Blogtable: Are Knicks elite?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Are the Knicks among the elite now?

Steve Aschburner: Don’t be ridiculous. I’m prepared to be surprised and even wrong in my expectations for Carmelo Anthony’s impact in New York (I underestimated how well Amar’e Stoudemire would adapt and grow as a leader, for instance). But the Knicks gave up depth in their maneuvers to land him, playoff opponents will be able to thwart their two marvelous scorers when locked in a best-of-seven, Chauncey Billups – wise and solid – still isn’t a great fit playing at Mike D’Antoni’s preferred pace and the Knicks’ defense is a significant step (or two) down from what Boston and Miami plays.

Fran Blinebury: One game and truckload of Miami turnovers doesn’t turn everything around.  The Knicks are better, no doubt.  Just not ready to take down Boston or Miami in a best-of-seven set yet.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Please. They’re not in Bulls territory in the East, either. They’re probably not even in Magic territory, the way Orlando is one of the better defensive teams and the Knicks most definitely are not. I don’t think anything has changed from before the trade in that regard. That big win Sunday, by the way, was two days after giving up 115 points and losing to the Cavaliers and just before giving up 116 to the Magic on Tuesday.

Shaun Powell: To hear New Yorkers, you’d think Willis Reed just emerged from that tunnel again. Carmelo and Chauncey brought lots of buzz to the building. And yet the Knicks are no better than a No. 4 or 5 seed. That’s their ceiling, and until they demonstrate better defense over a longer stretch — yeah, I know Amar’e blocked that LeBron layup — you simply can’t trust their chances of going past Round 2 in the playoffs.

John Schuhmann: No. And obviously the difference is defense. The Knicks actually got a defensive win over the Heat on Sunday, but even with their roster upgrades, those won’t come often. And I think that game was more about the Miami offense being stagnant than the New York defense being great. The Knicks are going to win a lot of games with their talent and Mike D’Antoni’s offense, but unless they implement a better defensive system, they’re not going to be a title contender.

Sekou Smith: Not in the standings and not on paper. They probably don’t scare the Celtics at all. But the Heat should be wary of the Knicks come playoff time. The Knicks are a nightmare matchup for the Heat, whose depth and deficiencies at point guard and in the post would be highlighted if they had to square off against the Knicks in a series.


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  4. HighSchoolBasketballNerd says:

    I have no idea why the Knicks traded for Melo, and everyone knows that Walsh wanted no part in bringing Melo to NY, and Dolan took charge instead and undermined Walsh’s authority. The way things are going, expect Walsh to quit in a season or 2 and the Isaiah will come back, then the whole saga will play out again, with the MSG culture going down the toiled again. The thing is, if Walsh was fully in charge at the deadline, he would have pushed for something that the Knicks needed more, like a defensive anchor at center and further bolstering their bench, instead of rolling the dice on a Melo-Amare duo and 2 years of Billups with a huge “Maybe” for CP3, Deron or Dwight. Safe to say, they need Dwight, because if they get one of the PG’s, it won’t help. Their defense will still be down in the dumps and they need that defensive game changer, so thats what they need Dwight for. Needless to say, Dolan took a big gamble, and most likely, it will go down badly.

  5. sam says:

    Of course Knicks are an elite team. Time to go to the finals and lose to the Lakers! GoGo Knicks.

  6. yungdeuce says:

    i think the knicks are a knotch below top tier elite teams they do need another superstar or atleast a center like a camby or tyson chandler who can defend the paint and score at least 10 off putbacks and easy baskets cause turiaf would be a good backup center off the bench cause he could provide engery and a defensive spark for the second unit along with toney douglas but i think the knicks will leave the playoffs in a first round exit but through the draft and free agency they’ll get the necessary pieces to become a top tier elite team in the nba

  7. Chris says:

    @Longoria23 Are you serious, you just shot a lot of regular season crap at me. Everybody knows a good regular season wont do much for u in the playoffs. The knicks have players with at least conference finals appearences and not to mention a finals MVP in billups. Veteran leadership plays a big role in your teams confidence in the playoffs. The bulls have an allstar in rose, top 5 center in noah, and a team full of inconsistents and boozer who cant win in the playoffs. I really hope ya’ll dont this rasul butler was the missing link either. Chicago is gonna be like dallas when they lost to the warriros in the first round that year!!

    @ Miami big3 scored 91 points? Definately not against the knicks, the score was 91-86. Miami as a team didnt score 91 points so quit makin sh*t up. Im pretty sure the knicks beat miami with defensive stops in the clutch no matter. Yall dont have a closer, we all know lebron cant cut it when you need him, and as for wade… Well this aint 2006 and I dont see shaq in the middle!

