About Last Night: Spurs Keep On Rollin’

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – There are some things you can always count on:

— The sun will rise in the east.
— Gravity will work when you roll out of bed and put your feet on the floor.
— The Spurs will win 50 games.

Tim Duncan and his pals made it official last night with a first-over-worst 109-99 win at The Q in Cleveland, which is starting to look like a battlefield triage site.

Never mind that Antawn Jamison (broken pinkie finger) joined the injured Anderson Varejao and Daniel Gibson on the shelf. The underplayed and under-appreciated story of the season in the Association continues to be San Antonio rolling through the schedule.

With their string now at an even dozen, the Spurs have tied the NBA record held by Magic Johnson’s Lakers (1979-80 to 1990-91) for most consecutive 50-win seasons.

The Spurs do not seem to be getting older, just better, having reached the 50-win plateau faster than ever — in their 61st game. Their 2005-06 team, which ultimately won a franchise-best 63 games, had a mark of 48-13 at the same point. That ’05-06 Spurs team lost in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals to the Mavericks.

50 and loving it
A quick look at the most consecutive 50-win seasons in NBA history:
Team 50-Win Seasons Years
Lakers 12 1979-80 to 1990-91
Spurs 12 1999-00 to 2010-11
Mavericks 10 2000-01 to 2009-10
Celtics 10 1958-59 to 1967-68
Celtics 9 1979-80 to 1987-88

San Antonio put six different players in double-figure scoring, never trailed in the second half and eventually built a 25-point lead, which was a marked change from 24 hours earlier when the Spurs practically sleepwalked through a miserable loss in Memphis. After that lack of performance, coach Gregg Popovich’s post-game remarks to the media lasted all of 38 seconds.

“I think in general the whole group played to win the game as opposed to last night where they played just expecting something to happen without a focus,” he said.

But the most significant difference was the play of backup point guard George Hill, who’ll be at the helm of the offense for 2 to 4 weeks while Tony Parker recovers from a calf injury. Our main man Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express-News tells us that Hill went so far as to try to apologize to Duncan after a tentative effort in the loss to the Grizzlies. But the Big Fundamental wasn’t having any of it:

“He just told me to just play basketball like I normally do and not to worry about turning the ball over and missing shots,” Hill said.

“You take the shots you take and be aggressive, and that’s what I tried to do today.”

Filling in for Parker, the Spurs’ assists leader and No. 2 scorer, isn’t easy. Duncan believed Hill forgot how well he had done in similar circumstances last season after Parker suffered a broken bone in his right hand and missed 16 games.

“He kind of got tossed into the fire there in Memphis, not being in that role in a long time,” Duncan said. “He was a little rusty; didn’t know what to do.

“He came out tonight and looked more comfortable and more aggressive and played a lot better.”

San Antonio will need Hill to stay on top of his game for the big weekend ahead. As they hit the homestretch and try to stay ahead of the field for the best record in the league, the quiet, unassuming, somehow-below-the-radar Spurs now have back-to-back home dates with the glamour teams of the NBA.

They’ll host LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and the Heat on ESPN Friday night, then square off in a continuation of their blood feud against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers on ABC Sunday afternoon at the AT&T Center.

Like the sun rising in the east and gravity continuing to work, all the 50-win Spurs keep doing is what they do. Maybe by Monday morning the world outside San Antonio will have noticed.


  1. Unknown says:

    did the Spurs win last night?

  2. paul says:

