Cuban Angered By Hornets’ Trade

DALLAS — Mavericks owner Mark Cuban isn’t too happy with the league-owned and funded New Orleans Hornets taking back salary and sending cash in today’s trade for Sacramento forward Carl Landry. That a franchise previously on such shaky financial ground that it needed an NBA bailout earlier this season actually increased its payroll greatly irritated Cuban.

“That’s just wrong. That’s just wrong. That’s just absolutely, positively wrong,” an incredulous Cuban said before tonight’s Dallas-Utah game. “I’ll probably go against the grain from everybody else, but that is so far wrong that it’s not even close.

“There’s so few teams in the league that can afford to do that and yet we’re allowing a team that’s owned by the league to do that?”

New Orleans sent the Kings second-year guard Marcus Thornton and cash considerations for Landry, who’s in the last year of his contract making $3 million. Thornton, also in the last year, is on the books for $762,195. (New Orleans, which is over the salary cap, was able to fit Landry into a trade exception.)

The Hornets’ payroll went up about $2.24 million, though that difference is prorated for the remainder of the season. That increase plus the cash paid to Sacramento clearly upset Cuban, a consistent luxury tax payer.

New Orleans is also a Southwest Division rival of Dallas and potential first-round playoff opponent.

Asked if there was any recourse with the league, Cuban said: “What am I gonna do? That’s wrong. Beyond wrong.”

The NBA — Cuban and the other 28 owners — purchased the Hornets from troubled former owner George Shinn in December for approximately $300 million. The league set the Hornets’ operating budget and funds the team, which is operated by David Stern-appointed chairman Jac Sperling.

The idea was broached that the Hornets-Kings deal amounts to a form of revenue sharing and the other owners helped subsidize the trade.

“I don’t need to be competing economically with the league and myself,” Cuban said.


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  2. […] in trading Marcus Thornton and straight cash [homie] considerations to the Kings for Carl Landry.  In the article, Cuban felt the trade to be comparable to revenue sharing and unfair since the owners owned the […]

  3. Regan says:

    I generally ditest Cuban. I’m a San Antonio fan and he’s constantly talking smack about us. Plus in San Antonio, Dallas may be the only team we hate more than the Lakers. Having said that, I agree with Mark Cuban. I also think it is completely wrong for the NBA to own a team. There are all kinds of conflicts of interest there. The NBA should be doing whatever it possibly can to find someone to sell the Hornets to. I don’t think the NBA should own a team for the same reason I don’t think the government should own General Motors.

  4. Noel says:

    Cuban fans are tired of your tirade and grand standing, Show some class …….SHUTUP. Fans are tired. Keep a low profile like the rest of the owners. You are living proof that one can buy a team but yet cannot buy class.

  5. lance Broussard says:

    hornets were definitely a threat when they were a 3 seed before the injury to trevor and okafor…. let dirk and jet terry get hurt and watch the mavs fall. with okafor back tomorrow and carl landry they are going to be a teams worst nightmare other than the lakers in the west. they’ve beaten everybody but them

  6. Lol says:

    -Mark Cuban says something controversial for attention and posters give him attention

    Nothing new to see here folks, move along…

  7. ty says:

    cuban is known to always cry about everything, like investigating how the big three in heat were recruited….like cmon hes always in everyone else business….noone likes a tattle teller. i understand nba is a clean business and everything should be done by the books and correctly, but hornets arent even a threat in the west lmao, im sorry. he needa go play golf, or make a tv show so he can exploit the nba and people who “do wrong”, and it be mediocre and then he will be complaining other tv shows like lopez tonight has an unfair advantage in location or something…..this is why you dont give spoiled babies money. u get cuban lol

  8. ty says:

    cuban has a valid argument no doubt about it, but its peanuts in comparison to the amount of money owners play wit on certain basis…..the hornets were bailed out, and the longetivity of the nba DOES rely on every single team in the nba. Insofacto he was looking out for himself. mavs over the cap for years now, and he paying all that money and still hasnt won a ring, so hes not the best business man or investor if you going on track record and resume lol

  9. Biz says:

    Cuban always whines ! He is just mad cuz his dear Mavs have no championships. Whining will not get u anywhere. Grow up, instead of whining all the time, why don’t u use that energy to turn ur team into a championship team, geez!

  10. Jrock says:

    Think of it this way .. You give a mate money to tie him over .. then you go to his house and he has a new 50 inch ? Thats wrong

  11. GMAN says:

    Dalllas right now wouldnt even see the hornets in the playoffs unless everybody on here is saying that dallas beats the lakers and the hornets knock of the spurs… Thats the only way the to of them ever meet. There is know way they fall to the 6th spot or move past dallas or the lakers to the third spot. It has nothing to do with anything but the league doing something they shouldnt be doing in the first place

    • tata says:

      New Orleans could easily fall to 6th, 7th or 8th and Dallas could still be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. So it is very reasonable to assume the Mavs and Hornets COULD meet in the playoffs.