  8. MATT DAMON says:

    The Knicks now have three offensive weapons in Stoudemire, Billups and Carmello. Their major concern now is defence and depth.
    The Knicks need a proper centre. They need a full-time big man who is solely there for defence; grabbing rebounds, boxing out and getting blocks (say Kendrick Perkins, but too late). Then move Turiaf to the bench as back-up centre.
    Say by obtaining a solid centre New York develop their starting line up with a dominant power forward, small forward and an experienced point gaurd, the Knicks look solid, right? Wrong. The Knicks paid a heavy price for the Melo deal losing offensive depth in Chandler and Gallinari (Billups compensates for the loss of Felton). They have no bench presence and with defence that leaves a lot to be desired they are well short of a dominant team.
    The Knicks need to obtain the solid bench players that Atlanta (Jamal Crawford), Lakers (Lamar Odom) and Phoenix (Marcin Gortat) have, that post 20+ points and are defensively strong. They need two of these players, one that posts the points and one that is a defensive presence. Obtain these players and you have yourself a championship team.

    C Kendrick Perkins
    PF Amar’e Stoudemire
    SF Carmello Anthony
    SG Landry Fields
    PG Chauncey Billups

    Bench (Ignoring current contracts and the possibility of this happening)
    Marcin Gortat
    Lamar Odom
    Glen Davis
    Jamal Crawford
    Anthony Carter

  9. MM says:

    knicks elite…..Yep, yes, you bet, …just adding a few pieces up front these days will help turn the corner si, affirmatve, yep, yeah

  10. Kobe Bryant says:

    All the writers must be a hater, cleveland won because it was their night, you actually think they could beat New York if they were shooting the same percertage?
    Everybody would be concerned if you were gonna face Melo in a playoff series specially with Billups and Amare, not best but better players from their positions,
    Yes I agree Melo is the only player Lebron doesn’t take easy, not scared but Melo’s a treat for him, and everytime they have a showdown Melo always gets the victory.
    Why would the Celts trade their defensive center for a forward? right, because Melo is in the East now.
    For me I think New York is now ELITE, you can’t feel now but you will come playoff time, they’re still adjusting just like Miami earlier in the season. And for those saying Chicago will beat the Knicks in a series, don’t be so sure.
    Chris is right they are too one dimensional and will be like Lebron when he was a Cavalier.

    • HighSchoolBasketballNerd says:

      of course no one expects my Cavs to knock off the Knicks every night, but that game highlighted exactly why the Knicks would fall to the Celtics and Heat in a 7 game series: inconsistent defense, Melo and Amare completely disappearing for the last critical 3 minutes of the game, and losing in the drive and spirit departments. New York is far from elite, because of one simple sentence: Offense wins games, defense wins championships.

  11. PhilippineInventions says:

    I’m a Miami Heat fan… but my comments about their depth is questionable…. the 1st 5 of Maimi should have a good point guard not just a decent one… the next thing that Miami should do is to recruit a center who’s good too not just a decent one….. then Maimi should add a little more defense in their roster.. particularly in their bench..

    I will be surpirsed to see them win the NBA title…

  12. Chris says:

    Sekou is so wrong. Saying Boston aren’t scared. Every team in the league is terrified of both Billups and Melo. Melo is the only player who Lebron is scared of. And every guard in the league hates playing Billups.

    Boston specifically threw away a quality centre so they could have more depth at Melo’s position. They brought in Green specifically to combat the Amare/Carmelo double punch. Billups is still the best shooting PG in the league, and when you combine that with the two automatic double-team demanding Melo and Amare, teams are scared.

    So, Boston traded Perkins, Miami brought in Bibby, all because they’re scared of NY.

    Chicago aren’t in the debate. They are too one dimensional to be a serious playoff contender. Everything goes through Rose. Orlando are a mess also, but they’re better than Chicago.

    • HighSchoolBasketballNerd says:

      there’s no way Boston or Miami is remotely scared of New York. they know the Knicks are just a run-n-gun team with a PG unfit to handle that system for a long stretch run, and Boston traded KP because he wanted too much money, and KG and Pierce are in their late 30’s. Miami brought in Bibby, because honestly, no team is winning a championship with Mario Chalmers as their starting guard. They’re trying to improve themselves, and unlike the Knicks, improved on what they needed, whereas Dolan brought in more offense into the league’s 2nd best offense? Makes no sense

  13. david says:

    not with that weak bench.

