The Pistons’ Player Revolt

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Things have gone from bad to worse for the Detroit Pistons after Thursday’s trade deadline.

Several Pistons missed this morning’s shootaround practice in Philadelphia in some sort of “player protest” against coach John Kuester, per the Detroit Free Press.

Tracy McGrady, Tayshaun Prince, Richard Hamilton and Chris Wilcox all missed the shootaround. But that’s just the start. More from the Vince Ellis of the Free Press:

Team spokesman Cletus Lewis said Rodney Stuckey and Austin Daye missed the team bus as well, but they did arrive toward the end of the media session.

Lewis said McGrady had a headache, Prince had an upset stomach and Hamilton and Wilcox missed the bus from the team hotel.

Ben Wallace also missed the shootaround. Lewis said Wallace was dealing with a family matter. Wallace has missed games and practices over the past month because of the issue.

Only Greg Monroe, Will Bynum, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, Jason Maxiell and DaJuan Summers were full participants in the morning shootaround.

Sources indicated that the discontent is directed at Pistons coach John Kuester, who has clashed with players repeatedly this season. The organization downplayed the absences, insisting Prince and McGrady were ill.

One source, who asked not to be identified, said he didn’t know what the next step would be, and didn’t say who organized the absences. But he said it was an organized protest, with some players deciding it was best to show up anyway.

Has it come to this for the Pistons?

Have things really gotten this bad for this Kuester, who said he will go with whoever is available for tonight’s game against the Sixers?

Maybe the players thought there was going to be some mass exodus at the trade deadline. And when that didn’t happen, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Either way, this is a disastrous start to the stretch run of the season for a Pistons team that certainly didn’t need any more distractions.


  1. K says:

    KobeCow’s Milk, a man’s integrity will carry him a lot further then his pride. I’m sure RIP is very angry about his current situation; however, this is not the professional nor mature way to handle this problem. Professional sporting franchises and companies in general look at how a player or potential employees handles adverse situations. Now, if I were an owner or Human Resource person looking to bring someone aboard; believe me, a person that conducted himself as RIP did, wouldn’t have a chance in hell of getting hired.

  2. K says:

    Big Joke, that’s what your reply to my comments are; a BIG JOKE. I’m far from being stupid. I’m not the inconsiderate one here. I bet none of these players protested when they received their pay check this week. I have 150 employees that I manage every work day (40% union), people with real jobs.

    So, let me apology to you (Mrs. Hamilton; Mrs. McGrady; Mrs. Prince) are whichever player you may be related too. Just like it’s their right to protest, well the 1st amendment gives me the right to voice my opinion and in my opinion your relative is a spoiled little bastard. GET A REAL JOB!

  3. KOBEcow's Milk says:

    What’s the sense of being a star if all the time you were just on the bench watching your team loose? I’d rather not make an appearance to the arena. I understand what RIP feels, it’s not how high your salary is, but the pride of being a player, a player should play this player got the BALLS! and I believe that he can win the team even Billups and Sheed were not there anymore, They just need a better Coach.

  4. orlando says:

    the pistons should just buy rip out… let him get signed by the mavs or the heat so he has a chance to actually win again, let alone play…

  5. cooljoeji says:

    Since the Pistons traded Billups, everything went down hill. The truth is that the Pistons need a true leader which obviously is lacking with other players. He may not be the best player before but he is surely respected by all other players. Look what he did with the Nuggets, and now with the Knicks. Let’s admit it, Joe Dumars made a blunder when he traded Chauncey Billups..He could have continued to provide the leadership while we are acquiring young talents to boost this team.

  6. Taks says:

    lets get rid of joe d first. he is an idiot.
    drafted #2 darko (best draft class in history of nba)
    hired micheal curry as a coach, traded billups (the heart and soul) , signed iverson, hired kueshter

  7. Ms Des says:

    Let’s say that you have been on your job for 25 years; though your mind might not be as sharp as it use to be you are still coming to work and doing your job.Now you might not be as agile and productive as you once was would it be right for you to keep showing up for work and your Boss keeps telling you not to clock in. How would you feel?

  8. jero says:

    basketball players has also rights to express their feelings just like a regular employee goes on strike in their company… what the piston is doing is unfair for rip and for the fans..every home game fans will chant “We want rip”.. if this continues maybe piston fans may also miss some games to show their protest..

  9. jero says:

    the whole piston collapse started when they traded billups 2 years ago..

