Howard Fed Up!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The one thing you don’t want these days in the NBA is a superstar player that is unhappy with his teammates, the organization, his situation or all of the above.

Magic star Dwight Howard seems ready to check at least two of those boxes after his team’s loss to the lowly Kings. Howard was extra salty after the game, throwing daggers in every direction after he spent most of his night imploring his teammates to play harder. More from the Orlando Sentinel:

He exploded on his team during a timeout in the second quarter. He harped on his team in almost every huddle. Even between whistles he’d bark words at his teammates.

After the game, Howard was tired of talking.

“I’ve said everything there is to say,” said Howard, sitting dejectedly in front of his lockers with a semi-circle of reporters around him. “That’s it. I’ve talked every timeout, when we’re in the huddle, in the locker room… What, you want me to Tweet about it? I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do as a leader.”

Maybe an inflammatory Tweet would help the Magic, whose embarrassing loss to one of the league’s worst teams certainly serves as the team’s low point this season.

“If guys don’t want to play, they’ve got to sit down,” Howard said. “We just can’t have guys or anybody out there not playing hard.”

The phrase “it’s a waste of talent” came out of his mouth during his postgame session with the media (above), an interesting exchange for a player that could find himself at the center of attention, so to speak, when the topic turns to the next player eager to bolt for a better situation when his contract allows it.

“We’ve been talking for a long time,” Howard said. “That’s all we seem to do is talk.”

If you’re a Magic a fan, these are not the words you want to hear coming out of the mouth of the face of your franchise!


  1. What is goin on???? says:

    I love how people rag on Derek Fisher!!!! The best clutch player in the game, with the exception of Kobe and Robert Horry! Just keep playing your veteran savvy game Derek!!!! Let the haters keep on truckin!!!! LOL!!!

  2. What is goin on???? says:

    Big Laker fan here!!! Please Dwight!!!! Go to the Lakers. Would love to see you there man!!!! I love your game!!!!!! LOL!

  3. MDee says:

    @michael thats a formula for a trade to match …. you sir need to know that dwight can only be signed and traded if he did choose to go to LA but the thing is Otis smith would want that whole damn roster for Dwight … you really think Pau is better than dwight?? you sir need to watch more games

  4. MDee says:

    @ Jay first off the contract of dwight howard would be too much which means you gotta take a part your beloved laker roster and second it wont matter cause coach phill is leaving oh and by next season your so called lakers seem to be at a rebuilding phase… btw im not a magics fan or a heat fan

  5. JP3 says:

    first off dwight is not going to lakers, celtics, or New york. its pretty obvious ,the knicks been trying a long time to get chris Pual and plus do you really think carmelo, stoudamire, and dwight would share the ball. Miami already have a big 3 there would be no room for dwight, they can’t even afford him. And the Lakers, really the lakers, kobe would not accept sharing the spotlight with dwight the shaq-kobe fued already proves that kobe wants to be a one man team. it could be true that celtics want dwight but look at their roster already rondo. garnett, allen, pierce, dwight wouldn’t make that much of an improvement and plus honestly do think KG wants to share minutes with Dwight. i think the only way for the nets to get dwight is by getting rid of brook lopez which is not going to happen. So Dwight is just mad, he knows hes gonig to stay in orlando.

  6. Dry says:

    Dwight we need you in New York!!!!!!!!

  7. JP says:

    He’s gonna go to the Celtics! Thats why Danny is getting rid of all these players and getting roster space and cap room! Watch out

  8. coolthug says:

    All you folks has valid points, but the only place that Howars will fit today is with NJ. The Heat, New York and Lakers are ok in those position.

  9. Brandon Taquino says:

    85% of the people commenting on this topic are blind homeristic fans who honestly believe that the Lakers and Heat somehow have the cap space to sign Dwight Howard. I’m from New Orleans, Chris Paul is going to the Knicks. This plan has been in the works for years now, and as soon as he’s a free agent he’s signing with the Knicks. Dwight on the other hand, has some options. One major option is for him to stay in Orlando. The market is big enough to handle multiple superstars, and the cap room is there if they dump a few roll players. Another option “Could” be the Nets, but they already HAVE a good young center in Brooke Lopez, so their best option would be to fill in other positions around Deron Williams. Personally I believe Dwight’s BEST bet is to stay in Orlando. They would have to change the teams mindset to accommodate for him though, because a team that lives and dies by the three can’t grow around an all star big man, something that’s hard to find as it is.

  10. FOOOOO says:



  11. PinceOfBall says:

    Howard will not go to Heat, Period! Kobe and Shaq were great together, won a number of rings together… regardless how it ended, Kobe is no longer young Kobe lets face it Gasol is no Haward so that would be a good move to make, regardless of how it might end up.. whether its gonna happen I dont know but laker fans everywhere are crossing their toes!!!

  12. blue32 says:

    Chris Kaman, Mo Williams and our t’wolves 1st round pick in 2012 for dwight howard and some money so we could get CP3.. Let that just settle in ur head.. Deandre Jordans contract is almost up so if u have the chance to get dwight howard wat would u do??

  13. blue32 says:


  14. Magicfan says:

    Orlando won’t trade Dwight, even through next season. They would rather let his contract run out, while doing whatever they can to keep him here. This franchise is built on Dwight, and once he goes, so go this city’s championship hopes for many years. Orlando management knows this, and they are going to do everything in their power to keep Dwight in Orlando. If the Magic don’t improve the rest of this season, watch for major roster changes this summer.

  15. matt says:

    Alright I saw a post or two on the issue of LA not having enough cap space for DH12. LOL, do you know how much money superstars like these make outside of what their team pays them? Team pay is completely irrelevant to these players nowadays since they make so much money just off of endorsement deals. The guy is in almost every commercial for Addidas and Gatorade.

    Think about it.

  16. Abraham Thomas says:

    He should go to either the Thunder with KD and Westbrook that would be something or the Spurs to help Duncan in his last years, I really hope he doesn’t go to the Lakers or Heat because I want to see the Lakers dynasty die and end and I want Lebron James to never win anything but it would be great to have him on the Knicks also along with CP3, Amar’e and Melo that would be sick

  17. Jordan says:

    Could join forces with CP3 in Lakerland. Although Kobe would have to be prepared to pass the torch, which I can’t see happening.

  18. Jason says:

    dwight for the Thunders? that’s good babay.

  19. mjd says:

    @ srt-4
    idiot the knicks got chauncey they already have a og nd the knicks dont have even close to enough cap room to sign him. He will go to orlando and him nd dwight are going to be the most lethal 1-2 in the nba, if cp3 can make tyson chandler great, imagine what he can do with howard

  20. baracuda says:

    Isn’t Orlando Magic only 3 lost behind Lakers? Everybody is talking like it is the end of the world for Magic? I think Howard should be more patient and practice more FT?

  21. What says:

    And Dwight Howard isn’t good enough to be the leader of a team. He hasn’t won games alone in tight situations and he still struggles from the free throw line. He also never has any assist. These are all things great players can do. Kobe’s legacy is coming short he’s getting old and lakers are looking for young talent. Once Kobe leaves Lakers will be just a mediocre team and oklahoma will take over. Dwight howard with Durant and Westbrook will be a problem.he has a lot of options

  22. What says:

    Agree with Nate up top..the magic has much potential. Dwight easily knocks down 20+ points a night yet Van Gundy still tries making them a 3 point team. The only reason they’re the number 1 three point team is because they take 150 a night. Teams are more focused on driving the ball in and getting the whole team involved instead of running down court and shooting a 3, despite howard being open in the middle. With these trades Magic will be lucky to be in the top 4. If Magic wants to keep Howard and win a championship, they need to do more than just trade lazy players like nelson and sorry arena’s..they need to get a coach who can turn things around like the 76ers and bulls did.

  23. Luke Ireland says:

    Are the Magic themselves not but a few pieces away from being very relevant again? I wouldn’t talk about him moving just yet, yeah it’s possible and there’s a very good chance he will leave but it’s not a given. Again the Magic are not a bad team.

    BTW: Celtics just lost their best centre and does anybody else feel JaVal McGee was robbed in the Dunk Contest or is that just me?!

