Perception V. Reality In Utah

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Nearly every theory about Jerry Sloan‘s abrupt departure as coach of the Utah Jazz centers on the same fractured relationship, the one between Sloan and All-Star point guard Deron Williams.

The general theme being Sloan had grown tired of his repeated clashes with Williams and finally, after one too many, the longest-tenured coach in any of the major professional sports had simply had enough.

Williams, as you might imagine, has become the popular fall guy in this story. Here we have another young superstar running off the beloved old coach … except Williams isn’t accepting that role without a fight.

He denied going to Jazz management and giving them a “him-or-me” ultimatum about Sloan.

“That’s not true. Not true. I would never force coach Sloan out of Utah, he’s meant more to this town, to this organization than I have, by far,” Williams told my main man David Locke in an exclusive interview on KFAN 1320 AM late Thursday, after Sloan had already said his public goodbyes. “[It’s] not my place. If that was the case, I would just say I wanted out before it would come to that.”

Williams dismissed media reports (and certain media members) for cooking up stories about a perceived rift between him and Sloan, the only NBA coach he’s ever played for until he takes to the floor today for Ty Corbin. The reality, Williams insists, is that he and Sloan didn’t bicker any more or less than most coaches and stars. And while their relationship was far from warm and fuzzy all the time, they were not at each others’ throats on a regular basis either.

And this notion that a blow up between he and Sloan precipitated Thursday’s resignation, is not going fly with Williams:

“We just had a disagreement. We’ve had them before, we’ve had worse ones,” Williams said. “I’ve seen him have worse ones with other players.  Jerry is very fiery, I guess that’s the word to use. I am too. Sometimes we clash on things … It’s been pretty much the same, we get along a lot, we disagree sometimes, but we both want to win. It has been a frustrating year. We felt we were supposed to be a little better than we have been. I’ve been lucky. Not many people get to come into the league and play for a Hall of Fame coach for the first six years. Chance to learn from one of the best. I’ve won a lot of basketball games because of Coach Sloan.”

Folks will choose to believe whatever they want. And you can be sure that Williams, despite his denials to the contrary, will own the title of the man who ran off a coaching legend for the foreseeable future.

The perception of Sloan v. Williams is much more intriguing than whatever the reality of their situation really was. Unfortunately, we’ll probably never know the whole truth.



  1. Gods Prophet says:

    YO YO Sloan was awesome Is awesome Will always be awesome but predictable when it was crunch time. I neither like nor dislike his leaving. It is time for change however. Go Obama and take Sloan with ya. Bring in Malone and Staockton and let the students of Sloan show the World how the West and the Title was won. May God praise Utah. May He lift up the righteous desires of their hearts. May He provide the Jazz fans with a show unlike any they have ever seen, aka A TITLE or TEN TITLES. Bring it Ty Corbin. and Williams or no Williams, THE UTAH JAZZ WILL SURVIVE. AMEN.

  2. D says:

    If a guy that was somehow able to coach Karl Malone through most of his career fails to get along with someone, that player is uncoachable. What really upsets me is that Williams almost single-handedly caused the self-destruction of his team and still made the all-star team over Tony Parker who is leading his team to one of the best records so far in NBA history.

    I live in Utah and I think the Jazz should get rid of Deron Williams as soon as possible. He can’t seem to get along with anyone in the Jazz organization so he deserves to be dumped onto whatever crappy team that wants him. Jerry Sloan was a basketball icon.

  3. we wish u the best coach sloan…

    tnx 4 d memories…. 😀

    too bad…
    he didn’t win a championship
    and didn’t win coach of the year…

    but still
    a great coach…

  4. fosho says:

    if phil jackson is a great coach just because he has rings? then how come he did not beat the mediocre detriot team with his lakers 5 super stars. this proves Sloan is the greatest as he made the most out of the little resources he had (that means the lack of talented players and the miller family being greedy) Sloan is the type of guy than can make a sh!tty team like cleveland into contenders within 2 seasons

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      stockton and malone are hall of famers…..where is the lack of talent? when he had those two for a good part of his career!

  5. JAZZMANinthePhilippines says:

    First of all, to those who say that Jerry wasnt a good coach for not winning a championship, Id say that they are a bunch of ignorants and dont know nothing about basketball. Jerry developed players and battled much talented teams and players to a grind with only a hand of solid players who only have a system to rely on. And with these developed pieces and system, he made Utah a contender year-in year-out. Its sad he didnt win a championship but then again, he lost to teams with much more talent compared to his squad.
    Secondly, players and coaches would always have their share of run-ins with each other at some point or another, but it would be foolhardy to surmise that Deron is the cause of Jerry’s resignation.. It was his own personal assessment and call to resign. Everyone, no matter what profession or job, will eventually fade into the sunset and run out of gas. I personally think that he just didnt have the motivation anymore nor the zest to coach at a high level.
    Thirdly, Utah is at a crossroads right now.. but I really think that this will be a focal point in their turn around for years to come. Every team experiences it, but in Utah, where winning is a habit.. the players are in a position to assess themselves and to their commitment to a winning tradition and attitude. I personally think that the departure of Jerry will be the team’s battle cry for the rest of the season and would make the current roster more mature and committed to winning the championship.
    Lastly, I believe Deron Williams will see to it that Utah finishes decently this season, enter the playoffs and finish decently. For the next year to come, I believe Deron will be the anchor of the team and lead the team to their first championship. I am saying this because, with Jerry’s departure, Deron will undeniably be the “coach” of the team.. Jerry’s departure will make Deron a lot mature and more motivated to prove himself.
    As with the game of basketball, sometimes… the best way to motivate and will a team to victory.. is for the coach to conjure a technical or be thrown out of the game,.. leave the game to the players themselves and watch as the players will themselves to victory..
    I think this will be the case in Utah

