StatsCube: Makers of the Big Shot

Channing Frye did it again. One day after hitting the game-winner at the buzzer in Indiana, Frye hit another one with 6.6 seconds left to beat the Nets on Monday night, ruining Deron Williams’ home debut with his new team.

According to StatsCube, only 45 shots (out of 186 tries, in 891 total games) have given a team the lead in the final 10 seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime this season. That’s a pretty dismal shooting percentage (24.2).

But amazingly, Frye isn’t the first guy to hit a game-winner in the final 10 seconds of a game two days in a row this season. Travel back Dec. 15 and 16, when Manu Ginobili hit game-winners against Milwaukee and in Denver. He gets extra credit for drawing a charge on Carmelo Anthony after the Denver bucket.

Three other players have hit multiple game-winners in the final 10 seconds of a game this season…

Michael Beasley: Nov. 17 vs. the Clippers and Dec. 26 at Cleveland

Rudy Gay: Nov. 20 vs. Miami and Jan. 24 at Toronto

Deron Williams: Nov. 6 vs. the Clippers and Nov. 13 at Charlotte

Carmelo Anthony and David West have hit two potential game-winners in the final 10 seconds, but one of Anthony’s was followed by Ginobili’s game-winner, and one of West’s was followed by a buzzer-beating tip-in by Mike Dunleavy in Indiana on Dec. 20.

In total, 125 different players have attempted to give their team the lead in the final 10 seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime. Deron Williams’ six attempts (including one after Frye’s game-winner last night) are the most, while Frye, Gay and Stephen Jackson (one make) have five attempts.

The most attempts without a make is three. Jordan Farmar, LeBron James, Chris Paul and Louis Williams are all 0-for-3 in such situations.


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  1. James says:

    Don’t forget Mr Big Shot Chauncey Billups! Dude still has it.

    ‘Hello Melo’ The Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks Song.
    Over 20,000 Youtube views!

  2. ElGee says:

    Actually, LeBron’s numbers in the clutch are fairly amazing (his “closer”) numbers. I keep seeing people say he’s not a closer but the evidence points STRONGLY to the contrary:

    • Gary says:

      Yeah they wrote this article just to stir things up. Anyone who follows B-Ball knows that Lebron is one of the best closer’s right now. He’s leading the league in close game shots.

  3. JJ says:

    Mr. B said it best – if the GMs and Players would choose Kobe (since they should be the best judges) – how can you argue for Lebron. Watching the NBA for over 25 years I would definitely take Kobe over Lebron. I don’t even like Kobe. Kobe can creat his own shot much better than Lebron. Kobe is a much better pure shooter than Lebron. If we are going by stats alone then shouldn’t Frye be the guy to choose (for those that are using stats to back up your points). I would rather go with the actual players and the 25+ years I have watched the game than use the stats to make my point. If Lebron is so good at creating his own shot then why in less than 8 seconds did he get his shot blocked (on a layup attempt no less) and miss an open 3 pointer? If you take enough game winners you are going to make some of them, but of the ones that are missed how many of them are very close versus not being close (layups getting blocked would go here). Lebron is a great player and I like him more than Kobe, but as a basketball purist I would have to go with Kobe over Lebron every day of the week.

  4. Rein says:

    @Jason. you chose Lebron over kobe? lol. so you love losing eh?

  5. Jason says:

    If I had to choose LeBron or Kobe?…No time to think, it should be LeBron..Kobe is Just a secondrate tryng hard copy cat of Jordan….That’s it.period!

    • Pally says:

      If he’s copy catting then he’s doing a damn good job, cause last time I checked he had 5 rings to MJ’s six while the self-proclaimed “King” has well…0.

      And people here don’t get it, it’s not about the damn stats, stats are like mini-skirts, they give you an idea but not the whole picture. In the end what matters in clutch moments is that elusive killer instinct which Lebron obviously does not have. It’s not only about shot making, it’s about shot-clock management, running ISOs, finding your spot, and Lebron does not understand that, he just pulls up for 3s having faith in his mediocre-at-best jumpshot. No one can stop his drives, but I’ll be damned if I let him shoot a 3 ball.

