The Russian Strikes Back

The Russian will not be mollified.

In a huge response to being shut out of the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes, the New Jersey Nets and their owner Mikhail Prokhorov turned around Wednesday and acquired one of the NBA’s top point guards, forging a deal with the Utah Jazz that sends All-Star Deron Williams to New Jersey for rookie forward Derrick Favors and point guard Devin Harris. The Jazz also receive two Draft picks from New Jersey.

The Nets tried in vain for months to get Anthony from the Denver Nuggets, but were never able to put a deal together because of Anthony’s refusal to sign a three-year, $65 million contract extension. (Anthony signed the extension Wednesday to make a three-team deal between Denver, New York and Minnesota official. Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams and Renaldo Balkman are going to New York; Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Ray Felton and Timofey Mozgov are going to Denver — along with center Kosta Koufos from Minnesota, three Draft picks and cash from the Knicks. The Timberwolves get forward Anthony Randolph and the expiring contract of center Eddy Curry from the Knicks.)

But New Jersey struck back with a vengeance, getting the 26-year-old Williams, an all-NBA second team selection last season who is currently third in the NBA in assists. reported on Tuesday that the Nets, after being spurned by Anthony, would turn their attention to the free agent Class of 2012, including Williams and Orlando all-pro center Dwight Howard. Prokhorov wants at least two star players in place by the time the team officially moves from Newark to its new arena in Brooklyn in 2012. To be able to sell season tickets and suites in advance of that move, the Nets had to have at least one of those stars already in place to entice fans and corporate sponsors to pony up and not have to pay on spec. In Williams, the Nets have a star.

Williams had grown increasingly frustrated with the Jazz in the last year, as Utah struggled with keeping its core group together while not going too far into luxury tax territory. Owner Greg Miller had committed Utah to being a tax payer for the next couple of years, but Utah opted to let guard Ronnie Brewer go last year instead of trying to re-sign him as a free agent, sending him to Memphis at last year’s trade deadline. The Jazz then were not able to re-sign All-Star forward Carlos Boozer, watching him go to Chicago along with key reserve guard Kyle Korver in free agency. Utah also lost out on surprising rookie guard Wesley Matthews, opting not to match an offer sheet he received from Portland.

Each of these decisions angered Williams, who thought the team was losing ground in the Western Conference. Utah acquired forward Al Jefferson from Minnesota in an offseason deal to replace Boozer, and Jefferson has played well at times for the Jazz. But Utah has struggled through much of the season. The team lost its bellwether earlier this month when longtime coach Jerry Sloan suddenly resigned after 23 years as the team’s head coach. He had been the longest tenured coach in professional sports.

Williams had clashed with Sloan at times this season, criticizing what he felt was a predictable offense that Sloan had grown accustomed to over the years. He also hoped the Jazz would run more than they’d been running. When Sloan resigned, one of the key reasons offered in the local media was his increasingly toxic relationship with Williams.

Though the Jazz were quick to defend Williams and say his actions were not the cause of Sloan’s resignation, fans in Salt Lake City became split on whether they would continue to back their star point guard. At the same time, the Jazz fell into a losing streak. They have lost five in a row at home, the first time Utah has had such a losing streak since 1982.

So Utah apparently decided to head off what would have been increasing speculation about Williams’ future by dealing him now.

Favors, the rookie power forward from Georgia Tech, was a player the Jazz had coveted before last year’s Draft. He will provide a solid one-two inside presence with Jefferson. Harris had fallen out of favor in New Jersey and was definitely going to be moved before Thursday’s trade deadline.


  1. guitar says:


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  2. kenwakooo says:

    the jazz scored big on this one. d-will will hate playing for the nets, and after next season he will go elsewhere. the jazz saw what happened to cleveland and denver, and didn’t want that to happen to them. as a jazz fan, it’s hard to give up d-will, but i feel he would have bolted anyways. GO JAZZ!!

  3. Maurice says:

    I don’t see this as being a bad move for Utah. A lot you seem to forget that Devin Harris was a very capable scorer coming from Dallas and his first season or 2 in NJ. He’s fallen off, but I think the talent is still there. He’s nowhere near as good as DWill, but serviceable. Then, they get Favors, whom I think will be good in a couple years. Not to mention 1st round picks. Jazz will be very young, but I think they have better upside now. Point guards are pretty easy to find now days. They may not find an elite PG, but they can easily find a good one. I think Nets might regret letting Favors go, but I do understand they need to get a couple stars to promote more interest before they move.

  4. johnny says:

    deron willians is a way better player for the nets than carmelo anthony, if the nets manage to bring dwight howard they will be nba champions real soon

  5. Coach Gary says:

    You know what fella’s!? Young players that are well above role players. Devin Harris (borderline all star). Derrick Favors (Number 3 in the draft; obvious potential all star, I mean a possible 20/10 guy!). Gordon Haywood (If this guy does develop even into a versatile small forward he is the perfect AK47 replacement). Paul Millsap (Nothing need be said). CJ miles (6th man canidate!) The others can def. contribute!

    AND!!! They have 5 extra first round picks ON TOP of their own in the next three years all coming from sub-par teams. (Knicks, Nets, Golden state…)

    It is ssooo obvious they should trade AK47, raja bell and maybe a few more older pieces and snag more young talent/draft picks. Their lineup would be a ton of young talent. And think they could really upper echelon guys in each position like top 20 percentile in every position! WOW!

  6. kk says:

    wait so does this means that he won’t be able to be a free agent by this summer or opt ot to sign a long contracty with the Nets, like whe tracy mcgrady was traded to the knicks last eyar and then during the summer he signed with the pistons, i don’t even like this move i wanted Deron to go somehwere else during the summer by his choice, lol i had a team in mind i wanted him to go to. i do agree that the west just got weaker now.

  7. spydermats says:

    Deron is my favorite point guard in the NBA, but what does he get by going to New Jersey? Why not stay in Utah and challenge for playoffs until he can go to LA in 2012?

  8. vikos1908 says:

    Great move by the Nets. If I remember correctly, one great point guard and one good center or power forward (with an average or a little below supporting cast) have driven a team to success lots of times. E.g. Penny & Shaquille O’Neal in Orlando, Stockton & Malone in Utah, even Williams & Boozer went far in the playoffs. For crying out loud, Kidd(respect) did it with Kenyon Martin(!!!!!) and Iverson(power of will) with Mutombo(!!!!!). Lopez is becoming a more than respectable center, so… again , great move by the Nets!

  9. anonymous says:

    Expand the Draft Pick to eighty with the top three bottom teams of each conference recieve draft picks from the first round. The lottery is now fixed for the twelve losing teams (this not include teams that made it into playoffs) Also, Losing teams are exempted from the luxury tax threshold, so they can get their quality players through agency with ease. The Eastern and Western Finalist Teams doesn’t have draft picks in the first round. Two Teams that will battle for NBA Finals doesn’t have draft picks in the second round. Those teams however can get players outside the draft. Lottery is held for other teams to battle for no.18 up to no.30 and no.43 up to no.60


    First Round Second Round
    01 CLE 31 CLE
    02 MIN 32 MIN
    03 SAC 33 SAC
    04 TOR 34 TOR
    05 WAS 35 WAS
    06 NJN 36 NJN
    07 CLE 37 DET
    08 MIN 38 LAC
    09 SAC 39 MIL
    10 TOR 40 CHA
    11 WAS 41 HOU
    12 NJN 42 UTA
    13 DET
    14 LAC
    15 MIL
    16 CHA
    17 HOU
    18 UTA

    Contracts as follows in free agency for NBA players that participated in All-Star Game
    Age 21-30 All Star Player (Can only have up to four years guaranteed contract, with one not guaranteed.)
    Age 31-35 All Star Player (Can only have up to two years guaranteed contract, with one not guaranteed.)
    Age 36- All Star Player (Can only have one year guaranteed contract)

    Contracts as follows in free agency for nonAll-Star NBA players
    Age 21-30 (Can only have up to three years guaranteed contract, with one not guaranteed.)
    Age 31-35 (Can only have one year guaranteed contract, with one not guaranteed.)
    Age 36 (Can only have one unguaranteed contract.)

    I think they should use this kind of approach

  10. LoL says:

    Im just hoping that Nets D-Will can have a Kidd-like impact back in 2001-02 season

  11. LoL says:

    Im just hoping that D-Will can have a Kidd-like impact back in 200102 season

  12. LB6 says:

    CBA this CBA that!? why blame the rules when teams are to blame for this. UTAH didnt handle things well on their end thats why Deron wants to leave. If a certain Team wants to keep their star player, they should constantly improve their team and take care of their players. Good move for the Nets. They acquired a good solid pg who will make Lopez and others improve. plus they still have 3 1st round draft picks. while for the jazz. Harris doesnt come close to DWill and Favors has a long way to go.
    – I hope also the suns trade away Nash to the mavericks or to the heat.
    – The HAWKS should also aquire another player. They should do something coz they are 1 player away from being a championship contender. their current roster wont stand against boston and miami.
    – Orlando should trade arenas and aquire a center to back up Howard and a good defender that they can match players like kobe, lebron, wade or DRose
    – Chicago also should get another scorer to back up Rose in the scoring department. ahhh get RIP Hamilton or something of that level.

    Cavs Raptors and Jazz are in the bottom of the food chain. all i can say is best of luck in the future

  13. Jace says:

    I think a lot of you are completely oblivious to some very key facts! The Jazz are on a losing skid, the team is not clicking, they are not running sets, they are not running plays, they are not meshing, they do not work as a team. Now I am one of the most die hard Jazz fans ever!!! I love D-Will and know he is the best point guard in the leage!
    But with all the speculation of him wanting to be in a larger market, and recent rumors of him wanting to play for NY…. We all know what Amare said when he signed, that Melo and CP3/Nash was the next step. Melo and D-Will have a tighter relationship than CP3 or Nash and him do. So the rumors are very believable!
    So rather than deal with what Denver did this summer, next summer in Utah, and then really not get anything for it because NY traded away all of their assets…. Why not trade D Will now, get some assets they coveted in the draft, a point guard who can play and keep Earl Watson from having to start all the time. NOT TO MENTION 2 1ST ROUND UN PROTECTED DRAFT PICKS!!!!????
    Regardless if we kept D Will or not, we needed some rebuilding, being as all the stars only want to play on the same teams….. How can you rebuild? have a role player filled team like Cleveland. Sorry but its true! Or rebuild through the draft?! The nets are bottom of the league, just got rid of 1 up and coming player, and a decent pg. They gained the best pg in the league but who do they have for Deron to win with really now?? When it comes down to a W, they still can not rebound, they are a worse rebounding team now than before! They can distribute the ball, but who can score? Deron is great, but he can’t average 30 a game like Durant, plus with his wrist lately he won’t! So who do you bring in? Because NJ, if you don’t bring someone in immediately, Deron will be more unhappy there than he was in Utah!!! Then you can kiss him goodbye to 1 of 3 teams in free agency!! 1. I think Dallas, they have money to give him, and he is from Dallas, did you see him there in his first All Star game? He loves it! 2. New York, it is already rumored for him to want to be there, and he would easily take a pay cut to play with Amare who torched Boozer, and his great friend Melo. 3. Why not LA? Kobe and Deron love competing against each other, and are good friends, plus he reunites with Fisher, who he loved playing next to in Utah and hated to see him go!
    The bright side as a Jazz fan is that NJ has no real great players other than Deron this year, so we are locked in for a high draft pick, and without a high draft pick next year in NJ, Who and what is going to trade with NJ to bring in another star next year? So you might as well chalk up another high draft pick for Utah.
    In essence Utah lost the best PG in the game, gained an up and coming star big in Favors, allowing them to trade away Jefferson if needs be, assuming he can’t earn his high dollar pay check every night! They drop AK’s deal off the books for 17 Mill, they gain another great trade chip in Harris, and are next to absolutely locked into a top what, 5 pick this year, and a top 10 the next year!!
    We needed to rebuild anyway with or without Deron, sorry to see it be without him, but either way we are rebuilding. Just glad to see us go full steam ahead on rebuilding. Meanwhile the Nets have 1 bad season, another lowly season, no high draft picks, and barring some miracle to gain another star without any assets but cash to trade away…… They lose Deron to FA just like we would have, and they will be set back atleast 5 years to return to where they were before the trade!!!
    GO JAZZ!!

  14. jon says:

    Let go jazz. I think they made a smart move. I was excited at the beginning of the season. But now Deron was a punk. I am glad the jazz traded him and got something before he just left us for nothing.

  15. Jao says:

    lol at this nut wanting the Lakers to have more.

  16. anonymous says:

    I hate it when they only talk about four teams in the west (SAS, DAL, LAL, and OKC) Watch out for the Portland Trailblazers, I hope they get rid of BRoy and Greg Oden before the trade deadline. Wesley Matthews, Andre Miller, and Lamarcus Aldridge can win games and the bench is also doing well. It seems Blake Griffin’s team can’t win a game easily without Eric Gordon, so in order for LA Clippers to be a playoff team, they need everyone to be healthy.

    Chris Paul is heading for New York, that is certain with the way he played in the recent games.

  17. Man Law says:

    I have seen some comments made in regards to the CBA helping to keep players on teams. I’ve also seen comments where people are blaming players for leaving teams. I’ve also seen past NBA teams and players used as examples. My question is at what point do we start putting the blame the owners? Barkley said it best when he left Philly, for years he stayed loyal and they never got him a supporting cast. You can’t blame a player for wanting to go to another team that is actually trying to build. Look what Utah did in the last year. Can you blame Deron for not wanting to re-sign? Every player wants to be competitive but at what point is he allowed to say enough is enough? Is it fair for a player to carry the burden alone? Why would Jordan want to leave when he has Pippen and Grant? Why would Bird want to leave when he has McHale and Parrish? Why would Magic want to leave when he has Kareem and Worthy? People got mad with Lebron because he went to play with Wade and Bosh but yet all the great teams had 3 or more Stars on them. I find it hypocritical for it to be ok if the owner decides he wants 3 stars but yet the players get criticized for doing the same. Take San Antonio, (I’m a Spurs fan), who really wants to play there? Seriously, what star wants to play in Texas? So the owners make smart decisions when it comes to picks and free agency. Robinson, Duncan, Parker, Ginobli, Bowen, Jefferson, Elliot, Avery, Strickland. If owners start making better decisions then players will stay. The funny thing is before people didn’t want to put players together because they were worried about ego clashing, now they are mad because players want to play together and is making it happen. Also as far players making more than other professions, it is what it is. Why should they just shut up and be happy? These owners are making millions of their sweat but yet they owners are never in the wrong. Lol.

    • kobez says:


      Why would Jordan want to leave when he has Pippen and Grant? Why would Bird want to leave when he has McHale and Parrish? Why would Magic want to leave when he has Kareem and Worthy?

      …I am not taking anything away from Abdul Jabbar, Worthy, McHale, and Parrish….those guys are legends…

      To compare to todays landscape what is happening is different….what is happening today is like Jordan wanting to play with Magic and Bird….

      Like MIA….look at last years top 10 PPG….Bosh is #9…Wade #5…Lebron #2….All teaming up….

      The owners all want winning teams…your right….but players are the ones on the court…they gotta know for themselves what feels better….winning a championship with hard TEAM work….or winning it becuase your team comprimises of all stars….heck….

      • Man Law says:

        There is no difference. Magic had Kareem and Worthy on his team. If he didn’t have legends, hell yeah he would jump ship. If Jordan didn’t have Pippen and Grant of course he would play with Bird. If they say differently, then he’s lying. It’s easy for players like Jordan, Magic and Bird to say they wouldn’t do it when they played on a team with allstars and legends. Barkley is a perfect example again. He left to go play with Kevin Johnson, Tom Chambers and Dan Majerle. Barkley didn’t have a team so after years he left. You can’t use Jordan or them as an example because they didn’t have to play on teams by themselves. They all had an allstar cast with legends. Do you honestly believe that believe that if Jordan played on Cleveland he wouldn’t want to bounce and play with all stars?

  18. zach lucca (NJN) says:

    i am a huge nets fan and this is wonderful! id rather have d-will then carmelo…deron plays good defense and creates a lot on offense(obviously hes a pg but still). I am not a bandwagon fan lol i grew up with them and i live in NJ…so i have seen the good and the bad. this is definitely a step in the right direction and if we add a few more pieces we will surely compete for years to come. D harris is an average pg at best, and maybe im wrong but i dont see favors being a great player. im ecstatic!!!!!!!!!

  19. EspnSays says:

    I agree with Vlad, Me personally think the Nba is the most fair sport to me, not like the Nfl that try and force their own players to stay. And besides seeing Carmelo and Deron traded is nothing more than a cause and affect, Because of Carmelo wanting a trade, The Nuggets did not want what happen to them that happened to the Cavaliers. So like a Gm with common sense, trades Carmelo to the Knicks….Because of the Nets failing to land a big name free agent, And failing to trade for Carmelo, Makes a trade for Deron.. With that said, The Nba is the most fair sport to me but has it’s faults.. At least in the Nba you dont have rookies making more money in one year than a Great veteran player made in his whole career. There are players in the Nfl at the age of 21 in their first contract signing 7 year 80 million dollars with 40 of it ganrateed?..But thats another story for another time because I can go on and on about the Nfl regulations that isnt fair at all…I do agree with however that player’s should be paid srtickly on how well he plays..There should be no contract garanteed to any player in any sport, Because what about the owners who invest big money in players?,And when they get injured or dont live up to expectations I believe that owners deserve some sort of refund…(just like when you buy something from the store and it didnt work, you got your money back!)

  20. REESEDOG66 says:


  21. I have a feeling nene is gonna be gone nuggets … if he left the team maybe he’ll go thunder, magic or maybe houston rockets.

  22. ItsTeaTime93 says:

    Man, I wondering what would the ALL STAR 2012 would look like, especially Williams and Melo now on the EAST Squad.
    West probably gonna lose.

  23. DBBJ says:


  24. REESEDOG66 says:


  25. Derek says:

    If Blake were to leave the Clippers I’m pretty sure he would rather play for OKC. He seem to enjoy playing in front of his home crowd.

  26. Justin says:

    you think williams wants to go to new jersey i dont think so.
    but i do agree players shouldnt choose where they want to go.

  27. luis says:

    its ridiculous how much owners want players to be 100 percent committed to their teams but they are not committed to players. as a player you can be traded whenever the owners want, and yet they want to end free agency, free agency is what keeps players happy and give them hope rather than staying in a place where they will not be treated correctly and have no support. i support the players association 100 percent, the owners and teams gain too much from players to deny them having an opt out clause and free agency. they should have listened to Lebron when he said he was unhappy, the Lakers listened to kobe and they got Gasol…now Kobe is happy.

  28. amir says:

    I tought Derron is only untachable guy on jazz team and nets wont make playoffs in next 10 years cause east is strong now you got 5 elite teams in east even if you end up 6th 7th 8 seed you have to face any of those teams d will i am not happy cause i been watching your games with utah for years and i don’t think you are happy either i wish you the best man for all who thinks derron is the reason jerry sloan quit give me a stinking break if jerry had desire for couching stil nobody could stand in his way

  29. J Will says:

    Clear up the facts: 1) Sloan didn’t quit due to D Will, it was 23 years in the game with no title and an essentially brand new team! The Sloan vs. D Will thing is dead, that’s apparent by the trade. 2) Utah fans were behind Williams 100% after (just because you watch B-ball, doesn’t mean you are attending the games… if you would have come to Utah, you’d have heard the fans behind Williams). Utah fans are always loud and crazy, booing and yelling at our own players, that’s what you get with more conservative politics. What we are like in our stadium, is like what punk is like with republicans in office: Untamed. So clear those points up. Good luck D WILL! We’ll always love you in Utah!

  30. Bmoss says:

    You forgot to mention Corey Brewer going to the Knicks in the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. deuce says:

    as long j.r. smith doing his thing denver has nothing to worry about

  32. amir says:

    I don’t know what utah jazz did.i tought derron in only untachable guy on their team it won’t be a lote of point guards like him coming in draft for years to new yersy nets won’t make playoffs in next 10 years there are too many teams that are good now.i feel sorry for d will he was great leader of jazz they wont be able to replace him the reason utah jazz loosing ground they don’t keep any players you wont be good if every year you change roster.this league is not like it was before you can be best player in the world but if i can save money i will trade you anywhere i want and nothing you can do about it

  33. Ahmed Iftkhar Din Chaudhry says:

    I have a question, is deron william’s going sign the extension with the new jersey nets?

    • Nicholas says:

      If he does sign it, then it all plays into Chris Paul’s hands since NY will have no other star PG to play for come 2012.

      Carmelo-drama pas deux… deja vu for the Knicks.

  34. Daniel says:

    I can’t wait until Blake Griffin becomes a laker via free agency. It’s only inevitable!

  35. titokim says:

    this may be funny(or ironic?) but the nets might be a reincarnation of the jazz of the 90’s stockton to malone.
    DWILL to BL!!!

  36. Dieter says:

    Wow, great deal for the Nets. The melo saga is over for 1 day, and they get an even better player. Weird how those things happen. Bad management by the Knicks, because they probably could have gotten a better player for less.

  37. Mental1981 says:

    First of all, Politics have no business in sports. True sports fans don’t care for politics of the game that is generated and thrived by the vultures in the media who can’t wait for a scandal since they aren’t really true sports fans. That said, Utah couldn’t wait to trade Derron Williams, in an effort to defuse a potentially cancerous situation that would drain the franchise of its dignity.

    Second, there is a problem in the league that was brought about by fantasy sports and a generation of players raised on video games where they now dream of the ultimate team being the one with the most stars and not the most cohesive unit with balanced offense and defense. This was almost inevitable. Why shouldn’t I have Kobe, Lebron, D-Wade and Dwight Howard on the same team if I don’t mind paying the luxury tax? Because it leads to the death of the sport, much like baseball where you have a few elite teams and the majority are crap. This is why the weakest teams always seem to get high draft picks.

    Finally, I disagree with Lebron’s idea that small market teams should be allowed to fizzle out. Even if you have no superstars, that should not be enough to prevent you from being a playoff contender. Look at Greece. They insulted team USA over and over again during international play without a single Lebron or D-Wade caliber player and why, because they play basketball like a soccer team. Everyone realizes that they are members of a team, and a team is not built around a single member, a team is not built rather it builds itself around the cohesive forces that comes with serious practice together, willingness to participate, and the ability to overcome the storming stage of group dynamics and enter the norming-performing stages, and everyone puts equal effort towards the will to win.

    Instead, what you have in the NBA is a bunch of overpaid selfish players who have taken the game away from the hard driven will to win. On most teams, it seems like only the stars have the hunger to win, and the remaining players simply lag along as a supporting cast. Note this. Even the Cavaliers, with the right zeal to win, and sufficient practice, have the talent to take down the newly formed Nicks, Heat or even the Celtics, if they realize the value of team spirit and effort.

  38. Alan says:

    west going east because many players feel they have a better chance of winning in the east than the west, though perhaps not anymore come 2012 but we’ll see how that all pans out. Easier to team up and create a star studded team that has a serious contending chance. Hard to beat the Mavs, Spurs, and of course the purple and gold!

  39. deekoy says:

    How about the fact that D.Will is not happy about going to the Nets. They have a star who doesn’t want to be there and they have to pray that the new CBA is hard on Free Agents. The only way Derron is staying there after 2012 is if the CBA leaves him no choice. Meaning a NFL style Franchise Tag. So if they keep D.Will in a senario like that you better believe Dwight Howard will face the same fate in Orlando.The age of the migrating superstars could be over. I hope for the Nets that this doesn’t blow up in their face.

    • Jrock says:

      Where are you getting your info from ? Did you speak to D-will about how he felt ? … No .. So shut ur mouth.

    • Dakota says:

      I’m from Utah and have stayed up to date about everything about this trade. I love D-Will, he is the best point guard in the league (who cares if D-Rose lit him up in Sloan’s last game and the all-star game, D-Will is the much better TRADITIONAL and ALL AROUND point guard, D-Rose is the more creative and dynamic player but the list is like this 1. D-Will 2. CP3 3. D-Rose 4. Rondo 5. Who ever is playing best that week).
      Anyway, this is a great trade for both teams I believe, the Jazz get the people they want to rebuild around and D-Will gets the larger market he is craving while the Nets get their superstar. And D-Will is pissed to be there, he found out via Sportscenter while in the training room with Raja Bell, Paul Millsap, and Ronnie Price. Would you want to go to a team that has 17 wins or stay with a team that is trying to adjust to life without one of the best coaches of all time.
      The CBA should be stricter, if the NBA becomes six cities, the NBA will fall apart. I do though think that players should be able to dictate where they go but not like Melo pretty much making it an ultimatum (not sure how to spell it) and saying he wouldn’t play anywhere but New York just because he wants attention. I think they should make it so that you can’t have three max contracts on a single team like Miami, New York with two max contracts is just enough, none of this three of the best players to walk the court on one team. Just a stricter cap, I’m not sure on the whole franchise tag thing, if players don’t want to be there they won’t play their hardest

  40. Larry Luv says:

    SHould Sloan comeback now??

  41. Sicnasty says:

    Not gonna lie, this trade got me more hyped then the Melo deal.

  42. MABLobo says:

    Yo man Nets just got D-Will, THE BEST point guard in the NBA! Knicks fans YA can have “Melo”, SUCK IT OR NOT HERE WE CUM! p.s I’m a Nets fan and I have the most trust in the Nets that D-Will will stick around and lead us to the promise land. It’s funny because D-Will’s favorite player growing up is J-Kidd. So basically the Nets just got the closes thing to J-Kidd(Rondo too) but he doesn’t rebound like J-Kidd but oh well.

  43. MonK3y says:

    D-Will is the best point guard in the NBA in my book. Things were’nt right for him anymore in Utah, I don’t think the Nets will do much for the rest of this season but come the off-season and a year away from moving to brooklyn they’ll be much stronger.
    Good move!

    • DRose Owns DWill says:

      DWill best point guard in the NBA? Did you see the allstar game? how many missed layups did he have? Did you see Sloan’s last game vs the Bulls? Rose made DWill look like a shy little school girl. DWill, good, but not the best. Probably not even the top 5.

      • Str8chi says:

        I’m wondering if he’s seen his last All Star game. Between DRose, Rondo…maybe he can get in as a reseerve again. Maybe. Better hope that JWall doesn’t develop too quickly. The sad part is I like DWill. I think he’s actually pretty good. Hopefully he gets his head into the game again now that he’s out of Utah. He was very good when he had Boozer and if he get surrounded with that type of player(s) while with the Nets he may be that good again.

      • Kevin says:

        take your blinders off (DRose fan club) Dwill is top 3 – ask any NBA coach or GM or better yet ask any of the 4 -5 point guards you think are better than him.As a matter of fact please name the 5 as I need a laugh tonight….

    • infinite says:

      He will book in 2012 when he becomes a free agent. Nets are just renting him. I really dont think this attracts Dwight Howard.

  44. Jrock says:

    So with this new CBA are players expected to play on a team with no hope of winning ? I think its unfair to hold them and lock them in a team they dont wana play in just because u dont like it that a small market cant keep there players. Stars are meant to shine .. Its sad to say but i honestly think that some teams need to be taken out of the league. Far too many times has there been teams who never make the cut, and now because there front office and coaches are USELESS , they have no other alternative but to try to get the new CBA to lock there players in .. Just pull ur finger out and realise that some teams are a waste of time.

    • kobez says:

      Im not saying to lock them up in a box and force them to play there….I am just not into seeing all the franchise players go to 6 teams….while the rest of the legue and the fans have to watch the rest….if you think that its fair, then you probably live in one of those major markets…Back in the day players played for teams with no issue….Jordan didnt want to go to LA….Bird didnt want to go to the Nets….they played where they signed…and once you sign on….you play….if they are a free agent, YES, go and sign wherever….So MIA deal is legit cause thats what they did….Boston started it…and they were free agents too….in the end the small markets will vanish…and the mid level markets too…the legue will not generate enough revenue to pay these players based on 6-10 major markets….maybe it can survive without the small makets…but it wont without the mid level….

      • Jrock says:

        I have to agree with you on that one.. Im not saying take all the teams out, but just the ones that have failed to suceed and are now complaining that they dont have any good players ?! .. But i totally agree that if you sign a contract you should stick with your contract to the end .. I hate seeing all these stars together in one team but i cant blame them for wanting it. You can however blame them for wanting it when they are locked in a contract that THEY themselves signed !

      • Kevin says:

        Wrong – there will be no contraction,because that would hurt TV revenues and advertising revenues which besides merchandising is what fuels the NBA’s bank account. Get ready for a Hard Cap and more parity. Thats why these teams are making these last minute deals to get key players. Under next years hard cap Deron williams options to move to another team like the Knicks wont be there. Signing Carmelo guaranteed that – again HARD Cap.

        Why a hard cap – besides spreading out the talent and keeping small market teams competitive, the owners want it and Stern wants it to save his league. and if you know anything about the NBA, the Godfather always gets what he wants

  45. MrJazz says:

    OMG i don’t beieve it. I guess the Jazz are done for the season I mean two stupid moves in 1 Year. Why is Greg doing this it is not going to help his team and i bet the Jazz are going to fall. D-Will I am going to miss you you’ve done great things for this franchise!!!!!

  46. chupisco says:

    The Jazz keep making mistakes!!!! That was a terrible deal for the Jazz, if they want to get ready off D-will they could have gotten a much better deal than that. Maybe they are trying to sell the team as a whole.

  47. AirFindlay#2 says:

    We should bring Jimmer to the Jazz!!!

    • BYU says:

      Yes, Now with the first round pick the jazz can pick up JIMMER!!! JIMMERTIME BABY!!

      • Str8chi says:

        After drafting Hayward, they probably would do something stupid like that. The East is gonna beast the West for years to come….if they don’t eat each other up first. The Western Coference playoffs are going to be humorous at best. The first two rounds are just going to be a formality. Play the games because you have to. There are only a few teams that are going to be worth watching. Let’s see who they have now…LAL, SA, DAL, OKC, and ummmm….. Give me a minute…. And I’m spent!!!

  48. mj says:

    BIG, BIG trade for the Nets.
    I’m a Jazz fan and I have seen Deron in action. The guy has got game. He is quick, intelligent and can dunk! Anyone who thinks this is not a good thing or even as good of a trade as Carmelo is just plain nuts. Wait until you see this guy really play, then decide….
    I am heartbroken…

  49. kevinsbonusmom says:

    Wow! West going East. Utah won’t be in playoffs for a few years. Even if by a miracle they slide in at 8th, will be out in 1st round. So long D-will. Good luck. You will be missed by Jazz fans everywhere.

  50. buzzkillngton says:

    this is all very good news for Rockets. go, Rockets!

    but really, the WEST is falling apart. somebody do something.

  51. kobez says:

    Where is the parity in this league? I dont want to watch all the star players in only 6 cities (LA, NY, BOS, MIA, SA, NJ(NY)…The new CBA has to address this…cities like CLE, TOR, UTA, and eventually NO are losing star players….what the point of being competitive when all these guys wanna do is play with other stars..i think each team should have 1 franchise player….and a supporting cast….equal….and may the best team win….

    • Besek says:

      Kobez dude i totally agree with you

      • V Man says:

        But it’s always been like that. When do you remember small market team winning a championship or having a dynasty type of franchise? Players are only human, they want to live in the city that offers more than just playing basketball, ie good climate, metropolitan culture, nightlife, exposure for business opportunities, etc…..And since only star players have the power to choose where they play without losing out on the contract money, they choose the bigger cities.

        And as far as star joining stars…..If you ever played hoops at the park and were picking a team, you always wanted to play with guys who ball good so you could win and play few more games. And you didn’t care if other team would have much worse players. Same here, stars do want to win and they give themselves a better chance to do so, even if it doesn’t look fair to the rest of the league.

        Teams that won championships have always had at least 2 playesrs in Top 10 at the time, or had one THE Superstar player and incredibly deep team from 2 to 8. Stars understand that and thats why they join powers, to contend for championship every year. If each team has one superstar and support cast, then there will never be dynasties. It would be like NFL where every year there is a new team winning and you never who will be there in the end. But to some, it’s a good thing…hmmmm 🙂

  52. Good bye and good luck says:

    The “NETS” or the “Russian” strikes back? We are pleased the nets gets Deron. He’s a cry baby and the Millers had to deal him away after he ran off one of the best coaches in NBA history. So i’m not sure the Nets really got anything special. I hope he can play with them.

  53. Anton says:

    Although I do support the notion that CBA should undergo serious revision, NJN struggles for the past couple of years do not do the league any good either. It was funny to listen to Prokhorov when he came to the league claiming NJN were gonna make it to the elite, nevertheless expectations are high. Well maybe Williams is a good step forward, but there is definitely more to come.

    P.S. I would also like to see Nets changing their uniforms as they move to Brooklyn.

  54. Mike says:

    I think everyone needs to remember that Deron Williams STILL will be a free agent in the year 2012 unless the Nets can sign him to an extension.

  55. rcbrice says:

    I hardly think this is the last major move we’ll be seeing from the Nets in years to come. When Mikhail Prokhorov stated he would “bring a championship to NJ within the next 5 years”, as unrealistic as that may seem, it seems that he wasn’t joking in his intentions. Although this is likely to be the final trade NJ will make before this current deadline expires, expect Prokhorov to be going after big-name free agents in summers to come (Dwight?)

    I’m no Nets fan (LAKERS!) but only a fool wouldn’t know that the Nets rise to a competitor is eminent. This is only the beginning.

    • VanPastorMan says:

      Harris is averaging 15 ppg for the Nets this year. Favors is a young athletic rookie who will be a good one next to Jefferson. With the two draft picks Utah got who knows they might end up better in the long run, especially since Williams was probably not going to resign with the team.

  56. SpursTopDawg says:

    its a good move for the nets especially since devin harris didn’t do much for them

  57. Ute says:

    Gee, I wonder what (who) was the real cause of Jerry’s knee-jerk departure?

    As the SUNS rise, the JAZZ will no longer be making the play-offs this season.

  58. BILL MCBLAZE says:


  59. Kyle says:

    I agree. Small market teams are done. Did it all start with boston? The big three. Lebron sure has been making some real statements about weeding out small market teams. The stars are aligning. Jazz fans; its going to be a rough couple years… if thats all we have left. I hope they work it out like the nfl as well.

  60. buzzkillngton says:

    so does that mean Jerry Sloan will be coming back now?

    • Wade-James Fan says:

      It seems probable, if he can rebuild and do things his way it’s a possibility. However, I do think he has grown weary of the general direction of the league which is now pretty much driven by the high paod players and not coaches or owners. I guess we will have to wait and see….

  61. Bermudaboy says:

    Is it just me or are all of the Western Conference All-Stars jumping ship to eastern conference teams? Stoudemire, ‘Melo, Williams. Probably CP3 soon as well. I think the East is on the rise especially once these Lakers, Spurs and Mavericks get too old in the next few years…

    • rowmiyo says:

      i noticed that too

    • Bunbury says:

      You’re right. amare, melo, dwilliams, boozer, WHO’s NEXT!! Chris Paul? since the bottom of the east is terrible, they also get the best draft picks. However, the west teams are smarter. they always get good players late on the drafts and trade for no-names who later become known names.

  62. KEV says:

    this trade has doomed utah. favors needs time to develop and harris is nowhere close to dwill. the nets future now depends on the chemistry between dwill and brook lopez, which i think will work. looks like a bright future for the nets

  63. KnicksFan88 says:

    This is a big move by the nets but as of right now the Nets have no one but williams and lopez. Also i think Lopez is ok but a little overareted considering he has 0 double doubles and his average in rebounds is just bad… The nets need some decent swing men to contend in the future. This is defenitely good for the league. The STARS are coming to the east and the balance of power will soon even out between the EAST and the WEST. KNICKS and NETS rivalry is in the making as we might have 2 potential MONSTER teams in NY in 2012… Lets see what the future holds and what the new bagaining agreement is.

    Knicks need a Center and a bench… Tyson Chandler or Javale Mcgee are perfect fits for the Knicks and idk if they can get cp3 but that would be nice… The bench will come. Nets should probably look to go after gerald wallace or danny granger right now… or shane battier

    • Mariner says:

      Lopez isn’t overrated. He does have 1 double-double, but he has only regressed in rebounds. But that is more because ZHumphries has been monstrous on the boards for us this season. Lopez is still a great offensive weapon, often seeing double teams and often shooting ove rthem and still making the basket.

  64. Kyle Goodman says:

    This trade could be a huge blockbuster for the Nets. Might be better then the Jason Kidd trade in 2001.

    • Str8chi says:

      They still need help. This year is a wash for them, but I think if they can pull Gallinari from Denver, they might be okay. Still need a 2G, if you ask me.

  65. tdsmith says:

    The jazz wasnt that good to begin with now they are denfinely done. They got harris and favors two nobody for the best point guard in the nba you tell me who got the raw end of the deal.

    • T-Wah says:

      Maybe you should read all of the details. The Jazz get 2 first round picks in the deal. If you haven’t noticed, they have a pretty good draft history (Stockton, Malone, Williams, Milsap). Do you think the Jazz maybe wanted some options when D-Will wouldn’t resign next year? Go Jazz (maybe not this year)!

      • bizzle says:

        GO JAZZ

      • Str8chi says:

        LOL… It was a smart move by the Jazz. I mean, there’s hope in Favors and Harris, though I’m not sold on Hayward (3.6 ppg). They will have draft picks but isn’t there a log jam now at forward? What’s the rotation gonna be? I feel sorry for you guys though. You let Boozer, Korver, Matthews, Brewer, and Williams go and now you are basically starting from scratch. I see you guys making a little noise in two years…maybe with a 4th seed in the 2013 or 2014 playoffs. Definitely need a 2G from somewhere.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      The west just got even weaker… Wow all of our all stars are gone!

  66. A W says:

    Great move for the Nets!

  67. Kent says:

    The Nets seem to be desperate to acquire a star player to be on their team, but I believe this move will benefit the team for the years to come. On the other hand, Jazz’s playoff run will probably be in danger since it is the most important time of the year. There are less than 30 games left in the season and Jazz is in 8th place of Western Conference right now: too many changes in too little time.

  68. ClipperShawn says:

    So rather than deal with another ‘Melo saga, the Jazz just got rid of Deron now. What’s next? In order to avoid another Deron saga the Clippers are going to trade Blake Superior before thursday? After that will the Cavs’ be trading away Jared Sullinger to avoid the embarrassment of another Decision five years from now. Something needs to be done to fix this in the next CBA to make the NBA more like the NFL, with more profit sharing, a hard cap, and franchise tags.

    • Jordan says:

      not really a “melo saga” more of a “king james saga”

    • R4 says:

      I total agree. No more players choosing where they want to go. They should be happy to be in the nba not the other way around. I hope to see CBA that stands firm on hard cap and gives you the ability to cut players that under perform without paying them. Ball player make more money than people that actually save lives. I feel for alot of team that need stars and a winning record in the stand to make money becuase in Toronto we are bless to have a large economy. Who is next to go? Chris Paul, Curry, Blake, or Jenning

      • Vlad says:

        are you kidding me? “No more players choosing where they want to go.”??? the only time a player has a say in where he is going is when is gettig to close to free agency, It`s not like it is happening every day with every player. From all the players involved in a deal this season Melo is the only one that had this luxury. I don`t see this as a big tragedy.

        There is nothing the new CBA could do, except driving players into free agency even more. As long as there is a free agency players will have a chance to change teams.

        In the end…what is the big difference ?? he leaves by trade to the team he wants in february or leaves as a free agent to the team he wants in June.

      • DBBJ says:


      • Manny says:

        In that case, a star players’ power and decision to leave is justified as they’ve earned the right to do so with their special play; if you’re going to so freely cut under-performing players without paying them, then your reasoning must have proportional benefits to franchise/valuable role players who mean so much to their respective clubs.

        Therefore, a player’s power and freedom to play anywhere is his ultimate benefit and reward for excelling play and, thus, shouldn’t be lambasted nor denied of it.

      • Me says:


        First of all, stop yelling. Second of all, get a clue. The NBA is nothing like the real job market. If you think that getting paid millions of dollars to play ball is slavery, then sign me up for slavery for the next ten years. I’ll even let my “masters” trade me as often as they would like.

        Do you think that if I slack off and underperform at my real job that I would be at that company for long? NO! I would be fired as fast as you could blink an eye (especially in this economy). If ball players slack, though, they still get paid millions of dollars. They can’t be fired as long as they are under contract. The point is, you can’t compare the real job market to the NBA. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

        I DO think it’s pathetic that star players are starting to run this league. Something needs to be done in order to keep the NBA interesting; otherwise, there are going to be a lot of disinterested fans.

      • Str8chi says:

        The thing of it is…I don’t see a problem with people going where they want to go as long as they don’t sign a contract for X amount of years and then try to back out of it before the ink dries. There has to be some accountability for agreeing to a contract and sticking it through til the end. Now I read where someone compared it to a regular job and I only disagree because a contract is a different thing entirely. If you paid someone to work on your house and they back out with the job half finished to work on another house where they would be getting paid more money you’d be very upset.

        Free agency should be the only time that players have control over where they want to play and that’s why I didn’t totally have a problem with LeBron going to Miami. I didn’t like the way that he did it, even though I think his intentions were misunderstood, but it was his decision. If players want to play together with other players or be closer to home, they should be allowed to do so.

        On a sidenote: The West is getting very weak. I’m laughing because I’m a Bulls fan and I remember the last year or two I had to listen to people claim that the 8th or 9th seeds in the West would have been 3-5 seeds in the East. Not the case anymore. What’s more funny is that this was coming from a Jazz fan….lol.

    • tv says:

      hes a freshman you idiot

      • ClipperShawn says:

        I know. If you really think anyone’s that dumb you need to reassess your thoughts about humanity. It was a joke about how far ahead the owners are thinking that they might even trade a player that they don’t have yet. Next time think before you say something stupid.

      • DBBJ says:

        @ “Me”

        Just in case you didnt know, nowadays Star Players like: Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Melo, etc aren’t playing for more money, they are playing for CHAMPIONSHIP.

        And that underperform thing you talking ’bout, thats because you don’t need talent to work at your job, you need talent to play in the NBA, and nobody is perfect to play good everyday.

    • david says:

      no franchise tags or hard cap. every sport is different n i like it like that. they are not guna trade blake he guna walk across the arena once donald sterling doesnt pay deandre jordan n eric gordon becuz he hates 2 spend money. let the players do what they want its funny how all of sudden ppl have a problem with thing cuz they tired of seing their teams lose. clippers are in an attractive market but why dont they ever win anything becuz of the owner it starts at da top. n da owners are da ones who pay these players all the money some want 2 pay them some dont its there choice. its sterns fault the league is built around stars and nfl doesnt have a perfect cba it always favors da owners. why have da bills been bad for so long n da raiders n 49ers n lions n texans n miami n browns. keep it da way it is cant change da cba now cuz it would favor lequeen james for da next 6 years cuz his team is already built n set. bos n la are getting older n wont be able to win for to much longer so that wouldnt be fair to da league if you wana talk about competitveness.