Time for Talking is Done

PLAYA VISTA, Calif. – A day of celebration and pride at Clippers HQ over trading the so-called untradeable contract of Baron Davis gave way to a hard line from general manager Neil Olshey that dramatically increased the expectations, and the pressure, on coaches and players to do more than just make the playoffs next season.

Speaking with a group of reporters at the practice facility Thursday as the move to send Davis and a 2011 first-round pick to the Cavaliers for Mo Williams, Olshey used phrases like “We can’t keep waiting for incremental pieces” and “We need to accelerate our curve in terms of wins and losses, and Mo helps us do that.” But later, in an interview with NBA.com, Olshey went a step further:

“The time for talking is done.”

Getting out from under Davis’ contract and conditioning problems, even if he had built good chemistry with franchise cornerstone Blake Griffin, was seen around here Thursday as an important step forward. The Clippers lost the push of Davis as point guard, but gained a better perimeter shooter to draw some of the defensive heat away from power forward Griffin and the DeAndre JordanChris Kaman center tandem inside, and at a lower salary that streamlines the salary cap for future moves. Plus, Griffin is near the end of his rookie season, just as coach Vinny Del Negro is past the transition period of his first year on the job in Los Angeles, and Jordan is enjoying a breakout 2010-11.

“I’ll be completely unsatisfied if what we have right now, and the ability that we have to make it even better, if we are not a factor in the playoffs,” Olshey said of next season.

Just making the playoffs will not be enough, in other words.

“No,” Olshey said. “I think we need to be a factor. I think we can. If you saw the nights where we played Miami and the Lakers and Oklahoma City and San Antonio and Chicago and Denver – these are the teams we’d have to play in the playoffs and we have a fair chance to beat these guys, and that’s been without [injured] Chris Kaman. We need to find a way to do it every night. Losing becomes a habit and we need to break that habit.

“I think we’ve done that at home. We’ve been very good at home. But now the next step in the maturation process is doing it on the road and beating the teams you’re supposed to beat. I think we’re going to be capable of doing that now. We add a point guard like Mo who’s played 30 playoff games in the last two years. He’s been successful with every team he’s been on. He’s gotten each team he’s been on to the playoffs. Our guys know now what it’s like to play fun basketball and be exciting. Now they need to know what it’s like to do nuts and bolts and get it done and get wins.”


  1. Doc says:

    The clippers will have a good season every once in a while, but the franchise will never become a big winner, or win it all as long as Sterling is still the owner.

    Year after year he puts dollars ahead of winning, and the result is heartache for L.A. basketball fans.

    My hope is someone with very deep pockets will give him an offer he can’t refuse. Someone to deliver clipper fans from mediocrity.

  2. Pasageo says:

    Baron Davis should have stayed to Clippers.End of story.

  3. spliftout says:

    Bad trade by the clips… money isn’t everything and Boom was playing great for them as of late… he’s an experienced playoff tested vet and if they do make it there they’ll need him…

  4. James says:

    Is everyone forgetting they have Eric Gordon?

    That guy is for real.

  5. richuncle says:

    Getting rid of Barron will help the clippers, but trading away their number one pick to do it was not such a great deal. I remember thinking how bad it was when the clippers signed this fool from a losing team of the warriors. Barron has never made a team better so why the clippers would sign him for 5 times what he is worth is just another bad clipper deal.

  6. postman says:

    I’m an ACTUAL clippers fan… One who watches every game and goes to many of the home games… This was the happiest day of my life. The first was when they finally fired Dunleavy. Baron brings down the whole energy of the team. He doesn’t have that passion for basketball anymore and it shows. His shooting is worst than it’s ever been.

    We all know Baron’s potential is top 5 PG’s in the league. But he obviously doesn’t have the drive to reach it. He rather be in hollywood hanging with the stars and doing films. He isn’t focused.

    Bringing in Mo williams was excellent. If ACTUALLY WATCH THE CLIPPERS you know our main problem is shooting. Even when EG is healthy he is the only one that can consistently hit outside shots. Gomes, Aminu, Bledsoe, and foye all are inconsistent.

    With mo wiliams this makes it harder for teams to run double teams at Blake.

    And Kaman at his best is top 3 Center in the league. Maybe even second with Dwight howard.

    Kaman had the most ppg at center last year at 18 and 9… He was an All star.

    Next year is looking very promising to real clipper fans who know basketball.

    • Jake says:

      WTF!? Chris Kaman is with Dwight Howard for the seond best center in the league. Who’s number one? And Chris Kaman isn’t anywhere near as good as Dwight Howard. He was an All-star but it’s not that hard to be an All-star center in the West especially when Yao and Bynum are hurt.

      • LA AC says:

        Yes, the Clippers need outside shooting, but bigger factors in their rise this season was defense and offensive chemistry. When Kaman and Craig Smith were out, the Clips were a much better defensive team with DJ, Aminu, Gomes and Griffin in the frontcourt and Gordon in the backcourt. While BD was no defensive asset, neither has Mo Williams ever been a stopper of any kind.
        Kaman is offensively skilled but is often a black hole, and offensive movement often grinds to a halt when he gets the ball too much and doesn’t pass out of double teams. During the team’s hot streak, players such as Gordon, Foye, Gomes and even Aminu were hitting OPEN outside shots created by ball and player movement – good on-court chemistry. After Gordon’s injury, and especially when BD was off the court, their offense became one-dimensional, give it to Blake or pass it out for CONTESTED outside shots. If Gordon and Mo Williams can develop such chemistry as BD had together and with the team, and they can get each other good shots, then the offense may recover, but, as it stands now, it doesn’t matter who is shooting if no one ever gets an open shot (I mean, Williams is no Ray Allen or Reggie Miller).


    Fire Donlad Strling = Clippers Winning!!!

  8. LA AC says:

    The Clips had won with Brand by being a deliberate, walk-it-up, halfcourt team (like, say Duke, maybe?). BD was the maestro of Nellieball with the Warriors. How would that duo have possibly coexisted? The Davis move was clearly a move away from Brand’s being a focus of the offense, and the previous strategy had taken them deep into the second round. Brand was bound to look at that acquisition as a slap in the face.
    Remember how Phoenix’s decline began with the bringing in of Shaq (a slow-it-down center if there ever was one) and Terry Porter (a defensive, grind-it-out coach) when the team had built its success on run-and-gun with Steve Nash. Building a team requires more than bringing in players, it requires understanding styles of play and team chemistry.

  9. Harlan Wong says:

    Some things never change. It’s obvious this is another salary dump by Donald Sterling. He saves a lot of money (many many millions, probably 12+ million or so) by trading Baron’s contract for Mo’s contract. He also saves money by giving away the first round pick in what is supposed to be a really weak draft. Sure there’s a very slight chance that pick could have become a gem, but the Clippers know their draft history and the most likely scenario was getting a pick in the 8-10 range who would become a borderline player that would be earning guaranteed rookie contract money.

    Donald Sterling has always had a history of being cheap and never paying his players which is why everyone is always anxious to get out of there. A few years ago it almost seemed like he started to turn around that reputation, but some things never change and the reality is he once again is making moves to dump salary even if it hurts the team. It’s just that he’s getting better at disguising those moves to make it look like he’s trying to improve the team but in reality he’s just dumping salary.

    Another recent example of this is the Lebron sweepstakes. Everybody in this world knew there was zero chance Lebron would sign with the Clippers, but the Clippers used this excuse to dump a ton of salary to supposedly free up cap space to sign Lebron. Once again he tries to make it look like he’s improving the team but the bottom line is he’s dumping salary again even at the expense of the quality of the team.

  10. […] Clippers front office is not just going to sit around and wait fr the team to get better, they want some veterans to go around that young core (not that Baron […]

  11. LA AC says:

    I’ve watched the Clippers since the SD-Sports-Arena days, and the most common front-office activity has always been “getting rid of big contracts” (read: cutting costs), like Baron Davis’s. Lloyd Free, Tom Chambers, Lamar Odom and Elton Brand are only some of the greats let go under such management, as Sterling seemed to see the team as a way to throw parties to expand his real-estate business.
    Watching the Clips earlier this season, it appeared that the team was on its way to eventually matching or surpassing the achievements of the Cassel-Brand-Kaman teams, Why the GM decided to hit the panic button after Gordon’s injury is beyond me, as is giving up a lottery pick for Jamario Moon.
    Only time will tell if this deal will work, but it sure looks like more of the same old Clipper management strategy right now.

    • Chuck Chuck says:

      In all honesty, you cannot really say it was Sterling giving up LO, when it was LO who asked for a trade. Brand told management I’ll take a paycut to help with your payroll and so that you can bring in BD, then he goes to the 76ers.

      • LA AC says:

        The facts are these, the Clippers had those players, and they did not do enough to keep those players. Kobe Bryant shopped himself around, but the Lakers were able to re-sign him. Whether it is by bringing in complimentary players, committing to win, money, or intangibles, the Clippers did not do enough to retain those players. Granted, LO was a pothead when on the Clips, but the team probably could have given him better guidance by keeping solid, winning older players around (a lesson they later learned – Dunleavy knew this – by keeping Cassel). You don’t build a solid franchise by blowing things up every time someone gets hurt (Griffin and Thornton last year, Gordon this year). The way Brand improved his game to lead the Clips to becoming a contending playoff team (they lost to Phoenix in 7, and would have won the series if a rookie doesn’t let Raja Bell get off a three with one second left in regulation and the Clips up three), the Clippers should have bent over backward to keep him, even if it meant getting his OK before bringing in Baron Davis.

      • boswell says:

        Lamar Odom was not traded, he signed an offer sheet with Miami, and Sterling, of all people, declared it to be a “character” decision not to match the offer. Sterling is DIRECTLY responsible for Odom leaving the team.

  12. Danny says:

    It was a stupid idea to get rid of Davis. He was a great point guard and was really making a come back from injury. Sending him to a team like Cleveland will not help him in any way and i have lost respect for the clippers.

    • Sunsman says:

      Ah again the Clippers were on the cusp and then choke. Continuaty was needed, allow players to come back stronger (rehab) and happier (stability), then maybe with the pieces they had the Clips could have made the playoffs. Now in an effort to jump into “being a factor” they could have once again sent the team spinning out of control.

      This is especially disappointing as the Suns are a mess, the Lakers have a year to go. Kings don’t even know where they are going to be playing, and Warriors are shopping their best 2 players. Clips may have even been contesting for division in 2 years with home court. Oh well, we’ll see if Mo was worth the price of stability and future pick.

  13. blue32 says:

    Ok ok ok chill out.. If u r a real Clipper fan u will know that Chris Kaman is the sh*t.. But with that being said as long as we got blake griffin and DJ he wont fit in as well.. So Mo Williams isnt staying for long cuz soon u will see Blake Griffin recieving them beautiful lob passes baron davis did by CP3.


    FIRE Donald Sterling = Clippers winning!!!!!!!!

  15. Sadee says:

    i agree, they should ve traded good for nothing Chris Kaman away, instead they trade Baron? seriously? when i thought clippers will get back with a bang next year they trade Baron. one more wasted year for Blake and Gordon.

  16. allaround baller says:

    Olshey is worry because gordon injured. Actually the defender wont focusing on griffin when gordon back. Its already happen before. Kaman should be the trade. Clip doing well with baron-gordon, no kaman
    All clip need is a PG to share ball and defender on SF

    Now they have problem sharing mo-gordon (who’s shot,who’s playmaking), deandre-kaman (minuteplay)

    • allaround baller says:

      that 1st round pick give away make it even worse

      • Sadee says:

        yeah, basically they gave 1 st round pick for Jamario Moon.

      • ClipperShawn says:

        Picks don’t matter this year. There is no real standout player in the college ranks, and with the impending lockout, even the ones who might make a difference on an NBA team are likely to stay in college until the CBA is figured out. The quality and value of a draft pick is not a constant. I would rather have a 2012 first-rounder than a 2011.

  17. griffinied says:

    Been a fan since I moved to California 15yrs ago. I root for the underdogs. I just can’t stand the LA Fakers. I respect the team but don’t respect the bandwagon fans! Being a Clips fan is hard but they seem to be doing the right thing so far. #1 got rid of coach Dunleavey. I wanted him out a long time ago. He doesn’t have the charisma and experience to take the team to another level. Vinny is the way to go! #2 got rid of Baron. Dude can play but he’s just not into it like he was back then. Dude is more into making mini movies then basketball. Good riddance. Now keep what they have and add MoWill and it’s Playoff time baby! Not this year of course. All I can say is it’s about friggin time! Add another key pieces and we’re a force to be reckon with. Clippers are more exciting to watch than the Lakers thanks to Griffinator! Getting tired of watching Kobe ballhog all day.

  18. Matt says:

    I like this trade, we now have depth at the 1, 2 and 3 positions with Jamarrio, Eric, Mo, and Gordon
    and when gordon comes back all mo has to do is drive the lane, pass it out to EG and watch him shoot the ball with beauty lets goooooo!!
    I FLIPPIN LOVE this trade, to see who gets the better end of the trade, well have to see who shows up n Cleveland

    • allaround baller says:

      Its the other way. Mo is more jumper, gordon drives lot better. But i cant see gordon penetrate and then pass the ball to open mo. gordon doesnt sign up for that

  19. Michael says:

    WOW, DUMBEST IDEA EVER! Baron was experienced and needed, and then Olshey comes and ruins what could’ve been a great franchise.

  20. Mike says:

    Blah blah blah blah blah what was the motto last year after they fired Mike Dunleavy ” Its a win now attitude” yeah right. Same old Clipper story promises promises they never follow through. Save money more cap space thats great but who really wants to play for Donald T.? Lebron, Wade, Bosh and the other top free agents a year ago didn’t. Oh you say they would want to play with Blake sure but not with the Clippers. Griffin may win a championship one day but it won’t be as a Clipper don’t believe me- lets see Brent Barry did so did Lamar Odom and oh yeah going a litte further back Ron Harper. The Clipper Curse lives on thanks a lot Donald T please sell the team your the curse!

  21. Mike says:

    Blah blah blah blah blah what was the motto last year after they fired Mike Dunleavy ” Its a win now attitude” yeah right. Same old Clipper story promises promises they never follow through. Save money more cap space thats great but who would be wants to play for Donald T.? Lebron, Wade, Bosh and the other top free agents a year ago didn’t. Oh you say they would want to play with Blake sure but not with the Clippers. Griffin may win a championship one day but it won’t be as a Clipper don’t believe me lets see Brent Barry did so did Lamar Odom and oh yeah going a litter further back Ron Harper. The Clipper Curse lives on thanks a lot Donald T please sell the team your the curse!

  22. Jay says:

    The Cavs weren’t suckers in this deal.

    1) They need picks. Now they have 2 Top-10 picks in the next draft.
    2) Next year, Jamison’s contract expires, and they’ll be able to trade him for another good pick. Now, the following year, they will have Davis’ expiring contract as trade bait.

    The Cavs didn’t do this trade for Davis. They did it for the draft pick, and for what Baron Davis will be worth when his contract is expiring.

    I think they got the better end of the deal. I love Mo, but he chokes during the playoffs. Plus, he’s gotten injury after injury this year.

    • Srt-4 says:

      Well since the Cavs don’t have to worry about going to the playoffs anymore they should’ve just kept Mo. He can’t choke if he never makes it..

      Cavs now turn into the same team they were before they go LeFraud…bottom of the pack every year..until they get lucky with a lottery pick again

    • Lawrence says:

      And adding to the comment by Olshey about Mo Williams getting every team he was on to the playoffs: WTF?! He didn’t do that, LeBron did. No way was Mo responsible for getting the Cavs to the playoffs or the Finals.

  23. yearight says:

    They have no role players and managed to pick up 4 untradeable contracts with butler, gomes, foye, and cook. Getting rid of davis is only a positive if you have someone else who can distribute the ball, which they don’t. Blake griffin will be gone if this guy doesn’t think of something soon…

    • surrf24 says:

      baron davis was a great player and he was keeping the team together by his experience his years in the nba helped this team although the years before with the clips weren’t great this year he finally found his role and established his position as a distributer since the owner wants money he gets it from the dunks griffin has which brings in fans and the majority of those dunks come from baron davis this trade is just going to cost fans and money to the franchise

  24. being a clipper fan since ’87, ive been through, as other longtime clip fans have, a lot of starts and stops…i love this trade…i never thought that baron’s contract could ever be moved, but i have log held that there is always a sucker in the nba who will take a bad contract….kudos to olshey.

    • Matt says:

      ima new clipper fan, since last year clipper fans are the best cuz u know the fans arent bandwagon fans considering how BAD we arre LOL

  25. CeeSizzle says:

    Get it done Olshey!