T-Dub’s Got Bounce!

LOS ANGELES — Get ready to add another item to your 2011 All-Star Weekend to-do list.

Friday night’s Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown will feature a competitor that could win Saturday night’s Sprite Slam Dunk Contest if we could get him added to the field.

Seriously, you have to see Terry Cournoyea, a 5-foot-9 jumping jack from Minneapolis with a jaw-dropping 53-inch vertical (I’m not challenging it either after watching “T-Dub” in action).

We got a chance to witness his movement, courtesy of HT’s main man and Timberwolves.com’s Jonah Ballow:

As flashy and phenomenal as they’ve both been during their turns as slam dunk champions, neither Nate Robinson nor Spud Webb has or had bounce like T-Dub.

In fact, who’s up for a Krypto-NateT-Dub dunk off?


  1. Gary says:

    He’s got hoops…but not unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Still mad proops to him cause I can’t do it, lol.

  2. Sammy says:

    Hey Sekou, just one question,
    If this guy played in the NBA, how many posters do you think he’d have and who do you think he’d posterize, because afterr watching this, I was stunned.

  3. NiSo says:

    I’m still going with Jus Jly. That guy is gonna be in the Olympics for high jump. Just sayin’.

  4. Michael Warren says:

    T-Dub hands down is the best under 6ft dunker of all time!!!!!!!!!!! No Question, he is one of the top 3 dunkers on the planet!!!!! His vertical is higher than every NBA player that’s ever played. Maybe Shannon Brown, Lebron James or James White could jump close to him but I don’t know. Him,Taurian Fontenette, and Kadour Zion are probably the best dunkers in the world. This dude is sick!! checkout some of his dunks on youtube. Crazy!!! I think he’s goin to win it. The other guys are going to put on a show too though. It’s going to between T-Dub and Jus Fly. Stay tuned and enjoy the show everyone.

  5. Dumitrache Giulio says:


  6. Hops says:

    Im 2’9 and got a 89 inch vertical jump son…………