  10. dots says:

    john kuester sounds like a tool, pistions need to take out the trash

  11. sym430 says:

    sumthin got to happen here…you cna’t really get rid of all of the players on the team…so you do the math

  12. Ben Dellinger says:

    Rip Hamilton, in his prime was pretty adept moving without the ball, coming off screens for the catch and shoot. That’s it. Never a flat out star in my eyes. Ever since Billups left that team he’s been overpaid garbage and no one wants him on their team, now especially. He gets millions more than he deserves to play a game. Make more than a lot of players who are way
    better. People like him disgust me. It not his coaches fault that he’s a has been. Excuse me, never has been.

    • Ms Des says:

      Let’s say that you have been on your job for 25 years; though your mind might not be as sharp as it use to be you are still coming to work and doing your job.Now you might not be as agile and productive as you once was would it be right for you to keep showing up for work and your Boss keeps telling you not to clock. How would you feel?

  13. TheRightAnswer says:

    A lot of you do not know what you are talking about. Joe Dumars has made mistakes, but every GM has. Not getting Carmelo was probably due to the fact that they have Tayshaun prince and Richard Hamilton, so why pick Carmelo and clog up the lineup? I agree that right now Joe is being stubborn and needs to do some changing but cleaning house or him leaving would only hurt the Pistons more. Currently Dumars has made 2 bad coaching decisions in a row and a third one…lets not go there…Right now the problem is with the coach Kuester, because anyone who knows the Pistons knows that Rip and Prince wouldnt do what they doing without reason.
    Things to Do: Get rid of Kuester – Horrible Coach
    Get rid of Gordon – He’s an amazing scorer but he clogs up the position with Rip there
    Get a real center/powerforward – Most of their players are hybrid forwards(not strong/mostly shooters/dont do dirty work) Wallace used to be good be hes old and battered.
    Get a 3pt shooter – Self explanatory
    Get real point guard – Stuckey’s good but hes a combo guard and doesnt really fit with Rip and Prince. We need a point guard who can shoot the J and dish the rock

    1. Ty lawson (perfect for Denver but also perfect here) 2. Rip 3. Prince 4. Brandon Bass (reminds me of McDyess)5.Monroe
    Bench: They got a decent bench, just have to add a 3pt shooter

  14. Rajon Rondo says:

    pistons should go for a allstar guy if they want to be good again!!!

    mcgrady and a allstar would work out goood with detroit and then maybe ad a center that plays tight d like kendrick perkins or get dwight howard this offseason so u have a allstar that can score and defend!!!

    maybe get dalino galinari and nate robinson also udonis haslam if u can dwight howard!!!

    u also need someone to back up tracy macgrady!!!

  15. Nate615 says:

    I think management told the coach to bench Hamilton in hopes that he would ask for a buyout.

  16. Nate says:

    I cant blame the players to react the way they did. It was a simple protest to get the attention of management and the organization that their unhappy..LEts see..Rip hamilton doesnt play, Maxiell doesnt play, the list goes on..It see,s that every note its a new starting five and Joe Dumars doesnt get involved in any type of trades ortransactions to make his team better?..I dont get it

  17. Dane says:

    JOE D is all the Pistons have right now…come on guys….The biggest Mistake we made was trading Chauncey he was our glue. Now we have to live with Gordon and Charlie V who are both way way way way OVER PAID….its time to clean House and start Over…There is no better GM then Joe D for Detroit he knows the culture here and is the only person who can Bring it back.

  18. Roman Peterson says:

    u knw im a big miami heat fan n a very big lebron fan i think the big problem is ever since the last cav vs detroit series n billups wallaces the coach and a couple of others have left the team hasnt been the same but no one is really showing heart and desire on the floor they have had some good games but the games they usally won back then they r losing those games now i think playing together and getting some better explosive players in the paint will help id say two or three more three point shooters bcuz t mac stuckey hamilton and prince they cant do it by them selves n with defense id run some zone bcuz man just isnt cutting it for this years team

  19. MARK-A-FELLA says:


  20. julian says:


  21. julian says:


  22. ja wi says:

    This is about management not taking care of their own Joe Dumars should have been fired for trading Chauncey Billus for Alan Iverson and the way Rip Hamilton has been treated. These guys won a Championship were’s the respect. Every move that Dumars has made since the championship is why the Pistons player pulled this.. If that’s not enough let me give you one more reason to fire Dumars. The Pistons win the championship. They have a high draft pick he takes Darko Milicic over Carmelo Anthony………….need i say more……….so when they point the finger at those players there’s three pointing back at Joe Dumars………..They may not be right but i understand……………

  23. true_piston_fan says:

    Coach Kuester is doing rip wrong for whatever reason Rip is one of the most purest shooters playing in the game and you tell me you can’t find a spot for him a champion who did it at every level of the game i dont blame the pistons who didnt show up they standing behind there teammate and brother who didnt get traded because he have’nt been getting any playing time so of course no one wants him his own team ain’t even playing him now the deadline has passed and you still think he just gon sit there and watch when he can still put up numbers…as for T-Mac he a bum and i never liked him anyway Tay shut him down when we were down 3-1 when he played for orlando i knew then he was not that good and he’ll crumble like a cracker under pressure….

