How Much For Melo?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You’d think we learned our lesson by now, wading into the mess that is the Carmelo Anthony trade rumor mill.

But we haven’t. We just can’t help ourselves. The story that won’t go away deserves yet another moment of all our time before we dive headlong into All-Star Weekend and everything that comes along with the NBA’s Super Bowl of Weekends.

Anthony is the most coveted player in the league with the Feb. 24 trade deadline approaching, but there’s no telling if and when anything will get done. Because the one thing that has become clear through all of the hyperbole and innuendo in this process — no one wants to pay the price the Nuggets are asking for Anthony.

Maybe that’s why there are so few teams mentioned in the ‘Melo-mix. Mikhail Prokhorov took the Nets out things weeks ago, with the Russian billionaire owner declaring the cost of trying to do business with the Nuggets was “too great.” And now we learn that even the Knicks, long-rumored to be the favorites to land Anthony, are balking at the exorbitant price the Nuggets are asking for one of top players in the game.

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News broke it down like this:

According to a team source close to the negotiations, “there is a deal to be made” but whether Anthony joins forces with Amar’e Stoudemire in New York between Tuesday and the Feb. 24 trade deadline likely comes down to the Nuggets either lowering their asking price or the Knicks turning over their roster to acquire one of the NBA’s top players.

The Nuggets, according to a source, are asking for three starters — including Danilo Gallinari and Raymond Felton — plus Eddy Curry‘s expiring contract and at least one first-round pick. In that proposed deal, Anthony and veteran point guard Chauncey Billups would be coming to the Knicks.

It is believed that Walsh and Mike D’Antoni feel the team would be giving up too much. Garden chairman James Dolan has had direct involvement in the negotiations and may ultimately overrule his basketball staff.

Prokhorov taking the Nets out of the mix should have been a warning sign for other teams interested in chasing Anthony. If New Jersey — a team with resources aplenty and seemingly nothing to lose by getting involved in a prolonged trade process — decided enough was enough, the rest of the league should have taken the hint.

It’s not a knock on Anthony by any stretch. We can all agree that if he is being made available, something must be done to acquire his services. The real stain of this entire ordeal is the one splashed all over the Nuggets and the peculiar way they are handling themselves.

Even by doing their due diligence, which they are doing and have every right to do, they are making a mockery of themselves while doing so. And anyone that suggests what’s transpired so far has had no impact on the Nuggets’ fortunes this season need only look at the Western Conference standings: the Nuggets sit seventh in the West and on the edge of sliding out of the playoff picture.

As the No. 6 team in the East, the Knicks have a little better footing, but they also have to be careful of getting caught up in the drama. Philadelphia, Indiana and Charlotte are all capable of cranking things up after All-Star Weekend and making things difficult on the Knicks.

With or without Anthony, the Knicks cannot afford to sit out the postseason. If they’re going to take the proper steps to become a legitimate outfit again, they need a playoff appearance almost as much as they need to get their hands on Anthony. So we’ll ask the question one last time and let you ponder it as we head into the break:

How much does it take to get Melo?

(And go ahead and cross Landry Fields off the list. He’s family now after joining us on The Jump!)


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  2. Thelna1 says:

    I’M SORRY!

    Carmelo and Billups! I honestly don’t think that is really a package, because for what is being asked by the nuggets, the knicks would walk away winners on that deal.

    Two All Stars, two Top 10 nba players. A point guard that already knows mello and is way better then any point guard on the knicks and probably would be the 2nd or 3rd best point guard in the East. When Billups gets hot, he is equal to the best point guards to ever play the game. (in my humble opinion)

    Second – we get Carmelo, he may play little defense the entire game, but he will play it when it counts, and you know he has a massive desire to win. in the top 3 list for pure scorers and maybe the best small forward all around, next to LeBron. (you may be able to find one or two stand out small forwards that are in his zone of greatness)

    I can understand the knicks holding out. basically it’s a game of poker and the knicks are trying to win the pot, not just the hand. I would say that Billups maybe has one or two more years of high caliber BBall in him and then he is on the decline. so snatch him up and make a go at the NBA finales. I think the knicks with Carmelo and BIllups in the line up, would certainly give problems to the Heat, and could possibly beat the celtics. Billups is just that good or was, man i hope he stil has enough in his tank for one or two runs at the finals.

    BBall is my passion.

