Blogtable: Coach of the Year

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Early coach of the year?

Steve Aschburner: Gregg Popovich, Tom Thibodeau and Erik Spoelstra have done the best coaching jobs, in my opinion. And in that order. Spoelstra was in a position to get steamrolled by the star power in Miami, yet was able to navigate the egos, recover from that LeBron James shoulder shiver and fend off the tabloid mentality waiting for his failure. Thibodeau, as a rookie head coach, has been one of those overnight sensations 21 years in the making. He has the Bulls believing in his defensive teachings and in his ability to make them better. But Popovich has been even more impressive, keeping San Antonio at the top as a title contender while remaking his roster and reinventing the Spurs’ style to push the pace. And while he has great mature players – adults – on his roster, he’s doing it without a Top 5 candidate for MVP.

Fran Blinebury: Gregg Popovich.  The annual flaw in the Coach of the Year voting is that it rarely goes to the guy whose teams finishes with the best record in the league.  It seems he’s expected to be a big winner. Well, virtually nobody that I saw in any preseason predictions expected the Spurs to finish with the No. 1 record in the league.  Pop has rejuvenated Richard Jefferson, remade his offense, still complains about his defense and he’s got the Spurs sailing along with the best record while the Heat, Lakers, Magic, Knicks, etc have drawn all the headlines.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Gregg Popovich of the Spurs was the early call and remains the pretty-late call. Now he gets another chance to win over voters, unwanted opportunity or not, as San Antonio plays without Tony Parker. Nate McMillan has an impressive campaign going as well.

Shaun Powell: Everyone who had Jerry Sloan in the pre-season poll, and there were many, are a bit woozy right now. I like what Monty Williams has done in New Orleans and Doug Collins in Philly; both men taking teams with issues and turning them into winners. But you simply can’t ignore the work of Tom Thibodeau in Chicago, and I’m surprised he isn’t getting more love. Everybody points to Derrick Rose as the reason the Bulls are threatening to win the East, and he is having an MVP-like season, but the Bulls would not be winners without defense, which allowed them to cope with losses to Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer.

John Schuhmann: I think there are four candidates: Doug Collins, Nate McMillan, Gregg Popovich and Tom Thibodeau. Collins because the Sixers are the second most improved team in the league (behind Chicago), having only signed Tony Battie and traded for Spencer Hawes last summer. McMillan because the Blazers are a playoff team in the West despite all their injuries. Popovich because the Spurs are 49-11 without anyone averaging more than 33 minutes. And Thibodeau because the Bulls are competing for the top seed in the East despite 48 missed games from Boozer and Noah. I wouldn’t argue much with any of the four, but I’d put them in this order: Popovich, Collins, McMillan and Thibodeau.

Sekou Smith: Arguments can be made for several worthy candidates in something as subjective as this. But Spurs coach Gregg Popovich stands out in the crowd, thanks to his team’s season-long grind (49-11) of all the competition. This honor often goes to the coach of the most surprisingly successful team of the season. Pop wins in that category as well. Bottom line, as long as the Spurs finish what they’ve started, Pop should win this one in a landslide.


  1. H Palmer Hall says:

    Sorry about the typos on the previous post..using a strange iPad keyboard.

  2. H Palmer Hall says:

    I wonder why those who wonder what happens to the Spurs if Tontine or Manu go dow don’t also wonder about the Lakers if Kobe goes down or the Heat if Lebron goes down. The Spurs would cope with such disaster better than either.

  3. SA,GO says:

    yeah doc is the mind behind the celts for the past 4 years but pop orchestrated a 12 season 50+ wins with MIDDLE OF THE PACK salary. LA is good but to much salary. as for boston, the same as heat and mavs. they had 4 ring (though LA has five) boston 1, heat 1 mavs 0 and so on. doing things with less and more than the others is spacial.

  4. shannx says:

    51-11 go spurs go…!!!!!!POP coach of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,assssssssssssshoooooolllllllllesssssssssssssss……hahahahahahahaha

  5. gregg says:

    the spurs had beaten every team in the nba, except for boston for they played them on back-to-back, they’re not only beating them but destroying them. coach gregg popovich should win the award, not because of their current record at 51-11, but his ability to synchronize players which leads to a balance scoring..

  6. Michal says:

    Man, I love what Doug Collins has done with this Sixers team. Lots of young folks, somewhat of a draft bust in Turner, aged Brand, not necessarily motivated Iguodala and no big guns offensively…And he’s made it all work pretty damn good! They’re 2nd most improved team, already above .500 and if it weren’t for those close games lost early in the season, they’d probably be a lock 6th seed in the East, ahead of Knicks.
    And I’m not even a big Philly fan.