    • Dan says:

      Really? Tay alone shut him down? Detroits defensive plan was to play Team defence focusing on McGrady. They shut him down and allowed the other players to try their hands at defeating them. Prince alone has NEVER been able to stop McGrady- stop lying to yourself.

  24. matix says:


  25. BATMAN says:


  26. superman says:



  27. Wutt duhh Heoo Pistons? says:

    Maybe they should fire Kuester, hire someone like Larry Brown for a season, buyout Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton, rebuild during the offseason, trade Charlie Villanueva because he’s horrible and Chris Wilcox so that Monroe can develop, and get some trades going next season.

  28. LB6 says:

    Hire Jerry Sloan! That is a start. Rip TMac and Prince are all former all stars. All they need is a little motivation to turn around something and they have talented young players in Bynum Monroe Day and Stucky. They have defensive minded players in Wallace and Maxiel plus offensive players like Gordon and Villanueva. They have lots of talent but poor coaching job. I Think Kuester is the MAIN Problem here

  29. Tevz says:

    get rid of the coach! coz thats where it all starts!

  30. Nino Macuca Perez says:

    I am sorry but tut the reallity of this whole thing started with Miami’s big three fix and manipulation of rules to make their trio of Stars align , It is a trend and it has Owners panicking of being left with nothing to show for their investments if their stars leave . And players throwing tantrums and manipulating situations to get what they want . The Pistons have Talent but no Heart . Players Play , Owners buy and sell and Agents handle the merchandise with care . Some how that simplicity has been lost. Players are acting like spoiled children realizing that if one parent says no they have another chance if the other says yes , this not playing protest is like a kid threatning to hold his breath till he hears what he wants , Most of these guys are just blessed with nothing more than size and height and for that are paid alot of money to play a game they love for eight months of the year. Imagen you baught a tomato and it refused to be part of your salad or a pair of jeans that didn’t like your ass, players are a product that is being sold , a stock that has to perform or you sell it or loose it all , the Stock now thinks it’s a broker . The system has broken ! Now I know they are human and not a fruit but I believe the word Professional is being to loosely used with most players today . Remember that most of these millionaires are just kids with a limited education and very little structure and now they thinkthey can run the business of the NBA because some agent has filled their head with the idea that they are the NBA. Lets be real take away just a foot in height and how many do you think would become millionaires ? They are not being mistreated or being taken advantage of Play or go home . Period .

  31. egghead says:

    I love the Pistons before… Too bad they have Joe Dumars for GM… I’m cool with Joe but he’s better off as a player… As for Kuester and the remaining players… Get a grip… Do your city a favor… show some respect… the people pays for the ticket to watch you play…

  32. 11 says:

    JUST FIRE KUESTER! Worst coach I’ve ever seen.

    PS: Sekou is obviously a hater of we know who. lol

  33. itsallabout18 says:

    I agree with marley..sign a new coach mr.dumars..larry or jerry might pull out something good out of this mess..

  34. john says:

    this team completely need revamped. Once an awesome team with the Wallaces, prince, billups, and rip and now look!!! I used to love watching this team. They still have some awesome pieces!! Prince, hamilton, T-Mac, Gordon, Ben Wallace… Stucky and Max both play some good min. There is no reason this team cant win. They have a very talented team. I was really hoping some of these pistons would have gotten traded cause they are some of my fav players to watch, but now i can even watch this team without getting pissed. Yes these players are getting payed well and shouldnt do this strike crap but in all reality this team needs new management and a new couch. if i lived in detroit there is no way id go see this team or buy its merchandise. DO SOMETHING DUMARS!!!!!!

  35. joroc says:

    i just want t-mac ok

  36. G Money says:

    Contract the Pistons, nothing will change till this team is sold and who will buy this mess?

  37. Marley says:

    It was about time. This Coach sucks, Joe D wake up and get us a coach like we deserve!
    We all love the pistons and hate this looser!
    The players have my support. Get Larry Back he got fired from Bobcats, or maybe Jerry Sloan !