  6. Who's who says:

    Jerry Sloan is a great coach only he coaches his team in a wrong time…He has 2 chances but we knew those chances are against god MJ….We just say he has no luck…..Too bad he didn’t get enough talent like Stockton-to-Malone Tandem….Too bad he’s unlucky.

  7. Aleemsay says:

    Coach Sloan never getting a coach of the year honor might be due to his consistency; his teams every year are not ELITE, or not bad, they’re solid. These Coach of the Year awards have gone to coaches like Sam Mitchell who’ve made the Raptors a 47-win team. And as far as Williams goes, I think it’s semantics. Yea, he probably didn’t give management an ultimatum. per se, but he might of enforced his will upon Sloan, refusing to listen to him. No, he didn’t single-handedly force Sloan out, but c’mom, it sure as hell was the last straw. No coach is going to retire during the middle of a darn season, that’s what’s so sad about this.

  8. antawn says:

    Let’s see where D-Will and the Jazz go from here…Good luck! I think Sloan will be back soon… on another NBA ball club

  9. Ange says:

    D-WILL is one pain in the ass.. dont get me wrong but i do like how he plays but as time goes by, he’s becoming arrogant and even proclaimed himself as the best point guard in the NBA at one time. Let the fans do that Deron, if you really deserve that title then they will even give it to you in a silver platter..

    With Sloan out of the picture in UTAH, i firmly believe the club’s goin to down the drain… heck, i would even predict that they wont be able to make it to the playoffs this year..

  10. Tenki says:

    It’s sad to know that Jerry Sloan isn’t there for Utah anymore. I’ve grown up seeing him on the sidelines calling the shots against the Bulls in the 90’s, and he’s proven to be a great coach. He has been in the playoffs for the most of his career, and if not for a player named Michael Jordan, he should have won at least two championships.

    I hate seeing nonsensical comments of others stating that Sloan is NOT a great coach. They know nothing about the game. Coach Jerry Sloan, I tip my hat off to you as a basketball fan. There can never be a coach like you.

  11. linebacker0000 says:

    Too many superstar players are given authority over their coaches simply because they are selling out the arenas for the owners. Coaches are no more than a figure-head and they don’t have the final say-so about anything, not for real! The GMs do all the hiring & firing. Now days if there is a problem between the coach and the franchise/superstar player, for business reasons, the superstar player has the advantage and he knows it, just ask Brett Favre.

  12. thomas robinson says:

    dEron williams is a punk a cry baby a kobe bryant. Do this, Do that, get him, trade them. I hope to god sloan brings his passion for the game some were else. Sloan lost his passion when williams got to utah i notice weakness in the defense sense day one. Sloans offense is ran thourgh his point gruad deron had full control of every prossion. My guess is who ever will replace sloan will have his own game planned. Probably make a couple trades that williams like then he will be bitchin because hes a third option.

    • D-Kota says:

      Alright, first of all, you need to learn some grammar before you start typing stuff up that you don’t know about. Second, it isn’t dEron, it is Deron, the first letter of a name is capitalized not the second. Third, I have been a Jazz fan since the day I was born and I highly doubt that Deron can push Jerry Sloan out. I do however believe that Williams did have something to do with it because they did not get along at all, but really, maybe Sloan really did lose his energy and his fight with Deron just pushed him over the very top. If Malone couldn’t push Sloan out, then Deron definately couldn’t. I am completely sure that Deron did not go to the front office and say “It’s me or him,” Deron is arrogant but not that arrogant. My only problems with Sloan leaving is that he was such a great coach and should be remembered as one of the greatest coaches of all time with or without any championship rings. The other thing is the timing that he left. I mean really right after he loses to the team that he is most remembered for losing to. Hmm…… But honestly, Jazz fans need to get behind Deron, if we lose an amazing coach and then an olympic athlete, we becaome nothing. I really hope Ty Corbin leads this team to victory but if he doesn’t and we still have Deron, we might be able to lure in a proven coach.

  13. Utah Jazz Girl says:

    I agree with international jazz fan, GIVE D WILL A BREAK! If Karl Malone couldn’t push Jerry out I doubt anything D Will did or said would do it. If we lose Deron we will be in trouble, he is an excellent point guard. The media needs to lay off.

