Trade Rumors, Vol. II

More rumblings on trade rumors from around the league …


The Golden State Warriors and New Jersey Nets are discussing a potential trade that would send disgruntled Nets forward Troy Murphy and a second-round draft pick to the Warriors in exchange for center Dan Gadzuric and forward Brandan Wright, according to league sources. But the deal has not yet been agreed to, according to sources involved in the talks.

The Nets have been committed to moving Murphy for weeks, after he fell out of favor with Coach Avery Johnson. Murphy has been home since early January, having played in just 18 games this season for New Jersey, averaging 3.6 points. But the 30-year-old Murphy has long been considered one of the league’s best rebounders and would be a good fit for a playoff team’s rotation. There has been speculation that Murphy will be bought out by whatever team trades for him, given that he’s on an expiring contract ($11.9 million this season), and would then sign with a contending team before the March 1 playoff roster deadline.

One source involved in the discussions cautioned that the potential trade was at best “50-50,” but confirmed the teams were talking, as has been rumored for a couple of weeks. Yahoo! Sports reported the trade was close to being done Tuesday.

The Nets acquired Murphy last August from Indiana as part of a four-team deal that sent guard Darren Collison from New Orleans to Indiana, along with swingman James Posey, with forward Trevor Ariza going from Houston to New Orleans and Houston getting guard Courtney Lee from New Jersey.

The 23-year-old Wright was a first-round pick in 2007 but has been slowed by injuries during his years with the Warriors, appearing in just 98 career games in almost four full seasons. Golden State acquired Gadzuric and guard Charlie Bell from Milwaukee last summer in a trade for forward Corey Maggette.


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  3. Troy Murphy says:

    […] place during 4th quarters. Troy Murphy is the devil! He's looks like Station from Bill and Ted'sTroy Murphy – don't be mad just cause the Pacers beat the Lakers. Lakers should have shut down Pacers on the […]

  4. TD says:

    The FLOOD Gates are open ladies and gentleman.

    And believe this only the Best of the best GM’s and President’ss will be able to compete in the NBA and woaoo players to their teams. The average GM and or President, your time has arrived… What have you done for This TEAM lately… Speak now or forever HOLD your PEACE.
    I Love this GAME!!!!!

  5. julius espina says:

    if the orlando magic is on their right brains now. they should get troy murphy!

  6. To Dude says:

    Not every player is going to go to Miami Heat. Alot of you heat fans keep thinking that way. If you all believe in your dame heat team, Than why do you guys keep wonting more playrs. That tells me that you do not believe in your team to win it all. Thats smart, Because I do not believe they can!

    Believe | Define Believe at To have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so: Only if one …
    believes in something can one act purposefully.

  7. Zach says:

    Can we get Troy Muphy in Orlando??? he’d fit well there.

  8. […] Trade Rumors, Vol. II « | Hang Time Blog […]

  9. […] Trade Rumors, Vol. II « | Hang Time Blog […]

  10. […] Ende des Melo-Dramas bedeutet nicht das Ende der Trade-Gerüchte! Vor Ende der Trade Deadline nächste Woche morgen, können/sollten/müssen noch […]

  11. dude says:

    i hope Troy Murphy use his brain if he dealth or traded in other teams i hope his gonna buy out his contract and sign to Miami Heat….. gogogo heat to finals

  12. Instead of trying to trade players away, the Nets need to go down to the local YMCA and try to sign a couple guys to a 10-day contact. They don’t have the luxury to let a solid player like Troy Murphy go due to a “fall out” with the coach.

  13. hey sekou,

    Will any other big name players get dealt by this thursday’s trade deadline.

  14. rob hill says:

    forget the nets, the nba need to remove teams like this, there are not committed to winning.

  15. Jon says:

    The Buyout
    It has been rumored for awhile that whoever acquires Troy is probably going to buy him out. But the talks have always been for players with long term contracts going to the Nets with the expiring contract of Troy going to the other team.

    With one open roster spot already, & trading expirings for for one expiring I don’t see the Warriors buying out Murphy & thus leave 3 open roster spots. No need for that. I don’t see the Warriors making a 1 for 4 trade or them seeing 3 guys in the NBDL that are worth having right now. Specially since they have been sitting on Rodney Carney’s open roster spot for awhile now, no 10 day contracts signed this year. It just doesn’t add up, why waive Murphy?