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  39. What is goin on???? says:

    The Pistons just need to start rebuilding really!!!! It took Portland awhile to rebuild and they’re getting close. The Pistons need to go down the same road!!! C’mon Dumars. It’s time for a new team buddy!!!!!

  40. Andrfe says:

    I thought tayshaun would have sitting with kobe by now, he shut the man down in 04 and is a proven defender, rip needs a home too, he has given too much and that team has too damn much talent on it for them to be at the record their at come on rip tayshaun Tmac gordon bynum they have a starting five and a bench of starting five, you cannot tell me their is not anything wrong with that.

  41. NBA Truth says:

    What the Pistons need to do is fire John Kuester and Joe Dumars because they have did nothing to improve the team. I hope once the new Pistons owner get the team he fire Joe Dumars because he is trying to rebuild the Bad Boys and he can’t do that. With all these trades he need to work with the team instead of individuals players

  42. baller says:

    fire the coach, hire a new one (a veteran with a good track record), just focus on the summer camp, let things work out from there. this won’t be the season of a comeback for the pistons. there are a lot of potential for this team, it just needs guidance and good chemistry between the players and the coaching staff..

  43. unk says:

    6 vs a team. That was one of the most compelling displays of pride and effort i have seen from them this season. Keep those 6 and JJ and get rid of everyone else.

  44. konbanwa says:


  45. konbanwa says:

    kuester is the wost coach i’ve ever seen!!

  46. jun says:

    i hope there are the buyouts for prince and rip so they can join the playoff contenders

  47. oh come on just fire the coach ,prince and hamilton started revolting since last season….. hell look at there chemistry .. they need a coah that could help them get back there chemistry and win basketball games

  48. Nikharus says:

    John Kuester pak yow..\
    trade rip for the bulls .

  49. Chopsy says:

    Yeah they are former allstars but If they really want to be traded n keep making money whos going to take a chance on them when they do stupid stuff like this. They get payed the big bucks to play basketball, how about they try it………

  50. juice says:

    even though you get paid to go to work, you do get some say in your work conditions. when half your team wont show up to work you need to fire your coach. When class acts like Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince cant work with someone and Tracy McGrady (who is trying to save his career) wont work with someone, maybe that someone is the proplem?

  51. Players, not whores says:

    To everyone that keeps saying that they’re highly paid etc etc, stop whinging. Remember these are men with pride and self-respect who have a unique set of talents that is worth the money they are getting paid. If not, the club should not have offered the contract. They are players, not a whore who will accept cash in substitute for respect and dignity. assholes.

  52. jwwwwwww says:

    They need to step up to their game man, they’re all future hall of fame and they all being wussy man.

  53. Otis Thorpe #50 says:

    It’s clear Joe D has lost his magic and lost control…

  54. B says:

    Kuester is a very bad coach.


  55. NIKE MAMBA says:

    If Joe Dumars didn’t sign terrico white, Chris Wilcox, Dajuan Summers and realeased Tayshaun Prince last season, we might have had a big name like Boozer, James , or Wade. Hopefully, Joe D will open his eyes and resign T-Mac and sign Zach Randolph.

  56. Wizards says:

    I feel for Rip, he has always been underrated but the reason fans everywhere (even DC) loved him was because he was real! he cam to every game wanting to drop 100 and play his balls off!! that’s been lost in his game! you watch him this season and right from the get go he just aint had it! t-mac one of my all time favourite players has shown he still got game but even with that game i again question his heart n will 2 win… this team are not going to get better by sitting around at home! professional basketball players are forgetting why they all picked up a ball in the first place! there are millions of people that would of shown up to that pistons training session regardless of the coach! its the same with the wizards and Cleveland! scrap the rosters promote a d league roster i bet they don’t moan about the coach and i bet they play hard for every min they are on the floor!


  57. erwin says:

    we need rasheed wallace bakk. and then get billups then trade for Derrick rose

  58. Big Jeff says:

    Monkey Mummies the pistons don’t have enough of anything to get a player like Deron Williams which the pistons need badly a true point guard who makes players around him better ball players. we haven’t had that kind of quality point guard since Isiah Thomas. Chauncey Billups was good but not the true point like Zeke. Baron Davis stays hurt and has too much money on his contract,Mo Williams and Aaron Brooks are not true point guards. if we could have got Devin Harris that would have been ok. the pistons are going through a rebuilding stage and do not need to rebuild with aging/injury proned veterans.

