2011 All-Star Game Revisited

LOS ANGELES — Just because you didn’t make it here for the 60th All-Star Game doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the experience.

The pep talk from LeBron James. Kevin Durant‘s clutch play. Kobe Bryant‘s skywalker routine and so much more. We’ve got it all for your here in this fantastic delivery from the HT audio-visual club. Check it out:


  1. motorman,motormen…

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  2. David says:

    Im a Heat fan but love Kobe, i been following him since 2001 and I personally think that another ring will make Kobe legend like Jordan.

  3. panda says:

    yall just talking crap kobe is the man they like it or not,he won the mvp by doing his job,people are just haters so please dont hate the player hate the game.plus let me tell you something celticgirl we will win the trophy this year again,because thats same thing i tell my son to and he is a celtic fan. so lets lakers lets show these fan what we are made of.

  4. CarlosKing says:

    Why don’t you guys cheer for your own player, Kobe did great and entertain his fans and so Lebron. Just give credit for what they done and stop hating other’s player. Does Kobe and Lebron care when you hate them? of course not, so why just move on the just give positive comments for your player. Let’s just all wait for the coming season the watch what team gonna get the trophy. GO MIAMI HEAT!

  5. Julius says:

    Kobe deserve mvp because the west won the game but if it wasnt for kevin durant the west would have probably lost and LEBRON had the best game out of all 3 guys and didnt get credit from anybody because of haters. i can ballhog like kobe and put up points just like he did or be left wide open all game like durant and drop 34. but lebron 29 pts 11 or 12 reb and 10 ast and brought his team back in the game. also the second triple double which is hard to do while scoring 25+ or 30 pts.once again anyone can score 30+ pts with no reb and ast its the all stars. LA fans are stupid and one deminsional if le bron lose the all star game he sucks if kobe get more pts hes better. false

  6. Greg Popovic says:

    Give it up to Kobe. He had his due as long as the celtics wins this season? that’s no problem for me…Eat the ball you hog
    Mr. Kobe24 but the championship is for the Celtics..

  7. Jenn says:

    I actually thought that this years all star game was not as impressive as previous years…. in fact it was boring. I know it is suppose to be just fun but come on play a little defense. Almost any player can put on an offensive performance like what was seen in the all star game, but any player who can do the same offensive things while battling defense, only then are they all stars.

  8. Miguel García-Viso says:

    While watiching on TV the slam dunk competition that took place last weekend in Los Angeles, I realised of some differences between the old contests in the eighties and in the present.

    In the past the slam dunk competion was similar to a gymnastic contest with focused participants with only two attemps allowed to get the dunk. Creative dunks, elegant moves with grace and fresh were admired in the old editions put on by Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Larry Nance or Terence Stanbury among others.
    Nowadays it has become more like a show with cars and other stuff to cover up the lack of creativity to create a new move.

    The old times…

  9. Bria says:

    Personally, I’m a Lakers fan, and I enjoyed the game. While Kobe was rightfully crowned MVP, let’s not forget about the Durantula. He and Kobe played as a great duo in my opinion. I don’t think Lebron was crying over the game, and I’m not defending him because I’m not even a Lebron fan, I just think his competitive nature emerged, and friendly competition kicked in. It also made it much more entertaining when the East played hard. If they would have won, certain Mr Triple Double would have won MVP, but that time wasn’t Sunday. I loved the game, and. Also the attitudes in the game.

  10. unknown says:

    I can’t believe how much lebron cry and complain in this friendly game.Kobe fans are pathetic, but lebron fans are even more pathethic.Defending a man like lebron whenever he does a record or somethng amaizing he cries.If were Lebron and I did my best, everything to win, I would be happy instead of crying and say goodbye so fast so nobody can see me crying.And he was the second best man in that court.He should stay beside kobe.In all star game is friendly match.

  11. Gary says:

    East almost took it with Lebron’s monster comeback run but in the end they decided to play way to late into the game.

  12. CELTICSGIRL says:

    kobe, kobe, kobe; GOSH! the all-star game was between kobe and the east? stupes…so wat MVP…I think the EAST had a great game last night but unfortunately ‘kobe’ got the better of them….that’s trivial…the segregation is back and we that is the CELTICS has gotten back in our zone ready to meet and beat ‘kobe’

    • Isaac says:

      okay tell me something CELTICSGIRL, the west had 148 points. Out of those 148 kobe had 37. Durant had 34, gasol had 17 and westbrook had 12. I’m a laker fan but this was not the KOBE team. His team is te lakers. Nobody ballhogged and it turned out to be a good game because of King James, yes i’m a laker fan and i called him king james, because he is raw as fuk. But Kobe has not yet passed the torch so time will tell and Lets Go get another championship Lakers.

      • Bria says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself =)

      • CELTICSGIRL says:

        bite me….fine i dont care one bit bout the Lebron reign watever not a fan…wat am about is you thinking that lakers would take another championship this yea plzzzzzzzzzzz….amma quicker give it to the young Chicago team than the lakers..oh sry my bad the loosers anywho since that is quite impossible due to the CELLTICS presence in the NBA neither chicago nor lakers has a chance of winning the NBA this year…dont worry you’ll seeeeeeeeeee