‘Melo Fact And Fiction

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — There’s a reason we waited a day to address this Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers trade rumor.

Every signal coming from Los Angeles indicates that this is little more than hot air, including a Los Angeles Times report where Lakers’ officials made it clear that there is “zero” chance they get their hands on Anthony by the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

But that hasn’t stopped folks from dreaming about the possibilities. Shoot, there were online polls filled with votes for the Lakers to do whatever it took to get their hands on Anthony. There’s been non-stop yapping from talking heads coast-to-coast touting the merits of both sides of the hypothetical deal. There have even been dueling columns from Bill Plaschke and T.J. Simers debating the merits of shipping Andrew Bynum to the Nuggets for a chance to pair Anthony with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom on Hollywood’s super team.

Lost in the midst of it all is this little passage from the original ESPN.com story that blew this story up:

A Lakers source told ESPNLosAngeles.com Tuesday that the deal won’t happen, and the New York Daily News cited an unnamed source in saying that the Lakers actually shot down a deal with Denver that included Bynum. But another league source maintained that a potential deal involving Anthony and Bynum is not dead.

If we’ve learned anything in this ongoing ‘Melo-drama it’s that we should always side with the anonymous sources that says the deal WILL NOT go down.

You remember the ‘Melo-is-headed-to-Jersey train that went back and forth for months until Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov put an end to the drama. The Nets grew tired of the shenanigans of a process that became much more public than anyone seemed comfortable with.

If this is yet another leverage play by the Nuggets, they are playing with fire. You keep getting your fans’ hopes up that some monster deal is on the horizon when in actuality, as Anthony has insisted all along, nothing is imminent. Keep poking the Knicks and they might decide to forgo dealing with you and just wait out the season and snag Anthony after he becomes a free agent (that is still in option).

We’ll all bite every time it comes up, whether it’s ‘Melo-to-the-Knicks, ‘Melo-to-the-Nets, ‘Melo-to-the-Lakers or ‘Melo-to-the-Idaho Stampede.

All this wondering about whether or not Kobe and ‘Melo can co-exist is a wonderful waste of our time when the fact is most of the stuff we read and hear regarding said possible union is basically fiction.

Some games are not worth playing, no matter how fun they might be!


  1. China Toxey says:

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  2. don says:

    can any lakers fans spell or is it just ebonics?

  3. picolo says:

    i like the celtics

  4. LakersDynasty says:

    Bynum, Artest, 1st Round 2011, 1st Round 2012 for Melo and Billups

  5. Lakers3peat2011 says:

    Artest, Bynum and 2 first round draft picks for Melo+Birdman sounded like a nice trade whoever posted that! 🙂
    but what about ron artest+luke walton+ steve blake for PG steve nash?
    CMON LA get melo if not at leats get steve nash!
    you know melo wants an NBA ring on his career unlike charles barkley who has a big fat ZERO!
    bigbouth barkley!
    blah blah blah

  6. Lakers3peat2011 says:

    i think we should trade ron artest+luke walton for melo
    or trade trade Bynum for Melo
    even in artest leaves we got Matt Barnes.
    and even in bynum leaves we still got Gasol and Odom.
    Lakers need to get Melo!
    id trade anybody but Kobe to get him!
    Cmon Lakers make it happen!!!!!!!
    Kobe+Melo will beat any big 3 the heat the spurs or the celtics.
    anybody who says otherwise is full of themself and dont know jack!
    CMON LA!

  7. Chris Moskwa says:

    in my opion lakers could use another guy like melo. I’m a celtic fan and I would hate to see melo go to the lakers, but if melo wants that ring he needs the help that lakers can give him. nets got talent but not the talent he needs to get a ring. this is just my thoughts
    good luck to him whereever he does go.


    BTW, I’d stay with Bynum- once he gets his “legs ” and confidence back, he’ll be flying again..there just aren’t enough bigs out there that can play like himn..he’s a game changer.

  9. WG says:

    Artest, Bynum and 2 first round draft picks for Melo and Birdman?

    It’ll proabably happen, then Kobe can take credit for what a star studded will achieve, cause you know, it hasnt happened in the past huh with Shaq and now with Gasol, Odom, Artest etc……..

  10. elad says:

    trade phil to carl that was a great trade

  11. LOBSANGRAMPA says:

    I’d prefer to trade for Nash- with him, Bynum, Odum or Gasol will get plenty of dunk time. Besides he can score from the 3 point line, and still is a damn good PG in his ripe old age. Question is, who’d you trade for him to the Suns?

  12. john doe says:

    Melo to the Bulls??? Good ??

  13. theuff713 says:

    i think the bynum-melo trade will benefit the lakers because kobe is getting older and they can start building around a anthony-gasol-odom tandem and still have a servicable bryant when he starts to decline. with that much talent, all you really need is a decent defensive center to pkug holes. as far as the bench. i think it is time to move artest. barnes does what he does for less. i still feel blake will contribute although he has struggled this season. am i the only who feels battier and or nene would be perfect fits?

  14. Raheem Malone says:

    Hey i say go for it melo for bynum if im LA i’d take it any day, but how will artest adjust to coming off the bench because we all know carmelo wont be playing the pf posistion. Or do you start kobe at the point artest at the two and carmelo at the three and odom at the four?

  15. Melo_15 says:

    @ lakerfan15728357

    Wow what an essay! lol

  16. MELO@LAL says:

    this is good. kobe-melo-pau.. and they might get dh12 in summer. come on! another run for 3peat!

  17. Sekou fan says:

    For once, Sekou is not laying on the hype with the Lakers. Shocking. What’s with the nuance?

  18. Slam Dunk in your face! says:

    Carmelo Anthony for Andrew Bynum? No way in my opinion the Lakers would trade Bynum for Anthony! I watched this man hobble up the floor, injured, in last years playoffs. Man, that is playing with a lot of HEART! Does anyone here in their right mind think Carmelo Anthony would play with that kind of heart and injured! I was watching him limp and squint in pain while still blocking shots and dunking the basketball! Now that is a man with a championship heart! Enough said!

  19. Lakersgiveup says:

    Lakers already gave up on Chris BOsh and now their going to give up on Carmelo. Bynum is not that good

  20. Austin says:

    This trade is not going to happen and just flirting with the idea show’s how ignorant of reality and business some of you guys are. Really, howard for bynum, bynum for carmelo? What are you guys smoking?

  21. Eliyas Tafese says:

    I feel that the lakers let Artest Ron go away and move other team because he seems not happy with his team this year…

  22. AliKobeKyle says:

    Trade Bynum aka Oden…. ( o_” )

  23. lakerfan says:

    this is stupid..bynum for melo?? really??phil jackson is to smart to do this. even if bynum is injured alot when he does play he gives the lakers that vibe that they can dominate and when hes hurt gasol can play center..but u cant expect gasol to always have to play…just like at the beginning of the season…started great but then gasol started getting tired, thats why we lost those 4 sraight. so NO WAY will phil trade bynum for melo.

  24. Pato C. Relota says:

    hmmmmm.. looks inviting but if i will decide i would rather go after Griffin. What’s Melo achievement compare to Griffin base on all the stats and their Age accomplishment. Lakers don’t need those kind of players.

  25. Slam Dunk in your face! says:

    My prediction for the finals 2011! Spurs in the West! Heat in the East! Any questions? End of story! I rest my case! Lol!

  26. MELO says:

    You people are dumb…….. just put gasol on center, where he can actually do BETTER without Bynum there, Artest on power, then Melo on small…….. That works a better than bynum, since he will NOT be as consistant as Melo…… why not just get another better chance with one change, and it’ll make a difference on the WHOLE team.

  27. Slam Dunk in your face! says:

    The Lakers need to shake something up a little bit. They’re too fat and happy now! They need to get hungry again or the 3peat will just not happen! Thanks.

  28. Slam Dunk in your face! says:

    I think Melo should go to Cleveland! They need a franchise player now! Lol!



  30. KOBe24 says:

    I want your opinion Sekou and I hope you answer soon. Dont you think that the Lakers can offer the best trade for the Nuggets. They can offer Artest, Bynum, Blake or even Brown or a couple of those guys combined. Plus draft picks just to get Melo. What do other teams have to offer low quality players plus draft picks? And in the case that the Nuggets dont make a trade before the deadline they might end up with their hands empty. It’s better for them to get a couple of proven players even if their old or havent been playing like they can. What do you think?

  31. Magicpants says:

    As a Lakers fan, I can safely say we have no need of Melo. Not saying Melo’s bad, just that none of the players that have been mentioned as trade bait are tradeable. Odom? REALLY? One of our most CONSISTENT scorers? No thanks, Denver. You can keep Melo.

  32. Mitchell says:

    Personally, I don’t where Melo goes as long as he doesn’t pull a Lebron on the Nuggets.

  33. jdq says:

    for me, trading sasha vujacic for an old joe smith was a bad bad move…

  34. Joel Eustaquio says:

    I’ll get Howard for Bynum than Carmelo Big men for big men If Howard suits for LA it will be a dangerous team

  35. Pinoy Movie says:

    if this trade happens, i think LA will be a power house!

  36. armendarezkim says:

    if melo will be in lakers nba will be more exciting to watch! it will be a good move for the lakers since their superstar is aging already but with respect to bryant he is still good and can dominate the game. i think its a big bang to see heat and lakers with their superstars battle for crown and glory! more power nba!

  37. xdbstxlakers says:

    No one wants carmelo’s skill set here all he can do is score the basketball lakers do not need someone who needs to take alot of shots to be effective. The need someone who wont mind comming off the bench and playing lamar odom basketball, who can provide points, defense, rebounding, assists , get to the foul line when they need it most Andre Iguodala would be a better option….