    the spurs are not full of “bench scrubs”. that’s a ridiculous statement. Many nights their bench outscores the entire starting squad of the other team. They have had a handful games where they weren’t playing at their best and focused completely. ex: Grizzlies, Clippers, Celtics, Magic.
    but only a handful.
    Im still stuck on that idiot that said the spurs are full of bench scrubs lol what an idiot.
    Bonner is the best 3 point shooter in the league hands down, sorry Ray.
    Gary Neal could literally start for any of the younger teams in the league.
    George Hill is a defensive mastermind and rarely misses open shots and is improving his game exponentially every summer. Hill> any guard on the lakers except Kobe
    McDyess has proved hes a starter throughout his career with great D and lock-down mid-range shooting.
    They are stacked in my opinion and teams like the Heat, Magic and Lakers dont have benches that are up to par.
    This is why Duncans points and minutes are down. If you would care to look at his FG and FT %s per 48 its right at his career numbers. Look out for 5 rings if you underestimate this team.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      Couldn’t have said any better, dude.The ever humble Spurs team had never claimed to own and guarantee a championship. Let’s just watch these fools be hypocrites denying themselves the fact there are already other better teams than they’re own lakers just because it’s they’re favorite team. I think it’s called bias. And not just an ordinary bias but idiotic one. I call this the triple B (blinded by bias). Regarding the championship streaks of lakers during kobe’s rule, notice that he was always accompanied by other star players? Shaq and Pau. After they’ve lost Shaq and haven’t got Pau yet, was Odom or Bynum enough to help kobe to the championship or even the playoffs? I honestly can’t remember. I can even recall looking at one season wherein lakers had an embarassing record. Kobe couldn’t carry his team to the playoffs alone. When they’ve got Gasol, they became champs again and streaked. Kobe doesn’t deserve those finals MVP? it should be Pau. But since kobe’s popularity is overwhelmed by fools, Gasol was barely even visible. No wonder why Pau is dropping his stats, he must be loosing motivation. After how Phil had criticised him. Screw you Phil Jackson. I don’t believe you’re that good as a coach. You’re just lucky with your teams. MJ managed to have a ring before you even became his head coach. And with his greatness, I strongly believe that he don’t even need you to have still won the other rings! When you only have kobe for the lakers, you and you’re team is nothing! You should learn how to be thankful and appreciative of what other’s had influenced on your freakin’ team.

  3. roman says:

    first off lakers are noting without kobe, there team suxs without him , spurs are giving tim less mins and there still winning , so you think the lakers will have the same success with giving kobe less mins nooooooooo way , i know u lakers fans are all “lakers this n lakers that and we have another championship n so on , but spurs have never been this healthy since the 06-07 season so thats why the lakers have had their chance lakers have not yet beat the spurs yet . remember with the spurs having the number one seed the mavs n lakers will have to face each other in the second round so the lakers will be drained big time if the come out on top,bottom line lakers will be out in APRIL trust me

  4. D_Mula310 says:

    Wow the spurs??? That team is full of a bunch scrubs they have proved it the past few years. just because they have been playing a certain way in the season doesnt mean anything look at Clevland when lebron was there. they were the best team in the league. and still did not make it to the finals. The lakers are the team to beat in the west and every team in the east hopes the lakers don’t make it to the finals because your going to see the lakers hoist that championship trophy one more time. If the lakers do get Superman in 2012 its a wrap.

    • dr210 says:

      If I’m Not mistaken..Cleveland got swept in the finals by what you call a TEAM of scrubs. Lakers are the team to beat ‘caus they wear the crown for now. If it’s the Spurs and Laker in the wcf..Spurs in 6…

  5. GGkman says:

    Spurs are the team to beat, but as we all should know the finals bring out the best in every team… I am a fanatic Spurs fan, so all my friends hate me, but the only team I’m concerened with in the finals are the Lakers… With Phil Jackson, Kobe, Lamar, and Fischer, they’ve proven over several years that when its comes to the finals, they flick another switch and turn up when required. But, in saying that, so should the Spurs! If Ginobili, Parker, Duncan, Hill, Blair and Neal start firing on all cylinders, well its good night lakers and lakers fans. Lets just hope Parker recovers well from his injury and that everyone else stays healthy, because its about due time for another RING!

  6. GGkman says:

    The Spurs are like a fine scotch… They only get better with AGE!!!

  7. yaz78 says:

    beware D-rose n those Bulls………

  8. Lorem says:

    I hate the fact that Laker fans are on a blog about San Antonio and rant! 😐 Dude, if you wanna criticize the Silver and black, make your own blog! You laker fans are just sooo full of yourselves! The Spurs are under-rated, under appreciated and very much unnoticeable. But they manage to do one thing other teams fail to do, and that is being consistent. Health has always been an issue for the Spurs, but we clearly see how deadly they still are when healthy! First to 50 wins and primed for playoff contention. Yeah, the Lakers are the defending Champs, but they havent been defending very well, have they? You say the season doesnt count… well it does if you are the TWO TIME DEFENDING CHAMPS! Imagine, you hold the trophies for the past two years, and now you struggle? 😐 Bullcrap. The Lakers arent the center of the NBA anymore… they share it with all them other elites! And that’s that!

