The Hall of Fame Primer

LOS ANGELES – Caught between admitting that the process needs more transparency and actually doing something about it, the Hall of Fame today will announce the finalists for the Class of 2011 in a moment that will continue to raise doubts about the credibility of the elections.

Hall chairman Jerry Colangelo is expected to announce changes to what has become an increasingly controversial balloting, mostly designed to give long-overlooked candidates a better chance of future enshrinement, has learned. But it comes as several media outlets are reporting that former Pacers shooting star Reggie Miller, the leading candidate for enshrinement among players with NBA ties, did not even make the list of finalists — a very surprising development.

Following 2010 developments that Dennis Rodman and Mark Jackson did not make it through the filtering process, Miller being left behind will surely put Hall officials on the defensive on their planned day of celebration. While Miller was never a lock for enshrinement — and there were similar doubts about Rodman and Jackson a year ago — to not even reach the finalists stage is shocking and wrong.

The announcement will obviously increase calls for the NBA to start its own Hall of Fame as opposed to sharing the current operation with the college, international, women’s and high school game, a suggestion commissioner David Stern has previously rejected. There is a chance Colangelo today may decide to release vote totals for the first time, people with  knowledge of his thinking said, but that is far from certain.

More likely, he will enhance the veteran’s committee and tweak rules to give more long-retired players a better chance for induction while calling for better transparency of the process — but resisting a push to identify voters.

No announcement, however, is expected on the previous Colangelo move to include fans in the voting. He would first want to get a sponsor involved to help with the marketing push.

It would have been an especially interesting election watch even if Miller had reached the next stage, with much less star power on the ballot after the 2009 class headed by Michael Jordan, John Stockton, David Robinson and Jerry Sloan and 2010 headliners Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, the 1992 Dream Team and the 1960 Olympic team of Oscar Robertson and Jerry West. There was some thought that would lead to extra consideration for nominees who have previously fallen short of induction. Without Miller, no one knows what to expect.

Jackson, Bernard King, Chris Mullin, Don Nelson and Rodman has the most reason for renewed optimism. Other nominees via the North American committee include Maurice Lucas, Jamaal Wilkes, Rudy Tomjanovich, Cotton Fitzsimmons, Tex Winter, Spencer Haywood, Maurice Cheeks, Ralph Sampson, Bill Fitch, referee Dick Bavetta, Rick Pitino, Joe B. Hall, Jim Valvano, George Raveling and Marty Blake, the long-time head of the NBA scouting bureau.

Chet Walker is up via the Veteran’s committee. Arvydas Sabonis and Sarunas Marciulionis are from the International committee, while Tara VanDerveer and Teresa Edwards are candidates from the Women’s committee.


  1. Bernard King, Reggie Miller, and Artis Gilmore all should be enshrined in the Hall of Fame this upcoming year!

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  3. Miguel says:

    The HOF is really getting ridiculous. Everytime I read about potential enshrinements or finalists I think “What, hes NOT in there?” Are you kidding me? Mullin, Rodman, Gilmore, Attles, Cheeks, Miller should be automatic, TEX WINTER (triangle, hello?), etc. Remember the problem withDominique?
    They really should change the system. Because the way they do it right now is just wrong…
    It should be transparent. You should know the voters and should be able to ask them why or why not? Because I would love to know why Miller isnt a finalist. He didnt win a ring? Come on, so did Elgin Baylor, so he is in good company, and he played in Jordans time. It is tough to get a ring when he is around.

  4. browntie says:

    How can Dennis Rodman and his 5 championship rings and rebounding & defensive prowess NOT be a HOF’er?! If Dennis Rodman wasn’t great, how was Scottie Pippen? Hard to make sense of the system.

  5. AJ says:

    I think Reggie Miller is a hall of famer, but not assuredly a first ballot hall of famer. If you look at’s hall of fame monitor he is on the border with a score of 130. Such questions as how many times was he on an All NBA team, and how many MVP votes did he receive play a large role in determining career excellence. While Reggie has some signature moments, did he have a career which unambigously puts him in the Hall. I say he belongs but not first ballot. Just because he’s on TNT does not change that.

  6. Dollar Man says:

    There is no need for a separate NBA Hall of Fame.There is, however, a clear and obvious need for a revamp of the process. Dennis Rodman and Reggie Miller are just the most recent examples of NBA players getting squeezed out due to ridiculous team inductions, international players, etc. David Stern should forcefully demand more consideration for his league’s place in the sport. This is important. He can start a new HOF if it comes to that. Where would the current Hall be then? Left completely irrelevant and Colangelo needs to be reminded of this.

  7. Robert Barker says:

    And once again the stars of the ABA are not even mentioned. It’s like the league never happened. This is not only a snub to the NBA Indiana Pacers, it’s a continuing middle finger to all time basketball greats Bob ‘Slick’ Leonard, and three time ABA champions Roger Brown and Mel Daniels. And don’t forget ABA/NBA star Artis Gilmore. There has been talk of the ABA having a separate museum, most likely in Indianapolis. I would not support that until the Basketball Hall of Fame itself is forced to recognize the ABA’s worth on its own.

  8. Steve Hosey says:

    i absolutly agree that it is time for the NBA to stand alone with it’s own HOF. When a guy like Reggie Miller retires as the greatest, most prolific 3pt shooter in league history and not be considerd a first ballot Hall Of Famer….then the system is definatly broken!

  9. Steven Jordan says:

    The Hall of Fame becomes meaningless when it starts to exclude all-time greats like Dennis Rodman. His defensive and rebounding talent is unmatched throughout the history of basketball. Not to mention, he has earned 5 championship rings with two great teams (which he contributed immeasurably to). Excluding him from the Hall of Fame because of his antics off the court and loud personality on the court is wrong. There is no doubt among those players who played with and against Dennis Rodman that he deserves to be in the basketball HOF. Justice needs to be served!

    • NYK! says:

      hey y the hate on rodman he was a big piece in chicago and an even bigger one in detroit. the #1 hustle guy and he has 5 rings. and btw i think we can all diffrentiate between ppl like (mj,stocktan,miller) and (rodman and others)