Utah owner: No hard feelings, D-Will

In the end, Greg Miller said Wednesday, he went with his gut.

The owner of the Utah Jazz said in a telephone interview that he decided to OK the trade of All-Star guard Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets because of his increasing belief that the Jazz could be caught empty-handed in the summer of 2012 if Williams decided not to re-sign in Utah, as other teams have found themselves in the past year.

“The concern that we as a franchise have had all along is if you look at what happened with LeBron James in Cleveland, and Amar’e Stoudemire in Phoenix, and Chris Bosh in Toronto, there seems to be a trend developing where those marquee players get away,” Miller said. “In the case of those three teams there was very little at the end to show for it. I was very concerned that the same thing would happen to us if Deron left.”

Utah traded Williams on Wednesday to the Nets for rookie forward Derrick Favors and point guard Devin Harris, and two first-round picks. One of the picks is New Jersey’s unprotected first-rounder next year; the other is a 2012 first-round pick originally acquired from the Golden State Warriors. The pick is protected through the first six picks of the Draft in 2012 and 2013, and through the top seven picks in 2014. That means that the pick will go to Utah if the Warriors do not finish with one of the six worst records in the league in 2012 or 2013, or one of the seven worst in 2014. If none of those scenarios occurs the first-round pick turns into second-round picks in 2014 and 2016.

Miller said he and general manager Kevin O’Connor had conversations over the past few months both with Williams and his representatives, and that Williams was non-committal about his future every time. He didn’t say he was definitely leaving, but he didn’t say he was definitely staying, either. And the Jazz were increasingly worried that Williams would walk.

“At the end of the day, I never heard him say he was going to stay or go,” Miller said. “Just going with my gut, I just felt like he would likely be moving on. The opportunity to make this trade caught us by surprise when NJ called (Tuesday) and asked if we’d be interested in doing the deal. Kevin called me yesterday afternoon … we decided this would be a great opporunity for the Utah Jazz to preserve the value of Deron Williams by trading for these four, essentially, first round picks, and control our destiny, which I wasn’t sure we would be able to do with Deron.”

Miller said he called Williams personally to tell him about the trade.

“As far as I know it was the first he heard of it,” Miller said. “He just said, ‘All right, I appreciate it.'”

Miller said he didn’t have an “overt” conversation with Williams about his future this year, but didn’t get the sense that Williams would make a commitment going forward.

“I think we’ve done everything we can to make him feel welcome and respected,” Miller said. “Our hope would obviously be to keep our marquee player. But absent strong feelings that that feeling was reciprocal, we had to gamble … there’s just so much uncertainty out there with so many things. But we just felt with all the uncertainty and ambiguity out there this was the best way to control our destiny. It was a way for us to preserve the value. Rather than just let Deron get away from us and have nothing to show for it, it gave us some assets to work with, some resources to work with going forward.”

The Jazz had liked Favors before the draft but couldn’t figure out a way to move up to take him, and he was selected third by New Jersey. Harris has a chance to resucitate his career in Salt Lake City after falling out of favor with the Nets. The constant trade speculation involving him as the Nets tried to make a deal for Carmelo Anthony also affected his play.

Asked several times if Williams had prompted the Jazz to move him with any kind of objectionable behavior, Miller said no. Local media in Salt Lake City said after Jerry Sloan‘s sudden resignation earlier this month that one of the key factors in Sloan’s decision was a deteriorating relationship with Williams. The two had several verbal confrontations, including one Feb. 9, the night Sloan decided to retire. After thinking about it overnight, Sloan announced his retirement the following day.

“There have been a lot of people since Jerry’s departure who seem to have a need to make a villain out of somebody,” Miller said. “I honestly don’t feel that. I wish Deron Williams the absolute best. He was great for the franchise. We’re not excited to see our marquee player get away from us, but again, given all the uncertainty about his future and his willingness to stay, I felt this was the right thing for our franchise to do.”

Some Jazz fans have been upset by the news of the trade, Miller said, but have been mollified somewhat when they understand the team’s philosophy and concerns about Williams’ future.

Frank Layden told me a long time ago, the players come and go, the coaches come and go, but the franchise remains,” Miller said. “That means to me there’s never — I won’t say never — but it’s a very rare circumstance with the Utah Jazz where a player would be untradeable. If I felt we could improve the franchise long term, even if he’s a marquee player, I would do it. That’s a general statement. It doesn’t apply to any specific player.”

Miller said he was not swayed at all by the Nuggets’ ability to extract four players, three future Draft picks and cash from New York in exchange for Anthony, and that it was the Nets who approached Utah about the trade. But he also wasn’t shocked about the proposal, and after talking about it with O’Connor Tuesday he quickly gave the go-ahead. Nor, Miller said, was he worried that Williams’ potential trade value would decrease as the summer of 2012 approached and teams knew Utah would be under increasing pressure to resolve the situation.

“I don’t think that entered into it,” he said. “We’re not really ones to speculate. That’s why we did what we did, because it actually reduced the speculation. We didn’t really look too far down the road. We just knew we had a good deal in front of us and we might not get a better opportunity to get value, and this would serve the franchise going forward.”

The Jazz will reduce their payroll somewhat by making the deal — Williams will make $16.3 million next season, compared to the approximately $13 million combined that Harris and Favors will make — but Miller said financial considerations had nothing to do with the trade. And he committed that the team would continue to spend money on players in the future.

These have been a seismic few weeks for Greg Miller, who’s been running the team the past couple of years after the death of his father and the family patriarch, Larry H. Miller, in 2009. But Greg Miller says he is excited about the franchise’s future. He has a strong bond with new coach Tyrone Corbin, and he thinks the Jazz will still be a factor in the Western Conference.

“I think we’re younger,” he said. “I think we can still be a playoff contender. I would expect us to make the playoffs. And I think that we’ve got a very bright future. I feel very at peace with this. I think we’ve done the right thing for the franchise, that we’ll look back on this day and be glad we made the trade. I have no malice or bad feelings of any kind with Deron Williams. I appreciate what he’s done for the franchise.”


  1. John Owens says:

    With all the draft picks that teams are stacking up, they will become useless there are developments in the production of stars. I strongly believe the age limit needs to be increased to 20. It allows young players to mature mentally and physically. (Cousins) I am all for prople getting as much as much money as they can, but a instant quick pay isn’t going to last a career if a player never develops thier skills. stay in school. The reason the NFL is doing well is because of parody. Its something that the other major sports haven’t figured out yet. With close to the same amount of teams in all sports, by far there are more stars that are, or becoming household names, in the NFL (a team sport) than in the NBA, MLB, and NHL.

