Bulletin: It’s July in March in NBA!

As swiftly as the transactions have come Monday and so far on Tuesday – extensions, releases, buyouts, signings, renewed tremors of franchise relocation —  it would seem only fair to clear some air space in prime time this evening to provide a roundup of the frenzied activity.

But no, this isn’t July. This is March 1 and there are eight games on the docket tonight. So instead of an hour-long special to await and dissect one man’s move from Cleveland to Miami, we’re getting maybe 90 seconds or so to learn of, process and re-Tweet each of a half-dozen or more significant NBA moves occurring in broad daylight.

Carlos Arroyo released? Mike Bibby stepping into his chalk outline down Horatio’s way near South Beach? Troy (Dropkick) Murphy shipping up to Boston? Kendrick Perkins and the Maloof Brothers both getting juicy extensions? There’s enough programming there for an NBA TV post-trading deadline special.

It’s enough to make those of us who recall old-fashioned newspaper newsrooms (apologies for the obvious redundancy in that) long for the days before we did all our work on somebody’s mother’s couch in the proverbial basement. Y’know, when the wire-service machine would clack and click and spit out an actual ribbon of paper, with a bell to announce the arrival of breaking news.

Thing would be on the verge of blowing a gasket today. Forget that “In like a lion” chatter about March – this one has come in like a velociraptor.

Here are the news items and some quickie reaction:

  • G Carlos Arroyo was released by Miami in anticipation of the Heat adding bought-out Mike Bibby.

Hang Time’s reaction: We’ll take this one point guard at a time. No one can blame Miami for wanting to upgrade a position that has been a weakness all season. This is like Achilles deciding that, yeah, maybe chukka boots would be a better footwear choice than sandals – gotta protect the heel, y’know. It’s unclear how much Bibby has left, but with Mario Chalmers on the depth chart, it’s not like he’ll have to outplay guys named Rose, Rondo, Billups, Williams, Nelson or Jennings every day in practice. On game nights? Well, there is that.

There’s also this: Miami is adding a lifetime 15.4 ppg and 5.7 apg game guy. Bibby is a legit deep shooter who will spread the floor. But in kicking Arroyo to the curb, the Heat also has sent a reminder to all those players who might see an easy path to a championship in south Florida: You will be expected to sacrifice salary and job security, but we won’t sacrifice anything if there’s a shot at upgrading. As soon as President Pat Riley can snag someone better, you will be out the door faster than a brain-cramped contestant on Jeopardy!

Hang Time’s reaction: This was a double-whammy, of course, with the Celtics adding frontcourt help and blocking Miami from doing the same. The 6-foot-10 pick-and-pop specialist was looking at five playoff-bound teams as a way to break his league-high streak of 639 games without a postseason appearance. Boston probably needed Murphy more, considering Udonis Haslem‘s coming return from foot surgery, though it will take awhile to know how much his game atrophied from his Tim Thomas-like exile from New Jersey’s plans. But Murphy averaged 14.6 points and 10.2 rebounds last season, kept former Pacers coach Jim O’Brien happy in Indiana and, what the heck, is named “Murphy” and figures to look right at home in Celtics green.

Hang Time’s reaction: Brewer’s defense, energy and attitude has rightfully made him a desirable pickup among the buyout bunch. The Knicks prefer Jeffries’ 6-foot-11 size for defense inside but Brewer’s inclination and ability to harass people on the perimeter has attracted  interest – according to our man David Aldridge – from the likes of San Antonio, Miami, Dallas and New Orleans. Boston and even the Lakers are said to be interested, too, although Chicago among the contenders is hungrier for outside shooting (not the former Florida draft pick’s strength at all). Meanwhile, Cleveland, which lost forward Antawn Jamison to pinkie surgery for the rest of the season, is trying to push defense now and reportedly was claiming Brewer off waivers. Good to see the Cavs get a little feisty and pro-active. As for folks who focus only on Brewer’s offense as a reason not to like him, they are missing 75 percent of what this guy brings. Every night.

Hang Time’s reaction: So now we know the dollar amount that was too much for the Celtics in keeping Perkins around for a championship run this spring and for multiple years beginning in 2011-12. Boston had been thinking more in the ballpark of $22 million over four years, which in relative terms is like Fenway Park compared to Jerry Jones‘ Cowboys Stadium. Perkins’ defense and size has perked up Thunder fans, who have the NBA’s lone small-market-team-in-the-wilderness not wringing its hands about financial doom and gloom heading into the CBA talks. Extending Perkins was a no-brainer but getting it done now, at a reasonable price (assuming he stays healthy) is another master stroke by GM Sam Presti. Not so much for Danny Ainge and the Celtics, who are almost guaranteed to miss Perkins in the middle during this postseason.

Hang Time’s reaction: It’s difficult to imagine three NBA franchises sharing the market in southern California. But then it was hard to see how the Corleones could divvy up New York with the Tattaglias, the Barzinis the Cuneos and the Straccis. If the fan base is big enough and the pockets deep enough and the TV/radio rights fees hefty enough, anything is possible. The extension pushes the deadline past the Board of Governors meeting on April 14-15, so in a sense this seems merely procedural.

But the climate in the NBA has changed, with commissioner David Stern no longer taking tremors of relocation as some personal failure or betrayal. He views it as business, period. And NBA business, while very good right now on the court, is likely to have a dramatically different look to it once the owner-union CBA talks are done.

The Kings staying in Sacramento? Would you lay odds on that in a Maloof casino?


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  2. knicksforever says:

    Bulls FAN _PR – HE will be back I know and if given a chance he will prove the HEat that they made a Big Mistake. – BORICUAS are not quitters

  3. knicksforever says:

  4. Bulls_Fan_PR says:

    Check 2:10
    That’s why Carlos is out of the starting group and then Miami……..

  5. Dats crazy talk silly head says:

    No matter who they add, Miami will not beat Boston or Chicago in a series. Bibby wont do any more than Arroyo was. They might as well let Eddie House do the shooting… (bust) But Boston made a good move. Troy Murphy will get in better shape and give them 14 points 10 rebounds and a couple of blocks. People cry about Boston losing Perkins but I think Danny made a great decision. The Celtics defense has always been switching and rotating, which he was always late on. Perkins became less mobile and all he did was clog up the middle. Shaq moves around more now. He’s losing more weight and he’s running on fast breaks (which Perkins hardly did) Shaq will start, and Murphy and Kristic will come off the bench. Jeff green will play the 3 behind Pierce and Garnett and Big Baby will hold down the PF spot. But Danny Ainge has another trick up his sleeve. I can guarantee that he’s not done. The Celtics are Championship calibur… BTW: The Spurs wont be able to hold up in 7 games either, and the Lakers wont even make it…. (JUST SAYING)

  6. knicksforever says:

    LR You are right , Miami better pray that Arroyo doesn’t go for one of the Team in the East becuase he will end up burning them for letting him go. As much as I love my KNICKS unfortunely I’m realistic this will not be our YEar to Represent the EAst in the Final but it will come soon.

    The Eastern COnf FInals will be CHicago vs Boston – Boston win in 7
    Western Conf San Ntonio vs Lakers – Lakers in 6

    Everyone else will be like me and my KNICKS watching the games from Home.

  7. LR says:

    Well. For these that does not know who Carlos Arroyo is. This guy is a top player in the international basket that can score 20 points per game at that level. Two years ago was the most valuable player in one of the European league. He was the top gun when the Puerto Rico national team defeated the US Dream Team…The problem he had in Miami is that he was asked a role that basically calls for not shooting at all, for obvious reasons, the Heat have three of the top NBA players that can shoot the ball. I understand that Arroyo went out of self confidence and he looked to conservative with the Heat.

  8. JOHN says:


  9. JOHN says:

    to the guy who thinks it was arroyo’s fault the heat lost to the knick , HAHAHAHAHA . the team sux and lebrick cannot hit a game winner first against my beloved bulls , and then against the hated knicks . man open your eyes the chosen one should choose to let wade shoot the last second shots . he is your jordan and lebron your pippen yet your pippen is more popular than your jordan . something is wrong with that oh yeah thats right heat fans are not real basketball fans . i heard the heat fans were leaving the game against knicks with 2 minutes left i a close game against a very good knicks team with star power , that is ridiculous . not a good fan base and not a good team , biibby is not better than aroyyo , but that doesnt matter who you have playing point or any other position for that matter because my player is the best because his name is DEREK FREAKIN ROSE , EAT THAT HEAT FANS NONE OF YOUR SO CALLED STUDS CAN STOP HIM . LEBRON IS SCARED OF DEREK AND RIGHTFULLY SO . ACTUALLY THE WHOLE LEAGUE IS HAHAHAHAHA LOVE THIS KID SO MUCH BETTER THAN ANYONE IN THE LEAGUE . CANT WAIT FOR 2012 EITHER SEE YOU LATER NBA , BULLS WILL REEL OFF AT LEAST 3 TITLES IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS .

  10. RickyHeat says:

    First off, stop telling people to learn how to spell then make a spelling error yourself.

    Secondly, the heat was made for a deep playoff run, who cares if they lose to the Knicks
    at home. They have one of the better records in the league, how is that a sign that they
    suck. Its funny how many people hate the Heat, and how as soon as they lose they start
    trashing them, but when they have a good road win like they did against the Lakers, OKC,
    Utah, etc… NO ONE IS WILLING TO GIVE THEM CREDIT.. The old Celtics team will have
    a hard time beating the Heat in the playoffs, wait and see. Once they hoist the trophy
    in June all you haters will find and excuse as to why they got lucky… Remember the ’06
    Heat team? They got swept against Dallas during the season series, i mean destroyed. How
    did it turn out when it counted?
    Heat beat Lakers in Finals…….And then win 4 in row… Eat that up haters….

  11. Mark says:

    I’m Filipino, I love watching basketball. Hello to all my classmates at Roosevelt College, Hello also to my tita and tito in the province of Isabela. Hello world!

  12. stop hating says:

    Lets be honest, the celtics and the lakers will be back in the finals. The only reason i say that is because, they are the only teams right now that truely know how to play during the playoffs. With all the injuries (spurs) or trades (every other team) they are the only two teams that i believe have a shot at winning it. And plus there desire is higher than anyother team.

    • Ron says:

      I agree.

      Doesn’t matter what other teams do in the regular season, at the end it all comes back to experience. I beleive the Celtics will win it all because they have players that know their roles and have step aside from being the go to guy, to just being part of a team, not a group of players. I admire that in the Celtics, for instance….shaq’s role! greatest center ever and it is not caught up in the numbers he puts on. kobe is agreat player but he definitely lacks leadership, he hogs the ball too much and at the end that will come back to bite him in the @ss.

  13. antonio zero says:

    well i think the carlos arroyo release for mike bibby was a bad idea….i mean think about it mike biibby is so old he coughfs out dust….i mean seriously i dnt think he is right 4 the miami type ball….but i guess these are pro’s and they know wat there doing but still i have my opinon lol

  14. knicksforever says:

    A TEam Full of Ball hogs ( MIAMI) has never won a NBA CHampionship. But a Real Team has aka BOSTON , as much as I hate the Celtics you have to give them their dues and to the LAkers as well. But I know my KNICKS are on the way to be one of the Elite TEam , We wish it was this year but it in the near future. Miami will have a hard time with whoever they play inthe FIrst Round of the Play off and if they make it , They will definitely be drop in the next round becuase they don’t have what it takes. TEAM Players . That way players like Arroyo, Chamlmers, House or even Bibby won’t have a chane there no matter what.

  15. NYK says:

    The heat will not make the eastern conference finals. they will not beat chicago, new york, or boston. billups rondo and rose will embarass them and they have the other position skill to stay with miamis big three. new york will lose to boston chicago and orlando because were not big enough. boston and chicago will make the eastern conference finals with chicago in the finals. I see Corey Brewer signing with dallas. If he does I think chicago dallas in the finals with dallas winning in 7 games.

  16. The One says:

    Adding Bibby will give flexibility to the team. They can now have him set the plays while LBJ, D-Wade and CB1 (and the rest of the team) position themselves. This I think is the one lacking on Arroyo. He indeed shoots well as Mike Bibby but he is not as good as being a court general. As for defense, they don’t need to defend one-on-one all they need is to do have a good team defense. If they play the zone well then every team will have a problem scoring at them.


  17. Ice Pogi says:

    Name one super star point guard that have a NBA championship trophy??? name 1!!!! except iverson and didn’t win NBA FINALS Ring… DRose is just another iverson…. (iverson by the way played more SG than PG) Isiah had Joe D….in other word N.O.N.E…. DRose is a true Super Star point guard… although they beat a lot of contending teams, it would never be the same in playoffs….to clarify this up…. Bulls got 1 superstar…. and in general it takes 2 at least to take the job done…. Boozer is a good PF but lack in size and didn’t have blocking abilities…. Noah is good too but he can’t compete with a D12 or a bynum like Center…or grand daddy diesel shaq like center…playoffs is getting near… soon we will know who’s the best team will get that FINALS trophy… I’m hope to see you again blogging here at HangTime after the finals… IF the bulls win…

    • FastDontLie says:

      You missed Sam’s point completely!

      That’s exactly what he said..without a Pippen, without a Grant, (even a Rodman), etc., etc., as good as Jordan was, even HE knows that without the support that he had, there’s just NO WAY six titles would’ve been remotely possible. And there’s no way that without a good, solid 2-guard and a productive bench (2 things which the Heat sorely lack), there is no way Miami is going to win with the “not-so-big 3”. Did you not take notice of the final quarter of the Heat games last week vs. the Bulls and the Knicks? Miami just couldn’t hang because they have no depth in their bench, man! Durability and the lack thereof has been a big issue for them all season long. As of this moment, they can’t seem to beat any team above .600 in a single game – Can you even imagine, much less, in a “best-of” playoff series??? Whether it’s a 5-game, first round series or a full-blown best-of-seven, if the Heat do not address their bench issue NOW, there’s just no way they’re going to win a title anytime soon. Look at the Celtics, for example…as good as that team is, they’ve only managed 1 title in the time THEIR “Big 3” have been assembled. Why is this? Because there is no big man down low and rebounding (both defensive and offensive) has been an issue for them for quite sometime now. And if you ask me…the Celtics are far more better team than the Heat currently are. And before you say one more word, I just have one word for you: Lakers.

      Don’t even get me started there. 🙂

  18. Franco Royl TurningStones says:

    if only they still have mic beasely!!!

  19. methanoic says:

    haha \m/

  20. sam says:

    Lets get one thing and make it real clear! Lebron james in not a winner and never will be. Lebron is nothing but a stat hog. Miami will never win a championship ever wit that team! Truthfully the only way lebron and wade could win is by trading bosh getting better big guys that are more defense based and great rebounders. Lebron tried comparingthe heat make up to bulls with three stars.but the bulls had jordan who was and will always be a better and more clutch player then wade and james, while not controlling entire teams pay roll between three players, do you think 72 – 10 and 6 championship rings would have been won without help.lets face a true reality the east is going to be going through chicago for years to come and the entire leagu better hope the bulls dont find an upgrade at 2 guard because if they get a 15 point guy they will undoubtably be the best in the nba the heat hve no chance and no real player would ever want to play along side selfish players like wade and james.

  21. Ronin says:

    Regardless if I like the Heat or not, I don’t think adding Bibby is not a good idea for the Heat. The Heats strength is their ability to RUN!!! If they can get out and run, they can dominate teams. Adding an aging Bibby is going to slow them down because their PG is going to trail the majority of the time. They need to establish an offensive system that can put their players in the right position and right now, they have 3 players on the perimeter (Wade/Bibby/James) and then they have a post player that thinks he’s a perimeter player (Bosh/Illgauskas) and defensive minded centers (Magloire/Dampier).


  22. FastDontLie says:

    All I will say is this…

    Everyone keeps underestimating the Chicago Bulls – I just love it. Take a good look at his career stats thus far, and you will see that Derrick Rose is just getting freakishly better with time, Boozer is as complimentary as they come and Deng…completely out of left field with a career-best year. Oh yes…and who can forget the hard-working, in-your-face yet lovable Noah. When the Lebron-A-Thon came to a close, and Miami became the new Goliath, everyone seemed to have forgotten that “David’s” sling shot was still on point as ever and not far behind. To be precise, only 2 games behind in the Eastern Conference and only 1 behind “Goliath”. With that said…everyone…meet Mr. Derrick Rose – the modern day “David”. June is going to be fun!

