Carmelo Anthony traded to New York

‘Melo is a Knick! ‘Melo is a Knick! Put it up in Broadway lights! ‘Melo is a Knick!

The longest soap opera since “Guiding Light” is over. The New York Knicks outbid their cross-river rival New Jersey Nets — of course — in completing a trade for Carmelo Anthony the day after the All-Star Game.

Here’s the mega-blockbuster deal, according to Benjamin Hochman and Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post (and confirmed by TNT’s David Aldridge and’s Art Garcia):

The Nuggets traded Melo to the New York Knicks tonight, a league source said. Denver gets Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov, the Knicks 2014 first-round draft pick, the Warriors’ 2012 second-round pick, the Warriors’ 2013 second-round pick and $3 million in cash.

Anthony will go to New York, along with Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter and Renaldo Balkman.

Anthony wasn’t with the Nuggets with the resumption of practices Monday. ‘Melo finally gets to New York, his preference all along, and will presumably sign the three-year, $65 million extension that’s been offered since the offseason.

Only instead of signing in the Mile High City, he’s doing it in the Big Apple. ‘Melo will team with Amar’e Stoudemire to give the playoff-contending Knicks a true superstar duo in their bid to move up the Eastern Conference pecking order and close in on Miami, Boston and Chicago in the years to come. New York doesn’t play until Wednesday against Milwaukee at Madison Square Garden.

The Knicks, according to the Post report, are also sending Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry to Minnesota. The Nuggets are ready to move on, said guard J.R. Smith:

“I mean, it’s just rebuilding first. We gotta go forward with what we got. And try to do the best we can in the playoffs.”


  1. Michael says:

    Couldn’t believe this when I heard about it too. What more shocking is the moves that were made this season. Welcome to the rise of super teams!

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  3. Misjonarz says:


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  4. REALTech says:

    No matter what you will all watch NY just like you watch the Heat haters or not lol. Deal is done Melo a Knick well have to see what more piece they put together with it. NY gave up a lot but will see what happens next. BE BLESSED.

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  6. WESC says:

    Boston 3, Miami 3, and Knicks soon to be a 3 superstar team… Boston did win championship not just by the 3 superstars its all team effort and they have some good pieces. Cmon fellaz look at Lakers and Spurs they been called dynasty team coz they prove it (great coach, management, role players, great defense). Honestly, i can’t even see any of these in Knicks even in a long term goal, this team doesn’t play defense as long as Mike D is still coaching this team.

  7. Greg Edwards says:

    Doesn’t Anthony Carter hav 2 approve the trade b4 the trade can become official, if he is traded, he’d lose his early bird rights

  8. Mutombo55 says:

    Congratulations Denver, Great move!

  9. knickerbocker says:

    now the knicks have to trade billups to the suns and get nash (and maybe r. lopez for a pick in 2090 or so)
    the knicks will be unstoppable (offensively)
    they still have to add one or two defensive stopper

  10. Rob Boricua born in Manhattan says:

    For those of you who say this ia not a good deal for the NYK’s. It looks like your thoughts were with Joe Dumar when he picked Darko Milicic over Carmelo Anthony. Melo is proven winner since he came into the NBA, reaching the playoffs every year. Resume includes a NCAA championship with Syracuse Orangemen and now his chilhood dream come true to be with the Blue&Orange NYK. A lot of people will be surprised on the numbers Melo will put up for the Knicks along with W’s. Chauncey Billups has made it to 9 Playoff Finals. GO Knicks.

    Isaih Thomas keep him away from the Knicks. Not a good deal. He’s a team destroyer.

  11. Ricardo says:

    Well, now we have a hell of a frontcourt but our behind is kinda exposed. I’m relieve to hear that Field remained off the trade package, but Felton? Man…they had something serious going on. Right now we are completely dependent on Billups mood after this storm to handle a efficient backcourt (Fields and Douglas are really good but…)
    Melo and Amar’e are great pals (so it seems), but that precious team chemistry so carefully build on the last months went bananas yesterday… I just hope that they can recoverer it as soon as possible…we are barely above the water line…
    I’m still sceptic (has any default Knicks fan) but at least it seems that now we are going somewhere

  12. Simply the Greatest... says:

    Carmelo Anthony is just a hyped up Joe Johnson. I’m just speaking the truth know matter how painful it sounds. Carmello has had great role players surrounding him in Denver. Let’s count: 1 Chauncy Billups (NBA Champion & Finals MVP), 2. Kenyon Martin (former all-star), 3. JR Smith (a very talented player, though very inconsistant) 4. Nene (Strong big man who can both play great D and Score) 5. “Birdman” Chris Anderson (Great defensive player) and that’s just to name a few. There are not that many teams in the league with that many good role players. I can think of Portland, Boston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Philly, ATL and Milwaukee. I know there are a few more, but not that many with depth. They had better pray they get either Chris Paul or Dwight Howard next year. BTW who is Sheldon Williams? Lol The Knicks sure know how to waste time and money listening to Isaiah Thomas. I heard he was down here in South Beach. Dosen’t he work for UM? Talk about a long distance relationship! I hope this pay off the Knicks though, I really do.

  13. lakers would’nt have a dynasty if not for the east teams being weak after the jordan era passed and kobe cannot claim his greatness as it was done by none other than the most dominant player of this era Shaquille O’Neal even referees and rules have to be changed to try to nerf shaq to little success if Shaq wasnt there Kobe will only have one or two rings

    just as whats happening right now is the east getting all the greatest superstars of this generation and that excludes melo and the west thinning out with Kobe nearing retirement gasol in his peak and teams with an iverson dillema ( teams with only one great player but no help)

    ok but with two super stars Knick fans will always be the same, heckle their own team for every mistake they commit..

  14. raphael ruiz says:

    i could now see the knicks coach heading to denver next year there coach is retiring. if carmelo could not win it in denver he sure is not going too win it in NEW YORK. TO MUCH WEED IN NEW YORK.

  15. KnicksKnock says:

    great so this means the Knicks have been set back to post-Ewing era

  16. ok knickknuckle heads what are you guys smokin? Dreamin Dwight and CP3 and D-Will? who in the right mind would want play for a team who’s fans heckle their own team on almost a regular basis for performing poorly or for missing a free throw?
    come on, Melo would have better chances for his ring if he stayed west looks to me Isiah meddled with his wife’s ambition for brightlights so melo went east now the west will be kinder to old man Kobe’s knees

  17. Steven says:

    Good riddance, ‘Melo. I’m glad it’s finally over. The Knicks aren’t even a better team for it. They’ll score lot’s of points but wont be able to grab any rebounds. Carmelo: I hope you enjoy having the Bulls and Heat, not mention the Celtics (teams that actually play defense) walk all over you. If this was about winning he would have stayed with Denver.

  18. stacy says:


  19. Julz says:

    This trade is good. We need more multi-star teams. The league is veery unbalanced, so Im glad this trade happened. It shakes up the east, and encourages other teams to make big moves as well.

    Lakers made their big move with Gasol a few years ago, and they are due for another one now as Kobe, Fisher, Gasol are starting to age. Boston, and Miami followed suit. Who’s next?!

    PS- Everyone who has facebook join the group “JU PHIT”

  20. lostknick says:

    denver got a good deal. i don’t think knicks are contenders. knick need more change to able win a championchip. knicks gave too much to get melo!

  21. A’mare + Anthony = Train Wreck!

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  23. livetoball says:

    melo can kiss my butt. I believe that the Nuggets will atleast maintain the number 7 spot with the new additions of the team, as soon as the team mates get used to eachother. they will be a good team. George Karl gnna work it out…

  24. Chris Paul will go to Orlando count on it! Chris Paul is annoyed by his team mates not playing defense so why would he stick with 2 Ball Hogs who does not care about defense? and he prefers team mates who does not demand the ball too much or play off the dribble(that is why he wanted to play with LeBron that bad) as he is the playmaker and creating plays is his pride he likes both up tempo and half court offense so Orlando is the best fit for him he and Dwight will be truely unstoppable!

    D-Will and Blake will go to LA or Dallas

  25. JaRon03 says:

    I think it’s a win-win trade for both teams. Denver got a pretty good pieces while New York got a legit superstar in Melo.

  26. when i heard Isiah meddling again i knew it, another bad trade for the Knicks the Knicks were a better team w/o Melo yes Walsh will make money from the promotion of two stars but the team aint going no where, two ball hogs and a no defense system well perfect fit for anthony since he does not play defense,

    Prokhorov is a Genius! he knew the deal was off so he played along to get back at anthony by baiting the Knicks and Isiah to make a bad deal and they bit it!

    looks to me Denver Won the trade! they lost a star but also that star is what makes Denver a bad team in practice. they lost an excellent shooter that does not thrive on point guard initiated plays who does not play defence, a diva and a bloated contract and they got 4 players on w/c 3 of them are potential all stars future draft picks, a PG nearing retirement

    its time for JR and Nene to take the stage, wish only if Carl was a better coach

  27. Wtfox says:

    Maybe if you bring back Willis Reed, You have a shot at a championship.
    NYK = Another playoff non championship caliber team.

  28. CB says:

    People, lets quit acting like the Knicks were championship contenders this year. They were barely .500! Getting Carmelo was definitely a good deal, their team will not be any worse off. Let’s not forget the Knicks have just come back to life, and having Melo on your squad can only add to the excitement. They will need some rebuilding of their bench and another big man but it can be done. Did they give up a lot of mediocre players to get him, yes, but all in all to get another all-star you have to do what you must. Let’s say the Knicks wait to get Melo at the end of this season, who is to say that would even be possible with a new agreement? The opportunity presented itself now and I think the Knicks had to take it. The same people complaining about giving up too much would be calling the GM an idiot right now. You don’t pass on a franchise player, period.

  29. fosho says:

    Melo is a Knick! Melo is a Knick! that meants Melo = No Rings for his career

  30. wesc says:

    amare + melo plain moneymakers, i hope the juice is worth the squeeze..

  31. Swish6 says:

    Well we know New York going to be pretty good know but definle not the best

  32. LB6 says:

    Wow. i can see their starting 5 as
    pg- billups
    sg- fields
    sf- anthony
    pf- stoudamire
    c – turiaf

    but who the heck would be their 6th man?? heat big three is ok because they have good bench with miller and haslem. but with the knicks who they got?? azubuike? douglas? brewer? Cant compare them to the big three in miami because miami is a defensive minded team and they have hustle players in haslem and joel anthony and also they have spot up shooters whenever wade and james get doubled in house, miller and jones.

    New York should have just waited because Carmelo whatever happens will still come to NewYork come free agency. Maybe they can reach the playoffs 6th to 8th seed but thats that. their done on the 1st round. They have no defense i only see stoudamire defending on a nightly basis carmelo can also defend but is inconsistent. who in the knicks team will defend wade, rose, rondo? they dont have a guard who can defend them. they also dont have enough bigs to guard bostons big men garnett, j.oniel, shaq, perkins,bigbaby, they also dont have enough big men to defend dwight.

    If New York have only been patient. their starting 5 would be as follows for the next season
    pg- felton or (CP3)
    sg- fields
    sf – anthony
    pf- stoudamire
    c- mozgov

    top tier bench players: gallanari/chandler, douglas, mason, randolph.

    wow they dont even need CP3 if they only got patient.

    Bad move for the Knicks in my opinion.

  33. Aj says:

    Finally Melo who was stringing Nets along for months gets what he wanted – all that money, and a Knick uniform.
    Wont make any difference for Knicks though, they gave a lot in this trade, they’re now a strong playoff team but have no chance to beat Celtics, Hear or Bulls.

    Maybe in 2012, if they can get Deron Williams. Until then, it’s gonna be exit in the 1st round playoff.

  34. John Soon says:

    Yeahhhhh, The Knicks are back….. Good Choice Melo……

  35. Heat631 says:

    With the addition of Carmelo, I think the Knicks are now better.. But can they compete against the top teams of the East?? Miami, Boston, Orlando and Chicago; they need to surpass these teams.. But I think they can get pass the 1st round if they will face Chicago or Orlando but they will have a bad time if they will face Miami or Boston early in the play-offs..

  36. Yannick says:

    Well I don’t think the Knicks are now as good as Boston Miami and Chigago.They’ll miss Wilson Chandler I think!Of course is Melo better but Wilson Chandler could play Power Foarward so Amar’e could play Center and Danilo Small Forward!Now they have to Play with Ronny Tuarif who may can Block Shots but he is in the Offense complett useless.And the Raymond Felton and Chauncy Billups Deal is good for both sids I think.Because when Felton keeps getting better in Denver they may could form an Team with him and Gallinari.And for New York Mr. Big Shot is great because first he already knows Melo and he is a Point Guard who knows was he does on the Court,that means he knows exactly when to go into the paint when to take a 3-Pointer and when to pass the Ball.And the deal with the T-Wolves isn’t really good for both sides I think.For the Wolves not because who will play Shooting Guard there and for the Knicks because they have a big talent in Landry Fields there for this positione.I think it’s kind of sad that such a talent has to go on the bench now.And they could use Randolph as a starter on the 4 and let Amar’e play on the 5.I think the Knicks will reach the Conference Semi-Finals but geting knocked out there by Bosten or the Heat.

  37. MG20 says:

    Melo was worried about losing money because of the new CBA and he would have signed the extention with anyone (even the Nets), just to avoid free agency come summer. So even the Nets weren’t worried wheteher he would sign or not. That’s why the Knicks had to accept this deal, beceause the Nuggets would have traded Melo elsewhere (the Nets) had it not been for this offer…
    I think it’s good for NY longterm. It allows them to attract possibly another superstar, a PG preferabilly… Chris Paul or D. Williams…

  38. b-rad says:

    Glad to get Melo-another piece to the puzzle but jeez they shouldn’t have given away so much plus they would have saved big bucks by waiting. I’m sure idiot Dolan and Isaiah can be blamed for that. It shoud be fun to watch come playoff time but they wont get very far. Billups will do for now then we can get cp3 or williams. Thats great but who will rebound and play D? There’s still alot of work to do to get this team to championship level. I hope Amare’s kness hold out until then.

  39. Edward Marc Jovellanos says:

    Man, this is not cool. carmelo is just playing for money. money money. too much and too many talented and highly potential players were given by the knicks. how can they be a real threat for the celtics and the miami and even for the chicago. with there last roster they were still rebuilding and making their chemistry up.. but now this trade will ruin it all. abck to zero. man! not good.

    offense was really the play of the knicks as we can see in their points per game. now they have just added another offensive player??? where is the upgrde there?melo and amare usually is strong for their offensive boards, now who will run after the fast break?with both stars waiting for an offensive board. billups is not getting younger man. he can shoot but he cant always chase after those young legs. i am an east conference fan. i love all the teams in the east.

  40. DrPain says:

    I agree that knicks gave a lot for this trade but I think it was necessary and that it is fair. Let me explain: There was no guarantee that Carmelo would wait to summer if Knicks didn’t trade now. There was 15 mil involved and he could easily go to New Jersey or stay in Denver. Knicks were his preffered destination all along, but that doesn’t mean a lot really.

    Have in mind that he also didn’t want to get treatment like Lebron or Bosh, which completely destroyed their teams. So it was important to him that Denver doesn’t get screwed up in this deal and if you look at it closely, when knicks were stubbern and offered Nuggets pathetic offers, his statements were like: “There are many options, nothing is certain, I haven’t decided where to go, I haven’t excluded neither nets or contract extension with Nuggets, …”.

    So basicly I think this is a deal with which no one is really happy but no one either feels scew*d. Denver got max out of it and may stay playoff contender and Knicks got at least same quality team and great potential to get another superstar in future years. So no one really profited here.

    But was it worth to wait past the deadline? No, there were far too many risks involved and unknowns here. So everyone’s kind of happy. Knicks got what they wanted, Denver’s happy cause they got more then a fair deal, and Nets may get ex knicks players now, so they’re happy and Carmelo got his max contract and is in place where he wants to be, so he’s happy. Altough I’m a knicks fan I am glad the deal went down now and that it ended like it did.

    Goal for next years should obviously be to get Paul or Williams or Howard and good role players and don’t forget, now that Mozgov is gone they can sign Barron. We may have to wait a bit longer for this team to be really competitive for championship, but I do think that for future team development it was a good deal. We’ve been waiting for so long time and I’ll rather wait for 2 more years then to watch that team struggle for next 10 years.

    Now I just hope they realize they need at least good defensive assistant coach

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  42. Eric says:

    Miami should get ready if they go on facing the Knicks

    • The Knicks suck even more than before!! This “trio” is really stupid. You got Billups (who doesn’t want to play in New York), you got ‘Melo (who only cares about himself and $$$) and you got Amar’e (who is now forced to share with ‘Melo). You guys may be saying they have a trio now, but they had 4 reliable guys before this trade and they were Raymond Felton (who got traded), Wilson Chandler (also traded), and Danilo Gallinari (VERY reliable but traded). Now they don’t even have a good point guard, they only have ‘Melo whereas before they had Gallo and Wil, and they have a less fierce Amar’e because he’ll start relying on ‘Melo. The Knicks are going to worsen this season if anything. NO BENCH, NO DEFENSE, TRADING A YOUNG TALENTED POINT GUARD who wanted to be there AND TWO EXCELLENT FORWARDS who loved NY FOR A 34 YEAR OLD POINT GUARD WHO DOESN”T WANT TO BE THERE AND ‘MELO WHO ONLY WANTS MONEY!!! SMART MOVE NEW YORK!!! ONCE AGAIN DUMB ISIAH LEFT US IN A HOLE!!!

  43. Francisco says:

    Bad move. New York should have gotten Melo in the offseason without giving up Chandler, Gallinari and Felton. Billups is a bit old already and wouldn’t be as productive as Felton. Sure, the duo will attract another superstar but the future trio would have had an amazing bench in the form of Chandler, Gallinari, Mozgov and Felton (assuming it’s Paul or Deron who will be the third superstar).

    But then again, Donnie has a reputation of making great decisions as a GM. Let’s see if there’s something up his sleeve.

  44. Dhog says:

    I feel sorry for my man Chauncey Billups, I know he wants to stay and retire as a Nugget. He had no choice, he got traded to the Knicks along with Melo and 3 other players for 4 talented young players, draft picks and cash. Denver won this trade and we can still make the play-offs. Go Denver Nuggets!!! (fan since 1995)

  45. jeff says:

    This was a mistake by NY´s front. To give up gallinari(3pts expert), chandler(young multidimensional G-F), felton(floor´s general) for melo, who will definitly not match with stat, come on it´s a joke, they´ll go nowhere wit such a move.

  46. adriel says:

    melo will be the talk of the town, new york city will be frenzied once again, BUT still they can’t compete for a championship, they still need CHRIS PAUL to be a real threat in the east!! sigh… if melo waited till the season ends….

  47. KoBeTheBest says:

    Melo+Amare+??????(ohh no!! no one is left!!!!)=.Loo. . . . . ….(Nevermind)..
    c’mon.. the knicks Loose there Young Talented players(that can be Stars someday or even supper stars) in this trade.. If there’s a winner in this trade it would be the NEW JERSEY NETS(congrats)!!! They force the Knicks to give up those young players for Carmelo,,.. Both Nuggets and the NY Loose in this trade..

  48. kevin yu says:

    Well, the best part of the trade was the Knicks are getting rid of Eddy Curry.

  49. King Celtic says:

    OMG, its finally over. Now we can get some press coverage on stuff more interesting than half a real basketball player being traded to NYC (P.S: hes half because he cant play D) .

  50. ChampKobe says:

    Think this trade helped the nuggets more than the knicks. Terrible trade for the knicks, they now have a lineup of billups fields melo stat and turiaf, with no depth in their bench. However, nuggets how have a solid 11 man rotation with felton, afflalo, gallinari, martin, nene as starters and a second unit of lawson, smith, chandler, harrington, and anderson/mozgov. Denver may actually do some damage come playoff time, and knicks just dropped themselves lower than where they are

  51. jackass says:

    wat da hell..dis is up felton,chandler and mozgov is reli a bad decision for NY.dey shud hav wait for d end of d season f dey can get melo without giving up those guys i think dey shud wait for it..i think amare and melo wil clash d way dey play..but im not sure of that..t see is to believe..lets just see if wat dey can do wid d knicks without a supporting cast..its all bout a war of five teams in d east namely d bull,magic,knicks,heat and my team d celtics..dis will b fun to watch…

  52. Watts says:

    At least it’s all over now – can finally get on with the rest of the season. Short-term I have to agree and say that it makes the Knicks closer contenders but still won’t be able to get it done with Billups and no defense. Celtics would still crush us – 2nd round of the playoffs depending on how the other teams finish

  53. Patrick says:


  54. Ace says:

    Sometimes teams try to hard to hit the lottery with unfavorable odds, and the 2011 New York Knicks did just that. They rat out of patience.

    What was one of the most promising teams in the NBA for the 2012 playoffs – a ‘great’ team if I may, has become another ‘good’ team in line behind the likes of the Spurs, Lakers, Heats, Mavs, Celtics, and so on.

    Felton has illustrated some cheat code level developmental since dawning the Knick’s jersey just some 6 months ago, and Wilson Chandler has improved dramatically from an atheletic option, to a more consistent inside-out threat. As for Gallinari, the man was on par to become the most unguardable Big Man with a complete skill set once he improved his post game a bit further.

    In turn, the Knicks got 2 more players that command the ball in Billups and Melo, to go along with Big Stat. While Billups can hold any unit down together with discipline, his legs are not getting any younger and there’s only so much leverage a player has from an All-Star, to an above-average player, to a “oh Ty Lawson will be just fine for us thank you very much Chauncey” player.

    I wish the Knicks the best, I always wanted to once in my life have the oppurtunity to watch an annual NBA Finals at Madison Square Garden.

    Unfortunately for me, from a personally predicted possible 5 year wait… I now think about passing the torch down to my children to live that dream for me.

    Saddest part, I’m only approaching 30.

  55. Okay? says:

    Knicks called Denver and Net’s bluff…lol, Denver wanted to avoid losing Anthony to free agency without getting anything in return, Nets was in the picture just to mess Knicks’ heads…lol..Knicks is still a playoff contender, deep round contender? maybe? but championship team…definetly no! Chicago, Miami and Boston are still on a roll

  56. We'll see says:

    what happens.
    I think they gave up alot in Felton, whos having career highs in almost every category, galinari a consistant scorer and 3-point threat, mozgov who’s not the best but a young and hard working fellow(+ size and defense the knicks need) and finally chandler who I think is an upcoming forward(leave out curry you know why)
    I don’t see that much potential in williams and brewer but they could be usefull as trade chips.
    They kept fields, who I think is the best rookie in the game(leave blake out) who I think is going to be a big factor for the knicks in the next years.
    Who know’s maybe they’ll get another sleeper..maybe someone like rondo 😉 but thats unlikely to happen.
    If they can get a good big man there will be another contender in the east but right now we’ll see what happens in NYC.

  57. No more Melodrama says:

    The Knicks get the player they wanted and an upgrade for this season at point. But the Nuggets did very well themselves. Chandler is a great young player who may be asked to be the ‘go-to’ guy in Denver. Danilo will help fill the scoring void left by Melo. Felton isn’t much of a downgrade and has good upside. Mozgov has potential but more importantly has good size which is always handy, then a future first. Not a bad return for a player whom the Nuggets were going to lose by seasons end.

  58. fish sticks says:

    Well this is interesting. First off, This trade was awful for the knicks. Billups is going to have to play huge minutes in an uptempo system, and it will be interesting to see how he holds out. The roster has a lot of redundancy- at least in miami’s case they knew they were getting two playmakers. neither melo or amare are playmakers, purely scorers. And the odds of gettin paul or williams go out the window when melo signs his extension. 2 max contract players? plus the new CBA? Chris Paul is not going to take minimum wage to play in NY. I predict a fall off now for the rest of the season, maybe 6-7 playoff seed. And then years of being a stepping stone, maybe a couple eastern conference finals once the celts get to old. But nothing mor then that.

  59. kurtsabug says:

    bad trade for NY.way to bad.tsk

  60. Ellis says:

    Bad move. You get rid of 3 of the 4 players that gave NY success for Anthony. THe cost is too big and adding 1 superstar doesn’t mean anything if there is no chemistry which the Knicks finally ahd but is now gone. IF MElo really wanted to come to NY, he could have waited and then Melo with the others, would have been more of a contender.

  61. dante lim says:

    hahaha..bad decision by the Knicks trading their good players for 2 stars? wat will happen if they’re injured?chauncey is getting old and prone to injuries such as amare with his physicality..bad trade!!

  62. Luxembourg says:

    There is another big reason why NY made this deal – and traded Felton – … Chris Paul!! He might join the Knicks in summer now that there is a lack on the Point-guard-Position (Billups will not play for many more years)

  63. Jerome says:

    At least Denver was smart enough to get something 😀

  64. allaround baller says:

    Hey we dont talk defense on d’antoni team anyway !
    this is interesting. but i dont think amare-melo could share the offense. remember iverson-melo before?
    billups add some experience but overall ny still far away from boston n miami.
    and if their system isn’t working soon, ny will just end up below chicago,orlando, atlanta

  65. what about this says:

    The knicks are just going to dump melo and his ego to New Jersey for lopez, Harris and Morrow. Getting themselves a decent center a quick pg, some very decent 3p shooting and Melo the place he deserves to be^^

  66. nbalegend87 says:

    Why doesn’t anyone care to give the Knicks their own unique identity? They shouldn’t just borrow stars from other teams, since they had the talent from Chandler and Gallo and even Felton, who’s only 26 whom they traded for an aging Billups, they can nurture this talent. But you know what? Most “Knicks Fans” are too blind to see that. All they want is Melo. These Knicks fans became Knicks fans when Amar’e came to New York, and they have no sympathy or empathy for these young talented players that the Knicks just traded away. It makes me sick.

  67. Pete says:

    Wow..this is one of those rare trades that I think actually made both teams worse.


  68. AL27 says:

    the knicks have given up way to much. there bench is worse than the heats and their starting 5 isnt as good as the heats. at least lebron and wade can play defence. average trade. good luck ny coz youl need it

  69. jaeske says:

    3 or 4 years and the knicks will be kicking themselves for doining this trade billups will be gone amare and melo will b gettin old and the nuggets will be a force

  70. C&C Music Factory says:

    If I already got a hundred mill in the bank, I wouldn’t sweat the greenbacks no more, I’d go to where I can get a championship before my knees give out.

  71. rondo#9 says:

    lol i just love watching all these “superfriends” franchises being made, they won’t make it anywhare without ANY D AT ALL

    • GaliMelo says:

      Miami’s got D, a big D at that. Celtics Defense won’t be there much longer, they’re old and will get tired on a playoff series. Young guns run and Celtics won’t be able to catch them, sorry Celtics, end of the road for you this year. Same with LA, they’ll get beat by the young OKC or the amazing Spurs lineup

  72. GMan says:

    Denver would have been TIGHT soon if thy hadnt included billups. Now, …? not so sure. At least they now have cap space. Knicks got a steal! As a laker fan, just what we needed to insure a battered east conf champ

  73. ariel_1 says:

    the fact that even the Big 3 in Miami is having problem with the current players that they have how much more NY who have only the Big 2 and no one else. so sad

  74. TMD says:

    There’s a reason all these guys are leaving the West going East, but no one is leaving the East to come West. It’s b/c you have to have your stuff together to contend in the West. It’s easier in the East, that’s why everybody is going SMH!!
    I don’t think this is good trade for NY. All they needed was more time together and a few more intricate pieces tailor made for this team and their system. They’re nearly guaranteed a playoff spot in the East simply b/c the East is not that deep outside of the top 3 teams.

  75. Toto says:

    Melo to NYK. good news. all Superstars in the west. go to east.. knock each other in the playoffs! let dallas, spurs and lakers slug it out in the west…

  76. dude says:

    this is stupid trade Melo for Gallanari,chandler,felton hahaha this is really a funny trade if i where to the new knicks ill wait on the end of this season and before i will get Melo… Melo said he loves to play in new york why did not wait until the end of the season why they must trade Galo,WIllson,felton this is really a bad move this team will never be a good team… think about this if you wait until the season the Knicks line up will gonna be like this center Amare PF Gallanari SF Melo SG LAndry fields PG Chauncey billups there reserved is Felton, Wilson Chandler, MOsgov and etc….so why they need to make this trade hahahaha Bad Mves good luck to the Knicks remember Melo cant LIft any team his playing….. THe miami heat still the best Team Ever gogogo

    • lechoke shames says:


      melo wants to sign the extension contract so he can get the $65M. he wont get it at the end of the season with the CBA lockout looming. please know what you are saying first. tsk tsk tsk….

  77. HJP says:

    I think when the trade happens the Knicks starting lineup should go like this:
    G Chauncey Billups
    G Landry Fields
    C Sheldon Williams
    F Carmelo Anthony
    F Amare Stoudemire

  78. Chris says:

    Is this only my opinion, or is Amare now in the same situation as he was in Phoenix??? The Knicks will be good with Melo, no question, but it’s like with the Suns some years ago. Amare and one or two good/great players playing in D’Antoni’s run-and-gun system without a good Center and no backups at all… Only difference: It’s in New York, where the media will kill you, if you don’t match the expectations…
    As a Mavs fan, I’m of course happy, that the Nuggets won’t be a threat in the playoffs (if they even make them) the next couple of years, but I liked what the Knicks had without Carmelo. They just could have made a playoff run, see what happened (because they were not in the playoffs for years, so that already would have been a successful season) and then added some more pieces next summmer. Even if they then would not have gotten Anthony, they still would have had a solid roster, which lacked only small changes to become a real contender…

  79. NYC says:

    2013/014 starting lineup
    Pg-Chris Paul
    SG-Landry Fields
    C-Dwight Howard

  80. KnicksComeback says:

    I would say they gave up too much in this trade to become a contender this season. Stoudemire and Melo will need time to learn to coexist. Without Felton the Knicks will need to wait for Chris Paul, or another big playmaker, to come to New York. Without any size on the team, the Knicks better pray that Howard decides he wants to play in New York as well.

  81. wesc says:

    getting cp3 or deron williams is a bad idea too, amare and melo are ballhogs they demand the ball everytiime why put superstar point guard where u can just fill with an okay point guard that can run an offense.. why not prefer spending for a big man..

  82. amad says:

    why would they trade him

  83. el j says:

    they gave up waay too much to get anthony.. >_< bad move knicks..

  84. Jason says:

    The Knicks are looking toward the future and landing Carmelo was an absolute must. Who cares if they gave up a bunch of “good” players. It’s SO much harder to find a legitimate superstar like Melo than it is to find a couple of good role players. The Knicks did the right thing, gambling to wait it out till the summer was too much of a risk.

  85. BryanD'Boogieman says:

    Isiah Thomas never left…..

  86. Air-Dog says:

    So ‘Melo got what he wants. His choice of city, his max contract and all sorted before the CBA. The question is…. does he want to win? If so he would have signed with the knicks at the end of the season so they could keep some of their pieces like Felton and Chandler.

    The big question is now with Amare and Melo on the same team…. is who is going to play defence?

  87. wesc says:

    bad trade. bad trade. bad trade. thats why the teams in the west still proves that they have great management, even low market and average market gets champsionship like the spurs, no superstar but with quality all star. look at the thunder average market but they contend well to lakers. new york just get so excited to ge MELO…

  88. Jason says:

    The San Antonio Spurs will be the 2010-2011 NBA Champion………… GO SPURS!!!!!

  89. fiveodano says:

    This is great news…for Memphis, looks like playoff time the Griz. And for the future of Denver. Melo never got them a championship and never would have. In the long run rebuilding with some good young talent and some reduced payroll will help their future. The team this is not good for is NY. Knick fans please don’t compare this trade with what happened this summer with the Heat. The Heat made the playoffs last year without LBJ and Bosh. And they gave up almost nothing to get them. The Knicks were going to make the Playoffs with the team they had and would have been in great position to build for the future. But you need bench players and roll players. If basketball was a 2 man game Miami would never lose…and btw, their best 2 are still better than your best 2. I miss seeing NY challenge for the championship and I don’t see how this changes a thing

  90. T.I.N.O. says:

    oh yeah…. I forgot about NY! ….they definitely got better w/the acquisition of Melo as he alongside Amare is one heck of a combination. I know both players demand the ball but at the same time they both command double teams which should free one another up along with some of their other shooters…. Bill Walker (guess he had no choice but to shoot better in the D’Antoni offense), Shawne Williams, Toney Douglass, Roger Mason (hey, he might get some PT) and most importantly, newly acquired, seasoned veteran, former NBA champion and finals MVP…. the one and only “Mr. Big Shot” Chauncey Billups! …..I think they can make some noise. We’ll see 😉

  91. melo says:

    why felton??!! why?!!!

  92. jayson bagio says:

    Unlike the 3 stars of MIAMI (or lets say LBJ and Wade only) they could carry the heat even LBJ is sitting on the bench or the other one, But in NY, this two knick icon Melo and Amare WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CARRY a team when 1 of them is on the bench. Kinda wasted resources but a good option to lure CP3 on 2012 to join this unit of knicks.

  93. Simply the Greatest... says:

    New York is my hometown, although I reside in South Florida now. The NY Knicks are my 2nd favorite team in east, behind the Miami Heat. The Knicks should have waited until summer though to acquire Carmelo. I am a huge Chauncy Billups fan and while he is “Mr. Bigshot” and a great playoff PG, Felton has done an awesome job with the Knicks. He has alot of determination and is much younger than Billips. Even so, the trade-off could have worked at PG, but when it comes to give up Gallanari and Chandler, I think that was a HUGE mistake! Carmelo is a scorer, in fact one of the best, but when it comes to defense, Carmelo has none. He should not be considered top 5, because of this, top 10 maybe and you all know it’s true. And if you think Carmelo is the best scorer? Then you must think Durant is the best player in the game today. lol If you look at Kobe, Wade, Lebron, Stoudamire, and a few others they all have great defense. Carmelo is all offense. I’m sure the Knicks will do alright this year, but I would be shocked if they made to the conference finals. The Heat, Celtics, Magic, Hawks, Bulls, Bobcats, Sixers, & Bucks (if they make it) are all great defensive teams. Even the 1st round be very difficult for all teams. The Nuggets got a great bargain, though. With Felton’s young legs, 17+ppg, 9+ aspg, early playoff experience and uptempo play, Gallanari and Chandlers Defense and scoring comblined with JR Smith’s talent, that team may take off! I give it maybe a year they may be a dangerous team. But they will make the playoff this year with the defense of Nene, Martin, and Chris ” The Birdman” Anderson combined with the young and talented players. Eddy Curry is gone too? The Knicks don’t want to play D, they want to be the old Phoenix Suns!!! I love the Knicks, but come on, they could better if they just waited. Imagine the team the had in addition to Carmelo Alone… Instant Contenders

  94. […] I’ve heard you still have access to Geico insurance that way), it’s been reported that the Knicks have acquired CarmeloAnthony.  Ok, so the rest of the league can get going with any other trades now, right? That may or may not […]

  95. T.I.N.O. says:

    Denver got good out the deal…. They can now get the player they drafted in Ty Lawson and also I like that they were able to get some good role players in Gallinari and Chandler. This is potentially a pretty good team looking forward. They have some pretty nice pieces in Afflalo, Lawson, JR Smith (IF he can manage to focus on balling instead of brawling) and their two new pieces in Gallo and Chadler. I’m not mentioning Felton because I think they plan to trade him to NJ.

  96. flipmiester says:

    maybe doubters will say bad things about the trade….but we all know that melo is a great player and he wanted a shot to the title, so why not give this guy a chance…..i know melo, chauncy, and amare will not let this move go down to waste….so let’s just hope the best…..after all it’s going to be very amazing..

  97. […] [Photo Credit:] [Trade details compiled from : ESPN and] […]

  98. william says:

    how stupid can one!! no two i dnt see nothin goin good in this.. its just all goin to go down hill watch!! wooooooooooooooowwwww!!!

  99. erwin says:

    wooooooooooow…….im a bulls fan and im upset they should’ve waited until summer

  100. Danny says:

    Bad trade…Defence wins championships and the Knicks can’t even spell the word… Im a Bulls fan and this trade does not worry me in the slightest, still only Boston and Miami capable of beating the Bulls in the East…Cant see the Knicks making the second round of the playoffs this year…They need more and they wont be getting it this year….The Lakers Mavs Heat C’s and Bulls only teams that can win the title this year…And if Lebron and Wade bring it all come playoff time its a Heat championship maybe losing a game in the finals…

    • tingyman says:

      lol your bulls will have a fun time in the playoffs smashing dunks all over the knicks head. they have NO and i mean NO centers or men that could play center except maybe of turiaf and amare. Then who plays the pg now? hahaha derrick rose and joakim noah, welcome to the dunk festival, however i disagree with you and the heat, the lakers got this this year, and neither you or the heat are getting past the celtics

  101. Steve says:

    melo made a great move becasue he wanted out he was leaving next year but if doing that he prolly wouldnt get that 65 mill smart move he is where he wants to be and he gets his money and someone stated bout billups yeah he is one and done i can see cp3 going but even if he dont you can always find a point like felton ya dig knicks know what they doing

  102. TommyMac12 says:

    Bad decision by the Knicks. Carmelo and the Knicks should’ve waited till the offseason and that way the Knicks wouldn’t have lost an awesome PG and SF in Danillo Gallinari. They have no bench and i’ll be surprised if Ama’re and Melo can play as a team together.

  103. amn says:

    chauncey has playoff/finals experience that’s another reason why they made this move. they want to try and do something big in the playoffs this year. melo also at the point in his career where he wants to be on a real playoff contender. man the nuggets were so dope 2 years ago, then they fell apart mentally. used to love them but that era is over now. if only there was some way to get steve nash to the heat……

  104. RoscoeStar says:

    People are insisting that this is a detrimental trade for the Knocks. I beg to differ. Anthony was not 100% going to New York in the summer. By that time he could have gotten better deals from other teams that had more potential.
    They gave up a lot however so from that aspect I have issues but who knows…they kept Fields. Felton was certainly showing that he was full comfortable running the team.

    As for Amare…he’s a scoring NON-DEFENDER who just wants the ball to score it. Nash rubbed off on him in that aspect They just pick and roll and score then walk on d. Ever noticed that wherever he (Nash) goes the 4s and 5s NEVER play D. Amare has proven that he is capable of hitting clutch shots so who gets the ball now??

    After sacrificing for all of those years this trade is ok ONLY IF they get a renowned point guard…hopefully they’d successfully find one who is younger and more defensive minded. Billups cannot run all game long especially at New York’s frenetic pace

  105. CROWNHOLDER says:


  106. kiimi says:

    what a nice combination!!! gogogo knicks!!!

  107. […] [Photo Credit:] [Trade details compiled from : ESPN and […]

  108. chuckron says:

    was it carmelo who punched a knick at MSG before?..did the knicks fans forgot that…welcome to ny carmelo tho’…..

  109. Captain1623 says:

    No Defense with Melo, Billups and Amare!

    while Miami Big 3 = full blasts combination of Offense – Defense

    Go heat!

    • tingyman says:

      watch as the heat get eaten alive by the celtics in the playoffs, then go on to get sat on by the lakers…. good luck

  110. Captain1623 says:

    hahaha Nightmare TRADE!

    Still the Big 3 of Miami is the BEST!

    Melo sucks!

    GO Heat!

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    Carmelo Anthony traded to New York « | Hang Time Blog…

  112. Paul Yun says:

    Hopefully, New York is in the process of working out a deal to bring in CP3. Until they acquire CP3, I’m not buying this trade. Melo’s great, but New York gave up their future, so for their sake I hope it works out alright. But bottom line: Get Chris Paul.

  113. LeBronze Medal James says:

    Just doesn’t seem like a smart trade, the knicks damn near gave up there whole team and sure melo is good as hell but him and Amar’e can’t get it done by themselfs again’st teams like boston and miami,,Just not a good move they will score more points of course but thats about it,,,just a way to make money more fans will come to watch them play now that melo is there and don’t get me wrong he will bring some excitement to new york but as far as them making a long run deep in the playoffs forget it,, I think Melo had a better chance at winning in denver, I mean I don’t see such a big difference between both teams,,he will have the same result he had in the west and thats another lose in the playoffs!!!

  114. The Kid from edmond says:

    Hmmm, so let me get this straight. The Nuggets traded basically melo, to recieve Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov, the Knicks 2014 first-round draft pick, the Warriors’ 2012 second-round pick, the Warriors’ 2013 second-round pick and $3 million in cash.

    Lets see some down fall from this: first how are the nuggets going to rebuild with no super star. every player they traded for will never be able to show out on a consistent enough basis to make it to the finals. they basically gave santa 1 cookie with some icing for a bunch of Nicknack’s that will be used every once in a while around the house.

    Now the knicks on the other hand have basically put all their eggs in one basket, with the hope that the DREAM TEAM SEALER Chris paul will buzz buzz himself to new york. until then, they have wiped out their entire back up force for one guy. Chancey is gettin up their and cant run like the old days. which is how you win games. RUNNING fast paced teams who are successful on the break can almost never be stopped. the knicks, by aquiring those new players, have shot them selves in the foot

  115. stev says:

    WOW, holy smokin~~finally~~Knicks got Mr.big, Melo on the team.

  116. somone says:

    Miami havent got a worry unlike amare and melo.. lebron and wade are known for the dominance at Both ends of the court and when melo turns on his scoreing game lebron will just look for his own shot more often …

  117. postulio says:

    People.. dont leave billups out of this he is way better then raymond my be older but hey look at boston

  118. Starman68 says:

    GO LAKERS!!!!

  119. vOnz says:

    Whoever thinks NYC made a bad decision… Then u guys dont know your bball at all. BILLUPS has 1 year left on his contract!!!! CP3’s contract has 1 more year left! It’s all planned.

    NYC 2013 at the latest will have Amare, Carmelo and Chris. Period.

    • tingyman says:

      and what gives you guarantee tht paul is coming to nyk? your as$?

    • ChampKobe says:

      Thing is, even if they do get paul, they could’ve easily gotten paul melo amare mozgov fields and gallinari. Instead of just paul melo amare and fields

  120. Balishag says:

    i like the trade and i like the potential the team has with their roomier cap space. however i still think they got taxed pretty hard to make it happen. And if i remember my history correctly, whenever the knicks start overpaying for talent im reminded of allan houston all over again….

    On the other hand I think Melo is a better player defensively and as a whole than what people are giving him credit for. Yes, he has flaws as a defender, but he still has size and length which is good enough unless hes against kobe or lebron. I think it all comes down to how wisely the knicks spend the rest of their cap space and how well the team gells after they get it all together.

    I guess we’re going to have to wait and see….

  121. heats says:

    Melo will not help one bit big shot Billups Amarie and Carmelo it a good trio but not as good as the heats or boston period even if they get hot they won’t be more than the 6th seed maybe seven it is a long road. there defense will buckle no big men to show in the post on defense and i am pretty sure the chicago bulls boston celtics orlando and miami will eat that up. and going straight fast Knicks can’t comepair to miami nomore they lost there scorers point blank period Melo would of been better off signing a 7 yr deal with the knicks in the summer stupid trade on knicks behalf. And the Knicks are not better than the heats sorry.

  122. bagy says:

    melo lakers go ..

  123. Gum says:

    East is vastly improving

  124. chuckron says:

    next move for ny.sign chris paul or deron williams…howard is up for grabs too next summer…goodluck ny….

  125. kb24 says:

    it’s a bitter sweet trade for the knick but why not gamble, they already gamble in mike d’antoni’s run and gone system hopefully they go all the way the finals and be destroyed by the lakers…

  126. Ken says:

    Any Knicks fan that is happy about this trade really needs to learn about basketball. This is a horrendous trade. And for the guy that celebrates this as the end of the Isiah Thomas era – this deal was ALL ran by Isiah Thomas. Walsh didn’t have anything to do with it, and is allegedly furious about having this roster gutted.

  127. Alan says:

    Bill Walker must be very happy now since he will get his PT back! ^^

  128. Stephen says:

    U fu*k*n idiots! I’m a passionate knicks fan and would just like to say that i’m disgusted! The Knicks were already headed in a positive direction with a good solid young roster and great chemistry. How about a little composure and patience???!!! Melo may have come as a free agent anyway. How can we just throw away great pieces who were passionate about playing for the knicks franchise like they are nothing! Disgusting! Hopefully this is the start of something special, however I thought we were heade in that direction anyway. Can’t help but be absoloutley shattered at this point.

  129. LBJWDEBSH says:

    and i think KNICKS will never get past in the first round..

    the only upside thing is they get BREWER…

    common GIVING MOZGOV!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. LBJWDEBSH says:

    is ISIAH is in the KNICKS oragnization again

  131. Jay says:

    Time to play 2k 🙂

  132. Kert Enteria says:

    NY Knicks need to get any of these players too: Chris Paul, Antawn Jamison, Tayshaun Prince, Nene, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, David West, Rip Hamilton, Marc Gasol or even Andrew Bogut.. THEY NEED BIG MEN FOR MORE DEFENSE!

    • Sunsman says:

      To all you knick fans, only problem is can they afford another good/great player. They have nothing left to trade. And will have to wait for free agency to use what is left of what ever cap space will be left following collective bargining.

      There won’t be more than using the cap space to buy an overpriced underachieving player that other team wants to ship prior to the trade deadline for the knick for the rest of this year.

      So maybe Rip or Jamison. But either would be a mistake looking into next years free agency, which could be very interesting.

  133. Alan says:

    Denver’s lineup is much better




    plus they got brewer and lawson is still there! very young and talented!

    damn denver will be fun to watch!

  134. Ren27ster says:

    Knicks are heavy hitters now. They are built to get a chance at the championship in the next few years. Billups is a great point guard, but not sure if he fits in with d’antoni. If Billups still has a pep in his step, then that will help a ton more. The bench is basically the same. If anything, i feel like this was a great trade by the knicks (even if they could’ve just waited) and I feel like the Nuggets are going to be in the rebuilding stage for quite awhile.

  135. rj15pogi says:

    go get CHRIS PAUL NEXT!!!

  136. Johnny Bravo III says:

    Congrats Knick fans! You can now celebrate 2nd and 3rd place finishes in the East for years to come!! Yeah!!

  137. mge22 says:

    go knicks!!!
    2010/2011 champions!!!

  138. you dont have to know says:

    Denver won for this trade.. they acquired “good players”. i think they are still a playoff contender with their new roster.. Better if they will acquire a superstar(a go to guy/scorer) in the future.

    • Sunsman says:

      Only problem is that they lost their starting PG. Will take a while for Felton to learn the new system and as someone wrote above, the bottom half of the Western Conf playoff ladder is jammed. Nuggets can not afford to lose too many games getting chemistry down. I suspect they will have lapses which could cost them the playoffs this year. BUT… this trade isn’t about this season, that was written off by management 30 odd games ago, next few years watch this team grow.

      JR Smith

      That’s a mighty fine starting unit. With decent defenders and roll players already on the roster, and a strong coach in Karl to bring it all together.

      Great trade for Nuggets, absolutely GREAT!!

      (yet funnily somehow Walsh will probably get exec of the year)

  139. MeloSquareGarden says:

    Nice Job KNicks THe MSG will rise again..

    IM a FAN of Denver .. but i understand NBA Players and the organization. Its a part of the NBA you go there you go to the place where you can win championship i UNderstand my man MELo though i love him to play in DENVER.. but i want him to have champiionship RIng.. in that case he would be a part of the RING BEARERS hehehe..

    Atleast!the nuggets got a descent ROSTER via trade.. they got players in exchange not like what happen in CAVS..

    I want to see melo mixed up with AMare.. Im a lil bit pity to SIr CHAUNCEY coz he want to play for nuggets and retire there for good.. but Sir chauncey aint finish to guide MELO to his full potential.. Mr. BIG SHOT = BIG APPLE..

    GO KNIcks..

  140. think says:

    I think the trade is good for both teams. Aside from Melo, NY got chauncey. Although it will still be an offensive-oriented team, Billups’ defensive IQ would definitely be of great help to the team. Though everyone is now focusing on the scoring duo of Melo and Amare, I think Billups’ steady hand and leadership is the key for the Knicks.

    As for Denver, getting rid of all the drama can finally make them focus to shoot for the playoffs. Though they’ve lost a superstar in Melo and a leader in Billups, they’ve still got raw young talent in Galinari and Chandler. Felton still has room for growth and I think he’d get along well with Karl, and also there’s the improving Lawson who can get more minutes due to Chauncey’s departure. Hopefully, even if Mozgov isnt much talent, he’d still be a welcome addition to the oft-injured Denver bigs. Then there are the draft picks that may help them as bargaining chips for further trades (Kmart).

  141. Zack Heffler says:

    New York will be back on top and everyone knows the reason he didn’t wait for the offseason is because of the money. Both the Knicks and Melo are happy. Sorry New Jersey hahaha

  142. richi4rmboston says:

    even with Carmelo the knicks are gonna suck…no bench & no true point guard…defense aint that great either lol..defense wins championships

  143. Styles says:

    The Knicks are looking long term…with expectations to sign either Deron Williams or Chris Paul and form a trio of their own in (Anthony and Amare + PG),

    Face it….the Knicks would NOT have gotten Anthony for free (free agency) because Anthony wanted the money and would’ve signed the extension eventually. So the trade in essense was a good one despite it hurting us NOW!!

    Remember…with D’toni’s system, player’s stats are inflated. Gallinari is overrated (and a fake Dirk Nowitzki) and Chandler is replaced now by Anthony as SF. Felton was definitely solid but if you check the stats, his numbers were coming down as the season progressed. The main issue now is replacing Billups as he will not fit the uptempo system. Then you worry about the bench (remember…we still have Walker, Douglas, Turiaf, and Azubeke who hasnt played due to injury). Thats enough in D’toni’s system (as he usually plays an 8 player rotation).

    • tingyman says:

      good point here, i guess they are looking to long term, but its pretty risky tho… if chris paul or deron decide to stay in their cities ofr go somewhere else…

  144. LBJWDEBSH says:

    well what if MELO suffered a ACL injury??

    then were will be the KNICKS if that happned??

    commo’n giving FELTON and MOZGOV that’s the future ryt there..

    D’Antoni relying on BILLUPS and DOUGLAS??? common!!!!

    again KNICKS disappoints in DEALING!!!!!! tsk tsk tsk tsk

  145. Lakers says:

    Bad trade for New York. Lakers will still win though so wont matter

  146. Sunsman says:

    Don’t know how this will work, even on offence. Melo is not a catch and shoot kind of player he needs the ball. But he isn’t a pick n roll sort of guy either, so can’t see how Stat and Melo fit.

    Stat just got himself a team, and now Melo’s going to be demanding the ball as well. Can see Billups running with Stat, and Melo at end of clock, but will this be enough to satisfy the egos?

    As for D, well if Coach D can work out the offence, who needs D right?

  147. kinglobo says:

    i know da knicks gave up a lot but melo wasn’t waiting till da offseason cuz he would lose out on money and wilson chandler said he dont wanna go to denver so we can get him back he is a top 5 sf and we need to trade felton cuz were getting chris paul next year to make the best “BIG 3” ever

    • tingyman says:

      there was a “posibilty” that he would have lost out on money, depending on the new cba so it wasnt a definite thing. And you have no assurance that paul is going tot be in nyk next year… and although i hate them the heat will still have a better big three…..

  148. israel says:

    worst move ever

  149. Alan says:

    epic fail for the knicks IMHO! as of to date, felton > billups, galo + chandler > melo… WTF KNICKS!!!!! what were you thinking? you shouldve listended to Barkley when he stated to wait for FA. If melo really wanted to go to the knicks, he will sign to them with a much lower cost.

  150. JMA says:

    Yall are kidding saying NY gave up to much? they r a game over .500, Melo Amar’e and Billups u kidding me? WIN!

    • tingyman says:

      and who else? the heat at least have big z, anthony[joel] and mike miller, juwan howard and other people i dont really give an eff about but they are at least backups, who da knicks got…. nothing

  151. dean says:

    i cannot beleive this
    carmelo anthony has just made the worst decision
    he used to be my fav player

  152. Sam Maranan says:

    Switching of PG’s? Not bad. Billups is as good as Felton. Maybe even better! Im hoping to see the knicks get the 5th or 6th playoff spot.

    • tingyman says:

      dont get your hopes up on billups, the guy is retiring in a few years and is only slightly better if not worse than felton, the knicks already have the 6 spot due to the fact that i dont see 76ers jumping for it, and there is no way that the knicks will catch up on 5.5 games behind the hawks for 5th

  153. MARWEEZY says:


  154. B says:

    This was also commented last night in the All-Star game by one of the commentators. Amare and Melo are too similar, and in a bad way. They both need the ball, and not very good rebounders and defenders. And they almost play the same position – which showed when at times Amare guarded Melo in the All-Star game.

    What’s worse, the Knicks traded away 3 of their starters who were all playing very well, were on the upside, liked by the New York crowd, and had good chemistry with Amare. And they also lost center Mozgov, who has great potential as well. All in all, they lost 4 young upcoming players for Melo, and an old player in Chauncey on the downhill. Bad trade.

    For rating on the trades, Denver gets an A for not only getting something for losing Melo, but 3 excellent young starters that will still improve in the coming years. Sorry Knicks, this rates as a C for you, and probably ranks among those trades where you got Marbury, Francis, McDyess, and Randolph and the team got worse. It now all depends if the Knicks can sign up very good role players for nothing, to offset this bad trade for them, just to save the great start they had this season.


    Let’s look at our projections of these major players involved 5 years from now:

    Gallinari = will be the next Dirk Nowitzki averaging 25 and 8.

    Chandler = defensive role player, athletic swingman and three-point shooter, something like a combination of Bruce Bowen and Richard Jefferson.

    Mozgov = become an excellent back-up center, putting up solid backup center numbers.

    Felton = An above-average point guard putting up 18 and 8.

    Anthony = continue averaging in the high 20’s and near 30 points a game, become more perimeter oriented, but still no cigar.

    Billups = retired now and gone fishing.

    Balkman = still balking at riding the bench in another team, or maybe is now playing overseas.

  155. Terox says:

    I think that’s a pretty bad trade. Wilson Chandler has buttloads of potential.

  156. Toronto23 says:

    Not terrible trade for NYK, not sure how they will rebuild there bench but this makes them dangerous in the next few years to contend for a championship however D’antoni is not the guy, I can see New Yorkers shutting down manhattan in protest for his resgination just before christmas next season. Remember where you heard it first!

  157. Josh Pell says:

    I dont know if this is good trade or not, one hand sure its great but they just got raymond felton this past off season and now they give him away and Wilson Chandler and gallinari were both turning into pretty good role players, so i’ll sit on the fence on this one i think.

  158. MELOMARE says:

    Melo + Amare = Nightmare of the EAST!

  159. DNug says:

    Ironic,Melo’s bitch slap at the Garden a few yrs ago and now bitch slapped you again making you lose players.Hope you enjoy 1 and done playoff runs.

  160. Rockn says:

    Worst trade, look at how much you just gave up to get a man who’s been in the league as long as him, I predict Melo breaking down in two years and Knicks ownership and fans crying “Why’d we trade for him?” Melo is a good player, but I for one am glad the Bulls never thought twice about going after him. And whoever said he’s soft in the 4th, are you retarded? He’s better than Kobe statistically (which is crazy). I can see Knicks moving up to 5th or 4th, but when the playoffs start, its (as my man Charles Barkley says) D-E-F-E-N-S-E that wins championships and I don’t see the Knick (or Heat) playing D. Boston wins cause they play defense, Chicago wins cause they play Defense. Heat win cause they outscore most of their opponents. This will be the case for the Knicks as well. If you’re lucky, you win a first round series, but 2nd round wins will be harder to come by. Welcome to finical constraints as well.

  161. mike says:

    good for knicks now not good for future u lost 3 really good young players in felton danilo and chandler…..

  162. Ondray Simmons says:

    So glad this happened in the East. Dwight has no where to go next year but the Lakers.
    There is no room for him in the East now. Why go to Miami or Boston, and now the Nicks
    are out. Best big market place left LA, and it won’t be the Clippers.

  163. Whooooaaa! This is going to be an interesting playoffs on the East Coast!

  164. Chrispaulisnext says:

    Now all y’all need is Chris Paul and a bench and y’all can compete with the miami heat

  165. dhenisz says:

    another big name’s for the NYK
    for the miami celtics magic and the bull it’s time to prepare another contender will rise
    CP3 is coming soon…………
    to create your own big 3.

  166. Senior says:

    New York are gonna be the worst defencive team in the nba, gonna struggle big time when melo and amare are’nt making there shots

  167. sym430 says:

    Thank God, it’s over…Welcome to the Big Apple

  168. jers. says:

    hmmmp… thats for sure for NYK get the job done and make the most of it.

  169. justine allstar says:

    i love to see new york and miami battle in the playoffs. its lebron vs carmelo..

    • tingyman says:

      unless the 76ers begin to turn into beasts and move into 6 place or the chicago bulls start beasting and kick the heat out of 2nd, it aint gonna happen

  170. China says:

    Alas! The fire burns hotter than ever in the MSG since the times of the Knicks back in the ol’ days.
    New York will have a show to put on with melo and amare.
    and who knows, will Chris Paul come to the Knicks? NBA just keeps getting better and better…

  171. dmz says:

    very very bad trade. Carmelo was obviously not signing an extention in Denver. And was obviously interrested in heading to N.Y. in the summer anyway. So what the Knicks did was give up half of their roster, their young core, for a chance to go to maybe the 2nd round in the playoffs, while they could get a much better deal in the offseason.

  172. raithen says:

    both team will benefit for this trade ( much more on LAL )…:)

  173. KnightaRider says:

    Guys, settle down for a second.. Did you see the players the Knicks sent packing?! Great, young and talented guys who have kept this team afloat JUST AS MUCH AS AMARE HAS! Raymond Felton is a truly genuine star point guard and only 26 years old) and Billups is well and truly on the way down, and at nearly 35 will only have maybe one decent season left. the Knicks will no doubt be offensively powerful but their two superstars are well known for being average defenders (watch for NY to give up plenty of points to quality opponents) I cant blame NY for thinking their “Messiah” is here to save the day but i can’t see it happening..

    • Sunsman says:

      Yeah Billups is on the way down, that is why they pitch to Chris Paul in the off season. With Paul, pressure on the ball will also help the poor D the Knicks will put out on the floor for the rest of this year. Next season, if they add a couple of spot shooters who can defend, and a couple of defensive bigs that board, then as long as ego’s are in check this could get big.

  174. HEATBOI says:

    Good deal for Nuggs. NYK i think gave up to much……..
    So whats the lin eup now for the Knicks……..?

    PG= Billups
    SG= Fields
    SF = Melo
    PF = Turiaf
    C = Amare
    That team wont be the Bulls in the 1st round.

    Oh do they have anyone else ???

    Oh thats right Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter and Renaldo Balkman.

    • Beogard says:

      I agree a good trade for the Nuggets, the Knicks did a terrible trade, i would rather have keept all those players and waited for Melo in the Off season, not like he would have gone anywhere else anyway unless his greed kicked in, but i still think they are better with chandler, galo,mozgov and especially felton he’s a perfect fit for there playing style

      • GaliMelo says:

        yeah, knicks wasted a good team on this one-dimensional player, Nuggets actually got the better deal for this

  175. SBZ says:

    EAST is full of all stars now!

  176. enzo says:

    good thing they didnt include fields coz the knicks wont have anything left who plays defense.

  177. Die Hard Die Always Knick Fan says:

    This trade is just like any typical New York trade. I believe we gave up too much. Now why was Timofey Mozgov the deal breaker….are we really doing the right thing here. Walsh was against this. Hmmmmmm, I wonder why? Is it because Walsh like me realized that denver really had their backs up against the wall. Do you really think LaLa (Camelo’s wife) would have let him signed that contract extension. Hell does anyone remember that Melo said it isn’t about the money. Smh…we lose half of a team that was coming along and now we the part of the answer to the Knicks. BUT WE STILL NEED A CENTER.

  178. Not Michael Jordan says:

    Good luck getting past Chicago

  179. perezociety says:

    This is actually happening,…

  180. redhead says:

    This was also commented last night in the All-Star game by one of the commentators. Amare and Melo are too similar, and in a bad way. They both need the ball, and not very good rebounders and defenders. And they almost play the same position – which showed when at times Amare guarded Melo in the All-Star game.

    What’s worse, the Knicks traded away 3 of their starters who were all playing very well, were on the upside, liked by the New York crowd, and had good chemistry with Amare. And they also lost center Mozgov, who has great potential as well. All in all, they lost 4 young upcoming players for Melo, and an old player in Chauncey on the downhill. Bad trade.

    For rating on the trades, Denver gets an A for not only getting something for losing Melo, but 3 excellent young starters that will still improve in the coming years. Sorry Knicks, this rates as a C for you, and probably ranks among those trades where you got Marbury, Francis, McDyess, and Randolph and the team got worse. It now all depends if the Knicks can sign up very good role players for nothing, to offset this bad trade for them, just to save the great start they had this season.

  181. Senior says:

    Mozgov > Melo

  182. Earnest Grandberry says:

    Denver will suprise alot of people with the trade and it wil look so good when drose constanly goes past chancy billups NY will still suck just glad I dont have to hear about where Melo the ball a holic is going to play. Defense wins games and this team doesnt have it.

  183. Deandre says:

    so, this trade is cool and all. All I’m sayin is this. I’m a full out Trailblazer at heart. Melo shoulda traded before allstar break so Lamarcus Aldridge (should’ve been an allstar over Kobe for his outstanding play while B-Roy was out) could’ve played. But now the Nuggets are gonna slump. Raymond Felton will dominate though. They are probably not going to make the playoffs as Memphis will probably inch in there. The knicks will thrive from the beginning and do well in the playoffs. Also, DO NOT FORGET CHAUNCEY BILLUPS. (He’s kinda raw too) With Amare, Melo and Chauncey, the knicks will be a formidable opponent and unless the nuggets get someone who’s raw in the draft, their landslidel starts tomorrow.

    • tingyman says:

      why does lamarcus deserve an all star nod over KOBE?? why not over tim duncan, or kevin love? why did you choose kobe when they dont even play the same position?
      haters gonna hate

  184. Haris Tahirovic says:

    i wanted to see melo in new yourk but now they are a threat to my team the BOSTON CELTICS

  185. CeLTICS says:


  186. Uneclipseable says:

    This deal makes no since at all…. I don’t see the Knicks moving past there current playoff position (7th)…. Just goes to show the pressure the front office is under… They gave up a ton of talent for a guy that would have come knocking in the off season anyway…

  187. Will says:

    i think this was a bad trade for the knicks… they should have just waited until the summer they get carmelo then

  188. ice_nine says:


  189. twiz says:

    good to see melo join the knicks. this takes a load off stat.
    if knicks would have traded alot sooner probably could have kept felton.
    with the reports of deron williams bookin utah in 2012 to join the knicks.,
    why dont the knicks make a trade for him now, while the cba is still in play ???

  190. Emen Essien says:

    Congrats New York, but you just lost a piece at the point position…not enough this year!

  191. Seiji says:

    I think Melo would be a BIG help in the NEW YORK KNICKS… They would surely be in the Play-offs.

    See Yah in the PLAY-Offs!!.. :))

  192. Colt says:

    HOW HORRIBLE!!! I love Melo and everything, but i really liked the Nuggs.I’m really sad to see him leave. I really dont think he stands a chance in the east tho quite honestly. Bad move for all parties in the trade. But i guess its its the best Denver could do, right?

  193. ReeM says:

    lol…. i like this trade toooo NEW YORK, but i still think he should of went to the LAKERS…. if he wanted a ring…

  194. j money says:

    Wow. For some reason this reminds me of that d wade commercial, when he says “get me outta here”. Knicks dont have a good bench now. Just trade billups.

  195. wtf says:

    nets and nuggets get the best of this deal, amare + melo wont work together in d’antonis system, defitintly not until they get a good young pg, so when we get chris paul or deron williams, 🙂 were gonna kick ass

  196. @lby says:

    Walsh is in the bathroom throwing up…

  197. SSD LAKERS FAN says:


  198. GaliMelo says:

    this wont work, it’ll just be for show, New York will still not be an elite team in the east even with Melo on the lineup. NY had a great lineup prior to this, what a waste

  199. @-town,colorado says:

    boooooooo carmelo anthony ur a punk how sorry are u 2 leave a city such as my city the mile hi city u punk. i kno he may never see this but cuzz is a punk an i promise u will never be liked n this great city. how can a man fight a team then go to that team u sorry homie. were very very disapointed in u. i cant believe a man ran away for his wife boooooo i had respect for u but u became one of those players that i hate. i hope THA DENVER NUGGETS WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. YOU ALSO ALLOWED CHAUNCEY BILLUPS LEAVE A CITY HE REPRESENTED. u r a punk homie boo MELO i hope u hurt ur legs or ankle where u cant walk. SORRY CHAUNCY YOU WILL BE MISSED MAN THA REAL DEAL FROM PARK HILL.

  200. Bodom Child says:

    what about Rip Hamilton?

    I think he’ll fit perfectly with the knicks

  201. kobe says:


  202. olem says:

    man knicks gave up a heck of a lot

  203. Ryan says:

    well at long last the trade talks are finally over and done with. they were so past the point of exhaustion. though i find what the knicks traded and received to be just a little questionable as they just got a hell of a lot older with billups and carter running the show while the nuggets are bound to drop out of the playoffs without anthony and billups yet now they are able to do some major rebuilding this summer by having gotten a whole lot younger and possibly be a better team next year and in the future with so much youth coming in over the next few years. and poor rip hamilton is stuck in detroit warming up the bench. sure would have been nice to see billups and hamilton together again.

  204. @lby says:

    Nooooooo Gallinari nooooooooooo!!!!come onnnnn!!!they gave up way 3 starters! I can’t believe it!!

  205. miaboi305 says:

    dnt matter its WADE COUNTY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. SSD LAKERS FAN says:


  207. enizoch says:

    now we got another elite team to add to boston miami orlando and chicago in the east. and the nuggets weaker in the west.

  208. Rick says:

    Don’t forget about landry fields, hes gonna be an allstar in a few years.

  209. Bobby says:

    this is a bad move for the NYK. felton, chandler, gallinari and mozgov are all quality player and to get ris of them all for one guy is dumb. Melo better perform or New York title chances are going to sink fast

  210. The trade may be blockbuster but there will be some questions on the new big apple duo, the team may have prolific scorers in the nba, but they are not good team platers, melo is effective if h has the ball, amare is effective in a pick in roll game, will they click together? Will cahauncey be thesame as before? The team dont have shooters like the heat, they are not deep like the celtics and the mavs. It;s not thesame as Gasol and Kobe tandem, they may be playoff contenders but they cant beat the celtics and the heat in a playoff game, and as to add, Chicago will also be standing in their way.

  211. sigs says:

    Knicks traded away the fan favorite in Gallinari. Dont know if im a fan

  212. Brian says:

    First.. =] Knicks so sexy now.

  213. Jette B says:

    ‘Melo is a Knick!

  214. Moses says:

    well im glad he is in the east. but he wont be on the starting line-ups for next year for the allstar game. plus its gonna be hard for the denver nuggets new players on new york to understand Coach Mike offense. i give em two years to finally get to the top three teams. in three years i got
    New York
    i like melo tho so im happy for him. the Garden is gonna love this wednesday

  215. dakid says:

    wow!gud luck to knicks!

  216. Carmelo AnthoNY says:

    it’s about time!!! my man boutta tear it up in New York.. Finally the real revival of the birth place of basketball, make us proud MELO !!!

  217. enizoch says:

    I got first comment, neat. chauncy, amare, and carmelo, is a trio that sounds great but is they got rid of alot of players so is they any holes?

  218. garcia says:

    it’s about time denver and new york made a deal… The east just got interesting now…

  219. M$G says:

    (I am the biggest Knick Fan). Are you guys retarded? what did you do to our(New Yorkers) team? Is the goal to sell over priced tickets or win A Championship? this is a bull sh*t trade.

  220. marbs says:

    good thing landy fields stays put

  221. adam S says:

    good choice.. now all thats missing is criss paul and the trio star power is complete.. the east is stacked with all stars.. prediction the east winning it all this june..

  222. Afghanstreets says:


  223. dgt says:

    Carmelo is definitely needed in NY, but I’m skeptical of another offensive-minded player coming to a team with serious defensive liabilities. He’ll give them more fire power for sure and other defenses will have to try to guard and stop him, but Carmelo is not known as a “stopper.” That’s where my worry comes in. Perhaps I can see them getting to the 2nd round and then out, unless the Knicks miraculously start playing serious defense which I don’t think will happen. Hold on for a better ride than we’ve had in a few years.

  224. Bob says:

    I just hope the “team chemistry” that existed between felton and stoudemire will even be greater. i cross my fingers

  225. Senior says:

    Mozgov is 500 times better then Melo, Nuggets won that trade by far

  226. jim green says:

    melo better play D or sit his ass down ! We already have a bunch of chuckers, Amare the only guy that plays in the paint. Melo never big in the 4th, time for him to man up, grow up.

  227. Old School says:

    I was the first to call it. Melo wasn’t going to the not even playoff bound Jersey Nets. Although I think New York gave away one player to many for Melo. Chauncy is still solid but loosing Raymond Felton really hurts as he’s a more traditional point guard than Billups. Oh well, I think that New York just swiped the 4-spot from Orlando as one of the tope 4 dogs in the East. We’ll see come playoff time. In the words of Spike Lee, “Go New York, Go New York, Go!!!”(I’m still maintaining my Heat fan status since they had steve, Harold, Glen, Grant long, And Seikley. True Heat Fan.)

  228. mcky says:

    amare + melo = wicked sick!

  229. joe swanson says:

    Hopefully im first…yes carmelo to the knicks….yes YES!!!

  230. sean says:

    i like this trade..but i dont like how knicks got rid of gallinari..i think he was good for them and his defense was starting to get wayy better..but good for the nuggets dey got sumthin that wasnt that bad..a wayyyyyyyy better situation then clevland..young point guard two small/power fowards that have great potential cant go wrong there

  231. Jason says:


  232. Andrea says:

    Christ, about friggin’ time. We didn’t need this drawn-out situation, and we knew Melo was gonna go to New York eventually.

  233. kyle s. says:

    Bulls vs. Knicks 1st round. Should be a good series.

  234. Zach says:

    It’s about time.

  235. LAKERS4LIFE says:

    nott badd but damn the knicks line up is hurtin now

  236. Mensur Martinovic says:

    So is J.R Smith going to the Knicks

  237. Tuie says:

    Chris Paul’s next, and then it’s a wrap!

  238. Patrick says:

    Wow….Things just got better for Lebron and camp

  239. Joker says:

    damn… “Let’s GO KNICKS!?” I don’t know if it’s a GREAT fit but I’m a die hard Knicks fan so let’s so how it goes… A SPECIAL ‘Thank You’ to Chandler, Gallo, Timofey, and Felton for their time, efforts, and talents *standing ovation*

  240. awilo says:

    ahh… beginning of the end fo carmelo anthonyy…. personalyl i think hes just a scorer…. nuthin elsee….. nd the new york organization are jus not championship quality…. yes theyll be great offensively…. buh i dk about defense… nd gud luk trying to beat boston and miami…. carmelo anthony = vince carter

  241. Vincent says:

    Carmelo’s trade to New York makes the Knicks an instant contender due to the combination of Stoudemire and Billups. This makes the East an even more competitive conference.

  242. rust says:

    cry imean.. sorry..peace!

  243. Maritire says:

    what a fail by new york knicks

  244. rust says:

    go go.. let lebron cary again..LOL… NBA is getting hot

  245. Ryan says:

    wow finally. after all this drama. felton is being moved as well

  246. Rafael campos says:

    good trade for all teams. nuggets have a future and knicks have that quick fix they were looking for

  247. showbaba says:

    This is a dumb thing for Denver to do. To start rebuidling all over again. Instead of them taking the next step to the next leve they pull everything down and want to rebuild. This makes no sense because they are not in a terrible situation but just need to add more power to the team.

  248. George M says:

    Bout time. Knicks have to go big. Give them two years to acquire more help. By then Boston will be done. They can’t stop now. They have to be the Yankees of basketball. This will take the fans to a new level of excitement. This is what the Garden was built for.

  249. mike says:

    lets go KNICKS!, now lets get CP3!!!

  250. Mel says:

    wow this is awesome, Melo finally done his deal joined his preferred New York Knicks.
    Nice combination of Melo and Amar’e, hope Knicks can make it to da playoffs~~

  251. Bernard says:

    The Knicks are giving up way too much to land “Melo”…At least they still have “Fields”

  252. DADYSPEARL says:

    poor Chauncey so sorry for u

  253. Julian says:

    Stars but team lacks defensive mindset as did the Suns. However, Chauncey should help structure the team on both ends of the court. I do not see them beating the likes of Boston, or even Chicago. Miami is vulnerable because their defense is sporadic.


    • Moses says:

      i like your comment. they not gonna be a good team until a year or so on working on the defense. no way they can beat boston chicago orlando. miami they can keep up with but who will stop lebron tho? or dwayne? thats gonna be hard for em.

  254. JK says:

    One of the most immature players in the NBA. His attitude is gonna sink NY like he did Denver last year.

  255. mac says:

    dantoni is gonna have to throw a uniform on

  256. Alan says:

    Is anyone else worried about this deal? I’m happy for NYK, but they lost a ton for a player they probably could’ve snagged at the end of the season anyway. Losing Randolph and Gallinari is acceptable, but Felton had something going with D’Antoni. Keeping Landry was a steal though.

  257. SpaceJam says:

    This makes the knicks an above average team because while they get a bonafide superstar, they loose shooting and depth. They bring an average defender to a mediocre defensive team and loose the chemistry between felton and stoudimire. They will be a 4 or 5 seed in the East. Not a contender

  258. D.E. says:

    welcome to NY melo…..

  259. DADYSPEARL says:

    He’s not worth it

  260. Andrew Hergert says:

    Looks like my blazers are gonna have to wait 10 years before even thinking of rebuilding.

  261. Cj_Philippines says:

    I kinda like it. haha.

  262. richard says:

    1st round and out

  263. Ralph Hass says:

    I also understand the Knicks get the rights to Justin Bieber…

  264. gomez says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!! this deal makes the knicks in my opinion super good i think when all settles in the knicks are in the top 3 at least i mean they get melo and chaucey come on its nice to ee the knicks doing so good

  265. DeAndre says:

    I am so happy this saga is over!

  266. ryan says:

    finally it took almost an entire season to get it done but its over…. they made this seem more important than the season itself… hope it lives up to the hype

  267. Lakersfanforlife says:

    That’s good for the Nicks, but I don’t think he will win any time soon, he needs to go throught Boston Chicago and Miami, He wanted to be out off Denver, Hey but the Drama is over.

  268. Mike says:

    Great. Now the Knicks have their superstar “trio” in Amare, Melo, and Chauncey. What do the Nuggets have? No superstars and three future second round picks. (New York’s 2014 1st rounder will be no better than a 2nd rounder). I can understand not wanting to get nothing for Melo, but did they have to give up Chauncey, the only other true “superstar” on the team? I think they would have been better off to just let Melo walk.

  269. vOnz says:

    Awesome! Gotta love the NBA!

  270. Wizedogg says:

    Knicks got a bargain of the century. Surely they’re playoff contender now thy have mello and billups in the lineup…

  271. Baxter speaks says:

    Nice move…new york wins will ascend

  272. Dwight Murdough says:

    Its about time… why they made me wait so long… i knew this will happen but not this big… im the biggest Knicks/ Melo fan… i may go get the tattoo this week.

  273. bataraza24 says:

    is it good for the knicks? or good for the east? hmmmm…

  274. johnathan says:

    This may be a good decision, however him and Mire’ may not “click”

  275. kashmoney says:

    gave up a lot, but still worth the trade!

  276. BAM! says:

    This is actually a good trade. Hate to see the Knicks lose Raymond Felton though. But Chauncey is not a bad pg at all! Knicks are going to make a big push towards the top in the East.

    In Denver’s prospective, they wanted a rebuilding state, they got it. Wilson, Danilo, and Felton are all young promising players in the NBA that can start on ANY team. Denver made the right decision of letting Melo go instead of losing him for nothing.

    Overall, Very good trade for both teams.

  277. Vairon Carlin says:

    I cant believe melo is know a knick

  278. nothing says:

    this is the best thing that has happened to the knicks since sliced bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  279. Dean M says:

    I know Chauncey is getting old, but he will fill in empty gaps just as much as Carmelo will.

  280. emwing says:

    billups also going to be a knick?

    whew.. the east suddenly got tougher

  281. LAKERHISTORY101 says:

    The knicks are going to be a threat from now on with amare and carmelo. good teams like the lakers, celtics, heat magic, bulls, spurs, mavericks need to watch out because, this team is now dangerous. broadway is back.

  282. OMG!!! says:

    OMG!! now knicks will the chance to contend for the championship BIGTIME!!!

  283. L o L says:

    lol .. party in the big apple.. 2 stars now.. lets see how the knicks round out come playoff time

    • naz says:

      damn finally lez see how it works out it the big apple dont want no shaq n kobe fite start beween amare n him

  284. Michel says:

    Damn….i mean i knew it all along….dat was the only choice anyways and all dat hoopla all these weeks and months was sooo senseless.
    How would anyone really think about New Jersey having a shot at dat… and then all the nba reporters really writing about it and believing its gonna happen…no offense to yall, but dat was real bad journalism….

    at the end of the day, we knoe about melos wish and about the extension…
    no team would trade for him if not for the extension….
    and oinly melo has a say about dat….and we know he want the knicks….

    Still Crazy stuff right now…

    thx meloman for beeing a west-all star for the last time….

    hopefully u know dat from now on the chances are high u gonna be starting from the bench during all-star weekends…

  285. Rayray says:

    legit threat now with an all start PG, all star PF, and all star Center in Stoudemire. Let the East games begin!!!

  286. boom says:

    OH NO.. A sad day for the knicks. Melo has no D.. And man, wilson chandler.. Gone.

  287. BATTLEDON says:


  288. Eyn says:

    melo would of had a better future as a nugget

  289. matt diz says:

    Yeee Boy! denver will be so sick!

  290. Dakota says:

    I cannot believe that it actually happened. I thought “Melo Drama” wouldn’t end and he would want all the publicity of the free agency market, after all, that is what he really wants because we all already know that Denver would be a better team without all the drama. I was really hoping that he would wind up in New Jersey out of the four teams that were in the running (NYK, NJN, LAL, DEN). I don’t like the idea of “super teams” like Miami and Boston, because it takes away from the actual game. If the NBA continues to have all these all-stars going to certain teams the entire league is going to become New York, Boston, Miami, and Los Angeles. The NBA will lose all the other fan bases because everyone will know they have about a 0.1% chance of winning the title. The super team will be the demise of the NBA

    • The Pest says:

      While I agree with you about disliking the “super teams”, I have to disagree with your inclusion of Boston. Yes, they are a “super team”, but that organization made that team through shrewd trades. To me, they did it the right way. Those players (Ray Allen and KG) didn’t do secret handshake deals (ie- LeBron and Bosh) or force a team to trade them (ie- Carmelo). Furtherore, it boggles my mind that David Stern would let Anthony speak to the Nets and Knicks, especially in the midst of the regular season. The way that entire situation went down was a complete joke!

      • Dakota says:

        Oh I agree with you with Boston, I was just trying to say that they are a super team in the sense of the big three. I like the idea of forming a team like that when you are old and know that you can’t do it all by yourself anymore. Boston did do the right way, I hate the way that Miami did it. That is why I hope that the new collective bargaining agreement limits this from happening because I am personally a fan of a, if not the smallest market team, the Jazz. I also hate all these trades happening because then all the bandwagon jumpers come out in full force, “I’m been a Miami fan since the day I was born.” I really hope that NYK will fail because I think they gave up way too much anyway. I also think that a players loyalty to their respective teams should weigh in on them being one of the best players in the game. I mean look at it, Lebron couldn’t do it by himself in Cleveland (he had some help too, Williams, Varejao, or however you spell his name, Big Z, West) yet D Wade could do it practically by himself, unless you count an old Shaq, old Alonzo, Haslim, Posey, Jason Williams and company good.

    • dball says:

      c’mon, super teams will be the demise of the nba? Jordan, Pippen, Rodman (Bulls) Magic,Kareem,Worthy (Lakers) Bird,Mchale,Parish (Boston), and a lot more. “Super Teams have been in the NBA since the league started, Boston did not win 8 straight Championships w/o a superteam. its a bit differrent in the 80s and 90s but still nobody even Jordan can do it alone. its a 5 man sport you may have a Big 3 or 2 it all boils down to team effort, so Melo goes to the knicks yeah it makes them better but it does not make them a super team. Super Teams will always exsist in the NBA and it surely wont be the reason of its Demise.

      • clite26 says:

        there has always been super teams in the NBA going back to 80’s Celtics and Lakers the 90’s with the Bulls and the rockets so its always been around. I dont see anything wrong with players having a say in thier career because to many players in the past have been loyal to there team and didnt get anything in return look at Patrick Ewing and how he got played by the Knicks at the end of his career. so when the player has the chance to spaek his mind i dont see anything wrong its a business at the end of the day for both player and owner.

      • the chicago lakers says:

        thats different….rodman wasnt the ‘go to’ guy before he went to the bulls and pip and mjs first teams were the bulls.

        and with the 80s lakers, kareem traded to the lakers BEFORE magic and worthy were even drafted. so those ‘superteams’ were legit…unlike teams today where the face of the franchise moves to a team along with another face of the franchise (amare+melo) (lebron+bosh). that WILL be the demise of the NBA. there was never a player in there prime that joined other plays to form a superteam, until now.

  291. john yoffredo says:

    the knicks are back for real although i am very upset that we would just give someone so valuable away such as gallinari and felton.

  292. Leome Francis says:

    This may have to be the happiest moment for me in recent years in NBA. My two favourite players in the NBA teaming up together, Now I know there are gonna be haters saying it wont work but you lot are sniffin skittles. Knicks FTW! 😀

  293. Per says:

    Well,,I dont know if it´s just me,but I really think Knicks lost this one. Felton is among the best in the league,Chandler is a solid player and Gallo is still improving,and Mozgov that´s a really big body down low plus all them drafts,I mean do they even have a lineup now?and Curry/Randolph 2 Minnesota?,,,Jeeesh!and a buttload of draftpicks,,,,hmmm I think Melo is good but common,,he aint THAT good no matter if he´s 6th in scoring,,just me opinion

  294. Devin says:

    I don’t like how the NBA has ended up the last couple of years with guys dictating to teams where they should go because they don’t want to play for their present teams!

    • Jayson HijinX says:

      Completely agree there. Players have too much control these days when it’s the clubs who are forking out the dollars.

  295. xhaggyx says:

    finally im happy for carmelo and all the media can stop thank god

  296. lebronisthe best says:

    the nicks were not being smart they could of waited until the summer instead of giving 3 of there starting players and first roun pick

  297. erwin says:

    i want your opinion on this oneArt it was almost certain that Carmelo would join the Knicks one way or another!!! Nj woul have naver traded for him if he didn’t sign that extentions and from the looks of it, he had no intention of signing it if it meant playing with the Nets, the Knicks were the only real option, that being wouldn’t it been wiser for New York to wait for the offseason???, they would have kept their core intact, Do you think that they gave up a bit too much???

    • bballGuY(BOS) says:

      People forget that ‘Melo wanted his money. That’s a significant factor in why a deal had to be done and why it was “now or never” for New York. Carmelo had hinted that if NY couldn’t acquire him by the deadline, he would consider signing the extension, thus remaining in Denver and leaving NY jilted yet again. So, NY did what they had to do to nab their superstar.

      As for the guys NY lost, they can be replaced; none were spectacular/irreplaceable players.


  298. Lrak says:

    well this trade is great.. melo makes the Knicks a contender in east. knicks will be a playoff team for now… adding a scorer + veteran point guard with chmpionship exp. a young and talented Landry Fields and wth amare leading the team..
    cant w8 for cp3 to complete the big 3 in ny.. go knicks.

  299. ZBloom says:


  300. Analyze This! says:

    This could be a great trade for the Knicks or maybe not. The Anthony Stoudemire duo could be great, or it could be a bust. I’m thinking the Knicks gave up too much, but we will see what happens. It almost seems like they gutted their team to get Anthony!

  301. Sp says:

    wow! losing felton??!! bad move!

  302. isaac says:

    what did the warriors get in return then?

  303. JDizzle says:


  304. josiii87 says:

    oh boooy!!!
    i been all crazy bout that to happen for weeeeeks and now i feel kinda sad…:

    good fo melo, good fo NY -at least fo the city-, but there aint no good fo mister felton,
    >>>from THE spotlight to the shadows of the mountains!!!
    and what kind of a stupid move is this!?! tradin felton for billups, boy boy, maybe they hope fo the best, signing CP3 when he’ll be free agent but thats some kinda crazy gamblin…what if what if…what if NOT…
    but I hope so cuz I love CP3 and that would be some fun to watch and success would come round the corner most probably ,as well!!!
    but fo now, lets see how things will work out with melo in NY…honestly, despite the fun-factor-”wow-melo-wearin-a-NY-jersey”, Im afraid that there wont be too much to ‘wow’ about!

  305. vlad says:

    Oh no, gallinari traded to denver, this is a nightmare.

  306. Michael says:

    wow.. Raymon Felton will be missed 😦

  307. marco rhapsody says:

    curse you dolan and isiah and stupid worldwide wes!!!!!!!!!! and leon rose !!!!

  308. BOSTON says:


  309. wesc says:

    west teams got the benefit for this…

  310. Chello says:

    New York played it bad, they knew Carmelo would only sign the extension with them, so did Denver & so did the nets, they could have offered less than this, the nuggets would be forced to accept it, or Melo would simply opt out next year, I know that for a player of the calibre of Melo it ain’t crazy to trade that much, but it is if you could have gotten him for less, I’m sure Gallinari could still be a knick with just 2 days more patience.

  311. LakeShowSoPro says:

    Melo is a Knick, who didn’t see that coming. LOL

  312. Jay Triano says:

    This is a terrible move….chauncey, amare and melo = ZERO DEFENSE!!!! this team is gonna be headed no where fast.

  313. cooljoeji says:

    bitter sweet! another new team for my main man, chauncey billups! i’m sad and excited about this…

  314. renz824 says:

    The Knicks are stupid for giving up this much player for Melo..

  315. Flash Gordon says:

    I’m about as curious as to how wonderfully this can work out as I was with the whole Miami Heat deal.

  316. knickfan212 says:

    I sure hope Carmelo and Stoudemire can play together which i think they can. All that the Knicks gave up, fans may burn the garden down if it doesn’t work…..They said LeBron,Wade and Bosh couldn’t play together but they managed to work it out. This will work!!! As soon as fans get over who left they’ll be happier.

  317. holla says:

    leaves CP3 for orlando YEEE

  318. Larry says:

    MELO to NYK now a top 4 in the East ohh yeah. =D

  319. Lou says:

    They gave up to much IMO. Those were some great young players and the Knicks seemed to have some chemistry going on.
    We’ll see…

  320. sibbs says:

    finally OMG!!!!!

  321. BKLYNKENNY12 says:


  322. Scott Moore says:

    I thought the Nuggets were supposed to get Corey Brewer as well? ? ?

  323. Deeric Fisher Fisher says:

    In my opinion, if Melo would’ve waited until the summer to go to the Knicks, his chances for contending for a championship would’ve been much much greater!

  324. cool =) says:

    omg i cant belive the knicks traded chauncey for carlos arroyo and james jones from the heat !

  325. Mick says:

    I think a big part of that trade thats not being mentioned is Billups going too.This is a clutch outside shooter with great ball handling skills to get them the ball or shoot away if left open.knicks gave up some future talent with picks ,but are a better team now without a doubt.Could be dangerous.

  326. hmm says:

    nyk you are stupid, would have had him for free in summer

  327. blockbuster says:

    What a trade. Granted it was almost a given that he’d go there. Poor Felton after having a great start with NY.

  328. blah says:

    this trade sucks..

  329. jukgal says:

    now we need chris paul and a center like maybe marcus camby.

  330. Bill Russell says:

    That teams got some swagger now. Melo, Amar’e and Chauncy…the Big MAC!!!

  331. Rich says:

    I will miss chandler and felton they had heart. Hope the knicks didn’t make a dumb-knick decision.

  332. Warren Holt says:

    What are the Knicks thinking? Who will play the two guard behind Fields? Who will play true center? How is there defense supposed to get better? How can two superstar ball movement-stoppers thrive under D’Antoni’s system? Carmelo is an elite scorer, but the Knicks just traded everything they had built in desperate hope that star power will get them in contention.

  333. WILLEWILL says:

    Man!!!! it’s about time. My hat goes of to Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov for the year they had and the energy and hope they gave the Knick but hey… It’s Melo. The Knick have to great players to build around. Big Up’s to Dolan., and Thomas…whink whink.

  334. Melo says:

    wow if the knicks can find a way to land Nash or CP3 they’ll be a contender but rite now they improved very little still cant contend with the top 5 in the east… but whys it so important for New York to be good anyways and whys it a big deal when someone plays good at MSG and not anywhere else… I’m my opinion thats a form of racism and i’m sure there being strings pulled rite now for New York that you wouldn’t see in smaller markets

  335. francis says:

    oh men! this is a big trade. but anthony and amare is not suited to this team, they play pretty the same how can you handle them….

  336. pseano says:


  337. Frank says:

    Can’t remember, but were there rumors that Melo was intersted in the Lakers?

  338. yaya says:

    i cant believe the knicks the nuggets got all those players from knicks in return for al and kenyon omg!

  339. weisz santos says:

    Wat! da!! It happen so suddenly!! Hey! Chris Paul Cmon’ Man! Joined the crew! OoH OW! Knicks will be seriously knocking at the playoffs! Cheers! for the knick GM! Nicely done..! Now the Bronx is on the map again!

  340. Paulo Cancio says:

    Yes! Id love to see Knicks competing in the playoffs.. it will be a good playoffs, its more balance now, unlike before, only west has some good teams..

  341. Frank says:


  342. wtf? says:

    its awesome that the knicks get kenyon and big al because that will seriously improve the knicks in the pf department make them have extra depth

  343. Frederick Agustin says:

    Melo to New York is good news. I jus wonder: why Raymond Felton? I thought he is doing good and a fit to New York Knicks. Wow! Chauncey Billups is fine, but why Felto?

  344. Carlo says:

    Melo in the Big Apple, thats its! Newyork will become a championship contender again.Goodluck Miami

  345. TeaTime. says:

    So everything and the kitchen sink, gone. All for what? For the 3rd seed in the playoffs at best for years to come. Chris Paul and Deron Williams can’t come to NY because Amare and Carmelo would not have taken paycuts by then. I guess Amare and Carmelo was made to be stepping stones and will never win a championship.

  346. Troy says:

    Denver will not make the playoffs

  347. joe says:

    why did they give away felton a really good point guard

  348. BOBCATSsuperFAN says:

    WA-HOO!!! SO happy for the knicks! NYC back on the map!!! I know MR. BILLUPS wanted to retire in Denver, and I didnt see hsi name in the trade list …… good for chauncey!

  349. Fahim Chowdhury says:

    CARMELO! ANTHONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KNICKS ARE BACK!!!!

  350. caesar says:


  351. winson cheong says:


  352. i know more then y'all says:

    i know right kenyon and al harrington on the knicks will dominate up front im also in agreement about ty lawson he wont suit the d’atoni style of play

  353. JAVIER says:

    YES!!! FINALLY I HOPE CP3 will tag along in the off season that would be better than miami trio bosh wade james wont stand a chance against paul anthony stodemiere

  354. Melo2Knicks says:

    First to comment.

    First off, the Knicks didn’t have to waste clear young and upcoming players in Timothy and Felton.

    They would have landed Melo anyways, with him showing clear contention in going there.

    Perhaps it was because the Knicks wanted to push further for this year’s playoffs, but honestly I’d think
    for the long run they made a mistake to some degree sending some young and upcoming players.

    Now as for me .. I was diehard Nuggets fan more presumably ever since `Melo joined, but which bandwagon
    should I hop on now?! New York Knicks, as much as I enjoy the MSG Stadium and the vibrant city, just isn’t
    up there really with me at the moment, but we’ll see since two of my favorite players are heading there.

    Chicago y’all got some room? Haha !

  355. luke sugui says:

    finally its over………………..

  356. Mark Webb says:

    This is great for New York!!!! Love that Melo is back home!!! Yesssssss!

  357. BJC says:

    This was a forced trade that should have been delayed on our terms. Melo to the knicks is good but seperating a team that works and gutting the roster for a person that we would eventually get is not worth the sacrifice. Dolan and Thomas are a bad combination in the past and if Walsh is forced to leave so Isiah can get his job back then the Knicks will be right back where they started.

  358. OrgreMagi says:

    This seems a better trade for Denver…Raymond Felton is an underrated PG. Plus I don’t think C.Billups is still fast enough to run Mike Dantoni’s style of play. But nevertheless, Melo with Amare is an exciting combo. But heres my question, Who will be the major role players for the Knicks, and who will be the go-to guy for Denver?

  359. Andrew says:

    Bad trade for the Knicks, won’t get them close to Miami or Boston and really hurts their supporting cast. I think in the future it could be a good deal, if they get another star, but that is not a guarantee. I think they should’ve lowballed Denver a little more. It was Denver that had everything to lose by not trading him and losing him to free agency. The Knicks could’ve just waited it out and not gotten rid of that much talent. Could work out well, but in my opinion it is far from a sure thing.

  360. landon says:

    bout time but still terrible trade it wont work wit him n amare!!! congrats ny tho

  361. Lorenzo says:

    Hell Yea!!! Knicks 2010-2011 NBA Champions!!!

  362. Bermudaboy says:

    I feel like this is a bad move for the Knicks. I loved the style they had going on in the season, and there’s no doubt that Carmelo as one of the best scorers in the game would help them with that. At least they didn’t give up Fields.

    But giving up an up-and-coming potential all-star pg, candidate for most improved player this year (and who fits the fast paced system), a promising long 3pt shooter, a promising young center and an athletic sixth man with energy off the bench for:

    An old PG (who’s slow style doesn’t fit the system) wrapping up his NBA career, Carmelo a pure scorer who brings nothing else and who will clash with Amar’e as both need the ball in their hands to play well, and 3 mediocre pieces who don’t bring anything especially to the table.

    Not to mention, now Amar’e and Melo, who are both catch and hold players (as kerr said today) are going to be together in a catch and shoot/pass system. As a Knicks fan, I’ll be delighted if this works out, but I just feel as though if the Knicks had waited until the offseason to sign Melo without a loss, they would have been WAY better prepared for the future.

  363. KEV says:

    i guess the negative for the knicks is losing felton who is averaging 17pts and 9 asts, chandler and gallinari which is 3 of their starters. billups covers felton but billups is aging, while felton could stay around the league for around 8 more years.
    williams, carter and balkman are all just bench players, neither of them really decent.
    but the trade definitely make them championship contenders

  364. riad hadzihalilovic says:

    wow he actually got traded kinda good trade for both teams but now the knicks have no chance because they have no size they should of kept chandler and they would be good.

  365. i know more then y'all says:

    yeah boy kenyon martin will do goos as on the knocks roster he suits rheir style of play same with al harrington not sure bout ty though

  366. YeeDog says:


  367. FilipinoPride says:

    Damn! Carmelo??? A Knick!? The Apocalypse has come!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Knicks!!!!!!!!!!

  368. DAC says:

    Glad that’s over but the Knicks are still 5th in th east at best.

  369. Ajit says:

    good god.

  370. Matt Fox says:

    Well look like the mello fellow is taking his talents to the big apple.

  371. teo says:

    Why do the Warriors give up two 2nd round picks? Do they get anything?

  372. Mike says:

    Can anyone tell me what the hell Minnesota is doing?

    • sean77 says:

      You mean in terms of the trade? They gave up Corey Brewer to NY in exchange for Curry and Anthony Randolph.

  373. Jordan says:

    woow i wasnt sure if this trade was a good idea at the time, but getting billups aswell has changed my mind. Should be interesting to see where this goes.

  374. Gerald says:

    Melo in NY wow, thats a suprise.. Now he can convert to zionism just like Amare did. The Jews will make his life miserable if he doesn’t convert. Good luck in NY Melo.. You’ll be needing it, esp since the evil worshippers (The jews) will ruin your life.

    • nup says:

      not cool dude

    • Tzev says:

      wow its amazing what idiotic and stupid things anti semitic people say. Im a jew and a zionist and im proud. what are u going to do about it?

      • jew in tha house! says:

        gerald how about u stick with the article…and not be a pathetic, disgusting and clearly an uneducated peice of s***
        go get one of ur kkk buddies to put a fkn shovel up ur a$$ u racist, discriminating c***

  375. Peter Andrews II says:

    Wow!!! This is great but will we be getting anybody if we send Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry to Minnesota?

  376. RAY08 says:

    the new york franchise has given up a lot of talent……i hope they know what they are doing…..i knw D’Antoni runs a run and gun offence…..but new york wont be a good team defensively… york will reach the playoffs… doubt….but they wont get deeper into the playoffs with no defence… opinion that is….

  377. Rafael Dominicano says:

    wao, that is amazing, there will be a lot of treo in the EAST, miami, boston, and now knicks, billups, amare and Carmelo, we will have a hard competition this year, but that is interesting and is god for the fans to enjoy those teams fighting each other. For that reason I love basketball, I love NBA

  378. Ali Ahmad says:


  379. melobakla says:

    melo sucks

  380. Michael says:

    It is about time this deal went through.

  381. mark muleta says:

    Go Knicks !

  382. This team will be better than Miami Heat hands-down. They are going to go all the way with the #1 scorer in nba. (Also the best player in the nba right now)

  383. BballGuy26 says:

    Do not like this trade….The knicks gave up too much. I feel with what they now have will not be enough

  384. Fasi says:

    Kobe Bryant For MVP and Lakers For NBA champs

  385. JR Khan says:

    DAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally its been done!!!!!!!!!!

  386. LB6 says:


  387. bbALL says:

    Still think NY should have waited till summer. They would have a much stronger team next year to make a run at the title and im pretty sure Melo wouldve signed with them. This way they paid too much for him in terms of players and his contract, with the extension

  388. ous says:

    we are back

  389. Foysol Shakur says:


  390. art vandolay says:

    just a flat out horrible trade by the knicks…he wasnt going to sign with the Nets, you could have had him for nothing if you waited…
    Your team will be 2 players, no center, no depth and no money to pick up any other players in the future….Nice job Isiah, you screwed the team for another 10 years….again……..

    The pictures he has of Dolan must be really, really good…..I’m thinking multiple farm animals………

    • sean77 says:

      From what I’m hearing in the news, that’s what the Knicks were thinking at first, keep their guys, especially Mozgov and wait until the FA period. They didn’t want to let go of Mozgov, and that was holding up the process. Apparently, it was Melo who took offense to that, thinking they didn’t appreciate him enough to send all those guys over. Players tend to remember stuff like that come FA time. Knicks probably figured, he’s not gonna come here if we stand our ground, and would it make sense to risk letting a Carmelo go somewhere else just to keep a backup rookie center. That’s what I’m hearing anyway.

  391. hercules says:

    Billups, Stoudamire, and Melo!! what a combination…. that will be a great team….Better that Miami Heat

    • TWizz says:

      Too bad Billups already stated that he doesn’t want to be there and will be leaving when he is a free agent to go back to Nuggets. Knicks gave up a good point guard who wanted to be there for a good point guard who doesn’t want to be there. Also both Melo and Stoudemire play minimal to no defense. You can’t win championships just buy scoring. Also don’t forget about the bench haha. Bad mistake for Knicks?

  392. educatedRon says:

    This will go down a few years from now as one of the worse trades in history. It will be similar to the dallas cowboys trading Hershell Walker. What dallas got from the trade were 3 hall of famers. Because Carmello doesn’t make others better, he and stoudamire are going to clash, since they are both shoot first, pass only if in trouble type of players. They will have internal dicension. Two ball hogs. lol. Denver got a bargain. I thought they were stupid, but actually them holding out so much got them the maximum. Carmello didnt want to be the “man” in new jersey, even he realized he wasn’t good enought to carry a team. lol new york is done. Only good thing out of it was chauncey billups who is on his last legs. Maybe 2 years left maximum lol.

  393. Shakil Shakur says:

    CUM THRU MELO!!!!!!!!!

  394. maverickfan1 says:

    its about damn time

  395. Kc says:

    They should have held on to Felton.

    • clite26 says:

      I agreee with two players like melo and STAT you really need a play making piont gaurd and Billups is not that quick anymore and never been a real big assist guy his best quality is his shooting and defense at this point in his game he’s not getting to the basket plus reymond was having a great year and he reminds me of a young Billups with a better passing game . but I still like having Melo for the future

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      trust me: felton can be easily replaced, didn’t like his game anyway. bad shot selection, fg pct and defense. Next year they probably get chris or deron and thats it. Chandler is a bigger loss for them. Most importantly they are purely offense, no defense and that is making them fun to watch but not in June, at least for now.

      All in all, they have gotten 2 huge building blocks in 1 year, so good job by walsh. this will attract other superstars. Then add some defensive stoppers and they are back in contention

  396. agnel etienne says:

    although the knicks get mello…i think its not a good trade

  397. SlickDragon says:

    “The Nuggets are ready to move on, said guard J.R. Smith:

    “I mean, it’s just rebuilding first. We gotta go forward with what we got. And try to do the best we can in the playoffs.”

    Playoffs? Playoffs?

    There will be no playoffs this year or anytime in the future for the Nuggets. Not sure what J.R is smoking.

  398. Matty says:

    Finally now we have more cap room to work with at the end of the season probably sign Marc Gasol to secure the 5 position and the PG will eventually come around. Glad to see the Knicks getting back up there after the whole Isaiah Thomas era.

  399. Shinny says:

    dang what will the knicks do without a good bench?even though their starting 5 is good, their starters are not iron men.

  400. dwade says:

    bad move by the knicks, scoring will not get you a high playoff spot, raymond felton shouldve not be traded

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      i woulda kept felton as well…you need a point guard now…not waiting for CP3 another year

      • Law064 says:

        What up Lakers 2011-3Peat I have to say the Knicks gave away to much. Melo is worth a lot but if I were the Knicks GM I would’ve held out until the end of this season. That way you still have most of your puzzle in place already with a few missing spots. Now they have more pieces missing than they have in place.

    • Law064 says:

      @Lakers 2011-3Peat Your 100% correct the Knicks could’ve just waited then IF next season happens they could’ve got Melo for a lil less and Melo already had intrest so you (New York) would’ve been on the top of the list already. But Melo was trying to get the money before the new contract got put into place if they even put 1 in place but for us B-Ball fans let’s hope things go good.

  401. Bob McAdoo. says:


    • Law064 says:

      I think Melo should’ve waited now the Knicks are about the same as Denver. No Good bench and the lost of Felton can be withstood with Billups but CB has many many miles on him. Wilson C is a good SF and has a pretty good jump shot. Gallinari is a big lost, He’s no Melo but you need players like him to make a solid team. I agree with Melo just stayin put until the season ends and sign where he wanted to like Lebron did. Anyways I’m happy he got what he wanted but I say if he was concerned with winning he would’ve just put up crazy numbers and try to dominate the rest of this season and let this season speak for him. Melo didn’t take a step forward he’s on the same level as he was in Denver. Good luck to the Knicks they have 2 great scorers

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        my man Law speaking the truth! Melo wanted the money is all, of course he doesnt admit that, but he wanted it and thats why he pulled the trigger for the trade; And i dont think Walsh and Coach Dan wanted to do the trade, it was the owner who pushed it and you cant argue with the owner.

        BUT the owner cant be thinking straight, he woulda been able to get Melo for cheaper in the summer with the new CBA agreement AND kept those three guys…the team woulda been FINALS MATERIAL INSTANTLY….this was a rushed move

  402. marco rhapsody says:

    worst decision ever! he was gonna go there during the summer anyways!

    • Air-Dog says:

      Absolutely – if he wanted to win a championship he would have signed at the end of the season. All he was worried about was getting his max contract and getting to new york – he clearly isn’t that worried about a championship. Plus with him and Amare on the same team, who is going to play defence?

      • BILL MCBLAZE says:

        WTF DONT YOU GET. IT WASNT HIS DECISION. he was traded by the Nuggets god dam

      • After25YearsOfWatching says:

        agree there’s no defense. Phoenix 5 years ago was way better then N.Y, still didn’t win just because of defense.
        But: Anybody who complains about his financial decision/greed should take a look in the mirror and admit that he would do the same. That’s just the way it is.

      • NAJ says:

        @ Bill McBlaze – Of course it wasn’t his decision to pull the trigger on the deal but he could’ve told Knicks that he wasn’t going to sign anywhere else so wait until the summer to get him as a free agent. This is terrible business on the Knicks part and Carmelo should be ashamed he’s not saved them cap room to add another piece in a year or so as should Amare the year before. They care about nothing but money the greedy bums

      • Lil'_Coy says:

        I thought there was already a deal on NY? Amare+Melo+Tony Parker(Next season).

    • raphael ruiz says:

      i agree if he really wanted to come to new york he should have waiting untill the end of the season and come
      to a team that was build not dismantle.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        EXACTLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, Melo was looking out for himself …making sure he got that MONEY before NEW CBA agreement

        I mean you cant blame the guy tho, money is essential, but dont tell people you just focused on “Winning” and then pull a move like this…if winning was his concern Melo would of not sighned the extension and went to NYC in offseason anyway…with Felton, Chandler, and Gallanari still there NYC woulda been an INSTANT contender in the EAST!!!!

  403. pedro24 says:

    he should of gone to LA

    • Lil'_Coy says:

      Bynum for Melo? That will definitely won’t fit! They will have a strong first five, and then what?? Weak L.A. back-ups if that had happened.

  404. KIngKobra2 says:

    Who cares. knicks won’t be scary when the hedat kick thir behinds just like always. Melo and stoudamire will need time to coosist and teams will taqke advantage and destroy the knicks,. New York is a joke and a loser team in basketball.

  405. Gary says:

    FINALLY! Man I can’t wait to see how they finish off the season. New York can do some serious damage come playoff time.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      nah they really cant….what you think they going do giving up THREE QUALITY PLAYERS in Felton (having best season ever in career), Chandler, and Gallinari(could take it inside and spread the floor)?

  406. Meloaknick says:

    Amar’e + Melo = Greatness

    • bangbus says:

      they shoud’ve not included wilson chandler…. now they have to find a good rebounder and bench players

      • Wait a Minute says:

        I know. Didn’t think that was a good move either. But hey man, to get something great you gotta give something great.

    • mitchell says:

      it wint matter. lebron james is better than both of those players put together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        honestly NO! Melo is better than Lebron James offense wise. His offense game has more of an arsenal than LBJ’s. Melo has a good post game and a good midrange game, the only thing he lacks is just the sheer atheltcism of Lebron. People tend to forget that alot of Lebron’s game is just off of that, not necessarily any SKILL. He can run fast, has a great build and is strong…all PHYSICAL attributes.

        Plus Melo has beaten Lebron every time they have met in the regular season i think except for a couple times…MELO OWNS LEBRON

        BUT if you want to get into who is the better teammate, then its probably Lebron just for the simple fact he likes being a point guard and can find people for the assist