  24. Ronald says:

    I sensed it…Kobe is wooing Dwight in the next 2012…the Lakers are going for Howard next season…that’s gonna be exciting…the Eastern Conference has enough of the trades…its time for Dwight to go West…were the great centers are around. Now, Pau will be good at power forward spot… Kobe- Dwight- Pau ..what a team!

  25. mfs says:

    with Perkins gone, the C’s will go after Howard, who knows

  26. Joshua Remo says:

    Yawn this is deja vu for the lakers last year. Come playoffs lakers will end up going on a tear like last year.

  27. renz_garnett says:

    next season.. he should go to the hornets to join cp3.. tat duo will beat that dumb ass lakers for liffe…

  28. Bigga says:

    Orlando now knows what Toronto and PHX found out the hard way. Turk is a looser. Plain and simple. I think Howard is realizing that now too.

  29. DonDanny says:

    You guys are nutz. With the CBA changing, there’s a real chance that there’s gonna be a hard cap which will be difficult for teams to sign more than 2 max players. He has bird rights which will give him the most $ with ORL. So he gets more $ and no state tax. That’s why he’ll resign and bring CP3 to Orl. He ain’t going knowhere. And you Heatle morons thinking he’s gonna team up in MIA, you on that Cali shizzle. LeQueen is the last player in the lead he’ll want to team up with.

  30. darrenabrigo says:

    bynum and artest for dwight howard

  31. darrenabrigo says:

    Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest for Dwight Howard

  32. karex says:

    dwight to nets would be a great idea… seeing dwill and dwight in a pick and roll will be good for our eyes, but do the nets have what it takes to trade for howard??

  33. LPG says:

    Howard should go to the thunder to play with Durant and Westbrook. That would be something

  34. kb24 says:

    heat fans try to get perkings he is a nasty player and can defend the paint the big 3 get the scoring leave the defense to kendrick right so heat and la finals matchup…

  35. kb24 says:

    lakers get cp3 or deron with d12, d12 will not come to celtics the magic will not allow to send their big guy to their rival team most probably the west see carmelo trade they sent him to either nets or knicks and end up in knicks right so heat and celtics fans dream all you can… kobe, pau, dwight, ron, and deron or chris thats crazy man i’m not dreaming because its a possibility…heat dont need cp3 or deron because heat already have 2 playmaker wade and james they need a big time center but the orlando will not send dwight to a rival team so heat fans look 4 another center…

  36. Tib says:

    lakers fans need to stop fantasizing about dwight to lakers. First of all Why would orlando even want Bynum a player who gets injured frequently every season. Way more better trade scenarios for orlando if they were to trade dwight in 2012

  37. Abyss says:

    Ask to trade your team mates again… you big spoiled brat. Soon all big players will be crossing to Orlando and this bigfoot will keep on growling.

  38. young money says:

    miami needs a better center so they will probably exchnge dwight howard with zydrunas and some other players like eddie house or some other bad players.

  39. howard the coward says:

    that’s for you ,nail it to the head. Who are you to be pleased by the team, you had taken out some of your good teammates (Goratat, Pietrus, Lewis & Cater ) just to please your personal interest. Look who’s laughing now.. Phoenix is having a good run now and that’s all of because of the great deal. You took out Gortat and that’s leaving you alone at the C… but still your whining, you should blame yourself… Soon once Carter get involved with the Suns gameplay.. he will show how to be a true superstar…

    • Bryan says:

      that is just stupid, Howard has been carrying his weight ALL season, having an MVP season, its not his fault orlando can’t surround him with players who can’t play. He is only trying to do what a true team leader does and spark a fire under his teams butt, rather it be the players or management. When you have such a dominating player you need to cater to him or you will lose him like Cleveland lost James. Plus, Carter? Seriously? The biggest flop for Orlando? Now I love Carter, but he was a day late and a buck short. Orlando needs to make some deal to score CP3, but will most likely wait till summer time to give their new lineup some time to figure things out. Just don’t hate Howard because there is nobody on your prescious Suns to stop him, I will laugh when the Suns send Nash to come play with Howard

  40. Y'veive IX says:


  41. Sammy da Bull says:

    How about CP3 to Magic…..the Dwight will stay. I can’t see many other teams for him. Boston, NO, Lakers, NO, Miami, NO, New York, NO….

  42. Ramir says:

    I think it will be best for orlando to get steve nash so that the full potential of dwight howard will not go to waste. A point guard of that caliber will certainly kill the laziness in each player because he not only likes to run but he also gives a good motivation.

  43. jonski22 says:

    my english is bad..sorry….

  44. jonski22 says:

    Kobe is smart, he know his time is due. Given him 3-5 year and he will retire. And he will retire in a good way. He will past the torch, as long as they win championship. He might give it to Dwight Howard. Pau as good as he is, he’s a second fiddle like LO. And history aside, Lakers usually have their big man, like Wilt, Kareem, Shaq and Pau to name a few. And the Lakers know how to “trade”. They can get Howard for Bynum and Walton (contract) and S.Brown, heck they got Pau for Kwame, and Bynum is much better player, and has a lot of potential. CP3 is to much for the Lakers, it will destroy the league. When you got D12 securing the paint, DFish can play forever.

  45. michael says: lakers dont have less money idiot, get your facts straight. Why would he wana go to the nba divas over the soon to be 3 time world champs? Remember he kicked lebrons, wades and boshes ass in the playoffs, while the lakers ruined his dreams.

  46. jay says:

    cp3’s toast at carmello anthonys toast was to see him in New York!!!

  47. jay says:

    CP3’s toast at Carmello Anthony’s wedding was to see him in New York!! CP3 to the Knicks!!!

  48. michael says: lakers dont have less money dumbfuk, why would he wana go to the nba divas over the soon to be 3 time world champs? Remember he kicked lebrons, wades and boshes ass in the playoffs, while the lakers ruined his dreams.

  49. howardfan12 says:

    James Craddock’s on the biggest loser!!!!!

  50. Alex Updike says:

    pops mucha ua popus is coming to the celtices

  51. howardfan12 says:

    i think the guy named China is from China and is drunk

  52. howardfan12 says:

    tHis mineanapolis guy is right

  53. Alex Updike says:

    my dallas mavs are stearking

  54. Alex Updike says:

    my dad said he drove a tractor in the feild

  55. MyOpinion26 says:

    Go to LA DWIGHT! For the people in LA. Find a way to get my man DWIGHT HOWARD there!

  56. howardfan12 says:

    i want Pops Mensah Bonsu

  57. Laker days are numbered Kobe is 35 and could not play longer than 2 quarters and Kobe is a ballhog even with phil’s system the best bet would be CP3 teaming with dwight in orlando he and CP3 complements each other as two players who work as hard on offense as well in defense that would be a combo to counter the heat . besides LA is not a perfect fit for howard the triangle offense does not require a point guard to set and is a system phil used to make ballhogs more effective



  58. chan says:

    Just bring Superman to LA and reign supreme with KB24 in the next 10 years

  59. BullsFan22 says:

    If he really is fed up, Howard might just be the first legimitely fed up multi million dollar NBA player of the last 10 years. However, since this guy literally makes a million every week, I don’t think he is as fed up as we and the media make him up to be.

  60. Robert says:

    Mavs fan,,, we get no respect,we just win games….,I’ll take Wade….

  61. Rocky says:

    The best for D12 is to go the Spurs in the coming 2012. He will replaced Duncan as the heart and soul of the team. Thus, the San Antonio Spurs is playing unselfish basketball so why not go to Texas Dwight? There will be a salary cap for the Spurs. This will be very interesting.

  62. EZE says:


  63. Coffee says:

    Dwight.. we told you.. u have a spot in Boston. =)

  64. Celtics2011 says:

    Join the Celtics in the free agency

  65. Gama says:

    ok i love orlando idk why but i like watching them play… my favorite team is dallas though… but i dont understand how are magic fans so sure that they are getting cp3 next year.. i mean the magic look like the have no options full cap.. and cp3’s wish list was new york not orlando

  66. China says:

    Haha I knew it!
    Orlando is good, but not AS good as Boston, Miami or Chicago.
    If all goes as planned for New Jersey, expect to see D Will sign an extension and Dwight Howard move to Brooklyn in the clash of the state with New York.

