The Lake Show Returns

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Those reports about the Lakers’ demise might have been a wee bit premature.

That same team everyone was so worried about before the All-Star break, the one that lost to lowly Cleveland and contemplated diving into the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes is suddenly playing like a two-time defending champion again.

Four straight wins since the break, highlighted by Sunday’s playoff-style rumble in Oklahoma City against the Thunder, have everyone looking at things a bit differently as all of playoff-bound teams prepare for the stretch run of this season.

The Lakers, for one, don’t look nearly as vulnerable on the defensive end as that wary bunch we saw before the break. It’s amazing what four days of rest and four solid games can do to the perception of a team, particularly one as scrutinized as the Lakers.

“I think the rest did the guys some good,” Kobe Bryant told the Los Angeles Times after scoring just 17 points but setting another milestone by passing Elvin Hayes for seventh on the NBA career-scoring list. “It was kind of a chance to recover, regroup and focus on the opportunity that we have ahead of ourselves.”

The Lakers’ defense was unbelievable against the attacking Thunder. Ron Artest was at his active best and perhaps most important, Andrew Bynum was dominating on the defensive end. He blocked five shots and showed why so many in the Lakers organization cringe anytime his names comes up in trade rumors.

But the Lakers had all of their defensive wiles working Sunday. More from the Times:

The Lakers took five charges, another sign of how in tune they were on defense.

Even with that, the Lakers didn’t escape until [Kevin] Durant and James Harden missed three-point shots in the game’s final moments.

“We were fortunate to come away with that win,” Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said. “Two shots like they had at the end of the game were good looks. But we did the job in the second half defensively.”

Perhaps the biggest defensive play was made by Pau Gasol.

The 7-foot Gasol took a charge against 6-3 guard Russell Westbrook with 17.3 seconds left and the Lakers protecting a three-point lead.

“It was a good charge,” said Gasol, who had 18 points and 11 rebounds. “It was a big charge night.”

So big that Jackson couldn’t remember the last time the Lakers took so many.

“Never,” Jackson said. “I can’t remember our team doing this many. We talk to them about it and today they did it.”

Artest again held Durant, the NBA’s scoring leader, below his 28.6 points-per-game average.

Artest also came up big late in the game, knocking the ball away from Durant with 49.9 seconds left and the Lakers leading, 90-87.

“I’ve got to give 100% every night because I’m only getting older and he’s only reaching his prime,” Artest said.

Artest is right. But not just about his matchup with Durant.

The same applies to the Lakers and their opposition most nights. They’ve got to give 100 percent because they’re getting older and much of their competition, both in the Western Conference and in the Eastern Conference, are reaching their prime.


  1. CREME says:


  2. ktkees1 says:

    To all you Kobe haters…Kobe is better than Jordan…Jordan owned the referees. He got ALL the calls. Kobe has always been screwed by the refs. He has had to overcome the refs. Also, Jordan played when the league had a bunch of inferior teams. Kobe has had much more competition to overcome. That being said, I do have one issue with Kobe. He takes too many shots. Especially at the end of a game. He needs to set up Pau or one of the other guys at the end of the game. Then the Lakers would be unbeatable.


    I already said it once. Even after Lakers win title again this year, the Kobe haters will find someway to stink up Sekou’s blog and make up some excuse to bash Kobe. Sit down and shut up. Already see the Celtic fans blog comments now:

    “We would have won the finals if Shaq didn’t keep getting hurt” or “if we didn’t trade Perkins” or some other pitiful excuse. You would think Celtic fans would have more pride in themselves or some decency, but you’re all just a bunch of spoiled brats. Too many titles and you think you’re suppose to win every year. Have some confidence in your team. Players are already arrogant like Pierce and Rondo. They will never achieve greatness as long as they are convinced they are better than Kobe.

  4. Elgin West says:

    Bynum altering and blocking shots….clogging up the middle….. who wanted Carmelo Anthony?…..not for one second is that an option…..defense wins titles…..last year games 6 and 7 of the finals….Celtics score 67 and 79 points

  5. downlakers says:


  6. jeeth says:

    Test comments description


  8. sara says:

    Kobe the best ever!

  9. jdq says:

    lakers are going to the finals anyway to face the celtics once again…

    but they have to overcome the threat in the southwest division in the presence of the SAS…

  10. respect the heaters says:

    i must say, kobe success comes from the haters period. i been la fan for long and that man mamba dont speak in media regardless he speak with his game, and when hater talks 🙂 mamba plays dirty to all ya all hater out there picture this….. your team at home playing against La… crowd boos n chants BEAT LA BEAT LA which is my Fav btw lol and suddenly My man kobe hit back to back bucket and all goes shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! TimeOUT!! camera capture his game face (which clearly say shut up) as he’s walking toward the bench, while crowd goes numb, along with many taking early exit. lmao ………… kinda boiling blood of hate aint it. well you guy come back around showin your hate and you get that same slap on your face AGAIN DONT WORRY IF I WAS YOU I WOULD BE LAKERS BANDWAGON couple spot open better not be late honey.

  11. Aj says:

    I’ll tell you why Kobe got 17…He didn’t shoot to well. You can tell his elbow is still bothering him, but he will be ok by next game. He has been and will be the best until he hangs it up. He gets no calls because just like fans the refs dont like him. It all started when he had sex with that girl and went downhill from there. Before that he got alot of call, now you can punch him and the ref will look the other way. The fact people still say hes one of the best in his 15th year in the nba is crazy. I could go on and on but one thing he should do more is take it to the rim and not take alot of bad shots. If he could be patient he would be so much deadlier.

  12. bombsaway says:

    It really bothers me that people just cant see how ignorant they really r. Success in the NBA is measured by alot of things, but ultimately its measured by rings. Sure a player can b considered successful and not have a ring. Charles Barkley was successful and never won a championship. But the players that have rings and know how to lead a team to those rings are truely the great ones. I dont really care for lebron but i dont take anything away from him. he just doesnt have that killer instinct like kobe does. he has leadership skills, but kobe leads veterans. lebron was leading kids. the only thing that anyone can match up with kobe this season is numbers, but numbers dont mean anything. its the intangibles and championships that separates kobe from the rest of the league. everyone said that kobe would never win a ring without shaq, but oh wait….he won 2. and the lakers from the shaq era was far more stacked and dominant than the lakers of today and they r still doing it bc kobe matured and knows how to let the game come to him and how to control the game after that.

