The Talk Of The Town

LOS ANGELES — I knew Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers would be the talk of this town all weekend, but now it’s for all the wrong reasons.

A small group of us stood in the doorway of a downtown hotel sports bar to watch the final seconds of the Lakers’ stunning loss in Cleveland Wednesday night wondering if this was the final dagger for a team that’s taking a beating from all directions for their recent struggles.

“It’s a good thing it’s All-Star Weekend,” one hotel employee muttered as the crowd dispersed, “because these guys [Lakers] need the break.”

They are in need of something. And perhaps something more than what a few days of rest can provide. There have been some disturbing signs for Phil Jackson‘s crew through the pre-All-Star run, including this latest skid (three straight losses and a .500 mark in their last 10 games).

Instead of celebrating the weekend with the league’s ultimate star-driven showcase, there will be plenty of debate here about whether or not the Lakers are capable of defending their title for a third straight year as presently constituted. The Feb. 24 trade deadline is starting to look more and more like a drop dead date for the Lakers, who limped off the floor in Cleveland last night with a much uglier shiner than the 55-point beating they administered on the Cavs last month.

Rumblings that they might not be able to fend off challenges from the Spurs and Mavericks in the Western Conference and from either the Celtics or Heat in the NBA Finals are growing louder by the second.

On a busy night around the league with tons of Carmelo Anthony rumors that could have dominated the conversation, the Lakers found a way to steal that thunder with their inept performance against the league’s worst team.

My main man Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times nailed the mood we witnessed here last night from Cleveland:

Maybe this team can’t win the championship.

Their defense is horrendous, their legs are getting older by the possession and their interest level fluctuates between bored and horribly bored.

Lakers fans will be apoplectic with the last few losses, but it could be worse. Talk-radio host and Lakers sideline reporter John Ireland said over the airwaves last week he would walk home from Cleveland if the Lakers lost to the Cavaliers.

It’s a 2,300-mile trek. He’ll be home by the end of the playoffs. Maybe.

Then again, a quick glance at Twitter feeds might make Ireland feel better about himself. “Lakers hit ROCK BOTTOM,” wrote one fan in mourning. Another was more somber, simply writing “dead.”

It’s only February. Seriously.

On the other hand, Kobe Bryant looked incredibly irritated as he walked off the court, head down, all alone after the latest loss. He then ignored reporters for a second consecutive game, his second mini-boycott of the media this season.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson actually spent a full 2 1/2 minutes with reporters in the wake of Wednesday’s debacle after providing five terse seconds of his time in Charlotte.

“I think they took the [All-Star] break before the game,” he said, declining to name names though it wouldn’t spoil anything to provide some clues (RonArtestLamarOdomAndrewBynum).

Maybe the Lakers are in need of a makeover.

Maybe it is time for Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak to work the phones and move somebody (or, better yet, somebodies) to get this team back on track.

Who knows? The Nets are apparently back in the ‘Melo sweepstakes. Maybe the Lakers want back in, too?

What was already going to be a wild and crazy weekend of All-Star drama and fun got a whole lot crazier and dramatic last night, courtesy of Christian Eyenga and the rest of those suddenly resilient Cavs, with a huge assist from the suddenly hapless Lakers.


  1. Old School C says:

    It goes back to effort and the will to win. I dont believe that there are any real deficiencies here. Lets think about this, you have a child thats getting straight A’s in school. He/Shes been a straight A student all their life. But next semester they bring you home 2 C’s. You know your kid is smarter than that right? It has nothing to do with hers/his workload or school schedule, they’re just slacking off and thinking its ok because they’ll still pass.

    Well if you’re the parent, you know that its not ok to just cruise through school and be mediocre when you know for a fact that your child is so much smarter than that. We are seeing the same thing with the Lakers. We know the Lakers are so much better than they are showing but their work effort is not up to par with their ability.

    The problem I have with my fellow Laker fans is, no one likes to criticize or listen to others make constructive criticisms about this team. Phil needs to let them know that this is not ok, and that we need to start playing like we are the champs instead of just another mediocre team that can lose to the sorriest team on any given day. The coaching staff is just as much to blame as the Lakers because it doesnt seem like a real game plan is being designed by this coaching staff and executed by the team.

  2. Ice Pogi says:


    what kobe is way better than LeBron??? B’coz he has 5 rings…

    LeBron have 2 season MVP’s kobe has 1

    kobe has 5 rings LeBron has none… so that’s how you get the idea of who’s better…

    how about Robert Horry 7 rings MJ 6 rings.. does it make Horry better than MJ… i guess NOT…

    how about this one put kobe on cleveland… let’s see where CAVS might land…..same for LBJ in LAKERS let’s see what


  3. Chika says:

    The team is struggling because they are flat out tired. There are a number of players that are still recovering from their injuries that are not really vocally admitting that that is the case. Ron Artest needs to step up and be mentally focused during games. Kobe needs to continue distributing the ball and only take over games only when it is necessary. Kobe is getting too many turnovers because he is trying to hard and the team just watches him play instead of play with him.

    Pau Gasol needs to bring out the beast inside of himself to play with more power like he has display a few times this season. Andrew Bynum needs to try and keep himself healthy and just be the big body and force Lakers will need inside the paint during this season and hopefully in the playoffs. D. Fisher might need to be brought off the bench in order for the team to be a little more successful and they should save him for the playoffs. The lakers need to use Steve Blake a litte more and add a little dept to their bench. Shannon Brown is definitely trying, and they need to bring him into the rotation to put him to work.

    The Lakers bench might not be what it needs to be this year for them to compete against the better teams this year. The team cannot rely only on the starting lineup. The Lakers obviously need more depth in their bench, however making any changes at this moment might destroy the teams chemistry. A few trades that were made to the Nets might have been a mistake. Where is Luke Walton in the mix of all of this? I rarely see him play in games? Is he healthy?

    All of this is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  4. A Logical Kobe Fan says:

    Haters of any athlete like KB24, LeBron, etc., just seem to be fairly dumb and say things that make no sense. There will always be haters, and they come onto these forums just to try to goad fans or other people into pitiful internet confrontations that will never lead anywhere. I don’t know if they feel obligated to share with the rest of society about how stupid they are, but I think we can all agree most haters are for the most part, dumb.
    Trade Kobe for Melo? That is out of the question. That would be like the Patriots trading Tom Brady or the Colds trading Manning. Denver already said if they were going to trade Melo to the Lakers the deal would need to involve Andrew Bynum because he’s young and has a lot of potential, despite his constant injury. To all the people that say the Lakers need to trade Kobe, for anybody, it cannot and will not happen. It’s just not an option. Even if that is an opinion, it can still be extremely wrong.
    Personally, I love the concept of Melo coming to LA, but I just don’t think it would work out. Especially at this time of the season, it’s just a little too late to make a major trade and tweak the starting roster. Team chemistry is the major factor when trades are involved, but most people don’t seem to understand that. On paper Kobe and Melo would make an amazing combo, but that’s not how it works. It’s already been said before, nobody knows what Phil Jackson has up his sleeve. He’s got 11 rings as a coach; the guy know’s what he’s doing. Anybody who say’s he doesn’t clearly has no understanding of basketball or sports in general. Fans do not know better than coaches, or else the fan would be the coach. There may be extremely rare exceptions where the fan may have an IQ of 150, but other than that, when a fan says they know better than the coach, it’s just an irrational thought.
    It’s always difficult to tell what the playoffs will hold. As a Laker fan, I hate bringing this up because it’s a painful memory, but nobody expected the Pistons to beat the Lakers in a 5 game series back in 04.
    Kobe Bryant a bench player? Any coach worth 2 cents in the NBA will tell you that is beyond stupid. It’s true at times he plays poorly, but most people don’t realize he’s been playing with some messed up fingers for a long time now. Ever think that that may be the cause? Anybody can play when they’re completely healthy, but not just anybody can play injured.

  5. Jawo says:

    How the hell can the lakers get Melo? Trade Kobe. But Melo is much better than Kobe so that aint happening.

  6. Rein says:

    Why there are Kobe haters.

    1. Jealous
    2. Jealous
    3. Jealous
    4. Jealous
    5. Jealous

    uggh.. i cant think of other reasons

  7. kobe24 says:

    trade kobe?? that sucks!!!…
    kobe is still one of the greatest player on this have to respect it!!..
    lakers is still fine,,they just need some motivation or push…i still believe on them i know they
    can win,,we have to trust to them..coz in the end of the day LAKERS are going to win it all 🙂

  8. KBryant says:

    If Bynum is not trade Ron Artest NEEDS to go he is not even trying anymore also he is slow and provides no offense and as of late playing little to no defense. If the Lakers don’t make a trade please tweek the starting lineup a bit maybe start Blake instead of Fisher and see how it works or start Matt Barnes(when he comes back) instead of Artest or start Odom instead of Bynum because maybe a tweek in the starting lineup could change things. It is true Blake hasn’t lived up to expectations but he is not on the floor enough to make a difference. They should start Blake and lit him play 25-31 minutes and in the fourth quarter have Fisher in the game but little times in between to give Blake a rest. Or the Lakers can go with a crazy startting lineup to try: starters: Blake, Brown, Bryant, Odom(or Bynum) and Gasol. With this Lineup the Lakers can run and if they struggle to protect the paint just put Bynum in. But Lakers please make a trade for a more productive small forward and or point guard. I wish this was the Lakers starting lineup after the trade deadline: Starters: Chauncey Billups, Kobe Bryant, Gerald Wallce or Carmelo, Pau Gasol, Bynum(but if he is trade they should start Odom now that starting lineup would be almost unbeatable. Or another starting lineup: Kirk Hinrich or Ty Lawson, Kobe Bryant, Matt Barnes, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol. I think the Lakers should start Odom because the reason teams jump ot to such big leads is because Bynum is so slow they just outrun the Lakers and always get a 5 on 4 fastbreak or 3 on 1 fastbreak. Then if the Lakers are struggling to protect the paint then put Bynum in. Kobe can’t save them every night nor should he have to.

  9. dDale says:


    • LA says:

      @dDale. Ay bruh how u goin to call us nerd bloggers? Why are you even in this conversation it looks like u are the one that needs to get a life haha!!!

  10. Jordan says:

    The Lakers should trade for Melo and Lawson or Melo and Billups of just get Carmelo. Because if the Lakers were to meet Miami Heat in the Finals they would match up so much better and also they would have the advantage with a winner and competitor like Kobe who hates to lose also they have a presence down low in Gasol also if Kobe doesn’t have it going they should just run it through Carmelo the Laker Big 3 (if they got Melo) would be better than the Heat’s big three becuz the Lakers have a legit big man in Gasol.

  11. kobe hater says:

    1.lakers is better w/ out kobe lets face it
    2.kobe is shooting cold shooting 5/15 6/18 8/24 and so on check his field goal
    3when kobe take 20+shot a game lakers loses or win with 10-1lead mark
    4.kobe’s,weakness is always covered by kobe fans (trying hard to protect kobe)
    5.they always blaming others for kobe’s fault
    6.when gasol taking charge kobe stills the glory
    7.kobe plays no defence ,., kobe’s defence relai on help defence kobe please!!! kobe sucks

    • Ales Romanow says:

      you have no idea and those poeple should not be allowed to post anything. it sounds just like a kid crying without any arguments and without any sense

    • Jordan says:

      @Kobehater. If you are Kobe hater get outta bruh go get a life. Why are you in conversations about Lakers. Did you really just say Lakers are better without Kobe? Do you even watch Laker games when Kobe goes to the bench it is rare that the lakers can hold a lead. Also have you not watched the last 2 playoff series where Kobe won 2 rings back to back and last year in the playoffs he averaged close to 30pts 6ast 6reb and you are saying trade him! Every year this happens people say Kobe is slowing down but shows everyone up when it matters most in the playoffs while Lebrick James chokes like every year. But I’ll admit what is the Lakers GM thinking? Lakers need a trade I would prefer a large trade that is guaranteed to put them at the top of the West. A trade like Bynum for Carmelo or Bynum and Brown for Carmelo and Ty Lawson. Or a trade for Gerald Wallace. Or a minor trade, get a point guard who can shoot and guard the other team’s athletic point guards like Kirk Hinrich or Chauncey Billups. Also the Lakers would not lose much size if they trade Bynum because everyone forgets about Theo Ratliff the shotblocker because he’s been injured.

    • JO says:

      @Kobe Hater. Bruh why are you even in a LAKER conversation if you hate Kobe. Plus do you even watch Laker games because when Kobe goes out the Lakers can’t hold a big lead or take a lead because no one can consistently score or find open teammates like Kobe does also Kobe is the bst at running the offense. But Lakers do need a trade whether it is a major trade which will automatically put them as the favorite to win the West a trade like Bynum for Carmelo or Bynum, Shannon Brown for Carmelo, Ty Lawson.

    • lakers 3p says:

      mitch kupchak should trade bynum ,artest and blake if they want kobe to stay
      trade it to piston for prince ,ben ,t mac and hamilton
      lakers starter
      PG fisher-t mac at bench
      SG hamilton -kobe at bench
      SF prince-barnes at bench
      PF ben(odom)
      C gasol(odom)
      odom can play versitile lakers will be solid

      • JO says:

        @ laker 3p Wat the heck did you really just say bench Kobe and trade for rip and start Rip Hamilton who doesn’t even get off the bench for the Pistons. You obviously know nothing about the Lakers NBA Basketball for that matter

  12. Ales Romanow says:

    Well, it is too much conversation. first of all, many celtics fans cry about losing perk in game 6, oh come on! was THAT really the reason?? bynum is much more important for lakres than perk for C’s and HE almost didn’t play!! it is just stupid to say lakers only won because perk was out. they outwilled the C’s and hit some clutch baskets. and kobe, not being MJ and not being able to hit anything in game 7, still got 15 rebounds ang got to the free-throw line and got some clutch balls.
    as for the topic itself, I don’t think lakers need any change. I am sure they CAN do the same stuff as last year. the question only is: do they want it that bad? And if they don’t, then they don’t deserve it anymore and will not win. that’s why just let us see, ok?? I personally find it REALLy competitive these playoffs and wouldn’t even dare to say which team is going to win. it is going to be very much fun anyway! so good luck to everybody in june

  13. Matt Manuel says:

    Sekoui this debate is as pointless as you say because fans want carmelo, jackson, granger or someone else but forgetting these guys jack up shots, don’t play great defense and in Jackson case is a head case. I like all three I really do, but the lakers need a point guard to that can defend and penetrate otherwise all these dumb trades are for nout especially when you don’t have anyone who can’t get people open shots. All the Laker shots have taken are contested or difficult shots, and when Blake and Brown are in they seem to take a lot of jumpshots. Other then all of that there is not much they can do they just have to come in with energy and effort, they didn’t match the Cavs, Bobcats, or Magics effort and in two of the three games took too many three pointers. They can get back on track after the all-star game but its going to take effort and work and there isn’t any midseason roster shake-up other than some bench players specifically a point guard or a combo guard that can relieve pressure.

  14. kobe4L says:

    ILOVE lakers ❤

  15. Kobe, Pau, Lamar, in your face! says:

    Hey Sekou, Love you man! Keep up the good work!!!!!

  16. Kobe, Pau, Lamar, in your face! says:

    Huge Laker fan here! Very disappointed in my team! Gonna defend them to an extent! A 7 game road trip! Emotional hard fought victories against Boston and NYN! Fatigue and travel set in! Don’t count them out! They will compete come playoff time! Spurs will be tough! Boston and Miami will be tough in the East! D. Fish will pick it up in the playoffs. Artest needs to be traded. Bynum will come of age! Still think they have a chance! Kudos to San Antonio! Love Miami’s big three. Boston is tough! Don’t count out Hollywood though! They still can come through! Love you Kobe! Love you Pau! Love you Lamar! Go Lakers! Haven’t given up on the champs!!!!!!