  7. Jason says:

    Doc Rivers..Without further explaination, he is the man behind Celtics success.

  8. Haelmi says:

    putangina nyo! you should think about what a great job rick carlisle has done in dallas mavericks , your always saying about this and that about other coaches but you overlook the fact that dallas mavericks are a great team, goodness,

    • SA,GO says:

      same to you! but look what happened to the mavs once dirk ment down. 9 loses in 10-12 games. he’s good with dirk but a total mess when dirk is out. now thats the COACH OF THE YEAR.

  9. Karen says:

    Greg Popovich should be coach of the year for the job he has done with Los Spurs so far; plus, they never get recognized for their success. Even when they burned El Heat yesterday, El Heat still received MORE recognition for losing. That does not make sense…does not hard work & team work mean anything? Or, is it just about big names? If the big names can’t win, then are they really big? I don’t think so.

  10. mcvaqua says:

    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned I think – and is VERY IMPORTANT is the the Spurs have had one of the easiest schedules in the NBA through 62 games. PERIOD. NOW that they have the rest of the season to really test them – playing the better teams – with an injury – will show you what a team the SPURS truly are.

    Let’s get this straight – keeping your players injury free is not solely the responsibility of the coach. So let’s throw that out.

    Now, when the team is able to continue to produce DESPITE injuries; well that is altogether the coach’s responsibility. That and motivating the team – increasing the hype around the league, beating the over .500 teams, etc. RICK CARLISLE has kept the MAVS close to the top of the league thus far despite INJURIES (the fact that the MAVS went 2 – 7 w/o DIRK is testament to how good Dirk is) and despite having already had one of the most competitive schedules – and now is looking at one of the more favorable (easiest) schedules ahead this season. He has cultivated arguably the best bench in the league – with free agents knocking at the door – (e.g., Brewer). RICK CARLISLE gets my vote because by season’s end his team will be one of the strongest and feared teams in the post-season. And my guess is that they will have home court advantage throughout the playoffs.
    Hats off to all the coach’s that have continued to win despite all the injuries; that have had to mix it up – and get creative to motivate their players. I think Pop has had the same starting lineup all season – only now varying bc of Parker’s injury.

  11. BullDawg says:

    Everybody’s giving credit to Pop and Doc simply because the Spurs and the Celtics are on top of their respective conferences, with the same core players playing together for years and following the same system ever since, while everybody overlooks Thibodeau. Everybody forgets that Chicago has only Rose, Noah, Deng and Gibson as holdovers from last season, meaning they have 9 new players, only Boozer a former all-star and Bogans the starting 2 guard, a new coach and a new system, with injuries to key players, and yet their fighting for the top spot in the east. Now THAT’S a COACH OF THE YEAR resume for you; turning around a franchise with basically a new team, pushing your young players to mature, even pushing one Derrick Rose to play an MVP level season. TOM THIBODEAU: COACH OF THE YEAR. that’s the bottom line.

  12. TOM. T , should get it!

  13. yungdeuce says:

    i have to go with either thibs or pop even though the spurs are good every year i think their exceeding expectations this year i didn’t expect them to have the best record in the nba but the bulls are now a legit contender in the east now

  14. Alan says:

    where’s the love for Doc? best in the east with all those injuries

  15. Funny… But I think, spur’s coach, Greg Popovich, I s the most likely coach since many years

  16. rank says:

    so the winner should be the one who coaches the team with the most injuries?haha

  17. Kel says:

    It’s hard. Doc has had to manage injuries and personalities and has still managed to hold the top spot in the East. While I agree Pop has had luck in having a healthy roster, he has completely changed the way they play. They play faster and with a different style and he realized that’s what he had to do. Everyone counted out the Spurs at the beginning of this season including me. (I still don’t think they will win the championship though). Doug Collins has done a fine job in Philly, while many predicted they would be at the bottom of the East at the start of the season to now being likely to go to the playoffs. Thibs has also done fantastic in Chicago, getting Derrick Rose to play something that resembles defense. Nate always deserves some props, but there are more deserving guys. (He was robbed by Mike Brown, though). And Rick is also a guy who deserves mention, but I personally think the top candidates are Pop, Doc, Collins, and Thib. Spolstra didn’t even come to mind. I think George Karl is more deserving than Spolstra. Spo got heat (no pun intended) when things were going bad, and now he gets credit when things go great. They still don’t have an offense not revolved around isolation plays and have struggled mightily against top teams, and I think that says something. He is always heavily outcoached by guys like Doc, Pop, and Thib. And that’s putting it lightly. It showed when the Heat failed to beat an injured, depleted Celtics team.

  18. jay says:

    doug collins definately deserves it….hes coached a sixers team with no legitimate superstars and has had a great rotation between starters and reserves…every night theres a different player coming up big and everyones meshes….its a really young squad besides elton brand and tony battie…hes coached a 27-55 team from last year to 30-30 so far and a 7th seed close behind the knicks for the 6th…even though they probly wont do much in the playoffs maybe win a game or so they will be a legitimate contender in the near future and he has these guys having fun and playing good bball together…and they have beat some big name teams this year but cant seem to win the close ones….BUT DOUG COLLINS DESERVES IT MOST…all the other names in contention have big name players and future hall of famers….beat that argument please hahaha

  19. Fraka says:

    doug colins, hands down.. I mean philadephia? a playoff secure sport, give me a break.. legendary coach, great job

  20. Dean Nazario says:

    People dont realize that keeping their players healthy is part of great coaching, thus making Gregg Popovich deserving of the award.

  21. scotty says:

    greg popovich is the clear choice his defence is as strong as it ever was and he keeps winning despite haveing a ageing team. combining older players with new young talent and being able 2 win no matter who is on the court.

  22. Vino says:

    Im tired of everyone saying the spurs have been healthy so Popovich doesn’t deserve it because his teams been healthy all season, first of all I want to see any of these teams have a healthy team and go 49-11 and even without any superstars in this league. this team doesn’t even play its best players all the time and they are still the best team. Popovich is the reason for their success.

  23. Doris says:

    Gregg Popovich,, no doubt. He knows how to win and rests his star players to get ready for the playoffs. SPuRs Rock!!!

  24. kriztian says:

    Popovich because he will led the Spurs to the best NBA record and I hope the are 2011 NBA CHAMPIONS

  25. mikey d says:


    NAME ANOTHER COACH who can keep their team in playoffs contention with the two best players injured? Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, oh…Marcus Camby was injured too.

    Lakers in playoffs if Kobe and Gasol are out for the season? Nope
    Spurs in playoffs if Duncan and Ginobili are out for the season? Nope
    Mavs in playoffs if Dirk and Kidd are out for the season? Nope
    Heat in playoffs if LeBron and Wade are out for the season? Nope
    Magic in playoffs if Dwight Howard and Nelson are out for the season? Nope
    Bulls in playoffs if Rose and Boozer are out for the season? Nope
    Celtics in playoffs if Garnett and Pierce are out for the season? Maybe

  26. Joni Hansen says:

    They should make a special award for Coach Sloan, basketball will never be the same. Sloan was one of a kind and I am sure all the coaches would agree to that.

  27. Joni Hansen says:

    What is wrong with all u basketball fans and coaches ? Jerry Sloan has been snubbed for 23 years and now its too late Shame on all of you !!!!!!!!!!!!1

  28. Spurs 2011 NBA Champions says:

    The Spurs will have parker back in time for the playoffs. They will win it all this year without making a single headline in the media, thats the funny thing.

  29. Karl says:

    POPOVICH FOR THE WIN! Seriously, what a great year his team has had, compare that with how classy and humble he has been, not to mention several people predicted the spurs to be an 8 seed team this year. 50-11 GO SPuRS!

  30. Jrod says:

    It seems somewhat appalling that Rick Carlisle is not on this list. This is coming from a diehard Spurs fan. He has gotten the Mavs to play a sick defense and when they have been healthy have been as dominant as anyone in the league. The second half of the season they have done it even with losing their number 3 scorer. A scary team in the playoffs. Even with the bias, Pop should be the frontrunner. The next couple of weeks may be telling as we see how they stack up against some elites without their starting PG in the picture. The Spurs were desperate for some adversity, well they got it, lets see how they react.

  31. C's 18 says:

    Gregg Popovic, Doc Rivers and Tom Thibodea to me all of them deserve rightfully the award, all 3 have put unexpected results in their respective teams this season , but I would honor Jerry Sloan this year for all the effort he did through all his carrier without never been recognized with the award. At the end C’s are still getting the crown.

  32. mark says:

    what about coach tim cone? lol!

  33. JMoon says:

    Do they give a worst coach of the year award? Cuz I think that’s what Byron Scott would get. Seriously, his rotations make absolutely no sense. With the game on the wire, he takes his best players out (Sessions) and puts in rookies. If ever a coach tried to lose more games, it was Byron.

    Give him credit for not saying more to the refs though. They’ve been extermely biased against my Cavs.