  13. JMOM1119 says:

    Let me explain something to all of you. I have been a Laker fan for a long time And you guys are talking nonsense. You realy dont kmow anything about the game. Wait until the playoffs and lets see who is left standing. It is a wait and see game. The regular season is just that. And the playoffs is a whole new game. 3peat, 3peat, 3peat.

  14. JMoon says:

    I don’t like Kobe as a person, but the fact is, I think he just might be the second best person ever to touch a basketball. He will definitely go down in the list of all-time greats along with Jordan, Jabbar, Chamberlain, etc.

    As far as the playoffs go, the Celtics (my previous pick to win the championship) just made the dumbest trade in the world by trading Perkins. Now that he’s not there to play D, the Lakers will probably win it again. I don’t want that to happen, but unfortunately, it looks like it will.

    I have no clue who they’ll face in the finals, maybe Chicago? It’s up for grabs now that Perk is gone.

  15. kobe24 says:

    All kobe haters, lets just wait for the playoffs and relax okay? kobe one of the greatest players!

  16. Jason says:

    Kobe Has runout of gas and it’s time for Lebron to handle the torch…Comes the playoff, Kobe will vanish so as the dream of
    3-peat..They’re just trying to make believe along with their fans that everything’s okey but in fact they are not.. The Lakers are lucky if they pass first round.

  17. pap says:


  18. well, its kinda obvious that kobe is getting his last years in his career so its acceptable that he will score below his average in the past seasons, but as far as i notice this past 3 years (when lakers appeared in 3 straight NBA finals), i can see that Lakers in off season is a lot different in the playoffs. as a big laker fan, im expecting that the lakers can still make it to the finals,, to do this, all other lakers should help kobe to tie MJs 6 championship rings.

  19. joabs says:

    kobe is still the best among the nba star elite today and the all star game was an evidence of that.

  20. Marcos says:

    Is it just me or alot of reporters and opposing teams love to hate on the 2 time NBA champion Lakers…I do agree it seems taht LBJ gets all the calls and Kobe does not get as much….Kobe is a beast aka, black mamba….He is the best player in the nba at this time and will get another champonship this year, once playoffs come, the whole team will be in sink and will not be stopped…….GO LAKERS……………..

  21. J-SHORT says:

    Kobe is still the man, after 15 years of playing basketball to still have all of us talking about him is saying something in itself. Lakers on another run..

  22. mike says:

    “numbers dont lie”… im sick of that… one of the most skewed stats kobe has to face is how he shoots more in some laker losses… he SHOOTS MORE in those games because the lakers need to CATCH UP… ive seen way too many games of this, with the lakers down by 10-20 points, no one stepping up, kobe taking the pressure and taking the criticism, and VERY VERY MANY TIMES bringing us back in the game only to come up a little short… its not fair to him!

  23. TeamLakeShow says:

    The facts are simple and I’ll lay some out for the idiots on here that know nothing about the NBA…..

    First off Kobe is beyond the best player in the NBA and over his career he has been robbed several years. Hate it all you want!

    Second for you basketball idiots the Lakers are trying to 3-peat and this will make there fourth straight year in the finals….As well as Kobe’s & Phil’s second three peat with the Lakers! Championship runs like this don’t come easy and the Lakers are the best TEAM in the NBA regardless of the record.

    So to all you bandwagon I hate the Lakers fans save it!!! Were tired of you crying every year…Sing a new song lol

  24. syd says:

    kobe is still the best..
    you cant point a finger who is the best player if you are just getting the stats
    its all about winning,, and kobe is the best in terms of that..
    i saw him grow..
    as a player who dominate the game by scoring incredible stats..
    and as a player who dominate by winning a championship..
    and by the way..
    by vote.. kobe is still the best player on earth..
    go LAKERS…

  25. K24B says:

    in this particular moment, KOBE is more focus on championship, showtime for the past season with lakers is not yet done with kobe.. i am watching every single game of lakers, kobe is more matured with the team now.. but he has to score if his team mates struggling..

  26. jc cy jabonillo says:

    “”i think this is what kobe at its best when play-off is approaching..why???? its bec scoring for him is not the question bec when he likes to score he can doit, but i like what KOBE is doing ryt now he shares the ball looking for his teamate involve bec kobe is under rated player everybody says that they cant beat the team who they are on top…….hey when plays off tym its diff nobodys on top only the best team will survive and im sure that LAKERS is one of them why? is bec 3 times in row….. phil jackson is the mentor he masters all what basketball is all about no body in this league or in this present tym ever compare the ability of coahing what phil does coz the way players play this generation its diff from way back……

  27. Laker Fan 721156 says:

    Kobe has definitely slowed down. Ever since his finger got hurt its harder for him. Nevertheless he is still one of the greatest to ever play the game and is a fantastic player right now. He still does not play enough team basketball. In the clutch, they have to go to team basketball to win. They could make it a whole lot easier if they did this during the season, instead of waiting until they are up against it in playoffs. This team should be better than last year with Bynum’s improved health outweighing any erosion in the other player’s skills. If Bynum can get the hop in his step he had before he was hurt last time the Lakers will be vastly improved in the playoffs. I would like to see Brown work on his skills much more as he seems to have potential that is not developing.

  28. Kobe Bean Bryant says:

    Interview with Kobe,

    So… Kobe, why are you not scoring as much?
    Since I am a historian of the game, I have learned from the legends that the key to elongate my career in order to amass accolades such as rings and the real MVP trophies that matter (finals and all star), is to shorten my season in order to maintain focus and health. That is, look towards the playoffs as the real season, and use certain games, and stretches during the season to re-focus the team and to make statements to the rest of the league that we are still the ones to beat.

    Thanks guys!

  29. sphinx says:

    well, i still look at them the same, they will start looking sluggish again because the benefits of rest don’t last very long; afterall, the NBA schedule doesn’t care who the Lakers are or whom they were…schedule is still a grueling one. but of course a guy like Sekou is itching & sitting around on his fat ass awaiting for something great to write of the Lakers, Sekou hasn’t changed his passion and the way he looks at the Lakers with all hearts on!. LA won four in a row against depleted teams after the trades — it’s simple to look good on the ‘D’s end when there is smaller players coming at you in the paint. the recent Laker wins doesn’t have ”everyone looking at things a bit differently”…Sekou Sekou Sekou, you have too too much pride & passion for only the Lakers and it’s affecting your percision & honesty for the lazy mans’ job that you have. the Lakers won’t catch Dallas, so that leaves them in 3rd but the Thunder may change that within the next 2 weeks…these are teams that Lakers are supposed to be far more superior over so YES, age is the true factor on why they sit in 3rd out west

  30. rfgb says:

    kobe is not as good as you guys say. Half of the lakers succes comes from pau, bynem, and fisher

  31. #24 says:

    Yeah we understand kobe is getting older but the point is he is also matured in playing… When it is needed most Kobe can carry his team look what have he done in Portland shooting clutch shot.. vs OKC after nailing difficult jumper to lead 90-87.. while LBJ on the other hand has two chances to beat NYK but he was block by amare and could not nailed the 3 pointer.. LBJ wants to attack so that he has two option getting to the line or making the shot.. Kobe has his tremendous jumper thats why he has the killer instinct of the game…

  32. Dragan Ivos says:

    Kobe is the best player in the nba right now behind micheal jordan and once kobe gets his 6th ring i think you can argue that he is better than micheal GO LAKERS!!! WHOO 3 PEAT

  33. jers says:

    firat… c’mon man …. think again….. you want kobe to score 40+ to win? are serious? kobe is acting like a playing coach now if he want to score he does if he want to pass he will…. think again …. there”s no need to worry about the scoring of KB. you better watch him play and make some winning shots to remind what basketball is all about…peace

  34. Olalakers says:

    Hello Guys here we go again Kobe is Kobe Lebron is Lebron basketball is our favorite sports Lover or haters of this two players we still enjoy watching the games just imagine if everyone just loves one player the game will become boring so lets cheer up for basketball lets cheer up with NBA yeheyyy for LA Lakers

  35. rfgb says:

    Kobe and the lakers a a good team, but i’ll be blunt. they don’t stand a bloody chance at beating Miami, Boston, and maybe even the bulls and the spurs.

  36. kobe4L says:

    kobe can score no question about his abilitiy. dont criticize him.

  37. Kevin says:

    firat if the lakers are so boring why do you watch them? They can`t possibly be as boring as your comments…

  38. LAfanfrever says:

    Look at Bynum and Odom tooo and see how they have matured. Bynum 5 blocks devensively he played great and odom…no one cared about him he was prolly the least looked upon laker there was in the years he has played for the lakers but look at him and how much he has been contributing to the team givin off assists points and rebounds he will be a great matchup for chris bosh who does exactly the same things but does not shoot threes. Do you understand that I’m talking about the Lakers as a team and not just Kobe? There you go, thank you for the debate that you have been generously been putting up.

  39. BeefSteak Charlie says:


    “A wise man told me not to argue with Fools. From a distance you cant tell who is who.”

    I am that wise man and you are way too far away right now.

  40. philallstar says:

    Kobe doesn’t need to score 40+ points to be the best player. He doesn’t need to score 40+ because his teammates are helping him now, unlike before when he’s the only one carrying his team. He’s just the most exciting player to watch, his foot works are unbelievable.

  41. Ac3 says:

    firat would you pllllllllz shut da f up???!!! yu make no sense at all… the Lakers are still atop the elite teams in the league, and with a coach like Jackson who has more rings than fingers, and the best closer (in kobe) and bessst frontline in the NBA, the Lakers are fine and no1 can beat them in a 7 game series bcuz they take away what you want to do… Oh andby the way yu dont wiin 2 riings in a row for nothiing lol think b4 yu speak man…

  42. lakerman says:

    hehe, firat, you seem like a whining little girl. let’s just wait and see after the season is over….

  43. rfgb says:

    Besides Kobes championship winning part of his career is 100% OVER!

  44. rfgb says:

    What? You confuzzle me.

  45. Bentley says:

    We still also got Barnes and Ratliff coming back for the playoff run, cant wait to see them return..GO Lakers

  46. Guls says:

    Lakers are bad since Bynum’s return that’s it..

  47. Lakers play hard when they want to. When they play hard there isn’t a team that can beat them in a 7 game series. The only team that can possibly beat them would be Boston just because they did in 08. Spurs maybe but unlikely. Lakers win again this year L.A. 4-2 over Boston or maybe 4-3. But either way L.A wins!!!
    And haters need to stop being haters and enjoy KB while he is still with us!

  48. mus says:

    I don’t know why Kope pretend to keep his tongue out like Jordan.

    you will never be like him, so stop showing your tongue

  49. showtime87 says:

    its funny how no one recognizes the lakers only try during the playoffs. Even all the analysts on tv, they talk all this crap about how bad they are playing. They think the Spurs, they same players since around 2000 can beat the lakers in a series. Are they retarded? Do they watch the playoffs? how many times have we elimated them? But now thats we have a four game win streak they all jump back on the nuts, just like this article. its ridiculous. THREE PEAT BABY!!!!!! RECOGNIZE HATERS!!! i know truth hurts!!!!!!

  50. A Logical Kobe Fan says:

    Firat, all of your comments are a strain on my eyes. I know this makes me sound like the “Grammar Police”, but please work on your typing skills. I’m having to read your comments multiple times to even understand your point. Secondly, Kobe doesn’t need to be able to score 40+ a game in the playoffs to win, but I will admit him scoring 17 in the playoffs probably won’t get the job done, unless Pau or somebody else has a huge night.
    I don’t understand why people always overestimate Perkins. He’s a good player and a strong defensive presence, but some people act like he’s freaking Wilt Chamberlain. I hate to say this about him because I greatly respect him and his will to win, but he is not as good as the media has hyped him out to be over the past several years. He’s a solid starting center, tough and gritty, but his so called “presence” is just the media hyping him out. The Celtics sure thought they could win without him.
    The Lakers aren’t done until they lose in a best of seven series in the playoffs. Kobe Bryant has paced himself over the season because like every other player in the NBA, he is aging. The Lakers have been disinterested over the course of this season because it doesn’t mean as much to them as it does to the other teams. Whether it should isn’t really up to me, or any other fan for that matter. The On and Off buttons that come up in so many arguments do actually to seem to be there, because if you’ve ever followed the Lakers before you will know there were extremely similar conversations about their play last season. The NBA season is 82 games long if I remember correctly. 82 games can have a pretty big toll on your body, so they don’t give 100% every night. They know they’ll be in the playoffs, and that’s all that matters to them. They’ve proven that they can win on the road in the playoffs last season.
    What;s ironic is that the defending champions have somehow managed to become the underdog.

