Flurry Of Deals At Deadline

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The blockbuster Carmelo Anthony and the Deron Williams deals were just an appetizer for the flurry of deals done at today’s 3 p.m. trade deadline.

Plenty of the league’s big boys dove in and got involved on what has to go down as one of the craziest trade deadline days in NBA history.

You’ll need name tags for all the new names and faces once everyone passes their physical and is suited up for their first game with their respective new teams.

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But before we get to all that, here’s a quick recap of all the drama you might have missed (if you were trapped on an island without Internet or television access, or any digital device capable of updating you on the basketball world getting turned inside out in one afternoon):

Celtics-Thunder four-player deal

Easily the most shocking deal of the day, the Celtics ship Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson to Oklahoma City for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic, thus ending the Shrek (Big Baby Davis)-Donkey (Robinson) era after just one trip to the NBA Finals. Even tougher to figure is why the Celtics would spend all season talking about how great things would be once they got Perkins back from offseason knee surgery and then move him after just 12 games. Green and Krstic would appear to be good fits on a Celtics team already stocked in all the right places.

Trail Blazers-Bobcats three-player deal

Portland gets Gerald Wallace while Joel Pryzbilla, Dante Cunningham and two first-round draft picks head to Charlotte in a deal that wasn’t nearly as surprising as some others, especially when you consider how often Wallace’s name came up in trade rumors with other teams. Wallace has the kind of motor and plays with the sort of reckless abandon that should make him a hit with the fans in Portland. LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy certainly are happy to see him. It’s hard to tell what exactly is going on with the Bobcats, who were also shopping Stephen Jackson. But the draft picks will make this all go down a lot easier later on.

Cavaliers-Clippers three-player deal

Baron Davis is on the move once again, this time to Cleveland for Mo Williams, Jamario Moon and a first-round draft pick. Williams must have good karma to go from riding shotgun with LeBron James to riding shotgun with Blake Griffin. He’s certainly going to put that ugly losing streak and those cold Cleveland winters behind him now that he’ll occupy space in the Clippers’ locker room — he gave up his early termination option to get the deal done. Things don’t look nearly as sweet for Davis, who seemed to be having a ball in his native Los Angeles, whose days popping out of Kia sun roofs are probably over.

Suns-Rockets two-player deal

With Aaron Brooks headed to Phoenix and Goran Dragic and a first-round pick headed back to his old locker stall in Houston, you have to wonder just who is the heir to Steve Nash‘s point guard throne now. Brooks certainly has the scoring bit down. But can he run that Suns’ second unit the way Dragic did? Brooks tweeted his excitement about backing up the two-time MVP, insisting that he can learn a lot from Nash. It remains to be seen what sort of chemistry will develop for both of these guys in their new settings. Neither should have much of a problem easing into their roles, though.

Grizzlies-Rockets two-player deal

The Rockets weren’t satisfied with dealing just Brooks. They also shipped Shane Battier back to Memphis, where he was a fan, franchise and community favorite for his work on and off the floor, in exchange for Hasheem Thabeet and a first-round draft pick. The Grizzlies need a veteran presence like Battier in their locker room in the worst way. They don’t have a leader of his caliber on the roster right now. He’ll bring an instant dose of gravity to the proceedings there. Thabeet is being granted his second chance and needs to make good use of it. The No. 2 pick in his draft, he has yet to come anywhere close to living up to his hype. This is a fresh start big fella, so don’t blow it.

Thunder-Bobcats three-player deal

Two of the busier outfits on trade deadline day, the Thunder capped off the fireworks by snagging Nazr Mohammaed from the Bobcats in exchange for D.J. White and Morris Peterson. If the Thunder’s aim was to amass a towering and physical frontline rotation capable of challenging the Lakers, Mavericks and Spurs in the Western Conference, consider that mission accomplished. Once again, we’re still trying to sort through what the Bobcats are doing before passing any judgment. White and Peterson aren’t exactly franchise-changers at this point. But if they are a part of a bigger plan, good for the Bobcats.

*** For all the details on any deal you might have missed, check the NBA.com 2011 Trade Deadline Tracker and catch up on all the details. ***

Feel free to share your winners and losers with us (below), as if you needed an invitation!


  1. Paosker says:

    now that you mention it, the spurs are kinda conservtive…..hmm..

  2. YO says:

    I love how no one is talking about the Spurs. Underdogs again on a odd year.

  3. You guys are a CRAZY says:

    Just in case all of you guys havent watched the first half of the season, PERKINS did not play 1 game… The Celtics were still the top 1 or 2 teams in the league. There isnt one UNBIASED person that can disagree with that. Now they traded an insignificant playter in the first half. Big Deal. KG is a whole new player than he was last year. He reminds me of 2008. I am not saying it was a great trade for the Cs but come on… Saying the Celtics cant win now is obsurd.

  4. Jason says:

    To me giving out Perkins is a wrong move..Specially that the health of 2-O’neals is uncertain..

  5. albert says:

    can team michael jordan can make to playoff.. coz his my idol and fans with also kobe brant.. kobe brant will be nxt michael jordan to me …

  6. Paosker says:

    Yeah, but still, you have to consider the fact that the 2 o’neals are having injury troubles..who knows how long theyll last before getting injured again. delonte’s return makes up for it in 3 point shots, but with that in mind, the only big men left are Krstc, Garnet and Davis….Garnett cant play the center well ryt now like he used to when he subbed as a center sometimes in the wolves in my opinion, Krstc would be fine i guess, but would take time to adjust and Davis is okay and also very speedy for someone that big, but he looks nothing compared to the other behemoths of the nba..

    With this in mind, I think it would be one of the celtics plans to rely more on outside 3 point scoring rather than scores from the paint….

    But still, Boston still has my support….Im rooting for a Celtic and Knicks eastern finals….or a miami/boston east finals..
    as for the west, id like to see the Oklahoma City Thunder dethrone the Lakers …it seems like an epic phenomena if they do….

    well, who knows, regular season aint done yet anyway =)

  7. BOSTON says:

    LOOL heats have size over boston? LOL what a jk, boston still has KG,big baby,shaq,kristic,green,JO, who does miami have bosh? LMFAO and big Z? no way miami not gunna get past boston, now that boston upgraded there bench. btw kristic did good in his first game 6 offensive rebound and he’s 7’0 too just needs to be more aggressive
    im taking boston over miami anyday

  8. What is goin on??? says:

    I just read Re_ality’s blog! LMAO! You say the Celtics upgraded????? They give up Perkins and Robinson for Green????? That’s an upgrade to you man. WOW! I agree OKC and Portland upgraded! The Lakers, by the way, did not need to make a trade. There was no player they could get to help them in my opinion. Their positions are filled pretty well in my opinion. They’ve had lapses this year, but I actually think that’s due to every opponent being fired up to play them. All these teams bring their A- game against them. I think they’ll be fine.

  9. goldrodd says:

    Boston in my opinion just lost the championship. As a Laker fan i hated to see Pau Gasol getting pushed around by Perkins. Now I like Chicago chances a lot better as Boston falls back to the pack. Orlando ,Chicago, Miami and New Yorkenow have a real shot against the beast of the east. The Lakers now have a much tougher Thunder team to deal with.