  59. Piston Fan says:

    We need 2 fire the head coach, he’s worsier then last coach but he got us to the playoffs and we need to bring more talent to the team. We use to be the team to always make it to the Conference finals now we cant win 40 games

  60. Piston Fan says:

    We need 2 fire the head coach, he’s worsier then last coach but he got us to the playoffs and we need to bring more talent to the team. We use to be the team to always make it to the Conference finals now me cant win 40 games

  61. MonkeyMummies says:

    Joe Dumars just fire Kuester!!! That coach plays horrible rotations on a night basis…And Dumars I CANT believe you allowed Devin Harris, Deron Williams, Baron Davis, Mo Williams, and Aaron Brooks to fly right pass Detroit, you didnt make no Trades!!! IDK whats going on with my pistons this season, but I agree with the signing of Ben Gordan, not Charlie V though, that guy plays ZERO defense…

  62. Big Joke says:

    K, you’re so stupid and inconsiderate.
    Everyone has a right to protest when face downtime situation.
    The NBA players are normal people too and that gives them the right to protest or emancipate from uncomfortable bondage.
    Having said all that does not mean they should act unprofessional in the league, all I am saying is everyone has rights to protest and express their disapproval when feeling necessary.

  63. trudger says:


    Why have you failed to post my comment? You have approved others AFTER mine! And mine certainly isn’t worse than some I’ve read.

    Are we an intolerant liberal are we?

  64. Big Jeff says:

    these guys are professional athletes and make millions of dollars. Joe Dumars needs to step in and address this matter in a team meeting. you just don’t turn your back on your coach because you don’t agree with his style of coaching and you are not winning games. conducting a no-show at practice is totally wrong. if those guys were making the same salary as the average joe out here,they would have been at practice on time.

  65. awesomeman says:



  66. Joaquin Miranda says:

    While quite understandable, this is completely unprofessional. This guys’ job is to play basketball. To me, that seems like an awesome job. Play the game you love and get millions of dollars for doing so. Even if -Like Rip Hamilton- you get benched, you are getting paid to see first class basketball as close as you can. Now, I understand this guys are ballers, they want to play, but they are pros, they HAVE to act like it. I like NBA stars being in control of what they wanna do, I mean, if I don’t want to work somewhere, why should I? But then again, I wouldnt get my money if I didnt work right? summing up, GO TO WORK, BE A MAN

  67. IT114EVA says:

    JD should hire Isiah lol, here he’s looking for a job.

  68. jazz44 says:

    A word for TMac, don’t go along with Hamiton. He is so over. Tried to pack him with “Melo”, however, such idea failed the whole deal. The small group of Rip poised the pists.

  69. Fastbreak says:

    You guys do realize that the Pistons CANT make any big trades right now? If they players are this dumb, which may explain how bad the team is, to not understand that the team is currently being sold then that is their fault. What you think is going to happen? Until this sale goes through Pistons hands are tied with what they got. And to be honest not like it really mattered, they are done for this season anyways – might as well make it worse to at least be in a better position for the draft.

  70. DeAndre says:

    Trade everyone and rebuild.

  71. ED says:

    Let’s just get things right here. Kuester sucks and is a bad coach. Check. Did Joe D want Kuester to be his Head Coach? No he wanted Avery Johnson. Check. Has Joe D made some bad decisioons? Yes Is he a bad GM? No. Before you can fire a GM you have to have someone to replace Joe D who is qualified. To all you people who want Joe D Fired please explain to me who his successor is…..oh you don’t have a name….Check. Rip hasn’t really done much wrong. He just has a rift with a coach who can’t seem to communicate with the all the players and it must be team wide with the Pistons because of this rift that happened today. Your telling me after what Rip has done for the Pistons that he can’t get a little respect from his coach. The answer is to fire Keeeester and bring the guy who put this altogether….Joe D. Yes Joe D. Everyone on this team respects Joe D and the reason this roster is here is because of Joe D. He needs to come down and coach this team until he can find a coach to take this over when new ownership comes in. He created this whole thing and he needs to repair this whole thing. In regards to trades….he really can’t make too many trades because of the sale of the team unless it makes total financial sense. You guys know about all those contracts for $120 million for a guy like Brian Cardinal……Joe D isn’t that stupid.

    • Nick says:

      That means that the players will be in control like were with Flip Sanders. Remember where it got them. Coach Q will not be like Sanders. I loved Rip, but he has loss much of his fight on the court since Billups left.

  72. Rae says:

    I believe if we can get a seasoned coach in here, then the pieces will fall into place. We have played the best in the league this season an won against them. That shows that the talent is there. They just need someone who has more experience on the professional level in coaching who knows how to close out games. But this is just my opinion.

