Room For One More In New York?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERSPatrick Ewing was impressed. And jealous.

Now an assistant coach with the Magic, then a superstar with the Knicks, he got an up-close look at his former team and wondered why he didn’t have what Amar’e Stoudemire has. He made that clear to the New York Post before Tuesday’s game between his current employer and his old one:

“My second-best teammate? John Starks. Allan (Houston), Spree (Latrell Sprewell), Oak (Charles Oakley). But they’re not Carmelo. They’re not Carmelo.”

No they are not. Ewing said those words with gusto and the feelings are said to run deep that he never won a title in New York and that he — not former Knicks GM Ernie Grunfeld or Garden president David Checketts — took the blame for it.

As the years have gone on, Ewing has grown to accept he never had that second guy. The Knicks were one game away from a championship in 1994, leading the Rockets in the NBA Finals 3-2, until Starks had one of his worst-ever shooting nights in Game 7, going 2-for-18 — 0-for-11 from 3-point range.

“I can’t worry about that now,” Ewing said. “I’ve been retired 100 years. It feels like 100 years.”

Ewing said Anthony and Stoudemire should have no problem with coexisting on and off the court, even though both need the ball a lot and have terrific egos.

“They both have to share it,” Ewing said. “You can’t worry about it. The city’s big enough. There’s enough spotlight to go around.”

Well, if nothing else, Ewing can comfort himself with this: These Knicks won’t go as far as his Knicks until they find themselves a Ewing, or someone close enough.

Not saying the Knicks need a center, although they’ll sigh and grudgingly take Dwight Howard if he insists. They just need another ‘Melo-type addition in the coming years in order to arrive at the same destination Ewing did, when he took the Knicks to the NBA Finals in 1994.

Ewing never did win a championship, and that stigma still haunts him many years later. Just the same, the Knicks haven’t won anything since 1973, which explains the depth of frustration within Knick fans.

You know the future blueprint, at this point. Assuming the salary cap doesn’t apply a chokehold to their plans, the Knicks will make a run at Howard or Chris Paul in two summers and hope Amar’e Stoudemire’s knees hold up. And then we can start discussing the Knicks in championship terms.

Right now, weakened considerably by the trade with Denver, the Knicks are merely pacifying their entertainment-starved fans, an accomplishment in itself. But more than the fans, and more than Ewing, they want to impress a future free agent.


  1. ok so is this a paid ploy by melo to have deron or Cp3 come over? and if melo messes up again what will you write? they need another superstar? and then another super star after wards? lmao! ball hogs dont with championships this is basketball not soccer, take a look at 6 all stars in Lakers in 04 vs the no superstar Detroit

  2. Spurs / Dallas /Lakers would love to face off with the Knicks in the finals. the knicks would be easy picking for them lmao

  3. Rej says:

    Detroit 2004 is the model of a good basketball team. Although maintaining consistency without a superstar is difficult so they never really gotten back to winning a title after that. The Spurs have Tim Duncan and David Robinson both superstars so they are better than the Detroit team that they had more consistency. Bulls and Lakers have two of arguably the best ever not to mention a super genius coach. Bottom line is the Knicks for me don’t need another superstar they just need consistency night in and night out for even just a season they could be like Detroit of 04

  4. Jonathan says:

    They need Mutombo! Let’s bring back the man. He’s not that old yet. What is he now, only 100 years old? Plenty of gas left in the tank.

  5. ZBloom says:

    that video has nothing to do with the piece…good job

  6. elie says:

    what about t-mac, he needs a good team to win a championship.

  7. Rick says:

    one more star? are you insane? another superteam? when does this madness end?

  8. 33mmKiwi says:

    the Knicks? I have mad love for spree & starks, I’ve been an eastern conference fan my whole life.. what cost Pat his ring was his inability to hit a layup and coaches decision to leave johnny in the game, yeah he shot his way out of a funk ALL season long, but game 7? when Cassell, Mad Max and EVERYONE in a red uniform was killing it & dream was working the shake? helllllll no! not after those first 3/4′s he had.. they had hubert davis hidden on that bench, and Harper and childs and ward could shoot a bit too, but Starks went all black hole on it..

    Kncks need a Roy Hibbert or Nene to compliment Stat inside, or go the other route, and follow the magic/celtics.. get yourself a posey / big baby… I hear Antoine Walker still has knees, and after watching him busting his own ass to try and et back? where would be finer than the Apple to show how much they value redemption and hard work? and don’t start talking about his lack of D cos he plays as much as 90% of their team right now!

    peace to the east!