  10. AdamAllStar999 says:

    These trades are good and some I don’t even why the coaches agreed with it. For example the Baron Davis trade , the Shane Battier trade, and the Deron Williams trade were not as great as I thought they would be. In my opinion I think that the teams that were horrible in the trades were the Nets, Rockets for losing Battier, and most of all I think the Celtics were bad because they gave away their height by trading away Perkins to Okc. My winners are the Knicks for the Carmelo trade with Denver and Timberwolves, the Lakers because they didn’t give away Bynum for Carmelo were thinking about it but they didn’t want to give away the size Bynum has, good choice, also I think the Miami Heat are winners because now Perkins is out of the way for the East Miami has a size advantage over Boston. This could maybe make Miami the number one seed in the East. I am thinking that the West final two in the playoffs will be the Spurs and Lakers, and in the East I think that the Heat and the Celtics will be in the finals.These four teams play stellar! For MVP I don’t think LeBron becuase he won it two times in a row it is time for a new MVP like ROSE or WADE!!

  11. c's 21 says:

    cant you understand, nba is a pure business

  12. RE_ALITY says:






  13. […] Den største overraskelse sprang igår da Boston Celtics tradede Kendric Perkins til Oklohoma for Jeff Green. Fra et sportsligt perspektiv giver det ingen mening overhovedet, men for et økonomisk synspunkt falder der et par brikker på plads. Hvis du ønsker at læse om de resterende trades er her et fedt link: http://hangtime.blogs.nba.com/2011/02/24/flurry-of-deals-at-deadline/ […]

  14. 8 seconds please! says:

    I remember an article saying that Perkins said he’s the captain of the defense and what matters most is what he brings in’ on the table. C’mon! He’s hinting go away Shaq or whoever is taking my place at center.. warm the bench please.

    Pscyhologically, there is no Big 3 anymore. We all know how skillful Rondo is. So what about Perk? His efforts will ultimately suffer for it and eventually fade into obscurity. Bye-bye perk but this is a sad world.

  15. What is goin on???? says:

    @ Matt! Think I’ll buy a new Kobe jersey tomorrow!!! LOL!!!!

  16. What is goin on???? says:

    These are some of the craziest trades I’ve ever seen in the NBA. Teams seem to be giving up players to make other teams better. Do the Celtics really hate the Lakers so bad that they give up a premier defender in Perkins to make OKC ready for the Lakers. And Nate Robinson too??? Makes no sense whatsoever! And Houston is disbanding the heart of their team?. Cmon; dealing Battier and Brooks???? Has someone been passing around some good weed in the NBA? LOL!!

  17. Paosker says:

    I think Boston made a mistake there…..

    Erden and Harangody were okay contributors and they got traded for future means….
    I just picture the two of them contributing a solid performance from off the bench in the playoffs….

    And even Marquis Daniels has been traded to Sacramento for the same reason…

    Judging from the Celtic’s line up, considering the injuries, their starter center would possibly be nenad krstic….who i dont really find that too significant…

    Its just a bad move, along with the robinson/perk to OKC trade….Green isnt bad, but Pierce would eat up most of his game time…

    Somethings cooking wrong in the Celtic Team.

  18. bulls SG after MJ says:

    Rip Hamilton to the Bulls (The second coming of Shooting Guard in Chicago
    PG- D Rose
    SG- Rip Hamilton
    SF- Luol Deng
    PG- Boozer
    C- J. Noah

    D.Rose with his penetrating move to the basket, will certaintly free up spaces for Rip to hit those clutch jump shots. Definitely will be on the same page as Rondo-Allen, D.Rose- Rip Hamilton

  19. Luiz says:


    • Luiz says:


  20. CELTICS says:

    im really sad abt that perkins trade..he was our interior defensive threat along with KG. i wish him well with OKC, i hope they beat the lakers now. as for green joining us thats a good bench right there for boston
    Delonte – PG
    Wafer – SG
    Green – SF
    Big Baby – PF
    Kristic – C
    lets face it thats a good second unit as far as there bench goes, as long as the oneals stay healthy i think boston can get the job done.

    • NBAfan says:

      the thing is having perkings and erden you have 2 young and decent centers while having both oneals can make you good now and maybe the next year and then what? they both goin to retire while the other 2 could be in theyre prime

  21. mwilliams says:

    Perkins was a pain in the ass! Glad to see him and all his facial expressions leave……He thought he was way more than he actually was…..

  22. Michael Jordan says:

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  23. Michael Jordan says:


  24. Dude did the bobcats make a bad move there….. GW is by far their best player on the roster and why the need to trade him at this time? i mean come on they are trying to take the eigth playoff spot, now they can try again next year coz it aint gonna happen anymore… and i am a bobcat fan…. they just traded their leader man, they should’ve dropped stephen jackson and not wallace. MJ really is getting dumber as he ages…
    Boston also what a stupid move to trade the player that could land the title right in your lap especially now the lakers are having so much problems with motivation, condition and just poor teamwork.
    i just don’t get these 2 teams at this point they made some dumb trades here thats for sure!

  25. A FAN says:

    Hey, i first i thought this trade was a bust, Green is good but it doesnt make any sense to give up Perk, your best Center but then if you look at it, THEY MATCH UP VERY WELL WITH MIAMI HEAT. LOOK….



  26. IMakeItL00kC00L says:

    Portland big winners! They got a good Gerald Wallace who gets out of loseing charlotte and in to almost playoff bound blazers. Super happy face for OKC getting a backup for russell and a huge body and presence inside. Should help them compete in the west with those finall pieces. Rockets lose in the worst spot with the way they are at competing against san antonio and dallas. Trading shane battier for haseem thabeet???? what r they thinking. If they want to get young at that position then dont look toward a potenial bust. Orlando loses. So they think that one move will make them a championship team no not at all. For once in a long time a team loses at the deadline because they DIDNT make a deal. Howard not happy. Orlando can kiss his butt good-bye in 2012 because they need to win and win fast but they did not help there cause this year.

  27. raimund23 says:

    perkins is injury prone player… he`s injured in the time that celtics really needed him!!



  29. Aldy says:

    this late last minute trades what makes the NBA more exciting.. with the added drama, fans will be excited to follow the story of the new casts… I think its gonna be fun to watch Melo playing alongside with Amare in the Big apple… NY is again back in NBA limelight w/ MSG having two All-Stars on the court…

  30. ranier.. says:

    bad move by the celtics.. Perkins is the best in the number five position in boston. he is only 26 and playing only 12 games this season. he might be the key to the championship ring last season if he didnt have the injury.what is the reason of waiting for the recovery of his injury if in just one snap the trade has been done. celtic is my favorite team but i dont like the genius people who manage this team.

  31. matt says:


  32. matt says:

    if u have anything bad to say about the NBA dont bother.. the man behind the curtain of the NBA is watching!!! LOLOLOLOLOOLLLOLLLLOOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOL.. we must protect the stupid kobe fans that buy his jerseys from being informed.. seriously freedom of speech is dead, especially in the NBA

  33. matt says:

    the future of the NBA is very bleek cuz the fans and the current “stars” do not know the meaning of integrity and loyalty. your all a bunch of thug lazy babies that dont want to go to work. at the beginning of the year stern and the shareholders choose who is going to win the championship. Celtics already know that they arent called to win this year. Its an illusion… basically stern forces other teams to help other teams that are supposed to get better. its all a system to create the perfect story or team or cindeerella story.. their all in on it whether u wanna believe it or not.
    you have to help teams win a championship before you can win one.. its like a screwed up pyramid scam and were all the retartded spectators. The NBA Is a product in itself,, the drafts the reg season , the playoffs all are there to help the NBA look good. DO you not get this?? Do you really think that david stern is dumb, do u think he doesnt like money , do u think he wouldnt do everythingn in his power to make as much as possible? Their influence is so heavy now, u cant even complain about a call withouth getting fined now. The players are all just puppets and were stupid for watching and caring so much. The NBA cares, but im really starting not to anymore….