  73. jose make a trade says:

    hah u shuldve traded richard Hamilton ya dnt use him anyways instead of wasting his skills let him show it sumwere else were hell go do sumthing to help a different team..!

  74. slimee says:

    Very disappointed to see this go down. Joe Dummars should be on this asap!

  75. Daniel says:

    People talking crap about Rip cause of this attitude? Cause he’s getting paid a lot of money and should just do what he’s being getting paid for? That’s the reason he’s acting like this, cause that coach won’t let him do his job!!!

  76. trudger says:

    It’s no surprise that the over-rated loser Tracy McGrady is in this group of no- shows. As much as these whiners get paid – for playing a game no less – they ought to be grateful under any circumstances.

    Maybe they should run for Democratic office in Wisconson.

    Self-important, overpaid, ingrates.

  77. unk says:

    Old washed up players, new talent that isn’t developing, coaches who can’t control the locker room, management who can’t make a decision (prolly due to the sale), Mr. D. is rolling in his grave.

    I’m no longer a fan. Anyone wanna join the Clippers express with me?

    • Nick says:

      Naw!!! I was a fan when they were a cellar team before and I was a fan when they won championships. I stood alone when everyone thought the Lakers would sweep. I’m sticking with them now. Although I was embarrassed last year watching them play soft in Atlanta and I had my Piston jersey on. Even the Atlanta fan felt sorry for us. I’m not going to abandon ship. I’ll just hurt for a little while.

  78. miqueasg says:

    i have to agree yes the team is heading in a terrible direction
    but yo you getting paid to play basketball if you dont want the jersey ill take it

  79. J Carter says:

    Rip wasn’t offered a buyout. I am sure if he had been offered a buyout he would have been gone. The Pistons are stuck in limbo as negotiations for the teams sale continue and Dumars has his hands tied because he couldn’t make any major financial moves. Rip’s skills may have diminished a little as anyone’s does with age but he’s still effective and good for 10-15 points a game, better than 90% of the players on most teams rosters.
    Kuester was not the right coach and has never been a head coach before and this will probably be his only job as an assistant as he never was head coach material. The team has floundered since his arrival. If it were one player, it’s a player problem, half the team then the problem is the coach. Sorry, but the team has much more invested in the players than it does the coach. Had Joe D had the leverage to do so while the team is being sold, Kuester would have been long gone.

  80. BullsFan22 says:

    Not surprised about this. I would have done the same thing, albeit much, much earlier. It seems like the pistons have patches of 2-3 months where things steadily go downhill for them. First it was the choke against the Cavs and Celtics in 07 and 08, then it was the Iverson fiasco, then the Dumars trades (or lack of them), then Kuester, then Hamilton not wanting to play, then Prince, then the McGrady headscratch trade, then the continuation of poor play and now this. Man, I feel bad for the players and the organization.

    • ED says:

      Signed Tracy McGrady to a contract…..he was not involved in any trade.

    • black mamba says:

      hey, i was starting to agree with you but the McGrady headscratch trade? c’mon… they made a big gamble on TMac but it did pay well… If its not for TMac, they’d probably have the same record as the God-forsaken Cavs or probably worse… But well, you’re a bulls’ fan, the whole chicago doesn’t appreciate Tmac. Peace!

    • Bryan says:

      Mcgrady signed for the vet minimum, He wasn’t traded for.

      • danc says:

        pistons got a real steal when they signed mcgrady for the vet’s minimum….
        for a guy that avg 10+pts, 4 rbs and 4 assist as a starter

  81. Ahmed says:

    FIRE the coach, “”””””””DONE””””””” the problem is solved, DUMARS you got to act now and fire the coach or hopefully your the one who is going to be fired.

    • Nick says:

      IT IS NOT THE COACH… These guys were playing soft before him. Even before Billups left under Sanders. The team went down when Ben Wallace left to Chicago because of Sanders. The players ran the team instead of the coach. They disrespected Sanders in every way. Radsheed Wallace was shooting left handed for the fun of it and would not rebound or play defense. . They thought they could rally at the end to win. HELL!! I got tired of their BS. They refuse to use their young players. Now, they have a coach that taking control and they don”t like it. I’m from Detroit and a die hard fan. But they need to clean house. Maybe they will bring defense back to our normal standards. HANG ON IN THERE, COACH Q!!!!

  82. Jao says:

    just because they’re getting paid doesn’t mean they can’t protest if they’re being treated badly. even workers have rights to protest.