  34. M G C says:

    George Karl!!!! The nuggets have been threw a lot this season, and he’s doing great after the Cancer.

  35. re le says:

    Pop- he knows how to coach to win. Let’s not forget ASG he coached against Doc and drew up about 5 plays for different stars based on what their own team plays that they run for those stars . Who won that game?

    • JMoon says:

      Seriously? You’re using the All-Star game as an example? I wouldn’t deny that it probably belongs to Pop, but I think you should find a better example than the All-Star game because we all know the coaches are just picked for token purposes. There’s not really much coaching.

  36. NAJ says:

    What i don’t understand is what a great job Rick Carlisle has done in Dallas. I’m a Laker fan and don’t like the Mavs much so there’s no bias here. They are in the top 5 in the league with only 1 legit star, who’s been injured for a sizeable chunk. Nobody seems to mention the Mavs at all and Carlisle has quietly made this team a legit contender

  37. Heat Fanatic says:

    I wish Nate McMillan could win a coach of the year, but every year there is always one or two other coaches slightly more deserving. McMillan has done a remarkable job with all of the injuries to Portland, but my hat goes off to the legendary Greg Popovich. Best coach in the NBA in my opinion. Not the most rings, but just the best coach in my opinion with all due respect to Phil Jackson.

    Pop should win in a landslide, but if he doesn’t win it somehow, McMillan or Doug Collins will.

    As good of a job Thibodeau has done with the Bulls as far as defense goes, he does have the MVP on his team. I do honestly think it hurts your case a little bit, but even if Rose wasn’t the MVP at this point in the season, Pop still has done a much better job, reviving a team that was thought to be done and would soon blow the team up and rebuild. So much for that, now they’re a top 4 team and legitimate contenders for the title.

    If my Heat don’t win it all this year, I will definitely be cheering the Spurs on for that NBA Title. Respectable team with great vets, great staff, and just a great organization as a whole, from top to bottom.

    Anyways, I’ve digressed enough, that is all. 🙂

  38. shavo says:

    yah, but Tom Thibodeau also deserve a recognition although rose is the main reason why bulls are wiining, or maybe jerry sloan for loyalty and tribute. sloan has been a good coach all of his 23 years in utah that’s why he never lost his job because utah has always a winning season(almost every team fire their coaches if they have a loosing record) if jordan have not return in the basketball world sloan might have two rings in his resume. also utah is in the 6th place of the western conference before jerry left, and now utah may not even reach the playoffs.

  39. china says:

    Id say Byron Scott, hell he hasnt pulled the hairs out of his already bald head, which means hed have to pull the in-grown hairs, which would damn well hurt man!

  40. Bucksfan22 says:

    i hate the celtics but cant understand why doc rivers wouldnt get a mention the man is a top coach celts battling injury to alot of there players. but i think the award should go to G-POP as i thought the spurs would keep declining especially with an aging duncan and alot of young players who also are getting minutes and not costing them games big props to pops

  41. Flip says:

    yah… im also expecting doc rivers to be included in the nominated coach of the year. Put Doc Rivers HERE! hahaha…

  42. bhono says:

    for me its collins, he turned the sixers bigtime only few minor roster changes from last year and yet they are in the playoffs contention, i will give nate a credit also he’s doing a really good job for the blazers….everybody else are scrambled down stairs

  43. christine says:

    Pop got lucky with all his players having no injuries. I think the best pick would be Rick Carlisle. He and the Mavs are kicking butt. He defifnently deserves it and he is being hit up with a lot of injuriesto his players, but he still worked through them.

  44. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    ERICK SPOELSTRA ALL THE WAY! Hollins?? Really? Even with him, his team still can’t PRAY for a win! Out of ALL the NBA coaches, spoelstra is the one that took the MOST grief for ANYTHING. He had a big responsibility on his hand with LEBRON JAMES and CHRIS BOSH coming to play with him.. Tryin to work them in the rotation.. C’mon… give him the trophy already.. Boston and San Antonino had to make NO CHANGES.. They just started playing their players a different way.. My trophy is ‘HEADIN TO SOUTH BEACH”. 🙂

    • JMoon says:

      Just a thought for you — do you know the Heat’s record against winning teams/playoff position teams? Real coaches know how to win big games.