  38. xdbstxlakers says:

    No one wants carmelo’s skill set here all he can do is score the basketball lakers do not need someone who needs to take alot of shots to be effective. The need someone who wont mind comming off the bench and playing lamar odem basketball, who can provide points, defense, rebounding, assists , get to the foul line when they need it most Andre Iguodala would be a better option….

  39. kobe sucks says:

    they should trade kobe for melo

  40. jon 2002 says:

    nobody can beat the heat in a 7 game series..lol…

  41. CeLtic WarrioR says:

    How about Melo to the Celtics by next season? Is that even possible?

  42. ben says:

    Just end this he will pick were he goes let him do that we will find out later were he will play ball

  43. mike says:

    either eay as a laker fan im fine with it, id love to see melo kobe odom and gasol all on the court together but in reality i dont see this happening. I just dont see la pariting with bynum anytime soon. plus kobe has a few solid years left, so just wait it out and snag dwight howard in 2012 and rebuild around him.

  44. pasigiri says:

    ‘Melo to the Lakers deal is not a good idea. But Chris Paul to the Lakers is. I think the Lakers should tough it out and wait for CP3’s contract to end, which if I’m not mistaken, is the end of this season. The PG spot on the Lakers is hurting bad and CP3 for Bynum would do wonders for the Lakers.

  45. faceeee says:

    lol, if bynum isnt that great, why would the nuggets trade melo for him? bynum is injury prone, i mean u would need a package deal for melo, u gotta remember wat the nuggets want for melo, and i dont think he wants to go to lakers, he wants to be in new york, the nuggets are gonna just fishing for some crazy deal that no one is willing to offer….

  46. subash says:

    Nuggets are desperate to Sell Melo and get something out of the trade before he becomes a free agent and leaves the management without anything to bargain for him. As things stand I don’t see Lakers getting Melo. But I didn’t see Bosh and James going to Miami so who knows.

  47. CrazyNBA says:

    Dallas Mvericks go get Anthony for the spot..coz caron butler is injured and mavs need a forward whos only thinking is to win win win..Melo is my fav player as well as nowitzki

  48. CrazyNBA says:

    melo should go to the dallas mavericks with nowitzki…bla bla bla

  49. Lowrider says:

    Why the hell will you want to trade our bigs bynum for melo? That will be stupid. Instead trade Joe smith and walton and a 2nd round pick for melo and maybe possibly add character or ebanks in the trade…iF YOU WANT TO TRADE BYNUM THAN TRADE FOR ANOTHER BIG MAN LIKE DWIGHT SINCE HIS CONTRACT ALMOST UP.

  50. pacman says:

    i think this is the best deal for the lakers to have a chance to win another title…
    trade BYNUM for ODEN
    trade PAU for KENYON MARTIN
    trade FISHER for BRANDON ROY
    trade ODOM for MICHAEL REDD
    sign IVERSON for a 6 YEAR contract

  51. Jose says:

    That would be a great deal if the Lakers get Carmelo Anthony for Andrew Bynum. Im a Laker fan for life but Im a Bynum hater. Hes a bust. he gets injured too much. The lakers should trade Bynum, Blake, Walton, n a 1st pick for Carmelo Anthony and another player like Nene or the Birdman. Now that would be great. If that happens welcome home Dwight to your new home in Los Angeles. Holla if you hear me.

  52. pacman says:

    Oden to L.A.!

  53. heatfan_rp says:

    Even Lakers might get Melo on their team, what if Heat got a dominant big-man and a good play-maker next season? do Lakers can still beat the fast-game of the heat? all of us thought that heat can’t beat the Lakers because of having the big-man inside the paint like Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, but i was surprise when i watch Miami heat @ La Lakers last christmas, their big-man was not in action, they can’t match the good passing of the heat. And the quickness and speed of Dwyane wade and the other guards of the Heat irritates Kobe and the Lakers. Hmm..

  54. McVay says:

    @ KBN well dont you know everything…. haha

  55. McVay says:

    Im so sick of people always saying that wade and lebron are better than kobe… in the nba its all about championships.. kobe has 5…wade 1 lebron 0…. and if you want to about individuality, kobe is the 7th all time leading scorer(and counting), and has 5000 career assists… to put that in comparison steve nash 7000 so not that far away…

  56. melo15 says:

    melo over kobe any day all day

  57. 2x3peat says:

    Trade bynum, artest and blake for melo, nene and ty lawson!!!! Good deal for both sides(Lakers need odom). and if this happens………….3PEATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Lakerman99 says:

    I think that for Anthony, the Lakers need to trade off Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, and mabye a backup player to get our hands on Carmelo. We don’t need Chauncy Billups on the Lakers, we are fine with Derek Fisher and Kobe. This way, the Lakers have a cool chance with starters Fisher, Bryant, Carmelo, Artest, and Gasol in the playoffs. GO LA!!!

  59. KBN says:

    Laker did not win the final’s on their own. The ref’s should have received a ring. During the second half the ref’s were calling Phantom fouls over and over again against Boston only. The Lakers were down 13 before this happened. When they caught back up foul calling went back to normal..The game was rigged. It was clearly one sided. I wonder how much money the ref’s bet on the Lakers to win. Lakers fans will not bring up that topic. I’m not a Boston fan either. Denver is not going to make one of the dumbest trades in history for a player that is probably going to retire at age 25 due to injuries. Bynum had a lot of potential before all of his injuries. I think it is funny that people say Kobe is so great. When he drives to the basket he travels. He has a 5 step fade away. When a player can get by with traveling it could make an avg. player into a good player. It gives a player a complete advantage over defenders because you get a better shot off. The NBA is full of corruption. The series between Boston and Lakers was not the only series rigged.

  60. BRiAN says:


  61. abel says:

    Melo is good but hes nowhere near lebron, kd, or even stadamire

  62. inside LA says:

    Let’s just all wait for the TRADE DEADLINE and from there, let’s watch how LAL progresses.



  64. TRADE ARTEST AND BYNUM FOR MELO. artest doent wont to stay in la and bynums contract end in 2012. its a win win for both teams.

  65. Rhon Johnson says:

    No time Melo Need to stay with the nuggets

  66. Sam says:

    that video is pretty epic

  67. Grant. says:

    Lakers need to trade Artest, Walton, Fisher or Blake not both, one of the rookies Smith and Ratliff this is way to much money spent on no talent.

    artest and walton are 11 million a season? for what 10 points a game between them? Durant is paid less than that.

    fisher might be clutch but he can’t defend end of story…

    blake might be better with more game time… but who knows.

    smith and ratliff are old and pretty much usless…. so

    honestly I think there is no potential for a melo trade…

    I think they should shop for a gaurd like westbrook or rondo…

    and a decent small forward… even barnes is better than artest and walton ffs ebanks would be better if he got that amount of minutes… :p

    but at the end of the day as long as odom, kobe and gasol are healthy… they have a good chance at a three peat as is as soon as they play like the start of the season… but the same thing happens every year… they get bored and come playoff time 😉 they pull their finger out 😛

  68. lemfox says:

    kobe w/ melo? good for the lakers but bad for kobe! he can’t carry the lakers to the 3rd champion ship (with pau, odom & artest)??? 5STAR TEAM!

  69. Joseph says:

    If Melo is traded to Lakers for whoever? Ron Artest for at least should be move

  70. Sutton says:

    LA is done they not getting Melo. . .period. . . Melo wants to be close to home and LA is on the other coast HELLOW!!! Melo going to NY WEITHER ANY ONE LIKE IT OR NOT.

  71. Martin says:

    kobe will smash any team when it comes to playoffs. He does not care about the regular season. Nobody thought that lakers would get Pau from memphis we have got Mitch Kupchak and he knows what he is doing…
    Black Mamba 4 life
    Lakers going 3peat this season just wait and see
    Lakers till I DIE

  72. LAKERS says:


  73. asdf says:

    lakers miss ariza! i think everyone would agree, ron’s shot against celtics and phx asides, trevor ariza was way better. here are two clutch defensive plays which no one thanks for.. ariza go back to l.a¡!



    • nickl says:

      you really dont watch much basketball do you? the knicks have already beaten the heat this year, heat lead series 2-1 but nontheless the knicks won once. so your comment of knicks never beating the heat or celtics makes you look ignorant.
      the knicks are back and its just a matter of time before we get melo and cp3 or deron williams in 2 years…sounds like an unstoppable force if you ask me…hope we wipe the floor with whatever team it is your rooting for.

  75. monkeydog86 says:

    A deal that will be a great aquisition for the Lakers is to get Steve Nash. If he played with the Lakers, that will take pressure off of Kobe to allow him to focus on scoring and leadership, Nash will create for everyone.

  76. Akwong says:

    I would love to see Melo is a lakers uniform, but i would much rather see a decent PG, they should make a move for CP3. It will benifit the team more, gasol will get better looks, kobe will get better looks, the offense is more of a threat b/c CP3 can score and they have to pay attention to that. Dfish is getting old and he doesnt shoot or get assist much, and paul can turn it around. Lakers really need to make a move for CP3, it would definitively help them out, and kobe has atleast 3-4 years so with a couple of moves i THINK they can will 1-2 more rings. this whole melo thing is a fantasy, in reality it wouldnt work out. Laker fans need to focus on reality, and they are getting old, we need a young point guard to run the show. for example, BOSTON CELTICS. nuff said.

  77. II SMILEE II says:

    Everyone talks so highly about Bynum but where was he these last three years? In 2008 he was missing in action when we got beat by the Celtics. In 2009 he was still no where to be found. in 2010 he played limited minutes with Gasol and Odom still having to do all the dirty work in the paint. We have have a better record without him than with him. If he was to be traded for Melo we could pick up a D-League or no name center with some size until Ratcliff came back. We would just need the big man to play defense and rebound. If the Heat make it to the NBA Finals it would be a even match: Kobe vs Wade, Melo vs Lebron, Gasol vs Bosh! The Heat don’t have a allstar center or gaurd either and they are 0.5 games behind Boston.