  3. fosho says:

    Melo? well he’s just like a more consistent but less athletic and less defensive version of Rudy Gay

    NYK fans are playing too much NBA2k11 what looks good on paper or simulator does not mean its good in practice in reality you have to include factors like a player’s natural style of play, coach and coaching style and team chemistry player stats does not automatically guarantee championships even Phil have to invent the triangle just to make a player like jordan more effective w/o taking the offensive momentum of his team mates and w/o that triangle kobe will end up like iverson

  4. fosho says:

    yes melo is an elite forward in every sense but with melo comes its cons, melo isnt the type of player who shares the ball or thrives on point guard created plays and needs a lot of touches to be effective, why would the knicks trade great players for an elite player that takes off the offensive momentum of his teammates just for him to get going? im tired of this melo-diva talk if melo wants a ring? stay in the west, the east is too crowded already with elite players and besides he isnt yet of lebron’s level to be such a diva and too ask too much, it just so happen that nba is running short of elite forwards that is why he’s garnering so much attention.

    melo here are 3 choices


    and try to get Chris Paul too

    or if your wife really wants the bright lights? go to the Clips although with the owner and GM’s poor managerial skills i doubt the roster will stay intact regardless of how much talent are put into that team and like the owner cares about getting rings anyway since he only cares about money

  5. A Rational Man says:

    The current deal the Nuggets are asking for is absolutely rediculous, and the Knicks would be stupid to accept it. First off them throwing Billups in the mix for Felton is pure arrogance on Denver’s part. That doesn’t even begin to approach a fair exchange. The only arguments pro Billups is that he has experience and when his contract is up the knicks can go after Chris Paul, which are both lackluster arguments. A Billups and Felton Comparison proves it. Billups averages 16.4 points, 2.4 rebounds, and only 5.3 assists. Meanwhile Felton beats him in every major category (minus experience) with averages of 17.2 points, 3.4 bounds and 9 assists.Truth is, Billups has to much experience; 13 seasons worth. That’s compared to only 5 from Felton leaving alot longer and brighter future. Not to mention Felton has a reasonable contract. Chances are that with the new collective bargaining agreement they wouldn’t be able to afford the price of Paul even if the outside chance that he left New Orleans came up. Chris Paul, mind you, who is almost statistically identical to Felton with only a slight edge, and would demand a larger contract. So with that bogus proposal by Denver shot down, now you have the asking price of basically an entire starting line up for Carmelo. Asking for three starters, Eddie Curry’s expiring contract and “at least” one first round draft pick makes Denver look and sound like an ass, especially with the three starters names being a rotation of Felton, Gallo, and Chandler or Fields (all of which are young and show extreme promise). That’s too much production being given up for one player. And this is coming from an Anthony fan ever since he played for ‘Cuse. Not to mention, from Melo’s perspective, why would he want to come into a situation where numerous more building pieces are needed as opposed to just a few. And much of the money he’ll lose by going into free agency can made up by building his brand in the mass market of New York. Denver needs to stop their pompus proposals and acting like they might not come up empty handed in the “Melo-Drama”. Overall, the only way Denver gets trumped in the “looking like an ass department” is by the Knicks if they accept this deal.

    Sincerely, a sane Knicks fan

    p.s. sorry for the rant

  6. Michael Tran says:

    Dallas has a chance at getting Melo.. That’d be an instant Finals Appearance.

  7. femalebballer says:

    Last time I checked Billups has no desire to play for NY or NJ. He’s already stated that he is traded, he will immediately request for a buyout. He’s not staying and playing on the East Coast – period. Denver’s efforts are laughable and as far as the title of this article, you’re making it sound like Melo is the one that’s asking for too much. Don’t blame him. He’s already stated many times that he has spoken to anyone. It’s Denver’s pathetic front office! And as far as NY getting caught up in drama, what is that supossed to mean? The only drama is what writers and reporters are creating with these trade rumors. NY is 6th seed in the which means they’re going to the playoffs; first time in 7 seven years and that is all that matters!

  8. Malabug says:

    if this trade push through, the Knicks will be one of the hottest team in the East in the Playoffs. I wish they could also acquire Chris Paul.

  9. KILLA B'Z says:

    Dolan and Walsh’s bartering is fine and dandy, but do you know how dumb they are going to look if the lose Melo to hold on to Fields?

  10. Rafa says:

    Melo and Chauncey for Felton Gallo and Curry and a first round pick? A very GOOD DEAl. Why bother to argie about this deal. Chanucey has a ring and a lot of experience. What has Felton Gallo and Curry done? All potentials. NYK has nothing to lose here. With Amare Chauncey and Melo together thats nice.

  11. Bobby says:

    I think the Knicks should wait until the offseason to do a sign-and-trade with the Nuggets. In that scenario, the Knicks could get rid of Eddy Curry’s contract, give up a player and maybe two draft picks and receive Melo (would go down much smoother if they get a third team). The fact is that Melo has expressed great interest in playing for the Knicks and Denver has no leverage so I think until the offseason comes, both New York and Denver should be focusing on making the playoffs and let it play out from there.

  12. Brian says:

    I think that melo is not going to get traded and go to the knicks through free angency

  13. D'Knick says:

    To deal or not to deal? That is the question – and so is the answer! It only bodes well for the NY Knicks, which have been the punchline of late night talk shows for almost a decade now. The Knicks have nothing to lose and everything to gain on this deal. They might lose three startes but they will also gain two talented and experienced ones. With this new lineup, it won’t be dfficult for NY to attract more talents for years to come. So now is the time – or this opportunity will not pass MSG way again!

  14. Rey says:

    I think it’s a reasonable bid..Melo and Chauncey Billups to the Knicks (Billups) for the remainder of the season, and we just gotta give up Ramon Felton, Danilo Gallinar, Eddie Curry, and one first draf pick. We’ll still have Landry Fields, Wilson Chandler, and Toney Douglas. Plus Chauncey Billups has playoff experience vs Raymond Felton. I like the players we ave now, but to build and solidify a good team is now! make a run at Darren Williams or Chris Paul in 2012 and we’ll be a good team for a long time.

    • KD says:

      People seem to be too obsess with the idea of the big 3: CP3, Melo, Amare playing for the Knicks that they forget what the Knicks REALLY need: A BIG MAN at the 5 !!! Come on people wake up. Melo and CP3 to Knicks is a dream move but it does not solve the Knicks’s real problem: Defense! Mosgov I think the guy has potential but he is just solid, not good. CP3 is one hell of an upgrade from Felton but Felton is a good PG, not to mention that signing CP3 will eat up the cap and it will decrease the quality of NYK’s bench (His contract expires in 2012, but he can use ETO). If the Knicks are smart, they should trade Chandler/Gallinari (one of them has to go to give up their position for Melo, right?) + Randolph + Curry and a draft pick for a top notch C/PF and then sign Melo during FA and they would be a contender.
      In summary, their line-up would be:
      PG – Felton
      SG – Fields
      SF – Melo
      PF – Amare/?
      C – ?/Amare
      6th man – Chandler/Gallinari

  15. Undisputed says:

    I honestly think Carmelo should consider The Chicago Bulls as a top team. With the lineup we have now and with Noah coming back we have a chance greater than any team in the east to represent the eastern conference in the finals. I can grantee Derrick Rose wouldn’t mine having Carmelo than we would be a big 4 instead of 3

  16. bryan says:

    ‘melo! wait for summer ’11 and go to the lakers after they get dwight!!!

  17. Blah says:

    Seriously, NY won’t win a championship as D’Antoni’s coached teams. Phoenix was way better before, Marion, Johnson, Amare, Nash and Q. Pure offense wont win championships. NY will just be another Phoenix. I’m sure of it. Gonna be a postseason customer but not enough to be in the finals. Getting melo will help but still, NY’s defense has to improve.

  18. kings says:

    This deal w/ knicks would definitely go down. i mean as much as i like felton, acquiring melo is their best chance to be a title contender. I think Dallas pass on Melo too after signing Peja. Im not saying Dallas didnt want Melo, especially after Butler’s injury its just that Melo and Dirk needs the ball in their hand most of the time. They’re both jumpers i guess. and to the trade rumors out there about melo goin in l.a. if L.A made this trade, they;re stupid. why would they give up their center for another small forward. if they give out Bynum, Gasol have to play as a center and i dont see him dominating that position unlike to PF. so the best chance for melo is to be traded in NY or either stay which unlikely to happen.

  19. E Feezy says:

    This is all smoke and mirrors by Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks. If the Knicks really are in negotiations with Denver, it is to keep NYK occupied and have the trade deadline clock countdown to zero so Carmello becomes a free agent over the summer. Carmello has made it clear that he wants to play in his home town and for his home team. Why would the Knicks dismantle the best team they’ve had in years to get a guy who appears to want to come to them anyway? Knicks and Carmello are buying time, but eventually Mello will end up a NYK, and they will still have the team they have now + Mello. That’s the best case scenarion for the Knicks.

  20. Davinci Simms says:

    I think the nuggets front office needs to be alot more reasonable with their demands. I have no doubt however, that they will surely bend, because they don’t want to be in a position with nothing after melo’s contract expires. So i’m confident that they will reduce their rediculous terms and probably agree for only two starters, eddy curry and one first round pick in return for only MELO!!! They can keep billups.

  21. adam wasser says:

    you know, carmelw would be nice, but his off court track record is garbage with the drug issues earlier in his career. The knicks need discipline AND talent, and they have a nice balance with that on the roster now. I am very interested to see how much amare can push fields, felton, mosgov, chandler, and galinari to become even better players… let this team grow and develop chemistry for 2 more season after this one and then see if a major trade needs to be made because lack of patience from knicks management is the one thing that has killed the knicks over the past decade. for example, if the knicks had mcdyyes or heliaro (knicks exchanged draft rights to hilario about 5 years ago), and then had either of them alongside amare right now, the knicks would be much stronger up front and that is what the knicks need most right now. galinari and chandler works very well with the knicks (melo essentially would replace them) since they don’t demand the ball, but can still hit big shots.

  22. tom of australia says:

    G – billups
    G – Fields
    F – Melo
    F – Amare
    C – Mosgov

    Not bad starting lineup… Not Bad At All


  23. Colt says:

    I really dont think Melo w/ the Knicks is a better than Denver is already. I still firmly believe tha Melo’s best fit is in Denver. I love Denver Nuggs, so if we do trade Melo, dont send poor Billups out too. Billups dont wanna play for NY, leave the dude out of it. Thats wut pisses me of the most. Tha and how Melo wont just SAY wut he wants, he’s one of my fav players but he’s acting like a frikin panzi but not just sayin wut the hell he wants!

  24. Qvsouth says:

    I agree with everyone that is saying holdout, don’t give up pics and felton and galo. Once Carmelo has the autonomy to make his own decision, he will come to the knicks, with felton and galo and landry and pics…this team will be sick! Plus with melo and billups we are not beating, heat or celtics this year! I said this year! True knicks fans, new yorkers know you grow to love the players, be loyal to them, not dump them that’s what other bs cities do! We can wait, and have a power house next year, with the best bench ever!

  25. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    Melo can wait a few more months and then be a knick.
    Then Knicks can send galo, chandler, randolph and turiaf for dwight (ofc dwight have to be unhappy in orlando and force a trade)
    and 2011 knicks will be


    it is almost impossible but if miami big3 can happen there is always a chance.
    i do favor dwight over CP3. felton is good point guard for Knicks. what we need is big men who can defend.
    knicks got awesome offense already. some big guys with good defense and it can be a very deadly team

    and that line up will be better than miami line up (no dis intend).
    cuz that line up will have good point guard who can make things happen
    and Melo play his best and play his heart out when he match up with bron (since Oak Hill acamedy Vs St.Mary days to Den Vs Cavs games)
    Then Dwight and Amar’e will eat any team in interior games. Plus field is a good rebounding guard. so Knicks can dominate rebounds and control the inside game.
    that’s a dream team. come on knicks make it happen

  26. John says:

    make it happen.. then get CP3 this offseason.. own ver. of big three.. the best ever.. strong bigman(amare) , tremendous forward(melo), and on hellofa guard(CP3). champ fosho

  27. awesomeman says:

    It would be unwise for the Knicks to make a trade in the season. If they think Carmelo will come to them, he’ll go during free agency. It wouldnt be bad for Denver, even if Carmelo would leave anyways.

  28. bad trade when the knicks could just sign him this summer. the nuggets are asking to much and they’re goin’ to get nothing in return like toronto and cleveland(well almost nothing in return). denver just didn’t learn.

  29. big daddy says:

    Wait it out, Denver will come down on wanting to much. Why would you let him walk and not get anything back. Being a Denver native the sports teams are good at making stupid ass decisions. If i was Melo I’d play out the season and say see ya. The Nugs have no choice but to deal him Melo is not going to resign with that losing as team.

    Denver ownership and management is looking real stupid right about now. If a team gives up a first round pick they are just as dumb. The Knicks aren’t going to get past the first round is they go to the playoffs anyway. Just sit back and wait grab Melo and Chris Paul can opt out as well.

    @Boxy lay off the haterade Melo is by far in the top 5 scorers and players in the league. How many other players can create his on shot like Melo. But also back you down in the paint, dude what games do you watch? Cause it’s obviously has nothing to do with Melo.

  30. Bebopman says:

    Aside from the fact that the Knicks could really use Melo for this year’s playoffs, instead of waiting for next season, Melo himself has good reason to have his agent get a deal done now. From what I understand, Melo getting a deal now would mean him signing a 3-year more than $60 million extension. But if Melo doesn’t get a deal before the coming labor mess, he could easily end up with a lot less per year. I read somewhere that the owners’ proposal would give Melo a maximum of $48 million over 4 years. That’s more than $20 million a year to sign now versus $12 million a year if he waits. And, yes, I’m sure that owners proposal won’t be the final deal, but suffice it to say that Melo would be taking a big risk of losing a ton of cash if he allows this to drag out. …. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. Anybody here heard anything different?

  31. Colangelo says:

    The knicks need to pull the trade RIGHT KNOW!
    Our starting lineup after the allstar break should be as follows; Stoudimire, Chandler, Carmello, Fields, and Billups with JR smith coming off the bench!
    Go ahead and give the gallinar, felton, Eddy Curry, and two other bench players and a firtt round pick. I need to be the GM i would pull the trigger TODAY!
    The in the next season we need to go get BIG Bogut from Millwakee to go with Stoudimire down low ya hear me!

  32. TS says:

    The Nuggets are asking for something they think they can get. I’d bet on Dolan pulling the trigger here pretty quick, even if it means overruling his entire FO.

    Carmelo, Billups, and Stoudamire would make the Knicks, at best, the 5th best team in the East. Need at least another big signing to be relevant in that conference.

    On a side note, are these comments indicative of all Knicks fans. Good God. I can barely understand half of them. Writing in English is not as flexible as you might think. There are rules, and the language itself is rigid. LEARN IT!

  33. Wes Gil says:

    Am I the only one thinking:

    Sure, the knicks lose 3 starters, but since 2 are being upgraded (Chauncey is better AND has only 1 year left on his contract, making the position open when CP3 and DWill might hit the market… that and Jonny Flynn can still be traded for right now), they really lose only Danilo Gallinari and a piece that exists specifically for this purpose (Eddy Curry) plus the obligatory 1st Round Pick.

    (This is of course assuming the third starter is Wilson Chandler)

    The depth chart becomes -1, but the Knick still have assets (Anthony Randolph) to make something happen. I don’t really see how this is TOO MUCH for a star that will bring more clout (and money, this is an executive decision) than all of those pieces combined to the Team Of New York.

    That said, GO MAGIC!!!

  34. Parker says:

    Melo — over-rated.

  35. Cinfused says:

    I don;t get it, theres a lot of talk of talk over a 4 time all star and a guy who was runner up for rookie of the year and hasn’t won an NBA championship he might be good but isn’t worth all this talk let Melo concentrate on what he does.

  36. dymatize says:

    Lets face it , Denver is gonna end like Cleveland…. wat their gonna get in return…… NOTHING ! its up to Nene n Al harrington to carry the Nuggets…

  37. Zane Angelo says:

    Cmon people, get over Melo. He will be in a nuggets uniform for another couple of months. Then he will be a free agent and he will go to the Knicks (or another team that does better in the playoffs maybe?). But here is my point, the nuggets are totaly aware of the fact that they are asking for a lot for Melo, which makes me believe they know how much of stretch it is that someone pays the price. So why dont they just try and get a couple draft picks from a team like NJ or another team. I mean isnt that better than nothing over the summer?

  38. The_Soulution says:

    The Nuggets have NO stroke in commanding grand theft for Melo. This is the same team that only signed Al Harrington and the extremely garbage Shelden Williams this past off-season. None of the other teams’ GMs respect them, and they got dissed by the NETS, of all people. They have an incompetent front office – and these outrageous demands show it. THAT’S why Carmelo won’t sign an extension – because the higher ups in the Nuggets are stupid. The Knicks can sign Melo without giving up jack after the 2011 lockout. LOL

    • nbeatz says:

      Melo Will be making his own dission on where he goes this upcomming summer unless Denver take less for Melo. I also agree the bundeling Chauncy in the mix would be a good thing for most teams, but for how long…….he is getting older, so letting an 18 and 9 guy go in Felton for a 16 and 6 guy at his age… NOT A GOOD idea. Let the Knicks grab him in free agency…………..period.

  39. Bruno says:

    Melo can bearly dunk!?!?

  40. os says:

    Melo’s highlights aren’t that great mainly cuz hes not a highflyer like other guys in his draft class (wade, james). What I do love about him is his silky smooth offense, I would have rather just see 10 different random shots of his

  41. Joachim says:

    Can it be a trick from Carmelo to make sure nobody get’s him in a trade so he can go to the Knicks after the season and all the good guys and future picks are still there as well. This will make the team even better with Felton and Galinari and future picks all in NY and just add Carmelo!

  42. groogie75 says:

    I think that denver GM is high. Melo is a great offensive player not so much on defense. I think denver will gamble and see if melo is all about the money or something else. If melo does not get traded, I think he will sign the 3 yr extension with denver. In lieu of the collective bargaining agreement where he might get paid less if he walks during the summer. On the other hand, Chicago is winning without noah, they should think about trading melo and billups for deng and noah. keep melo and then trade chauncey for a solid big man.

  43. GBRO3 says:

    Money isnt the issue wit melo if it was a 65 million dollar extension would have been signed months ago.
    if its not money the only thing i can think it would be is to win, but just amare and melo cant do it alone because if thats the case nene and melo would have worked out. you need a fresh point guard thats not score oriented (Paul) but more important defense. i think they should take a chance on a guy like G.Oden and other defense oriented players because the scoring would be there between melo amare fields and if they get paul. Im a big melo fan but defense wins championships

  44. Nick says:

    The Nuggets wanted too much from The Nets and were right to pull out ! I would have only offered D Favours ! If the Knicks stay calm and wait it out they’ll get their guy in the summer ! Even with him now I don’t think they would really challenge Miami or Boston this season anyway !

  45. Jfarkeed says:

    Melo to Wizards – for Andre Blatche, Reshard Lewis, Yi Jianlian and a 1st round draft pick.

  46. David Lee says:

    We need to get Melo. Meloo sshould just finish the year in Denver and try to go as far he can with them and then when he becomes a free agent he should just sign with the Knicks because its obvious he wants to play with us. and i do agree melo, knicks hold it out and get him during free agency because on the real even if he comes now its not like we can win a ring right now, so why not save our players and get him during free agency and since its obvious that he wants to play for us so we good. Then after we get melo we need to get CP3!!!!! comon nowwww once we get them both forget it we good, we will be more of a complete team than Miami fo sho if Moscow continues to develop being a big man and not get dunked on by blake again haha because its no doubt we need a big man. PLEASEEE MELO AND CP3 DO THIS FOR NEW YORK! and NOT FOR THE MONEY! yall make enough money alreadyyyy and yall in team jordan soo comonn nowww!! hahaha and i hope we dont give away gallo i like him alott haha and we can get rid of Felton, not a huge fan of him, he tends to take stupid shots, but CP and MELO WE NEED!

  47. SSD - LAKERS FAN says:

    Very Questionable Trade …. everyone wants to see the drama unfold – but come on, if the Knicks give away anyone they are not comfortable for they are making a bad trade.

    Melo contract expires wait it out. Its like saying you will date a girl, and all she has to do is move closer to you. You know that girl will, and she wont even think of dating another guy. NY the guy is yours, just fill Melo (the girlfriend) up with promises and how its gonna be a championship team etc. and MELO will be here next year or at least make Denver realize they are not gonna get anyone and just make the trade happen without asking for too much.

    MELO to NY and its final – they just figuring out which year.

  48. LAKER FAN says:

    new york should wait till summer. theres no need to rush. theyre still on a rebuilding process so its still a good improvement to make it to the playoffs after several years. i bet theres no chance melo is going to resign with the nuggets. so just wait til he becomes a free agent.

  49. Bunbury says:

    New York has the upper hand on this deal and therefore should be patient. we all know that Melo wants to play for NY. unless of course, the lakers decide to trade bynum……then NY will be hitting their heads against the wall.

  50. Dan says:

    omg all we have to do is trade gallenari and felton and we get billups and anthony in return, thats a button presser for sure u have to get ride of chandler or gallo anyways and chancy billups is a good point guard and u can just buy another point guard in the next 2 years….. like chris paul for example and we also get to keep fields in this deal

  51. enrique ortiz says:

    i think the new york should not tarde for Anthony … the reason the new york kincks should wait untill next year… maybe they should trade only Eddy Curry and cash… they offer a 40 million for the next three years offer to anthony and two frist picks …. thats it… if anthony wants more then no deal.. the kincks should not deal a 60 0r 70 million to anthony

  52. mike g says:

    let’s see….a very hot and cold gallinari, a pleasant “surprise” (and maybe not much more eventually) fields, an unused randolph, a fat and ugly curry, a very enjoyable felton…for a super star carmelo, and a championship point guard billups? what’s the hangup?

    carmelo replaces gallinari in the starting lineup…HUGE UPGRADE. billups replaces felton in the starting lineup…at worst a draw. chandler replaces fields in the starting lineup…in ways an upgrade, in others not. The Moz stays put, in between carmelo and amare…I can live with that, and win with that. what of the bench then? turiaf is turiaf, douglas is douglas, williams is wiliams, walker is walker, and azibuke? we going 10 deep anyway? barron coming?

    what then? billups goes next year and paul comes, with felton gone.

    this is an overall upgrade….PULL THE TRIGGER if this is the deal.

  53. b-rad says:

    Denver has no say in this deal and they know it. This is a scare tactic and a pretty lame one at that. They are betting on the Knicks wanting him bad enough this season to bite on the current deal they are offereing or one that isn’t much less. The Knicks can just say no thanks and wait till next year or offer far less before the deadline like say Chandler for Melo. At that point Denver can either get nothing or at least settle for Chandler who is a decent player. Lets face it Denver is screwed here. If they are able to get two starters and Curry’s expiring contract they should be ecstatic. Dolan would be a fool to over ride D’antoni and walsh but then again he just sees the dollar signs of selling Melo jerseys this year instead of waiting. Either way Melo goes to the Knicks and thats great but until we get a big man who can rebound, post up and defend there will be no ring anytime in the near future.

  54. TtheMACK says:

    The stats speak for themselves. The Nuggets are one of the top ten teams in offensive categories. It all boils down to (as Sir Charles put it to the Heat) DEFENSE!!!!!! Scoring points will win games but playing DEFENSE will win you a CHAMPIONSHIP. As I watch Nuggets games I’ve noticed time and time again how when they are in possession of the ball, someone will shoot and there three of four defenders in the paint for the rebound. The Nuggets don’t crash the boards which lead to fast breaks for the other squad. Their transition defense suffers from lack of effort. Watch tonight. There will be times when there are ZERO Nuggets in the paint for offensive rebounds then the opposing team will go down and get a wide open look at the basket. What is one of the first fundamentals of teaching kids how to play? FOLLOW YOUR SHOT and when a shot goes up assume there will be a rebound.

    • Matt says:

      You don’t make much sense man. If they aren’t crashing the boards for offensive rebounds that means they are getting back in transition to stop the fast break. You can’t have it both ways either you crash the boards and possibly give up fast breaks or you get back and get your defense set.

  55. Saw Kapaw says:

    For Falton, Gallinari, Curry’s exp contract, and first round for Melo and Billup, if that’s ture Kicks gotta take that deal. Anthoney is straight up superstar and he will still be top 5 players in the league for next 8 yrs or so. Billup still one of the top PG and veteran that the Kicks for next few seasons. Falton and Gallinari are decent players in the league, who care about Curry’s exp contract, Kicks you guys still make the most profit in NBA with 400+ millions, and the first round, with Anthoney, Billup, Amire, Chandler, Fields in the line up it will be a very low first round pic anyway. NY make a deal cuz you will not get the player of Anthoney’s level anytime soon since all those other guys are locked up in Maimi.

    • fan says:

      if that was the actual deal i would agree but on top of the players you mentioned and the first rounder they want another starter as well meaning that the knicks would have to give up either fields or chandler as well

  56. Kurtis Riley says:

    The Nuggets need to take what they can get and cut their losses. How could any organization ask a plus 500 team to fork over most of their starting lineup and draft picks? Their being ridiculous, Denver needs to stop trying to play hard ball and start behaving nicely before Carmelo Anthony walks in free agency and makes the Denver Nuggets the laughing stock of the NBA for not learning from the LeBron Saga. May I remind you that Cleveland’s record is currently 9 W 46L. And Toronto a not to shabby (sarcasm) 15W 40L.

    • Nice Comment says:

      With Lebron and bosh leaving their old teams, their former team became weak, i wonder what will happen to denver when Melo leaves…

  57. Slimm says:

    If the Nuggets don’t pull the trigger on a good deal soon they can be left with no Anthony in the off-season walking away Scott Free, he’s not going to sign the extension in Denver you can clear the books with that, I mean if that’s what the Nuggets want in pursuit of keeping Billups and the rest of the Nuggets together then yeah okay good move, but if not, I mean what are they really waiting on, they had a lot of good trades on the table for Anthony, I guess playing the waiting game to see if New York will flinch, probably won’t happen, New York can wait till the summer and maintain their current mediocre roster, then pick up Melo along the way in the off season, so who’s sticking who now ? 😉

  58. Lacedogg says:

    If the Nuggets don’t shape up, they won’t get anything at all. It should be a simple trade: Melo for Eddie Curry, Randolph and a first round pick.

    • Sean says:

      this is damn true because melo can go wherever he wants at the end of the year, so if denver doesnt get something for him before the deadline he is going to walk away and they will get nothing

  59. Lauri says:

    Denver’s management is not making themselves look very good with these actions. Looking very amateurish with these ridiculous demands and failing to keep negotiations on the down low.

  60. Chris says:

    Carmelo is one of the most Finest, Extreme and Outstanding player in the League! He’s definitely among big names like D Wade, Kobe, Lebron, ..and i believe he’s definitely worth it! The New York Knicks were hardly even recognized before Amare went there, and now they’re not only getting some wins, but there getting a lot of attention, They’re not in the top 5, but they’re a team that only needs some tweaking, and definitely some more talent, and they’ll be in the conversation with Miami, LA, San Antonio, Chicago, Boston!!!… After all, Rome wasn’t built in 1 day! If they don’t get Melo before the trade deadline, they better make a GOOD bid for him this summer cause he’ll be perfect for them. Not only should they acquire him, but Chris Paul as well!! Imagine,….Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, Now the Heat,,……..Then the Knicks???? It’ll be like an Armageddon inside the NBA!!!…..And sorry to not mention the Bulls, because Rose and Boozer are already fired-up even without Noah!!! And the Hawks,..With Harford, Johnson, Smith…they are also some dream teams to keep an eye on!!!
    If Knicks don’t make a deal before the deadline, …..its Melo and Paul to the Knicks this Summer!!!

    • Darren says:

      Carmelo is indeed one of the best offensive player in NBA but the price that Knicks need to paid for him is too expensive (Gallinari and Felton)! With Knicks youth potential, i bet Carmelo will still sign with Knicks when his contract end. So why bother with Nuggets expensive demands. Walsh and D’Antoni done a great job so far, Dolan should put his trust on them instead YOU KNOW WHO 😛

    • Jared says:

      Chris Paul isn’t a free agent this summer. Not til 2012.

  61. TD Steward says:

    Knicks- Hold out, Carmelo is coming to town, and we can wait. Denver \’s price is so high because their playing the I’m tring but wait raising the anti for all possible takers- in that no one wins and forces Melo to stay in Denver. With that said Melo should say that’s ok- I’m going to nbe a Knick cause I chose too. Go NY Knicks!! So nice ya- “We named it twice” TD

    • Luigy says:

      hahaha funny you gotta love knick fans. so much talk about how they are gonna get a superstar but in reality they screw themselve over. I member the whole thing bout them gonna get Kobe and look he screwed u over and staye.d. OOOO even better this summer u guys went all out to make fake knick jerseys holdin LEBRON JAMES name and guess what He blew u guys off too. HA HAHA keep on talkin about the future and Melo will blow u guys off as well hahahaha

  62. Vlad says:

    i don`t get it….all day i read on the website or hear it during NBA games: you, The Media, are so sick about the Melo trade talks, that it`s going on forever, it`s not good for the teams involved and all that stuff, and after that, you, The Media, come up with an article that starts like this:
    “You’d think we learned our lesson by now, wading into the mess that is the Carmelo Anthony trade rumor mill. But we haven’t. We just can’t help ourselves. The story that won’t go away…”

    Sounds to me like you are patting yourselfs with the left hand and punching yourselfs with the right in the same time.

    Well, you can`t just cry out articles about Melo neverending trade talks and then say you can`t help yourselfs. Because you definitely can.

    You can`t just say the story won`t go away, because you, The Media, can make it go away. Or at least minimize the impact.

    So how about everyone starts “helping themselfs” for just a few more days untill the deadline. Then, sadly for you, there will be no choice.

    • Sean says:

      yea have we not talked about this enough? what happens to carmelo will happen and time will tell that
      did you ever wonder about maybe talking about any other trade rumors?
      except no one knows about any other trade rumors because ALL YOU DO IS TALK ABOUT CARMELO

  63. Roy says:

    LOL are you kidding me right no Denver. Why would you guys make such high demands when you know that CArmelo will be leaving you after this season regardless if the lockout happens or not hahaha wow. No wonder denver is so pathetic when it comes to staff and player deal negotiations. The Knicks should stop any negotiation with denver and just let them burn after this season because CArmelo is going to the Knicks regardless of what happens. So, I say let denver raise the price and value for the carmelo trade, as long as no one responds to them, they will soon realise that it is over for them. Carmelo will be gone and they will be left with nothing.

  64. Boxy says:

    Nuggets are smiling now, BUT come summer, this will all bite them back! I understand these guys want to get something back but come on. Three starters averaging more than ten points, an expiring contract and a draft pick. I say knicks should wait it out, Melo is really haven’t proven anything. He’s the next T-Mac & Vince and I love both of those guys but he’s a great player who for some reason find it difficult to gain success other than recognition in this league.

  65. mavsfan says:

    There’s a little chance that he will go to Dallas, but Dallas would take it all w/Melo

  66. richard f. says:

    i think the knicks have to wait, ther isno way that melo is going to sign an extension with the denverause he wants to be traded in the first place and wanna play in NY as well . watch out for da lakers they might gho after melo since they want to improve the team for a 3peat . beside the lakers no body will spend that much after melo said he not gonna sign no contract . please wait for da rest of da season don’t go hard for no reason………….

    • tws3dball says:

      richard f needs to go back through 4th grade and cut the slang. nobody needs to know how “cool” you are by doing so.
      Any way, i think melo needs to go to portland. Rip City needs a boost after oden was officially named one the biggest wastes of a 1st over all pick.

  67. matthew says:

    i think they should take out felton the draft pick (or if they accept a 2014 pick) and billups either that or just do the deal and get it over with i dont care as long as melo is in a knicks uniform and with amare that is all knicks fans will tell you

  68. Michael Tran says:

    I ultimately think this trade involving the Knicks will go down. The Knicks need a playoff berth after so many years of failure and lack of passion for the game. The price for Carmelo anywhere is going to be a costly one but by acquiring Chauncey Billups, an elite guard, as well as Carmelo Anthony, an elite forward, the Knicks will have a better chance at making a push for the playoffs and ultimately at challenging the East’s best teams. James Dolan will have this trade made on Monday right after the all-star game if he wants the city of New York to be happy once and for all. I predict a strong playoff push if this trade goes through.

    • chaim says:

      hi i believe u r right i think the knicks will get him for cheaper that requested along with the fact the can even beat the miami heat in the playoffs gr8 chance

      • Michael Tran says:

        Thank you. New York is what Carmelo wants and Carmelo is who New York wants so just get the deal done and build some kind of chemistry before the playoffs arrive to have a chance at spoiling one of the top teams in the East. Granted the Knick’s defense will be the same, at least they will have a more potent offense that knows what they are doing instead of jacking up threes left and right. It’s not a matter of James Dolan saying, “What should I do?” It’s a moment of “When should I do it?”

        NBA Insider: Michael Tran

    • fedex says:

      But the ideal situation is to wait till the seasons over…
      or else its too much of a risk to trade away good pieces like galinari and felton…
      both those guys can shoot and have a good idea of D’antoni’s system…
      whereas Billups … as good as he is… is getting too old…and aren’t as productive as years past…

      NYK needs to gain playoff berth like Sekou said to have the experience they need moving forward…
      then if they get carmelo it can boost them to the next level…plus eddy currys stupid contract is ending soon…

    • Michael Jordan says:

      But the problem is Chauncey Billups said he would leave the knicks immediatley, if traded.

  69. P. Burton says:

    I say that the Knicks should wade it out! I don’t think any team is going to give up everything they have. If they don’t get anyone to bite, Carmelo can hang on until June, 2011. The ball I think is in Carmelo’s favor.