  34. JDish says:

    Over all good trades. I love that trade sending Gerald Wallace to Portland, but more than that its awesome the way the Thunder are making moves to make this young talented team even better in the paint, good for them.

    But I really can’t help feeling sorry for Baron Davis, I have no doubt he was reviving himself basketball wise while playing along side Griffin, Eric Gordon and the up’n coming Clippers, i can imagine him thinking “man things are looking up for me now.” He was feeling good being part of a special team and all of the sudden BAM! he gets traded to the Cavs… hey but at least he’s still getting paid millionaire status, so i don’t know if it’s even fair for him to complain when your still getting PAID. The NBA is a business, just get on the floor and perform.

  35. HarLey says:

    The Bobcats traded Wallace cause Jordan is gonna throw himself back in the starting lineup after practicing with them that one time……LETS GET IT !!!

  36. Q11208 says:

    This year seems to take the cake in the NBA deadline overall I was impressed with how the Thunder added depth to their roster and also impressed with portland for adding Gerald Wallace to their lineup. With him, Wallace, he should add intensity on the defensive end and you gotta love a rebounder. How are you goin to win if you can’t maintain possession of the ball? but I was also dissapointed with the Clippers and Celtics. I understand why they got rid of Nate having Rondo and Delonte west but perkins was a critical piece to thier puzzle under all circumstances the Knicks had the biggest come up this year and a few years will be a championship caliber team.

  37. Vincent says:

    The biggest surprise is the Celtics and Thunders deal, probably the Celtics is making a move after the Big 3 retires and Rondo will be the franchise player. So they want to surround him with young and talented players like Jeff Green. May be the next step for them is to look for a shooting guard who can shoot the ball very well.

  38. WG says:

    Celtics are no longer a Championship team, I agree with David Alridge and Kenny Smith.
    This is the worst trade in recent history of the NBA, what the hell were the Celtics mangaement thinking…………Im Speechless, I got nothing else to say.
    Thats good for the Spurs though, they have 1 less team to worry about, 😀

  39. We'll see says:

    Great Trade for OKC. Kristic did well this season but the hustle Perkins brings to the table is going to help them alot. Not sure about Nate but he’s always a threat(on good days…)
    I don’t think the Nets will go after howard. They got a good big and young in Lopez(obviously not as good as howard) but they should be fine on the center position.

    Don’t know what MJ is doing in Charlotte…but well maybe theres a plan behind it.
    I also doubt that the clips will keep Williams for long. I dont expect them to be a serious contender for a playoff spot..use williams as a trade chip(+kaman) maybe in 2011/2012 and contiue to build a solid team arround blake.

  40. Bobcatsfan says:

    Don’t know why we would trade out Wallace, our Franchise player from Day 1 for Cunningham, Marks and Pryzbilla plus a copuple of draft picks. Gerald really gave us that run and gun offense and his high flying acts will truly be missed. Thanks Gerald.



  41. Demon13 says:

    Thatz Mezzed up. Now Celtics wont win a champion.

  42. mike says:

    nice move for OKC with Perkins but i don’t understand the Celtics- Shak is injured most of the time, Jermaine is injured all the time so the only good Center they could use was Perk. Now they’re left with Big Baby -may get a few good games but he’s not a constant player and Krstic – will see if he adapts with the Celtics requirements. All in all Boston will loose power in defence

  43. CELTICS1983 says:

    Cmon……everyone is freaking out over the perkins trade………look at our record without him, thats why we got rid of him…….he was boring to watch and now we have a flashy player whos very under rated…..after a few games everyone will change there toons……celtics are much better now

  44. Joe says:

    I think that the clippers made a stupid trade. They traded baron davis for to little. but mo and all those caveliers are happy to get away from those horrible cavielers. But I think now with baron davis on there roster they will be a way better team. Just look at th stats!!!

  45. John Mitchum says:

    Sekou, please help me make some sense about this perkins trade..
    I’m a die hard celtics fan and this feels like betrayal. Krstic over perk? really? Green might work but I love that little nate! They should’ve kept House for that matter. I don’t understand what’s going on, I read shaun powell’s article about the move and I think he’s totally right. Why would they take a step down from the competition? For money? Or because they’re not sure Perk would’ve resigned? Seriously? This is BS.
    Take care man.

  46. Art of mind says:

    parting with Perk wasn’t a good idea in my opinion but at the same time congratulations for Thunder. Personally, as a Blazer fan i’m impressed by the transfer of Gerald Wallace. One again be sure to check my art aobout this topic 😉


  47. allaround baller says:

    after all, nash stay
    either nash owns shares in phx, d.howard is coming next season, phx prepares a tomb for nash,
    or everything

    nash jersey deserve to be hanged on US Airways Center

  48. GoLakers24 says:

    This is, by so far, the best trade events ive seen in a long time. Very good trades. I cant wait to see the results of these trade in play. NBA where amazing happens!! hahaha

  49. Karl says:

    why Celtics traded perkins? Jeff green is a good player but Perkins was bostons best center. Who´s bostons starting center now? Oneals? I hope they steay healty. And maybe boston wants howard when he is going to FA? And BTW thunder is much better now..

    • MackDaddy says:

      Nup… Howard has too much ego, wont go to Boston and live in the shadows of recent victories. He’ll go somewhere he can win AND make a name for himself as a champion in his own right. Of course will be a big market as well…. he aint going to the Cavs :). So where does that leave????? 2 teams… and 2 teams only.

      NY or NJ (Brooklyn). Both these teams are going to be big in the near future, both these teams have the ability to pick him up or trade for him, and both these teams can offer Howard ‘fringe benefits’ that will make the guy rich even with a lockout looming just because of their location in Gotham.

  50. babis says:

    OKC did the best moves for sure. perkins is a defensive monster and that’s the piece OKC missed. As a fun of bobcats though, i ‘m really disappointed of team’s moves. Well, team should never give wallace. All players may be expandable, except d.j., tyrus and -in my opinion-wallace. The crash offered us a lot. and a little loyalty from team’s side should be really appreciated. I think that we could trade away captain jack for some picks, but not wallace. and diaw and his nine millions, are still in the team. well, it was an epic fail. And what about picks? well, with jordan having an opinion in future picks, i already see some new “morrissons” and “browns” coming to team. jordan has no patience and -as these moves tell me- no money. and for being a playoff team and a contender, an owner needs both. i admire jordan as a player, but i think that his moves as an owner suck. unless he’s got sth great in mind and i cannot understand it. but arena was half-empty, and now it’s very possible to be totally empty, respectively. wish bobcats the best, i am disappointed but also i love my team.

  51. CbB 907AK says:

    the knicks and the thunder are gonna be way better now its gonna be hard to choose the knicks over the bulls but i dont think so this year at least the bulls are takeing it for sure.

  52. Carlo says:

    Im Happy that carmelo trade to the NY knicks

  53. northwestdude says:

    thunder just became a contender portland great move for them denver didnt get a bad side of the trade

  54. LakeShowSoPro says:

    Now that Perk was traded to OKC, all this talk about how the thunder are gonna beat the lakers because they almost took the champs to 7 games, just like how the rockets were great when they took the lakers to 7 games before that, it is ridiculous. lol

  55. LOLOLOL says:

    I told my friend last year once Kendrick Perkins became a free agent he will be in OKC. Now he is in OKC with KD35 and Westbrook.