      • J moon , you said enough, to add on Boston and San Antonio did make changes. Line-ups, starters…..previous trades by boston…Nisha do you watch the NBA? We did not have Kendrick perkins until january and he just got traded nate and we released a few players.. we acquired west, green, murphy, johnson, rookies, krstic shaq and the other oneal so what you mean? and I hate hearing Miami has a big 3….I see a big 2…… BOSH is suspect… he is their weakess link, he doesn’t rebound and sometimes he doen’t score. He left toronto and his true character is now showing

  45. no to celtics says:

    they’ve preferred Spo against Rivers because Celtic Sucks and who wants Celtics in the Finals?.. honestly Spo can do much better it just the Big-3 is too complicated to manage.. specially the ego of the 3. I think Spo its not the perfect coach for them.. he’s too soft and kind that’s he can’t descipline his players. He’s a great coach in deed , I believe if he move to other team he can do much better.

    • LOL are you serious. there is no BIG 3 in Miami…..BIG 2 yes, but bosh is suspect. He is not living up to his name. in other terms. Celtics went through and still is going through injuries trades etc. and still comfortably remains the best in the East….oh one more thing…….how can any heat fan say the celtics suck…..beat them first. 3-0 this year we have one more left which might not matter since we have the edge and might be resting early getting ready for the playoffs if heat and bulls keeps losing.

  46. Landon says:

    What about Doc Rivers? Making do with what he has with injuries, suspension to West early in the season, trades recently, and still managed to get the best record in the East and second in the league.

  47. ceasar montesclaros says:

    I am much surprised that Doc Rivers is not mentioned here. Having led an injury-riddled Celtics team to the best record in the east, I believe that he deserves to be considered for coach of the year honors.

  48. Husker says:

    What about Hollins??? He is doing an awesome job in Mamphis!

  49. AJ says:

    Lionel Hollins has done an amazing job in Memphis. They virtually stumped the “Parker-less Spurs” … yeah right…Memphis was without 2 starters!! Give credit where it is due. Popovich wouldn’t even be in the discussion if GINOBLI! hadn’t been playing like a man possessed.

  50. PoP,Pop,PoP says:

    It will be ridiculous if someone else wins over PoP!!!!Cheers 🙂

  51. Jakob says:

    Wheres Rick Carlise the Mavs are second in the west without Caron Butler. Mavs are the BEST because of Dirk and Carlise

    • christine says:

      I agree, GO MAVS. The whole team is doing awesome this year, even with all of thier injuries.

  52. Rohan says:

    RICK CARLISLE IS THE COACH OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. mbr says:

    I think Jerry Sloan should get the coach of the year award. Even though he is not coaching anymore. He has deserved it many, many time before and has not received it. He is one of the best if not the best coaches ever and deserves this award.

  54. sixers all day! says:

    Doug Collins hands down man if u seen where the sixers was at last year compare to this year it’s a big change.They also still have half of the season left but still come on now sixers only won 26 games last year there past that now by four games! They where 26-56 last year this year there 30-30 thats a big difference right now and if they keep it up and winning and end up with a winning record he should def win coach of the year! I’m not downing any other coach especially not pop but spurs always been a good team and last year they where good too still and got to the playoffs sixers didnt and coach collins is changing that and has the team a young team grinding every game out this year!

  55. jdq says:


  56. Rickey says:

    How is this even debatable? Tom Thibodeau is the coach of the year for these three reasons; the bulls are the best defensive team in the league, he has molded a 22 year point guard into the best candidate for mvp, and because the bulls are over 24 games over five hundred when they didn’t even have a WINNING RECORD LAST SEASON! Btw did I mention it’s his first year as a head coach.

  57. lakerfan says:

    gregg popovich is the most deserving if you look at what he’s done also dont forget the trailblazers are doing real good and i think its more beACAUSE OF THE COACHING than the players

  58. J R says:

    no love for Doug Collins? Sixers are doing great this year. He motivates the youth to push harder.

  59. Greg in FL says:

    All the coaches mentioned have done an outstanding job. But, how can you not put Doc Rivers at the head of that list? Consider all the injuries he has had to deal with. Perkins, their starting center was out for most of the season before being traded. Jermaine O’Neal who was suppose to be Perks back-up has hardly played. Shaq who was suppose to be 3rd string has missed much of the season. Delonte West has played less than a handful of games. Marquis Daniels missed many games and is now gone. Semih Erden played through injuries, plus the other C’s players have have got their share of the normal bumps and bruises that most players go through. Still the C’s have the best record in the East and the 2nd best in the NBA. Pop has done a great job for the Spurs but hasn’t dealt with the adversity that Doc has. Now Ainge has done a major shake-up of the roster and it’s up to Doc to figure out how to make it work. They have lost their low post advantage. How does Doc fit Jeff Green into the line-up? How does he keep the morale of the players up after losing teamates they had gone to battle with? You can bet Doc will figure it all out. If the C’s do not when the NBA championship, it won’t be because they were out coached.

  60. ridirkulous says:

    too many celtics fans on here clearly, sure the C’s have a great record, but who didn’t think they would in November? yes they have had their injuries. but they are a team that is built on depth and a wealth of experience without one single player they live and die by (a la mavs, nola, magic etc.). In what is still generally a soft Eastern Conference (7th downwards) the team is good enough to pile on the wins just as they have done since the big 3 was assembled.

    Only one winner for me. Has to be Pop. Without any significant upgrades to the roster, they have quietly (too quietly) gone about assembling the best record in the league by a pretty favorable margin. all from a team that last year looked like it could be in the autumn of their time as contenders. By the way, I’m a Mavs fan, I hate the Spurs but they have done more with less this time around and surprised most people. Great things have happened in Chi-town for sure, but its nice to have a guy named Rose who might just be MVP.

    • tata says:

      Every team other then the Spurs have had injuries to deal with. Of the top six teams there have been at least two injuries each. Mavs- Nowitzki, Butler, Lakers- Bynum, Barnes, Bulls- Boozer, Noah Celtics-Perkins, Shaq, Jermaine o’Neal, Daniels, Miami- Miller, Haslem, Wade, Bosh. So Popovich has been pretty lucky to have the same starting line-up every night.

  61. jero says:

    i want erick speolstra,g-pop and tom but i think we should give jerry sloan the award, its the last chance for him to have this award, before he resigend jazz are in the 5th place in the west despite of the williams drama but know his gone their might not even make it to the playoffs.

  62. jasper says:

    C’mon Gregg and Rivers are the frontrunners in this one !

  63. orcun unsal says:

    gregg popovich of course

  64. antoine says:

    what about carlisle?

    • #1spurfanndallas says:

      what about him u know he is no were as good as pop last years playoffs proved that AND TO ALL OF THE CELTICS FANS A TEAM WITH FOUR ALLSTARS THIER COACH DOES NOT GET TO BE CONSIDERED

  65. k9 says:

    byron scott for coach of the year!! LOL!

  66. He can’t be forreal, Pop got the same team thats been together since 92. the only difference is they are healthy.

    Tom Thibodeau by a landslide!!

    • #1spurfanndallas says:

      that is so stupid no one on the spurs was even in the leauge in 92 u idiot and pop is the best coach in the leauge and the persin who said the bulls were 8 seed last year well the spurs were 7th and they have a way better record than any team and everyone thought they were to old this is just ppl big uppin thier favorite team coach even if they dont deserve it DOUG COLLINS yeah right chicago coach does have them playing good but not as good as the spurs sorry facts are facts just face it

  67. Florian says:

    WTF no love fore Rick Carlisle ?! second in the west this year …

  68. chi town's greatest says:

    Look everyone there is no argument here. Obviously Coach Thibodeau should win this. He took an 8th seed team into a championship contender! It only took him one season to do it! He has also given the bulls confidence and the opportunity to have the best record in the Eastern conference. The only exception for coach of the year would be Popovich because the record speaks for its self.

  69. Latire says:

    I think Pop should be no question the best Coach

    Best record all season and one other important thing, he just knock the east super-superstars on the all star game although the east was the favorite to win it all on the all star game

  70. Lets Go C's says:

    Hands Down It’s gotta be Doc. Regardless of what the bench looks like and what injury’s the C’s suffer he implements a defense that stifles opponents and an offense that is as efficient as any in the league. I definitely respect Thibodeau and G-Pop but the Celtics are Number one in the east for several reasons and it can be argued that Doc is the biggest one.

  71. Juneauz says:

    Doc Rivers.
    No one had as many injuries as the Celtics this year, but they’re still holding on to the second-best record in the league.

  72. 24>23>6 says:

    Doug Collins by far!!! look at his team… come on now..

  73. Victor says:

    forget aw these wack ass head coachez
    obviously pop wins it cus he has the best TEAM
    and the best record..hes pretty much the greatest coach this season
    and sumone actually said byron scott for the award?
    please cleavelandz a piece of crap they will never win ANYTHING

  74. jslo says:

    Jerry Sloan…..err…wait….too late for that eh NBA?

  75. HENRY JUAREZ says:

    i think the coach of the chicago bulls should be selcted to the coach of the year yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. twilightzone says:

    How does Erik Spoelstra get a mention in this and Doc Rivers doesn’t?

    Months ago this whole scene was buzzing about how Erik Spoelstra should hit the bricks…..