  51. Joshua Remo says:

    Kobe and the Lakers will be having the last laugh come playoffs. Also firat, what truly matters when the Lakers win or lose is how many shots Kobe takes a game. He takes over 20 shots then they generally lose, under 20 shots they generally win. Basketball is a TEAM sport not a one man show. Lastly Kobe is still is the best basketball player as of now.

  52. Martin says:

    Kobe can scre when he really wants to and i have no doubt in my mind that if the guy really wanted to he would drop 30 to 40 points nightly. but when you have such great teammates like gasol, odom, bynum, brown, fisher, the list goes on, why would you do all the work when you dont have to? Kobe is blessed with good teammates and he isnt going to take them for granted. some nights they dont got it, and he has to get it going. other nights, he dont got it, and he finds a way to win. whether its passing or rebounding or whatever. the guy finds a way to win, and thats the most important thing. Kobe has 5 rings. he is the best player in the league, hands down. i cant give lebron that praise…you aint the king, without a ring. peace

  53. LakersRtheBEST says:

    To all the Laker haters, even the critics and doubters who with one simple loss have the audacity to say the Lakers aren’t winning the title this year, SCREW YOU! Lakers loss to Cleveland is just part of Lakers basketball. Lakers can and will turn it on when they want like the flip of a switch. The biggest foe of the Lakers is their psychology. They play only when they feel the need to play. And as we saw the past few years, Lakers are a playoff team. They do well in the regular season, but excel in the Post Season. LAKERS ARE WINNING THE TITLE THIS YEAR! No doubt about it. Lakers will beat San Antonio in the post season, with or without homecourt advantage. And all these beefed up teams in the East still need time to mesh and need experience for them to have a chance at winning. But never count out the two-time defending champs! Dallas sucks in the Playoffs, so they shouldn’t even be a consideration as an opponent who can beat the Lakers. There are only two teams that stand a chance, Spurs and Celtics, and we still have them overmatched and oversized (Bye bye Kendrid Perkins)! So the next time you wannabe Laker fans want to turn on the Lakers and starting doubting because of a mere loss to a crappy team that we will never see in the Playoffs, do me a favor and find another team to root for. LAKERS ALL THE WAY!!!

  54. CocoLoso says:

    firat yu wildin first of all time & time kobe has showed that he has the best I.Q. in da game today & he’s the best player. not by scoring points but by winning. when he scored 81 he got hot early just like wen he score 61 he got hot early and he was up against a non-defensive team. but when he played against the celtics you seen how he had 3 points in the first half because he got his teamtes involved once he did that he turned it on and finsihed with 26 points and still came home with the W. plain & simple kobe knows how to without score 40+

  55. the what says:

    yeah, you finally picked up your brains, laker haters…how can you talk about a laker demise in the regular season? y’all yappin about stats and whatnot, but the lakers have proven you wrong time and again. sheeesh.

  56. Fred says:

    I am not a Laker fan…quite the contrary I am a boston fan…
    but I have to say…i never thought lakers were old…sure at the point guard position…
    but the rest of the starters excluding Kobe are not so old…and Kobe being the best individual player theres nothing to worry about…Everyone went on for weeks about how they should tweak their roster, but its a matter of motivation…
    and other than Bynum and Artest I do not see the rest of the roster slacking …maybe Gasol in defensive end might lapse a few possessions but the truth is he’s never a good defensive player and never will be…but he gives u more than enough on the other end to make up for it…whereas Bynum is kind of lackidasical all the time and just the way he reacts during interviews shows he thinks too highly of himself…he needs to grow up…for artest? im sure when the challenge arrives…he’ll buckle down…and kobe will make sure of that…
    Sekou u r always great…
    but this segement made me feel like you all were just trying to rectify what you’ve already done…counting the Lakers out early….which is unnessasary…
    pardon my spelling…its always been really bad…
    However…good job…and you guys are the insiders and the true brains that we average fans cant compete…this is just my opinion

  57. Yangbo says:

    I’m very happy for the 4 game winning streak, I haven’t quit jumped on the bandwagon yet. I am however very impressed with their win over Portland and that Artest seems “interested” for the time being, and I think that game has helped LA turn the corner so to speak. The reason I’m not on the “Championship Lakers” bandwagon quit yet is although the team has stepped up defensive during the last 4 games; they had too many turnovers and their bench is almost non existent. I think for them to 3peat, their bench needs to step up and also incorporate Matt when he comes back.

    Not to be cocky or anything, but as of now, the only team I see that threats LA of a 3peat (East/West) is the Thunders, here is why:


    The only reason that OKC lost last year was because they didn’t have a legit big man that can defend and block shots. Now that they have Perk, I definitely think they are the #1 threat for LA. Not to mention that Drew and Gasol struggle against Perkins.

    LA is too experienced against Spur/Mavs and Kobe has a history of torching both squads. Also although Spurs/Mavs have efficient offensively, due to the slow down pace of the playoffs, it’s gonna be hard for them to score in 1/2 court against LA .


    I see only two real East contenders going to the NBA Finals, Cs and the Bulls

    The only threat of the Cs was their front-line defensive, KG+Perk, now that Perk is gone, there is no way Cs can stop Drew and Gasol at the same time.

    Even thought Rose is gonna torch Fish throughout the series (we may see Kobe on Rose, since Bulls don’t have a legit 2guard), Boozer has played like crap against LA. If LA can limit the hussle points of Noah, then i think its gonna be a cake walk for LA.

    • tata says:

      Perkins isn’t squat. If Bynum is healthy he can dominate on anybody. If the Lakers featued Bynum as much as they used to feature Shaq I believe he would have similar numbers. Bynum even has better moves than Shaq. I guess there are only so many shots to go around, but AB17 should be the future of the franchise if they give him the chance.

  58. sid says:

    hahaha repeating your sh** doesn’t make it right 🙂 lol

    Long time no hear such nonsens!
    Are you watching basketball? Can’t be!
    fırat listing to the sound of LeQueen’s haunted ghost in fear of the black mamba.
    Legacy is biting your ass I guess.

