A Whole New World

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With the trade deadline behind us now and the winners and losers being debated around the globe, we have a chance to sit back and survey the landscape here at the hideout.

Whatever certainty we had about a Lakers-Celtics rematch in the NBA Finals faded when the Celtics shipped off Kendrick Perkins, and even Nate Robinson, to Oklahoma City for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic. In fact, the Celtics and all the other trade-happy teams have created a whole new world in the NBA for the rest of this season.

It dawned on us last night, as we were watching the Bulls’ comeback win over Miami (above). And as crazy as it might have sounded before the trade deadline, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to think we could see a Bulls-Thunder NBA Finals this season (as opposed to 2013 or 2014). We’re not guaranteeing it or even predicting it. All we’re saying is it is within the realm of possibility.

Night after night, the Bulls are making it clear that they do not fear the Heat, Celtics or anyone else (you remember the way they handled the Spurs before the All-Star break).

Ask most anyone about the Bulls and Thunder before the trade deadline and they’d have told you that they were both poised to be the next teams in line to contend for titles, considering the way they’ve been built. But there’s no sense waiting in line or trying to be next when you can be right now.

And the moves that were made by some teams (and the moves that weren’t made by others) allows Chicago and OKC to challenge for the top spot sooner rather than later. That doesn’t mean the Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Heat and Mavericks won’t be blocking the path. They will all still be there. The Bulls and Thunder just have a better chance of winning those battles than we thought a day ago.

NBA.com’s Shaun Powell was in Denver last night and watched the shorthanded Celtics lose to the Nuggets. He nailed it when he described their current predicament this way:

Are the Celtics a better team without a player who made Dwight Howard sweat for every layup and rebound, a player whose knee injury in Game 6 might’ve swung the championship in the Celtics’ favor last summer?

“On paper, some will say we’re not,” (Celtics coach Doc) Rivers said. “I say we are, but that’s something we’ll have to find out.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, and Danny Ainge just took a tremendous risk in trading his starting center for someone who’ll be a backup forward. This deal makes them different, not necessarily better. Remember, given the twilight of their three-man core, they’re built to win now, more than next year, when Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce will lose another precious layer of tread. They needed stability down low in the post, given the fragility of the aging O’Neals, Shaquille and Jermaine.

What they didn’t need was to panic and dump Perkins, partly because he wouldn’t sign a contract extension before the trade deadline. So what? This wasn’t the same situation Denver had with Carmelo Anthony, or what Utah had with Deron Williams; those were franchise players who absolutely had to be moved. Perkins was worth keeping around for another stretch run, regardless of what would happen contractually.

In a best-case scenario, which was very possible, Perkins would’ve been motivated to make good money and played accordingly in the postseason, gobbling up rebounds and swallowing up space in the paint. And then the new labor agreement, which will surely put limits on player contracts in terms of scope and length, could’ve fallen in Boston’s favor. Anyway, suppose Perkins wanted to play somewhere else next season? Fine. Just issue a sign-and-trade and get his replacement then. But not now. Not when you need him most.

While the Bulls stood their ground yesterday and didn’t tinker with their team or chemistry, the Thunder dove in head first. Thunder general manager Sam Presti, always a master on the biggest front office days of the year (Draft, free agency, trade deadline), worked his magic.

Not only did he fortify the frontline with Perkins and Nazr Mohammed (in a separate deal), he added a wild card in Nate Robinson.

The real gem, however, is Perkins. He’s tailor-made for the Thunder. A fierce competitor and one of the best low-post position defenders in basketball and an underrated shot blocker, he makes the Thunder a totally different outfit on defense. Losing Green is a blow, but when you have amassed as much young talent as the Thunder has in the past three seasons, you can’t keep them all.

Presti served up another lesson in the art of dealing that many of his peers and elders have forgotten about. You have to give up something good to get something good in return.

The Thunder did exactly that and that’s why we wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them dive deep into the playoffs this season, just like their mirror image in Chicago!