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  13. Emmanuel says:

    Cuban may be loud, but completely right on this, what message is the league sending around? We may get into a lockout because of financial reason, and still they are spending money they don’t have. Plus he also own a share of the Hornets. So yes, maybe it will improve both team, but really how can they be talking about fixing money problems, when they keep spending what they don’t have.
    It’s not about the Mavs here, they got a great team, and they are more than competitive in the league but really Mr.Stern isn’t it time you get your mind straight and start working on the way you run the league?!?

  14. chris j elias, you must be a little slow, naw a lot slow! Pretty soon they gone stop letting idiots like you leave comments on the internet. But until then I”ll be here to tell you, you a dumb ass b****h!

  15. Curtis says:

    “…go against the grain….” On Dan Patrick” he said he would use “against the grain” for the show. Mark is a man of his word. lol

  16. Vincent says:

    As much as I dislike Mark Cuban, he makes a very valid point. A team that is in such financial distress that they needed the NBA owners to collectively “buy” the team”, has no business making moves that they not only can’t afford, but directly contradicts the wishes of all the team owners. New Orleans’ situation is unfortunate, but there has to ramifications for not running the business in a fiscally sound manner… Tough luck Hornets, you shouldn’t be allowed operate like a team that is flush..

    • Vincent says:

      It is ENTIRELY unfair that the NBA can use all of its resources to operate the front office of the Hornets- and that is exactly what has happened to facilitate this trade. This is a dangerous precedent to be setting for other struggling small-market teams… Essentially any team that can’t hack it financially or otherwise can just let the NBA take over and use its unlimited resources to bring the team back into the black… This is worse than they government bailout of GM and Fannie Mae..

    • Vincent says:

      You have to ask yourself: would any other struggling team be allowed to pursue this type of trade without the financial resources available??.. and the answer is an emphatic NO!!!!… The Hornets are getting preferrential treatment and it needs to be stopped!!!

    • tata says:

      The deal was approved by a majority of team owners.

  17. Miggs says:

    hehehe… if these is anything Cuban like more than Money is his Mavs! He run a $160 million negative operating income since he bought majority from Ross Perot on 2000. Most of the losses come from luxury taxes that year after year support one of the leagues highest payroll. Why? The elusive Championship! He likely wonders “is my money not good around here, that it hasn’t bought my a ring?” So while he may have spent $10M in bailing out the Hornets as a “gentleman owner”, he would probably pay twice as much to see them lurk at the bottom of the division. Is he mad about money or about strenghtening another team in his division, which he could face in the playofff? Well, you do the math. If I had to put MY money on it, I would say Cuban is not looking for cash, but digging for BLING.

  18. lance Broussard says:

    this trade will definitely help the hornets as well as increase its value, thornton was only get sporadic minutes now they have a big man threesome of okafor david west and landry he’ proly just one of the teams that wanted him. the hornets didt go over the cap so it should be legal. from a level standpoint this should be allowed if all the other teams can go 10’s of millions over the cap and the hornets can’t get better as a team for little cost.

  19. Axel says:

    I havent read all the inputs above, but if Landry turns out to be a very good trade for the hornets, wouldnt it increase the value of the teams that Cuban now owns a 29th part of hence giving him more than $10+ when they sell it to the (hopefully) next owner?

    HOWEVER – The flip side of that is of course if it doesnt turn out to a good trade and sinks the Hornets progress and the teams value. Then of course Cuban have something more to be worried about.

    I would actually give Cuban right as the Hornets should not do trades that commits the team to more financial debt, especially in situations that othe temas cant afford themselves. I dont know what the regulations say, but it would seem more fair that chairman Jac Sperling´s mission is to keep the team in status Quo and let the new owners do the trades.

    • Vincent says:

      Thank you.. exactly right on… the league shouldn’t be allowed to use its “power” to run this team!!!.. PERIOD!!!

  20. […] Landry and Marcus Thorton does not sit well with the Mavs’ owner. He thinks the NBA-backed Hornets had an unfair advantage in the deal. From “Mavericks owner Mark Cuban isn’t too happy with the league-owned and funded […]

  21. RE_ALITY says:




  22. RobertM320 says:

    This is no more wrong than the fact Cuban and the Mavs can be $30 million over the “salary” cap is wrong. Cuban (and Jerry Buss of the Lakers, and the guy who owns the Magic) destroy the competitive balance of the entire NBA by flaunting the salary cap in their chase for titles. Destroying the balance, destroying teams and markets and jobs in the process, costs the NBA more overall dollars in lost media coverage, lost merchandise sales and lost viewership than that measly $750K, which costs Cuban all of what, $25K? Install a HARD cap and a franchise tag, along with revenue sharing and put EVERYONE on a level playing field. Then we’ll see who’s really the best team and management. My bet won’t be on Cuban and the Mavs.

    • tata says:

      The top 100 players should just form their own highly competitive 8 team league and keep ALL the money. Then we wouldn’t need “owners” and cry-babies like Cuban.

  23. Brandon says:

    Kind of a double edged sword: Makes the team better, which should hopefully translate to wins and fans in seats, which makes the Hornets a more saleable item.
    However Mr Cuba raises a very good point. Although maybe if they weren’t divisional rivals he wouldn’t be too fussed 😛

  24. Daniel says:

    If mark has so much money,why dosent he get better player than dirk? he”s a crybaby!

    • mo says:

      salary cap. also there arn’t that many players who are better than dirk that they could get. too late now melo and d will are gone and they already gave dirk a 94 million dollar contract.

      • GMAN says:

        Daniel Your a few words i cant say on here. Dirk Is awesome player. He only takes about 15 shots a night to get his thirty pionts. There isnt many guys in the league that can do that. He even took less money to stay there to win his ring. No OTHER NBA SUPERSAR would do that. IF you dont think this is true,, Look how bad dallas was without him. YOu Must be a Stupid Hornet fan

    • Daniel says:

      Gman before you start stating facts about any sports, learn how to spell SUPERSTAR!!! Anyways the whole Dallas organization are winers from MARK CUBAN to DIRK! OH YEAH! they cant get there way without the refs. And by the way im a Kings FAN!!!!!!!!!!

  25. sam says:

    Cuban is a genius straight up, if you know anything about how he became a millionaire you would know that he is a very business savvy guy, that being said hes completely right. This is wrong the hornets should go to Seattle

  26. Timothy says:

    I have to agree with him. This does sound a little fishy.

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  27. Weak Mavs Team?? says:

    His weak ass Mavericks team is creeping up on the Spurs for best record in the league. Uneducated fans like you are exactly why Cuban is pissed off.

  28. Ian says:

    Cuban is mad because he probobly wanted to get Thorton as a replacement for Butler and his week ass Mavericks team

    • MAVSFAN420 says:

      Mavericks have the second best record in the NBA without Butler and Dirk for a while. I’m sure we’re better than whatever team you go for. We beat the best of the best, so were the best.

    • awesomeman says:

      “week” ass Mavericks Team. If youre not a Spurs fan, you are mentally retarded.

      Cuban is probably the best owner in the league.

      • Not That R word again says:

        mentally retarded, OK You are a f in Normal!

        DEFINITION b : free from mental disorder with nothing to do but call people names because I’m a NORMAL who think he’s so good than everyone.
        IF U

  29. clash says:

    we dont care, as long as i am enjoying watching d nba. It doesnt matter at all. So shut up marc. Do ur job in ur own team ok

  30. Reuel says:

    Mark Cuban is running around and screaming here like a girl heeeee heeee heee!!!!

  31. Jake says:

    Yeah, I think Cuban has a very valid point. A team that has basically gone bankrupt shouldn’t be able to go in the whole even more especially if by doing so they hurt the other owners in the league who have money invested in the team. I thought the government was the only institution that can get away with spending money it didn’t have 🙂

  32. Keith says:

    Cuban is definitely correct here. The Hornets definitely should not be taking on more salary. Cuban will probably lose more because of this trade than many of us make in a year. Admittedly, that’s still not much to him but a good business man pays close attention to his investments. I’m sure he’s not the only owner upset about this, just the most vocal one as usual

  33. bballer says:

    In terms of personnel this seems like a good trade for both teams involved. On a relative scale the dollar amount is small. If it makes both teams better (more watchable) the league benefits.

  34. cuban all the way says:

    Cuban’s butt itches. He’s a bit cranky. Let him cool off and eat some peanuts.

  35. David says:

    Cuban is awesome….

  36. mike says:

    chris j elias

    you are taking the time to say ‘cuban’ ‘cuba’ and ‘retarded’

    the effort is amazing, thank you for intelligent thoughtful input, it really brings so much to the story.

    i do think new orleans made a good deal and if it fits with the exception, all is fair, perhaps 2 million dollars is a concern worth pointing out, the nba should not bail out the previous owner, but should do what it believes is right for improving the new orleans team, though i wonder if they plan to re-sign Landry for a larger contract, which seems okay from a winning standpoint, but not from a bailout standpoint.

  37. Chris Why says:

    Chris : R u retarded ?

    How is Mark Cuban wrong ?

  38. i think cuban should go to cuba, becasue he’s retarded

    • jack says:

      really? hes got $10million + invested in that team, would you want people making stupid financial decisions with your $10million?

      • mike says:

        it’s not stupid to trade thornton for landry, new orleans needs big people, this is less than 2 millions dollars.

      • Jordan says:

        The Goal of an Nba Team is to win a championship, not satisfy what Mark Cuban wants. New Orleans is a current playoff team so why wouldn’t they try to improve to get to the finals?(not that they will)

      • tata says:

        If I invested $10 million dollars I would like to see my investment improve. I think this is a knee jerk reaction and short-sighted of a smart businessman like Cuban. If the league just cuts the Hornets budget the franchise value will go down.