    Man what a nice many comments! I haven’t laughed like that in ages!
    Please write more 😀

  59. aj says:

    lack of assists is due to triangle offense. no one who plays in the triangle gets good assist numbers. Jordan averaged 32ppg 8rpg and 8apg before phil came to town. after phil, never even close to that. assissts come from 1 player creating for other players. in the triangle no one is supposed to hold the ball long enough to create for another (did you see how gary payton disapeared when he showed up in LA?) The triangle is more of a college offense as it doesn’t account for indavidual skill, you dont need a trade you need to be happy with your offense or get a new coach

  60. juk3 says:

    first off all u Kobe Haterz out there Y ?? seriously lets leave it at this , Best SG of all time NBA History (1A) Michael Jordan His Airness
    ( 1B) Kobe ” Black Mamba ” Bryant
    And all u guys idols LBJ, D-Wade, Melo , Durant , these guys don’t even make top 5 Guard in History ( although still active )

    Finally I get It Same reason people hated MJ b/c w/ Kobe is out there ur team is just not gnna win … Lakers gonna Win the Ship out of the # 3 seed and Thunder and Spurs gnna whack each othr to a 7 game series semi- conf final so not rlly worried bout eithr, b/c at end of day Lakers to big and skilled and if that is not enough one word we have KOBE

  61. aj says:

    lets not forget that kobe has never gotten the star treatment of other players. he was practically assaulted on the previous play. He was thrown to the ground by two players and as usual, no whistle, thats why he doesnt attack the basket anymore. If you look at durant wrong he gets freethrows, I mean honestly, how does a guy who takes 15-20 jumpshots a game, and only attacks the basket in transition get the most freethrows in the league?

  62. srslykb says:

    come on guys, kobe may be the best player of his generation but he isn’t still the best player in the league. Lebron, Rose, or Durant owns that title now. Kobe is still elite, any team would still start him and love it but his numbers, and his overall game, no longer deserve best player in the league.

    • tata says:

      Derek Fisher is more clutch and has hit more clutch shots than all those guys put together. Perhaps you should have compared them to Jordan Farmar before he left.

  63. Bill Russell says:

    Stop talking about so much about the lakers. No one cares.

    • tata says:

      Well, it is an article about the Lakers. And if you don’t care why did you read the article and the 50 comments before yours?

  64. Jason says:

    You shouldn’t really post anything on how Lakers become dominant again. It’s what happens, you post it up, they go on a three losing streak, you talk about their demise and they go on a four game winning streak. LEAVE THEM ALONE

    And all I hope is that the Lakers remember what it takes to get to be the champions, rather than being content with where they are. 2nd seed is still attainable if Lakers concentrate.

  65. 24 !! says:

    the best thing happening with lakers is artest getting back in form and bynum was good too too many turn overs yesterday though and still they managed to win dat shows how strong they are on their after all star game lakers in total will play 25 games i would love it if they go 20-5

  66. Ramiro says:

    firat stop hating man! lakers are the champs stop hating!

  67. ArealNBAfan says:

    SO check it out LeBron James (The guy leaving the comment not the real LeBron) Kobe is not done. He still can do his job better than anyone in the league including Bron. Oh yea, by the way Kobe didn’t sell out the lakers to go sign a ridiculouos contract and surround himself with two other superstars in order to try to get a ring. This year Kobe is gunna be like Mike and get #6. LeBron, call me when you get one

  68. Ramiro says:

    haha. its so funny how people hate on kobe, the man is the best player no doubt. Have u noticed that lebron misses crunch time shots, he did againts bulls,celtics,kincks. Kobe on the other hand is a beast, he can win a game when he wants to he did it againts okc,portland, you name it, Kobe is the best by far!

  69. K#33 says:

    you lost me there with the rambling…
    Gasol is great, I agree, and before Gasol for the 2000-02 three-peat, there was Shaq, GREAT literally. Name one superstar with multiple rings who did it by himself. Even MJ, god bless his past playing greatness, had Scottie, one of the best players ever. Kobe is still going, night in night out, not barring injuries but disregarding them, and we will see in 5 years how many rings he will have and how many fingers he’ll have to put them on. To me, the best player is not the one who can score the most on a given night. Perhaps Kobe is not that guy anymore, he certainly was a couple of years ago, but why should he. He is, what 7th on the all-time scoring list with 5 rings and reasonable chances for more, and you have to agree that when needed, he can still single-handedly win a game. To me, he is the best player in the game right now.

  70. Lshow says:

    You lost me. I have no idea, and I think everyone can agree with me, about what exactly your trying to say. I recommend taking some grammer classes.
    Remember game 7 against the Celtics, Kobe scored 23 points and had 15 boards. Team game, he needed Gasol’s 19 points and 18 rebounds and Artest’s 20 points. This is a TEAM game, thats why Lebron left his 40 point games in Cleveland to go to Miami and TEAM up with Bosh&Wade. Can we put the Team Vs Kobe’s shooting to rest now?

    • al respect the game says:

      good point on the lebron james going to miami thing. he went because of team mates and people rag on kobe that he has gasol and had shaq then. invalid points.

  71. Wow says:

    Wow Firat so much hatred i wonder why…

  72. dontdrowninthelake says:

    I THINK the main reason why there is so much argument when it comes to a Kobe Laker blog, is because a lot of you guys that are blogging don’t even play basketball in real life. I’m 22 and I have played basketball most of my life. I understand the game of professional basketball especially winning teams. Lakers are a play by play team they slow it down because they have options. They are not an athletic team but more of a healthy team, there pacing through out the season is perfect so far another thing to add, Laker fans must know this and if you DON’T, YOUR NOT TRULY A LAKER FAN. If you haven’t notice Lakers haven’t been playing there best basketball even now. There is a block and it has to do with a little chemistry between Kobe and Artest. During the Thunder game Kobe and Artest numerous of time communicating and talking strategy which they hardly do. Which is understandable, Artest was basically a leader on Houston and was the verbal tough guy on the team. The switch from Houston to Lakers shocked him and it affects his game, that’s why Ron is not consistent every game. Kobe and Ron are getting along and soon Barnes will join the mix. That’s another obstacle Lakers will have to over come but it shouldn’t be bad, Barnes doesn’t play as much minuets as Ron. If you don’t remember, Barnes and Kobe disliked each other and had problems on the court couple seasons back. I guess the point I’m trying to make is imagine how great the Lakers will be if every player had there mind set on one thing. If every player got along on and off the court and had the most respect for one another. And that leads me to my final point, if you know basketball and played basketball yourself with teammates and referees and a crowd you will know what I’m saying but if your just a fan who watches every basketball game and memorizes stats just for your own personal pleasure, then no you will not understand what I have written.

  73. magic says:

    Take an English class, then a Basketball class, then comment OK.

  74. LebronJames says:

    LEBRON JAMES greatest of all time and he’s only played 8 seasons!!! Forget about Kobe he got nothing on Lebron James. Lebron James All day!!!