  1. allaround baller says:

    boston : last match bosh is in better numbers than garnet, also lakers played harder last macth. check it.
    yes bosh is softer, but in playoff i believe he’ll fight harder. hes dying to proof all of this. lakers too. besides im not sure shaq, garnet make it healthy end of season. your fanaticism makes your vision cloudy

    attackpaint : how come krstic better rebounder? u cant judge one regular match.
    it used to be garnet shot perimeter and shaq/perk plays under basket. maybe they’ll put green on SF in case pierce cant stop lebron

  2. AttackDaPaint says:

    Krstic i a better rebounder than Perk, as I saw in the clippers game yesterday. also, they only lost to the nuggets because they didnt have any new players. obviously big baby cant cover Nene. The C’s needed a big man to shoot perimeter (Jeff Green), because that way his man will follow him. then, there will be one less man for the other big man (Kg or Krstic) to box out. Im a celtics fan, but i still think this was a good trade. perk’s defense may not get back to being as good as it used to be.

  3. BOSTON says:

    all around baller u must be an idiot to say that, da matchup with miami heat is not a draw moron, celtics own that already, bosh in his prime is a softie just so u no and noah n boozer cant matchup with kristic,shaq and KG. lakers r just too soft now ull c who wins the ring this year

  4. allaround baller says:

    as a result :
    shaq/krstic, garnett – noah, boozer : bulls win
    shaq/krstic, garnett – howard, turkoglu/bass : howard wont be bullied again
    shaq/krstic, garnett – ilgauskas, bosh : draw, considering bosh is prime age
    shaq/krstic, garnett – blair, duncan : celtic win
    shaq/krstic, garnett – chandler, nowitzki : dallas win
    shaq/krstic, garnett – bynum/gasol/odom : lakers win

  5. Sound Reason says:

    Perkins trade let me down as a Celtics fan, I mean they all said his injury was the reason they lost the finals, and they spent all year saying how amazing the team would be when they got back. Boston has been running like a well oiled machine, so this close to the playoffs, it’s tempting to say-“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”
    But, on the other hand, as Reggie Miller said, maybe Danny Ainge knows something we don’t, maybe Kendrics injury is more cronic or enduring than people think. Maybe Green will florish with the help of the veterans in Boston who have ever reason to help him learn, here’s hoping…

  6. asdf says:

    boston did a reaaaaal bad move. if anyone saw the game, they got thrashed by nene. bad bad move boston.. looking more like miami..

  7. wayne says:

    The Pistons players should be prosecuted for throwing games and point shaving for intentional poor play! Season ticket holders should receive a refund for all these games! NBA must do something!

  8. china says:

    Idk about you guys… but I do recall that Perk is a “free agent” come summer time.
    Do you think theres any chance that Danny Ainge shipped him away, to just get him back again…?
    I mean now that I look at it this way, he gains everything that he wanted, plus gets back a defensive presence.
    Jeff Green, their original draft choice back in 2008 joins them, and all the players dealt to Seattle for Ray Allen are on the team, minus Wally Szerbiak.
    I wont be surprised come summertime that Von Wafer is dumped, the D League center Chris Johnson is waived, Kristic doesnt get signed again and they gamble on whether they sign big baby or not.
    Would they do all this, just to get Perk back again? Maybe…?

    PS: I also like what ive read on other posts saying Boston is able to get D12. Can that actually happen, or is that just a drunken fan talking? lol

  9. Rc says:

    Whoever said Westbrook will leave…. Not anytime soon bro. Are you kidding me?!?!?! I want what u are smoking. He and Kevin are becoming one of the most formidable duos in the future of the NBA… The thunder will pay him BIG to stay. And possibly kendrick. Westbrook is the 2nd part of a NBA superduo… All stars have been forcing trades to achieve this… He and durant are milking this partnership because they lucked out playing with eachother and getting bug together

  10. allaround baller says:

    wow garnett, jermaine, davis, green. so much PF! do you think anyone would satisfy with the minuteplay?
    Oneil plays like 15-20mnt/game. Kristic is softer n unproven. Among their big four, all they need is a C with hardplay n maturity. they forgot Celtic did winner before perk injured on final

    After this season, one.two or three of that names will go. Doesnt matter if they win/not
    I see NBA similar to euro football league. the player turns to mercenary, year by year

  11. KCA says:

    I would be surprised if it wasn’t San Antonio and OKC in the Conference Finals. I also feel that OKC will beat them and either play Boston or Chicago in the Finals. It’s gonna be a great post season and I hope there will be a season next year.