  17. james cohen says:

    I keep hearing all the chatter about what is wrong with the LAKERS … but I have yet to hear from all the various sources, pundints etc. that the level of DEDICATION and COMMITMENT to being the best are the elements and ingredients that are sorely missing from the LAKERS … they are the very ones that declared that their quest is to repeat as champs … DEREK FISHER quote (after last seasons championship) “We just gettin’ started” … Kobe, a commitment to win one for PHIL JACKSON, send him out right … but under closer scrutiny the LAKERS have far too many side show issues … and PHIL JACKSON is derilect in his duty as the HEAD (operative word) HEAD coach to put lid on all the non-sense … to much commercialism and not a steadfast athletes pride and commitment to the quest at hand … KOBE and those ridiculous CHRISTMAS DAY shoes, with teammates following suit, LAMAR and cologne, ARTEST and mixtapes and CD’s, KOBE and over the edge commercials, are they A CIRCUS or a SOAP OPERA, entirely too many talk show appearances, which reduces them to celebrities, I thought they were a team committed to reaching a goal, I am thee BIGGEST KOBE fan on the planet, but there is one glaring difference between him and MICHAEL, Michael’s in ‘yo face tenacity confronting his teammates to exhorting them to greatness … I love and respect DEREK FISHER, but his time has come and gone, his defense (lack thereof) has been a liability for 2 seasons, SESSIONS 32 points, whose man was that, DEREK FISHERS man, and it pains me to see RUSSELL WESTBROOK come to town, AARON BROOKS, the list goes on, they all leave FISHER in their wake as if he is the MAGIC JOHNSON statue outside of STAPLES, defense is will and committment … can’t leave out SHANNON BROWN, the limelight of videos and female persuasion … ADD IT ALL UP … does no make a CHAMPIONSHIP RECIPE … how do you lose pitifully to the same team you blew out by 55, how does a CHAMPION making millions of dollars not show up to play, other than being sick ITS INEXCUSABLE … until the side shows cease and desist they won’t beat the SPURS or anybody else …

  18. MrE23 says:

    The Lakers have a $91 million dollar payroll, the highest in the league, and all of the talent in the world. At the beginning of the season when they went 8-0, I thought this could be the next 70 win team.

    I know every Laker fan couldn’t live without Kobe being on the team, but have any of you thought of this:

    When the Lakers won last year it wasn’t all about the Lakers…it was about Kobe’s 5th ring. If I recall correctly, Artest saved the day in game 7 last year, but that was immediately forgotten the moment Kobe jumped up on the scoring table and held 5 fingers up in the air as high as he could. I personally believe that the rest of the players are getting tired of playing with the ego-maniac we call Kobe. It’s all about Kobe, except when they lose, then it’s about everyone else.

    I think these other players are beginning to realize that no matter how many rings they win together as a team…all that will be remembered by anyone else is how many Kobe ended up with. Basically they’re just feeding Kobe’s ego and sacrificing their own dignity every day. Any man that has pride in himself will not like playing for this team for very long, at least not while Kobe’s keeping all of the glory for himself.

    You want to trade for Melo, trade Kobe straight up and watch the synergistic impact it has on the rest of the team. They’d still have more than enough talent, but being that Melo hasn’t been deemed a champion yet, he won’t be able to steal the spotlight like Kobe has been able to as of late. The other players will get their hunger to win back, since they know they won’t be forgotten over how many rings Kobe has.

    This is only a theory, but it doesn’t take a psychology major to be able to identify some of these factors.

  19. WiseEye says:

    It’s early in the year all this talk about Lakers losing their edge and that, is all false. Doesn’t anyone remember the last couple of seasons, the Lakers didn’t have a good record at the start because it’s the start, it doesn’t matter where they are now. When playoff roll around they be back in tip top form, when it counts, not when its 55games into the season. All the people that know hardly anything about basketball will say Lakers are dead, Lakers can’t defend their champion title, they won’t get the three-peat. Anyone with half an idea of how the game REALLY works knows that’s false.

  20. A Logical Kobe Fan says:

    One thing I’ve noticed from reading these recent forums is that the Kobe Haters compare him to MJ more than the Kobe fans do. As for Like-Mike?’s post, your comment is completely off topic, and dumb on top of that. I also realize that in responding to this that my comment is off topic, but I just can’t help myself at the moment. You only pointed out the things Jordan did and the things that Kobe didn’t do or hasn’t done. Believe it or not, Kobe has accomplished several things that MJ hasn’t, so your little comparison table should be thrown out the window. A few examples of this are: Kobe scored 81 in a single game, MJ didn’t. Argument against this: Kobe took a lot of shots and anybody who takes that many could have that many points? Terrible and stupid argument. Other argument: It was the Raptors? Most teams who allow a single player to score 50 or more aren’t playing good D in the first place, so in that sense all others 50+ point games should be disqualified as well. Kobe made it to the Finals 7 seven times, Jordan made it 6 times. Try to break that down all you want, but you can’t argue with the statistics. Kobe has never shot under 20% from 3 point range in his career, MJ has shot under 20% from 3 point range 5 times. Kobe’s all career 3 point range: 33.9% – MJ’s: 32.7%. Kobe’s career FT%: 83.7% – MJ’s: 83.5%. Granted, a dinky difference, but Kobe wins it, and it’s yet another thing MJ fans fail to point out. Those stats in no way say Kobe is better, just that Jordan is not the all around better player as so many believe him to be, because in fact, there are things that Kobe is better at. There are plenty more things Kobe has done that MJ hasn’t, and of course vice-versa. Of course many haters don’t consider the things Kobe is better at to be accomplishments and try to discard them as if they are meaningless.
    And this big “The Celtics would have won last season if Perkins wasn’t hurt” stuff is a pretty poor excuse. Perkins is a good center, but he is not good enough to change the outcome of that game 7. To the Celtic fans, do you remember that Andrew Bynum was not present for the ’08 Finals? Not saying he’s a dominant center by any means, but the outcome would have been different.
    I’ve seen a lot of dumb comments on forums, but “Kobe will retire after this season” or “Kobe needs to retire after this season” are pretty top notch dumb. 32 is not old for the NBA. If you think he will retire now, when there is still so much left that he can, and quite possibly will accomplish, you may want to have your brain checked. Barring any serious injury, he will not retire this early in his career. He’s too much of a competitor. Even when he retires, don’t be surprised to see him come out of retirement to make a comeback.
    To get back to the topic at hand, it is perfectly normal for fans of any team to become worried or concerned after big losses. Analysts write these articles, because in all seriousness, it kind of is their job. They analyze situations at hand and write about them, giving their supposed-to-be expert opinions.The Media always hypes everything up, look at LeBron James. And that is by no means meant to have been a hater comment; just an observation of that great player and his total number of Championship Rings over his still young NBA career. So far, yes, he actually has been a hype. He’s a hype until he finally wins.
    Trade Kobe for a young super star? You do realize his contract makes him untradeable. I’m not talking about nobody wanting him either, I mean literally, his contract is not legally tradeable. The Lakers are better without Kobe? That may quite possibly be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. They can be good without him, yes, but they are not better without him.

  21. isiah says:

    I really want the playoffs to begin now just see the outcome. Lakers have a chance since the Spurs look good now but let the playoffs begin. Get rid of Artest and we have no defense even though he is not playing much. Get Carmelo and we have more offense and less defense. Lets get someone who loves to amp guys in the court and play defense. That will make the playoffs alot more fun.

  22. LAL says:

    Don’t worry guys Lakers will get tha champinship, nobody can win them in playoffs. And they don’t need Carmelo in that moment better any defender (Kirilenko), They’ve got Kobe who is still the best player and scorer in the world. Just more motivation in the and of the season. Go Lakers Go!!!

    • ramon says:

      The lakers should just trade andrew bynum for melo its a great deal and a great steal.
      they also need good young athletic players like rudy gay oj mayo they need to pick it up

  23. Lakers FEI says:

    I am amazed how the driver at the wheel avoid any criticizes It looks to me that the team lost contact with the lame duck coach and just go thru the motions. I think that NOW is the time for Phil to step down and to let someone other then him to try to salvage the season. I feel that he lost contact with his player and he can’t lead or motivate them.

  24. Albert Allego says:

    No more three peats, Los Angeles run is over and Kobe is done with the Lakers?

    Lakers is third best in the conference and fifth in the NBA. The franchise is gunning for three peats unfortunately the team is not showing the championship form and what it takes to be a three peat champion in that category. Instead the truth about their faith is slowly unraveling and as far as the records and statistics is concern, “No more three peats’, Los Angeles run is over and Kobe is done with the Lakers”

    Winning records

    It was in 1947, when Minneapolis Lakers started their quest for basketball supremacy having been captured five (5) championship title from 1947-1954. In 1972, after 12 years they recaptured the championship as Los Angeles Lakers and the first title in Los Angeles, California, a total of six (6) titles in 25 years. In 1979 they began running again for a series of championship and was able to sneak-in five (5) rings for a total of 11 championships until 1988; then again made their run from 1999 to 2010 capturing 5 titles for a total of 16 championships in 63 years.

    5, 1, 5, 5 rings

    Statistics showed that Lakers have 16 series championships posted chronologically as 5-1-5-5. 5 (1948-1949, 1949-1950, 1951-1952, 1952-1953, 1953-1954), 1 (1972), 5 (1979-1980, 1981-1982, 1984-1985, 1986-1987, 1987-1988), and 5 (1999-2000, 2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2008-2009, 2009-2010).

    Back-to-back championship and three peats

    Each of these run Lakers accomplished 3peats and back-to-back championships. Back-to-back in 1948 to 1954 (48-49, 49-50 and 51-52, 52-53), in 1979 to 1988 (86-87, 87-88), in 1999-2010 (99-00, 00-01 and 08-09, 09-10). Three peats in 1948-1954 (51-52, 52-53, and 53-54), in 1999 to 2010 (99-00, 00-01, 01-02).

    Big men, the retirement, disbanded players and the rebuilding years

    George Lawrence Mikan who stands 6’11” who piloted the Lakers to championship titles from 1948-1954 earned superstardom status and retired with 5 titles. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, from 1978 to 1988 leads the Lakers with MVP stardom both finals and regular season and retired after capturing 5 titles. Shaquille O’Neal and Pau Gasol help the Lakers to capture 5 titles from 1999-2010.

    Jim Pollard, Vern Mikkelson and Slater Martin, theyhave not done it in 1948-1954 without George Mikan. All went on separate ways after Mikan’s retirement.

    Gerry West figured in series of final appearances, six times from 1960 to 1970 against the Boston Celtics but failed to win the championship and had not done it in 1972 without Wilt Chamberlain. He retired with only one championship ring.

    Magic Johnson tried to carry the team and managed to play some final matches but couldn’t make it after Kareem Abdul-Jabbar retired in 1989. He retired in 1991

    Bryant, after he and Shaq parted ways, was figured in one conference playoff series against Phoenix Suns but lost in game seven after posting a 3-1 advantage. The 4th and 5th title was realized only after the arrival of Paul Gasol.

    The Lakers after their run in 1948 to 1954 and capturing 5 titles rested for 25 years, in 1979 they again started the run and from 1979 to 1988 they captured again 5 titles. Gone in the cold for 10 years they began their quest in 2009 and from that year until 2010 they captured again 5 titles.


    It looks like after every 5 titles Lakers is self destruct and gone for rebuilding. All the players have disbanded and went on separate ways. Jim Pollard, Vern Mikkelson and Slater Martin (1948-1954), Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Byron Scott, Michael Cooper, Kurt Rambis (1979-1988), and Robert Horry, Derek Fisher, Rick Fox (2009-2003). The magic number five (5) was already consummated by the Lakers from 2009-2010; are they poise for self destruct again?

    During championship run Lakers are remarkable in their back-to-back and three peats championship. That merit was already achieved by Kobe and the Lakers.

    Lakers big men in each championship run are superstar, dominant and explosive. During each run they earned MVP distinction. George Mikan earned the superstardom; Wilt Chamberlain, MVP, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, MVP; Shaquille O’Neal, MVP. Pau Gasol? Andrew Bynum?

    After every big men retirement the remnants figured in different playoffs and final appearances, unfortunately they end up battered and frustrated that in their status as superstar they failed to carry the Lakers into another championship.

    Three peats or go home rebuilding

    Not unless, by the principle of “there is always the first time”, and the Lakers managed to sneak-it-out from the law-on-averages, they can win the championship. Not unless, Pau Gasol dominates, explosive and can win MVP award. (I saw him at that level during the first 20 games of the Lakers but it suddenly disappeared, for what reason, I don’t know; ask Kobe), as proven vital in their records of championships, there is a chance. Not unless, the present situation where Kobe’s “ballhog”, first and last option which is already predictable and a dilemma changed, there is a chance. Not unless all components of back-to-back championship help and will not agree to just walk around the court while Kobe is looking at the basket surrounded by the defenders, there is still a chance. Not unless, they stop playing like royalty who are waiting for the opponent team to just give them the cookie, they’ll start playing hard and though, there’s still a chance. If not, “Los Angeles Lakers is set to expire, no more three peats’; the run is over and Kobe is done with the Lakers”

    • Big Raider J says:

      Dude, write your own material or give credit to whomever did…




        AH, HA, AH, HA AH,HA


        ALL YOU KOBE HATERS MUST BE DEVASTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        ALLSTAR MVP FOR KOBE !!!!!




  25. kb24fan says:

    @imad akel…C’mon man,we know how good the lakers on the road.they beat the celtics couple of days ago(ok it’s reg.season)how about game 3 of the 2010 nba finals,game 6 against thunder,game 4 against utah,game 6 against suns and many more.alright the lakers are struggling,it’s absolutely right!its their focus,defensive lapses and inefficient offense that is giving this team a problem all season long.I still believe that this team will figure it out after all star break until palyoffs,or else they will find themselves gone fishing.I believe that they don’t need to trade someone in able to make things right,they need to regroup and keep their focus on offense specially in defense…

  26. LAKESHOW says:

    trading the bench mob did very bad for the lakers…why trade the bench that propelled them in the last 2 championships??

    they have a very good chemistry on and off the court, thats what a great team need…

    i just dont know right now…maybe we just need Barnes back…but im not that worried…Boston is just like this a season ago..4th in the EAST..all the way to the FINALS!

  27. dymatize says:

    as a laker fan…. if they dont make it too tha finals , i prefer to see Dallas vs New York… why ? Dont like Celtics , Spurs , Miami… hahaha

  28. Colt says:

    flakers r just straight boring to watch anyway. They need to realize tha there’s another team in LA and they are consistently getting better. DONT sleep on LAC. But this year aint they’re year. This year its gonna be the Celt story i think. But i doubt the flakers will even make finals. JUST SAYIN’.

  29. emmanuel marcelo says:

    i think what the Lakers really need is a good play maker. Not necessarily an All-star guard but someone like Felton or whoever free to sign with them as long as he has an ability to create play for his teammate. The lakers will not win a 3peat in their current situation just look on their last 10 games, Kobe was almost always the one who leads in assist per game while fisher and blake combined assists is 5 or lower or sometimes no assist at all. Just by that stat it will tell us that there’s a problem in LA ryt now. Lakers wont trade fisher we all know that, blake was given a chance to probe himself and he failed miserably. KOBE can’t do it all! Without a better PG, 3peat is IMPOSSIBLE. So what’s the solution? A trade for PG or a prayer by all Laker fans (including me) that fisher and blake will regain their prime Form and play the way they play 2-3 years ago.

  30. laker_fan says:

    the next power rankings put the lakers at 30.

  31. dude says:

    i want chauncey billups in miami heat team gogogo… champion

  32. invisibleglenn says:

    la lakers is going crazy,,, 3 straight loss my gosh,,, wat hapening,,, go and get carmelo,,, trade ur players now…

  33. nba_heart says:

    What the lakers lack right now is passion, heart, a will to win, killer’s instinct. Coaching staff might have something to do with the whys and hows as far as getting these back. They still got skills, regardless of the age, probably got more basketball smarts than 90& of the league. They are slower, but that makes little difference, because they play set offense anyway. They’re longer and taller, but the lack of toughness in their centers, you might as well see them as average, again, heart, the toughness goes along with that. I don’t mind a guy taking many shots, thats confidence, which is good to have that killer instinct, Kobe’s faults as of late, may just have to be his turnovers, can’t take care of the ball, most likely because of his hands health issues. Pau & Bynum, as most 4s/5s do, has a great shooting %, they get easy open looks courtesy of Kobe getting double-teamed in the post, only thing Pau & Drew has to do is catch it and dunk it. But I can tell their heart, interest, toughness, is not all there. Most of the time, Pau is jogging instead of running down to get back on defense, if its fatigue, then it should be up to Phil to limit their minutes. I would like to see the rookies play more, they usually play with more energy, being so excited and all, they just might bring some fire back to the squad. Artest needs to stop with the 3s, even when he’s open, I know he makes them sometimes but I think he will be more effective if he used his toughness & strength down low, banging up against the big guys, and maybe Pau will take notice and be inspired to play the same, Ron plays great defense, absolutely no issue with that. Derek has that passion, he’s a proven clutch, but his legs can’t compete with 99% of the league guards, I can see him more productive as a reserve, he can still be the vocal leader. Lamar is playing consistent ball for the first time in his career!, he’s confidence is up, so are his stats, even with low point outputs, he contributes on other aspects. Coaching may be the biggest issue of these Lakers of late, a change in the rotation maybe, playtime for Ebanks & Caracter, definitely coaching that will bring more motivation back.

