Blogtable: Ray Allen — NBA’s best shooter?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Ray Allen: Best pure shooter the NBA has ever seen? If not, who’s your favorite?

David Aldridge: I never thought I’d say anyone was a better pure shooter than Dale Ellis — when Dale was on, the net didn’t move — but Ray is. Reggie was a great, great shooter but I think Ray has him beat, too. Everyone has their favorite spots on the court but it seems like Ray is more comfortable in more places than anyone I’ve seen (and I didn’t see the likes of Jerry West or Sam Jones in person).

Steve Aschburner: I’m always leery of superlatives in a public forum, because the moment you proclaim anyone or anything to be the “-est” in some category, someone or something pops up whom you neglected. Also, our culture’s collective memory goes back approximately 37 minutes, so it’s easy to forget or underrate someone from way back when. I can’t say with certainty that there’s anyone who was a better pure shooter than Allen, but I can produce a list of fellows who’d be in the discussion. Such as: Drazen Petrovic, Jeff Hornacek, Peja Stojakovic, Glen Rice, George Gervin, Ricky Pierce, Dirk Nowitzki, Rick Barry, Chris Mullin and of course Reggie Miller. Then there’s my favorite, especially as the stakes went up: Larry Bird.

Fran Blinebury: Jerry West, Rick Barry, Pete Maravich, Bob McAdoo, Freddie Brown, Dale Ellis, Reggie Miller and Ray Allen are one helluva hallelujah chorus when it comes to making the nets sing.  But front man will always be Larry Bird — for the form, the clutch makes, for the cold-blooded confidence.  At the 1988 All-Star Weekend in Chicago, he walks into the locker room prior to the 3-Point Shoot-out and asks: “Who’s going to finish second?”  ‘Nuff said.

Art Garcia: Since I can’t include Jimmy Chitwood — the question does specify NBA — I’ll go through some of my favorite marksmen over my years watching the grand game. In no particular order other than rough chronology, I’d throw these guys into my list of faves: Larry Bird, Dale Ellis, Mark Price, Steve Kerr, Allan Houston, Glen Rice, Reggie Miller, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki and Peja Stojakovic. But above all, I’m going with Ray Allen. The release, the timing, the fundamentals, the temperament. All pure.

Scott Howard-Cooper: I’m not sure he’s even the best in the game now, never mind ever. Part of the debate is defining “pure shooter.” Does that mean strictly a catch-and-shoot guy? Dirk Nowitzki is a special talent, but with a repertoire that spans from the dangerous range of a spot-up shooter to fall-aways. Steve Nash is historically good as a perimeter threat, but never will never be among the scoring greats because so much of his focus has been getting the ball to other people. Allen definitely has the pure-shooter element, though, with the lightning release and feathery, arcing shot. He’s definitely very high in the discussion, along with Reggie Miller and others. I’m just not sure he’s ahead of Larry Bird.

Shaun Powell: Strictly from a visual standpoint, Allen’s form is so perfect, it should be a logo. The levitation, the soft yet secure grip, the fingertip release and follow through, so velvet. Best pure shooter? Best I ever saw. I notice you didn’t say best all-around shooter, though. While Ray could probably knock a tangerine through a loop earring, give me Steve Nash, whose career numbers are 90 percent from the line and 43 from 3-point, all the more impressive because of the added burden of ball-handling. And his hair often obstructing the view.

John Schuhmann: When I was covering the Heat-Celtics series last April, I showed up a few hours early for one of the games at American Airlines Arena. When I got there, I walked out to the court and encountered the Heat dancers warming up to my right and Ray Allen shooting to my left. And when it came to deciding which of the two to sit down and watch, the former Dance Team Bracket champions were no match for the greatest shooter ever. His form is perfect, he’s shooting better than ever, and he’s been ridiculously clutch since arriving in Boston.