  23. Blacktiger says:

    To all you Miami Heat haters, band wagons, and who dont know nothing about the game…..by all means BE QUIET!! Its not about a player, its about a team! If Pat thinks that this point guard fits the mole better so be it, the man has championships! Keep in mind when Miami won it all in 2006, they had two veteran point guards sharing time. Bibby and Chalmer wouldnt have full pressure on handling the ball, but all must do they’re parts to win! If any of the big 3 dont score there average, the bench must come through with at least 10 points. As you seen when one of the big 3 dont get there average and the bench dont score, Miami loses close games! Wade is the major key cause he has that ring and Lebron second cause he experienced the finals! If they all do there parts Miami is unstoppable, you have two Michael Jordan shadows on the team. Lebron has a taste of Jordan and Magic Johnson! Wade is a 6’4 shooting guard that can leap at any length! Bosh can actually do more if he attacks the rim and when wide open kill with the jumper! The bench must get the averages up, all three point shooters must do they’re parts! Miami has great defense, but must maintain there points for leads! Attack, attack, and attack more cause no team can handle them all if they all score! GO HEAT!!!!!!!

  24. mark says:


  25. Troy says:

    I hope the Bulls pick up Arroyo they could use a true backup PG and there is room on the team for 2 Carlos’s! 🙂
    Arroyo plays very good international ball for PR!
    Bulls could have used Troy Murphy too for his size and outside shot, they need another outside shooter besides Korver.

  26. Edmund L. Gray says:

    Bottom line here if Carlos Arroyo was playing on the level he was in the Olympics he wouldn’t be getting replaced by Bibby. This is a “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY” NBA. Look I’m no ball player but playing in a team with Lebron James and D-wade it seems all you would have to do to keep your job is hit wide open shots. Isn’t that what they brought him in for?



  28. AGRESSIVE says:

    Its freakin MIKE BIBBY, Everyone know who Mike BIBBY is, you know why, cause they always get him and Jason KIDD mixied up lol, AM I RIGHT, YES I AM, YA Know ya got KIDD AND BIBBY MIXED UP, anyway MIKE BIBBY is good

  29. AGRESSIVE says:

    First of all, the HEAT dont SUCK, second of all ARROYO sucks so that was a great trade, Mike BIBBY, come on shawty its freakin MIKE BIBBY

  30. HEAT says:

    Miami is gonna win dont worry HIGH FIVE! Bulls get lucky all the time, Knicks…., and Celtics really? come one they dont stand a chance

  31. boywonder001 says:

    Yeah i think the miami heat should sign a big men, they did a good job bij obtaining dampier he is a nice addition to their defence. Im from holland and its too bad they dont have it on the tv but i try to follow it on nba.com. The waiving of carlos arroyo show you that the nba is a hard business,

  32. linebacker0000 says:

    Arroyo got screwed because he was never allowed to be the point guard once they acquired Lebron; and even with Bibby, he is only gonna play point guard when Lebron allows him too which definetly won’t be in the 4th Quarter. What’s the purpose of getting all these players but not allowing them to play or shoot the ball? There isn’t much no one can do it they are only allowed to play 5 minutes a game. That’s why they’re not getting any points out of House & Chalmers. Like Lebron & Wade said, “the offense flows through them.”

  33. The Heat don’t have enough and realized after the loss to NY. Now don’t get me wrong Bibby is definitely an upgrade but they still need size in the paint. When you look at how they leaped up and grabbed three big name players and forgot about the other parts of building a team. Now keep in mind what the Knicks just did after they get acclimated and add some more pieces through free agency of course being how they gave up any reasonable draft pick they will receive for a couple seasons. NY is once again a city fans are talking about and went about their acquisitions the right way with another huge free agency period on the way in 2012 a lot of players will want to play in the Garden. I’m not an analyst just a guy who was brought up in the game and that’s my opinion.-
    Erick A Myrthil

  34. ROdel Viado says:

    I think MIAMI need a solid big man, BOSH is not like HOWARD, O NIEL, STOUDEMIRE or any other big man can do with their team. The lost of MIAMI always because of BOSH who have a lot of miss shot. No question with LEBRON and WADE, they can do the job, but since they have to share with BOSH, all pass and shoot for BOSH made their effort to loose. I do hope mike bibby can share a little for miami. Miller should do some scary 3 points like allen in celtics. But big man is the main problem of MIAMI. Maybe if they get perkins… then the celtics will have a hard time for MIAMI. Im from Philippines fan of MIAMI.

    • B-Easy says:

      Solid big man?? Then you mentioned Superstar Big Men? Do you really watch NBA? A defensive-minded big man would fit pretty well for the Heat. But until Coach Spo learns how to orchestrate the Triangle offense, the Heat would go nowhere near the NBA Finals.

      Look at teams using the triangle offense:
      Chicago Bulls: Best Point Guard was John Paxson and Ron Harper (just solid role players)
      still they won six titles in the 1990s
      LA Lakers: Best Point Guard was Derek Fisher (solid shooting and leadership only)
      still they won five titles in the 2000s

      Unless Coach Spo learns the Triangle offense, Heat would always be eaten by Chi-town or Boston.


      -Filipino Pride

    • Blacktiger says:

      My fellow Miami Heat fan, we all must stay true to our players. Bosh isnt the problem, cause if one player isnt playing well then the team must adjust. Wade didnt show up against the Knicks but Bosh did. Bosh didnt show up against Chicago but Wade did. I feel if any of the big 3 dont put there average points in, the bench must come through!! Glad to know there are Heat fans around the world, GO HEAT!!

  35. Ice Pogi says:

    That’s a great move for the HEAT… Arroyo is a good PG but what the heat need is a scoring pg…. Someone who can make an open shot when the BIG3 is being doubled…. I rather sign Mike BIBBY rather than re-signing Joe Johnson for a 124million deal… And that is way overrated for a 2 guard who is doing nothing…. Secondly those HEAT haters know nothing about Basket Ball… come back again after the playoffs so you could say something about this HEAT squad… positive or negative… who cares…. I bet your team wouldn’t reach 2nd round of the playoffs…. as for the laker fan who always sayin’ the heat suck…. you maybe right…. but LAKERS sucks more and they even lose to a D-league type team which is the CLEVELAND cavs….they can kiss that 3peat hopes goodbye….It ain’t gonna happen….. just stay quite for a while…. comeback again after the season is over….

  36. Evan says:

    well i have kind of been on the fence about the Heat. Lebron and Wade are great players but they just cannot seem to win close games. Mike Bibby will give them hope. Iv’e always liked Bibby and ever since the 2002 western finals tragedy, he has no had a chance at a championships. this will be his final chance.

  37. Jao says:

    someone said Boston should pick up Arroyo just to mess with Miami’s head.

  38. beginner says:

    i think corey brewer should sign with boston they need a replacement for tony allen’s defensive skill of the bench having jeff green as replacement for posey and brewer a replacement for tony allen think how hard for other teams to score from them and by going to boston corey brewer could increase his offence by learning form ray allen as his mentor

  39. DWill1 says:

    Doesn’t matter who Miami’s point guard is. He sitll won’t touch the ball much, And certainly in the fourth quarter!

  40. Jek says:

    Heat = they should focus on there defense, it is more effective to get a new center like Perkins to help in there defense
    ……………more power on the Big-3 and to Miami……….. Especially to my idol LEBRON JAMES……………

  41. oli says:

    @ Johnny
    How could Miami lose the playoff finals against Boston?

  42. Knicksforever says:

    The Heat will need arroyo in the long run. Yes he got Bench but the Heat Coach is worthless if he get the same min as Mario He would also produce check the stats. What the problem was when Carlos was starting and playing Wadw,Lebron and Bosh were still trying to figure out how to play together and once that happen it open the opportunity for everyone else to shine. It not that mario is better than carlos. Carlos has more exp. Internationally and in the NBA and has played at a higher level. And Bibby isn’t the answer he shoot too much and wade and james will not allow it

    • Blacktiger says:

      Typical Knick fan would speak while eating snuff! Billups is experienced, so whats wrong with Miami getting a more experienced point…………oh yeah hope you guys make the playoffs, we would love to send you back home!

      • knicksforever says:

        It seems that you haven’t heard that the NY KNICKS beat the HEAT 2 times already BIG 3 and ALL. It doesn’t matter who they have at the Point the will not make pass the 1st Round. Remember Lebron doesn’t produce when needed in crunch time, Bosh is too soft. It will all Fall on Wade and no one else.

        Bibby is washed out that why ATlanta let him go in the first Place.

        GO KNICKS!!!!!