  12. Joey says:

    This is actually a great trade for the Celtics. Before they had a good balance of defense and scoring with the starters in. Then when the bench got in they were more of a running team with either Rondo or Allen in for some of the time or out. Now you will have Shaq healthy, by the playoffs which is the only important thing, starting and has been effective at the begining of the season, that is actually better than Perkins. The bench now has more consistent scoring and athleticism with West at 1, Wafer at 2, Green at 3, Baby at 4, and Kristic/O’Neal at 5.

  13. SJayC says:

    I’m tired of crazed Lebron fans using him as an example and leverage like he’s a saint because of the 2011 deadline trades. I’m also tried of people using the Cavaliers season record to make Lebron’s decision seem even more adequate. I know some of you will agree with what I’m about to say! FIRST OFF, the rest of the world (excluding Cleveland) isn’t solely upset at the fact that Lebron left the Cavaliers after 7 years. They’re upset that an elite player like Lebron, ran tail to join two other elite players and on top of that, they at all gloated and celebrated with that whole “Miami Heat Concert” as if they were going to monopolize the NBA by obliterating every team they play against, and win Championships for the next 7 years. As though no one stood a chance! This is not the NFL, MMA, or Boxing. NBA fans do not take cockiness, arrogance, and trash talk lightly! You get hated when you do! SECONDLY, the Cavaliers had a few trades with injuries starting the season. This team wasn’t exactly the same team when Lebron left. What it all boils down to is that Lebron with the Heat can be 62-18 but lose in the playoff first or second round. Then this would be no different from his run with the Cavaliers!

  14. kobe says:

    lakers taking down thunder
    go lakers

  15. Chris Ross says:

    What a trade deadline, this must have been one of the best one’s in the history of the sport if not the best. It was really fun all day watching so many deals go down. Some of these trades were just so out of left field and they kept coming in that it just made the past 72 hours so interesting. I think in these trades there were definitely some major winners and losers, when in actuality trades should be mutually beneficial for both teams (but I guess that doesn’t happen all too often). I thought OKC, Denver, Houston and Cleveland did a really god job bolstering their teams for the future. They made some major shake-ups but I think in the long run it will be beneficial for their team, especially the Perkins trade.


    • Zzanzabar says:

      I totally agree. There were more surprises, and resulting speculations from this years trade deadline, than from the free-agency period that preceded it. This has made for a VERY interesting end of the NBA season.

  16. SL says:

    Some very head-scratching moments coming out of the trade deadline. The real winners on they day have to be Jamario Moon and Mo Williams. I mean they went from a disintegrating franchise into the one achored by a great rookie and a lot of young talent. I’m still expecting Cleveland to buy out Baron Davis just because it will not work with Scott and the Cavs knowing Boom Dizzle. We’ll see though.

    As for the Bulls, saying that because they held back on deals it makes them a better contender has to be considered in perspective of what deals they held off on. If they could have gotten OJ Mayo like they planned, not pulling that deal, or more importantly Memphis not pulling it, doesn’t make the Bulls a better team. Mayo is a solid scorer and could help take pressure off Rose on the perimeter. They can compete, especially given the Celtics moves, and I still believe any team with a decent PG can beat the Heat with good enough supporting cast which the Bulls have. So they don’t necessarily benefit from their own moves, but from moves of others. Speaking of the Celtics, that was a dumb trade to make, especially given how significant Perkins was to their run last year. I mean, he is the kind of player you don’t look at to score, not even at his first hand contributions, but he wears men down, not just on D like with Howard, but also on offence through setting picks and fighting through rebounds. He leaves the opposition beat up and that helps the Celtics. They’re trying to get some future insurance, but this was too early and I don’t think Jeff Green has high enough potential to warrant jeopardizing a championship run on a panic trade.

    Thunder do improve, and I love someone above saying that it’s just NBA spin masters trying to sell small market teams. The truth is, the Thunder are primed. Remember last year when they gave the Lakers the biggest challenge they faced in the West? The eventual NBA champions that would be? They’re better, more experienced this year, and more importantly they have the size inside in Perkins to not only challenge the presence of Bynum or Gasol, but also all the little things Perkins brings to the table like I’ve discussed above. Neither Fisher nor Blake can guard Westbrook effectively, no imagine them in 2nd half beat up by about 10 hard screens from Perkins. It’s a whole new picture for this team. The front office made smart moves, putting together a team that can challenge top seeds in the West.

