A New Deadline For Melo?

LOS ANGELES — If you are willing to walk down this road with us for at least another day, or two or three, we’re going to dip our toes into these Carmelo Anthony rumor waters one more time.

We could have the most significant news in months on the ‘Melo-drama today, with this news from the New York Post that Anthony will decide whether or not he’ll sign that three-year, $65 million extension with the Nets to complete the deal that’s reportedly already in place:

After the face-to-face meeting finally took place Saturday between Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov and Anthony, initial reports suggested the Russian billionaire’s team was out of the hunt for the Nuggets star. Anthony was described as “non-committal,” maybe even unimpressed.

But other indications say the opposite. Prokhorov himself described the meeting as “fantastic” in an interview yesterday with CNBC and several league sources insisted the Nets are still in the running to land Denver’s star forward. One source claimed an “air of optimism” remained around the Nets.

“Don’t bury them yet,” a source involved in the process urged. Another suggested although there might not be anything significant at the moment, that could change.

And whether Anthony goes to the Nets, goes to the Knicks, extends his contract with Denver or stays with the Nuggets and opts for free agency (which means gambling with almost half of his $83 million guaranteed), it will be resolved soon, some think today. The NBA trade deadline is Thursday at 3 p.m.

We will be stunned if Anthony is not dealt to the Knicks by the deadline. STUNNED!

But who says Melo to the Knicks will work anyway? TNT’s Steve Kerr, who knows Amar’e Stoudemire‘s game well, having had to make a decision on whether or not to move him last season while they were both in Phoenix, isn’t convinced that this potential union produces the desired results for the Knicks.

“I don’t think they fit together, I really don’t,” Kerr said. “You’ve got two guys who need the ball. Neither one is a great defender. They are both catch-and-hold guys and in Mike D’Antoni‘s system, it’s all about spacing the floor and catching and shooting and moving the ball. it would be exciting but I don’t think it would produce a champion.”

At this point, it’s tough to figure our what the greatest risk is for the Knicks, trading away what seems like half your roster to get Anthony or gambling that he and Stoudemire will be able to play off of each other well enough to make you a certified contender?

For the Nets, there is no risk. Acquiring Anthony is a winning move for the Nets on every front, were it to actually happen. We’re still not convinced that their chances are as good as some well-respected folks think. If Anthony wanted to seal the deal with them, he could have done it already.

In the absence of anything concrete, we will continue to do what we’ve done for months … and wait for Thursday’s 3 p.m. deadline, since that’s the only real deadline of consequence.


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  2. tata says:

    Players running the league. They should just start their own 8 team league with the top 100 players and see which league gets televised.

  3. staronly says:

    I don’t think NY were thinking in term of winning a champ but more in term of how much money melo will bring (jerseys, attendance, commercials, …)
    Bringing melo to NY only add another selfish guy and an unhappy billups wont help.
    Felton had never delivered as much assists and i really don’t see billups matching these numbers.
    It’s just Melo, a guy from NY, who did not want to go anywhere else. Melo thinks like Amare regarding his choice. NY is a name. I don’t think he’s thinking of getting a ring there …

  4. marco rhapsody says:

    listen, the knicks right now are 5th/6th in the east. potentiall 4th max because they are just too streaky, now they are giving up almost the entire farm. their line up now is…. billups, fields, melo, amare and turiaf. they pretty much have zero depth now, toney douglas isnt good enough and honestly cant even think of anyone else from their bench.

  5. raymond says:

    the knicks already landed melo and billups i think next best move is to fire d antoni and hire larry brown…

  6. jason morean says:

    hes a knick. was just reported by espn. its over. hes a knick.

  7. DeAndre says:

    This trade will work out better for the Nets then the Knicks. Knicks are giving up there core basically for Melo. New Jersey has nothing to loose, while the Knicks are taking one of the biggest gambles ever. For the Nets your taking about Billups(NBA Champ), Melo, Farmar(2x NBA Champ), Sasha(2x NBA Champ) thats a nice set of players there. Getting rid of Devin Harris is the best thing the Nets can do right now. Derek Favors is a rookie so you can gamble by getting rid of him.

  8. Bean Town Baby says:

    I really don’t think NY should give up so much young talent for Melo. Sure, he can fill up a stat sheet on any given night but they need to look to the future and build the franchise. Players like Amare and Felton compliment each other and work well. If they lose Felton in the trade what’s the point in getting Melo? Amare won’t have a good point man to whip the pumpkin in for him. Stay in the West Melo, we don’t want you over with the true talent. I wish these teams would stop trying to win the championship in 1 or 2 seasons, build a team up over 3, 4 or even 5 years. Keep your young pups NY and shop around in the offseason for the free agents, there’s some ballin’ players coming up.

    Celtics are too strong for any made up team of superstars…ain’t that right South Beach… 3 – 0, gunna be 4 – 0 come April 10th. Celtics were lucky to have such a good bench to back the (true) Big 3 up in 2007 – 2008 and we haven’t lost the touch since. As much as I hate those dirty sods from L.A they are a magnificent team and play well together. You don’t see many “teams” anymore, it’s 2 or 3 All Star players scoring 30 – 40 points a game with the other starters chipping in a couple. C’s have 5 or 6 players that can produce on any given night, when someone is off, someone else steps up. That’s how you win championships, not some 3 Ego’s scoring 90 out of 110 points in a game. If one (or 2) of them get injured say bye-bye for another year Lebron. You should have stayed in Cleveland, people would have more respect for you if you had of won a championship there.

    Celtics for Banner 18.

    Bean Town Baby.

    • The Truth says:

      The Septics ARE A MADE UP TEAM. If they didn’t rape Seattle out of Ray Allen and McHale didn’t deliver Garnett on a platter they would still be wallowing in the lottery. When did you become a Boston fan? Since 93-94 season they missed the playoffs 9 times and had 3 first round exits before Allen and Garnett got there. Probably the same time you got there.

  9. nyk says:

    I think he should go to the knoicks along with chanucy billips i know the knicks would be giving up a lot of good players but i think they would fit well and make it to the playoffs maybe 3 or 4 and make the coference finals with the heats or celtics

  10. denverloyalist says:

    If I were Melo, i would definitely cancel the deal. In denver’s part, the deal would have been great if Billups, a beloved Denver native, was not put in the mix. Melo and the Nuggets should understand that. Imagine how Billups will be greeted by the Denver fans if he is wearing not a Nuggets uniform – the greeting would be as rude as to how lebron was greeted in cleveland. Come on now! Melo, cancel the deal already for the sake of Billups’ homage.

  11. denverloyalist says:

    If I were Melo, i would definitely cancel the deal. In denver’s part, the deal would have been great if billups, a beloved denver native, was not put into the mix. He (Melo) and the Nuggets should understand that very well. Just think how denver fans would greet billups|? even though lebron is way better than him, he could receive a rude greeting from the denver fans. Common now! Melo, cancel that deal right away for the sake of Billups’ love to the city.

  12. ariel_1 says:

    This is all Anthony’s fault and he will suffer the consequences.
    First he asked for a trade that insulted the organization of Denver and its people.
    Second he publicly emphasized that he wanted to play in New York.
    Third, he asked for a trade but not to sign the extension which hinders the trade.
    Fourth, if he was traded as early as last summer, he has already helped the New Jersey at least seek for playoff slot.
    Now, hes almost a day or two of not being traded which means that next season he will be affected by the new CBA and with that he could be the first superstar (as they say) that will be receiving 10M/year or below far from supposedly 85M 3 years contract.
    But these are now hes choices.
    A. If he wanted to have a safety 85m for 3 years contract he will sign with New Jersey even if playoffs is already impossible.(still depends on the Denver management if they accepted the offer of NJ)
    B. He can only be traded to New York if the management will gamble to lose their starting lineup minus amare and fields.(still depends on the Denver management if they are willing to accept the offer of NY)
    C. IF he will not be traded at the deadline, He can play with his desire team for a year of 10M which is very far from his expected income.
    This is just a manifestation that Anthony is already out of luck. So goodluck. . lol

  13. dontbam says:

    No RJM, whats stupid is that you dont seem to understand that Melo loses about 15-20 million dollars signing in free agency in the upcoming CBA agreement if he doesnt get a deal done soon.

    Yes NBA players are human that get salaries for doing a job. Human beings dont 25% of their paycheck. Amazing concept huh?

  14. LanceWilliams says:

    For new york this would be a big trade, but they would not win it all think year if they did reach agreement. The whole problem with the knicks is the coaching staff. D’antoni is a great offensive coach but stats say he has up the most 100 point games in history over a 7 year span. Carmelo who fits in being either the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th best player in the league behind kobe bryant probably would not do well in the d’antoni camp, He is the best scorer and maybe offensive player in the league and he is a great team defender, but d’antoni is all about offense and i believe once he gets frustrated all the pressure will soon be put on d’antoni, which would cause team friction. They already have a good team, they just need to workout the coaching staff for defense. Miami was good before lebron and had great defense, so Wade and his gang had all the components before this year, they just didnt have enough help to get past a championship built celtics team. and because boston is so agressive yhey are still picked to get out of the east. so i say is you trade you might want to get a third team in, maybe a chris paul or a healing jermaine oneal to have accesory to effective components around the knicks

  15. RJM says:

    What I don’t understand is why the Knicks are even entertaining a trade for Carmelo. He is going to be a free agent and he wants to play for the Knicks. What’s the rush? Keep the young guys. Knicks’ players right now have alot of upside and you can get Melo for free. Why mortgage the future? So you can just have Melo and Amare and no supporting cast? You don’t win like that. Yes, there is gonna be a new collective bargaining agreement in place and Carmelo would possibly be loosing money if he doesn’t sign the extention but if he’s going to New York, which is the top market in all sports, he can make up all that money through endorsements and sponsors for just being a Knickerbocker. I honestly hope Knicks don’t get this trade because their giving everything away. It’s stupid.

  16. That Damn Good says:

    All this hype for nothing, ‘Melo’s gonna re-sign with Denver, end of story. You’d think people would’ve learnt with the whole LeBoring saga to not get excited so early….

  17. Chi-town says:

    im a bulls fan but i love ray felton galanari and fields if they give up atleast 2 of those guys for melo they will be the same team. they need 2 out of three of those role players. But even if the knicks pick up melo they will still as they do now win just as much as they lose. With melo they will be lucky to past the first round. Just like the bulls did ignore melo u dont need him u r givn up to much young talent.

  18. Shon says:

    I think he should go to the ROCKETS!!

  19. Thomas says:

    With a lock-out in the possible future, Melo is not going to take a financial risk for much longer. It looks like the Nets are becoming leaders in the pack to get Melo. By the way, for guaranteed picks on NBA and NCAAB games check out bettorbelieveit.com. I have made huge profits off of the experts on that site.

  20. Marios says:

    If the deal involves the knicks giving up gallinari, felton, chandler and a pick then its a win win situation for both teams.. the nuggets can move on from this situation as anthony does not want to stay, and are getting a promising pg in felton to replace billups and gallinari and chandler to try and replace anthony’s scoring.
    the knicks are getting anthony and billups who are proven winners (anthony admittedly only as far as the western finals). kerr says that anthony is not a defensive presence but neither is gallinari- i can remember many game situations where gallinari has been marking opposing players who either hit game winning shots or had huge scoring nights.. anthony can elevate the knicks to a real eastern playoff threat, and if they keep fields then its a great situation for them as he is the one player the knicks should never give up due to his potential.

    billups, fields, anthony stoudemire and mozgof/touriaf is a greatly improved staring 5, with a glaring weakness at the 5 spot which can be addressed later on.

    • Dee says:

      the deal is not worth it at all. New york knicks should back out of the deal and wait for him to become a free agent. How can you give up more than half of your starting lineup for a player who is in the final 4 months of his contract and besides melo could always make denver accept watever knicks offer.

      • Marios says:

        considering just the starters, it’s gallinari and felton for anthony and billups..how is that not a good bargain for the knicks? they get a winner at the point guard and a great scorer to replace gallinari… they re not sacrificing, they re gaining.. only if you put fields in that deal do they sacrifice..
        and if they wait, they risk anthony signing somewhere else

  21. Heat Dynasty says:

    in response to PJ, yes amare is only slightly better because of the simple facts that amare is injury prone, rebounds the same, and is a better scorer. you really think that lebron/wade, currently the two best players in the nba, dont bring to the game than melo/paul? leave your bias at the door and be real for a second.
    not to mention d-rose that will soon be entering his prime, dwight already in his prime, and a celtics team that doesnt seem to want to fade away for another season or two!
    his work will really be cut out for him.
    i just think if he were to stay in the west he would have a better chance of reaching the finals.
    also i completely understand a players right to want to play anywhere he wants. thats fine. im just voicing my opinion that from the looks of it he doesnt really care about winning. i think it would balance the league more if he stayed in the west or else durrant and westbrooke will have their way with the west when they start to reach their respective primes.

    • tata says:

      First of all, LeBron and Wade are not the two best players in the league. Maybe the two biggest egos. LeBron is better than Dwayne and I would rather have Durant or Blake Griffin him if I were starting a team. Durant already stepped up and led a second tier all star team to the world championships last summer. LeBron has yet to show he can win anything in the clutch.
      Second, CP3 and Wade don’t play the same position so how do you compare them? Paul makes his teammates better because he is the ball handler and facilitator. Wade doesn’t make anybody better, he is a shooting guard. The Heat were barely a .500 team the last few years.
      And finally….dynasty? The HEAT have yet to win a playoff series. Dynasties are for teams that have already won a couple of championships.

  22. TheGuyNextDoor says:

    While I agree their D is lacking, and they dont typically like to catch and shoot.

    Melo played with Allen Iverson and both finished the season top 5 in scoring. Unlike say Kobe, Melo has no problem sharing the ball with trust worthy teammates. On last second shots he gives Billups a proven winner the chance to take the shot. He gave Iverson those types of shots, there is no reason to belive he wont do the same for Amar’e.

    As for D Melo is a lazy defender, physically he could hang withy anyone not named Lebron. He’s strong enough to guard most PF’s and fast enough to cover most SG’s. His problem is he will play great D one game then the next he plays unmodivated. Watch Melo against guys like Kobe or Lebron and tell me he cant play good D. His problem is when he plays less players he simply doesnt care.

    The right coach preaching D to him, and with the right modivation he could make the all D team easily. Another thing is Anthony is typically a pretty good passer grossly underrated to say the least, Denver runs alot of Iso based offenses so they dont have huge assists but Anthony can dish the ball as well as any SF who isnt named Lebron! But lets be real, Lebron passes better than 95% of PG’s so you cant really hold that against Melo.

  23. LOLS says:

    It doesn’t matter what star NYK brings , they will never win a chip with d’antoni’s system.

  24. Joe says:

    i think new york would be a great fit. Melo and Amar’e are friends and know each others game well. I think if melo went to NY they would get to conference finals against heat next year, but wont get a ring

  25. MonK3y says:

    To me, the deal isn’t right for the Knicks, they have a good team, one to build on I’d say, and trading Chandler/Fields/Gallinari and especially Felton looks like a big gamble for a one sided superstar like Anthony…but they would make the playoffs while a move to the Nets means the rest of the season is on “cruise control” for ‘Melo (ie feels like a lost season).

    So the Nets move isn’t that promising (for Anthony, makes sens for the Nuggets), and the Knicks move is kind of shaky…looks like a decision will have to be made in difficult circumstances.

  26. Tenki says:

    I think that dealing ‘Melo to NY would be good for the team, because the coaching system there doesn’t emphasize much on defense. That being said, NY doesn’t have the necessary bargaining chips to send to Denver to acquire ‘Melo.

    NJ would be a wise choice for Denver if they are to trade ‘Melo, because the former can afford to deal a potential first round pick and Favors in exchange. Besides, I don’t see ‘Melo staying in Denver because of the uncertainty of the upcoming CBA to be implemented next season.

  27. Scott says:

    As a Knicks fan, I don’t like this trade for Carmelo. Give up Felton, Chandler, Gallinari AND Mozgov too?! That’s literally our starting lineup minus Amare, and our sixth man. Not to mention a draft pick. I know head-to-head, individually,Melo is better than any of these guys, and talent-wise Billups for Felton is an even swap, but as a whole it would hurt the team more than help.

    The Knicks have the option of resignng Felton longer in 2012, if CP3 or D-Will aren’t available. If the Knicks trade for Billups, they HAVE to get CP3 or D-Will because Billups ain’t gonna hold up for more than 2 years in D’Antoni’s system at his age. There’d be no other options, and if the Knicks miss one of those two guys, they’re screwed.

    If I were Donnie Walsh, I’d tell Dolan and Isiah (who are obviously pushing this ridiculous trade) to shut up. I offer Chandler, Mozgov, Bill Walker, 1st and 2nd round picks for Melo and Shelden Williams. If Denver doesn’t accept they can keep Melo or send him to NJ. Who cares? NYK is still in a better position talent-wise and for the future than NJ with Melo

  28. Heat Dynasty says:

    melo says his decision to leave denver has nothing to do with his wife but to me it certainly does look like it. how does any of this mess make sense. if melo were to go the knicks with amare and then hope chris paul joins them the next season they still would not be better than miami. Amare is probably slightly better than chris bosh so the knicks would have the advantage there but no way it melo/paul better than lebron/wade.
    not to mention the melo knicks would have to battle an aging celtics team that still has a good 2yrs of competitive bball left, the upcoming bulls, an orlando team that is one trade away from becoming truly elite again, and a young solid pacers team.
    wouldn’t it be better to stay in the west where the spurs are old, dallas is old, lakers are getting old, and your only competition would be OKC or maybe the jazz?
    to me it seems really wants to live in new york and does not care about winning. i say winning and not money because he will get paid either way.
    seriously melo you will not get out of the east with a combo of amare, paul, and yourself. maybe if you were to team up with dwight and hope for paul or deron. MAYBE then.
    do yourself a favor and stay in the west. go to either the lakers, clippers, rockets, or stay in denver. if you leave ppl will see how overrated you are when you can’t steer a team to the chip. sorry dude you’re still in the second teir of superstars and cannot win with just amare.

    • PJ says:

      Are you serious??? Slightly better Amare over Bosh really though i think of everything you said that really irked me… I dont think its a want to live in NY he’s from NY he knows what its lik to live there… On another note Melo torches LB everytime they play each other check those states and a Chris Paul signing would mean havoc for any team tryna defend the Knicks a simple pick n roll system with paul and stoud then having a young fields and melo on the wings lets get serious…..

      • Midwest Sheez says:

        I agree with some parts of both of ya’ll statements,but sayn Melo torchs LeBron everytime they play…come on now! LeBron is a better all around player then Melo any given night & he can carry a team something Melo cant do. But if Melo went to NY they’d be contenders right along with the other 4 or 5 teams thats already contending in the East,and as far as the match up between Mia & NY I dont think the problem would come from Bosh but from Dwade. Due to injuries he’s only good on one end of the court,when ever he has to defend a quality player it takes away from his offense & prohibits him from having a big game jus take Boston for example,when ever Dwade defends Ray Allen it takes from his offensive production.

    • juju says:

      Second tier of superstars??? Are you insane?? Can you name 4 forwards in the league who are better than him?? Can you name 4 PLAYERS in the league who are better than him???(Lebron, Kobe, Durant) Didn’t think so…

      Carmelo Anthony is the best scorer in the league (ask most NBA analysts what they think). Denver became an INSTANT playoff team as soon as he arrived there.Year in and year out he proves that he is one of the best in the league and his play only gets better. The fact that he’s on an injury prone Nuggets team doesnt mean that Anthony isn’t capable of being a leader on an NBA championship team.If Carmelo was a “second tier” star, then I dont think their would be so much media attention to his possible trade so all i gotta say there is get a clue dude.

      The ONLY thing I agree with from your comment is that he should stay in the West, and not even for the same reasons. He should stay in the West because the East is WEAK.

      The East is BY FAR the weaker conference. The fact that he would have to face the Celtics, Heat, Bulls and Magic isn’t so bad when you consider the other WEAK teams in the East (Bucks, Cavs, Wizzards, Nets, Pistons, Raptors LOL, etc.) Now look at the competition in the West. Out of all the teams in the west, theres only 3 team that couldnt make the playoffs if they were in the eastern conference (Wolves, Kings, Clips) and any of these 3 teams would make the playoffs in the West if they had Melo. Me personally, I’d like to see him consider the Clippers, or the Grizzlies. And regardless of where he goes, he should just wait till the end of the season because theirs no point in going to New York if they have
      to practically dismantle their team to get him.

      Oh and by the way, Felton for Billups is the most rediculous part of this trade proposal. Chauncy is WASHED UP and Felton is an emerging star. Dont go to NY if they give up Felton, you’ll regret it.

    • Arthur says:

      You know nothing about basketball…

    • Don Felipe says:

      i agree. i’d like to see the knicks not trading for melo and stay put with the talent they have right now and then see what’s available and possible next summertime. giving away the entire team minus amare for melo wouldn’t make sense. besides don’t we kinda love our knicks this way? it’s the first time in xx years the knicks seem to have a nice team – a team one can enjoy watching and deserves to be cheered at… no matter how far they could possibly get in the playoffs, always keeping in mind it’s still just the first season since amare’s arrival. we don’t need melo – leave him to the nets if they really want him – and lets better focus on landing cp3.