  83. K says:

    Ok, this is ridiculous; enough is enough. When are the owners going to step in and take back control of their league? You have a bunch of millionaire spoiled brats pouting because they didn’t get traded; wake the f&*k up. What your during isn’t even really a real job. Your not teaching anyone to read or write; your not creating some new miracle drug to cure cancer or some other deadly disease, your playing a damn game and getting paid millions of dollars to do so. You have people out here struggling to keep food on their families table, wishing that they could make just one of the game checks that these ungrateful bastards are making and they have the audacity to stage a protest; PLEASE!

    This era of professional athletes need a serious reality check. What needs to happen is the owners need to lock the players out; hell shut down the whole league, and then let these protesting idiots try to start their own league. With all the overhead that it takes to maintain a sporting franchise, I guarantee these idiots wouldn’t last a month. These players need to understand how much of a privilege it is for them to be able to play this game and profit so much for doing it. Don’t ever get it twisted; what their during (playing a game for pay), is so far removed from real life that they need to never complain, protest, strike or anything else that would insult a real working man or woman who has to hit it every single day just to make a 1/2 % of what these assholes make.

  84. Tony says:

    The funny part is when I read this article by Keith Langlois on the Piston website, saying that:” It takes guts to do what Joe Dumars did, as well, as that same deadline approached. He stood pat.” I never seen any manager in nba like Joe.D who spent almost 22 million dollars 2 years ago on 2 players to sit on the bench. And that coach Kuester has no idea what he is doing. He is not a decision maker and he always loose in the last quarter.

  85. danito says:

    iam from detroit and iam a pistons fan, i iam so pissed off i dont know what happen to this team, 2 yeas ago this was one of the elite teams , billups get traded and the whole pyramid collapse. the stupid joe dumar spent the money on over rated players like gordon and charle v. instead of being smart like new york and chicago did. i feel bad for pistons fan cuz this team is one of the worst and cant even do nothing in the near future, its like they stuck with washed out players , dum couch and dummer managent. dum and dummer lol

    • bizerd says:

      they thought stuckey was the future at point gaurd. but he cant seem to pass the ball. at end of games he always comes to the hole with three defenders hangn off him and he never pass the ball every time. they need a new coach. Coach Brown used to tell Billups,” I want at least 3 assists before you take a shot. as a result everybody got in the game, including rip, now he has no one to pass him the ball when hes open.

  86. JoeLz says:

    this just proofs that the coach has absolutely NO CONTROL or respect for that matter!!…its just a plain mess over there in Detroit!!…ever since “Big Shot” Billups was traded, they went down the drain!!…i still wonder to this day..”Why they traded Billups??”…the whole chemistry of the team was over after that!!…OH WELL!!

  87. bizerd says:

    The Piston organization is trying to sale the pistons, have been for the last couple of years. So their is only one emergency, sale the pistons.Bill Davidson passed away and he was the man that would give Joe D the green light, no matter what. Now his wife owns the pistons and she is only interested in money. They need to hurry up and sale now while they do have a team to sale.

  88. Dave says:

    I forgot to mention that the Raptors cannot compete with the Knicks obviously. And look at the NETS!!!!! Even the Nets are laughing in Toronto face now with the trade of Deron Williams. The Raptors are in a horrible situation. Yes they have money but it gets spent on guys who can’t take this franchise to next level little alone acquiring an allstar.

    • black mamba says:

      hello, earth calling dave, earth calling dave, we are talking about the pistons here, not the raptors…

  89. Marky Barbadillo says:

    Too much conflict on playing time on same positions for them.. bad management…

  90. Van says:

    The Pistons have to get back to championship form. John Kuester’s time with the Pistons should be up by now.

  91. SpurS says:

    What Happen To This Team Who Beat The Lakers Four Some???
    I thought Detroit will be better because They Got Tmac??…..

    • QuestionMark says:

      But back then they had Billups, Rip, Prince, R.Wallace and B.Wallace, that was when Ben Wallace was a great defender, R.Wallace was still god and so were the other three, they arent in their prime anymore, neither is T-Mac but I think if he gets more minutes he will be able drop atleast 20ppg

    • danc says:

      T-macs still trying to get back to his own form… But at least kuester made a good decision to start him..

  92. Trevor says:

    This is just more proof that Joe D has lost his touch and has no idea how to build a successful team anymore…..He’s always been terrible at the draft, but since the Chauncey trade, he has made bad decision after bad decision…I feel like he is purposefully trying not to do the things that made the Pistons successful…Where is the continuity? The identity? What happened to hiring proven HEAD coaches? You’d think after the Curry fiasco, he would stay away from unproven assistant coaches, even if Kuester was one of LB’s assistants during the 04 season…Seriously…Kuesters only head coaching job was in college and he led his team to a 1-27 record….I hope the new owner cleans house next season..