  14. alex says:

    no…god no… not only are they still buried beneath miami orlando boston and chicago that win over miami is so overblown, miami has been losing all season they have lost to terrible teams, theyve lost 4 in a row twice they havent beaten boston and will not beat dallas beating miami shouldn’t be a measuring stick because if it was then we’d be talking about the big 3 of rudy gay zach randolph and oj mayo, who ever think they’re now ‘elite’ are boneheads

  15. Chris says:

    As a knicks fan Im a little irritated at some of these comments, some true some BS. The truth of the matter is, withMelo Stat and Bigshot, we are automatically a contender against ANY team. We are capable of playing defense down the stretch, but the key to the knics success will be landry fields and tony douglas. As everybody knows we can outscore ANY team (big 3 hd 85 points combined) but the next high was 8 pts. Fields has been a no show sincethe trade, i think he hit his rookie wall but our vets will help him out. Tony douglas is the spark off the bench offensively and williams and mason can knock down shots. We have the potential. As far as the bulls, they are over rated and boston will get shaq back, they are still boston. Miami and orlando are hit and miss. 1 lives by the three and dhoward’s bad free throw shooting, the other lacks pg and center. Atlanta is like th sixers

    • Longoria23 says:

      Hey Chirs the Knicks fan how in the hell!!!!!!!! R the Bulls over rated their record clearly shows for its self 24 games over 500 n the knicks r just 3 games above 500 the Bulls r just 3 games out of first place n the Knicks R 13 games behind!!!!!!!!! And mark my words buddy defense WINS games in the NBA which the Bulls play night in and night out every night!!!!!!

    • jim says:

      @Chris, miami’s big 3 scored 91 pts and they play better defense than the knicks. TO ALL THE KNICKS FANS OUT THERE KEEP DREAMING. A TEAM THAT LOSES TO CLEVELAND DONT DESERVE 2 MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • drew says:

        @ longoria23
        the bulls are ok based on thier record but not as good as you all are making them to be. they definitely wont win the eastern conference talkless of the championship. are they even as good as the Knicks right now? well here is something to think about, bulls lost to the knicks 2 times this season already without Melo and billups.

        well it was an embarasing loss for the knicks but the lakers lost to caveliers too. excplain that? and im predicting a another championship for the lakers regardless.

    • HighSchoolBasketballNerd says:

      honestly, i agree that if melo, amare and billups are in their best games, their defense holds steady, they could beat the heat or celtics, but you can’t expect them to do it over 7 games, there’s no way, eventually, their deficiencies will take over, and we’ve seen it over the past couple years (bynum out for the lakers, perkins out for the celtics, manu out for the spurs, no closer for the magic) that gaps in a team take over in the playoffs, so its ridiculous to even rely on a Knicks “defense”, since the other true contenders can at least rely on their ability to stop a team defensively, where the knicks can’t. Offense wins games, defense win’s championships

  16. huh? did i hear the word Elite? lmao Ewing’s Knicks is what you call an elite team. today’s knicks are nothing more than just a crowd pleaser 2 ball hogs one overrated primadonna who’s move to the knicks was connived by his wife and a steve nash creation yeah fun to watch sometimes but not as effective or dangerous as the knicks w/o melo i mean just look at Denver. they are winning now and are playing like a team now that they got rid of Melo

  17. Mash says:

    I wouldn’t use the word “elite” to describe the current team. But they will be “dangerous” come playoff time. I would much rather play against Philly, Indiana, even Atlanta than draw the Knicks in the first round. The Knicks have two clutch scorers which is an invaluable asset come playoff time. I would imagine they also have not had a whole lot of time to practice with the new roster – so they do have a few more weeks to get it all figured out and hit their peak just in time for the playoffs. The top teams are probably aware of this and it will make it interesting to see how the top 3 seeds in the east shape up at the end of the season. It makes it that much more important to secure one of the top 2 seeds to avoid having a tough matchup with the Knicks (assuming they stand pat at the 6th seed).

  18. think says:

    For me, the biggest playoffs surprise in the East will be the Hawks. Sure Hinrich isn’t a superstar. But that’s one of the needs of this team (and a center, of course). After Dwight, there’s no more physical big man in the East (since Perk moved), and Al Horford could make a big impact come playoffs. Id have Horford over Noah and Amare.

    As for the Knicks, they’d have a shot at the playoffs once the team is entrusted to Chauncey’s hands. They may have a chance against Miami, but if they’re to play against the Magic, Hawks or Celtics, they can’t win a 7-game series against them.