    Doc Rivers has dealt with injuries since day one and somehow is still leading his team hard to post season glory..
    Doc Rivers was the East All Star coach.
    Doc Rivers doesn’t look like a Jim Carey character… (ok that was a cheap shot i admit it)

  77. awesomeman says:

    Greg Popovich, Doug Collins, Doc Rivers, or Tom Thibodeau. I wouldnt care who got it, they all deserve it.

  78. Steven4BOS says:

    Come on Sekou. How can you not mention Doc Rivers. He’s lead the Celtics who have been plauged with injuries to several of our key players throughout the season. Despite this and despite Derrick Rose’s fantastic season and the big three in Miami, we are still the kings of the east.

  79. Blueprint says:

    I think the two major candidates are Pop and Thibs. Pop is just a legendary coach overall, and he’s really rejuvenated the Spurs and made the best of what he’s got.
    Still, I’m liking Thibs more. He turned a team with mediocre individual defenders into the best team defense in the league. The man is a defensive genius. While defense (apart from showy steals and blocks) doesn’t earn as many highlights, it’s still critical to the game. Plus, with the critical injuries to Boozer and Noah this season, the Bulls have still hold their own against playoff opponents. I could see the Bulls as a dark horse championship team.

  80. likedamaster says:

    My pics:

    G-Pop and then Doc Rivers, because Rivers made Tom Thibodeau what he is now. Tom walks, talks, and coaches like Rivers. Credit where its due.

  81. Calvin Slu says:

    Pop’s the man – the coach . . .

  82. ballbuster says:

    Doc Rivers should be in contention because he has a lot of characters in that locker room. Also he has been able to deal with the injuries that the Celtics have faced. He is leading the Celtics to at least a first round home court advantage. He also administers playing minutes very well, letting the “old” men have plenty of rest during the regular season, allowing them to be rested for the post season. He is a great thinker like Gregg Popovich, Phil Jackson. He can also motivate his team, he also knows when his team needs to work things out by themselves. Great Coach

  83. Dave says:

    Give it to Tom Thibodeau because he makes the Bulls play so well also the chicago line up is almost similar to boston in 08 strong backcourt better then your average 2,3 spots and a all star pg but i gotta give some credit to Doc Rivers come on his roster was never never 100% to begin with and he is 1st in the Eastern Conference does that show something?? Almost every player in boston has been banged up with an injury, Gregg Popovich wouldnt be a bad choice since spurs are killing it in the western conference im not a big G.pop Fan but damn his wins just keep piling up but im a celtics fan so Doc Rivers should get it .. come on an All Star coach with a banged up squad for the whole season and Still 1st in Eastern conference which i think is the most dominating conference due to all the superstars that must show something for coaching.and not even being mentioned above?

  84. Sammy says:

    Hey! What about Byron Scott??? Look at all the great things he did for Cleveland??? You’re going to leave him out of the article too, Sekou??? Come-on! the cavs had a 26 game win-streak! They did something no other team has done before!! Byron Scott for coach of the year!

  85. Liam says:

    No love for Doc?!

  86. hj says:

    Jerry sloan give him what he deseverd before

  87. george says:

    IT’s not even close, Doug Collins in a landslide.

  88. Fail says:

    What about Doc Rivers? Celtics have an impressive record even with all the injuries and trades that happened.

    • ray ray fan says:

      i know right whats wrong with this i am a die hard celtic fan i live for the celtics

    • impressive isn’t the word we the Celtics are the most dominate team… the real team to beat, lakers cannot even stay 2nd in the west. Spurs,……5-10 of their was suspect……ginobli got away with plenty of traveling….. and spurs will not do the same in the playoffs. MIAMI is on and off still, I say give it to tibitheu because Chicago came a long way… it is mostly D-rose but D-rose the team is doing good as well. Note Dallas is going great as well. they would have been number 1 if dirk never got injured and they went on on that terrible losing era. No matter how good of a coach you are you have to have the right players to do the job. The coach is more of a direction thing and the players make things happen. good plays could not always be executed correctly or lack of talent. Grizzlies are another sleeper they are in the position to make the playoffs for the first time since Paul Gasol.

  89. A FAN says:

    2 Words…. Erik Spoelstra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SA,GO says:

      they just got wacked in the end again. maybe he just have enough time to……………… find another job lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. CREME says:


    • Lebron James says:

      We ain’t 1-1 with the lakers, the lakers never beat us this season so far.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      honestly what has SPO really done…when the team wasnt working out it was his fault…and now when they winning its because of him?