      • francisco says:

        it is funny , the argument is again the rings, so robert hory was one of the best players in nba, the most valuable asset

  6. goodmorning says:

    I’m amazed on how the Suns going up to the rank. They are mosly unlikely team to be on the final but Nash is too great.. whatever player you gave to him he can make the most of it. I remember Marion, johnson, diaw, amare ,jrich and q.richardson ,had played the best game of their career with the help of Nash. Hope Nash can revive VC’s interest of playing his old days.. I’m still hoping to see VC doing all the slams with some great pass from Nash. Go Suns !…

  7. Gary says:

    Does anyone on here realize Lebron has about 20 game winners? He’s also not that far behind Bryant…but of course we use stats to point out he is on a bad streak. FYI, Kobe who is mr clutch to everyone also has the most attempts and misses and one of the worst shot percentages …but I guess they just happened to forget that while writing about clutch shooting.

    • francisco says:


  8. Rein says:

    at clutch moments, lebron either miss the attempt or pass the ball. he is no a CLUTCH. have you seen the allstar game? he have a good look for the 3 but he passed it to bosh. so does when he passes it to their 3point players. dwade maybe struggling at that game but he can surely handle those situation. he’s more mature on handling clutch moments like that. the best game winner i saw on lebron was his 3point shot on magic conference finals. thats one of a hell game winner but thats only it.

  9. arian gashi says:


  10. Danny says:

    i still believe carmelo anthony is the most clutch current player atm, maybe behind kobe.

  11. Hannah Miller says:

    Tyreke Evans

  12. D$ says:

    DENG AND KORVER both against Miami this year! So clutch!

  13. Yoda says:

    PEOPLE! PEOPLE PEOPLE!!!!!! Ok, Just one question ….How many game winners did Kobe have last year. I rest my case.

  14. WOW says:

    what he said^ Lol at someone trying to defend lebron by saying that only the playoffs matter.Obviously they dont because lebron has 0 rings.Where as by this time kobe had 3 rings

  15. asdf says:


  16. wasabi says:

    what about monta ellis, he hit one against indiana

  17. tilly says:

    insects are cool

  18. kobeisking says:

    kobe the greatest closure in the game today theres no ifs, buts, or maybes his the best no doubt… and hahaha 0/3 for lebron gotta love it hahah pretender with no heart one thing mj and kobe have always had, u cant teach that baby

    • francisco says:

      another uninformed msnbc follower. that is a myth , according to stats
      ray allen, jeff green, chris paul, carmelo anthony, and others , no kobe

  19. A.C. says:

    To all the Heat, LA, and Suns fans
    Kobe Bryant=29-71, 40.8% (Leads NBA as of now 2011)
    Michael Jordan=27-74, 36.5%
    Robert Horry=25-68, 36.7%
    Lebron James=21-67, 31.3%
    Channing Frye=2-2, 100% (as of Feb. 27 and Feb. 28)

    • Imad Akel says:

      yep your stats are correct sir.

      Lebron’s % was better before those 3 missed this season…

      but that’s still a pretty good game clutch %

      • MELO 4 last second shotss says:

        umm… Imad Akel ur stats link show kobe has gone 7-44 (15.9%) since mr A.C,’s old and dying stats loll just saying

    • jero says:

      can please have the source link on this.

  20. Capt G6 says:

    Dwyane Wade has alot of buzzer beaters his name def should be up there somewhere

  21. Dparks says:

    I’ll still take the guy that can get a good shot in iso situations over a dude that hits game winners off of screens or set plays. What happens if the play breaks down and you have to go iso? Thats why i’d take Kobe if he made 5 out of 50 game winners in iso over a lebron or ray or frye who get screens. Oh and as far as ‘clutch’ goes, clutch means you rise to the occassions. Thats why even if Kobe shot 1-20 in a game, id still want him to take the last shot cuz he rises to the occassion. So even if Frye wouldnt of taken those shots, id be satisfied having Nash take them, even if he was shooting horribly. Hes one of the greatest shooters of all time, and i like his chances in the clutch, especially if he were to get fouled and have to shoot the free throws πŸ˜‰