  14. Nick says:

    @ nice one..

    Championships do not make a coach great. Its about getting the most out of players and doing things the right way. Im sure the Hall of Fame doesn’t let just anyone in. And im pretty sure hall of fame voters know more about this topic than you do. Rudy T was a good coach, he won 2 titles in Houston because of Hakeem Olajuwon. Those championships don’t make him great. Just look at his w/l record buddy.

  15. Mr B says:

    I just wrote a story about his writer about the piece he wrote on Bynum being traded. Now I just read this garbage from him. Please understand that he has a rep for jumping on any bandwagon with both feet and keeping the rumor mill going. Instead of leaving it alone, he will prolong any story since he simple is not good enough to go and get his own.

    I find it sad but not surprising that still has him writing on their site. It go’s to the character of those that regulated this site. He would have been kick off a long time ago if I was running this site.

  16. Furoide says:

    @Jeremy Felipe.. Hey man, You don’t have to stress out “zero” championship! Those coaches with “CHAMPIONSHIP” has Superstar players with them. Yes, Sloan has had Malone and Stockton but come-on~! The guys who defeated them had JORDAN+PIPPEN. I hope you know who those guys were. May I also remind you that they put on a great duel with the Bulls that season. I give you a big ZERO for your comment.

  17. International Jazz Fan says:

    Jerry Sloan got tired of coaching, its not D-Will’s fault. The man is 68 years old, some people retire from working when they are 45 and it sickens me. Jerry Sloan is an excellent coach and by now I think he realized his time is up and he did his job the best he can. So give D-Will a break.

  18. Mike says:

    All those saying he never won a championship think about this. Since Sloan was made head coach only seven teams have won the NBA Championship. Six of those went to Chicago,five to the Lakers and four to San Antonio. Look at the players who played for those teams during their championship seasons. Seven teams in 23 years! That leaves a lot of teams and coaches across the NBA that never won a ring!

    It was the Jazz management not supporting or backing Jerry that made him decide he was ready to call it. No player in the NBA could push him out. The Miller family has always been tight with money when it came to the Jazz but this “new” Miller family puts money first and loyalty last. This wouldn’t happen this way if Larry was still around.

    Sloan was a great coach.

  19. kenwakooo says:

    sloan probably would have retired in the next year or so anyway…..but it sounds like d-will is a stuck up douche bag. sloan didn’t turn the ball over in the last minute of the game. sloan can’t play defense from the bench….but then again sloan should manage his timeouts better, and play the mismatch…i guess they’re both to blame for not getting along.

  20. Ewet says:

    Yo right Utah jazz girl…I agree with you it’s the media making the issues bigger and complicated..yo media men just mind yo own business and do yo work..don’t make intrigues..your just making other people look bad..

  21. IL/Jazz fan says:

    Good Luck to Coach Sloan, Deron and the Utah Jazz. I think the media and some fans are making a big deal out of nothing. If Sloan stepped down due to DW then heck, was time to go then when/if he let a player decide his life as a coach. I don’t watch NBA unless it is the Jazz but other teams appear to be pushing the ball up the floor more and to be honest, since the Jazz are not consistent on hitting the outside shots they really need to do this or at least give it a try. Anyways, stop all the rumors, bad talking and just play ball and cheer for the team or just say nothing at all. DW will stick it out with Utah however, he wants to win and if he is going to be treated this way and be the scapegoat then I hope he moves on to a team who wants to win and fans who are true.y

  22. Ewet says:

    Yo dwill goodluck to your gm..hope you can win a championship this Sloan what you’ve learned from him and adopt it in the gm even if his not there..prove to him that he didn’t make a mistake making you the leader of the team..I like you dwill I always wish you the best..and andrei kirilenko your one of my favorite players keep it up,,I know you can do it.I’ve been a jazz fan since dwill came in the league.hoping you’ll make it this year make coach Sloan proud of you guys..especially dwill and ak47

  23. Guy says:

    The leave seems too arbitrary to infer any real reason for why it occurred. Deron Williams is the most complete point guard in the NBA. As a long time Utah Jazz fan, it hurt my heart when my friend text me the other day Jerry Sloan was stepping down. We don’t know the real reason for the leave upset for the comments Sloan left us in the interview. He honestly may have woken up yesterday and said, “Today is day for my retirement.” Jerry Sloan’s persona would do such a thing. Deron Williams would not drive out a coach of Sloan’s caliber from Utah. (He isn’t Allen Iverson). I’ll miss Sloan. The next big problem is how Deron is going to start printing more W’s for the Jazz?

  24. Ewet says:

    Yeah I know I know your a good coach just can’t mix up the combinations to winning a championship you always came short of getting know the problem?you didn’t let me play in the jazz team..I thank you for molding me to be the player I am now winning 4mvps in my taught me everything..but you didn’t let me play in the nab,,coz yo afraid of me surpassing all the great players in my generation and breaking every NBA records..and your afraid that because of me the world would forget Michael Jordan..I give all my respect to you coach..I salute’s time to move on..and enjoy life..wish u all d best coach take care of yo body and health..the basketball world will really miss you..I love you coach..GODBLESS you in yo decision..enjoy life now..wish u all d best…mwah mwah mwah!!!!

  25. Kimball says:

    Jerry Sloan was one of the toughest players to ever play the game, and this toughness was reflected in his coaching. That being said, do you really think that he would let himself be bullied around by Deron Williams? Williams is a great player and all, but Sloan would not walk out like that unless he really thought it was time. He said himself that he had slept the best in six weeks when he had made the decision, which gives me the idea that this has been on his mind for a while. Deron Williams is not to blame. Sloan has coached for 23 years, and I refuse to believe that he quit all because his star player was upset. I’ll miss Sloan and I will always be grateful for what he did for the Jazz. And I will keep supporting Deron Williams and my Jazz because, well, as a Jazz fan I am obligated to do so. Go Jazz!! Beat the Suns tonight! Get another win for Sloan!

  26. Felix says:

    Williams always becomes a problem, eventually, if things don’t go his way. Truth is, none of us liked him in high school cause of of his attitude. trust me on that

  27. coach88 says:

    if the crowd at utah turned against deron cuz it thought sloan was forced out , derom might eventually leave the team after the season is over. the jazz will suffer a double whammy then !

  28. Thunja says:

    Way to go Sloan. Simply one of the best even if he didnt win a championship. and seriously, championships mean nothing to the individuals. People need to realize that championships are awarded to organizations not individuals. Get that to your heads people. How i see it, Jordan never won any championships, Phil Jackson never won any championships. it was the organization. just because sloan, malone, reggie, or even lebron havent ever won a championship does not change the greatness of their abilities. cause when it comes to it, ill say it again, championships are awarded to the organizations, not the individuals.

  29. Utah Jazz Girl says:

    So what if Jerry didn’t win a championship. 19 years in the playoffs,2 times in the finals,a total rebuild after Stockton and Malone. Good lord give the guy some credit, He deserves to be in the HOF..He taught a lot of young men how to be a team. His integrity and work ethics are more important than a championship to me. As for Deron pushing him out I think it was the media saying alot of things they know nothing about. Who do you think hyped up Lebron, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durrant, they can’t possibly live up to such high expectations, it is rather sickening. I just want to say good luck to Coach Corbin and I hope they hire Horny on the coaching staff. GO JAZZ GO!!!!

  30. jazz fan says:

    Sloan as been with the jazz for 23 years and an argument with deron williams isn’t going to run him out, He’s had plenty of arguments with players in the past. Sloan simply felt that it was his time, there’s no way that after 23 years an argument with a player is going to be the reason for him resigning

  31. Rexxx says:

    Maybe Corbin will have the guts to start Miles and Evans and we can play some up-tempo ball. The Jazz offense has looked old and slow like their coach. The Jazz have the talent, it just needs to be utilized.

    Thank you coach Sloan for 2 decades of great basketball. If you want to teach a kid how to play basketball, you watch a Jerry Sloan offense.

  32. Calvin Slu says:

    Big deal . . . Williams just has to play his butt off for another coach

  33. DOUCHEKU says:



    • Thunja says:

      you sound like a fool, championships do not define the individuals cause guess what?
      CHAMPIONSHIPS ARE NOT AWARDED TO INDIVIDUALS!! Phil Jackson never won a championship either, the Bulls and Lakers did. That has been the main problem with the NBA, people get thinking too much about the fame and glory of championships. ie Lebron and Melo. but that glory should go to the organizations. True champions are the ones that work with their organization to get it to greatness much like Sloan has done. Not like the sell-outs such as Lebron.

  34. gojazzgo says:

    sloan was a great coach, unlike other coaches, he was never surrounded with super star players, even john stockton and karl malone would acknowledge the fact that it was sloan’s system that allowed them to have great succes and long lasting careers, he’d take bad players and make them good, and good players turned into all stars, unknown players would come into utah and leave with a good reputation, most of them would was out into anonimity after leaving the jazz proving that it was coach sloan’s way of coaching that made the difference, who cares if he never won a coach of the year or a championship, at least we all know that neither him nor his players received special treatment from the nba like other players and coaches and whatever succes they had was earned on their own merits, thanks coach sloan!!!

  35. JNT says:

    Ultimately, the management screwed everything up by keeping the money in the team coffers instead of spending it like other teams are doing. The summer turnover downgraded the team and set the team back by a lot; it must have been frustrating for both Sloan and Williams. For all reputation is worth, Williams has never been the type to cause locker room issues in bad faith. Like one of the Utah player has said, it is a lie to assume that players always maintain a harmonious relationship. I simply do not see Williams going to the management and sending an ultimatum. It isn’t like him, and I doubt that management would have agreed. I wish Sloan explained everything before he left so the blame isn’t squarely set on Williams, but fact of the matter is, it’s presumptuous to believe that Williams was the only factor.

  36. utah ball says:

    In what way is this not because of D will. He did not try in the game vs the bulls. The only time he made a move was when D Rose took him to the woodshed then his ego came out. All he did in the end was try and undermind what the Jazz were doing. He stated in an interview this year we have been running the same plays for 23 years why would we change now. You are right you have been and they have worked up until now. D will is gone after next year coach is not the only thing he has a problem with Greg Miller and the GM. They have made bad moves in the last year and a half. D will has made it clear he does not like the way the team is going.

    • William says:

      hey “utah ball” ITS OBVIOUS THAT YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT. you are trying to put the blame on Deron Williams having a bad game against the bulls for Jerry leaving. then you talked about Deron not liking the way the team is going. dude, you are so full of it. if D-will was as much of a problem to utah as you claim, He would be trated long before sloan would quite. you should have seen an interview that NBA TV had with Karl Malone. Karl said that Coach Sloan even challenged him to a fight; in a timeout once. Karl said that that wouldn’t be necessary Coach. Nobodey was to “big” for Coach Sloan to handle. If he wanted to, he would’ve kiked Williams off the bench like he has some other players. sorry, but you’re logic is not onley wrong, it’s terrible. I’ll agree with you in saying that I do think Deron has disagred and has’nt liked some of the trades that Kevin Oconer has made; but that dosn’t mean that he in any way pushed Jerry Sloan out. your’e right, Williams said that the Jazz have been running the same plays for 23 years, why would we change now. well, If the Jazz really did have such a good system going, wich they did, why would Deron Williams try to change that?

  37. William says:

    I don’t get it. why are people trying to blame Williams for Jerry leaving? How many players have had heated argumernts with sloan. nobodey was ever going influance Coach Sloan into leaving. why should it be any different with Daron. so what if they clashed or butt heads every once in a while. those people that try to put the blame on Daron obviously don’t know Coach Sloan very well. I’ve followed the Jazz, like others, for just about as long as Jerry’s been coaching. I know that Daron is not the reason for Sloan’s exit. Daron respected his Coach.

  38. RachelDee says:

    I’m not going to be politically correct here. In all honesty, Jerry Sloan was never a great coach. Not even Hall of Fame worthy. The only thing he has managed to accomplish is being the Utah Jazz coach for a very very long time. Longevity should not equate to coaching skill. How many rings has he won in his long career?

    He made the right decision to retire. Using D-Williams as the scapegoat is simply an excuse manufactured by the media which tries to created drama out of nothing. It’s what they do. They do it for ratings.

    • Jake says:

      “Jerry Sloan was never a great coach” you’re a complete idiot. He had 15 consectutive winning seasons, he missed the playoffs once or twice in his whole time at Utah and he took the team to the NBA Finals twice. The number of rings a coach has should not equate to coaching skill. There are way too many other factors involved to base a coach’s ability entirely on how many championships they won. You’re ridiculous and Jerry will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer without any problem.

      • Jake says:

        Actually, I forgot. Jerry is already in the Hall of Fame.

      • Sathish says:

        A 43-41 season and a 72-10 season are both winning seasons. 15 winning seasons means something for sure but it is not the focal point. Sure he is a great coach. In 25 yrs of coaching he has won roughly 1200 games. That is about 48 games a season in the West. Apart from Stockton and Malone, there are not many all star HOF type players that played for Sloan. Yet he got 48 wins a season.
        Just wish the best for Sloan and D.Will as well.

    • Anti Rachel Dee says:

      Jerry Sloan was never a great coach????? I guess you dont know anything about basketball at all.

  39. Cojack says:

    I think there is a big difference between disagreeing with a coach and disregarding what he has to say. It appears to me that Deron was simply disregarding him. If a coach can’t expect a player to run a play he calls, how can he have any confidence in his control of the team?

  40. D-will says:

    Ever heard of Carlos Arroyo? Go ask him why he is not in Utah anymore. Jerry has been trying to mold his point guards into John Stockton type guards (good idea). The problem is John was very unique. He new his role and did not complain about it, he respected the decorum ie; Owners, management, coaches, players. Arroyo clashed with Sloan and Sloan sent him packing. Deron and Sloan have now clashed the difference being Sloan knows what Deron means to the franchise. Sloan put his respect for the Jazz ownership (Miller family) before himself and bowed out. The Jazz are a small market team and unfortunately without Sloan will not be much if they lose Deron. With Sloan you could give him 12 hard working second round draft picks (Wesley Mathews types) and he could make the playoffs in the west, without Sloan and without Deron they are the New Jersey Nets.

  41. Jace says:

    For anyone who knows or has followed Jerry Sloan over his career, you know he is not the type of man/coach who would let any player or person run him off or out of a job. He is the type of man who leaves on his own terms and when he decides, and I believe this is exactly what he did. I respect and thank Coach Sloan for all the great years and memories made in Utah and wish him luck as he goes riding off into the sunset on his John Deere.