    C- Perkins
    PF- Ibaka
    SF- Durant
    SG- Harden
    PG- Westbrook

  56. Tray says:

    dudes, ya need to know… i think celtics traded perkins because he probably wasn’t the same after the knee surgery… better trade him while he’s still considered a good center. if they wait that he shows a drop of talent or more, they probably won’t get anything for him. not only that, he hated shaq, i don’t think he likes shaq taking the center spot light away from him. especially when thee other four celtic starters went to the all star and never him. so it’s a fresh start for him to show what he got away from thee other great celts. as far as the little man nate, they are going to get back from injury delonte west which is alot better than nate. nate was going to go as soon as they had delonte in the first place…

  57. NBA Bagwell says:

    I was expecting C’s could have worked for Shane Battier to make their defense more solid. But I guess I just have to live with that. Perk! perk! perk! big baby Perk => being moved to the Thunders. Its an ‘OK trade for OKC but for Boston, not sure. I hope Doc comes out of this alive esp. this coming post-season. He has to make Jeff Green a true-blooded GREEN bball player.

  58. mark says:

    how about steve nash??? since the suns got brooks, the guy deserve to be traded to a contender, he deserved to have a ring or chance to play at the finals…

  59. chuchovsky says:

    I’m happy about that trade the celtics and thunder just did, as a bulls fan, seeing the celts shipping perks… I just think it’s a huge mistake on their side. the two o’neals have almost their tank empty and why having a good forward as back up when you have kevin and pierce? although he’s a good add, don’t think it was worth loosing perks.

  60. mark says:

    how about steve nash, suns got brooks now, nash should be moved to a contender, the man deserves to have a ring or chance to play for it…

  61. DBBJ says:

    DAMN! I ain’t never seen a trade deadline day like this right there Wow lotta players moving, I guess I’mma have to be taking notes on who is playing where, cuz theres too much names to memorize in one day. That being said, I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHY IN THE WORLD THE CELTICS TRADED PERK?? THAT’S MESSED UP, I MEAN THE GUY DIDNT WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP LAST YEAR CUZ HE GOT HURT AND THIS YEAR WAS HIS OPORTUNITY TO GO BACK AND WIN IT AND THEY GON TRADE HIM LIKE THAT. HE AIN’T AINT SEEING ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP NO TIME SOON.

  62. roro says:

    what did the celtics do!? i am a huge lakers fan so i am happy but they made the worst trade possible. they also made okc a whole lot better. shaq cannot hold them together in the middle. i just think this move was stupid

  63. yorizzo says:

    I think Perkins and N. Robinson are very usefull for the Thunder, but Krstic and Green are not a good trade, Celtics had 2 Centers and 2 Point Forwards. If I was Celtics’ manager, Iwould buy a Second Guard, because Marquis Daniels is not a very good basketball player and he isn’t a good substitution for Allen.
    About Suns – Rockets deal, is a very good trade for Suns, because Nash has got a new young substitution.

  64. matty says:

    Still trying to work out what MJ was thinking when trading Gerald Wallace. The bobcats are trying to make a run to the playoffs so they go and sell their best player and get very little in return.

  65. GreenEighteen says:

    i think C’s made the right move, considering their Backup SF injured in Daniels, C’s made a move to get a legitimate wingman in Green + textbook box man in Kristic. Now they have a deeper bench with davis, Green and kristic leading the way

  66. Roldan Paglinawan says:

    If Dwight Howard get into Miami line up there are blockbuster combination Wade at guard, James and bosh at forward and at center is Dwight Howard that lineup is exciting to watch what do you think.

  67. yorizzo says:

    Why Baron left Clippers? he had got a very good season in LA. Why he gone to Cleveland? is the worst team in he NBA.
    It was a very bad trade for Clippers, Mo Williams is more bad than Davids. This trade is bad for the team and for Griffin, and J. Moon in my opinion is the worst Small Forward in the NBA.

    PS : Im sorry for make mistakes , Im argentinian.

  68. ernest says:

    what’s wrong with the bobcat’s???
    trading gerald wallace?? a blessing for portland but definitely a wrong move for bobcats.. sigh! 😥

  69. leonel says:

    the knics,trail blazers,clippers, the nets. and the thunder has smart moves

  70. Oshi says:

    must watch d rose vid

    • CbB 907AK says:

      derrick rose is the mvp this is a tight video. best pg and pretty soon gonna be the best player in the nba i think he is still young but i think melo is cause he can do it all when he wants to better then any1 and i dont really care what other ppl think thats my opinion haha screw lebron and kobe.

  71. Sam says:

    Horrible trade for the Clippers IMO. Baron Davis was getting his game back and the thing that makes him such a better fit on LAC than Mo Williams is the chemistry that he had with the other players (especially Griffin & DJ). I can’t stand Mo Williams, the guy acted like he had won the NBA Championships after the Cavs wrongfully (check that goal tending) beat LAC to end their record losing streak. I REALLY hope that there is a bigger plan behind all of this Mo Williams crap (like a deal for D-Will). Get D-Will or CP3 with Griffin & Gordon then unfortunately say goodbye to Kaman and grab a few more players. Just as we all thought LAC was getting better too they’ve got to pull a deal like this…very sad…

    • Dave from OZ says:

      Hold on Sam. AS I said earlier, Baron’s best days were in Oakland, not LA. He’s on the decline, regularly comes into camp out of shape and only now after 3+ years starts to play the way we all expected him to. I don’t think Mo will help straight away, but given time and some realistic roles established between all the guards, I don’t think those in Clipper nation will be complaining about this trade this time next year.

  72. =D says:

    NEW YORK KNICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. MickyO says:

    Sometimes I hate being a Mavs fan. How did we NOT get Gerald Wallace??

  74. Mac says:

    Why would you trade Aaron Brooks and Shane Battier? But Portland getting Gerald Wallace was a good look

  75. KB24LIFE says:

    You could see how this league works just by the trades
    its all about marketing and money
    i guess since some of the teams know that they cant win championships
    they do such trades to save money
    on the other side there are some good trades that will change the outcome
    of results in postseason
    Id say NY vs. LA in the FINALS

  76. rockets should never have trade battier and brooks best players ever!!!

  77. Dave form OZ says:

    Re: the Clips

    An interesting move if nothing else. For years the team was mired in mediocrity and when they finally show some signs of potential, a trade gets made that not everyone is happy with? That’s life in the NBA! Bledsoe has shown he has the potential to start when Baron was injured. Gordon’s coming back from injury and will take time to get his fitness and mojo back. Why not bring in a healthy 1/2 combo gaurd who should be close to 6th man next year (and yes, the Clippers are now thinking about next year and beyond) when he can come in and rest both Bledsoe and Gordon. Add Randy Foye into the mix and the Clips have a pretty decent 1-2 rotation. Baron’s best days (unfortunately) were in Golden State and no matter how hard he tried he just never made the impact everyone hoped he would in LA. Give them the rest of the season to gel/learn their roles and make a judgement then. I’m excited for the future and think this will pay off by next year.

  78. celticfan says:

    I wanna know why Boston traded Perkins!!!

    • Stereoview says:

      Perk-expensive contract extension, sketchy knee. Anyone who doesn’t think Boston still has a deep team isn’t paying attention. Getting Green was pretty big and necessary because of Marquis. Nate had to go. He wasn’t playing well at all and Delonte is back. Doc wants to save the O’Neils for the end. There’s only room for so many butts on the bench. Too bad they gave away Semih and Luke. They were OK future players. Geez…. if they could have gotten Leon back for those guys….If everyone is healthy in April, the Celtics will be back.