Sekou Smith: I’d love to hand Ray the crown since I’ve watched his entire (future) Hall of Fame career play out. But someone I know and trust, someone who has seen roughly 40 more years of basketball than I have so far in my life, warned me against calling anyone the “best ever” without careful examination. It’s easy to hand Allen the title right now because all of the other contenders can’t make a live impression upon us, since they’re no longer playing in the league. Allen is no doubt the best pure shooter of his era and certainly in the conversation for the best pure shooter the league has ever seen. And there is no doubt that he will finish his career as the most prolific 3-point shooter in NBA history. But I think this is a question that requires more than just a casual conversation. We’d need to slice and dice this topic in so many different ways (best from distance, best from the mid-range, best off the dribble, on the run, etc.) before we could come close a conclusion. There have been too many great pure shooters to come through the NBA for me to hand the title to Ray Allen, or anyone else, right now. As far as my favorite, I’ve always felt like Larry Bird’s stroke was sweeter than anything I’ve seen.


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    ray allen is the GREATEST shoter ever!!!!!!!

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  6. clash says:

    ray allen is the 3 point king in nba. And allan caidic is the best 3 point shooter in asia. Even up to now he can make a 3 beating glen rice in 3 point shoot out.

  7. LeBron James or Dwyane Wade says:

    To me d-wade and king James are both good shooter D-wade has his moments like last year he was shooting great from the three point line and this year his percentage is a little down because he doesn’t have to take as many last year because he has LeBron who is a great shooter he can shoot in your face wink at you in then laugh because he knows its going in.

  8. smarty says:

    kobe is the best shooter of all time

  9. jhayhojames says:

    all i can say is RAY ALLEN is really my best shooter of all time doubt about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i also idolized him!!!!!!

  10. Lolwut says:

    Kwame Brown is the best shooter the NBA has ever seen :D?

  11. Tony says:

    Just one thing: Kyle Korver

  12. […] Blogtable: Ray Allen — NBA's best shooter? « | Hang Time Blog […]

  13. Joaquin Jerez says:

    Kobe isnt the best shooter he isnt that efficient … in a good night he scores 30+ but with a FG% lower than 50 in a great night he makes 30+ and 50% fg so he isnt in the discussion. idk who said it but D. wade? best shooter?are you confused about the term shooter? i love wade he is fun to watch he’s game is fearless and amazing but the best shooter in nba history?? what else D.howard is the best shooter of this era?…and about who is really the best allen has the most beautiful shot but bird is just above him. allen catch-and-shot abilities are remarkables but bird can do it as good as allen and create space and shot better than anyone and he was so CLUTCH!! he was an unstopable clutch shooter so thats why i consider him the best shooter ever. i also really likes steve nash shooting but he is a pure Pointguard so i think that we really missed a contender to the best shooter ever.

  14. Mafael says:

    I think that most of you guys do not pay attention to the name of this blog, each word of it is essential. It is named ”best” ”pure” ”shooter” ”all time”. Not best player, not best all-around player, not best clutch-player, not most athletic player, not best shooter according to his height, not would-have-been best shooter if he blah blah passing or blah blah had more defenders upon him etc.

    The only factor that is indeed fundamental to get an objective conclusion is that you can not compare player who played on different era. For example nearly 99% of active and well-informed basketball fans would agree that MJ was a ”better” player than Chamberlain although the stats of the latter are by far propably the best in nba history. But ofcourse we are taking into consideration that Will played in an era, when the level of the league, the competitiveness, the average height of the pleyers and other fundamental factors, were by far lower than of those who followed.

    Personally speaking, i say that Ray-Ray is the best pure shooter in nba history. Bird and Miller were exceptional shooters too and the one who claimed that Bird just tossed the ball without skill and technique, should grab a ball and try to shoot, because only a guy who actually has never played basketball could have stated that, Dirk or Bird shoot so well because the are tall and can avoid tough defences. Shooting is arguably the only skill of a basketball player which requires so much practice, unlike agility, pace, jumping, passing skills etc. Ofcourse all of those skills require thousands of hours of practice, but shooting is 80% a matter of practice, whereas jumping and agility for example are 505 a matter of practice and 50% of athletic skills.

    Greetings fore Greece, always a pleasure to watch Nba and reading our comments.

  15. lebron fan says:

    are all of you guy’s insane shaq all time best shotter,

    all time.

  16. rodrigo says:

    REGGIE MILLER, simply as that, in front of Ray

  17. Gerry says:

    I think it’s you who hasn’t seen many shooters. And you didn’t put ANYBODY up as better. So stop it with the hating. I’ll put Ray right there with Bird as someone who can and does hit from anywhere in the offensive shooting range of a half court. Phenomenal! And it’s also about the ball leaving your hands and going through the net, not how aesthetically pleasing it is. Jeez! MJBthancourt and Imad Akel should stick to soccer or whatever sport they OBVIOUSLY watch much more than basketball.

  18. Gerry says:

    I think it’s you who hasn’t seen many shooters. And you didn’t put ANYBODY up as better. So stop it with the hating. I’ll put Ray right there with Bird as someone who can and does hit from anywhere in the offensive shooting range of a half court. Phenomenal!

  19. theLakeshow says:

    I think whats impressive is Ray Ray did it in more than 300 games before Reggie did :O

  20. Brandon says:

    No doubt ray ray is the NBA’s best shooter today.. Of all time arguably with reggie miller and larry bird.. Best clutch shooter of all time NO.

  21. mary says:

    Take this from an old lady whose seen the likes of west, Jones, World B. Free, Andrew Toney, Freddy Brown and The Birdman…….The game today is played at a different level of intensity and speed…Ray Allen is in excellent shape, Reggie was too, their gaames are/were predicated upon their ability to stay in constant motion.My concern as a Celtics fan is the about of minutes Ray plays….In addition I’d like to say with all the press the bad guys get guys like Ray don’t get the media attention they deserve he is the consumant professional,always a gentleman…his mom raised him well and I salute and congratulate them both .

  22. Daniel says:

    Drazen Petrovic is the best pure shooter of all times, with Oscar Schmidt and Larry Bird.

  23. aaron says:

    definitely reggie miller best shooter of all time. ray allen is a good shooter but its easy to be a good spot up shooter when you have good players on ur team like kg and paul pierce to control the ball and pass it to you off a screen for an open shot. reggie was a one man show shooting at will while controlling the tempo and the ball. reggie best shooter of all time




  27. Simply the Greatest... says:

    Larry Bird is one of the most accurate 3 pt shooters of all time, but he had an ugly form which pretty much everyone can admit to. Reggie Miller had one of the fastest releases ever when it came to 3 pt shooting and was one of the masters of catch and release (in fact remember when he burned the NY Knicks with 6 pts in about 3 secs?), but if you watched Ray Allen from the beginning of his career until now, you would know that Ray Allen has better form than both Reggie and Larry. Ray is 36 yrs old and he is playing like someone in his 20’s. He will probably be shooting a better percentage than most at age 40 if he chooses to remain in the league. I love Larry and Reggie and their all-round game may be better than Ray’s all-around game, but Ray Allen shot is as pretty as the release and neither of the other two can compete with him at that. As far as most clutch 3 pt shooter ever that is very tough to decide. Even Steve Kerr, John Paxon, Jerry West and a few others come into play. Best 3 pt shooting big man I think that would be Dirk Norwitzki. Steve Nash has one of the best 3 pt shooting percentages, but being a point guard he is one of the best all-round shooters, simply because he can pick his spots while handling the ball. But when you consider how many 3-pointers Ray Allen attempts in some games, to have that accuracy and that % is amazing. BTW Ray hits 3-pointers when they really count in the playoffs, but it’s crazy that he struggles during the 3 pt shootout at NBA all-star weekend. Larry and Reggie would dominate those especially if they entered it as many many times as Ray Allen. I think he’s there to have fun, he’s there to have fun… lol Oh and why would some mention Kobe as one of the best 3 pt shooters? I see we have comedians in the forum… Off topic for a sec… Did any see MJ practicing with the Bobcats on the court? His J is flawless at 48!!! How do you take people to school at that age? lol Will never be duplicated.