    Lastly, the TrailBlazers have pulled something great off as well. Provided Roy is back, they still need to see how much his career is limited now by the injury. Will he be just the shadow of himself or will he still be able to go for 25 nightly? That’s a lot of question marks. The point with them is though that even without Roy they kept themselves in the playoff picture and LaMarcus Aldridge really bloomed in that time. That’s phenomenal news for the Blazers. Wallace also gives them something that they didn’t have, and that’s a guy to put on your Kobe Bryants and Manu Ginobili’s of the west. The guy who maybe isn’t the BEST defender out there is still a ferocious one and the one who will wear the superstars down. I think they’ve put themselves in a competitive position independent of Roy’s overall status, and if Roy does come back, then it gets just THAT MUCH better for that franchise.

  17. Jao says:

    Thunder taking down Lakers. book it!

    • tox says:

      CHar! how come? dont even have a low post. Offensively they have decreased a lot because of green’s departure…

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  19. BJ says:

    The thunder have no more kind of offensive presence in the paint.

  20. GreenCro says:

    Shocked at first
    Cautious about future
    Hope that Danny has something/someone in the pocket
    Someone wrote in the last 24hrs he is always several steps ahead of his first move
    Hope, it’s the case now
    & why don’t dream for something huge, even immediately after this season?!
    Well I’ll just keep my fingers crossed, 4 good & long health
    Go Celts!
    [however, it was about time for the whole NBA to be shaked and mixed differently after a long, long while. In other words since last summer, ahahahahaa XD]

  21. Mike says:

    Ok. As far as I am concerned with the Perkins-Robinson trade, I understand that Green adds fresh young legs to a team that was relying on Nate Robinson to bring offensive vigor and spread the court. Green, at 6’9′ can do that much better. He can still hit the three, and unlike nate, he can play at either the 3 or 4 spot which is where the celtics were severely lacking bench strength. Perkins defensive presence will be missed, but the celtics still have shaq and jermaine at center, and this allows for some depth at the spot. Throw in Krstich, and, with a little fine tuning, you are almost as deep as before (considering that Semih Erden was out for the rest of season anyways. Clearly the C’s just opened up cap-space and are perhaps preparing to make a move in the 2012 free-agency. When you consider how well the Celtics have integrated new players into their roster in the recent past (Robinson, Semih, Rasheed last year, etc.), with young, athletic talent such as green, they could turn the acquisition into a great forward through defensive improvement. I believe that this move was more about gaining a greater offensive prowess to help close out fourth quarters.

    • tata says:

      I agreee that Green might help them in the future but the window for winning a championship is NOW and closing fast.

  22. Taylor Sinq says:

    I love that the NBA is tring to “sell papers” by calling the Thunder a Title Contending Team. GET REAL… You have to give it to the NBA Spin Exec’s, whom are brilliant for trying to market the Thunder. With soooo many small market teams losing money, the NBA has to help compensate by providing unrealistic PR & spin for these small market teams in order to generate buzz for ratings & fool the masses. Case in point- OK Thunder, with emphasis on “OK”… Reality- adding Perkins & Robinson solidifies them a 4th thru 6th seed in the West. The REAL Western Conf Contenders are still the Lakers, Spurs & Mavericks. Even if the Lakers/Mavs/Spurs were heavily plagued with injuries & the Thunder tripped into the Finals- they would be dismantled by the Celts/Heat/Magic/Bulls… Somebody please tell the NBA Spin Zone Exec’s to stop the nonsense. With the addition of Gerald Wallace, I believe the Thunder are equal to the Trailblazers. Which would make a delicious playoff series.HOWEVER- I still believe the Kevin Durant is a top 10 scorer in the league. Westbrook is awesome! Better than Duran-Duran. Westbrook is a better passer, better defender, & a highlight of a scorer. BUT- He’ll be getting outta DodgeCity for LAC or LAKERWOOD, Dallas or NY. Don’t think I’m a Thunder-Hater, I’m not. I’m a fan of Westbrook & Durant. I’m just saying stop filibustering hallow spin for the Thunder. It’s not their time to shine yet & they don’t need it. They could be a Championship caliber team in two years if (again) the Lakers/Mavs/Spurs get plagued by injuries, father time moves into the pool house AND most importantly, they convince former AllStars & topshelf, defending roleplayers to play in Oooooooooooook Lahoma where the Wins Come Sweeping Down the Plains! Ya, I know… The NBA should hire me to shine their turds.

