Cousins Living Up To The Hype

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re doing our very best to resist the urge to jump to conclusions about Kings rookie center DeMarcus Cousins.

Really, we are trying to give the young fella the benefit of the doubt in his latest scrape. But he’s making it so tough. Instead of letting his solid play do all the talking for him, Cousins continues to live up to the pre-Draft hype that labeled him a monster talent with monster baggage.

After having running afoul of coach Paul Westphal‘s rules earlier this season, Cousins went off on teammate Donte Greene for not passing him the ball at the end of Friday night’s loss to Oklahoma City. Greene passed it to Tyreke Evans, who wound up missing a 3-pointer that could have won the game. Depending on what version of the story you believe, what transpired after the game was downright ridiculous.

Westphal’s refusal to divulge details, to the Sacramento Bee‘s Jason Jones, didn’t do anything to change our minds about that:

“… Obviously something happened. Obviously this is not DeMarcus’ first time with any kind of incident and there are no prior incidents with Donte’. So in our preliminary dealings with this situation we felt that it was appropriate to handle it the way we have. We want all the facts, to do all the homework and be completely fair with everybody and if there’s appropriate further action involving anybody we can take it at that time. But we don’t want to shoot first and ask questions later. We want to make sure we’re doing everything in the right order.”

Cousins reportedly went after Greene in the locker room and later on the team plane before being removed from the plane and ordered to stay in Sacramento. A resolution is expected sometime today, after Cousins meets with Kings boss Geoff Petrie, who has no choice but to drop the hammer on the rookie to make his point.

You can test the patience of an organization so many times before they decide you are not worth the trouble. There are countless cautionary tales Cousins could learn from, talented players that refused to get out of their own way on the path to stardom that wound up losing their way and landing out of the league.

Again, we’re not trying to overreact to what’s gone on with Cousins and the Kings so far this season. But these are stains on his reputation that cannot be easily washed away, no matter how well he plays. There is trouble a player can get into off the court that won’t damage his stock as severely as being a bad teammate or hard to coach.

Cousins clearly isn’t listening to many people, so we won’t hold our breath thinking he’d listen to us. But we’re hoping someone gets through to the kid.


  1. Joe says:

    cousins is a 20 year old ghetto ass kid he’ll be fine and no basketball iq you’ve got to be kidding me he’s just impatient he actually has a great basketball iq you obviously haven’t seen him pass or play very much..KINGS ARE COMING BACK BABY YEE

  2. Tyler says:

    Again, everyone is blowing this incident, with teammate Donte Green, way out of proportion. Yes, Cousins’ maturity has been extremely volatile this year, however, there isn’t any problems with his motivation, his will to win, and his fervent adoration for the game of basketball. He’s not a lethargic, Derrick Coleman-type; this kid wants to win! In addition, Cousins has been, more or less, tearing it up for the past month and a half–his statistics are soaring, and if the draft were held today, despite questions about his uncontrollable emotions and maturity level (which i don’t think are as bad as most make out), Cousins would be the first or second pick overall.

  3. Josh says:

    Better then howard… maybe if your on crack. and howard has better numbers then 20 and 12 anyways

  4. alex says:

    if this guy focuses i think he can be a better center than dwight howard 20 12 consistently no question about it

    • pete says:

      you are kidding right. howard is the best centre in the league right now (now that yao’s injured). he out does cousins in nearly every aspect of his game, he has a way better work ethic and attitude than cousins, just considering him working to get into the physique today since he was a skinny kid. Sacramento should send cousins to the D league for a while, and if he still screws around, then heck, trade him to either the heat where lebron, bosh and dwade will shut him up or to the celtics where shaq, kg and perkins are sure to keep him under control.

  5. JOHN says:

    to the other john who wants to bash the big ticket . my man kg is tough as nails and probably would kick demarcus’ butt . demarcus reminds me of eddy curry so good luck with that sacramento . he is a bum every time i watch cousins he is just worthless . i played against garnett in high school and he was a man among boys at the time . only moses malon , garnett and lebron were ready for the jump to the nba from high school oh yeah and kobe . demarcus cousins = eddy curry . i am from chicago and watch almost all kings games on league pass . the two of them are mere images of one another . can anyone say bankrupt .

  6. Rip Greenfire says:

    Cousins would probably be much better if he was on an elite team. LA, Boston, San Antonio, or Dallas would set him straight. He would start to become more of a role player instead of this “star” that he tinks he is. Sacramento already has a star in Evans, but he’s still too young to take command and set Cousins straight. It’s all on Cousins. If he checks his ego he’ll be fine, if not he’ll find himself being one of the best players ever in the D-league.

  7. Gerry says:

    John must be a Queens, er, Kings fan.

  8. Gerry says:

    Garnett is NOTHING like Cousins. Calling him a coward shows what a completely clueless punk you are.He’s a champion, and a first ballot Hall of Famer. Cousins is just further proof that these guys, in general, need to stay in college longer.

    • DRose4MVP says:

      What like Garnett? Cast your mind back – KG came straight otta high school. Dont get me wrong, I agree with you about KG, he’s one of my favorite players, and I’m a Bulls fan. But your point about staying in college doesn’t fly when using Garnett as an example of how to do it right.

  9. tata says:

    If the biggest gujy on the team is punching his teammate because he didn’t throw him the ball it is time to let him start drying cars at the carwash. Cousins obviously has no basketball IQ…..he has “ME”Q.

  10. tjlaughs says:

    Happy the Wolves took Wesley…not to mention Cousins refused to workout with us, which actually makes sense from him, considering we have five big guys on the roster already.

  11. Ben says:

    As a fan I absolutely love his spirit on the floor and I believe he has the heart of a champion. However, someone needs to knock some sense into his thick head and help him to focus his energy on playing smart. He is unpredictably predictable when he gets mad which seems to be like every 30 seconds. Stop pouting big guy you have not earned that right in the NBA yet. Focus on playing good individual and team defense without those silly ticky-tak fouls and your offense will take care of the rest. Lastly, for the love of Christ shut up and play.

  12. Carter says:

    He’s a thug and as Garnett puts it a cancer to his team. Maybe he can team up with Iverson on his Turkey team. 5/14 and you think you deserve the ball? A rookie runs his mouth like he does? He’s a classless bum that will end up in the unemployment line soon enough.

    • John says:

      All those comments fit Garnet more the Cousins. One thing Garnet would never do is pick on Cousins because Garnet is a coward, period.

      • fedex says:

        these KG haters are funny…KG is a hard working player who does not have off court and on court issues like Cousins ever in his career and he’s been in the league for 15+ years…Cousins only been in the league for 50 games…how can you hate a first ballot HOF-er like that…its stupid…who cares about his antics on the floor…it just shows his passion to win…and last time I checked…great players always play around the rules…like Jordan with the push offs…KG does illegal screens…but if they go uncalled…its not a foul..he test the waters every game with the same pick..and if he gets away with it…he plays more physical…is that something bad?? thats being smart !! GO KG…

  13. Josh says:

    Come on Cousins your better then this, just go out and play your game and prove your a sick center. OR keep doing what your doing and get traded to the heat and win a few rings cause we need a string center =P