More Mixed Signals On ‘Melo Front

LOS ANGELES — Anyone thinking there would be a resolution in the Carmelo Anthony saga during All-Star Weekend obviously hasn’t paid attention to the last six months of this drama.

We are, however, inching closer to Thursday’s trade deadline. And that in turn means that the stakes have been raised for all involved — Anthony, the Nuggets, Knicks, Nets and anyone else interesting in entering these sweepstakes.

Mostly there are mixed signals about Anthony’s ultimate destination. Anthony hasn’t tipped his hand either way while facing a daily barrage of questions about his plans here during All-Star Weekend.

The Knicks reportedly have offered Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler in exchange for Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams and Anthony Carter. But they’re done toying around with that package and will go no further, according reports out of New York.

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov met with Anthony Saturday and spoke with CNBC’s Darren Rovell Sunday in an exclusive interview and made clear his intentions to either bring Anthony to New Jersey or make the Knicks pay dearly to do so.

“I think we made a very good tactical decision to force (the) Knicks to pay as much as they can,” Prokhorov said. “So it’s very good, it’s very interesting, it’s very competitive.”

It’s also going to continue to be the hottest topic in the league until Anthony makes a decision or until the trade deadline passes, whichever comes first.

One thing is clear, though, Anthony has not shut the door on any of his options yet. Why else would Prokhorov meet with him after making it clear that he would not?


  1. Lem says:

    Melo needs to take his talents to Boston and team up with Rondo.

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  3. LeBron James says:

    Melo should do what LeBron, screw with them and act like you’ll stay with them, and then ditch ’em in the end.

  4. drose says:

    its too late..melo to knicks FTW

  5. carmelo go to N.Y go melo go gogogogogogogogoggogo please

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  8. MELO FAN says:

    melo shoud go to la but he choosed ny next year champ

  9. hasib says:

    knicks win 🙂

  10. rayray20 says:

    im so sad for the nuggets because they didnt convince Melo to stay for the rest of the season
    but as for being trade to the the big apple together with Amar’e… I can smell that there will be 5 championship contenders in the East

    Atlanta (maybe)
    and now…
    New York

    this gonna be a good playoff bout!

    and for the next season,, there will fight for CP3!!

  11. revgasm says:

    Carmelo is going to the Knicks! Deal is done!….it’ll be official tomorrow… ohhhhh yeaaaaaah!

  12. helow melo aim no 1 fans all your play aim watch please move to La or ny or BULLS

  13. my opinion carmelo go ny or La end bulls changes number 23

  14. Ivo Loureiro says:

    well in my opinion the knicks have a good shot bringing carmelo to NY

    for the nets they are giving a better deal 4 round picks to the nuggets plus devin harris and favors

  15. drosefan says:

    wow.. half of you must just be stupid. “melo should go to [blank team]” He doesnt choose the team he wants. The nuggets are going to trade him to the team for the players THEY want. As for the laker fans wanting to trade away basically their entire team.. its sad, really. I could see trading bynum and especially artest, but neither are good enough for melo and for the nuggets. Trading odom would just be dumb, hes been the most consistent and best laker by far this year. If you laker fans would stop blowing kobe for 2 seconds you would get that. Melo wont end up anywhere but denver or NY. Id love to see him in chicago but it just wont happen.

  16. Derek says:

    LA Gets: Melo, Billups, Nene
    Denver Gets: Artest, Bynum, Steve Blake, Ebanks, 2 draft picks.

    Why it makes sense for LA: While giving up Bynum might hurt LA a little in the post, keeping Pau and attaining Nene will help out some. Giving up Blake instead of Fisher also makes sense so the Lakers will always have a clutch 3 point shooting PG (which has been absolutely crucial for them in the last few years). Melo gives them a boosted scoring threat, taking loads of pressure off of Kobe.

    Why it makes sense for Denver: Bynum will boost their frontcourt to among the best in the league, along with K Mart, Birdman, and Harrington. Artest keeps the toughness of the franchise locked in, and the move gives JR room to flourish and possibly become a star/superstar seeing as how he’ll be the #1/#2 scoring threat now. Ebanks gives them a young capable swingman alongside Gary Forbes, JR, and Afflalo. They can use the 2 draft picks on big men (particularly a 7 footer and a Harrington-esque “4” that can stretch the floor (obviously with a little more potential than Harrington), develop them, get rid of the aging Birdman and Kenyon, and boom! Still in the playoffs with an even younger team than before.

  17. BIG eARV says:

    lakers need a guard or else i dont see them winning. Because fisher cant even distribute the ball and make it easy for kboe and the bigs!

  18. think about it says:

    NY deserves another good player to help out the one whos been holding up the team for a while now. The lakers need nothing. they have their players and carmelo wont fit in well. Face the facts, when the finals come around celtics are gonna own it anyway

  19. jovy says:

    its now or never if nuggets dont trade at this point whichever team they will lose it in summer and will slide to freeagent and still decision of nuggets with best offer they will grab it and best offer was the nets for sure next week melo had new jersey and that will be the nets…so NY dont think u can get melo on summer that will not happened!

  20. wow says:

    Melo should sign with cleveland after this season. that team is build for a super star SF. (LBJ and melo lo play same position) so if he get there and play and if he win a title there
    it will be like rubbing LBJ’s face 😛

    but seriously tho. Irish thomas is an A-Hole. he is messing up all the knicks progress. if melo play out in denver this year he will be able to sign end of this year with knicks. and knicks won’t lose any good players.

    then trade good big man for those players. dare i say Dwight?
    knicks can have possibility of this line up


  21. mkap03 says:

    melo should go to the nba D LEAGUE to finish the conversation….. hahahahah!!! i think its the best offer

  22. Abhilash says:

    The Knicks should try to get Chris Paul instead of Carmelo Anthony. Then sign Carmelo this summer.

    NY gets: PG Paul, C Emeka Okafor

    NO gets: PG Raymond Felton, SF Wilson Chandler, SG Bill Walker, C Eddy Curry, 2011 1st Round Pick

  23. Stan.. says:

    melo to the knicks..

  24. aj says:

    knicks should have made this deal happen when rumor was out in the summer that melo plans on signing with knicks.
    now theres reports deron williams plans on sigining with knicks when he becomes a free agent in 2012.
    if the knicks were smart, they would go after deron williams asap. i dont think melo is worth da entire roster.
    the knicks already lack depth. trading all your starters doesnt seem like a bright idea. unless roger mason gon drop 50 pts 10 ast 10 rebs coming off the bench. hahah

  25. Damn says:

    I dont think its fair that a player gets to choose were he goes, thats why we have the draft lottery. if melo gets to choose were he plays why not get ride of every team byt knicks lakers heat celtics and any other team that has a huge market. Melo wants a trade i think dever should send him anywere they want for whoever they want.

    • xXx says:

      teams who are not sure whether melo will sign the extension or not wont gamble on him, so in reality melo still has something to say about this deal

  26. Chaz says:

    It would be incredibly stupid for the Nugs to send Melo to any West Coast team where we’d have to play against him 4 times a year. No – Melo to NY is pretty much going to happen I think. We’ll really hate to see him go because he was awesome here with us and he’s a fantastic person.

  27. philguy says:

    Heyy guys, Melo should go to Spurs! Go Spurs Go!!!!

  28. milque cambal says:

    i think melo should go to the lakers. laker shoud trade bynum, artest and fisher for melo, nene and billups. if it will happen, three-peat is surely done. GO LAKERS!!!

  29. Venomenon says:

    The Lakers needs Bynum come playoffs. Kobe is just pacing himself for the post season. They don’t need Melo on my opinion because if they will get rid off Bynum to get Melo, they will have problems competing inside the paint especially against the Celts.



  31. ryan wilderman says:

    forget about carmelo!
    lakers should get deron williams(trade:artest and fisher) and dwight howard(bynum and artest)
    whichever LOL

  32. Ralph says:

    i think it’s better for Melo to play with Lakers . Bynum and Artest can be trade to Melo and Harrington , but the trade for Bynum and Melo will do it. I think that the Big 3 of Lakers ( Kobe,Melo,Gasol) will play better having teammates like them . so if i were Melo i will choose to be with Lakers .

  33. Zo says:

    Send Bynum packing for melo, then get use Artest to attract a big man like Tyson Chandler. It’s the only logical move. Odom is too versatile to get rid of.

  34. manny says:

    melo should go to mavs.. the mavs gives barea, haywood, stevenson, butlet.. mavs win championship

  35. Jeffrey says:

    in my opinion if we carmelo lamar shouldn’t be part of the deal he is having an awesome sesason and besides if we lose him and artest i believe lakers be a worser team

  36. Marcus Gray says:

    I think it would be good for the NBA for melo to be in ny.

  37. big eazy says:

    you trippin homie melo for bynum straight up and they can have artest………..

  38. Ali says:

    its a great deal.. but not with fisher and artest.. bynum im ok’

    • Trill says:

      This is a betta deal because artest isnt feelin l.a. nemore u can tell and plus they wont be getting rid of 4 of their starters

  39. Gary says:

    I don’t know guys but seems like Melow & Kobe were talking alot during the game. We could all be in for a shocker.

  40. MOONSTARS says:

    Melo should go with the trade for the knicks considering the playoffs are near and not going to new jersey for the nets are not gonna make to the playoffs… am i right?

  41. austin says:

    o and j.r smiht to the lakers and drop artest so Ebanks can play

  42. Wizedogg says:

    Miami should get Melo…..Lmfao
    On a serious note Chicago should sign him. The Bulls will once again be unstopabull.. Also I like to see Boston, New York or Orlando attempt to sign Carmello..

  43. Trell says:

    I think melo should go to da knicks but instead of trading Gallinari they should trade randophl

  44. j barata says:

    melo should go to the knicks and play with Stoudemire. New jersey has nobody for him to play with

  45. Diego says:

    The Lakers should get carmelo. They should trade bynum, odom, and artest for melo, harrington and nene.

    • omega says:

      That is a good deal Diego. That is the only way it would be fair for both teams, i also think fisher and billups should be put in this deal.

      • Wizedogg says:

        @Omega – No way Nuggets will trade Billups for Fisher. Billups is way better than Fisher.
        @Diego – Paul Gasol should be put in this deal along with bynum, odom, and artest.

      • Abhilash says:

        The Knicks should try to get Chris Paul instead of Carmelo Anthony. Then sign Carmelo this summmer.

        NY gets: PG Paul, C Emeka Okafor

        NO gets: PG Raymond Felton, SF Wilson Chandler, SG Bill Walker, C Eddy Curry, 2011 1st Round Pick

    • mr. 7 says:

      are you stupid? melo will go to NY not in LA

    • raimund23 says:

      bad in the part of lakers because…. artest,bynum and odom… can score and defend scorer.. and odom fits in triangle offense of lakers…. harrington ,melo and nene can score but cant defend