    • SamO says:

      Sorry Taylor, but your prophecies are just as much spin as what we hear coming from the NBA. You can’t call out the NBA for saying what is a possibility and then go on to list all of your predictions, because nobody actually knows for sure what’s going to happen. The fact is that the Thunder “could” contend for the championship but so can plenty of other teams. A lot of factors go into that. So lets just enjoy the game.

      • Taylor Sinq says:

        SamO… I din’t include any prophecies or predictions in my blog. Spin- nope, stating the obvious. Name any predictions & or prophecies you feel I blogged about. Re-read. AND, I can call the NBA out. The NBA is not saying that, “the Portland Trailblazers are now a Title Contender’s by adding Gerald Wallace..” OR, “The New York Knicks are now a Championship, Title Contending Team”. The point is that the NBA is genius for spinning the Thunder. I’m calling them out on it. AND- I LOVE THIS GAME! I love it when players step on the floor & play! Get it? Playing the Game of Basketball. BUT it is a business. I know that more than the average fanatic. I’m calling out the PR, Marketing, Spin Execs who are over hyping this Thunder trade & Thunder Team in order to boost awarness & financial matters for the Thunder. See what I’m saying, “Off the Court”. I did include my opion on current events happening in the NBA & I did speculate on Westbrook leaving. ” I believe” Sam Presti didn’t give Green a high dollar contract is because their saving money for Westbrook. Speculation… Also, thanks for your encouragment on enjoying tha game. 🙂

    • tata says:

      OKC had 2 players that helped win the World Championship this summer. Durant really stepped up and has a taste for winning now. That is more than anyone can say for most teams not called the Lakers, Celtics, or Spurs.

  23. Alan D says:

    John mitchum, it does look confusing, but I think danny ainge is trying to avoid this team turning into a lottery team after 2012-13 season. They know the east is getting stronger and I believe they are setting up so they can go for dwight Howard. They have played just fine without Kendrick the whole year and they are still number 1

    • Sonko says:

      Allan, I like your point, they played without Perk and were still number 1. Moving forward though, they will need a strong Shaq and J O’neal ( unfortunately, the season has been so tough on them with injuries).

    • tata says:

      Cleveland was number one the last few years too but the playoffs are different. When you have to face big men like Howard or Bynum in a series and you just lost your big man………

  24. AC says:

    Zzanzabar I agree with you 100%. I have to add to Lebron’s situation. I’m a big Lebron fan. (how can you not enjoy watching a guy of that size do what he does?) Cleveland’s lack-of-success this year makes Lebron’s decision look that much better. Everyone kept complaining about Lebron “running away”. They said that he had the supportive cast to win a championship in Clv and that there was no reason he should’ve left. Are you kidding me?? Is there anyone alive today that could win with what Cleveland has? It also shows how valuable of a player he is. He is a winner and I think he’s proved that already.

    OKC’s situation is the most improved in my eyes. I love watching these young players. They have a TON of talent and adding NateRo and Perkins will only help them; especially on the defensive side. They’ll need both of these guys desperately in the post-season. I like their chances this year to take the West. I know that’s bold but anything can happen in the playoffs.

    • Sonko says:

      Nate, has to improve his 3 point shots though. To me, it is hard to talk about the impact of these trade offs until I see them playing together.

    • tata says:

      Shaq, Ilgauskas and Varajao are gone too. If Cleveland played like a team instead of putting the ball in LeBum’s hands 200 times a game to pad his stats then they would know how to run an offense without him. I guarantee the Spurs wouldn’t even want LeBum on their TEAM.

  25. juice says:

    Perkins as useful as he is, is not the swiss army knife Lamar Odom is. A good day for Perk is a day Odom remembers he gets payed to play basketball. When Lamar was the best player on his team, his stat line looked something like this

    17.2PPG 7.8RPG 5.2APG 1.0SPG 1.6BPG, and that was before he became a glass hound. who else in the L gives you a double-double off the bench (14.8PPG 9.1RPG)?

    • Rc says:

      Ok odom is a good scorer. But he can’t muscle up to Dwight. He’ couldn’t even muscle up to the heat centers. Please don’t go there when it comes to comparing him with perk. Perk is not the best shooter but he is a huge defensive presence that make the centers of the NBA cringe at the though of facing off with him. Odom doesn’t scare, box out, or muscle up to anybody. Blake griffin took him to town that game against the clips . I’m pretty sure perk will take his toughness and passion to the thunder and flourish there with the other young energetic passionate players. Ibaka and his blocking and perk and his muscle will certainly be a formidable defensive duo in the NBA paired with sefalosha’s perimeter Defense which he was Awarded for by the NBA last season. I think with thabo stepping up to Kobe, Westbrook whipping past fisher and taking those fast shots through the paint, ibaka n perk with help of nazr, collison and Cole aldrich ( formerly a tough defensive minded center for the jayhawks), with daequan cook, maynor, and harden taking perimter shots…. The lakers will be in for a serious upset… the spurs and thunder will be a serious roadblock to a threepeat and I don’t see them being able to penetrate through…. The east is in for some trouble as well. The celtics might regret this.

      • Rc says:

        Not to omit durant. Durant is a threat to anybody….especially if he has adequate backup that let’s him put that scoring talent to use… Enter perk

      • tata says:

        I just hope the Miami cHEAT don’t get past the Septics now.

  26. Byron says:

    With all these changes in the NBA the only thing that is sure is that you can’t be sure of anything. The Perkins, Robinson trade has just weakened the Celtics (to my liking). C’mon Denver beat them last night. Now, as for the Knicks they won’t have nearly enough time to do anything this year, I don’t think. Chicago just beat Miami and demonstrated, in my opinion, that the Heat is certainly beatable and that maybe we have underestimated the Bulls. The Nets, now have Deron, but that isn’t enough they absolutely have to try to get Howard next year and as it looks now he is willing to go anywhere that will offer him contention to an NBA championship asap. I highly doubt that the Nets will get him. I’m sure he’ll end up in the West! Orlando is plummeting and am sure will continue to do so. The West is the ultimate winner of this deadline and trade frenzy, even more so the Thunder! Don’t get me wrong the Spurs are strong but looked tired at the end of that Thunder game. I’m not too sure they can make it to the finals on what they have got. I think that the Lakers (I am a Laker fan) are still the team to beat and will only need to stay healthy as a team and get that team work and defense back up to par in order to achieve that what seems to be becoming an elusive 3peat. Not that any 3peat are easy to come by.

    • Sonko says:

      I kind of disagree with you on the lakers thing, the Mavs, Spurs are the teams to beat. With the celts losing Perk, the chemistry is gone and they will have to prove that they can work together to win the games. Again it is a wait and see situation.

      • Malcolm says:

        The Spurs and Mavs are really good teams. But the Lakers are the champs so until they’re not they will be the team to beat.

  27. John Mitchum says:

    Hey D.A., could you help me make some sense about this Perkins trade?
    I’m a die hard celtics fan and this feels like betrayal. Krstic over perk? really? Green might work but I love that little nate! They should’ve kept House for that matter. I don’t understand what’s going on, I read shaun powell’s article about the move and I think he’s totally right. Why would they take a step down from the competition? For money? Or because they’re not sure Perk would’ve resigned? Seriously? Building for the future? A few weeks before the playoffs? This is BS, none of this makes any sense.
    I always enjoy your opinion, take care man.

    • asd says:

      Someone has to guard melo and lebron.
      There’s a big chance that NYK and MIA could be their playoff first and second round.
      I don’t think almost 34- yo Pierce is the right man for the job all alone.
      They got a guy who can play virtually on every position aside of pg, can do off almost everything (3pt, off dribble, transition, post up) is a stiff defender and not complain about his role as a 3rd or 4th option.
      How many of them are in the league?
      I guess not many.
      How many of that not many are “tradeable” and BOS could afford them?
      Even less.
      And OKC GM is not dumb, you couldn’t pull out green from there without sacrificing someone valuable.
      Gasol for kwame wasn’t an option here,,,

      Time will tell how it’ll work for both teams.

      Sad it’s about players who were important and long time part of their teams, but it’s not the first time such trade happened.

      • tata says:

        Green is a steal for the Septics. They traded him for Ray Allen and then get him back for Kendrick Perkins. Now what Septic fan in his right mind wouldn’t trade Perkins for Allen? Because that is what essentially happened.

  28. Brandon Taquino says:

    Honestly I think people are taking this Thunder trade for a little more than it is. Although it is true that Perkins is the missing piece they needed so that they no longer have to play Ibaka out of position at center, they’re STILL ten and a half games back of first. The West in general seems like one two three and four are locked, aside from some shuffling that could possibly happen between the Lakers and the Mavs. People are also giving the Celtics heat which they don’t deserve. Jeff Green fits their system very well, and provides great back up for Kevin Garnett, which they are going to need come playoff time. He’s a stretch four, he spreads the floor, and opens the lane for their bigs like Shaq and Big Baby. I feel like both teams came off with what they wanted in this trade. I believe the trades made before the deadline this year is proof of a definite power shift in the NBA to a younger generation.

    • Imad Akel says:

      i hope your right. but i think this was a mistake.
      nate too….the best thing about the celtics was the glue that held the teammates together. all that “we’re like one big family” talk, looks like management doesn’t think so…

      people hate on the players when they call the shots…it’s THEM that are playing and working hard and sweating out there…they deserve the greater say in which team they want to sweat for…

      perkins didn’t want to leave. Uncool…

      • tata says:

        Now Doc can keep screaming from the mountaintops that nobody ever beat his starting five in a playoff series.

  29. Zzanzabar says:

    Personally I’m getting a little sick and tired of fans around the NBA whining about ‘player loyalty’ and the lack thereof. Take the case of these 5 players: Garnett, LeBron, Carmelo, Perkins, and Williams.
    In the case of Garnett he literally gave the best of his playing years to a small market team and when they had used him up by surrounding him with stiffs they shipped him off to Boston. He was loyal and all it got him was bupchus until he ended up in Boston (and please DON’T say that Minnesota did him a ‘favor’ by trading him).

    Both LeBron and Carmelo stayed with their respective teams for 7 years while their respective teams fiddled around trying to get them players to finally get them over the hump and while Denver did a decent job (although they never even tried to deal for a CP3 like player) but Gilbert in Cleveland tried to ride LeBron like a ‘hag horse’ and when he did make a ‘big’ move he brought in an aging Shaq supposedly to seal the deal, yeah right!

    All Perkins and Williams ever wanted was to WIN, it wasn’t about money (not really) but to be with a championship team that could compete every year. Perkins felt (and rightfully so) that he was worth a little more than 5.2 million a year when a Lamar Odom makes 9.8 million for coming OFF THE BENCH! So what is Bostons response after the rehabbed his butt off, why to trade him. Williams just saw Utah going nowhere and said so. He is one of the best at what he does yet Utah shipped him off in a huff.

    Over and over again we hear that the NBA is a business, yet when players approach it that way they are called selfish or greedy, yet the owners are called savvy and cost effective, go figure.

    • Gary says:

      Agree with you 100%

    • trix says:

      Woah! Perkins is a decent big man but there is NO WAY he is better than odom. Odom is coming off the bench because thats how the lakers use him not because he is not capable of starting. He can do alot more on the court than what perkins can do (Perkins strength is rebounding but lamar comes close to his rebounding, but can perkins score/pass/handle like odom). So the statement about perkins deserving more because odom is making more is pure b.s

      • Zzanzabar says:

        I wasn’t saying that Perkins was ‘as good as Odom’, what I was comparing is their RESPECTIVE importance to their teams! Perkins was a QUALITY starter for the Celtics and deserved to be payed that way.

      • FRED says:

        you dont get it…Perkins’ defensive ability is a lot better than Odom…
        Perkin’s play is like Shane Battier…it does not always show on stat sheet…
        the screens…the block outs…fighting for position…being a thug on the court…etc etc..
        its just as or even more valuable than odom….he is a game changer at times…

    • Imad Akel says:

      agree with you completely as well

      and i dont think there’d be anything wrong in saying perkins is as good as odom or maybe even better…

      odom is a benchwarmer on a championship contending team. perkins was a start on a championship contending team. that’s that.

      deserves to be paid atleast 75% what odom’s paid…

    • KDEISEL says:

      very well put. also, great point that based on their value in their respective positions that Perk is more than worth weight as lamar is. to argue that this isnt true via direct comparison of the two very different players is asinine and shows a lack of understand for the sport.

      • Malcolm says:

        @Imad Akel. Odom is definitely not a bench warmer for the Lakers. He averages 14 points and 9 rebounds. He is a key part of the Lakers team. When Bynum was hurt he started and did extremely well. Perkins deserves to get paid no doubt and if he does what he did for the Celtics the Thunder will give him what he deserves.

        @Zzanzabar. You makes some great points. Its nice to see people who are on here who speak sensible.

    • Joey says:

      Perk is gonna come back in the Summer, and if not their seems to be a lot of young(ish) centers becoming a free agent within the next two years who would love to take their talents to a championship contender with an all-star point guard running the post-big three era.

    • Nino Macuca Perez says:

      First of all I want to clarify the difference between some of the trades you mention Garnett trade was done the old fashion way and it led to others joining the Celtics , not by a personal campaign to be moved there as Carmelo which does not bother me he did give his all till the day he left and he wanted to be home . But now Le Bron is different he was not on a bad team they practickly lead the east three seasons and made the finals all in a row but could not get over the hump and is no better right now than he was in Standing than last year or the year before that even with his trio , and with that being said the fact they all lyed about discussions and planning this all along is terrible . If an owner even makes a statement that he would love to have someone play for them while that player is under contract they are fined for soliciting . Le Bron , Wade , and Bosh all new what the decisions were and they played the media and all the Stupid public that believe that show and bad acting like a T mobile commercial. Perkins and Williams did not even know so there is nothing to complain about there unless you are a fan of them and you lost them from your favorite team . And you are giving to much credit to these over grown spoiled children and there ability to handle a true business , most of them have more agents and handlers than years of education and are only millionaires because they are a foot taller than the average human . Most can’t hardly speak right . If you think im an idiot for saying this , ponder this ,if you you made the players in the NBA now were a foot shorter how many do you think would have been drafted or how many do you think would be millionaires ? They are nothing but a little more than young adults that are not used to being told no or what to do . See what happens on Monday at work if you go in acting like an NBA player , you will be laughed at all the way to the unemployment line . Players are a commodity to be baught and sold by owners if it performs well it value rises and if it fails to do what the owner projected its sold , The NBA is falling apart cause the stocks are trying to sell themselves at unrealistic inflated prices with insider trading which in the real world of business is illegal . If this continues it will kill the game we all love .

      • Chris says:

        you wanna know why they have so much power and you dont, thats because there arent many people who have there talent level. as for u going to work the average american can have there job replased easily. It’s nearly impossible to replace lebron james on an nba team. thats why they have so much power.

    • tata says:

      Denver brought in “a CP3” player. They did better than that when they brought in Chauncey Billups who went to 6 conference finals in a row.

      Cleveland brought in Mo “all-star”Williams, Antawn “all-star”Jamison, AND Shaq. They had the best record two years in a row. Why do people keep making excuses for LBJ? He just doesn’t have the same killer instinct as Kobe, Wade or even Paul Pierce when the playoffs come around.

      Garnett went to the conference finals with Minnesota too. The only problem is that SOMEBODY has to win and somebody has to lose. It didn’t matter what GM’s did when Jordan and the Bulls were on their roll.

      If Perkins only wanted to win he would have signed the extension in a heartbeat to stay on a team with four hall of famers that pave the way to the finals the last few years.

      Williams wouldn’t take orders from a hall of fame coach that won 50 games a year for 20 years. We will see how great a player he is in another system.

      I’d like to see the top 100 players start their own 8 team league PACKED with 3-4 all-stars per team and then give the current owners share to charity while they keep ALL the rest. Then maybe they can stop crying.

    • Geowest says:

      Well said Zzanzabar, as a boston fan I am disapointed to see Perkins go, his value is not in the stat shets. Look forward to seeing him and the thunder challange the best of the west deep in the playoffs.