  43. Pat says:

    Man I’m telling you, if the Spurs sign Brewer it could be a very interesting post season. That defense would be impressive to watch. Not to mention they have one of the best shooting coaches in the NBA, so it could significantly help out Brewer’s 3 point game. I mean, look at the difference between Richard Jefferson’s 3 point shooting between this year and last year, and he worked all summer with the Spurs shooting coach. Now apply that the Brewer, and add in the defensive skill? I’d be like having a younger and more athletic Bruce Bowen. I dunno, I think Brewer could fit in a lot of places, but he could become pretty effective if he chose the Spurs.

  44. Realist says:

    Wow…for all of these posters saying Miami handled this the wrong way and no one is going to want to sacrifice to come to the Heat is just kidding themselves. Anyone remember the Celtics trading one of their most loyal soldiers as well in Kendrick Perkins? It’s a business and players get that, this happens a lot. Get over it. If someone is a championship contender, no player is going to care if someone else got waived. They just want a chance to win a title. They’d rather take a chance at making an elite team than getting a guaranteed spot on a bad team. Just think about it for a second and it makes perfect sense.

    Anyways, fantastic move by Pat Riley and the Miami Heat front office. This is just another piece to the championship puzzle. We have a great chance at a title this year, but as a loyal Heat fan I have learned patience with my team through the years. It’s a two-year plan, as Pat has continued to preach. Get the stars in the first year, then the surrounding talent in the next year. This year’s free agency should add a lot of depth to our team. We are elite now, but with the additions that are expected to take place this off-season, we will be a great force in the league next year and will probably win the title next year.

    Also, for all of you saying the Heat suck because they haven’t beaten elite teams in the regular season are also implying that the Lakers suck as well, because they have only beat one elite team in the Boston Celtics, and they weren’t even healthy at the time with Perkins, Jermaine, and West out at the time. Just because we don’t get up for games against elite teams in the league like every other elite team, besides the Lakers of course, doesn’t mean we suck. It means we want the playoffs to begin where each and every game actually count for something.

    Can’t wait for the playoffs. 🙂

  45. Person says:

    1. The heat don’t suck, they just have some things they got to fix, 43-17 doesn’t suck.
    2. Everyone needs to stop saying that the heat are going to win it all or they are not. You really don’t know till it happens because in the end, you have 3 of the top 15 players in the league. So it might not work but there is always the possibility, due to the talent. When you have wade, lebron, and bosh on one team, you’re always gonna have a chance.


  46. Someone Said... says:

    Someone said they think the heat will go to the finals but will lose to boston…??? I will assume you meant the conference finals because it would be very dumb to actually make such a statement intentionally in the literal sense (I hope I didnt lose you there…)!

  47. cj says:

    anderson varejao is the right guy for the center position of the miami heat….

  48. cj says:

    The heat need a big man who is very tough and skilled enough to be the center of the team rather than ilgauskas, eric dampier and joel anthony…..

  49. proper242 says:

    the heat have a very serious problem and with the addition to mello in NY only made it worst. Because of what LBJ Wade and Bosh did this past summer started a trend, The league has gotten better after the half and the Heat have not improved. I dont mike with all respect to him will make a difference to the style of play. Because of LBJ players cant play there position and the coach cant coach they way he would like. Watch the all star game he barely wanted MVP D Rose to bring the ball up or run plays. For a guy who has been in the league 7+ years he hasnt learned much. I hope he never learns lol. I know some made a comment in defence of the heat being a decent team with their record. So if last year lebron and the cavs had 60+ wins and the best record in the nba i would say that the cavs where pretty decent as well. So thinking like lebron i guess he will be looking to move teams next season.

    Well anyway my money is on the bulls this year.

  50. CELTICS says:

    LOL maybe boston might look to sign arroyo lol miami could of got murphy the problem relies on the bigs, come playoff time its all about the size. miami gunna have trouble with orlando,bulls, n boston
    p.s. boston 2011 champs

    • Blacktiger says:

      Good luck maintaining a graying team…….wow your top players are soon too retire lol!

  51. jhames says:

    damn! if miami heat let bibby and murphy sign a contract DAMN!! two players from heat would be released! that sucks..

  52. Joseph says:

    Wow poor Arroyo. He pretty much got backstabbed by the whole organization. After a year trying to work on his game he finally gets the starting position. Then little by little Spoelstra was giving him less minutes until he eventually gets benched and Chalmers surprisingly out of nowhere gets put back in as starter. Even when he did start he would only play about 10-12 mins while Chalmers played 20-30mins easy,Arroyo would start @ around the 6min mark in the first Chalmers would go in.Arroyo would come back in he 3rd and get substituted by Chalmers once again around 4-8mins left in the quarter and he would get no more action.Of course his numbers would be lower than any other starting pg…And just look at the three guys he had by his side…Ofc hes not going to get much stats cus the big 3 always have the ball and suck up everything…The thing that really makes me pissed is how they got “rid” of him….LeBron James said he welcomes Bibby with open hands….Then he says hes losing a “brother” in Carlos Arroyo…lol losing a brother my ass….I hope Carlos gets an offer from a team so he can prove the doubters wrong.

  53. jake grobador says:

    arroyo’s assist is getting low…thats because of james and wade who wants the ball on their hands all over the game!!!

    • Blacktiger says:

      Lol when was the last time he had that stats…………..he was a third string and now no strings attached!! No doubt he was a loyal good player but just like any sports, changes come!!

  54. Gary says:

    Bibby is one of my favorite guards so i’m glad he’s on board. Arroyo took a pay cut to play, but was expecting a free ride. Wade, Bosh and James also took cuts. So what it boils down too is Arroyo not performing well and not money. But of course there’s story just saying that, thus the drama.

    • DWill1 says:

      Yeah but neither of the big three gave up a years salary! As soon as Riley finda a point that he thinks is better, Bibby will be gone too. Miami is a joke!

  55. Jowell Chua says:

    hooray for the worlds greatest ballhog Kobe Bryant!

  56. Ignacio says:

    Lebron is just too good. Without Arroyo, he’s even better. Why? Because arroyo eats too much. The HEat need Jermaine ONeal and nate robinson

  57. The Answer 3 says:

    1- i think the Heat make the worst deal. Becuase if you see the stats of Chalmer he is very bad on Turnover and Arroyo is Good he don’t commit Turnover and that is the problem in this team the make a lot of TO and Arroyo is the man to control those TO. But deal are deals, Im a fan of Heats but Im Puerto Rican and I wish that Teams like Spurs and Celtics pick Arroyo because C’s have only Rondo, West everytime is injured, and Spur because Tony is out for 2-4 week and Hill can’t control that team so easy. I HOPE SEE ARROYO ON GREEN OR BLACK AND WHITE….IN ADDITION IF ARROYO BRING HIS STYLE LIKE HE PLAY VERSUS USA ON 2004 OLIMPICS HE WILL BE A BEAST… JUST LOOK HIGHLIGHT OF HIM ON YOUTUBE….

  58. lol says:

    Wow some of you people that blog really don’t know how to speak English or are you just really bad at typing it.. ? Anyway.. Yeah Miami can’t win close games.. and that is obviously a big problem since the playoffs are right around the corner.. but realizing that doesn’t mean they aren’t a championship team.. lol they are still really capable in a 7 game series because.. if you people were actual fan.. you would realize that the playoff are about match ups and.. Miami still has a great chance …. maybe not this year but.. years to come

    • Urathea says:

      Ahem……. I think you could use a little brushing up on your English skills as well.
      Given, I suppose it’s not as bad as some peoples’ blogs.

  59. MagicMan12 says:

    The Heat dont suck cause lets face it, they have 2 of the greatest athletes in the game but they just dont have that well rounded kind of team that will get them a championship, and there record against the top teams in the league proves that point. Lebron should have stayed up north, he wont win any more championships in miami then he would have with the cavs. Dwyane is still the captain. Go D12 Baby

  60. yuiop says:

    Arroyo playing great?????!!!!!..come on guys, a player that has been outplayed by most point guard of opposite teams played that great?!!!…its logical for Miami to do that..still if bibby not as good as rondo or rose but he’s still a upgrade compared to arroyo….

  61. rayray20 says:



  62. whataboutarroyo says:

    Is amazing that nobody is talking about the fact the arroyo was fire for doing a good job. The HEAT were loosing because they suck against the good team. This coming from a HEAT fan, yes they upgraded their PG position, but they really screw arroyo over.

  63. Sarkies says:

    Look. Stop thinking that Bibby will help this team so much. Yeah, he is better than Arroyo but then again, what point guard in the league isn’t? The Heat are 0-2 against the Bulls and 0-3 against the Celtics. I just don’t see it happening for these guys. Don’t try to sell me on the whole, they have Lebron and Wade who can get assists because if that were the case, they would have gotten them to win. Bibby is way past his time. He was good when he was with the Kings. He really hasn’t been good since. even with the Hawks (a winning team), he couldn’t throw up any assists. I’m sorry but I find it really hard to believe a point guard can’t average as least 8 assists a game when you have Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford, Josh Smith, and Al Horford to pass to. I don’t care if Lebron, Wade, and the overrated Bosh are on the Heat and they are better. (Bosh isn’t). There is no excuse for Bibby to average that low. And the Heat can’t beat any major teams. Sure, they have beaten the Lakers once and a couple .500+ teams but then again, so have the Cavs. Does that make the Cavs a title contender? HELL NO. So stop acting like Lebron + Wade = Championship. It doesn’t now and it never will. They lack good bigs and good point guards. Bibby is not a good point guard any more. I promise Rose, Paul, Rondo, Billups, Westbrook, Parker, and many more will stop him in his tracks and show that he is not a threat to them.

    • Blacktiger says:

      If any of the big 3 dont get there averages in points , then the bench must come through! Like all teams, your bench has to be great no matter how many superstars. If the bench dont show up and one of the 3 players dont play well, they lose close games at end. If you paid attention when all 3 playing well with bench Miami is unstoppable! Far as Bibby well just a more experienced point who been around top scorers and knows hes part. Miami beat alot of the not so good teams and lost against top teams by few, there bench must produce!

  64. german_heat says:

    it’s all about gettin the right ending of quarters… the heat need to play their game until it’s over and not just stoping 2 minutes before ending… when u go with a 15+ lead into the half u win such a game against nyk. and with bibby on the court u have an old and intelligent pg who can give u the power and the concentration to play this out. and btw… haslem is much better than arroyo:D

  65. miiiaaaammiii hhhheeeeeatttt!!!! says:

    pat riley wave juwan, sign leon powe…

  66. Bibby? good luck trying to gaurd rose or rondo in the playoffs….He is gonna get blown by on every single position…I knw the celtics gave up perk which is a HUGE loss…But i cant believe people are counting them out? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? this team was still first place without perkins all year….Troy murphy is a solid pickup for them he can stretch the floor for rondo and he can also grab 10+ rebounds when given the minutes….CELTICS WILL BE IN THE FINALS…I Hope the Lakers are too cause this time WE will have HOMECOURT!!


  67. vic says:

    Bibby is a solid pick up for the Heat. Carlos Arroyo started the season strong and i liked him starting especially when the heat were on the long winning streaks. i think the heat were just looking for more preasure on the point guard so that is why they started chalmers and Arroyo started seeing less playing time. (Miami didnt just drop Arroyo, he had been on bench for a while… people make Miami look like the bad guys). Even though bibby isnt a solid defender, i think he’ll help space the floor and allow lebron, bosh n wade to go to work.
    whos starting???? chalmers or bibby????

  68. a says:

    Bulls are going to meet the ehat in the ECF and heat are gonna lose in 6 games because of the bulls defense

  69. Alvin Nathaniel says:

    C’Mon Miami! If Brewer’s out they gotta snag him! Then Wade can move to PG! BE SMART!!

  70. Rocky Nuyda says:

    There’s no security of tenure in the NBA these days. If you think you’re doing a good job with your team, well, someone in the organization may have somebody else in mind who can do an even better job. With the slew of talent out there there’s no telling how long a player will last in one place. Geez i’m glad i’m not an NBA player.

  71. kelly says:

    it is great that heats get mike but now lets see if james could stop being a ball hog. bibby is good but not good enough
    now boston i lkie how thy got troy everybody was piss went they let go perkin but murphy is there to help it like the same old boston with better shooters. go boston

  72. Vincent says:

    It is hard to keep up to all these players going to another team. The trade deadline is over but the players exodus is not over. The Heat can still get a production from Mike Bibby but can he keep up with Rondo, Rose and Nelson in the playoffs? I don’t think Murphy can be much help in the defense but he is a big help in offense for the Celtics

  73. cant stop the STAT! says:

    alright while bibby is an improvement over arroyo heat fans have to remember that with lbj, wade, and bosh that bibby is not going to be averaging 15 points a game. again hes an improvement but still not going to be outplaying rondo or rose any time soon

  74. Randon nG says:

    Carmelo + Billups + Amare this combo is 100% better then Miami.

    • Gary says:

      Right but just lost to the team Miami destroyed in confidence. Haha NY got lucky Sunday.

      • richard says:

        But you forgot the fact that when NY lost the first 2 games to Miami, both Melo and Billups were not yet in their roster…look at their game last Sunday, when NY beat Miami, LBJ once again showed his weakness, he could never be and will never be a closer compared to Melo,Kobe and MJ. Good player stands out when the going gets tough, great player wanted the ball in their hands when the game is on the line and they know how to deliver, unlike LBJ who is a certified chocker……

  75. Randon nG says:

    i bet Miami cant become NBA champions if they aren’t convenient like this. Mike Bibby yes one of the good point guards. But why do they need Bibby. I would say worst decision.

  76. talong says:

    heat will underachieve in the playoffs. bosh and james are not good enough to win close games. let wade handle the ball @ 2min mark and beyond. addition of bibby wont even help them. as he is inconsistent in shooting the ball. the best thing that could ever happen to the heat this season is the return of haslem and his being 100% the rest of the way.

  77. hmmm says:

    im guesising this ducsch is a celtic fan why everyone quote un quote talk sht about the heat…….cause there scared they can be not good but the best period let em play and shut the fk up

  78. MVP says:

    And i still believe murphy can still be a double double machine and hit out side shots.. heat could of pick him up but maybe his not on miami’s future plans..

  79. MVP says:

    Arroyo has been gud since he started in miami.. and he didnt do anything wrong. He did wat spoestra told him to do and he did a good job on it..

    It was unfortunate for him to get cut even though miami has like 5 centre in the roster.. and they only use 3 of them which is dampier, bigZ and joel anthony, Pittman still on Dleague trying too condition himself and i dnt think they have use magloire yet this season..

    Mike bibby will be a good addition to the team if it goes through, He has better range than arroyo if we compare and has postseason experience, we all know his aging but lebron and dwade will still play the point to close games and they can just kick it out to bibby for an open jumper, he still has the quick release and can be handy..

    now arroyo is gone make it happen pat..bring the arizona pg in sth beach.. if u can land lebron it shouldnt be that hard is it?

  80. t-mix says:

    who cares about the miami heat i mean they keep gettin all these scrap old players no one else want to join up with wade and lebron. first off lebron is a point guard regardless of who is in the lineup. this team is garbage i mean u have a two stars that do the same thing and cant really shoot and you have a shooting big man so if you look at it there is no way they will beat a great defensive team with that combo. i feel sorry for miami they were thinkin well boston is gettn old we might be able to get there and then carmelo and chauncey goes to ny and you like damn lol. o yea shout out to my lakers

  81. Big_Marc says:

    The heat are and will always be a bomb ass regular season team. The reason for this is because it’s not enough time during regular season to really focus and have a legit game plan against these guys. they’re gonna run every team out of the gym during the season but i think once the playoffs start they’re gonna get exposed like janet @ the superbowl….Oh Yea LET’S GO LAKERS !!!!!!!

  82. KIngKobra2 says:


  83. awesomeman says:

    Cory Brewer should go to New Orleans. Come on, dont leave them standing. Do it. The Nuggets are down, bring the Hornets up. Chris Paul deserves a ring there, work for it.

    Do it owners. Dont be punanis.

  84. Fan of the Game says:

    This is the WORST BLOG EVER lol. Please people, learn to spell.

  85. peter spitoon says:

    Mike Bibby has decided to be Lebrick’s peter spitoon! Miami Heat and Pat Riley show absolutely no player loyalty by axing Carlos Arroyo! both the organization and the man are a disgeace!

  86. Hahaha says:

    I was expecting them to waive Jamal Magloire or Juwan Howard. Really surprised they dumped Arroyo. It’s weird he seems like his sole purpose was to infuriate underachieving Mario Chalmers. When Chalmers wasn’t doing well he went to the bench and split time with Arroyo. After Chalmers becomes the starter again Arroyo stopped playing all together. Strange.

  87. xxCity-Starxx says:

    Mike bibby is way past his prime.. All he is is a cheaper point guard picked up only cause he is a little better than arroyo..bibby is to short to slow and older than the elite point guards in the east.. Rose, Rondo, and now williams well tear him apart. The heat are contenders but not yet champions with that move. In the NBA Size Matters and unfortunetly they aint got none.. besides you ever hear bibby talk? he sounds like a muppet baby,, new nick name for him “Muppet Bibby”

  88. Franco Royl TurningStones says:

    Miami needs a center!!! the points they score in the paint doesn’t come from their C but from wade and lebron. dwight will punish them when the post-season comes. i reallly don’t think a legitimate PG is their problem.

  89. […] Bulletin: It's July in March in NBA!NBA.com (blog)So instead of an hour-long special to await and dissect one man's move from Cleveland to Miami, we're getting maybe 90 seconds or so to learn of, process and re-Tweet each of a half-dozen or more significant NBA moves occurring in broad daylight. …NBA At 2: Miami's True Title PathHoopsWorldFan reaction: Mike Bibby headed to Miami HeatYahoo! SportsVeteran Bibby brings offense, leadership to MiamiFS FloridaBoston Globe -Starzlife (blog) -Dime Magazineall 578 news articles » […]

  90. brewer to the lakers! says:

    read my name

  91. Bibby still has clutch touch says:

    The Heat lose to close fourth quarter games when they keep on letting James carry them during the clutch (no matter how James tries to have that Kobe or MJ effect, he still is far off, James can do other things except consistency in the clutch), wade is even a better clutch player than James but still they keep on holding to James, buuuuut the thing now is, Bibby being an addition gives them a whole better way to deal close games on fourth quarters, Bibby still has that consistent jumper, makes good shots and good decisions and also holds a cold blooded dagger shot which he still has even when he left the kings, the better thing about getting Bibby for the Heat is his leadership and experience which is also key during close games. I truly believe that Bibby will win them key/ close/ clutch games for the Heat. (only sucks is that I’m not a Heats fan, but I still know the Bibby effect.)

    • Paul J says:


  92. LAKERS>HEAT nuff said says:

    Mike Bibby is good but has been playing very inconsistent. Thats why Hawks traded him! If Bibby cant play good with up and coming stars like Joe johnson,Josh Smith(Better than Bosh),Al Horford, AND Jamal Crawford… then how is he gonna do good with just 3 scoring options?

  93. chris says:

    Go Miami Cheat! Go Miami Cheat!
    Could we give Lebron a shirt that says “please join my team, i dont know how to win a playoff game” ?

  94. Paul J says:

    I was expecting things to happen that Arroyo was on the way out. It was only a matter of time. Heat needs a good playmaker type of point guard, tricky and good passer, can shoot 3 pointers too. Mike B is better than any of Miami’s roasters.. He is better dribbler than D wade and Lebron James who most of the time are handling the ball….instead of Arroyo. Good luck Mike and a wish for Arroyo find a new team to start over again. One more thing, Miami should be running a game like the Phoenix Suns style. The Heat have the best trio of the NBA. Suns don’t have that, just a good point guard, the rest are average. What do you think If Wade, Bush and Lebron were in Phoenix with uninjured Nash and Gortac / Lopez in the middle?

    • Hahaha says:

      There is a reason the Suns never won a championship. No D and limited half court offense. The Heat can play uptempo like the Suns but it won’t win them a ring.

  95. Willy1son says:

    Mike Bibby is not gonna make a difference for the Miami Heat. you know why? he can’t play center. Miami need to get bigg simple as that.

  96. big"D"® says:

    Murphy, and his fighting Irish attitude is going to the Celtics… Wahoo… Perk, personally, we’ll miss you but other than that, I don’t think so. After weighing all aspects of the latest Celtic maneuvers, I like what I see and yes, Danny has taken a big risk. At least it’s a risk based on a tremendous amount of thought. I would rather have that then to have people ignoring problems as if they’re not there. That to me is a bigger risk. Perkins has had major shoulder and knee surgery and now is having problems with his other knee. That in and of itself is a huge risk. The way the Celtics where going, they where on their way to the door of the playoffs with a chance to hobble through to defeat. At least now, they will have “on the fly” options. One last thing, I always felt that Doc’s confidence in Perkins was over rated. Maybe I’m wrong, Doc’s a great coach and his public confidence may have been just a coaching maneuver. I think Danny Ainge has put together quite a little package for ol” Doc to play with… big”D”®

  97. MrPusha says:

    Come on Spurs!!!!! We could use more youth for the future…. GET BREWER!!!!!! He would be perfect for the Spurs.

  98. ESOY says:

    miami doesn’t need arroyo….bibby is better compared to arroyo and chalmers, bibby is difficult to defend….he can shoot all over the court compared to the two G…it would be a better miami with a starting lineup (bibby, wade, james, bosh, anthony/dampier) with haslem, house and chalmers as bench….^_^

  99. tj says:

    lol heat dont stand a cahncce they missed out on murphy a solid palyer and all oston needs now is to pick up a solid defender at the sg postion *COUGH* cory brewer *COUGH*

  100. LOL says:

    Good Deal done by the HEAT. That was the right way of waiving Arroyo, and instead choosing bibby. Bibby is more good and Arroyo really sucks balls. Can’t even contribute some assist when he was the starter in the 1st half of the season.Nicely done heat.

    • Russellmaniac says:

      Are you serious? They handled that horribly… The least the Heat could have done was send him off with a chance to join the bench of a potential playoff team like the Jazz or Pacers, but instead they just threw him out the window. Forget miami. What a bunch of jerks.

  101. Eiriksjon says:

    Bibby = Bad D especially against PG like Rose and Williams
    They just released a guy that is just the same as Bibby in defense. The don’t going to get anything from him on the defensive end.

  102. Bader says:

    If brewer came to the mavs, i think he could fill the void of butler pretty well. He’s got great size and his defense is probably better that butlers. and we all know he can shoot the ball

  103. Tags says:

    lol look at the tags. Lebron James towers over micheal jordan. lol its funny. even pau gasol is bigger than mj

  104. z says:

    haslem is a awesome he can hustle on da boards n defensively and has a solid mid range game. u dont know wat your talkin about.

  105. Magic Fan says:

    Murphy would be a great fit in Orlando.

    • N says:

      Murphy and Ryan Anderson are basically the same player. Same size, same style, why would you need him, since he can’t cover that hole in defense in the second unit?

  106. Coffee says:

    haha Mike Bibby? for reals? he’s just like a washed up j-will that Rondo schooled to retirement last post season. lol
    c’mon Miami… you missed out on Troy Murphy and you picked up Bibby? hahaha pathetic. Bibby will get RONDO’d.

    • Juniel says:


      • awesomeman says:

        No, Rondo will get WADE’d

      • Coffe says:

        duh… y’all know what Rondo’s game is–to pass the ball– how come you still can’t stop him… still averaging 12dimes a game. Bibby, Mini-Me, whatever… Rondo don’t need to score, he’s just gonna pass, so just watch Mini-me if he can shut down Rondo’s passing game. Im sure Rondo can stop Mini-Me’s shooting game though.. as for Wade’d? nahhh Wade got Lebron’d. hahaha
        Bibby… really?! goodluck with that. hahaha C’s got Murphy. sorry Miami. okay y’all can cry now I’m done.

    • BBallAllDay says:

      I agree. This was a crazy trade. Heat management musta been hanging out with Charlie Sheen at the time.

      • Law064 says:

        @BBallallday LMAO on a bender with Charlie and just made a decision lol @awesomeman the entire Heat team got RONDO’d in the last game Triple doubled the heat. Mike Bibby lol man he was hot back in Sac town with C-Webb but he’s done. Good luck and watch out Orlando is playing good ball as of late. Also Bibby will get D.Rosed,CP3’d the list goes on D-Will’d man it’s still the same team.

  107. A FAN says:


  108. JR 27 says:

    Miami needs a little bit of everything. Yes, they have Bibby to help Chalmers, but now they need to have someone who is not afraid to go in the paint and make points (other than D-Wade or LBJ) . I also notice in the game against the Knick’s.. LeBron kept passing the ball in 3rd quarter for 3-point shots when they were like 3-14 (can’t quite remember if that’s correct) and that led to the knick’s to go for a comfortable lead. Third, James Jones and Eddy House need to learn how to be more aggressive driving to the paint and make better decisions when to shoot a three point shot.