  9. MillyJ says:

    Man, I’m tired of all these bammas talkin’ about Michael Jordan is the reason nobody got rings in the 90’s! I’m a die hard Charles Barkley fan since the age of 5 so him and Ewing are alike with respect to this topic of “Championship-less Hall of Famers.” Michael Jordan aint win nuffin’ by himself. He had as close to a “SUPER TEAM” (I’m getting so tired of hearing that word lately, but that’s another convo) as the Big 3 in Boston, Miami, and the Kobe/Shaq Lakers. Jordan ALWAYS had 1) Scottie Pippen, whom to this day is still the best ALL AROUND (not just the best offensive and occasional team defenseive player like MJ) basketball player to ever play in the NBA, 2) a top 3 rebounder. i.e. Horace Grant and then the upgrade to the best rebounder to ever grace the EARTH…Dennis Rodman (why he has never been to an all-star game is yet again another convo for another day), and 3) a top 3-pt shooter. Craig Hodges, B.J. Armstrong, and Steve Kerr. All yall “Super Team” haters need to man up and realize aint no 1 player do it by themself. The Spurs had The Admiral, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, & Tony Parker. The Lakers had Kobe and Shaq (Shaq in his prime counts as 2 people. LOL). The Rockets had Hakeem “the Dream,” Clyde “the Glyde”, and Kenny “The Jet.” And for all yall who think Lebron coming to Miami will taint his legacy, YOU DON’T EVEN WANT TO BRING UP HOW MANY HALL OF FAMERS (not just great players or all-stars) WERE ON THE SHOWTIME LAKERS!! Magic, Kareem, & James Worthy. I don’t hear yall talkin’ about Magic’s 5 “tainted” rings because he had 2 HALL OF FAMERS!! Yall done got me so hype right now I’m standing at the office and typing! LOL! Anyway, Jordan aint win “naaaah rang” by himself! I’M OUT!! Shout out to Charles Barkley!! I MAYBE I MAYBE WROOONG! BUT I DOUBT IT!! LOL!

  10. nyk fan says:

    alrite these sports writers are idiots. chauncey billups is an amazing point guard, he had 30 points against the magic. they only lost because he got injured

  11. Tony Snow says:

    the nba is getting ridiculous. if you cant win with billups, amare, n melo something wrong with them.

    we dont need another miami cheat goin on.

    • bigE23 says:

      miami cheat really i say wwhat new york wants to do is cheat………. the knicks wont get that far in the playoffs their bench is worse than the heat’s bench…. in yeARS to come they have a chance to become a real threat….

  12. freshkid4 says:

    who said detroit didnt have allstars? Billups was the best point guard in the nba. ben wallace the deffensive player of the year. rip hamilton. rasheed wallace….. prince…. full of stars. And the knicks dont need more superstars. it would be nice but they dont need it. they need key role players that can help.

  13. Nick says:

    NY does not NEED another star. They just need some good role players who can play defense. Oh ya getting a defensive system in place might be kind of important as well…

  14. dont do it says:

    These nba writers are getting dumber and dumber.

    And they’re not even letting my comment this on the post…

    freedom of speech, not slander. Its teh truth. Deal with it.


  15. kobeFAN says:

    NY should get Mark Gasol!

  16. STAT says:

    I’m a really big fan of the knicks but I think that the knicks can win a championship ring if they can just have better defense and 3 point guys

  17. Emmanuel Stalling says:

    Why won’t the nicks win anything with this team. Amar’e is a great leaper who can block shots when he wants to, but he will shy away from contact and allow points at the rim if he feels he is beaten. Turiaf is a solid scrapper but a very short center who isn’t athletic enough to make up for it like Ben Wallace was with the 04 pistons. Melo, for all of his fun-to-watch offensive theatrics, plays defense when he feels like it and even when he does feel like it does not utilize the proper fundamentals to be a stopper (see: Kobe Bryant, who keeps low, arms wide, and slides his feet with the best of em’). Billups is a solid fundamental defensive player as far as staying in the proper position to make it tough on opposing PG’s, but in reality he’s a 14 year veteran who has NO HOPE of guarding Derrick Rose, Rajan Rondo, and as displayed last night, even the likes of a semi-fast PG like Jameer Nelson around screen and rolls that every team runs nowadays.

  18. JoeThePlumber says:

    New York needs another superstar to win a title? LOL!!!!!
    Superstars do not win titles – a well assembled TEAM does.
    And if you really need 3 superstars to win it you better choose the right superstars not all Offense and NO Defense.
    But D’Antoni only knows Offense as he proved it in Phoenix and now in the Big Rotten Apple!!
    LOL !!!

  19. MeloFan7 says:

    they need a bigman that can inspire the team to play more defense, because billups and melo and amare aren’t great defensive players. Especially carmelo, he can do it all except lacking effort on D.

