Surprise! Nets Land D-Will

Did Mikhail Prokhorov just trump the Knicks?

A source close to the situation has confirmed reports from The Record and Yahoo! that the New Jersey Nets have reached an agreement with the Utah Jazz on a trade that will bring point guard Deron Williams to New Jersey for Devin Harris, Derrick Favors and two first round picks. The trade call is expected to happen “within the hour,” says the source.

So basically, the Nets got (arguably) a better player than Carmelo Anthony for less than what they were offering the Denver Nuggets for Melo.

Jazz-Nets trade
Who went where in the Deron Williams trade:
Nets get:
G Deron Williams
Jazz get:
G Devin Harris
F Derrick Favors
2011 first-round pick (from Nets)
2012 first-round pick (Nets via Warriors)

The picks are the Nets’ unprotected pick this year and the Warriors pick next year (protected 1-7).

The Nets may also send, in a separate deal, Troy Murphy to the Golden State Warriors for Dan Gadzuric and Brandan Wright. New Jersey doesn’t play until Friday (in San Antonio), so they’ve got time to get their new players situated before they play.

Of course, this prompts so many questions …

Will the Nets now target Dwight Howard in 2012?

Could the Knicks have gotten Williams instead of Anthony?

Will Williams, who can choose to become a free agent in 2012, be happy playing for Avery Johnson?

Did the Jazz know that they weren’t keeping Williams beyond next season?

And how did this happen so quickly?


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  1. Janeeban says:

    fml i dont lik this im suicidin

  2. N.E.K. says:

    Re: livetruly

    First of all, Melo vs. D Will – it depends on how you look at the comparison as to who is better. Williams’ ppg isn’t too far behind Anthony’s and he is obviously more proficient when it comes to facilitating the ball (his main job).

    Devin Harris: raw? You just put him in a league of which he is unworthy. And Favors is far from a presence, let alone a proven presence down low.

    CP3 – Maybe you should become the next great analyst and tell all of the others to step aside; since you possess the 411 from your flawless sources. Paul could go anywhere and everyday we learn more and more that rumors tend to be rumors and nothing is set in stone.

    You say NJ’s owner shouldn’t be able to look in the mirror due to making the wrong decision for his city. Apparently you should take over. Not only does Williams give the Nets a boost, he makes them more appealing to upcoming free agents. He brings it to every PG in the league, and he CARES about making his teammates better. Third in assists in the “L” can surely prove that if you don’t want to take my word. Williams in fact is raw – you should check your personal definition of the word. Aside from his skill set, he has something called passion; he also has drive. Both of these things give him a much better chance of leading his team to victory. PLEASE, tell me the last time you saw Devin Harris display these assets for his “team”… Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

  3. eric says:

    The Jazz have no choice to trade D will, i am 100% sure that he will run awat after the season so it better to have benefit of him rather than they will expereince what Toronto and Cleve had expereinced. Right move Utah!

    Utah punished also D will because they send him to New jersey Lol

  4. nocsun says:

    Dwill is the better all around player sorry knick fans im from NY but it is what it is. Dont get me wrong knicks made a hell of a trade and they got all the scoring they need. Dwill can defend , score and create his own shot if need be plus he makes the players around him better perfect player to build a franchise around. Melo is more give me the ball hold it for 4 seconds ok guys watch me shoot. The main thing is free agents will be more eager to play with an all around team player than a guy that has to shoot 40 times to get 29 points. Just emagine this. You save your cap money until 2012 then offer dwight a max contract then you move lopez to the 4 with Dwill at the point. Scares me just to think of that.

  5. clubs says:

    What about the draft picks?

  6. Realistic says:

    I think D-Will is a way better fit for NJ but there is no way he’s better than Melo. I admit Carmelo is not a defensive player and Williams is a top notch defender but Anthony is ten times better than Deron any day of the week. Ultimately NJ made a semi-smart decision and Anthony to NY was a terrible one because Melo and S.T.A.T WILL NOT compliment each other’s play in any way in my opinion so good job NJ,NY,DEN, and UTA you just bit the hand that feeds and i can’t wait to see you get kicked.

  7. Bong says:

    ..i think NY still got the best deal this is a team effort game, NJ got Will, so what? they released favors, a young talent they could use on the future of their roster…

  8. kat says:

    Ok Dwight already said he’s going to the lakers
    He wants to win titles
    Can’t do that in jersey

  9. Tray says:

    wow, after the west won the all star, two superstars deron n carmelo went east… the east is full of stars now… now, let the game begins… deron will be missed in the west, one of my favorite PG. carmelo? just a scoring machine. no D. just like amare. good luck with that combo… they will be spectators on the defensive end and piranhas in the off.

  10. MaxNyFan says:

    Wow…might be start of Dynasty in Brooklyn… But, mark my words: If Superman aint coming (might join the Bulls?), D-Will will be @OKC and start dominating the West come 2012! CP3 2 NYK is a high probability thing now…

  11. D3 says:

    In my opinion, this is a whole lot better trade than ‘Melo to New York. Sure, New York also got Chauncey Billups and some height, but they gave up to many average to good players for it. I agree Carmelo is a superstar, and along with Amar’e they could be unstoppable if the chemistry is right. But the Nets gave up a rookie who has potential but hasn’t shown anything spectacular. And Devin Harris, a point guard who tries to put his team on his back but is unsuccessful. Now they have Deron Williams, the 3rd best point guard (in my opinion) in the league. Now they have a rising star, Brook Lopez, and a star, Deron Williams, all they need is a third player who is not the best of best but pretty good, like Raymond Felton or Danilo Gallinari. I don’t even like the Nets, I’m a Phoenix fan, but just to see a team go through a rebirth period is fun to watch. Also, to end this whole long rant than half of you probably didn’t read, Deron Williams was doing better stat-wise over MVP Candidate Derrick Rose.

  12. C G A says:

    when the fox can’t get the grape what he said, the grape is sourer ! for all you guys who are talking if the Net had get Carmelo you’ll be singing a different song so give me a break,Deron and Carmelo plays different position how can you compare them they both star players at their positions and don’t forget chauncey Billups is a great point guard so stop being naive ha ha.

  13. Rexxx says:

    The Jazz had no chance at a championship this year, and they got some great talent and potential for D-will who would be worht nothing to them next year. This trade was an excellent move by the Jazz. Corbin can now build a team that he wants. The New Jazz should be fast and fun to watch.

  14. Fox13 says:

    OH great. I live in Toronto and even though our team here sucks, the Atlantic is getting better and better. Wasn’t long ago that the Atlantic was the weakest division by far (remember when the raps won the div?)

  15. heat it up says:

    a couple things:
    1: No, nets won’t get dwight. they have lopez!!!!! he’s good and will get better now with an all-star pg running the show.
    2: my money is on that the knicks couldn’t/ wouldn’t have gotten williams anyway. ‘Melo needed to be dealt with first, the whole league was waiting on it. plus, the knicks wanted a SF or SG, not pg. they were happy with felton.
    3: in my opinion, the jazz did an amazing job here. this gives them an immediate chance to rebuild, and still not be a terrible team. they wont make the playoffs purely because they’re in the west, but they have a nice amount of good players, meaning they can at least get about 40 wins this year, at least. plus, now they have a good building block in Favors, plus 2 1st rounders. oh, and harris can be really good at times. i can see him and al jeff doing a number on some people. the front court is a beast now, with kirlienko al jeff and favors all in there

  16. jazzy says:

    The Jazz lost their 2 best players in the past year. First, Carlos Boozer went to the Bulls. Now. D Will gets traded to the Nets. But if you look at it this way, Deron Williams isn’t as good as he used to be a couple years ago. Now the Jazz have a decent young team that has a bunch of players whose best playing days are ahead of them.

  17. JAZZFAN!!!! says:


  18. cortes says:

    so much for jazz winning a championship iwas a jazz fan but not no more he was our idol here in salt lake

  19. German Kurt says:

    I think the Jazz did a good move. D-Will didn’t want to play in utah anymore and the get two great players that combined with Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap will do great things. NJN did a good move too. They needed someone that can lead the team on the court and influence big on the young fellas. And I think then after moving to Brooklyn in 2012 they will be an intresting team for people like D-Howard. Definitly the trade is a win-win trade.

  20. david says:

    i hear troy is with golden state now

  21. Chris Masters says:

    Sekou is a Kobe chicken sucker anyway, so you take most of his comments with a grain of salt. How in the effing world can you even begin to compare Carmelo to Deron? Even disregarding positions, Deron Williams has never averaged above 21 PPG…Carmelo’s career LOW.

    Anyway I’m sure Deron was cool with this deal on some level, since he doesn’t like being in the spotlight.

  22. john says:

    without Deron, there is no reason to watch Utah’s game anymore, without Deron, Jazz has no chance to be a champion team ever. take care , Deron, i’ll see you in NJ.

  23. alex says:

    this is a great move the nets prolly got argubally the best point gaurd in the league …. sure we lost devon harris and derrick favors who is showing potential but is not all tht impressive the nets need instant success now also the 2 draft picks are a little risky but i do agree nets got a good end of this deal

  24. GoodTrade says:

    D Will was good a couple years ago. Now he’s just a whiny baby. Just you watch New Jersey fans, every lay up he misses he will complain to the ref, oh and if someone steals it from him he wont even go back on D, he’ll just reach out his arm or foul the guy. He’s just like Kobe, a whiner.