  75. cable10735 says:

    Firat, you obviously have not been watching Laker basketball in the Kobe era. Statistics show when Kobe takes 25 shots or more the Lakers are prone to lose. When he is taking between 19 to 22 shots they normally win and win BIG I might add. Kobe doesnt need to prove anything to anyone. He is 5 time soon to be six time world chamipon, two time finals MVP, a regular season MVP, a 4time all star MVP, and if it wasnt for him the redeem team would not have won a gold medal!!! and he is 7th all time in scoring in the history of the game. The rest of the team needs to step up which they are obviously starting to do now for this second half rally. They’re are going to the finals and they are going to win it all…..AGAIN!!!!. So what the hell are ypu talking about?

  76. fırat says:

    and when kobe doesnt score too much he looks like a player whose mission is passing and forbidden to score it is boring to watch lakers bench too much they are playing selfish man except kobe everyone is selfis it isnt rue

    • WTF O_o says:

      wow firat! reading your post gave me a headache!!

    • LAfanfrever says:

      kobe doesn’t need to score too many points just to win…do u think mj, the basketball god, played alone?…no he didn’t he had scottie pippen and couple of other people to help him score…kareem abdul jabbar, another laker great, had teamates too AKA magic johnson, yeah even though they are all from different era’s truly they had teamates, i love kobe as a player he’ll truly be on of the most famous and rememberd lakers in history but his wins in the championship didn’t JUST come from himself…the whole team was on track and focused…i believe that they will end up in the FINALS this year and they havea good chance of winning no doubt

  77. fırat says:

    but if kobe doesnt score 40 in the playoofs they cant win

  78. fırat says:

    wil kobe be retired next season with phil jackson is that his last season

  79. fırat says:

    and there won’t be three peat believe me if kobe continues like a injured 50 year old man he changed his game style okey he was injured and he assisted too much but enough kobe isn not the play maker of lakers why every game kobe has the best asist number where is steve blake derek fisher shannon brown is thier only mission shooting if so thatis very dangerous because when kobe doesnt shoot lakers stop when kobe doesnt asist lakers stop if kobe scores too much lakers anyway stop there should be trade

  80. fırat says:

    are you stupid lakers won championship with the help of kobe you dont understand basketball ıf kobe can win championship without gasol why he didnt win 2005-2006 or 2006-2007 when the only purpose of kobe scoring 40-50 points how can you answer kobe hurts lakers since he came lakers look out how many games that kobe scored 40 lakers lost do you know you have no idea go and learn it without gasol kobe is useless fag bitch selfish bitch

    • al respect the game says:

      firat let it go buddy. enough with the foul language and leave ur emotions at home. we talk basket ball here. this is not a hate column. just saying

  81. tialer hollinsworth says:

    wth r u talkin about kobe is one of the greatest to ever walk on a court. if he needs 40+ best believe hell get it

  82. Nino Macuca Perez says:

    There are to many Laker / KOBE Haters , at the end of his career they won’t be able to deny his greatness , I personally am not to crazy about Kobe as a genuine person , but I’m not his friend or he mine and I don’t have to deal with him in life , but as a Basketball Player NO ONE is Better right now! When he scored a lot they called him a hog ball and a personal record chaser if he shares the ball he’s fading into the twilight years . People need to just watch everything he does in a game , his defence , his desire to win at all cost and sacrifice of self to win , he is not the same Kobe we saw early on in LA he is a complete player now . There are others scoring more points now but they are also playing 3 to 5 more minutes then he is now , He can take a game over and will victory more than any other player in the league . Portland in the final time out called it , they said he is going to put his head down and take it strong and it would take a team effort to stop that and told them to take it as a challenge , they did and still they cannot contain him . Year after year we see these amazing shots under presure and every player trying to stop him and at the end they walk away shaking their heads in disbelief . Coaches prepare for him and leave in disbelief . Yes Le Bron has more power and is bigger and sells himself very well but how many times do we have to see him brick the last second shot to win a game before he makes it or realizes others can take it and that the most important thing is to win. No team prepares as hard to contain a Player as they do for Kobe and no team plays as hard against a team than they do against the lakers they are the team to beat every year and the team , teams feel they have to measure up to . All other teams relish their few moments in the spotlight even if it’s only once in a blue moon , Laker Haters should self examine why they hate the Lakers my bet is they blame the lakers for their team loosing at some time in one of their teams rare chances and are tired of seeing them win . Haters will always hate and never realize that their hate is what prevents them from learning and growing . I am huge Laker fan , yes I am, through the good and the bad but I also can appreciate other strong players and franchises that are in constant persuit to exellence. Laker fans don’t cry cause we know that for our team there is always a tomorrow , LAKERS FOREVER!!!!!!!

  83. abel says:

    Lakers will have a very goog opportunity to show their best level against the top teams of the league next weekend. I am sure we can see lakers with the three peat, they only have to be agressive and hard in defense and the couple Kobe & Pau is enough to score without problems, because they are the best players of the league in their respective positions. Go Lakers! Spain is with you and we support our best player in history! three peat is near… sorry about my faults. I love NBA, it´s really amazing. Hello everybody.

  84. Adamz says:

    Its about Championships.. Not individual stats.. Those days are over Kobe is still the best player in the league and will do what he NEEDS to do to win… forget 40 points…not needed… Gasol can score so can Odom, Brown and Bynum…. If Lebron had the Lakers you think he would have those numbers with THIS supporting cast? uh no! plus the Lakers are hunted as a team cuz they are defending champs…. stop with the Kobe hating…

  85. Lebron James says:

    You praise this team because they are winning 4 straight after all star? Are you an LA fan? hmmm but how you will wrote it if Lakers will lose again? Come on…let’s face it.. they will have a hard time of winning the conference…and definitely they can’t be a champion this year..its all over for Kobe..

    • kv11 says:

      the lebron win a cham.ring yet, lebron is dwayne son

      • Abs says:

        u shuldnt talk dude. lebron is just tryin 2find
        a quick way 2 gettin a ring. Even if he can
        win one he has los the respect of players
        and fans. Lakers will winn because of one
        fact. KOBE………

    • tata says:

      The “3-ME-EGOS” haven’t even been able to beat Boston or Chicago ONCE. Maybe you should be more worried about the Miami cHEAT than the world champion Los Angeles Lakers.

  86. A.C. says:

    lol some people on this thing dont know basketball or grammer for that matter (FIrat). Kobe is a veteran he no longer has the ability to just blow by people and dunk on everyone like he used to. He has to rely on his fundamental skills which make the best player in the league. And what do you mean only 17 points that 17 more points than you’ll ever get in the NBA so you might want to change what you say

  87. KDEISEL says:

    sekou, you gotta point out that the game was on fair terms. the thunder were without their starting center, their 3rd best scoring option and without perk, nazr and nate. i mean you have ibaka/collison going up against bynum/gasol. to see that OKC almost took the game, is actually proof that the lakers are not where they should be. given the circumstances, they should have blown out OKC, no? what would the game have looked like if just perk was in the line up? i hate to say this but i dont think this game is any kind of proof that the lakers are undoubtedly championship material. does the opposite for me.

    • Lakers3peat says:

      It all comes down to the W, it doesn’t matter who they should have beat or not, you sound like a disgruntled Celtics fan after their finals loss last season “if we only had Perkins we would have won!!” That’s why the Celtics traded him to OKC.. even they think he’s overrated’ It doesn’t matter what IF, it matters what happens, and the Lakers won and are on a streak. Let it be.

  88. Denise says:

    The Lakers are fine. did ya see how much rest Kobe, Pau, Derek Ron got, during the tight game? means the bench is playing better. Kobe does not need to score 40. they all just need to tighne up and play with some energy.

  89. KB24 says:

    kobe is done? seriously? did you even see his game against the clippers? where he injured his elbow a bit but he still went off like a mad man? kobe scores when he knows the team is in trouble or just to finish off the opposing team. he knows that to win a title the whole team needs to involve. kobe is still #1 i dont know how people bring up these ideas. smh.

  90. PinoyMe@Lakers 4ever says:

    Kobe is a kind of player that can score at any given time. 17 points is not bad to go with 7 assists.
    He is not yet done, he just started to heat up and gettin’ ready for the playoffs.
    L.A. Lakers all the way!



  92. Kobe is the best player for may reason 1 being yes him and the laker have won 2 out of 3 nba finals in the last 3 yrs for two he have self discipline unlike a few other players in the nba and yes he is the the 7th all-time scorer with only ^ more to past in his #yrs contract he sign over summer if he dnt resign after this contract is up

  93. KB24forever says:

    lame comment firat! kobe doesn’t need to score 40+ plus points to be the best player in the league. just with his assists, rebounds, amazing plays and leadership will be enough for him to be the best player. KOBE lead the LAKERS to 2 championships and 3 consecutive finals appearance. isn’t that enough for you to define KOBE as the BEST PLAYER. wake up firat! we are in the real world! this isn’t a video game! this is real NBA. if you don’t know how to spell BEST PLAYER. i’m going to spell it for you. it goes like K-O-B-E.! GO LAKERS! THREE PEAT CHAMPIONS!

  94. Question says:

    What does it take to be classified as the best NBA player? You dont need to score 40+ to be the best player in the league. Kobe can still score, has leadership, is the best closer in the game, has multiple rings, has been on the all defensive team multiple times, led the USA team to a gold medal, and has finals mvp’s. With all of that being said, I think its clear who the best player in the league is.

  95. Kayd24 says:

    Kobe is done? Because he had a bad game? If that’s the case everybody is going to be done lol. I wish some people would leave their personal feelings for Kobe aside when talking about basketball because clearly they’re proven wrong every single year.

  96. LakeShowSoPro says:

    Bring on Dallas. You all know it’s gonna be spurs lakers series out west.

  97. steve says:

    Props to the next best team in the NBA Oklahoma City THUNDERS.
    If there’s another team that I think is great it’s the THUNDERS.
    They are the closes to the LAKERS.All they need is to make sure Perkins gives them his best which I trust after been treated with disrespect by the boston celtics.


    GO LAKERS!!!!

  98. steve says:

    I told you no stressing out.They knew what they were doing.Maybe they’ll loose here and there but they know it’s time to pick it up a notch.They know why they didn’t need to trade Bynum or any player in the team.As a LAKER fan you have to trust your team to know what they’re doing,especially when they don’t freak out.
    Watch out NBA we’re coming after number 17.

  99. Bardia says:

    i think LA must take weight off from kobe’s back.17 attempts is enough for him.their in a amazing streak right now but they must keep playing in this way and don’t get haughty.if they do(like their 4 straight win then 3 straight losses before allstar)they would lose as badly as tom losses to jerry!

  100. Gary says:

    The team is definitely playing better now. I would say however that I notice how hard they are playing and think that come playoff time they will burn out in road games against teams like Dallas and even San Santonio. But they are definitely back to playing some good ball.

  101. fırat says:

    kobe is done anymore in 2005-2006 kobe only score 17 points when he was injured badly.but this year kobe is bitch watching him boring and annoying because he looks like veteran player that came nba this year ı hope kobe will start to score 40+ when playoffs come otherwise he won’t be the best player in the league

    • trix says:

      first of all lakers are winning so there isn’t a need for kobe to score more than what he has to. In fact when kobe has to score more the lakers are loosing (winless this season when he scores 40+). The lakers need balance and dont need kobe to score alot. If you think kobe is done, your not watching games but only going by the stats. Kobe still has it but he is picking his time to attack more wisely. Sure he struggled against OKC but he still came up with a big basket towards the end. Against the clippers he went for 18 pts in the 3rd quarter after getting injured. He torched the trailblazers in the 2nd half last wk and came up with some clutch plays. When the game is on the line and u need a basket im still taking my chances with kobe over anybody.

      • lalfan82 says:

        trix you hit the nail right on the head. Kobe has matured into a player who knows when to score and when to get his teammates involved. He understands that one man can’t win a title it takes a team to do that. Come playoff time he and the rest of the lakers will be ready!

      • tata says:

        If Kobe played as many minutes as the other top five scoring leaders he would be number 1. I’d rather see the Lakers win the game in the 3rd qtr and have Kobe sit out the fourth than watch nail-biters where Kobe has to go off for 40+ just to keep us in it.

      • NBAsince1985 says:

        Numbers don’t lie my friend. Lakers losing when Kobe tries to score more tells you alot. His stupid shot selection and low field goal percentage sums it all up. Kobe is no MJ and he needs stacked team around him.