  20. kk33 says:

    What happened to defense, team chemistry, and great role players around 1 or 2 great guys, being what you needed to win?? all of a sudden you need 3 superstars to win???Look at dallas who has a better record than the heat. They have one guy who made the bench on the allstar team and just a couple good players. Or What about the spurs having the best record in the NBA, They have 3 very good players, they dont need a 30 plus points player. They have 3 20 point guys who have all played over 10 seasons and they play good defense. This oh we need 3 superstars to be great mentality is really starting to bother me!! My only wish for april is that the MAIMI HEAT DO NOT win a championship.

  21. Dprimesuspect says:

    Forget all this crap. MICHAEL JORDAN will mess all these guys up. Put together any superteam you want. He will literally put all these superteams to shame. lmao. Im glad I got that off my chest.

  22. Jay-R says:

    as of right now the Knicks are a decent team..they dont need another Star..all they need is a big man that can play defense and 2 reserves that can play Defense as well..if they can get that, then the Knicks become a top contender without a doubt and maybe just maybe who knows they might take it all..but untill then i dont see the knicks gettin very far..they will make the playoffz..but they aint gettin far..i predict first round exit..if not then definitely second round exit..with that said regarding the Chauncey Billups case..he is in my mind the perfect point guard for this up-tempo style of play..and his way more experience than Felton just older which is the risk the Knicks are takin wit him..but in my mind Billups still got a good 3 or 4 yearz at tops..imma just watch the remainder of the season to see how this playz out.

  23. jeson says:

    the knicks shouled not get a lot of all star or they are going to suck just look at the heat they suck and im getting tired of the stupied heat

  24. JIm says:

    The Knicks should go and rescue Andrew Bogut from the Bucks!

  25. Charles Kinbote says:

    what they need is a center and depth, forget going after CP3, it doesn’t matter how good your big three is if you don’t have depth (see 1997 Rockets).

  26. bugaboo says:

    Ewing had very good players in his prime… was clear once Pat Riley got there , that all the offense went through Ewing. The problem was he , was not a great passer from the post Take a page out of the 69-70, or the 72-73 Knicks….both Reed and Lucas were excellant passers….finding the open man on the double team. Ewing was a warrior…..but, he took to much on by himself…he lacked confidence in most of his team-mates .

  27. royi440 says:

    I totally disagree that what the knicks are missing is another star… first of all, they have Chauncy who is still one of the best PG’s around especially in the playoffs and when the east is kind of weak at that position (other then Boston and Chicago).
    Secondly, it’s enough fire-power and ego already. What they realy need is a solid, balanced, energetic supporting crew. people seem to forget that all the latest champions don’t have THAT many stars: the Lakers have 2 stars, the Celts have 4 players that make up 2-3 stars at a given night and same with the Spurs’ “big” three.

  28. wi says:

    nyc must get james posey and marc gasol big body for defense, rival for lakers to p.gasol..

  29. Khadeem says:

    I’m tired of hearing this big three mumbo jumbo…how many big threes have a championship in the last decade….the celtics……the spurs didnt have three superstars, the lakers didn’t, the heat didnt, and the pistons didnt…what you need to win a championship is a team…having superstars is nice but having a balanced roster with players that fill a role well is what u need to win a championship

    • Emmanuel Stalling says:

      The spurs arguably do/did have a big three in Ginobili/Parker/Duncan, but I agree. Here is the championship formula in a nutshell: In what is known as the post-Jordan era, from 1999 until now, NO team has won a championship without superior interior defense, and AT LEAST one perimeter stopper. It can also be said that one top tier big man and one top tier wing player is necessary to win championships. Look at the trends….there was LA with the Shaq/Kobe combo, no brainer here, they had the interior D of shaq in his prime and young Kobe on the wings as not only a dominant offensive player, but a dominant DEFENSIVE player; then there’s San An…interior defense? Tim Duncan and David Robinson, perimeter stopper? Bruce Bowen (Ginobili is no chump here either). The Pistons, Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace allowed nothing at the basket. Perimeter stopper(s), ask any player about the D of Tayshawn Prince, then add Chauncey Billups. Celtics, Perkins and Garnett (the DPOY), Perimeter defense? Allen and Pierce are solid, but RONDO was the stopper during their run. The lakers again? Gasol(when he’s not being soft)/Bynum(when healthy) collectively are a solid defensive combo, but the perimeter D of Ariza and yes, the all-defensive Kobe offset whatever they lacked. Laster year, replace Ariza with Artest who has won a DPOY award also, and the same result. My point: Guard the paint, stopper on the wing, win the ring.

  30. B U says:

    “Right now, weakened considerably by the trade with Denver, the Knicks are merely pacifying their entertainment-starved fans, an accomplishment in itself.”

    I’m sorry, but thats idiotic. Weakened, really? They add BIllups who everyone overlooked in the trade, Carmelo Anthony and they weakened their team to appease fans? Idk how you get to blog on NBA.COM and post such a garbage article, especially posting this AFTER knicks beat the miami for the first time this season, which they did NOT do prior to this trade. Idk if you were high on felton or galo but your reasoning is beyond wrong.
    And which team do you know, would “sigh and grudgingly sign” dwight howard?? I can’t even take you serious with this, at all. I’m really hoping that was sarcastic, because I don’t know if any team would NOT JUMP at the prospect of signing the best center in the league(is that arguable?). You would take another “melo type” player over having melo, a’mare and dwight(with billups still around for at least 2 more seasons)? And you also think the Knicks were stronger previous? I would LOVE to see they team you’d build, especially with these statements. Guess NBA knowledge(more like common sense) isn’t required to blog on NBA.comWow….

  31. Mark says:

    Knicks wont win a championship. not in this season or next season. period.

  32. hardin1980 says:

    the knicks will not win a championship for a while. not until they get a new coach that will make them play d-fense. And they still need some one good coming off the bench. the truth is they will not be able to compete with any of the top teams in the east or in the west( not in a 7 game series ). And that wont change for a while, if ever. Now that they have 2 superstars they just need to feel in the defensive pieces and change that mentality then they might be able to win one but that is about it.

  33. iamdudematt says:

    We need role players. For some reason, D’Antoni decided to put Anthony Carter in the rotation and not Corey Brewer. And Corey Brewer can play some defense and could have been solid coming off the bench. But no, Walsh waived him and Azubuike. Two defenders. Yes, we got back Jared Jeffries who is nothing but defense but who the hell is Derrick Brown? We lack size and consistency. Fill those slots in rather than wasting it all on a star (being that we already have STAT the boss, Melo, & Big Shot) and we’ll be contenders. You need someone remotely close to John Starks on our squad? His name is Landry Fields. He can defend and shoot and he adds a little more. Give this man the summer in our training camp, he’ll be the talk of the town the following season. We have the puzzle almost finished with the main pieces in place. We need the little pieces to finish it all.

  34. ty says:

    the bulls you no gone win lol

  35. lakers history says:

    howards not going to the knicks he stated he wants to be a laker

  36. Jacknohara says:

    I don’t know why those guys are talking about the Knicks and titles in the future … If we keep going the way we’re going now, we’re not going to get there, our team is going to reach the conf semis when it peak, that is going to be the top for us, I mean, when we became “good” we’re going to be like the hawks or something alike …

    Look, don’t get me wrong but Carmello Anthony, he’s just a little better than Glen Robinson, there’s nothing really incredible about him, he can’t put the team on his back and take over when it matters the most. Amare, for me he is a joke, that is the true. A PF that can’t rebound or play D ? Teams can’t win with that , for sure. God damn it, last night against the Magic the guy played more than 35 minutes and grabbed 2 rebounds ! that is a joke or what ? And what about his knees ? He’s 28, if everithing goes right for him he has 2 more good years on him and that’s all. After that we’re going to have an overpaid-injured-untradeable guy, who is going to wreck our franchise again for another 10 years.

  37. Mike M says:

    John Starks and Latrell Sprewell were my two favorite Knicks growing up. But no, they are not Carmelo Anthony. The Knicks need strong role players and bench players, not another superstar.

  38. shawn says:

    knicks dont need a 3rd superstar. they just need good role players plus defence and they will be a championship contender for years to come

  39. IWP4Short says:

    PG-Chauncey Billups
    SG-Landry FIelds
    SF-Carmelo Anthony
    PF-Amare Stoudemire
    C-Ronny TUriaf

    PG-Anthony Carter
    PG-Toney Douglas
    SG-Roger Mason Jr.
    SG-Andy Rautins
    SG/SF-Bill Walker
    SF-Renaldo Balkman
    PF-Shawne WIlliams
    PF/C-Shelden Williams

    The Knicks lack DEPTH in every position. They have players, but quality players? No.

    Carter is a solid veteran, but its past his time and he can only do so much offensively. His defense and knowledge of the game is the only reason he is still in the NBA. Douglas can make plays from time to time, but he can not be on the floor with the starting lineup because he is a SG who plays PG. He will try to dominate the possession until told otherwise. But he is able to create his own shot while on the floor with the reserves. Walker is a defensive minded player, who can body up with anyone at his position, including LeBron. Where he needs to improve is offensively. He still has not figured out how to score in the NBA like he did in the NCAA.

    Rautins and Mason never play, which amazes me with their spot up shooting capabilities. Your telling me Roger Mason got more minutes with the Spurs than he can with the Knicks? Stupid, plain stupid since he fits the run and gun offense perfect. Balkman is trash, hes just a body that gets sent left and right with each trade the team he plays for makes. Shelden WIlliams is in a similar position as Balkman, hes ajust a piece of another trade waiting to happen, or he will be realeased at seasons end. Shawne WIlliams is a wannabe SMF who can not post up for nothing. And his defense, his defense is nowhere to be found.

    The starting lineup has a great PG in Billups. People do not give this uy enough credit, He dropped 30 last night against Orlando and Jameer Nelson. Fields is solid on the defensive end and very scrappy. Also, from time to time, he can score the ball. Carmelo, no need to speak on him. He just lacks effort at times. Stoudemire needs to be more active defensively on a nightly basis, he seems to be more worried about offense than defense. Turiaf is an under sized grinder who workds hard. He never hurts his team offensively or defensively and he is gonna show up and play every single night.

    The reserves for the Knicks is a bunch of players who should be on the free agency list with the type of numbers they put up. Their starting five is solid, except for Turiafs’ lack of size as a center. In my opinion, they should swap Turiaf and Stoudemire as PF and C. But before the trade deadline they should of went another trade to add depth. Even if they were not trading for a star, they could have got a veteran player like a Mike Bibby from the Hawks or maybe even asked the Wizards to trade him instead of letting him be bought out. Get something in return for the HInrich deal they made.

  40. David says:

    I don’t really see the point of acquiring Chris Paul. I mean, he’s a good player, but he’s still too young for the championship stage. Billups, in this case, is a much better choice. What NYK really needs is a good center indeed. Dwight for sure would be their best hope but honestly, any center who can rebound/defend would do the work.

  41. Pete says:

    People really think they will get D.Howard or CP3 huh? lol…
    CP3 may be more likely, since they have Billups and add someone else to the trade for the Hornets. But Howard is in the same conference, it won’t happen. And even if it does, they won’t have enough CAP room for all those stars… CP3, Melo, Stoud and Howard…Not one team in the league has enough cap room for those. They might be able to get CP3 but their bench ain’t gonna be pretty. I mean, 1st – you won’t have much cap room for good bench players, maybe some left behind players that were once good, e.g, Ratliff, Dampier. And Right now, they don’t need a PG as they already have Billups that even at his age, is one hell of a PG and one of the best in the league, he proves that every night.
    I HIGHYL doubt the superb-Heat-like trio will happen in N.Y (CP3, Melo and Stoud). But who knows? It MIGHT happen, but it’s unlikely and it’s not fair for the league.
    The Heat will still rule the East in the next 3 or 4 years when the Celtics are done because they can play D, unlike N.Y.

  42. zeus says:

    knicks are fine as they are, besides Lakers are going to 3 peat

  43. A says:

    Melo + Amare + Billups are enough already, all they need are adding the bench depth and a new coach. Mike D’ is a good coach for entertaining basketball, but with a coach doesn’t know what defense is. I don’t think the Knicks can go long in the playoff, even with better role players. Just take a look at the Suns few years ago.

  44. mark says:

    wat knicks need is a new coach, that have a systam of defense, knicks is already a, good team.. wat do they want? get all the nba superstars to play for the knicks, lol, intead of getting another superstar, fire coach mike, get a new one, and get a role players, and an upgrade for a bench, goodluck ney york knicks..

  45. James says:

    Why is everyone neglecting the fact they have Billups, who can do some real damage!!! I don’t really like the Knicks, but dang show Chauncey some respect.

  46. Randy says:

    I have to disagree. They need a scappy big man who can frustrate teams driving in the lane (jamir nelson 2nd half explosion in tue nights game). Somebody such as kendrick perkins. i know there is only one kp, but we need a 7′ stopper who can rebound, block shots and get about 10-15 pts / night and some decent reserves. What the heck was billy walker and the other guy (#3) doing firing up threes. Plus, anthony carter or tony douglas will not cut it as chauncey’s back up. Arroyo is available?

  47. danny says:

    billups is one of the big star in basketball…knicks dont need another one…all they need is a coach in the caliber of phil jackson…and probably they will beat them all…..even the heat or lakers

  48. mike says:

    man we already got champion melo

  49. Shizzle says:

    I 2nd that. It seems these guys do want Team USA vs. the bench players of the league. The knicks would definitely benefit from getting Howard but Billups is one of the best PG’s in the league. How quickly they forget he’s the only one on the the team with a ring ALREADY and was the best player of those Finals. He basically won that game for them against Miami too. These so called “sports experts” are so quick to react to a single win or loss. psshh

  50. Sir Issac says:

    All we need is SIZE and depth, thats why Mozgrov was such a losss. Just look at what OKC did last year, lots of shooters and stars but couldn’t stop the trip towers of Gasol, Bynum, & Odom. Is Posey or Powe avail?
    PE is still living in fear of yet another missed lay-up!

    • Efosa says:

      van gundy said it himself. Mozgov who. You rather let mozgov keep u from getting 2 superstars in melo and billiups. They get ppl from the d-league.

  51. J says:

    Billups is the 3rd superstar. All you Nba Analyst got it wrong the Knicks already have a big 3. Just do your homework and you will see why Billups is important.

  52. knicks should get David Lee says:

    Knicks should get David Lee and Steve Nash along with Tony Allen & Shane and Z-bo

  53. Travel709 says:

    I’m not sure that the trade bought us so much vantages…..however we’ve have to stand and see what will happen but I’m looking to a too much Melo & Amare focused team…….Billups is old and others? Where hell are they ? The cruel reality is that this team it’s been built to win this on neext year later, otherwise more new apreciated players are requested especially for d-fense………go Nicks

  54. BLM73 says:

    Yeah, yeah, need another Star…… how about the Knicks need everyone to play their best Basketball? Need another Star? Please. Billups already has a Ring and a Finals MVP, what do these screw-up sportswriters want… Team USA vs. the rest of the League?

  55. gniewko says:

    WHY do they need Chris Paul? they have Billups. WHy would they need Howard, Stoudemire supposed to be a center, right? what kind of strategy is that, lets get Howard, or Paul or maybe some other famous name, no matter what position , skills he has. Hoiw can you build a team if you don’t even know if you’d rather buy the best center or a top guard?

  56. c.gaw says:

    NYK is my new team. say hello to cp3,melo.stat. say hello to 2011-2012 NBA Champion!

  57. c7lee says:

    Why bite the hand that feeds you?
    Of course Ewing will speak highly of his Employer’s acquisition of Melo but reader beware.
    Don’t kid yourself if you think Melo brings more than what Spree and Starks added to the team regardless of what ppl are saying. Check out some old footage of the kind of heart those two played with. Melo is a pampered pri-madonna who gave up on Denver even though they put a legit team around him.

    • LB99 says:

      Yeah but that ligit team that Melo had in Denver is not enough to win the West or the East. They were simply too small.

  58. c.gaw says:

    New york is my new team. f*ck miami and boston. Lakers For the ring!

  59. Sick and Tired says:

    The Knicks beat the Heat and everyone was saying that they are back and they should be taken seriously. They lose a close game to the Magic and now you’re saying they’re not there yet and they need another piece to make a run at it, The Knicks are still getting use to their new pieces and are doing pretty good at coming together so far. They’ll finish in as the sixth seed and maybe pass the first round of the playoffs. I think that would be a successful season and satisfying for Knicks fans. Then they will have the summer to practice together and become a cohesive team.

    • says:

      thank you very good post

    • puertorican bball player says:

      if they finish six they would face the bulls and i cant see the knicks beat the bulls in 7 games sorry they need chemestry and roles player maybe for next year

    • Biggavel says:

      The knicks have a good team right now, they just need a tall defensive minded center to contend for a championship, they have toney douglas coming off the bench who is playing great basketball this year. They might make a nice run in the playoffs with billups at the point because he is nothing but a winner, I wouldnt be surprised if they win it all this year. Seriously

  60. Patrick Wiggins says:

    For you to say they need another star is ridiculous. They just the media trying to build another big three, us fans want to see these guys compete not play with each other. Only thing they need is key role players and great team chemistry. If I see any more stars team up I’m done with the NBA that’s very boring, are the players really that desperate. Let’s see competitors!!

  61. Al says:

    The statement that John Starks and Latrell Spreewell are better players than Carmelo Anthony is the most ridiculous thing I have read today. Thanks for making me laugh.

  62. Blake says:

    So what is Billups now? Chopped liver. They guy is a legit start that can hold his own for the next 2-5 seasons depending on how things go. Sure the Knicks need to consider the future but they have a decent team right now that is lacking nothing but depth.