  22. Dparks says:

    Lebron isn’t clutch. Even he knows that. Thats why more often than not he passes itt up to House or somebody else. Hes even afraid to drive to the basket in late game situations most times cuz he doesn’t wanna tarnish his rep and be embarrassed when he misses clutch free throws lol. Thats the difference before 99% of players and MJ/Kobe. Players like Horry, and Frye and most everybody else have to have an opening, or recieve a pass or have a screen; Kobe and MJ have/had the unique ability of going and getting the shot. These dudes could drop a game winning J in your face without a screen, or even if everybody in the building knew they were gonna get the ball. You can get the ball out of most peoples hands but those two would still get a good shot in clutch time. OH and they don’t miss clutch FTs like Lebron or Dirk. =)

    • Mr B says:

      Well said. For those that post here, remember when they ask all GM, past and present players who would you like to take the last shot to win the game. Kobe had something over 78% with the next player coming in at 26% and James was on at 3%. That should tell every ‘expert” something.

  23. DJ says:

    Anybody else notice how high Steve Nash jumped to have his arm around Channing Frye’s neck in the preview pic on the main page? He got up! Lol

  24. RaY says:

    Suns are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Beshara says:

    These stats mean absolutely nothing to me. I think all of these stats in this “StatsCube” segment are overanalyzations and really do not accurately reflect what really goes on on the court. Sure, numbers don’t lie, but this concept is true to a certain extent. When we get to the point in which we are saying “most clutch because he hits every 5 out of 13 shots within 2.6 seconds of the third quarter per 100 possessions and blah blah blah”, it becomes too ridiculous to even be relevant. If these ΓΌber-specific statistics produce results that are OBVIOUSLY not only inaccurate, but far from the truth, then what is the point?!?! The author of this blog lost all of his credibility with me when, a while back, he posted that Ginobili was the most clutch player in the league. Give me a break. I don’t care what the ridiculous “numbers” say, he is not the most clutch player in the league. I would rather have Kobe take a potential game-winning shot over Ginobili any day, and I’m sure most NBA coaches, players, and aficionados would agree. I don’t care his “numbers” say. Please, just cut the B.S.

  26. Robby07 says:

    After all the comments that I’ve read, is there are any players in the NBA (past and present) that is close or more than to all the Last Seconds Winning shots of the legendary Michael Jeffrey Jordan? Just asking?… πŸ™‚

  27. Blair says:

    Ah well, even MJ missed a few game-winners.

  28. chase says:

    John Shuman… this is not good sports writing.

  29. Kellie says:

    I agree…these stats are unimportant to me. Anybody who watches their team knows who they want the ball to go to in the last few. Kobe isn’t on here but LA would. Dirk isn’t on here but Dallas would. etc etc.

    Correction: Anybody who watches their team with the obvious exception of Spoelstra********* (James over Wade again??)

    • tRay says:

      I want DWade shooting the last shot lol seeing LeBron clank a shot off the side of the support against Boston and the one against Chicago that’s enough evidence for me.

  30. sam says:

    I’m pretty sure Austin Daye of the Pistons has made at least four game-winners this season!!!!! He has been so clutch in the season for the Pistons, even though they have not won many games.

    • sgarrharehh says:

      four game winners? That’s impossible. I don’tbelieve the pistons have won four games yet. And Daye has to be clutch, everyone needs to step up whenyou are playing with 6 people lol.

      • jero says:

        @sgarrharehh , no it’s not have you watch piston’s basketball? or your just one of the no brain commentator’s daye has been cluth this season. “have won four games yet?” dont know if your joking or what but the pistons are just 5 games short out of playoffs.

  31. Jon says:

    where are monta ellis’ game winners? nba media is biased

  32. arthur says:

    I know lebron plays really good but in clutch situations they should definetely go with wade he has proven time n time again that he can score under pressure but i havent seen that from lebron..

    • Jeremy says:

      Actually, Lebron is great in the clutch. If you look at player efficiency for the 4th quarter Lebron is one of the best in the league (better even then Kobe, whose clutch skills are good but overrated). So Lebron is 0/3. So what? It seems like people aren’t taking into account the rest of the article that states that game winning shots are dismal this year around the league. That means that most players are having a tough time hitting them this year, not just Lebron. Yes, Wade is good in the clutch but not necessarily better than Lebron. Let’s not forget, Wade recently took a game winning shot and he threw up one of his customary circus shots that didn’t come anywhere close to going in. But that’s okay, because clutch shots don’t go in most of the time. Even a good clutch shooter has maybe a 30% chance of making a game winning shot. The odds aren’t that great.