  9. jay_Boston says:

    Boston Celtics is the Team to Beat. They crushed the Lakers and the Spurs this season plus, the Celtics has a wide and huge experience.Ray Allen will show His incredible treys,Kevin Garnett will use His 15 year experience,and Paul Pierce will be cruel cruel when it comes to playoffs.The Los Angeles Losers,surely, can’t defend their title because surely and most assuredly,they will be drained,either San Antonio Spurs,or Dallas Mavericks. I love and I’m eager to watch Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan,Manu Ginobili and Ray Allen,and Rajon Rondo and Tony Parker in the Finals.I don’t care about the Spurs’ Homecourt Advantage because the Celtics could win a championship trophy away from their Home.Gogogo.Boston Celtics.

  10. Mike says:

    All your Spurs fan, just think and pause a bit. The spurs are not in the class with our Lakers. When is the last time they win BACK to BACK. Let’s do not even mention about 3 peats. Reply, all your spurs fan.

  11. Don says:

    Just keep listening to Pop the all-knowing. Lakers are the team to beat in the West and the Spurs haven’t proven anything to anybody until they’re in the Finals…when they’ll be facing the best team in the league: Celtics. “It is what it is.”

  12. undertaker says:

    the best thing about this is that any team that makes it to the playoffs has a chance to win it all. so u never know whats going to happen.

  13. undertaker says:

    let me tell you what wins Championship its rebound, defense, and the other players that helps out the super starts.

  14. undertaker says:

    as long as a team is the champs thats the team to beat until they get dethrone and every player knows that. now that said the laker is the team beat no matter how good the other teams do during the season. the regular season is one thing and the playoffs is other. i have seen teams with the best record and they dont even make it to the second round. money doesnt buy Championship.

  15. Julia Morata says:

    Go Spurs!!!!

  16. sebach binongo says:

    It seems that everybody forget that Spurs big 3 won big 3 rings in the NBA. It’s just unfortunate the past years that they were unhealthy. But this season, they will prove to everybody wrong about they had said that the spurs couldn’t win..go back to history before you comment. SPURS still rule, if healthy..

  17. Johnwe says:

    I have the upmost respect for Timmy, Manu and Tony cause they are the true Big 3 of this millennium.
    I also personally believe that timmy is the all time best PF in the NBA and Manu and Tony each are the most underrated player for their positions in this millennium.

    Thus, to assume that the SPURS will not win it all when the true Big 3 is healthy is same as denying what they have done in the past decade.

    Yes, Timmy and Manu are closing in their mid 30’s which is the symbol of passing one’s prime but tony has just reached it. Therefore, considering how the game is called today, meaning that they don’t have to be physically as much they did in the past, if the true big 3 is healthy and their fabulous bench is healthy they will win it all.

    They are extremely well coached and are quintessentially “A TEAM”. In this era, where social networking is so common, the irony in many NBA teams are that they lack that understanding, focus and will of the concept as “A TEAM”.

    One player can beat another player but it takes a team to beat another team. The SPURS are not only a team but often refered as a machine this season.

    Finally, realistically considering that this might be Timmy’s last shot for a ring I am sure that he and the other SPURS will give it all they got.

  18. GOSPURS says:

    Spurs fans. We admire a great team in the league but probably one of the unappreciated, let’s just don’t argue with the haters. we’re a humble team remember? Let’s just support the Spurs all the way.

  19. paul says:

