The Hall should call Gilmore and King

LOS ANGELES – It was good to hear national director of USA Basketball Jerry Colangelo say that the Hall of Fame nominating process was to going to become more transparent and also more welcoming to players who’ve been overlooked in the past.

Now when the voters get it right with Bernard King and Artis Gilmore we can conclude that the system has been fixed.

Yes, there are plenty of other candidates who merit another look. But it continues to be almost beyond belief that Gilmore and King cannot get a foot inside the front door.

Gilmore had the numbers and the longevity and respect of all of the other centers who went up against him in his 17 years in the ABA and NBA. He was a first-time All-ABA center in five seasons with the Kentucky Colonels and that was after leading Jacksonville to the NCAA Final Four.

King, though he had personal problems off the court, was simply magnificent during his prime seasons in the NBA in the 1970s and 1980s.

In fact, Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins says that King is the most glaring omission from the Hall in his opinion.

“I was always confident of my ability and pretty fearless on the court during my career,” Wilkins has said. “But Bernard King was the one guy that put some fear into me as far as trying to guard him. There were times when I couldn’t. He could be unstoppable, an amazing talent and I think it’s time that his talent and ability should be recognized.”

If Colangelo and the Hall of Fame are going to sweep up players who have been brushed under the carpet, Gilmore and King are two of the most deserving places to start.


  1. Aye! says:

    The darn title of the link the lead to this article said “Who else might get traded”. Whose smart idea was this?

  2. Tektonic says:

    Bringing up Lebron James in the post for any reason, even talking about trading him away is me talking about Manut Bol. this is a HoF post.

    • Tektonic says:

      Bringing up Lebron James in this post for any reason, even talking about trading him away is like me talking about Manut Bol. this is a HoF post.

  3. Ao1 says:

    Trade LeBron James to anyone in Washinton Wizzard! Although he may need Wade but Wade don’t need him. Hopefully James will be the next one to go! LOL

  4. Ao1 says:

    Erik Spoelstra will be traded to…. Hmmmmm… Green Bay Packers! LOL

  5. GELO says:

    Akala ko ba trade rumors to? Bakit ganito yung page? Anak ng kamote naman oh.

  6. Marshall Browne says:

    Just to add to my comment above…Bird, Mchale and Parish will all be in the HOF but King is not at this time. None of them could guard him and he would score 40 or more every playoff game Celtics-Knicks while shooting 50pct plus. Bird NEVER guarded King because he was too slow. In defense of Bird noone else could guard him either. Maxwell and ML Carr would hack hm to death but you cant blame them since the man was embarrassing them. It was three against one. If King had Mchale and Parish as frontcourt mates for 12 years he would have a few rings. I have talked to several NBA players in the past including James Worthy, Dominique Wilkins and Clyde Drexler and they all have said King was the last person in the league they wanted to guard without even thinking about it. There are lots of unstoppable guys in the league but King had that soft touch to his shot that is rare even among superstars.

  7. Marshall Browne says:

    Bernard King is one of the greatest players ever. He never had any team around him and had to go against two defenders often. He shot better than fifty percent from the floor over his career which is incredible for a such a high scorer that did not play near the basket. If he took as many shots as Kobe he would have averaged 40 pts. a game every year. He was as good as Kobe. Kobe always had lots of help while King played his whole career with guys like Marvin Webster and Truck Robinson. He was as good as Bird, yes Larry Bird. I am not knocking Bird or Kobe, just giving King his due. Bird played his whole career with two 7 foot Hall of Famers up front with him. I dont think King ever played with anyone who even was an all star.

  8. James says:

    Bobby Jones should have been in along time ago. In 12 years (counting his ABA time) he was 1st team all defense 10 times and 2nd team once. He also has a lifetime FG% of .558 and was a great passer, penetrater and clutch player. He accepted coming off the bench for much of his career even though he was much better than most of the starters. He also won a championship and was the first six-man award winner. I never heard of any instances of him causing any trouble or having any attitude problems either. I think he is the biggest omission to the hall of fame.

  9. scal4mvp says:

    brian scalabrine to the hall of fame!!!

  10. Abrondon says:

    Yes! Finally Gilmore getting some notice he deserves. I was shocked a few years ago to learn that he’s not in. I’d always just assumed he was there based on sheer numbers along. His career stats are light years ahead of something like 80% of players voted in already. Until he’s in, it’s really not a legitimate Hall.

  11. Antral says:

    I think Bernard King should be considered to the Hall of Fame, but so should Dennis Johnson. DJ’s offense led the Sonics to a championship earning him Finals MVP honors, and his defense carried the Celtics to 2 more titles.

  12. browntie says:

    Bernard King’s ability to command a game offensively was absolutely legendary, in both NY & NJ. It would nice to see the NBA validate his legend with entry into the HOF. Best of luck!