  67. LBNYC says:

    You guys don’t get it! Some of you have never played before. All of these guys know each other and when they see Lebron and Wade doing what they’re doing, they want to do it too. Look at Melo, Stoudemire and CP3. They decided they’re going to be the next big 3 at Melo’s wedding. Now Dwight Howard is laying the groundwork, voicing his frustrations to force a trade early or when he’s a free agent in 2012 let everyone know he wants out. He’ll never sign an extension in Orlando. Watch! I can’t take that guy seriously. He’s a big clown. He’s just following all the other Elite players.

    • insideLA says:

      Just as MELO and CP3 desired to play in NY, D12 desires to play in LA. And that is a fact because the statement came from D12 himself.

  68. chidori says:

    To the suns

  69. Chris says:

    Put me Dwight!!! I’ll play hard for the full 48

  70. LBNYC says:

    CP3 is going to the Knicks to team up with Melo and Stoudemire! Dwight Howard wants to go to the Lakers!

  71. MagicFanHBH26 says:

    THIS IS ALL OTIS SMITH’S FAULT.He traded away Rashard Lewis for his buddy Gilbert Arenas.Smith deserves to lose his job.Putting friendship before business and literally destroying an elite team in the East.Otis start calling up your local Wal-Mart cause once Dwight ships out you’re out of a job

  72. steven vasquez says:


  73. lamaravilla says:

    well dwight has already said he wants to play in La just like melo said he wants to play in NY he got it i see this going down during the 2012 free agency or before the lakers offer bynum for howard and since he gonna be a free agent anyways the sign so they can get something but dwight has already made it clear that he wants to play in la with kobe so dont be surprised when it happens its not impossible

  74. nothingness says:

    Talent can take you so far; Hardwork can take you anywhere.

    – Yoichi Hiruma :p

  75. rgendraw says:

    May be this d howard post up experiment should end . 80% of there offense is ran through dwight when thery are more effective with pick and roll offense . Jameer was an allstar last year because of the style of play . Block shots and run the floor dude .

  76. howardalltheway says:

    he should go to the bulls! Rose and Howard would be un-beatable

  77. lakerfan says:

    ummm for those who think dwight doesnt want to play under Kobe’s shadow, I dont think he wants to play under the 2 shadows in miami plus the main targets for lebron are prblably NJ or LAC to play with blake. Its likely he’ll go to the lakers as well only because we have the right resources for a good trade with bynum and lamar or artest but its also likely CP3 will go to LA instead…..I COULD DEFINATELY SAY THO….. HE WILL NOT GO TO ANY SCRUBBY TEAM WITHOUT A SUPERSTAR AND HE WILL DEFINATELY NOT GO TO MIAMI…..MIAMI HAS NO CAP SPACE AND ORLANDO DOESNT WANT BOSH HE PLAYS TOO MUCH LIKE RASHARD LEWIS

  78. arck says:

    Howard and nelson tp lakers for Shannon brown and bynum!!!

  79. BigAL says:

    ya’ll Lakers fans have to grow up after this season they are no longer gonna be a Championship Caliber team once and for all and once phil jackson leaves ya’ll gotta be nothing. Same to ya’ll Boston Fans grow up Boston Sucks with all of there professional sports teams cry baby ya’ll Boston Fans ” BOO Who”.

  80. greg says:

    First of all, no one mentioned the NYK as a potential team for Dwight. Knicks are in desperate need for a big man, and with the outside presence of Amare and Melo, Knicks will be a very potent team. Think of the possibility of this line up for 2012. Amare at power, Dwight at Center, Melo at SF, Fields at 2 guard and Paul at point. With Billups already being 36, I think that he will not have too much of a problem coming of the bench. And for those people that keep saying that this person is a moron or that person is an idiot…there are other ways of expressing your distaste in someone’s opinion. After all we just want our home (or perhaps favorite) team to win. Everyone is acting like THEY’re the general managers. We can say what ever we want, just agree or disagree, but don’t lower yourselves to the level of scum.

    Go NYK Go.

  81. joneenee says:


  82. ausi says:

    This is why the celtics moved kendrick perkins….they are coming for you MR.

  83. jaet says:

    Only Bulls or Lakers, you will see…

  84. Drose1 says:

    are u idiots dwight howard said him self that the best place in the east too go right now is the chicago bulls we are young and the best team in the nba we are no.1 search dumbies. projected line up

    pg.Derrick Rose
    sg.Jr Smith
    sf. Loul Deng
    pf.Carlos Boozer
    c.Dwight Howard

  85. fan says:

    welcome to okc, dwight.

    i mean, if lakers dont clear out their flawed roster, they wont get anyone any time soon. they need to get rid of luke, get a cheaper and more productive point guard then blake, who has no defense and offense.(maybe jeremy lin if possible? dudes only get paid half a million compare to 4mil) kobe for 25-25-27-30mil? jesus, give the management a break if you really want a championship.
    i dont see how lakers have good management, over paying and under producing.

    with that kind of roster, dwight fit in okc more than any other teasm that offer dwight a championship run

  86. ernesto5692 says:

    No you guys are all wrong i think Dwight is going to team up with Blake Griffin if you all saw before the allstar game that they were talking and maybe Cris Paul might go over their and it will be a lakers and clippers rivalry

  87. Casey Taylor says:

    Silence is golden. Show them how pissed you really are.

  88. Gary Payton Fan says:

    I think its because Orlando Magic has many show off players in them.. Look at Lakers, they don’t have that many individuals on their team but rather they have this combination that fits for every player plus they really play hard if you see them on court..

    Without the caps and money I think the superman is best off with Golden State Warriors.. they only need a good man on post..

  89. KIngKobra2 says:

    You guys are going to keep dreakming until Deight Howard drops a bombshell and stay with the magic or go to the heat to be unstoppoble. If Miami gave up some cap space the Heat can sign DH12. Lakers………really? really….really..really… KEEP DREAMING LAKER LAND. HE WANTS TO WIN AND MIAMI OR ORLANDO IS THE PERFECT CHOICE. lAKERS FANS NEED TO GO SEE A DOCTOR

  90. six6heat says:

    howard is headed to LA LA Land..the east has gotten to deep for the weak magic.

  91. Sean Moore says:

    Shame on Dwight always playing victim. If you really want to know why the magic cant win its because Howard cant transcend to the next level. The level of a Shaquile O’neal, or Olijuwon. For the last couple years or so he’s only improved his hook shot which still isn’t automatic at pt blank rage. Truth is if Howard wasn’t a freak athlete he’d suck. He draws double teams because of his strength and athletism and that nice but he has no go to post moves, his foot work is barely average and he cant knock down short range jump shots or play from the high post to save his life. He is a very good center but if he was a great/elite center which most of you insist on calling him, the orlando magic roster would be enough to get the job down. Tough titty Dwight go play on the loaded lakers because your not “great” enough to win.

    • fan says:

      athleticism is part of the game. hell, if jordan wasnt so athletic, kobe wouldve been way better jordan. if lebron wasnt so athletic, even bosh is a better shooter than lebron

    • Jay says:

      amen to that sean moore. dwight can never create his own offense.

  92. Pierce says:

    Some people are retarded. Howard isn’t going to the lakers or the heat there is no way they could take on his contract and the trade deadline passed. At this point they will most likely try to make moves this summer and if that doenst work he would probably go to a already well established team with one star/two stars0. (Nets, Knicks, Bulls?)

  93. Milthouse says:

    Everybody is thinking stupid thoughts about where D. Howard will end up. I can tell you that he is pretty much thinking of coming to LA and playing with Kobe & Pau, because he wants to win and that’s what the Lakers are about. You people are just hateing on the Lakers, because they’ve been to the finals 30 times and they always have the hall fame stars! Not to forget about 16 championships 11 of thoughs in Hollywood!

  94. celtics,,,, who rah!! says:

    I believe that if Dwight goes to the celtics, they would be unstoppable.

  95. Milthouse says:

    Everybody is thinking stupid thoughts about where D. Howard will end up. I can tell you that he is pretty much think of coming to LA and play with Kobe & Pau, because he wants to win and that’s what Lakers are about. You people are just hateing on the Lakers, because they’ve been to the finals 30 times and they always have the hall fame stars! Not to forget about 16 championships 11 of thoughs in Hollywood!