  63. J says:

    a lot of what’s been said out there about the knicks should be taken as insults by melo and amare.. yes the team lacks depth, but how many teams have two true superstars, plus a perennial all-star (albeit an aged one) in chauncey billups? this team should be good enough right now to challenge for the 3rd spot in the east, with only boston and miami ahead of them.. add a couple of good pieces in the future (not necessarily a chris paul or dwight howard) and they will contend

    • says:

      chalengefor the erd spot in the east despite being 11 games behind chicago? keep dreaming. the knickerbockers are nothing more than just an exciting team that wil get an early exit in the playoffs

      • says:

        its almost likie saying that the raptuors wuld challenge for the 8th spot

      • says:

        man this keyboard sucks…………………..

      • cant stop the STAT! says:

        you mean those same bulls that havent won a game against the knicks this season? @J is right if they started the season off with this lineup they would be top 4 in the east. all they need now is a true center and as much as i would love to have dwight howard all the knicks truly need is a 7 footer who can play defense

      • FRED says:

        what he meant is they have the talent to be top 3 in the east…and i agree…maybe not this season…but with a deeper bench…they’ll beat the bulls…bulls are good…but to me…rose is inexperienced and he is slightly overrated…just the way he plays….he’ll seriously get hurt one day….he needs to tone it down and find smarter ways to finish…aggression is good…but u gotta stop all that high jumps and twists and turns…looks good…but ray allen would be the first to tell u..longevity is the key to success in this league…and his shooting fluctuates in different situations…much like a couple days ago….5/21? rondo woulda differed if he was in that situation…but rose has such a scoring mentality….he forgets he is taking most of the shots…and leaves other players clueless in clutch…thats why u see kyle korver passing a good look to rose for a bad shot…

  64. they dont NEED another superstar sheesh.. two superstars is enough to win a championship, they just need role players and a new coach that actually knows what defense is.

    • Bunbury says:

      I agree with you 100% Jusufi. The knicks dont need another superstar, Role Players/Depth is what they need. 3 point shooters, defensive stoppers, the shotbloker/rebounder energy guy. Look at the bulls and the lakers, how many champioships? 11 since 1991. They have done it with two superstars and good role players. yeah i know they have won it with the best of best. no need to mention names here. But the problem with the knicks though is Stat & Melo’s similar style of play in the sense that they automatically think SCORE as soon as they touch the ball. One thing for sure, Superstars need to complement each other to have team sucess. I honestly dont think Melo and Stat will do that or at least they wont do it as effecient as they will need.
      It seems that the Miami trio did changed the nba. Superstars will no longer be happy playing in pairs, it needs to be 3 now.

      • Str8chi says:

        Great points. Being a Bulls fan I totally agree that you only need two. I was hoping that Miami would be a fluke and that every other team wouldn’t try to do what was started by the Celts a few years ago. I don’t think anything was wrong with the way that Boston did it, don’t get me wrong, but I see that it did start something. The truth is, people need to find a role and do their best to chip in that way. Just look at how Douglas outperformed CP3 yesterday? That’s all you need. Who would have thought he would’ve put up 24 and have more points than Melo? Not saying that the Hornets are all that, but it just goes to show how one player who is not seen as a star can help your team out when going head to head against a perinnial All-Star.

    • LB99 says:

      Well said. You must have been reading my mind. Detroit 2004 say it all.

  65. and now melo resembles spree in every way

  66. its a good excuse for ewing to protect his legacy but heck what will you get for playing against a city who heckles their own star when things go bad for their team? ewing has his 2nd and 3rd guy in Spree and Starks he should admit it and both of them are better than melo in their prime. its just that MSG turned against them on game 7 and then there is spike lee and isiah.. they just didnt play hard enough in game 7 and did not think hard enough on game 7

    • trix says:

      haha spree was never better than melo

    • Bunbury says:

      Ewing played with Spree and Houston late in his career (meaning he got the help he needed a little too late)… But it’s true what he said- he never played with another superstar. Spree and Houston were allstars but not Superstars, you may argue that two allstarts might be better than one superstar (obviously depends on what players you’re talking about). But you have to consider the fact that he was no longer a superstar when he played with Spree & Houston and the fact that he got injured in the conf. semifinals in 1999. The knicks had a really good team in 1992-93, 1993-94, but Starks was their second best player. I believe he made the allstar team only one in his career. Jordan had Pippen. Olajuwon won it in 1994 without another superstar, however, in 1995 he had Drexler. Then Duncan & Robinson, Kobe & Shaq, Shaq & Wade, Garnett/Pierce/Allen, and now Kobe & Gasol. Detroit also won it without two superstars in 2004. History tells us that it does take at least two superstars to win it all, with the exception of 1994 & 2004. Please note that I am not saying that all you need is two superstars to win it all. Also note: Difference between allstar and superstar— an allstar player makes the allstar team two or three times during his career; a superstar way more than that and his allstar selections are pretty much automatic every year until of course their prime comes to an end.

      • Efosa says:

        detriot had 4

      • Imad Akel says:

        lol first of all stoudamire is in superstar category now?

        Stoudamire is up there with dwight, kobe, lebron, wade, kevin durant, derrick rose, chris paul, carmelo anthony, tim duncan? I’m abit hesitant to even put carmelo in that category (but dont worry, I did)

        Sry i don’t think i can put stoudamire up there though :S

        I dont think stoudamire is worth much more than a gasol or a ginobli…

        Dirk Novitzki, now THERE’S a Power Forward superstar….A born leader barely 2-3 years into the league and lifting the whole mavs on his shoulders…
        Stoudamire has had his ups and downs im afraid :S He wasn’t always the highlight of the suns when he was with them. All star? FOR SURE. Superstar? VERY DEBATABLE

        His stats are great (THIS season) but remember he was the only person carrying his team’s stats this year and the knicks only started winning after fields started playing better.

        If he has 1 or 2 more seasons like this then i’ll call him a superstar… OR if he comes up BIG in the playoffs. THEN he’s a superstar. Right now, he’s an all star with good season stats. Just like Blake Griffin(emerging superstar, but not yet superstar), and Pau Gasol(but amare has better stats coz no kobe on his team), and the 4 celtics (if you take away 2 of the 4 big C’s, each pair will have stats as good as Amare’s on a team like new york)…

      • RJK says:

        Hey Imad. hate to break it to ya… Dirk Novitski – ahem, Dirk Nowitski has been in the league for 12 years, not this 2-3 years nonsense. i am not arguing that he is not a superstar because yes< Dirk is a superstar. A'mare is also a superstar. I believe a superstar posseses the talent to take over a game – A'mare can. A superstar is a leader – A'mare is. so guy it is only respectful to give the guy superstar status.

      • FRED says:

        Dont put celtics 4 in the conversation about whether they are stars or superstars….look…back in their prime…the big 3 were all HUGE superstars….ray ray is the best shooter ever…pierce is a top 5 celtic no matter how u look at it….KG is easily a HOF with numerous seasons averaging close to or over 20-10-5…all big 3 are bigger stars than amare…so stop the comparison..and whereas for rondo…i think his time will come…but he’s still young…but already is full of experience…he will if he continues to improve…become just as good as the big 3 and leave with a great legacy…

    • trix says:

      What had patrick ewing away from a championship was not lack of a great second fiddle, but the era he played in. He was unfortunate enough to be playing in an era when michael jordan was dominating.

    • JesseO3 says:

      STARKS and SPREE were better than Melo in their primie?! are you F’ing stupid? I am a HUGE Knicks fan. I love Starks. I had The Dunk hanging from my ceiling. I know he came to the NBA after being a bag boy in a grocery store…but let me tell you….Starks is no where NEAR Melo. Spree came to NY when his career were still pretty solid, but if anything he was on the decline when he was in NY.

      That Knicks team was so good, bc they had a lot of role players and GOOD role players. The only true star on that team was Ewing. Dont get anything twisted there. That 90s Knicks team reminds me a lot of this current Chicago team. Rose is the star. But surrounded by SOLID role players that can pour in points upwards of 20 or more.

      Starks and / or Spree > Melo……not even close. Sorry. Try again.

    • husky2012 says:

      Son got jokes, spree and starks were never better then melo, that is rediculous. Melo is Top five in the NBA as we speak. I see a championship in the near knicks future espicially if they take advantage of the up coming free agent market.

      • shawn says:


    • FRED says:

      spree and starks werent as good as melo…i know knick fans love starks.but in my opinion…he is highly overrated..

    • Str8chi says:

      LOL… Jordan and Pippen… Those are two reasons alone that Ewing never won it. The Bulls had two superstars and like it was stated earlier, New York only had Ewing. Being a Chicago fan, I admit that we were fortunate. With Horace Grant and Paxson chipping in, Rodman, Kerr, and Kukoc for the last three, we were fortunate. I just think it was bad timing for New York. If they had the ’93 and 94 squads in say….’88 or even ’90, then they might have won at least one. ’99 was unfortunate for them as well. All I can say is Isaiah continued beating the Knicks up when they hired him. Destroyed them from within….LOL.

      Right now all they need is a Center , preferrably a defensive minded one, who wouldn’t mind not touching the ball as much. Dwight Howard would still need some touches unless he would be totally committed to getting a ring. I really think that if Billips stays healthy they really don’t need Paul. If they get him it’s a bonus. I don’t see them having Howard and Paul though.

      Seriously, with all the better teams no belonging to the East again, it looks like it’s going to be a long wait for New York. At least until the 2013-14 season.