  19. Quincy says:

    I agree, The Knicks are just not a championship contender…yet. The Melo & Stat Attack will eventaully attract GOOD players. So we may see them in the Champ race maybe in 2 seasons. Miami just needs to focus more on defense. They should sign veteran gaurd Steve Nash and Center Kevin Love. Then theres a dream starting squad. I agree that Miami needs more depth. They should sign Tyreke and/or Brandon Jennings. THEN MIAMI WILL BE A TRUE FORCE NOT TO BE OVERLOOKED. Also miami needs to pass a little more and they need new plays because they aren’t so affective. Just a thought. Sekou feel free to comment on this to. I’d love to hear what you think on both topics.

  20. kaiserSoser says:

    You so called sports pundits love to make yourselves look stupid dont you?
    You said it yourself, you underestimated Amare’s leadership qualities, and you are still underestimating the Knicks.

    They might not yet be a complete team, but no one knows what this Knick team is capable off in a playoff series, and that my friends is the scariest thing about this team, and why no team in the east will want to see them before an Eastern conference final.

    • Chris says:

      dude in three yrs cahuncey will be way to old and melo and stat will be around 30 they gonna be to old to fast

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  22. JMoon says:

    The elite in the east are Boston and Chicago.
    Next is Miami. (Can’t beat winning teams)
    Then Orlando. (Inconsistent, don’t quite have that “champion”ness)
    The Knicks come somewhere after that. (Would probably lose to ORL in a 7-game series)

    Knicks probably eliminated in first round, and if not, then DEFINITELY eliminated in second round.

  23. mo says:

    My playoff predictions


    1.Spurs vs 8.Nuggets (spurs in 5)
    2.Mavericks vs 7.Grizzlies (mavericks in 6)
    3.Lakers vs 6.Hornets (Lakers in 6)
    4.Thunder vs 5.Blazers (Blazers in 7)
    1.Heat vs 8. Pacers (Heat in 4)
    2.Celtics vs 7.Sixers (celtics in 7)
    3.Bulls vs 6.Hawks (Bulls in 5)
    4.Magic vs 5.Knicks (knicks in 6)………..(dwight howard gets traded to LA in offseason)

    2ND Round
    1.Spurs vs 5.Blazers (blazers in 6)
    2.Mavericks vs 3.Lakers (Lakers in 7)

    2nd round east
    1.Heat vs 5.Knicks (Heat in 6)
    2.Celtics vs 3.Bulls (Bulls in 7)

    3rd round west
    3.Lakers vs 5.Blazers (Lakers in 7)

    3rd round East
    1.Heat vs 3.Bulls(Heat in 6)

    Nba finals
    1.Heat vs 3.Lakers (Heat in 6)

    Nba champions

  24. Tenki says:

    The Knicks definitely can contend with anybody in the league in the future, but against Boston, ORL, MIA (NY dodged two bullets) and CHI, they will have close games, win some, but not win everything. Here are the reasons why:

    1. Against BOS: Billups is the only tough defender, and he’s playing against the best point guard in the league.
    2. Against ORL: Nelson is the man. He’s just as tough as Billups, only a lot faster and younger. Besides, ‘Melo has to play defense against ORL’s forwards. And this is the biggest fact: STAT < Howard.
    3. Against MIA: wait for Haslem to return. He can play 1-on-1 defense against STAT, James can cover 'Melo. Vice versa? Ok, Haslem isn't as creative offensively as Bosh. 'Melo is a mediocre defender against James. Oh, and did I mention Wade?
    4: Against CHI: Boozer and Noah will have their way against STAT when it comes to rebounds, and Rose will have Billups for lunch. 'Melo will have his hands full against Deng.

    • Str8chi says:

      Great points. I can’t argue with any of them. The thing that people keep saying is that they should get Chris Paul during the 2012 Free Agency but I don’t think they need him, especially if they get Howard. Billips might have 2 more effective years in him but the East is loaded with PGs who will have him running every night!! He might be a more complete PG than say Wall, Jennings, or the like, but they are gonna twist his ankles night after night. By the time he meets DRose or Rondo it’s all all over.

      • Chris says:

        they cant get any guys cause they got no moire money. melo was selfish and took it all.

