Heisley responds to failed Mayo trade

Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley said Thursday that he and his team did not pull out of a proposed deal that would have sent guard O.J. Mayo to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for power forward Josh McRoberts and a first-round pick.

“Indiana was not able to get it all together,” Heisley said in a telephone interview. “People are going to say I have reservations (about the proposed trade). I think from our point of view, we were interested in the trade going forward. It was a very, very difficult conversation for us. It took us a long time to decide. We were getting a lot of players at the two and three position and we were getting a little skinny at the four. We had three candidates we were looking at and when we decided on one, O.J. had to be part of that trade. It wasn’t that we were anxious to get rid of him.”

The Grizzlies also re-acquired forward Shane Battier, who spent his first five NBA seasons in Memphis, earlier Thursday from Houston in a trade for Hasheem Thabeet, the second pick of the 2008 Draft that had gotten next to no run in Memphis.

Mayo had been on the block for weeks, after receiving a 10-game suspension last month by the league for violating its substance abuse program — he tested positive for the steroid DHEA — and getting into a fight before the suspension on the Grizzlies’ team plane with teammate Tony Allen over a card game. Heisley, though, insisted that Memphis didn’t want to trade Mayo and wouldn’t have put him in the deal except for the Pacers’ insistence.

“We’ve already got Tony Allen, (Sam) Young, Battier, Rudy Gay, Xavier Henry,” Heisley said. “We’ve got a lot of guys in that (wing) area, and we’ve only got (Darrell) Arthur and Zach (Randolph) at the forward position.”

Heisley said he didn’t think the Grizzlies needed to mend any fences with Mayo, whom the Grizzlies acquired in a draft day trade in 2008 from Minnesota in exchange for Kevin Love.

“People call up for O.J. all the time,” Heisley said. “We received a number of calls on O.J. What I would say to O.J. is there are a lot of people — including us — who think you’re a good player. It’s not that we’re down on O.J., it’s just that we’ve got a lot of players who’ve blossomed in recent time. It’s not that they’ve beaten O.J. out, but we’ve just got a lot of players vying for limited minutes.”


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  3. J C says:

    Heisley should get rid of O.J.
    21 off the bench is definitely not good enough.
    Also, his 22 assists (team record) this year is not good enough either.
    Somebody has a problem, and that name does not start with an O.

  4. […] Heisley responds to failed Mayo trade « NBA.co&#109&#32&#124 Hang Time Blog […]

  5. Jacob says:

    Bad move for grizzlies. they already got rudy gay, sam young, etc. also giving up a first round pick( that will probably be top 20 pick). they could have worked hasheem up better or trade him for some picks or something. now the rockets can work him into a good defender or something but now thwy’re short on sf. so overall a bad move for both teams.

  6. one thing lakers will be swept at round 1

  7. i would love to see Darko in Celtics uniform but T-Wolves looked fearsome considering the thought of Ricky Rubio coming after this season T-Wolves would be an instant contender and Rubio is the only player that can tap onto Darko’s potential to its maximum when a lot of coaches refuse to give him the chance and the minutes to fulfill it. for a limited time Darko is quite productive

  8. IMakeItL00kC00L says:

    If this deal went down we know h othe winner would be. Of course the Grizzlies. Josh McRoberts has to find his home somewhere and stick to that placce instead of being moved around. Plus i personaly love the future first round pick to a team that i on the cusp of being a dangerous playoff team. O.Js temates would finally get some real action on the wing. The Grizzlies denfintly have the players that can play that position. O.J, as i said in my first comment, needs to be a bench player.

  9. IMakeItL00kC00L says:

    The O.J. for Love trade was great for minnesota because they finally got a all-star caliber player. Think if he was on a team like atlanta or orlando, we would all know him a lot better and he would be carzy happy playing with howard or johnson. Mayo on the other hand, looks like a jamal crawford to me because he can start the 1 or 2 position, but is the sixth man and can still hi 14-18 footers and average 16ppg.

  10. Dutchboy says:

    shane for thabeet?!?! What were the rockets thinking?!? Shane is probably one of the better defensive players in the league and you trade him for some d-league draft bust… ok..

  11. Ice Pogi says:

    What another 3peat worshiper????? Ain’t gonna happen!!!!! Sorry but simply not gonna happen……LMAO

  12. Jansy says:

    if you could just send a request to the lakers and trade mayo for artest its better ..GO LAKERS 3peat

  13. gm melilli says:

    the fact that houston traded for thabeet, shows that things with yao are well and truley over. why else would they invest in the young centre? this trade looks very bad on paper for the rockets, and while i think the intentions of rebuilding are there, this is the deal is as poor as it suggests. i cant find a positive for them in this deal. as far as im concerned, hasheem thabeet, is a flop. im sorry, but its true. for a number 2 pick, to be sent to the d-league, thats saying something. i think houstons soul was in the right place, but i seriously dont believe theyll find what their looking for in thabeet, who in my mind, is nothing more than a novelty trip.

    as for the grizz, congratulations. i think a trade like this is greatly benefitial for them, as believe it or not, memphis is in the playoff race, and has one of the better records since christmas. no better way to enrich this already rich grain of form, by adding talent, and giving away a man who is just sitting on the pine.

  14. TRV says:

    Although I think Kevin Love is great, I do not thnk we should give up Z-Bo. He is great for Memphis and continues to be pretty consistent. Anyway he was not in the trade talks but I thought I would put it out there anyway. Also, luv O.J, he just need to get his mind right and his game bk on track. To be honest, I’m kinda glad the trade did not go through. Welcome bk J-Will and Shane, missed u much.

  15. jdub says:

    Since the Grizzlies are busy back tracking, for past players in Battier and J-Will, why not go for the charm in the Stro-Show (Stromile Swift) back to Memphis. Just joking…

    • puertorican bball player says:

      hahaha maybe james posey get back to memphis and also get antoine walker from dleague hahaha

  16. the big at says:

    this is amazing for the Grizz. we missed u Shane! welcome back!!

  17. Robert Mediado says:

    This only shows that Daryl Morey no longer have the killer punch… He needs to rest, may be he is too tired of accumulating bad trades and so on. It should be Adelman who should go and not Brooks.

  18. China says:

    OJ Mayo needs to go to Celtics. Give up Von Wafer and cash considerations lol

  19. richter says:

    wow itz seemz not a good deal for rocketz but i guess rockets is have a own idea for next battle nxt year.. ithink memphis is full of guards , i will be considering a good trade for oj mayo ans zach randolph for kevin love and first round pick…
    i think zach did a great job for memphis but he is not a playoffs master pieces… a scoring forward is not good for memphis because there s alot of talented guards on memphis and kevin love a good defender and a good rebounder for the playoff game and a pick future to scout good young players..

  20. BallzDeep says:

    Why would the pacers want another guard?

  21. Pacer fan says:

    The pacers need a trade

  22. Nonni says:

    Questionable for Houston, but much better playoff contender now for Memphis.. Welcome back Shane

  23. gino says:

    Thabeet will be fine in Houston…he just need someone to coach him…like Dwight Howard had in Orlando and Shaq in his LA years…anyway welcome back Shane…Go Grizzlies!!!!

    • Jaz says:

      its just so wrong to compare Thabeet to Shaq and Dwight. Both Shaq and Dwight were already dominant from the time they entered the league. Thabeet? Maybe another Sam Bowie or Darko Milicic.

  24. GreY says:

    Very bad for the Rockets indeed. Thabeet – another first pick flopper. I can’t believe his name still gets mentioned.

  25. JayHouston says:

    Shane for Thabeet is very bad. -sad face-

    • BLM73 says:

      LOL – This trade just plain cracks me up. Yet another fine season in Houston lol.

      Yao hurt yet AGAIN, Scola not playing anywhere close to his potential, Aaron Brooks (Traded) crying about Lowry’s taking over at the Point leads to a suspension, Kevin Martin quietly putting up points for yet another season with no help. Now they trade Shane Battier, a veteran player and a point of solidarity for….. Hasheem Thabeet!!! YAY!!!

      Happy Birthday Yao, yet another year older, another season down the crapper, and no Rings.

      • Michael says:

        how is averaging 19 pts and 8 rbs a game not living up to his potential? Did you expect Scola to drop 20-10 every night? Rockets aquired him knowing well enough that he wasn’t going to be a volume scorer but instead a role player that was supposed to give a boost with Yao and McGrady for their run to the Finals. He was never supposed to be an offensive threat nonetheless a star. There’s no point dwelling on the past and regretting that Yao and McGrady couldn’t stay healthy enough, its time to move on and I think acquiring Thabeet is a solid move by Morey. We need a center that can develop into a strong defender and I believe he has that potential, the Rockets are great at developing players. The one move I regret is that, we got rid of Aaron Brooks virtually for a back-up type point guard in Goran Dragic.