    Oh and Carmelo is not the 2n’d best 2 guard in the league. What about Wade, Kobe, Lebron, Durrant? Yes Kobe is better than Carmelo…..and I hate Kobe.

    Anyways good trade….will be glad to watch the Jazz now without lazy Deron Williams on the team whining and thinking he’s the shiz nit.

  25. JacK VegaS says:

    This clears the way for Jerry to come back. Care to guess how long DW lasts in Jersey? He can’t even drive…..

  26. infinite says:

    Reports came out of Utah that he will join Knicks in 2012 when he becomes a free agent.
    Looks like a silly move by the Nets. I think he will join da party @ msg come 2012. He and Melo are close friends. I think the knicks should of aquired D.Will this year instead of playing the waiting game.

  27. Mani says:

    This is a very demotivating for a new Jazz Coach, it’s as good as building a new team with a Coach which takes them away from championship tile for next 3 to 4 year looking the big team in east and west. Dwill is a great player and I wish him best of luck for future.

  28. NY IS RIGHT says:

    Yo.. Wth u talking about?? How did they give up too much?!
    Chauncy billups and Felton pretty much cancel each other out.
    And Chandler is going to be a free agent… So he was gnna leave n e ways… So might as well let him go…
    So it basically gallinari for Carmelo…
    And I’d take that deal n e day !
    NY didn’t give up too much at all… Now that they got Carmelo… They can pursue CP3 over the summer… If they never got Carmelo… There’s no way they wouldve been able to get Carmelo AND CP3 over the summer..
    This is a great deal by new York
    You have stoudimire and Carmelo… Top 5 scorers this season..
    NY all the way!
    And Carmelo is better than williams.. No doubt..

  29. J.T. says:

    The Jazz management does not know what the hell their doing. First of all, Jerry resigned and then they trade away a possible top 5 point guard in the NBA. It just dos not look good for the Jazz fans.

    Wow the man Billy King hopefully did a great trade. I hope he surrounds Williams with some quality players. If the Nets get Howard. I’ll be stunned. Anything is possible. I like how Billy King operates which is on the d.l. I say lets get rid of Outlaw, Morrow, and Petro. Let’s get some quality role players and get Deron Williams to sign a max deal when his current contract expires in 2012.

    12-40 record . You can’t do any worst then that. Only direction now is up. I think the Nets can get some more wins this season with just inquiring Williams. I’m sure Nets do more trades before the deadline. Let’s get some defensive mind players, so we don’t get blown out every night.

    We need a big that can rebound. I say trade Lopez and get tougher middle man like maybe Nene for the nuggets? Get a swing man that can make some noise. Can we get Andre from Philly ?? Then surround them with some offensive punch off the bench like J.R. Smith.

    Go Nets!

  30. Jeffl says:

    D will is 100 times better then cry baby melo. Melo is a arrogant whinner not a winner. D will is going to help any team he plays on. I am sorry to see Utah lose him, but they saw the writting on the wall and knew if would be gone after next year anyway, this way they get some good draft picks and get maybe not allstars like D Will, but decent players.

  31. L-Dogg says:

    I don’t know what all you Jazz fans are complaining about. You got a up and coming PG that is a pure scoring. You got a front line guy in Favors who is super raw and gonna be a stud. On top of that you got 1 possibly 2 first round draft picks to start to build your team. Yes, you lost Williams……but he is a coaches nightmare and didn’t want to be there anyway. I think the Jazz will soon be a powerhouse again and as a Timberwolves fan I am envious. Quit complaining, open your eyes, and realize how lucky you are.

  32. J-DUP says:


  33. Seen it heard it says:

    livetruthfully hit it right on the head.

    Deron Williams is a all-star at best. It’s the curse of Utah. Same as Boozer. All that money, for what? Both of them are not even close to Melo. Consider this: The Lakers only went after Melo on behalf of Kobe. Didn’t see them banging down the door for D-Will.

  34. HP says:

    If Deron Williams left who is going to be the Utah Jazz’ best player?
    Will it be Devin Harris or Al Jefferson.

  35. One says:

    Wow is this why the Russian dude is confident that he’ll get Melo to sign with the Nets if they get him? Just wondering.

  36. Mark says:

    Not Surprised. Boozer and Kyle Korver Left for Chicago. They let Wes Matthews go to Portland, and Eric Maynor to OKC.
    Williams will not stay in New Jersey. He will be a New York Knick next year.

  37. Beavo says:

    Jazz made the right move. Williams was going elsewhere and they got value for him. Hats off to GM.

  38. hoopsmecca says:

    Hoops Mrcca, what a joke, haven’t won a nba title in 40 years ,
    haven’t won in college,maybe n.y. should be called street ball hoop mecca ,perfect for melo and d will,put up impressive numbers and take there teams nowhere.

  39. melocarm says:

    don’t misjudge the draft picks that the nets gave up so easily nor derrick favors.
    honestly, i don’t think deron is that good of a player. the nets need a major facelift. he won’t do anything special.
    on the other hand, if knicks had marcus camby they’d be title contenders already.
    billups, fields, melo, stoudemire, camby. sick.

  40. Tom says:

    Oh my god, Jerry go back to Jazz!

  41. JOHN FOR NETS says:




  42. welniak says:

    Wow.. That really made my day.. I am going to Nets-Raptors game next saturday and hoepfully he’ll play then

  43. Shu Wing Leung says:

    This is definitely a huge surprise coming from the Nets. I tip my hat to Mikhail Prokhorov for pulling off a big comeback to the whole Melodrama by getting D-Williams instead. By paying a small price compared to the Knicks, the Nets land in a superstar in Deron Williams who is just as good, if not better, as Melo. Hopefully the Jazz will be able to recuperate from this whole breakdown that began since Carlos Boozer left last summer and the Nets will be able to have something to build around Brook Lopez, a great center, and D-Williams, one of the top point guards in the league.

  44. Jason says:

    Great move NJ! I think that the two toughest positions to fill for a team are PG and C. New Jersey has them both now, so finding a SG/SF and a PF should be easy. They should have picked up Hamilton & Maxiell for Murphy and Vujacic instead of the Golden state deal though. Don’t get me wrong, I think that the Knicks and Isiah Thomas did a good job in grabbing Carmello! I won’t judge whether one trade was better that the other; i’ll instead let time sort that one out.

    • Samm Huerto says:

      the nba is now just becoming a monopoly effect of nba players. seriously, all the superstars wants to get traded, they keep complaining that they can’t win, whatever happened to the league now? why can’t they just be like mj back in the day and just suck it up and just get better themselves everyday? like c’mon, grow up, stop complaining, and play some grown man basketball.

  45. scoot says:

    Jazz will rise again. We are back to re-build/development mode. But this season since JSLO left was going to be a disaster anyway. D-Will was going to take off after 2012 too. Favors and Harris will be good additions, shedding AK’s contract next year will give management a lot of money and opportunity to get some other pieces. Will they ever be championship material? Probably not, but they will be contenders for years to come.

  46. JOHN says:


  47. Raul says:

    Nobody expect that jazz could let go DWILL that easy.. Dwight and Dwill is not a perfect 1-2 punch.. Shaq and KObe works perfectly during their lakers heyday cause shaq can work on the paint on the presence of kobe and vice versa..

  48. 201Ruben says:

    The Nets will be sorry if Favors turns out to be a star.

  49. Derek says:

    To bad the jazz did not get rid of williams before and keep jerry sloan. It would be nice to have him back.Do you think there is any chance of him comming back

  50. sid says:

    deron williams arguably a better player than melo??? nah, i really don’t think so. depending who they get with the picks i think this trade may actually favor the jazz, too bad williams already drove sloan out

  51. Brandon says:

    As clear as it gets- Carmelo and Amari are the most physical players in the league on the same team, you be the judge.

  52. Bermudaboy says:

    Is it just me, or are all of the western conference stars jumping ship to eastern conference teams? Stoudemire, ‘Melo, Williams. CP3 is probably next. Things might start to even out between the conferences soon…

    Maybe even Kobe next… JK lol. Don’t flame me bros!

    • steagle says:

      It’s just you, because you only listed 3 players which is far from “all.” Though it seems the trend right now is for West superstars to head East, that will balance itself out as East players go West. I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

  53. OKCThunderFan says:

    First Melo, now D-Will is gone from the NW division. All that much better for OKC. The Thunder are only 1.5 GB from the Fakers, 3.5 GB from Dallas and closing in fast on the #2 spot in the west. BRING ON THE PLAYOFFS! RISE TOGETHER – GO THUNDER!

  54. tata says:

    Who wants an all-star ego that won’t follow directions from his coach? Sloan made D-Will an all-star with his system. Let’s see how good he is passing to Sasha. LMAO

  55. Explicit says:

    so wut number is deron and harris gunna be

  56. vladimir71 says:

    Было бы неплохо,если бы Прохоров еще бы и Кириленко прихватил бы.Походу Юта впала в штопор.

