About Last Night: Bynum On Display

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — He’s not the Los Angeles Lakers’ biggest personality and far from its biggest star, but no player on the Lakers’ roster is on display more these days than their biggest player (height-wise).

It’s Andrew Bynum Day every day until the Feb. 24 trade deadline passes.

Bynum’s spent the past week in the trade rumor crosshairs — having your name linked to Carmelo Anthony‘s these days can change everything — and will stay there until the trade deadline passes and he’s still wearing purple and gold.

Last night’s effort against the Celtics showed once again why the Lakers value Bynum’s talent, length and youth. Even with all of his injury problems, Bynum’s presence in the paint is as obvious to the eye as it is crucial to the Lakers’ threepeat hopes. It remains to be seen whether or not that is enough to keep him in a Lakers uniform for the next five years or so.

There’s a legitimate infatuation/fear tug of war in Los Angeles where Bynum is concerned, captured best in the last line of Bill Plaschke’s column from last night’s game in the Los Angeles Times:

OK, here’s the deal on Bynum. If every night were Thursday night, he would be an untouchable. But it’s been six years and we’re still waiting for at least a month of those Thursday nights. The Lakers are obviously going to hitch their championship hopes for the next several years to his aching knees. Here’s hoping I’m wrong.

His 16 points, nine rebounds and one block against the Celtics must be qualified. There was no Shaquille O’Neal to deal with. But ask Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Ron Artest if their jobs are a bit easier when Bynum is playing with the bounce he did last night.

We guarantee you there will be nods of approval across the board.


With all of the big-time shot makers the Nuggets have on their roster, it was shocking to see Aaron Afflalo play the role of hero against the Mavericks last night.

They took down a sizzling-hot Mavericks team behind Anthony’s big night and a wicked start from Chauncey Billups, who smoked the Mavs for 18 points in the first quarter. But showing the sort of trust you’d expect from a veteran floor leader, Billups found the right man with the game on the line.

“Chauncey did a great job of being patient,” Afflalo said. “When he figured he wasn’t going to get enough space to get a clean shot off I was just ready. That was all I had in my mind, get a clean look.”

It’s strange. Every time we catch the Nuggets on the big stage, they look like the sort of team a star like Anthony would relish playing on, which makes all of these trade rumors even more perplexing. The Nuggets have already offered that three-year, $65 million extension and Anthony knows this team can be a contender when everything is clicking …

“My body feels good. I just feel good, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, I just feel good. My legs, I got my legs back,” Anthony told reporters after the game. “As far as me and my feeling for the game, I feel great right now.”



  1. Slam Dunk in your Face! says:

    The Lakers need to keep Andrew Bynum. This man has the heart of a champion! To limp through the playoffs and the finals like he did last year to help the Lakers win another title is a monstrous showing of heart and championship mettle. Also, before Bynum’s first knee injury, if anyone remembers the way he was playing at that time, there’s no way you deal away a talent like that! He had an unbelievable run where he was playing like he was 10 feet tall. And he was unbelievably agile for 7 foot tall. Unless he becomes like Yao Ming, and is constantly on the injured list, I would keep this incredible big man on my team. I’m actually a Heat fan, and I wish they could aquire him!

  2. Reprezented says:

    I say make the trade but don’t give away key pieces to the team… if cap space needs to be cleared for Carmelo start from the bench and work your way up, if Miami can afford 3 marquee players all with contracts over 100 million there should be no reason why the Lakers can’t pull off a trade that would keep the entire starting 5, Lamar Odom AND Carmelo, Kobe is a great player but if this is to work, he too should be willing to take a pay-cut as well for the betterment of the team… Dwayne wade did so and so has Kevin Garnett who was once the most highest payed athlete in the league… sacrifices must be made but this trade could definitely be pulled off with the cooperation of the Lakers organization and the rest of the team. Kobe only has a few more years left and the gas in his tank will be running on E pretty soon, he needs to do what he can to make one last good run so he can go out with a bang. This trade is imminent with the likes of such great competition like San Antonio, Boston, and Miami… the Lakers can’t always win with size, sometimes they need offensive power, that is why they have yet to beat the Spurs and struggled against teams like Dallas and the Clippers… they need a variety of ammunition if they are to be a formidable force in the league and be mentioned among the elite… I say its time to work out a blockbuster trade that will send Melo to the Lakers if they want any chance for Championship contendency in the years to come.

