KD doesn’t regret calling out CB

LOS ANGELES — Kevin Durant was emotional but didn’t let his emotions get the best of him when he called Chris Bosh a “fake tough guy” last month. The Oklahoma City All-Star knew exactly what he was doing after the 108-103 home loss to Miami.

If presented with the same situation, Durant would say it again.

“I don’t regret it at all,” Durant told NBA.com. “I said it. I knew what I was doing. Nobody influenced me to say it. I knew what I was doing. At the same time, I’m not the type of person that lets emotions get to me. I was so upset about the loss.

“I wanted to win that game so bad. We were up one with a couple seconds to go, we made them miss and we didn’t get the rebound. I was more upset with how we didn’t finish the game. I guess people want to say I was a sore loser, but I’ll take that, too.”

The two All-Star forwards exchanged words and picked up technicals in the first quarter of that nationally-televised game on Jan. 30. There’s a good chance Bosh and Durant run into each other before Sunday’s All-Star Game.

And if not, there is no avoiding the other once Sunday night rolls around at Staples Center. Bosh is a reserve for the Eastern Conference team and Durant is making his first career start for the West.

“If I happen to walk past him,” Durant said, “I’ll give him a head nod or say, ‘What’s up?’ But I’m not going to go out of my way to talk to him about the situation because I’m sure that’s not the first time he’s gotten into it with somebody and it’s not the first time I got into it with somebody. It’s a part of this league and competitive nature comes out of everybody.

“Hopefully, people understand.”

As for Durant’s experience this weekend, he’s enjoying his second All-Star trip with a smile on his face.

“Last year I was kind of like a deer in headlights not knowing what to expect,” he said. “This year I know what to expect. To be an All-Star starter is such a blessing for me. I’m very thankful for the people that voted for me. I’m just trying to go out there and represent as much as I can.”


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  2. DomV says:

    I’m a heat fan always have been, but i really hate Chris Bosh always have,

    D wade and garnette pushing and shoving. as a big man its his job to the get to the front and protect his guards even more so a guy like D wade.

    If the heat want to win they need a big men who isnt scared of being phsyical and will go push people around in the paint and get those hard rebounds. I would rather have amare or boozer from free agency this year. but a guy like Noah would be ideal. he hustles for every play and is phsyical if needs be.

  3. T-mo says:

    I love how everyone brings personal opinion in to mesh what is really being said. KD called out Bosh originally because Bosh was known to be humble in Toronto, and that defined his sportsmanlike mentallity. Now that he is with 2 super-stars (who likely talk trash to everyone cuz they can) he has picked up some of the habits and is playing into more of the head games. Bosh is by no means a tough guy. He has weak ankles and crumbles in the crunch like most players (check the easy lay-up miss on the last second of the last game last year against chicago… if that had gone in, Raptors are in the playoffs with a 41-41 record… he missed that tip in.. he could have won the game). I think big(ger) named big men with character have hated on Bosh at some point though (KG, Shaq, Amare, Peirce ,, i know there are others but these guys made big statements in the past).

    Main point is that KD basically said he lost respect for Bosh who used to project what he felt was the proper talk to his walk. Nothing more or less. Everyone steps to a different tune, and people change, so its no big deal, and that is what this current statement says.

  4. twat says:

    Big Boss you the fake tough guy. heat would eventually win even if bosh wasn’t there. and Durant’s contributed more to OKC than how bosh contributed to Toronto so get facts straight.

  5. Big Boss says:

    Kevin Durant’s style of play – a 6’9″ Shooting Guard with no Inside Game – suggests he is not a tough guy.. So why call a former Multi-year All-Star Game Starter like Bosh – who’s inside game helped Toronto for a couple of years – a ‘fake tough guy? Durant, you are the ‘fake tough guy’. Unless I see flashes of guts from you in your game, you don’t have the right to pick on people. Show first that you’re one (tough guy) before calling out the others. So much for being ‘humble’. Russell Westbrook is OKC’s MVP, not you. You just ride on his passes to score. I’m glad Westbrook finally got noticed this year to play in the ASG. Durantula (Tarantula), you really look like one. ROTFL

  6. Tone says:

    Like KD said…he was frustrated with the loss but Bosh is a punk. He followed D-Wade around all summer like a little kid, now he’s on the Heat so he’s gassed up..LOL
    Bosh is talented but he’s definitely a punk.

  7. bigboy11 says:


  8. B-baller says:

    Durant has got to be the most overrated player in the NBA, I love how hes always on these MVP poles and his team is actualy in championship conversations, Seriously NBA.com.. STOP hyping the Thunder and Durant. Miami won that game because Miami is a better team. The Thunder took the Lakers to game six last year and lost, all while the lakers were not playing that well. Seriously Stop suggesting the Thunder are any kind of Title Condender. I you watch the officiating of any Thunder game, its completly rediculous, it almost always entirely one sided, If my team, which I will not mention, plays the Thunder in the first round, I’m just waiting for the barrage of terrible calls, and super NBA.com hyping of Kevin Durant.

    I cant stant Kobe Bryant, but I laugh when people actually put him and Durant in the same conversation. Lebron James = MVP and Durant = sore loser.

  9. PizzaBoy says:

    Good move by Durant. In my opinion he shouldn’t have called out Bosh at all, but hey, screw common sense.

  10. HAHA says:

    Some of you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. First of all KD does not have more playoff games than Bosh. The raptors have been to the playoffs twice with CB. Secondly, KD has better players surrounding him. All the OKC players are 1st round top picks. In fact, most are in the top 20 so I wouldn’t be surprised if they do good. Thirdly, KD is not in the same league as Kobe, LBJ, Wade yet so he shouldn’t even be talking, About this situation, he just proved he does the opposite to what he says. So much for being a humble guy, he should know that what happens on the court stays on the court. If it was KG or someone else he probably wouldn’t have even opened up his mouth. He talks like he can fight when he only weighs like 50 pounds smh

  11. Defence of the KING says:

    Booo! the laker fans defending KD lols. Every one in the league is a “tough guy”, Bosh already proven himself to be one of the best and also KD, but for me KD is just pointing his anger and frustration to their lost to Bosh. He can’t talk bad on DWade or LBJ because those guys are ahead on him so he only pick Bosh to insult because he think he is more awesome than bosh.

  12. fosho says:

    Laker fans think alike they are all kinda dumb lmao

  13. Roy says:

    I’m glad Durant is sticking by his statement. He has all the right to say that he’s one of the leagues best players. Besides he is kind of right about Bosh being a “fake tough guy.” Remember that incedent about a month ago when he was complaining about someone falling on his leg and hurting him because they were hustling for the ball? C’mon Bosh I respect you and your play but you shouldn’t be complaining about stuff like that it makes you look more soft then you already are. Hustle plays are part of the game and if someone gets injured just accept it. Players are going to get hurt regardless of how it happens. And if you’ve noticed Bosh is being a “fake tough lately.” He should be way more aggresive then he is right now and seizing this oppurtunity on a great team, instead of backing off and letting Lebron and Wade do it all.
    Go Kevin Durant go Thunder!! You are a truly great and humble player and nothing can change that, unless you screw up like Ron Artest or something ahaha.

  14. kinglobo says:

    kd has been the scoring champ for da past 2 years somethin cb will never do in his life and 6 years with toronto and kd already got more playoff appearences then him with an expansion team bosh is like a little bit better version then al harrington they both play just offense and got no “D” while KD is messin wit lebron and while break the record of scoring titles when its all over

  15. joe says:

    daymn, kik durant out of OKC, WESTBROOK will stil carry the team like he does now.

  16. hawk says:

    Bosh didn’t enter the conversation without any reasor or to be a “tough guy”. He has said in interviews quoting “I think he was telling Harden to dunk on me, or dunk the next one,” Bosh said before giving a cleaned-up version of the exchange. “I expressed that, ‘No, he’s not going to dunk that.’ And he expressed, ‘Yes, he is.’ It just kind of went back and forth.”
    For me it’s just a simple chat of adrenalin and express your emotions. I mean that Durant said “Dunk on him next time” is a small small insult so bosh just did the right thing that stood up for himself. Simple as that. Two great players!

  17. tata says:

    Bosh couldn’t handle being “the man”. So of course other players are wondering if he is even “a man”. Miami and Boston both suck. Try building a team instead of scavenging the best players off of other teams. They literally destroyed the teams they got their players from. Minnesota, Cleveland and Toronto suck and Seattle lost their franchise altogether. At least Seattle/OKC has rebuilt with Durant and Westbrook and don’t need old man Allenanymore, but the city of Seattle is still without a team.

  18. stefan says:

    KD after kobe hahhaha where is wade at hahhaah LBJ 1st kobe 2 wade third then u can talk about KD and others DONT HATE ON MIAMI

    • LakersWillWin says:

      More like Kobe Wade Bron…
      Who do you think Kobe is going to pass the torch to in the NBA when he retires? I see D.Rose doing some damage in our league in the future. He is amazing.

  19. fan says:

    kd didnt have to say anything. the fact that cb cried about hustle proved that he is no tough guy and not a competitive player at all.

  20. Realist says:

    Young guy needs to quit while he’s behind. You already screwed up by letting emotions get the best of you after that loss, now you’re doing it again? Aye-ye-ye. Haven’t proved anything yet kid, wait a few years then you talk trash about the vets.

    • Jake says:

      Bro, he’s already waaay better than Bosh. He’s proved himself, and Bosh has proved that he’s a “fake tough guy.”

    • KDEISEL says:

      1. CB aint a vet. 2. KD is mature well beyond his age. 3.’you aint proved nothin yet’ -do you watch basketball?

  21. Rahmone says:

    KD used to be a nice guy in his 1st 2 years. Now, he wants to be a thug wannabe, because success has gone to his head! He said he’s gonna nod at CB wassup when he sees him? LOL. If you are a real tough guy you either ask him how many rounds or pay him no attention at all. Either put up or shut up! or else you’re just a fake tough guy!

    • Jake says:

      Eh Rahmone, who made you the resident expert on what it takes to be a “real tough guy?” I think KD’s head nod and wasup is the perfect response. You aren’t begging the guy to be your best friend, and you aren’t being some an idiot who’s gonna get in trouble by starting a fight. Last I checked things don’t work out too well when NBA players get in fights (Demarcus Cousins, Gilbert Arenas, Ron Artest, Darius Miles etc.).

  22. Dirk 4 MVP says:

    I’m not a Durant hater, I even supported him before he even entered the league, as he played for my team Texas. But sometimes He can make me laugh. Remember last season when Phil Jackson said he was being babied on foul calls? He never knows how to react and just says these petty things in order to seem, well, like whatever he thinks he’s trying to be. Smh…if you have nothing better to say, than Durant please just shut up because honestly, cometimes when you speak it’s irritating.

  23. LAKERBOY says:

    i agree with KD. not that i hate on the heat but the way bosh entered the fray between durant and is teammate is just uncalled for. why don’t he just puck his mouth and shut up. he thinks he can do things of that nature now because he’s on a good team but what the heck. i am a fan of bosh and his game is great, but he must keep his feet off the ground and what he did s**ks.

  24. LAKERBOY says:

    KD shall be the next face of the NBA.

  25. jack says:

    Damn straight you’re a sore loser. It’s ironic how Durant called Bosh out on twitter being a “tough guy” LMFAO

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      now wat to lmao at is YOU!

      YOU such a fool, Durant called Bosh out in the after-game press conference…..not on twitter, get your facts straight before tryna come on the blog making jokes…

    • timu says:

      its ok. he can say what he wants. hes the league leading scoring this year and last year. so he can say anything he f’in WANTS. lol. u doneeeeeeeeee jack.

    • BO JANGLES says:

      you dont know wat u r talkin about jack he can say what he want to say because hes the best in the league behind kobe so laugh on that

      • Robert says:

        KD is a great player and sportsman, players get into it, it’s part of th game. Calling Durant a sore loser shows how litte you know about him and the game. Go Thunder!

      • Luke says:

        I am laughing at that. KD is the second biggest shot jacker behind Kobe
        I love the kid.. but man he loves to just jack shots up. Lucky hes a decent shooter but I get frustrated watching
        OKC they’re always in a rush to shoot.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Durant shoots 45-50% from the field, when someone has a higher fg% let them shoot! His ROLE on the team is scorer.
        Let him “jack up” shots, because that is his obligation to the team. Jeez, if he’s such a “shot jacker” how does Westbrook end up with 30 points a night when Durant has 30 as well???

    • fan says:

      he obviously has the bragging right