      • drew says:

        @ chris
        thats not true. they got more money to sign anybody than any other team in nba. only obstacle is the salary cap which they can still manage by next season. it may not be enough but im sure cp3 wouldnt mind taking a modest pay cut playing alongside stat and melo

  25. aaron says:

    hey can i just submit my idea for a new nickname for amare and mello we can call then

    but we relly have to wait and see if the knicks add another big name player before we make up any names
    well at lleast for this season it’s safe to call the by this nickname

  26. Knicks Realist says:

    People seem to be forgetting for the majority of the last decade the Knicks haven’t even made it to the playoffs, so I’ll take a first or second round over missing it completely again. Elite? Far from it, especially, like everyone’s said, since we’ve lost depth in the trade, but don’t discount Billups. He’s a great shooting PG that still has a few years left in him. The playoffs are good enough for this new look Knicks for right now, but we should be focusing on the 2012 free agency and looking to obtain Howard and a good off-the-bench we can have backup. THEN we can start throwing around the words “Elite” and “Contender”. I love the Knicks as much as the next guy, but don’t expect Melo to put the team on his back and carry them to the Finals, especially this year when they JUST put the pieces into place.

  27. Longoria23 says:

    Wowwwww sum of u guys must be high off ur horse because the Bulls clearly have scorers there starting four in my mind is an all star line-up, boozer shouldve been selected over bosh clearly n maybe if he didnt miss the start of the season then wudve been selected but the stats r there to show that boozer is better 18.8 ppg 9.7 rpg n boshs ppg is 18.3 n rpg is 8.2, noah shouldve been selected as well was in the top five in rebounds before he missed those 30 games now is his ppg is 13.5 n rpg is 11.9 guys like horford get selected over him becuz hes scoring 3.2 points more pg then him bogus!!! n last but not least loul deng was prolly the biggest snub to be n all star hes having a career season playin lights out on both sides of the ball averaging 17.7 ppg n 6 rpg!!!!!!! N clearly the BULLS r the better team defensivly than the Knicks n at the end of the day D-Rose is the new MVP, Coach Tibs Is the coach of the year n defense WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!! Which the Knicks do not play under a coach like D’antoni that is an offensive minded coach Y dont u think a guy like steve nash doesnt have a ring cuz he wasted his career playin for a coach that doesnt play d!!!!!! The melo trade just tapped out the knicks long term they traded away all of there bench n to win in the playoffs u must have a bench…. The Bulls have a outstanding bench with Korver, brewer, gibson, n asik!!!!! n most of the Knicks bench was there shooters!!! n to add in my finally remark 3 of the 4 guys i just listed r all defensive minded guys!!!! just thought i might add that..

  28. Heat Fanatic says:

    Knicks aren’t elite by any stretch of the imagination. I hate how Knicks fans think that Chauncey, Carmelo, and Stat can beat the Heat…there is a reason why the Knicks management tried to go after Wade, LeBron, and Bosh first…it’s because they are far better. Wade, LeBron, and Bosh will actually share the ball. I really don’t see this working until they get some depth at the center position as well as a good backup point guard to keep the ship afloat when Billups is not on the floor. Also, they need a new coach and a whole new system. Offense won’t win championships, it never has and never will. The most up-tempo team to ever win it was the Lakers in the 90’s with Magic running the show, but what isn’t noticed about that team is the grind-it-out defensive style they ran with. These guys will never have that kind of dedication on the defensive end. Besides Chauncey, these guys don’t know what consistent defense is. One regular season win against the Heat proves nothing. Anyways, I’m tired of talking. Talk is cheap. I want playoffs so the Heat can show everyone what we really got. Let’s get it.

    • drew says:

      Actually its two ” regular season win against the heat”. and i i agree with you the wins mean nothing but the message is clear. THE HEAT BETTER BE AFRAID because the Knicks will only get scarier as they gel and develop more chemistry.

    • Heigo says:

      I agree with the first part. Overall are James Wade and Bosh better. But as the season has shown us, you can’t be consistant without a solid bench. You win a strong team one day and lose to the worst on the next day. Even Heat has been knocked down several times this season, why should Knicks do any better?

      Somebody told that Bulls have no depth. If they don’t, I can’t imagine a team who has.

      My opinion is also that the most important is the way the team plays. A team should have different possibilities to solve the games. They should be able to adapt, use the right players at the right time, make the right plays at the right time. So I think a three man show won’t get you far and thinking about winning the championship is much too optimistic.

  29. newmike says:

    i don’t think so that the Knicks would easily beat the Heat during playoff time. I think it;s not really a nightmare for Heat if they will face the Knicks in playoff if you base base on the standings, Heat got lost in Knicks in their last game but all I can say is that GAMES IN REGULAR SEASON IS DIFFERENT THAN PLAYOFF.. HEAT WILL STEP UP.. THAT’S FOR SURE..

  30. Melo Mania says:

    All you people always doubt the knicks! Most of the comments from the past after the trade has been say that the knicks won’t be better and saying billups can’t play the way he used to when he is in detriot but he probe you guys wrong! When playoffs come and the knicks out muscled chicago, miami and boston, I will be in your grave yard laughing!