  3. rs says:

    why we do not bring all all-stars to lakers , so ,lakers fans can be happy .

  4. lafan12 says:

    the lakers shuld keep bynum

  5. Mr B says:

    Since day one, the Lakers have denied the alleged trade of Bynum. Yet, every reporter, which includes TV, has jumped on this non story as if this was fact. The guy that started this rumor, is the only on laughing his head off and should be shot. How often have I said that writers and reporters live in the pass and never check their sources for accuracy.

    For now, in the now, in this day, he is not going to be traded. End of story. By the way, this writer is well known to jump on any bandwagon with both feet and to feed any rumor and keep it going. Remember his name.

  6. Lhotse says:

    Andrew has a great potential but fails to play consistent even when hes healthy in playoffs. This year they would either need him to play his best ball ever or trade him for someone really good to win

  7. BIG VIC says:


  8. richuncle says:

    GET REAL, The Lakers will NEVER TRADE BYNUM. The Lakers have only had one top 10 draft pick this decade and it was Bynum. A player who the Lakers have been waiting to mature and become the best center in the Western Conference is never going to be traded for an overrated forward who can’t defend. Defence wins Championships and Bynum is the Lakers best defender along with Artest. Bynum got the second most allstar votes behind Yao at center in the west, and will be an allstar for many years to come. At 22 years old he is a 2 time NBA champion, and people in L.A. know what happened to them in 2008 without Bynum in the Finals and it was not cute. Bynum is the future of the Lakers and will dominate the paint for them many years from now.

  9. Doremon says:

    If the lakers do decide to trade bynum for Melo then they will really have to try hard and pick up Kendrick Perkins this summer during FA. He lacks the offensive skills as say Dwight or Andrew but with the offensive firepower of Pau, Kobe and Melo you just need a tough defensive inside presence.

    • bs says:

      thats made the most sense out of everything these ppl have said. gonna b tuff to, cuz the celtics are gonna want an extension, and the magic need a strong second big. i like where ur goin tho.

  10. rigosc says:

    Lakers and Nuggets would benefit from this Bynum Anthony trade. Nevertheless, the team that puts itself at a higher risk here are the Lakers for the fact that their level of defense will come down a notch. As for the Nuggets, well, they’ll eventually lose Carmelo anyway…mind as well get someone that has potential out of it.

  11. Romeo says:


  12. Gary P says:

    I think trading Artest would be best for the lakers he showed his most effort all year last night and I dont see that being a positive note for Phil Jacksons last Championship run. Melo would be a great help I would say send Artest, Banks, Walton, Character for Melo AND SMITH THEY NEVER PLAY anyway so why not there not getting in the rotation anytime soon. Our bench will be Barns, Blake, Brown, Odom, and Ratlif thats to great sets in themselves.

    • Aldy says:

      No!!! comes Playoff time, Artest will be needed the most to guard the tough opponent’s guards… Bynum is vital at the center to provide power, presence and threat… he completes the Lakers puzzle… No need to trade these guys… I think its Fisher that we need to get rid off… send Nash to Lakers and Bryant’s journey for its 6th Rings will be easy…

      • donut says:

        finally someone who sees the value in ron and why carmelo doesnt fit into the lakers. seriously, many lakers fans are probably 13 years old and only care about offense.

  13. jeje mon says:

    trade gasol and bynum get carmelo then get dwight. Pau is getting older.. bynum is always injured so trade both of them. But they have to make sure they will get dwight.

  14. Jesse says:

    First of all, the trade wouldn’t be Bynum for Anthony. The Nuggets aren’t stupid. The Lakers would have to trade Artest, since he has some trade rumors about him, plus draft picks and money, to get Anthony and maybe a no name from the Nuggets. And then it’s not in the Nugget’s interest to trade Anthony to a team in the Western Conference since they would be playing the lakers 4-6 times a season.

  15. alex says:


    • donut says:

      i dont know about you, but i watch almost every game since he came back and hes been doing a good job, probably better than pau.