  78. nickl says:

    its amazing how little people know about whats going on in the nba and how theres a good possibilty of a lockout and the possibilty of the owners adopting the idea of the franchise tag like they have in the nfl. denver may hold out hoping that the owners approve the franchise idea and slap the tag on anthony whether he likes it or not, it would at least buy them more time and options. all you laker fans think this is a no brainer, who the hell wants a big man with bad knee’s and 31 million left on his contract? for all of you who think that the knicks wont be a force if they get melo, just wait and see, the team we have now has beaten the bulls 2x this year we’ve also beaten the heat spurs and thunder, boston stole one from us and the clock is ticking with all the grandpas they have on that team. if the knicks get melo theyll need to get a few games under there belt to learn how to play together and destroy your team

  79. Alec says:

    I don’t see this trade happening, but I got to admit that Laker fans and their dreams are quite amusing.

  80. Darin B says:

    Bynum for Carmelo is Denver’s business move to drive up the value of their star player so better offers can come in. The Lakers should trade Bynum if that deal is on the table but nothing more than that. Kobe is getting old and will ned a successor to his throne in about 2 more years and Carmelo is perfect for that role. I would only make the deal if Melo commits to a 7 year extension beyond 2011. Otherwise, we are better off keeping Bynum and making some additions this off season.

  81. Clipper is the next big thing says:

    Just wondering wondering , do the knicks really need Melo? They got 2 young promising smallforwards in Gallinari and Chandler. Why dont tey wait and go for Howard when he gets availble? Amare can play center, yes, but with Howard they would be a really nice team: Felton, Fields, Gallinari, Stoudemire and Howard! The addition of Howard would also add some defense, which is really needed on this team! GO FOR DWIGHT

  82. trufan24 says:

    i wouldnt want melo in my laker roster….lakers is kobe’s team period…ill worry about rebuilding when kobe retires but not right this moment….plus i hate the idea of mega stars being in one team…weve already seen that in south beach….i want competition not coalition…so melo should stay with nuggets so he n kobe can go at it

  83. CHAPIN says:


  84. CHAPIN says:


  85. CHAPIN says:


  86. CHAPIN says:


  87. CHAPIN says:

    LA LAKERS #1

  88. CHAPIN says:


  89. whinkjr1969 says:

    Trade Artest & Steve Blake for Carmelo…

  90. CHAPIN says:

    LA LAKERS WORLD CHAMPIONS FOR EVER!! celtics and heat suck!!

  91. mike says:

    lakers are trash…and so are their fans

  92. mike says:

    carmello and dwight howard are DEFINETELY not going to the lakers so keep on dreaming…and theres no chance in hell yall are gonna 3 peat….as soon as kobe or phil jackson retire ,,,yalls winning days will be over for good…just lettin u know the harsh reality

  93. #1 Hooper says:

    What???!!! When Celtics beat the knicks, they were missing 4 players to injury. so the fact that the knicks still couldn’t beat them means the knicks are garbage.

  94. LAKERS says:

    Man I can understand this comin from a rumor that in involves lebron and kobe being on the same thing, which we all know that will never happen!
    but melo and kobe on the same team is not a problem, annd i know im the only one that thinks that
    look how do u think the celtics were like before it was just paul pierce now its been what 4 years with kevin garnett, ray allen, and paul pierce and they managed to do what they needed to do, they make it to the playoffs every year
    so whats wrong with melo and kobe being on the same team?
    the heat have 3 good players, boston does, so why cant the lakers have 3 good players on there team?
    IT can happen, and i hope it does

  95. Kneza says:

    who cares about Melo, we have KOBE and that’s all we need, trust me, you’ll see at the playoffs…this team is alright…maybe a better point guard than Blake…

  96. lakers fan 24 says:

    kobe will not lets any boddy win a championchip before he wins a lost one

  97. fish sticks says:

    @ james… yes, lets get melo this year. And then d12 in 2. and run the show. JUST BECAUSE YOU TYPE ALL IN CAPS DOESNT MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE. Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Melo, Kobe, and FIsh? 4 of the top 10 players in the NBA on one team , all asking for max contracts (because none of them are dumb enough to sacrifice more then half their salary to play together) and under the new CBA? Keep dreaming

  98. Gosh Please Think says:

    There is not enough possessions in a 48 minute game to go around if the Lakers get Carmelo. He isn’t the worst defender, but he is a liability on the defensive end compared to what the Lakers have now. Melo should go to the Knicks, they run a high scoring offense. It may be difficult for him to find a ring there, but it would make them a fun team to watch, and increase revenue for the NBA.

  99. fish sticks says:

    @Niko…. Fisher has “spectacular on ball defense” hey? I guess that is why he got destroyed by russ westbrook in the first round, abused by deron williams in the second, worked by nash in the third, and outplayed by rondo in the finals. Defence isn’t why he is on this team, he is a “spectacular” liability. He is on the lakers because of his unquestionable leadership and clutch play.

  100. Mr. E says:

    If there was a trade for Bynum and Melo, the Lakers would definitely get the bargain as Bynum is good when he is healthy (when he is healthy I will reiterate again). Good points about Melo how he is not as complete of a player compared to others in the league but then again, Melo did help Denver get into the playoffs in his rookie season so he does have some value despite being mainly looked at as just a scorer. However, I think he would work better with NY as the Lakers are still the champs and have the playoff experience to get the 3-peat. Plus, David Stern probably is hoping for Melo to be Knick because it would put NY back on the playoff map again and NY is one of the 3 major sports cities (Chicago and LA being the others). All in all, I don’t think Melo is going anywhere via trade and will wait until he is a free agent.

  101. Jamie Lewis says:

    Melo will be a great addition to the Lakers, trade bynum, artest and a bench warmer, for nene and melo. Kobe, Melo partnership will be great and will be able to compee and beat heat and celtics.

  102. Jihn says:

    the lakers now will not get the 3-peat because SPURS is too much for them!

  103. kobemvp4life says:

    Ok for all o yall that think lakers are gettin rid of bynum and odom for melo (ur sped) cuz theres no way that the core of the team is getting traded for an inconsistent ring chaser. Lakers are still gettin 3peat wit or witout melo. And the heat and celtics can suck my d——

  104. Wiley B says:

    How do T’Wolves fans feel about this? Giving up Ronnie Brewer? How bout Kevin Love for Melo?

    I’d hate to see the Wolves get dismantled. They played a 96/100 game against the Rockets according to Thuuz.com. Thuuz tells you which games are worth watching as they’re happening so you don’t miss any nailbiters or waste your time on boring ones.

  105. Donut says:

    a team with no defense will not win against celtics. btw, im talking about knick even if they acquired melo. also, lakers will not trade away bynum because he is our only hope of going against perkins and oneal brothers during payoff

  106. Igor B. says:

    I think Lakers could try an Artest, Bynum and a third one of their choice for Nene and Carmelo.
    They’d have a consistent guy at the center position and one more to share the responsability with kobe.

    The biggest problem would be the salary cap, but i you got to pay the price.

  107. Niko says:

    The Lakers don’t need Carmelo! If he came, Ron Artest would be benched, which takes away a big part of their defense. Also, if Bynum were to be traded, the Lakers would lose another big part of their defense, as well as size. LA has got something going right with the rotation between Pau, Odom, and Bynum all at PF-C. Getting Carmelo would only add another scoring option, which the Lakers aren’t that desperate for. As for the people saying Fisher should be replaced, he has a good 3-pt shot, has spectacular perimeter defense as well as on-ball defense, and delivers when the game gets tight. Maybe in a few years, they should start to consider replacing Fisher, but not now. Also for those saying “get rid of Artest”…Oh please! If you can’t remember, he saved the playoffs for them especially Game 7 against the Celtics. He’s just in a bit of an offensive slump now, and you just need to give him time. He still contributes greatly on the defensive end. And that’s what the Lakers are about: DEFENSE! ‘Melo simply can’t defend, and that’s why we don’t need him.

  108. aaron says:

    yes melo to the lakers not knicks

  109. melo says:

    What to do with Bynum Nuggets?Not think about it?Bynum has a higher salary !

  110. zach says:

    i think it doesnt matter what lakers do…all i know is that we are getting that 3-peat one way or another

  111. camz knows says:

    The low and high game of carmelo and kobe would to powerful for any team and would be unpenetrable.
    Kobe on the left and carmelo on the left and take turn with them in the post scoring. Paul gasol in the middle for foul line shot or drive. The lakers would be able to run the pick and roll also. Fisher and Lamar would be behind the ark for a 3 pointer or a drive especially Lamar odom for a 3 or drive. That is offense that no team can stop. Lakers can still run defence the same and Carmelo is still a good defender.

  112. Armen says:

    To all the people that think Kobe and Carmelo will not get along many people beg to differ even kobe and carmelo themselves. In 09 J.A Adande ran an article on their relationship. Lets not forget they both played on team USA and look how well kobe gelled with carmelo!! I think the game against the celtics will determine what happens to this trade because financially melo for bynum works straight up.. test it in the espn trade machine it works!!


    • 3peat says:

      kobe is friends with everybody because he has an awesome personality. however, he is fearless, thats why he is not afraid to shoot the ball instead of passing it to other people. when you have a guy like that, your best bet for your role is to get rebound and defend. dont you guys ever notice why kobe needs big man? yup, to get the rebound and defend the paint. lakers had been like this for the last 10 years, where have yall lakers fans been?

  113. Fan of the Game!!! says:

    Lakers are the best team in the league (until someone changes that fact). We are still the two-time defending World champs. As far as a trade for Carmello Anthony goes, we dont need it!!!! These rumors are just pure speculation on the part of the media. The only person that knows where Carmello Anthony will be @ the end of this season or next season for that matter, is He and perhaps his agent… And neither one of them is talking!!!!!

  114. basketball is my life says:

    This is just stupid , carmelo and kobe is a team that you can make on NBA2K11 and it should remain that way . First of all were not a team that is one good player away from a ring , or a struggling team trying to make the playoffs WE ARE THE LAKERS , the two time defending champs . UNTIL another team is champions no trade is neccessary man we got kobe bryant the best player went it comes to crunch time , we got lamor the best player to come off any bench , bynum is our bigs including gasol who is the most skilled big man , we got derek fisher who is clutch when he needs to be and has experience that can replace speed with smarts. and ron artest when focused is the best one on one defender in the game , and we got a great bench , i think trade talk should be saved after the season

  115. Shawn says:

    carmelo wants to go to ny trust me. Watching him lead a team other than being number two guy is much better. he’s from new york and he always wanted to play with the knicks. Even if he does go to the lakers he will escape and sign with the knicks so don’t get too happy.

  116. NY Vlad says:

    ok picture this…melo in the triangle….lol i know pretty sad…melo would score 16ppg. i thought people were joking At first i didnt think anything of it but now im literally going to puke soon because people acutally believe the nuggets would trade melo to the lakers and people are coming up with trading blake, walton, character, artest and some late first round picks for him thinking like ohh yea that would be good. are you frikin kidding me? if anyone alive would go for that they would never work in this world again! shoot david stern would probobly take action and veto the whole deal. So i beg you idiotic laker fans dont post any proposed trades for melo to the lakers unless it involves gasol odom or bryant…whats that? oh the lakers wouldnt do that? well stop thinking the league revolves around the lakers and realize the nuggets dont want anything the lakers got…even bryant is too old

  117. james says:


  118. Athavan says:

    NEVER SAY NEVER During the 2010 free angency frenzy no one would of guess that bosh wade and lebron would be playing for the same team.

  119. Kevin says:

    by the way Itachi, the triangle offense (which has won 11 championships) doesn`t call for a “decent“ point guard who gets a ton of assists every night. Jordan never had one and neither has Kobe. Fish will do just fine.

  120. Alan says:

    I’m telling you. All this Melo-Bynum stuff has got to go. If he wants to be in LA, he has to go to the Clippers! Kobe and Melo can’t coexist. Kobe is far superior and I doubt Melo would want to be a 2nd or 3rd option. However, all the pieces are set in Clippers land except one. They need a guy like Melo. Denver could get Kamen and some draft picks/ young guys. Check this out:
    C-Jordan, PF-Griffin, SF-Melo, SG-Gordon, PG-Davis…. that starting five rivals just about any in the league.. MAKE IT HAPPEN suits!
    Melo gets his big time city, the clips get to be a contender, and the nuggets go young on the cheap…. win/win/win situation

  121. Joe says:

    Melo to the Mavs would make the most sence

  122. Dhillon says:


    • zach says:

      how many championships do bosh and james have….0…and btw lakers are a better team and they are going 2 shock the world again because they are getting ready for that 3-peat

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      @DHILLON I dont waste my time speaking to people who dont know how to speak. Hey everyone take a look at what this idiot wrote!

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      Ok i changed my mind, i gotta respond to your dumb a**. First of all, your right i do talk a lot of s**t because i can back it all up. Your saying i dont know anything about basketball, tell me one team that has won a championship playing the run and gun style of play. Ya thats right, none, becasue it doesnt work in the playoffs dumb a**! And the PHX team that had Raja Bell Boris Diaw, Amare etc was a better ALL AROUND team than what the three chumps have in miami whether your sorry a** likes it or not! You say the LAKERS will not win it this year. Actually you said the LAKERS will no win it this year, dumb a**. Haters like yourself have been saying that the last two season, and look what happens in June Kobe and the LAKERS are holding that trophy! I guess the reason you dont speak well is because you are one of many who cant seem to take Lebrons balls outta your mouth. The heat play exciting ball during the regular season. But as history says, that style of play will be shut down in the playoffs. Now take Lebrons sack outta your mouth and suck on these words that i have spit at your sorry a**.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      And Chris Bosh dominant, that has got to be the funniest s**t for the next 20 years!!! I never thought anyone could be softer than Gasol, and im a LAKER fan. But you got it Bosh. He probably wears pink panties!!

  123. Kobe The ball hogg SUCKS says:

    melo to lakers Are you even listenin to what u guys are typing ???? lmao why would denver give lakers there star player ??? lakers would be unbeatable with that team that would be the dream team denver aint that dumb !!! and melo would never want to play with kobe b cuz kobe is a ball hogg and is old and needs to retire he is nothi no more just check the stats i mean every games kobe has score 30 or more lakers have lost!!!! and u ask your self why well b cuz he hogs ther ball lakers cant win when kobe just shoots and misses i meen the dude went 1 for 13 the other week GARBAGE!!!! trade kobe and get ya team back the team is to old melo go to lakers then he will be in the same problem after two years b cuz the team will be gone and retired they are to old and kobe is garbage

    • heatfan says:

      because melo already said he wants to go to knick, so they they want to get the most out of him right now. lakers will not be unstoppable even if melo joined them because melo suck.

  124. BobH334 says:

    a lot of fans on here are thinking the lakers can just dump whoever they want on the nuggets in exchange for melo. artest signed a 5 year deal leaving 3 years left after this season and the nuggets want to go young, not take on a 3 year deal for a player like artest. Swapping Bynum for Melo is not a win win for the nuggets and they know that. IF the lakers were willing to take Billups, Melo, Harrington, or all three in exchange for Bynum, a couple 1st round picks, and either Ebanks, Carracter, or both then maybe the deal will get done, since the nuggets wanted to unload those contracts on the nets. BUT swapping Bynum for Melo isn’t simple since Bynum is no where near the type of scorer that Melo is. IF anything the nuggets are trying to make this deal look like it will happen to force the Knicks to give up Gallanari or Fields in the deal because will the nuggets shoot themselves in the foot and send him to a west team where they have to play him more so than they would if they sent him to an east team? Highly doubt it.

  125. Kevin says:

    isn`t this article titled “melo FACT and fiction???“ I didn`t read one bit of fact about Melo not being traded to the Lakers in this article…

  126. GenX says:

    the fck outta here fakers fan seriously,,?
    do you honestly think Denver is that stupid to trade Melo and Nene for a old and struggling Artest and an injury plagued Andrew Bynum y`all might wanna think about it again before you fantasize that this is a possibility Melo&Nene is averaging 40PTS a night combined and 15RPG combined a night compared to Artest and Bynum 19.5PPG and 10.4RPG combined that say`s it all y`all probably don`t even have future 1st round picks..
    don`t you guys think for 1 second that because y`all got Gasol in a very lopsided trade doesn`t mean it`s gonna happen again..
    and i`m not sure if Melo and Kobe tandem will work out that good both of these guys are looking to score unlike Wade and Bron..Bron can live without scoring the basketball coz he can be the playmaker..Melo is a spot up shooter he`s looking to score and not make plays so if i were you i would focus on looking for a PG in the future the likes of Chris Paul that guy can live being the playmaker instead of carrying all the loads in his team..
    Lakers 22APG Kobe leads the team witih 5.0APG really.? that says it all no ball rotations and that what has been killing the lakers so far this season..
    focuse on getting a PG who can make play not another scorer..

  127. pacquiao_pinoy says:

    Even if the FAKERS acquired MELO, its impossible for them to beat HEAT and BOSTON.. for all of you who are FAKERs fans, ALL of you are lousy!!!

  128. ddddd says:

    I love the pipe dreams and trashtalk. The truth is that the Nuggets could be offered MJ from the 90s and they would still drag their feet. The knicks know this and even though there is a tentative offer they aren’t going overboard until the nuggets get serious FIRST!!! Lakeshow is not panicing either. They are using psychological scare tactics to get their team into championship form after the losing. Its Kupcak’s form of Phil Jackson-type mind games…. thats it!

  129. Celtics fan since 98 says:

    Melo& J.R. Smith to the Grizz for O.J. Mayo Xavier Henry and Hassem Thabeet and Draft picks sounds better to me

    P.S. Lakers suck!!!

  130. S Herb says:

    enuff already…!!!

  131. Itachi says:

    Melo with Kobe huh!!!! I think the LAKERz are Hopeless and Desperate , Lakers wants Melo just to mirror what Jordan and The Bulls 2ble 3peats…No Laker player will be enough for Melo for trade , Nuggets dont need Bynum nor Odom or Artest…

    For the lakers to stay on top and win another championship ( a trade for a decent pointguard will do)

  132. NBAFAN says:

    Im a Lakers fan, and I dont want melo to go to LA.

  133. yungdeuce says:

    i think that melo would be the best deal for the nuggets in return because bynum is a better deal then what the knicks have offered and also the nuggets need to get something in return for melo i think melo going to la would make the lakers instant 4 to 5 peat champs they would have to 3 go to guys and lamar odom (who should be a all star this year) doing damage to all challengers plus kobe has about 3-5 years left playing at a high level and they need to bring in a replace for kobe also and melo would be as good as if gets in that aspect

  134. Vlad says:

    I think the Kniks want to get Melo but not by trade. That thing that Chris Paul said, about forming a trio in NY is quite doable. If Melo wants to play only for the kniks, then they get him in the summer very easily. End of story. They have no reason to make a trade.
    The hard part is with Chris Paul. He has another year on his contract and i don`t think they can affort to wait another year in order to get him as a free agent (that will mean 3 years only to get their 3 core guys and that is a lot of time). So they probablly are keeping their talent in order to trade for Chris Paul next summer.
    They do not have enough assets to get both by trade so that is why they do not trade for Melo now.

