Trade Rumors, Vol. I

As the trade deadline gets closer and closer, the rumors start flying faster and faster. Here’s the latest update heading into Thursday’s 3 p.m. ET deadline:


The Atlanta Hawks are interested in Washington Wizards veteran point guard Kirk Hinrich, according to league sources, but the Hawks are not willing to give Washington both a young player and a first-round pick for Hinrich, the Wizards’ current asking price.

Atlanta is trying to convince Washington take back veteran Mike Bibby for Hinrich, pointing out the potential cap savings for the Wizards. Hinrich is scheduled to make $8 million next season, while Bibby only will make $6.2 million. Both would be entering the final year of their respective contracts next season. The Wizards, though, want to continue their youth movement–though Washington isn’t interested in taking on the two years and $15.7 million that will be left on swingman Marvin Williams‘s contract after this season.

The Hawks are reluctant to put a first-round pick in the deal, especially considering the Wizards already got a first from Chicago last year when the Bulls traded Hinrich to Washington to clear salary cap space. The Wizards used that pick to select French big man Kevin Seraphin, who has played sporadically this season for Flip Saunders.


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  2. […] David Aldridge, The Atlanta Hawks are interested in Washington Wizards veteran point guard Kirk Hinrich, according to league sources, but the Hawks are not willing to give Washington both a young player and a first-round pick for Hinrich, the Wizards’ current asking price. […]

  3. Brandon Lyons says:

    The Hawks need to CUT Mo Evans he sucks. They need to play Jeff Teague and Jordan Crawford more. Trade Bibby and picks to the Suns for Steve Nash. Hinrich is a downgrade for sure

  4. sweeticancommentnow says:

    imagine nash in a hawks uniform.. that would look really weird if you ask me

  5. Badger says:

    what about Bogut to Heat. be nice to see the big fella finally rewarded.

  6. joel says:

    Nash going to the hawks would be an amazing trade. If they could keep jj, jsmoove, and horford they would be set. Nash would push that team over the top. He’s getting nearly 10 assists a game now with no clear cut second offensive option. This would be nash’s paradise. With all the offensive talent around him he could relive the days when phoenix was a legitamate contender that just got screwed repeatedly by freak accidents in the playoffs.

  7. awesomeman says:


    Steve Nash and Marcin Gortat to Atlanta for Mike Bibby and Marvin Williams and Draft Picks.

    Seriously, that lineup of


    And on the bench you have guys like Jamal Crawford, Mo Evans, and Zaza Pachulia,

    Its the nicest thing the Suns could do to Steve Nash. He aint gonna win in Phoenix.

    Might as well give it a shot with Atlanta, I believe a Championship Team would look like that.

  8. sweeticancommentnow says:

    why are we trying to get hinirch?? we should try to get some one who can replace Marvin Williams hes aweful, and we need to play teague more i think, we need more energy in the pg position then rusty ol bibby, and use bibby alot towards the end of a game because he is clutch!!

  9. sweeticancommentnow says:

    hawks are no where as exciting as they were last year, i miss that pure domination in the highlight factory, maybe it is for the better because they keep getting tired and then straight pwned in the playoffs.

  10. yeti1991 says:

    Anthony Parker would be a good fit, Stretches the d with his shot, a good defender, and would defnitely improve under a top notch Defensive coach like Thibodeau. Not as explosive as Rip or Tmac potentially but he can still put in decent numbers and take some load off of Rose

  11. taye3 says:

    hawks need to trade j. smith ,, for devin harris …should have gotten d. williams!!!!

  12. Cocoa Ninja says:

    Yo Astro Joe, that trade you just set up is absolutely ridiculous. I’m assuming you’re talking about trading Jamal Crawford, and Jamal is much better than Kirk Hinrich and is one of the top 5 players in Atlanta, and Hinrich is not worth a 1st round pick at this point in his career.

  13. […] he’s got experience and he’s cheaper, at $6.2 million, vs. Hinrich’s $8 million. David Aldridge has the different scenarios, for that […]

  14. web says:

    the hawks need to make a trade for GERALD WALLACE!!! Get rid of marvin, give us another scoring option and better defender who can handle guarding pierce, lebron, and now carmelo. let’s do it!

  15. AKM says:

    hell yeah bibby’s better than hinrich, if hinrich comes to hawks, there’s no way he going to average more than 9 points a game. bibby is also a much better 3 point shooter than hinrich. the only reason why i want hinrich to come is so that jeff teague can start

  16. get down or lay down says:


  17. dssdaffsd says:

    carter is an amazing player hes a legend he can dunk on anyone in this age and he can break up the defense easily and shoot 3 pointers -only reason orlando won 2 games in eastern conference is carter and howard dar=ts it

  18. Sam says:

    what is miami gonna do… we need a veteran point guard like jazz williams who might be headed to the nets. come on miami get a point guard.

  19. nuggets 1 says:

    Nuggets got a lot in the carmelo deal

  20. IGotGrips says:

    Why is Miami not all over Kirk H. That is the perfect person for them. Must be Cap because he can play both guard positions very well. He would start at point. Plus you could send Dwade and LBJ to the pine without the offense going bad. This would actually help James Jones because he can come in the game with Mike Miller. JJ’s minutes were sliced once Mike got going because either Wade or LBJ had to do the ball handling however forcing them to keep House, Arroyo or Chalmers on the floor to guard PG’s. Get rid of Arroyo and whatever else to get Kirk.

  21. aaron says:

    not a good trade

  22. TP says:

    The Heat have nothing to give for Nash , you can forget Nash to the Heat man

  23. Verbzz says:

    ummm Jamal and D Rose can’t play on the same team?? and if the hawks trade for Jamal u think we”ll be getting air in return?? we’ll proli ask for Taj and CJ for Jamal so don’t forget trades go both ways… Lakers aren’t giving up Bynum and they shudunt.. even tho i would gladly take him 4 the hawks.. if they give him up, they are kissing their championship try goodbye.. as if they’re lack of effort didn’t already do that??

    Someone said Bibby is better than Kirk?? ok, u don’t know what you talking about on that one… the hawks aren’t giving Jamal away and the bulls gave Jamal away in case u all 4get… gettin Kirk alone isn’t enough for the hawks however.. we need a Center as well… somtn that makes sense…

  24. Yates says:

    bulls should try n get tony allen, has he’ll easily fit into tom thibs system n after his performances this season now not in boston he’s playin much better ball

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  27. KobeSUCKS says:

    nash should go to the heat!! 🙂

  28. first of all, i don’t know what’s about this trade rumor w/ ATL or WSH ..
    2nd, are u all insane ? nash going to ATL is like kobe going to cavs ..
    3rd, if nash should be traded, it should be in ORL or MIA or in POR (but portland will never be champ contender unless they get all healthy) .. because, steve nash is in his last days of his wonderful career ,, he deserves to win a championship NOW or tomorrow, not a piece to a rebuilding team ..
    4th, as for CHI needing a SG, i think is someone is right here, try get a guy who attracts defense and lessens the pressure in d.rose .. i think, jamal crawford is suitable for this, a scoring machine, also can handle the ball .. trade keith bogans + cash .. or if CHI don’t want a trade, just let ronnie brewer start .. although im thinkin’, if wes matthews signed with CHI in the last offseason, CHI is really really good ..
    5th, as for shane battier going to lakers, i think yeah, he’s good .. but i think lakers need some energy guy, a youth .. someone like ronnie turiaf did when they were in their rebuilding process ..
    6th, someone mentioned nene here .. i think, he’s good in miami, they need size and physicality upfront ..
    7th, d.rose will be the MVP this season ..

  29. bostonboy says:

    i like this trade 4 the hawks getting kirk,but the wizards r getting an old washed up bibby.dont get me wrong bibby made all the difference 4 years ago wen he was traded 2 the ATL and helped them make them make it 2 the playoffs,but hes goin 2 a team that really dose’nt have a chane 2 make it.but the hawks r getting 1 of the best defensive guards in the nba.”captin”kirk is an awesome guard,defensive specilist,great shooter,and a leader.if the hawks reall want this guy.they better do all they can 2 get him.

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  31. SixerFanEU says:

    Nash should be traded (if at all) to a championship calibre team. There are only three “small” problems: 1) Nash wants to stay with the Suns, 2)Atlanta IS NOT a championship calibre team, 3)neither is NJ (chuckle)

  32. Aeonne says:

    Lakers should make a trade a.s.a.p. getting shane would be a nice addition for them. trade luke walton + ebanks

    for the Grizzlies, they’ve been great catching up for a playoff spot.. id say make a trade also but never trade OJ Mayo! they need a young, athletic big man… Amir Johnson or Ed Davis would be a nice fit..or they should go for david lee

  33. Oguzhan says:

    What about Mike Miller and Thabeet trade? Would’t this be great for The Heat??? What do you guys think

    • joel says:

      that would be a godaweful trade for the heat.
      miller is a proven vet who just hasnt had the time to find his rythm yet.
      Thabeet is one of the worst draft busts in recent history.

  34. lakers 3p says:

    3 team trade
    lakers -atlanta-wizardz
    atlanta get bynum and hinrich
    wizards get bibby,walton and artest
    lakers get marvin williams al thorton and josh howard

    atlanta get their need at PG and C
    they can start bynum w/hoford big frontcourt

    wizards add some veteran to train their rookie

  35. The Point Forward » Posts Latest Trade Chatter: Tuesday, Feb. 22 « says:

    […] David Aldridge, The Atlanta Hawks are interested in Washington Wizards veteran point guard Kirk Hinrich, according to league sources, but the Hawks are not willing to give Washington both a young player and a first-round pick for Hinrich, the Wizards’ current asking price. […]

  36. matt says:

    Nash,Hill for Teague,Jamal Crawford, 2 first round picks, 2 second round picks. This would vault ATL past orlando. they would have four all stars on the team in Nash,JJ,Jsmoove, and AL. ATL needs Nash and Nash needs them. ATL is gonna half to spend $ anyways. Might as well rescue a former 2 time MVP from a basketball desert.

  37. Verbzz says:

    ummmm it’s a nobrainer!!! we do the deal!!! we give em Bibby, Marvin and either Teague or Joe Crawford n the pick… whatever… and we take Captain Kirk, Josh Howard and “anything” else they are offering…

  38. Blake the Great Show says:

    The Bulls should try and get Jamal Crawford. The Hawks are trying to get rid of him ever since they drafted a younger version of him. Could be a cheap steal for the Bulls

  39. AKM says:

    why dont the hawks go for freakin nene. the hawks get me so angry sometimes, hinrich is the same exact thing as bibby, bibby is probably better and more clutch. nene would make the hawks so much better.

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  41. Northstar says:

    He should go bac to the bulls he was a good fit there ..also T. Thomas wid noah was some good defense down in the paint

    • uckfred says:

      Tyrus was nothing but a disruptive primadonna. If he were still playing for the team, Thibs would have benched him like Vinny did.

  42. Darko says:

    do you think that New Orleans is going to make some kind of a trade, and for which player that will be??

  43. Adam says:

    Hawks should trade for Nash. It’s not like Nash’s lack of defense is any different to Bibby’s nothing.

    Bibby, Jordan Crawford and Williams for Nash and a wing player….

  44. Big Ray says:

    Seems like they could give up either Jordan Crawford or Jeff Teague along with Bibby for Kirk Hinrich. But, Hawks management always seems to be in love with their draft picks until it’s too late to realize that they aren’t working out. Sigh….

    P.S. Why are the Hawks worried about a first round draft pick? It won’t be high enough to do much with, and the Hawks aren’t known for their strong drafts in the Rick Sund era….

  45. wizards and hawks, just do the trade and give each other what they want.

  46. Darreb says:

    What about nash to Jersey for Harris and picks, perhaps a guy like Murphy too and bring Nash and Lopez together, NJ may not be contenders but with nash, Lopez the foundation is there, with Kidd, Martin and Carter NJ went back to back in the finals, Nash Lopez and Rip (trade away Favours for Rip and picks) they could at least contend in the easts lower four playoff positions for 2011-12

    • Big Boss says:

      Vince Carter was not part of the back-to-back Runner-Up finishes of New Jersey. Get your facts straight. VC is nothing but a cocky washed up player.

    • tony says:

      carter was not with jersey when they went to the finals—it was kidd,jeferson, and k-mart!!!

    • Nashty says:

      Even though Nash is still a heck-of-a-player, I don’t understand how a 37-year old guy can be the foundation for Jersey when they’re trying to rebuild with young players. Kidd, Martin, Carter were in their prime when they reached the finals. But NJ sure does need some leadership-role guys to teach Lopez, Favors, and the other young-guns.

    • allaround baller says:

      are u drunk? nash to jersey will happen 5 years again, the contract is assistant coach lol
      nash +lopez + rip going nowhere. i’ll kill my self for end up career this way.

  47. peter xxx says:

    Heinrich should come back to the BULLS! We need him. I watched him since his rookie season and we lost him for no reason.

    • uckfred says:

      I was disappointed to see him go, but we didn’t lose him for no reason. We had to make the move to make salary space if we ever wanted to get two of the major free agents available. We ended up only getting one, but we managed to get a bunch of useful role-players that are meshing well with the team. I would be happy to see him back though, but we’re not getting him this year due to league rules. Even if we were able to get Hinrich back this season, it still wouldn’t solve the hole in the SG spot since he rarely ever got 15+ pts.

  48. dulaman says:

    I just one question 4 u, Sekou…w/ all this talk of getting a PG and we ALL KNOW that the Marv Will pick is the reason why we’re even looking, WHY isn’t his name SERIOUSLY MENTIONED in a package deal? Is it a salary thing or is Hawks mgmt so in love w/ the guy?

  49. LOLOL says:

    why not lakers trade for battier? Probably with walton, ebanks/caracter and some draft picks/joe smith. won’t that help the team when they face teams like Heats.

  50. Mack says:

    Man, why would the Bulls get another point guard? They need either a penetrating two guard who can hit an open shot or like a three point speicalist. Why is Aron Afflalo not even mentioned, I bet he’s cheap. Or Dahntay Jones. There’s some under rated guys out there, The Bulls don’t need another superstar. It’s more fun to watch basketball than whatever that s— Miami plays is.

    • tjlaughs says:

      I agree that Afflalo is a drastically underrated player, and would fit the Bulls in a way that would make them just plain nasty, but I’m not sure the contract situation will work out. He technically has one more year left on his contract with Denver, but it’s a qualifying offer based on the rookie scale. I’m not sure how that transers to Chicago, being that the Bulls are not the team that drafted him…wondering if Afflalo is traded to the Bulls means that the qualifying offer Denver would have needed to exercise to give him a rookie-scale contract is eliminated, and Afflalo becomes and unrestricted free agent, ie Chicago would risk losing not only what they give to Denver, but Afflalo as well, given the fact there are plenty of teams that need a 2Guard who plays D, is athletic, and can score in bunches if you give him the shots.

      • Hoops Junkie says:

        no, his contract situation would be the same in Chicago, because his fourth-year option was picked up by either Denver or even Detroit when it was due to be picked up. that means he would be a restricted free agent at the and of the season and Bulls could give him a qualifying offer and retain the right to match any offer from other teams he receives.

    • jessy says:

      So whats Kyle Korver, not a shooter?? i think they got all what they need, they are a good team with players who know their role and can step up when need to

    • Craig says:

      If that’s not basketball to you then youre living in the 19th century

  51. jameer says:

    Chicago is in search for a SG, right… So why won’t they get RIP HAMILTON instead… He would be a perfect fit for Chicago and they will be a legitimate title contender… Don’t you think?!

    • ChampKobe says:

      Rips salary is way to much for the bulls to handle. besides that, i think the bulls would prefer a young up and coming point guard over a declining star like rip.

    • Rob` says:

      Noah jus had a huge payday
      + boozer
      + D.Rose payday in the pretty near future
      + Deng’s grossly overpriced contract (he’s been playin great, no knocks on him this season, just not worth his contract lol)
      then u factor in rips two years like 12 million per season or w.e it is

      chicago would b up wit the lakers and orlando in luxury tax in no time at all

    • Larry Luv says:

      Dont forget when the bulls invited Tmac to trainging camp his attitude was all wrong, and he wasnt trying to play the role they wanted him to

  52. Orlando says:

    What’s the deal in Chicago??? now they need a SG and they didn’t wanna gamble on TMAC, saw they looking into C.Lee which I don’t think would help, in my opinion they need a guy that attracts the defense, take some pressure off D.Rose and off the lowblock..

    • ChampKobe says:

      You know, thats an interesting point, on how tmac would fit in with the bulls if he had signed with them

    • Rob` says:

      lol wat u jus said is wat TMAC brings
      he’s not what he used to b but he can still put points on the board
      and this year he’s proved how unselfish he actually can b

      BUT Thib’s emphasis on D would definatetly not b his strong suit lol

  53. gerardo says:

    yes they are searching for a center and point guard

  54. I want to know if Miami interest with some trade.

  55. Astro Joe says:

    Sekou, my man! So what “young player” would work in a trade for Hinrich if not Marvin? And why not just trade Jamal and a 1st rounder? The Hawks haven’t successfully found a player in the 20s since Sanford & Son was a top 10 show.