  96. ZULU says:


  97. Downtown says:

    Coming home

    Carmelo to NY, Howard to Atlanta

  98. HawksFalcons says:

    Carmelo is comming home
    Howard Is coming home
    To Atlanta
    Al Horford
    Jamal Crawford

  99. kings says:

    you guys are all stupid, Miami and L.A is already an elite team although they have ups and down. Believe in your team dumbass!

    • insideLA says:

      It is not an excuse that LA being an elite team needs no fixing. Jerry Buss knows what he’s doing. It’s not about this year’s championship. It’s about LA’s future. That is why he’s been starting to build the next era after KOBE so they can go to the playoffs in the years to come. LA is not like the Nets, Cavs, or teams that need to clear large cap spaces just to be able to rebuild. Jerry Buss is the smartest owner in the league ever. If not, how could he been so good to get a trade for Kobe even before Bryant’s draft night.

      • Kobe is NOT God, lol, he could've turned out like crap... says:

        Get off Kobe’s tip…

        “Jerry Buss is the smartest owner in the league EVER (..this is like basketball blasphemy). If not, how could he [have] been so good [as to have gotten] a trade for Kobe[,] even before Bryant’s draft night (Lmbo! Before rookie’s debut, many owners gamble and make trades for them!).”

        As you can see, you’re an idiot. Yes, because an idiot is someone who works in a significantly counter-productive way and that’s what you did as soon as you stated the above.

  100. insideLA says:

    Don’t you guys remember last All star weekend that Dwight Howard was looking for a house in L.A.? Mitch said that the trade deadline is unlikely so near that he can’t be able to make moves for L.A. any more. There is enough cap space for Dwight Howard in L.A. just that Andrew Bynum is Jerry Buss’ favorite that is why Mitch is having a hard time managing the team so Dwight can come over. Since the trade deadline is over, Mitch have to wait for this year’s free agency if Dwight Howard decides not to extend with the Magic, then we could expect a trade by the off-season. Like the Jazz, the Magic are surely afraid to be placed on the same page where Cavs and Raps are (Left by their only superstars).

  101. aaron says:

    maybe howard’s upset cuz the magic are basically the same after the trade (in some areas, even worse) arenas and turkgolu, who are playing awful. Rashard and gortat were important to the team and shouldn’t have been traded. And in my opinion, the carter trade was rushed cuz he was finally being aggressive and learning the system this season.

  102. talle says:

    your hometown Atlanta is waiting for you 🙂

  103. Kenneth says:

    You guys act like Kings cant win against any team just so you know the KINGS have beaten the playoff teams in both confrences and are just a few plays of being a 500 team and a year away of being a playoff team again its not like they just suck the only team that blew us out the water is the SPURS. GOOO KINGS BABY! SAVE OUR TEAM!

  104. sheera0430 says:

    if orlando want to win a championship anytime soon, they clearly need to sign aaron morrison.lakers won two championships with him, and the second they get rid of him, they turn to crap.
    anyway dwight to indiana!!

  105. Axel says:

    Common guys… look at the other teams that are second in their division! It’s a problem throughout the whole league.

  106. Julz says:

    Some of you are saying theres No cap room for Dwight in LA.. Yall forget that when U trade Bynum, Artest,Walton and whoever else,it opens cap space. Furthermore, He will take a pay cut in order to play for a championship team.


  107. qwerty22 says:

    howard is not going to the lakers!

  108. wi says:

    everyone going east, the big move of d12 is going to west , it may not be in LA nor SA, but definitely in west, oklahama perhaps !!! good scoring and runnng team with blockparty d12 in the middle kaboom!

  109. Lakerfan says:

    As a laker fan I would love to see Dwight in that purple and gold. However, let’s be reasonable only way we’d get him is if we get rid of bynum, odom, and possibly brown or some draft picks. Odom is our sixth man there’s no way we could part with him and i could see a potential for dwight replacing drew. But, with cap restrictions and new CBA on the way it is highly unlikely he will come the LA except as a Clipper. Dont get me wrong, Kobe, Dwight, and Pau would be unstoppable but its not plausible and realistic.

  110. andres says:

    dwight please do not ballas of the Orlando Magic for the Magic and Beras i nesesita you how to fix things: D

  111. true.point.guard says:

    Rondo + Allen + Howard = Big Three

  112. qwerty22 says:

    To all the people saying that the New York Knicks dont have the money to sign Howard get your facts straight they do have the money to sign him. They were trying to sign 2 superstars this off season they already did that with amare and now melo and they traded away Eddy Curry and his big contract which gives them more then enough money. New York knows what theyre doing people

  113. Felipe says:

    It’s me again. I forgot to say good luck to Nene, Varejao, Tiago Splitter and Barbosa

  114. die hard fan says:

    Listen clowns, he ain’t going nowhere. The GM just need to stop simply getting jumpshooters and start getting defensive players arouns. And by the way, we need another superstar. Jameer Nelson is O.K. but needs to be a back up because everyone can look over him. We need a solid point guard; a bigger one. Dwight is staying here so keep dreaming Laker fans. Keep Bynum with his slow self.

  115. LA3PEAT says:

    Make no mistake – Dwight wants the bright lights of LA…not New York, not Miami, not Boston. His only problem is that Kobe will not stand for his goofy ways – He’ll have to get very serious for a change!!

  116. LA3PEAT says:

    Lakers will clear the cap space needed to bring in Dwight – Bynum and Artest will be out!! Also look for the Lakers to acquire a Russell Westbrook-type guard for the back-court.

    On another note – what the heck is Boston doing? They just blew up there roster by sending out Perkins and Nate Robinson….. to OKC???? BIG MISTAKE IF THEY MEET THE LAKERS IN THE FINALS!!!!

  117. Felipe says:

    Hi, I’m brazilian. I love Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony and Stoudemire ! Howard to NY !!!!!

  118. tata says:

    I am really in favor of the franchise tag for players. It seems like ever since LeBron bolted that every prissy superstar is ready to hold their team hostage. Jerry Sloan saw the writing on the wall. The inmates are starting to run the asylum.

    • die hard fan says:

      Listen, quit watching ESPN too much using such terms as holding the team HOSTAGE. That’s ridiculous. These guys are playing within the rules, they’ve served their time, and if they want to leave, they have every right to do so. If your going to accuse someone of holding the team hostage, blame league contract/trade rules but not the player. These elite players didn’g get the way are over night. They worked hard become such good players that teams don’t want to lose them. There are very few elite. If you can control your own destiny, why not? They got more than enough money. The only left is to win. I don’t freakin blame them. Carmelo Anthony, he wasn’t holding team hostage. He told them over a year ago, he wasn’t going to sign. If they wanted to wait until the 11th hour to make a deal, that’s their problem. And LeBron. He never promised Cleveland he was going to stay. They rolled the dice assuming he was going to stay and got BURNED. Once again, it’s their problem. He served his time. They never put another superstar around him like a Pal Gasol or Kevin Durant and it did not look like it was going to happen so the kid left. I would, you would, or anybody would do the same thing. Quit assuming these players are slaves the organization. A free agent is a free agent. SIMPLE.

  119. E.J. says:

    In all honesty, the Kings have the most money to spend and are moving to the LA area. It’d be interesting to see Dwight build a legacy, rather than follow in someone else’s. A frontline of Cousins/Howard would be impossible to defend for years to come.

  120. blade says:

    alright most of u guys are idiots the only team dwight should go to if he wants to leave orlando(which i hope he doesnt) is the nets. so stfu about him going to miami boston and la THEY ARE ALREADY GOOD TEAMS THEY DONT NEED D12!!!!! plus the nba would be even more disappointing since LBJ and the heat. and no CP3 shouldnt go to the magic the magic need a small forward not another damn point guard despite Gilbert shooting bricks and nelson fallin off

  121. qwerty22 says:

    Everyone that thinks howard is going to the lakers or the heat your all idiots. He’s going to either the Nets, Knicks, Mavs, or Rockets. Most likely he’ll land in New Jersey or New York. Jersey has the money and now possibly the best point guard in the game now with deron williams. Then they’ll trade Brook Lopez ( which has been doing good for them ) a player to be named and along with a couple draft picks and receive another all-star. At that point Jersey would have 3 superstars and be a really good team. New York would just sign him as a free agent and have a big three. Dallas has a lot of players they can trade for howard like terry, marion, chandler and a couple draft picks. Dallas with dirk, howard, kidd, butler, and peja would be unstoppable. And then you have the Rockets that have space for howard during free agency. And Howard, kevin martin, Scola, and Kyle Lowry would be pretty interesting 4.