    JR 27

    • Are you serious? says:

      James Jones and Eddy House can’t drive at all because neither of them has a good handle or power to get into the paint. They have to make those open shots when then get em which is alot. Heck, if you paid me my 2 million dollars and gave me a month to practice, I’d make more OPEN three pointers than they do.

  109. chris says:

    the heat wouldnt drop a big or swing man to get another PG on their roster.. it had to be out of arroyo and chalmers and chalmers is better.. arroyo will get picked up probably..

  110. seoteky says:

    mike bibby just need to shoot…for a guy who average 15 and 5+ assist for ballgame, alongside DWADE and LBJ, he doesn’t need to facilitate bigtime. This a great addition for the miami heat since Bibby facing other elite PG is going to require defenders and respect Bibby’s outside shooting.

  111. RondoRoseWestbrookBillups says:

    Who are the Heat kidding? Bibby for Arroyo is a wash, and the rest of the NBA knows it. It would have been a significant upgrade if it was Bibby circa 2001 with the Kings, but not now. He’s never been a true point guard, which is what the Heat need, and he doesn’t play any defense. Rose, Rondo, and even Billups will continue to shred the Heat’s defense come playoff time.

    • ? says:


    • NBA_FAN says:

      actually, the heat dont need a traditional point guard. They have 2 guys who dominate and handle the ball. They need a point guard that can play D and hit open threes. Unfortunately for the Heat, Bibby only does one of those two things.

  112. Ronald Mitch says:

    Bibby will not help them when they play those big teams. You need size in the playoffs Miami is soft in the post.

    • Rafael says:

      what an animalmiami has new team tell me when do you see wade james n bosh play in playoff together?????? no body has seen miami play playoff games so until they play in the playoff everyone have to shut up ok … u could talk bad about miami when playoff finish we have just seen season games playoff and season games are diferent

  113. heat it up says:

    bibby is a smart addition. there is no bad message if ur a championship team, enough people will wanna join u. also, murphy to boston is huge, helping fill the void that perk left, plus spreading the floor for KG and pierce. and knicks, officially, have a legit shot at a championship. if anybody remembers( i do, i’m only 14!) jeffries was the only defender on the knicks before he got shipped to houston. they’ll probably know have poor outside defense, but think about this starting 5: jeffries, stoudemire( in his natural PF position) anthony fields and billups. that doesnt scare anyone/???? knicks are back

    • SpursFan says:

      while he does help spread the floor for the C’s, Murphy doesn’t nessecarily fill Perks void because he’s not really a good defender

    • KillaRific says:


    • opposable thumbs says:

      Hmmm. Bad message from Miami because of Arroyo? Let’s talk about Kendrick Perkins being dealt and how Garnett felt about that: Something to the effect that it felt like a family member left? Some of you people have such a narrow vision in life.

  114. lakers1 says:

    carlos arroyo is poopoo

  115. John says:

    Just like that? Arroyo was the starter for over half the season and then got benched for Mario even Eddie House has been seeing more Min for over the last month. So to say they just cut him “just like that” is not true.

  116. TheEgyptianG says:

    Still i do feel a bit sad for Carlos, he was doing great in Miami till he got benched…….oh well, its all part of the business

  117. murthy is gooing to play goodo in bostonono hola hoalaw

    • gdog says:

      You dupid

    • lbjfan says:

      first, learn to spell.
      second, its murphy not murthy.
      third, carlos arroyo is not better then all the other bench players. look at haslem, miller, chalmers.
      fourth, miami and boston made a good move. but i still hate boston. becausse they have… Paul… The Spitter… Pierce.

  118. lakerfan says:

    carlos arroyo is better than all the other bench players, including haslem and juwan.

    • Juniel says:


      • MackDaddy says:

        Loud Noises!!! I dont know what we are yelling about!! – Anchorman

        Dude, learn how to use your keyboard…. capslock is right next to the ‘A’.

      • Law064 says:

        @LAKERFAN Juniel is correct with all 3 points 1st You have big time mental issues & no way in hell Arroyo is better than Haslim LMAO he’s better than Juwan I mean the mascot is better than him so wtf..

    • hill324 says:

      really haslem?? come on dude….carlos sucks and I been saying that since season started

  119. lakerfan says:

    mike bibby is reall good but what the heat neaded was more of an athletic point guard one that can out run others and help defensively. I think the best addition would have been if they obtained nate from boston.

    • Chicolombia says:

      You know that nate is in OKC now right………

    • ASIAN says:

      why would boston help the heat?
      DA is stupid, but not that stupid.

    • hill324 says:

      nate is not a true point guard cause is mindset is to do something dumb first then look to pass second…but i like his energy but I do not believe that he would be a good fit for the heat

  120. The Baller says:

    Well they HAD to waive someone! Who the hell wud it b other then arroyo??? Prolly juwan but he’s a gud teammate to have!

    • ? says:

      Come on everybody join in with me, the heat suck, the heat suck, the heat suck. I love the fact you heat fans still believe in this team and they cant seem to beat teams over 500. They stomp teams under 500, but what does that mean? Loved the Knicks vs the heat the other night.

      • BoomBoomBam says:

        The Heat Suck, The Heat Suck, The Heat SUCK!!! Muahahah

      • Juniel says:


      • Rafael says:

        u sound like a stuped little kid lisen heat still got lot to learn they dont suck they just for now cant win does close games the problem i think is the coushe he is a good couche but he has to do a better job on does last plays of the game like makin lebron there number 1 option everytime in last 4 quarter not try to make every star happy by lettin bosh be a closer wade be a closer the closer should be lebron james cause of he could pass the ball n more wade is berry good but doest not match leron james ,, and remenber what happend last year with the celtics everyone said they are to old to win a champiuon chip n look what happend .. Well see in playoff time how gonna survive and who will play better. Im from new york n i said lebron is the best basketball player in the world .. If someone has seein the miami heat game theyll know why im sayin the couche is part of why they not closin better the games like i said hes a good 1 but got to make hes mine real good

      • Lol@NBAbloggidiots.com says:

        lol and the lakers lose to memphis and the bucks by like 20 points at home and lose to cleveland yet they’ve won 2 championships big deal playoffs is when it counts Miami has just a good of chance as any of the other elite 7 teams that could win the championship this year.

      • Riki says:


      • awesomeman says:

        Look at their record. Obviously they dont suck.

      • LMAO says:

        The 05- 06 Heat team had the same problem….. im sure u know what happened then

        stars step up in the playoffs, only before its usually 1 v 3 for wade or lebron vs celtics (or spurs for lebron)

        let’s see how the celtics stack up 3v3 in the playoffs, especially now that they gutted their roster

        SEE u in June Hater

        whatchuknowbout finals? (epicmealtime reference)

      • Dre says:

        Repeating it over and over again isnt going to make it true. Its only furthering your delusions by attempting to brainwash yourself. Haters never learn

      • urathea says:

        First off, Rafael you need to go back to second grade English.
        Second, The Heat do indeed SUCK
        GO BULLS
        DROSE MVP…and for years to come battling it out with LBJ with DROSE prevailing
        …….I’ll drink to that

      • Johnny says:

        I dont think the heat suck. but i do know LeBron is definately not clutch. The Heat will make it to the finals but lose to boston. They are still figuring out their chemistry. I think the heat will win a championship in 2012 or 2013.
        P.S. you bloggers need to learn how to spell.

      • Tevz says:

        the heat suck the heat suck the heat suck!!!

      • fernando sitoy says:

        Johnny says:
        March 1, 2011 at 11:36 pm
        I dont think the heat suck. but i do know LeBron is definately not clutch. The Heat will make it to the finals but lose to boston. They are still figuring out their chemistry. I think the heat will win a championship in 2012 or 2013.
        P.S. you bloggers need to learn how to spell.

        johnny! isn’t it difinately spell as difinitely

    • l. says:

      magloire, i guess. the heat have lots of centers.

      • Angela says:

        Johnny, the I wouldn’t say they suck. I would say they have a lot of work to do and it will be more than a few years before that team wins a championship. They will not make it to the Eastern conference finals, they will lose in the second round to Boston. The best chance they have of making past the 2nd round is to fall into the 3rd spot and play New York in the 1st round and Orlando in the second round. Make no mistake about it, they will have to play New York. It wasn’t Amare or Melo that killed them in the last 3 minutes of that game, it was Chauncey Billups. Yes they have won a lot of games and they are in 2nd place in the East, but their record against the elite teams is not good.

      • hill324 says:

        you guys do know that they have been missing a pf off the bench due to foot injury that makes the team much better then it already is right….