      When MIA was 9-8, they had a PLAYER OWNER MEETING, meaning the PLAYERS is what got it together, SPO has some input of course, but his game plan hasnt changed from the 9-8 start to their current record now…its the players (lebron dwade bosh) getting it together more as a team instead of trying to be one man shows..

    • Gary says:

      What’s with all this we talk? FYI your just a fan, or rather fanatic.

  91. jay says:

    im sorry but it is gregg, and i dont care what anyone says. 49-11? 49-11?! come on yall, and with all the older guys they have. It has been greggs coaching that has them doing what they are doing.

    • NAJ says:

      He’s had no injuries to deal with at all until Parker went down and what happened? They lost…

      Spurs have been great but also very lucky with core players not getting injured,

      • FRED says:

        but thats also another reason why pops is deserving…injuries or not…he kept his stars fresh…like limiting duncans minutes so he stays fresh yet still manages to pull out lots of wins…my favorite coach is Rivers because just the way he executes after timeouts…yes he does have the most experienced and highest basketball IQ players…but they always pull something out of the hat just about everytime out of a timeout..its just awesome to watch…and with thibbs gone…they’re still near perfect on the defensive end..even when shaq was starting..that shows u a lot on his abilities…but still…pops deserves the most…follow by i think carlisle …thibbs….doug collins…and then perhaps rivers…..not spoelstra tho…im not a believer yet..since they havent really won convincingly against elite teams…

  92. CREME says:


    • awesomeman says:

      They have had no where near as many injuries as portland, dallas, even chicago! However they have had some. I wouldnt be flustered at all if he won it.

      • Eric says:

        Are you kidding me? You’re going to sit here and explain to me that the Celtics haven’t had as many injuries as the Mavs and the Bulls? The Bulls lost Boozer for some time and Noah for sometime, but besides those two, they’ve lost nobody. And the Mavs, sure they took a big hit when Caron got injured and Dirk was out 4-5 games, but the Celtics have suffered injuries from Big Baby, Shaq, Rondo, KG, Perk, Delonte, Jermaine, Semih Erden, Marquis Daniels, and Pierce was even out for a few games. So before you sit here and throw other teams into the mix of durability, get your facts straight.

      • mavs-fan says:

        to Eric, Beaubois was out for the who season until a few games back and has not gotten his form back, Butler is out for the other half, Nowitzki missed 9 games and has not gotten his form back and now Chandler is injured, sure its not as many, but they lost key players for no less than 9 games till now so their injuries have had a greater impact, same with the bulls

  93. CELTICSGIRL says:

    Doc Rivers…cause he led the Celtics right through……i also like the Chicago’s head coach and the work he did earlier on with the young team

  94. Jake says:

    Thibodeau has to get some props though. He has the Bulls playing the best defense in the league, and he’s kept the Bulls running despite serious injuries to Noah and Boozer. Plus, it seems like he has a good relationship with Derrick Rose, and that he has everyone on that team concerned about only one thing–winning.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Yes i feel that same way….too me it comes down to Thibodeau and Pop..either one is very deserving to be honest!

  95. Jake says:

    G-Pop represent!

    • tata says:

      Pop has been lucky there were no injuries all season. Now that Tony Parker went down he is 0-1. Rick
      Carlisle is another guy with a great record being overlooked. My vote would go to Tom Thibodeau because he has really turned the franchise around defensively. By the end of the week the Bulls will probably pass the cHEAT for 2nd in the eastern conference.

      • Tevz says:

        wow 0-1 that’s a season changer!

      • yusuf mohseni says:

        sorry to break it to you, but the spurs are 1-1 without parker…
        Carslisle as Coach of the year? yeah right… the mavs have played below .500 teams for over a week. you can see why they are on a 7 game streak. Pop deserves the award. nobody had the spurs coming out of the west as the #1 till now.

      • Tom says:

        The Spurs have had injuries Gary Neal, George Hill and James Anderson are just a few and Tiago Splitter was injured all pre season had another injury this season as well so he hasn’t played as much as he would have.

        Also no one but Spurs fans who mostly didnt believe it I wished we were number one in the NBA and we are at the moment Parker is back now and we have just owned the heat Chicago will be second in the East. Gregg is Coach of the year if he isnt then he has been robbed like Matt Bonner every year in the 3PT contest he never gets in and hes the best in the league in 3PT shooting

      • SA,GO says:

        look what happened to the mavs when dirk went down. 9 lose in nine games. he had the perfect gameplan with dirk but nothing to back it up. tim, manu and tony had bad nigths thru out the season but they manage to win all those games. and how is that? GREG POP baby