  79. jeson says:


    • boogie says:

      ya dude foreal they do suck! i mean only teams that really suck can win back-to-back titles.. damn they suck so bad 😀 😀 😀

  80. eddie says:


  81. DY says:

    Guys Guy~~~!!
    lets get this Straight!!! The winner is Boston n OKC
    Boston had to get rid of Perk because of his extension, GM want to give him some but he wanted much more.
    OKC has salary cap and all they have to sign is Durant which he is a restricted FA so not a problem
    I was suprised of LA not trading Artest for something!!!
    Also Portland did alright but I dunno why but Portland always comes short, in playoffs .
    So we will see…..!!
    FYI, Itz gonna be fun next yr with D.Howard and CP~~~!!!
    CP to New York if they can match the Salary cap and D. Howard to NJ or thats what I want..lol

  82. Blazers fan says:

    As a blazers fan, im sad to see pryzbilla go just because he’s been a blazer for so long, but i think everyone saw it coming. As for cunningham, im pretty sure that was the thing that was the last piece which made charlotte actually make the deal. gerald’s going to be a good fit for the blazers, mainly because the team is kind of transforming into a scrappy, running team.my only concern is the big man situation for the blazers

    • Kenny says:

      The big man situation is what worries me too. Joel and Camby are both solid, and there really is no telling what is going to happen with Oden. I still believe he can come and play well, but if not, Camby is the only legitimate post we have.

      With that said, Crash is probably going to be taking most of Rudy’s minutes away. I am still unsure if he will replace Batum in the starting lineup.

      • Kenny says:

        And just in case I sounded negative, FWIW I think we got a great deal in any case. When Roy gets back to his old ways, Portland may very well be one of the elite.

  83. NBA Style says:

    Jeff Green is suitable to CELTICS because his surname is GREEN.
    Oklahoma want to make their line up stronger in low-post that’s why they take PERKINS…

    • ray says:

      lol on the first statement…..strange comincidence he got drafted by celtics and exchaged later for ray ray…..

  84. oh no! says:

    good job in getting wallace from the bobcats.. im a big boston fan but i dont get it.. they waited for perk all season to come back then they’ll trade him, they should have waited 4 summer to make the move if they had plans in shipping him out but there getting a potential all-star player in green

  85. Daiton says:

    Yeah The Nets Arent Going To Do Anything

  86. Los Angeles Baskeball says:

    Clippers are clearly thinking of the future by getting Mo Williams, bet Williams steps up his game

  87. tata says:

    Great move by the Celtics. Now they can always claim they would’ve beaten anybody if Perkins was still there. I guess he wasn’t as important as they made him out to be in the NBA Finals last year.

  88. specialfriedrice says:

    DW should be shot, to make sloan quit then obviously he was never gona resign with utah, i hope he enjoys playing for a lossing team for the rest of the season, pathetic!

  89. Matt says:

    The immediate reaction to trading Perk is definitely “WTF”. But the Celtics’ secondary has recently blown a lot of leads the starters created. The choice was to either continue to wear out the starters or add bench strength and depth at the 3 and 4 positions. Also, bringing in some scoring threats at the 5 (fingers crossed for Murphy or Dalembert?) will force opposing defenses to stop playing zones or double-teaming Garnett. Ainge is very astute. Let’s assess the whole package when he fills the other 3 open roster spots.

  90. RoscoeStar says:

    I really hated the OKC-Boston trade. To hell with Nate Robinson and his inconsistent shooting. Perkins is a good get but Kristic vs Perkins I would go with Krstic. I think he has more offense but less D. OKC have given up 2 men with reach for 1 defender and 1 with a few loose screws.

    Boston have benefited more from the trade in that Green is an all-round player and Krstic is a good center. Boston have gotten what they wanted…even more ‘big’ men to truly compete with the Lakers. Oklahoma admin yall suck!

  91. KN1CKS says:

    the Knicks just missed a chance on getting a big man. Kendrick Perkins in knicks would be great.

  92. Overrated says:

    baron davis to cavs?bibby to was?do i smell a buyout and lakers signing one of them for the rest of the season… each player when properly motivated can really help them in the playoffs

  93. KN1CKS says:

    yeah, he’s my favorite player on Houston.

  94. Cristofer says:

    Bring back Shane Battier to the Rockets!! I’m going to miss his leadership to the team!!

    • JoseH says:

      I agree! I am not too happy my Rockets traded Battier! He has the intangibles that no other player in that league possesses! I hope we resign Battier when his contract expires!

  95. Heat says:

    Whats wrg with celtics? By trading away perkins, they are putting a dent on their championship hopes. As Doc Rivers always suggest, they never lost a playoff series when KG, rondo, allen, pierce and perkins are healthy and playing.
    OKC gonna be much much stronger in the postseason with 2 big men and nate.

  96. Adam Morsch says:

    I was hoping lakers would step up on the pg, Derk Fisher’s done he’s a smart man and has alot of basketball IQ but we need a stronger point guard if we want to contend with the rest of the leagues dynamics for a 3rd championship

  97. pookie says:

    the rockets had the best deal

  98. Shahidul says:

    It don’t matter what trades were made
    SUCK ITT!!!!!!

  99. james says:

    boston made the stupidest move ever that was very pointless why would you trade perkins to the thunder makes no sense they talked about getting him back was stupid hope they get him back, but despite that they still will win the east and head to the finals but their defense might be in daner now that was retarted thing to do , as for the other trades clipper/cavs was really uncesary but it will help them out , the other trades are alright not too worry about them because its only for this season

  100. chrisman says:

    WHAT IN THE HELL was Boston thinking??!! KP and Nate? YO, Danny Ainge better have something remarkable up his sleeve if not this one’s gonna come back and kick him in the @#S

  101. jonathan mcbob says:

    kyle ortons move from miami to chicago was a good one. derrick rose is getting really old and the bulls needed a fresh new start in a franchise point guard like orton

  102. WarriorsFan says:

    Warriors need trade someone to

  103. Mike G says:

    Would this be the start of the C’s downfall? Yes, we do have a couple of towering bigs in Oneal’s but then again how many games have they played this season?Most often that not they are plagued with injuries and their tanks are half empty already. Maybe there are underlying reason that fans don’t and won’t know about and i can only assume that Perkins is asking for a higher pay next season but isn’t he worth it? He plays hard core defense night in and out and the most important piece of the puzzle for redemption from last year.. What a waste!

  104. kobe says:

    There no point of these trades when the Lakers win anyway!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Dont depend on them too much buddy, either OKC or the Spurs are gonna knock them off, especially if they get into problems in the Playoffs like they did earlier.

  105. wi says:

    darn i want g-wallace on chicago wid d-rose offense and defense jus like mj-pippen.. portland is so lucky on having wallace

    why okc traded green, big mistake now celtics is having younger big player who can play pf/sf can shoot from 3’s and can dunk towards opponent, gerard green done it to duncan last season, he can really score, big help to kg.. can defend lebronon on sf pos., now miami is in trouble coz celtics is now dangerous, good also for perkins coz okc is a good team who needs big center now they can face the lakers,but they must hope he will be healthy until playoffs coz he’s always having an injury..

    • MackDaddy says:

      ‘now’ miami is in trouble? where you been living this season… they’ve always been in trouble! 2.5 superstars (bosh aint a superstar) doesnt win you championships without the right pieces. boston has all the right pieces and so does the lakers. no way miami compares…. not yet anyway.