  2. Iggy 24 says:

    To me it’s really funny, you all talk about Carmelo, Lebron, Howard and how teams now have a bright future and hate on the Lakers, let me remind you of something. LAKERS ARE THE NBA CHAMPIONS. LIVE IN THE MOMENT PUSSIES

  3. stop hating says:

    This wont really effect the west at all. The West still can easily win the finals this year, and get players in the off season…. SO BAMMMMM

  4. kathy says:

    Iam a jazz fan i think they made the Biggest Mastake in NBA History but what i will say is D will you will be missed and no matter what i will always be a jazz fan but iam your fan as well i will follow were you are and whatch what i can i will miss seing you in that number 8 jazz uniform but best of luck to you and your family go nets you got a good player thanks for your time a D will fan all the way from Evanston Wyoming will miss you D will your bigest fan Kathy Kuntz

  5. WellGood says:

    Well, good. Now the East is beefing up. All decade long, most of the teams there have been incompetent, or mediocre at best. There’s no “power shift,” like what LeBron is trying to say. This is more like balancing of the equation with the West.

    And I agree with Richard Jefferson saying that the Deron deal was the best thing that happened to the Nets since the Kidd-Marbury trade. Good for them.

  6. CURIOUS says:

    What will happen to the Lakers after a couple of years, or even next year, when Kobe is no longer the same? Who is gona carry the team to the top? or even to a playoff spot? The Lakers should start thinking towards the future…

  7. Daniel says:

    I really don’t know what’s happening. I hope the Nets just waited for Deron’s contract to expire so that they can lure more players. Hey. Can someone ask my question.

    KNICKS? SUPER RICH? What’s with that.thanks

  8. militaru eduard dorin says:

    LOL . The nets have a tone of guards but no fowards . why haven’t they traded for milsap or mehmed ? or better yet for bouth of them

  9. […] me disait qu’il allait probablement passer à autre chose”, a-t-il dit à David Aldridge dans une talk téléphonique. Après avoir vu LeBron James quitter les Cleveland Cavaliers, Amare Stoudemire les Phoenix Suns ou […]

  10. renz_garnett says:

    well… the deron williams trade was not a big factor for the nets.. but it is for the utah jazz.. now utah is in for the playoff spot but now with deron williams out.. i dont think they can make it to the playoffs.. and east now is full of all-star.. so it will be easy for the lakers to go to the finals.. they only have two enemies.. dallas and spurs.. well in east.. i think cp3 should go to the other team next FA.. or dwight howard will go to the hornets will be better than cp3 to knicks.. because knicks have now billups which is a good pg..

  11. Aram Nishanian says:

    I can’t see him playing for the Nets. Man I knew the Lakers Should’ve gotten him, he would’ve been perfect with them, Why Didn’t they think of that.

  12. Timothy says:

    I think this was a good move by the Jazz, and the Nets.

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  13. NBA Style says:

    West is still solid., ‘Wild Wild WEST”
    The Play-offs always reveals the WEST is the Best
    though there are BEAST in the East..

    Good Coaches must go to EAST to Control the BEAST….

  14. Olalakers says:

    Its a good move by Utah Jazz if players are no longer happy with the team trade them like the case of DWilliams that he will be on FA next year then they have to think of better future for the team, Derrick Favors and Devin Harris are no lemon they are good players and make a future for the Jazz. and the discussion if LA can get Howard from the FA next year if we can go back to LA history there is a possibility I’m telling you, guys the JAZZ and LA Lakers are well manage team in NBA since.

  15. Ivo Loureiro says:

    okay this can be stupid but this is what i think

    jazz good trade 4 round picks a good guard and a potential star

    the nets made a dangerous move but i think they are doing this because of howard they traded deron because maybe they want to bring dwight howard well it’s a dumb tought but i think it’s a good way of making a trade risky maybe but if they can keep deron in 2012 and talk to howard at the same year it’s is final contract they probably have luck and changing to brooklyn is going to help them… well it’s what i think lols

  16. Spark says:

    I think the trade had to happen to preserve Utah’s long-term goals. Let’s face it, losing Deron will definitely dampen the Jazz’s run to enter the playoffs this season. But putting the opportunity at stake now can at least give them a better option at entering the playoffs for the next few seasons.

    Marquee players do come and go. That’s a reality every franchise has to face whenever the trade deadline nears. For Miller, what takes priority for him is that the Jazz can at least get something out of letting Deron go (or at least that’s how his non-commital looks like).

    I still believe the West is stronger than the East. Sure, ‘Melo won on his debut game with NYK, but that’s pretty much what happened with Orlando for the first couple of games that they got Arenas et al in their line-up. After that, things went south for the Magic. All of the West’s top 8 (even 9 and 10), are all above .500. While number 7 on down the East standings are below the median.

  17. sizzlemuff9 says:

    If brewer was that great why didn’t memphis keep him?

    Management did every thing they could to keep Booze and he walked

    Mathews had ONE good year! 5 million an investment. That’s how we got stuck with AK and Greg Ostertag

    Maynor??? what’s he up to now? that’s right, riding pine! I’d say jazz made out well considering they saved millions!

    Korver can’t even dribble with his left hand!

    Jazz need depth, now they will get it. Not only were that jazz crossing their fingers Williams would stay but if he were to get injured they’d be fish in a barrel. Harris will be able to shine in a pick and role offense, so will Favors. Corbin will actually focus on Gordon Haywords training and progress which sloan never intended on helping any rookie, he only uses them if he has to… (one night hayward plays 20 minutes against carmelo and the next game he rides pine against the kings? no method!)

    No way will the jazz get a championship with hayward, Favors, jeramy Evans, and 2 more first rounders but they will be able to use them the best they can in trades to gain the best players they can and I trust the jazz management to do just that.

  18. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    lookin into the near future the lakers, spurs, and mavs r gettin old…i am a die hard laker fan but reality is reality kobe is approaching the end of the tunnel (i’m gonna bust out in tears when he retires) and all the superstars goin to the east i’m lookin at the west teams and i do not know who is gonna be better then the thunder when kobe, dirk, and duncan r gone…not only is durant leadin the league in scoring for the 2nd straight yr, not only is he ONLY 22 YRS OLD, not only does he have 2011 all-star westbrook on his side (who well probably develop a J then he well be unguardable like rose) but THE THUNDER HAVE MONEY!!!!!….add a few players and there u got it no competition straight to the finals…my lakers gone mavs gone spurs gone…then cp3 gone 2 the knicks therefore, new orleans gone, utah gone cuz dwill and boozer gone, phoenix gone cuz Stat and nash gone, denver gone melo 2 the knicks…i hope kobe can find that fountain of youth that nash kidd and others go 2 every yr cuz i’m not ready 2 see him go!!!!…look at it get past the thunder and face the beat up team on the east…miami, chicago, orlando(if howard stays), atlanta, new york, new jersey? (no boston there old) all fighting each other…stay young KOBE!!!!!!

  19. utah fan boy says:

    I love Utah since the Malone-Stockton, specially the Chigcago-Jazz Finals… Utah has a chance to win the game but its destined to Chicage and MJ is just too great. Anyway, with this trade its favor with Utah.. I don’t think DW is too much compare to Harris… Harris is still growing and getting better, only if gone to a better coach and team he will be good like Steve Nash. Remember how many teams Nash gone thru before he became what he is right now. Lets have a high hope with the management, just leave whatever in this season and get prepare for the next season (if theres any)

  20. Al Dabrolowski says:

    dwill best pg in the game he is a steal and any team that ends up with him can build around him too bad him and jerry couldnt make it work because theres a stockton sloan combo right there hes still a double double waiting too happen every night just throw some half talent around him and he will get them in the playoffs

  21. yomex says:

    i think the jazz just did themselves a cleveland or a nets in this case. how would you trade your franchise player? we all know he didnt get along well with the coach, but the coach resigned….you cant loose two marquee assets. he would have done fine if you let ty corbin coach williams. like they say it all about personality in basketball, when money is not the problem. Sloans time was up. 23 years, so what give me a break. we enjoyed the ride, no championship just mediocrity. jazz needed a clean bill of fresh air. they had the opportunity to start afresh with a coach who could connect with the younger guys….good luck with the rookie and draft picks, and of course dont even think about playoffs.

  22. The Thinker says:

    This trade is just the beginning for the Nets/Prokhovs team. i think their next good move would be a trade with Philly. It’s time to get rid of Lopez because he’s getting useless. A good trade would be sending Lopez, Morrow, Uzoh/Ross and Petro to Philly for Iggy, Speights and any other guy or pick. Maybe you could throw in Outlaw to or a pick but Outlaw could be a good player off the bench.

  23. johnson says:

    now this will be a competitive new york knicks!! go amare, chaun and melo!!

  24. Bill Walton says:

    What a marvelous man Greg Miller is! Now that Deron Williams has left Utah, the universe has seen its order re-established. If Greg Miller’s team makes the playoffs, he’ll be General Manager of the Century!

    (On Deron Williams) What a beautiful human being! The move to New Jersey will put the entire northeastern region of the United States back on the map. This is one of the biggest trades in the history of North American professional sports! What a great day to be alive!

  25. fez says:

    i can’t believe that the jazz didn’t get rid of him sooner. he obviously hurt the franchise, and i don’t care if sloan didn’t win a championship while in utah, williams obviously was the worst choice to leave. sloan is definately going in the hall of fame, and for a punk who knows how to dribble a ball to act like he knows more then a man of sloans caliber and be a huge part of why sloan leaves is still there and not traded or just benched is rediculous. f williams. he’s a joke. nets will be sorry they got him.

  26. joe t says:

    great move jazz, a good point guard, a top 3 pick power forward. 2 first round picks. And no chance Deron was staying next year.

  27. that means it is easier for old man ball hog kobe to own the west yes?

  28. kobe says:

    stupied choice they all SUCK lakers baby

  29. isaac says:

    the Jazz are not going to make the playoffs with out Deron williams and the Grizziles are going to like that

  30. KB24forever says:

    what difference would williams provide the nets? the nets still isn’t a team that could make the playoffs. useless trade!

  31. Luke says:

    I love both basketball and football (soccer). One of the main factors that makes the NBA so appealing and great to watch is the fact it is so unpredictable, great teams come but they eventually make way for other teams, things go in cycles. Boston are great now but when the big 3 leave, who knows? Same for Lakers too, then other teams get a shot at the rings. In football this is not the case, the same big teams challenge for honours on a fairly consistant basis. Being a huge Arsenal fan at least I get to see a big enough team challenge for top honours a lot of the time. But now the NBA is in danger of losing one of it’s major selling points and that is the unpredictability. If things keep going this way 20 teams might aswell not show up next year because they will not be strong enough to compete. The really great ‘franchise’ players should be spread across all teams, I think it was Larry Bird who said that in order to be the best you have to beat the best and that the thoughts of joining up with Jordan or Magic never crossed his mind, if they had played together they would have won every year and there would have been no fun in that. So I urge the NBA to not go down the route it is heading, a place where four or five teams monopolise the talent, the Finals and the rings. I have only really loved the sport of basketball for 3 years now, so of course I do not know everything about this sport, and living in Ireland it can be difficult to keep up to date with all that goes on in the league, but even I can see that the sport is potentially going to a place that will make it lose some of it’s fanbase that players like Jordan and Kobe worked so hard to establish worldwide. After all if, for example, you’re a Kings friend in Sacramento, sure they have some exciting young players coming through, but with all the talent elsewhere, what is really the point in supporting a team that will not be getting to the Finals again for a long time at this rate? Worse still the actions of some will show their two standout players, Tyreke Evans and DaMarcus Cousins, that they can just leave the dire situation for say, the Nets, Knicks, whoever. I do not know if there is anything the NBA is able to do to prevent this from happening but if they can, they should. The whole set up of the NBA, drafts, salary caps, draft lottery, is brilliant and if sports such as European football did this it would be so much better. That is part of what drew me to the sport in the first place, the apperant fairness in giving every team the best oppourtunity to do well. (Sure you might not make the playoffs, but you can get a top draft pick like John Wall to build around and get you there in the future.) But if players with all the power decide to change the landscape of the league, I truely believe people will turn away from the sport, I probably would. Of course there may be some flaw to what i’m saying here, maybe something I’m not seeing but that’s just the way it looks to me, any comments for or against what I’m saying would be great would love to hear people’s opinions on this.

    • Azeron says:

      “Larry Bird who said that in order to be the best you have to beat the best and that the thoughts of joining up with Jordan or Magic never crossed his mind, if they had played together they would have won every year and there would have been no fun in that.”

      What a hypocrite. Bird played with Dennis Johnson, Kevin McHale and Robert Parrish. Give me the story from Magic’s mouth. How he would not have played with Jordan. Why would he need to? He played with Norm Nixon, Kareem, James Worthy, Jamal Wilkes, The Lakers WERE an All Star team pretty much his whole career and he was a spoiled brat towards the end when the Bulls waxed the Lakers in four after the Lakers swept into the Finals. Magic should NEVER open his mouth criticizing anyone considering how selfish he was.

    • Azeron says:

      Anyone singing the praises of selfish players like Magic, Michael and Kobe obviously has no clue or knowledge on NBA history. All three have had coaches whacked just because they could. Magic (Paul Westhead) Michael (Doug Collins) and Kobe (Phil Jackson).

      ” One of the main factors that makes the NBA so appealing and great to watch is the fact it is so unpredictable, great teams come but they eventually make way for other teams, things go in cycles…”

      Really? Are you serious? You need to read a history book, kid. The Celtics and Lakers have won greater than half of the 64 NBA championships. Celtics 17 and the Lakers 16. Jordans Bulls won six in an eight year span (Jordan was playing baseball or it likely would have been eight). You don’t like Super teams? Then you would not have liked Red Auerbach’s Celtics teams or Pat Riley’s Lakers or Phil Jackson’s Bulls or Lakers. Is that so? Sure… Don’t like Superstars being poached by one franchise? You mean like the Lakers signing Wilt Chamberlain or Kareem or Shaq? Sure…

      ” the NBA is in danger of losing one of it’s major selling points and that is the unpredictability” I got news for you: The NBA has been fairly predictable for quite some time. You see over here, the NBA is a Metropolitan sport and that is exactly where the teams should be in big cities. I live in Alabama. They did not even report the Mello or Deron William’s trades here on our “Sports Radio” stations. They don’t care. The Hornets cannot sell tickets in New Orleans and they DON’T deserve a team. At least the Sonics had fans. The city just refused to be blackmailed into building a billionaire a new arena and he behaved like a petulant child and sold the team to a guy he KNEW would move the team.

      ” But if players with all the power decide to change the landscape of the league, I truely believe people will turn away from the sport, I probably would. ”

      We would hate to lose you… Again, the sky is not falling. The NBA has always been a league where they great stars could take over a game and a season. We’re not changing our game at this juncture. Love it or leave it…your choice.

      • Monkey Party says:

        Ummm…..how can you be the all time leader in assists p/g and be a selfish player

      • Luke says:

        Azeron that comment was a lot of fun to read, like I said I never claimed to know everything about the sport, that was just the way it looked to me. Obviously Magic, Bird and Jordan were surrounded by talent but I just meant that had they come together at any time it would have made it even harder for other teams. A lot of what you said was interesting though and I accept it for sure cause you know more about the sport than I do, and I’m glad I got the passionate response you gave! The NBA is still fun to watch of course, I just wish the poaching of superstars wouldn’t happen as often as it has lately, but I guess that’s asking a lot…

      • Azeron says:

        “Monkey Party says:
        February 24, 2011 at 7:27 am
        Ummm…..how can you be the all time leader in assists p/g and be a selfish player”

        I grew up in Compton, California. My favorite players in sports were Marcus Allen and Magic Johnson. I IDOLIZED Magic. I got into fights with people about how unselfish he was, but I was a kid. I ddn’t know that after his rookie year Magic had his head coach axed. I didn’t realize that it is because of Magic that Isaiah Thomas was NOT a member of the Dream Team and Christian Laetner was. How can a guy who is the NBA career leader in assists be selfish? I didn’t say John Stockton WAS selfish. HE is the NBA career leader in assists and I could NOT stand him for having more than Magic. I was a kid after all. By the way, Magic is FOURTH on that list and he is STILL the BEST point guard of all time in my mind and I detest the guy! 1. John Stockton* 15806; 2. Jason Kidd 11393; 3. Mark Jackson 10334;
        4. Magic Johnson* 10141

        I said he was selfish because it is a simple fact. I’ve seen guys when the outcome is no longer in doubt STAY in the game, pass the ball JUST to get the 10th assist and a triple double! That my friend is selfish as a mofo. Magic admitted himself that when Kareem was injured in the NBA Finals his rookie season he was ecstatic because he knew he would get to score. He scored 42 points in that game six. Magic was a great passer, no question, but it wasn’t unselfishness at all.

  32. Funky_Axl says:

    Ok they wanted to trade Deron,that’s fine but WHY THE HECK they did the trade now and not next year untill the trade deadine of 2012 or this summer????

    I mean Deron would be in the team for the next year (he would be a free agent in the summer of 2012) so why didn’t keep him and trade him for better players and offer?s??

    Why make a move so stupid when they gould get better players?!!!

  33. Branden says:

    Oh joy. Now I get to root for New Jersey to lose the rest of the year. Much like last year, when it was the Knicks that I was hoping would lose. I just hope that if the Jazz get another lottery pick from New Jersey this next year, that they do a little bit better than Gordon Hayward.

  34. lofty says:

    i gotta agree with CMC. will was was gonna leave the jazz. he is always negative about the team. at least we got to trade him to a team WE wanted to! d-will was a cancer to the team. i will miss his game but not the negative attitude! hornets better do the same thing! LOL they only have a few more hours!

  35. dmz says:

    oh J-Williams will want to leave in 2012 allright. Unless the Russian dresses him in velvet and crowns him the King of Brooklyn. Don’t kid yourselves, the Nets just got themselves an A-lister, and they’ll treat him like the Cavs treated Lebron. Royalty. He’ll get the contract he wants, the supporting cast he wants, the exposure and the hype he wants. And while he’s not the diva Carmelo or Lebron are, not many people can resist the glamour of N.Y. They damn sure didn’t make the trade to see him walk next year. so they’ll make it VERY hard for him to refuse….

  36. jeff says:

    It’s Kirilenko’s contract that forced this. If his 17million+ contract wasn’t so high the Jazz would’ve been able to retain at least one of the three: Korver, Brewer, or matthews and probably still gotten Jefferson.

    • Donald says:

      Kirilenko’s is still very valuable to the Jazz. plus he is a reasonable person. may be that now Boozer and Williams are gone , he will have a greater role and go back to his old self

  37. John says:

    I agree with some, bad move by the Nets, DWill will not sign the extension and bolt.

  38. LB6 says:

    Why Blame CBA rules?? why Blame Lebron or Bostons Big three for this trend. Blame The Owners and the GMs! first of all teams should take care of themeselves. They need to improve constantly or else star players would eventually go. Basketball is like any other job. For example if you dont like your work place and you have an opportunity to transfer to a different work place with better salary and a better future, wont you grab that opportunity? Everyone else should stop being ignorant and face reality.

    • Azeron says:

      For some reason it is acceptable for GeneralManagers to trade players like pawns. When players take their destinies into their own hands and leave via free agency they are branded as traitors. Double standard anyone?

  39. Tim says:

    Why do not you try to get another start power like the way Heat did instead of losing what you have. But Miami heat planned it from 2006 not a couple years before. You all Heat haters blind to see how hard Miami Heat worked to get this job done.

  40. Concerned Basketball Fan says:

    I really don’t like what this league has become. Fortunately, the only team to play the “new” kind of basketball by attracting a lot of stars to a big-market city and do well has been the Heat, and they still can’t get past the Celtics. I would love a Spurs-Celtics Finals to show teams the right way to do things. This was a pretty good decision for Utah. It was either keep Williams, keep losing, and maybe let him walk in a couple years, or get some fresh young talent, a base for rebuilding, and possibly keep losing. I like the way this franchise is going and hope to see the Jazz in the finals in a couple years.

    • ASIAN says:

      The celtics?
      have you forgoten that they were the original super team?
      they brought in three hall of fame players as well.

  41. Rafael says:

    this is for everyone>>> dont be talkin stuped thinks about lebron james he past 7 years in celveland allwas making the playoff but nver got help from other player an the owner did make a good trade to kip him in cleveland bringin all player to cleveland like shak and jamison no good if everyone saw the playoff games in past years theyll know what im talkin about it was just about james doing everything know you know ..why lebron james?? is the mvp again, cleveland is now the worse team in nba. and the heat know are the 1 or second in nba

  42. Jake Berlin says:

    This trade was a bad idea for Utah. I’m totally supportive a trading a star player if you think he’s going to walk away after his contract expires, BUT YOU TRADE HIM IN THE LAST YEAR OF HIS CONTRACT. I feel this trade sets the Jazz a big step back this year. It may pay off down the road if Favors develops and if the draft picks work out, but the Jazz are a worse team this year, and now they’re in serious jeopardy of not making the playoffs.. The Jazz could have kept Williams for the rest of this year, won some more games, made it to the playoffs (and making it to the playoffs as the 8th seed is a heck of a lot better than watching ping pong balls) and then had Williams around until this time next year which would help them win some more games and put people in the seats next year. Then they probably could have traded him at this time next year for a similar package somewhere. If they felt he wasn’t going to re-sign then they should have held onto him this year and started looking at their options next summer. That would give them time to play the field and get the best deal possible while still getting as much as they could out of Williams. Denver played it smart this year, and Utah should take a page out of their book.

    • bunbury says:

      Everyone that likes Utah or the West definetely are not happy with this trade. But I am pretty sure there were some internal issues with DWill that made them do the trade. They knew he was not signing an extension, he probably did not wanted to be there any longer (just like Melo). Utah was not playing their best basketball either, I mean, they are currently on the 8th seed. I am just not happy by the fact that west is losing some big names. I have always enjoyed the competiveness in the western conference for many years now.

    • Donald says:

      I will miss Williams. Liked him at Illinois, was so glad the Jazz got him. Utah could not keep him any longer because he did not trust management decisions and he could not lead the team, blaming the other players. Jazz did a not to please Williams. Locker room improvement, the kind of lights and effects he wanted for the start of games, he wanted big AL, but Jazz got no love in return.

  43. the BUZZ says:

    But I agree with what most of you guys are saying, with the league only going to have maybe 6 competitive teams competing every year. Lets be serious these lower market teams have no chance of competing when all these star players are now teaming up with each other. LBJ LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!! As much as the league is probably benefiting from this. Their really won’t be any point of having other basketball teams, unless you want to see blowouts. Like unless you draft well and develop like OKC, You will never see star players go to markets like minnesota, cleveland, toronto, etc. Sure it would be fun to watch all these elite players, play with each other. But living in these other cities and cheering for a losing team is going to hurt the nba. The nba might as well send these other teams to the d-league, it may be their only chance to win some sort of championship. lol

    • Efosa says:

      I like this comment. Im dyng right here but we still cant gurantee that they can even win that

    • Azeron says:

      “…unless you want to see blowouts…”

      I do. Apparently so do most fans as the Heat have opposing fans turning out in droves to see them play. Lebron and Wade are two of the Top Five Players in the NBA and they’re ON THE SAME TEAM. Are they guaranteed to win a title? No. Think about that… Two of the top five and there is no guarantee. Why do you want to blame Lebron? Why don’t you blame Danny Ainge for designing the blueprint? It was Ainge who brought Garnett and Allen to Boston creating the BIG THREE. Suddenly, when three free agents decide to play together it is a problem.

      • NBA FAN says:

        ..You can’t compare the making of BOSTON’s super team with MIAMI’s. Danny Ainge masterfully made Boston through trades. HUGE gamble and it turned out well..immediate title the next season and 50+ seasons each year, with a promising look this year. KG and Ray were still playing their best ball with years left on their respective contracts.

        LBJ is 1A in the league as the BEST PLAYER and as a role model for millions of fans. He absolutely had the right to leave during free agency. Like Barkley said, it was disgusting watching the decision AND the celebration of the super friends in Miami. LBJ made his own fate which is NOT comparable to KG and Ray Allen. He quit on his own team and set the example for his fans that it is OK to do that for greener pastures (or so he thinks). Yes he can win 13 championships or w/e, but at the end of his career, he’ll be more infamous for leaving Cleveland, then winning on his own. For Miami and LBJ fans, I’m sure you’ll disagree with what I’m saying but..quitting on your home town and setting an example for his fans that it’s okay to do so with no loyalty is just..hard to watch. As a fan of NBA, he really did turn himself into a villain, again speaking outside of his own and Miami fans.

        I’m sure you’re a fan of LBJ or the Heat, and watching them blowout other teams is fun definitely. I wish my Toronto Raptors would be able to do that haha. And you’re right, the games are sold out when the raptors play the elite teams like Lakers, Heat, Celtics etc. But..like the BUZZ said the lower market teams (aka 16+ teams) will never have a chance of winning the gold and superstars keeping leaving the teams, this hurts the league and its fan base.

      • NBA FAN says:

        Every NBA team (* = My estimates)
        82 games per NBA season
        30 games* against Star-studded teams.. (LA, MIA, BOS, SA, etc)
        52 games* against less fortunate market teams..

  44. zachman says:

    What a bad choice, devin harris is such a random player, one night he’ll do good and the other night he will suck, you should of trusted deron williams and williams would of seen that and would of probably stayed.. that was a horrible move in my opinion.

    • Shelby says:

      I doubt Deron Williams would’ve stayed and resigned with Utah in 2012… D Will has been out of the game mentally since Boozer/Brewer left.
      Devin Harris is one of the most underrated players in the NBA, in my opinion. I really HOPE he will do great things for Utah.
      Good Luck to Deron wherever he may go in the future ♥

  45. Rafael says:

    is no guess that williams hade problen with the team and the ex coach so they decided to do that cuz he is a really good player why to do that for they knew that he do the same that every superstar is doing look to win a champion chip that should be a good trade for nets i feel good for new jersey

  46. rhey cortez says:


    • celticsbabyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

      “The owner of the Utah Jazz said in a telephone interview that he decided to OK the trade of All-Star guard Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets because of his increasing belief that the Jazz could be caught empty-handed in the summer of 2012 if Williams decided not to re-sign in Utah, as other teams have found themselves in the past year.”

      read first before commenting. why lose a star player in the summer for nothing when you can trade for young players with good potential?

    • RJ says:

      Learn correct grammar and spelling and then maybe people will take this post seriously.

  47. Anthony says:

    GOOD JOB UTAH, UTah wins because it demands more of its players and now everybody is counting the Jazz out of the playoff. we will see when Playoff times comes around that the Jazz will be in the playoffs. I am not saying they are going to win a championship but the jazz will compete. Ever year writers, fans and everybody employed with ESPN writes them off but they are there every year. It is the rep of the Franchise that makes them strong not the players and that is the message they sent today if you want to play in Utah be perpared to play. Utah will be okay beause Karl, John and Jerry set the standard for the franchise and it is cemented now. Long live the hard working teams that respect me a s a fan who pays my hard earned dollar to watch them play,

  48. sup says:

    these players need to take a page out of kobe’s, dirk’s, and duncan’s book. They were patient with their teams and now they’re on three of the top teams. had lebron, or melo, or even d-will stayed then they would eventually be given the opputunity to win a championship. the trades just complicate things for them. (Granted, i know dirk hasnt won a championship but you cant call him unsuccesful)

    • Azeron says:

      Huh? Kobe was patient? Do you REMEMBER how bad the Lakers were before they fleeced Memphis of Pau Gasol? Do you REMEMBER Kobe showing out demanding trades? Do you rememeber the game where he took one shot to prove to Phil that he needed to shoot the ball whenever and wherever HE chose? Do you remember Kobe ranting to some teenagers about the Lakers refusal to trade Andrew Bynum for “Jason *Bleepin* Kidd!”? Do you? Do you? Huh? Seriously! When I hear people talking I wonder if they just walked onto the NBA scene last month. Kobe on a losing team is a worse cancer than Deron Williams or Chris Paul would ever be. The guy is a great player, no doubt, but he is a horrible leader. Derrick Fisher is the leader of the Lakers. He keeps that team balanced. It is too bad that he is on his last legs. Stop making stuff up. As for Duncan…the guy is just class. I have never liked him, but I have nothing negative to say about him. Do keep in mind that he was drafted by a team with David Robinson on it. A team that was playoff caliber but they tanked games the season prior by only playing Robinson in six games and with the worse odds in the Lottery SOMEHOW obtained the rights to Duncan despite the Celtics having THREE lottery picks. Rick Pitino is a cursed individual.

      • Jake says:

        Uh David Robinson was injured the year before the Spurs got Duncan, they kept him out of games because he had a broken foot. Also, a difference between Kobe and other players is that Kobe wanted to stay with the Lakers — he just wanted them to get better. Other players like Melo or Lebron basically gave up on their team and decided it was time to look elsewhere.

      • sup says:

        I’m not saying they have to be quiet, i’m saying stick to your team. Yes I remember the lakers being the 8th seed a few years back but that was after a huge couple of years with shaq. Kobe didnt decide to bolt when his team started to sink and he was rewarded with pau gasol and lamar odom and andrew bynum

  49. Carlos Boozer says:

    D-will i feel bad for you bro because you’ll miss the playoffs this year, while im hunting down for a championship with D-rose.

  50. Brad says:

    It just got that much tougher to make the All-Star team.

  51. charles says:

    good decision

  52. Pete says:

    I think all these so called “star-studded” teams are great for the NBA. Instead of one or two “power-teams” knowing they are a favorite in the championship run, now there are several newly developed teams with “stars” on them to check their power. Checks and balances, these trades this week will make playoff series much more interesting.

  53. sol says:

    I think it is going to be fun, when Deron Williams does not sign a new contract with the Nets, They may not perform any better then they are now. They have no draft picks, a center, power forward who is a free agent at the end of the season and Deron Williams. I wish the Nets well. They traded away their future for the Russian Billioniare’s ego. If he is right New York will be a great basketball city.

  54. cmc says:

    we didn’t want to end up like the cavs, we made a good trade. what we were thinking when we drafted hayward i don’t know (so hopefully we do something better with these next two picks) but all in all Williams is amazing but not worth keeping for the rest of the season just to loose him with nothing in return.

    • Jake Berlin says:

      We could have kept him for the rest of this season and traded him next year!

      • bunbury says:

        and get less in return. Why keep him when they know they will trade him. makes no sense. why keep him when they know he doesnt want to be there no more. that’s pretty much what happend. Dwill did no longer wanted to be in utah, he did not wanted an extension. THEREFORE, get rid of him is best thing to do. Do you own a business?” What would you say to an employee who does not want to work for your company, The door is right there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jake says:

        They keep him so they can make the playoffs this year and sell tickets for next year you idiot! And it gives them time to look at other options to make sure they get the best deal possible. It’s not like D-Will wasn’t playing. He was averaging 20 pts and 10 assists a game for crying out loud. He never even said he wanted to leave he just never said he wanted to stay. THEREFORE, you hold onto him for as long as you can (like the Nuggets did with Melo, but you keep things less public) and get the most value out of him as possible.

  55. chrisman says:

    SHOCKER! Is all I can say right now, never saw that coming. Not by a mile. This could be a good move for the nets though, Lopez and D will going into 2012, who knows; Might be the next J Kidd, K Mart connection.

  56. Nick says:

    he will be missed! :.(

  57. TorontoRap67 says:

    Well I respect what the Utah organization have done. Nowadays, players are starting to take over the league by wanting their ways. Example LeBron, Bosh, Amare and so on. It’s time for owners to step up and trade their players if they don’t want to be in the team they are playing for. Let the owners trade them where ever the organization want to trade them. It’s not the way it used to be… I really respect the old school players such as Magic, Larry Bird, Dr. J, Michael Jordan, David Robinson, John Stockton and so on. Today, players are such babies…. I’m glad Utah traded DWill and they should do the same with Chris Paul.

    • Azeron says:

      You respect Magic for firing Paul Westhead just a year into his NBA career or Jordan for firing Doug Collins? Here is a clue, kid. Franchise players have ALWAYS had their way in the Association and they always will. An All World point guard like Deron Williams or Chris Paul can dominate the game like no other position in sports. Quarterbaks don’t play defense. Pitchers have no control over the offense and only play a fifth of the games. A quality point guard keys his team on offense and also defends the other team’s point guard. The Jazz did not hurt Deron Williams by trading him to New Jersey–soon-to-be-Brooklyn. They just saved him th trouble of finding a major market to play in. If New Orleans were to trade Chris Paul, they would be doing HIM a favor. The NBA had to buy the franchise, not because the Hornets did not have value, but rather because every potential buyer planned to move the team. Go figure… If the fans are not coming to see those guys play, why would he stay?

  58. Eddie says:

    Yes there is plenty left in the west from what i recall the west did beat the east this past allstar and not only that they still have the best record in the nba…ttyl

  59. carlo vincent mollenido says:

    For all intents and purposes, this is a deal that makes more sense than the carmelo trade. The Jazz protect their future and the nets get the star they desperately need. Maybe New Orleans should do the same with chris paul who has certainly figured out by now he’s the last piece needed by the knicks to rival the heatles in the east.
    Jerry Sloan would have loved the challenge of grooming favors into another marquee big like karl malone. And devin harris could have used some pointers on how to be a great playmaker. How i wish this trade was made a bit earlier.

  60. jon says:

    I am not sure if i really believe that they have no bad feelings towards Deron williams. The only thing i was is that this would have happened 3 weeks ago and sloan would have stayed. I think this was a good trade for the jazz. Good work

  61. Juan says:

    Thanks for everything DWill. You will be missed.

  62. Colt says:

    Well dont have to worry about Utah any more in the west haha. And i still think NJ aint any competition still.

  63. GDF says:

    shouldnt have done the deal im not a jazz fan nor am i NJ fan but i respect both organizations, however you guys should have kept will.. for another year if he never made it clear he wanted to leave then keep him. sad to see williams leave utah.

  64. Torontofan8881 says:

    A really bad trade for the Nets. D-Will will leave anyway.

  65. Rashard says:

    Jazz have blown it in the past year. In efforts to preserve “value” to the franchise they have continually lost out on their players. The Jazz could have remained competitive by just retaining Matthews, Korver, and Williams and looking to just add size. Instead this season they went with a week bench and no shooters with the loss of a bunch of good players and addition of Jefferson. No one in their right mind lets Sloan, Williams, Matthews, Korver, Brewer, and Boozer go to get a Jefferson, Millsap, Harris, and a Corbin.

    Greg Miller is destroying the notorious Jazz consistency. The Jazz organization needed to pony up and deal with going over the salary cap if they wanted to compete for a top spot in the west. Management has got to be the mess in Utah this time around. 3 years ago they were in the Western Conference Finals and now they will be lucky to make the playoffs the next couple of years. The comment about speculation is also laughable. Speculation on the Jazz management’s part is how they have lost their good players and have been stuck with injured Okur, overpaid AK, inconsistent CJ Miles, and an almost dead Raja Bell. They have speculated on the wrong side of the table time and time again.

    • Jake Berlin says:

      First off, there was no way in heck they could have retained Matthews, Korver, and Williams because Williams probably wasn’t going to re-sign anyways, and the Jazz simply don’t have the money (they’re already over the luxury tax) to pay Korver and Matthews big bucks and give Deron a max-contract. Secondly, Greg Miller is the one who ponyed up and agreed to go over the salary cap. Larry Miller is the one who never wanted to go over the cap. Third, it isn’t the Jazz management’s fault that Okur got injured (although it would be really nice to actually have him play once in a while). Fourth, “overpaid AK,” and “inconsistent CJ Miles” are the result of previous Jazz management decisions. Fifth, the Jazz have blown it this year by trading Williams, and drafting Hayward hasn’t helped much either.

      • utah ball says:

        This is the same managemen twe have had for years. We could have had Matthews cheap all we had to do is extend him and not let him be a fa that was just dumb. D Will was not happy starting with the Brewer trade. We also gave up Eric Maynor to save money who is better than are back up PG we have right now. So as a Jazz fan I have my fingers crossed.

    • Kurt B says:

      You nailed it. We have one of the smallest markets,but year after year john, Karl and Jeff along with Jerry brought the rst of the west trouble. Now i cant think of one team that worries about playing Utah. If it was early inthe season iwould say we are headed for the lottery. However we cant get that lucky now. Ohwell Good luck Ty Corbin….

      • Jake says:

        We couldn’t have simply extended Matthews. We were paying him minimum wage (by NBA standards) and to extend him we would have kept paying him that same dollar amount. He knew he was worth a lot more, so he would never have agreed to an extension.

    • Quique801 says:

      i so agree the jazz have bin doing the damn moon walk, instead of listing to there Star player and getting him some help they gave him the shaft i unfortunately live in Utah for like 20+ years now and have seen nothing from this team seance back in the 90’s. They have just shown all future Jazz players that they are not loyal knorr have any real intent on going for gold. Mr Miller and the GM stated this move should very much keep them as Playoff contenders, we have to suffer listing to that Junk when Wat we want them telling us (this should Make us Title contenders) Williams was our best chance at a Jazz Player being named MVP, Western Conference tittle and a World Tittle, instead we just took 5 1/2 years worth of progress away in one swoop. All i know is ill be the 1st on my block with a Williams Nets jersey on Believe that!!!

  66. newklear says:

    hold up, hold up..this 4 real? d-will on the nets team??? I seriously did not see that coming…guess the East is gonna win next year’s All Star matchup 🙂

  67. Da NBA is in serious trouble…It’s goin to be 4 or 5 franchises that have all the star players leavin the rest of the cities in the league to be like the Kansas City Royals of Baseball…no chance in hell of ever winnin a championship…I’d say the doins of this season will definately mean a work stopage later in the calendar year./

    • R4 says:

      agreed completely with you because when other markets don’t succeed and stands are empty it not good for tv. So will network cable paid to have a nba with only 5 team having chances of winning it all. Or will they do smart business and wait for nba to clean up their act. do not get me wrong. new york and LA have the biggest market in north america but you need the middle of america to love your sport to become a big contender. Such as NFL who doean’t allow teams to control their destiny have great result in sporting events. NBA could be making a big mistake and should change their names too NBPA National Basketball Players Assiociation, because we all know who control the game.

      • Patrick says:

        love this comment. I fully agree. I love the NFL, cuz there are rules and regulation in place to make it competitive every year. other than the Detroit Lions (ha ha), any team has the chance to go to the super bowl. the NBA is turning into the MLB. they just pay for the talent that they all go to the Yankees. hopefully Stern will realize this and do something about it before NY, LA buy more trophies.

    • Azeron says:

      All that is needed is a hard cap. Problem solved. A lockout, eh? No NBA for a year? Again? I don’t know if they can survive it.

  68. Ti Brown says:

    I’m always, always, always pro-player in player-organization negotiations, but I LOVE THAT UTA MADE THIS TRADE!!! If CLE & DEN had the gall that UTA has, none of this Lebron & Melo mess would have ever made headlines. Note to owners: if you offer your superstar everything & the kitchen sink and he won’t clearly say “Thank you”, then HE DOES NOT LOVE YOU! Trade his arse! I love the players, but if the players aren’t committed to staying, trade them because all they’re considering is leaving, not staying. Deuces!

    • Rafael says:

      please dont compered lebron with anthony please anthony is good player but is like a little kid in front of james ,, i mean king james

      • omar sotelo says:

        king James…..really??…..since when he became a king???……he never got a ring nd he calls himself a king….kobe should be the king …..agree with ti brown if they are not committed why have them…….melo is better than lebron ….. in requesting a trade…..why have 1 hour tv special bout leaving CLE????

      • Alex says:

        Won’t change anything of what u said both
        MICHAEL JORDAN IS THE KING ……other would die to get up to his level !!
        All the best Kobe .. James … but the road is coming for Haward and Stoudmire 🙂

      • Luke says:

        Why this tired arguement of no ring no king?
        Lame. Get over it. He is the best in the league

      • Chupps says:

        @Luke Because it’s like a toothless lion roaring, claiming it’s the alpha. Lebrons talent and ability is undeniable, and he still has the time and potential to be truly great after it’s all said and done. But right now, it’s the equivalent to premature ejaculation…

        Character & actions also play a part in legacy. And time and time again Lebron just displays arrogance and thoughtlessness. And i’m not speaking about the trade. The move to Miami only showed fear and impatience, that he didn’t believe he could win at cleveland, and that time was somehow running out. The Jordan’s and the Kobe’s shaped their legacy’s the hard way and that’s why they’re Kings of their Era’s.

        Rings at Miami now don’t hold near as much weight as they would in Cleveland, because he would have carried the city for nearly/over a decade to achieve it. Whilst the burden is shared between two superstars and another all-star.

    • wHinkjr1969 says:

      Owners who lack ambition are those who do not appreciate the winning mentality into developing a strong contending play-off team much like Boston, San Antonio, and now; (teams-like) : the Heat, the Knicks, the Bulls, and the Thunder. These teams want to capture an opportunity @ winning the NBA championship title because they want to be acknowledged in NBA history and remembered by their fans for their dedicated contributions to the love of this spectacular sport. Lebron was thinking of the outcome that involved his future and basketball career if he had chosen to stay in Cleveland. He wanted much to bring a title to his hometown but with an owner who’s mind-set is bent on profit and ‘business’ lacking ability to count-up wins needed, players as individuals should be able to make those important decisions for themselves not allowing owners to have “the last” or only decisive conclusion impacting the outcome or future of team players, alike. Miami seriously wants to regain another championship title (can you blame them…don’t)! Boston’s chances are slightly better… San Antonio are all set out to accomplish these same goals this year. But in order for teams to accomplish the goal, owners should have the same mentality as players are expected to have when they step-out on the court. Build yourself a contending team who will actually win if not two but three championship titles in a row!!!

      The owners who invest their profits made back into building skilled, strong, healthy basketball contending players and teams will prosper from their determination. Those who don’t will end-up having the worst NBA record in basketball history angry at their “meal tickets” or “prize players” who make the wise decision to listen to “GOD”; (the only true common-sense denominator) and seek a real given opportunity elsewhere.. If you don’t believe me then, just take a good look at what happen to the Caviliers when the coach Jim Brown was fired and replaced by Byron Scott hoping this would appeal to the owner’s “prize player” but not convincing enough to persuade him to stay in Cleveland for another miserable season. This owner vowed to the fans saying, ” I will bring a NBA title to the fans of Cleveland, Ohio without it’s star athlete: King James.” (LOL – vry fny).

      • Azeron says:

        If Dan Gilbert had been that passionate about bringing a championship to Cleveland when he HAD Lebron then James would still be there and they would have at least been in the Finals more than that one year. The guy was basically satisfied to sit there raking in money from ticket sales. Gilbert please no more letters to the fans. Put your money where your mouth is.

  69. Adam says:


    • T-Wah says:

      Good one. I’m sure the guys who are in the business 24/7 know nothing.

    • Mason says:

      bottom line – harris is a boss. deron left utah when boozer/brewer did, mentally. he has played with no heart this season, stat wise fine – but a player can only make so many excuses and in deron’s case, he turned to complaining about everything towards the jazz orginization instead of just playing hard basketball. these are athletes, not polititions or negotiators, just play the game, and if you wont, we’ll trade you for someone who will.

      • Shelby says:

        Very well said Mason.
        I love the Jazz and I love Deron Williams… I wish him well in wherever he goes in the future.

      • Alex says:

        I do think that u got it all in one sentence:
        A player should play the game not just for the game but also for the fans who bother leaving everything just to support their team. He tried his best in the 1st quarter of the season and he showed some real stuff … dunno if that was for the team or not ! But the Jazz was rocking … once nagging complains started to pop up on the surface … he was there looking for another team who might get him the trophy !!
        All the best Deron …. and for me swapping to Boston so that East would reveal to break down the domination of the west!

      • awesomeman says:

        The only thing I am sad about is Sloan not winning a championship. He was the most amazing coach in NBA history.

  70. Reeceyboi says:

    BIG UP 2 THE EAST!!! SO MANY STARS MAKING THERE WAY? ne 1 left in the west???

    • Simon says:

      Ok..a lot of people talking about these trades…nets still got nothing and im happy for the knicks..its nice that they are coming back…the reason im writing here is that i am a laker fan, and i see this scenario…

      All these trades to the east is weakning the west making it much easier for the big teams. Most of those teams are veterans and dont have long left….So when DWIGHT HOWARD is ready to leave “never gonna win a championship orlando”, the lakers will be there to swoop up what would be in my opinon the biggest free agent!

      if dwight goes to the lakers….i dont give a f-u-c-k what if cp3 joins knicks….i think dwight will get bigger, more shaq like and the lakers just have this winning organisation (like boston)…dwight knows this ..he WILL pick the lakers..

      i am from scandinavia so dont trash talk the lakers cause i dont care……but please if there is another laker fan do u think this will happen

      • lal:P says:

        yes make all the east get gr8 players easier for the west less competition in order the big trio of miami would have more trouble making it to the top spot jajaj

      • Andre says:

        Please, try to learn about the cap system before saying meaninless stuff. What you are saying makes no sense. Lakers are spending almost their whole cap only with Kobe/Gasol. So they can’t get Howard in the FA market. They would have to convince Orlando to take Bynum on a trade, what’s a joke.

        Orlando would only consider a trade if they get cheap young talented players back. Lakers have none of them.

        Howard has only two options. Stay put or join young stars.

        So, possible destinations could be the Nets (although they already have a Center), Knicks, OKC or New Orleans.

      • Ricky says:

        I don’t think Dwight will join the Lakers in 2012. Kobe’s getting old.. He’s better off with the Magic.. Gilbert Arenas, J-Rich, Jameer, and Hedo.

      • benoit69 says:

        to bad the lakers have no cap room for d.howard kobe and gasol earn a combined 44 million plus walton and artest will still be under contract in 3 years

        he will go to the clippers or nets
        next big 3 d.howard-b.griffen-e.gordon

      • Aaron says:

        doubt it, this makes me kinda laugh XD

      • Broox says:

        Whoa, Scandinavia?! That’s legit 🙂 Like are you from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, or Iceland? I personally hate the Lakers because they have been given all the money in the world to go out and “buy players”. Its not fair to the other 29 teams in the NBA that they are not allotted the same amount of cash as the “Fakers”. Suck it up Lakers fans, the CBA is changing this year, and you’re screwed!

    • Mason says:

      the west is always better than the east, look at the standings. same way for the past few years, the east doesn’t even require a 500 record to make a playoff run.

    • Tevz says:

      2 best players in the league, Kobe, Durant. to name a few! the team with the best record in the league, 47-10, lets face it, the best is still in the west baby!!!