      • francisco says:

        thanks bro , you are very informed

      • burizadoo05 says:

        Lebron really doesnt want to take game winning shots because he gets rattled. That’s the reason why he went to MIAMI to join another superstar WADE and BOSH who can take the pressure off him. He didnt have guys like wade or bosh in cleveland that’s why he took most of the shots.

  33. tata says:

    Stats are for nerds that can’t play the game. They can be twisted in any number of ways to prove or disprove anything. The only thing these stats show are that the writer is short of ideas for real stories.

    • Kellie says:

      Wow, bitter.

      It was just something interesting to throw out there. What you do with it is your choice. You obviously clicked on it.

      …Geez. Has nobody heard of Fun Facts before.

  34. stan barnes says:

    What a love / hate relationship basketball has on my psychie…thank god for my blood pressure pills!

  35. stan barnes says:

    And just think…I wanted sooo bad to see Frye booted last week from the team! Go figure?

  36. Longtime suns fan says:

    Trix- with Nash shooting 3-13, and 0-3 from three point land, it would of have terrible mistake to let him take a potential game winning shot.

  37. exo14 says:

    What I loved about Channing Frye’s game winners was that they both came off of set plays. So many times, you see a team just give the ball to their best player and run iso. It was refreshing to see the Suns run a play for Frye to get a good look, instead of going 1-on-5 and chucking up a bad one over a double team.

  38. Malika says:

    Lol, I love Frye, wish he was still on Knicks.

  39. LANDIM says:


  40. SunsLover says:

    Who is Louis Williams?

  41. asdf says:

    lebron sucks at clutch. d-wade either steps up on the final stretch or miami loses close games and loses playoff series

  42. Cameron says:

    John Shoeman or whatever your name is, you write some crap. Get a real job?

  43. Mkl says:

    I agree with Trix. The opposing team knows which players are going to get the ball comes clutch.. so those guys are well defended. They either get a difficult shot or no shot.. so options 2 and 3 are most of the time less contended shots. It won’t be so easy for Frye to get a clean look from now on.. but hey, that might reopen a gap for Steve πŸ˜‰

  44. Michael says:

    How about Mo Williams’s game winner against Milwaukee at Cleveland?

  45. jaydog says:

    @ Trix. I am guessing that is why you dont play basketball on the pro level and you are not a sports writer…

    Steve Nash shows you exactly why he would pass it to the big guy. and if Steve Nash will pass it to that man, then I certainly would do it.

    Second – Steve Nash is the one with the ball, however he is the decision maker and passed it up to his shooter. A wise decision I might add.

    Maybe a second stat can be looked up. Who was the person who made the assist on these occasions?
    Are game winning shots more sucessful when they are comming off of a pass instead of creating their own shot. Not everyone is M.J. or Kobe. case and point – Lebron. awesome player, but just maybe you don’t want him creating his own shot for game winning situations.

  46. trix says:

    Im not a hater or anything but to me these stats are useless. What frye did was impressive but there is no way im giving him the ball in the final seconds over nash. These stats dont take into consider the situation, opponenet or what kind of a shot it was. For example by looking at these stats one can conclude that west should be given the ball over cp3 in clutch situations but i beg to differ. Stats are great but they dont tell the full story. Being a anti-miami fan its sweet to see lebron is 0/3 in these situations (before anyone give me slack for this, i just want to say im just mentioning what i said and have not commented on lebron’s abilities in the clutch…just saying :P)

    • je4de says:

      You’ve got a point there. As you’ve said, the toughness of the shot isn’t taken into account in these stats. Most people would say that the half-court Sacramento buzzer-beater (Evans i think?) was a tougher and argueably a much better shot than Lamar Odom’s buzzer-beating layup. In all fairness to Frye, it’s amazing that he could do this two nights in a row…but i’m just saying that niether of them would rate incredibly highly on the ‘Horry Scale’.