  57. Kenneth Robinson says:

    I can’t understand why the Jazz would give up one of the best PG’s in the leauge!!!! I think NJ will go after Dwight Howard in 2012 but I dont think they will get him.

    Kenny R.

  58. D-man says:

    As a long time Jazz season ticket holder, this trade brings mixed emotions. Knowing ownership and management personally, the only scenario I can see that led to this must have been a frank discussion between D Will and Jazz powers-that-be about his future, particularly in light of the events of this season. I am sure the question was asked point blank “do you intend to stay and let us try to build a championship level team around you”. The answer is obvious in the events that have unfolded. The deal itself, good POTENTIAL for both teams. Only time will tell. Overall, ominous implications for any small market teams. The new CBA has to address the developing star player conglomerations.

  59. Jonathan says:

    Wow, this is was quite an interesting news article to wake up to.

    I definitely think that Knicks should have went after Deron Williams, because it would have been like Booz and him back in Utah, except way better seeing as how Amare is better.

    There is no telling how good Amar’e and ‘Melo are going to play with one another, especially with Anthony’s history of not working well with other all-star players such as Allen Iverson and Chancey.

  60. gatez says:

    Surprising trade. Good job on the Nets for pulling it off, especially after it seemed gloomy when they missed out on Melo.

    No doubt a better trade based on what they gave up. Will be interesting to see what they do further down the line and if DWill resigns with them.

    Next star I wanna see traded: Steve Nash.

  61. romeo says:

    why would the nets target dwight howard?

    they already got a really good center in brook lopez

    that would mean they use lopez as a trade asset i guess

  62. Eon J says:

    Good move Nets, but remember two things. They have to sign (good luck) 2nd, The Knicks got the player the coveted

  63. Berka_Ritha says:

    D-WILL rules, the best Point guard and distributer, With the new kid in in town, Sasha can now start dropping 30 per game. The nets are building up so strategically.Imagine how would it have been if D will was to drop in Lakers?, yeah replacing his previous Mentor( Fisher) as a starter…

  64. I did not expect this at all!

  65. sneak says:

    Oh come on John, stop trolling for page views and comments, comparing DWill and Melo isn’t smart at all and you probably know it.

    What the Nets are giving up may still be less than what the Knicks gave up but its still most of what they got today. They are left with a two player team, with even less supporting cast than the Knicks. Let’s wait a year or two before claming this is a much betetr deal than the Melo one.

  66. dsama says:

    dam u guys think this is better than the knicks trade when melo is staying with the knicks and d will is leaving once his contract is over

  67. lakersfan11 says:

    i dont see why the jazz would NOT make this trade. you have 2 solid players and DRAFT PICKS coming back for a disgruntled allstar. lets not forget what you could potentially get in the nba draft (does anyone remember where tony parker, chris paul, and even yours truly d will landed in the draft. Also give credit to the russian billionaire for pulling one from under his hat. D will is a hell of a PG and will draw other players to come to the nets.
    Still wait til the lakers land D12 and are going for there 5th straight title in 2012.

  68. Elina says:

    Question – could the Nets offer D-Will the contract extension this year before the new CBA? If so, he’d be stupid not to take it.

    I’m a die-hard Nets fan (I’ve met half the team) but have always been bummed when people bash them – for once, this trade isn’t something people can criticize. Nice to see Billy King actually do something good for us and have great contacts in Utah.

  69. SUPER FAN DWILL says:

    i’m very happy for dwill

  70. dakid says:

    a bad team for a bad player!LOL

  71. Mohammed says:

    Ohh man now the EAST are gonna win next year and kobe wont be able to get the 5th MVP

  72. pablocito says:

    Melo to the N.Y.K ? good move even if they loste W.Chandler, R.Felton and T.Mozgov (got no cruch on D.G) !
    New-Jersey got D-Will ? does someone realy think about it ? does the Nets gona do the play-off now ? don’t think so !
    What’s wrong with the Jazz ? Jefferson, Millsap, Okur, Fesenko, Elson and (now) favor. do they need more inside player ?
    Sorry but i don’t understand that move !

  73. Rexxx says:

    D-Will was a cancer in Utah. They would have gone nowhere with him. You could see by the look on his face most games that he simly did not care. Now Utah gets 2 good 1st round picks to build a better team. I think Utah got the better end of the deal. It was Utahs’s bench anyway that kept them alive most games.

  74. basketball says:

    The real losers in the trade are all the small market teams because they will never be a contending team anymore. No superstars are gonna wanna go there. Sure the small market teams can draft some players that will be superstars but they will do what LeBron did, They will just leave after their contract and go to a big market team like New York, L.A or some other big market team with other superstars

    • steagle says:

      Yep and it’s becoming a trend in other sports as well. Players just want the most money & coolest city to live in rather than stay loyal to a franchise. I understand getting frustrated being on a losing team year after year but it’s one thing to make the best out of the situation and another to complain and play passive-aggressive mind games to get out. It’s all about the individuals now and not the team and unless the NBA does something it’s only going to get worse.

  75. Rody says:

    This is good news, I am a Celtics fan, but I like when the EAST gets strong – makes all the other teams also HAVE to improve.

    The highlight of this story is the Nets owner though, last night the PTI guys were debating if Prokorov (spelled right?) got the short end of the stick when Melo went to NY.

    Guess not lol, the Russian had one last trick.

    This NBA season is looking good – it’s been a while since we seen a power shift (in terms of stars) from WEST to EAST

  76. Berka_Ritha says:

    It seems to me like everything with the jazz is so haphazard right now, I simply wouldnt wanna be a Jazz in time like this. They have been accumulating loses of recent, seems like Sloan left with the team’s spirit. I wonder if any of these have connection anyway, first there was some rumors about D.Will facilitating Sloan’s untimely quit, (which gave him alot of boos in player intros), and now it seems like the Jazz want to clean the slates!! It was an honor to have D.Will, wishing you all the best in the East….I guess we will always have CP3.

  77. Melo says:

    whats the point of having an NBA Draft if your players are just going to leave in 5 to 6 years… i’m going to start watching more NCAA the NBA’s to fake… yet i’m hooked on this website lol at least i’m aware :s

    • tata says:

      What’s the use of watching NCAA if the players are going to graduate in 3-4 years or leave early for the NBA that you don’t want to watch anymore?

  78. smith says:

    all this is , the owners taking care of future levels of the contractts….watch out players, these bean counters
    know their business.

  79. Sarkies says:

    What the hell is going on now? The Jazz trade Deron Williams for that garbage!?!?! They must be desperate or something because Deron Williams is worth much more than that. Do you think Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, Russel Westbrook, or Steve Nash would get traded for that little? Definitely not. In the NBA, your point guard is the most important player you have on your team. Yeah, Devin Harris is a good point guard, but he is no Deron Williams. That trade is worth nothing to the jazz in the end. And don’t try to sell me on the draft picks. I can assure you that neither of those 2 picks will be as good as Deron Williams. I mean, this guy is arguably the best point guard in the league. Would you trade the best shooting guard (kobe), small forward (lebron), power forward (Amare), or center (Dwight)? Of course not. So why would you trade Deron Williams for that crap? He is the only reason that team wins. Well I hope the get an all star out of Favors eventually or one of those draft picks because they might have just dug themselves in a grave and out of the playoffs.

  80. LoL says:

    Great deal 4 the nets (much better if d-will sign an extension in 2011)

  81. Shawn says:

    they won’t be contenders he’ll leave and maybe go to the knicks. i feel bad for him because he’s definitely not going to the playoffs anytime soon.

  82. sjs says:

    without Jerry Sloan and now DWill I am no longer a fan of basketball. I lived and breathed the Jazz since Karl Malone and John Stockton but no more….bye!

    • steagle says:

      I feel you… Malone & Stockton were my favorite players, on my favorite team, since the late 80s… but look at this as a rebuilding phase for Utah who could, with the right moves, be a real contender again in a couple years. Millsap & Jefferson might really step it up and with a true big man in the middle (and Jefferson moving to PF) this could be a dynamite team. Especially with some of the power balance shifting to the East that leaves more room for teams in the West to move up. Have a little patience and see what happens…

  83. Dav1d says:

    West All-Star team is going to the East, this conference got way better in two days, i’m looking forward to the east playoffs.

    Just sad for the West fans, the teams are getting old and the young stars are leaving.

    CP-3 is next?

    Go Heat!

  84. Dean-Oliver says:

    All i can say to this trade is wow. The Eastern Conference is officially loaded again. If the Nets can some way, some how re-sign DWill, he will attract more talent for this Brooklyn bound team. You can’t tell me that the best point guard in the league isn’t going to attract a few free agents? Russian owner gets his props because i dare someone on this page to say that they expected this deal after Melo went to the Knicks. Oh boy…

    And Utah, just like Denver, has a bunch of pieces i’m sure they’ll ship again before the deadline comes and goes. Good job, New Jersey front office!