      • sbfern805 says:

        Its so funny how People who try to talk smack about Kobe, compare him to Michael Jordan. Bill Russell won more rings than MJ…Whats your point? MJ IS the best player in NBA History (i absolutely hate him) and for Kobe to be compared to MJ, then he is in the TOP 5 all-time and thats pretty damn good if you ask me. MJ had PIppen, Rodman, Kukoc, Harper, and a great 3-pt shooter Kerr in his championship team. I dont know about you, but for me this seems like a pretty stacked team… Kobe needs a consistent scorer (which he finds in Gasol) and his chances to win are BIG! Yes Kobe sometimes takes horrific shots, but he only does that, because his team does not respond. Now tell me you wouldn’t do the same when you arent getting any help?

      • KB24 says:

        @NBA since 1985

        Stacked team? really last year and this year i would not call our team stacked Kobe is doing it with just Gasol and Odom and bymun in spurts i would not call it stacked.

    • JSlikk says:

      look here being the best player does not mean scoring 40+ points its knowing how to win the game and doing what u have to do in order to win. You might need to assist more than everyone else. Or rebound etc. Kobe was getting hacked along with everybody else but i guess the refs was letting them play. Being the best player is Being Kobe Bryant 2 time defending Champion 2 time defending finals MVP. 3 peat here we come!!!!

      • tata says:

        I can’t believe that hack job Ibaka and Sefolosha put on Kobe towards the end with NO FOUL CALL. If you even breathe too hard on LBJ or Wade they are at the line.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        tata that is a perfect observation! the league is fixed for LBJ’s pleasure….funny how he still hasnt got a ring tho even with refs giving him all the calls

    • KB24forever says:

      lame comment firat! kobe doesn’t need to score 40+ plus points to be the best player in the league. just with his assists, rebounds, amazing plays and leadership will be enough for him to be the best player. KOBE lead the LAKERS to 2 championships and 3 consecutive finals appearance. isn’t that enough for you to define KOBE as the BEST PLAYER. wake up firat! we are in the real world! this isn’t a video game! this is real NBA. if you don’t know how to spell BEST PLAYER. i’m going to spell it for you. it goes like K-O-B-E.! GO LAKERS! THREE PEAT CHAMPIONS!

    • junior higgins says:

      u sound like u dont know about ball, ur legacy isnt built off of how many points u score or highlights, kobe to me is an exciting player to watch bcuz of all his attributes and the way he approaches the game, and is still the best BASKETBALL PLAYER on EARTH….

    • bone saw says:

      Mr. firat, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Wow. Yeah I miss Kobe scoring 81 points too but he’s about getting that ring not personal scoring accolades anymore. This post was ignorant, you clearly aren’t too familiar with basketball. There should be an B-Ball IQ test to even be allowed on this site.

    • NESJAY says:

      LOL. you are very angry at kobe…….i think he has beat ur team a lil too much in the past. i guess he has more rings on his fingers than anyone on the team u cheer for and you know what. IF I WAS IN YOUR SITUATION I WOULD BE JUST AS ANGRY AS YOU ARE AND TALKING TRASH. ppl like you shows why kobe is so great becuz if he wasnt there wouldnt be haters like you.

    • Lakers!! says:

      First of all, Kobe’s injury wasn’t just a passing injury and something he’s recovered from… no. He plays with his injury every pass, every shot, every dribble, Every. Day. The cartilage in his index finger is gone and every time he moves that finger its bone on bone grinding. I suffered that same exact fracture on the inside of my index finger while playing football and let me tell you it is excruciating… i was barely able to hold a pen to write.
      Secondly, Kobe is not the best player in the league because he consistently scores over 40 pts a game…. and that isn’t his only value either.
      Third, When analysts, coaches, all-stars and fans call him the best in the league they don’t say hes the best in the league for the immediate feature. HES THE BLACK MAMBA FOO.

    • Kieran says:

      kobe doesnt need to score 40+ points per game, when pau gasol plays well, the lakers play well. kobe doesnt need to score anymore, they have the likes of gasol and bynum that help him score, and then you have shannon brown, a good shooter, and lamar odom coming off the bench. for me, its better seeing kobe, gasol, bynum, and odom all working together to score points, and when kobe has to step up he does. kobe will be the best player in the world until he retires!

    • FacelessFang says:

      sure frix, juz lookin for a STAT just to prove Kobe the best in the league… poor thing, the Black Mamba had enough of individual awards more than you think than any other else you think is best in the league until now… 🙂 Kobe’s individual achievements is enough to prove his BEST in the LEAGUE right until now!!! the more you call him veteran, the more his getting wise enough to call him BEST in the League, Kobe’s getting WISER and WISER every single game come near PLAYOFFS… i’m sure the other best players (i.e. LBJ, DWade, CP3, D-Rose, DH, KG,etc) will (or already) realize that… NO NEED to score 40+ games as long as their team wins to prove his still BEST in the League!!! it’s so ANNOYING Mr. Bryant is still “BEST in the League” but that’s the fact and as long as the Lakers is the 2-time defending CHAMPS and dethrone them then there’s nothing to argue anymore… can’t wait to see them going for a 3-peat!!! Good Luck La Lakers and Black Mamba…

    • boomboom says:

      i didnt understand a word you said. try using a period here and there. but i put your words together and i seems as though you have no idea what youre talking about. its true kobe is no longer in his prime. but that doesnt mean he isnt still one of the best players in basketball. there is a reason why when he scores 17, articles say he “only” scored 17. that means it was an off night for him. you think that lebron is going to stay flying in anouther 4-5 yerars? think again. kobe isnt scoring as much now but he is finding other ways to contribute his talents on the floor. and im still laughing while reading your comment.

    • jordan says:

      @firat. Well if u don’t like Kobe get outta here, why r u even in a lakers conversation. Also you really think anyone in today’s NBA can average 40+ points per game then you truly know nuthin about basketball. And all those impossible shots and lightning quick crossovers, you really think Kobe is boring to watch!? Go get a life haha

    • Jamie S* says:

      I’m glad a couple people responded before me which kinda calmed me down about a foolish comment made earlier. Winning takes a team effort, and when you have the talent and star power that the “Lakers” have, a balanced attack is how you take people out! Two 7 footers that are both All-star talented players when healthy, the best and nastiest defender #15 when locked in, and the greatest player on the planet #24. A bench thats getting all of their pieces back. #24 don’t need to be in “Mamba” mode all the time. His eyes can always turn black when they need to, but it takes “Know How” to be a champion. Its not about being the fastest & prettiest, its about being the longest & strongest. And I think the “Lakers” have a great understanding of that process. Its not how long you dominate, its when you dominate. And knowing how to peak at the right time!!