    • Str8chi says:

      Yeah, he would have been a pretty good fit with the Bulls. I’m still torn on whether he’s an upgrade from Deng though. By that I mean, would he have been able to put up points like Deng can from time to time? His rebounding….would it have been as much of a factor with Boozer and Noah in there? Either way, I would’ve rather they made a push for a polished shooting guard. Heck, it looked like Houston had a sale!! Kevin Martin wouldn’t have been nice. Maybe even Rudy from Portland. I am sure that every team was probably asking too much from the Bulls and they were better off just riding the season out and seeing where they could go with the corps they have.

  106. Rondo Freak says:

    Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic make the Celtics better in the one place they absolutely need a lot of work on, which is rebounding. Also, Jeff Green is like Nate Robinson in that he is a sparkplug off of the bench (albeit that he is a lot taller, which can only help the Celtics). Krstic is a fundamentals guy who really knows how to box out for rebounds. The Celtics second unit will have an easy time not allowing opponents to get second shots like they used to about every other play.

  107. MackDaddy says:

    There’s more to the Perkins trade than meets the eye…. for sure.

    No way you’d trade away Perkins, especially with what happened last year in the Finals. That’s the only reason they lost (sorry Laker fans but its the truth). What’s the bet Perkins wanted $$ and Boston only wanted to pay $ in an extension.

    Better to get an awesome young player for the future (KG & Pierce arent going to be around for much longer), and for the moment he’ll backup nicely until the old guys retire. Shaq and Jermaine will hold the fort nicely with Davis…. so whilst a big surprise in getting rid of Nate and Perkins, I reckon it’s a good move. And dont forget, Krystic isnt exactly cannon fodder either.

    • abcd says:

      Why are Celtics fans such sore losers? All teams deal with injuries but no one complains like you guys. I guess no one remembers that Bynum and Kobe were also injured the whole playoffs! Cry babies!

      Back to the topic. Great deal for OKC and Portland. I just wish NY just went for Deron. A better fit and they wouldn’t have had to give up that much talented young guys.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Im not much of a Celts fan or Lakers fan, but it is true, if Perkins was healthy then He would have been able to put a body on Gasol and Bynum and also lock the paint down, that way Rasheed Wallace would have come off the bench and who would have guarded him? Odom? Odom isnt a good perimeter shooter, and that being said Wallace could have stretched the floor and knock 3s down. but whatever the Finals is over now no point talking about it.

        with Perkins in OKC, they will have a good defender in the paint and also Nate can be the spark off the bench along with Harden. Portland getting G.Wallace gives them good perimeter defense and also a guy that can grab boards, block shots, and score atleast 15 a game along with Roy’s and Aldridge’s 20-25.

  108. Jonas says:

    I’m very much thankful that L.A. LAKERS is not making any moves.
    They don’t need any trades for improvement. Because,
    Improvement is not the one that BEST TEAM needs
    instead CONSISTENCY.

  109. bob says:

    I don’t understand the excitement over Melo and Amare. Amare was teamed with a much better player in Nash and they couldn’t get it done.

    • QuestionMark says:

      but I personally would pick Billups, Melo and Stoudemire over Nash and Stoudemire anyday, Nash can pass, but as it seems Amare can open things up for himself, Melo can score big every night and Billups can just add to scoring. I just think they need a good defensive C so Amare can play PF again.

  110. JDee says:

    What’s the point in trading Baron Davis for Mo Williams ?! Ok he’s younger, but man Baron can still play, and ain’t like Mo Will is D-Will or D-Rose either !!!

    Perk to OKC ??!!! seriously why would the C’s do that ? is Krstic a better fit considering how great and physical a defender Perk is ?! Shaq and Jermaine better be healthy for the play-offs !! But Perk will definitely make the Thunder a better team in the West…Jeff Green will only make them better though and I think is a better player than injured Marquis Daniels…Still Nate agressiveness will be missed, but Delonte West should make up for that when he’s back…..

    I was expecting the Suns to trade Nash though…

    Go C’s and Go Heat.

  111. Ken says:

    Trading Perkins was a BIG MISTAKE. It was a good deal for OKC.
    Green is very inconsistent and their team lacked a good inside defender. Now they have one in Perkins.

  112. Andy says:

    i always believed in Daryl Morey..but these 2 Rcokets trade made no sense in the talent that we were recieving…okay so we get a couple 1st round picks…but brooks and battier are def worth more than dragic,thabeet and damaree carroll…

  113. YAther says:

    Clippers didnt really make a good trade. They added another scorer to their front court. should’ve kept Davis

  114. Hezbula says:

    Crazy trades towards the deadline…

    * I like the look of the Blazers, especially considering they’ll strengthen their defensive end with a legit Double-Double man. And with the exuberance of youth and emphasis of teamwork, they will definitely push to get that 4-5 spot in the playoffs.

    * NYC is all about Melo, STAT and Mr Big Shot… Enough said!!!

    * OKC getting Perk is huge, can’t wait to see how they’ll go with a pure Big, considering Nenad was a shooting Big. Despite losing a man to stretch the D, they get a decent post presence but coupled with Nick Collison, its all about the hustle, desire and grind!!!!

  115. gsd21 says:

    Terrible day for the Celtics! Kendrick Perkins was the heart of our defense and Nate Robinson was the spark plug. We might have been able to get by with hold-me-overs like Erden and Hanrongody, but now they are in Cleveland! Nenad Krstic will do alright, but I don’t know if he is the answer at center. Jeff Green though, was a nice pick-up. Successor 2 KG!! GO CELTICS!!!!

  116. lakerfan says:

    sometimes the best move is the one not made…..I guess LAC doesnt understand that….Im happy the lakers did tho

  117. Bean Town Baby says:

    I think it’s a decent move for the Celtics. Yes I do love my KP43 but you think of the back up 5’s such as the O’Neals & Big Baby (if only they can stay healthy). The only concern I have is that where will Jeffo fit in with the Celtics, he’s a starter at either 3 or 4 but that belongs to Pierce and Garnett and I can’t see either of them moving aside. Losing Nate Robinson is nothing major, he hasn’t played very well since coming to the Green Machine and mainly chucks up bricks. If West can get (and stay) healthy we have a decent back up guard with Bradley filling in as he comes of age.

    Thunder now have a good starting Center and I will miss that man-child KP43. Thanks for your efforts over the past few years.

    I’ve already said my piece on the Knicks and I’m sick of all the Carmello crap so we’ll move on. Portland Trail Blazers, how good are these boys gunna go!! Almost another Big 3 coming up. I have always liked Roy & Aldridge but they just needed that 3rd star to compliment them, and Crash comes along. Good times.

    Deron Williams made a stupid move as did the Jazz. It all went downhill since Boozer left. Now Sloan is gone, this team will not make the playoffs for many years to come now. Such a shame.

    No-one cares about the Rockets or the Suns so we’ll leave that alone.

    Big guard swap for the Clips and the Cavs. This is what Cavs needed to do earlier in the piece and get some future stars in the mix. Now they have 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks so play with. I hope they face off against the Heat next season in the playoffs and knock Leboring off his perch and send him packing, it’s just KARMA.

    Over and out for now.


    • QuestionMark says:

      I would gamble a bit with the starting lineup if I was the Celtics, I would put KG at C and Green at PF and see how efficient that is, if not just leave Shaq at C and Kg back at PF.

  118. Jonas says:

    A big big BAD move for OKC and Clippers. why clippers trade baron for william? Did the Clippers think that Blake becoming the best Rookie ever play the game because of Baron-Blake combo?