  42. kingsfan999 says:

    For those who said that ‘it was his time’ yadayadaya, understand this, do you seriously think that nothing happened and that it was completely normal for Sloan to just walk out after 23 years in the middle of the season??? Seriously!!??

  43. ncsportsman says:

    Sloan just got tired of the way players are today, For gods sake he use to coach professionals like malone and stockton and now he is coaching attention starved million dollar babies who can’t execute. He is use to things the way they should have been…professional, now things have changed and players are more disrespectful and whiners. Professional sports have changed so much in the last few years…not in a good way.

    Utah is going to have some big problems now and need a good coach and some excellent players, they will not even make it to the playoffs with williams as the centerpiece of the team!

    • steagle says:

      Completely agree with your comments about NBA players these days. In the 80s especially, NBA was much more about team basketball, and for the most part, there was a lot more respect for the coaches (maybe not the refs!) Sloan was a man of few words but of iron reserve – media, criticism and attention did not interest him or phase him whatsoever. All he wanted was for his team to perform well. I think seeing his team slide recently in both execution and motivation was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. He had very simple expectations that were not getting met, and he just couldn’t handle it anymore. I don’t blame him. 23 years, superstar players, NBA Finals, winning percentages, but no rings and increasing criticism of his style – I’m sure he said to himself, “Ok Utah, I’ve done my work, if you can do better, go ahead.” Derron Williams drama aside, this has been coming for a long time.

    • JerktheErk says:

      Here here! I was born in the early 90’s and even I am growing tired of the NBA. Doesn’t really seem like as much of a team sport anymore either…More like “street ball” as I’ve heard it coined. Good luck, Jerry Sloan! Hope life is more relaxing on the outside.

  44. William says:

    the media just dumbfounds me. why are they attacking Daron? why? I don’t know the reasoning why Jarry and Phil resigned; it surtanly was’nt Daron’s fault. it is especially dumbfounding to me that a Hall of Fame coach could coach for 23+ years( assisstant to Frank Layton) and not win coach of the year even once. I’d say Jerry was probley the most disrespected coach in NBA history. Commissioner David Stern should be ashamed of himself for not giving credit to one of the greatest coaches ever, in any sport, not just basketball.
    well, I wish Jerry and Phil the best. Good luck Ty Corbin.

  45. Jeremy Felipe says:

    23 seasons with ZERO championships. Maybe longevity when it comes to coaching isnt that important/vauluable after all.

    • Jeremy Felipe says:


    • steagle says:

      Some franchises haven’t won a championship in far longer than that. Sloan had some unfortunate luck, his team reaching their prime when Michael Jordan reached his. No way ANY coach was going to beat the Bulls during their run in the mid 90s. Sloan has a lot of regret over not winning, and I’m sure the constant playoff losing started to wear on him. Still, give the man some credit. He could have made more money elsewhere, had better chances of winning rings, yet he stayed true to his organization through thick and thin. More than I can say for any other coach in recent times where the dollar is god.

  46. El Jazzo says:

    I’ve followed the Jazz for the last 20 years. Coach Sloan has been great. Few players ‘get it’ with him. His system is about discipline, execution, temwork and unquestionable followthrough on your Coach’s strategy. Players -and sometimes the league- get trigger happy, circus shots, wild moves that disrupts the game for the sake of the show or selfish self-promoting ‘stars’
    I’m with Jerry, with new rules. It’s not fun anymore. Godspeed coach Sloan!!!!!

  47. kobe bryant mvp says:

    sloan has never won a one single championship . i hope they win in the future now

  48. Hoops says:

    I’ve been a Jazz fan since Scotty Robertson was the coach. But this is going to be hard to watch the Jazz tonight knowing that Sloan isn’t the coach anymore. Wish Coach Corbin the best!

  49. Heat Fanatic says:

    I’m an unbiased party here, not a Jazz fan nor a fan of any other Western Conference team, just to say before I get started.

    Now, I think Williams is telling the truth, for the most part. I think the arguments, especially the last one, were a bit more heated than he describes. I honestly do think William’s personality and hard-headedness did contribute a good part to Sloan’s decision, but I think the main reason was because, like he said in his interview, he ran out of energy.

    In the end, Sloan resigned no matter the reasoning, and the NBA is worse off for it. You don’t find coaches like Sloan these days, one of the few old school coaches remaining in today’s game and it’s very sad to see him go. Always one of my favorite guys in the NBA and the most unrecognized and under-appreciated coach in NBA history, if not the history of sports. Great guy, sad ending, though I guess it would have been sad no matter what right?

    All of this doesn’t really matter though, all that matters is that he resigned and they need to move on and hopefully succeed in the very near future. Good luck to the Jazz fans and their organization, wish you the best and I hope to see Ty Corbin lead this team to many-a-victory! 🙂

    • Jake says:

      HeatFanatic I really like what you’ve said. For the last several years Jerry has been struggling to decide whether he wanted to keep coaching. He kept signing one year extensions that would allow him to evaluate whether he wanted to keep coaching or not. I think it’s true that he has lost some of his energy. He realizes it and he realizes that he can’t be as effective as a coach if he doesn’t have the energy. When you combine that with the Jazz’s recent struggles and some of his disputes with Williams I think he decided that it was time for stop for his own good and probably the long term good of the franchise. I don’t think Williams ever gave the team an ultimatum or tried to force Jerry out by any means, but with his attitude recently I think Jerry and the organization realized that he was unhappy. It’s hard to see Sloan go, he’s been the only coach of the Jazz that I’ve ever known. I wish him the best and I’m thankful for what he’s done. Hopefully the Jazz can look forward now and string together some wins and make a run during the playoffs. Thank you Jerry and good luck coach Corbin.

    • Alan Hatch says:

      I too will hope that TY can get this team going. Where I have had the real issue is not that jerry retired but that he did so mid-season…this is not the jerry sloan we have come to love as jazz fans. Something happened who knows what. We will never know. If this was a medical issue fans would have passed that on as you know what maybe. But to not give an inkling as to why other than I just grew tired tells me there was more going on behind the scenes than we knew of. I just grew tired of this team and their baby attitudes and unwillingness to get tough would have been the better thing to say. Lets face the facts this season Big Al is as soft as anyone I have seen play basketball, he takes way to many push shots instead of fighting for his center in the paint. Kind of like how andrei kirilinko was a coupple of years ago. Andrei really has his on nights and off nights and you can not guarrantee on him to deliver like he should still though very tradeable. RAJA BELL is probably our best defender but has recently went through a streak of bad games where his offensive game juat somehow came up missing. OKUR is out for the forseeable future they probably should have just traded him away his days are numbered now and I believe in the near future he will be done. D-Will although I love his game does not push the ball as much as a point guard should often times this year the ball has not been moving and in a jerry sloan offense when the ball stops noone knows what to do, this has been the reason most of the games have been lost out of the last fourteen games. Paul Millsap I love absolutely but he is still not quite to where a power forward should be in this league, to me he is too small to do any real good at this position. A good power forward will get you 20 and ten every single night in jerry’s system paul does not average that stat and if and until he does the jazz are missing an important element to their success. My point is everyone had a hand in jerrys departure some granted more than others ahem d-will still do not believe the whole truth as you see it but hey whatever this is the nba we should have all known really jerry’s time was here. if larry miller were still here this never would have taken place

  50. Adam Guerrero says:

    This doe snot change the fact that Sloan left b/c of Williams, who should have been traded instead. He’s an excellent point guard, but a baby. A lot of these players feel that there’s no room for coaches, that they should run the show from team management to payment. If these league endowed its players w/ that much control, it would crumble. Shut up, follow directions, and play basketball, or nobody’s going to watch any more.

    • JRS says:

      For real? Look, Deron has done nothing but give his all to this organization, same with Jerry. I find it very hard to believe that Deron was the reason, sure he had a role. Only because he was frustrated, I’m sure many players have done this with Jerry, he was just tired of it and like he said had had enough. He was tired of coaching the game that was no longer fun for him, and I don’t blame him. He was right, he hasn’t had the energy he once had, but he was still a great coach.

      Deron just wanted the old Jerry Sloan, the one that coached Stockton and Malone, and he wasn’t getting that. That is the only problem he had with Jerry. Jerry was getting old, and was losing his energy, he wasn’t able to be that same guy, and he knew it. He carried himself with class and handed the reigns over to the younger generation. Stop getting on D-Will and lets back him through this. We need him, and he needs us. Let’s act like real fans.

      • Jake says:

        I agree. Deron didn’t want to force Jerry out, but they were butting heads too much. I am a fan of Williams, but If Deron refuses to resign with Utah, then I will have issues.

    • William says:

      dud, you’re out of line. Jerry did not leave because of Daron. sure they had disagreements and aurgued, which coach and player dos’nt. but you’re just speculating like the media. Daron Williams had enough respect for his Head coach and the Jazz organization to ever do somthing like that.

    • Longtime Jazz Fan says:

      I have been a jazz fan for 20 years…almost as long as Sloan’s reign. He is a great coach, firm and yet humble. Sometimes I was hoping that he would change the playbook in order to get championship. But that’s coach Sloan, who is conservative and believing firmly about what he is doing. The Jazz is unlike other teams that are blessed with having all star players flocking to town. The Jazz needs to shape raw players and mold them to become all star level. Coach Sloan’s had transformed a lot of raw players into all star players over decades. D-will is a great player, lot’s of talent but arrogant. He thinks he knows more than coach Sloan, which is typical for young and talented players. I like D-will in the beginning and I am very very disappointed with his approach. I believe Coach Sloan’s resignation is closely related to this “Einstein”.
      I was hoping that Sloan would coach Jazz until it gets the championship as wished by his late wife, Bobby. I guess, championship is not the most important thing for him. The most important thing for him is giving his best everyday.

      • Monalisa says:

        I have to disagree with you Deron might be a little arrogant but arent we all in some point of our live? I admit Sloan is a great coach but you have to admit we do need more than a great coach to win a championship I dont want to excuse Deron but sometimes you get frustrated. you tell me if u dont get mad a sloan sometimes when he is supose to have certain player in and he keeps the same players the same minutes is very predictable and dont take me wrong I still like him I still think he is great. But understand Deron he is the one on the court and maybe that is what we need a player that can really be in charge, look kobe, garnett, Michael Jordan are u going to tell me that phil jackson really was the reason for those championship? when you are in the court is another story you try to do what you coach said but it is not as easy as we think. I think Sloan was tired of all this nba rules he doesnt enjoy the game anymore and plus he knows we need a little be more to win remember stockton he wanted to win but decided to retired he couldnt see it comming any soon and anyways Sloan was the one who left and in the middle of the season.

  51. John says:

    Deron Williams is truthfull. I believe he did not run off Jerry Sloan. Sloan is just rusted out. He should have retired 3 years ago. Once he lost Stockton and Malone maybe he should of went with them. I wish he would have won a Championship with the Jazz. Thats probably why he didn’t retire sooner.

  52. jubes says:

    Jerry Sloan is a great coach despite not having enough good players the team is relevant cos of him d will and boozer become who they are now cos of him, utah will go down now cos they lose one of the greatest coach of d NBA.

  53. Grat says:

    Everyone knew that Sloan was going to have to throw the towel in at some point. Although he may have had “fewds” with D-Will or whomever, he simply stated that it was time. I believe it. He had a great career and is among the greatest. Now we need to pick ourselves up, deal with the changes and not worry about who or what caused the changes. Move on, thats all.

  54. mitch says:

    The Jazz were really stinking and a lot of the bad play is endemic to poor coaching ( ie poor rebounding, poor rotation on the defense, not getting back on defense after a turnover, poor coverage of the pick and roll, lack of physical prescence and conditioning etc…..) It was Jerry’s time. I could be wrong and maybe the personnel is the problem, but it just seemed that Jerry had lost the edge. I thank him for all he has done. It’s not D-Will’s fault. 23 years is a long time.

  55. Monalisa says:

    If was Deron fault or not it doesnt matter anymore. if williams had some disagreement with him that is normal , I do have some disagreement with Sloan and I bet a lot of fans too. Sloan was a great coach one of the best but I think he cant handle the nba rules anymore, it is like he once said “it is not fun anymore” and I agree with him.
    Utah fans we already lost our great coach let’s not loose our best player!

    • Zzanzabar says:

      I agree and Williams won’t be seen as the man who ran Sloan out of Utah, IF Sloan himself would be gracious enough to come out and say that this is not true, and the media refuses to harp on that label (HA! FAT CHANCE of THAT). But even so I am willing to bet that Williams will get a REAL rude treatment from the fickle low brow Utah fans (wearing eye patches during the Laker games to mock Derek Fisher’s daughter’s cancer surgery is about a LOW as any fan base can sink, even lower than Clevelands’s) if he should ever decide to leave the Jazz or even if he has a subpar game or two.

  56. lakersfanphilippines says:

    I definitely think that no one is to be blame regarding Coach Sloan’s decision. He’s been around in the league for 2 decades, already gave his contributions to the league, well, perfect time for him to do other things, enjoy life.

  57. gimedaball23 says:

    The sad thing about all of this is the NBA never gave the Hall of Fame coach, the coach of the year award

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      the funny thing is deron williams is going to walk anyway, his contract is up in what year or the following? I DOUBT he will resign with Utah…WHO WANTS TO LIVE IN F’IN UTAH for crying out loud.

      So Heatsuqk you are right, they shouldve kept sloan over d-will because d-will WILL PROLLY LEAVE THEM, then they will be without a hall of fame coach AND their franchise player…

  58. trix says:

    Sloan is a great coach…no one coaches that long straight for one team without being special. I dont completely believe wiiiams in what he said. No one is going to come out and take the blame for running a coach out especially sloan after 23 years in utah. That said i believe the truth lies in the middle of these two beliefs. Williams is a great player and sloan was only making him look better. There are very few coaches out there that can do what sloan can and D-will will find that out sooner or later

  59. Tom says:

    Sloan= one of the best coach to ever coach basketball
    go Sloan

    • nice one says:

      great coach? great coaches produce championship. time for the jazz to try winning a title

      • jim says:

        what are u talking about sloan is the best coach to ever coach basketball

      • Really? says:

        Really? Championships don’t determine the greatness of a coach. You know a coach is great when they’ve stuck with a team for more than 20 years, and in that 20 years they’ve only had ONE losing season. You also know they’re great when they’re one of the few with over 1,000 wins, as well as a Hall of Famer. Coach Sloan is an amazing coach, no matter what anyone says. Go Sloan! Go Jazz!