  85. Julius says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go jazz! let’s prove them wrong….

  86. Devin says:

    Goood Trade….. But Not better than the Carmelo & Billiups…Yes Billiups, another superstar PG. Besides DWill is a free-agent in 2012 good luck the trying to get him to sign an extension…Who knows maybe knicks can do the same thing they did with Carmelo and snatch him from the Nets in the summer of 2012….or we’ll just keep everything as plan and wait for CP3…

    • steagle says:

      I highly doubt Knicks will have the cap space to get D-Will in 2012; also Billups prime is way past, he won’t be an allstar again, whereas D-Will will be an automatic all-star for the next several years of his career.

  87. J_LaMarx says:

    Wow! Utah knew that Deron wasnt going to stay and they werent about to go through the same thing Devner when through because how often do you see utah going through traded speculation …..never. Utah just gave up the best point guard in the league that can score, good vision, good size and a good leader for basically nothing in return……..DUMB or SMART?? DUMB!

  88. Marko V. says:

    A big shock! And a much better deal than Melos.

  89. Jerome says:

    This is a block buster trade for the Nets.I didn’t see this coming but glad they could land a superstar. This does arise questions about Dwight Howard and where he will land and Chris Paul. What do you think will happen to these guys now that D Will is in New Jersey?

    • Dean-Oliver says:

      Good question. Now Dwight Howard will have to ponder if he wants to try his hand out west since the EAST IS LOADED. That’s if he truly wants out. And now that Melo is in Gotham City, Paul will definitely go to the Knicks. Nets are taking their time and came out like a bandit with this DWill trade. Kudos Nets!

      • Dean-Oliver says:

        Knicks will see how Billups performs in the postseason and that will determine if they’re going to be in the CP sweepstakes or not. Billups reminds me a lot of Sam Cassell in which both of them in their mid 30’s played a lot better than when they were younger guys.

  90. LEVI says:

    that was a good trade for the nets but a dumb descision for D williams. who does he have out there? sure he will win some games but i dont see the nets being over 500. person below me is right, he wont be signing a contract extension unless some miracle happens and they get somebody spectacular in another trade or draft

  91. Dan says:

    Wow just wow! I am in the UK and was deciding whether to go to the Nets vs Raptors games in London next month. Guess my mind has been made up for me!

  92. milos trendevski says:

    I am shocked

  93. kobeFAN says:

    D-will’s landing to Nets would have been better had they gotten carmelo…
    good luck to the NETS. see yah next season.LAKERS 3peat!!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Lakers are not 3 peating, Spurs or Thunders are just gonna steamroll over them for a few reasons:
      1. Artest doesnt look interested anymore
      2. Fisher is getting older
      3. Bynum’s knee is gonna be a problem.

  94. Jennings says:

    Better move than the Knicks? Just because you think Williams as an All-star Point Guard is a better player than an All-star Small forward (Anthony)? You are comparing two proven All-stars who play at different positions. Furthermore the Knicks hadn’t a Point Guard problem before and now after the the Melo trade too. Of course Williams is still better than Felton, but Felton has fit brilliantly in the Knicks system. And now got Chauncey, still a solid and experienced PG.

  95. Joshua Gutierrez says:

    D. Will leaving has been a long time coming. He’s been upset at the deals and moves the GM has made for the last 3 years. I remeber hearing about how mad he got when the JAzz let Brewer go, Korver go, and didn’t try to keep Boozer… I knew it was only a matter of time. That being said, he won’t re-sign with the Nets. LOL! Maybe the Magic or pissibly even the Heat???

  96. Steve. says:

    There is more to this story than is “out there”. Dwill is the reason Jerry Sloan left the Jazz, as he wanted to run HIS plays, and not, as Karl Malone said, “Buy into the system”. Let Jersey have the “coach-killer”, maybe they can either tame him, or let him run the team, but I’m of the opinion that Ty simply would not put up with the BS.

    I suppose that comes with a player who honestly believes that if he isn’t God, he certainly takes his plays from there. His statement a few weeks ago (“We’ve done it this way for 20 years, why should we change now”) had a lot more to it than first met the eye.

    So go, D-will, go and be arrogant, go and play for the Nets, I wish you all the best, and don’t let yourself become another Stephan Marbury!

    • tata says:

      Wow, I never saw the similarities until now. Great talent that became full of self. They both shortened their names too. D-Will—Starbury…hmmmm

  97. lateef says:

    YES, i am a huge Nets fan. I did not appreciate the way we were treated. KARMA, we get a better player for less, and we still have cap room and room to build. Great Job! Lopez and Williams is a start. This is better than the Knick trade chemistry wise. In 2 years everyone will see what’s what and who’s who, as for now it makes since. if Favors or any of the draft picks become top tier playes than it’s a bad trade, but if not we made out like bandits….

  98. F-Millz says:

    completely unexpected. dwight is definitely not going to jersey unless they step it up at the 2 or 3 position. a struggling orlando is better any day of the week than the lackluster nets, even with a star pg in williams.

    • todd says:

      they got anthony morrow at one of those positions and he’s about the most perfect player there is to play alongside dwight. look at how high his career 3 point percentage is, he’s one of the top’s in the game, and think about how that can only improve when he benefits from howard getting him wide open like he does for his orlando teammates.

  99. haasman00 says:

    So i think if they keep d-will and with the move to brooklyn coming i could see them picking up a guy like dwight and that would be sweet to see him and d-will playing together because they need dwight as the lakers have shown you need a good front line to compete in the playoff these days

  100. Derek Robinson says:

    This is just a ploy for this filthy Russian drug lord to C.B. the Knicks.. but I rather CP3 anyway..I don’t like how D.Will got J.Sloan outta there.. It must be a reason why Jazz just let that dude go like all the talk joining the Knicks.. they sent that dude packin to go suffer in

  101. jh30 says:

    wow that is surprising
    but melo is better than deron !!!

    • Jerome says:

      I completely agree. I feel as if Melo is a better player and will do fine in a Knick’s uniform. Now it’s time to see what D. Will can do for hte Nets. This is definatley a step in the right position.

  102. AKM says:

    well atleast we wont have to worry bout them this year. the aint makin the playoffs for sure

  103. Cam says:

    How is this a better deal for the Nets than for the Jazz? The Jazz got Devin Harris, Derrick Favors and two first round picks for a (great) player who wasn’t going to resign with them in the 1st place. D.Will prolly won’t sign an extension with the Nets either

    • steagle says:

      Well said, the Jazz saw the end of the D-Will days and did the smart move by getting some people to rebuild their team with rather than try and maintain a difficult and frustrating arrangement. However D-Will definitely may resign with NJ if they can acquire someone of all-star caliber in the offseason. It’s not too far of a longshot.

  104. km108 says:

    It really seems great for the Nets. But one question. The picks Jazz receive. Is the first one really a Nets pick or acquired from some other team by the Nets in the past? If so, it’s a great deal for a rebuilt in Salt Lake. Still young PG, very talented rookie PF and two early 1st round picks, as i dont think the nets nor warriors will avoid draft lottery nonetheless.

  105. Jared Petroff says:

    The Utah Jazz Are Dumb As Hell. How Stupid Can The Jazz Be Seriously Favors And Harris Suck Now We Wont Make To The Playoffs At All I Hope The Jazz Lose Every Game And I Hope New Jersey Wins Every Game That Way D-Will Will Get A Ring And The Jazz Wont

    • Matt says:

      Are you serious??? NJ to get a title?? Come on, stop sniffing smarties learn a little about basketball before you post comments.

  106. Tom says:

    Great move by the Nets. However I still struggle to see the future of the Nets. D-Will without a doubt gives them the first superstar they needed to show that their back and they mean buissness. Plus, as much as I hate to say it, D-Will defence more than makes up for his lack of offence compared to Melo. So for the Nets it might be a blessing in disguise, that they didn’t get Melo. We’ll have to wait and see whats in store next and who they can get to play with him.

    As for Troy Murphy, its make sense as it frees up cap space which their going to need if their going to build around D-Will. So nothing suprising there.

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying that the Knicks are gutted, but I’m sure their is a sense of what could have been. But I’m sure they won’t take to much notice, as Melo in his own right, is a great player and most likely would have had to give around the same deal to land D-Will. So for the Knicks, I feel they obviously didn’t want D-Will; which means they must be eyeing up CP3 to come join Melo and Amer’e. So overall the knicks most likely won’t contemplate much on D-Will.

    But the big question, is who are they going to get around D-Will. You mention Dwight in 2012? But I don’t see Dwight or Brook Lopez playing at PF, so will they ship Lopez?? It will be interesting. After they re-sign Lopez, will they try and do a straight up swap for Howard? Will they ship him for another superstar?? Lopez for Aldrige or take a risk on B-Roy anyone?? Imagine D-Will, B-Roy, Dwight or D-Will, Alridge, Dwight?? So it will be interesting, another team trying to get that magical three superstar to lead them to the nba championship. But the main question is will D-Will even stay, the Nets better convince him and get players around him quick or he will end up going as I don’t think he wants to be in another non-playoff or 1st round playoff team.

  107. 2pe says:

    Good deal… Now there will be more contender teams for the East… All the Nets should do is too surround D-Will with a talented big man…

  108. jeremy says:

    now, dwill has the chance to be an all-star starter! 🙂

  109. Bar from israel says:

    yesssssssssssssssssssssss finally something good for the nets

  110. xmug says:

    he ll be a flop

  111. Jack says:

    So basically, the Nets got (arguably) a better player than Carmelo Anthony ? Yea arguably, Melo is far better than D Will!!!

  112. BLM73 says:

    D-Will is a hell of a Point, but trading away two 1st Round Draft Picks, a Rookie who IMO is still very promising, and Devin Harris is a little steep don’t ya think? Esp. when PG wasn’t even the Nets problem.

  113. DeAndre says:

    Wow, this came out of no where! The Nets got the better player in this deal! They gave up a rookie and a sub par pg in Devin Harris. I bet now the Knicks are saying likewise now! I wonder what other deals will surprise us…..

  114. Peerpunk says:

    @John Schuhmann – Good move by the Nets…but I think its a much better move by the Jazz.. after the mess in Utah,,, D-wil was clearly finished. There was no way he would stay there for keeps.. If they are to start fresh, better start with a new team. Hoping for the best on both teams!

  115. D Will better than Melo… HAHA! Joke of the day.

  116. AJ says:

    the east is getting a lot more stacked!!!

  117. justin says:

    d–bag? big woop, he’s an obvious headache! have fun trying to make that team win!

  118. JAY-G says:

    d will better than melo?! are you serious? Give me a break man!

  119. Russ says:

    Woop what a move by the Nets!!! make Knicks pay as much as possible for Melo and then get a better deal for a better player in my opinion, cant wait to see how Lopez and D-Wills link up and maybe even Dwight in 2012 things looking up for the Nets at last

  120. wesc says:

    good news for grizzlies without gay that can still push it to the playoffs and the suns which is in stable mode and just to do their thing.

  121. chitown says:

    u guys r retarded dont forget about the bulls. They earned 3 seed with just one big signing. If they get a guy like oj mayo jr smith or jamal crawford we will be in the finals in 2 years. We just need another veteran kurt thomas cant play forever. Nets suck they always will.

  122. Wuhaaaa says:

    Waow, totally blind side. I think GM and everybody wanted to honour Sloans’ memory by sending the player that caused his departure. yes i know, that is not confirmed but c’mon! Good deal by the way, Favors can fill in the Boozer’s place and jefforson can be send now, and 2 first round draft picks, smart move really indeed!

  123. SamO says:

    D-Will has been playing so inconsistent lately that I’m not even that disappointed to lose him. Just hope Favors and Harris fit in well in Utah.

  124. Jordan says:

    this sucks, the Jazz are falling apart!

  125. ElCaliente says:

    What are they thinking???!!! Without Sloan and now no more D-Will the UTAH JAZZ are going to the bottom!!! I hope at least these new players can give the team a spot in the play-offs!!!

  126. LakeShow says:

    Wow! DWill to the nets? Never in a million years… Wonder if it had anything to do with the disagreements he had with coach Sloan just before he stepped down??? Wow. Still in shock!

  127. brad. says:

    I love how everything is shifting in the nba right now. I like the play Utah made. Since Deron said that he would like to play in NY. I think NJ gave up way too much. He said he wanted to sign with NY not NJ once his contract ended. Two give up 2 1st round picks and harris and favors…Damn. I was also wondering if it would be possible for nash to reunite with amare and play some d’antoni ball in NY. If billups got traded for nash straight up. Since you know billups desire to play out his career as a nugget via buyout or whatnot. Everybody wants to see Nash win a ring before his career ends. “FREE NASH!!!” phoenix, he deserves it, I wouldn’t mind to see him join the heat either, which I’m pretty sure every fan would love to hate the Heat even more. But in NBA2k11 standpoint, that would be an amazing team to play with.

  128. Sean says:

    Do you think the league is prepping for contraction? Seems like the larger market teams are swallowing up top level players right now, without having to give up equivalent value. Stern already mentioned the idea, the leagues best player (Lebron) mentioned it as well. With Melo going to NY, the Nets getting D-Will and positioning themselves for Howard, what the Heat did, even back to the Lakers getting Gasol for nothing and the Big 3 in Boston. The Sonics moved away to a smaller market that cane be moved again, other small market teams have no clout in attracting free agents. Seems like the League is up to something…

  129. keith muise says:

    This is a much better deal for the Nets than Mello would have been. Williams is a better player and has some D in him.

  130. wesc says:

    okay so the denver nuggets and utah jazz trade their superstars to the east, this will be quite an interesting playoff postion for the west.

  131. marcus says:

    Melo is a far better player than williams the knicks gave up some young players but I think in the long run once the knicks build there team we will be saying this was a gret deal for the knicks

  132. bronzebra says:

    it is good for both teams ( nets and jazz) to have this deal bcoz new jersey really needs a bigtime player to have in their roster when they move to brooklyn and williams is the best fit for this.. utah also gets 2 incoming bigtime players in favors and harris.. so, this deal is just even.. good luck to NJ..

  133. Juan says:

    Deron – you will be missed in Utah. I don’t care where you play, I’ll always be a D-Will fan. Good luck.
    Now bring on Harris, Favors, and those draft picks! Let’s see if we can still land a spot in the playoffs. Go Jazz!

    • DOCHO8 says:

      Could not have said it better! I will always be a huge D-Will fan, no matter which uniform he wears! I am a Jazz fan, no matter what, as well. Thanks Deron for the competitive drive and mad skills. I wish you the BEST. Jazz fans, let’s see what new blood brings…

  134. Marcus Bastos says:

    Good move. If Deron Willians signs a new contract, the team can be built around him.

    • Mr.E says:

      Couldn’t have said it better and more to the point. If D-Will stays, he will be a better fit to build a franchise around compared to ‘Melo.

  135. LeWade says:

    East are Beast! by far the better conference now that Melo and D Will just jumped fences.

  136. Grzegorz says:

    Melo & Amare will change NY… Finals 2012? Deron Williams and D’Superman in Nets? Who knows? Maybe battle of titans in 2012 Eastern Conference Finals NY v NJ?

    • steagle says:

      You forget the Bulls, Heat and Celtics. They are not in rebuilding mode now and won’t be next year either. NY and NJ still have a long way to go to compete with the champions.

  137. LANDIM says:


    • philly says:

      Deron Williams did not sign a extension, they might have him for maybe a year or so…lol, whats the point if he does not want to be there.

  138. dmz says:

    we don’t really know if this was done quickly don’t we? The Jazz might have had their mind set to go into rebuilding mode since trading Boozer, and a decision to ship a disgrunted Williams might have been cemented since the Jerry Sloan incident.

    The Nets played their cards perfectly, betting in 2 horses, and yep, they got the best of two deals. Deron is definately a player to build a franchise around, whose impact on this team is going to be massive. He’s proven that all he needs to make a team playoff caliber is a reliable big man, and a duo of Deron and Lopez can go very far, and for very very long. (they have a combined age of, what, 48 or something?).

  139. Kevin says:

    Thank goodness the Jazz have not played good and DWill would not have stayed in Utah he’s like all the rest of the big names winning is to much work for today’s allstar it’s much easier to join an all-star team and not work so hard these babies could not have made in yesterday’s teams it’s to easy just to pack and leave . By the Collin Coward it’s not because of thugs people are not watching the game it’s because player’s in the NBA don’t love basketball in the collage game it’s fun to watch guy’s who actually love the game

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


      • Bill says:

        Lakers 2011 has it right. And DWill has been dogging it because he knew he was going to be traded. Is that professional? Nope. It’s the same kind of stuff that Boozer has always spouted… it’s for the money.

  140. Baller says:

    Wth is going on? am really stunned with this trade. No offense with Utah, but D-will was the reason why they kept afloat in the western conference. now, they just ruined their roster stability. Harris has a lot of ground to prve that he should be in utah.

  141. Roger says:

    Knicks got billups too….Besides the fact that MELO is better… Your not even confident in your statement in that Deron is a better player so you had to add arguably…. I think you should watch more basketball before you compare players like this…

  142. McLovin says:

    There is only one thing I can say about this trade….. WOW

  143. Dale says:

    This is without any doubt the worst trade ever in the NBA. Sloan was a dinosaur and wanted players beyond his coaching skills to play the same worn out plays which led them every year to the same early exit from the playoffs. Now Utah will be competing for the worst in the NBA. You never trade your best played unless you get as good or better and there is no guard in the NBA better than Williams, period. The Nets move up to a 2nd rate team and the Jazz sink to a 4th rate team not worth watching. The Jazz cannot recover and will be a basement team until they are sold and moved to a city where players want to live, perhaps the reincarnation of Seattle.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      dont you get it…..Jazz management knew what they were doing….shut up, lmao you gotta be blind!


      DO THE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Utah knew if they didnt trade him now, he would just walk like Lebron did….Not only has the hall of fame coach left and other players who jumped ship last offseason, DO YOU REALLY THINK D-WILL WANTS TO LIVE IN UTAH…lol c;mon have some common sense

      If you want to blame anybody, then blame LEBRON F’ JAMESSSSSSS…ever since he walked on the CAVS (yea it was a sign and trade if you want to be technical, but he still left them for nothing basically) other players SEE HIM DO IT, SO NOW THEY ARENT AFRAID TO DO IT

      You wight as well cut out all of the small market teams to be honest, because even if the next generation of players to feel in the shoes of CP3, LBJ, DWILL, MELO, ect….when given the opportunity to pick somewhere to play ball they will all just leave…its such a shame…Lebron has started a SNOWBALL EFFECT!!!

      • pfft says:

        dont blame the guy now. he’s not even involved in this trade. leave the man alone. for effin’ sakes. effin’ hater. pfft

      • JNT says:

        I love it

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        wtf u mean dont blame him?? None of this leaving to another city stuff started happening until Mr.James did it…HE WAS THE FIRST STEPPING STONE, now everyone else is as afraid to take that leap

  144. Jazz aint so jazzy now says:

    Wow the Utah Jazz messed it up big time. They lost Boozer, Brewer and Korver in the off season. Made Williams unhappy, ( ok they got jefferson, who is a pretty descent player ). They let their 20+ year head coach step down and loose williams in the proces. They dropped from 4th seed ( at the start of the season ) all the way down to the 8th seed with the suns and the grizzlies ready to take over. Devin Harris isn’t bad and Derick Favors can turn in to a good player but Utah clearly messed up big time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I knew they were gonna trade him eventually but everything leading up to this is clearly a screw up by the Utah Jazz management!

    Good deal for the Nets though!

    • Bill says:

      Be real. Williams ran off Boozer and Korver with his incessant bitching and moaning. The Jazz (apparently) have been shopping him for a month, and I firmly believe that Jerry decided that he didn’t want to rebuild a team again. And neither did Phil johnson. Corbin is young and has the mojo to take a shot at it. The Jazz picked up two GOOD players in this trade, and even if Harris doesn’t stay, they are now going to have room to go after some bigs, which is what they really need.

  145. david says:

    why do people seem surprised. his contract was up next season and he was just bringing nonsense to a no nonsense organization. he made a hall of fame coach resign and i expect sloan to come back. they just didnt leak out that they were shopping him because they dont need distractions just to draw interest to make money.

  146. Reithor says:

    There is one question missing, much closer than 2012: Is this related to Sloan’s resign?

  147. JayHouston says:

    Wow. Why didn’t this happen before jerry Sloan retired? Lol..
    Unexpected trade.

  148. GDF says:

    Oh my god.. i did not see this happening…

  149. baldy says:

    dammm utah jazz made big mistake by trading deron williams to nets but its gonna be there lost… there gonna see the differense in there first game without deron williams

  150. Twizzel says:

    Damn! what the **** I hope New Jersy Nets is working on another trade because 1 starplayer is not enough… they need more to keep D-Will till 2015

  151. Héctor Díaz says:

    I’m not saying that Felton is better than D-Will, but the Knicks didn’t need him having Felton. Irony is they need him now, ’cause they don’t have a PG for the next years.

    Also, NJ doesn’t have a good team right now and they probably won’t make the playoffs, and I don’t see any other star moving to NJ soon.

    Anyway, the trade was amazingly fast and surprising!

  152. J-train says:

    Way to go Utah!!!

    Silent trading is the only way to do business. D-will wanted out, so Utah made a smart move by getting all they could from a desperate team. The way D-will has been playing this season is pushing Utah out of the playoff race anyway, why not get rid of him now? With Kirilenko’s expiring contract, the Jazz will have some wiggle room at this end of the season for some more silent trading. Good move!

  153. celts rule! says:

    whow.. dats far better acquisition rather than having anthony… d-will will surely bring an impact to the nets…

  154. what did you say says:

    wow I expected new jersey to do something but not land D willi. I knew D willi drove out Jerry sloan because he had the same offense for two and half decades and hated the owners for not going into lux tax territory to win a championship but i thought Utah was happy being just a 50 win team. Now there are obvious wholesale changes going on over there. Will D willi be happy playing for a team that will lose for the next two years? Does he think the rich russian can just outspend everyone with a hard cap in place next season?

  155. Jao says:

    How did this happen so quickly? are you daft? trade deadline is almost over, of course they needed to make it happen quickly.

  156. erwin says:

    if the boot fits

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:


  157. Dawite says:

    Wow. That’s all I have to say. I can’t believe D.Will has left Utah! Great move for the Nets in acquiring the BEST point guard in the NBA. As for Utah, we’ll see who can step up for them and if they can even make playoffs this year. Obviously for the Jazz, this is a trade for the future.

  158. Amr says:

    An excellent trade for New Jersey. D-Will could be the savior, and I believe that he could turn the season around for the Nets.

  159. Jeremy says:

    since when was d-will better than melo????

    • pfft says:

      since you were born! d-will is a better all around player. melo is just a one dimensional player.

    • steagle says:

      All Melo does is shoot, over half the time he touches the ball. He’s like Kobe during the first half of Kobe’s career. He’s an amazing scorer but that’s it. D-Will can score, assist, defend, call plays, run the 2 position as well as the point and essentially keep the team together single handedly. He won’t score 40+ like Melo but he will win more games, what’s more important?

      • yancy says:

        win more games?denver has won that division the past 3 seasons.

      • steagle says:

        Said “will” win more games… it’s a prediction. Personally I think the Knicks are going to suffer from superstar-itis this season and well into next.

  160. NBAFanzz says:

    Are you seriouos ? D.Will better than Melo ?
    i mean hes good, really really good but better than melo ? i dunno

    • QuestionMark says:

      It depends on better, better in terms of what?
      Melo is a better scorer who can give you 25-30 a night
      D-Will is a much better playmaker and a better double double guy
      D-Will is better defensively in his position
      It also depends on the team if they would take D-Will or Melo
      If Knicks got D-Will they wont gain much at all, Felton was already a great PG and since they got Melo it makes the Knicks better because Felton and Billups are both great PG, Melo is like 10 times better than Galo and Chandler, so Knicks did the right move to pick up Melo, while the Nets could have gone either way.

  161. jeremy says:

    nets acquire jerry sloan new head coach… hahahaha

  162. Gasiliop says:

    Thats an amazing deal. U got a great PG alongside Brook Lopez and cap space to spend. Besides that Johnson is a great coach, not D’Antoni whose style of basketball is awful for the playoffs.Thats great for the Nets & Deron!

    • steagle says:

      I’m hopeful that it will turn out well… D-Will is an amazing PG and arguably the best all-around after D-Rose in terms of stats and what he does for his team. Nets still have a lot of building to do because let’s face it Lopez is not an all-star center and they don’t have great wingmen but with some smart moves in the offseason and especially the 2012 Dwight Howard opportunity, NJ could suddenly become a playoff team. Avery will have his hands full with D-Will though, lol… let’s hope they mesh well.

  163. landon says:

    wowow surprising trade the nba is getting more tired then it already is

  164. got_watcha_want says:

    quiet I mean,

    this is a total shock. The smaller markets are lowering salaries and the bigger markets are loading them. I think this trade has a lot more to do with the labor talks than meets the eye.

  165. Lenca194 says:

    o.O WOW

  166. Bob says:

    Looks like the Nets will turn out winners at the end, D-Will overall is a better player than Melo. Plus if they do get Dwight, the Nets no doubt will be back to contenders. Also, with the Nets salary cap they potentially can get a third superstar unlike the knicks, if they manage to get Dwight. Great news for the Nets, however can’t blame the Jazz; D-Will was unhappy and what they get is 3 top ten picks and Harris; who I have a feeling won’t be staying.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Yes D-Will is way better than Melo…GOOD JOB NETS, NYC gave up too much for the one dimensonial player in Melo

      • pfft says:

        gotta agree with your statement. giving up chandler, gallinari, and felton?

      • NY IS RIGHT says:

        Yo.. Wth u talking about?? How did they give up too much?!
        Chauncy billups and Felton pretty much cancel each other out.
        And Chandler is going to be a free agent… So he was gnna leave n e ways… So might as well let him go…
        So it basically gallinari for Carmelo…
        And I’d take that deal n e day !
        NY didn’t give up too much at all… Now that they got Carmelo… They can pursue CP3 over the summer… If they never got Carmelo… There’s no way they wouldve been able to get Carmelo AND CP3 over the summer..
        This is a great deal by new York
        You have stoudimire and Carmelo… Top 5 scorers this season..
        NY all the way!
        And Carmelo is better than williams.. No doubt..

    • Dakota says:

      It is not like Howard is pissed off with Orlando, he might not even leave and I am going to laugh in the face of all you Knicks and Nets fans that are expecting Howard. I am messing, I’m a Jazz fan and I look at this as a pretty good trade. I have a freakin man crush on D-Will so don’t get me wrong, he is far better than Mel, he cares about his team and knows how to lead his team through the playoffs practically by himself, don’t tell me Boozer helped, he sucks. The Nets get a power player to attract star talent like Superman (who I would think would love to play with an OLYMPIC level point guard). Where as on the Jazz end, they get a former all-star point guard, a 19 YEAR OLD beast of a PF/C in Favors, and an unprotected first round pick this year. So I am going to root for D-Will but the Nets better pull a Cavs and just suck it up because the Jazz need a beast pick with this draft choice.

  167. Nemanja says:

    I haven’t heard a word about this! How did this happen so quickly? Can we expect another Nets trade tonight?

  168. justin says:

    Go utah get me-will of the team and gives us all you got

  169. G says:

    Who knew that D-Will was available? Smart counter move by NJ after MELO-drama. Derron’s gonna be the future of NJ with help coming soon. NYC and NJ will be rising in a few years. The Eastern conference is beefing up at all angles little by little.

  170. DOUCHEKU says:


    WAY TO GO!!


    • Larry says:

      How much do you really know about the Jazz and their front office Douche? Absolutely nothing! I wonder if you know anything about basketball at all! Deron HAD good, very good players around him and he ran them out too! Let’s remember some of the players. Boozer, Kover, Brewer. I know that Brewer was traded, but the other two left BECAUSE of Deron. Before you open your mouth, know what your talking about.

  171. like says:

    it would be nice if they can get dwight to..

  172. The Truth says:

    What! I’m surprised. The Eastern Conference is getting deeper with the teams. That’s all I have to say.

  173. rondo#9 says:

    wow, didn’t see this one coming

  174. got_watcha_want says:

    WOW, that was fast or quite one.

  175. moe says:

    wtf only big markets can get the good players?? whats the point of having the other teams with small markets… is there really a point of keeping up with the NBA if your not a miami, ny, la, boston fan??

    • steagle says:

      What about Chicago & San Antonio? Dallas and Oklahoma City? They have made some very smart trades and acquisitions and are now near the top of the league (or on top). It’s not just about money and star power, it’s about smart management.

    • Nok_78 says:

      There is a point if you’re a San Antonio fan. There are still small market teams with great teams and scouters thata actually do their homework and look for talent instead of just trading it!!!
      Go Supurs Go!!!!

  176. A FAN says:


  177. Jazz.slc.ut. says:


  178. Rodneil says:

    Is this for real? Can I tweet it now???

  179. WenCute says:

    Wow if this is true, this is really way better that the Carmelo deal. 🙂

  180. faress says:

    This happened because the NBA, refs, and all non-Jazz fans treat the Jazz like they’re second-class citizens.

  181. he should have came to the knicks b/c billups is going 2 get tired and d-will cud have been his sub

  182. Tyler says:

    Extremely smart move for both the Jazz and the Nets. Watch the Nets bring in more superstars next season (hello Dwight Howard?) and the Jazz… well, let’s just pray they don’t waste their draft picks on bums.

  183. Verbzz says:

    wow!!! this is crazy!! Atlanta pick up Heinrick already and let’s get with the program.. i didn’t see that one coming at all!!!

  184. Per says:

    Wow!if it´s official then the Nets struck gold in this trade since id take dwill over melo anyday,,and especially concidering what they sacrificed,,,Gratz to he Nets and the fans

  185. Jakil22IsAnIdiot says:

    wow. well the new nets owner is really trying to rebuild the team. they couldnt get melo but with williams now they might be able to target dwight. nets might be back in the east by 2013. unless of course the owner says nyet to dwight and tries to get someone else like he did with melo.

  186. Robert says:

    I was quite suprised, but also happy to hear the Nets landed Williams instead of Anthony, because as a point guard he can bring more to the team than Anthony could have brought. And with a 20-10 (ppg/apg) point guard they will have major options on offense, because they still have Brook Lopez who is a solid center.

  187. Oscar Ronald says:

    That’s why we love this game

  188. Anton Ridefors says:

    It’s unfair to compare Carmelo with Deron. Melo is a waaay better scorer, and Deron is a waaay better playmaker. They have two completely different playstyles.

    I would love to see Deron on my Knicks though. We need a really good playmaker for Carmelo and Amar’e.

  189. csav says:

    williams deserved to be traded, he wore out his welcome in Utah. Good for Utah getting rid of him and getting some yound talent. They are basically starting over with a new coach and now a new point guard.

    • Jake Berlin says:

      They’re starting over, but they’re starting over from way behind where they were at the beginning of this season. We have a new point guard and a new coach, but they’re both not as good as our old ones were.

    • Bill says:

      Amen. It looks from my perspective that the decision to trade Williams had been made and Jerry decided that he didn’t want to rebuild again.

      • steagle says:

        Good call. These things don’t happen over night, they are discussed and negotiated well in advance of the announcement. The timing is too coincidental to believe Jerry left for no reason other than he “ran out of energy.” Good insight Bill.

      • Samm Huerto says:

        the nba is now just becoming a monopoly effect of nba players. seriously, all the superstars wants to get traded, they keep complaining that they can’t win, whatever happened to the league now? why can’t they just be like mj back in the day and just suck it up and just get better themselves everyday? like c’mon, grow up, stop complaining, and play some grown man basketball.

      • ssatt8 says:

        D Will quit playing in Utah a month ago…Haven’t you been watching their record plummet?!?

  190. Aaron Samuel says:

    I sad to hear this, for many reasons. One, I’m a die hard Portland fan, and to hear the Harris trade for Miller fell through hurts me. Also The West is getting weaker and weaker by the day, We just lost two of our Top tier players to the East. Now there are many stars making big moves, but I don’t know why Williams choose Nets. Nets are going to become an instant force like Knicks did, so why there? My guess is he’s not going to stay, but rather its going to be a two month rental.

    • Azeron says:

      Are you a Blazers fan or a Western conference fan? If rivals in your conference (Denver and Utah) become weaker, isn’t that good news for your team? The path to the conference finals becomes smoother. I believe the team that wins the west has an advantage because the east will beat the heck out of one another. Lakers and Spurs are licking their chops.

  191. dDale says:

    i think that was too random or desperate for the nets… poor d.will, i hope they can make something

  192. ahfrow26 says:

    Wow! That’s why Phokorov was still smiling, this was under his sleeve. Good job NETS!!!

  193. Femi says:

    This is a very intresting trade but I believe that the Nets would need to add another superstars and other good players(especially in the starting lineup) if they want Williams extention to be smooth process. Other than D-Will and Brook Lopez I cannot think of another player on that team that an opposing team will even game plan for!!!!!

  194. DWILL says:

    Very Suprising indeed.

  195. KEVIN PASSLEY says:

    all I can say is HELLO BRROOKLYN.. I think that if you add howard to that team you will still need a 2/3 cause that’s where the east is heading back to. The days of Jordan and Pippen. guards that can play defense and score with the best of them. When the EAST IS THE THE HOUSE..OH MY GOD

    • todd says:

      if you resign d-will and sign howard in 2012 you got a pretty good frontline of howard and brooks lopez with a great all around PG feeding them, and anthony morrow there to nail the wide open 3’s howard creates. if they can land howard we’ve already seen what kind of impact he can make on a team by the success he’s had with orlando. now you give him another quality big man and an all world PG, the sky’s the limit.

    • Miguel says:

      you joking? D will ain’t a defensive stopper.

  196. Kazzy says:


  197. Jordan Paskett says:

    wow deron is an idiot, running out jerry sloan and then leaving himself, way to be professional

    • Brian says:

      Hey genius, it’s called a trade… The jazz did the same thing the Nuggets did. If you don’t think you are going to keep your guy when his contract expires, you get value for it. If you don’t, all you have left is the Cleveland Cavs of the west.

      • Jake Berlin says:

        He didn’t say the Jazz were idiots. He said Deron was an idiot.

      • Miguel says:

        I don’t know if you are aware that Lebron agreed to a sign and trade and that the Cavs got 4 draft picks from the Heat among other things… So the Cavs got something, perhaps not the full value of Lebron but something at any rate.

  198. LAKERS! says:

    Men the east is now full of Elite players!

  199. Steven Pectol says:

    This is another example of the smaller markets not being able to compete with the larger markets. I think we will soon see the West looking like the East, where there is an all-star team constructed of players from only a few teams. I have been a long time Jazz fan. We have been spoiled with the stability of this franchise. We will miss D-Will. The rest of the season is going to be a sad display. The Jazz might as well have traded New Jersey’s record for theirs also. Really disappointing.

    • The Mailman says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I was looking for a decent shooting guard like Rip to come to the Jazz but I did not see a deal like this coming from anywhere. I don’t see anyone from the Jazz stepping up this season, Kirilenko hasn’t been playing as well as years past, Millsap and Jefferson are inconsistent during their best spells and the Jazz bench doesn’t exist. As much as it pains me to say it, Memphis come and get the last playoff spot.

      • Jake Berlin says:

        Well you guys are just wells of positivity aren’t you? The Jazz have already won more games then NJ will this season, and Rudy Gay is out for about a month and the Grizz need him. The Jazz can still make the playoffs…a first round matchup with San Antonio isn’t going to end well though.

      • mikeypsg says:

        These are sad times to be a Jazz fan when the most optimistic view possible has us getting bumped first round in the playoffs. But I have hope for the future Harris is a baller and favors has potential. so if we draft well we could be a force to be recond with agian in like 4 or 5 years… dang I am trying to be optimistic but this sucks!

  200. William says:

    Wow, I hope that Dwight doesnt go to the nets but Camelo is better than Williams, come on now…

    • FireWife48 says:

      Arrogance doesn’t mean better!

    • EZ says:

      Williams is better than carmelo when it comes to position…. 1 or 2 as PG in the NBA! What is carmelo standing for his position? Does he even crack the Top 5? not sure….

      • Nick12 says:

        Carmelo is deff the 2nd best SF in the game, second to LeBron!
        Williams is about 3rd, maybe even 4th, think about it, CP3, D-Rose, maybe even 37 year old Nash or Rondo (because of Playoff experience)

      • Fred says:

        Melo is third among small forward, just behind Lebron and Durant

      • Real Talk says:

        Be Real! Melo Is in the Top 5 player at all positions in the NBA, Dearon Williams doesn’t even come close to that argument!

      • tmac says:

        carmelo is the second best forward in the nba behind lebron.. Get your facts straight

      • ClipperShawn says:

        which five exactly? First is LeBron, of course, but other than him I don’t see a reason to put Anthony any lower than two or three. As far as I’m concerned Durant and ‘Melo are pretty similar players. Neither provide assists, both fill up the basket, and that’s pretty much all they’re asked to do. But even if Durantula’s your number two, who are you thinking of when you say he doesn’t crack the top five? Josh Smith? maybe… but he’s more of a power foward.

      • LTTHEFOURTH says:

        Melo is a better scorer. but all around player, d-will got him beat. i dont know if melo can consistently give me 22 and 9 i know deron can.

      • tata says:

        I would rather have Durant or Blake Griffin than LeBurn or MarshMelo. A couple of team players over a couple of self centered egos.

      • Emil says:

        Durant is definately better than Melo, no one would trade straight up, KD offers far better rebounding along with scoring, not to mention a team attitude, Melo can’t passs even if he wants to.

        Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Dirk Nowitzki and Amare Stoudemire are all better player now than Carmelo. Russel Westbrook, John Wall, Blake Griffin, Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans also are better with they’re age involved.

        Granger, Iguaodola, Pierce, Roy, Joe Johnson are all wings that are close to Melo all around, a lot closer than any vets at the point that can compare with CP or DW.

        More for less is what the Nets did, I think the Russian is pretty smart with how he played the Knicks.

      • allaround baller says:

        unRealTalk, Melow top10 we can accept, not 5

        among SF, Lebron&Durant is better. now and next seasons

        i see your point emil, russian roulette has been played

    • Andre says:

      You guys are missing the point completely. PG is a very unique position, and he’s the guy responsble for making plays all night long, while SG and SF have similar duties, with the difference being only relative size. Offensively, they simply do the same job, and defensively they are used to guard the bigger frontcourt player.

      Between SG/SF, Melo is behind Kobe, Lebron, Durant and Wade, at least. And he can’t defend.

      But the main point is. D-will can play in any NBA team. I dare anyone to name a team where he doesn’t fit. Melo will never play in a contender unless the team has enough defense to make up for him.

  201. Tyler says:

    Whoa. This is absolutely huge. Both sides got a great deal. Although to be honest, I was dumbfounded that this happened. While I think the Knicks got the better player and are poised to get a CP3 next year, New Jersey spent far less on one of the Nba’s elite PG’s. The west just got ALOT weaker.

  202. A W says:

    Wow, this is so much better than the Knicks deal! Good job New Jersey…even though I don’t think Williams will sign an extension with them when his contract is over

    • pmichael says:

      They have to close on Dwight or someone else for him to stay, and I really hope they do. I think Lopez and Williams could be a deadly duo. I think Harris has nothing on williams, and Favors is one of the biggest let-down rookies of the year, Im glad to see him go for an all star. I really hope Nets keep him!

  203. Jermaine says:

    Wow I did not see this coming…

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:


    • Raj says:

      This is definetly a surprising move , I guess Superman could be next ! EAST is heating up

    • livetruthfully says:

      Deron Williams beter than Carmelo Anthony? Are you kidding me?

      I think the Nets made a terrible choice. Don’t get me wrong, Deron Williams is a great player (who is 100 years too young to be compared to Carmelo, don’t make me laugh.) but he’s an all-star–not a franchise player. Devin Harris is raw-talent and Derrick Favors is a strong post player who could potentially be the future, but to get rid of those two AND two first-round draft picks, how can you look at yourself in the mirror and say you just did the right thing for your city.

      Unless New Jersey picks up another TWO superstars–just to get in league with the New York Trio (CP3 obviously) and the Heat/Celtics, this is the worst thing that’s happened to the east coast since Isiah Thomas stepped into office.

      • Mike says:

        Learn to spell “better” and your posts will be taken more seriously.

      • CPC12 says:

        The Jazz lost big. D-Will is arguably the best or second best pg in the league and now they have no all-star and no chance of a playoff appearance. What were they thinking? Maybe D-Will was arguing with Sloan but you don’t trade him away because of that, especially when Sloan left anyway.

      • Shadychaos NZ says:

        haha havnt you seen derron williams play. the nets are obviously building up. they have a plan. theyv just got one of the best pg’s in the game and have money to spend. play offs next year. you just wait

      • todd says:

        deron williams is at least as good as carmelo and he also makes other players better. another plus is he will attract free agents, all superstars want to play with someone who excels at getting them the ball.

      • David says:

        For one…..they are the same age, and almost have them same career numbers as far as three-point percentage, free-throws and points per game. You are only regurgitating what all the sports pundits have been saying about the Melo deal. Get your facts straight….It is by far a better deal for the Nets, and leaves them plenty of cap space to deal for another star player. Your New York state of mind is clouded with poor facts and bad commentary

      • livetruthfully says:

        Mike, it’s called a typo. I furiously typed out my emotionally charged thoughts and it looks like I missed it on my quick read. My bad. Why don’t you stop living so pessimistically and just talk about basketball.

        Haha I feel you Shadychaos NZ, I know I’m completely overlooking his talent. The guy can play that’s for sure, I just think they gave away more than they needed to for him. No doubt in my mind though the Nets will get noticed.

        I definitely won’t say Williams is as good as Melo Todd (Melo is a once-in-a-decade player) but he does make everyone around him better. And you’re right, he will attract a lot of other talents to play with him. I didn’t really think about that; it’s a valid point.

        Only time will tell what happens next, but I think Utah received a good foundation to rebuild around for the future. Much better than what the Nuggets are left to scavenge from at least.

      • Emil says:

        Williams is just as good, probably better than Melo, no one can argue that. Williams being better is a legit arguement though!

      • utah ball says:

        DO you know What you are talking about. Harris is raw-talent he has been around for a while now he is what he is a nice player. D Will is better then Anthony and unless Paul is going to take 5 mill a year he will never go to New York.

      • Azeron says:

        Mike says:
        February 23, 2011 at 2:13 pm
        Learn to spell “better” and your posts will be taken more seriously.

        Are you kidding? Full disclosure. I am a Chris Paul fan. The fact that the Hawks passed him over still boggles the mind. Not as bad as Dumars passing on Anthony but close. However, Deron Williams is right there. For this guy to say the Nets made a mistake makes me think he is a Knicks fan suffering from serious sour grapes. So no matter how well or poorly he spells, I simply cannot take him seriously.

      • David G says:

        Haha. Carmelo and Deron are the same age. Devin Harris is raw talent? Lets say uncoachable talent. He is older than Melo and D-Will. You need to get your facts together. There must be a reason why the Nets wanted to get rid of Favors. If he really showed signs of being the “future” than they wouldn’t have let him go. You sir are a dunce. I don’t even comment on these things but you are so off about this one. D-Will is a superstar and the Nets def got the better end of this deal.

      • Andre says:

        I think D-Will is better than Melo.

        Obvious, two different positions. But Melo simply can’t defend. D-will, on the other side, is a good scorer, ok shooter, and good defender. He simply can match any PG in the league, and is arguably the best in the league. D-will will never be completely lost and dominated by Rondo, Rose, CP3, etc.

        Melo is an offensive minded player and can hardly defend a highschool average player.

        Melo only makes sense in a system where you already have a strong defense.

        Also, when you have 6, 7 superb PGs in the league, having the ability to match deal is crucial. D-will you make you frontcourt better defensively, what brings you less problems to solve.

      • livetruthfully says:

        Haha I knew I’d get a lot of emotionally-charged responses but wow – did you guys have an accident at work and forget to bring a tampon?

        I will say David G you’ve provided a lot of insights I didn’t consider. I really don’t follow what goes on in New Jersey because frankly I don’t care – they suck. I didn’t think about Devin Harris being uncoachable or the existence of an internal problem when dealing with Favors so I agree with you on that one. However I think the real dunces are the guys here who can’t accept the fact that someone else feels both strongly and differently about “whose better” so they go all psycho like Demi Lovato. Myself included from the first post.

        To the other David I will add that I actually could care less about the rest of the Knicks, I just love Carmelo. I think he’s an athlete that’s made a lot of mistakes from his career but grew from it. And what separates him from Deron in my mind is that he’s one of the greatest closers this league has ever seen. No disrespect to Deron but he’s probably made more game-winners in a season that Williams has in his career. He’s just that amazing and I have eternal respect for him. So yeah, I just want the guy to win.

        I have to commend Andre for his both informative and well-composed response. I think you’re right. In my opinion Carmelo is the better player but respectively to their positions Deron makes the team better. He is a lockdown defender and like you said that’s a necessity when guys like Rondo and Rose wreak havoc. Kudos to you man.

        All in all they’re both great players who will do great things for their new cities, but to me my man Melo is still number one 🙂