Whose House? Kobe’s House!

LOS ANGELES — No one else will decide when Kobe Bryant passes the torch.

Bryant made that clear Sunday night at Staples Center by snagging his record-tying fourth All-Star Game MVP trophy in the Western Conference’s 148-143 win in the 60th ASG.

Someone will have to snatch the torch from Bryant, the same way he did in 2003, when he was the only player willing to go after an aged Michael Jordan in Atlanta. Jordan was eight days away from his 40th birthday and several Eastern Conference stars offered to give up their starting spots to the man they had all idolized growing up.

But Bryant, who finished that game with 22 points as Kevin Garnett snagged MVP honors with a 37-point effort, was the one guy that showed Jordan the proper respect by trying to attack him on both ends of the floor. Whatever reverence Bryant might have had for Jordan, he did a great job of masking it by going after Jordan the way a young Jordan did his elders when he was a youngster.

Sooner or later the future pushes the past aside. It’s a cycle that can never be broken.

That said, Bryant was prepared for the assault from his younger peers last night, feeding off of their energy at every turn. LeBron James (who notched the second triple-double in ASG history, joining Jordan) gave chase late, but Bryant had the MVP wrapped up despite running out gas at the finish. Still, Bryant made sure everyone in attendance and watching at home understood that he still has the only key to the Staples Center front door (your time will come Blake Griffin).

“Tonight was just about me being around young players,” he said. “[Russell] Westbrook … you want to know the influence of Blake? Look at all the dunks I had tonight. Just being around so many young players gave me so much energy to see them bouncing around and all that stuff. But the fourth quarter, man, I had nothing left. I exceeded my dunk quota for the game.”

Bryant might not see another All-Star Game MVP trophy. He probably won’t have a chance to perform for the hometown crowd in an another All-Star Game either. But for one night, with the bright lights of Hollywood serving as the backdrop, the old man had his day. And he’ll have plenty more in games that actually count.

But even Bryant understands that there comes a time for every man to step aside for the youngsters.

“It’s not about that for me at this point in my career,” Bryant said. “I’ve been there … it’s very important for the game to continue to have young stars emerge. It’s great for the league to get behind Blake and what he’s doing … it’s important for me to step aside.”

Sure, whenever you decide to step aside!


  1. NBA says:

    !# IamKevin #!

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  4. X says:

    Don’t go hating on LeBron people. I’m not taking sides, I respect and honor any NBA player but if the facts serve me right, Kobe had help. Kobe had Shaq, Pau and players like Artest and Fisher as his teammates to help him win the championship. LeBron had what ??? An old Shaq ??? So give him some slack, he really did it all. Jordan also had some help, Pippen was there, compare that to LeBron who didn’t have the luxury of having really good teammates. He might not be the best but judging him because of that is not appropriate.

  5. barky says:

    koke is the damn best player so far after jorkan..so wy complain??

  6. badboy23 says:

    @jayson did lebaby win a championship yet? no rigth.. and why did he went to miami again? to win a championship rigth.. so dont talk about whinning because he cant by him self. so he take his soooooorrrrrrrry ass to south beach and try to win a championship. as simple as that>>>> go go go go kb24

  7. Paolo Ruiz says:

    Kobe already went past Jordan’s attributes. KOBE WILL FOREVER BE THE BLACK MAMBA

  8. #24 says:

    @Jayson: Nice joke dude…. How can you say he is ballhog while your crying lebaby is not… LBJ keeps the ball on his hand even they have great Point guard.. Why thus he acting a pointguard when that position is not belongs to him maybe thats y he gain more assist becasue he keep the ball in his hands lol which is rondo has lesser assist in ASG… U keep insisting LBJ in CAVS…. ?.. If their role player are not great as kobe has.. y they are keep winning in season but during the playoffs they lose to ORLANDO or BOSTON… But then LA beat those two teams!!!!

  9. Jason says:

    @GOTYA… You crying Kobe fanatics are talking somewhere far from facts and reality..Take a closer look at the Cavs now crying baby..Are they not in the bottom of the standings without LeBron? Tell me I am wrong when I said this Cavs team is nothing without Bron, huh?
    You take away Pau right now and the Lakers will fall from top to the most bottom.
    Did you forget how Kobegay was like a wacky dog barking for help coz he can’t lead Shaqless Lakers to the Playoffs..In desperation, he even demanded for a trade that luckily for him didn’t materialize..

    When did you remember Kobe winning championship without a dominant Bigman? his ballhoginess drove him nuts winning a scoring title with his team failing to reach the playoffs. Wanna know why? Coz no more Shaq to rebound his misses and save his sorry ass.

    I just couldn’t imagine how Kobe will play just in case Pau got injured or being traded for a less talented BIGMAN…
    This Kobegay is relying on BiGMAN teammates to do his thing..This overrated star cannot stand on his own. Simply put Kobe to this present Cavs and his presence would be a non-factor.

    LeBron is much better coz even though his teammates sucks, at least he brought them to the Finals on his own shoulder and not on someone’s shoulder..

  10. hoopsfan says:

    Guys c’mon let old man Bryant enjoy his MVP. After all he had to steal rebounds from his own teammates and so hypocritically ball hog even though he says the NBA’s young talent should emerge. Let the man have his trophy cause he lost the respect of some of his peers. Only Kobe Bryant could make an event designed to showcase all the stars of the NBA all about himself. Great job Kobe…..can’t wait to see you beat those high school kids in your neighborhood. Then you’ll really be the greatest…LOL Kobe Sucks!!!

  11. mamba era says:

    LBJ fanatic u all suck……. KB24 all the dude

  12. Show-B says:

    By the way…back in the day, when MJ ruled the NBA, there was a lot of Jordan Haters too, when he came back the first time, all of them make fun of him when the Bulls lost to the Magic in the 95 Playoffs, saying he was old and done (all of that, for the young post-lebron kids posting here, it’s on video in the Chicago Bulls 96 championship run dvd, Unstopabulls) and the next season he and his team won 72 games. Yeah, there was a lot of Jordan-haters and was all the pro-Barkley, Malone, Ewing and all that other hall of famers fans, but atop of them, was always MJ. Long live to His Airness

  13. who says:

    whose house? its ballhogs house.. he’s too desperate to get the mvp..too selfish even in allstar lol

  14. Show-B says:

    For all that Pro-LeBron and anti-Kobe…did you ever notice Clown James only goes straight to the basket or takes 3’s? he doesn’t have even an average cross-over, and in the last 2 ASG, he tried to do that T-Mac’s off the board nasty dunks, just to get embarrased. He has a strong body, yeah, he passes the ball, yeah, but he doesn’t have any passion or love for the game, the will to win no matter what (hello Cleveland) and of course. Stop saying Kobe it’s below him, ’cause like Bryant himself told not so much ago, the same debate came before vs Vinsanity, vs The Answer, vs T-Mac, with the same result….KB24 is still at the top while the others are just role players or playing exhibition games in Asia. Pay respect to the real King, not to a self-claimed one.

  15. smarty says:

    I dont understand why lebron is the most valuable player for the past 2 yrs what is the value in not getting a championship

  16. there will never again be another kobe bryaant stop hating hatas love the man fo rwho he is and what he has done for the game

  17. rey says:

    watched the ASG and enjoyed watching that fast break play where-in the CHOSEN ONE chased and tried to block from behind KOBES supposedly break-away slam.but Kobe sensing the CHOSEN ONE decided to change his shot,,,,waiting for him at the last second and simply put the ball on the rim for an spectacular shot.the CHOSEN ONE is known to block those fast break shots with his athleticism and strength but not this time baby.the CHOSEN ONE was taken back to school by the GREAT ONE,,,HE WAS SIMPLY OUTPLAYED AND OUT FOXED BY THE GREAT ONE…and by the player that he refer to as an old player,well, so much said about athleticism and youth.

  18. rey says:

    the chosen one said athleticism can beat the hell out of those older players,but how come they cant win against the boston celtics,imagine they played against each other 3 times and still the older Celtics won all 3 games.athleticism dont win games,team play wins,no one player can win games or championship,it is and will remain a team effort….one can have many individual awards but if he does not have a championship ring to show,youre still nothing….every players dream is to have ring in the NBA,even just one ring and it is complete.

  19. rey says:

    kobe did an all-stargame .what some people are forgetting is kobes dedication to the game….he is a competitor ….that is his nature …despite his many and great accomplishments,he is still humble…he played his guts every time he play.despite his age and the wear and tear on his body and still playing at a championship level speaks highly of his greatness….he is not afraid to take the shot when a game is on the line. he takes full responsiblity for the team not unlike some so called chosen one who choked on important game and let his team down.and up to now has nothing to show as far as a championship ring is concerned…and at the just concluded ALL STAR GAME has has shown disrespect to the league by telling his EAST team that hey we are more athletic than them,that we can beat this older players,by that he had maligned and show utter disrespect to the veterans who are still in the league.wonder what players like garnett, ray allen,pierce,and all the other older players on the EAST team had to say about it.and the whole league in particular.that simply showed his immaturity and the way he looks at all the veteran players of the league.

  20. JBaller says:

    I have to comment on all the people that talk about Lebron James not having a championship ring. There are alot of great players that never won a championship. It doesn’t mean that these players didn’t have talent. It means that they weren’t part of the complete team that is needed to win a championship. Lets not forget that there are many bench players that have multiple rings and could never be compared to some of the great players like Charles Barkley, Dominique Wilkins, Karl Malone and John Stockton just to name a few. Think about that the next time you see someone like Luke Walton, Sasha Vujacic and Shannon Brown showing off their championship rings.

    • Tektonic says:

      Because those players werent backed by greats. JBaller you are right about a lot of good players never getting rings, Lebron is a good player, not a great. Barkley, wilkins, malone…all good players. Kobe, Jordan, Wilt, Magic all great players…Great players win championships (and their supporting cast).

  21. JBaller says:

    Would you guys stop arguing about who deserved the MVP for the All-Star Game. It isn’t a real game. It’s an exhibition. This game will never determine who the best player is. Most of the time, the MVP goes to the person that scores the most points. That means usually the person that shoots the most. That means the most sellfish. These games are usually trying to get the MVP for a home town player. It’s almost like Vince McMahon has something to do with writing a script for this game. This game is only meant to entertain and the NBA usually achieves that.

  22. KobeNation says:

    A while ago, there was a special show about Kobe. If you all had the chance to see it you would know that what you are trying to project Kobe to be is totally opposite of what he is. Yes, he is very competative, and driven and likes to win. But don’t all of them fill the same way. He was raised to be asseritive, confident and passionate about what he believe in and enjoy. Several of you talk about his selfish ways and being a ball hog and etc, but many of the superstars are the same way so why do you continue down one player. One person even said he has poor sportsmanship, but often times so do the other great players and LBJ has displayed some very un-sportsmanship behavior as well. Think back to some of the games he played in Cleveland etc, walking off the floor angry after a win, disrespecting his mother during games, even at the all star game when he came alive towards the end. It was very clear what he was trying to accopmlish. Bottom line, instead of all the negative talk about one player, lets just accept that most of them all want the same thing, acknowledge those that are great, encourage those that are up-coming and give credit where it belongs.

  23. GOTYA! says:

    Jayson, certainly and definitely NO. Ur out of ur mind, what ur saying is just a plain imagination in ur head. i didnt happen, simple!! and did you ever think that jordan, horry and all those veterans wants lebron in their team?? no need for lebron they themselves can win a championship. Lerbon has zero.. can even get one yet..
    what is all that perception and thoughts in your mind?? dont underestimate pippen’s ability to score pass and rebound, dennis rodman’s power to box out and rebound so as jordan’s teamamtes before. they a good team just like lakers. Cleaveland with james before has a good winning streak and his teammates where good as well in their roles not as good as jodan’s team and kobe’s team.
    But hey, keep on dreaming james the fake king will have a lucky ring dont worry i will dream with you.. hahahaha! now that lebron’s in the hands of dwayne maybe and mayber they will win a championship but i think its not gunna happen so soon unless kobe will make it happen, i mean just give up everything to them coz his got much already but again i dont think he will let it happen or idk, we’ll see.

    Again let me refresh you, LEBRON has zZZZEEEROOO championship rings so not room of talking about him to even dwayne who has one. lets talk when he has already i would say consider 5 championship if he will ever have just like my man kobe and jordan.

  24. GOTYA! says:


    Im not a kobe fan, im a fan of wade but i respect him beacause of what he’s got. If you dont know what im taling about, well.. let me make it clear, TALENT is what he got. he makes basketball very entertaining and his passion for playing is just amazing. His footwork is incredible. Better it be clear to y’all specially those who are kobe haters!!!!

    There’s not really much of Lebron I see except his body and build. Definitely not level with kobe’s talents, drive and passion for playing not to mention his character being an asshole for what he did to his hometown and not shaking hands with dwight when they lost to orlando on the playoff in the past. He’s got too much pride and he’s determined in thinking that he’s the best and that he can be the like jordan/ kobe in the future.. well kobe haters just keep on believing that he is its really good to dream makes you feel good and like lebron-pride’fulicious’ you guys just keep that pride and the world will just be laughing.. bwahahahaha!

    all im saying is give Kobe a respect coz we all know that he’s very compassionate in basketball.

    to summarize: Kobe is compassionate, driven, hardworking, and has a very good chance to level up jordan or even beat jordan as one of the best in NBA depending of his suceeding performance.

    Lebron is FAKE king, unmature, conceited and pridefull player.

    So give kobe his due credilt. there’s a lot more better nba player than lebron..

  25. KOBI_FAKE says:






    • Tektonic says:

      The funny thing about all these idiots that don’t know what they’re talking about is…YOU ALL SHRINE MICHAEL JORDAN NOW, BUT WHEN HE WAS PLAYING YOU ALL SAID HE WAS A BALL HOG TOO~~~ It’s going to be the same with kobe. A GREAT IS A GREAT, ball hog or not you have to have the ball to make the plays. Michael is a great Kobe is a great, Lebron is a chump. Lebron plays the endorsments more than he plays BasketBall. He’s gonna go out of the game without a ring like Karl Malone, but with a ton less class.

  26. kobe4L says:


  27. kobe4L says:

    whatever you say about kobe. he ia the beat! he ia # 1 and no one can question that.

  28. Kobe24Bryant says:

    Kobe will retire after his 20th season! 🙂

  29. Musho says:

    Hey Kobe was awesome in this years all-star game but I’m already very used to Kobe being awesome all the time so I was able to concentrate on other players and the game without the Kobe factor lol. I noticed that Chris Paul did excellent along with Deron Williams, they both did better combined than all of the east’s starters. I mean how many steals did Chris paul have?? it was back to back to back.. was a fun game, it wasn’t only Kobe being Kobe that won the game it was everyone. and oh ya remember last year?? Kobe didnt play and west got blown offf, when I looked at this years roster I betted on East giving the west a blowout by 40 , (but because I took out the Kobe factor), I was glad I was proven wrong!
    And Durantulla was really awesome as well, a very neat go-to guy. From the East?? I was very disappointed, but hey you cant blame them that much, they had Doc rivers to coach them..the same coach who with all those all star starters and all stars on his bench has barely been able to get one ring only, I say give those player to phil jackson when he is in his 90’s and jackson will give you 6 in a row!

  30. hostile17 says:

    Let Kobe have his MVP, so long as the Celtics walk away with the Championship trophy.

  31. babboy23 says:

    do you get it kobe bryant is the best in this era… just like jordan on the 90″s… and the lakers still the depending champ…

  32. Robert says:

    To me Kobe has a cloud over him. By that I mean that many true ballers just do not like him. Each person will have a different reason. Some will call him selfish. Others will call him cocky. Personally I respect his game and thats about it. There is no fun in talking trash about Kobe as I did with Jordan, Dr. J, Barkley, Vince Carter, Magic, Worthy just to name a few. Kobe will go down in history as one of the best ever. Kobe will no doubt be in the Hall of Fame. But the fanfare, pomp and circumstance and the “like factor” will not be included. I was watching all of the players at the all star game and they pretty much expected Kobe to come out gunning. You know it always amazed me how a Jordan 14 for 26 was better received across the board than a Bryant 14 for 26. Why is that?… Kobe ended up with 37 and Durant got 34 points shot the ball almost the same amount of times as Kobe but no one calls Durant selfish. Why is that?…

  33. Jason says:

    that was just MJ’s personal opinion..wether it’s true or not we’ll live up to him..
    We cannot recon such statement as a basis of reasoning..Let the people decide whose better over the other.
    For me, Kobe was just lucky and blessed wid good teammates..
    Look at Odom (isn’t this guiy an all-star b4 he joined the Lakers?) look at Pau and Fisher and Bynum?
    If Kobe was drafted by the Cav’s, the team who has nothing but a bunch of average and below average players, then Kobe will have nowhere to go but down.
    Should Lebron played alongside with Shaq and Horry and all those veterans, won’t LBJ win Rings? Maybe more than what Kobe have.

  34. Ai come back says:

    OH CMON man TWO my friends TWo triple doubles in the history of asg REGARDLESS of how little defense is played blah blah blah cuz then kobes easily gonna get 37 points this is like 97 all over again glen rice drops points and mj got the real stuff , of course glen rice won that gamea nd kobe won this but u cant seriously talk crap about how lebron didnt play like he was the best, Kobe knows and eveyrbody who watched the game knows that kobe WANTED the mvp , usually this means that hes gonna keep the ball ……

  35. mj26 says:

    If Lebron wanted to be the MVP maybe he should of made those two 3 pointers in the final seconds of the All Star game. Kobe deserved the trophy!! So to all you Laker Haters…Dont worry about it and worry about your own team,,,,

  36. Me says:

    I can’t believe so many of u guys are nagging bout Kobe being a ballhog, anyways Michael Jordan was also a ball hog he took the most shots in the NBA during the 90’s, but yet he is still the GOAT sometimes u need to be a ball hog to win

  37. Koballhog says:

    We’re talking all-star here, meaning everybody is a star, so pass the ball for Godsake, you’re in the laker game… KOBE is clearly a record chaser, he wants to break all the nba records for himself… SELFISH you s… of… a…b.

  38. fan says:

    biggest ballhog is still lebron, who thinks he should touch the ball every single time because he gets asset and all the stats from it

  39. i_will. says:

    Hate kobe or love him…The thing is that his methods prove to work.That ‘s all everybody wants , everybody wants to win and that’s what kobe brings.Everybody idolizes MJ ,me too because he brought victory no one cares if MJ was a ballhogger but if you analyse well the games Chicago used to win , we would tend to say MJ was a ballhogger but he wasn’t because he was seeking victory ,he knew he was the best to do it and that was he was doing..so please stop to say kobe is a ballhogger because if it takes to be a ballhogger to win,everybody would do it and I m sure a lot have tried but they do not have Kobe ‘s skills that’s why It didn’t work…So c’mon guys ,give kobe the respect he deserves because he plays the way he does ,compete against The so called NOT BALLHOGGER like Lebron and Co,but at the end of the day,he brings what everybody is competing for….CHAMPIONSHIP

  40. matt says:

    Okay first off, Kobe was 53% on shooting. He dropped a game high 37 points at the all star game which is like third or fourth best ALL TIME. Kobe ALSO had 14 rebounds which was also the GAME HIGH. He was the best in that all star game in two categories and i believe second best in the steals category (he had 3, second to cp3.) When you are shooting over 50%, you can shoot the ball alot more than someone who is shooting 40%. LeBron had a great game don’t get me wrong, but I can’t give credit for the triple double too much considering everyone in the east is a really efficient shooter and those assists weren’t terribly difficult to achieve. Besides, you have to have the ball ALOT to grab a triple double.

    Watching Kobe on sunday was like watching Kobe ten years ago and it was refreshing. He had four dunks and posterized lebron on one of them.

    I truly think Kobe showed the young guns he’s the best in the NBA, and he doesn’t need some insane god-given athletic body structure like James or Griffin has. Enjoy Kobe Bryant’s game while you can, because now.. sooner rather than later, he’ll be hangin’ it up and maybe some other teams will get the chance to win a NBA championship.

  41. For the Haters, just curious but why don’t you all bring up about your idol LeBrick passing up a wide open shot!!!! What a loser. I mean Bird, MJ, KB, Jerry West, and on and on and on would have taken that shot and NOT put his teammate in a awkward position?? I would like to hear a hater on this point?!

  42. siv024 says:

    LOOK hater need to stop hate clearly Kobe Bryant deserve this MVP the way he was playing come on there no ballhog or nothing like that this is the All-Star game whoever want it more go get it simple as that.

  43. naitsirk says:

    kobe did have a nys game for him 2 win the mvp…but i still think that KD was more impressive in the final minutes of the game…the j from the free throw line and the 3 from the wing…KD bails out kobe for his mvp…and by the way if the east wins that game…the beast from the east could have easily gotten his MVP…sick stat line!,,joining his airness.. =)

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  45. Chris Boche says:

    My boy still has it. Always coming through. He’s the only player after MJ, to leave his first era of superstars, HIS class of superstars if you will, and transcend into the new wave, new era of superstars. From a basketball standpoint, if you don’t see how impressive that is, man.. you just don’t know how special it is to witness what he does night in night out. He’s been king of the hill for so long that people take this guy for granted honestly. Hard to believe the Mamba is taken for granted but from a fans point of view he is. Not by his peers though, they know how impressive he still is. He won’t be doing this forever you guys thats why we, here in LA, just sit back and enjoy the show. Everything else is just bs..

  46. MT_Native says:


  47. Rej says:

    Honestly I’m fed up with people saying Kobe is a ball hog and that’s what he only does. Well he is good at it. That is his job! Take another random player (not an all star caliber) and give him 25 shots a night, do you think he would fare better than Kobe? My point again is that Greatness comes from Consistency. MJ and Kobe are the players that I have seen display this characteristic in spite of the minutes and shots. So quit whining that Kobe is a ball hog. Yes, basketball is a team game and how do you play as a team with a ball hog? You rebound, set good picks, be ready to go back on D and so on and so forth. The Lakers and Bulls of the 90’s have proven that even if there is a ball hog in your team you can win Championships with an “s”, so people who don’t like ball hogs shouldn’t watch basketball.

  48. Ao1 says:

    To all those who say, “Kobe is a ballhog”

    Legend Michael Jordan 20+ FG shots in an all-star game
    ’88-89 he shot 23 times… 13/23
    ’90-’91 Mj shot 25 times… 10/25
    ’92-’93 Mj tried 24x………. 10/24
    ’02-’03 he shot 27x …….. 9/27

    Kobe 20+ FG during all star games
    ’01-’02 he shot 25x …….. 12/25
    ’06-’07 tried 24x………….. 13/24
    ’08-’09 shot 23x …………. 12/23
    ’10-’11 Shot 26x ………… 14/26

    Jordan and Kobe are about the same FG attempt…
    Jordan is the greatest ofcorz and we all know that! But don’t just say Kobe is a ballhog and MJ is not when they both have just about the same FG attempt. You just hate the fact the Kobe won the MVP and not your favorite cry baby LBJ. By the way, Kobe will pass the torch to Griffin not to LeBron. LOL

    • Greg says:

      @A01 … Very valid points, I remember watching Jordan plenty, and recall the amount of times that he shot the ball on a regular basis. He is definitely one of the greatest to play the game and that will never be in question… LeBaby is one of the biggest crybabies that the sport has even seen. To his credit, he is a great talent with incredible size and strength, it is a shame that he has the horrible attitude and huge ego that he does. He is a legend in his own mind, but will NEVER accomplish the things that Jordan, Kobe, and other greats have accomplished. You also hit it right on the money about Kobe passing the torch to Griffin. It will be either Griffin or Durant that carries the torch into the next 4-6 years of basketball. LeBaby will slowly fizz away like a majority of the other great talents we have seen in the sport.

  49. JAO says:

    Kobe = 5 rings? It’ more like Shaq = 3 , Jerry West = 2 and KB = Nada. hahahaha

  50. KOBI_FAKE says:




  51. KD35 Fan says:

    Kobe is not a ball hog.. He was shooting above 50%.. The guy was on fire all night long.. if i was there and playing with him.. why wouldn’t i pass the ball to someone who is shooting above 50%.. Just trust the man.. Basketball is not about one person its about the team.. why did you think the west constantly gives the ball to Kobe.. Kobe isn’t the best play maker in the floor there.. and you have the BEST point guards in the floor who can set you up a good play.. So why did they give it to Kobe? Ya that’s right the believe in him.. Because he is the BEST player in the BA right now!! KD is my favourite player but Kobe is still in different level.. But KD is stepping up!

  52. steve says:

    hey Mr. I Smell Bologna,
    For Lebron to be in the top 5 he needs more history in the game and I do watch a lot bball I’m 39 years old disabled for twelve years, played my entire life competitive basketball.Jordan became news till he started going for the first ring run that’s when everybody started being a Jordan fan.I know a lot of those but now it’s been like since Jordan is gone nobody follows the bulls.I’ve been a Laker fan my whole life.What I saw in Kobe was just the result of what you see today.He was hungry if Shaq wouldn’t of been there he would of found a way to win.When Shaq left that’s what he did maybe not a final right away but pushed the team to the playoffs on the second year and lost to the Suns but that was the same team just with a player or two changed.Before Pau came to L.A. they were a playoff team which kept surpassing expectations.The media started saying what you say “when Pau came to the Lakers he put them over to the finals” and remember it was still the same team he had.Lebron kept his team with the same cast just with a couple of tweeks and couldn’t finish it then they brought Shaq and still couldn’t finish the deal.
    What I’ve seen in Lebron is that he is going for big stats in the playoffs and he can’t get it done.Teams know he is going to pass to get an assist or drive all the way in.His outside shooting hasn’t improved.He believes he can drive all the time and finish every time he wants.Playoffs are different, you have to mix it up, you have to move the ball till someone is open,not try to do it all the time or try to get an assist.Kobe attacks and if he doesn’t have a shot he’ll see two, three plays after not just look for an open man right away,he drives ,passes to the outside, the ball moves around and makes its way back to him or to someone in the middle or someone open,which it all started by breaking down the defense by Kobe.That is the way you impact the play without getting a stat.
    Tell me have you seen Lebron do that without asking for the ball right after the second pass.
    Kobe also waits for his bigs to take control of the basket and either he drives or shoot because he knows if he shoots there is a person to rebound the ball.
    Lebron tries to out run the defense every time he has the ball.He knows his shooting ain’t good thats why he passes the ball at the end now and you know D-wade plays the same way.
    Lebron tries to out power everybody.
    Don’t get me wrong he’s good but still needs a lot of work that’s why I say he can get his rings but it’s going to be hard teams are tooling up and you know the Lakers can’t be out of the playoffs and the finals for long.Besides Kobe still has a couple of years which means a couple of rings.
    You talk numbers to say Lebron is better than Kobe, not all numbers tell the whole story,like rings don’t say it all, but it sure capitalizes it.
    Where did Lebron learn how to play defense?
    He had to play along Kobe to learn it.
    All player say how easy it is for them once they start to play with kobe, they say the same with Lebron and other players but the difference is that they make it to the finals and so far its 5 rings and still counting.
    You can’t say Lebron is better than Kobe at this point, because his experience counts more than whatever stat you want to put up against Kobe.If your old enough you should know that.It’s been there done that type of thing.
    You say D-wade is not at the level of Lebron?
    I think you are wrong I believe he can be better ,that’s why the Heat are unpredictable.D-wade has been hurting for a couple of years but he has found a way to win in the playoffs with a sorry team and we all know the Cavs weren’t a sorry team.That’s whats weird during the season Lebron let the ball move more than the playoffs.But now with the heat the x factor is D-wade.The Celtics fear more D-Wade than Lebron.
    All these years the Celtics are the team everybody thinks they can beat the Lakers but the Lakers over passed that.The Lakers don’t fear the Celtics they know they can beat any team even with Rons offense number down which is all part of what Phil wants.He wants him to play defense thats all he cares about.
    I’m just saying all in all experience is worth more than what you think when it comes to playoffs and finals.
    The game is based on the smart ball movement to get the best shot available and if you don’t take the right ball movement you probably wont score and if you don’t make the right move in defense you get scored on.
    Talent can over come a good defense if you are an great all around player.When I say all around I mean play great defense and be able to score with a hand in your face from all over the court.
    talk to you later.
    One more thing, knee pain is the worst pain you can have,just because you can’t walk with out pain and it just keeps getting worse.That is Kobes problems this year and it’s not an excuse.
    I live with knee pain 24/7 on morphine all day and it is bad.
    So don’t say it’s an excuse for Kobe because it’s not, it’s real no joke.
    Talk to you later M.I.S.B.

  53. Ao1 says:

    Kobe is great! Had his great highlights when he was young! I bet many were excited watching Kobe’s game when he was younger because of his quickness, creativity and very competitive. He always bring excitement in the game specially on his young time. Kobe is great and he will pass that torch to Blake not James. LBJ is a cry baby looking for someone’s help to get a ring! Not a competitve player at all although he is good or should i say great for the sake of LBJ fans. Anyway, Kobe to Griffin! Go LA….

  54. aK says:

    As a Spurs fan, I guess I play a neutral role here. Here’s what i can say: ok, so maybe Kobe didn’t pass the ball as much as he shot it, but that doesn’t erase the fact that the West won, and he made a large contribution on that success. Why didn’t the East stopped Kobe’s offensive, raging-selfishness? Because they couldn’t, remember, LBJ tried, but failed. It’s that simple. Now, think about this, do you think LBJ could have carried the East to its success if he passed the ball less??? i don’t think so. Look, I’m sure someday LBJ, together with Durantula and the Big Bad Blake, will surpass the old guy, but right now, please just accept the fact that this is still the Mamba’s era!

  55. ryansanchez says:

    all you guys are pretty stupid its simple. kobe bryant is jordan or beyound to la. the whole west coast. he is king. and untill he retires it stays that way. cuz hes been great for 15 years and deserves the rite leagacy for all that hes done for the sport and lakers organization.

  56. REALTech says:

    Name one championship team that was weak or without Hall of Famers? The fact the Phil Jackson is winning as often as he does show you his great. Jeff Van Gundy said KB is not a media darling or to phil I dont care who you put there to win as often as phil win is great. If KB had not won titles I am sure MJ comparison alone would go down the drain. You play the game to WIN people. When and If LBJ wins a RING i bet people are going to go crazy on here and say now he is better that KB LMAO. lol

  57. Sam says:

    everyone stfu kobe is the the best

  58. eye says:

    LBJ will always be a loser until he can produce a ring !!!! LBJ fans try borrowing a ring to pat riley or dwade and give it to your idol LBJ .. i just might have second thoughts and cry with you because of kobe’s mvp …….lol

  59. bill says:

    MJ averages—— 4.2 assists per All star Game / Kobe 4.6
    6.4 assists per playoff / Kobe 4.8
    career average 5.3 / 4.7

    All star game assists MJ 382 minutes 54 assists / Kobe 267 mins 51 assists

    14.5 seasons Kobe 9483-20841 shooting 46% 39316 minutes
    15 seasons MJ 12192-24537 shooting 50% 41011 minutes

    By the time this year ends Kobe probably shoots 21500 times compared to Jordon shooting 24537 times in 15 seasons. Jordon shoots for 50% while Kobe is 46%—-Note MJ shot 1778 (3) pointers while Kobe so far is at 4064 thus the lower percentage—– Kobe with less 3 pointers ends up at or above 50% – no doubt.

    So Kobe is a ball hog while MJ is not—— Kobe 3000 less shots than MJ in 15 seasons.

    Kobe haters…..you people are not to bright, go back to school fools.

  60. eye says:

    i will take a player that critics calls a ball hog that will give me 5 championship rings ,anytime of the day,rather than a king that gives me heartaches every may or june …..to the king’s fans, the guy is a choker hahahahaha!!!!

  61. boyofin says:

    honestly, kobe won the mvp for only a several reasons:
    1. the west won
    2. he scored the most points
    3. he’s in LA
    kobe himself knew this, that if he came out firing, and the west won, he was guaranteed the mvp votes in LA. this is why he attempted 26 shots, which was a lot more than anyone else on the west squad, save kevin durant.

    by the end of the game, this was apparent. kobe only won because the west won. lebron, 29 pts, 12 reb, 10 asts? only player other than MJ to average a triple-double in an all-star game? had the east come back (and they almost did) to steal the game, kobe would have been quite forgotten.

    my point? all of you people bashing those who affirm lebron’s performance over kobe’s, stop. kobe only won the mvp because the west won, and cuz he was in LA. kd could’ve scored 45 pts, and he probably would’ve still lost the mvp to kobe. who in LA would vote against kobe?

  62. REALTech says:

    KB a ballhog with 5 rings I take him any day or MJ was a ballhog also with 6 rings I take him too. NO player can be a ballhog and win RINGS that is bad bball knowledge lol. These players trust there team mates and won titles. I guess Shaqs a BALL HOG and DUNCAN and KG. Please stop the hate. Late in the game KB or Paul Pierce in the 4th quarter takes over the game. KB and MJ get his team involved early in the game but when the game or 4th quarter on the line unlike LBJ they are willing to take the shot miss or MAKE. Remember GREATNESS IS JUDGED IN THE PLAYOFFS regardless of regular season.

  63. REALTech says:

    WOW!!! Why do people discredit players and teams or championship teams? Jordan never won Ships alone or LBJ never won back to back MVP and best record in the league twice for nothing. If Bron would have not gave up and quit against boston or orlando or maybe got locked up by Bruce bowen in the FINALS you be all over LBJ. LBJ had a great team with Cavs like it or not. Jordan had a beast team in the 90s as well. Kobe and Lakers have been the only team to win back to back titles in this era. People act like MJ won the SHIP every year and never lost in the playoffs. KB will never get the credit he deserves and it is sad. This guy came out of high school showing us a Rookie from the bench into being the best player since MJ has left. WOW!!! KB is a ballhog with 5 title then I guess MJ with 6 is also. KB plays SG and he is a scorer. He played in a 3post triangle making the pass to a teammate after the double team to someone else and maybe another pass to an open teammate. NO PLAYER WINS RINGS ALONE. Stop discrediting all players and teams that win. LBJ should have killed boston and orlando to make it to the finals. Dont give me that crap he had no help. He had home court throughout the playoffs. I forgot LBJ elbow hurt and KB played with broken fingers and a bum knee and still being clutch. Stop making excuses for LBJ. KB never made excuses he took his azz out there and played ball. KB took 26 shots and Durant took 23 shots. KB did pass the ball in the game Melo missed some assist and KD missed some also. This was a serious game and LBJ was trying to hype his bench and teammates up to win. I though the east would kill the west with that team they had but KB and KD came to play. IT was KB who passed the ball to KD to his a jumpers and a 3. Gasol had a huge putback after KB miss. I guess MJ needs to take 30 shots in the game so he wont be a ball hog either lol. Time to give KB his credit to be able to play at a high level in his career and win RINGS late and early in his career is huge. He has won back to back without Shaq no more of that BS. Dont act like KB was not a huge factor in winning SHIPs with Shaq. KB was clutch with all those rings and late in the game because of SHaq and hack a SHaq, shaq was on the bench. PLease Gasol is great but he is not Shaq. KB is a living legend. LBJ will have his time. SO if LBJ dont win in MIAMI what the excuse now no help? LMAO. Regardless of the Lakers teams KB had you still have to go out there and lead your team to the RING. KB was young willing to take the team to the RING. Watch game 7 WCF LA and Blazer 4th quarter. KB willed that team to the FINALS. Some of you truly have forgot KB WAS YOUNG and was doing what LBJ was doing and more. Actually LBJ is lucky KB is not 21 or 22. He would really be all over the NBA. KB had nothing else to prove. Why does he have to beat Miami, it more like Miami have to beat LA and Boston? Miami or Boston is not rivals. Finally since people want to talk about teams. KB AND SHAQ LAKERS beat a stacked Blazer team, stacked spurs team, stack KINGS team and stacked Twolves. Please stop actting like KB played or beat no one. I am not a LBJ hater but I do believe regard of what regular season you have GREATNESS IS JUDGED IN THE PLAYOFFS. Wade famous crossover of Baron Davis and hitting a floater put him on the Miami his rookie year. Everyone be blessed and love basketball. Remember GREATNESS IS JUDGED IN THE PLAYOFFS ask Tmac. hmmmmm

  64. […] Whose House? Kobe's House! « NBA.com | Hang Time Blog […]

  65. Jeremy says:

    Kobe Bryant is STILL the best player in the NBA. i dont care what Lebron does in the regular season or even in an all star game, until you can create the kind of legacy for your self that a person like kobe, jordan, magic, have done there’s no way your name should even be in that conversation. And then Lebron has to join an “all star” team in the heat just to try and get up there. Can’t wait to see them lose

  66. ECK says:

    Kobe is a ballhog, does not share the ball. Selfish, arrogant and an airhead. Yeah MVP, because the gave was held in LA. How come he did not show his greatness against Cleveland. Win your irrelevant MVP’s. Its worth nothing against the great Bob Pettit.

  67. JMM says:

    @ayjayfrost >> how can u not put kobe in your top 5 players when he has already 5 rings? lol. ball hogging?? come on, during the bulls era, 80% of the time, Jordan end up getting the basketball. face it kobe is a consistent winner in the nba. kobe can still play against younger guys and still compete at a high level, your blind not to see that.

  68. JMM says:

    you can only say that a player is the best in the business if he has won a championship. since lbj has yet to get one, he will never be, completely, without a shadow of a doubt… considered number one.

  69. Oks says:

    Kobe sucks lol. They win cuz the team was great. In LAL we all see what he does.

  70. Emperor James says:

    LeBron James is the greatest basketball player in the history of the Universe. He just needs a little bit more help. I will go out on a limb and make a wager that if you give him Dwight Howard, if you give him Deron Williams or Chris Paul, and if you give him a couple of other reserves that would be Starters for any other team in the League, well, I will just bet you that LeBron James can win a Championship. He just needs a little bit more help.

  71. 0treborz says:

    All you hating a** junkies, talking bad about Kobe from behind your little computer screen should shut your moth******* mouths! Yeah I said it! Kobe still proves you wrong!

  72. FLAL says:

    Lebron James the real mvp all day every day!!! f Kobe and all his fans hogging the ball!!! hes a douche hes only won because hes played along Shaq, Odom, Gasol, Artest, Ariza, Fisher etc… Put him on any other team and you went hear of him just like when he came to the league 1st round 16th pick!!!

  73. Show Time says:

    It always amazes me the die hard Jordon and Lebrick fans. Jordon was an amazing player for his day and no one can ever take that from him he did great things blah blah blah but people seem to forget he had teammates. He did not win championships alone please stop acting as if he did. Michael Jordan vs the worst five players in the nba would loose so despite if the players he had were big names like Pau or Shaq he still had other players around him get over it. I will tell you one big player had had with him mmmmmmmmmm ge what was his name oh yea Scottie Pippen. People please quit acting like MJ did everd thing himself. Kobe has teammates as well but that does not diminesh what Kobe does on that court. He is a phenomenal player with skills most of you dream about. Don’t hate on someone because you can’t do what they do. For Kobe to show what he did during this all star game against these young bucks shows his determination and his skill level. Like it or not Kobe is the best player in the entire NBA right now. So Grab you
    r bag of chips drink that haterade and sit quietly and watch excellence in action
    Lebricks time may come but it is not now he will have to wait for Kobe to age a little more or retire he is not in Kobe’s class right now and thats just the way it is. He know’s that why you think he left Cleveland so he could team up with two other all stars and try to end LA’s reign. Will they ? Well we just have to wait and see if they do doesn’t take anything from Kobe he still is far ahead of James and Wade and Bosh hell for that matter put them all together and still they don’t have what Kobe has. So stop with the crying and whining of the past and wake up Jordan’s day is done has been for a long time. Kobe defies everything they tell him he can’t do like win without Shaq? Hmmmm well that is no longer something people can say is it. Championship teams have players no one said anything about the celtics all star line up when they won right so stop talking about who Kobe has and who he don’t. Gasol is great but far from the best at his position. Don’t let that haterade twist your judgement Kobe does his thing and despite what you feel he is still on top. So grab your bag of free chips drink your haterade and shut the @@@@ up

  74. Show Time says:

    It always amazes me the die hard Jordon and Lebrick fans. Jordon was an amazing player for his day and no one can ever take that from him he did great things blah blah blah but people seem to forget he had teammates. He did not win championships alone please stop acting as if he did. Michael Jordan vs the worst five players in the nba would loose so despite if the players he had were big names like Pau or Shaq he still had other players around him get over it. I will tell you one big player had had with him mmmmmmmmmm ge what was his name oh yea Scottie Pippen. People please quit acting like MJ did everd thing himself. Kobe has teammates as well but that does not diminesh what Kobe does on that court. He is a phenomenal player with skills most of you dream about. Don’t hate on someone because you can’t do what they do. For Kobe to show what he did during this all star game against these young bucks shows his determination and his skill level. Like it or not Kobe is the best player in the entire NBA right now.

    Lebricks time may come but it is not now he will have to wait for Kobe to age a little more or retire he is not in Kobe’s class right now and thats just the way it is. He know’s that why you think he left Cleveland so he could team up with two other all stars and try to end LA’s reign. Will they ? Well we just have to wait and see if they do doesn’t take anything from Kobe he still is far ahead of James and Wade and Bosh hell for that matter put them all together and still they don’t have what Kobe has. So stop with the crying and whining of the past and wake up Jordan’s day is done has been for a long time. Kobe defies everything they tell him he can’t do like win without Shaq? Hmmmm well that is no longer something people can say is it. Championship teams have players no one said anything about the celtics all star line up when they won right so stop talking about who Kobe has and who he don’t. Gasol is great but far from the best at his position. Don’t let that haterade twist your judgement Kobe does his thing and despite what you feel he is still on top. So grab your bag of free chips drink your haterade and shut the @@@@ up

  75. Jason says:

    Congrats to Kobe on his spectacular All-Star game!!!! One thing I would like to mention is that LeBron deserved the MVP award as much as Kobe did. I’m not hatin on Kobe! He deserved it with the way he played and put up big numbers.! 37 points and 14 rebounds!! DAMN!! Don’t forget, LeBron’s the second player in NBA All-Star history to get a triple-double in an All-Star game.

  76. diesel36 says:

    Kobe MVP that it!!! Is true that Kobe take too many shots but that All Star game is about, for the best players show to the fans why they are in NBA All Star game, so Lebron James shot as many shots that Kobe did, but the different was Kobe is better and better and better than him and also the West win, if Lebron dont push at the End of the game for sure the West will win that game very easy for 10 pts or more…so Lebron fans go and cry to other place, this is about Kobe is better than Lebron and that why he is the All Star MVP and still the best NBA player right now…Lebron fans just wait three years more and then Kobe retired from NBA, after that he will pass the NBA for Lebron so at that time he can be the king, now he is just another player behind the Best….”Kobe”

  77. BATZ says:


  78. jermz says:

    i’m a wade lover.. haha.. but it seems that wade’s not enough to guard kobe.. even rose, or even lebron.. no one can guard kobe when he’s hot like that.. papovich knew, that kobe is his main man for the west.. and by the way, kobe don’t have to pass the ball if he have a high percentage look and broke the ankles of his defender after the cross-over.. and do you think lebron didn’t aim for the MVP, and got an accident triple-double.. every player want’s it, lebron desperately want’s the triple double.. so he passed and rebound

  79. AYJAYFROST says:

    If your measurement of being the best player in the NBA is an all-star MVP then why Bob Pettite is unknown? Kobe Bryant is not the best today – not even among the top 5..He accumulated points by ball hogging. And there is no defense in an All Star game.

    • diesel36 says:

      If Kobe not in the top 5 I think you are watching the wrong sport…go and watch Tennis or something else…

  80. behumble says:

    Let’s all admit that it was a entertaining game. Though, in my opinion Kobe played seriously from the start while the East are just having fun. Imagine if Lebron played seriously like Kobe did, he would have more points, more rebounds and definitely a lot more assists. And the East might won the game ( considering Dwight just had fun too ). They are both great players in their own game style. Kobe has a better mid-range and 3pt. shot. Lebron is stronger. They are both entertaining to their own fans. Basketball ( esp NBA ) is not an individual sport. You have to consider from the owner down to the individual player. What’s in between are scouting agents that gives the team a nice supporting cast to their superstar or find a rookie that can build their team around; trainers that prepares the players physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and etc… The coaching staff that makes a game to game decision, design plays and a lot more… The conditioning agents, PT, and a lot lot more to mention. A lot of superstar doesn’t have ring but there’s a lot of team who doesn’t have a superstar ( I mean SUPERSTAR caliber ) won a championship. ex. ( Detroit Pistons ). Its anybody’s game… I love NBA and I am watching every game that I could watch. I even pay just to be able to watch it on my phone so I can watch it at work. My point is just enjoy the game.
    On the other hand, I just like players who plays under the radar. Players who are humble like Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose. In addition to this, I like to watch Monta/Steph tandem, Dirk’s fade away shots, Blake’s amazing dunks, Noah’s hustle play, Allen’s 3pt. shot, high flying S. Brown and J.R. Smith, Wade splitting the defense, awkward way of shooting by Marion, Kidd, Rondo and Nash assists, all the dunks, dimes, and alley-ops, etc… That’s loving basketball and not being a hater!

  81. joshiePOO says:

    i think what you’re saying is true bro. as much as i like (well liked before he took his ‘talents’ to south beach) Lebron, a player can not be judged merely on stats. Kobe had all these good players but the main reason is because he knows how to use and gel with them. maybe it’s because heat are not so used to each other yet but they just don,t look like they’ll create history like the ‘kobe era’. pure athleticism is fun to watch and dunks are always pleasing to the eye but the leadership and the team winning is what produces mvps.
    so all the haters of kobe, if he’s overrated, what about mj? it’s not like he didn’t have pippen, rodman, etc…
    you guys just wna get nasty and act as if you can’t see the quality in kobe’s play. sure a triple double was amazing in the ASG, but 37points to lead the team in the first 3 quarters and end up with the W, not much can really top that.

    and on the plus-side, kobe’s old now, in about 8 years time, i hope you haters won’t be saying the same stuff about lebron or whoever is the league’s man at that time.

  82. gamer says:

    Kobe Bryant is the best..Le bron’s time will come..but for now..kobe is the fkin BEST

  83. igador says:

    I like to watch a teamwork type of basketball. That is why I am not Kobe fan. Teams today mostly rely on superstars in the team. I would like to see some Boston type of Basketball. For this All Star, EAST does not start well but the west does. Kobe is deserving as MVP. I like to watch Blake Griffin tandem with a good point guard like Deron Williams.

  84. A running-away-too-scared dunk by Kobe is awesome. Not only can he dunk one step ahead to Lebron but is too scared to try to dunk over Lebrons defense.

  85. Ales Romanow says:

    @Yoda: hahaha, kobe not a team player?? all you guys are just kids having no arguments and having your favourite players without reason thinking the rest of the world sucks. kobe delivered a show and he will again. and AGAIN: stop coming with the loss to cleveland! boston lost to cleveland too and my mavs almost did! cleveland is not a bad team, they just lack motivation and have a really painfull stretch in terms of injuries!
    why can’t you just enjoy the game??

  86. behumble says:

    cocky and arrogant vs immature and egoistic
    how about humble players like KEVIN DURANT and DERRICK ROSE? who let their game speaks for them…

  87. Mak Medovich says:

    So many Kobe Haters,
    Before I start naming achievements Kobe has, Lebron wil NEVER be the player Kobe is. Can Lebron hit the turn-around Fade Away at any given moment? can he pull the 3-pointer from whereever whenever?Can he dribble past defenders and not just muscle past them like a 220 lbs. tank? Can he look as smooth as Kobe? Can he be as Versatile as Kobe, I have NEVER seen Kobe do a creative dunk besides his signature dunk, he is not flexible and is all muscle! can he win Championships with good players around him?Can he win a championship period.

    Everyone talks about how good of teammates Kobe had, look guys a good Player Draws good teammates to his side, everyone wants to play with the Greatest, so its not Kobes fault he had Shaq, Pau, Lamar, and Artest.
    Keep in mind Kobe is 32 yrs old, and hasnt changed much, besides not doing 360 dunks every other possesion, (Which some players cant o period) He does the same things, scores 25+ every game guaranteed. Kobe can shoot at 32.
    What will LeBron do at 32 when his knees give up on him (Like every Players do eventually) rely on his Jumpshot??? Thought so, he is 26 years old, and he still hasnt done what Kobe did by 26 (3 championships)

    Lebron is a GREAT Player, top 5 today, but KOBE when he retires will go down as the best or next to th best!
    LeBron at best will retire as a Vince Carter or Tracy McGrady (Great Leaper, Great scorer, Great entertainer) but no results.

  88. Bobs your uncle says:

    i hate lebron, kwame brown is the best hands down

  89. LAKERFAN says:


  90. jbry says:

    KOBE’S MVP SO SHUT THE HELL UP!! HIS THE BEST PLAYER ACTIVE RIGHT NOW NO DOUBT!!and LEcoward is a big loser!!!he sucks as hell!! i feel sorry for d-wade..bcoz his a champion and LeCOWARD is NOTHING!WADE WILL LOSE BCOZ O HIM! LAKERS FOR THE WIN!!!

  91. Ehbert Talice says:

    You also got to give Durant some love. Instead of going to kobe.They actually went to Durant as the closer and he hit two big shots.

  92. Butch says:

    What’s the fuzz all about? It’s all for the fans, so all you fans should have enjoyed the game and that’s it!
    See you guys in the Championship….whom ever will Lakers face….all said.

  93. JK21 says:

    Guys just stop the comparison with lebron or kobe. For that night kobe really wins it. No doubt lebron’s triple-double deserves to be a candidate for MVP but just look at the performance of Kobe, 37 points, 14 rebounds, 3 ast, 3 steals and shot over 50%. Although he didnt pass that much but do u see a scorer, superstar passing the ball whole night? Whats more, D-wade was totally shut down that night by Kobe. . I believe its his strong start which lead the west earlier on. Without his 37 points, will the west still wins? I doubt so. Given his age, think its one of the best performance i’ve ever see.

  94. 24 !! says:

    HATERS stop crying cuz thats greatness right at your faces u cant shows u cant compare him to anyone in the league rightnow and if u do that u just bring disgrace to the game

  95. Master Yoda says:

    Really?? MVP, Kobe won? Most valuable player, it is not. Being a team player, Kobe is not. Greatest ballhog of all time, Kobe is. – Master Yoda

  96. FanOfTheLeague says:

    Yes, Kobe started attacking the defense right away with thoughts of competing at a high level. Yes, Wade tweaked his ankle and couldn’t play most of the 2nd half. Yes, Dwight could’ve taken the game a bit more seriously down the stretch, but c’mon, it’s an All-Star game. There are a million things that COULD’VE happened, but these dudes were out here havin’ a good time. Sure LeBron (whom I’m a fan of) wanted to take over & almost single-handedly gave the West an L in that 4th quarter, but without D-Wade on the floor? Not easy (even with Amare droppin’ 29). Kobe had an amazing game & hardly anybody mentions that Durant had 34 points! LeBron wanted this game, but an All-Star game MVP trophy for an aging Kobe Bryant on his home floor is only right. Kobe doesn’t have the legs to go 48 minutes with these young stars like he used to, but he’s still got the skillset. He’s a 1st ballad hall of famer & I don’t even want to know what type of record books LeBron will be tearin’ apart by the time he’s near the end of his career. It’s time to stop hatin’ on either of these dudes. By the time they are both retired, everyone in the basketball world will be praising them. Sunday night was Kobe’s night. They’ll have plenty more games that actually count. The numbers say it all, though. They are, without a doubt, the 2 best players in the league.

  97. kobrix says:

    certainly..Kobe did shine as the brightest star among many other distinguished stars at that night..its undeniable!
    start to LIKE KOBE now guys like two thumbs up! =)

  98. MR. I smell Bologna says:

    hey to the person who posted that video. michael jordan also said kwame brown was the future and drafted him? he isnt a scout he is a friend of kobes and they talk 2 to 3 times a week. kobe does everything like mj. from his victory jump to his jump on the scores table and hand count the number of trophies.. basically like his son. so who cares what michael jordan thinks. they didnt pay him to think.they paid him to play.

  99. bill says:

    for you Kobe haters and doubters ……. not only did he have the most points shooting over 50% but he out rebounded EVERYONE with 14 rebounds–10 offensive. Thats a guy who wanted to win…..win the mvp….win the game for the west. As some others pointed out, if some of the other west guys could shoot Kobe would have had more assists. 37 points/14 rebounds/3 assists/2 or 3 steals—-the West won……. Hands down Kobe MVP. Someone stated Kobe had others while winning his 5 rings………….. WHO HASNT HAD OTHERS TO WIN TITLES ???? what an idiotic statement to claim he had others like Shaq/Gasol etc. Well Shaq had Kobe…..had Wade. Magic had Kareem/Worthy. Jordon had Pippen and Rodman…………….. some of you and your comments……..wake up and stop being so damn stupid.

  100. Kelvin says:

    Ok I’ve read enough of lame excuses from LBJ Fans. Seriously you guys say the same thing each year saying LBJ is the best and that he will win a ring and all that but LBJ still haven’t done it. Yet you still continue to say the same damn thing. It’s not fair seriously, take a step back and see how ignorant you are. You guys make Kobe prove he’s the best, which he did for the past 2 years, but you guys IGNORE Kobe’s achievement and continue to give excuses for LBJ. STOP.
    Until LBJ wins a ring, he can’t be compared to Kobe.
    Please, it hurts my eyes reading all this hate towards Kobe.

    And how did Kobe ruin the all-star game? I rather see skilled play than to see guys fooling around (like how D Howard was shooting 3’s.. uh right go back to your post and show us your dunks!)
    Kobe did pass, and yes Kobe did try from the very beginning, but that’s him being the competitive person that he is. Bosh tried hard the moment he got off the bench as well but again you guys ignored it. LBJ only got the triple double because he was trying to play his A-game as well along with Wade. As for the west side, Melo couldn’t shoot to save his career and cp3 was reluctant to shoot.

    Get your facts right.

  101. Steven says:

    For all “anti-Kobe”, you all think you perceive basketball in the right way, but sorry, you do not.
    Well, if everything you said from your “meaningless” hate right, u know what? that means all of the basketball-experts, basketball legends, even the great coaches were wrong and stupid?
    So you think you are really…having the right review and even more intelligent than those great persons, don’t you?
    Every basketball player has their own ways to play, to perform. Kobe is considered as an individual player, that does not mean he is a self-fish player at all.
    Well, just dumb people think that a guy who has proved his talent and helped Lakers be great is self-fish.
    you what what hater? a guy who has confidence to shot the ball and makes almost half of it sucks? really?
    You do not have intelligence, don’t you?
    Or you think Lebron, who is a strong, tough, player, who can slammm dunk, who can jump high, who can win 2 mvp is the greater than Kobe?
    Or you think of MJ? right here, right now, you all should stop that stupid comparison.
    Jordan is the greatest, no body doubts abt that. But plz, Kobe is here, now.. in 2000s… ok?
    They have never said Kobe is better than Wilt or Jordan.. they all just base on the statistic in order to make the history of NBA as time go on, and give the good say for what a great player has done. that is it…. you all are stupid..
    You think u just sit there at ur home, watch him play and .. give all that stupid comment and think that all jut right?
    You all just think that MJ was passing the ball more than Kobe so….. Kobe sucks?
    that is just ridiculous.
    As I said, basketball is not just…. passing the ball, jumping high, team work all the time … nah…
    basketball is what you want to do with your team… Kobe has never let their team behind…
    If you think of any other players in this league can have that record like Kobe, can dare to shot and make it…tell me..

  102. Carl Grande says:

    Kobe had 37 and 14 boards.. thats MVP worthy if you ask me, so is a triple double in a losing effort.. now if we were in Miami Im sure Lbj would get the MVP even in a losing effort! Its LA! Kobe & Co. Spoil Us Mine as well Give him the MVP

  103. seahorse says:


  104. alex says:

    for all who doubt kobe i am sure u don’t doubt mj see this link.

  105. Homer Page says:

    LeBron absolutely deserved that MVP, not Kobe. How can Sekou Smith sit here and say that Kobe is undeniably the best player in the league? It was one game, and he wasnt even the best player on the court – LeBron was.
    Just look at the players averages for this season, or any other season for that matter – LeBron always scores more points, takes less shots, grabs more rebounds, dishes way more assists, gets more steals and more blocks, shoots a higher field goal %, shoots a higher 3-point % – LeBron does absolutely everything better than Kobe does…..so how can you say that kobe is the best in the game? I mean, if LeBron had played for a contender when he entered the league, instead of the last placed Cavs, then he would have 3 or 4 rings by now already – Kobe was given his 1st 3 rings by Shaq, Stern and joey Crawford….
    Sekou Smith, hang your head in shame for this pitiful biased article

    • Ruben says:

      you are like 10 years old right?????

      You don’t know what you are saying, that statics based comparisson is so so stupid

  106. ZULU says:

    Can you get and on-line degree at the Hang Time Blog? Some of the comments are worthy of thesis status. Another nice NBA ALL-STAR weekend. Lots to naw on ’til the playoffs. Hope we have experienced the last of Bieber fever, C-Lo Green in Green and that colorful display of other folks hair onthe half-time shows. Whatever happened to da funk?

  107. A Logical Kobe Fan says:

    As usual on a blog that congratulates Kobe on an achievement there are plenty of haters here to bash him and try to find excuses to claim he’s “overrated” and a “ballhog”. For some reason the only people that didn’t enjoy this year’s all-star game seem to be a bunch of Kobe haters. To those people who think Kobe and the West were trying way too hard to win and not to entertain, I wonder if you actually watched the game because at a certain point LeBron James was “trying too hard” to fire up his team.
    I really don’t understand the reasoning that so many haters use. Instead of coming here to complain about how “overrated” he is, maybe you should just make your website where you can all gather together and hate the man. No hater anywhere made any progress by hating a player on a forum that’s dedicated to congratulating that player. Maybe if I was some irrational hater like that I would be able understand a bit more, but I’m not.
    Disliking a player is one thing, and I have a list of players I don’t particularly care for: Paul Pierce (Celtic), Tim Duncan (Spur, the team that’s given the Lakers the most trouble out of their recent 5 Championships), and the big one, LeBron James. Despite the fact that I don’t like these players is no reason to declare that they are overrated, untalented, or in some cases, plain jokes. Paul Pierce is a great player and a future Hall of Famer, without a doubt. Tim Duncan is one of, if not the best, PF ever. He should have had more votes when the player of the decade award was handed out, and it’s too bad he didn’t because I wouldn’t have been able to argue with that result. LeBron James is an amazing talent and player, and maybe in the future I hope I can grow to like him more. Why don’t I go on to blogs and forums and talk about how much I “hate” these players? Because it’s a relatively dumb and pointless thing to do. I wouldn’t accomplish anything by doing this, and if anything, it’s counter productive. When you “hate” like that, you just spark an argument against it, thus making any real goal that you have even more unattainable. When you post hate comments like that, all you really manage to do is make a fool out of yourself. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I imagine quite a few people get a good laugh out of it. The big argument against this is that those people are trying to look dumb, in which case they should most definitely feel encouraged.
    But in case you don’t want to look like a fool, here’s some advice that may prove useful: the next time you go to a blog or forum like this and compose a hate comment that has no real rational reasoning behind it, stop and think. Read your comment over a few times and ask yourself: Is this a productive comment? Will this comment make me look like a fool? Will this spark a conversation of real thought and meaning, or will it simply be a bunch of bickering?
    That leaves me to my final thought: Congratulations once again to Kobe Bryant for winning the MVP, and to the NBA for putting together an outstanding All-Star weekend!

    • jerry says:

      Lebron tried too hard in the fourth to get back in the game…Kobe tried too hard at the very start of the game (just like Amare’ said), he obviously wants the AS-MVP record…

  108. MR. I smell Bologna says:

    kobe had 40 points he the best. wait kobe only had 10 oh its cuz he injuried. wait kobe hit 37 with a broken pinky he is the best. wait kobe shot 6 for 29? its because he has a rash on his leg. its like, who can become better than somebody with excuses like this. even when somebody show you they are better than kobe then he has an excuse for it from old age to shooters pinky and elbow. its if he scores 40 he is the best if he shoots bad he old and tired. i understand why you guys think this guy is the best. he is playing on both sides of the fence. he can never do wrong because he has 40 excuses but he is noted when he does great and people forget how horribles he shoots some times. i need to work for the NBA. i wont go along with that bologna. i know its a business and you suppose to do stuff like that but come on. its getting pathetic. stop making ups excuses about his age one day then the next saying he is the best when he scores 40. its like how is old but still the best Talent? LOL

    • andrew Allen says:

      I know this lebron fan not talking about excuses thats all wade and bron do bron went 7-24 and was dunking that night but they talking about he had a ankle injury look its 82 game season theres going to be some short comings lebrons 26 he should be good most nights

  109. Merlin51680 says:

    Kudos to the Ball-Hogging performance Kobe. Its one of them instances where he wanted to feed his over-sized ego…again. The way i remember it, the last time he won MVP at the All-Stars, he was booed by the Philly crowd, his home city.Another prime example of individualistic performance and what is supposed to be a team sport. Lets get over it.

  110. I guess most of the people here heaping tons of praises to Kobe is either a person who is blinded by the bright lights of hollywood or a person who still believes in royalty/monarchy. Lol,, common guys you hate to admit it but Kobe is really shooting for the record so its something that Devid Stern and the rest of the NBA wants, and please stop looking for milestones and records in an all star game. Do it in the playoffs and the finals. Kobe got his rings with a lot of help from LA management. Don,t forget to thank Shaquille O Neal when he was still the top dog at the center and Phil Jackson the shrewd coach who will use his Zen to get a W.

    • diesel36 says:

      Kobe has two rings without Shaq and poor players, with the exeption of P. Gasol because all other are not All star…so like or not Kobe is the Best NBA player right now…of course he will be always behind M.Jordan… LA can do anything for him but he is the one who is palying not David Stern, and is true that because the game was in LA everybody wants Kobe MVP but he deserve because he play like he is; the best…Take care my friend!!!

  111. sunny says:


  112. MR. I smell Bologna says:

    yall are so funny. yall talk about Kobe’s competitiveness at the all star game but when they get smacked by lebron yall make excuses. lol. oh kobe didnt want to play cuz its christmas. but wait steve said you can make a team play. kobe couldnt even make himself play. if he can why does he get beat by lebron so much? answer this. are you saying all star games mean more to him than this guy Lebron who is a threat in his mind as the number 1 player? he is already number 1. like i said, if he can be mention as number 2 without rings he is number without rings. somebody give real arguments. every one you bring i will shut down. Reality is reality. fantasies have the word FAN in it and all you Fans have a lot of fantasies. im a fan of basketball first. i actually like kobe and he was the best basketball player for some years. tmac was a threat and vince was threat but wasnt consistant enough and didnt last long enough so kobe took that number 1 spot. but right now lebron is number one. Sekou Smith be honest to these guys, man. stop leading them down a false path. i know you guys have to be on kobe side to get love but somebody take a real look into this and stop saying the cliche thing. tim duncan has rings? more than 2 rings. is he better than dwight howard at this point? yea i thought so

  113. Balishag says:

    kobe ruined the all star game? and he didnt put on a show? LOL What game were you fools watching, cuz it definitely wasnt this year’s all star game. he did 2 up and under dunks, which is something i have not seen him do in 3-4 seasons. he even slapped lebron in the ass after lebron failed to block him “good hustle, but try again”, kobe definitely put on a show, all you haters will realize this in years to come. just like how you all hated jordan in the 90s, but no wait…. now all you haters are using jordan as the benchmark to put an asterisk on kobe and his accomplishments.

    i like how the haters talk about kobe ball hogging that game when he was draining everything. oh yea, i saw what the “unselfish” lebron did when he was wide open for a 3, he passed it like a true champ. that kind of unselfish greatness reminds me of that series vs the celtics when he did the exact same thing and lost. for anyone saying kobe won cuz of shaq and pau, well lebron had shaq too… and when the going got tough for lebron in cleveland, he goes and joins the competition cuz they’re his “homies”…. but hey its like they say, if you cant beat em, might as well join em =P

    kobe played too hard in an exhibition!?!? lebron seemed to care about this game considerably more than kobe, he didnt look like he was having any fun especially losing by 10+ points in the 4th… in fact he looked angry by the 4th quarter, which we saw in that monstrous dunk he did over 3 western defenders. and almost came back. lebron is great, but until he can prove that he is more than just a pure raw athlete, he will not be the perennial champion that kobe bryant is….


  114. MR. I smell Bologna says:

    Jef you cant call people stupid. he didnt play like that the other all star games. he didnt do that? so why are people stupid? if you want to be honest then say this. lebron is number 1 ppg avg for the all star game followed by carmello anthony. so does that mean carmello better? no. if kobe ice skates with his kids you guys make up anything to say he is the best. when you reaching for that its showing that you need every little thing to say he is the best because everything else isnt holding up. why he wasnt the best when paul pierce spanked that but in 08? why wasnt he the best when lebron smacked that but this christmas and last year? this is the best? a guy that played the heat on christmas and shot 17 time for 17 points? LOL ok. yall standards is low for the best. but oh i forgot. its christmas and nobody wants to play on christmas especially kobe but wait jeff said, “Anybody who says kobe tried too hard to get the mvp is stupid. When you play you play to be the best, thats what separates kobe from the rest, his drive.” so he will get up for the all star game but not against lebron? every argument i hear about him being the best is all contradiction. you know why? cause its not true. its all Bologna

  115. HIs ass saved says:

    When Joe Defend the KOOObe He just disappeared. Then popovich subbed him coz he is the reason ,east caught them. His ass saved By durant and pau . Thank them kobe . How many points did he scored in most important time in 4 q.

  116. Anthony Redmon says:

    This brotha deserves that MVP award after dunking on Labron James and getting a double-double to when the game. Just as he dose at the playoffs. If the east would have won I’d give Lebron his props. but they didn’t and the better man won like all ways. LBJ is still in Kobe’s generation

  117. KB24Dbest!! says:

    Melo was traded to the knicks and the balance of power shifts to the east coast.. But the west still has KOBE yeah!!

  118. shavo says:

    i am a kobe HATER cause im a boston fan, but got to respect the dood, his the best among the rest last night.

  119. jero says:

    im not a kboe fan nor a kobe hater(im a boston fan). but based from what i saw at the all star game kobe deserve to win the mvp all those dunks that i have not seen him doing for a long time , its just wow’s me.

  120. zachman says:

    FanWest is smart, Kobe is very overrated because of all those people in L.A. that just fan boat behind him and dont know anything about the nba, not to mention the voting is bull because the only player people know is kobe, if you took a look a durant i think he had a great chance at getting it also considering HE DID give the west the win with those back to back clutch shots he took in the last 2 minutes of the game to put them up by 5. That had to be one of the worst games ive watched all star wise. Nothing was exciting because Kobe was being a ball hog and wanted the record of most mvp’s. I’m not saying kobe isnt good but the allstar is suppose to be fun an exciting, did you hear the crowd at all during the game? yes you did, it was when they were chanting “we want blake” because blake griffin is exciting, kobe being a tryhard for the record isnt. It’s pretty obvious the east went into the game wanting to have fun,(says dwight howards 3 or 4 3 point attempts) and not to mention all the crazy dunks and such the east was trying, after the 1st half the east realized the west were trying super hard to win this game and so they kicked it into gear and started dominating hence lebrons triple double and not many turn overs unlike the first half because of fun, ejoyable passes the east were doing and the west were trying super hard to get the ball.

  121. Wanwan9949 says:

    Its funny how you KobeHaters always find your way to articles about him, usually when i hate someone or dislike them or think they suck, I don’t waste time reading articles about them, or make post about them…. You guys amuse me

  122. Chris says:

    Did he even score in the 4th?

  123. Wanwan9949 says:


  124. Jasper says:

    WOW! All the Kobe Haters love LeBron,and all the LeBon haters love Kobe! Whats up with all the fussing etc…blah is better than blah. Who gives a rats a$$. I love the NBA, and all the “different” talent each player bring to the table! Kobe is my dude, and he is a great player. Kobe you did your thing in the All Star game, and thats excatly what “we” the fans want to see, i don’t care if he took million shots, and same for LeBron. People are going to hate when Lebron brings his best and they are going to hate when Kobe bring his best, it’s a never ending battle. This is what makes the NBA so great, so many different levels of great talent! Stop all this baby-back-bullsh$t and watch some amazing palyers do amazing things. Kobe is Kobe, LeBron is LeBron, and Micheal is Micheal, enough said, lets PLAY BALL!!

  125. jef says:

    Anybody who says kobe tried too hard to get the mvp is stupid. When you play you play to be the best, thats what separates kobe from the rest, his drive.

  126. Jlaw says:

    I usually don’t post on this website because it’s filled with biased immature teenage fanboys crying about how their favorite player/team didn’t succeed which leads to just simply being an ignorant fool. But all you Lebron James huggers keep stating that the game was supposed to be fun, which might I add, I find HILARIOUS as Lebron James was taking this game very very seriously. Me and my mates even had a few laughs at how serious the guy was taking it, having team huddle pep talks about how they aren’t trying hard enough in the oh so “FUN” all star game. Kobe Bryant, he did force a couple shots, but you know what? They went in. He played a very good game, and if you look, he passed quite a few times, though Durant was the only consistent shooter the West had, thus making his low assist number. You guys will try and put anybody down, the guy played a damn spectacular game, especially considering the East core starters are all in mid 20’s (PRIME CONDITION.)

    Lebron played a fantastic game, his triple double is thanks to Stoudemire though, who didn’t get enough credit for this game. More than half of Lebrons assist come from key passes to Stoudemire for the easy lay-in/dunk, you look at the West, Duncan and Pau were just walking around, nobody was ever in transition for the easy pass, be nice they’re old timers and they’re definitely not going to over work themselves in a “fun” game. Anthony missed every shot he took from outside the key, somebody had to set the pace for the West and Kobe put it on himself as they don’t have the high flying dunkers like the East do to entertain, he took it on himself to entertain all the fans who voted for him, which I’m sure you know, won the lead vote. Some of the shots he made were spectacular, and then he even gave us a glimpse at the old #8. I love this game very much, and I’ve been around a long time and I can say that I respect any player that puts on a jersey and gives it his all, the guy was DRENCHED in sweat at halftime, he didn’t deserve MVP because he didnt pass enough? If people were in transition and were making shots, maybe he would have done so, but assuming that Kobe cares about awards and leader boards is nuts, the guy doesn’t play 4th quarters in REAL games if they’re doing fine without him.

  127. Angel_Killer says:

    Ofcourse, this is planted. Kobe is great, no doubt. He is the best in this All Star Game. But maybe the only difference is that, You cannot say that to him all year long. He had his time sometimes, not all the time. He is in a very good company, so, in a company like that, the best player will be taken as the best, eventhough, he SOMETIMES, doesnt deserve the accolade.

  128. puertorican bball player says:

    omg how people say tht kobe shot over 50% it was only an all star game… in real life in laker uniform everybody knows tht kobe cant shot over 50% not even 45% tht happen when u take a high volume of shot

  129. D.Naylor says:

    let me ask you this? do you think jordan would have done what he did against the competition today?
    Jordan’s comp> charles barkely, karl malone, john stockton, reggie miller.
    Kobe’s comp> lebron james, dwayne wade, kevin garnett, tim duncan, steve nash, t-mac(healthy), ray allen, and the list goes on!!!!!!

  130. MR. I smell Bologna says:

    Steve, no matter what lebron or kobe or mike or wade does you cant make anybody play if they not going to play. there is not a switch you can click on mo williams back and others to make them play. kobe doesnt make anybody good. if you want to be honest gasol averaged about the same thing with memphis grizz. actually he averaged 2pts more in memphis. which is 20. you ever see when Shaq left what kobe did? it just so happened they sucked for that many years and soon as gasol comes to the lakers they go to the finals. what player has ever gotten better with kobe? gasol hasnt. his numbers went down, artest also. which goes back to what i said, you cant control other people. so winning championships had nothing to do with being the best. the best is this. you take attributes with physical attributes and you take numbers and efficiency and you say who produces more at a higher efficiency. Kobe deserved to win the mvp at the all star break because their team won just like if the east won lebron would have gotten it. but championships doesnt make a player just like i said. if thats the case paul pierce and dwade would be better than lebron and we know thats not true. ask yourself one question? when has kobe won when he wasnt suppose to? never. he has always been the front runner not the under dog. he was adopted by the lakers. the lakers and the celtics are franchises that care about championships. if you read about nba owners most do it for different reasons. they do it as a hobby or whatever the case maybe. notice that the lakers and celtics have the most championships. its a reason the celtics got the big three like they did and won. AI wasnt going to win championships because he didnt have the best team. do you realize that 99 percent of the times the best team wins the championship? havent the lakers had the best team in the NBA for a few years. 2 seven footer and a tall long team.that is hard to compete with and then add kobe then you have the best team in the nba. that team could make the play offs without kobe. the impact lebron had on the cavs shows. if you look it up, lebron is the best player by numbers. you can ask your local harvard student or teacher to break it down for you. ive seen kobe get shut down by jr smith or affalio and if you say yea right i can give you the link. i watch basketball all day long. not highlights on espn. i see what i see. i have never seen lebron get shut down. his bad games are tripple doubles. you guys dont understand basketball. you guys are looking at it like my uncle did. when i was younger he couldnt let go that dr . j wasnt better than michael jordan. i told him that its a reason that michael jordan was the face of the nba without championships. they hated on mike for years. just like they hated on kobe for years and they will hate on lebron for years until they write an article telling you how he is the best producing player ever when it comes to the candidates as the best player ever. you got mike, kobe , lebron as of now. do you know how long it took mike to be considered the best player in the nba by most when he was all along? he didnt win a chip until his 7th year. so ask yourself was he the best player in the league even without a chip? of course he was. you guys are just media driven and dont have your own mind. kobe was drafted into luxery and wealth cuz of the lakers. kobe had the suns up 3 to 1 in the playoffs in the first round and they got mopped by the suns but you know people tend to forget. they only live in the right now. there is a reason kobe and lebron has played each other 15 times and lebron has won majority of the games while avg more points assists and rebounds and more eff. everything kobe do, yall have excuses. if he has to have excuses and can never play because of injury or whatever then stop considering him. mike played to darn near 40. kobe is 32 years old. he is not old. 32 isnt old. if you notice every time kobe is about to play lebron he gets an injury and if you dont believe me go all the way back and research it. but its funny since he wasnt playing on the cavs this year he didnt get injuried but was when they played the heat christmas. if your standards is kobe than fine. i respect it. kobe isnt a bad player but ive seen too much to know that he isnt better than lebron. steve i just wanted to say if championships matter then lebron shouldnt be in your top 5 players or top 10 of todays game. its a contradictory. how can you rank him number 2 or 3 or 4 but in the same breath say he cant be number 1 cuz he doesnt have rings. its more people in the league that have rings. all i said is, kobe knew he was gunning for the mvp and he knew everybody was gonna come out play around. i mean dwight took two 3’s in the first 3 qtrs. kobe knows what he is doing. he is good enough of a player to know this and go after it because nobody wasnt even playing hard. i was at the all star game and i think kobe scored once when everybody got serious and lebron started to get foreal. like i said before, if lebron can be in your top 5 then he can be number one. derek fisher is better than derrick rose because of rings also. LOL. yea ok. time shows people and you can copy and paste this some where and i bet you if lebron stays on the pace he is he will get acknowledged for the amazing things he is doing. you will see. history repeats. the way you kobe fans are its like nobody can be better than him because if they do all you say is he is 32 or lebron is just bigger or kobe has 5 rings. when none of it has nothing with being the BEST TALENT in the NBA today not the BEST CAREER.

    • KB 24 says:

      Lebron or any other player will never score 81 or more points lebron wont come close to kobes total points or carrer highs or championship rings or the love kobe gets all around the world u could cry all u want ur wrong foooollllll kobe made all players into better players all around the NBA

    • andrew Allen says:

      you said gasols points went you said artest points went down but they won a championship nuff said

  131. How could anyone be a hater on KB about the all-star game in L.A?? You don’t think MJ, Larry Bird or anyone for that matter how being in his own town he wouldn’t come out and shoot and play hard? You haters really need to stop iT!!! WHAT about the LeBrick you instead of taking a big shot gave it to who????? GIVE ME A BREAK LeBrick! I have never seen something so lame! Where are the haters bringing this up?

  132. @imad..dude u better watch crickett rather than to watch basketball..u dont know how to play basketball..im not a kobe fan but i had a big respect for kobe the way he play basketball..I AGREE HE IS ONE OF THE GREATEST NBA PLAYER..IN TERMS OF OFFENSE ( ALWAYS SHOOT THE BALL W/O PASSING ) BECAUSE HE HAD A BIG PERCENTAGE ON THAT SPOT..HE CAN ASSIST ALSO WITH 6 ASSIST AVG. DONT TELL THAT HE IS SELFISH OF PLAYING BASKETBALL..AS A GUARD HE CAN AVERAGE 6 RPG…..LAKERS VS CELTICS FOR NBA FINALS 2011..

  133. LeBronze Medal James says:

    This should put things in check for people, notice how the east cam out dancing, Howard,Lebron etc, and then notice how the west came out no funny dancing act like you been here before. Kobe know’s how to get other players focus it just seemed like the west wanted to win and the east wanted to show off!!

  134. LeBronze Medal James says:

    I just like to add that Kobe is 32 and Lebron is 25 or something and for ZKobe to be 32 he is still the best player to me. Yeah Lebron might be more faster and stronger but that doesn’t mean he’s better than Kobe cause if I recall The man has zero rings. You can make up any excuse you want to why he couldn’t win a ring on the cavs but I know the truth. Now he has no excuse not to win one, really all you Lebron James fans have the heat marked in for them to make it ot the finals but watch when they don’t the excuse is going to be they need more time playing together lol but as of right now thier the best team hands down lol just like the Cavs were a few years ago or so everyone thought, oh another thing as the east were making that push at towards the end when Lebron tried to take over they were down by three and he was wide open for the three point shot but what does he do? Oh yeah pass it to Chris Bosh and let him take the three lmao just shows you that he doesn’t trust himself taking a big time shot and this isn’t the first time I’ve seen him do that. Really tho people Kobe at 25 vs Lebron at 25 who do you think will go harder lol KOBE. You Lebron James fans just have too much pride to admit yeah he’s not as great as Kobe and yes Lebron would have tried to win the mvp to and could of won if he hadn’t missed his first 4 shot’s lol most of his points came from in the paint and thats why they can’t beat boston cause they make Lebron a jump shooter but that’s not possible with Kobe,,just look at how boston plays lebron they clog up the paint forcing him to take jump shots which we all know is not part of his game and yall got the nerve to say Lebron is better than Kobe lol whatever helps you sleep at night!!

  135. Pdiddy says:

    Look guys, I live in LA and I am sick and tired of these Kobe Michael comparisons. There will never be another MJ, Kobe isnt even close to accomplishing what the greatest ever accomplished not only for basketball, but for sports world-wide. No matter how many championships he has and will have. Jordan would have won 8 or 9 rings in a row had he not left basketball. And the Celtics would be going on their 4th title run in a row had Garnett been 100% the past 2 seasons…end of story.

  136. pap says:

    to all kobe’s fans…go to msn.com foxsports and read jason whitlock.s article about kobe.hope u like it.

  137. Kobe&Lakers=Champs says:

    Seems like a lot of you don’t have any lives. Im particularly talking about those haters that just want to come out here and talk rubbish about Kobe. All I’ll just say is that Kobe put on a show for America to see. And just go go go Kobe and Lakers- 3peat baby!!!! Haters gonna hate!!!

  138. J-Short says:

    All I can say is after 15 years of playing in the NBA only the great players continue to play at a High Level. Congrats to Kobe on all of his accolades. Regardless of what Charles Barkley does not like about Kobe he is still coming with him to the Hall Of Fame….

  139. emzarate says:

    funny thing how most comments here are related to basketball being entertaining the crowd and that kobe should have done that instead of trying to score points for himself and his team. this is basketball, its a sport, the goal is to not entertain but to win. you want entertainment go watch WWE.

  140. Angel says:

    I love how the All-Star game last night was watched over 11 millions viewers nationwide. 😀 It’s such a great night for Kobe Bryant to show all the haters and fans that he’s still Kobe Bryant. The GOAT once he retired. Just because some struggles Lakers recently had. Doesn’t mean it is because Kobe Bryant suck. He’s a fundamental basketball player ever and a great leader. All he doing now is trying to help his teammates getting ready for Playoff. He could make blow out games every single season game if he want. He choose not to. Like he said. He trying to help the youngster. Last night, he showed everyone who watched that he’s the Greatest in the league right now. Silly Lebron, rings are for Kobe.

  141. ck says:

    the west won but it got real boring when obe was over dribbling and shooting the ball ALL THE TIME! he was passing up alley oops to others to look for his shot,,,the west had no fun crazy plays unless kobe was on the bench

  142. TheDoc says:

    Obviously Kobe’s Not The Best Right Now, For Years He Was, But He’s Still A Great Performer! xD 3-Peat Baby!

    Best Players Right Now: [Lebron, Durant]

    (McGee Shoulda Won)

  143. jaberwacky says:

    I hope Kobe will continue what he did in the ASG and bring it to the playoffs. Feed on the energy of the younger players but still show them who’s the man! Old guys rule!

  144. ck says:


    • Kevin says:

      Kobe, like everyone else, probably just laughed at Paul Pierce saying he`s the best player in the world… what a joke.

  145. Skillzthatkill says:

    Haters gonna hate, man. Shame too because all this hate simply proves what I’ve suspected all along…. some people aren’t happy unless they are debunking someone else’s achievements. Ah well, no matter what, trolls are always gonna be there (sorta like a disease on the internet). Hopefully if we just ignore them they’ll just go away and do whatever it is that trolls do.

  146. jaberwacky says:

    Watch the game again. Kobe also made some passes that the other players on the team failed to finish. Kobe played the game the way an All Star should. With a lot of heart and a lot of hustle. Kudos also to players like Lebron, Manu, Ray Allen, and Pau Gasol who brought their A-Game to Hollywood. They were voted by the fans as All-Stars so they should play like all stars. Dwight Howard, you suck!

  147. ck says:


    • andrew Allen says:

      no he took over a finals series in 09 and 2010 artest and gasol came up big in the last!!!!! game kobe was big before that lebron cant even beat boston with wade and bosh

  148. haterswillalwaysbehaters says:

    great end for this year’s ASG.. Kobe is spectacular but I must admit, he got old in the 4th quarter. Good thing Durant and Gasol was there.

    I watched the game over and over and I don’t see any reason why people are calling Kobe a ballhog. Sure he made a lot of shot attempts and made 50% of it but so does everyone else! Wrestbrook was all over the place. Durant was making a lot of shots too! Given the chance, Melo was shooting too! Not to mention, Lebron’s been making a lot of the shots, Wade in the first half took many shots, Stoudemire did a lot too. and the list goes on.. To isolate Kobe from all the rest is just pure hating. You must be that bitter!

    Some say Kobe just put on a show and did not play fun when it was supposed to be a fun game. Oh c’mon! review the game and look at Lebron’s face! He was serious as hell, wanting to win the game and even pleaded with his teammates to step it up! And all I see was Kobe smiling and talking to everyone else like he was having a lot of fun while Lebron was at the opposite end with firey eyes! geez!! talk about being too serious!!

    All he cared about was his record. Yeah, and so is everyone else. I bet even your idolest player would want to be in Kobe’s shoes right now. He worked hard for that record. Nobody gets something like that while just sitting around. Haters purposely fail to see that just so they can pull Kobe down.

    Haters keep on hatin. Kobe is the best at what he does. If he is the best player of his time – debatable! We all have different choices. But don’t pull him down just because your player’s not on top with him. Learn to appreciate man. All of you haters must be living a miserable life! Kobe is one of the best but he;s not the only great player. And I can see a lot of younger talents emerging. It’s all a process. Just give credit where its due. Your player’s time will come anyway, if it ever will.

  149. pap says:

    i totally agree with you, bandwagoners….kobe’s athletic ability and basketball skills are great but his character as a player is terrible. i remember voting for western allstars, not kobe,s team. i’m sure you kobe’s fans won’t be happy if tim duncan would take ton of shots considering this might be his last allstar game. the best power forward ever. i respect tim duncan for his accomplishments as a player and for his CHARACTER … but kobe thinks it’s all about him.

  150. ck says:

    i cannot believe in an all star game,in his home city,with limited d playing and no boxing out at all…that all you fans act like kobe is king…because an all star game mvp? that he “tried with all his might” to get…while other players let the game flow…kobe over dribbled till he got a shot…he waited by the rim for bs rebounds and easy points…durants 4th quarter saved his mvp award cuz the east would have won…u saw how kobe performed when they played d…bad shots,turnover…again overrated in the clutch and durant came thru…this doesnt hide the last 3 years people…when paul pierce was the greatest player in the 08 finals and kobe shot under 40% from the field..and in the 09 finals he again shot 40% ish and choked in game 7..not just in the 4th but all game…gasol and artest bailed him out….hes putting up numbers that a re a tiny bit better than jordans were when he was 39!…slow down kobe fans its an all star game that scores well over 140 for each teaM

  151. Jesse W says:

    So Kobe won the MVP in the All-Star Game, and that’s such a bad thing? C’mon folks, give the guy a break. Anyone of those players last night would have been happy to be called MVP. Just because it’s Kobe, it’s a problem. I doubt seriously if anyone would complain if it was LeBron. Afterall, he was as much – a ballhog as anyone else in the game, especially in the 4th quarter. Oops, I stand corrected – LeBron wanted to win, so it’s ok he jacked up all the last shots. The fact of the matter, Kobe is a great athlete. And, many people fail to forget that Kobe has been in the league for along time, and he has lots of mileage on his legs. Now mind you those miles come with lots of NBA Finals and Championships. So to all the haters – hang loose. I understand that many of you are sore losers, can not perform your jobs at high levels, and are just plain envious of KB24.

  152. Basketball says:

    for all those people who didn’t enjoyd the all star game ….

    go watch the globetrotters instead next time sheesh

    i cheer for those players from the west for winning the 2011 ASG .

    Go West! Next year again.

  153. HAHAHAHHAHA says:

    I am going to make this really brief, I am a LeBron James fan but Kobe is still the best out there, hands down. One word folks, ACHIEVEMENTS. You can score all you want, you can block shots all you want, you can play defense as hard as you want, but if you can’t apply and achieve, all those stats are COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS. And please quit comparing LeBron to Kobe, LeBron is getting there, Kobe’s been there, done that. One thing you should remember that LeBron is still young, the kid still has a lot to learn, there are still a ton of room for development.. You can’t be putting pressure on the guy.

  154. R Rj brown says:

    Before you guys and girls write the stupid uneducated comments on here you first should know what you are talking about and have some knowledge of the sport. we as a people can’t get anywhere in life because you spend too much time competing against each other to the point where you have to bring down one of your own to make the other better rather than accepting the fact that they are the two best black basket ball player in the league. They both work hard to become what they are and continues to make they present felt on and off the floor, lets learn from then.

  155. hOtSHoT says:

    Very few times ive seen kobe do the right thing. And in the all star game at your homecourt that was the right thing. KOBE IS THE KING OF LA. ITS HIS HOME TURF. HE DESERVES TO GO FOR THE RECORD. HE DESERVES TO WIN THE MVP. Jordan would have done the same, given the chance. And very well said, on passing the torch to the youngsters of the game. Much like when Kobe went after an aging Jordan, Lebron was coming fast after him. Very entertaining game to watch, specially individually. Great game, as it should be for an all star game.

  156. Lakers Efi says:

    If Lebron Why he pass the final shot that could win the game you know that Kobe will NEVER pass this type of open shot to win a game

  157. jerry says:

    Kobe is truly a ballhog…regular season 46% fieldgoals…25.3 career average, 45.5& career shooter…way too far to become the next jordan; 30.1 career average, 49.7% career shooter…

    • jerry says:

      btw he won 3 rings because of shaq’s prolific scoring and very high fieldgoal percentage…and of course no gasol, no finals appearance…gasol a 20+ scorer (+50& shooter as always) and a good rebounder…bottomline, Kobe needs those considering he’s only a 45.5& shooter…game 7 last year without artest, no championship…God, shooting 4 out of 18 in the final game of the NBA championship is truly not a finals MVP type…should have given it to ron, he just save Kobe and the lakers…

      • MASE87 says:

        How many rings did shaq have before kobe? zero!!!!!!!!!!!! And 1 with wade who damm near avg 40 against dallas

  158. ldhl89 says:

    So The MVP of the All star game (Commercial stuff) decide who is the best player??

  159. Lakers3peat says:

    Kobe put on a spectacular show last night and I’m glad he did. He led the West to victory and deserved his fourth All-Star MVP. Haters will always hate. I bet LeBron James fans wouldn’t have minded in the least if he had scored 50. Just give it a rest. LeBron is the most physically gifted player in the NBA right now, but Kobe is the overall best. He’s a five time NBA champion, which shows that he clearly knows how to make his teammates better and how to play as part of a team. And as for you King Kobra 2, if Kobe is a choker, what exactly would you call LeBron in the playoffs? Let’s see, how many rings does he have?….oh that’s right, none! It’s why he left the Cavs- the team and city for which he “promised to deliver a championship”- to go a stacked team in Miami.

  160. Rei says:

    I watched the game and yea.. I reckon Kobe cared too much about getting MVP in this all star game. It wasn’t as fun as last year where everyone was sharing.. and oh.. Kobe was not there…

    I am not undestimating kobe. He is a great player and so close to Jordan (even though Jordan still better, even Kobe admitted that)

    But the game meant to be fun. he was dominant because he keeps shooting the balls and trying to score.. Remember that Kevin Durant helped west to win as well.

    Why cant kobe put up this dominant performance against Cleveland??? oh yeah.. there is no MVP vote in that game..

  161. sportsfan3553 says:

    lol at King Kobra2 how do the lakers choke by winning back to back championships?

  162. A Logical Kobe Fan says:

    All in all I thought this was a great all-star game. When Dwight was taking 3 pointers I couldn’t help but laugh. Was a shame that Wade couldn’t have finished the game. He is starting to become quite injury prone, let’s hope he doesn’t turn into T-Mac. LeBron played great with his triple double, he’s really good at getting them. Durant was awesome, especially in the 4th quarter. I’m really looking forward to Kevin Durant’s future, and I kind of hope that he sticks with OKC his entire career. I wish Melo had played a bit better, but I really wish he would just stay with the Nuggets. Stoudemire was pretty good. And of course, KB24 played great and was definitely worthy of MVP. MVP is usually won by a player on the winning team, so of course LeBron James didn’t win it. It wouldn’t have been surprising or disappointing if Durant won MVP, because he played great in the 4th quarter. But overall, Kobe was MVP because his performance was the best.
    I’m not quite sure why people are so upset with Kobe in this year’s all-star game. It was entertaining, and he played great. I find it amusing that only Kobe is a ball hog for scoring 37 points when none of the people who have scored more in an All-Star game are. Don’t really understand this “he only won it because he was in Staples center” argument either. With the performance he gave, the only city he might not have won it was in OKC. That argument implies there were certain mechanisms or magical devices that assisted his performance in some way, which is just ridiculous. He took a lot of shots, which shouldn’t be surprising to any one. I think most of the players on the West wanted him to take those shots, because they like watching him play. If you don’t believe that you can watch Dirk’s reaction to Kobe’s first dunk.
    NBA All-Star weekend is always fun to watch. I just hope next NBA All-Star game we’ll have more players from different teams. Congratulations to Kobe Bryant on winning is 4th All Star MVP and his 13th All-Star selection. He’s had an amazing career and I hope it continues!

  163. XYAB says:


  164. Valery says:

    I know I know this my thing I express myself no clear enough.
    First I like KB, can say that like you saying he is the best for me but also I know he is not for some one else this is only my point no matter what you say no matter what i say it still only your and mine opinions. This is my point.
    So you can say you like it or not or put some numbers to prove your point, still I like KB more but cunt compare him to any of mentioned here like MJ and LJ.
    MJ made history, you cant say KB better than MG no meeter what he done now MJ already history no one can change it now.
    Can some one say for sure if no MJ, Karim and so on or no ABA or before as we know it now, are we all have all that we have now ?
    Same rule you can apply for next generation of whatever game we looking for.
    Some one might remember Torp – 8 gold medal so good but some one find out about his college life and …. now he is bad boy. Media making it happen and all of you can choose side like it or not black white and some gray:)

    Some of as like one some another player and you can make decision for yourself only. And data not going to change some one opinion. Keep enjoying the game and may be participate.

  165. zacheus scola says:

    kobe is a great player… all others are… nash, garnet, duncan, shaq, etc. but they will never be in the same class as larry bird, magic johnson & michael jordan

  166. goldrodd says:

    Hail King Kobe. Now that was proper. Are you not entertained? Black Mamba put it down Hollywood style. Flash , flash poster. Who has the shot of Kobe smashing on Lebron. Get at me on that one because that’s priceless. Lakers need to find a way to get Kevin Durant because the Black Mamba and the Durantular is quite deadly. Props to Kobe, if there’s any more questions about who the best is see Kobe in June.

  167. LakersRus says:

    Look people, it’s one game, chillax, if your jealous of Kobe thats great for you and plus him winning MVP has nothing to do with LA because either way the votes are the same no matter where your playing..

  168. LakeShowSoPro says:

    No defense was played through 3 quarters? Wow. Check the game again and look at Wade and Kobe going at it, even in the opening minutes. Competitive, it’s the way he is built. Ballhog who scores anyway, with 14 rebounds… Bunch of haters.

  169. Stazzle says:

    based on an all-star game??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH noooo sir he could have sucked it up last night and kobe would still take the reign. by a huge margin still the best. not the most talented right now tho. lebron is definately the most talented right now but what the guy(KOBE) has done absolutely blows everyone elses in the leagues achievements out of the water. i guess these stat idiots will hate on lebron when he’s accomplished everything but is getting old and slows down.AGE is everything sirs. when gretsky was old he was still the best. maybe not playing the best but his stats and numbers blew everyones out of the water. same with jordan, and when he got old he was still the greatest. Then he RETIRED and passed the reigns to someone else(kobe bryant).many players are doing better than tiger and i still consider him the best because of what he’s done. And kobe hasnt even slowed down that much at all but def. has slowed down. lol Hell he just won back to back championships,is top five in scoring and schooled many of the greatest/ younger players last night. again AGE is everything people cant just hop on other players bandwagons b/c there simply playing better at the moment. time tells all and time has said that KOBE IS THE BEST AT THE MOMENT FOR WHAT HES DONE AND WHEN HE RETIRES WILL PASS THE REIGNS!!( to lebron im guessing) when he reeetttiiirrressss

  170. bern says:

    this is where KOBE happens!

  171. I got nothing stupid to say. i just want to congratulate Kobe Bryant and the rest of the West team for winning the 2011 ASG. And for winning the MVP. And for making that guy look stupid, by the way who’s that guy? what’s he’s name? the guy wearing jersey no.6? The band wagoner? The guy who doesn’t believe in himself so he leave he’s team and join a better crew? oh well i just can’t mention a coward name, feeling super star or rather wanted to be treated a super star! Stay grounded Kobe! you’re the MAN!!!!

  172. I love you KB24 keep being the great player you are!!!!!

  173. rich says:

    much respect to kobe.. i never liked him personally but you can’t deny his talent and his greatness, but there will never be anyone that will trump His Airness MJ, the ALI of basketball.

  174. bandwagoners says:

    Kobey is a hog, all kobe lovers just got no idea. Yes he’s talented but his selfishness overrides that. Yes he scored 37 and rebounded but like its been said – against little to no defence. His athletic ability and basketball skills are great but his character as a player is terrible. A real basketball (TEAM sport) player is Steve Nash, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo or in the case of the All star game – Lebron James. Some one who looks to contribute to their team in all ways and looks to make their team mates better. Look at most lakers games, when Kobe decides he’s going to take over by scoring they generally suffer. When he steps back (rarely) and scores 20 or less but the entire team is involved they actually look like a basketball TEAM. If you cant see this you ignorant or have no basketball IQ.

    • bamalaker24 says:

      really all this talk about lebron lol remember he quit on cleveland in the playoffs trying to get to miami. the true greats never jumped ship just because the team isnt as great as it can be. ex: Jordan, Magic, Bird, The Dream r just a few so before any say lebron will be the greatest just stop it the greatest never quits playin in the playoffs just because he wants 2 get on better team, and now the Heat will have to hope that new york doht land dwight howard in 2012 if they do lebron is goin to try to jump ship again. Dont get me wrong i love watching lebron and the heat play but remember the greats play every minute of every game and try to win the it if no ones else is stepping up not the opposite. He is probaly goin to be a top 10 player when he retires and own a few records to but remember champions r remember as the greatest and look at our generation kobe, tim, shaq. NO ONE REMEMBERS PLAYERS LIKE OSCAR ROB. HE AVERAGED A TRIPLE DOUBLE ONE SEASON AND CAME CLOSE A FEW MORE TIMES BUT EVERYONE THINKS JERRY WEST WAS BETTER LOL SO THINK ABOUT THAT.
      as far as kobe is concerned 7 years in the league he was already a 3 time champ, plus is it kobes fault that he was benched in favor of an all star at the time(remember Eddie jones), but once he became a key bench player people strarted 2 question dat decision, plus he wasnt always the guy unlike lebron remember shaq in the early days lol dat soon changed. see truly great players get better with age. his kill set is far superior 2 any to play da game except jordan. lebron relies on his phsical skills more often then his b-ball skill if u put him in jordan era his points would go down fouls back then was real there was hand checks, n when u played with the big boys u had 2 play hard lol. but kobe doesnt rely on jusy gettin fouls, his mid range game is rite up there with jordan plus u can add three poin range to. he came post up, face up, drive, shoot. people say that his stats r down this years but look at minutes per game less than 30 look at everyone else 33 plus so that mite be a reason for it dumbasses. at the end of the day i dont see anyone except THE GREEN TESTING THE LAKERS IN 7 GAMES WHICH IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!!!!!! i love the game of basketball kobe kg td cp3 dwill dwade lbj melo amare dirk nash cb the truth kd dwight howard r goin to make the hof we r blessed to watch these guys play da game. the greatest players in this gen: kg(transform the 4 position for every can do it all at 6’11) td(shows us how da basics can make u a true great) kobe(showing us that greatness can always find ways to improve theyre game), Next gen LBJ(da perfect player size speed high iq simple great) Melo( da most complete scorer in the game) dwade( find ways to make plays in every situation) cp3( the ultimate team player) dwill(a point guard who can do it all) KD( a defenders nightmare) dwight(one of the greatest defenders on all time) amare(da best all round big man in da game today)

  175. kobe4ever says:

    KOBE FTW!!!!!! all of u are just jealous!!! kobe is still one of the best players……

  176. Redonkulous says:

    I’m sorry, but claiming Kobe is the best player in the league, based on an all-star game, is ridiculous.

  177. Denise says:

    Kobe did his job… He entertained us.. he showed us NBA players are the most athletic in all the sports. this is a man that suposed loast a step or two.. yeah? so its his fault that guys dont play hard in the All Star Game/// Dwight will alwasy be a goodball, KG will wlways own him.. as long as he is in the league.. I guess KG , and Ray Allen have lost a step too.? KB was at home therefore he was supposed to own it. … Dude is competetive.. Even Lebron admitted.. .again that Kobes compettitve nature is a step or tow above everyone else. See ya’ll in June!

  178. kakarot248 says:

    Imad Akel, ur just a pure KOBE HATER, u dont have the right to watch NBA, you dont even know how to appreciate the efforts of players, im a true and for life KOBE FAN, but i appreciate lebron james for his efforts and his probably one of the best in the NBA. But hey, NICE TRY LEBRON ON KOBE’s DUNK. HAHA. Nice try. This game just proves the hell out of you all kobe haters out there that HE IS STILL THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA!

  179. Stazzle says:

    not to metnion kobe won the slam dunk contest BTW

  180. KingKobra2 says:

    The Choker Kobe bryant ain’t going to happy when the Heatles kick their nasty little behinds in March and a 1% chance of lakers making to the finals. The “chakers” will lose like crazy again this week to trail blazerds dn other teams. KB24 Pau fail in comparstits to LBJ6 and D-Wade3. That’s the Truth and nothing but the truth

  181. Stazzle says:

    at some point people just need to know what theyre talking about first

  182. Stazzle says:

    People can be so ignorant. listen, all of you ignorant idiots. Lebron James is definately the most TALENTED player in the game. obviously!! but hes YOUNG and been in the league 8 years. When kobe was lebrons age he was dunking on people left and right! AGE is the factor here. LEBRON jAMES IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT KOBE HAS DONE IN THIS LEAGUE. You have to look at the persons career and achievements to decide who is the better player not whose the most talented RIGHT NOW. Kobe 5 championships, 2 finals mvps,4 nba- all star game mvps( tied for most in history), been to 12 all star games, by the end of this season may be sixth in scoring ALL- TIME! plz look at the all time scoring list and tell me thats not amazing, and the 6th player all time to have more than 5000 points, assist, and rebounds, PLLEEEAAASSSE LOOK AT THAT LIST ALSO. I mean please kobe haters know your facts and what this guy has done. he’s getting OLD and when you get OLD you slow down so sure hes not the most talented player anymore but definately the BEST. and looking at Lebrons achievements HASHAHAHAHAHA not even flippin close people. BUT hes young so he could def. be on KOBES level one day but that day is far far far far from now. I’M not even a KOBE fan but this is just so stupid for people to hate on KOBE BRYANT when common sense needs to set in.

    • francisco says:

      go back to school and learn some math before calling people ignorant, people are not comparing historical stats because a guy playing 15 years should have bigger total numbers than an 8 year player if both are good players. compare quality each year that is the reason averages exist moron, LEBRON numbers are far superior(remember that 2>1)
      for instance, seasons over 2000 points , both have 7, but lebron has 7 out of 8.kobe 7 out of 15.
      do you capiche pelosi?

  183. dorifto says:

    odd, instead of appreciating what Kobe did, other people criticized him? now that’s rude. If your’e a whoever fan you are don’t hate on Kobe just because he outplayed your GUY that night, just appreciate what he did, DID YOU HEAR O SEE your GUY attack or hit or verbally jabbed Kobe? don’t think so. Because even though they’re on opposing teams they still maintain an air of respect for each other as players. So it’s plain jealousy when some people down a particular player because they can’t understand the players.

  184. steve says:

    Mr. I smell bologna you get mixed up in your own words.You say it’s all about wins and your right it’s wins when it counts, the playoffs.If Lebron can’t make his team better in the playoffs,that tells you he’s not the leader you think he is.Lebron is a good player just like A.I..He can win during regular season by trying to do everything by himself but in the playoffs it’s about pushing your team to exceed they’re expectations.If you check stats Pau stats were less dominating before playing with Kobe.Now with Kobe he is looking way better than he was.Your right playoffs it’s all about matchups, but you have to admit the Lakers don’t match up good with all the top teams but they will still be there at the end.They can loose during the season to lebron and the Cavs or the Heat but when it comes to the playoffs they out play the other teams.It’s a different result in the playoffs just like Lebron against the other teams in the playoffs he can’t beat the other teams, because they all step it up.Lebrons a great player but he still doesn’t know how to lead in the playoffs.He plays like the regular season trying to do everything that shows in the stats and he forgets the team stats.It takes more than getting assist it also takes for a good player to get hockey assists which don’t show in the basketball stats.If you see the game Kobe pulls the defense and the ball moves around till there is a good shot,they don’t try to give Kobe a assist every time Kobe passes it.In the all star it’s not like if Kobe was the only one trying to play hard if you couldn’t see Lebron in the beginning it’s because of Kobe’s defense on him. So Kobe doing the scoring and defending Lebron drained him out.Durant said that they wanted Kobe to get it with over 40 points on the board but Kobe told them he was out of gas,he wasn’t trying to hide it he told the media because there is nothing wrong with telling the truth,especially when your playing against great player.The big green tried to empress by coming in and trying to take over the game but they forgot that it was ALL STAR teams playing which didn’t let them do anything and then coach Doc decided that Lebron was more dominant that his fab four and pulled most of them out.They looked bad.


    But back to Kobe the ALL STAR MVP you have to admit it he deserved it .Yes lebron got a triple double which is great also but he didn’t win the game for them.
    No hate to Lebron, Lebron will have his time maybe at the end he surpasses everybody but at this point he’s starting his career. It looks good but he needs time and until he learns that team stats are what wins rings and not player stats in the playoffs he’ll get his.But I see year after year he’s works on his skills but not team skills just like Kobe had to learn to get his.He has to make sure all his team has better stats than they had when they weren’t with him he’ll win it.
    Pretty sure he will some day.Just hope my Lakers are there to compete or deny his rings.
    lots of love to all pro players who entertain us Hope you have great career and don’t get injured to entertain us.

  185. Valery says:

    Hey so fun to see this all, some saying KB some Lebron, no matter what you saying here you cant change what is already history. So stop comparing them they different and MJ cant be compared to any of them.
    Statistic is nothing in NBA and also in real life nothing reason to say it
    theory or relativity date depend on point from which you looking at it.
    No one can say who is better right now.
    Game about 5 and bench +7
    not just one on one. If we have some kind on competition between 2 than we can see whose better. Still only for this occasion.
    KB got MVP it mean he is the best just for this game and who saying – ’cause he have advantages’ who care about it. Always something behind scene and no meeter what and how you do….by the end counts only achievements. And only achievements. Still you cant compare it you can only do math 1 + 2 = ? and than you come up with right answer related to mathematics only.
    Game or life same. Or you lose or you win.
    Some of you mention he (KB) spoil the game sure can be for you and your point of view. For me not and I bet millions who don`t care about one who think KB spoiled game your statement wrong cause this one related to you not to all of us.
    You looser in this situation cause you did not get joy you where looking for expecting something that haven`t happened.
    I and rest who can enjoy no meeter who MVP are winners.

  186. Kobe Bean Bryant says:

    Hey guys! thanks for enjoying yet another MVP, though I’m getting old, I can still own…. How does my dunk taste LBJ and D Rose?

  187. Eric says:

    Why are you calling Kobe an old man? He’s only 32. I dont get it.

    Either way, he deserved the MVP. stripping the ball right out of Wayde’s hands, Dunking on Lebron.


  188. ajdksl says:

    Kobe definitely deserved that All-Star MVP and is right now Top 3 players ever. Everybody was going for that MVP; if guys like LeBron weren’t shooting for it, it would be pretty hard to get a triple-double in the all-star game. Regardless if defense is intensely played or not, it is still pretty hard to score a lot, witnessing Kobe’s turnaround bank shot over Wade in the beginning of the game, and seeing as how Wilt owns the record for 42 points in the All-Star game, when he was in his prime against everybody who was shorter than him, it shows it is still tough to score a lot against the era’s best players. It is obvious that Kobe is disrespected and biased against by MVP voters, and Kobe shows that his main focus is championships because of that. Anyone who can say Dirk in 07 or Nash in 05/06 was a better player than Kobe is lying straight to your face. If Kobe was a media darling like Rose or LeBron was pre-Decision, he would easily have won MVP from 2001-2009. Players shouldn’t be judged by MVPs because of the bias of reporters, but instead should be judged by championships because that is the test of basketball dominance, not likeness by the media. Nash was voted MVP because he made his teammates better, while Dirk was MVP because of the “best player on the best team”. Kobe does all of that. His Lakers have been the best team the past two seasons, and he has turned players like Gasol and Odom from being role players into full-time all-stars. Gasol was nothing in Memphis, and now in L.A., he qualifies for “best all-around big man” status, and Odom was an afterthought in Miami and is now a beast after a couple seasons with Kobe. That alone should qualify as enough criteria for Kobe to be named MVP. People should respect Kobe’s skill, drive, and tactics, which allow him to dominate even as he grows older, as witnessed in the all-star game. His skill is obvious, as he is an unbelievable scorer and can take over any statistical category. His drive is obvious as he can pull down at least 10 rebounds in any game he feels necessary, like Game 7 of last year and the All-Star game, where he pulled down 14 boards. He is said to be getting older, which is true, but the only thing missing is some explosiveness, which he still has, as witnessed in last night’s game with the reverse dunks, and some minutes which are down a lot. Kobe is very smart. He knows when to give it a rest and he can turn it on in any game he feels necessary. After three straight years in the finals, three whole regular seasons, and one Olympic experience, it is hard to get pumped up for a January regular season game, or a game against lowly teams. The Lakers lost to the Cavs because of a lack of motivation and necessity, not because of age or talent decline. The Cavs game and the all-star break served some notice to the Lakers that this is the time where they need to turn it on, and I expect and predict dominance against the Hawks on Tuesday, and for the rest of the season. It will eventually be Lakers vs. Celtics again; Lakers can beat Spurs in a road game and Kobe will be especially hungry in the playoffs to prove all these naysayers wrong and take the Lakers back to the Finals, and the Celtics will have no problem getting past Miami, Chicago, or Orlando. Kobe will show his dominance once again and the Lakers will three-peat as Champions.

  189. hatersarefunny says:

    Kobe came out and did what his home crowd and his fans wanted to see. Haters will criticize and hate no matter what he does so why bother trying to please them! Kobe proved he is still the best player in the nba period! And all his haters have to find something negative to say. There is nothing wrong with a player wanting to win games and MVP titles… nothinig at all. Jordan himself took a lot of shots and won many titles and had many haters. But who cares what the haters say. these people are are just losers who lack guts so they don’t understand those who do. It’s just not something they can relate to. These people will always hate winners. It’s ok, there will always be envy in this world. I’m sure Kobe is laughing all the way to the bank and to the record books.

  190. BEST BALL PLAYER says:

    PAP, IMAN AND ALL OTHER KOBE HATERS, LISTEN AND LISTEN VERY GOOD Because you guys are apparently really Dumb.

    Kobe won the MVP award not because he doesn’t share the ball,not because he didn’t share the spotlight, not because he is overrated, not because he is arrogant, but because he scored more than everyone else, he rebounded the ball more than everyone else, because he shined, competed and gave us all a real watchable show last night, if you can’t respect that then you have problem with yourself not with Kobe Bryant.

    the guy is been playing for nearly 15 years, 15 spectacular years, he is banged up but he is still polishing his skills and adding to his game,what else could you possibly expect from a pro basketball player?

    we will be around to see if Lebron james , chris paul,kevin durant,kevin love, blake and derrick rose are gonna be around for 15 years and be top notch player allstar for that many years. only jordan did that,come on STOP HATING, whether YOU LIKE IT OR NOT HE IS THE BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER IN A WORLD, A LIVING LEGEND

  191. The Torch says:

    Kobe Bryant is still the best player, TODAY.
    You pass the torch when you re older and not as good as the others.
    He is better than any other player.
    Some will say, yeah he has less points than this one, yeah, he has less rebounds than this one, yeah, he has less this, less that.
    Well, he´s a champion. He showed he could be the best scorer. He´s gonna end up in the top 5-6 best scorers all-time.
    This guy should have 4 MVP titles for the seaon, not only for the All-Star game.
    If I has to build a team for just one or two years (for not taking his age into account), I would take Bryant first, and then build around him. He is a winner.
    So talking about pasing the torch…now…
    He is the torch!

  192. BT8 says:

    how can you say Kobe is a ball hogger when Durant shot just 3 FG attempts below him? does that make him a ball hogger too? when jordan shot 10 for 25 in the 1991 allstar game and 10 for 24 in 1993 does that make MJ a ball hogger as well? c’mon guys get real. these guys are doing what they are payed to do, and that’s to perform at their full potential! and im not bashing on MJ, we all know hes the greatest player ever. im just saying, give credit where credit is due. Kobe put on a great performance, and so did lebron, but just because you like lebron more does not mean that you have to take anything away from kobe. thats just nonsense!!

  193. john says:

    Another thing….didnt Kobe say before the game that he wasnt gonna play a lot of minutes and that he was gonna just be shooting jump shots? The guy is FAKE as hell lol He went out there wanting to win the MVP as you could tell by all the dang shots he took. If the game was played somewhere else, he would of been booed in the all star game like he was years ago.

  194. Frank says:

    it is nice to see kobe enjoyng himself

  195. Gargola says:

    LBJ shouldve gotten the MVP The all star game sucked!! Derozans second dunk was insane and he made it in the first try!! Blakes’ dunk over a car is overrated. Now stick that car right on the free throw line and lets see him dunk over that ha ha ha

  196. Andy says:

    Mayne, why ya’ll tripping? You guys all say that Kobe is a ballhog, but he was obviously the person to go to in the fourth quarter when the East was coming back. Yes, he didn’t play well in the fourth quarter, but he is the go to guy whenever a team needs him. I can ensure you that Greg Papovich and every player on the West team knew it was right to give Kobe the ball and trusted him to score or make a play. Especially since his amazing performance during the game. Why wouldn’t you give it to Kobe? He’s clutch and as well as the closer. Nobody does it better. And LBJ was ballhogging in the fourth quarter as well. Why didn’t anyone talk about him ballhogging? Also Durant, 32 points, why don’t you guys complain about him scoring that much in an all star game? Kobe only scored 5 points more than him and you guys are here talking so much smack? Ridiculous. It’s obvious good players will score many points if they’re really great. Suck it up and just get over the fact that Kobe is still the MVP of the league and stop with all this smack talking.

  197. john says:

    So shooting a ton of shots and playing against no defense in a all star game makes you the best in the game? hahaha lol get out of here. LeBron beats Kobe 1 on 1 probably 8-9 times out of 10. And im not even a Heat fan.

    • Ryan says:

      Looks like you still don’t get it do you? If Kobe was the same age as Lebron as of right now, then Kobe would win. Why? Because of his athleticism. But, Kobe is aging, and is losing that athleticism. Same will happen to Lebron eventually. But the difference is, Kobe has a Jumpshot, and a 3-point shot. Lebron doesnt. So, when Lebron’s becomes older, his athleticism will fade away, and Lebron will be reduced to nothing. Right now, Lebron is in his prime. And Kobe is STILL playing at an MVP level at the age of 32. By the way, no one cares if your a Heat fan or not.

  198. Robbie says:

    I love the game of basketball, since the 90’s I’v been blessed to be following it and learning everyday. There are great players all around the league but last night it was Kobe, even Durant was taking shots without passing. In the end players come and go but with the killer instincts and finesse as Michael and Kobe, those don’t come often. I’m glad I’v lived MJ’s and Kobe’s eras 🙂 and again another one will come but until then… 🙂

  199. Nash1234 says:

    This was just Kobe making a statement. It is quite possibly his last all-star game in LA and he wanted to mark it with a spectacular performance, which he did! He had some great dunks and kept the game interesting for fans. Wouldn’t you do the same if it was your last game at home??It was also a bit of redemption after losing to the Cavs, plus he wanted to defend his status in the NBA, as everyone seems to be getting a little too worked up about the young guys and forgetting about him. Plus, he shot over 50% from the floor, and also had 14reb and 3ast. What’s wrong with taking the shots if you’re making them? The fans in LA were there to see all of them, but they most wanted the hometown man Kobe to put on a show. That’s all he did.

  200. Let’s all be rational. Is Kobe a ballhog or not? Did he ruin the all star game or not? Let’s deal with the first question: 5 time NBA
    CHAMPION…..for those of us who have played basketball and truly understand the game realize that you can’t be a ballhog and
    win not 1 championship, but five. At this level of basketball especially! Name a coach in the league that won’t want Ballhogging Bryant on their team…….silence I know!! Now for the second question…Were everyone having fun or playing serious, trying to win.
    Let’s See: Lebron come on guys we’re playing like the old men out here…..We need to get a couple of stops!…. They flying around us like we’re old! This doesn’t sound like words of a person not wanting to win. That’s the major difference between Kobe and other players, when the game is on the line you know he’s going to confidently take the shots. Now, Lebron did great all the way until it was time for him to take that three point shot to carry the east to victory and he passes the ball to who? STOUDEMIRE to take a three pointer. Imagine All_Star weekend in Chicago with Jordan….do you honestly think he’s not going to shine? Here are some stats to look at:
    Michael Jordan’s All-Star game stats 1988 17-23…won MVP
    1989 13-23 …didn’t win MVP
    1991 10-25….didn’t win MVP
    1993 10-24 didn’t win MVP
    Last night Kevin Durant…………………. 2011..11-23
    Last night Amare Stoudemire…………..2011..11-20
    Last night Kobe Bryant……………………2011..14-26
    I see there are others that appear to ball hog too!

  201. John Thomas says:

    Great performance. But Magic’s was still the best.

  202. GB says:

    Kobe performed well enough to deserve the MVP award but I think it was staged. The East players outside of James, Bosh and Stoudemire had very, very lackluster performances for an All-Star game. I think that it was mentioned to all the players that Kobe should be getting the award. Anyway I’m not saying he didn’t earn it but it was like people said about Griffin, it was given more to the person the crowd expected just to keep everyone happy.

  203. nick yeager says:

    to all you lebron fans out there… take your fish bowls and empty them out… now look closely at that bowl… this is lebrons finals trophey case… who ever said he is the best player ever… you may be the dumbest person ever… number 1 jordan. number 2 kobe.

  204. SBJ says:

    Haha if you think that Jordan got 40 points in an all star game by not thinking about himself you must be stupid!
    Both Jordan and Kobe are egoistic in their game. That doesn’t mean that they don’t want to pass the ball but it means that what makes them great is that they seek every opportunity to prove to themselves and the world that they are the greatest!

  205. JustAThought says:

    For all the people saying that Kobe took the game too seriously… Excuse me? Who was the one screaming at his “teammates” (who deserved more respect than that by the way, i.e. Kevin Garnett) because they were getting spanked? And who tried to ball-hog during the 4th quarter. At the last moments of the game, Kobe reflected the ball to Durant (who took only 3 shots fewer that Kobe by the way). And for all the people saying Kobe “ruined” the All-Star game. I don’t think he ruined it by making it the MOST WATCHED All-Star game EVER. Kobe accomplished a record AND entertained fans at the SAME TIME. I’m pretty sure NBA fans (not just Kobe fans) in the stadium and in front of their televisions jumped when Kobe dunked on Lebron and then made a 3-pointer right after. I know I saw Deron, Westbrook, Love, and Blake jump up off their seats. NBA Players and coaches recognize the greatness of Kobe Bryant. Kobe only ruined the All-Star game for the people who hated him because he entertained A LOT of people.

  206. Batista says:

    Come on! Kobe Bryant is a ball-hog? You cant say that come on is obvius that when a player is in the zone the teammates have to pass the ball to him. If the coach had put him more time he would have beatted the record of Wilt.
    Another thing taht I was inpressed with was his rebounds. He’s a 6’6 his not the young Kobe that we saw some years ago ( sometimes looks like that but he’s not). And no one is talking about the D. He played really weel on D. For me KB his the best player in the NBA. Of course there other opinions and I respect them.
    About LeBron he played also well like we were especting but his game was ( and sometimes is ) too much fisical. OK he is strong and I guess that everyone would get out of his way if that person saw him at full speed and ready to dunk but I don’t like that kind of game. But on the other hand he knows how to use his body and his atletic skills and that inpressive also.
    But everyone his forgetting about one guy. Kevin Durant. he played really well. He can shot from 3 and mid-range and he can dunk the ball and he was very inportant in the end of the game.
    The only thing that i was a litle bir disapointed was the performormanse of D.Rose. I was especting other game by him. Maybe some team choise but I think that It would have been better if he had made more plays.
    That my opinion for the All-Star Game

    The las t thing that I want to say is. The salm dunk cntest was awsome. Really amazing. Congrats to Blake but I thing that McGee deserves the win. I want to say thank you to Ibaka and Demar also because they are really great dunkers. I hope that BG and JM come to the next year slam dunk contest. And I want to see Shannon Brown on the Slam Dunk as a Laker fan I really want. Last year he wasn’t great not even close but I think that he deserves another chance.

    Best regards from Portugal and thank for that great ASG

  207. REALTech says:

    Wow if Bron won MVP then I wonder how different this site would be. KB24 deserved the MVP. He showed us all some flashy youthful dunks and is at 32 the best player on the floor. KB cannot just win sometimes. I remember bron telling the EAST let go play and they beating us up and down the floor. KB did not mess up the game he score 37 out of 148 points. Give KB a break. IF bron had won you be all over Bron like he is better than KB lol.This is a shame and I am not a BRON hater. Bron played great but KB did his thing is his hometown. KB took 26 shots and Durant took 23 shots. The game was fun and I enjoyed the competitiveness from both sides anyways. KB was not ballhogin plus some of the player missed the shot on KB assist. Pop knew KB was out there but it was off KB miss Gasol HUGE TIP and of KB pass and double team KD three that sealed the game. So many hater over an All-star game so sad. KB dunked on Bron maybe thats why so much hate lol. When KB walks away from the game, i hope people will appreciate this guy.Great game from both sides and KB won it fair and square. Be blessed everyone. PLEASE KB IS NOT OVERRATED THEN I GUESS MJ WADE BRON KG AND OTHERS ARE ALL OVERRATED. STOP IT PLEASE.

  208. ephraim says:

    give kobe bryant credit….he deserves to be an MVP…he plays well in that game..bad to the east they have many turn-overs….but if the east win that game, lebron james is more deserving to be and MVP…who had ever make a triple-double in allstar?MJ and LBJ 2 times…

  209. pap says:

    kobe passing the torch to durant?….good choice…ha ha ha! he looks like a ballhog too. it’s like playing with kobe…all you have to do is pass him the ball and he shoots….pass the ball and he shoots….pass the ball and he shoots. try playing basketball with your friends like that and they’ll hate you. BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD?!?!?! grrrrr!

  210. . . . says:

    you know how kobe is the best plain and simple?
    cuz everyone hates him.

  211. HeroWade says:

    umm…ima WADE fan,persoanlly hes the best…he has sum of th best numbers durin th playoffs in the NBAs History…compares his numbers to those of LeBum(chokes) or Kobe(th one true competition to WADE),yu will see tht WADE stakks up as well or BETTER than these guys in many key categories…btw,WADE was AllStar MVP last year nd he aiint get no mediaLOVE…jus sayin,otha than KOBE,LeBum,Blake,nd a lucky few,noone gets their dues…WADE COUNTY ALL DAY!!

  212. All in for Kobe says:

    To all of you that hate Kobe – the legend- Bryant, HE IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA, he’s the player of the decade, he’s the MVP, and should have been the MVP for way more than once, and most importantly, the best Laker to play the game, I understand why you hate him, coz you all are fans of sucking losers just like yourselves, and KNOW for a fact that there is no player (especially Lebron – the whiny bitch- James) that can match up to Kobe or even be put in the same category, Mr. 24 is a legend whether you like it or not, so how about you all suck it up BITCHES 🙂

  213. Ryan says:

    Isnt the name of the game, whoever scores more points wins? if kobe is feeling it what is wrong with him taking 20+ shots? this game had well over 100+ fg attempts and kobe had maybe 1/5th of the wests shots, and scored 1/4 of their points, sounds efficient if you ask me, and i dont think anyone is complaining if he is helping your team win there is no problem whatsoever. These kids are probably the same ones who roll up to the park taking as many shots as possible thinking they are sweet and bricking 80 percent of them, and yet they have the nerve to call a 5 time champion a ballhog? hey what hes doin is working

  214. tyreeze says:

    Kobe had a sick game, the guy has been doing it for years. He’t not at all a ball hog. Look at 2006 in Houston, everyone was feeding the ball to Tracy so he could win MVP and if the West would have won it, McGrady would have won MVP infront of a home crowd. Thats what the players do, when its your home floor, they want you to win MVP honours. Kobe showed that he can still play and run with the best. No doubt once he retires, the torch will go down the LeBron, but in the mean time he’s gonna have to wait because Kobe is carrying the torch strong. Sure back when the Lakers were a .500 team Kobe had to score, who else would. They had no one on that team. Who else would do it? Luke Walton? Smush Parker? No it had to be Kobe. The man scored 81 points in a game. He’s 100% Top 5 best players ever. If you don’t agree its because you just want to be the rebel that doesn’t want to like Kobe and just hate. Keep being ignorant and saying he’s overratted. I don’t see you putting up amazing numbers in the NBA.

  215. JNT says:

    To even think that Jordan did not pursue individual glory during his career is naive. For a man who’s given the game his all, Bryant cannot be faulted for wanting to give his home crowd one last hurrah during the All-Star Game.
    Face it, Bryant wants to build a legacy. He himself talked about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The question is whether it is wrong for him to do so, and it is difficult to say yes, because every great player pursues a legacy. In fact, if a player doesn’t have the drive to pursue a legacy in the NBA, he isn’t likely to become a great player at all. For many of you who argue that he only did well under poor defense, look at LeBron’s baskets also. The sad thing is I don’t see anyone attempting to say that LeBron scored easy buckets when no one bothered to cover him in transition. To say that Kobe, a five-time champion who score 81 in a single game, is overrated? Wilt Chamberlain dominated his opponents because he was significantly more physically gifted than players of his era; not only that, it is widely known that his 100-point game was a fabrication, where the entire game turned into a quest for him to get to that plateau. Has anyone criticized that?
    Bryant will not match up to Jordan, ever. But I don’t think he needs to. He’s building something for himself, and it’s a pretty ugly thing to say that he doesn’t have a right to do even that.

  216. Moose says:

    That’s funny. I thought ‘best player in the nba’ was pretty much what the regular season MVP was all about…

  217. Danny says:

    You’re all morons and a bunch of haters– what else does this guy need to do to win fans over? Whether you like it or not, he will clearly go down as a top five player in NBA history. He is currently on pace to break the all time scoring record in both the regular season and playoffs; and let’s not forget his five rings either with his remarkable scoring accomplishments.

    2nd all time in 60 pt games

    3rd all time in 40 and 50 pt games

    need I say more?

    With four all star game MVP’s and about 3-4 great years left in him, this man could retire with more rings and points than Jordan in both the regular season and the playoffs.

    Sorry, Lebron James doesn’t even come close– well all saw his competitive nature when he decided to join Dwayne Wade in Miami, you don’t play with the best, you beat the best. That’s what draws comparisons to MJ for Kobe.

    And as for the all star game, go cry me a river. There is a reason he received the most votes in this game, fans wanted to see Kobe play his game and he put on a show. The other players on the West were also shooting a horrible percentage from the field. And if you’re going to fault a player for trying hard in an all star game……. then none of you clearly know nothing about the game.

  218. REDONDOMANDO says:


  219. unikr0n says:

    LOL its so funny to see all these kobe haters hate. they hate him because they know he’s the best. also, i love to watch lebron play but i’m gonna be really honest with you, his ball handling is completely over rated (yes for a beast 6’8 @ 250LBS+, he has a decent dribble but he doesn’t have the finesse that kobe has and thats a fact) and it looks like he’s gonna trip and fall everytime he goes for a drive.

    one more thing; for those of you that are whinning about the only reason he got MVP was because he was playing in house house (staples center), then please explain to me why dirk didn’t get it last year in dallas? thats such an asinine thing to say. it really brings out the ignorance in the kobe haters. btw, kobe haters, keep on hating on him. it it only fuels his fire.

  220. Madman1213 says:

    Kobe was the Leading VOTE getter for the All STAR Game!!! He should take the most shots!! What is wrong with you people he shot 14/26 and had 37 points! Kevin Durant took 23 shots!! I dont hear anyone complaining about that???? Look if you do not like Kobe whatever but do not insult your own intelligence by making illogical statements. He was out there dunking all over the place. As far as there was no defense comments . I could of sworn he drained shots in the face of dwade twice. And He DUNKED ON LEBRON!! What other player would have tried Lebron like that??? Dont worry I’ll wait!! lol I still love lebron he played a hell of a game but you guys have to stop hating Kobe seriously it is getting out of hand grow up and enjoy the game.

    • kb mamba says:

      a i love kb but he didnt dunk on lebron it was clear lb tried the chase down and just missed it but it was nice to see kb did out think him that play the he knew what lb was think if he would have tried to toma halk it it would have probaly got threw but he went in with the qiuck two hand throw down

  221. frozen* whiners says:

    It’s unbelievable how many whiners feel the need to write an essay on here on why they think Kobe sucks: I’m willing to bet more than half of these people don’t even watch regular season games. U should stop crying over not getting what you want and give credit where credit is do. Kobe didn’t buy points on the score board he earned them. So go make a snow man and let us shine in the sun. 🙂

  222. FDT says:

    I don’t wanna hear ish abt lebron dis is kobe’s moment. Nxt tym u mention lebron wen we talkin about kobe is wen he wins 5 rings .

  223. Madman1213 says:

    WHY WHY WHY??? Why do people insist on hating Kobe ?? I hear all this complaining, but none of you make any sense. I am a basketball fan I love Lebron, Durant, Melo, CP3, D Will, D Wade, Dwight, Dirk and so on. I must admit Kobe is my fav and has been my fav player to watch since MJ retired. The reason being is his SKILL level plus his ATTITUDE towards the game. Imagine the NBA if Kobe never played basketball??? It would be a sad site. You all call him selfish I think he is just that damn COMPETITIVE. The beautiful thing is it has rubbed off on the rest of the stars in the league Lebron Melo Wade stunk it up in the olympics and World Championships but when Kobe joined the team in 2008 He showed them how to be ULTIMATE professionals and how to compete like there is no tomorrow. All of them have had career years since and Lebron has been the main one who benefitted from playing and learning from Kobe ( by winning two straight MVPs) . I remember when Lebron first came into the league he was quiet and people questioned if he had the TENACITY to be one of the ALL TIME GREATS. Well look at him now one of the fiercest competitors we have. Dont yall get it?? They are after KOBE. Who??? All of them anyone who wants to be the Best. Kobe has set the bar high because he is an absolute killer on the court. Dont give me stats I WATCH basketball Kobe can hit any shot on the court and he can handle the rock with the best of them. He will do ANYTHING to win. People make a big deal about his finger which is funny to me because Kobe has been playing through injuries his ENTIRE career. He loves the game that much. Anyone who claims to love the game has to respect his TALENT but most of all his EFFORT. 15 years of excellence. As far as the MJ discussion goes you can make the argument for both players. People forget at 18 years of age Kobe was guarding Jordan and scoring on Jordan. Jordan was obviously better at that point but what other teenager would DARE guard His Airness. That is the KOBE MENTALITY!

  224. mr sensible says:


    Kobe right from the get-go set a unbelievable pace along with Kevin Durant and CP3. The all-star game over the years became so boring to watch because nobody would try until the fourth quarter. You can tell that certain guys wanted to win, including Lebron James (who I dont like, but admire because he tried to will his team). Dwyane Wade as far as I am concerned faked an injury because Kobe was attacking him ALL NIGHT! I know it is a All-star game, but it is still Basketball, and when is the last time any of you played a pickup game and didnt care about winning? Kobe’s level of play, along with Amare, KD, Lebron, and Cp3 really made young players want to raise their level next time you step onstage with superstars.
    Kobe’s message was simple….”in a room full of stars, I will shine the brightest until I say its time to dim the lights”. So dont hate that he went 14 for 26, hate that there were only four other players attempting to take that spotlight. (KD, Amare, Lebron, and Chris Paul)…..PS..I would have put Rondo on that list, but he missed a layup.

  225. Domynick says:

    Seikou, I like this topic about Kobe, tell me your personal view on that situation in Lakers, Are they capable od three peat ???

  226. Basque guy says:

    Haters hate to love kobe…

  227. AtodaZ says:

    @ MR. I smell Bologna

    Amen to your peace! I totally agree with that, people are so easely influenced by the media that they forget to form their own idea about the reality.

    Greets from Holland

  228. sam says:

    its just funny to me that everything in the NBA is rigged now a days honestly Javale and Ibaka put up some of the BEST dunks i have EVER seen! Two balls? THREE balls? Seriously?? That was crazy i cant believe how good those dunks were and dont get my started on air congo. Its really too bad that blake griffen won the dunk contest before he put up his first dunk and as far as kobe goes his team won period. If the east had one lebron would of gotten the award

  229. Spliftout says:

    I don’t want the All Star on my team that doesn’t go out to win and win awards… u be the guy thats happy to always clap for someone else I’ll be Kobe Bryant bunch o’ haters…

  230. Props are for players who can't dunk says:

    In regards to the dunk contest, it was decent. There were three dunks I really liked – no, not the two or three ball dunk, the bite the ass off the stuffed animal dunk, or the car dunk; the actual DUNKS. I can’t stand props, and wtf was a choir doing in Staples Center. Basketball is played with one ball, a player, and a hoop. Dunking with two balls is not original. What happened to the craft of dunking, the fundamentals of the dunk that Carter, Jordan, and Wilkens brought to the table. Leave the birthday cakes at home and be creative enough to dunk one ball in a way no one has ever seen it dunked before. p.s. Hey Reggie, if you gave either Lebron or Kobe or Dwight ten minutes to practice, they could have pulled the two ball dunk off no problem. I don’t think it was SO impressive.

  231. FanWest says:


    Lol…Kobe shot 26 times in 29 min. Lebron shot 18 times in 32 min. Lebron also had 10 assists, clearly these guys did not have same intentions. Every All-Star aside from Kobe treated this like a normal All-Star game, having fun and sharing the ball.

  232. Jao says:

    applause for Mr. I Smell Bologna!

  233. Lebron James says:

    Lebron is more dominating as he is the only second player who did a triple double performance. If scoring is the basis, then Kobe will make his mark on that. But believe me, Lebron can score and can even score more than you can imagine if he will be selfish and don’t want to pass the ball. Still, Lebron is the Best in the league now.

  234. Creepindyth says:

    Kobe played too hard? Magic Johnson won an ASG MVP in 1992 (obviously past his physical prime). Did anybody then whine that he should have let a younger player win it? I don’t even know, but if so it was stupid then just like it’s stupid now.

    You want to win an ASG MVP? Earn it. Why was the old guy on the court the only one doing difficult dunks to entertain the crowd? Double pump 180 going across the baseline. Double pump reverse. Then LBJ gets mad and tries to block Kobe’s dunk? What a punk. I didn’t see Kobe trying to block anybody’s dunk. Kobe could have competed in the Slam Dunk competition this year haha. Oh by the way there were a bunch of guys on the court that haven’t competed in the Slam Dunk competition because they are scared.

  235. KIngKobra2 says:

    Kobe did great in the game but it doesn’t mean athing because his “chakers” have choked against cavaliers?…..Seriously. The Chakers are not winning the nba title this year or any time soon. The new era is spurs and THE HEATLES. LBJ6 and D-Wade3 will win it all for Miami Heat.

  236. garrett says:

    hey guys hey guys. get an effin life! i think theyre selling some at the dollar store! ❤

  237. FanWest says:

    I love how everyone places an emphasis on Kobe’s 5 rings, but neglect to recognize that they were all earned playing with the best centers in the league(shaq 00-02, Gasol 09-10). Everyone acts like it was a one man show, when in reality, Kobe NEEDED those guys to win those titles.

    I’m not hating on Kobe. He’s an awesome offensive player, I just think too many people want to crown him as good as Jordan and really I don’t think he’s even in the same league. And he clearly did ball hog last night…he took 26 shots in 29 min. of play lol….the stats speak for themselves. And apparently, I wasn’t the only one who observed this as half the east All Star team seems to agree that he came out looking to beat records rather than make it a fun outing.

  238. lamaravilla says:

    nobody wants to lose and the all star game should be to see which team is the best not to see which team does the best tricks or dunks kobe showed his competitive nature just like everyone has the only thing kobes competitive nature is bigger everyone hates losing he didnt ruin the all star game he just made the losers mad

  239. JORDAN FAN says:

    I been a Jodan fan all my life and was a Kobe hater all my life. But after what Kobe has done throughout these years, man, my respect for him. he is the second best player in this planet after Jordan. If Lebron wants to be the Third best player in this planet he has to accomplish even more than what Kobe has done.

  240. Mr.West says:

    Wow, this is great man. Ive never personally been a fan of Kobe, but what he said rerally shows his maturity, and shows how he is willing to leave his pride aside, not being selfish and caring about “The Game”.With his career and performance plus his character, one of the all time greats on my side.

  241. AmareisBeast says:

    Kobe will in no doubt go down as one of the greatest players in NBA history,and he was so entertaining at the All-Star game. With a prolific career full of highlights and milestones, it is now only a matter of time before Kobe retires, as well as reflects on the career he has had.

  242. Creepindyth says:

    Kobe’s actions (MVP performance) and Kobe’s words (him helping Melo out and the retarded post game presser question) are both being over analyzed. I guess Kobe just can’t play great basketball without someone whining.

    And that post game presser question about him wanting younger players on his team was rude and disrespectful. The guy just put on an MVP performance infront of his home crowd, and he gets asked a question that basically tried to force Kobe into stabbing his own teammates in the back?

    2010 NBA Finals – Game 3 – Fisher

    2010 NBA Finals – Game 7 – Artest

    Yeah they are old this year, they were old last year, they were old 2 years ago, but they helped the Lakers and Kobe win a ring. They are struggling now, so Kobe should publicly say he wants youth on his team? Give me a break.

  243. vakaris100 says:

    Ohhh my god >.< Holy cow… I cant believe what I have just read. The headline is just terrible I mean I wont even read the rest of this blog, I dont have to. Sekou Smith must have lost his mind. Kobe is the best player just because he won an MVP of all star game? HAH! Thats a good one… Wait does that mean that Dwyane Wade was the best player last year just coz he got last all star MVP? This is the most stupid blog post I have ever read……

  244. Joaquin Jerez says:

    oh please that he didnt ballhog? you should ball hog to win an MVP? its cool to watch bryant making all those plays but is a dam all-star game there are other superstar that can put up a show …when he start getting defended the show was over for him it didnt hurt his FG% cuz he wasnt even able to shoot and just got TO. HE DID BALL HOG and thats okay what else would u expect of him but you just cant deny the fact

  245. John24 says:

    I think everybody hating on kobe is so dum. Why cant you people just enjoy a great performance when see one. Foreal ya saying kobe was takin the all star game to serious and it is suppose to be a fun game. I KNOW alll you guys saw lebron james trying everything in his power to win and pump up his team. So why dont you get on him for not trying to have fun and relax. Point is lebron was trying jus as hard to get MVP too so dont ya dare say kobe was the only one trying to make a statement. Plus it was kobe’s last all star game at home why wouldn’t you try to get MVP. You guys should appreciate kobe’s last years in this league instead of hating on him. But i guess that is what HATERS do.

  246. Lakeshow3peat says:

    ohhh woow, so many kobe haters in the world. what do you gotta do to be known as great? how many rings do you need? how many records do you gotta break? how many mvps? how many buzzer beaters? come on now kobe has done more of that then any other player in the league right now…… phil jackson said it him self he would rather have kobe take the last shot in a game over mj… phil jackson! one of the greatest coaches in sports history! come on dont lie to tour self kobe is in the top five BEST to ever play the game, when he retires their gonna hang his jersey in staples and make that man a statue kuz aint nobody messin with THE BLACK MAMBA!

  247. Davinci Simms says:

    Oh people please, Lebron conceded on TV that kobe came out storming and had a well outstanding game through out the entire 4quarters of the All Star game. Look at how many shots lebron missed in this 1st half. Even three pointer Ray Allen and Paul Pierce were all struggling for a shot. So please. The first few shots bryant took were open shots. I don’t believe some of you watched the game.

  248. pap says:

    the game is not all about kobe…i remember voting 5 players from the west. we know he is a great player but should give other players the chance to shine too. i don’t watch the game just to see kobe shoots the ball.share the spotlight. anyway,it’s nba allstars…not nba kobe star.

    • Nbbabababab says:

      I’d Watch even if it was Nba Kobe Star.

    • ZKane says:

      True, but that goes back to the debate of whether this should be a competitive game or a showcase of the stars.

    • Jesse says:

      Should have gave other players a chance to shine too?? Durant had 34 points, 3 less than kobe’s 37. Durant was second in the game in scoring and players on the other team sure shined, Lebron:29 pts, 12 rbs, 10 ast. Stoudemire: 29 pts.

      Pau Gasol also was 3rd in scoring on the lakers with 17 and tied with a few players for 3rd most rebounds in the game with 7

      I think this is the lakers tellin the league their ready for the rest of the season and playoffs.

  249. KB24life says:

    You Kobe haters who are Lebron fans are selfish to be calling Kobe selfish. Your all jealous that Lebron doesnt get the attention he deserves. Dwight Howard said it best in the line ups. The man who took his talents ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the way to South Beach. Like he was doing Miami this huge favor and wanted praise. Kobe would have never handled himself like that. You have no idea how bad Lebron wanted to block Kobe on that break away dunk. Lebron is amazing no doubt but don’t hate on Kobe because your jealous.

  250. Gary says:

    That was a good game for Bryant. I’m not a fan but I think he had some great dunks and keep the game interesting.

  251. SixerfanEU says:

    Definitely, after all the Carters, McGradys, Stackhouses, Grant Hills, etc.-the most Jordanesque player of the post-Jordan era. Soon he’ll pass the reins over to Durant but for now-the man. The shot. We love U KB24!

    • bigE23 says:

      to durant i think u mean lebron and after lebron durant or rose,,,, any way good game for kobe iam a die hard lebron fan and i got to admit kobe put on a show,, being able to keep up with the intensity of the game at his age and win mvp,, forget about the loss to the cavs kobe showed hes still one of the games best 4 asg mvps,,, lebron also did good

    • princesmooth says:

      People Who Call Kobe a “ball-hog” are ignorant…… its hard to be a ball hog and win 5 rings with the possibility of more on the Way!! LAKERS 3-Peat!

    • GB says:

      DURANT! HAHA, good one.

  252. John says:

    I agree with FanWest. Kobe screwed the all-star game up. It wasn’t like other years when players spend the first quarter trying fun things and making it entertaining for the audience. As soon as the game started this ball-hog went crazy. It was so obvious that he was trying to win the MVP. He didn’t pass the ball to anybody. It was all about him.

    • RJM says:

      That’s not fair. The point of the all-star game is to showcase your talent to the fans. Kobe provided the most entertaining highlights to the fans for this game. What you don’t understand is that all these players on the all-star teams are the alpha males of their respective teams. When all these players get together, they want to prove that their the best. In my opinion, Kobe proved that he’s still the alpha male of the NBA by dominating the game. Don’t get it twisted, every player playing in the all star game, wanted to win the MVP. I like Lebron but if you think he didn’t try to win the MVP, then your delusional. Every year in the all star game, LeBron goes for the MVP and when he doesn’t win, he’s disapointed because he wants to prove that he’s the best among his peers as does every other player. So how can you be mad at Kobe? He’s a top 5 player (number 2 only to Jordan) all time. Stop hating and respect it cause it’s not gonna change.

    • LAKERS says:

      the game was in LA, it is going to be his last one there in front of the home crowd. he wanted to go out with a bang stupid.

    • tata says:

      As a LAKERS and KOBE fan, I think he made the game everything I wanted it to be. Thank you KB24!!!

    • andrew Allen says:

      Im sorry it was entertaining to me when he dunk!! on lebron and when he showed the east guards even at 32 that they dont belong in the same class as him

  253. MR. I smell Bologna says:

    thats the funniest thing ever. how is he the best because he knew the formula of the all star game was everybody lolly gags in the first three but play hard in the 4th but he played his hardest the whole game. kobe came out the gates gunning for that. 1 cuz it was in los angeles. if lebron, durant, wade, Pierce, or any other player who can score shot the ball 99 percent of the time they wouldve did the same thing. people got the wrong perception of best player. best player is based off the season not all star games. because kobe has more mvps than jordan. who has the highest point avg for the all star game? yall let these writers and media boost your heads. just like the blake griffen dunk. that was all hype and presentation but yall wouldve swore that was a better dunk than vince. its all fake man. writers never be real. if kobe tried to get a tripple double in a all star game he wouldnt score 20 points because he needs every shot. the best player in the league is Lebron james. hands down. and i will go as far and say something that is crazy by way of society but when it shows later i will be genus. lebron is better than michael jordan if you talking about a player. why would you think kobe is better than a player that avgs more points and assist and rebounds and he does it way more efficiently and he makes players better.. this never makes sense to me. you see kobe play against lebron year after year while lebron has the weaker team and you see lebron out play him and makes his team win but you keep saying kobe? what are you guys basing this on? rings? well last i heard rings was a team thing. and oh paul pierce has a ring. is he better too? you cant have holes in your argument. but wait, wade has a ring too. is he better also? No. understand this. Lebron is the only player in the league that can pass the ball that many times he does in a game and maintain a top 2 or 3 socring avg. kobe needs all his shots. its not rocket science. would you want somebody with kobe numbers or lebron numbers. lebron makes his team better. you guys give kobe all this credit and he didnt even win their game 7 against the celtics. he looked like a role player out there. you didnt confuse jordan for a role player. and let me say this.. the nba playoffs are about match ups. its not about the best team. look at how the lakers can never beat the bob cats. if the playoffs was a different formula then i could respect his 5 rings but i think there has only been one time when he was the man and that was the orlando series. look at the tape. he sucked last year. stunk it up with his horrible shooting. Now dont get me wrong. Michael Jordan wins were convincing. they were the best team all around and they showed it in the regular season and playoffs. you didnt confuse the bulls with this formula because they beat everybody. if you created a game… lets seee… throw the ring on the bottle and a person is tossing a ring ont he bottle at a percet of 29 percent and another is doing it at 40 percent and doing it more times why do you claim the person doing it at 29 percent is better. Yall think if gasol wasnt their he wouldve won? no. he doesnt make anybody better. he can work out with hakim and kareem and jordan all day but he still doesnt have better numbers or better efficiency than lebron. you guys say well lebron goes to the whole. check this year. he shoots jumpers to. beside thats like me complaining that kobe is 6 foot 7 and can shoot over smaller guards. so what. if he can go to the whole game with out anybody stopping him do you think he would more? kobe that is. of course he would. dont chastise lebron because he was blessed physically. yall have too many excuses for kobe. if he drops 33 with a broke wrist and pinky yall celebrate and turn water into wine but soon as he have a bad game then its kobe had sinus problems and his socks gave him a rash. yall are funny writers and fans. be real to the game and stop putting out bologna. I like kobe but you guys make me dislike him because you ignore the games best and disrespect the game. if lebron is in your top 3 then he is number one because he had to get to top three spot by doing something and if he is there by doing something great then he should be number 1 because his numbers are greater than kobes by far. kobe has a better team no doubt but put kobe on the cavs. i guarantee you they would never win 66 games or 62 like lebron did. like i said the playoffs are matchups. if lebron avg 90 points against the celtcs as a cav and his team scored 10 points and the celtics scored 110 then the celtics would win 100 to 110 every time but you dont take it away from lebron legacy cuz he didnt win. i think the lakers had a cake walk in playoffs. the suns? the jazz? if they played the mavs or the nuggets or even the team the struggled with, trailblazers with a healthy roy then i would feel different. teams win games. you can avg 100 and lose. but if you did that you still the best player in the world. yall just say the cliche thing. thats the problem if mike never won a chip he still wouldve been the best player ever. yall wouldve just promoted a different way and would be saying the things im saying. yall get it together. please stop feeding these fans crap. and all star game? LOL. come on Sekou. tell them real stuff. last thing , give kobe team credit when they win and stop blaming them when they lose. i dont want to hear the supposedly best player shot 1 for 40 but he dove for loose balls and grabbed rebounds to make his team win. thats horse crap. if he is supposed to be compared than jordan then dont look like rodman. also the lakers lost against the celtics a few years back but people, do you think they wouldve even gotten there without gasol? keep in mind they lost with gasol. imagine life without him. give respect to Lebron. if durant becomes more consistant with rebounds and assists and efficiency then it will be something to argue about . MR







    • GB says:

      I feel you 100% on this. And no hate on Kobe but people do really put him up higher than he really deserves.

      • Mamba is king says:

        Seriously? Stop.

        Kobe is one of the top three players to EVER play the game.

        If you try to combat that, then you’re ignorant.

        It’s impossible to mark one player as THE BEST, so we group them together.

        Just accept it and we’ll all be a lot better off.

        And, no, when it comes to pure, unadulterated skill, Kobe is leaps and bounds above LeBron. When LeBron loses his athleticism, he will be nothing. And that’s how you know Kobe is infinitely a better player than LeBron. No contest.

      • tata says:

        Kobe is 8th ALL-TIME on the scoring list. And he will probably be 6th by the end of the season. I think anybody that likes him and his game put him right where he belongs….one of the best ever.

    • LAKERS says:

      Oh my god dude. that is the stupidest crap i have ever heard. you must not know anythinf about the game and the nba. you are saing that rings have nothing to do with being the best. thats retarded. your saying without gasol they wouldnt have won any but with out kobe they wouldnt have even come close! what happened to lebron in the playoffs so many times now? HE CHOKES. i can’t believe you compared lebron to jordan. who have you ever heard compare him with lebron? No one. and who have you heard compare him with kobe these past few years? Everyone. lebron’s a joke. he doesn’t ever step up. he only steps up during the second half of an all stargame? ya ok. but when itcomes down to it, like the playoffs, lebron sucks horribly and kobe takes over. kobe is way more celebrated than lebron. all you kobe haters just try to find ticky tack things on him to try to prove heis not the best. shut the hell up already, admit he is the best and almost betterthan jordan, and clebrate greatness personified

    • birkoboy says:


      • cris says:

        did anybody else see durant put up shots or is it just me? shut up with this whole did not pass he passed the ball in order to get assists the person u pass it to has to score it’s not kobe’s fault carmelo was not engaged in the game missing passes and shots. kill that noise buddy. i gurantee u nxt year dwight howard is goin to have a monster all-star game u know why? cuz it’s orlando in case u haven’t noticed players tend to put on a show for their homecrowd n kobe jus happened to put on the biggest show. THE END

    • kb mamba says:

      first off this is why people say Kobe is the best over lebron. if you know the game in I mean really watch bball and understand how its played STATS DONT MEAN EVERY THING. Lakers run triangle offence a lot off the points gets score because of kobe and he doesn’t necessarily get credit for that .picture this Kobe’s on the block or the wing since no one can guard him there usually a double team kobe passes the ball to the top he not open but because of the dbt defense is out of the spots someone gets found open and knocks down the shot because of kb. lebron gets more rebounds than kb ok Lebron 6feet8 maybe 6feet9 270 last i checked sick athlete kb doesn’t have that frame or athletism he can spare any more. lebron also plays sf kobe plays sg lebron avg reb 8 kobe 5 makes since to me. plus when kb needs rebounds he gets them.lebron a great player with sick athletism and he’s a very smart bball play sees the game well and is a great decision maker if you want to talk pure skill kb off the chart you can tell every move he does he’s put series work into kb has handle better than most guards at 6feet 7 i don’t want to say he’s more driven then lebron because i don’t know them personally every time he steps on the court you see his determination and effort and you rarely here someone call him a quitter because he doesn’t non stop until he has nothing left and yes i think in a couple years we will be see lebron break most off kobe youngest player or fastest to records but kb first 2 years did not start my opinion if kb was drafted to a team like the cavs the would have a championship right now and his numbers would be off the charts even more he would have to work with in the triangle and far as the lakers they have shown they can be the best in previos years and i think a lot of times they play on there compitition level but when it comes down to it they win. and far as paul g who know is they would have got there without him you must have forgot they got him in the middle of the season and at the time theys still had the best record in the league bynun had start beasting avg like 25 in 10 and kobe had his 30 5 and 5 so yes maybe the would have

    • BATZ says:


    • andrew Allen says:

      lebron was trying to play defence when he got dunked on lebron tried to play hard when kobe started but missed some shots and played less minutes than him but the reason pleople say kobe is better is because right now like wade he’s faster stronger quicker than most people he’ 6-8 250 pounds nobodys going take a charge from him lebron can barely shoot and barely dribble he’s faster and stronger than most people right now and oh yea he’ 26 why do u think he said ( I dont wanna be 32 without a ring) he wont be able to do the same things he can do now I will say that the kobe vs lebron thing will eventually pass the magic bird thing they will have alot of accomplish ments when its all said and done they could both end up in the top 5 of all time scoring

  254. albert says:

    At the age of 32 he is still an MVP candidate, still have a chance to get another one,if the lakers will make consecutive wins before the playoffs stars…

  255. Lee says:

    Mr. Smith how could you say that Kobe made it clear that he’s the best..an all star game doesn’t tell anyone anything. It’s obvious that since the game was in LA that Kobe would be set up to get the MVP. We all know that Lebron is the best player in the league..his overall game speaks for itself. the guy makes his team better and if he had been playing with the cast that Kobe has been playing with then, he would have won several rings too. It’s obvious that Shaq is the real difference maker because he even won the ship in Miami despite, D-Wade getting MVP. But if it wasn’t for him, Neither kobe or wade would have rings…and yes kobe won when shaq was off the team..but that was because Lakers managed to get paul gasol and ron artest. If you put Lebron, the old T Mac and several other players in the position that kobe has been in then they would have done better..by far!!

    • ZKane says:

      Good comedy is hard to find these days, I look forward to more of your material.

    • Me says:

      SHUT UP!!! really…what the hell are you rambling about???!!!

    • lal:P says:

      dude stop hate kobe….kobe is just making his own name except kobe win the rings with out shaq but gasol or ron artest weren´t superstar like now lebron needs dwayne and bosh and they cant beat boston thats a shame don´t you thinK? Boston has won them in every game they play if LAL doesn´t win this yeaar welll lebron even if he has his allstar teamates wouldn´t win caz boston is the daddy of the east!!!

    • Zayad7 says:

      They would have done better by far? Yea Kobe had help, he went on to win championships with those help, didn’t he? Please do tell what is by far better than winning the championship multiple times that those other players would have done that Kobe didn’t do!

    • tata says:

      What will be your excuse when LeBum loses in the playoffs again this year? He was on the team with the best record the last two years in a row and CHOKED hard in the playoffs. He couldn’t even man up and shake Dwight Howard’s hand when Orlando beat him two years ago. The simple truth is some people rise to the occasion under pressure (KOBE) and some are overrated spoiled brats that simply can’t handle it….aka Princess Jimmy.

    • andrew Allen says:

      it obvious you dont know what your talking about pau gasol and ron artest? you got a point with pau gasol but ron artest people are saying his numbers are going down but his numbers look the same lebrons record looks like its going to be the same as it was in cle with dwade and bosh the lakers dont have a super team ron artest cant even play that gm 7 was lucky

  256. m-dogg says:

    did you guys see the dunk contest? it was the best i’ve seen in a while. I think the 07′ or whenever dwight won it was probably the only dunk contest in the last 5 years that I was impressed with before this one. Last year’s was terrible, i think that they gave all the contestants coachs to try and bounce back from last year. Good job NBA!

    • LA says:

      The best ones were Kobe and the other was Vince Carter when he 360 windmill the opposite direction and dunked with two hands from the free throw line

  257. mavsfan says:

    kobe finally got my respect. i dont know about you guys but that guy kills himself everynight just to make us smile.

  258. thelma ulanday says:

    i really want to see kibe bryant in person playing. i idolized him that never missed watching the game on tv but
    i do not have the means financially. congratulations

    • Malcolm says:

      Its awesome to see him play. Went to Game 4 of the NBA FInals last year. He scored 33 points they lost but still one of the greatest few hours of my life. Go to vividseats.com they have some really cheap tickets there thats where i got my NBA finals tickets. Its worth it.

  259. mike says:

    this was kobe making a statement after losing to the cavs hes still the best.

  260. CHESVA says:

    For a person you takes his job as serious as he does and gives the fans who pay their hard earn money to see him perform, his very best. Kobe just cant win with some people. If he outplays everyone, he selfish. If he doesn’t play well, he’s getting old. Charles Barkley says he has lost a step. If this is true then maybe the rest of the league should try losing a step too. I don’t like comparisons in anything because you have to assume all the other surrounding factors to be equal. But what I will say is KOBE compared to ANY basketball player of any era can hold his own. He will never get the credit he deserves because he is not a media darling. Some say he tries to be like Jordan. I say to them.. the next time you go to the court, try to play like Jordan and see if you can do it.. When Tiger Wood was winning all the Majors, no one said he was trying to play like The Bear. I simply say enjoy watching him play and respect his will to be the best. Just as some say their will never be a another JORDAN. There also will never be another KOBE!

    • kb24 says:


    • Kevin says:

      Great comment, just wanted to add that anything that no-ring-barkley says isn`t valid anyways…

    • LAKERS says:

      so true, so true. shut the hell up all you damn haters

  261. Nonya says:

    OK this will the be the realest thing posted here. I was in tears cause I always felt Kobe was a humble man in recent years that i started paying him notice and respect (Sorry still a massive A.I. fan) I ignored it from past clipped but to see a man at his level willing and (seems very close) understanding that time is up (when really Kobe has about what 4-5 left?). If none of you noticed lately Kobe is going to hang them soon and I guess it may be after this playoff run. Hell who does he have to prove anything too? his fans may be devastated (that 10% of you true loyal fans who aren’t band-wagoners that I have not met will not and seen what I a non-fan sees) but what else can Kobe do if he makes the finals alone but win it as well? As I seen before he has out lasted ever group and now who should he prove himself too?

    • deano says:

      LOL u were in tears what is wrong with you, because Kobe was just fiending to win the MVP and scoring all his points in the 3 quarters no one plays defense?

  262. sonsonson says:

    cmon FanWest…. “he went out of the gates shooting like there was no tomorrow”
    lebron almost had 30pts and had a triple double why don’t you hit on him too?
    so what if kobe wanted to get the award? if you were in his shoes can honestly say that you would not want to get that. cmon dude..don’t be such a hater. everybody else that played there would like to win MVP for sure.

    • Jesse James says:

      Nah hes not a hater….Hes a Bitch…….tired of hearing Lebron’s bitches cry….Kobe is THE BEST…Hands down…..So take that crying and bitch back to Miami!

      • Ben says:

        Kobe is weak and old and past his best. He WAS the best. But the win-loss record in games between Kobe and Lebron over the last couple of years shows that the torch has well and truly been passed. LEBRON IS THE MAN. Second triple double ever in an All Star game, you can’t hate on that because he gets his teammates involved and doesnt just jack it up every time he gets the ball. Lakers will crumble even harder in this final part of the season, and say hello to a second round playoff exit. Miami won’t win either if you think I’m being biased. I’m a realist, and that will be Kobe’s last accolade. Oh btw, just throwing it out there that when he finishes his career, Lebron will have more points, rebounds, assists and RINGS than Kobe.

  263. arm says:

    The All Star Game was just ruined by Bryant. He ballhogged since he stepped on the court, shooting way more than all the other guys. He totally forced, just to lead in scoring (without any defense, at it’s supposed to be in the ALL Star game) and take the MVP. And btw, he even failed to his own true goal, beating the all time scoring high.
    It was so obvious to anyone since the beginning, and it was obvious also to Sekou Smith, even if he apparently can not admit it in his piece.
    This is to be supposed a fun game, with anyone sharing with all the other ones, just for fun.
    Instead of begin called out, he is even celebrated (lol, he proves to be the best player in a game like this?)
    I, for one, I would have liked to see more Anthony, more Westbrook, more Paul, but apparently anyone had to just feed him the ball and watch him score against no defense for his gloriousness.
    Prove your value on the court, Lakers need it

    • Creepindyth says:

      Haha he’s already proven his worth. 5 rings for the Lakers, 7 Finals trips for the Lakers. It’s not like his career is ruined if he doesn’t win the championship this year.

      How about those young guys you mentioned prove their worth and win a ring, or maybe get to the Finals, or maybe hit a game winning shot in a playoff game. Even Jordan said, if you only win one ring then you just got lucky. So, those guys gotta win 2 rings or more to really matter.

      • lakeshow008 says:

        The sad part of it is…LeBron only needed to win ONE in Cleveland. To bring that city just one championship would have been enough to get him in the conversation. Buuuuuuuuuuut no. He stuck his tail between his legs and booked it to South Beach. Now its gonna take 7 or 8.

    • walt larsen says:

      All the players strive to be the MVP, and who are you kidding about Kobe ruining the all star game? It is the best of the best, and the MVP is the cream of the best. Do you think that Labraun is a ball hog? How about Staudemire? How about the young Oklahoma City prodigeys? You are not fooling fair minded sports fans with your negativities.

    • Lou says:

      I wonder why Pop kept Kobe on the floor if he was such a ballhog. Pop might have wanted to win too?

    • LakersWillWin says:

      So did Kevin Durant not take 21 shots? Kobe took 5 more… Anthony bricked most of his shots… Go re check the box score.

    • francisco says:

      you got it man, KOBE ONLY CARE ABOUT HOLLYWOOD

    • oddfuture says:

      how are you supposed to know kobe’s “true” goal? to be frank no one cares about what you wanted to see, the rest of the world wanted to be entertained and they were. Only a small minority chose not to be because theyd rather find other ways to be haters

    • lakeshow008 says:

      Yeah…like how the AS game used to be when no one really wanted to watch it till the 4th quarter. This year was entertaining the ENTIRE game compliments of the Mamba and on his behalf…youre welcome.

    • cris says:

      how was he not playin d he stoled the ball from dwade like twice come on nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  264. mark says:

    kobe is a ballhog, he’s taking the game seriously instead of entertaining the fans with highlights and great slamdunks, kobe aims for the record not for the fans entertainment, lebron could have won the mvp

    • walt larsen says:

      Mark, I can’t believe how naive you are in your disgust of Kobe Bryant’s accomplishments? You have a right to your opinion even though you seem blind to the facts that Bryant is proving he’s a winner even though he is slowing down.

    • Coronil says:

      just because you did’t think the game was entertaining doesn’t mean it wasn’t for others. The game was entertaining and the fact that Kobe dunked that many times in the all star game tells me he was really pushing himself for his home fans. You fail hardcore sir.

    • Me says:

      I guess you missed Lebron’s pep talk and how he tried to get the east back in to the game???

    • Ryan says:

      i was entertained…ur obviously an idiot, kobe shot a great percentage why not keep shooting and he had a very enteraining reverse dunk from baseline and dunked on lebron when he tried to do a chase down block, hes a pro athlete, of course he is going to compete and seems like the east (primarily bron) were taking the game very seriously at the end and still came up short, stop being a hater its annoying

    • SimmerDown says:

      Kobe had two of the best Slam dunks in the game! The other two Lebron and Westbrook. Stop HATING Kobe he deserves respect.

    • Really? says:

      Kobe got in 3 amazing dunks, including the one Lebron tried to block. If anyone took it too seriously it was Lebron at the end. Trying to desperately get the MVP, padding his stats, and trying to urge his team like it was a playoff game.

    • Baller says:

      ok but uh, i guarentee u wade wade was not playing slack defense, the first shot kobe had looked like wade blocked him but like always good defense better offence.

    • LA says:

      You were entertained Mark stop Hating was it fun when Lebron got dunked on?

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Uhhh did you not see Kobe’s dunks???? Or do you choose to forget?

    • Michel says:

      if u didnt think kobes performance was entertaining, u really just didnt watch the game right man

    • Dway2505 says:

      he was playing for the fan you idiot … who else in LA other than blake would the fans want to see win the mvp? great players are suppose to be “ball hogs” no one cares has long has they win the game, the ones that complain are the ones that cant except greatness when they see it.

  265. walt larsen says:

    I have been a Kobe Bryant fan from the start of his illustrious career. He was the PLAYER of the last decade, and it was a pure shame that he only won one yearly mvp in that time when he was truly supreme compared to his contemporaries. Who else could score 81 points in a game? Something even more pertinent that what Wilt Chamberlain did as he stuffed the basket in a game the Lakers lost. Even in years when he led the league in scoring, the mvp wasn’t availabel for him due to the Lakers record at the time of bad times. Of course the smartest player in basketball is slowing down just like all humans do, but his leadership skills still inspire to win. I hope the Lakers bring Carmello Anthony in to give them some three point scoring, something the Lakers always seemed to lack. Good defence can still bring them another championship this year.

  266. ephraim says:

    kobe bryant deserves to be respect….i myself had a doubt that kobe’s not gonna make it to be an allstar MVP, but he prove that he will compete those young players…i am a LEBRON JAMES fan but this night is for KOBE BRYANT and i respect him…lebron james had a great night but for kobe bryant, he is superb despite of his age…i’ll say kobe is a great player behind micheal jordan…THUMBS UP!…

    • Imad Akel says:

      you’re not a lebron james fan you liar…

      Kobe’s just overrated. All star game at home, i’d be shocked if he didnt win it…

      Just like Blake Griffin, i’m a big fan of him and actually wanted him to win, but deep down inside we all know the truth which is that Javale McGuee and even more so Serge Ibaka were robbed.
      That free throw line dunk was the best free throw line dunk ever.
      Demar de rezoan’s first dunk got a low score just coz he went first but that was as pretty as anything.

      Blake’s last dunk should’ve been repeated something went wrong there (he didnt really fly high at all he just jumped over the hood of a car in his home arena…)

      Blake Griffin only deserved the win because A) it was his home arena and B) he was the best dunker and the main highlight reel during the season (by far). But he doesn’t deserve it from that contest alone…

      Same applies to Kobe it was his home arena and he was ball hogging and noone is going to tell him to take less shots at the staples center (honestly, when has anyone ever taken 26 shots at an all star game without overtime?)…Lebron james gave it a scary run, if the east had won that game (behind lebron of all people) it would have shut kobe and his fans up for good…

      Sorry i’m just a kobe hater i’ll never grant you that Kobe is one of the top 5 greatest to play the game like people say…He’s just a player with an unmatched selfishness willing to take every single shot in any given game if you’ll let him. That’s just how 12 year olds play basketball btw, and no one wanted to play with those kids (or even watch them play) no matter how good they were…

      • ZKane says:

        Kobe was one of three players on the team to shoot above 50%, so yea… Don’t think there’s a problem with him taking 26 or even 30 shots.

      • Baller says:

        sorry you were never that player lol but since Kobe can he will, even Phil jackson said Kobe has a better skill set then MJ so uhh if u wouldnt tell MJ to stop shooting why would u tell Kobe to???

      • LakersWillWin says:

        @ IMAD Yeah, I think Kevin Durant had 34 points and I Saw Kobe pass the ball to him quite a few times, but from the way you talk I’m wrong… Even though that happened. You act like you know basketball but you really don’t, people who know sports appreciate greatness at every level. Basically, the rundown block by LeBron was Kobe saying “You aren’t quite there yet young fella.” Sorry that it hurts your feelings so bad that Kobe is still the best shooting 50% for 37 points and 14 boards and almost breaking Wilts record. Sorry you can’t accept it, when you do.. It’s a good feeling

      • LetsGoHeat6 says:

        @ lakerswillwin, If you are going to support kobe’s MVP night with a shooting percentage please tell me it is because a +50% shooting night is so rare for him. And the chase down block attempt by Lebron, he was trying to block a dunk cleanly from behind on a fast break. He is the only player in the league capable of pulling that off and he almost did. If he wanted to stop the dunk he could have just caught kobe and fouled him. Kobe scored 37 points on an early three pointer and uncontested dunks and layups. Lebron had the 2nd triple double in all star game history scoring 29 points while he did it. If the east, (dwight howard), would have taken the game seriously from the beginning it wouldnt have been a game. Let’s be serious the torch has already been passed. What would of happened to kobe if lebron had the ball on a fast break? It’s prolly be a poster hanging up on my wall right now.

      • Luiz Santoro says:

        ok, kobe hater…

        you were talking about being overrated…

        a guy who’s a fan of someone who calls himself “the king” and has “the chosen one” tattooed on his back and the best he could ever do was making it to finals so he could be swept by the spurs???


        a guy that before the redeem team in 2008 was never able to win anything with usa basketball with him been there main guy like kevin durant just did????

        a guy that quit on his team in the most important game of their season?? a mean the boston game last season, by the way…..

        well, i think you are a fan of a guy like this and you talk smack about a guy with 5 rings….

        try a little harder next time….try to compare him with fisher who’s 5 as well, or duncan, who’s got 4, or horry who’s 7….

        never with MJ

        never with lebron….he ain’t got one yet…..

      • NBAallstar says:

        imad u freakn taliban basketball hater how can you doubt the black mamba , no matter what you think , its undeniable that he put on a very good show for all the people who appreciate the game of basketball , stop the hating and go back to your country and milk a goat out in the mountains , good riddance

      • Tox says:

        That’s how you win CHAMPIONSHIPS RINGS! find the mismatch! and nobody can guard kobe one on one. that’s why there’s always second and third defenders on him. should i trust you if i have the better percentage on making the shot. that’s how you win ball games trust the one who can deliver and then support him.

      • Are You Serious? says:

        You’re smart enough but lame at the same time to admit you’re a Kobe hater. Then bring up a 12 yr old reference. Geez, why am I wasting my time replying to a 12yr old here? What do those teachers teach in primary school these days?

      • kob24 says:

        you really hate kobe.. i cant bealive that.but its your choise and its a bad.its very hard to be on your place because you hate somone hos best last 15 years.you are tolking abuoth his selfisshnes.look the game one more time and count how much time kevin durant shots.how much time kobe was on the court.look at lebron second half when he start too shot and dunk he manage 2 or 3 asis. selfish kobe i dont think soo.i think you never play basketball and you dont now what you tolking about.he dont care about you and your recpect.and just too say about jordan he have 6 rings with bulls kobe 5 with lakers.you haters saying that kobe wil never have that withaout shaq gasol artest and the others.possible but look at this way jordan never had that sucees witout pipen kukoc rodman and the others.but we can look at this way jordan never had different tim in that years but kobe had.shaq live evryone say never again.now when he done again you haters dont now what to say but selfish.abut lebron he must change the team just to try have one ring.so dont say things like that about kobe think god but very god.

      • dball says:

        i really dont see any 12 yr old slam dunk champ, or scoring champ or even scoring 80 points in a single game, what i dont get about this kobe haters is how low they think kobe is, its fine to hate a player but to call kobe like a 12 yr old is crazy. one thing is for sure kobe is a great player that is a fact even for all you hater out there

      • Zacharias Symeou says:

        Well i bet that what you say also goes for other all time greats for example wilt chamberlain who single handedly scored 100 points in one game just as kobe score 81. U call that selfish? I call that MAGNIFISCENT. as you said u are a kobe hater. ur opinion is impaired so my advice to u is GROW UP AND OPEN UR EYES. I do agree with you though that kobe is not one of the 5 best players to ever play the game simply because he is the BEST player to ever play the game, with no disrespect to Michael Jordan.

      • andrew Allen says:

        and yet their back to back defending champs finals mvp lebron should have went balls out in 2007 finals instead he passed the ball he had 22 point performance and lost he doesnt have enough killer in him thats why he went to miami Im sorry its the painstaking truth

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      word up!

      • Al-B says:

        He is just a hater and another thing, i just finished reading an article about amare saying that kobe didn`t pass the ball so that means that he beat the whole east team by himself basically and nobody ( dwayne wade ) couldn`t do anything to stop him so they all should feel STUPID about themselves cuz kobe is 32 and he still can jump and scorer like a 25 year old.

      • Ben says:

        Hahahahahahaha. Where was this performance when you guys lost to the worst team in NBA history last week? Everyone is talking him up because he made so many shots yesterday (where was the defence?!?!). He made lots of shots early, but was tired and running around like an old man towards the end. Did that stop him shooting? Negatory. I agree, he shot well. But that’s all he did. And if he doesn’t do it for the Lakers soon you guys can stop talking about his sixth ring…because they won’t be making it past the second round.

      • birkoboy says:


  267. FanWest says:

    Oh please…Kobe is so overrated, he went out of the gates shooting like there was no tomorrow. The guy would not pass the ball. All he cared about was getting in that record book for most All-Star MVP’s. It was suppose to be a fun game where fun plays and dunks are displayed. It isn’t suppose to be about individual accolades…That’s another among the many differences among him and Jordan. Jordan was never aiming for records, he just went out and played.

    • dkjlcvndklfvadskln says:

      lol your dumb

    • Are You Serious? says:

      Kobe won the All Star MVP didn’t he? Shouldn’t you play hard to get the MVP anyways? So I guess LeBron passed the ball well. Did he win the MVP and the game? I thought so.
      Look at the Box Score. Who really passed the ball? Oh I bet Wade and Amare did, since they complained. Oh wait, they each have only 2 assists? Nevermind. Oh, and why are we talkng about Jordan here again?

      • ZKane says:

        Wade complained? What are you even talking about? And of course the guy had only 2 assists, he didn’t even play the second half. And I don’t know why you’re talking about passing, Kobe didn’t win MVP because he didn’t pass, he won because he scored and rebounded and dominated the game.

      • Are You Serious? says:

        Just check Wade’s twitter after the game. I don’t spew non-sense without facts. I wasn’t the one to bring up about Kobe’s passing. Read FanWest’s original post. He was criticizing Kobe that he was not passing the ball. Hate when people don’t read, and just comment right on the post. You make yourself look like a fool

      • Greg says:

        Wow, another idiot LeBaby fan crying over another one of his short comings. You guys are used to this by now, LeBrick gives you guys plenty of stuff to cry about every year, there’s never a short coming of that HAHA!!! For the record, LeBaby james and Michael Jordan’s name should never be mentioned in the same sentence, NEVER. Jordan was one of the best to play the game, LeBaby is nothing more then a self-hyped, legend in his own mind cry baby who thinks he is “the king”. Give me a break, guy is a complete loser who is lucky to be built like a brick house and has talent. Other than that he is nothing more than another over paid, constantly crying punk. This is going to be his what, his 8th year without a ring? you bandwagon fans are running out of excuses for him not delivering, what’s the next excuse??? Wade and bosh isn’t enough, you could add Phil Jackson to that team, add Chris Paul and Dwight Howard and the team would still choke because of LeBrick.

    • Dhiraj says:

      We all know about Michael Jordan’s legendary career but you are underestimating Kobe Bryant

    • LAKERS says:

      LOL!!!!! @FanWest Can you spell HATER? It seemed to me every player took the All Star game seriously except for Dwight Howard shooting three pointers. You suck dude!!

    • lakersguys says:

      overrated? wow, thats quite a statement… calling a guy whos won 5 rings, and is still climbing up most of the record books overrated. Guess not many players live up to your standards sir.

    • S2B says:

      I agree 100% with you. This guy is an overrated scam!
      When everybody got serious and everything went bad, only Durant could save the house! So whose house is it? 🙂

      Kobe always has somebody great to save his butt, whether it’s Shaq, Paul or Phil.

      Well, guyz like LeBron only have to show they want it as bad as Kobe, because they have the talent to surpass him anyday….peace

      • Are You Serious? says:

        How old are you S2B? So since Lebron and the East has So Much Talent, but they still couldn’t win a mere All Star game? And let’s not talk about championships. And that’s why he brought his ‘TALENTS’ to South Beach, right? To surpass Kobe right? Since Kobe aint so great? Well, Good Luck then. Haters will always Hate

      • it doesn"t matter says:

        you are confused. i think you need some psych meds. you are comparing the worlds’ best to that thing. you need help.

      • Steve says:

        You can’t be serious, ALL championship teams have had relatively deep sides. No team can win with 1 superstar and a bunch of hacks. LeBron didn’t win a thing in cleveland – and he had good support. LeBron holds onto the ball too much and his d is overrated, he doesn’t make players better – look at how much Jamison faded when he played with him, he was all-star calibre before that, he’s lazy and goes for the steal waay too much. I’m sick of everyone bagging Bryant. LeBron never played with the injuries Kobe has carried, furthermore, Kobe has always taken responsibility to be the main man. LeBron went running to Miami so if he screws up he has D Wade to cover his choking in the playoffs

    • prestonova33333333333338 says:

      he was 14 for 26 thats over 50%… he had 3 assists which is a little under his season average… and he won the game, contributing more than his portion… and stop comparing kobe to jordan they’re two different players maybe kobe won’t go down as the best ever but he’s the best in the game right now

      • dball says:

        i agree man, u can really can spot a hater from a mile away. you haters obviously didn’t watch kobe from the beginning. talk about talent, kobe had it, lets put it this way, if lebron was 6’6 and 190lbs i dont think he would be as good as kobe. the guy was awesome and when he lost a step or two because of his age he reinvented his game( just like Mike) his jumpshot is money in the bank. ok so he helped Shaq win those rings but he looked good doing it,he still deserves those championship so as the 2 rings post shaq. common guys to say that kobe is overated is like saying Al Pacino cant act.

      • KB 24 says:

        Kobe is the GREATEST of all time breakin records left to right gonna be at the top at the end, OUT OF REACH lebron will never ever catch up, ball hogg lmaoooooooo thats what he is huh, thats what we want let him ball hog cuz we love that at the end of the day we are the CHAMPIONS at the end we have the GREATEST OF ALL TIME in our team we are all witnesses and u are all haterz his only 4000 points behind jordan and 9000 points of ALL TIME, MO FOOS MR 81 is the greatestttttt

    • LakersWillWin says:

      IF it was Michael JOodans LAST All-Star game in Chicago he would have done the exact same thing. Stop acting like Kobe is a horrible person for doing something YOU would have done too.

    • hsbr00m24 says:

      kobe did passed the ball.. u r just a hater.. melo coulnd catch the ball or nobody else finish the ast

    • Rafael says:

      im with you koby didnt pass and look to shoot all time.. lebron pass the ball he score 6 points in firths half and 23 in second have and he p[ass the ball

    • Sandile says:

      c’mon, give him the respect he deserves, are you planning to give it when he retires????????????
      Now fo rthe finall run into the playoffs so he can equal Mike’s 6 rings, the ones he got with the help of teammates Rodman, Kukoc, Pippen etc….

    • Wurms says:

      Not about individual accolades? Do you have any idea what All-Star weekend is about? The one or two players from each team are suppose to put on a show for the their fans that voted them there. The skills challenge – Curry won, not the Warriors. Three-point shootout – James Jones won, not the Heat. Slam Dunk – Blake Griffin won not the Clippers. All-Star games is the one game players can go out and think about themselves and be entertaining and have fun for all their fans. We didnt vote for Kobe do go to the All-Star game and walk around and smile. We wanted to see him score. Lebron is not MVP cause HE LOST! Unless someone is just insanely better than the other team, the loser should not get MVP.

    • NAJ says:

      He had more assists than Melo, Durant and Wade. Durant only took 3 less shots than Kobe so was he shooting like there’s no tomorrow? Why did Jordan get 40 points in an All Star game if he wasn’t going for MVP? Double standards

    • BATZ says:


    • PurpleYellow says:

      @ FanWest, If you want people to take your comments serious, please dont start your sentence with “Kobe is so overrated” You make me laugh. The hater in you is so obvious that you can barely contain yourself. Stop it. What do you expect to see when you get the best basketball players in the world on one court? Play for fun? That is the stage where you put your talents on display. Durant proved to be deadly in the fourth. Blake had his dunks and Kobe did his thing. Lebron for example, he played much harder in the so-called “fun game”, then he did in the playoffs against Boston last season. 13 time NBA All Star, 12 time all NBA team, 5 time NBA champion, 2 time finals MVP, 2008’s Most Valuable Player, 2 time scoring champion, 10 time all defensive team selections, and you say overrated. Need I say more.

    • annette says:

      Well; this is not a true statement, Jordan has admitted that he wanted to be in the history books. If he had not wanted to be, do you really think he would have kept coming back? And, he is still talking about a come back move. Check your facts kiddo

  268. RUSTINNNNN says:

    Sekou, I believe that was you asking Kobe about injecting some youth into the Lakers lineup after his MVP win. Congratulations on making Sportcenter (even if Kobe blew you off).

  269. Vesper says:

    Well said Sekou. It’s been a joy to watch him all these years and now see him develop the old mans game (along with sweet dunks). Do you think there’s a possibility Kobe retires after his contract ends (he will be 34-35) for a year, gets some rest and then comes back?

    • RD9 says:

      I think he won’t retire at 34 but at 36-37 or so.. A come back ? … nah
      He saw what it did to MJ so he won’t go there i’m sure… 🙂

    • Sekou Smith says:

      I could see Kobe doing another three or four years if he thinks he can get to 20 and still be effective in some capacity. But he has put a lot of wear and tear on his body. If he decided to hang it up, no one could blame him.

  270. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Metehan Hızıroğlu, Berke Oktay and Loïc G., Sekou Smith. Sekou Smith said: Whose House? Kobe's House! http://wp.me/pPQKk-2ZD […]

    • birkoboy says:

      kobe win mvp just for him and for their hometown crowd, he did not pass the ball for his teamate, he wanted to get mvp in front of his hometwon crowd, kobe win the mvp is not the real mvp because he win the mvp only their team win the game, but the real mvp played on the court in 2011 all star games is lebron james, look at the score at 3rd quarter they burried the west almost 20 points deficits, but in the fourt quarter the east out run the west 17-2 when lebron james lead the team in points, rebounds, and assists it a triple double the only player after jordan did the triple double in all star games, so the 4th quarter result the west lead only by two points, so lebron almost get the mvp, but the west thank to kelvin durant recover their team he bomb 3 points shoot out twice in last 2 minutes that why durant has 34 points in that games. if kelvin did not made 3 point 2 concecutive int last 2 minutes, maybe the east win the game and the real mvp in all star games is LE BRON JAMES.

      • Are You Serious? says:

        You wrote a small essay to justify Lebron to get the all star mvp instead. How Lame!

      • Greg says:

        haha hilarious… What a loser, so upset about LeBaby’s lack of performance that you have to come in here and try to justify his game. LeBrick had a good game, no doubt about it. But he wasn’t the best player on the floor, not even the 2nd best. Kobe was obviously #1 and Durant #2, LeBaby comes somewhere after that.
        You should go find a heat forum, or some other LeBrick fans to go cry on each others shoulders.

      • RD9 says:

        @ Greg.. Don’t call someone a loser if u can’t write LeBron’s name properly. Sure, Birkoboy made me laugh aswell when he tries to explain why James shhould have won the mvp award, esepecially when he talks about Kelvin Durant instead of Kevin… but the thing is… West won.. so the mvp should be from the west, and who had the most impressive stats on that side? Kobe… So Bryant MVP. SImple as that!

      • it doesn"t matter says:

        you are a hater. whether you like it or not Kobe is the MVP. if you want Lebron to be the MVP, why don’t you buy a trophy from wal-mart and give it to him. loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • birkoboy says:

        win mvp in all star games is not a big factor as the best player on the planet, all star games it like an exhibition games played with other superstar they play teamwork not just one on one and they not played hard only show as exhibition games that is play in the all star games, but win more mvp in regular season and also mvp in the final in the nba are the big factor as the best player on the planet, because the results came from the stats, records and wins every crucial games in a whole ragular season until the playoffs, every body played hard every games they tried for their teams winning the champoinship.

      • NAJ says:

        West won because fo Durant?? He bricked 8….yes 8 x 3 pointers!!! LeBron is great and will be 1 of the best ever when he retires, but give Kobe the credit he deserves for being the best player in this era.

      • BATZ says:


      • moxi says:

        maybe just maybe hehehe

      • cris says:

        dude make sense i understand this is the internet but seriously make sense and it’s kevin durant not kelvin.stop your complaining what is done is done if you felt lebron was the mvp u should’ve texted in your vote than.If you’re gonna say kobe didn’t deserve the mvp and durant is the reason why they won same could be said for when lebron won his second all-star mvp when it was ray allen who made the big shots and got sumthin like 25+ points. so please stop complaining and make sense for future reference peace out homey.

      • Greg says:

        @ RD9 … if you don’t like the way I spell LeBaby’s name, TOO BAD!!! You and birkoboy can cry on each others shoulders about how LeBrick always gets robbed lol… Fact is Kobe is the man and will be until he decides to stop playing the game. When he does, the torch is going to Durant or Griffin. It is going to be at least another 3-5 years and LeBaby will be in his 30’s and will still be making the same old excuses for falling short.

      • stanley says:

        birkoboy, you need to check your spelling,check your grammar and have your head checked out!
        Kobe deserved to be the MVP,apart from his ‘flights’, he made the game more exciting, Lebron pushed in the last minutes because he wanted to get the MVP award but it was too late, the Black Mamba had already struck!

      • UncleBone says:

        Hater! At the end of the game lebron didnt pass the ball either. He wanted all the glory but it didnt happen. Deal with it.

      • another kobe hater give the old man a break hes still doin his thing if u cnat respect kobe for who he is and recpect what hes done and what hell continue doin dont bother commenting u a fake nba fan ite i respect lebrons skill i dont like him though but i respect him for his skillz lame

      • why u gota hate on kobe u gotarespect the old man fo rwhat he has done and what he will continue to do if cant accept thta then u shouldnt be commenting lebron yeha sur ehe got skillz but don tcompar ehim to kobe even he would bitch slap u fo rdisrespecting kobe dont watse our tim ewith ur negative hatea comments no room here for dat

      • smarty says:

        lebron doesnt desrve mvp do you know what mvp stands for MOST VALUABLE PLAYER what is valuable in losing

      • Chi-Town Walt says:

        @birkoboy what the hell r u talking about Learn how to use Correct ENGLISH FOOL!

      • david says:

        game means nothing which is why lebron played so hard. him and da rest of da queens from da heat were da only ones trying hard in a game that meant to entertain fans but he couldnt stand he wasnt the brightest star on da nite. triple double big wow he played da most minutes had da most turnovers n shot free throws n acted like a girl if he didnt get a call n at da end of da game he threw da ball in anger after durant made a free throw. if he played that hard in da playoffs he might have a ring already but no one was playing d expect him n if he wanted 2 be an mvp he shouldve guarded kobe oh wait he did he got dunked on n he fouled him on da play u didnt see kb cryin about a noncall in an allstar game.

    • Dominic says:

      @birkoboy: Regular season MVP is a trash if you don’t have a championship.. think about that! you cannot be a best player if you can’t carry or do something that can help your team get a championship..

    • aK says:

      As a Spurs fan, I guess I play a neutral role here. Here’s what i can say: ok, so maybe Kobe didn’t pass the ball as much as he shot it, but that doesn’t erase the fact that the West won, and he made a large contribution on that success. Why didn’t the East stopped Kobe’s offensive, raging-selfishness? Because they couldn’t. Remember, LBJ tried, but failed. It’s that simple. Now, think about this, do you think LBJ could have carried the East to its success if he passed the ball less??? I don’t think so. Passing don’t win games, it’s not even reflected on the score board, which is the ultimate basis on how to classify the winning team. Look, I’m sure someday LBJ, together with Durantula and the Big Bad Blake, will surpass the old guy, but right now, please just accept the fact that this is still the Mamba’s era!

      • birkoboy says:

        @ stanley, u r the grit inglish tichier, pls tich me how to tayp tha wurd corrict spelleng and olso da gramarse