    • Manu says:

      Hmm, depends… Have you noticed how many times Nash dribbles and dribbles until the final few seconds and ends up taking a wild shot or wasting a possession? He even did it yesterday in the possession prior to Frye’s winner. I thought Nash was a good closer but I’m not sure about his decision-making after this… I agree Frye has an easier job though, just find a spot and wait for the pass.

      As for New Orleans, I’d have Paul handle the ball and then pass to West for the gane winner! That guy is a seriously good clutch shooter.

      • Vaux says:

        Nash dribbles and dribbles and dribbles because he has the BEST handles in the NBA. He is looking for the open man who will get a high percentage shot; if no one is open for whatever reason and the shotclock is low then he is still able to create a look for himself and shoot an off-balance jump shot which he practices for a reason. If Nash is looking to score, then he takes a far different approach

        The final play of that game was decided by the coaching staff with the input of the veteran players on the team. Nash ran the play that the team wanted him to run. The game was tied and the clock had less than 5 seconds on it. It has nothing to do with Nash’s decision making skills or his IQ of the game. Know your facts before you comment on something.

        Nash is the best scoring point guard in NBA history. The only guard to shoot 40% 3-pointers, 50% from the field, and 90% from the FT line. He also leads all guards in the league in double doubles yet again if that’s not enough. Get some.

    • Brydon says:

      I agree with your point, but I’m not so sure about giving Nash the shot over Frye. Don’t get me wrong, Steve is one of the greatest shooters of all time, but it’s hard for him to get enough space in the final seconds of a game (which he needs because of his size) whereas Frye doesn’t really need any space because he can shoot over pretty much anyone. Plus, opponents are always going to expect Nash to take that shot.

    • Joey3 says:

      I’m a heat fan but good sir u are correct, LeBron is not clutch….I’m still pissed that D Wade did not have the ball in his hand in the final seconds in the Knicks v Heat gm

      • trix says:

        I agree with your point 100%…i think the heat should have wade have the ball more during the clutch situations. It as nothing to do with me hating on lebron i just think dwayne is better at creating a shot in these types of situations

      • jay says:

        to all the haters saying lebron is not clutch and wade shuda had the ball. did you watch the game? Lebron did everything scoring wise other than bosh. Lebron had 27 points and wade had 12. he was like 5 of 16 or something. so before you get on and put a dumb (im a hater of lebron wah wah) comment, do your research, oh and by the way lebron is more clutch than wade or bosh……lebron is a better shooter and is stronger than wade, just sayin

      • N1K0 says:

        Ummmm….LEBRON IS NOT CLUTCH…I REPEAT, LEBRON IS NOT CLUTCH. How many game winners has Kobe hit since Lebron was in the league (so as to not give him an advantage for being in the league longer)? Kobe gets the ball in every clutch situation no matter what…and so does Lebron, but does he produce? NOPE!! I can remember 2 recent games where Lebron has had WIDE OPEN shots and one of them bricked off the backboard. he missed both. Lebron is a crunch time player, there is a difference. with 3 min left and the game is close, he’ll take over and score 10, 20, or 30 straight. In a situataion like this, its ok to miss a shot or two, so its less pressure. But with 3 seconds left and the ball in his hands in a make-or-break situation, he chokes. he cant take the pressure. i can only remember 1 true game winner by Lebron and that was 2 years ago in the East Semis against the Magic in game 2. That was a game winner, but he doesnt produce like that on a nightly basis. LEBRON IS CRUNCH-TIME, NOT CLUTCH. I’D RATHER HAVE WADE OR EVEN BOSH WITH THE BALL WITH THE GAME ON THE LINE ANY DAY.

      • Imad Akel says:

        N1K0 don’t you remember that article a month or 2 back on about game winners and % taken and % made?

        They found that michael jordan had missed alot more game winners than made…
        Same with kobe…
        Lebron’s was actually a good % (better than kobe and MJ).

        i’ll link you when i find it…

        i LOL when you say lebron’s not clutch. He missed 3 this season. He’s made many before in his 7 year career…

        Playoffs is where it really matters most anyway…

      • Imad Akel says:

        there you go

        this is for 5 and the half seasons

        LAWYERED N1K0

        Lebron not clutch! LOL! those stats show Lebron is the MOST clutch player in this decade!