  34. klebsy M says:

    does anyone know at what time is kobe’s hand print ceremony at grauman’s theater on saturday???? please pretty please email me at

  35. heineken says:

    the last game, i think is their worst game,but for me they are still the best team, though everyone not even consider them as great, but to think phil is with them. and they still got kobe, imagine what kobe can do in the game, and imagine what phil jackson is thinking now, he is still the zen master, they still got 20+ games to go, and after that we can predict what they can do in the playoffs and how will they defend their crown, this is the same as their past two trips in the finals and getting the crown. it means same result..

  36. bern says:

    This is still the season… and i think everyone knows how the lakers played during playoffs. This is evident for last year’s playoffs, where the cavs ended a magnificent season, but loses to the celtics in the playoffs. I think adding MELO in the Lakers line up would make them the impeccable team. And this would also bring Melo’s first RING and Kobe’s equal to MJ.

  37. Manuel says:

    everyone needs to stop worrying about the lakers and stop making it seem like they are the worst team in the league. They are fine just stop running your mouth about them if you dont know anything about basketball. They won 2 championships in a row of ourse a team gets old its not just the lakers..Same thing happened with Jordan all great playes and great teams have downfall so just everyone relax. The lakers are fine okay they dont need no trades or anyhting they know what to do and im pretty sure they will takeover in the playoffs.

  38. VetBomb says:

    You guys are just hating because of these loses, don’t forget the LAKERS were in the finals for the last 3 years. Once they get healthy and playoff starts they will pick it up again and might just be a little harder because of home court. Never in my life saw many haters on one athlete “KOBE” LOL! “his selfish, ball hog, he sucks, cant’ shoot, no defense, too old, slow, old, cant compare with MJ=Ball HOG (Still the GOAT) !………..feel free to fill in HATERS!

    How about them teams that wonchampionships in the KOBE era…
    Spurs 4 championships
    Boston 1 and cant win back to back.
    Miami 1
    Detroit 1
    and the rest NADA!!!!! LAKERS 5, yes KOBE and the LAKERS Sucks!!!!!!!

  39. Cj_Philippines says:

    Whatever ya’ll say, they are still the team to beat. They are the champions. Most of your comments don’t have any point. Yeah they are struggling, but they are still champions.

  40. Lapinnoir says:

    3 losses in a row…. seriously i guess laker fans are not used to losing but stop feeling sorry for yourself it’s 3 losses try being a timberwolves fan or a toronto fan for a few months.

  41. Maria F-Laker Lover says:

    I know that My boys don’t read this and that it’s just us fan, the hater, and the media. Coming from a Die Hard Laker Fan, I really wish the media would leave Artest alone, it is very sad when you think it’s funny to joke on someones condition. We never thought he would melo out to be a Laker and he proved us to the media get a grip and report awesome stories like uplifting things..there is way too much aweful stuff going on the world. We just want to be entertained by athletes. Thank you.

    For us fan all we can do is support out team, we will be fine and whatever they are going through they will shake off, the team is call the Los Angeles Lakers not Los Angeles Kobe Bryant. Oh yea he is an incredible player but he needs the team to step up and support him, As he needs us to support him.

    Mr. Kobe Bryant may the weekend be awesome with your star and all. I love you for your courage and persistance, your tenacity and dedication to the game. Oh yeah all my friends think I’m nuts because my entire bedroom is painted in Laker colors and picture of all the team members, I am a true fan. you better believe it.

    I urge all the haters to get a life, better yet find yourself a team, and love them and support them through think and thin. You’ll be a person of it.

    Good luck to my Lakers, let’s keep the winning spirit and let’s winn one game at a time. As for losing to the Cavs, poor Cavs had to win at least one game, so we helped them out..

    Refs, All I can say to you is stop hating on the Lakers, if players could be fined for speaking their minds, then refs should be fined for horrific calls.

    All for now.

  42. VetBomb says:

    MJ won 7 straight scoring title.
    Kobe has 2 so far.

    Hmm…..who’s the ball hog again LOL!!

  43. yeah right haters says:

    we are still the team to beat! we’re the defending champs and we’ll do our best to defend that title and go for the 3peat! well make no excuses if we lose and I’ll congratulate the winning team then. but other than that LA Lakers all day!!



  45. steve says:

    Sekou Smith you know it’s a pointless debate because we don’t know what Phil Jackson has in mind.We all know they need to rest the most possible ,but the nba schedule can’t be stopped.I just figure Phil just lets them take these nights off (not all of them but they still do) and just waiting for the playoffs.He knows he has a team that can win it all,but he also knows it’s been a long three years so they need more rest or less stress full nights.
    I will never worry until they loose the title.We have to remember that L.A. has one of the best basketball organizations and we have to trust our team that they know what they’re doing.
    I feel confident that Phil will leave with 12 rings and Kobe will have his 6th ring preparing for number 7 when this is all done this year.

  46. Sparky says:

    I love the fact the Lakers can fall on their faces….here is to a complete falling apart and a playoff bust!!!









    • theKid says:

      are you just comparing the goat and kobe by there highlights? lmao. First of all, MJ’s highlights are far superior than Kobe’s. Secondly, congratulations that your idol will make a history of the most missed shots ever in the history of the game.


        THATS WHY



  48. Laker Fan 24 says:


  49. Enough of much been said,Last year is last year.Lets wait for June who will be the best crown team as the 2011 CHAMPS!!stop arguing who’s better this season.just relax and wait!!

  50. JMoon says:

    Hey, a couple things.

    First off, LA stunk last night. But Cleveland also played awesome. My Cavs don’t stink as bad as you all say, but for some unknown reason, they didn’t even try to win for 20-some straight games. Then, toward the end of the streak, it’s like someone said, “Hey guys, let’s actually try tonight” — and they started playing better and won some games. It’s not that they can’t win. THey just didn’t want to for some reason. If they had played their hardest they wouldn’t have lost all 26 games.

    Second (I thought this was hilarious), for all you LA fans who say your team isn’t too old to play D anymore, DID YOU SEE EYENGA LAST NIGHT??? He completely blew past the great Kobe Bryant to dunk on Pau Gasol. And I mean DUNK!!! If that’s not bad defense, I don’t know what is.

    Let me be fair. I think in the all-time history of the world, Kobe is perhaps the 2nd best player to ever touch a basketball in his prime. But that’s over. The guy can’t defend young rooks like Eyenga anymore. Sorry Kobe, but you need to retire after this season and pass the torch to some fresh young talent (LeBron, Durant, Rose, Griffin, the list goes on.) He shows glimpses of the man he used to be on offense and is still a great shooter, but it takes O AND D to win the finals.

    However, we’re all used to the Lakers disappointing during the regular season and then showing up during the playoffs to win it all. However, you can’t use that excuse forever. I don’t remember it being this bad for a long time. Charlotte by 20? Sacramento? Come on now, LA fans. Admit it, you’re a little worried.

    • nah says:

      agreed 90% of ur comments but of those comments, there is the most ridiculous comment I’ve ever read. “Kobe is perhaps the 2nd best player to ever touch a basketball in his prime.” Are u kidding me? Kobe is not even in the top 10 all time.















  52. Juan says:

    I like how all these people say they Love the Lakers, or they are laker fans for life and then say but i’m about to lose hope or i dont know anymore, they can’t win, or its over. You can’t call yourself a laker fan if you jump ship becuase things are going bad. I am a laker fan no matter what! I get made fun of, I get the jokes, taunted, but you know what? I stuck my ground, laker fan no matter what! Its just like the 80’s when the celtics were beating the lakers or the 90s when the lakers won the lowest amount of games ( i believe it was 19). I stayed a true laker fan. Thats how you have to be? Look at Spike Lee, even when the Knicks werent doing so good, he stuck by his team. When Kobe dropped and set a new Madison square garden at 61, Lee stuck by his team. That is how you have to be! Another thing, please STOP comparing Kobe and MJ. I love Kobe but MJ is #1 overall. Kobe is still #1 now but he is not better than MJ. The media does it because its like throwing more gasoline into the fire. They like the trash talk that goes on. Also, Dont hate on Lebrons game, he is great. He will be a Hall of Famer and a champion eventually. In my opnion he is not better than Kobe. When Kobe retires, he will be #1. Last thing, i won’t lie, im concerned about the lakers, but i wont jump ship. Lakers For life!

    • Whiz Ball says:

      You really are a true fan Juan. You’re in between the game of basketball and the persons who play it. You are a good example for the rest of us and especially for the Kobe Bryant’s fans.

  53. JJ no hickson says:

    I am a Boston fan and I just remember how Boston last year lost to the Nets who ended up with a record of 12-70. After that, Boston got a .500 record during the second half of the season. After that, they made it to Game 7 of the Finals, and they lost because Perkins was out, and because the refs gave a little hand to L.A. to win the game.

    So I won’t open my mouth about L.A. today. Yesterday, they lost against the worst team, like Boston last year. So learn your lessons out of the past, and just remember that L.A. is a championship team that can play very well during the playoffs. But again, the last 2 championships they won were not that much in a pretty fashion. They won in 2009 because Boston had lost Garnett, so then it was easy to kick Orlando’s butt. Then last year during Game 7 they were actually 8 on the court: 5 starters + 3 officials. I’d like a rematch Celtics-Lakers this year. If Boston is healthy, things will get back in order. I am sorry, but L.A. didn’t get their championship with 39 point difference like Boston did in Game 6 in 2008. We all need luck in victory, but L.A. has had too much of it. This year’s playoffs will be a confirmation of the depth and quality of L.A, only if they win a championship against full roster teams. In this case, I might acknowledge that they are good. If not, it will confirm what I think: they are not that good, and these 2 last championships don’t really mean anything.

    Boston all the way. Doc Rivers smartness combined to Rondo’s game IQ, the whole thing associated to the big 3’s game, I am sorry, but there is nothing better than this in the nba today.

    See you later.

  54. Willie says:

    Lets face it they are old and where Kobe used to carry them he doesn’t (in the regular season) Bynum needs to step up, Gasol needs to stop playing soft, and Artest needs to stop shooting so much and play D. Artest I’m talking to you, Take a page out of Rodman’s book. Play defense, get rebounds and stop shooting the ball.

  55. Rasar says:

    Championship material???? They don’t even look like playoff material right now. And this idea that they’re going to just turn it on in June and everything will be OK is a joke. If anyone remembers the year after their 3peat they did the same thing and all season long they were awful. And in every interview they said they’d be fine in June. June came, they won a series or two and then laid an egg against SA who went on to win the whole thing. Focus doesn’t come just like that in the last minute, especially when you’re a team that’s getting old and has quite a few flaws. The problem with continuing to lose against everyone, including very bad teams is that it weakens you mentally, it removes your air of invincibility, it makes you stop believing yourself, which is what you can see in the swagger and attitude of the team now. They look scared, unsure, and startled out there and make every team look really good. That’s why Boston, SA and Miami come to town and eat their lunch while they look dazed and confused, looking like they don’t even know what day of the weak it is. They come up with excuses like “why do we have to play on Xmas day” or “we have played in 3 championships in a row, we’re tired.” Those are excuses. You can’t check out like this and expect to be fine. A drastic turn around is needed now so they have some time to tune up for the play-off series, or else this year is going to be a heartbreaker for the Lakers fans. I have a feeling the All-Star game is going to come and go, and this team is going to turn it on for a couple of games before it loses interest and slides into today’s sorry state. If that happens folks, stick a fork in them as they are done.

    • Gary says:

      Very good points. LA’s 2003 season was supposed to be a prolific one but ended in a huge upset to the Spurs. I see the same thing happening this year. LA loses the western finals to Spurs if they’re lucky because they may not even make it past Dallas.

  56. @Whiz Ball
    little correction my friend. It’s not 32nd years of playing. it is 32nd years of Kobe’s age..No offense, I’m just clarifying things.

  57. emoch says:

    even farmer could dunk very good, on a regular basis when given playing time.

  58. emoch says:

    have you noticed artest can’t really jump high at all, thats what it seems ive watched many laker games and never seen artest dunk. dont mean it to be a dagger.

  59. Like_Mike? says:

    Many Kobe lovers were forcing the argument that Kobe is the closest thing to Jordan and worse they praised Kobe as if he is better than Mike.

    Now we set and check a concrete standard to see if Kobe is really equal or better than Mike.
    These are the followiing:
    1. MJ won “Rookie of the Year”
    Kobe didn’t.
    2. MJ won “Defensive player of the Year” and MVP awards in the same season.
    Kobe has not yet won Defensive player of the Year.
    3. MJ won 7 straight scoring title.
    Kobe has 2 so far.
    4. MJ won season’s MVP, All-Star MVP and Finals MVP. in same season.
    Kobe has not and probably will never.
    5. MJ never been defeated in the Finals series.
    Kobe already did twice so far.
    6. MJ was never been the 2nd best on his team.
    Kobe played behind the shadow of Shaq during their time together with L.A.
    7. MJ had triple-double in All-Star game.
    Kobe has none so far.
    8. MJ had 6 Finals MVP.
    Kobe has 2 so far.
    9. MJ had 5 MVP’s
    Kobe has 1 so far.
    10. MJ lead the Bulls in a shattering 72 wins(NBA Record) in a regular season.
    I think Kobe will never break the record.
    So, these are just few of the reasons why Kobe can never be compared and can never be like mike..The only thing that can be liken to Mike is his shadow.. Other than that? nobody!

    • Cj_Philippines says:

      @Like_Mike?: Dude, you’re dumb. Your comment is not about the topic.

    • emoch says:

      yeah, but kobe is the closest thing to mike we probably will ever see. plus kobe has the same coach that micheal jordan had. and thus phil can teach kobe things that made mj good, and thus we get to see if kobe could be as good as mj, but you have to admit he will probably be the closest we will ever see.

      • francisco says:

        yes same size , same smile ,same gestures, he is a branch of mike trunk, but there other trees in the nba

      • kobri says:

        lmao only people who say kobe is the closest thing to michael are kobe fanboys it’s hilarious. It seems like kobe’s the closest to michael because kobe copies everything about michael. skill wise? kobe isn’t even better than prime clyde drexler.

    • Big Raider J says:

      It will be Lebron James vs. MJ conversations in the future. Kobe should not even be named in the same breath as MJ.

      One more:
      MJ never raped anyone… LOL






  60. emoch says:

    but to be real the lakers are not going to win a championship this year unless they make a trade or stay healthy. hope they stay healthy. last year i thought the cavs were going to beat the lakers but the lakers lucked out and didn’t have to face the cavs. i know the heat the celtics the mavs the spurs. any one of those teams if matched up with the lakers will beat the lakers. the lakers might beat one. but if matched up with a second of those teams then for sure the lakers will get eliminated.

  61. emoch says:

    c’mon lets stop talking about the lakers it useless gossip. I hope phil jackson or kobe or artest dont read none of these people’s comments on this blog.

  62. L o L says:

    lolololol some of you people have some ridiculous comments… i can tell from reading half the comments posted that half of you don’t know nothing about basketball seriously…. First of all.. Denver isn’t going to trade Carmelo for Andrew Bynum lmao… he hasn’t even showed that he can stay healthy for a year much less 20 games.. Cmon now. Secondly i saw someone say have a 3 team trade involving trading Bosh for Odom ? lol do you really think any team like the lakers would take on the big contract that Bosh has ?. Anyway going back to the the topic at hand.. Honestly i ain’t going to say the Lakers aren’t a contender or they suck as you people state. I will say that.. if you watched last years finals.. the Lakers had home court advantage and it still took them 7 games to beat the Celtics.. so logically speaking.. If the lakers even make it back to the finals without home court advantage.. could they beat the Celtics.. i doubt it lol. I’m not going to state the Perkins injury as to why Celtics lost.. even though they got out rebounded the whole game. Anyway.. yeah i think lakers have a chance of making it back to the finals, but a 3 peat without home court advantage ?.. Against the Celtics most likely.. i don’t see the lakers prevailing lol

    • Big Raider J says:

      Who hasnt been healthy for 20 games? Bynum or Melo… hahaha they’re about even in that category.

      Lakers wont make it back, period.. You will see. Be back then…

  63. TORI23 says:

    I think LA ould have had a chance to win last night IF MR BRYANT didn’t decide “IT’s KOBE TIME” and shoot 24 balls and
    hit 8.

    Kobe is the leader of that team on the court and I know it’s safe to say they are properly infected with his SELFISH playing.

    So it really dosen’t matter who you trade as long as the LEADER thinks he has to waggg his tongue……………

  64. Cj_Philippines says:

    @Cj what I meant to say was after a loss like that.