  122. Matic Lebar says:

    I can see him wearing Celtics green the next year 🙂 We’re looking forward to it, the big FIVE XD

  123. LB6 says:

    Lakers Sucks that is all.

  124. Rodge says:

    Dwight to the Nets and they’ll sweep the west!

  125. Tony says:

    East L A …. California…..LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love it!!!!!!!!!! Come on to the Lakers!!!!!!!!

  126. Carter says:

    As a Celtics fan I think he’d look good in green and probably fit in with their offence and defence perfectly. I don’t care though, we don’t need him to win a championship. I do agree he is surrounded by cocky underachieving lazy talent. Orlando is a sinking ship, they will never beat the Celtics. I think unless he wants to go to LA I’d like to see him go to Jersey and play with Deron.

  127. Jesse says:

    SHAQ overpaid, overrated, overweight. How is this pathetic arrogant FAT MAN gonna go down as one of the NBA greats? The guys ego is as big as his fat butt! And that is saying something. All he does is fats his way up to the rim. He did not invent anything but the free throw shot that ben wallace does. how the heck does that tub of lard think he invented anything???? He just dunks and camps his fat load under the rim. Kobe and Wade feeding him passes after they double teamed that is why he gets points. That fat no life can’t score by himselft. Man shaq and me need to do some UFC on his reality show because I am ready to smack him some!!!!

  128. hasib says:

    He’s playing great everyone on orlando seems to have like 2-10 shooting nights, jameer, gilbert, hedo, J Rich, everyone it’s just howard who is consistant

  129. ken-u says:

    Howard to LA Clips.. to have dunk party w/BG!!!!

  130. Jordan says:

    obviously people have no idea how trades work. dwight to the lakers??? dwight to boston??? hahahahaha give me a break, youre hurting your intelligence, what little of it you have. dwight to miami is plausible but orlando wont trade their franchise player to a division rival, dwight to nets is likely but only in free agency

  131. Jesse says:

    noah is good but not an all star. CP3 not even in new york yet so why you putting him with stoudemire and melo???? We don’t even know what will happen yet. lol it is hilarious when all the haters want dwight howard on their team after talking trash about him.

  132. Julian says:

    Houston would love Howard and it’s someone we can FINALLY build around not having succumbed to many injury thus far in his career.

  133. HereWeStay says:

    Howard to the Kings!

  134. SMG says:

    the guy who says he does everything he is supposed to do as a leader is not an actual leader. leader finds his ways to lift people up. he sees everything fun and like a soap opera. when things go wrong he gets to blame others. if he wants to be a winner, he has to grow up.

  135. cable10735 says:

    Lakers will have plenty of cap room in 2012 when they unloead Bynum and Artest. Chocolate shoulders is coming to tinsel town to play with the only player that HE said he wanted to play with…The Black Mamba!! So forget NY and the Nets. LA is the perfect market for Howard. Thanks Orlando…..your our grooming grounds for championship centers. First Shaq and soon to be Laker Howard. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!!!!!

  136. Alex says:

    How about the Magic sign Cp3 in 2012? Bam problem solved from both ends.

  137. David says:

    Star duos won’t win in this league any more, you need a superstar trio. KG, Pierce, Allen; James, Bosh, Wade; CP3, Melo, Amare; Rose, Booz, Noah (Noah is an all-star); Kobe x2 and Pau (Kobe only needs one star to win–he’s that good)

  138. drew says:

    howard to NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello howard and hello mello!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Fan says:

    Why not send him to phx or to nets, steve nash or D Will is a good combination for him.

  140. anonymous says:

    Dwight Howard for Tim Duncan and Dejuan Blair plus some draft picks and cash considerations.

  141. GTimeIntensity says:

    Lookin at all these comments, it feels like D-Wade t-mobile commercial! LMAO!!!

  142. Crawdaddybill says:

    Howard to The Knicks, today!

  143. PS_Keith says:

    Dwight to the Thunder!

  144. Symokoto says:

    Send Dwight to OKC! They have the young talent to trade and are in desperate need of a big man if they ever want to seriously contend for a title. Let them just keep Durant and Westbrook to surround Howard – the West’s Big Three!

  145. Orlando Magic Fan says:

    The Magic need to make a move to get another superstar to play next to Howard. It takes 2 to win a championship! Jameer has to go!!

    • Srt-4 says:

      I absolutely agree with you. One of few comments that makes sense on this board. Jameer is garbage and so is Arenas. Move them both and get an elite PG.

  146. LTTHEFOURTH says:

    The whole, howard to the Nets thing is getting more believable. D-will and D-wight looks sounds good, and he did say he wants to play with an elite pg.

    • Anup Patel says:

      Deron Williams never signed an extension for all we know, NJ gets screwed over by the trade losing potential players like Derrick Favors and Devin Harris. Deron Williams is going to be losing with NJ as well, so his attitude isn’t going to be the greatest and Dwight won’t be happy without Deron sharing the blame if NJ is losing.

  147. kenneth says:

    the lakers would make room for dwight its not that hard to do put arrtest and byum brown and 2 first round draft picks and their you go

  148. Jesse says:

    Dwight Howard to the San Antonio spurs for thiago, james anderson and parker

  149. Your Mom says:

    honestly all these morons talking about him going to la, miami, boston, chicago are dreaming. IF he leaves he will probably go to the nets. although i am a fan of the heat and would love to see him go to miami, its just not real. here are the only fantasy trades that would work:


    but the magic would never ever, EVER accept these. nothing goes in their favor.

    • Srt-4 says:

      Well, the Magic will either take one of the trades or risk being stuck with nothing, or as they call it get Lebroned. Obviously you see other clubs stepping their game up after seeing what LeFraud did and moving Carmelo and DWill for actually some pieces back. Why can’t we speculate without being labeled as morons? Can’t a fan wish for his team to land the best center in the game? Its just a game of basketball…. not everyone is bitter and disappointed in their team as you are…grow up and maybe we can have an adult conversation.

  150. BigC says:

    i’m not jumping ship!! I would really like to think that Dwight won’t leave us, but if we continue to play like this in the run up to the post season, then quite honestly, the organisation deserve to loose him. We have a great team but J-Rich has been horribly disappointing on both offence and deffense along with Arenas throwing up bricks all the time, Turk also needs to get his $hit together!! we made the trades because we were lacking on the offensive end, we traded with a strong defensive record and now look at us!! To be honest i know the coach must take some of the blame but his players have to go out and perform. Dwight said it right, you can talk all you want but you have to go out and play hard for 48minutes, miss all your shots who cares, go play HARD and work for your $million contracts, because we the fans who go and pay to see you play are sick of seeing this team playing lazy uninspired basketball!!

    Dwight will stay if we fix these things. I like Jameer n’all but we need an ALL-STAR PG to play Dwight. In my opinion we MUST get CP3 to Orlando (quite possible as he wanted to come here when the trade talks for him kicked up a few months ago)

    If we do that and fix our woes with the new additions we can keep Dwight!!

    Sort this Magic!!

    • Jayson HijinX says:

      Agreed. I like Nelson too but don’t think he’s the PG to lead Orlando along with Howard to a chamionship. Would love to see CP3 come to Orlando.

  151. iceeyt says:

    D. Will and Dwight will go to LA after this season, for Bynum, L.O. S. Blake and Walton

  152. Smoove says:


  153. lakerboy says:

    remember this past all-star break, dwight was looking for a home in LOS ANGELES seeking out the help of KOBE. TO THE LAKE SHOW DWIGHT!!!!

  154. Ronaldo says:

    Dwight Howard is going to the Lakers! Or to the Knicks!

  155. gdf says:

    haha so predictable… after dwill and melo trades clearly howard wants out and hes just using this as a chance to get the message out.. bummer, sometimes i wonder if players understand that there can only be one champ team and no matter what the record is for their team that they have no chance. the sooner players understand this the sooner they can start playing basketball.

  156. Law064 says:

    @Markymark it seems like you and a couple of people here have some sense. Dwight is not going anywhere he’s busting his butt and everyone else is slacking off not putting in 100%. He should be in his teammates ear, he’s putting in 110% and the rest of the team is 70-60% effort. I agree that he needs to get mean and angry and not so happy with all the smiling. I say he’s staying out of everyone there he will be the one staying. To the Miami and Laker fans that say come to Miami or LA get real. How can Miami pay him? How could LA pay him or the Knicks? I think Dwight like to be the leader and can make it without another superstar with him. He’s 100% correct the Magic has to much talent to be slumping and losing games they should win. Orlando has a better team than most in the east but they play like they’re a 6th or 7th seed. The rest of the magic need to step up 31 & 17 in a losing effort really hurt the player (especially the star player) Moral.

    • lakerboy says:

      why do you think lebron joined wade and bosh in miami? its because he cannot do it alone by himself. pathetic how you think that D12 can do it by himself when lebron, even a better player than howard is cannot win a title in cleveland??

      • Jayson HijinX says:

        Lebron had a terrible supporting cast (look at them now without him), Orlando minus Dwight would still be stronger than the Cavs current lineup.

        Orlando’s biggest problem isn’t lack of talent, it’s lack of consitency and effort (and defence atm).

  157. Paul says:

    Dwight Howard and D-Will on one team sounds really really interesting. I am not a true fan of any particular team but I do want to point that Dwight Howard and Deron Williams in New Jersey is a pretty impressive duo to potentially have. That would be a pretty scary team but I still doubt they’d be close to championship material

  158. Mo Buckets says:

    He would do Great with the hornets we would give up d west n anyone else for him

  159. jordan says:

    The Lakers need to do wat they can to bring Dwight Howard there because Kobe has 5 rings (possibly 6) and Dwight is already a hardworker and wants a ring badly so him and Kobe combined would be unstoppable. They both draw double teams and both are nearly impossible to guard (Dwight because of size and strength and Kobe because his pure skills and talent). Also The Lakers were struggling but now they seem to be back on track and they show that they have heart by playing lockdown defense and shuting down Lamarcus Aldrige last nite when it mattered. I wish there was a way where the Lakers can keep Pau Gasol and give Bynum to Orlando with another player like Shannon Brown or Ron Artest and some draft picks and get Dwight in Return but that has a 1% chance of happening before the deadline.

  160. markymark says:

    i agree how people under estimate the orlando magic organization, they will do whatever it takes to keep dwight howard long term, and they will rebuild the whole roster if need be…bring in a new coach,whatever it takes!

  161. markymark says:

    ill bet orlando magic get hott after all this,watch….the team will refocus and get serious for once..

    • Jayson HijinX says:

      Here’s hoping that’s what happens..

      I love Dwight’s fun personality and all but it’s left his team mates and other players not giving him the respect he deserves. It’s good to see him putting on his game face and trying to get the team into gear. hopefully a fire gets lit under them and they perform like they should. Orlando has a lot of talent on it’s roster but really needs to get better performances as a team CONSISTENTLY. They also need to stop living at the 3 point line and actually drive into the lane for some easier buckets while also spreading the floor.

      I’m still confident that come playoff time the Magic squad will be performing much better. Will they make it to the finals again? I sure hope so, but it’s gonna take a lot of TEAMWORK and effort from the whole roster to get past the Celtics, Bulls and to some extent the Heat (I still believe Orlando can take Miami in a series).

      D12, become the leader you need to be. Get your team fired up and performing and earn that championshp with YOUR TEAM.

  162. markymark says:

    to me it’s about time dwight not all fun n games, joking around…he needs to get mean and nasty, show his team its business and not clowning around for the limelight as he normally does.he smiles way to much on the court….i wanna see dwight get mean,nasty on the court…attitude and tuffness is what winning nba titles takes!

    • NAJ says:

      Imagine if Dwight had Kendrick Perkins demeanor on the court all game, every game. If a talentless player like Perkins can do so well just by playing hard all the time, imagine what D12 would do

  163. markymark says:

    you guys hate on dwight howard, except when you want him on your team…goes to show hypocracy ! dwight howard is staying in orlando, he is coming down on his teamates,and thats a good thing to demand more as a leader…

    phill jackson is about to retire soon, kobe not far behind…why would dwight go to lakers to start a rebuilding project soon enough…the knicks cant afford dwight melo,amare, be real…and miami heat dont have a thing to offer orlando for dwight except lebron james!

    dwight howard is staying in orlando, the team will step it up..

    • tata says:

      It’s about time Dwight stepped up instead of sitting on the bench laughing while his team gets blown out. The problem is that he has been laughing for years and stepping up for a day so his teammates don’t really know how to respond. If he ever played with the intensity of Kobe Bryant then Orlando would be challenging every year for the championship.

  164. magic fan says:

    Dwight wont leave, the magic organization will do whatever it takes to keep him. With the addition of chris paul next year, we will be unstoppable

    • tata says:

      Shaq would never leave Orlando until the day he left for LA.

      • Magicrob79 says:

        Dwight is not Shaq, Shaq is the joke of NBA, he played for all 30 teams in the NBA, next I heard he wants to go to NBDL cause there are no more teams available for him in NBA.
        CP3 in Orlando with a deep team like Magic, no other team can match. every team either used up it’s cap, or doesn’t have pieces to trade, and if they trade to many pieces they fall off the pic. Best bet to bring Cp3 or another star player to Magic and inprove the already great team to much better team.

  165. chitown says:

    when the lakers are winning every body loves them but when they lose no one knows there a team. And miami is so bad that they need 4 all stars. Cp3 should join majic. But watch out for my bulls we get a guy like oj mayo or jamal crawford were winning the east. DROSE MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. TeaTime. says:

    Trade Pau and Bynum and anyone needed and everyone except Kobe and Lamar for D12! Like Charles Barkley said, any team with Dwight is going to make it to the conference finals each and every year.

    • vk1519 says:

      Are you kidding me??!! why would you trade pau gasol!!?? he is one of the reasons the lakers have been doing so good. before he cames the lakers were just good not great. with him, the lakers started winning the championships. before he came, kobe was the only great player.

    • NAJ says:

      No, get rid of Lamar, he’s a waste of skin 50% of the games

  167. boom says:

    Go Dwight! Anger the management, so that it would be easier for them to ship you to Miami for bosh, just like D-Will. Then miami will surely destroy everything. Bosh u suck, You’re the softest bigman i’ve ever seen! Softer than Todd Maccullough

    • MackDaddy says:

      HELL YES!

      How in the hell Bosh was included as a ‘superstar’ like Bron & Wade is beyond me?!!? Where did he ever lead Toronto to? Overrated and overpaid…. trade him for Howard then the future is set. The best 2,3, and 5 positions in the game today… and YOUNG. Howard aint going to Lakers… doesnt want to live in Kobe’s shadow. Plus Kobe getting old. Howard wants rings…. and the only place he’s going to get it is Boston now, or Miami later. Orlando better trade him soon, otherwise they get nothing. Bosh is better than nothing… just :).

  168. Dieter says:

    To the Lakers? They already have enough talent. Howard going to the Lakers would be very bad for the league.
    Having a good team is great, but winning with an average of more than 20 points is just boring. Lakers fans should be happy with what they already got, because they’re still the favourite to win the playoffs.

  169. Pat says:

    Is it just me or are Laker fans and Miami fans the only people who comment on these blog posts religiously? I swear, you can’t look at a single one without seeing one of the two come on and blow up how great their team is and how they’re the best. You don’t ever see Boston, Chicago, Dallas, or San Antonio fans doing that. Frankly it’s sort of embarrassing to watch.

    • Sammy says:

      What did you expect? We are talking about a sport here. It just so happens that the morons are from those cities. If people from Cleveland and Boston actually know how to comment on blogs, this page would be filled with comments about how Dwight should go to their team. By the way, Dwight should go to Boston.

      • LB6 says:

        haha coz cleveland doesnt have anything to be proud with coz they suck. Boston yea really. If you are reading the blogs you always see boston in the discussion.

      • Abyss says:

        Boston Sucks… Dwight will never go to that team.. players are too dirty and booring.. he will lost his career there.. Sure take him there if they want him to have his early retirement. Just few words to say… BOSTON SUCKS!

    • Sunsman says:

      I’d suggest that the comment rate about Lakers and Heat are higher than other teams due to the nature of the fans that like to blog…. impressionable youth that don’t know much more than what the media hype feeds them. Not all bloggers mind, but I’d wager most. Hence you get poor grammar and spelling and low basketball IQ posts that are full of emotional opinion rather than rational thoughtful arguments.

      If you idolise a player because you identify with them, then you want to talk about them, and the media and NBA head office pushes the “superstars” to increase $.

  170. Ice Pogi says:


    In your dreams!!! D12 won’t go to LAKERS… D12 is a leader… he wants to play alongside with a true playmaker not a ball hogger…. and the lakers don’t have enough money too to grab him…. right now the team who has a great cap space are NETS and CAVS… but no body wants to go in cleveland… it would be better if he go to the nets w/ DWill… and for sure D12 stats will rise up even more… If D12 has to choose between DWill or kobe…its gonna be DWill co’z he doesn’t want someone blaming him when they lose…

    • Rick says:

      whenever something goes wrong d-will blames everybody but himself…. dwight would be one of those people so yeah not too good an idea unless d-will gets his act together

    • tata says:

      I’d like to see five STUDS all meet in Cleveland so they could fulfill their promise to win a championship before LeBron.

    • Jay says:

      LOL all of sudden all you fools talk as if the nets are the holy destination. listen, the nets’ dreams of winning the championship shattered years ago. and that’s as close to the larry o’brien trophy as they’ll ever get.

  171. DBBJ says:


    • McLovin says:

      I agree. Dwight is full of class and obviously after losses players are going to be frustrated with their teammates. Do you honestly think Kobe was happy when they lost to the Cavs before the All-Star break? Yet you see nobody speculating where he will be after his contract. Strange. Dwight and CP3 on the Magic for 2012???

      • LB6 says:

        coz kobe is old and past his prime. He wont improve anymore thus there are a lot of young players who can improve and build a team with

      • Magicrob79 says:

        I have been hearing alot about CP3 coming to Magic, first the word was that DWill was going to opt out for Magic, but since he is gone, CP3 is good possibility

  172. yanick says:

    He said before that Kobe was the player he wanted to play with the most. I hope the lakers GM will put in work to try to get this guy whatever it takes. There is no way in hell he’s resigning with this team if they continue to play like this. They can’t beat miami nor boston so it’s time for him to go to a team that can win it all. Everybody else teaming up so why should he be the only star in his team?

  173. AK says:

    Lakers getting cp3 or howard this summer anyways 🙂

    • McLovin says:

      Except that they are both 2012 free agents, not 2011. Chris Paul WILL move (somewhere), Dwight MIGHT move.

      • S Herb says:

        i think ur right…dwight don’t seem to be gettin no help down there..he already mentioned that LeBron and he came about the same time n Bron Bron left to find a championship…so he is aware of the timeline and what is going on out there…ask Shaq why he left Magic n went to LA…it’s all about the CHAMPIONSHIP…ask Melo & BronBron

      • Arthur says:

        Dwight and CP3 have reportedly had talks together about 2012. If I was Chris paul I would go to magic they got the salary because every game is sold out and they have gilbert arenas who will be back to his old self in a year, jason richardson who is a great shooter, and of course dwight howard the best center in the league. They just need to get rid of a point gaurd. perhaps trading chris duhon and quinten richardson for someone good.

    • Magicrob79 says:

      Good luck with that, cause Magic look more attractive with Howard on the ruster, they are pushing for CP3, Dwight wants him in Orlando

  174. A Logical Kobe Fan says:

    Poor Dwight, surrounded by laziness. He’s too good of a player to be wasted on the Magic like this. As for his future, I think it’s pretty obvious that he won’t stay in Orlando if they can never have any real success. One Finals appearance to the Lakers a few years ago can’t be very satisfying. I really hope he doesn’t go to Miami, that would just be kind of lame. There’s been a lot of talk that he might end up playing with the Knicks, but I think NY would be better off going after Chris Paul or another PG rather than Dwight. His best chance to win a ring would be playing for the Lakers in my opinion. Kareem could start working with him to develop his offense, then he would be a true monster. As a Laker fan, I would love to see Dwight come to LA, but that’s down the road. I wish him the best of luck in his future.

  175. LB6 says:

    go to chicago dwight! trade Noah, Deng and Brewer!

  176. Derek says:

    Shaq left the Magic for the Lakers and got 3 rings, That is something to think about Dwight. If it worked for Superman #1 it will definitely work for Superman #2 😛

    • tata says:

      Very well stated. Jerry Buss should push “all in”.

    • Magicrob79 says:

      This was as stupid of a comment as I have ever heard. 1st. Dwight is not eager to follow Shaq’s footsteps, Shaq is not his Idol. 2nd When Shaq went to LA they had Kobe at a young age and cap room. Which now they don’t have either, and light is slowlly vanishing in LA. 3rd you can’t trade for him, cause you don’t have enough pieces to trade and still be a contander, and Dwight is not looking to go to a rebuilding team.

      • Srt-4 says:

        Well we trade Bynum’s 10+ million contract plus Walton and a few draft picks and viola suddenly we have cap room to sign him without trading any other pieces away. Bynum coming off the bench to back up Howard is just dumb not to mention expensive.

        The light is fading? Lakers just signed a 3 billion TV deal so where do you think all that money will go? The organization knows how to keep top talent around the superstars. It’s been proven through the years, no need to doubt them.

        And if Dwight is not looking to go to a rebuiding team then why would he go to NJ? He’s made it clear that he wants to be in NY or LA. If the Knicks are serious about signing CP3 then Howard is out of the picture for sure. And if its not any of the NY teams then where do you think he’ll end up?

        You want to talk about hearing a stupid comment then just read what you said and you’ll have it.

  177. duntae says:

    go 2 the lakers dwight

    • GMAN says:

      What about DALLAS?? They have a lot to trade to get him out in big D. They also have a great point guard an all star Forward GO DIRK and if Butler stays and comes back healthy. Nobody could beat them.

  178. Lakerman99 says:

    @Sevenheaven: Oh really? Who do you think Miami would seriously trade for the SUPERMAN?! They have an EXTREMELY LOW CAP cause the Miami Trio is hogging all the money. also there is no good backups, so he is never goin down to South Beach…

  179. steve says:

    I play the interview and I feel sorry for Dwight having to go through this.
    He deserves a championship just like all great bigs.
    You’ll get it in L.A. big man.
    I feel him like an Laker ,that’s what we are in Lakers.All heart strong and eager for championships.
    See you soon.

    • D says:

      No he wont… Phil Jackson has said no matter what this is his last season…. Kobe is getting old and his skills are fading away slowly… Lakers wont be the same power house next season… just wait and see

      • Srt-4 says:

        Just because Phil Jackson is retiring doesn’t mean the Lakers won’t win anymore titles. There are plenty assistant coaches who have been with Phil all these years. I’m sure they learned a thing or two from him on how to win it all. No worries there.

        Kobe is getting old and his skills are fading away slowly?? Kobe is the greatest player of this generation..even a 36-37 year old kobe is better than 80% of the league. If you don’t see that then I don’t even know what we’re talking about here. Sure he won’t be a top player like the past few years but with Howard in his prime by that time and other players being added(we won’t stay with the same lineup forever) we’ll be a contender for quite some time. Laker organization knows how to surround their star talent with key players. How do you think we got 17 titles?

        You just need to quit hating and let the players decide what they want to do. It hurts me to watch Howard leave because I live right by Orlando and watch him play in person quite often but he’s going nowhere fast here. He deserves to win a few rings for his hard work, leadership qualities and humble personality.

      • Jay says:

        orlando getting to the nba finals is as big as lakers doing another 3 peat. it’s as simple as that. dwight’s got no hope in florida.

    • NAJ says:

      Imagine if Dwight went to Clippers instead with Blake Griffin :O BEAST!!

  180. Skutch55 says:

    Last straw for D-12, and it’s sad…Loads of talent around him…he deserves better

  181. steve says:

    welcome home Dwight Howard.
    He’s with the Lakers pretty soon.
    Hope fully!!!
    He’d be happy here,we have the best organization.

  182. Sevenheaven says:

    Dwight Howard, Miami is waiting for you, the fantastic 4!!!

    • Cameron says:

      moron, miami have no money you idiot. he’ll go to the lakers

      • JNT says:

        the lakers don’t have the cap room

      • Jakil22IsAnIdiot says:

        lakers have even less money. get the facts right. but miami could trade for him.

      • Oregon says:

        No both of you are an idiot.

        Do you beleive in you teams, Why do you wont more players. Come on man. The LA rapes and the over readed Heat..
        Do not think you have what it takes to win it all, Becauce if you than, You are an idiot too.

      • CG757 says:

        ok, way to form a coherent thought oregon, stop trying to tell people off if you can’t even formulate a sensical argument. and miami has no need for howard, he just crowds the paint of a team based on two guys who drive hard and fast to the rim

      • ? says:

        @Sevenheaven how would the heat get Dwight? What, by giving up everyone on the roster except Bosh, Wade, and james? I can see you heat fans saying, Oh ya, and it will work!! You heat fans are morons!! You overpaid with the three chumps you have now. There is no way in hell the heat can afford Dwight. And @ JNT, its called trading Bynum dork!

      • steve says:

        Dwight Howard is going to resign with the magic, that franchise is built around him, so yall are all idiots

    • koby says:

      the heat and the lakers have no more cap for d-12, are you guys crazy stupid? if they want him, they’ll need to trade for d-12 and give up players for him. nets looks like the main stop for d-12, plus they have the cap space for him.

      • ? says:

        @koby. Why would he go to the nets. Even with D will the team is so far away from competing for a championship. Thats stupid!!

  183. memememe says:

    Howard to the lakers!

    • King_J_Howard says:

      Now thats what i am talking about howard going to the lakers would be perfect for us laker fans but we have one problem we dont have enough cap to come close to signing him.

      • deja vu says:

        You do when you trade Bynum and Walton plus the next 5 years first round picks (all #30)

      • Magicrob79 says:

        with Kobe a year older and Phil gone, you have nothing to show towards wining a championship, Magic bringing in CP has a better chance, plus no taxes in Florida makes things much more attractive then LA, it’s sunny there too. Laker days are numbered, Your best bet is to pick up Griffin when he gets available.

      • Srt-4 says:

        Don’t try to act like a GM because you fail at it. Lakers front office will figure out what their best bet is. You just get ready for Dwight to leave because Magic are not serious about bringing in anyone for him. They keep trying but they land all washed up players. CP will not go to Orlando because of what just happened in NY. It was CP’s idea that they all join in NY and now that the rest of them are there why would he go to Orlando?

        Quit hating on the Lakers and worry about what your team is doing.

      • A-Mac says:

        to magicrob79, there have been so many occasions when the lakers “didn’t have the cap space” to sign a big player and a large portion of them ended with them signing some of the best talent in the league.

  184. A FAN says:


    • quay says:


    • Heath says:

      all you idiots who think dwight is leaving are no better than the stupid media who just want to print a story. dwight isn’t going anywhere and all you morons will be talking about how great the magic are after they beat the thunder so just shut up already

  185. n0hornets says:

    Pat Riley: Here’s my chance! BOSH FOR HOWARD, HOW BOUT THAT LEBRON?!?!

    • LetsGoHeat6 says:

      Now that would be an undefeated season haha…prolly have to give up more than just Bosh but that would be amazing!!!

      • Oregon says:

        No both of you are an idiot.

        Do you beleive in you teams, Why do you wont more players. Come on man. The LA s and the over readed Heat..
        Do not think you have what it takes to win it all, Becauce if you do than, You are an idiot too.

      • Kevin says:

        What is your basket ball IQ – 0! that would be a dumb trade! As great as Howard is,he is limited to a 10 foot playing box. All Howard would do is clog the middle making it diffcult for LBJ or Wade to get to the rim. Bosh is the perfect fit at power forward for LBJ and WAde, a big man who can stretch the defense and force them not to clog themiddle because of his versatility. The Heat dont need any post scorers they need rebounders and defenders. As great as Howard is in those areas, his inability to score beyond 10ft would make it so easy to defend the Heat with a zone or a deeply sagging man to man. They cant do that with Bosh in the lineup…….

      • Crawford says:

        rebounder and defender? Bosh?

    • david says:

      what about howard for bynum and derek fisher? 🙂

      • Shaun says:

        Howard is a horrible free-thrower. Besides with Kobe’s ego, will he be willing to share the spot light with Howard? You remember the Shaq-Kobe days. Look how that turned out….

      • todd says:

        to kevin, DWIGHT HOWARD would be the perfect player to replace chris bosh with. look at how much of an impact he has on orlando, they’re a perennial title contender and howard is the reason why. he’s the best defensive player in the league and top 2 or 3 rebounder in the league. put those skills with lebron and wade and he doesnt have to clog the middle, he can set screens and score his points finishing on fast breaks and second chance points. plus he’d give miami one element that they’re lacking in, a player they can go to in the post when called upon. they would be one of the best defensive teams in history and with dwight, lebron, wade, haslem back off injuries and sharpshooters miller, house and jones they would without a doubt be a dynasty.

      • Rob K says:

        Haha… not good enough of a trade for DH! What is Fisher, like 100 years old..??

      • monta says:

        bosh is the most over rated power forwarded he is not on the level of dewight yes he can open the floor up but he is to inconsistent for the heat to be paying him all that money is he averaging 20 points no is he averaging 10 rebounds no. over rated

    • todd says:

      it would actually work. orlando would be have a big man locked in for the duration of bosh’s contract (6 years i think) and howard would almost be a lock to extend in 2012. but it would never happen, orlando would rather lose howard and get nothing in return then to have part in making the miami heat into arguably the most dominant team in history. the defense on that team would be sick. hell, the offense would be sick, no way they couldn’t be a dynasty.

  186. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Russ Bengtson, Rob Peterson, Chris and Adam, Cailean, migswagger and others. migswagger said: uh oh orlando's in trouble, superman's mad […]

    • MackDaddy says:


      dirtiest big man in the league (lethal elbows) is now feeling a little dirty about his team. boo hoo cry me a river. next time, find a nickname not already used Supermaam.

      • nate filewood says:

        Idiot. Pure and simple. I bet you’re a Lakers fan… you complian like Pau. Or you’re a new Heat fan. There isnt a better big in the whole league than Dwight and being a Magic fan, the team suck. Arena’s is hopeless. So is Turk. Jameer is lazy. J-Rich and Ryan Anderson are all Dwight has to be happy with in Orlando.

      • Jay says:

        @ nate filewood

        you’ll be one sorry ass when dwight comes to the lakers in 2012 huh?

      • nate filewood says:

        @ JAY

        If he does… then yep.

      • sandy camel says:

        Jay you are a knob
        dwight to the lakers
        concentrate on not dropping the crack pipe
        good work Nate !!!!!

      • kenny says:

        Howard is going to Laker in 2012? Be real guys and gals, u think Kobe is still young like 10 years ago? He probably has few years left and then wat? who is going to replace him? If I was Howard I would either going to Nets if Williams stay in NJ or go to Knicks play with Melo and STAT or last resort stay in Orlando if there’s a dramatic changes.

      • Heath says:

        shut up idiot and the real superman is howard not that loser shaq. as for howard getting mad I think all the big headed superstars have gotten frustrated at some time with their team, lebron was pissed with the cavaliers when they were good because of a losing streak, kobe was pissed at his time when they went through a losing streak, so this is nothing more than a rant and he will get over it and if he doesn’t than he is nothing more than a baby just like all these “superstars” who think everything is about them and not the team

      • eli says: