Tayshaun Staying Put?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The long-rumored Carmelo Anthony mega-trade worked out for the Knicks and Nuggets but it didn’t work out for all that were involved (from the beginning).

Pistons forward Tayshaun Prince, who was once thought to be in play when the Pistons were the rumored third team in a deal, will likely stay put after Thursday’s 3 p.m. trade deadline, per the Detroit News.

Pistons boss Joe Dumars said Prince, in the final year of a deal that pays him $11.1 million, will remain with the Pistons, as long as he isn’t offered a deal he simply cannot refuse:

“I would,” Dumars said when asked if he would like Prince to return next season. “And we’ve talked about that. Tayshaun has been good here for a long time so I absolutely want to have that conversation at some point.”

Prince doesn’t think he’ll be traded.

“It was brought up that if I could go to a team where I could win, my answer was yes,” Prince said. “But at the same time, if it did not pan out, of course I would want to finish the final 25 games. I’ve been through the good times and the bad times. I never once walked in there (to Dumars’ office) and said I’ve got to go. I’ve struck through the thick and thin.”

Dumars said he has been given permission to make trades, despite the possible sale of the team soon. But it is believed he cannot make a trade for a player with a long-term contract or a high salary. He is allowed to trade for draft picks and expiring contracts.

“There are some parameters for us to make a deal,” Dumars said. “Yes, I can make a deal, but it has to fit within the parameters.”

Rip Hamilton doesn’t have the same sort of assurances as Prince. But you have to believe that if the Pistons aren’t willing to deal Prince, the chances of them moving Hamilton might just as slim.


  1. Cliff says:

    The best thing to do for Tayshaun Prince is to go to ATL or Chicago… If i have a choice i would take Bulls with no esitation 🙂

  2. i think that u should traded prince if he wants to be put on another team then do trade him like to the wizards or magice or bulls or heat or spurs or nets or jazz cus they all can use a powerful dunker and a heck of a 3 point shooter on the team

  3. umpay says:

    prince or battier to BEANTOWN..

  4. awesomeman says:

    John Kuester, GTHO.

    There are plenty of good coaches in the sea.

    Joe Dumars, GTHO.

    There are way better executives in the sea. I like Joe Dumars personally, but he is doing everything wrong. E.x. Charlie and Gordon.

  5. bballer says:

    Hey the Pistons problem is that they paid a lot for Gordon and Villeneuva and haven’t gotten their money’s worth.

  6. Ken Doma says:

    Why would Tayshaun a starter go play for the Boston Celtics and sit on the bench? We all know Boston will not win the Championship this year. It has to be the Miami Heat. Ok thanks bye.

  7. allizer says:

    Boston need’s you Tyshaun… Boston Celtics management get Tyshaun and the Title 18th banner will be on Boston again… Go Get it… Go Boston Celtics…

  8. Detroit native says:

    Yeah right!!! why would we want Mike Miller? We already have shooters… you can’t base a team on making shots and expect to go anywhere

  9. The One says:

    Go to the HEAT! Hey Pat Riley, offer Mike Miller for Tayshaun Prince! That will be a win-win for both teams!

  10. itsallabout18 says:

    Go to Boston Tayshaun

  11. 3Peat!!! says:

    Send him to the Lakers… Artest is killin me!

  12. Dubai says:

    Prince to Boston, thats it.. As the play off will be grind for “the Truth” ,Boston needs a back-up for the “the Truth” in Prince.

  13. nabo says:

    Prince would be the perfect back-up to Paul Pierce in Boston-instantly improving the C’s and preparing them for a playoff run, and at thesame time, giving Tayshaun another shot at a title, which he deserves.

  14. Randall says:

    Prince bulls for 2 to 3 first round picks u cant beat it especially since jow said he can only trade for expiring contracts and draft picks which my bulls have their 1st pick charlottes 1st pick and now toronto’s via miami first pick. 3 1st picks no matter where they are for prince is great that would give them 4 with thier pick added wow..

  15. GermanMavsFan says:

    Hey there in Dallas, grab that guy and send Caron Butler and JJ Barea to Detroit. That would be a big push for the playoff race! Cuban is known for such crazy stunts and Detroit at least has cap space and a decent backup guard after the season.

  16. ce says:

    Prince for Battier!!!

  17. CrakGenius says:

    It’s a shame, really, that the ownership situation handcuffs Dumars on any deals he might make. Part of the rebuilding process is trading guys like Prince and Hamilton to bring in lower salaries and draft picks. That’s how it’s done. You create cap room, then fill it with talent.

    • Bunbury says:

      the pistons had the money and space few years ago. And what did they do thanks to Joe Dumars, they acquire villanueva and gordon for too much, too long deals.

  18. Brandon says:

    Prince needs to find a new team while he still has gas in the tank. He is too decent a player and person to be held in Detroit, who is too stacked with mediocre gaurds and forwards. The same goes for Richard Hamilton. I believe that Detroit should deal with New Jersey and package them away for two younger players that will fit better with Detroit’s new look team.

  19. funny says:

    just makes me think… all of these good players, though may be old but still has the props to be great pieces to a championship team… would just let their contracts end, then take a minimum contracts in boston LOL

  20. chasna says:

    tayshaun needs to go to a contender to become relevant again in bball

  21. Femi says:

    A trade for Prince would be better for him then Detriot, because lets be honest he isn’t going to achieve anything more at this team, by the time they have completed their rebuilding pharse he would on his way to retirement.

  22. EL says:

    All that the Piston’s need is to fire their coach. Nothing more.