    • Buck Tanner says:

      Not sure how this is considered a bad move by the Clippers. Although Griffin and Davis have been an excellent duo so far in L.A. it doesnt hide the fact that Baron Davis is one of the most inconsistent starting points in the league. He will drop 20 one night and have a terrible game the next day. Mo Williams has always been consistent for the Cavaleirs, and Im pretty sure he knows how to throw alley-oop passes to Blake.

      Terrible move by OKC though, Kendrick Perkins has a bad knee and Nate Robinson doesnt understand the concept of a “good shot”

      • KIBRO MARTIN says:

        as a celtic fan i differ., kendrick is the and was the hart and sole of the celtics shut down defense.,and that the brass of thunder knows he is the missing piece for there western confernce dominence,. remember that boston destroyd LA JUST A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO IN THE FINALS BECAUSE OF MISTER PERKINS DOMINANCE AND BOSTON WAS UP 3 GAMES TO 2 ON THE LAKERS IN LAST YEARS FINALS BEFORE THEY LOST PERKINS TO INJURY., HES BACK NOW AND I PREDICT THE THUNDER TO BEAT THE LAKERS THIS YEAR IN THE PLAYOFFS

    • luxeha says:

      I’ll miss Baron but Mo is much younger, faster and just a better shooter. And I think he can also team up pretty well with Blake. The clippers did a really smart move.
      And the Thunder will also get a huge boost from this trade. They will make it to the Western semifinals.

      • NBAFan870 says:

        agree Clippers got the best of the deal…Mo Williams can ball…he is a better scoring and teammate…Also Baron is lazy and doesn’t put in the time and effort to be one of the best….all that talent but lazy…smh.

    • Stereoview says:

      Ok, lets be serious here. Baron Davis could only create 7 assists a game with those high flyers? His assist numbers would really suck without them. 12 points a game is not good enough if you are going to be a low assist point guard. What teams win championships with a high scoring low assist point guard anyway? None. Be happy Clips cause Williams assist numbers will go up with those guys and they will win more games. By next year the Clips will be a playoff team. Once Blake gets his defensive game a little more in order and improves his FT% it will be “LeBron who”?

  119. heatbig3 says:

    utah jazz are going crazy now. they trade the face of their franchise. i think jazz will not get any playoffs spot.

    • tata says:

      The face of their franchise retired last 2 weeks ago….Jerry Sloan. Sloan’s system created the 2nd highest career scorer-Malone and the most career assists-Stockton. Sloan’s teams routinely won 50 games per season. Sloan made Deron Williams the all-star he is today. Nobody in Utah management will say it, but if D-Will wouldn’t listen to Jerry Sloan do you think he would take orders from Ty Corbin?

  120. Zzanzabar says:

    I think it is funny as hell. All I have heard about from Celtics fans was how ‘critical’ Perkins was to the team. How if they had him in the final game they would have won for sure (dispite Wallace’s 11 points and rebonding), and how now that he was back in the line up, that they were now complete. LOL! At the deadline the Cetics trade this very important cog to the Thunder, for what, a couple of magic beans? So I guess that Perkins wasn’t as important as everyone (including Doc Willams) said he was. Of course this might be Boston’s way of throwing a monkey wrench into the Lakers by giving OKC the big man they might have needed to battle the Lakers size (joke).

    • Richard says:

      A couple of magic beans? Jeff Green is a baller.

      The Celtics also moved their rookie center from Turkey (Erden), their rookie from Notre Dame (Harangody), and Marquis Daniels. My money is on they are going to re-sign Rasheed Wallace for the stretch run and playoffs.

      • NAJ says:

        They don’t need to resign Wallace. They have both O’Neals, Garnett, Green and Krstic up top. They don’t need anyone else.

      • Stereoview says:

        Gonna miss Perk. His numbers are not as important as his enforcer mentality and physical toughness. That said, the Celtics were doing very well without him. If the O’Neils can be healthy and they have Krstic and now this Chris Johnson they should be OK in the middle. Nate had to go. He’s very likeable and sometimes did things at important moments but in the end a 40-41% shooter is not part of a winning formula and he had some defensive liabilities. Better than House though. With Delonte coming back that slides Nate down the bench. Trading him for Green is an excellent deal. They need Green because Marquis was out for the year and needed to be replaced. Trading Perk for Krstic not as good. Krstic’s numbers are actually fairly close to Perks but his toughness probably is not.

        Anybody that thinks bringing Rasheed back has rocks in their head. His numbers were poor. He often was not clutch at all and the new technical rules came into being because of him. The biggest complainer in NBA history. He complained about everything even when he knew he was guilty. It hurt the team over and over. Refs look at him. He shot under 41% FG and 28% 3pt. Don’t need that. If Rasheed is brought in drum Danny Ainge out of the Celtics. I’m wondering if Danny bumped his head as it is.

  121. Fan says:

    I can’t, for the life of me figure out the perk trade. He’s not only Boston’s most beloved Big but also the second most productive one…especially considering he’s been back for only 1 month and knee surgeries take a LONG time before fully allowing players to play at their best (ex KG).

    This bother me 1) because everyone (including many many commentators) seems to think Perk’s injury in game 6 is the main factor that kept boston from winning the championship 2) he’s spent all year rehabbing so he could have his due shot at the title this year, which before this trade everyone seemed to REALLY think the celts were contenders for. 3) He’s one of the youngest starters and one of Boston’s top rebounders 4) Boston fans ADORE perk (and nate for that matter).

    Mr. Smith, what are you thoughts on what Ainge has up his sleeve (aside from hopefully tryna get howard next season;) because both o’neils have been injured for much of the season and only able to contribute liited minutes when healthy. Perk was playing good ball since his first game back. The celts need perk WAY more than the injured oneils and needed more bigs as it was.

    Any thoughts, cause as a boston fan who saw us winning last year (before perk went down) but REALLY saw us with a chance to win it all this year, somehow trading a big that is young, productive, beloved, usually healthy AND likely getting better as he continues to heal…seems like a REALLY bad move. Frankly, i’m not worried about what draft pick we get in 2013. We have a chance to win it all THIS YEAR

    Can you shed some light on this, or at least give us your thoughts cause boston fans all over the country are collectively freaking out right now:(

    • CbB 907AK says:

      yeah who caresa about boston or la its all about the bulls and knicks but i think this trade is really good for the thunder i cant wait to see them tear up the lakers this year in the play offs.

  122. Str8chi says:

    I am personally shocked more by the fact that the Bulls didn’t make any trades for a 2G. I agree with Jalen Rose that it would have definitely put them in the mix to win the East if they had someone better than Brewer and Bogans. I am going to assume that whoever they did try to contact wanted entirely too much in exchange.

    As far as THE shocking deal of the day I would have to go with Boston and OKC. I feel that it’s not really that bad of a trade…I mean, I like Green and Kristic is another big body in the middle, but I thought that Perkins was a good fit in Beantown and was kinda sad to see him go. Loyalty means nothing in this game. Green will do well for the Celts backing up Pierce or KG, but I am wondering just how much better the Thunder think they are now that Perkins has joined the club?

    Gerald Wallace in Portland is a good fit. The draft picks are the most important thing for the Bobcats as I’m sure they have chalked this season up as a loss already, but if they don’t start making some noise next year then management, and not the coaching, should catch a lot of grief.

    Aaron Brooks to Phoenix? I don’t know. I mean, he’s a scorer and if he’s backing up Nash, or even on the court with him at the same time, I’m still concerned about chemistry there. Houston most know something that I don’t.

    I thought for sure that the Nets were going to try to grab someone else before the deadline but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what they do in the offseason as well.

    Kirk Hinrich for Mike Bibby? How much PT is Bibbs gonna get in DC? Being a Bulls fan I’ve always like Hinrich and I think that ATL is a good fit for him. Will it make them that much better? I don’t really know. I can only say that they do have a scrappy PG now who can play a little D and still hit the occasional 3.

    What were the Clippers really looking for? Was Davis’ contract almost over or what? I don’t think Mo Williams was the answer, but what the heck do I know?

    • socrdude74 says:

      I have to agree with much of what you said. My biggest issue is with the Celtics. I can only hope and trust that there were issues behind the scens (money for example).

      My issue with the Celtics trade isn’t against who the got, but simply that they were a championship caliber team. I’m a huge Lakers fan, and I’m willing to admit that I’m not sure my Lakers would have won last year if Perkins was healthy. Making such a big trade at this juncture doesn’t leave much time for everybody to get in a “groove.” Let’s face it, they may not all be healthy until soon before the play-offs and you need more time for players to get used to each other.

      I wish them luck…but I think they inadvertantly sealed there own fate.

    • NBAFan870 says:

      The Bulls beat the Heat again I think they are ok…Mo williams is a better scorer than Baron and will come to camp in better shape…Baron was lazy and took to many threes when he is like in the bottom in three point percentage. Plus Baron was mister LA…management had to do something to make this Blake Griffin team..When Gordon comes back along with Kaman this could be a scary team to play….Baron was injury prone because he never was in shape thats why he got traded…in the beginning of the year when the Clippers was losing…Baron being out of shape and injured hurt them this year…if he would have been in shape then the Clippers would be in playoff contention.

  123. China says:

    Trading Perkins was such a gamble. Clearly the celtics are going to ride shaq a lot more now that semih and perk are gone. But hey I think hes ready, to be honest, shaqs probably been good for a few weeks and have had the perk trade on their mind at that time. Shaq may be old, but his veteran-ness will definitely edge perk any day.

    Sending Nate to OKC is kind of a win-win situation for both teams in my opinion. OKC will have more fire power now with their second unit, and the celtics will be relieved of a guy who goes 1-6 a night on the floor, 0-4 coming from 3 point range.

    As I see it Celtics 2nd lineup:
    Delonte West/Avery Bradley, Von Wafer, Jeff Green, Big Baby, Nenad Kristic/Jermaine O’Neal.

  124. MagicFanHBH26 says:

    Knicks,Thunder,Trailblazers,and Clippers made smart moves

    • GO CELTICS says:

      are u serious? do u think trading Baron Davis was a good move???

      • michael says:

        wtf who wants an old man on their team lol

      • LakerDodger420 says:

        If your owner is going to games just to boo you, then yeah, it’s a good move.

      • A-Mac says:

        Um, Yeah. you get rid of a fat contract for an aging player and pick up a role player and a good point guard. in case no one noticed, it wasn’t til Williams returned to the lineup that the Cavs ended the losing streak. and they did that against who? the Clippers. good move for the LA Blake’s

      • NBAFan870 says:

        He said the Clippers not for Cavs…but getting Mo Williams diff helped the clipers in the long run….the Clips will be tough in the future…they could also trade kaman next year and really get a good three maybe A.I. from Phila. Kaman and Aminu or a first rounder for A.I. the Clips would be the most exciting team in the league…hands down.

      • Dave says:

        Well they did get alot for the point guard that is past his prime, but it did seem that Davis fit in with Griffin well. Mo Williams I think will fit in well, I don’t think Clipper fans will be upset for long.

      • skimp says:

        think about it baron davis cant shoot 3’s now were near as good as mo williams and like the clippers g.m. said its blakes team

    • Mog says:

      Celts moving Perk remains a mystery to me – as Utah with Williams for probably much less that they could have gotten back…

      Otherwise pretty good deals that make sense, once we get to understand Charlotte’s big plan.

      • ClHarris says:

        Charlotte’s big plan? We’re talking about Jordan here. When has he made a franchise good? He sent the Wizards heading to the toliet before he left and look at what he’s doing in Charlotte. There isn’t a bigger plan in Charlotte — it’s just a franchise that likes to play lottery.

      • LB6 says:


        your asking when has jordan made a franchise good?? Ever since he started playing. think before you speak. coz last time i know he made the chicago bulls a great franchise making them 6x champions. Now him being an owner. He is just starting. You need to give time since he is just starting as an owner. making decisions is hard for an owner coz the whole city is in this thing plus there is money involved.

    • CelticsFan822 says:

      agreed. Perk was a force to be reckoned with down low. Thunder just got a lot stronger.

      • QuestionMark says:

        I think Perkins leaving gives Dwight Howard to roam free a bit more against the Celtics, Shaq can defend but cant play like he used too. but on the other hand, OKC snatching Perkins and Nazr Mohammed gives them a defensive boost.

    • Colt says:

      Yea, Idk y out of ALL the team LAC coulda traded we chose the worst! I really dont think Mo Williams can throw Griffin lobs like BD did. I think LAC made a horrible trade!

      • mo says:

        Mo threw some pretty good lobs to lebron while they were together, not sure its really that hard to throw a lob to griffin, he seems put down anything thats thrown up there.

    • NAJ says:

      Don’t agree with Knicks dude. Why get rid of Gallo, Chandler and Felton plus picks to get Melo now when they could have got him for nothing in the summer and traded out 1 of the SF’s in a separate deal?

      Undecided on Clippers and Thunder aswell. Baron has been playing well for once and is Jamario Moon the answer at SF? Not sure he’s an upgrade from Gomes.

      Thunder did get a lot bigger but they lost a good scoring option for complete non offensive threats…we’ll see if the extra D does make up for the lower scoring.

      They’re all interesting at least!

      • NBAFan870 says:

        Clippers ok…they got Kaman back and still have Gordon back they will not have a tough time scoring..now defensive side…thats a different story.

      • KIng says:

        If they did not trade for him the nets would have got him to sign that deal. plus he would have lost a lot of money if he would haved waited.

    • koby says:

      what have you been smoking?

  125. Ahmed says:

    I think that nate will make OKC much better.
    But trading perkins was a bad move for the celtics.
    i think that gerald wallace will be a good fit for portland
    Also carmleo and Amar’e and going to be fun to watch

    Over all mostly good trades!

    Go Lakers!!!

    • bunbury says:

      for the most part everyone gets very optimistic right after trades. Especially team management and the media. Teams look into what they received from the trade but not on what they gave up. Trades are always fun and generate interest from the fans. but more often than not, they result in disapointments.

    • mike says:

      perk wasnt showin up this season at all….green will be an awsome fit i think.

    • LKL says:

      As a Celtics fan it is sad to see Perk get traded but I think the Celts needed to sure up the wing spot ( I know Green is a 4 with OKC but he will be a 3-4 with the Cs) as they would likely have to get through the Heat to get to the Finals. I was already worried about the wing back up and with Marquise Daniels going down the Celts had to do something. Perk was very necessary with the Magic the main contenders last season but this year its the Bulls and the Heat the main rivals you don’t need as strong low post D.
      I wish all the best to Perk, he has definitely got a good chance of getting a championship with the Thunder in the future and they could even challenge this year. I bet the Lakers did not like this trade as it will make their run to the Finals that bit harder.

    • Dave says:

      Yeah I don’t understand the Celtics trading Perkins. He seemed like a great fit, and I don’t think the Celtics need another scorer in Greene, I think the Celtics will regret this Trade, and I also think it will cost their chances for a championship.

    • fgfg says: