is not taking easy shots cuz he is afraid or not got at it… They need one superman NOW… And stop trying to make threes when they are not going in!!!!!… And yes i agree, Wade should be the player to take the last shot!!!!

  268. Vasco says:

    The Heat is lacking a decent coach. People can say whatever they want, but as a college coach myself, you don’t suddently go from 24 up to 7 down by taking the “right” calls. Spoelstra is lacking on guts… Both LeBron and Wade were chickening the whole second half… -.-

  269. Ukulele says:

    I think the owner of the Cleveland Cavs said it best when he told the media after the BIG Announcement that Lebron James was cursed and no team will ever win a championship as long as he is on the team. This is proving to be more true after every game. I give Miami to the 2nd round and they will be “gone fishin”

  270. Chitown boogie says:

    Don’t worry… Miami will fix it in the off season after they are knocked out in the first round. They will get a point guard, center and a new coach (Please not PR..he needs to stay in the front office)..I think they loose in the first round of playoffs this year to New York..If Miami doesn’t get it together this year or this summer don’t be surprised if Chicago moves ahead of them in status. Chicago has more flexibility cap wise and better bargaining chips to make a move with via trade..

  271. Vitor Brasil says:

    C’mon! Are Heat a very good offensive team? Nooooooo! They lose the game vs Orlando in the 3rd quarter when the Magic
    played a very TIGHT defense. Yes! The Heat HAS NO CREATIVITY or a good offensive playbook to play against tight defenses! And I’m very concerned about the playoffs, when the top 8 teams ONLY plays under strong defenses, or, at least, more stronger than the regular season. Unfortunately, the Heat needs to improve so much if they want to be a champion.

  272. jay says:

    uh i see alot of people mad at lebron. anybody look down and see d-wade is 1 of 7 too. People need to stop commenting, because half time they say dumb crap. Lebron is just as much clutch as d-wade. And yes bosh needs to stop shooting threes with the game on the line haha

  273. aj jackson says:

    Dwyane Wade needs to take the final shoots since he came to the nba he hasn’t miss a game winning shoot yet he always make them last season and the 08-09 seasons he shoot game winning shoots against chicago and nets so he is the go to guy for miami and plus he is the team captain not lebron or chris so he should say if he feels he can take the shoot give the ball to him cause last night game bosh and james miss game tying shoots and that really piss me off.

  274. Emman says:

    we all know that the “BIG 3” in miami heat is very good in terms of scoring. . . the key for me so that miami will win in late games is the so called “LOW POST GAME AND CONSTANT DEFENSE”. . . Chris Bosh must not only depend on hitting jump shots but increase his confidence in doing low post shots offensively and rebounding and guarding opponents defensively. . . also avoid turnovers in order to stay right on track. .

  275. Sarai says:

    It’s so funny because right now everyone thinks that someone “is missing”, another role player to compliment the Big 3 but when they all got together (Big 3) everyone just “knew” they were more than enough. Actually they started talking about breaking the Bulls record on single seasons W’s but it seems now they are not enough. They don’t know how to close games out just because they can play together through the entire game but not in the final 3 minutes, DWade and LBJ are trying to go one-on-one because they both want to be the heroes. Except yesterday of course when Bosh took that shot ( I don’t know what he was thinking lol)

  276. puremiami says:

    Wade and Lebron are individually amazing ball players but will never play well together. They are the same type of player they both want the clip on espn they are not and never will be team players. Multiple championships? The “Bad” decision? Bosch was an ok player on a crappy team with the Raptors which is why he scored so much he was the only game in town. Now he can’t get out of his own way. I live in Miami and I am tired of everybody saying they need time to gel. What a bunch of garbage! I think Chicago finishes 2nd,Orlando 3rd MAYBE Heat 4th.. I see them going 2-7 over the next 9 games.

  277. Jolan says:

    WTF! why would you let someone who shot 5 of 14 shoot your finaly shot (which was a 3?) The heat would be a better team if they let jones or house take that final 3. clutch or not, they would probably be less guarded and have a clearer shot.

  278. apwmcelt says:

    Everyone ignored Miami’s shortcomings at the beginning of the year and now the proof is in the pudding. They have little interior presence and their bench players are non-existent. Sorry Miami fans, but not even Haslem will help with these problems. Miami is going to need to some major retooling this summer.

  279. jums says:


  280. Filipino fan says:

    What they need to do is to trust each other more, especially in this kind of situation. Basketball is not just a physical game, it is also a mind setting game, they need to play as a team until the last second of the game expired..another thing is that they need to learn more how to control not only the game but also the time, not vice-versa. if they can do this the momentum of the players will not be changed. If they will not overcome this problem, this team will not reach the final.
    Lastly, it is not the issue who will will take the final shot, but who is ready to take that final shot..don’t rush it, remember the team who controls the time and controls the game is the one who wins the game

  281. jums says:

    when they first started i knew they are not a championship calibre team yet. . .unlike boston and lakers they know when to recieve and when to give. . .This is not about you are so great you can take them all by your own all the time. A great player like jordan, bird, magic etc. knows when to pass, knows how to make plays for others and knows to be a decoy sometimes to make a better shot for others. . boston is the best example at our era, great ball movement if needed in times of clutch. . .they know when to do iso and when to set screen for others no matter your paul, ray or kevin. . .championship team consist or a team, not just 3 or 4 great players.

  282. asdf says:

    as i said before, either d-wade steps up clutch or miami loses. wade can do it, lebron can’t. step up wade, its ur team.

  283. Quincy says:

    I’ve been a miami fan for a long time. But the Heat suck in late game situation. Niether Lebron, Wade, nor Bosh have that killer instinct to finish a team off. The Heat need to make adjustments, and fast or Dwyane Wade will have swallow ANOTHER 1st round exit. Lebron is the key. He lead a garbage squad to the finals and gave them the best record in the league twice. Dwyane Wade is talented. but he can’t lead a team like lebron can. So the heat need to make things pop during this summer’s free agency. 1. Lebron and Wade need to lower there checks so they can get better players. 2. The Heat need a point guard. So they should break their necks to get Steve Nash in FA. 3.They also need a center so wait for Kevin love to sign out. 4. Miami needs role players, so they should sign Brandon Jennings and Tyreke evans. Thats a 15ppg player and an 20ppg player off the bench. Plus they gotta crack down on there defense. How do you go up by 24 then lose by 3. TERRIBLE DEFENSE. So Spoelstra needs to work on a new playbook. Cause right now miami is a team that picks on weaker teams but can’t face a good team.

    • tingyman1 says:

      O yeah…. The miami would easily convince steve nash, brandon jennings, tyreke evans and kevin love, all of them either franchise players or possible franchise players in their own right, all to come to miami and earn only 600 thousand dollars each as all 4 of them split a mid level exception. I hate when these forms of fans come on line and post their ignorant bullcrap

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      @QUINCY You have no idea how stupid everything you wrote sounds. The heat have over 300 million on their payroll. They cant afford anybody else. Even at 36 years old, Nash is out of their price range. Do you really expect these good players to come to the heat just to play with wade and lebum for chump change. This is just one reason why this team wont go anywhere, they cant afford any other decent players becasue of what they are playing the three chumps.

  284. MAGIC_FAN_4LIFE says:

    I woke this morning in disbelief when I turned on the TV to watch ESPN for Sport Center and saw that the Orlando Magic beat the Miami Heat last night. I was watching the game last night but turned the TV off early in the 3rd quarter when Miami took a 22 points lead. I honestly thought the game would be a huge blow out. Big win for the Magic.

  285. Steve says:

    I think that it all boiled down to a breakdown in Miami’s defense. They leave good 3 point shooters wide open. What do you expect when you let the other team have open 3 pointers with very little contesting?

    • Who? Mike Jones says:

      How about a 3 point shot with no contesting at know, as wide open as you’re ever going to get in the NBA..would you say that person needs to make that shot? cough cough Lechoke cough…

  286. HansisDMan says:

    Clutch performance separates good players from star players.. no clutch, no championship

  287. Richard says:

    did u forget that j rich used to be second or third in the leauge in three point shooting

    • tingyman1 says:

      did you forget that dwayne wade is supposed to be one of the better perimeter defenders in the league?

  288. Alfred says:

    I am a Heat fan so I’m sorry to say that not only with this team not reach a championship this year, they will barely get out of the first round (only due to a spectacular performance by one of the big two) and they will definitely not make it out of round 2.

    If I knew what they needed to do, I’d be making the big bucks in the NBA. All I know is what is there now, “ain’t making it”. Maybe something for the bitter Cleveland fans to rejoice about.

  289. Trey says:

    Lebron is nowhere near kobe in the final seconds.. stupid question. kobe is one of the most clutch in nba history.. heat are not gonna get it done this year… they are 2-12 in games decided by 5 points or less, which is just horrible… ur not gonna get anywhere near a ring doing that.. they have to many ppl that think they can take and make the game winning shot.. LAKESHOOWW!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. Melquan says:

    Them Miami Heats know what they doing….They saving their energy for the playoffs then they gone really give these people shocked and amazed!! Or it might just be that they need to tighten up on the court and play harder in the fourth quarter

    • tingyman1 says:

      lol saving energy for the playoffs? AT LEAST HAVE AN EFFING GOOD RECORD AGAINST WINNING TEAMS AND NOT THIS 13-14 BS. no offense, but saving energy is not a good excuse for this team considering that the celtics, who are older than Phil Jackson, are beasting.

    • donut says:

      u seriously think that? i think the spurs are saving more energy because their bench are getting a lot of minutes.

      • Law064 says:

        Heat fans will give any excuse. Saving energy lmao that’s not what a young athletic team like Miami should be doing. The spurs or Celtic’s should be “Saving Energy” LMAO excuses excuses. I know what the problem is they needed Melo and Dwight Howard

  291. Antonis Goneos says:

    Eric Spoelstra has to prepare someone for big shots,3-pointers mostly,a guy who will be free on the court during the closing moments of the game and will knock some 3’s to win or tie the game.This guy can’t be James cause he’s not a clutch player.D-Wade is Miami’s best player(in my view) but he ain’t the best 3-pointer Miami has to offer.Miami has Eddie House,James Jones and Mario Chalmers to be left wide open when the opponents defenders are taking care about James(who will be handling the ball),or D-Wade(who will be trying to take the ball in case James gets trapped) and knock the 3-point shot that will end the game.Why don’t they take the ball when they have to?

    Antonis Goneos,Miami Fan from Greece.

    • Law064 says:

      @Donut I was just sayin he (Ron) had me cracking up he’s crazy what a good point he made and was very funny. I have to agree with you Lechoke has never been a leader just a great athlete. I feel sorry for the heat fans and I’m laughing at all the bandwagon jumpers.

  292. ron says:

    aren’t you guys tired of wasting time talking about how lebron sucks…? he definitely does not have what it takes to win a close game,a championship… he’s the reincarnation on the court of the likes of karl malone, charles barkley and many more talented but losers.. talent is next to nothing.. character and leadership when it counts the most is what makes the difference… if i were you i wouldn’t waste a second talking about the choker ever again.. go kobe….. lebron maybe you can win a championship on d-league… where maybe you can excel..

    • Law064 says:

      @Ron LMAO you to crazy dude.

      • donut says:

        ron is not crazy, he is right. it takes more than just individual talent to win. you need leadership to get everyone involve in DEFENSE, and not just dishing out assist and scoring like lebron.
        you want to know who has good leadership? MJ and KG. they make sure u do ur job or else they will give u a long talk. especially jordan, none of his teammate liked him on the court because he yells at you too much.
        everyone tell me how great lebron is because he has a lot of assist, his fg% is good, he is very explosive. but wait, if you are the only one thats doing the work and your teammates are not on the same page, something is wrong. lebron is a great athlete, but hes been lacking leadership since forever. I do not believe that ur teammate will still do nothing if you yell at them enough.(or another method to encourage effort)

    • Coffee says:

      best comment ever!!! LMAO. Lebron in D-League. hahaha. i think he’ll just screw himself even worse back there. hahaha

    • Pete says:

      It’s not only about how many titles you win – not winning any titles doesn’t make you a loser.

      Being on teams stacked with talent (as Lebron always has been) and not winning titles is what makes you a loser.

      Karl Malone was never a loser – he’s quite probably the greatert PF to ever play the game. He always has Stockton by his side, but who else did he have? A couple of decent role players, that’s about it.

      KG never won a title in something like 12 years with the Timberwolves. This doesn’t make him a looser, he just never had the supporting cast to go that far. Once he was put in a situation with a capable supporting cast (in Boston) he got his ringin the space of one season.

      Problem with lebron is that he’s had the talent to win a title – Lebron fans can sit here and argue all they like, but his last season with Cleveland he had two other 20PPG scorers (Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison), a scrappy defensive stopper and hustle guy (Varejao) and an versatile all rounder (Delonte West) along with a fairly potent bench. He was on one of the top 3 defensive teams in the league so he can’t make that excuse either. He had everything he needed to get a ring, but he ignored them all and tried to do it all himself. When it counted he didnt come through. He got points, he got rebounds, he got assists – he did everything hecould to pad his stat sheet, get time in front of a camera and wow the fans, but he failed to do the one thing that was really be a leader.

      Now he’s on a team with a guy who has been a proven leader (Wade) and yet they are choking…because Lebron is once again letting the team down.

      A loser, through and through.

  293. Angela says:

    This is about the time that Pat will take over and try to salvage his investment. They have lost 3
    games in a row, they have 20 games left. Of those 20, 6 or more are against teams .500 or better. They play San Antonio on Friday, Chicago on Sunday, Lakers next Thursday, it ain’t looking good for the Heat.

  294. LEBRON=Fail says:

    lebron and the heat sucks!! 13-14 vs .500 teams?// ?? if that continues. the Boston would surely win against them (if heat can make to the eastern conference championship). once again HEAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!! GO LA!!

    • Julius says:

      Man what are u talking about, heat beat the lakers so the lakers suck.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Wait till March 10th bud. Lakers beat Boston IN Boston, something Miami can’t do…

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @Julius Its easy to beat the Lakers on Christmas day. You can put a all girl squad together on Christmas day and they will beat the Lakers. So the fact the heat beat the Lakers on Christmas day means nothing. Who hasnt beat the Lakers on Christmas day. And the Heat cant beat any teams over 500. So whats that say about your team the heat? People like you need to keep in mind the Lakers are the back to back champs, they have nothing to prove. Heat on the other hand have everything to prove and they are not doing a good job.

      • whatrutalkinbout says:

        @lebron=fail so it was christmas day, how the hell is that a good excuse for losing. This is the nba and that was still a regular season game that counts. its not like just because its christmas they’re celebrating it on the court. Get ur head screwed on right. i mean listen to urself

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Julius LA is back on a roll….while the Heat struggle…get your mind right fool!

  295. Amart says:

    LeBRICK chokes again….Maybe we can stop comping him to Jodan now? IDK

  296. adam says:

    bad coaching!

  297. JDee says:

    You cannot lose consecutive games on your home court against top East teams, when this is exactly when you have to prove you are the better team…..2 losses down the stretch and a 24 pts lead blow ??? Since when it’s Bosh who takes the 3s when the game is on the line ? Give the ball to Wade, or to Mike Miller….Wade has proven more often than Bron that he’s clutch….And Bosh IS a softy….look at other guys playing Power forward in the league like Blake or Kevin Love…..12-14 rebounds night in night out… the absence of Haslem, Bosh is only averaging 8 !!!! come on !! Enjoy guarding Dwight, Ama’re, and Boston’s bigs in the playoffs !!

    • KJ-B says:

      Uhmm, in case you’ve not noticed, Bosh gets the ball at the elbow instead of the block–they have him picking and popping like a small forward or something….It’s a crazy system that Spoelstra utilizes to hide James’/Wade’s jump shooting weakness as DWade is playing in the post and Bosh on the perimeter–it was a crazy play when I saw Bosh catch the ball at the elbow to feed Wade on the block late 4th Q…I know you don’t know Bosh from Adam but he’s actually hit a few game winning 3’s in his career, and had some big late game 3’s this year–Until they start running plays for him as 4-Man this team ain’t going nowhere!

    • Danny says:

      Since when is Wade more clutch than bron WTF did you base that comment on. Did you even look at the stats at the top of this page or are you referring to past seasons? This season james has taken 8 shots most of them 3’s btw and he made two whereas wade takes mostly two’s and he only made one in clutch time so are you just some wade groupie or what? James is the go to player for this team now and despite you wade worshippers out there james is the and will be the difference maker for this team. Learn to use facts in your argument or you just look dumb.

      • tingyman1 says:

        First of all, who was the one who left his own team in order to play for the other. Who is the original player for the HEAt? wade? yes. good we have that down. Next who is the only one on his team to win a championship? OOOO whats this? wade again? hmm im beginning to see a pattern. All of lebrons “clutch” moments were against rubbish teams that arent going anywhere, but wade has been clutch through his carreer. Shut up

      • DWill says:

        dude are you serious? WADE IS A BETTER CLUTCH PLAYER

    • larry23 says:

      jap u right. cbosh is a softy. he should grab more than 10 rebounds a game.
      the heat will do nothing in the playoffs! look how they play, just one on one. u must get all players involved not only 2 like dwade and lbj 1st half. its clear that the others are cold as ice when they shall make buckets…

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Everyone says Pau is soft yet he is 5th in the league in rebounding. Bosh is a fake “tough guy…” -KD

    • Winston says:


      Please learn ur facts, this whole clutch thing has gone too far, if kobe misses those shots it goes unnotied. Kobe has missed the most game winning/tying attempt shots in the NBA. His field goal % for game winning shots is very low at 25% to the majority of others including lebrons which is at something like 34 or 35%. Lebron has the most game winning/tying shots in the last 24 seconds. Its just this label you fans the media like to portray and beat to death. When you guys don’t know facts just perception. People don’t like to admit the “black mamba” isn’t clutch when he misses all those game winners and just ignore it. Btw these stats also include the PLAYOFFS

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Who has more rings, KOBE or lebum?

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Kobe has taken the last shot more and more often becasue the ball was put in his hands and plays designed for him. 94% of GM’s last season said they’d put the ball in Kobe’s hands. Argue with that!

      • Who? Mike Jones says:


        That site hasn’t been updated since 08-09 season…Kobe made over 15 game winners during the last 2 seasons (which are not included into that site right now) and probably missed some too. Obviously he can’t make all of them. But you can’t give old information and expect it to be reliable. Kobe’s game winning shot % went up and Lebron’s obviously went down since he never hits any of his clutch shots. That’s almost 2 seasons of info missing during which Kobe hit 7-8 buzzer beaters, let alone other shots that won the game.

        Nobody ignores Kobe missing shots..we acknowledge it but the truth is he makes A LOT of them while Lebron doesn’t. It’s simple as that. That’s all that’s being debated here.

        Don’t get butthurt and cry because your favorite player chokes all day every day. Ima start calling him “deepthroat” or actually that would make no sense since deepthroaters DONT choke. Maybe something like a “gagger” or maybe I’ll just say somebody’s abusing his face since he’s choking again…LeFishface got taken out of the aquarium and he’s choking…that brick he threw up last game bounced back and hit him in the throat and he’s choking again this game…Lebron, don’t forget to chew while you’re putting up that shot….you get the point…i can go all day

    • Pete says:

      Man even Garnett (at 35 years old, with his limits being limited) is averaging over 9 rebounds per game.


  298. Vincent says:

    The Heat lacks a role player like Robert Horry who can deliver in crunch time.

  299. IZZY says:


    • Brel says:

      I with u all the way, Lebron can play way better than what he showing and like u said we seen it in Cleveland! I get so mad when people come at Lebron like he’s not one of the greatest. Even when he playin half of his potential he still a top MVP candidate. So imagine if he play his hardest……I just hope that Miami get their act together and gets that title so Lebron can shut up all the DOUBTERS and HATERS!!!!

    • al respect the game says:

      wow, true fan

      • DWill says:

        @ the heat suck
        there are many great players that has played this game and never won a chip. n how long did it take MJ the “GOAT” to start winning championships. YOU BASICALLY DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME .

    • kobebean says:

      He’s a loser Izzy, you didnt see bird going to play with magic or jordan going to play with isiah, he’s a loser, and losers lose… get used to it.

      • Coffee says:

        damn right. they say they became friends after Team USA. Bird and Magic became friends after their first Converse commercial together and still they never teamed up. Lebron is a coward sh^t. Heat is DWade’s team. C’mon Wade, jump ship next season. come to Boston. we’ll love you here. we still love you, ya know that. and you’ll love it here too. 100% no Lebron. lol

      • gander says:

        Tell kobe to move to cleveland and win a ring. he sucks. he has all this rings because of shaq and pau. He takes more shot then all team combined. he is just a 40 % shooter. even ron ron can put number if he takes that many shots.
        Its true he is close to the leading man in missing the shots beacuse he take sso many.
        Remeber what happened when shaq left LA, where was kobe then.

    • kenny says:

      LOLLL touching

    • tingyman1 says:

      Ok….. where do i start with this post that is so full of watery nonsense and rubbery bull. You claim to be james number 1 fan and say that “real fans” hitch their behinds up when a player moves so that they can plant their behinds back on the players “big stick”. Let me tell you something little boi, real fans support TEAMS, not players, if you were a deron fan, i would still support the jazz. so dont go saying that those you support teams arent real fans. Secondly, your saying that people stabbed lebron in the back for doing the decision? that THEY stabbed LEBRON for his decision? Me personally, i think the people you talk about are well justified for being angry with lebron for jumping between wades legs. Anyone that does an hour special, just to end up stabbing his home city in the back, making them lose up to 400 million dollars in revenue, and curse and destroy the city in the season….. they deserve to be stabbed in the back, they deserve to die. And trust me little boi, lebron would be doing much more “loosing from now on”

      • DWill says:

        dude if you were in the same boat as lebron u would have did the same thing. There is no way lbj would win a chip there,second, there was no team in cleveland. it was the Lebron cavaliers. He played with bums basically. he made mo williams an all star for cryin out loud.

      • Pete says:

        Mo williams, Ilgauskas, Jamison, Shaq – a list of just a few of the All-Stars Lebron played with in Cleveland, yet couldn’t win a tiele.

        Wade, Bosh, Ilgauskus – a list of all-stars Lebron is playing with this season, after which he again won’t win a title. Ilgauskus is no longer an all-star of course…but the point remains.

        Indeed it was Lebron Cavaliers in the past, it was that way because Lebron made it that way.

        This year, it is Lebron Heat…and they will suffer the same fate until he lets it become the Miami Heat.

    • DWill1 says:

      I’m from Cleveland also and I watched Lebron for seven years too. And I don’t hate him for leaving Cleveland either, that was his “DECISION” to do so! And he is arguebly the most gifted,talented and physically intimidating player in the NBA. But He’s playing the same way he did in Cleveland when he had little talent surrounding him. 1.He plays decent defense but not great because he loses his man too much. Yeah he blocks shots on rundowns, but he doesn’t stay with his man like he should. 2. He takes the point guard out of the game because he holds the ball too much. Theres nothing wrong with Miami’s point guards, they just can’t get a feel for the game. It was the same way in Cleveland. Too much hogging the ball at the 3 point line. It gets worse at playoff time because good teams close down the lane.. 3. He doesn’t have the heart to be a closer! Time and time again He’s failed in the clutch almost to the point where he seems to give up. If he had the heart of Wade or Kobe or Paul Pierce, Miami would not be in this situation right now. I’ve seen this act too many times before. Dont be surprised if players start displaying their feelings about it. (BOSH). To deserve a championship, you got to earn it. Just because of you proclaim too be the KING dont mean you get one! Good Luck Miami fans! I’ve seen this act before.

      • Law064 says:

        @Dwill Good comment your a true fan. Lebron made his decision and hey the cav’s owner is the only person to blame. Lebron does have great talent but I’ve always said if he was Wade’s size or Kobe’s size would he be such a greater threat than them? If Kobe or Wade was Lebron’s size then that would be a real scary sight.@Dwill great post playa

      • Pete says:

        “Lebron made his decision and hey the cav’s owner is the only person to blame”

        Why, because he did everything Lebron told him to do (hired support players, fired the coach, etc) and yet Lebron still couldn’t get them a title?

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        lmao at Pete…thats right my dude….cavs owner messed up, shouldnt of gave lebron run of the team!

    • bs says:

      y dont u just marry the guy izzy?

  300. Jao says:

    Miami angling for another shoulder bump to get get them over the hump in the playoffs. the next 10 games will be crucial and I’m betting somewhere in there is the next shoulder bump and the next player meeting. lol.

  301. spencer says:

    miami has to let d-wade take the final shots down the stretch. Lebron is a big fail in the last 5 minutes in the game.

  302. BeliSRB says:

    They need Kobe x )

  303. Sana Martin says:

    Hmm.. So whose more “clutch?” Kobe, or Lebron? And does anyone else notice that the Lakers, and others have been getting it done… where are my doubters.

    • larry23 says:

      boie…kobe doesnt make all of his clutch shots too!!! dis is a fact!!!

      • KB24 says:

        no he doesnt but at least he does make them. the same cant be said about LeChoke

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @larry23 KOBE is a lot more clutch then lebum. He makes more than he misses.

      • trix says:

        kobe doesnt make all of it but he doesnt miss majority of them either. Just look at all of kobe’s shots last year. I think he made more last season than lebron made all his career. So enough with the crap about lebron is more clutch. As the games go by even lebron is helping prove he is not as clutch as kobe. Do you see kobe’s team having so much trouble closing out games this much.

      • BUNBURY says:

        no one does (makes all clutch shots)

      • al respect the game says:


      • kobebean says:

        Jordan didnt make all of them either, the fact is Kobe is the best clutch shooter EVER and has 5 Rings, Lebron has 0 despite all the first place teams he played on in cleveland and still cant hit a shot in the clutch.

      • Champkobe says:

        Kobe makes it when it counts the most.

      • abcd says:

        the question is who is more clutch! no one makes every shot they take so you’re answer is just plain dumb!

      • tingyman1 says:

        is that why the lakers won back to backs? shut up if you dont know jack, stop acting like a fool

      • Law064 says:

        Larry23 your right Kobe don’t make all of his but I think he’s made more than Lebron’s missed. Lebron don’t have killer instinct. I say Wade has it but he’s not getting the ball. Bosh should’ve slapped himself before he thought of taking that shot then slapped himself a second time for thinking about it again. He really should’ve thought twice then if he was still thinking about shooting it he should’ve thought a 3rd or 4th time then passed. What a meltdown remind me of the bulls vs the hawks. OMG I have to agree with Jeniel early vaca is on the horizon.

      • QuestionMark says:

        He made like 6 or 7 last season, how many has Lebron made? 0, 1? That is the reason why the Lakers are the champs because Kobe can hit shots no matter what the matchup is.

    • FYI says:

      Lebron has the most game winning shots this season…Kobe is on pace to have the most missed shots in NBA history…

      • tingyman1 says:

        where is this proof that kobe is on pace for most missed shots. please dont bring these facts out of yo behind and act as if it is the law

      • Law064 says:

        @FYI What have you been smoking Lebron has the most MISSED game winners this season.@Kobebean MJ is the best closer ever not Kobe. but kobe is the closest thing to MJ as far as closing out games with shots. I’m not a Kobe fan or Laker fan but I can say Kobe is 100% more reliable than Lechoke. Kobe has hit more in a single season than Lebron has in life including highschool.

      • kobebean says:

        Fyi, where did you find that stat, i call BS on both, the heat have only won 2 games inside of 5 points this season, so he could only have 2 at the most, and i really dont think he has both, and tell where to look to see that kobe has the most missed shots of the season or that he is on pace for the most ever? thought not.

    • Paul J says:

      I go for Kobe! I’m not Lakers fan but I love seeing him works right on the winning basket. A little bit cocky sometime, but one thing is sure…… he is a classy clutch guy!

    • Greg says:

      LeChoke is horrible at shots to tie or win a game. I think i would rather have the big Z shoot a game winner if i were a miami fan. It is becoming a usual thing to turn on the tv, see the heat in a close game, and see LeBrick choke WIDE OPEN SHOTS when it counts. Kobe hits WWWAAAYYYYY more of his shots when the games matter. He isn’t perfect and still misses some, but makes A LOT more than LeChoke. LeBaby usually has a goof first half, and looks pretty good without pressure, but whenever the pressure is on you can always count on him to brick important shots.

  304. Jeniel says:

    It’a ok.. MIami will have their vacation after the first round of playoffs… lol

    • al respect the game says:


    • QuestionMark says:

      I would say Eastern Semis because the Heat can easily knock out Philly, or whoever they face unless its the Knicks. but in the 2nd round assuming they stay second in the East means they gotta face Chicago and with the length of Boozer and Noah and the scoring of Rose and Boozer, the Heat cant possibly win. If they face Orlando….ITS GONNA RAIN THREEEESSSSS!!!!!!!! and if they face Boston…….. I dont need to say much, their gonna rot on the court.

  305. Law064 says:

    @Andrew Lechoke is not clutch dude and I agree with Chris WTF is Bosh doing shooting that wild 3? Why da hell didn’t Wade get a shot? I watched that game and almost turned it off but Orlando kept making 3’s and they came storming back. Mike Bibby will not make a big differance he’s a liability on the Defensive side. 13-14 vs 500 teams wow that’s not a good stat. I have to give it up for Lechoke & Wade for dominating the 1st half but you have to finish the game. The heat need a game plan for those clutch moments, they looked very confused. Bosh was the 1st option? WTF What happened to Wade, Lebron got a shot cause of the rebound but still missed and he was wide open. They blew a 24 point lead on their home court vs a rival Orlando. The Heat need help or they need a game plan for the stretch because they looked like some guys on a playground just playin ball. I can’t see them winning a 7 game series vs Boston,Orlando even Chicago I think will give them a problem come playoff time.

    • al respect the game says:

      if u saw the post game you would see it was meant for wade but the D didnt allow him to get it so bosh had to shoot.

      • Law064 says:

        @al respect the game Bosh didn’t have to shoot they still had time he just paniced and tossed up that bad shot that was contested. He could’ve passed I mean after he missed they got the rebound and Lechoke got a open look so in reality Bosh just paniced and chaulked up a bad shot and still had like 6 or 7 seconds left. No game plan for the stretch. Miami do your fans a favor give D.Wade the ball in those situations!!!!

      • bs says:

        yea…right off the inbounds pass. admit it, bosh messd up!

    • PACO says:

      Miami need to change the coach , he had no plan , miami just win because of the big 3 but in games where it need coaching they fell big time , because if he is going to let the big 3 do what they want well what the point of having a coach , bosh shooting a 3 with time to find wade ??? why is not house or jones in the last part of the game whent you need a 3???if this is how they will coach miami well better luck next year.
      i’am mad miami is my team

    • Ldeez says:

      at the end of the day lebron had a WIDE open shot. probably a better shot than you coulda drawn up in a play. he just bricked it, plain and simple.

    • DWill says:

      U cant Really say thaT bibby is a liability because as far as im concerned, he is their best pg right now. On the other hand , lebron is clutch , but he is not clutch like kobe. in late came situations lebron can close out games by going to the rim, but he can’t close out games by going to the rim + making jumpshots(thts Kobe right there!). The trio in miami can play together they just need to get things straight. They need to get into their proper roles. Dwade need to be the one attacking the rim most of the time because he is better at drivin than lbj. lbj needs to be the facilitator(thts the best skill he has). and bosh needs to start playing like a PF. there aint no way that he is going to be effective by pick n pop j’s alone.(everybody knows its easier to make a layup or a dunk than to shoot jumpers). All m saying is that they need to get it together before its too late. I’m a heat fan n m really disappointed in the way they are playing. n their coach needs a “HEATCHECK” also.

    • LOL says:


      SO you watched the whole game you should realize then how much Miami can dominate them. PLEASE go ahead and keep hatin on em, thats fine. Keep that hate in your heart. Orlando shot 60% in 3s and made about 7 in a row in the 4th LMAO.

      All y’all are STUPID if you think for 1 second that a team is going to do that every game in a playoff series LOL. If so you know nothing about basketball. That was an abnormality that shows Orlando has to blow up 3s out of their mind to be able to even win by 3 LOL

      Thats ALL that game showed, along with the Spurs game

      Case in point. Next game Orlando shoots 23% against the Bulls, couldnt throw it in the ocean. Guess what, they lost lol. JUMPSHOOTING teams DONT win championships. Sorry about it. And WHY is that you might ask? Well because again NO team is gonna shoot 60% from 3 point land for a playoff series. SORRY AINT HAPPENING.

      GET OVER IT.

      HEAT IS ALL GOOD. Everyone go ahead and forget that Haslems coming back in 3 to 5 weeks too haha. Then its on it completely changes our defensive makeup, and we will improve once again

      Keep HATIN LOSER

      • Pete says:

        Funny you say that, because outside Wade and Lebron, Miami is almost exclusively a jumpshooting team.

        Orlando actually is more dominant inside then Miami because they have Bass and Howard…Miami have no inside presence. Even Haslem is primarilly a jump shooter.

    • LOL says:


      Lebron is more clutch than KB, sorry about it, your just a Lebron hater, and thats it

  306. anthonie says:

    no CLUTCH = no RING

  307. NBAfan says:

    lechoke at 100% yesterday !!!!

    • Black7 says:

      No one not even MJ makes all his clutch shots. Still, you can’t be clutch if you’re afraid to miss. It’s just my opinion but deep down Lebron’s afraid to miss a game winning shot because it affects his image but at the same time afraid not to take it because it will also affect his image as “King”. What he needs is a desire to win stronger than his fear and self-consciousness.

  308. andrew says:

    JAMes needs to improve he’s clutch!

  309. Angela says:

    Once again LeBron takes the last shot and they come up short. They are 13-14 against .500 or better teams. They SUCK majorly.

    • hill324 says:

      you do know lebron only took the shoot after the rebound right…did you even watch the game or the last shot

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        I watched the whole game!! And like i have said since the beginning this team sucks! It takes a TEAM to win championships, not three amigos. You heat fans are slooooowly starting to figure that out. Point guard position will hurt them, said that since the beginning. Center position will hurt them, said that since the beginning. Run and gun style of play doesnt win championships, never has, never will. Said that about 2 months ago. All of this teams weaknesses are starting to be exposed and i love it! Suck on it heat fans.

      • trix says:

        I think the problem with miami is not who takes the shot at the end but how the shot is taken. Too often they are running iso to one player at the end of the game which takes the rest of the four guys out of the game. This makes it easier for defenses to focus on that one player. I mean the reason they got guys like miller and house is to know down the open shot. They are not even getting it at the end.

      • Angela says:

        It doesn’t matter he still missed it. As he always does.

      • kobebean says:

        He still had a chance at a wde open 3 that Kobe would have made in his sleep…. Sorry, but Lebron has never been clutch when it comes to hitting the last shot.

      • lol says:

        idiot. Even if he rebounded it. That doesn’t change the fact that it was the last shot.

      • ezzizle says:

        actually the run and gun style has won rings.
        Magic Johnson and the showtime Lakers for example.

      • BOB says:

        Magic Johnson and the Lakers won because they also played defence, Michael Cooper and Byron Scott did great jobs on the defensive end, they just ended up running much more than any other team because their point guard isn’t 6’9″ and could rebound, then dribble the basketball better than anyone in the game at that time.

      • Al says:

        Why does it matter if he shot it after the rebound or if it was the second shot to the possession? He was wide open!! And he “didn’t” bury it. That’s all it matters!

      • sean says:

        hey buddy..just take a minute and think…when was the last clutch shot lebron made..hmm lets think..2yrs ago against orlando playoffs where they got knocked out..lebron is an amazing player no doubt, but wen it comes to winning the game i say give the ball to dwade..if ur asking why u dont no ball..did everybody just forget that dwade won a ring before with the ball in his hand at the end of juss because lebron is the best 47 min player doesnt mean he has wat it takes 2 win its proven..ive watched all the miami games this past 2 weeks..the same thing happens over n over, lebron trying 2 b kobe in the clutch..he doesnt have it..i think if he makes wade do his thing on clutch time he can learn something then soontime he will b that player..its wades team give him the ball simple..sometimes u gotta sit back n realize to urself im not clutch..i blame the media they make this guy feel like he’s god when he has the ball, they already compare him 2 jordan n he doesnt even have one he really thinks just because he’s lebron those 3’s he takes at da end of games r gonna wrk..get it straight bron u went to a guys team that has won a finals mvp..sit back n take notes then it will b ur turn..n dont get me wrong u r the best player…but…BUT..for u 2 b that legend u gotta learn to b a student sometimes ..this is not rocket science u dont have a ring..DWADE HAS ONE!!!!

      • DK says:

        ok, so the heat don’t suck, they are certainly a good team, but they’ve proven to be over-hyped, overrated, and not championship caliber and lebron is a jerk, who I hope gets what he deserves: more disapointment!

      • Joey3 says:

        Wade is more clutch than James

      • LOL says:


        SO you watched the whole game you should realize then how much Miami can dominate them. PLEASE go ahead and keep hatin on em, thats fine. Keep that hate in your heart. Orlando shot 60% in 3s and made about 7 in a row in the 4th LMAO.

        All y’all are STUPID if you think for 1 second that a team is going to do that every game in a playoff series LOL. If so you know nothing about basketball. That was an abnormality that shows Orlando has to blow up 3s out of their mind to be able to even win by 3 LOL

        Thats ALL that game showed, along with the Spurs game

        Case in point. Next game Orlando shoots 23% against the Bulls, couldnt throw it in the ocean. Guess what, they lost lol. JUMPSHOOTING teams DONT win championships. Sorry about it. And WHY is that you might ask? Well because again NO team is gonna shoot 60% from 3 point land for a playoff series. SORRY AINT HAPPENING.

        GET OVER IT.

        HEAT IS ALL GOOD. Everyone go ahead and forget that Haslems coming back in 3 to 5 weeks too haha. Then its on it completely changes our defensive makeup, and we will improve once again

        Keep HATIN LOSER

      • tata says:

        @ LOL Yeah Orlando had to knock down a bunch of 3’s to come back but the only reason they were down was because Wade and James hit 85% of their shots in the first half. Did cHEAT fans think they were going to hit 85% all season?

      • LOL says:


        HAHA Dude your RIDICULOUS. Yea sure the Heat hit 85% in 1st half. NOOOO they didnt. haha. Classic EXAGGERATION because you had absolutely NO COMEBACK for my comment.

        AWW too bad lol

    • ks says:

      I now absolutely think that after they got Chris Bosh, Miami should have stopped there and used the money they paid lebron to get two or three “lesser” players or good role players to surround Bosh and Wade. The Heat are obviously suffering from Lebron’s loserish ways because Wade now is modeling his game like lebron which is NOT good for him (or anybody else for that matter) and Bosh is becoming more and more forgettable. Does anybody even remember that he averaged 25 points and 12 rebonds while shooting over 50 % last year??? this is ridiculous, i cant believe im saying this but the heat have too many stars who dont belong on the same team together, they are not a cohesive unit and probably will never be, they are suffering from “Lebronitis”…

      • barako-bama says:


      • thegreatone says:

        ks I agree with you but you’re missing a whole lot. Lebrick is not a team player what-so-ever and I’m shocked D-wade didn’t see that in the beginning. My money is on Lebrick selling out bosh next season and having the front office trade him for two quality role players. I don’t sympathize with any of them because they planned to unite several years ago. Lebrick will get the coach fired just like he’s done to others in the past. My true problem is does anyone see how these refs (especially in miami) are showing bias in favor of the heat just to keep revenue up?!! On top of the refs cheating, the heat struggle to win games….that tells you that they truly suck! They will never see a chip within these six years and D-wades knees will be shot by the end of next season. You will also begin to see Lebrick face a lot of injuries himself, he’s never had to work this hard in cleveland. 1 year down and 5 more to go.

      • Al says:

        thegreatone, I don’t think the refs are cheating but I do notice that they favour the Heat players quite a bit. Don’t know why. I hope others agree with me.

      • Nuugame says:

        HAHA! Where’s is the ‘RIGHT” button? My thoughts exactly! Imagine if they got someone like Perkins, Tony Allen or even Hinrich.

      • Joey3 says:

        Just get LeBron outta there and everything else will be ok

      • QuestionMark says:

        Lebron would have fit in NY instead of Melo or he would have fit in Chicago, and I agree instead of getting Lebron if they got a good PG and C and better backups then they had a better chance of winning a Championship. Not saying Lebron is bad, He is the second best in the league behind Kobe, but three players who averaged 25+ ppg last season wont get it done, no matter how good each of them are and also the money they cost take a huge toll on the team.

      • LOL says:

        ONCE AGAIN its hilarious how ALL you haters can pick apart their stupid unlucky losses to teams playing OUT of their MINDS having to hit ridiculous 3 point percentages to win. You make it so their losses mean EVERYTHING, but their wins dont mean crap. Thats just hater mentality thats all. Funny when its your team you say during a loss ,”o just wait until the playoffs then its all different, the regular season doesnt matter” HAHAHAHA. But yet for Miami it does cause you all are just HATIN, plain and simple.

      • tata says:

        @LOL here’s what Miami’s “wins” mean
        Record against teams with:
        0-.200 win pct: 3-0 (20.3 margin of victory).
        .201-300: 11-0 (14.7 margin of victory)
        .301-400: 7-1 (10 margin of victory)
        .401-.500: 8-1 (7.2 margin of victory)
        .501-.600: 11-6 (4.35 margin of victory)
        .601-.700: 4-2 (6.5 margin of victory)

        .700-better: 0-8 (-8.25 point margin of victory)

    • Nuugame says:

      I’ve said this before and I will say this again. Look at the facts:

      1. Lebron James is still the 3rd leading scorer in the NBA
      2. LBJ, D Wayde and the other guy control 70 pecent of the team’s rebounds, assists and scoring. Take one of them out and you’ve lost 23% in productivity. This also means that none can afford to have a bad night.
      3. They’re bench (at least until hasslem get’s back) is dead last in the NBA
      4. They don’t have a “BIG MAN.” Joel anthony….seriously?
      5. They other guy (See for your self has issues with diving for the ball and getting knocked out by the wind
      6. They need a point guard like Rondo, D Rose or Steve Nash. With so much offensive power, you need a good guard to share the wealth. Ever wondered why Rondo leads the NBA in assists?
      7. All three guys play the same way (beat you off the dribble or get fouled or make a tough shot. When you look at a team like Boston or the Lakers, you have Ray Allen, 3-point threat all game long, KG…spot shooter, drive-to-the-rim post up kind of guy, Paul Pierce…the closer, Glen Davis, Rondo….where as on the Lakers you’ve got Pau (like KG) Bynum to protect the paint, Ron (defender and occassional shooter) Kobe (need I explain?) Fisher (strong defender and clutch shooter). Shannon Brown, Blake, Matt Barnes….. get the point right?

      8. LBJ and the other guy moved into D Wayde’s one bedroom apartment. I’m sure he’s getting irritated with the lack of space and I quote (after last night’s loss to Orlando): “I’ve need been on a team like this. Something’s wrong” D Wayde said.

      9. Miami’s coach does not have the experience to coach these guys. Let’s face it. Phil Jackson can bench Kobe when Kobe is on fire. He can also hold off on calling time-outs to give his players the confidence to figure it out and he also creates role players. Each player has a role and they know it.

      10. Lastly, too many people want to see LBJ fail. It’s unfortunate but it is what it is.

  310. DBBJ says:


    • JER78 says:

      WORD!. That game was so freaking disappointing. 24 points to the drain!

      • JoeK_NBA says:

        I know right I mean losing is one thing but then when you have a twenty four point lead at the half, thats worse than a blowout for me… SO DISAPPOINTING!!!! Im a Heat Fan 2 and I mean we need to sort ourselves out before the post season…

      • Al says:

        I was so happy to see the Magic come back. I was screaming!!!

      • QuestionMark says:

        I was actually gonna turn off the TV, until J-Rich hit a 3 and kept going


        Btw the Heat are gonna die by the Celtics, Bulls or Magic if they cant hit gamewinners or hold on to a lead.

    • F.U. says:

      that was because LBJ and Wade were trying to get the other players going instead of making other players to get them the ball so they can get going again, and then the offense would flow easier. Also they stopped playing their tight defense and when they tried to get back into their defense, it was too late.

      • sandile says:

        who won the three point contest during All Star weekend? Nd Miami wants a three point shooter during clutch time? Balls nd egos to b left is what’s needed in that team. Till then i see n early exit in the post season for Miami.

  311. Chris says:

    Why is bosh shooting threes?

    • Sakes says:

      Same question I was asking!!

    • Jboogie74 says:

      lol good one

    • Fashizzey says:

      Thought CB would have learned his lessons from All-Stars …

    • trudger says:

      Exactly. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

      If someone in the huttle doesn’t call for the ball, it should be in James’ hands.

    • tingyman1 says:

      lol very good question

    • Juniel says:

      Thats true but Bosh believe it or not has made more 3’s in the last minute of a close game than Lebron and Wade this season but they were all Bankers lol

    • Joey3 says:

      Bosh is really upsetting me this season, he’s not even playing with the same hunger or style, he needs to grow some nuts and demand more looks….and get back in the post

    • QuestionMark says:

      LMAO I was dying when I saw that.

      FOR GOD SAKES, Bibby is on your team, He can make 3s and is clutch so why didnt he get the ball?

      Another thing, Bosh should be the last to shoot 3s, Lebron, Wade, Bibby, Miller, House, Chalmers, and Jones should be shooting it ahead of Bosh.

      This is how it should have been if they wanted to go into OT, Lebron drive then kick out to Wade, then Wade pump fake and pass to Bibby, House or Miller who can hit it, even Wade could have hit it, the Heat are done in the Playoffs if Lebron and Bosh dont get over their big egos.

      Lebron hit a winner against Orlando in 09 and he thinks hes clutch, Bosh hits one against Atlanta last season and he thinks he clutch, Wade hits tons and never got the ball.

      Have fun with the early exit in the Playoffs Heat!

  312. Matthew says:

    Well I think it is because during late moments in the game, teams find it easy to “D-up” someone trying to go one-on-five. You may to get to the “line” a lot if you’re D-Wade or Lebron but when it actually comes to having a nice stroke or nice ball movement to hit an open player for a good look at the basket there is big difference. We know they are good finishers and almost unstoppable on a fast break but in the half court, sometimes they look so stagnant and robotic. No fluid movement. Maybe no one else wants to shoot the ball for fear of being labelled the reason they aren’t winning because we all know the other pieces outside the “Big 3” are all trying their best just to fit in. Everyone has to have a guy that will take over a ball game in the final minutes. Maybe having too many of those guys trying to take over a game results in lack of trust in your teammates which produces even more pressure than the ticking clock.

    • Lucky says:

      I agree with Matthew. they don’t have a late game set or any late game offensive rhythm because LBJ and Wade and sometimes Bosh are running Iso’s or pick and rolls (whichs are just picks to get the ball handler open) so they can score. the rest of the team is not in the game and their team offense is non-existant. I don’t get why Spolstra’s still letting them do this and creating and offense around these guys and letting them play like its the playground after school. They are not only a bad clutch team, they are setting a bad example for all young ballers who watch and want to emulate these guys.

      • Alfie says:

        I agree with both of you. if you see in cluch time, every team has one perfomer. Lakers – Kobe, Boston – Pierce, OKC – Durant, etc. when you have a lot of options its like having nothing. Where everybody leads nobody leads and when nobody leads, everybody leads

      • Logan says:

        They seem to not yet fully understand the idea of sacrifice of your game. They sacrifice during the game but in the clutch they tend to be to selfish trying to make “the” basket. If they really want to get winning they need to take a page out of the ’08 Celtics who went to the guy that either has it going or has the best miss match on the offensive end. They have the ability to win close games its just about playing smart.

      • tata says:

        Speaking of playgrounds, you have to love that Sprite commercial where LeBron is playing a pick-up game on a playground and he gets his panties in a bunch because some guy dunked.

      • Pete says:

        I agree with you Lucky and you Matthew.
        This Heat team used to be a Basketball team back when they had Marion, Beasley, Chalmers, Wade, Richardson, Haslem and all the others in the same team, that was a realm team that had a lot of options to score and Clutch Wade for the Clutch situations..Now they have James (who chokes a lot in big games, specially play-offs.) and Bosh who is being useless for someone “worth” 86 million. (IMO he’s worth 30 million MAX going a bit over the top.)
        The Heat need to stop this marketing team (it’s your fault queen James.) and build up a basketball team once again… They’re starting to look more and more like Real Madrid, getting all the good names they can buy and still choking big time and forgettng about “playing like a team”.
        Why’s the Thunder so effective? Because they believe in each other and have their major shining star K.Durant.
        Why’s the Bull so effective this time around? They pass the ball, look for the best possible shot, and aren’t looking to appear on the “highlight” screen all the time.

        Wade should be teaching LeBron all this stuff, but instead… LeBron is worsening Wade’s game in every aspect. (Don’t come to me with his Stats because you know Wade’s better than today’s Heat team.) And plus.. Don’t you wanna slap the Heat’s staff in the face for letting Marion, Beasley go? And passing up the opportunity of picking up Derrick Rose, I mean…That’s a no brainer, you don’t pick up Beasley instead of Rose, what the hell..

      • DBowe says:

        I’m a Heat fan and I agree with most of what everyone is saying. This whole system that Spoelstra has set up is simply not working. Even though we just picked Mike Bibby it won’t make a difference unless the coach allows the point guard to actually do his job. Stop with all this crap about Lebron being this great facilitator and running the point. That is not basketball!
        @ Pete. The Heat did not pass up Rose. After having the worst record the year before winning only 15 games, the Bulls actually got the first pick in the draft. They drafted Rose so the Heat were forced to pick up Beasley.

      • duncan213 says:

        look Miami got no defense period blowing an 18 point lead wow ugly embarrassing Miami aint going nowhere Chris Bosh is soft cant stnd the dude got no inside game just shoots jumpers

    • Rafael says:

      people people all yas shot up ;lisen the only reson the not wining is a bad esecution by coach spoltra why do he puts bush on howard at the end why he left lebron in the bench in the 4 quarter for 6 minutes of and important game the way hey playin if making them lose just wash the games like the orlando game up by 24 you know they coming spo why not dpo something about it … .what [people think the should fired couche spoltra?????????????????????

      • tingyman1 says:

        First of all, dont tell me to shut up son. have some respect. Next, man,….. improve on that english please. I didnt know that our former president played basketball, neverless have the ability to guard dwight howard. And can you really wash games, wouldnt they explode when you try to dry them? and who is dpo??????????

      • Al says:

        tingyman1, you need to improve your English yourself!

      • DK says:

        “;lisen”? “esecution”? “yas shot up”?!?! what in the world are you talking about?

      • Ldeez says:

        I agree. Don’t know why they aren’t using Bosh down low. All he does is take J’s from the elbow. This was a 25 n 10 guy last year.

      • tata says:

        The only reason the cHEAT were up 24 points was that every prayer that Wade or James threw in the air went in the basket in the first 2 1/2 qtrs. Fools gold. Did anybody really expect them to combine for 85% shooting? Things have a way of evening out so when they kept heaving up junk and they stopped falling they were in trouble. LeBurn shows why he had to take his talents to South Beach…he is a choker. Down by 3 he can’t make a shot to save his life and he even misses free throws in the last 30 seconds that can tie the game. I LOVE this game!!

      • Austin says:

        AI are you illiterate, his english is perfect. You should be talking about basketball.

    • KJ-B says:

      Honestly, this was not about Miami vs Orlando but LeBron James vs. Dwyane Wade…

      This is what happens when a coach is afraid to tell his players, “NO!”

      I’ve watched Chris Bosh for 7 years in Toronto and I’ve never ever before seen him relegated to playing the 3… Not even in the days of Bargnani…

      Will Miami ever run a play for CB4 on the block (dude you need to change ur # back ASAP!!!), instead of the elbow to
      facilitate his abilities instead of placating James/Wade’s undiscipline and “overscoring” tendencies… He can do more than pick n pop Reggie Miller–you don’t average 24 and 11 in the N.o B.oys A.ssociation by just shooting j’s…Dude went to the lin 700+ times last year…

      I wonder how it must feel to b the other 13 a MIA Heat teammate and you get the privilege to get invited to watch a pickup game every night, and get paid to do just stand around and maybe take a horse shot when those 2 “assist”?

      Mickey Arrison/Pat Riley need to give #3 + #6 a major ego check or the rest or the L will…continue to do so over the next 3 weeks and beyond!

      This was UGLY…

      The Spurs are not a game even though they’ll be playing one… Y’all might just get blown out if your “team” don’t show up!

      • KJ-B says:

        I try to be level headed, (as I’ve recorded so many typos in my initial post) but this garbage can leave the most well-meaning fan of the amazing game more than just a little bit dumbfounded!

      • tata says:

        It seemed like after the 2-ME-EGOS had the fantasy first half that they tried to force Bosh starting the second half…even Reggie Miller noted the first 3 possessions went through him(with poor results)

    • tingyman1 says:

      agreed. good post

      • KJ-B says:

        Be careful what you wish for Coach Spo, “We just have to keep pushing through this and (grow)”… If they keep growing like this he might have a pink slip delivered on his desk with a report on just how much they’ve “grown” under his tutelage…

    • adolfo says:

      mario chamlers suck and so does the coach they need to give eddie house minutes and they wont lose no more games remember okc vs miami eddie made 3 pointer and won the game

      • trix says:

        Im glad you mentioned that. That is a perfect example of how miami should execute down the stretch. Lebron or wade or even bosh should draw the double team and dish it off to the open shooter instead of throwing up bricks. The heat trio was asked what they are going to do in situations like this before the start of the season, They said they are not worried about who shoots it and is going to go to the hot hand at the time. It doesnt really work like that because you need to have a set play during times like this and needs to practice it. By saying your just going to go to the hot hand at that time just means they dont have such play and not going to practice it. Makes no sense. Look at the other teams. It doesnt matter if odom or fish or pau is shooting lights out during the game, down the stretch the offense goes throught kobe.

      • F.U. says:

        Look, the big three were never taking the last shot in close games in the 1st half of the season, they were passing (LBJ to Eddie House vs. OKC, LBJ to MIller vs. Boston, and so on). However, everybody started to critize them (specially LeBron) for not taking the shot, now he is, and you guys are still critizing. I don’t know what you guys want them to do and they don’t either, just stop critizing and let them play the game and they would make the right decision and start winning.

      • sandile says:

        if they can’t do it ‘clutch’ during the regular season, i wonder what will happen in the post. Solution? The coach needs to put his foot down nd someone they can trust.

    • Rafael says:

      people talkin bad about james, wade( hea)t what is happening the firths problem is couche second problem is that the stars are thinkin in the clutch time what to do just play your game and forget about the 2 other stars in your team when time comes. heat still good team and i think they better than all the team in east but i think celtics and mayve bull are a little better but let see how they finish season cause they playin good but not closin the games

    • Scott says:

      LeBron and Dwayne need to let other team players start taking last minute shots because they are unable to do there job, my choice would have been Chambers or Bosch, during the Bulls game. It certain that the Miami still hasn’t figured out how to keep a lead, whats up with that?