    • LAKERSALLDAY says:


      • ballbuster says:

        Seriously the Heat do not suck. They still have plenty to learn, they have a coach that is managing this team. Yes again the lack of experience of Erik Spoelstra as a head coach may be the problem. He has coached for 2.5 years now. He was the predecessor of Pat Riley who was a pheonominal coach. Before all he had for an end of game play is give it to Wade. Well now he has James, Wade, and Bosh. All of these guys can hit big shots. The vast majority of NBA watchers have seen this. I think that Spoelstra needs to have an option play where he could go to any one of the three, whichever one has the better shot, or an oppurtunity to make a play. Mike Bibby is a good player, he looked really good when he played for the Hawks, he has good vision of the court, can shoot the ball, he can pass the ball as well. i really good pickup for the Heat. Here is something for certain, the East in the NBA is going to get tighter and tighter until it will be like the West.

      • cmon lakersallday says:

        i seen u b4…. c’mon man ur better than that

        jus sit back and enjoy, may the best team win in June ( hope it’s the heat though–heat fan since ’04)

        + the lakers strugglin too

      • Nuugame says:

        Let me help shed some light to this Miami Heat situation by stating some facts:
        1. LBJ, D Wayde and C Bosh control 70% of the team’s scoring, rebounds and assists
        2. Eddie House is the only other player of the bench that gives more the 9 points
        3. The Heat are 2 – 11 against teams with winning records
        4. LBJ is the 3rd leading scorer in the NBA (cleveland anyone?)
        5. All three guys play in every quater
        6. C Bosh is soft (Remember his last injury and his comments: “If it is by somebody’s leg, don’t dive for the ball, it’s too close.”)
        7. LBJ’s numbers are pretty much what they where in Cleveland
        8. The Heat are no better than your average team without one of the 3 players active to play
        9. D Wayde is injury prone
        10. If LBJ keeps driving into the lane like that, he WILL get hurt
        11. They are a jump shooting team
        12. No big man (BIG PROBLEM)
        13. Finally, they have the WACKIEST BENCH in the NBA)

        Nuff said.

  121. trix says:

    mike bibby to heat is a great addition. he played big games in the playoffs. BUT like it says here, the heat are sending a bad msg to players who are willing to sacrafice to join the heat by cutting arroyo just like that.

    • Juniel says:

      Arroyo isnt and will never be as good of a pg as bibby arroyo barely avergaed 7 points a game and his assist werent so high u yeah it unfortunate that he gets kicked wen he didnt step up his game.

    • Rafael says:

      i have seen all this comment n ill say this if heat get bibbi theyll be better than yesterday why is that cause bibbi is a good 3 point shootter doesnt have D but plays good offence ..ill say this about rondo last year the celtic lost the 4 season games against atlanta and bibbi was a part of that group so youll seecomo play off time he will play good for heat and remenber hes gonna get lot of open shot with heat big 3 the only team heat got to pay atention is the celtis the bull n knicks but the knick are notgonna beat heat in a 7 game playoff time theyll probably win 2 games or 3 but heat will beat them i think heat will beat bull in a playoff time 4 to 3 and well celtics are to good so i think mayve the celtics will win the heat if they dont wake up in this 20 or more games they got of the season they still have a chance but celtics are good im from nw york and im happy to see carmelo billops and amaure but they still got lot to go just beacause teh beat teh heat doest not mean nothing the heat blow that game up tryin to make 3 but new york is good go new york but firths i got james

    • boomboom says:

      last time team USA lost in the Olympics was because of this guy. what was his name again? Oh yeah thats right. his name was Carlos Arroyo. Arroyo is just as good a player as Bibby is, if not better. Miami will pick up Biiby but things will be the same. LeBron will end up running PG averaging 7+ assists every night while Bibby will get 3-4. the big 3 will still put in 70% of the heat’s offense and by the end of the season, LeBron, Wade, and Bosh are going to be at home watching someone else hoist the NBA championship trophy up in the air. The only solution for Miami would be to trade Bosh to a team lost a better-than-average big and a solid PG. and no, Bibby is not a solid pg. if he was then Atlanta would have done more to keep him

      • err yeah... says:

        agreed. No point guard can look good with lebron james handling the ball most of the time anyway.

      • todd says:

        i remember a chicago bulls team one time won 6 championships with a superstar SF pretty much running the point in scottie pippen. with lebron and wade getting the assists they do miami doesn’t really need a true point guard, just like the bulls got by with ron harper and steve kerr splitting time at the position. miami should follow the same formula, somebody like kirk hinrich would be a perfect fit if they could ever get him.

      • soop says:

        why would any team give up a better than average big man and a solid PG for Bosh, who is a better than average big man.. it’s a great idea and very needed in Miami BUT i don’t see why any team would give up all that for Bosh. They’ll be trading an average big man for an average big man so essentially giving away a solid PG for free. Miami screwed went for all or nothing by getting 3 good players and an entire team filled with scrubs

      • Angela says:

        I totally agree. It doesn’t matter who Miami gets, Lebron or Wade will be left holding the ball. Right now all the offense is coming through Lebron and it just doesn’t work. The team that Miami needs to be really worried about is Boston. According to the standings today, Miami would meet Boston in the 2nd round. They will not beat Boston in a 7 games series. They have not solved their problems. Unless they unload one of the big three, they are not going to solve their problems. Mike B is a good point guard, but he is not great and they need greatness right now if they expect to make it past the 2nd round of the playoffs. You cannot buy a championship you have earn it.

      • Ldeez says:

        Agreed. People keep raving about Bibby’s 3-point shooting but Chalmers is just as good if not better. In fact, they have a bunch of guys who shoot 3’s. Bibby is a solid pg but he wont make that much of a difference. He’ll just be another spot up shooter like the rest of the guys on the team. Plus, guys like Rose and Rondo are still going to burn past him.

      • jaye says:

        also agreed…. arroyo is just as good as bibby and a better defender… bibby isn’t going to have any more success than arroyo unless he can run up to james and snatch the ball out of his hand…. it doesn’t matter who the pg is in south beach… james and wade aren’t going to let him do his job anyway….

      • suurre says:

        trust me, chalmers and arroyo are NOT better than bibby. chalmers is OK at defense, arroyo is not good at staying on his man, bibby is a WAY superior shooter than both chalmers and arroyo, chalmers’ shooting has gotten a bit better but hes not as good a shooter as bibby,and arroyo shot pretty well in the beginnning of the season, but he cooled down. bibby is also a proven playoff player.

      • maestre says:

        I agree 100%. I think was a big mistake . I think carlos Arroyo is a truly point gard. what he did in the Olympics as a Point guard of a not ranking team PR against the best NBA players was extraordinary. Biddy will not make any diffence in the Miami team.

      • kizzy k says:

        ok we arnt talking aobut the olympics or anthing else but the nba! if he was playing like he did in the olypics he wouldnt have got cut. over all, bibby is playing better then he is now. with bibby being availble and Carlos Arroyo being… well you know its a great choice to make!

        all in all, the heat are trying to win a ring this year, and they are doing what ever they have to get placed in great statings for the playoffs to get a chance to win that ring.

    • Tevz says:

      too right there mate. all you want as a player is security as you would any job. and for the heat to just kick someone out like that shows me, a fan, that they have absolutely no respect for anybody! all they care about is winning. Now, i know to them, winning is everything but to treat a person the way they have is just appalling. the addition of Bibby is great for their championship hopes, but at what cost? Respect goes a long way as does loyalty and the Heat have shown none of that toward Carlos Arroyo

      • kale says:

        True, but need to undestand that nba its a business and every single one of those player are making millions to perform.
        I honestly don;t believer theres such thing as respect or loyalty for a player, its either do a great job or be replace, and/or we find some who we think is better then you and be replace.

      • al-b says:

        i got news for you dude, there is NO loyalty in sports! NONE! zip, zero, zilch! NADA! not in the NBA not in the NFL not in MLB. i don’t know much about how NHL teams treat their players so i can’t comment.

        sports is NOTHING but business. if a team thinks they can upgrade they they do it, plain and simple. nobody is going to frown upon the heat for this move dude. not one person. except you of course.

      • DBBJ says:


      • hill324 says:

        man if a guy at doing what he paid to do then get him out of there….its a job…just like all the rest of you it you go to work everyday and do nothing or half do your job then its for sure that you will be let go too…plain in simple business is business……….if you aint making the business better then ur out the door. No feelings involved. thats everyone problem they put feeling into business.