    • ED says:

      It’s called Joe D wanted Avery Johnson as his coach, but Ownership did not want to pay the $$$ for him. Hence this is why you have Kuester.

      Joe D has made some bad decisions, but please tell me who you have next to take Joe D’s spot. No one. Again you guys want him gone, but please tell me the next great GM…….you can’t. You want Joe D to run this thing into the ground like AIG and like he has Billions to do whatever.

  93. Sean says:

    No sympathy at all for Rip Hamilton. Accept a buyout and go win a championship somewhere or quit pouting, suit up and do your damn job.

    • black mamba says:

      the question is, are the pistons offering him a buyout? Yes he has a huge contract, overpaid as most of you are saying, but dont forget the heydays when they were a championship caliber team and the millions and millions they brought… When exactly this rip-thing started? Who started it? As far as i can remember, the pistons were favoring rip over iverson, obviously Kuester was not yet around then… now why all of a sudden he became the 12th man of the team? They even placed him on Injured list without a descent injury… I’m not a fan of pistons, i actually hated rip, and big ben, and chauncey and the over dramatic wallace… but right now, i feel for rip. if its not for the old champ pistons, Kuester wouldnt even be in Detroit. WAPAK!

      • Ms Des says:

        @black mamba,
        I agree! Rip could light it up on the court. And the reason why Rip was favored over Iverson he was not the problem child between the two.

    • QuestionMark says:

      I agree that he is acting unprofessional, but I am sure everyone if not most people wouls do the same if you helped the franchise win a championship and pretty much did everything for the team and get benched even when the trade didnt happen. Just incase you dont know, they let Rip play a game and guess what he dropped 30 and got benched right after that, 30 and he gets benched. I just think they should fire Kuester and hire Mike Brown.

  94. Jake says:

    Maybe the Pistons should have done something before the trade deadline, and maybe the Keester shoudn’t be coaching the Pistons anymore.

    • NAJ says:

      Not the coaches fault. Phil Jackson, Gregg Popovic and Pat Riley couldn’t win more than 35 games with this lot playing…

  95. Horace Bowers says:

    The Pistons are really over paid as are all the players in the NBA. At least some teams have winning records.

  96. Denzzo says:

    I wish players would stop acting like owners. Typical baller attitude. Shame he cant sink a basket anymore

  97. tbird95 says:

    RIP is retarded, agree to a buyout and go win a championship, otherwise retire right now, cause that’s where this is leading.

    • sym430 says:

      no one is going to pick up that salary…too bad they couldn’t trade him…no one was looking at thim on the trade block becuz of his salary and the fact that they haven’t seen what he could do this year since he’s not playin…Joe D & mgt should have intervended befor this “black eye” …they should have seen the fight cumin…

  98. Raj says:

    I don’t blame the Pistons, after what Rip has done for this franchise and now he’s getting benched game after game, after he didn’t get traded he should be acting this way.

    • Mark says:

      C;mon Raj, these guys are highly paid professionals. And they are employees of the Pistons, not owners. Go to work!

      • Allan says:

        Both have a point. you put hard work for an organization even though your getting paid you should also be recieving some respect. but then again they are HIGHLY paid porfessionals. we all do it on a day to day basis and go to work we do not get the luxury of doing what we love for a living and getting paid to sit down.

      • EL says:

        Highly paid professionals are the first to recognize non-professionals like Kuester. It doesn’t take a logician to figure out that one cannot perform one’s job if obstacles prevent you from doing so. In addition, one cannot do a good job if the tools for the best performance are being denied (bad coaching decisions). A worker should have input into methodology of any job, particularly if the outcome of that job rests on the worker.

      • Logan says:

        I would say that if you get paid that much for such a small and unimportant job then you should do your job and do it to the best of your ability. That being said Rip isnt being aloud to do his job and earn his money. Rip as well as the other players should be giving Kuester respect but I also think that Kuester should be giving more respect to his players.

      • thetruth says:

        let him try that in the real world and he wouldnt have a job and no one would hire hime again!!!

      • Don Felipe says:

        for what it’s worth… maybe this is what they need to get together as a team again. their personal is not that bad but the results were/are. if they really clashed many time already I wonder why the (real) owners had not have reacted earlier. i mean who is Kuester? there’s got to be someone else more capable of coaching…

  99. gatez says:

    Ownership despite the uncertainty with it and management need to or maybe now should have done something with the team. Time to start over.

  100. TJ says: