Nets New Star In Need Of Rest

LONDON — Any fears about the availability of Deron Williams for Friday and Saturday’s Nets-Raptors games here are legitimate. Williams has two sore wrists and could use some rest.

But he’s tried that already and it hasn’t done much to improve his condition. He didn’t practice here Wednesday, using that time instead to get treatment on the bone bruise in his left wrist and the strained tendon in his right wrist.

“I don’t know yet,” Williams said on a conference call Wednesday when asked about his availability for Friday night’s game here at the 02 Arena. “[I’ll have to] see how things feel. I really don’t have either hand right now, so it’s tough.”

Still, it’s hard to keep a competitor like Williams off the floor. And he knows the Nets traded for him so he could lead them, not watch from the bench. That’s why he played through the pain during his first three games with the Nets, piling up 47 assists in those three losses. But a long flight from the states and the jet lag that comes with it can work overtime on the body when you are healthy, so you can imagine what it does to one that’s battered and bruised.

“I need more than a couple games,” Williams said. “I’ve done a couple games. I did eight days. I came back and I hurt it again and it felt like Day 1 again. Like I said, I need about three weeks, four weeks.”

Nets coach Avery Johnson said Williams be ready for Friday, so everyone will have to wait and see what transpires between now and then. But if I had to guess, Williams will be in uniform and ready to go.

As he said, the Nets didn’t trade for him to “sit out.”


  1. zondo says:

    i think were all forgetting the main point here, and that is that chauncey billups is the best point guard in the league and will be until he retires

  2. kyle says:

    deron williams is an idiot for going to jersey. they will never be a good team

  3. VP says:

    D-Will’s all about the money! He was never going to stay with Jazz – no matter how much they would’ve offered him. Now that he’s in New Joy-zy, with an owner who has unlimited funds, I believe D-Will found himself a rich foundation to grow on for the next 3-4 years.

  4. jwe says:

    Come on! DWill has been on plane last 5 days etc. what is wrong with the NBA, give him some time to rest. Sterns just wants to promote this not good idea to come to Europe. Is’nt 82 games enough?? This is also very green idea for this planet 🙂

  5. new mike says:

    the Nets really need for Deron Williams. In terms of points and assists.

  6. Royge says:

    Rose, Westbrook, Rondo all made him look like a joke when they went head to head. Last time I checked there wasn’t anything wrong with his legs the problem is he put on 20 pounds over the off season he just simply can’t keep up.

  7. gli says:


  8. Joetucka says:

    D- Will is one the best poing guards in the league however New Jersey does not have a shot at nothing right now but the draft lottery position. D-Will has 1 year left on his contract before he can opt out of that hell hole, which I thuink he will no matters what others pieces they get. No one wants to be in Jersey now a days, thats way melo didn’t end fo a nets, not because of money, other teams, individuals invovled in trade, draft picks. Its because Jersey SUCKS. They actually think they can rise back to the promise land with D-Will as they did with Jason Kidd. Let looks at the situation Jason Kidd had R.J (Richard Jefferson), Keyon Martin before all the knee problems, Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles, Todd Collins, Donyell Marshall, Harris, Lucious etc. None of the guys Jersey has now even stack up close to the team Kidd had back then.

    • JayCee says:

      The Nets don’t benefit from their draft lottery position since they gave this years 1st round unprotected pick to the Jazz as part of the Favors, Harris, for D-WIll deal.

      Deron is a great player and I intend to follow his career. I hope things turn out for him, but it was time for him and the Jazz to part ways. I tend to believe he will end up in Dallas, If Nowitzki has some years in him, they could make a run.

    • Isaac says:

      Well New Jersey is even worse off then you think, because their good draft pick will be going to Utah. So they are screwed.

  9. Kasper says:

    I’m in London, and don’t understand why the NBA are sending two of the worst teams to represent the league in Europe! If they want to create a hype in Europe, this is not the best strategy. It is a potential huge market for them in the future. I have tickets for the game on friday, but if Deron Williams does not play, it will just be a combination of some of the worst players in the league, and i will seriously consider not going. Again a very bad marketing strategy for the NBA, why don’t they send someone exciting like Blake Griffin, to promote the league?

    • datlakerkid says:

      I’m going to the game as well in London and the only reason why they would be sending the nets and raptors is because these two games are prototypes. Fair enough they’ve already had a couple exhibition games in the past but these are regular season games. You can’t experiment on teams which are in currently in playoff contention as every game from now on will affect their seeding in a month’s time. If these two games are successful then they should send over more successful teams, maybe earlier on in the season when a couple of games aren’t as important.

  10. Jroc says:

    That what you get for acting like a little girl in Utah

  11. Big J says:


    D Rose by far the best PG right now on the league. D Will is up there, but Rose, Paul, even Nash is still in the same category of him., Rose is just too far up from this little group.

  12. dwilsuck says:

    Dwill is nothing without Sloan.. he is only good because of Sloan coaching system.. too bad he became stubborn feeling he’s too good. This is stupid mistake by Nets taking him ,… thinking he’s a good addition… Harris even can play much better if they had only utilized him good.

    • NAJ says:

      Only good because of Sloan’s system? You serious chump? D-Wills often ran pick and roll plays (what he’s great at) outside of Sloan’s offense. The Jazz’s system was holding D-Wills back. How many championships did Jerry Sloan get again?

  13. tata says:

    LOSER!! The D-Will trainwreck is at 7 losses in a row and counting. He might as well sit around and pout….er….rest. May the curse of Sloan follow him around the rest of his career.

  14. Nauny Singh says:

    i don’t really get why he doesn’t just rest.. i mean it isn’t like winning more games will help them get into play offs, they’re already out of the race.. so why not just let Deron rest? Only thing it’ll do is give them more to look forward to. a 100% deron williams is very lethal.. he IS the best point guard in the league!

    • Big J says:

      True that. I just think he should take 2 weeks and play the rest of the season. That will give him a good month to know a little more the pieces the Nets have that you know will defenitely be there next season ie. Lopez and maybe Morrow.

      • Jake says:

        The Nets don’t want Deron to rest. They need him to play, so they can prove to other superstars that they have enough talent to be worth joining. They need D-Will to showcase their potential (if they really have some) to the guys they want to sign in Free Agency.

    • dinoking says:

      Uh… Derrick Rose is the best point gaurd in the league now. D-Will screwed up big time with the Jazz and it is a result of his attitude- players are not just athletic, their demeanor counts too. D-Rose is hands down the best gaurd in the nba. And though the bulls loss tonight was dissapointing, they are legit contendersfor the finals

      • Law064 says:

        Yo dinoking I agree with you D.Rose is up at the top. top 3 I would say and the bulls really pissed me off last night with that lackluster 2nd half they blew a 17 point lead very big let down. Boozer was a mistake I say Al Jefferson would’ve been better than Boozer he’s so soft.

      • Jake says:

        Ha! now the Bulls fans get to deal with Boozer being soft.

  15. nice says:

    hey williams. New Yorks Carmelo, Amare. Williams… WOW. Go Williams New Yorks

  16. Moe says:

    WOW! Deron Williams doesn’t deserve this. HE NEEDS HIS REST. if he’s injured then he should rest. I dont know if New Jersey wants him only for a little while because having an injured player playing is worse for them on the long run. And he isn’t here to “sit out”, he just wants to get better so he can lead this new Jersey team to win more games.