  16. JSlikk says:

    1st of ALL. THE LAKERS DENIED THE TRADE RUMORS SO WHY THE HELL ARE THESE REPORTERS STILL TALKING ABOUT IT LIKE ITS F*CKING TRUE??!?!?? ok. Bynum is NOT going anywhere! Lakers need size for PLAYOFFS. its ALL about playoffs! christmas games and oter holiday games are NOT playoff games. and you need size for a team like Celts and Spurs (the REAL contenders. sorry Heat). Trading for Carmelo will have Gasol as the BIGGEST guy and thats not good.

    • Gary says:

      You wouldn’t even need to mention the Heat if they weren’t contenders, but it’s all good few more months we’ll all see.

  17. Laker4life says:

    BYNUM is a huge defensive and offensive presence, trade all the other horrible people that sit on the bunch and dont do anything, blake-walton-caracter-smith-ebanks-ETC….fisher even needs to go also, i love the guy, hes been clutch for many years but hes done he fell off hes not the fisher we used to know and love.

  18. Manny says:

    personally if anybody has to be traded in this lakers team, i think ron artest should be the one, with carmelo taking his place, as for the center yes bynum’s knees are failing but i think in the long run he will have more potential than the other guys on the team. therefore what i’m saying is trade Gasol and bring in dwight howard when he becomes a free agent but for now take Carmelo and trade ron artest. Carmelo has never won a ring and i’m sure he will be willing to put in all the energy possible to help the team win. on another positive note, trading artest won’t be much of a defensive change because u still have ur bigs(bynum, odom and gasol) however it benefits the offense a lot more because now u have to guys who can score and close games).

  19. Jeffrey says:

    16pts and 9rbs…trade him.

    • Jesse says:

      16pts + 9rbs = Win (enough said)

      • Keep Bynum!!! says:

        Dude you are insane. Those are legitment big man numbers!!! That’s nearly a double double!!! Problem with most fans is that they are too impatient!! Remember this guy came in the league at 18!! 6-7 years is a reasonable time to develope especially for someone who didn’t play college ball. Also, remember one of those injuries was caused by a teamate. Most of you fans focus too much on the negative!! I can promise you that if Bynum goes to another team, he’s an easy all-star!! Lakers should keep him in hopes of maintaining at the very least playoff contention after Kobe is done. Legitment big man who can play post are a rarety these days.

        Moral of the story: be patient with Bynum!!!

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Drew was more like 17 when he came into the league.

  20. juan rivera says:

    kobe is the best period he is better than jordan and lebron period!!!!

    • LOL says:

      Are you crazy? Dude, Jordan is the greatest to play the game. Kobe’s the best right now imo, (I like lebron, but he doesn’t amaze me like kobe does…)

      Saying Kobe is better than Jordan is just ridiculous.

      And any trade by the lakers for melo right now would be pretty bad. Can’t trade Lamar because he’s the most versatile player on the team.. Gasol is a monster, and Bynum is showing what he can do.. Remember, what he did last night against a CHAMPIONSHIP-CALIBER team is good, especially coming off an injury.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      Dude i am a hard core LAKER fan and KOBE fan. But come on he aint better than Jordan. Although i agree with you on Lebron, he s**ts on his sorry a** all day long!

    • donut says:

      come on now, both jordan, kobe, magic were all great, dont compare them like all idiots do.

  21. NYCityREP says:

    Trading Bynum is not the right move for L.A. If there were any other way for the Lakers to get Melo w/o trading Kobe/Odom/Gasol/Bynum, then I’d say make the deal. Bynum has had his injury issues but it is possible that he can overcome them like Amare did; a lot of people forget that Amare blew his knee out and missed a full season but he was able to recover and regain his form and has not really been injury plagued like a lot of older players with knee problems. Bynum is still a young guy and we know he’s a difference maker as far as winning championships. Without Bynum the Lakers lost to Boston in 2008 but with him they beat Boston in 2010; he is too vital to the Lakers interior D and rebounding and those are the things that win playoff games.

  22. LAKERS! says:

    Lakers need bynum for defensive purposes he doesnt have to score. his presence in the paint is what matters L.A dont need melo we have KOBE and 2-3 more years brown will be flying like the young kobe bryant

  23. Mr. E says:

    Maybe it would be wise to trade Bynum for Melo or maybe it wouldn’t. Regardless, the Lakers should try to trade Bynum while he has some value. You don’t know if Dwight Howard is going to come to LA (though the possibility of playing along side Kobe is very tempting). Bynum looked like the future building block for LA but the “building blocks” that make up Bynum are not stable enough to keep him in for a full season.

  24. Bunbury says:

    What a dilemma! I dont think Kobe would like the trade. He will have to share his “first option” role with Melo. Not to metion his MVP finals chances. The Lakers has won two straight championships with Bynum playing injured. I dont think we have seen his potential this season yet. But what if he gets injured again? what if we play boston again in the finals? They have Shaq & Perkins, who will guard them without Bynum, Gasol, I dont think so. Kobe, Melo, Gasol vs James, Wade, Bosh will definelty be interesting to watch and talk about if they were too meet in the finals. But I like the Laker’s chances with Gasol, Odom, Bynum on the inside. By the way, a healthy Bynum of course!!!!

  25. Gary says:

    I like Bynum even though I can’t stand the Lakers. He plays hard and you can see it. I hate how the refs always give him bad calls though. They always use him as a way to give make up calls to other teams. Bynum was a big part of the past two championship runs so I don’t see why they want to mention trading him. Get rid of Walton, Blake, Caracter…

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      No Bynum for Melo trade. This is what the elite teams have, good centers. Lakers have Bynum, Orlando Dwight, Boston, KP and Shaq. This is why the heat sucks becasue who do they have, big Z who is a big softy and that has been proven over and over again. This is what you need in the playoffs to make a deep run, size.

      • andre says:

        okay you almost had me but then you said Shaq and elite center in the same paragraph. LOL dude please For as much ambition Shaq may have to tie and spoil Kobe’s SIXTH ring that gives Kobe even more ambition to do better. I loved the Shaq to Celts signing. In June Celts Gods willing…you will all see why.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:


      • iomotol01 says:

        Please name the elite center that 6 ring Michael Jordan and the Bulls had.

      • donut says:

        luc longley? scott williams? horace grant? combine with the best defender in history scottie pippen? what you mean they dont have big man? they were just not known, but they did their part in defense. pippen was 2 option just like how pau is for kobe.

      • David says:


      • boricua says:

        u crazy anybody will want melo bynum never been part of them he spend more time injured than plsying i will trade him

  26. jai says:

    DO NOT TRADE BYNUMMM….. not for melo not for anyone. bynum is a big part of the lakers team. literally and metaphorically, having 2 7footers either side of the basket is a huge advantage for the lakers. pau is not a C and he too plays his role perfectly. NO TRADEEE!!!!

  27. saar says:

    go 4 it ‘ koby is geting old

    • donut says:

      kobe is staying in the lakers for few more years, by then carmelo will be old too, we dont know what level of production carmelo will bring. and no, kobe signed a none tradable comtract, so we are not trading away kobe for this overrate star carmelo anthony.

  28. SoftRose4You says:

    As much as I like Bynum, I am worried about his health. He has missed a lot of games and could get injured again. I feel having Carmelo Anthony on the Lakers would be a plus. Carmelo has never won a championship and he would be driven to help the Lakers win another championship. So I feel a trade for Carmelo Anthony would be the right thing to do. For now we have Gasol who could be center along with Odom. Then we could try to get a good center with a draft choice or wait to see who is available at the end of the season.

  29. Andre says:

    I’ve been saying that relies on Bynum all the hopes for the Lakers to be competitive for the next 2 or 3 years.

    Trading Bynum for Melo would be the most stupid move in basketball history. Lakers has an old core, and Gasol/Odom are not enough to make the Lakers a threat inside. Melo would bring a scorer that only does the same as Kobe is already doing, but can’t defend.

    So Melo would add a little offensive power and cripple the team defensively. More than that, the tough Center would leave.

    One thing is facing Heat/Boston backcourt with Artest guarding Pierce/Lebron/Wade. The other is Melo guarding Pierce/Lebron.

    • trix says:

      i still think trading melo will benifit in the future but not this year obviously. It all depends on how confident are the lakers in attracting dwight howard when he becomes a free agent. If they can do that, trading bynum makes alot of sense. Dwight is a major upgrade over bynum at center and u get melo. That would be nice

      • Jesse says:

        It’s impossible to get Melo and Howard for the Lakers. Simply not enough cap space. That would mean getting rid of Gasol and Kobe, which the Lakers would never do.