All-Star Friday Night Revisited

LOS ANGELES — Blake Griffin‘s work in Friday’s T-Mobile Rookie Challenge was just the beginning of his whirlwind journey through the first of what should be many All-Star Weekends for the Loss Angeles Clippers’ superstar.

He didn’t snag MVP honors in the game, fellow rookie John Wall did. But we suspect he has a decent chance of exiting the Staples Center floor tonight with a trophy of his own after the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.

Just in case you missed any of Friday’s All-Star Weekend action, we’ve got a nice little recap here for you (courtesy of the good folks in the HT audio-visual club):


  1. NBAfan says:

    somethimes i dont get it….
    last year tyreke won the mvp whit 26 points 5rebs and 4 assist or 4 & 5 while blair put 20-20 game and didnt win the mvp…..
    and now cousins score 33 and 13 rebs and wall won the mvp whit 12 points and 22 assist… something is weird no??

  2. Gary says:

    I liked Cousins performance and thought he deserved it. But play of the game was Blair’s dunk. I didn’t know he could get uplike that!

  3. derr says:

    of course blake griffin held back. hes gonna shine in the dunk contest (which he will win) and hes gonna shine in the all-star game.

  4. Lebron James says:

    Of course John Wall won the MVP award, Blake Griffin had to hold back, so he can also give us a show in the All-Star Game and Dunk Contest.

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