Kobe’s Greatest Hits, X

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If you didn’t know any better you’d think Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol have been playing together for a decade.

When they are clicking, they make it look effortless. See for yourself in today’s installment of our Kobe Bryant’s Top 10 Plays series, which highlights the 2008-09 season.

As usual there’s plenty of wicked stuff from Kobe. Gasol serves as his co-star in much of what you’ll see:

This is the 10th hit on the Black Mamba’s Top Plays hit list that you can view here every day up until the 60th All-Star Game, Feb. 20 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

If you haven’t had enough of Kobe‘s highlights by then, you’ll just have to settle for watching him make some new ones on his home court that night with the rest of the All-Stars from around the league.


  1. yingyang24 says:

    the only that i can say about him HE IS HARD TO BELIEVE uh uh.. .nice 1 sekou tnx!!!

  2. Kobe Six says:

    Man no.3 was crazy as hell, I can only name two player who can float in the air and double or even triple clutch, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. They are the legends of East (MJ) and West (KB).

  3. Francisco! I am very sorry but you do NOT see No. 4 or No. 3 everyday period! Do you even watch the nba? Going on one side of the hoop hanging in the air and off the glass against D-Howard?! No you do not see that every day. And throwing it off the backboard and laying it up over Yao against Shane B (an amazing defender), you do not see that everyday. I can’t understand why you have nothing positive to say ever? You must be a LBJ’s fan or MJ fan. Which one?

  4. 2005-2006? says:

    So no Top 10 Plays from his 2005 -2006 Beast mode season? Averaging 35 PPG for the season? Scored 81 Points? Outscored the Mavs in 3 quarters by himself, 62 to 61pts? that team went to the finals that year.

    Yo, that was his BEST season in terms of Highlights. Com’on!!!

    • Sekou Smith says:

      Saving the best for last (or at least later). We’ve got a few days left. Ha.

      • StafinD says:

        Sekou… you should put up the 81 points by itself. the greatest scoring performance in OUR time, as the last installment of the kobe series.

      • Sekou Smith says:

        We might have to do that. I’ll check with the folks in the vids department and see what we can come up with.

  5. kikz says:

    If we can choose 2 GOAT, kobe surely is one of the two.
    He is just so awesome and amazing!

  6. bob says:

    totaly he is the 8th wonder , he is the mayestro of the nba.

  7. matt says:

    this guy is from another planet

  8. jlorenzana says:

    My Goodness! Oh man! That is one crazy show of talent!

  9. Jason says:

    i think number 3 should be number 1. its just CRAZY. like, he jumps sideways, which usually is harder than jumping straight upwards or forwards, and he double pumps it, moves the ball to the side while waiting for dwight howard, which was the leading player in blocks that year AND has such a high jump and he just shoots it and banks it in. that is SO amazing.

  10. That more he put on Dwight H, reminded me of MJ’s move against the Lakers with the switch of hands. Simple amazing move!

  11. mark says:

    kobe and pau will go 4 3peat go lakers