  31. Rocky says:

    The Knicks have what it takes to beat orlando or chicago and even the heat in a playoff series, chicago has no depth or back up point guard to make plays when derrick rose is not on the floor that team is nobody ! and struggles offensivley as for the knicks why are so many people doubting them? yes they need a better defense but these passed 2 games ive seen a big improvent on the defense now that we got jeffries and carter contributing, they just need consistant outside snipers and a starting 7 footer so like that amare can play his true position, once we get these last pieces to the puzzle and once the knicks learn to adapt and get used to each other they will emerge as one of the most feared teams in the NBA !!!

    • Brian says:

      are you can you say the bulls have no depth? you obviously have not been watching thier games since you say that. They have one of the best depth rosters in the NBA. Just look at thier bench and how bad it outscored miami last game. And by the way CJ Watson is a good backup pg who can score and play good D. Bulls would easily beat NY in a 7 game series.

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  33. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    Knicks.. Hmm.. Are they elite? In some cases, they can kick butt, but in others.. Not so much. I’m a RIDE OR DIE MIAMI HEAT FAN, and yes I was highly upset when they lost to the Knicks, but remember what team lost to the WORST team in NBA HISTORY! That was the Knicks! How in the world do you lost to the CLEVELAND CAVALIERS??!!! The Knicks won’t make it past the first round, THIS YEAR. They need to get their stuff together.. On Boston, they have a really deep bench, Miami needs to work on their bench, Chicago has an ok bench.. The Knicks.. HAVE NO BENCH! Once they gave up sooooo much for ‘Melo, their bench went with them.. Yes, the Boston trade will give a lot of teams in the east a run at the #1 spot.. but they are still good.. This is the Eastern Conference entering the playoffs.
    1- Miami
    3- Chicago

  34. Billy says:

    The Knicks are really going to be a scary team in the playoffs….. when they want to play defense they actually can quite well and with their unstoppable offense they can going on scoring runs in insanely quick….. think about it…. this is basically a brand new Knick team after the allstar break… theyve just beaten the Heat after a couple days assembling the team and they dominated the Magic up untill the second half of the game… thing is… they can only get better…. plus the Garden probably gives them the best home court advantage over any other team… haha…. that game in Miami was almost a home game with the amount of Knicks fans there…. Lebron got boo’ed while shooting free throws….. so look out for the Knicks to upset a team in the playoffs.

  35. popo says:

    are you kidding me?!! no they’re not, they are far from being elite…. Boston definitely will top the east, Miami and Chicago… knicks will finish the regular season probably at 5 or 6 seed… just w8 when mike bibby turn things around in miami maybe they will finish entering the playoffs at the number 1 spot.

  36. THE NEW BIG 3 says:

    MAN OH MAN!! You guys, no disrespect, but at the end of the day, ITS BASKETBALL!! And having Billups (top 7 at his position) Carmelo (Top 3 at his position) and Stat (Top 5 st his position) on the floor will give ANY TEAM fits. To say they are not a title contender is ignorant. Sure alot of people is mad about how the Carmelo thing went down, but I will tell you this. The reason why New York will be a title contender is because Chauncey. I say this because Miami never had a PG. They kept playing James and Wade out of position. Chauncey Melo and Stat (not really stat) play their natural positions…and when they get a big body down low to help Stat….believe me, they can and will beat every team in the East. Tell me 1 team that has not let up 110 points this year in a game!!! EXACTLY. The point is, on their fourth game, they fought the Magic tooth and nail and lost by 6. They beat the Heat who is fighting for NUMBER 1 seed….and today they slaughtered the Hornets…and defense has not been that bad at all. New York will be a contender before Chicago because Chicago has no depth scoring the ball. Defense is great, but you still have to put the ball in the basket. With all the firepower that the knicks have, scoring will not be an issue. Look at Miami. People talk about how great they are defensively, but that Heat defense looked soft against the Knicks. Im a big Laker fan, but it doesnt take a genious to see that New York is definately a top 5 team in this league.

    • chris says:

      hells yeh.. im a hawks fan and that line up is scary for any1 to think about.. u have 2 of the top 5 scorers this season on 1 team.. and billups a proven clutch vet steering the ship.. n who says they dont have abit of depth? Tony douglas is a good back up point (check out him whooping on CP3 today), shawn williams and bill walker go well in D’Antonio’s system with there size and shooting.. If the bulls are considered to have depth then the knicks are not lacking.