    In my opinion this is the big plan 🙂

  135. joe says:

    trade artest for melo keep bynum

  136. Muhammad says:

    Trade bynum and artest for melo or get steve nash som how… cuz we cant really beat the stupid heat with just kobe….i mean come on hes human not a god.

  137. Freddy says:

    just trade artest for melo there isnt that much big guys in lakers we cant let them go.

  138. vic briggs says:

    Ayo folks , ill give you one reason why the trade of melo to the lakers for Bynum will not go down , do your homework people , find out how much money the lakers will be over the luxery tax next year if melo signs an extention with them , it would be around 100 million dollars…nuff said

  139. Matt says:

    All I have to say is New Orleans is struggling, what are the chances of Chris Paul resigning when he has a similar situation as bosh and james. I’m sensing a new big 3 next year in the big apple.

  140. MrMek says:

    Although I am a Nuggets fan, I am a CARMELO fan. If he leaves he leaves. hopefully he stays but if he did leave… go to the Lakers! haha but I say put Nene in the trade too.

  141. gary p says:

    melo not going to the old washed up lakers – the lakers r on there way down – still good – but on there way down — and the snitch kobe might tell the media when melo cheats on his wife — like he did to shaq. and phil jackson is leaving — knicks might get chris paul or tony parker ——- from whati hear in the next yr or two!

  142. John says:

    Robert I agree, PG is the way to go, even though I think if they can put together a package with billups and melo for like bynum and someone else except Kobe of course, then that would work.

  143. Tom says:

    I’m not an American, but I can smell when somebody is deliberately hiding some truth. And here, I smell that our main man Sekou is not telling us all he knows. It sounds as if this won’t-happen deal WILL happen. With Odom and Gasol, Lakers do not need too many more bigs (and they were doing well without Bynum anyway). I think it is quite realistic and makes perfect sense.

  144. John says:

    Maybe trade odom in the deal, or character and shannon brown or any expiring contracts, thats what the nuggets want. Youth and expiring contracts.

  145. hsbr00m24 says:

    im a lakers fan and that comment from last night about bynum for carmelo trade is a fluke, pretty much just for their rating i think, or they havent talk too much about it bcuz of the Nets scenario, either way if this were true (wich im 89% is not) we should trade bynum and whoever is in the deal with timberwolve, and get melo and martin, we r gonna need that power forward presence, if there were 4 a chance a 3 player trade u can throw in the bag J.R.Smith i dont mind lol, (get rid of Artest please!!!!)

  146. Robert says:

    I guess in the next 2-3 years Kobe will slow down, it’s hard to say right now as he’s still playing well, but his numbers have been dropping season-season..

    Right now I’d probably take Bynum over Melo as he and Gasol have played well for the past 3 years and there’s no real rush for the Lakers to grab another star, Kobe, Gasol etc. easily have another 2-3 years. Also when Bynums healthy he’s a good scorer and is huge for the Lakers on the defensive end.

    I think the Lakers should be looking at a PG more, I think this is Fishers last year.. read it somewhere last year

  147. JOHN says:

    TO GLENN YES CAVS GOT HEATS PICKS BUT WHERE WILL THOSE PICKS BE PROBABLY 30-32ND PICK IN THE DRAFT GOOD LUCK CLEVELAND . As for this mel trade where are my bulls get ii done garpax!!!! seriously deng , gibson , and 2 draft picks one being ours which really wont be too high and then we have the charlotte pick which can be used any of the next 5 years and will get better with its age . the bobcats are 9th in the east probably not a playoff team this year so that potentially could be a lottery pick for denver . seems to me like the most well rounded deal and i dont think we would need to make it a 3 way deal to complicate things . GET IT DONE BULLS . bulls are good and i am a lifetime fan but i think if we add anthony then we can put ourselves up there with the likes of boston , miami , lakers . as it stands bulls are 3 1/2 games behind heat and celtics . this would work .

  148. John says:

    They may trade artest, but not to the nuggets. Nuggests don’t want him nor his big contract.

  149. Heartbreak Kid says:

    For me, Melo should go to the Cavs. He can be a big lift for a team who’s been in the dump lately.

  150. Bad Mama Jama says:

    Man, if the NBA doesnt get a grip on this Rich getin richer and the poor getin poorer thing, i’m gna quit following it. These Chump Azz players 2day need to start getting more competitive, grow some balls n quit looking for a team they can win on, instead they should be trying to make their own team a winner. Lebron was the first sell out, how many more is it gna take. All these punks are just looking to hop on a legacy train that they can call their own. What happened to building and earning a legacy? Some players need to take it upon themselves and realize, if they cant win it with their own team, maybe that means that they arent the Champions they think they deserve to be. If u play with the best to become the Champions, that doesnt make you one of the best ever! It means that you failed at leading your team to be Champions & now you’re taking the easy way out & giving up on being legitimately looked upon as one of the best ever! PERIOD!

    • Jello says:

      competitive? we all know only half of the teams that made it to playoff are stack with talents and like 3/4 of all nba teams are worthless.

  151. KBPGLO says:

    I agree but not nash he’s not defending the faster PG any better then Fisher

    • STAR says:

      we dont have to give away fisher. what about blake? maybe drop someone like walton or those two new guys to get nash. blake must go tho because we already have 4 guards.

  152. arsonist says:

    Im thinking that Bynum and Artest for Carmelo could work for both sides

  153. Leon says:

    if carmelo ever went to the lakers there would be no team that can beat them in a best of 7 series and besides even if it were possible i doubt if melo would want to play with kobe all season part of being such a great player is the challenge of playing against other great players.

  154. KBLA says:


  155. alvaro says:

    Size down the strech, that trade doesn’t proceed Lakers must keep Bynum, and try to get a Decent Play Maker ’cause Derek F. it’s getting Older and Steve B. doesn’t fit in this triangle ofensive. But the Lakers are all right. Let’s see when whats going on on April.

  156. mic says:

    if the lakers should chase anyone from the nuggets to help them win the championship this season it’s big shot billups… forget melo. trade bynum for billups and the birdman!

  157. kradypatty says:

    melo to lakers?
    it sounds great but lakers should get a better point guard than getting melo..give artest a chance..
    fisher is getting to old for defending guys like rose, rondo, williams..i respect fisher for his 3s but..he cant keep up on faster guards..

    i think lakers should get a better guard than getting melo.

    get nash :]

    • Heartbreak Kid says:

      I second the motion!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I wouldn’t mind Nash on the Lakers. He is old but the work that mans put into this league he deserves at least one ring before retirement! His D isn’t any better than Fish’s though

      • Ron says:

        nash is definitely good. not only can he pass the ball, he has really good shot selection unlike kobe. but then again, kobe will probably touch the ball more than nash if he is out on the floor. who knows, things might change since fisher is just not a better playmaker than kobe.

  158. Glynn says:

    Cavs got heat’s draft picks so it’s not completely nothing idiot. It was a sign and trade.

  159. jaye says:

    it would be nice is just once you could give us your opinion… without telling us what our opinion should be…. just sayin’

  160. kobe/melo teaming together do it. it wont take that long for melo to adjust to the team look at miami. and we do have some passers ”walton”/blake/kobe/lamar/gasol/ even tho some are low on ”playing time”. and we should than get dwight howard end of season.

    plus lakers should be putting there rookies out there so they can get better, i mean why is there other teams using there rookies, and there playing pretty good. ebanks should be getting atleast 5-6minutes a game like when there winning in the 4th quarter. ebanks has potential as a scorer lakers just not using him right.

  161. KBPGLO says:

    Lakers better stick with what they got cause having Bynum with Gasol and Odom makes them the team with the best frontcourt in the league and come playoff time the jumpshots not always falling sorry melo we dont need ya

  162. AC says:

    I don’t think this deal will go down either. I have been a fan of Melo’s OFFENSE for years. Mainly, because that’s all he has. I think Anthony would hurt LA as well as NYK. Knicks have a great thing going for them now and I honestly think losing Chandler for Melo would hurt them in the future.

    Unfortuantely the sports world has exposed Melo’s weaknesses in basketball. And that adds up to be everything except for his offensive skills with the ball. He can’t play D, he’s not a team player and I don’t think he’s championship material. I love his skills and he’s fun to watch but he’ll cripple any team he goes to.

    Denver should do everything they can to drop him, imo, before this summer. They need to get some money for him and start looking towards the future.

  163. EB V3 says:

    I’m glad, even if Bynum has struggled with injuries I still like having a young strong center with a great interior defensive presence. Plus if they did trade him would back up Gasol and Odom? Ratliff is still listed as out indefinitely and he’s not someone I’d want as a primary backup anyways. That leaves Smith who only plays garbage minutes and the rookie Caracter who shouldn’t be playing two positions all the time and still needs development before taking that kind of role.

  164. NetsFan says:

    HAHA! Nuggets are wishing that they would’ve made a deal with the Nets. They are straight up getting robbed lol. I’m not saying Carmelo would’ve signed with the Nets but I know the Nuggets are definitely going to think back on this.

  165. vs says:

    Like Superbowl tickets that cost fans hundreds of dollars to watch the game in a parking lot, there will be talking heads and blowhards like ESPN’s Chris Broussard as long as there is demand from the “fans”. Everyone would be better off by reporting only facts and ignoring idle speculation.

  166. Pete says:

    THANK GOD, Melo is not coming to L.A for Bynum.

    At least now we still have a chance of three-peating.
    God job L.A.L Staff! *thumbs up*

  167. andrea says:

    I don’t think that the Lakers will get Carmelo, but that’s just me speculating. Lakers need to improve defensively and with Bynum in the starting line-up the defense is indeed better compared to a line-up without Bynum. Why do the Lakers want Carmelo, whom does not play defense all that well?

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Our main concern at this level is the inconsistency that is Ron Artest and the glaring weakness that our older, slower, unable to defend POINT GUARD is to the defense… Ron Artest is very much replaceable now: Matt Barnes has basically outworked him, and earns far less than Artest does. Even after a full season, Artest isn’t clicking with the system that is run around the Lakers; his inability to perform to standard in the system leaves us vulnerable in every offensive set. That’s why, Artest has to be the top of the list of players to move, and quickly.

      Replacing him, though, would be interesting… I’d probably trade with the Bucks, as they have a solid range of strong defensive-type players on their team; as well as a glaring need to upgrade their roster for a postseason run, and this makes them able to move players. One player that I feel would fit extremely well would be Delfino, and his contract is a goldmine. This would allow Matt Barnes to start, and Delfino would enter into the lineup; he’s young and his contract is only for two years, and less than Artest’s. Although he isn’t the same “size” as Artest is, he’s capable of doing what he is needed to do as a strong reserve; plus he does shoot pretty well. This would take a little creativity from the management, however, it’d be a good deal for both teams: Artest will be moved, and he can play and contribute on a playoff caliber team and the Lakers can rid themselves of him, as well as get an upgrade.

  168. The Iceman says:

    kobe and melo, we lakers win the championship the next 2 years. GET MELO

  169. Awesome says:

    thats awesome it will be fisher kobe artes melo gaosol and of the bench barnes and odom awesome

  170. King Joe says:

    If the Knicks dont get mello there is something wrong with them for real. we can love all these players we got but every game we lost we was looking for those points that mello would of probably put up. i love chandler an fields but i would take mello any day NY need a dam ring.

  171. spain says:

    If the lakers dont sign melo i dont see us 3peatin…the heat look too strong.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA, the heat look strong during the regular season. But when the playoffs role around, for anybody who knows and watches the playoffs, the run and gun style of basketball has never won a championship. PHX never won a championship, they played the same style of ball and had a better team than the heat do! So what makes you morons think that this run and gun style of play will beat the Celtics in the playoffs, CMON man, get real. I know you LBJ fans love the taste of his sack. But come on, get off of it for a second and think realisticly. The heats weaknesses will be majorly exposed when the playoffs role around. So you LBJ gobblers, enjoy it while you can.

    • Wait a Minute says:

      So they’ll just stroll past Boston right? think about those 2 teams, look at their rosters, compare them. lol

  172. F!$! says:

    Melo LAL Jersey.. damnnnnnn 2ya Fans of LA the RING is comin

  173. jay Espinosa says:

    we’ll see what’s gonna happen guys. All the manager knows what’s the best on his team so there’s probably a good deal will happen in this coming days, goodluck MELO

  174. F!$! says:

    MELO to LA hope that will happen

  175. Joaquin Miranda says:

    This is not happening folks, Melo to the Lakers is non-sense. Disrupting the line-up like that cannot be good for the Lakers, besides, I cannot imagine Kobe co-existing with Melo on a nightly basis. Besides, they need Ron Artest to play D, he is a S-F, the position Melo plays. Melo sucks at defense. There’s no way that will work. The Lakers do not need another scorer, they are already quite efficient at that end of the floor.

  176. KobeFanMiko says:

    lol? Kobe-Anthony-LO-Pau? Are you kidding me? That would be too good! I am a Catolic and I believe in miracles. But sorry.. I wish that this will happen but it’s hard to believe!

  177. 24 !! says:

    well wont happen for sure still this laker team can beat any team if they want and they’ll never looser size for meloo no way may be they let go of bynum next year for dwight that,ll be like WOWW !! but hey keep dream till then 😀 just wait for this lakers team to kich off now if they loose to boston on 10th then we can hit the panic button for sure but still they will not involve anyone new cuz triangle offence and still they havent just joe smith the new weapon … april come soon please 😀

  178. shettima says:

    For the fans its about winning but for the GM and league its about winning the business i know a trade to bring Melo might improve the offense but would hurt the defense.Phil jackson been in the game too long to make silly mistakes, he has to look past the regular season and consider the playoffs.That being said, it brings us to to match ups. The Laker Bigs can easily take on any other bigs in the West, so they need them to get far but when it comes to playing teams in the east, thats when you have to consider the other positions and although melo would be a wonderful addition playing against teams like the Heat, Boston, Orlando (causes it gives LA extra scoring options) you have to still consider getting past teams in the west before you get to the East. i think a trade for Melo before feb 24 would go down but it would be a very complicated trade, it could involve other teams example, Al horford been crying to move to the PF position in Atlanta,so they might be a three way deal between Atlanta, Denver and Lakers. The NBA is about business so expect that trade to go downn, the impact of the melo-drama would be like Lebron and Bosh going to Miami, “more viewers“..

  179. LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

    watching this video shows me when NEED ariza back, get rid of artest…forreal man

    • Wait a Minute says:

      No you don’t. quit fooling yourself. After what Ron Artest has done for you laker fans you guys wanna stab him in the back? He has done NOTHING WRONG since he has been in L.A. without him you guys wouldn’t even have won game 7 or the WCF when he hit that game winner! remember that? …. If you guys get rid of Ron Artest that would be the BIGGEST mistake of the Laker season trust.

      • gryhndz says:

        I aggreed about all the help done by Artest. Let’s just wait in the Playoffs and the lakers will be in the zone.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        you guys keeping riding these two or three games artest did good in….LOOK AT THE F’IN MAJORITY OF GAMES he does terrible in

        OVERALL artest is SO-SO, Ariza had two heroic plays in the postseason of that title run the same as artest. Ariza gives YOUTH, SPEED, DEFENSE (not as much as artest i know), and PRETTY GOOD OFFENSE!!!!

    • Ron says:

      artest is not bad. he is not there for the offensive, but the defense. his job was supposed to guard paul pierce, kevin durant and lebron james

      • G Lu says:

        yes… and then allows lebron to like 35 points christmas day…

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        don’t think this is a good trade, for the Lakers… Sure, Bynum is somewhat of an injured reserve, typical of his history; however, he is a core establishment in our championship-level build. Without the man, we’re not the same, and even if you speak about it in any manner, the fact is that he’s a terrific player and will eventually round out into shape: someday.

        Our main concern at this level is the inconsistency that is Ron Artest and the glaring weakness that our older, slower, unable to defend POINT GUARD is to the defense… Ron Artest is very much replaceable now: Matt Barnes has basically outworked him, and earns far less than Artest does. Even after a full season, Artest isn’t clicking with the system that is run around the Lakers; his inability to perform to standard in the system leaves us vulnerable in every offensive set. That’s why, Artest has to be the top of the list of players to move, and quickly.

        Replacing him, though, would be interesting… I’d probably trade with the Bucks, as they have a solid range of strong defensive-type players on their team; as well as a glaring need to upgrade their roster for a postseason run, and this makes them able to move players. One player that I feel would fit extremely well would be Delfino, and his contract is a goldmine. This would allow Matt Barnes to start, and Delfino would enter into the lineup; he’s young and his contract is only for two years, and less than Artest’s. Although he isn’t the same “size” as Artest is, he’s capable of doing what he is needed to do as a strong reserve; plus he does shoot pretty well. This would take a little creativity from the management, however, it’d be a good deal for both teams: Artest will be moved, and he can play and contribute on a playoff caliber team and the Lakers can rid themselves of him, as well as get an upgrade.


  180. melo, gasol & kobe says:

    are better then wade, leBron & bosh

  181. Emmanuel says:

    it would work becz kobe and pau or more of passers now and they now how to wrok with each other put melo in there its done lakers win every game plus the need another consent socore

  182. ced24 says:

    i love the ending to that video and the same results will be in the 2011 season when the lakers will hold up the trophy once again with or without carmelo anthony lets go lakers!

  183. just1fy says:

    I am not a ‘Melo fan, personally. He is a proven scorer, but I really don’t think he can defend anyone. I would hate to see him go to the Lakers because I am a Laker fan. I think Odom cannot be replaced, so if they had to give him up, huge loss for his defense versatility. He would not be able to put up 30pts on a given night like ‘Melo can do. I also don’t see Melo being the team player that Odom or anyone else on the Lakers have done. He’s all about getting ‘his’ and forget about everyone else. I think if he made it to the Knicks, it would definitely make the eastern conference more interesting. They would not beat Boston or Heat, but Orlando could be in trouble…

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Odom is too valueable. He does not complain about not getting the stats he wants because of how good of a team player he is. Odom is probably my favorite player in the whole NBA.

    • Gio says:

      Carmelo can’t defend anyone? Have you truly watch his games before? Do you know how many offensive and defensive rebounds he gets a night? I totally disagree with your statement about Carmelo not being able to defend anyone. One thing i realize about alot of basketball fans is they don’t understand the “roles” of indiviual players, and you fall into that category, i don’t mean to insult your insight of basketball, but your statement is totally wrong. Carmelo isn’t the greatest defender, i will agree but he gets the job done, he gets his “role” done. He’s able to stop many players from scoring and he’s also able to stop them from getting a second chance shot. If you watch his game, you would see that.

      • Donut says:

        he just cant. i mean, this year, kobe had been slacking too, but i dont blame him since he just had surgery and never really had time to really rest, so putting too much effort into guarding might get himself injured again. however, melo is still young and healthy, but he had never try to put much effort every game. take a look at bosh, when people drive in under the paint, he would just stand there or maybe like reach it with one hand and then let them pass by. why? because he doesnt know how to get himself into a good position to guard. same thing goes to melo.

  184. lakers history says:

    all you fools think that these type of deals will not happen look at laker history free agents came to lakerland chamberlain kareem shaq than in 2004 PAYTON MALONE SHAQ AND KOBE brought us to the finals

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Point is, the LAKERS get whoever they want. We might of lost, but we still have 16 championships, how many does your team have?

      • Sunsman says:

        Only cause Malone was injured. If Mailman had of been healthy Detroit wouldn’t have had a chance. Guy plays what 16 years uninjured, then at worst time…… course how often does it happen that way…. eg Celtics last year

    • Gio says:

      the only reason Lakers got those players in 2003-04 season was because.. payton and malone took low pay for a chance to win a championship which Lakers were capable of

  185. pepe says:

    Melo with Kobe!?!? yeah, better than lebron – wade -bosh 🙂
    lakers go on third..

  186. lakerss21012 another dynasty says:

    heyy skeou dont you think the lakers should just wait out till howard opts out of his contract beacsue howard seems wants to go to LA would be a sickk lineup brown kobe odom gasol howard or if the lakers do get manage to get melo just imagine
    starting lineup 2012-13 season BROWN ?? KOBE MELO GASOL HOWARD

    • julio9 says:

      DAMN!!! that WOULD be NICE!!!

    • NetsFan says:

      Lol not happening, if Lakers get Carmelo they will not have the cap space to sign Howard too lol

    • Jay Jenkins says:

      i respect that Howard deal even though i’m a die hard Howard fan it’s in him to do the right thing and stay in ORL but let’s be real dudes want rings and the only way they can get it is to have enough pepole contributing and to be able work as one

    • jpal20002001 says:

      Oh YEAH!

    • G Lu says:

      would be sick… not nough cap space unless you and some 100 people are willing to donate one year of salary to give to LA xD

      Here’s the thing, we could get rid of ratiff, walton, ebacks, caracter, and smith and then after the trade for melo for bynum and blake, THEN we’d have enough cap for melo, howard AND a better point guard than an aging fisher… although fisher is clutch.

      I sitll dont think that’s happening… i mean, howard DOES like the lakers, but i think his career is better off being a magic.

  187. shallehalle says:

    Kobe like with Shaq will demand to trade Carmelo, so that he can take 30 shots a game

  188. Hybrid says:

    Melo Amar’e and Felton does make for a nice secong round playoff team. That’s really what Knicks fans want at this time, just a good run at the playoffs. As for a championship, baby steps

  189. Lakers want everybody!! that¡’s so anoying, they got steve blake and matt barnes and became a better team than last year, and still they want more?? they want gold for mirrors!! they still think they’re negotiating with indians in past centuries. They got gasol for kwame brown and some other NOTHING!! and now they want carmelo simply for Bynum?? OMG they want to make the most unacepted deals in wich only they win and other team loses, Besides i dont think nuggets would give their best player to their strongest opponent

  190. lakeshowtime says:

    it could be folks!,,kobe-melo-odom-gasol-lakers…..RING!

    • MrP1C4Z0 says:

      Look, the only inconsistancy that I see within the Lakers is PAU GASOL! I dont know what it is, but he played an IMPORTANT ROLE in the roster (dont know if he relize that). Gasol cant even shoot well from anywhere in the key, causing Lakers to lose in important games. Dont get me wrong, but Pau is very intellegent with basketball fundamental. But can he show more hunger to win, then this weak ass hook shot, lay ups, and brick shots from the key??? If theres trade going on, I would like him to be traded, and get somebody tough, and able to finish, such as Boozer. Oh btw, Lakers need to work on Steve Blake, he is also showing inconsistancy, by always passing the ball, instead taking the shot. That boy can shoot, just seems timid, scared to take the shot. Steve, TAKE THE DAMN SHOT, WE KNOW YOU CAN KNOCK THEM DOWN, JUST GOT TO TAKE THE SHOT!!!!

      Nuff said….

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        see this is what i also have been saying….alot of these games we LOSING arent on the fault of KOBE, Kobe been doing his job man, and he only takes over when everybody else is NOT MAKING SHOTS or PLAYING WITHOUT HEART….in my opinion thats wtf A TEAM LEADER IS POSED TO DO, take over when things seem to be dismal!

        I really saw the softness of Gasol in that LAL vs BOS game a couple weeks back in staples…Gasol is freaking sitting out on the 3pt line or the high arch of the key -__- …are yu serious???? GET YOUR BODY IN THE PAINT OR DOWN LOW

        I dont think you need to trade gasol, he is still key to our success, but he needs to get it together, he seems to be playing like the old gasol back in 2008…we need Gasol from this last championship run and we need another scorer when he is messing up because Kobe is using up too much energy in these games that we still end up losing, Kobe is still fairly young at 32, but his LEGS are probably more like 36, becuase all the minutes he has played on them….WE HAVE TO SAVE HIM FOR THE POSTSEASON!

  191. alex says:

    i hope melo goes to the lakers, itd hurt their team, its replace artest and bynum with odom and anthony, theyd be even worse defensively plus kobe isnt as good a passer as lebron is so i don’t see them working as well as the heat are, which isn’t even that great when you think about people wanting to forgo the season and give them the trophy, the most balanced teams (spurs celtics) are on top which is great for the NBA

  192. Willie says:

    This trade needs to go threw for LA ‘Melo for Bynum there’s nothing to think about make the trade. Bynum is not a top tier center probably never will be, but ‘Melo is a proven scorer, and Kobe cant play forever you need a super star to replace him.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      I agree, Bynum is good when healthy, but every season he is hurt for this and that and OUT for a numerous amount of games

      • ivan says:

        ok let me make one thing clear bynum is not injurey prone he has had bad luck bot time first odom falls on him n then kobe how is that his fault

      • Colt says:

        I think ‘Melo wants to win championships. Y would he go to a team thats getting old and probably gonna lose its stars in a matter of a couple years? Melo’s best chance still in my opinion is the Nuggets. But if he must leave NY is the place to go. Hell LAC would be better than lal.

    • Saw_Lakers says:

      Well said Willie. 100 % agreet with you.

    • Daniel says:

      I think the lakers should trade. But trade Artest and Bynum for Carmelo and Nene. If you lose a big man you got to replace one. But i wouldnt do this trade unless Carmelo signs an extension. Send some feedback…

      • Donut says:

        thats much better. however, nene should only be a temporary replacement. once summer hit, replace nene with marc gasol.

    • Ryan says:

      this is how i see it. lakers so far would have the best to offer for the nuggets. why would the nuggest risk turning down all these offers and then possibly lose him to free agency and get nothing out of it. i would take bynum and artest and maybe a draft pick for carmelo and another player instead of waiting and possibly losing him. with carmelo, offense improves drastically with him and kobe co-existing each other. gasol is too tall for alot of centers anyway. odom is almost the same length. fisher is consistent to a extent. then you got a better bench than the heat, and alot of other teams with the likes of shannon brown and matt barnes. blake produces decently. so really if you think of it, why go to the knicks where they would gain little out of the deal if they plan on keeping stoudamire and felton and even gallanari? when you can get artest a great defensive player to give the nuggets some defense at least, then add bynum down low to increase size for nene? lakers nuggets should make the trade, period.

      • Donut says:

        tall doesnt always mean everything about center. what about strength? you gotta box out and/or not lets them get under the paint yo

      • Sunsman says:

        One big road block to this sort of trade is that it makes a conference rival vastly superior. And yes the Nuggets may get nothing if Carmelo leaves, but what they also don’t get is expensive contracts back and no chance of progressing due to making the Lakers superior themselves. The NBA is big business….. would you want to pay millions and millions and then have a cap on your income cause you will have no chance of getting into even the western conference finals.

        In the end, Nuggets will via trade either get dissatisfied superstar or expiring contracts and/or draft picks. That is it, and Bynum/Odom/Artest are not superstars.

        Of course…… LA did manage to somehow get Pau couple of years back…. so you never know

      • Eman says:

        Great Respose. Agree with you. And Kobe-Melo can be the war of the season vs Dwane-James. This can mantain the NBA very interesting to See it.

  193. Nick says:

    The only people out there who are even interested anymore in the Carmelo story are Knicks fans and even if he ended up a Knick, they wouldnt win a championship or even beat the celtics or the heat to get there in the first place ! This story has become boring ! Or maybe it’s because I’m a Nets fan ! Lol !

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Melo to Knicks with Amare can beat the Heat! And maybe even the celtics….the celtrics will b another year older next season….EVERNTUALLY and QUICK SOON the age factor is going to wear its toll

      • Archi-Dead says:

        Not really, Kicks with Mello can’t beat the Heat or Celtics! He ain’t that good.

      • Nick says:

        The heat are on another level to the Knicks and the celtics maybe an ageing team, but they are still a cleverer team !

      • NYC L train says:

        the heat and celtics could bearly beat the knicks just imagine if melo was there.

      • wow says:

        y would u think that melo has that much weight when he goes to another team? he has had an amazing team the past few years and they have gone to the conference finals but thats it. knicks are not as good as denver was in terms of depth and intangibles. i just think that the knicks need different “weapons” than a forward. Amare is pretty much the same position as Melo although melo could move to the small. i think the knicks although they have shown incredible potential are missing some better quality bench players. they can easily get worn down with their lack of depth and arent going to make it in a long series with the top guys. to even think they could beat miami who is finally starting to come into form, with a long way to go is nuts. and as for boston they are prolly the deepest team and the team with the most length. not happening

      • Arthur says:

        Big three vs. Big two 3>2 heat win

      • @wow says:

        If you think Melo doesn’t bring as much weight to a team, then you obviously don’t know anything about the Nuggets. Ever since Carmelo was drafted to Denver in 2003, they’ve been in the playoffs every year, which ended their playoff-less streak after not advancing to the playoffs since 1994. Just because he hasn’t won them a championship yet, you think he makes no difference to the team? You say he has amazing players now, but look back at the Cavs. When Lebron was there, everyone was talking about how great Mo Williams and Delonte West and Anderson Varejoa were. Now, ever since the big move, the Cavs have been the worst team in the ENTIRE LEAGUE. I’m not saying the Nuggets don’t have good players backing Melo up, I’m just saying the team doesn’t have playmakers on Melo’s level. The only other player on the team I can call amazing would be Chauncey because he brings leadership to the team and he’s already led a team to a championship. Nene I would call a great player as well as Aaron Afflalo. Everyone else is good. J.R. has skill but can’t show that skill consistently. Kenyon is injured too much to make a huge impact. Ty Lawson is still getting used to the league. So without Melo, the team has great potential, but so does every other team in the league.

      • lakerfan15728357 says:

        I don’t think this is a good trade, for the Lakers… Sure, Bynum is somewhat of an injured reserve, typical of his history; however, he is a core establishment in our championship-level build. Without the man, we’re not the same, and even if you speak about it in any manner, the fact is that he’s a terrific player and will eventually round out into shape: someday.

        Our main concern at this level is the inconsistency that is Ron Artest and the glaring weakness that our older, slower, unable to defend POINT GUARD is to the defense… Ron Artest is very much replaceable now: Matt Barnes has basically outworked him, and earns far less than Artest does. Even after a full season, Artest isn’t clicking with the system that is run around the Lakers; his inability to perform to standard in the system leaves us vulnerable in every offensive set. That’s why, Artest has to be the top of the list of players to move, and quickly.

        Replacing him, though, would be interesting… I’d probably trade with the Bucks, as they have a solid range of strong defensive-type players on their team; as well as a glaring need to upgrade their roster for a postseason run, and this makes them able to move players. One player that I feel would fit extremely well would be Delfino, and his contract is a goldmine. This would allow Matt Barnes to start, and Delfino would enter into the lineup; he’s young and his contract is only for two years, and less than Artest’s. Although he isn’t the same “size” as Artest is, he’s capable of doing what he is needed to do as a strong reserve; plus he does shoot pretty well. This would take a little creativity from the management, however, it’d be a good deal for both teams: Artest will be moved, and he can play and contribute on a playoff caliber team and the Lakers can rid themselves of him, as well as get an upgrade.

        The other problem is the point guard issue… Obviously, getting a good point guard isn’t easy for the Lakers. The problem is that Fisher is slow, and Blake isn’t doing what he expected of him. I’d probably go for Maynor (OKC), Udrih (SAC) or Evans (although it’s unlikely Kings will let him walk), Ronnie Price (Utah), Marcus Banks + Aaron Grey package (letting us lose some oldie for a young big body) from NO, or perhaps another team that wants to remove a PG. We don’t need a “starter” material point guard, just a good reserve.

        We have a great rotation concerning every other position except point guard. Although Artest is struggling, he’s capable of doing enough to give us what we need. It’d be best to move him and save money, as well as offer someone something more.

        I’d like to trade Walton and Artest for a point guard, bench small forward, and possibly another big body to complement Odom/ Gasol/ Bynum; preferably young.

        If NO wants to trade, this could be interesting http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine

        NO could get a stronger group of players at wing, and we’d get young talents, take Ariza’s contract, and also a solid Big Body plus reserve PG. They’d get a good group for themselves, probably.

    • Saw_Lakers says:

      Trade Bynum, Odom, Artest, Blake and 1 first and 1 second round picks for Anthoney, Nene, Billup !!!!!!

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Just trade the whole damn team why dont you. And who wants Billups? We are better off with Fisher.

      • assassin says:

        like that scenario alot

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Yeah lets gets rid of our bigs. Lets get rid of Odom the most consistent Laker. Yeah right, Odom and Bynum are too valueable, LA does need to start rebuilding but they aren’t getting rid of their championship core until our 3peat happens or chances expires.

      • Lakers fan says:

        No bynum is a movable piece because he is injured most the time granted he is there for some of the time the lakers might need him but not enough if the lakers got melo just melo not nene or billups one billups is to old and 2 fishers been to good and 2 clutch for the lakers to trade so if the lakers traded Bynum, Blake and a second round pick and got Melo and Maybe throw in alil extra to get Ty lawson then that we be great cause when fisher retires because hes getting pretty old the lakers would have a young guard to replace him like Lawson who is a pretty good player and they could get a center from the draft with there first round pick so check this Lawson,Bryant,Melo,Odom and Gasol could play center for time being and each one of them could but up 10 to 20 points a game easy

      • mike says:

        thats a terrible trade casue lamar odam is one of the best consistent scores off the bench, and artests offense is questionable but hes a great defesve player.

      • Lakers fan says:

        Artest has lost that great defense he had hes good not great anymore

      • G Lu says:

        ODOM??? wat are you smoking? he’s one of the best on the lakers right now (3rd best). and why would we want billups??? i mean, he’s old and Fisher is needed for his 2nd best clutchness to kobe bryant. get a good guard from the nuggets like ty.

      • TWizz says:

        For all the people talking down on Billups and comparing him to Fisher, you obviously don’t see him play. Billups a great offensive player, good defensive player and a good clutch player. He is one of the main people hitting shots in the last few minutes for the Nuggets when they need it. Get your facts straight.

        And that trade is horrible. Why would Nuggets want a injury prone Bynum? Odom is good, but not good enough to match Melo’s skills. Artest… Good defensive player, bad offensive player. Nuggets already have Affalo to guard the good 1/2 guards, thats enough.. Blake… hahah. Nene is better then all of them. Bynum ONLY gets ‘alot’ of points because he is tall, nothing else. Nene is shorter and still gets a lot of points.

        That’s the problem with these fan made trades. They only look to make their team better.

      • laker fan 2011 says:

        the lakers are not going to mess up there soild line up bynum,odom are staying if the lakers do make a trade its going to be a lil one or mabey trade artest….

    • Mamba24 triple ocho says:

      melo for bynum is ideal now…bynum is nothing more than a 15 and 7 big thats very inconsistant offensively and defensevly and is very fragile and injury riddled…The key to me is gamble with melo now and the clincher is we will be heavy in the running to get DWIGHT HOWARD after his contract is up…by then ron lukes odoms etc contracts will be up and pau can team up with dwight with melo a aged hobbled kobe and who knows who our pg will be but they wouldnt have to be great….

      • MambaApprentice says:

        Kudos. Old Kobe to me is a new Ray Allen. If the Lakeshow get Dwight and Melo, another championship is in play. And thats almost a guarantee.

      • Donut says:

        i cant believe this is coming out of a mamba fan, its a shame, really. do you even think when you speak? do you think melo will provide us with any defense? we have enough offense from kobe and the rest of the team. dont tell me kobe isnt consistent because melo is even worse. if anything, blake and walton is who we should get ride off. walton is just too expensive for its output. blake is just not providing what we need.

        seriously, melo is the most overrate super star. if you really want to trade away bynum, get kevin love instead of bynum. that dude get shoot in and out, rebound and still have time to get himself into a better defensive player. if you give him 20 shot attempt, he will make 10 of them. if you give melo 20 shot attempt, he makes 8 of them.

      • Lakers fan says:

        If we got Melo and Lawson from the nuggest and traded Bynum, Blake and Artest and maybe a few picks wed be set at PG cuz Lawson is a pretty decent guard and Melo would add some scoring his defese mt lack here and there but i think as a defense whole thy would still be good and he can score too along side Kobe which i might add can still get er done when the time comes and he is needed and Lawson could replace fisher when he retires so look at it like this Lawson,Kobe,Melo,Odom,Gasol and we could get a pretty decent center from the draft so gasol wouldnt have to play Center and wed have almost the same linup but with Melo added and wed lose an aging Artest and Bynum who is good when not injured but can’t seem to stay uninjured reply and tell me wat u think

    • Gio says:

      Carmelo and the Denver Nuggets already beaten Miami Heat this season, and they beat them bad. The Knicks also beat Miami Heat this season also. So the chances of Miami being beaten by a Knicks team that consist of Carmelo and Amare is very likely. Not only that remember what Chris Paul said. He wants to play with Carmelo and Amare. If Carmelo does go to the Knicks then next year we will see Chris Paul in New York. What then ? You think Celtics can beat a trio like that? You think Miami can also ? Don’t think so

      • Mario says:

        Yeah, Denver beat us but we didn’t have (Dont like saying this but…) our best player Lebron. Yes Wade is one of the greatest playing right now. Bosh hasn’t been doing that great so far. But Lebron is in his prime of his career. I garantee a win against the Nuggets if our big 3 is healthy….Our big 3 wasn’t healty against Clippers, we lost, Sunday all of the Big 3 Healthy. BOOM, Win. Our team needs to be healthy and were going to win.

      • Donut says:

        im a lakers fan, and i already know denver cant beat heat. as much as i hate lebron and the heat, they are not to the point where they will lose to nuggets. trust me, nuggets is no where near getting championship with that kind of line-up.

      • lol says:

        and the denver nuggets got raped by the Kings by 20 points. losing a random game during the season means nothing. playoffs count, and teams that play no defense (cough cough knicks) will likely not win a playoff series

    • marquise says:

      You’re dumb… The Knicks have beat the heat twice so far without melo and just amare.. the knicks also nearly beat the celtics because knicks loss by 2… If the knicks get melo they would have the extra edge that they need to be a playoff team and NY might even win a championship and if they win more and more players will want to come to Ny