Is There Anyone Else?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We don’t have Carmelo Anthony, the Denver Nuggets or New York Knicks to kick around anymore.

They did their deal. They completed the trade that’s been rumored for so long, leaving us with two days before Thursday’s trade deadline to examine the rest of the landscape and see if there is anyone else out there willing to take the plunge.

Will there be anyone else out there interested in making a deal that is a franchise-changer?

We put the question the question to Kevin McHale of TNT and NBA TV fame — who was also the Timberwolves former GM. “This could definitely force some other teams into doing something,” McHale. “There is usually a snowball effect with these sorts of things.”

The Nuggets have several players whose futures could shift between now and Thursday’s trade deadline. Al Harrington was rumored throughout the past few months as being a factor in a potential ‘Melo deal. J.R. Smith is likely playing out his final days in a Nuggets uniform. And Nene has to be dealt with as well, since his current deal expires after this season.

There are other veterans out there who have been rumored to be on the trading block — Steve Nash, Stephen Jackson, Jamal Crawford, etc. — who could see their names circulate heavily in the next 48 hours.’s Steve Aschburner breaks down a few of the potential deals here. And his list includes a couple of HT favorites:

• Houston is said to be open to trading almost anyone, though the price tags slapped on the various Rockets are said to be too high. “Something is going to happen,” point guard Aaron Brooks, a prime candidate to be packing, told the Houston Chronicle. Said teammate Shane Battier: “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the next few days being over.”

• The Nets, whose owner Mikhail Prohkorov poked and prodded the Knicks-‘Melo deal with a sharp stick until it finally stirred, might deal point guard Devin Harris. Possible destinations, according to the Bergen Record, include Dallas (if New Jersey can get Felton from Denver) and Portland (with playmaker Andre Miller as Harris’ likely replacement).

• Atlanta and Portland both crave point guards. Houston and Minnesota both crave trading point guards. Someone, quick, dim the lights and turn on some romantic music!

• Cleveland has sat on its roster of complementary players too long already but finally might get serious about a rebuild with this deadline looming. Veteran Anthony Parker is a prime trade target, but there are several more on the Cavs’ roster.

• Among contenders, Boston is quite open about its search for a backup to Paul Pierce, what with Marquis Daniels (bruised spinal cord) out indefinitely. Possible candidates rounded up by the Boston Globe include Parker, Washington’s Josh Howard, New York’s Roger Mason and Indiana’s Dahntay Jones.

It’s now or never time for those teams that want to make a move and try to move up the food chain this season. For those doing the “preparing-for-the-future” tango, we’ll let you sit this one out and not chastise you.

But those teams that are itching to do something, those willing to take a risk to make your team better than it is right now, what are you waiting for?


  1. LUIZ says:


    crish bosh
    nene hilario
    lebron james
    maybe: steve nash or deron willians



    jr. smith
    kobe bryant
    maybe; steve nash or cris paul

  2. lost angels says:

    lakers should send bynum , gasol, blake, walton, 2 second round pick for magic’s howard(who wants to be in hollywood!), bass, nelson.
    and then send nelson and second round pick to denver for felton

  3. sbiruls says:

    the lakers should send walton to denver to take gallinari, maybe first the denver nuggets have to be drunk lol, then try to get a point guard, it’s going to be tough, i don’t think the lakers want to give artest away, gallinari would be very good from the bench, he’s smart he knocks down big shots he’s tough and he’s improving on defense. But the key is the point guard, i think that Odom is a player that can’t be replaced, he does so many things on the court, Bynum is only 23 so maybe the key will be artest.

  4. carl says:


    • allaround baller says:

      what r u talk about? both are history, tmac cannot even help himself. yao (if return) will only play like 15-20mnt/game. its sad

  5. Fant-AzzY says:

    Blake, Bynum and a draft pick to Nash, Warick and Robin Lopez.
    Bynum has been injured too much and was almost dominated by Lopez in last year’s playoff (almost).
    Nash would bring some punch in Laker’s offense and Warick brings depth and energy from the bench.
    Suns can start Dragic and get an experienced player to bench him. They get a possible futur super star in Bynum and a pick to rebuild.
    Pure Fantazzy !

    • allaround baller says:

      I dont think phil plays pg that much. his 3angle offense doesnt need a pg to run the ball a lot

    • Ruben says:

      no way that would happen.. Lopez can’t rebound even if his life depend on that!!! Althought he’s starting for the Suns,
      is Marcin Gortat whose playing the big minutes.. Lopez is averaging under 20 minutes per game.

      At least Bynum in limited minutes is putting almost 8 rebounds and 2 blocks per game.

  6. lukasoln says:

    lakers should maybe get ariza back.. for artest..
    sure he is playing well in D but he cant shot.. i mean he sometimes gets good games but he isnt consistant .. besides ariza is younger and played for lakers already..
    or maybe trying to get iguadola..
    just my opinion though..

  7. jcashla4life says:

    i think the lakers will b fine.look at it this way….they needed this allstar break for rest.they have been playin non stop b-ball for about four years .while other teams celtics,magic included been home with their four years is alot of basketball. four years ,your legs are tired,players get older .for them to be in the top three in the west says a lot.
    i truly think that they will end up second. and i know what phil is doing.he is trying to get the bench …meaning ,blake ,brown,and soon to be barnes to play at the level of the starters .

    kobe is alright …if the lakers dont three peat ..they will be right at the end….game seven again….

  8. WG says:

    I think the best fit for Nash is Portland.
    Portland has a handful of players they wouldnt mind giving up for Nash, and Portland when healthy or if they ever get healthy can be a downright scary team for any opponent. m u
    To get Nash though, the Trailblazers shouldnt give up any of their bigs, Camby, Oden and Pryzbilla. That frontcourt is a huge defensive advantage when they healthy. Alridge is a no-brainer, they cant give hip

  9. Leschz24 says:

    I wnt steve nash to play wd kobe and d lakers., just give up fisher and somebdy for steve..

  10. Cj_Philippines says:

    @aaron: Haha. you don’t know anything dude. But if you said you’d trade blake and someone else for felton, that would’ve worked. haha

  11. Laker24 says:

    Hey, remember the year the Lakers missed the playoffs? THAT was the Laker decline. If you’ve paid attention to the statistics of the greatest ran franchise in US sports, it’s the Lakers. The question isn’t whether or not they’re going to keep winning… the question is… Who is the next set of superstars that are going to be hoisting our new banners!!

  12. eric says:

    Center: Dwight Howard
    PF: Pau Gasol
    Small Forward: Artest/Odom
    Guard: Kobe
    PG: D Fish

  13. eric says:

    One thing i can see here for LA. dnt renew the contract of Bynum let him free, because bynum is a high maintnance player. but less production for the champs. Doing that will expand their slary cup and they can offer dwight howard next summer! What ya think fellows????

  14. Nash should go back to Mavs imagine if the old mavs were intact they could have 2 rings by now same as with the old phoenix but heck the owners of phoenix does not care one bit about winning or about the fans, just meeting attendance records and saving money or else they would not have dismantled the championship lineup with Marion /Johnson/Stoudemire/nash

    forget about it CP3 is sure to go to orlando we know that CP3 hates having to play with team mates that does not play defense so a combo of Howard and CP3 would be instant championship material and now that lakers are in the beginning years of their decline the west will be easy picking for the east Melo is stupid enough to bite the knick trade when he could go to a better team after the season

  15. JailBlazer says:

    All i wanna say is id love to see nash in portland! we will threaten every team in the west with him n the line up, even without brandon roy. LA is proven to be an elite power forward this yr, just because he isnt explosive like blake griffin, wha the doesnt make the all star team? what about tim duncan? Aldridge could arguably be the next duncan with a better jumper and as successful with the right miller and whoever for nash… Watch out!!

  16. CELTICS says:

    LOL yeah go ahead and get another 2-time MVP, why not add howard,kobe, n melo while ur at it too? miami fans are a big jk. think real ! you think suns are gunna give away nash for jones and arroyo or miller? noo way dats happening

  17. Lapinnoir says:

    jeez how many LA fans are there reading this stuff? enough about the lakers talk about something else brewing up there are 29 other teams that i am more interested in hearing trade rumors about

  18. LOLOL says:

    why not lakers trade for battier? Probably with walton, ebanks/caracter and some draft picks/joe smith. won’t that help the team when they face teams like Heats.

  19. J.Jay says:

    Steve Blake,Luke Walton (Lakers) For Raymond Felton (Nuggets).

  20. shaqfan says:

    no matter what happens will all the trades in the nba and of course the HEAT the celtics will win it all this year because of their starters and ohh and there #1 bench and of course shaq will get another title

  21. Timmy says:

    I think that the bulls need a shooting gaurd fast, perhaps someone like jamal crawford for taj gibson, and osik and a few million could seal the deal. but. bulls serouisly need a shooting gaurd.

  22. allaround baller says:

    why would miami need nash? james n wade set the offense themself, all their pg has to do is defense. hire battier/artest for pg hahaaa….
    nash for orlando is a hit. orlando cant get no more from nelson otherwise nash done enough for phx
    orlando for contender : nash, get back gortat
    phx for rebuild : nelson, ryan anderson, orlando’s 2012 1st round draft

  23. mike says:

    reggie evans is also included in the deal

  24. mike says:

    trade to the lakers is picking up steam…talk of toronto sports radio, after PETER VESCEY first leaked it out of NEW YORK…

  25. cris says:

    Scola for Marion & Chandler, cmon Cuban “L”, Kidd + Scola + Dirk = Ring

    • rileypf says:

      im sorry but who in their right mind would trade the explosive chandler and the wonderful off the bench marion? sorry but i wouldnt trade either for scola, hes not the best.

  26. kim says:

    steve can strive powerful the orlando to support dwight howard

  27. kim says:

    hey guys steve nash is big help to orlando because to support the big man dwight howard

    • VTN81 says:

      the magic needs a player like “SIDE SHOW BOB” Vareajo.. is a BEAST!!! one of the hardest players in the leauge.. LEBRON is trying to get him to Miami.

  28. nytelyfe says:

    lakers trade artest and bynum. artest goes to atlanta for jamal crawford and bynum goes to golden state for Andris Biedrins or bynum to OKC for serge ibka or bynum to houston for shane battier

  29. bulls4life says:

    the bulls better make a move for a shooting guard or else we’re stuck with bogans.

  30. Magic Fan says:

    Who is available to back up Dwight?

  31. KD35 says:

    For all of you who think that Lakers need to make another trade… Y’all are either funny or NUTS!!! Why would the Lakers need to break up their championship team? People really start to panic just because Lakers showing inconsistency in regular season matches… but come playoff time it’s a different story. DeRozan? J.R.Smith? Nene? I’m sorry but Lakers ain’t gonna win nothing with those type of player. They better off keeping their current team, all they need to do is focus and show some FIRE!!!

    I personally don’t like Calderon to Miami. Jones is a true 3-point shooter and Arroyo is a decent backup. That Chalmers guy should be trusted, I think he can get the job done. Teams that need to make some big trade are Blazers, Rockets, and Cavs maybe. Denver also need to sort out that new roster they put together. Boston could do with a backup for Pierce,yeah.

    • pfft says:

      i agree with the lakers and heat part. lakers are the defending champs and its just the regulars season anyway. as for the heat, give chalmers a chance. he has a lot of potential.

  32. jhon1425 says:

    Your a terrible Gm to make that move. the talent of bynum,odom and artest. Is not equal to nene,jr. smith and affalo……..Your make your time a big losser. if you make that deal. it is better if you get felton for blake,barnes, J.smith, T.Ratlief and some draft pick.

  33. chrisman says:

    I agree with drose, Nash to Miami for Arroyo and Miller but i’d also do a trade and cash transaction. Grant hill also to Miami for James Jones and a couple mill. They’ve both proven more than their “weight in gold” and deserve a legit run at the title, yeah they might be playing like10yrs their junior right now but the hard cold truth is; they’re not. And time is against them both.

  34. tmobile y'all says:

    Celtics must work for Shane Battier bec. he’s defensive play would be a terrific add, he doesn’t love to hack the ball so I guess that’s Ok, right?
    > As for the Suns yeah,, Steve’s better off to Orlando, I doubt that with the major change Orlando has brought up this season things are much more challenging to figure out esp. if your aim is to become the champion. I’m feeling a cold atmosphere between Arenas and Nelson. (I just don’t feel it)
    > Denver’s on the rebuilding phase and it would be better to shave off the Denver Nuggets we know completely.tOTALLY!!zZ.. send Andersen, Nene, and J.R Smith to another playoff contending team would be great! I also doubt Felton being on the bench would work out because he had worked on his play for being on the spotlight at Madison Square and now he’s going back to warm the bench for some sophomore? C’mon!
    > Lakers already made their move before the start of the season. Its just bad karma they had to be the one to be beaten off by Cleveland just to show the Cavs are an NBA team.
    > Jazz without Sloan is inconceivable right now. But its unbearable to lose Deron Williams at the free agency. Salt Like big wigs must learn from the mistakes of the past (i.e Lebron and or Melo)

  35. jhon says:

    Lakers should trade Derick fisher and Blake, this two guys are not good enough for the lakers.

  36. Torontofan8881 says:

    The Raptors need a small forward… I would actually like to see the deal Drose stated a while ago. Arroyo and James Jones for Calderon would make me a happy Raps fan. Although Jones and Arroyo aren’t young, James Jones can give Toronto back their three point shooting threat they had before Delfino, Kapono, and Anthony Parker left.

  37. mike says:

    word out of TORONTO, according to the Toronto Star newspaper basketball beat writer…

    Demar Derorzan
    Jose Calderon
    Amir Johnson

    are on their way to the Lakers, in exchange for

    Ron Artest
    Shannon Brown
    Steve Blake
    Devin Caracter
    Joe Smith


    • Srt-4 says:

      Doesn’t sound like it will happen but it would be awesome to get calderon and especially derozan on the lakers….although defense and bench would suffer a little bit our scoring problems would disappear and we’d still have our big frontline…I hope you’re right but it just doesn’t sound like the lakers to make a big trade like that at this point in the season…we’ll see…

    • QuestionMark says:

      I know for a fact the Raps wont give up a PG averaging 10 assists, a PF that gives the Raps a boost and a potential star in Derozan for Artest who has no interest and other weak players.

  38. drose says:

    the heat realy need a point guard

    arroyo and miller for nash
    and if they can’t get that
    arroyo and jones for jose calderon

    both jose and nash deserve something (jose’s been working his tail off the last 6 years and only made the playoffs twice which resulted in first round exit) (nash just needs a championship)

  39. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    at first i thought cp3 amare and melo would play in NY in 2012 2gether but now hey it might be DWill melo and amare…think bout it… the jazz have lost boozer, brewer, korver, wes matthews, eric maynor and now their coach sloan…he already seems frustrated in salt lake city i mean yes they got millsap and jeferson but idk if thats enough they looked like they weren’t gonna miss boozer wit a good start but now they might not even make the playoffs…D Will to NY i tell u…that will be a hard choice 4 NY whether they want D Will or cp3 but if new orleans is rolling and cp3 decides 2 stay D Will to NY!!!!…wit boston gettin old Chicago miami and NY and maybe orlando (if dwight stays) so pretty interesting for the eastern conference in the future!!!!

  40. jers says:

    your kidding dont you? lakers never turn their players for exchange for that lol…. were chasing now for 3 championship then you give up those kind of players? obviously I’m not agree with you.. peace LAL fans never allow that kind of trade…..

  41. Evan says:

    How about we just wait 48 hours? And people who are talking about trading Bynum and Artest for rookies and backups…YOU ARE CRAZY! The Lakers are smart and if anything, Lakers trade the rookies and backups for star players, how do you think they got Pau Gasol? I say keep Bynum, trade Luke Walton for a peanut, and wait for Williams or Paul to become a free agent. Or Dwight Howard. Lakers have been to the championship 3 times in a row, don’t try to fix it if it’s not broken.

    • lakers 3p says:

      did you think lakers have that money to get another star player?
      you got kobe and gasol they are superstar ,.they are weak if they didn’t hold up their team

    • catdog says:

      haha they traded caron butler away to get kwame brown once upon a time.. so the lakers dont always make the greatest decisions. but you’re right, lets just wait a bit and see if anything happens rather than think up stupid trades.

  42. lakers 3p says:

    Lakers should make a move now
    trade walton bynum and artest to Sacramento for cousins and casspi^^
    if sac accept it,. lakers will be young again
    fisher-odom at the bench

    • cory says:

      why would you want to downgrade at two positions when you’re a championship team

      • lakers 3p says:

        downgrade may be not
        it is not easy to the 3rd championship
        if lakers still old other team will out run them
        if lakers didnt win the title dis yr this roster can hold up to 4-5 yr and win championship

    • Srt-4 says:

      Dude, Andrew Bynum is 23 years old….How much younger can they get with crybaby Cousins? I don’t think they want players that would need to be “burped” after every game. Sacramento is moving their franchase most likely. I don’t think they would want to take on Bynum’s and Artest’s contracts, which are considerably higher than their proposed replacements, when they are losing money…And don’t think DFish is going anywhere this year…he’ll move to the bench next year after PJ leaves but not this year…try and keep up with some info before posting random stuff that just doesn’t make sense….

      Why would Lakers downgrade in size and lose defense when everyone knows it’s size and defense that wins championships???

      • VTN81 says:

        cousins is a rookie… needs to become a man in this No Boys Allowed league.. plus Phil Jackson will quit if he has to babysit all over again.
        Cousins still need work a lot of work

      • lakers 3p says:

        im not looking to win championship this year cuz it will not work
        lakers 39-19 3rd in west and 6 overall in the standing
        and lakers loses games Vs elite team in this season
        so think?
        if lakers will win title?
        lakers can’t upgrade with their salary
        may be this summer try to get some pieces like tyshun price+cousin will be monster than bynum

  43. Opher says:

    Hey Miami Heat be trade, Arroyo and Anthony to Toronto for Jose Calderon!! and Juwan Howard and a Draft pick and money to Utah for Okur!!

  44. relyt5050 says:

    LET NASH COME HOME. come on d’angelo your supposed to be one of his good friends and it will help the raptors to grow. we haven’t had a decent veteren to build off of EVER. and who better to turn it around then captain canada himself. i know hes a west coast boy (vancity what up) and T.O is a whole different world but we still got pride for him. it won’t give him a ring but it might just make it so his jersey is hanging in 2 buildings by the end.

    • pfft says:

      nash should go to a title contender. i would love to see him retire in T.O. but i think he should wear a ring once its all said and done.

  45. Aaron Davis says:

    Id like to see nash be traded to Orlando, i think it would make orlando a powerfull team and is definatly suited to there game play by shooting the 3 and also being able to drag a big man over which would mean isolating dwight howard

  46. Ben says:

    Artest + Ebanks + 1st Round Pick for Iggy?

    Joe Johnson for Iggy?

    Aaron Brooks for Iggy?

    Paul Milsap for Iggy?

    I wonder if Iggy will get traded? haha.

  47. hasib says:

    Almost 100% sure hes going to Dallas, Heat and Lakers are outta the picture

  48. seoteky says:

    Steve Nash should be acquired by a playoff contending team (Winning of course), SUNS PLEASE FREE STEVE, he deserves to wear a ring. If there’s anyone out there, Nash could still play 3 more years…Steve is irreplaceable, what he can do on and off the court. He deserve to be on a winning team..

    Miami Heat would need someone to facilitate at PG
    Hawks need some stability at PG
    Magic needs consistency at PG
    Portland needs to clear their thoughts about Andre – Get Steve!
    Celtics –NEVER MIND
    Knicks – What?
    Mavs could reunite kidd and steve again +Matrix
    Spurs – HATE it 😀


    • Kobe124 says:

      More importantly they could reunite Nash and Dirk!

    • Nashty says:

      Although Nash and Dirk will look good, Nash is better with athletic players who can run up the court and shoot 3s. Ideally speaking, Nash to Miami will be awesome. Imagine Nash-Bosh pick&rolls + Lebron and Wade running out on breaks waiting for Nash to pass the ball. But sadly, it will not happen.

  49. Silver says:

    aaron, that trade looks decent if you’re looking at skill, but the Lakers would lose all their size if they made that trade with Denver. Their size is what makes the Lakers one of the elite teams.

  50. Arthur says:

    Does anyone remember the Magic. Ya, they need a big guy.

  51. bostonFTW says:

    @aaron i doubt that would happen, Denver doesnt like making trades in the Western conference and especially with the Lakers.
    I really want the Celtics to get Shane Battier,Roger Mason and Dahntay Jones though. They lost Tony Allen in free agency and Marquis to injury. Those 3 guys can shoot, defend Kobe and team players. However, their trade baits are just Nate Robinson and 3 rookies.

  52. LeBron James says:

    I don’t Steve on our team! However I wouldn’t trade Miller, Jones, and Chalmers!!! No Way!!! I would trade Arroyo, OK fine Miller, and give them a first round draft pick with some cash, about like $5 million. But you know, thats just ‘Bron’s perspective.

  53. utah_fan says:

    I think Utah Jazz should make some trades too. They have been losing too many games since Christmas. To keep Deron Williams in Utah, something needs to be done soon.

    • VTN81 says:

      Deron is leaving at the end of this season thats it thats all.. boozer left and so did any chance of a contenting team.. Deorn wants to win.. and hes not going to wait around for utah to rebuild.
      u might see him in new york next season man

  54. SYDALE says:

    I’d like to see the Sixers try to get Nene…

  55. drew says:

    is it just me or does kamla always have something bad to say about kobe?

  56. BILL MCBLAZE says:


  57. aaron says:

    Any chance Miami send Chalmers, Miller, and Jones to Phoenix for Nash?

  58. aaron says:

    I’d like to see the Lakers make a big move… Which they really need to do if they want to win another championship..

    Lakers can give up:


    Nuggets give up..
    JR Smith

    • celticsbabyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

      lol lakers won’t give up odom, artest and bynum. why would they break up a championship team? if the lakers make a big move, they won’t win this year.

    • wombat says:

      horrible trade for the lakers. do you even understand a thing about basketball? the wouldn’t have a deceant centrer and there sixth man

    • Sunsman says:

      Your kidding right…. Lakers give up 2 key bigs (and starting SF) for couple of guys to back up Kobe and only decent part from Nuggets Felton. If you don’t know anything keep your trap shut you look like a fool

      • 1412 says:

        No disrespect whatsoever but this trade, like the other guys said is not good or garbage. Why? Statistically, the players in the Nuggets that aaron mentioned are way better but Odom, Bynum and Artest have more experience and their roles are important. How? Let’s just say Lakers vs. Celtics. Who will guard Perkins, Davis, Shaq, Jermaine? Pau Gasol and Nene then what? Lakers vs. Heat. Who will guard LeBron that can size him up? NO ONE. LeBron will just blow by Barnes. This trade is for winning games, but not championships. If you want to win a championship, you have to have advantages on your side and the reason why the Lakers won was because their rebounding ability especially their game 7 againsts the Cs. Now if you still do not know how to build up a championship team I cannot help you with that.

    • Sammy says:

      Dude, this trade is garbage. One of the Laker’s strong points would be their front court, which includes Odom and Bynum. These two are especially good because they are extremely lengthy. You’re proposing to break that up for guys like J.R. Smith and Afflallo? Please, be more aware before you make dumb remarks again.

    • Oscar says:

      i dont think the lakers would go for that because odom puts up alot of points but not only that but also rebounds

    • R4 says:

      Question should not be who is next? but which teams are going to fold because they can’t compete in this star stubbed nba. if every players plays on a team with other stars then what will happen to team without stars. Will fans in those city attend games that have no meaning. Why watch 82 games of your home team and never have the opportunity to taste a championship. I ask the bloggers what is the purpose of even have 20 teams in the nba when none of the bottom 20 will win. I haven’t watched one full game this season because watching the magic vs. jazz has any of importance because either of these will win a champsionship or challenge for one this year. So I guess being a winning team in the nba or a losing team in the nba still result in the same result. Never a chance to win it all. Only 6 teams have won in the last 30 years and it very likely it not going to change this year

      • Justin says:

        Acutally there have been 8 teams that have won in the past 30 years
        Lakers – 9
        Bulls – 6
        Spurs -4
        Celtics – 4
        Detroit – 3
        Houston – 2
        Miami – 1
        Philadelphia – 1

        But ya the NBA has always been dominated by a few teams..and it seems that will never change

    • travon says:

      Seriously!!! That is ALMOST the worst idea and I am a Laker Fan. We need Odom no matter what and if we do make any trade we better hope coach is willing to play the big men on the bench or trade for another big. Also look at if we will even run the triangle next year!

      • izaak says:

        There is no equilibrium in your trades buddy: Odom, Artest, Blake, Bynum for whoever in the Nuggets, even the whole Nuggets team can’t help Lakers without these guys.

    • MB says:

      Why would either team do this? The nuggets are trying to rebuild. why would they want old players?