      • Hawk says:

        that was when they all were on seprate teams but now they are on the same all 3’s points will probly go down.

  37. Hawk says:

    No mel and billups take away depth as you saw in the orlando game , thier 3 guys (a’mere,melo,billups) had 30,25,30 points and they still lost because no one else scored on thier team,they lost alot of depth with that trade and corey brewer and azubukie gone who will score , corey brewer great young player probly bright future, also azubukie is a terrific 3 point shooter and also is doing well on his mid range game being a young player also would have been great additions to the teams but they waived them for no reason and lost even more depth so the knicks are not going to be a “good” team from bench at all and they are going to find it hard playing against above .600 teams or teams that are deep like spurs and celtics.

  38. luckystrike says:

    not yet.. maybe next season.. they need to strengthen their bench.. and add some role players that will back up the big three of NY.

  39. […] SportsNBA Report: Knicks Big Deal May Turn Out To Be No Big Deal After AllBleacher (blog) -SBR Forum -SB Nationall 762 news […]

  40. ZBloom says:

    why would you write this article if everyone agrees?

  41. Ao1 says:

    NY Knicks is not yet an elite team. They do have couple of elite players in the team but not an elite team, yet.

  42. Tobias says:

    How are the Bulls not in this conversation? If you want to talk about teams built to win in the playoffs, here’s the top 5 in the East: Boston, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, The Knicks? Seriously? If anything they weakend themselves short-term but the long-term possibilities scare the hell out of me because I hate them.

    • Cw says:

      the bulls count on d-rose too much what point gaurd has ever lead his team to a championship by being the main opiton i cant recall or remember hearing a point guard lead his team in scoring so thats why i think the bulls are over rated plus bozer isnt even an allstar in my opinion i like deng more than i like him and when playoff time comes the bulls are not going to win if he is all they count on .

      • Nbbabababab says:

        Have you heard about Magic Johnson?

      • Tobias says:

        Isiah Thomas, Oscar Robertson, Bob Cousy, Walt Frazier, Magic, and even Lebron although not a “text-book” PG, he (like Pippen) facilitates alot of what Miami tries to do and he WILL eventually win a few championships, dang it. The Bulls have been doing alot right on defense all year and they won’t have to try and “flip a switch” (like the Lakers) to get their rotations tight in the Playoffs. Although hopefully at least one of them actually reads this stuff and I can just mention what an absolute travesty that Atl game was last night. Seriously guys? Seroiously?

  43. Gary says:

    I agree that this team is not (yet) elite. But it’s not more stars that they need just better playing and some more games together. To me an elite team doesn’t have to have 3 stars e

    • Gary says:

      Got cut off in my last sentence. But to finish, an elite team to me isn’t about the star players, just how the team plays. Bulls for example are on an elite level and they only have Rose as a star.

      • tata says:

        Boozer is a 2 time all-star and Olympic gold medal winner. I still don’t think Boozer has reached his full potntial.

  44. cherif balde says:

    i use to hate the knicks but now i love them because of STAT AND Melo . Knicks r nice but like all of the stuff they said above they will need a much more better defense to win more games.. I dont like the Lakers the Heats.. If its not knicks , Bulls or Spurs as your top 3 then you are just a loser jst like the HEats.

  45. James says:

    The fact that the Knicks bought out Corey Brewer and every other contender is lining up to sign him tells you all you need to know about the Knicks being elite.

    • chris says:

      yeh so they could sign jarred jeffries who is 6’11 and hustles.. plus hes better then brewer for off the bench scoring which helps cover the depth problem

      • Cw says:

        i agree plus they have a vetran guy like roger mason jr thats why they cutt him …roger mason brings leadership brewer has no leadership(what he knows about wining) plus roger mason jr is a professional and can be counted on because he has a ring and will be ready anytime d’toni calls him off the bench

  46. Ryan Ward says:

    I hate the everything about the nba its all about porno


    i dont see the knicks passing the 1st round,because carmelo anthony is a ball hog and theirs no defense, there overrated, miami will take it all.

  48. orlando says:

    If the knicks were to face orlando in the playoffs in the first round they would win in 7. Orlando relies too much on howard, the knicks just made a couple of mistakes that last game with the magic but come playoff time the’ll have it together plus they want to prove all the haters wrong.

  49. benmkapa says:

    Just burned my jersey, this trade was a regression .Sekou is right , only Miami will have some trouble because they miss a center and depth . MIA-NY game was not a reference, NY was lucky , Lebron miss 2 winning shots..Can t agree mor with Steve, i thought they will try to land perkins in 2012 with de andre to reinforce the centre .Their 3 were not all star but far to be ridiculous.
    m french and love hm but turiaf is not bringing much to the team and Madison will soon miss Raymond chandler and gallo.Big respect for Billups but the 3 others had the Knicks attitude .