      • samh says:

        Imad you’re getting overly jumpy, i don’t think anyone here is bagging Lebron as an overall player. He is obviously one of the leagues better players and probably the best overall. Players have strengths and weaknesses and for Lebron – he can carry a team in the last 5 minutes and eradicate deficits by scoring 20 in a row like N1KO said. The reality is in situations where he has to take shots to take the lead or tie the game in the final 5 seconds he is not clutch. You send that article which is from 08-09. Look at the chart from this article which is from this year:

        Yes i realise this basically implies kobe isn’t that clutch but I think it’s widely known Kobe IS clutch. The only reason Lebron is on that list is because he’s played the majority of his career at Cleveland where he was THE man and so he got all the big shots. I actually think Mo Williams has hit more game-winners in the last 2 years than Lebron has but I don’t have stats to prove that.

        In my opinion ‘Melo and Kobe are the two most clutch nba players (and if you look at success rate it’s got to be ‘Melo with the edge).

      • jero says:

        im a heat fan also, but james should have given the ball to mike miller, his 3-5 behind the arc that night, beside thats the reason why they drafted miller, to shoot threes!!!

      • vic says:

        I’ve watched all but like 3 heat games all year and ive been a heat fan since wade was drafted and i know he hits the big shots. over the years ive seen plenty of highlights of lebron hit big shots too. so its not like only one of them can hit a clutch shot. really either one of them are clutch enough to hit a game winner. but miami does need to figure out who will be taking it late in games…

    • tRay says:

      And you’re an anti Miami fan because why??

      • trix says:

        Well i am an anti heat fan for many reasons. 1) i love the lakers 2) im from toronto and bosh ditched us for the heat 3) i feel sorry for cleveland and 4) i just dont like lebron (dont get me wrong i think he is a great player…he was just never my favourite player)

      • Kellie says:

        @tRay That matters? There’s a billion anti-Heat’ers out there.

    • Mario says:

      i think you’re wrong and what frye did is a boost on the rebuilding suns and that’s something to respect.. he’s showing that aat least on one thing (game winners shots) he can demand the ball and the suns can’t stop relying on nash on one thing.. Besides i think this could only make frye more confident about his game and hi can play a better basketball..

    • Paul says:

      well obviously you havent watched any suns game this year. Steve barely shoots 3s anymore.

    • Phill says:

      I think Frye is a good option at the end of the game because he has height to his advantage so even if a Ginobli or Kobe Bryant run to defend him he can just run past a screen catch and shoot right over them which is something a Nash or VC can’t really do. Not saying they not clutch just saying Frye can see the hoop better than they would if somebody jumped at them!

      I’M a SUNS FAN

    • trix says:

      Just to clear things up…i said i would rather GIVE nash the ball in these situations because he is alot better at creating shots either for him or others (like frye). All frye can do is catch and shoot it he is not gonna create a shot off the dribble like nash can

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Tyreke Evans was probably the best buzzer beater of the year. And I think someone above may be mistaken, but I remember Fish getting the buzzer beating layup against LAC, not Odom. But Frye is pulling some Kobe skills, 2 game winners in a row. Good for him. Don’t count him out quite yet we’ll see how many more times he does this throughout his career. If he has 2 times in two games ignore stats that is pretty clutch. I’m happy for him and the Phoenix organization, they are pretty much doing the same thing they did last year. Started off really bad ended up in the WCF. Don’t count out the Suns, as long as they have Nash they are going to be playoff bound. Marcin Gortat seems to be a pretty nice fit for them as well. Everytime I check the box score his numbers are about the same (11-18 & 11)… I like this Suns team, they just needed to build chemistry.
      PS…. Lebrons BRICK on the side bottom of the backboard against Chicago just proves why he can’t be compared to #24 as much as everyone wants to!!! He may have a better ability to drive to the hole over Kobe and get to the charity stripe, but Kobe can just knock down shots in your face ;].

      • francisco says:

        you could say all what you want loser , but stats show that lebron is a much better scorer and player than
        the bad shadow of jordan