  65. Cj_Philippines says:

    @Sekou: All of the teams have times like that and maybe it’s just coplacency. Lack of interest. But maybe after a loss like that, the Lakers might bounce back and get motivated by the fact that they’ve got beaten by the worst team in the league. And also, they have experiences like this last few years in their championship run.

  66. WE WANT COBY KARL says:

    Bring back Coby Karl! He’ll save LA!

  67. Whiz Ball says:

    Well well well……… It’s a serious note for Kobe fans to bring up Jordan-Bryant thing when their idol is struggling at this early point in time of his career. How can anyone claim Kobe is better than JORDAN when the latter did not suffer or experience the same scenario like this in his 32nd years of playing in NBA. The Bulls at that time are invincible not like the Lakers today that are dispensible. And don’t give me the crap thing that Bryant entered NBA earlier than Jordan that’s why he (Bryant) is worn out early. He should do what Michael had done to share the ball and involve MORE his teammates and stop taking more shots. It will only tarnish more his almost POOR fg%. And don’t give that prophecy thing also that they will become a champion again because I don’t believe it. The more Bryant stays in NBA the more he is slipping away from Jordan. He may scores more than Jordan but not at the winning note as Jordan. I’m wondering how would Kobe fans would behave come the month of June and the Lakers are stripped of their title or much worse scenario is that they could not even get to the finals. Well again, see you in the near future and let me see how confident you are for the Jordan-Bryant thing. Huuuuuwaaah…..

  68. TORI23 says:

    can some tweet KOBE or something and tell him again even after 90 years in the leauge you will never be in the same level as Michael Jordan?????????


  69. Kobe Bryant says:

    I don’t know about what y’all thinking but I know something’s up for Mitch. Allstar break is the best time to get things done, well rumors said it Bynum and Artest will be the main players with some addition for Anthony; also Pau with draft picks and cash for Dwight. It will all be sensible for every involved teams in the trade. And don’t flame me with “it will never happen” or “why would blah blah give blah blah for blah blah” or maybe “it is not possible” because its possible, salary are nearly matched and Carmelo and Dwight’s contract as expiring. We’ll we don’t know what will happen, nobody expected Gasol would be acquired just from Kwame, how much for now that they have enough players to offer for some allstar-caliber player.

  70. Sekou Smith says:

    I would say trade Kobe for melo

  71. CHI-CITY214 says:

    Look at Kobe Defense! There is none, then he throws his hands in the air like pau did something wrong. How in the world can yall put Kobe and Jordan in the same sentence. Its a wrap for the Lakers, Phil is about to retire, SB my dude though!! D. Rose for MVP!!! CHI-CITY

  72. lakeshow says:

    Just to understand how bad this is, fans on Zwapa are undertaking a “no comment strike” on the Lakeshow blog at since last sunday. It is a crisis, period!

  73. Jason says:

    Your Absolutely right…Lakers will be massacred either by Dallas or San Antonio in the second round.

  74. No Surprise says:

    Lakers is a no threat to anyone..Besides, Kobe is no Michael Jordan..

  75. nbeatz says:

    I am a fan of the Heat and not because of LeBrone or Dwade, because of CB………. probably the least likest player out of the big three………………………… but what the LAL need is some fresh players ready to make a splash for them selves in this leaque and let everyone know that they can play to. Look at Devin harris an allstar the first seaon with NJ. Look at Gortat. The suns new big man, still comming off the bench but since going over there he is averaging 14 and 9. Look at Kris Hunphries in NJ still an unknown player buts hussles every time he gets on the court and you cant get mad at 9 and 9 off the bench, in TO and DALLAS deep bench player and 3 and 4. Look at Dorell Wright averaging 17 and 6, in Miami 7 and 3. All young players that waited for there chance to become an alstar, a second or third scorer and a solid bench player that is known to play with his heart. That is what LA needs. Artest needs to go they need some one in there unknown to push Bynum to earning his starting position. Bryant needs to open up to his players Gasol keep on doing what your doing. and get rid of some off the older players there Joe Smith, Theo Ratliff. Play som of the younger players Derrick Caracter, Devin Ebanks. and start think of the future. Kobe only has a good 2-4 years left averaging over 18 a game and Pau cant handle a team by himself as we see for 4 years in Memphis. trade Artest for a desent 3 and a future first round draft pick and let Barnes ( WHEN HEALTHY) start, and get som new blood in there to push this legendary team. I want a Heat Lakers Final…………………………………………………. GO HEAT……………………

  76. james says:


  77. BLUESODA says:

    I am a Laker fan, but the way they are playing right now…i don’t think they can win another crown…Mitch Kupchak better start looking for an answer or kiss their 3–peat championship run goodbye. What do you say about it Mr. SEKOU SMITH. Their defense is nowhere!!! their offense is sputtering….They can’t be doing this to other teams who are hot on their heels to take away their crown…sad to say and much to my dismay they are playing like wasted and old guys on the court….

  78. Lorenzo Brown says:

    Im going to go out on a limb and say the Lakers will 3peat the team will be Boston and their going to do it without home court

  79. Keiron says:

    Bottom line, the Lakers got exposed last night as being the laziest team in the league (in the world if you really want to know how I feel) . There’s always been some excuse that’s clouded this fact throughout the season (struggling against over .500 teams, getting caught looking ahead, playing down to their opponent, etc.), but the bottom line is they poorly execute the triangle, there’s no creativity or spontaneity in their playing style its very predictable, and they buy into this belief that we’re better on paper and we should win certain game. Kobe’s in a tough spot because he’s caught between being overly aggressive and hindering the team with one on one play, or deferring to his teammates and watching them put up bricks every other game. It’s actually depressing for Lakers fans to watch if you ask me. My only regret is that I didn’t bet on Cleveland last night and make a ton of money on it because I knew they would win that game. Despite expert opinion, they probably need a change to stir things up a bit!

  80. Davinci Simms says:

    I just looked at the position that the lakers are holding in the league and they are actually in 5th place in the entire league. It isn’t as bad after all, i think what is causing the overeaction is the fact that they are the defending champs. Think that the fans and the media simply expect more. Last year cleveland had the best record, look what happened. So in reality the lakers just need to remain in the top five in the league and unleash the dragon in the playoffs.

  81. Sekou Smith says:

    This is an utterly pointless debate.

    • LA AC says:

      Yeah. It is a habit of Laker fans, though.

      Back in the early ’90’s, all the talk in town was about how the Lakers were going to get David Robinson.

      LA Chemistry 102.

      The Lakers would probably win the title if all the trades work out the way they should and they can get D. Howard, Carmelo, and Al Horford.

      See how this works?

  82. Sp says:

    I’m not even kidding when I say the lakers will become a joke team if Kobe and Phil leave after this year… unless they trade out now for some real firepower. I think the Lakers franchise has an allure to it that means that people will want to play there regardless of who is already on the roster. If Kobe retires after this season, watch how many big name players don’t hold their agents back from talking to Mitch and Jerry. Melo, Howard, Westbrook, Griffin, Love, Ellis, Rondo (once the big three retire), Jennings etc are all big name players on frankly (except Boston) average teams that despite winding up in the playoffs every year, will literally never win a championship with their current lineups. Show one or more of them the open door to the Staples Center and watch them leap at the chance to get inside. As for Miami, Dallas, Boston (if healthy) and San Antonio; they are starting to shape up as the only serious contenders for the title this year. I simply can’t see the Lakers being able to rally past a Spurs team that has lost less than 10 of its first 55 games. You can’t play inconsistently and beat the Spurs in a 7 game series; they will have you for lunch. Chicago look great some days and just-above-average on others, OKC haven’t found their stride, Atlanta are a joke because of injuries and horrible passing, New York don’t have the muscle, Utah don’t have the cohesion… I could go on, but you get the idea. The only thing that would please me more than seeing the C’s demolish the Heat in the east finals would be the Spurs doing the same to Boston afterwards. And I hate the spurs! Basketball just needs someone, somewhere to flip the script, before this becomes the most boring and ’rounded’ season of all time. And no, I don’t think Melo to LA would make them a contender. At least, no more than they already are.

    If I can pick one positive out of this season so far, I would have to lock it down to a tie between the resurgence of Amare Stoudemire and the much improved play of Philly. The Knicks have had a somewhat rocky season but through it all Stat has been great. For his teammates, for his community and for his city as a whole. As for Philly; well, I am sure they won’t make any serious impact in the post-season, but it sure would be nice to see them progress through at least one round. Maybe past ATL or Orlando… 🙂

  83. Coffee says:

    Lakers=no title 2011 nuff said.

  84. PAULBRADY says:

    I warned you all about a month ago about the “FLAKERS” ,in particular being blinded by their stats against weaker teams in that 10 game stretch. I have followed Phil’s teams for a very long time and has never seens them lose so many “STATEMENT GAMES” before. Xmas vs Heat – games vs Boston and Orlando etc.
    This team is clearly in deep trouble- they are not able to rise up to challanges anymore- they are the Tiger Woods of the NBA for want of a better analogy. No one is intimidated anymore by the name and there history.

  85. KAVAN says:

    @sean,Yeah Kobe can’t win it against the worst team in the league but sure did win against Boston,who r best in the east n one of the best in the league.which one would u have prefer?coz u can’t win everything

  86. Kyle says:

    i think the lakers needs melo…bynum is not as dominant as Shaq to be a franchise player of the future. LAKERS needs more offense aside from kobe and pau….GO TRADE BYNUM to DENVER and GET MELO !!!!

  87. kobe4L says:

    its just they dont have the momentum for the last 3 games but i sure to you guys that my laker team will prove all to you that they are the defending champions and they DESERVE 🙂

  88. DeAndre says:

    The Lakers are the Lakers, lets not forget this is the same team that lost 5 of 7 going into last years playoffs. The Spurs I just think they will run out of gas. With Tim Duncan not playing much, he cant just “Turn it on” when the time comes, and a better record wont mean anything if you dont win it all. And we ALL know how Dallas gets when they hit the Playoffs, they seem to always have a meltdown. The Lakers will be there. When Matt Barns gets back this team will be fine. But someone please tell Ron Artest that the season has started. He’s been MIA all season. He takes those stupid long 3s for what reason IDK. As powerful as he is, get inside RON. The shots he takes are as bad as shot selection can get. I say Phil should play Ebanks more, because this kid has the play of Trevor Ariza.

    Trading for Melo would cause a log jam on that team. I understand, this would only be a rent-a-player situation and giving up Bynum is stupid. Gasol cannot play center, he just gets beat up and all you need to do to him is body him and he gets taken away from his game.


    Derek Fisher is someone you dont need to worry about.

  89. KYLE SHABY says:

    The Lakers are not fine! if they want to win games they have to play like a team. In my opinion Lakers think they can win every game because their champions two years in a row but their not. Another opinion of mine is that Lakers are the worst team in the NBA because they do not try and work as hard as other teams.

  90. lakerfan says:

    bynum get better? i’ve been saying that for years man and all i get is problematic knees every year.

    • melo15 says:

      The problem is not bynum assswipe. It’s Kobe dikhole. When will u fcukers ever learn? Lakers without Kobe is a better team. Everytime Kobe gets out, Lakers are beating a team by a big margin but when Kobe comes back in, out of the blue, Lkaers are in trouble.

  91. Denise says:

    Calm downn Laker fans! the Lakers are almost have the same record as they did laast year. They are first place in The Pacific. who knows if they will catch SAS. Lakers dont need homecourt. they have beaten team without it.

    The whole team needs a breather…..thats all. no trades, just a breather.

  92. Davinci Simms says:

    SIMPLE!!!!!!! We need to do a trade immediately. These guys are obviously not as hungry as they ought to be and that is just the reality.

  93. Dean says:

    Hey, the ball is round right? This game simply shows that Lakers ain’t their night and the Cavs played wonderfully. What sense would be it be to watch a game when one team is already slated to win? That why teams play because you can never be too sure of the outcome. What’s wrong if the Cavs win? They were the better team that night. Why did the Lakers lose? Because 50% of the reason is their own doing and the other half is because played better…

    That’s why the logical thing to do is just continue watch the games and see whose team PLAYS BETTER!

  94. amir says:


  95. melo15 says:

    @After25YearsOfWatching Yea if Hakeem played in this league, D12, aka no post up but hops, would get destroyed badly. To all these kobe fanboys who can’t stop making excuses, Kobe is overrated and it’s time for you ignorant gayluvers to understand. Lakers is the most stacked team and it’s funny how so called the best player/next mj needs more help lmao. And Melo will never play with Kobe since the overrated player is too selfish to be teammates. Don’t ever put Kobe and MJ in the same sentence faggys.

  96. sekou smith says:

    lakers are inconcistent right now but you have to realize the playoffs are near so bynum will get his black ass together and play like the gorilla he is.

  97. Lolita says:

    Hey Lakers Team, it’s not the end of the world despite your 3 consecutive losses.
    But it’s time to work harder to regain the glory and make your fans happy again. I have watched your games many times and feel fascinated everytime you win the game. Just stay focused and don’t let your detractors ruin your dream of having the 3rd championship ring this year. Keep up the momentum and excitement throughout the playing time. Life is a roller coaster ride, sometimes your up and sometimes your down. Good luck to Lakers team and to my MVP Kobe Bryant.

  98. Laker's fan says:

    Lets face it, they let us down so badly, lets get rid of Artest, Walton and maybe Baynum we need Melo so badly we need scorer beside Kobe and Pau. who is with me???????????????

    • melo15 says:

      all i gotta say is STFU. Us melo fans don’t want him to play alongside of the most overrated trash like player ever Kobe Bryant, We don’t want melo’s career would be ruined like Shaq. Nobody wants to play with Kobe aka overrated whining baby the most volume shooter in the history of the game.

  99. KB24forever says:

    the lakers ain’t bad regarding to their stats offensively and defensively. they even have a winning record dispite their lack in performance. for me. what’s happening to the lakers is fatigue. remember guys, that the lakers have 3 consecutive seasons where they reach the finals. those guys are exhausted and they really do need a breather. for me, phil jackson have some plans to the lakers. phil is a good coach with good plans, and i know phil is hiding something under his sleeve. the lakers needs rest, and hopefully another key guy to uplift their spirit. i would bet the lakers would reach the finals for the fourth tim, but now i’m not giving my hopes up that the lakers would win the championship. but still KOBE is KOBE. he knows what to do when the Lakers are down. GO LAKERS. GO KOBE. GO FOR THE ALL STAR MVP! 🙂

  100. joshjm says:

    i was just wondering if the lakers could get Melo, Chauncey and Nene in a trade for Bynum, Artest and another bench player or two. then the Lakers would really be great!

  101. rhexzy says:

    coach phil jackson pls trade bynum to carmelo anthony

  102. BBall Coach says:

    Well, the Lakers haven’t been the Lakers this season. They hanged the entire bench and things are a bit worse this year. This is what happens when you dump what you’ve got because you think someone is better. They should have kept Morrison and gave the guy a chance, they should have kept Farmar, they should have kept Vujacic, etc. etc. It’s going to be tough playoff, unless they can really rest the starting five a lot over the last 20 games.

  103. TORI23 says:

    Sean you are so right., Kobe is the leader of that squad , and for about 6 years as great as those players are around him we have to hear “KOBE WITH HIS TOUGNE OUT FEELS HE NEEDS TO TAKE OVER THE GAME” or “IT’S KOBE TIME”

    Now its infected the team so much that they look like puppets waiting for him(KOBE) to decide when they run the offense.

    It’s horrible to see as a FAN OF THE GAME

  104. Vlad Mtl says:

    Its true that the lakers have been inconsistent this season…They have been my favorite team ever since jordan retired in 98 and Kobe Bryant stepped in…Dont forget tough that last season there was the same drama in L.A and critics said it was over and they were inconsistent and they were too old to match with Orlando , Celtics , etc…And yet come playoff time they took out the best one by one to win their 2nd title in a row…I dnt think the Lakers need a trade to shake the team up.One of the problems for them this season has been also injuries to key players.It creates an unstable environment and its been showing in their game so far this season.Who knows? Maybe these are mind games orchestrated by Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant to let other teams think their stronger and come playoff time its a whole new story…This season is gonna be really tight because so many teams are playing at an elite level but in the end , the Lakers have won 2 championships in a row and theyre going for their 3rd in a row.Winning championships isnt a fluke or lucky even tough some might say that last year was luck because of Artest at the final second.I see it as it was meant to be that way.The lakers are still the team to beat and just because they are not playing at that high level right now does not mean they wont perform at that level come playoff time.Once they get their chemistry going again and Bynum gets in shape , there will be no stoping these Lakers !

  105. S.P.M says:

    the lakers are fine they will win it all, come playoff time yes they are getting older, a year older they won it all last so a year older, they said the same thing about the Boston Celtics and they are best team in the east>>> the will finish second over all in the western conference this year, I think they need more production from the bench but they will be fine there’s no need to panic

    g☻ Lakers!! G☻lakers

  106. Mr Q says:

    They need to get rid of Ron Artest and bring in not a Carmelo but someone that’s more team oriented. Ron is obviously about him self. Where is a Dennis Rodman type defensive specialist when you need him.

  107. Coming from a laker fan says:

    what r u talking about.I agree with fisher but kobe didnt play good yesterday.But gasol steped up and had 30 points and 20 rebounds

  108. GiveLAaBreak says:

    I know they really look horrible lately. Kobe looked tired with these 14 day trip. I don’t agree with a drastic big trade, maybe a few tweaks on the roster. I like Fish but they need a good point guard (not a superstar, just a decent one) who can score and pass. I maybe a little worried but I’m still confident they’ll make it to the finals. Remember, Celtics was 8th overall last year and they made it to the finals, so don’t discount the lakers just yet. I think they just need a little break, they’ll be fine.

  109. Lakers Fan says:

    Lakers 2010-2011 – The Road to Nowhere

  110. A Dominant King says:

    The Lakers don’t deserve to win a third consecutive Title after losing to the Lebron-less Cavs! Pitiful. That’s not how Champions perform! You have to have more pride than that to win, because they are better than the Cavs in every way! and to come out and put on a disgusting performance like that is a showing of the teams poor commitment… Meaning they do not deserve to win a Title. Boston, those guys really want it, Spurs, Heat, Mavs, Bulls, hell even OKC! I was actually going to stop being a Laker fan after last season, because those celtics really wanted and tried for that championship last year, Kobe had proved his point, but with the Miami heat coming up with a super team….. (I mean people come on, All that talent on one team, That’s weak stuff! I watch their highlights like everyone else but they should win every game) I decided I’d continue to be a fan another season… But after that loss to the Cavs, I’ve lost all respect for the Lakers. Ha, Phil Jackson might pull a Jerry Sloan!

    Or another scenario: the NBA is set up and, The Cavs, had something worked up to show: “hey see Lebron is gone but we can still win, Please get your season tickets for next year….. Please……. Please…..” Cause their value obviously has plummeted by millions of dollars.

    Solution: two options. Shake up the roster Happens in both…. That roster has shown that winning a 3rd consecutive Title is not high on theoir list by losing to the worst NBA team “OF ALL TIME” most consecutive losses people, ever!
    A. Shake up the roster: focus on winning it this year and try to maintain that for as long as possible… (Short term)
    B. Shake up the roster: hey, if we win it all again this year great! but we’ll be in a position to win it all for the next 4 years and compete with these other Top teams that are working hard to win just one ring!

    -Get rid of Fisher! really! Haha, you have to be kidding me. nice guy sure, good presence sure, but he can’t contribute the way they need with a Kobe on the decline, and Ron Artest? haha give me a break offensively.
    -The Lakers need Youth! Explosive guns! that’s how to maximize Kobe, with the Big guys! Youth! A spark! some life! someone hungry! without a ring!
    -Maybe Carmelo: if he wants a ring, and power, and fame go to LA! Nyc, you’re still going to get beat by the heat. The west is wide open, you just gotta worry about OKC, but they couldn’t handle that power! (long term thinking)
    -Young Great Point willing to learn, hungry, plus a carmelo, with grandaddy Kobe, The three bigs, Kobe will retire with 8 or 9.

  111. mike hole says:

    I’ve got $100 on the Lakers winning it all !!!

  112. Ed Moncrief says:

    Just a little more than a week ago regarding SEKOU SMITH’S last article, MOST OF YOU know that I stated that the media should not make a big deal out of the CAV’s situation that all teams fall into bad times sooner or later, but that the CAV’s stiuation will get better by the All-Star break, and at the tradedeadline with a trade or two. Since then the CAV’s won 2 of the last 3 games at the All-Star Break awainting the trade deadline that might bring even a little more encourgement. We said that the most talented player on the CAV’s was the acquistion of Ramon Sessions and that if he adds a 3 point shot to his game he is capable of being an elite player in the NBA. The headline story last night was not about the LAKERS loss, but about the EMERGENCE of very TALENTED and SPECIAL player in Ramon Sessions. He plays the game the right way. If the CAV’s do come away with a useful trade or two by the deadline and with the summer draft ahead, the SUN WILL SHINE AGAIN IN CLEVELAND. REMEMBER, rebuilding takes some patience.

  113. That Damn Good says:

    Lakers/Heat/Nuggets need to make a 3 way trade- Melo to LA, Odom to Miami & Bosh to Denver, maybe get NY in there as well

  114. Ryan Kaldi says:

    lakers stink and they are dead

  115. Robert says:

    A lot of great comments above, everyone has different opinions and it’s great to read through all the above. Anyway, im not going to get into a lot of detail about who’s not playing well, who we should trade etc. I just think they should keep the current team for the rest of the season and see how it plays out, I feel this team is better than the 08-09 and 09-10 team overall.. if they lose in the Playoffs then they can start the trades..

  116. MYSTERIES says:

    why no one talk about kings beating the lakers? i think lakers are gone look at this lakers got beaten by the worst team in west and easy that counts they suck saying they can just turn it on? how? bench is what they had before to win titles go deep in playoff run u need that without that you can never win a title. people say boston were the same not true yes they lost to nets one game but did not lose to both west and east worst team in the NBA. Then you look at boston now give your hat to them with all the hurt players they have out old maybe still NO1 if all healthy will be crazy right? but what about lakers anyone really hurt? nope not as bad as boston. yes i know they beat boston but come on lakers should have killed them how many players they had on that game

  117. lb6 says:

    is Kobe still better than Lebron?? if lebron is having a bad game he still has a passing game that he can rely to. if kobe is having a bad game. he wont adjust, he will still jack off shots. Kobe is the most overated and luckiest player there is in the NBA. Lucky because he always have have been surrounded by good players. young shaq pau odom artest eddie jones horry fish malone payton (didnt win a championship with them and shaq). Lakers wont even reach the western finals. Spurs and mavs owns them. even they will have a hard time beating the youthful OKC. If i were the GM trade Kobe for mellow.

  118. amair says:

    Now will on four Big Kobe Bryant , Carmelo Anthony , Dwight Howard , Allen Iverson Champs 2011 ……..HEAT OR BOSTON CRY !!!

  119. amair says:

    YES,,next to will trade Dwight Howard (Artest, Blake to bobcats for Stephen Jackson??). If the Lakers trade Bynum for Melo, you can stick a fork in the Lakers. i dont to Heat, Boston Not out baby cry!!!Now will to three-time Lakers champs !!!1 Kobe has always had Allen Iverson like field..

    Kobe Bryant , Carmelo Anthony , Dwight Howard , Allen Iverson
    Matt Barnes Steve Blake Shannon Brown ,Derek Fisher ,
    Derrick Caracter , Devin Ebanks , Lamar Odom , Theo Ratliff , Joe Smith ,Pau Gasol ,Luke Walton , …..

    trade (Artest Bobcats, Bynum Denver) thanks very good ….

  120. NBAFAN says:

    I am a Lakers fan, and this might come across kind of stupid but I think their struggle this season is actually quite good for this team. For the past three years they dominated getting to the finals every year and winning it back to back. The western conference which is and was considered the much better conference, was dominated by them during the regular seasons and the playoffs (even though they did not have the best season last year, they still finished first). So a shakedown like this, can really bring the “underdog” spirit back. being dominated by the Spurs in the conference, struggling to chase them, that should not put them down; on the contrary, it should light fire under their buts, they finally have a very good reason to start worrying about their reputation and have a boost of motivation to earn their respect back. I am sure (and hopeful), the Lakers will go back on top of things in the second half of the season, with a leader like Bryant, I doubt they would not. Therefore, I really hope there will not be a big trade ruining such a good team, personally I do not believe this is the time. Get your head straight LA and let’s GO GET’EM!!!

  121. byhron_cute20 says:

    TRADE ANDREW BYNUM for AnTONY or kevin LOVE!!!

    TRADE also RON ARTEST to GERALD WALLACE…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if lakers not move her roster
    they will not have”GRANDSLAM”

    trade your player!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. mrspydaman says:

    Wow maybe I see games a little different than most.
    Fisher does fine he just is a little slow against the quick PG’s but could post anyone of them up if PJ let him
    He also holds his own better than most when switched to a bigger player.
    Getting rid of both quick defenders to the nets is not any players fault.
    Bynum has done well defensively and OK when he has the ball it is not his fault PJ will not use him when he is needed the most (Think Spurs Rebound).
    Kobe is letting his frustration with losing get the best of his judgement but he is still a great player.
    LO married a Kardashian and has way too many distractions.
    Gasol, man seriously between him and PJ the lakers are frustrating me sure his numbers are good but he is the black hole for too much of the shotclock only one worse is Artest (how many times have I yelled NOOOO when he gets passed the ball with under 12 on the 24).
    Hopefully Barnes will push Ron up or make him get out the way.
    And when the starters are not giving any effort PJ will not give the youngsters a chance.
    Cavs played with everything they had after the embarrassment of the first meeting I actually saw this coming.
    Anyways if brown gets his 3 ball back, blake get a little bit more playing time, and gasol gets out of his funk and starts flowing smooth with the offense everthing will be fine.

  123. Jonathan says:

    Sekou, the greatest Miami Heat fan of all time. Check the Lakers’ record the last couple of seasons, and their playoff outcome. Take it easy big boy, the Heat will get their chance,

  124. Big Raider J says:


    Even a die hard Laker fan should look very closely at the fact that the Lakers are not the same team as TWO years ago. Last year could have been the Celts as well had it not been for one big injury.
    2-6 against top tier teams! One of them was against an undermanned Celtics team as well.
    Millions of excuses are being said and “We will be better after the All Star Break”. Wake up Laker fans, not only are they in decline but the rest of the league is getting better. No way you can beat San Antonio let alone OKC.

    Keep it real people!

    On a side note: Kobe saying “One More Than Shaq” after the last title is absolutely ridiculous because 3 of the ones Kobe has BELONGS TO SHAQ – Who was the finals MVP?

  125. casias says:

    its all about who has the biggest heart in the end… Lakers are not even guaranteed to be in the finals no matter what anyone says … its the players who will anticipate that. so stop with the 3 peat nonsense, because no one is even sure till post season .. every team is going through their ups, and downs.

  126. AGRESSIVE says:

    LISTEN!!!, there the 2 time defending champions, but they lost to the worst team in NBA HISTORY!!!!!!!!
    Not the worst team in the NBA today, BUT!!!! “THE WORST TEAM IN NBA HISTORY” so stop trying to figure them out, theres a simple explanation, THEY!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. definitely says:

    lakers are playing worse basketball in 4years Kobe+pau no doubt about that.But you know when the playoffs will come lakers 3rd ir 4th in west.Im sure nobody will want to play against them 7 games know its one thing,when you win one game,but its way diferrent when you need to beat 4 times of 7…When on lakers roster there are best closer and one the best coaches in playoffs history…they will have their chances agains everybody…No matter how bad lakers now looks,i think best teams still feel if they want to win a tittle they have to go through lakers…
    Its gonna be fun watching Lakers-Mavs or Lakers-Spurs…

  128. fan says:

    if i’m dwight howard, i wouldnt join the old lakers, instead i would sign with okc and win a champion with the best offensive duo in the league, durant and westbrook

  129. AGRESSIVE says:


  130. DBBJ says:


  131. richuncle says:

    Quit putting the blame on Artest who took one shot, or Odom who was 2 for 6, or the bench, and start putting the BLAME on KOBE. KOBE who shot 8 for 24 and no freethrows, KOBE who had 7 turnovers 2 times more than any player on the court last night. KOBE who was a step slow on defense all night while his man got to the basket with ease. KOBE needs to take the blame for these 3 loses.

  132. Matt says:

    Losing to the Cleveland Gilberteens? Really? A top 5 low in my 20+ years as a Laker fan.
    I didn’t favour a shakeup of the team, now I think maybe they need one to become a team.
    At least give an effort guys…

  133. IversonFanDugdug says:


  134. Miami Heat!!! says:

    *Lebron James, D wade & Bosh

  135. JOON says:

    Also every time artest goes in, he is the reason why the lakers are having turnovers. Kobe needs to stop being a ball hog and think about the fans that are watching them play back at LA.

  136. Miami Heat!!! says:

    Lebron James & Miami Heat 2010-2011 Champions that’s wzup forget about SAS, LAL and Boston!!! Lebron, Wade & Dwade will step it up when it counts!!!

  137. JOON says:

    lakers need to acutally work their butt off during the allstar break. While kobe is gone this week, the benches and startup liners should practice. They’re defending champion ship title is collapsing now. If i were them, i would play like a black mamba at least for phil jackson because its his last season with the lakers. They should watch the last 3 games over and over so they can learn from their mistakes.

  138. Fraka says:

    A month ago I though that LA will be at least a secure finalist.. but dallas… hm, for me dallas is the best team in the west.
    With nowitzki they are almost unbeatable, and now they aquired Stojakovic, and believe me they’re a threat.
    Anyway I would love to see Boston – Spurs finals.
    Lakers are just playing bad.. no motivation.. something is very wrong.

  139. Frank says:

    4 words for the Lakers to think over…Lakers need Steve Nash

  140. SeanA23 says:

    The lakers need to trade fisher, he has so many negative that outweigh his positives, gasol is efficient, bynum might as well be admitted to the hospital. Kobe keeps acting as if he’s all that. He needs to sit back and realize he’s not Michael Jordan. There’s so many egos on this team it’s ridiculous. If they wanna win they can win. But that’s just it. They’re not like Boston. Boston actually shows up and doesn’t depend on one guy. If 1 doesn’t show up, another steps up. That’s something we’ve never seen from the lakers.

    • Raul says:

      not michael jordan? are you kidding me? its february and you’re talking like as if they are done. we’ll see who gets the last laugh in june. i’m a laker fan till i die and no matter what the struggles are, i know they will make it to the top once more. *3Heat wont stop a Laker 3peat!

      • lbjownskobe says:

        He’s michael jordan then? are you kidding me? its february and you’re talking like kobe is mj. we’ll see how ur fked up mind lasts. you’re not a laker fan but a kb dikryder till you die and no matter what you say, you know you will be a diksuking faagiit forever. *True facts won’t stop u diksuking kobe*

    • nate filewood says:

      Too true… and if they are tradign away some of those guys, maybe they’d be interested in taking Arenas from the magic?…. please?

  141. TOMG says:


  142. TOMG says:


  143. Francisco could you explain to me how KB is selfish when it was MJ who scored 37 points per game in a season??? IN FACT he average more than KB for most of his seasons? Could you explain that? And Lakers are by FAR BETTER with KB than without and you know this as well.

  144. brice willis says:

    we just need to trade artest he’s not doing it on the offense of court he is just standing around get rid of him.

  145. kkkkkkkkk says:

    black mamba strikes again hahahaahahaahahha

  146. Arun says:

    Lakers are playing a very bad basketball. One thing I have personally noticed is the lack of focus. Lakers are very slow on getting back to defense on a turnover and Lakers will have to pay a big cost for that lack of energy. Understanding the fact that Lakers are a 2 time defending champion, they should get back on track and play somereal basketball. In the recent two loss to (Bobcats and Cavs), I would personally blame Kobe (with all respect), reson being very simple, TURNOVERS. Kobe has ridiculous amount of turnovers and is shooting less than 40%. I sometimes dont understand Phil Jackson’s design. Why didn’t they run multiple screens for Fisher in yesterday’s game when he was freaking hot!!! I serious don’t understand that. They kept going to Kobe who was shootong 33% on floor and like 15% from 3 point line + piles of turnovers. I sometimes dont understand Lakers offence.

    Hope Matt Barnes comes back and give Laker bench some energy.

  147. Sameer says:

    I think many nba fans underestimate how hard it is to three-peat. Its not like being on a 3 game winning streak with a groove. Lets not forget that the lakers have made the finals 7 out of the last 10 years, which means that whenever a team is rebuilding its roster, its got “how to take down the lakers’ on its on top priorities.

    That being said, although it may be easy to blame the bench for the lakers recent problems I think the bench is fine and one of the top in the league especially with MBarnes in the line up, additionally LO is having a great season with good focus. I think a large part of the problem is Pau Gasol. Although he has a good game here and there this DOES NOT justify his inconstancy. The fact the hes been taking nights off is killing the lakers. It makes kobe’s job so much harder, and everyone else. No one knows on any given night, is pau going to step up tonight, or no? Leaving kobe thinking, should I take over tonight, or no? Leaving the bench players thinking, whats my job going to be tonight, go hard or no?

    So what if he played some extra minutes in the first couple of games until drew came back. Man up Pau. If the la cant get pau’s consistency back, his aggressiveness and hungry on a daily basis, the lakers are going to be in serious trouble, finding the perfect championship work load balance will be impossible. Kobe has been the top guy for years and years yet he never takes nights off. With pau indecisive about when to work hard and when to fade away, the lakers flow, execution, team chemistry, (Esp the reliability of the bench), and mentality will be in serious jeopardy.

  148. David says:

    Oh, and one more thing that should relieve some worry…when the Lakers bring it, they bring it! The road win in Boston was no fluke. The Lakers looked motivated, hungry, and most importantly, focused! That’s the Lakers that won the championship 2 years in a row. These guys are bored. Plain and simple. Has anybody in here ever played basketball against people you knew weren’t as good as you? If you have, you would say that you don’t play as hard because it’s not the competition that you want to play against. You only play your hardest against those that might actually be able to beat you. Like I said in my previous post, we should start getting worried if the Lakers continue this in the playoffs. Until then, I think everyone should chill out.

  149. Lakers3peat says:

    From what I’m getting at is Kobe is inconsistent, as is Bynum and and his injuries.. with that said, I sure do hope this trade comes into play, Bynum knew what this game could mean to them if they lost and so did every other Laker, it meant putting the whole Carmelo Anthony deal back on the plate and I say go with it! Melo’s offensive skills will make up for Kobe’s inconsistency, if it’s anything the Lakers have been doing good so far at least, it’s defense, so it makes perfect sense to trade now, Melo’s presence represents young legs that can hopefully keep the fuel burning for these aging Lakers, sorry to say.

  150. Angel says:

    I likes your articles that you wrote, Mr. Smith. It’s very interesting to read every time. 🙂 I hopes Lakers GM will make a dramatic move to reform the Lakers team.. As a Lakers fan, I am sick of watching my favorite team being “dead” or what others called it “sleeping-walking” here and there in every few games. If they could just make the word “consistently” work.. then it would be all good.

  151. David says:

    Although I do agree that the Lakers have been looking absolutely terrible as of late, I’m still not worried…yet. For one thing, nothing matters to me at any point before the all-star break as I’ve seen so many teams look “unstoppable” before the all-star break and then do absolutely terrible afterward. Secondly, it’s not the playoffs–that’s when we should be worried. I agree that the Lakers do need to make a move, but a small one (Artest, Blake to bobcats for Stephen Jackson??). If the Lakers trade Bynum for Melo, you can stick a fork in the Lakers. Although Melo is top 5 in the league, he would not fit in with the triangle. Whatever the problem is, Lakers need to do something about it, quick!

  152. Jas says:

    Although I am not a Lakers fan at all, I do not think the current strech is a big problem for the Lakers. They are defending champions and been to a finals 3 consecutive times, being a little bored is allowed. There were similar concerns with the Celtics last year and the management was wise enough to keep the core together. Lakers are tall and still young. They do not need to worry. Playoffs will get them going again…

  153. Sekou Smith says:

    All of you relax. None of you know anything about basketball, give it a break.

    • Jordan says:

      Ok Sekou what do you think the Lakers should do? Should they make a trade? Because they just lost to the worst team in the NBA.

      • LA AC says:

        Sekou, just check out my above comment. You can even include the 1971-2 team. Let me repeat:


        Look it up , if you do not believe me,

        You can call it LA Chemistry 101.

  154. Ryan says:

    The lakers need this all star break. Kobe will play in the all star game, get his game back together, and the lakers will find their rythm again. The losses will force kobe to get his team together again, possibly for his last chance at at sixth ring.We start back up at home with atlanta, a win there could get the ball rolling again, and get everyone focused. Howver, they also need to trade luke walton or drop him. He has contributed nothing, y trade vujacic who actually contributed and keep walton? Artest needs to be more consistent, and i agree with bringing carmelo for bynum. Carmelo is already an all star, and can hit open shots(Something artest should learn to do). Honestly however, the lakers will and need to find their rythm, the postseason is their forte, so they just need to get back into the playoffs.

  155. Archie says:

    I WILL TRADE BYNUM AND BROWN FOR ONE BACK-UP CENTER AND CARMELO ANTHONY.What would you think sekou? brown has been inconsistent since December and never get back anymore… Lakers bench depend on him a lot now he is lacked of contribution just let Barnes do his work more consistent, I guess!

  156. MIKE says:

    Let’s not get a head of our selves right now by pulling of ridiculous trades. Its only February and its a clear indication that the LAKERS are very much inconsistent; case in point beating the CAVS by 55 points then lost to the CAVS thereafter. Someone did mention that Artest doesn’t have the drive or that burning desire to win another championship. He has been missing in actions too frequently and some of the bench players are very much inconsistent a part from Odom. Forgive me LAKERS fans but I believe we as a team (fans) need a trade to spark the fire again that this team needs to elevate its game to a whole different level. We need players or a player who is athletic, consistent, and talented offensively, defensively and most importantly a team player.

  157. Kenrocc says:

    Where were all of you guys when we beat Boston the other day? Oh thats right It wasn’t news worthy enough because we didn’t lose lol. Haters gonna hate.

  158. Sigh~ says:

    @francisco idiot

  159. Paul says:

    80% of discussions from analysts this season involving the Lakers have been negative. IT’S RIDICULOUS!!
    Now they talk about ‘in need of makeover'(?)
    Hello critics – the Lakers are on track to having a record only slightly lower than last year, and this is with Kobe playing 5 minutes less per game than last year – his lowest minutes since his second year in the league. Should I say it again? 5 MINUTES LESS PER GAME! One more time? 5 MINUTES LESS PER GAME!!
    We all know Bynum missed games; we all know Artest has been inconsistent; we all know the bench has been inconsistent; so what?
    Phil Jackson is letting Kobe save his strength for the playoffs with less minutes played during the season. Phil Jackson is giving the other players those extra 5 minutes of experience. Phil Jackson knows what he is doing!!
    Come playoff time, the defense will step-up, Kobe will play more and the match-up problems for other teams will be a nightmare . . . . . as usual!!
    You guys dream up your imaginary trades and I guarantee you the Lakers will not go far without the need of long-term chemistry for any new important player(s) they trade for. This is one of the few teams in the league maintaining a strong core, and chemistry is everything in the playoffs, no matter how old you are. A small one-man bench trade may suffice, but anything bigger than that could be disastrous for the Lakers – at least for this year anyhow.
    Paranoid analysts finding any reason to explain ‘what’s missing’ or ‘what’s needed’ or ‘what the problem is’. As though your articles/theories are better/smarter than what Phil Jackson and the Laker organization are doing all year so far.
    Take your negative articles and shove it wear the sun don’t shine!
    You want to criticize a team – then talk about Cleveland and their ridiculous record since they were 7-9 after the first 16 games. After that, they had a tough loss against Boston and the next game they were demoralized by Miami in Cleveland! They were sold on the fact that they could make the playoffs and beat Miami ( LEBRON) for revenge, but after that loss they went 1-34 (actual streak of 1-36 if you include the losses to Boston and Miami) before finally beating the Clippers and winning the last 2 of 3. The horrible loss to Miami was a wake-up call that they were not going to be as strong as they thought (probably not even for a playoff spot) and their confidence went down the drain completely – IT WAS NO COINCIDENCE THEY WENT 1-34 AFTER THE LOSS TO MIAMI.
    So if you analysts want to speak negatively about a team, then speak of teams like Cleveland who ‘gave up’ for the rest of the season because of one demoralizing loss!! (The 96 Bulls weren’t demoralized after a huge loss the the Knicks – but they continued to plow through the league. San Antotio was not demoralized by losing an ugly game to the Sixers last week – they will continue to plow through the league)

  160. Archie says:

    They need to trade somebody to wake them up! Get Carmelo anthony man!

  161. Bin says:

    we need ariza back:P someone who player with heart
    Blake is not doing anything, artest did a very bad job this year, i can live with someone who got no points on the sheet but lockdown defence every night example, Perkins jobs in Celtics

  162. dontdrowninthelake says:

    Let me put yall to school. I’m a true Laker fan and you wanna know what the problem is with this Laker team? Artest is not a pure shooter he cant shoot consistently, Gasol needs to be more tough in the paint, Kobe is Kobe I guess you can say he needs to be more patient, but I think the biggest problem on the Laker’s is Artest. I mean he is a mood player he only plays good depending on his mood and people have to remember, when Yao was injured Artest was the leader of his team he scored distributed and provided excellent defense. Artest was the player who would take the last shot on Houston but now, he is going threw a big change and needs time to be good which the Lakers don’t have. I think any other SF will play better then Artest on the Laker’s let me name a few, Iguodola, Rudy Gay, Melo, Granger… That’s the Artest update and now I’ll talk about Kobe. Kobe’s focus every game is to make his team mates better that’s what his focus is in practice and in games. When the role players on the team are playing at a low level Kobe’s understands that he needs to step up. I mean the guy is compared to the best player of all time and had a lot of memorable games. He is capable of scoring 81 points on a feel good night and also can average 35 points a game if he put his mind to it. But the only thing Kobe wants to win is a ring and he is trying to make his team better. If Kobe focuses on his game more and studied footwork more he would be unstoppable instead, he studies more team work passing lanes, spacing, timing lobs, passing, reading defense etc. The Laker’s believe it or not are not playing 100 percent there is a switch that will be turned on by Phil Jackson a couple games after the all-star break. The name of that switch is the playoff switch, Phil Jackson believes that the playoffs is a different atmosphere and the players need to save energy and prevent themselves from being injured. Damn no wonder he has 11 rings. Laker’s will be fine Artest is the only problem.

  163. Archie says:

    I think it is all Kobe’s fault which I understand… he is sending a message upstairs to “Manager”. He really like to have Carmelo Anthony now before its too late… he don’t want to gamble and wait the growth of ABynum because next year Lakers are old old team and he don’t want to be pulled down with them together. Bynum would be like some other big guys with health inconsistent busted knee like nene, Ogden from Blazer and others. Bynum can’t be like robinson, Tim Duncan, Shaq, Yao etc. to build a team around him. LAKRES get real man! If you want 3 more ring just give the piece of Kobe wants he still the Key for the Championship what happening now is a big conspiracy… I don’t think Kobe’s game is drastically declined like that, he can go until 3 more years with Carmelo, and I will beat all my coins in my pocket.

  164. Lebron James says:

    As time goes by, Lakers is fading and fading. Kobe is always Kobe a ballhog player and he is not the greatest. Lakers are now the center of critics and they are now becoming a big issue…

  165. 8675309 says:

    kobe isnt that old, but hes playing like he is 38-39. i think his time is almost done. id say lakers keep him for 1 more season. but after that if they dont win the championship trade him.

    • fan says:

      i believe theres no trade option in the new contract. also, kobe is old for nba age. he played 15 years, and played the playoff for almost every year. for a guy like him that plays almost every game, he doesnt have that kind of time to rest and polish up

  166. Jawo says:

    Sweet revenge for the cavs after giving them a 50 point blow out the last time around. I hope Kobe retires. I’m sick of his overated face.

  167. After25YearsOfWatching says:


    Celtics – Lakers: 4-2
    Celtics – Spurs: 4-2

    Heat – Lakers: 2-4
    Heat – Spurs: 3-4

    Magic – Globetrotters: 0-4

  168. Archie says:

    “I THINK KOBE SENDING a MESSAGE UPSTAIRS” He really wanted to have Carmelo because he think there is a chance to win championship than with Andrew Bynum. Remember this, Kobe is declining, he can’t gamble and wait Andrew Bynum to grow… next year would be totally different the Lakers team grew old, old. But with Carmelo Anthony the team could be rejuvenated and feel young again. Why Lakers have to gamble with bynum when Carmelo is already the answer… Lakers will looks good with him speed and scores which the lakers team lacked.

  169. Nate says:

    Lakers are in trouble cause they should’ve never let Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic go. These guys are the missing pieces to why they’re doing so badly right now… LOLS!!!!!! Lakers are out of sync and aren’t playing team ball right now.

    Unless something happens after Allstar break and Lakers get their act together again, my predictions for Finals… Spurs vs Celtics, Celtics win 4-3.

  170. nuggets rock! says:

    Celtics, Nuggets is gonna a be a close series in the finals!!!!!!!!!

  171. steelkobe says:

    Well Mr. Smith, you, and everybody else…are right. Last night, before I watched my favorite team lose to the worst team in the league, I was still lamenting the loss in the super bowl of my other favorite team (Pittsburgh Steelers). After whining for a while, I turned on the Lakers, and man did I start complaining then!!! They look restless, old, disinterested, and on top of that, even KB24 doesn’t look like himself. I’m not one of these people in L.A. who crucifies the Lakers after every loss to every team, but this one really hits home; we smoked this team by 55 pts!!! Now we can’t beat them at all!!! As for us Laker fans, we’re just gonna have to hope that that potent combination of Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and Pau Gasol (among others) can right the ship after the break. I’ve been telling my Laker fan friends that if their play doesn’t show some urgency (or some W’s) after the break; then their season is all but over. So I’m not saying R.I.P. yet, but I will if their play doesn’t improve after All Star Weekend. Have a good one.

  172. nuggets rock! says:

    Lakers will never win another finals, thats my prediction:)!!!!!

  173. steelkobe says:

    Well Mr. Smith, you, and everybody else…are right. Last night, before I watched my favorite team lose to the worst team in the league, I was still lamenting the loss in the super bowl of my other favorite team (Pittsburgh Steelers). After whining for a while, I turned on the Lakers, and man did I start complaining then!!! They look restless, old, disinterested, and on top of that, even KB24 doesn’t look like himself. I’m not one of these people in L.A. who crucifies the Lakers after every loss to every team, but this one really hits home; we smoked this team by 55 pts!!! Now we can’t beat them at all!!! As for us Laker fans, we’re just gonna have to hope that that potent combination of Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and Pau Gasol (among others) can right the ship after the break. I’ve been telling my Laker fan friends that if their play doesn’t show some urgency (or some W’s) after the break; then their season is all but over. So I’m not saying R.I.P.

  174. Sheed says:

    Lakers should either trade bryant or make him stop jacking up shots when hes not hitting them! I cant believe that kobe avges 19.5 fg a game and gasol only gets 13.7 a game. Its like evey other game now that kobe has these awful games. People in laker land gotta wake up and realize that gasol is gonna be the main man on this laker team from here on out! Kobes gotta be more of a passer than a scorer for this team or they will not have succes in the post season I promise you. Kobe has never been smart with his shot selection and seem to make up his mind of what hes gonna do regardless of what the defense gives him. Seems like he hasnt learned much about TEAM basketball in all those 15 seasons. I mean he has never even shot 50% from the field for one bloody season! Wake up Lakers!!! Trade kobe or make him play TEAM BASKETBALL!

  175. nuggets rock! says:

    I think anybody gives Nene ANY credit, he has the highest shooting percentige at 64%!

  176. nuggets rock! says:

    why isnt JR in the slam dunk contest? i can name three unbeliveble dunks by JR that would get 50 points in a heart beat!

  177. TD says:

    All things come to and End. Is this te TIME.

  178. nuggets rock! says:

    finals year for nuggets!!!!! and, uggh, loss in first round for lakers 😦

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      I like you for sticking with your team, honestly! But, did you really mean Finals year or final year? 🙂

  179. TD Steward says:

    I know you did’nt say “help you own kind of loss”. Are you kidding me, please learn how to anaylze the game. The Lakers are going though a process like any team. The question is what shall be done and when shall it be done. Management/leadership, this is when you come together and make the decission (right or wrong/sonner or later). We’re waiting

  180. nuggets rock! says:

    after25yearsofwatching, your right about the luck thing, but the Lakers arent gonna get lucky anymore because the Nuggets will do great, even without melo.

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      Now that’s what I’m waiting since eehh….2003
      You have to feel sorry for Karl to have a bunch of offense screaming defense without playing some

  181. jenna says:

    Okay, I’m a Celtics fan to the bone, so there are some discrepencies that I have when it comes to the Lakers. I do believe however that you guys are taking this way out of proportion. They play good all the time and will always be the best when its crunch time. Have you guys forgotten last season when the leagues worst, The New Jersey Nets beat the Celtics at home, and the Celtics ended up in game 7. STOP MAKING SUCH A BIG DEAL. THERE THE FREAKIN LAKERS

  182. chris says:

    I think if things getting worse than that for LA, phil jackson will quit even before the playoffs…pretexting a disagreement with the owner or player(s)…to not end his carreer on a big loss!

  183. jacob says:

    hey Jordan, Micheal didn’t have any off games, did he?

  184. After25YearsOfWatching says:

    Let me say this: LA is in crisis mode (and I like that!).
    Compared to the depleted Celtics of a year ago, who lost to the much lower Nets and hit rock bottom, the Lakers are in a decent situation. Really don’t understand why all those guys demand a trade. To cite MJ in summer of 98, after they’ve won their last ring: “YOU DON’T BREAK UP A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM. You try to milk it to the last drop and when you fail, then you can start anew.”

    Guys, look at the Bulls in 93 and 98, look at the Lakers in 02: All those teams stumbled on their way to a three peat. Btw. real champs of 02 should be Sactown anyways. It’s just a mental thing, but in the playoffs Phil will prepare them as always and they still have the best shot at reaching the finals (where they loose to the Celts or win against the Heat).
    Why? Cause the only other really good western team is San Antonio and they haven’t proven to be able to perform in the playoffs (besides those 3 stars, of course).

    And a last reason why: Lakers are a team, which always had a little more of luck on their side than the other teams… so NO TIME TO PANIC!

  185. LA AC says:

    Lack of heart, that’s what you get when you let the two players with any real ties to LA leave the Lakers. I’m speaking, of course, about Ariza’s (Westchester High and UCLA) departure in ’09 and Farmar’s (Taft High and UCLA)in ’10. (Don’t give me that Matt Barnes junk; he’s a Nor Cal guy at heart).
    Question: have the Lakers won a championship, beginning with 1979-’80, without a player with strong LA ties (grew up in LA or starred at UCLA or UCSB)?
    Since Kobe anointed New-York-playground baller Artest as the leader of the Lakers in the finals last year, perhaps the whole team needs therapy.
    No matter what you may think the problem is, the chemistry clearly is not there, and the Lakers’ two offseason acquisitios are injured (Barnes) and/or having trouble learning the triangle (Barnes and Blake). While the Lakers are clearly the most talented team in the league, top to bottom, if these chemistry issues are not resolved before the playoffs, the team will most likely heading for an early exit.

  186. Bob says:

    Come on people, you all know the Lakettes will not take trophy this year. Thump after thump, thats all they are going through this year. The latest, The Cav, the worst team in the league. GO SPURS GO!!!

  187. reem says:

    im sick of everyone saying its only february, or its not the playoffs, blah blah blah, thats just a poor excuse for lOSING. Lakers are the defending champs, they get paid to go out there play to the best of there abilities, ya’ll really think they can just keep turning it on and off when the playoffs come?? doesn’t work that way and ya’ll will see. This is a game of runs and consistancy. Kobe is NOT the same Kobe that can single handedly win consecutive games for his team anymore. Even if he can keep turning it on and off its his TEAMATES who ya’ll have to worry about. I be surprised if they beat the spurs in the playoffs period, back to back champs or not.

  188. KB24 says:

    Why does everyone day Odom is the most consistant Laker he just had 6 points against the Cavs! KOBE is the most consistant Laker I mean he is top 5 in scoring (25.2) and clutch.

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      Don’t judge players on their points. Look at his percentages. Since day 1 Kobe has always had Allen Iverson like field goal percentages, so it’s easy for any good NBA player to score like that if they just shoot enough…

      • francisco says:


      • Jordan says:

        @After25yearsofwatching. Kobe has not been playing his best, but until his recent slump Kobe was not putting up 20+ shots only 17 shots and he was shooting 50% from the field.

      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        @ Jordan, key word “was”…Sad to say this guy never put up a 50% season. And don’t go blaming it on him shooting threes, that’s his fault. Anyway his shooting sucks as of late.

  189. Jordan says:

    @Fransisco It shows how much you know about basketball one bad game and your saying trade Kobe! What about the previous 4 good games, also Lebron had a horrible game (7-24) against one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA THE KNICKS! So every star has a bad game. Also why are you even in a conversation about the Lakers if you are a Kobe hater get outta here! Also I don’t care what no one says the Lakers need a trade desperately because Ron Artest is a bum who just does not care anymore! And Andrew Bynum OMG why do the Lakers want to keep him? He is the reason all of the bad and good smaller teams jump out to such a huge lead because he is so slow and lazy. Also he was complaining about not getting many touches then he goes 2-12 fg against the Cavs! Lakers need to get an athletic point guard OR a better SF like Carmelo or Danny Granger OR get a shooter the Lakers just need a spark to 3peat.

    • francisco says:

      when lebron have a bad game(less often than kobe) please check his assts, he passes the ball and give other people
      the chance, that is the diff between a team player and a selfish one

      • Jordan says:

        @Fransisco Also Kevin Durant and Carmelo have had bad games. Also Wade (until his 41 point outburst) had 3-4 bad games in a row and just disappeared in the 2nd half of the Heat vs Celtics game. So you can’t say when Kobe has a bad game that he is old or trade him. Because every player who has to guard Kobe says that he is hardest to guard and the best NBA player alive. He might not be playing his best, but once he gets out of his slump the Lakers will be back on track. LAKERS NEED ‘MELO!











    ODOM IS PROBEBLY THE MOST CONSISTANT! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


    • Ruben says:

      true laker fan???????
      a true Laker fan would write the name of a player who have played 15 seasons in the nba, most of them with the Lakers..
      is DEREK FISHER, not DERRICK Fisher.. i’m tired of this self-proclamed fan guys.

  191. Holyrabbit says:

    No one wins or loses the championship in February or March unless a team has a key injury that stops them from making the playoffs. The key is to make the playoffs and then be healthy when they start. I just laugh at all the talk about the Laker demise. Somebody once said my demise has been greatly over exaggerated. This should be the Lakers motto. The Lakers are only 3 games behind where they were at this same stage last year. AND everyone was putting them in the coffin then also. Maybe you doubters will be right one of these years because how many championships can they win in a row. These guys are the defending champs UNTIL someone knocks them off. I for one believe they will be there or go down in a historic clash with whomever wins the championship. I doubt it and I am denouncing all Laker critics and dont be like last year and jump on their bandwagon after kicking them when they were down. As they say history often repeats itself and at the end of the day the Lakers will have the last laugh..

  192. LA still number 1? says:

    They usually end like this every year before the allstar break. If anything we should make a move for carmelo anthony. if not were still a contender in the west…well in the nba… also we havent been able to nail 3pointers. idk what happened to steve blake..and rebounding has become a problem..defensive. but im sure we would atleast make it to the conference finals..

  193. Daniel says:

    Dang….. this loss was very sad is all I have to say. Really, I’ve said many things so far this season about this team. In actuality, I’m just speechless now. I almost feel sorry that Phil decided to stay another season, but it was his choice to do so. These guys play as if that third championship is going to be handed to them. Some guys appear to have already checked out of the season. I usually tend not to like to see trades, but what other option do they have now? Players have had plenty of time to prove themselves and yet, they aren’t. It’s too much to ask of Gasol and Bryant to carry the load, they aren’t exactly young or like a Lebron, Wade, or Carmelo. Bottom line is, players have got to step up, There’s no need to point fingers or blame each other, that never leads to anything good.

  194. JDee says:

    mgm1451….I agree that the Lakers will play their A game comes playoffs time….but there is no way they can beat both the Spurs and the C’s on their court, because most definitely, they won’t have home-court advantage in these series…..and let’s not forget the Mavs, which the Lakers will likely have to play in the West semi-finals if they finish with the 3rd seed.

    Having said that, no need for them to make any trades….i can’t see any trade/player making them a better team right now – and I don’t see Melo playing alongside Kobe….Kobe will never share the ball with another superstar…

  195. rookie98 says:

    I did have my bet on Cleveland last night. I knew I new the Lakers are not interested in anything right now but nothing . Pros not playing like pros. I can sit here for hours pointing finger and yelling. This is the worst I have seen the Lakers play in 20 years. If you are a professsional play like one every nite. Jerry West was right this team is old slow dis-interested and disgusting to watch. This team should be broken apart nothing work.
    But with the contracts like they are Mitch’s hands are tied.I don’t want to hear an whinning when that if the Lakers make the playoff and loss in the first round of players that are axed or bought out or just released.
    Don’t look know but the Lakers (has someone told them) that they are the defending champions. Embarseing them selves. This was not just three lost in a row it was a atatement whom will or will not be on the roster next year! Playoffs PLayoff they might even make them,Here is a list of players that mark my word will be gone next year

    Derrick Fisher(gets beat my faster younger guards on a nightly basis
    Luke Walton (more fouls then shots is time has come and gone
    JOe Smith ( just to old to contribute )
    THeo Ratliff ( nas anybody seem him? injured all season
    Steve Blake ( an’t shoot or defend and barely can run an offense
    The whole team know this is Phil last year and the allstar game is at Staples they are difending champs GET a glue or hit the highway Fans are so wounded some of they have called and told the Lakers to sell the rest to the seasons tickets. One season ticket holder even cash out his allstar ticket. Some on team get a clue. Leave it all on the court or stay in the locker room.

  196. Lakers Fan says:

    The lakers are in serious trouble, if this team wants to win a championship they need some more players with that will to win, they just don’t have it right now, there is 0% chance they will win another championship with the same team they have today, it’s time for some dramatic changes in LA and cut their losses, aka Ron Artest, he’s the biggest problem for LA, lackadasical defense and a no show up offense is ultimately going to kill the Lakers chances on doing anything this coming post-season! And losing the the cavaliers… seriously.. pathetic!

  197. long memory says:

    This Year is NOT the same as last year. I keep hearing this “wait until the playoff” excuse (even from PHIL!!) Even Sekou, you compared this year to the last 10 games of last year!?! The Lakers had the west sewn up, was dominating for the majority of the season, and had home court (it sure mattered last year too!) Its not just the fact that they lost to the cavs. They lost after getting SMACKED by the bobcats, and a loss in Orlando. where was this ON switch after a loss like that? This stretch also isnt the 1ST stretch like this either. Sacramento at home Memphis… not to mention These teams in the league are better and making LA look weakER than last year. All this said its NO PANIC they have talent coaching and experience, but for a team that people grant a 3peat to….. There is CONCERN on their inconsistancy AND incapability to be Consistent. The “long road trip” excuses the “Bored” excuses and the “wait til the playoffs” excuses MUST STOP. This would be the 1st year that a team turned on some magical switch and won it ALL. THIS.. is not what happend last year.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      I agree. This is not like the losses they took last year and the excuses need to stop.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Last year what about Boston? 4th seed made it to the Finals.

      • Me says:

        Im a laker fan…but the way they’ve been playing lately there is no way they will get themselves out of the hole they are slowly digging.

      • ? says:

        The cavs will make it to the playoffs and probably to the eastern conference finals since they beat the lakers!!! I cant wait to see them in the playoffs and give miami a run for their money.

  198. teddy says:

    I do believe that we need a trade especially on the back end where we have the SG.Fisher is pretty old to run with the smart guards in paul….

  199. emelki1968 says:

    When the Lakers had a few weeks ago that horrible losing streak, I was hearing a lot of Gasol is soft, he is not playing hard, blah, blah, blah. Now that Gasol is the only player showing up, why they don’t criticizes Kobe too? Ah, yea, he is untouchable. Journalists have always to speak the truth.
    The Lakers need a trade, Bynum, Artest and Blake need to leave. I never understood hiring a player like Blake for more than $4 millions. He has never brought anything to any team.

  200. overrated says:

    kobe old?common man are you crazy.jordan played to his 40’s and other greats did too.alright 32 is old to you.most good teams experience this.mentally they just need to get some rest(same reason phil didnt believe this team can go 70 some free agent help or trade a role player for lets see.hinrich?trade blake,walton for a defensive minded guard then get another free agent SG who knows how to score (even a little) to backup kobe.

    byron scott was a your own kind of lose?lol

    • Skeptic says:

      It’s February and they are 9 GB the spurs and rank #3 in the west….Oh! OKC is 1.5GB in games played…. if they keep losing to mediocre teams…. I don’t see them getting out of the West to make it to the Finals….

    • MJ THE GOAT says:

      Jordan was still the best player ever at 32 yrs old LOL and dropped 45 points at 40 yrs old LOL dont compare the two. Secondly Kobe has had how many knee ops???? They need to look to future now or they will suffer in 3 seasons time

  201. Vlad says:

    i really don`t like the lakers but i do like this statment:
    “It’s only February. Seriously.”
    They can definitely play some ball when it matters the most

    • Gary says:

      It matters now…they should be fighting for the number 2 seed so they can get home court in case they face Dallas. They’re pretty much out the running for it in the west finals unless San Antonio starts dropping games. These easy teams are what they should have been using to rack up wins…anyway believe what you want, but LA without homecourt advantage hasn’t yielded championships.

      • steagle says:

        LA will not get homecourt this year. There is no way Dallas or San Antonio are going to stop now that they are in their grooves. Barring a massive injury to a star player before the end of the regular season, those two teams are going to stay at the top of the Western Conference.

      • Me says:

        I would rather bank on homecourt than not…

  202. Andy 229 says:

    Time for Mitch to work his magic again. They just don’t look like a championship team. A Chamionship team simply beats the teams they are supposed to beat. I can see an aberation every nw and then. But they don’t look good at all. If didn’t know better I would think those who possibly would be traded are playing so that no team would want them (spec. Artest, Bynum). Also I don’t think Kobe can keep up those scoring responsibilities day in and day out.

    • NAJ says:

      Not sure i agree with Bynum playing badly because he doesn’t want to be traded. He was a monster against Celtics when the Melo rumours came out and again dominated Howard against the Magic while he was in. Why PJ took him out and went with 1on1 D with Gasol, i have no idea.

      Kobe jacking up 5/6 3’s a game and shooting a woeful % doesn’t help. Anyone who watches every game like i do, will know what i’m talking about. Some games he has looked unstoppable and others such as Bobcats and Cavs, he was awful.

      If Lakers ran a few set plays on offence for Ron he might do a bit better rather than only having to defend the other teams best perimeter player. Half the time Pau is taking stupid 20ft jump shots (and bricking) or Kobe is jacking contested jumpers. It’s lucky Kobe is as skilled as he is taking difficult shots because his shot selection at times is dire.

      I’ve watched 90% of our games the last 3 years and this is the most concerned i have been and that it might not just be a bad spell.

      • emelki1968 says:

        Who cares from where Gasol shoots. At least his percentage is above 50%. Can you say the same about any other player, specially during the three loses? I didn’t think so either.
        Let’s be real, they are not playing as a team, P.Jackson is not doing anything to fix it, and Kobe thinks is never his fault. Sometimes we have to be more humble and modest, specially if we have a 33% percentage shooting.

      • cerdeira says:

        gasol 30 points 20 rebounds, is stupid blaming gasol

  203. A Logical Kobe Fan says:

    This recent loss is somewhat disturbing. Over the past few years I have gotten use to LA’s lack of interest in certain games, it’s just something a laker fan needs to get used to, but this is making me worry. I’m not saying it’s not possible for them to 3peat this season, just that it’s becoming more and more unlikely every time they lose to a fairly bad team. It seems like every single game the Lakers completely rely on Kobe to bail them out at the end. What LA really needs is energy on their roster, something they have little of. As far as I’m concerned, the bench is relatively weak with a few exceptions. I think at this point a trade is necessary, but that doesn’t mean it has to be Bynum. I will say that Ron Artest needs to get serious right now, because he’s been a non factor all season. I know he’s here for a defense presence, but that’s no excuse for the numbers he’s put up this season. If LA can get what they got from him last year, things would be majorly changed. Another problem with LA that nobody seems to be addressing is the PG position. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fisher. He’s a great role player and an even better clutch player, but let’s face it, he is getting older and just can’t compete with these young explosive PG’s like Paul, Rondo, Westbrook, etc. Something needs to happen in Lakerland, and I can only hope that something does happen.

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      You forgot Ramon Sessons (or what’s his name?) in the list of Derek’s unguardables

      • steagle says:

        What about Derrick Rose?? Most unguardable PG in the league. As a longtime Celtics fan, watching Fish try to guard him is enjoyable to say the least.

    • sean says:

      yea if they could pick up a young defender who would just concentrate on defending the PG position and letting fisher rest then it would help them
      Ron Artest looks like he partyed to hard in the off season because of the championship and doesnt look like he has the same drive to win another won

    • francisco says:

      it is not age , Kobe has never been that complete player that makes everybody better around him, in his first 10 season
      he was a very selfish dude with great abilities, lately he is sharing the ball more , but the old vice learned comes to him
      frequently and that is not good for an excellent team like the lakers. HE was blessed to play along SHAQ in his prime and now gasol, odom and bynum, do you imagine Kobe being a timberwolf?
      no rings , very mad …..

      • fan says:

        or is shaq blessed to be playing with kobe? shaq couldnt even win a championship in orlando, couldnt win a championship else where without wade. same thing goes to gasol, he was just like kevin love, we know they are good, but not good enough to carry any team to championship.

  204. mgm1451 says:

    No. 24 will UP the game come Playoffs. Other guys gotta be more serious and contribute… Lakers will beat Spurs in 4 -3. And will go on beat Boston 4 – 3! Exciting West conf. finals and The Finals ahead 🙂 (I hope!)

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      LOL, if it were Best of 999 your expertise would say: Lakers win 500 to 499. Must be a true fan

    • Maria F-Laker Lover says:

      Now that’s the spirit!!!! thank you for something positive….. I get so fustrated with people that have no passion. We have to learn to be better fans. Too many people call me just to rub in the fact that my Lakers lost. What ever happen to just calling to say ” how are you doing”…

      The Lakers are about to turn it up, so brace yourselves and believe in our Lakers!!!

  205. Fact Not Fiction says:

    LMAO at Gasol’s pass to the bench in this game and Phil shaking his head.

  206. Hornets#1 says:

    The lakers as we all HOPEFULLY knew; arent good without KOBE. So when he gets old(as he is today)the lakers loose to the worst team in the league.

    • francisco says:

      look , the lakers can be good without Kobe , I have seen them play pretty good when kobe is on the bench, this guy
      brown subtitutes kobe very effectively. Kobe is the BEST player in that team, but it is the element that also
      takes the team down.if you trade kobe for a young star who shares the ball more and with a less DIVA character, the
      lakers will be better.

    • MJ THE GOAT says:

      errr hello have yuou looked at the teams record without Kobe since gasol arrived???? You will find their record is WAY above 50% FACT what is it with Kobe and LA fans posting crap look at facts before you post

  207. francisco says:


    • trix says:

      haha the fact that you use one game to measure a man’s greatness tells alot. I like how you chose to ignore 5 nba championships. If one game shows how bad a player is, I can point out a bad day on every player’s career. The least of lakers’ problem is kobe.

      • NAJ says:

        aLthough he uses 1 game as an example, there have been far too many of these games from Kobe lately. He shot us out of the game against the Bobcats last week aswell. He did win us the game against Celtics but still too inconsistent. Lamar is the worst culprit for that and effort levels on defence are poor all around.

      • WHAT says:

        100% agree trix! Francisco is a complete idiot.

      • trix says:

        im not saying kobe played great. He played inconsistent ball over the last few weeks. But that shouldnt tarnish his image as one of the game’s greats. When you think about it who on the lakers have played consistent ball. In that case kobe brought it more times than the others.

      • sean says:

        but when a suposed super star shoots 8-24 on the WORST team in the league and so called MR KLUTCH cant win it for his team against, again, THE WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE then yes it means something
        what is clevelands defense ranked 25th to 30th? come on kobe needs to pass the ball when hes having a bad game it is unbelieveable stupid how he hucks garbage shots up when he knows hes having a bad game instead of trying to draw double teams and create for his teammates

      • sean says:

        unbelieveably* for all those people who use a typo as a sign of stupidity

      • passerby says:

        shooting 8 for 24 against the worst team in the league and not winning for his team… so what? he shot like crap in game 7 of the nba finals last year 6 for 24, but look what happened? they won anyway. so what? just give credit to the cavs for shooting better than they did the first game. a lot better. kobe might have been dumb for chucking up garbage shots, but that’s what he does… sometimes they go in, sometimes they don’t.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      lol Kobe has shot 50% against Boston in the 2 games he played.1st time was 41 points on 50% shooting. He was sick and fatigued after a 13 game road trip, and the last 2 games and it showed. Every player has bad games. Paul Pierce 0-10 1 point? Ray Allen in the finals 1-11 or something?? Ray is the greatest shooter ever, he had a bad game in the finals does that take away anything from him? No! come on man.
      I’m pissed that they passed the ball to Kobe, should have given it to Fish yesterday… He was the hot hand, not Kobe.

  208. Gary says:

    You got to give it up to the CAVS, because not only did they get their revenge on LA, they did it without Mo Williams and Varejao. I think that speaks wonders about Byron Scott’s coaching and also the heart of this team, but where was all this talent when Cleveland needed it last year?! As for LA, most people are solidifying this as the nail in the coffin for their 3peat but hey it ain’t May yet. Still, LA has some tough teams to play the rest of the season, and if they’re out of gas well I guess I would have to say bye, bye 3peat.

    • steagle says:

      Well stated, finally someone giving credit to Cleveland for the upset win instead of bashing LA for being lazy and not showing up. Give credit where credit is due. For the worst team in the league to beat one of the best, there has to be a serious effort, serious coaching and people stepping up – that’s what happened last night. Deal with it Lakers fans, you just got beat by someone who wanted the W more.

  209. KB24 says:

    Bynum trade for Howard 2012

    • Hornets#1 says:

      why in the world would the Magic trade the best center in the league for a player that is and gets injured every 10 games?

      • NAJ says:

        Better than losing him in free agency for nothing. Ask Danny Ferry

      • Law064 says:

        LMAO @Hornets#1 man that’s the truth. Who in theire right minds would give up Dwight for that fragile Bynum who have not played an entire season ever. He’s been hurt since 08 what are the odds they would have to give up gasol and a draft pick plus Bynum. some people are like soooo crazy

      • trix says:

        If not through a trade, the lakers have good shot at signing dwight through free agency. If thats the case they should look to deal bynum else where for another quality player

      • WHAT says:

        @Hornets#1 and Law064 You morons might wanna understand. If the Magic dont win a championship before he becomes a free agent which is highly unlikely, he wont stay in Orlando. So its not about trading him. Like NAJ said better than losing him for nothing.

      • sean says:

        you realize that people say this stupid stuff just so people like you will retaliate and then they sit there and laugh lol
        about 90% of the time they dont even mean this stuff hahahaha

      • After25YearsOfWatching says:

        Dwight Howard is a joke, Lakers can have him (won’t matter since they won’t win it all without Phil anyway).
        It’s a pitty that Hakeem is not playing anymore. He would have tortured Dwight both on offense and defense

      • fan says:

        @After25YearsOfWatching LOL just because he dominated 90s, doesnt mean he couldve done the same now. back then people doesnt even know how to defend. shaq wouldve scored off kareem all day long

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        they would trade him simply because they rather get something in return than to see him walk…

        and personally i think we can get d12 because he wants to look into going into acting, what city is better than any other for that??? LA BABY!!!!

        If Orlando dont reach the finals for next two years or win a ship in two years D12 is walking, Lebron has started the trend of if you cant get it done then roll out …and Dwight will make that move

      • fedex says:

        lol I would lose dwight for nothing rather than a center who is limping his whole career and who never seems to appreciate fans and hardwork…the way bynum talks in interviews piss’ me off…he does not concentrate and he is over hyped…he is lucky pau have his back…and i hate pau since im a boston fan…but gasol is the reason that front line is scary…bynum has nothing

  210. trix says:

    For all the talk about not dealing about bynum now as it would hurt their chances for a winning a championship this year, It doesnt seem like the lakers have a good chance at it now. Cant blame sleep walking through that game because they just lost two straight games before that and phil was obviously upset after the loss to bobcats. Besides, the all star weekend is coming up so it was important to go in to it with some momentum not with a three game loosing streak. It is pretty evident that something needs to be done. Looking at the roster the only tradable asset that the lakers can give up is Bynum (They wont trade kobe and all other’s are either too old or bad contracts), In my opinion they should trade bynum because he doesnt look like he is going to be the star he is expected to be. Yes, it will leave the lakers thin this year but its not like they are playing really good with this line up anyway. Then in the offseason they should look into adding more size. By not making deals with keeping the present in mind, the lakers might be in a situation in the future with a not so good team and no championship from now either.

  211. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by stopthehate6, Vegas Basketball. Vegas Basketball said: The Talk Of The Town: [nba-video vid=/games/cavaliers/2011/02/16/] LOS ANGELES … […]

  212. soner says:

    What’s wrong with Lakers? Cavs, owners of league’s worst record, upset slumping Lakers 104-99

    • LA says:

      Theres no need to stress they will triumph in the second half of the season thats why they are called NBA Championships case closed!!!!

  213. 24 !! says:

    @ sekou would u be worried or disapointed on this one a good road trip start and ending it on a bad notes shows inconsistency or lack of capability ???????/ melo aint comin in for sure and they wont trade phil and kobe wont let it happen still the pre season record does not matter beating boston and a buzzer game with spurs 4-3 on the road i still hve a feeling phil wants them to looser when they loose then only they start playing hard D and offence too this is the only thing they need for playoffs and the bench is still not complete and they have size on the bench that vll count in the playoffs if they beat the spurs in conference finals there is not stoping to them in the finals ets not just the nba finals ets end of the phil era they wont just let it go easy or will they ??

    • Sekou Smith says:

      It’s just the inconsistency that worries you about the Lakers right now. They don’t seem focused all the time and you don’t expect that from a two-time champ that returned all the firepower they did this season. I’m not ready to write them off yet, though. They are pointing to the playoffs, just as they did last season when they struggled in the final weeks of the regular season and then cranked it up in the postseason.

      • Zzanzabar says:

        C’mon Sekou this has happened the last three years in a row. The first time it cost them the title with Boston, then the next year it was Houston who ‘woke’ them up. Last year it was OKC that reminded them that they have to focus. Each time it happened earlier in the run to the Finals. Now everyone will pull their hair and fret, but the Lakers will end up being the team that NOBODY wants to face come playoff time. And every one will call this Cleveland game a ‘wake-up call’, the game that turned it around for the Lakers.

      • Wait a Minute says:


      • Just saying says:

        you can’t count on that (:
        im a die hard Laker Fan, but lets face it, they aint hungry anymore !!
        and kobe cant get 41 points every game !! Artest is playing zombie at the court
        yes we’ve seen these champs doing their jobs in the playoffs, but the spurs are hungry, and the Miami Heat wants to prove something don’t you think ?
        lets hope bynum will get better soon !!

      • David says:

        What up Sekou. This is how I see it. The Lakers have been able to make it to the finals the last three years off of solid defense and unparalleled fundamentals as a whole. This year things are a bit different. Pau has resorted to playing the way he did before the last two seasons and using just his skill and not being a physical aggressor. They simply look athletically outmatched. Kobe isn’t quick enough anymore to split the double teams up top anymore and it’s making him resort to much more difficult shots. They are a step slow on defensive rotations which is reflective of their age. I bleed purple and blue but if I were Mitch I would definitely try to bring in a youthful scorer (Carmelo Anthony).

      • Imad Akel says:

        I love how everyone talks like the lakers are the only team with a hunger.

        Okay, maybe they can pull it together and play as well as they did last year. BUT i dont think even that will be enough…

        Everyone looks at this like its The Lakers Movie. How about the Celtics Movie? who SHOULD have won last year but unfrotunately lost their center.

        What about the SPURS Story? They struggled so much when richard jefferson was added to the mix, but now they are such a consistent strong playing team. Boring as they might seem, you must fear the spurs.

        What about the MAVS story? This year much more than last dirk and cuban feel their hopes of a championship depends on THIS YEAR because next year dirk’s pull will be less, and so will jason kid’s…They are as desperate as the celtics if not even more so.

        And then you have the Heat Story. People really pissed off lebron in the summer. Laugh at it or not lebron made a list and set a goal that he’s SERIOUS about. Even if you don’t want to take him seriously (which would be a huge mistake), just the fact that you have 3 all stars who can combine for 90 and dominate away from home should be enough to scare you, no matter who these players are!

        All these stories can be seen from a first person perspective just as every1 seems to be looking at the Lakers’ story like “this is the lakers, its just what they do…” Well, maybe that’s what they do, but this year there’s alot of teams doing stuff that they werent doing last year….

        If all the dominoes fall this year in the playoffs just like they fell last year, and it was another celtics\lakers match up, do you think the lakers would win in 7 games without home court advantage against the celtics? No. They are already in a defecit from last year’s series in comparison to the Celtics alone (neglecting all other teams that are hard enough to overcome as is). What the Lakers did last year wont be enough this year, even if they could do it….It wont be enough this year.

      • TK Jackson says:

        I dont think he Lakers are focused, and they have a low amount of energy. I am huge Laker fan, but i believe something needs to happen. The Lakers have had too many skids, and they are the defending champs. That excuse is getting as old as them. Their defense is horrible, their offense isnt clicking, and i believe if something doesnt happen soon, I might lose faith. I love the Lakers with all my heart, but their game hasn’t been right. It is like they are giving up. A trade to get someone with more energy or let a rookie start, just so the Lakers can get their heads ou of their… {This is all going back to the Lakers NOT re-signing Trevor Ariza, which has to be one of their biggest mistakes. They shouldve let Farmar, Mbenga, and Powell go to clear up cap space, and re-signed Ariza and signed someone else. That wouldve been better.} But since the Christmas game against the Heat, Ive been saying the Lakers should shake up their rooster. For them to get back on my good side, they MUST beat the heat, SAS, the Magic, and .500+ teams. Adding some energy to the team wouldnt be bad either

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I was thinking the same thing. This has to be the final straw now for LA. They lost to a team who had won 9 games throughout the entire season and took a 55 point beatdown 5 weeks earlier. I expect to see much better ball after the all star break. Phil has said “I Rather my team be building energy throughout the playoffs than to peak too soon.”
      My assumption is that LA beat Boston and said “Ok, that’s all we need to do.” That is really how it looked.
      Reguardless, this was an embarassing ugly loss. Even though they turned it up at the end, Cleveland was able to win. I give the Cavs some credit for not missing freethrows and keeping compsure at the very end. They did blow a 10 point lead with a minute to go but that was desperation mode for LA. If this doesn’t wake them up, I don’t know what will.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        LakersWillWin i couldnt of said it better myself….they started this road trip out VERY GOOD, lost to Magic, OK, Ill take that…but losing to the Bobcats and then the Cavs that just pissed me off forreal….

      • koberishi24 says:

        lakers are really depressing im a huge lakers fan but losing to the cavs crosses the line they are 2 and six against elite teams they should get more depth in their bench because they are running on fumes

    • Sekou Smith says:

      That’s not me.

    • Eman says:

      I think lakers need some Fresh Young player Like Blake Griffin or maybe MELO .

      • fedex says:

        yea…but not realistic…denvers stance is tough hence no trade has gone thru…and who do u expect lakers to put on the trading block for this to work? bynum and odom and brown for melo? Lakers wont risk too many pieces that originally got them rings…and denver wont trade unless something of equal value…so dream on…whereas for blake griffin…he’s the only reason clips are getting any focus…it would be stupid to let that go…it just wont happen to a young talent…its up to the nets and knicks…whether its a trade before deadline or off season sighing…please be realistic…and btw…SEKOU u r always good!! you know what u are talking about…and we can all learning something from an insider!!

    • says:

      I guess, Jerry West is correct — when he joked about Lakers getting older. Kobe himself is getting older and INDEED got slowed. Fisher is definitely old now same thing with Odom. Most of all they got nothing now from the NBA’s dirtiest player “Artest”. Bottomline, this team are not a final contenders this year. Sorry but that my frank assessment. The west championship maybe won this time around by Spurs or Mavs. Let’s count them “Lay-kers” off.

      • sjthedon says:

        I hear the same thing every single year. Thats why, even though things are very, very bad right now, its hard for me to count them completely out. People tend to forget that the Lakers got blown out on Christmas lat year by the Cavs. then they lost 7 of their last ten games going into the playoffs last year. Somehow they pulled it off. The west isnt as stacked as it used to be. Depite thier current woes, they still have an excellent chance of getting to the finals. Mainly because they still have Kobe. i It doesnt matter if he was 50 years old. His will to win big ballgames is unmatched.

    • Sunsman says:

      It’s really this simple…. been there done that….. don’t need to work too hard, we ain’t gonna get top spot now Spurs too far ahead, we’ve already wrapped up top 4 in West as Pacific in general is crap this year (Yes I am a Suns fan). SO…. why hustle, why risk another injury…. be competitive, run your sets, play 0.500 ball till the playoffs then hit the jets.

    • MJ THE GOAT says:

      Errr could you be more wrong, Heat just spanked them on the lakers home floor, and Boston are clearly a better team. Sorry but if they make it to the finals bsaed on what we have seen so far they will NOT be the favourites