  50. Elliott says:

    knicks and bulls are gonna be a good match up but I see knicks taking it over them

    • mr. ox says:

      are u smoking. the bulls would probably sweep the knicks.just like the heat they have no depth, no bigs, and worst of all no defense. poeple just want to hype up new york cause its the biggest market team. they would have had a better chance with the team they had before the trade.

      • Cw says:

        bulls sweep the knicks i dont think so … bulls are over rated they a good team but over rated like the heat and com on bulls couldnt even beat them when they had chandler and gallinari im knick fan i watch all their games those guys werent consitant … melo, amare and billups are consitant i think it would be closer than u think

      • Chris says:

        miami is the second best team defensivly. they have way better D than the scrappy bulls. the only reason they beat the heat the first game was cause Lebron was out and the second game Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem (thier leading rebounder who also came off the bench.) thats the only reason the bulls beat the heat the first two games

  51. The Knicks elite no are you serious they are advertised well. However i dont feel that the team its self is a contender. The nba is not what it use to be and the players have to much control. I believe that the Celtics are the most effective team in the leauge that plays for the game and not the money and it show’s every not on the court. KNICKS wont make it pass the first round.

    • bubblebuster says:

      You do realize that the big three in Miami took a pay cut to go to Miami, right? You might be right that the players have too much control (although I don’t think you are. They do happen to be the ones you’re paying to see), but the evidence doesn’t seem to point at them doing it “for the money.” Well, except ‘melo, but a lot of that can be chalked up to circumstances and Denver not doing a good enough job as far as building a contending team.

  52. jay says:

    yeah they wont beat the heat i the playoffs. nuff said

  53. kahu !! says:

    knicks fans dont get 2 exited you will lose to bulls in 1st round lol drose is sick !! and bulls will give miami a gu go in semis . its obvious its gana be miami vs bos and lal vs spurs .. miami lakz final lock it in baybee !! king james will get his 1st ring as deserved ..!!!!!!!!!

    • mr. ox says:

      miami is too overated. no bigs, no bench, no point guard, no offensive sets in the half court. i wouldn’t be surprised if they got eliminated in he first round. come playoff time, mark my words, the heat will be exsposed. they can’ play a half court game. they rely too much on turnovers and run outs.

    • Fredrick Wells says:

      Miami will have the #1 seed but will not win the NBA Title. Boston and Chicago will have a classic 2nd Round series that will also go 7 Games (similar to 2008-2009 season featuring four overtime games). The Knicks will defintiely lose to the Bulls in the first round (despite beating the Bulls in two Regular Season games with one more game played at MSG in Late April on TNT), and if the Knicks are fortunate enough to attain the #5 seed (judging by the way the Hawks are playing), they will lose to Orlando in the 1st Round in 5 Games.

      • tata says:

        Miami is about to go on a losing streak and fall to the 3rd seed. They are barely a .500 team against teams with winning records and are playing 10 straight against playoff teams now. 6-4? 5-5? 4-6? There is no way they can get the number one seed when they are 0-3 against Boston and 0-2 against Chicago.

      • Nick says:

        im srry tata but i think miami will get number one because boston gave up perkins n nate. really? thoes two killed it for boston. they got no big man to help out. yeah they just signed troy but that doesnt matter. yeah they also got green? who really doesnt help out boston. boston made a bad move to trade away those guys. thats my opinon. i got boston going into 2nd place the last week of nba season right before playoffs. as for the new york knicks. they wont make it past the first round.

      • Sandile says:

        well good thing for now they are playoff team. i’m happy that they are winning games. as for the elite part???? they just need a strong bench then it’s all systems go.

    • fan says:

      expect to see 5 man show from miami during playoff
      and no, boston is not going to lose to miami because the new acquired players are actually not that bad.

  54. WG says:

    Yup, the Knicks definetly dont need another Superstar, Between Stoudemire, Melo and Billups thats equivalent to almost any Big 3. The Knicks need a deeper bench, A super Sub like Jamal Crawford who can give them 15-20 off the bench, A solid back-up for the aging Billups and a Solid center cause Amare’s a weak rebounder for his size and athleticism. Probably a starting center and and energy/hustle defensive big for the bench. I think the Knicks are just a few key subs away from being elite.

    • Rafael says:

      WHAT YOU GUYS THING THEY SHOULD FIRED THE COUCHE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/