    Just like when the Spurs came off each of their championships, all the other teams gave their respect and stated that that was the team to beat come playoff time. Same thing happens each year and this year is like the rest, the league will give respect to the reigning champions as not to show disrespect to the accomplishments it takes to make it to the end with a ring. This however does not conclude that the reigning champs are indeed the best of the rest.
    In my opinion, the NBA is a 1 & 2 guard driven league. Their are only a handful of above average centers, and only a few more forwards that are game changers right now. Having 3 solid big men, as the Lakers possess, can get you very far in the NBA in 2011.
    The Lakers have a gigantic weakness in the #1 guard position, and Kobe doesn’t draw doubles like he did when he had break away speed towards the rim. Ron Artest is still on vacation at Disney World and who knows if he will come back. They are going to be in trouble facing any of the West Conference teams that are almost all stacked at guard. Pau Gasol is going to have to step his game to a level even higher than last year if they plan to make it anywhere near late round playoffs.
    The Spurs are, record wise, the best/ most consistent team in the NBA. The fact that they have all but locked down home-court is bad news to any of the playoff contending teams in the West because the Spurs are by far the best home-team, and play way too consistently on the road to warrant any skepticism otherwise. Good news to all Spurs haters, Parkers injury could throw a wrench in thier plans because George Hill is good, but is reserved when he should be aggressive, and hasn’t improved on his touch around the rim this year. On the other hand Gary Neal is ridiculously clutch and already has assumed the role that they so emphatically wished Roger Mason Jr. would be.
    The Mavericks no doubt have upgraded from last year getting rid of Eric Dampier and replacing him with Tyson Chandler. My only concerns with the Mavs are their playoff experience and guard defense. They can’t seem to do anything when the playoffs roll around, and their defense doesn’t take it to another level like the Spurs/Lakers/Celtics do once the playoffs arrive. And in past history when they do seem to, by fluke get past the superior teams in the West, they just choke it away which can be best illustrated by Jason Terry’s face after he gets served.

    If you can out rebound the Spurs you have a very good chance at beating them.
    If you can play good defense on Kobe Bryant they look no better than the Thunder.
    And if the Mavericks play either one of those teams they won’t win. Cue the Jason Terry fail face.

    The East is a another story…

  20. Stupid Fixer says:

    Marco, look at the top payrolls in the league over the past decade, and then check how many big spenders couldn’t do it. Dallas, Cleveland, THE ISIAH THOMAS KNICKS?

  21. spursfreak says:

    the amount of basketball knowledge from some of you is laughable lol

  22. marco says:

    Spurs team payroll = $69,051,987 / Lakers team payroll = $91,569,659 (highest in league)… I wonder who’ll win? Hey, hey ,,,the Lakers BUY themselves another championship!

    • rank says:

      i’ve been pointing that out since the season began. im a spurs fan. if your team is paying 69M a year and have the best record then that means something. if you are paying 91M, then your team should be playing that great to meet that payroll expectation.

      • marco says:

        Agree. Popovich is the better ever. The Spurs are CLASS. The Lakers are thugs. GO SPURS!!!!

  23. JMoon says:

    I’m gonna refrain from making predictions until the playoffs come around because LA always steps it up in playoffs and the team w/ the best reg. season record often bombs out (a.k.a. Cleveland last year).

    • yusuf mohseni says:

      but thats cleveland… the team that got swept in the finals…. by the spurs….
      The spurs are an expirenced playoff team. they wont bomb when it comes the playoffs. this is why they have 4 rings… how many does clevland have? i don’t know to be honest…

  24. excite man says:

    The Lakers, Spurs, Mavs, Celtics, and Heat are all great teams, It will most likely be celtics heat for ECF and Spurs Lakers WCF. Mavs have a good chance too but they arent a playoff team. Personally i’m a Celtic fan but this year the Spurs are the team to beat. They are setting records for their franchise.

  25. MrLeche says:

    Hey, I’m a big Spurs fan but I do not deny the fact that the lakers are reigning rings out there. I’m still positive that the lakers are the team to beat. They didn’t get those rings from a baby, And definitely not too easy to do it 3 in a row. IMHO, our Spurs definitely needs to prove it. But I guess it will be too late to have a B2B ring.

    SAS has a good record but doesn’t play the classic SAS game. I know anyone can whine about this but they are so freakin’ good when they shut down the opponent at 3rd and play all bench in 4th EVEN IN THE PLAYOFFS. But things a re a liitle diff. now in SAS but of course it’s good that they are winning. Ig they keep this up and play a little D, then they’re good enough to have the ring this year.

    Even if you all say that the Spurs broke LAL’s 3-peat, LAL’s broken’s Spur’s surge right the next year and vice versa, Wiki-up “NBA Championships” to have a chart. nuff’ said. Go Spurs Go!!!

  26. Joser says:

    Spurs and Mavericks will lose in the first round. Go Lakers.

  27. jers says:

    LAL vs SAS for the conference finals…. true or false? SAS has been impressive record as a midway season stat but take note when playoff comes they should play tougher than the Lakers… We will waiting for the you guys in the conference finals.. Go Los Ageles Lakers..

  28. Kalbo!! says:

    Lakers are basically for those who don’t really know the game or the league, popularity wise. Just like when you play a game the first time and you have to choose a character, it’s of course the strongest you’ll be choosing. Understandable but still a fool to me in terms of choosing your favorite team in the NBA. I’m a solid San Antonio fan since after the Michael Jordan Bulls era even before the Spurs stole the throne. But I’m not specifically pointing out my favorite team to you all. I’d just like to open the dumb eyes that there are in fact a lot of better players and teams than the ridiculously popular Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Like “Lakers the best team for me!” Duh!? Gimme a break! Everyone already likes them. Snap out of it, dude. Give some chance to others who deserves your appreciation even better. Stop being a fool of sticking with the rest. Why not stand for your own and be different from the rest? If you don’t have this thing for basketball, you’re most likely to know and like only the most popular and it’s understandable. If you have that thing, come on, you should know better than that. If you’re a fan of the Lakers, I hope you know the game well enough and that according to at least your own fair weighing, considering how well you know the other teams, it’s still the Lakers that rules for you. In my point of view, They do at some point just like actually also how other teams did when they also won championships beating the Lakers or even without the Lakers in the finals. It’s just that they are very vulnerable to loose as well. I’m not saying that the Spurs are not. But without popularity in the picture, Lakers are just another ordinary playoff contender whose only difference is that they have a few more championship experience. So what?

    • asdf says:


    • salamangkero says:

      you’re funny dude (must be a typical Laker Hater), some fans will root for the lakers because they like the team, some because they like the people in it, some because they live in that town, and some because they grew up watching games of that team (and alot more reasons). There will be some rooting for a team because they are the current best.. but you mentioning “don’t choose a team to root for because a lot of fans love them already” that’s ignorance. haha

      Just be a fan of the team you like, be a fan of a player you look up to.. enjoy the games.

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Seriously? Those points of yours should be automatic, dude, Don’t really even have to point them out. Of course I exempt those who especially live in L,A. Yeah, I admit I am a typical Laker Hater. But you must be a typical Laker fool. One of those I was pointing out. I was as unbiased as possible. Why are you guilty, dude? Like I said, if you’re a Laker fan, be sure you have the grounds and, just like what you’ve said, not being ignorant to the other teams . And you were so affected. Haha! You’re even funnier. Anyway, that’s the whole point of my comment. To fish out the fools. I guess you were the first and only victim. But if you do have the grounds, go ahead! I’m not stopping you. I could care less. You may not be a fool for choosing LAL per se, But no offense, you chose to be with the fools.

        Putting all hates and arguments aside, Let’s just yeah all wait and see what happens. Anything’s possible. Whatever a team had achieved in the past is never an assurance of the future. Otherwise, what’s the point of all of this?

  29. corkyc says:

    Although I hate it, I have to agree with GARY. the Spurs are the team to beat at this moment. And Dallas is right there too. I am a long long devoted Lakers fan and pull for them every game, every year. This year they have let games go to weak teams way too many times and are going to pay for it when the playoffs come around and the most important series will not have home court. The Spurs have been winning and winning, its hard to not see that. Maybe with Parker out the Lakers can gain some ground, but not enough as the season is too far gone. Dallas has a chance. I sincerely want my team to win, if only we could have Magic Johnson back… but at this moment things will have to go through Texas to make it back to the finals. Go Lakers. Go Kobe. somebody suit up Magic Johsnon

  30. Jerome says:

    @sbfern805 Did you watch the playoffs last year when everytime they played OKC they got beat on there court until the last game in which they needed that tip in to win and then Phoenix lasted six games against them just because the Lakers suck on the road so don’t say that home court doesn’t matter and finally in the Finals when they played the Celtics everytime they played on there court they lost and even look at road records of Dallas and San Antonio compared to LA this season so the Lakers need home court advantage even to win easy series against OKC and Phoenix

  31. Mike says:

    The Spurs and Lakers are definitely the teams to beat. Dallas are an excellent basketball team, but their tradition of being playoff chokers makes it hard to take them seriously.

  32. Damien says:

    my gosh, what a mess in your memory guys. how old are you folks out there?
    MJ retired after the killing of his father in 1993 after his third ring against the Suns. (93-94 and 94-95 seasons were full ones, and the Rockets won the championship. MJ came back of retirement in 95 for the last games of the seasons. He then won another three rings in 95-96, 96-97, and then 97-98…The lockout season was in 1998-99, after MJ’s second three peat vs Utah.
    Don’t know if the lockout played a role in MJ not coming back for the 98-99 season. I guess GM and Pres of the Bulls played a bigger role in that.
    so yeah, buy yourselves a memory or at least check out on the internet or something…

  33. Jake says:

    Like some of Poppovich’s fine wine the Spurs just get better with age! Now lets cap this season off with a championship!

  34. AveryDalNegro says:

    Spurs can win it for sure. But its always a tough road in the playoffs for any team in the West. Will have to beat the Lakers or Dallas which is never easy. I dont have any fears about the Spurs if they happen to make the NBA Finals though. Don’t think any team in the East has what it takes to beat the Spurs or Lakers over 7 games, Dallas might be another story….

  35. Alan D says:

    The lock out was in 99, stay off the acid

  36. Heat says:

    Now to get back to the real topic, the Spurs are definetly the team to beat in the West. The Lakers are still the champions until they lose, but the Spurs (and Mavs) are playing better basketball up to this point.

  37. Don says:

    Law064 – What are you talking about? MJ retired in 98. Theyre talking about the 98-99 lockout, which shortened the season to 50 games and the spurs won.

  38. Law064 says:

    Correction the lockout was in 95′ not 99

    • DavidB says:

      um. no the lockout was in 99.

    • Jacknohara says:

      pass it up man !

    • michaelJordan says:

      you should a little research first..

      MJ retired in ’94, a year before the lockout. He retired not because of the lockout, but he wanted to play baseball in honor of his father

      So, the lockout has no effect whatsover in Jordan not winning 6 consecutive championship

    • err says:

      95 lockout???? the lockout was in 99… check it out… jordan went to baseball in 93…

    • Daniel says:

      Wow. You are WAY off base. The lockout was before the ’98-’99 season. MJ baseball was late-1993 to early-1995. MJ retired right before the ’98-’99 season started.

    • Chris Masters says:

      I dunno @ Jacknohara. That’s a textbook example of a guy talking out of his booty

  39. Ryan George says:

    If there was no lockout in 99, the spurs would have 14 50-win seasons in a row

    • Law064 says:

      If the 99 lockout wouldn’t have happened MJ would’ve won 6 straight rings. The Spurs are on a roll and also Dallas is also back streaking. @Gary your correct my man the spurs is the team to beat in the Western Conf. LA is starting to get their stuff together but the Spurs are playing well and trying to stay at the top. It’s amazing before the season started everyone counted the Celtic’s & Spurs out because of age. Look at em now the oldest teams treating the youngsters like step kids kickin they azz!!!! Gotta give props to the Spurs & Celtic’s

      • Jacknohara says:

        what the lockout had to do with the MJ titles ? I don’t get it .

      • arafat says:

        law064…. what do u mean MJ would´ve had 6 rings ina row if not for the 99 lock out??? better correct that man, u sound dumb..

      • Heat says:

        The lockout was the 98-99 season. That has nothing to do with MJ or his 6 rings

    • puertorican bball player says:

      completly agree

      • Law064 says:

        If that lockout didn’t happen MJ don’t retire and become a below average baseball player. He continue to play ball and who was going to stop da bulls? They went to the ECF without Mike so with Mj he would’ve got more titles. MJ came back mid season after the short lockout season. Like I said the lockout caused the greatest player ever to walk away for a couple of years.

      • Marathon21 says:

        MJ retired after the ’93 championship and played baseball. There was no lockout that following year so that had nothing to do with it. I believe his father being murdered that summer had something to do with it. Anyway, he came back about midway through the 94-95 season (they got knocked out of the playoffs that year) and then went on to lead the Bulls to their second 3-peat (95-98). He was going to retire after that regardless of any lockout, though he did end up coming back a couple of years later to play for the Wizards before retiring again. Believe me, if MJ wanted to keep winning titles, a lockout wasn’t going to keep him from it. Sorry for the history lesson.

  40. Gary says:

    Anyone that continues to say that the Spurs are not the playoff team to beat is a fool plain an simple. the have the healthiest roster, best record, and best bench+coach in my opinion. The Lakers may be kicking things into gear now but after letting home court advantage slip away they will only be trouble for the first and maybe 2nd round teams.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      The Lakers are the team to beat. Spurs Vs Lakers will definately be entertaining.

      • Gary says:

        Lakers are defending champs but that’s it. There has been nothing about them this season that shows they are the team to beat. San Antonio and Dallas however are proving their worth. If it’s LA vs San Antonio in the finals then I would say they are the team to beat but for now it’s San Antonio.

      • sbfern805 says:

        Lakers ARE the team to win. Spurs are trying to prove what the Lakers have already proven for two years. Lakers DONT care about home court advantage because they can win ANYWHERE. Spurs need to get home court if they want to beat the Lakers. Now dont tell me the game in the Regular season counts, because it does not. Sorry to say it, but Dallas is more of e threat for the Lakers…

      • Gary says:

        @ sbfern805, so if they can win anytime how come they haven’t when they haven’t when missing home court advantage…typical Laker fanatic talking out the wrong hole.

      • sean says:

        You are right lakers are team to beat BUT the lakers are not going beat the SPURS without home court advantage in 7 game series period.!!!
        Remember it was the SPURS who stop lakers 3-peat in 2003 as mario elie(99) and steve jackson(2003) said (smile) this building shut down for last time / and its over baby !!
        Remember there new cowboy in town his name is gary neal, ( big shot neal)

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Am I mis informed or did the Lakers not 3peat in 03 Sean? Am I wrong or did the Lakers make it to finals in 04 and lose to the bad boy Pistons? Am i missing something?

      • Gary says:

        At LakersWillWin, your clearly misinformed as the Lakers did not win 03. So once again Laker fans prove they don’t know what they’re talkig about.

      • The ThreePeat was completed in ’02, the Spurs got rings in ’99, ’03, ’05, ’07.

        If you look at it mathematically, then you have CHAMPIONSHIP, three years off, CHAMPIONSHIP, one year off, CHAMPIONSHIP, one year off, CHAMPIONSHIP, and another three years off, which sets 2011 up as a terrific year to get ring number 5 for Duncan.

    • Imad Akel says:

      I think the Heat are the team to beat, for the reason you just said. Health.

      The Heat are pretty good now, but wait till they’re all healthy and in sync and wait for lebron and wade to come out in playoff mode and you’ll see….

      Also superstars always come up bigger in the playoffs. And the Heat have 2 of those…

      By the way if you watch heat games you will see what they are trying to do each game.
      They play hard and start owning almost instantly, with lebron and\or wade coming up big. But then they slow it down and try to rotate the ball and play like a team, but honestly if you watch it, it’s as if only to make the stat sheet look more even. It looks forced. In the playoffs there will be no forced sharing. If Lebron or Wade are hammering the stat sheet, every1s gonna suck it up and watch that player hammer for the rest of the game.
      In the playoffs, there will be no “we’re up by 13, take a seat. good 16 points this quarter Lebron…”

      I know i’m gonna have alot of people disagreeing with me. Just remember that when Lebron and Wade start dominating during the playoffs, I TOLD YOU SO 🙂

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Heat team to beat? HA. Heat need a lot more pieces. Bibby was a good acquisition, but time will tell. I do believe they WILL win a Ship but not this year.

      • Ben says:

        The heat should be the team to beat but they play 1 v 5 basketball. If they just passed the ball round instead of forcing shots up, they would be untouchable. It just seems to me like D-Wade and LeBron knew that thier numbers would drop this season, but they are doing everything in their power to not make that happened. They need to realize that they need to sacarfice to win.

        Lebron doesn’t need to take every big shot. Sometimes you need to pass the ball if you’re covered. Everyone knows Bosh can make shots and Miller is unpredictable to me (it seems like he’s cold, but next thing you know BAM).

      • Gary says:

        I agree with your point on the Heat’s performance lately. Anyone can see that they are experimenting. When the playoffs come around we will see the Heat playing a different game.

    • Axl says:

      You are misinformed. The Spurs beat the Nets in ’03 for the championship.

    • yusuf mohseni says:

      the lakers have gotten their back-to-back because of homecourt. Now you laker fans are going to tell me that they can win anywhere? yeah right. lakers without homecourt= the crumble of the threepeat.