  28. gunnar says:


  29. miguel fernandez says:


  30. RAY=dud says:

    If you try to watch last year’s Finals Ray Allen was completely nowhere against Kobe..except on Game2.But the rest of the game? forget it….Allen might Take the Record but those numbers do not live-up with the expectation….He’s good maybe bcoz he’s not the focus of the defense..the opposing team is sending double-team on KG and Pierce plus Rondo’s penetration will open up the perimeter.

  31. Jason says:

    I’m a celtics fan but if you talk about PURE 3-PT SHOOTER, The first name that comes to my mind is Larry Bird..Although I haven’t seen alot of Bird’s Game but that fact that he’s the dreadest shooter in his time and brought his team to victory by his SHOOTING, I’ve got to take my Hat’s off to him…

    Ray Allen is nonsense when it comes to crunch time and the clock is winding down…..You give an inch to Larry and those double team and four Hands in his face wont change the projection of his shots…with or without defender, Larry is the BEST.

  32. Jonnyboo says:

    Their are many great shooters who have played in the NBA. Larry Bird for example is probably one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA, as well as Reggie Miller. In the NBA today though, Ray Allen is the best shooter in the game and probably the best pure shooter to every play the game, with what the man did yesterday we have to congrats him on breaking the record.

  33. Peng says:

    Forgotten man – Craig Hodges
    Perfect form.

  34. JJ. HAM says:

    Easily the most pure shooter the NBA has ever seen is Dennis Roddman enough said!

  35. Tom Swift says:

    Yes. I believe that Ray Allen has the purest shot in the NBA. He has the best jump shot too. It’s incredable for me to watch a guy shoot a jump shot from a long way off. Most players shoot set shots from the three.

  36. NUMBERS DONT LIE says:


  37. NUMBERS DONT LIE says:






    • Jonnyboo says:

      I agree with everything on this one. I understand that Steve Nash is a great point guard but without no rings you can’t place him on the “talk” of being one of the best in the NBA!

    • Sunsman says:

      Totally disagree with your basketball comments and your bigotry. What has being WHITE or BLACK got to do with this. I’m not from the USA and I am not influenced by the racist tensions that come from your media that you seem to think are so important. I still respect the fact that Nash and Dirk have had a 50/40/90 season – Nash is currently on his 5th while also leading or being 2nd in assists.

      Yes I am a fan of the Suns, but I don’t need to be to see the stats and the impact that Nash and D’Antoni had on the NBA when they joined up and started the push for a faster offence rather than plodding get it into the low block then kick out style of play. Will the faster pace win a championship maybe – maybe not, however you can’t deny the ability to produce points per possession and the need to be able to shoot – which is what we should be arguing about here.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      NUMBERS DONT LIE, what the hell does championship rings have to do with who is the best shooter? That is totally irrelevant. You are a disgusting racist, you have a problem with Steve Nash because of his skin color. Go away, racist, there are kids present here, they don’t need to be learning your hate-speech.

  38. ZULU says:

    Excuse me but why does Ray have too be THE greatest ever? What about: Sam Jones, Elgin Baylor, World Be Free, Downtown Freddie Brown, THE BIG O, Big Dog Glenn Robinson, Drasdan Petrovic, Trent Tucker and the mayor Dave Bing.To name a few. The sports talking heads can’t define everything and expect everyone else to just fall in line with their definition of what THE ALL-TIME BEST may consist of. In every square mile of this nation there has probably been a legendary shooter. For good measure ask anyone from the Valley High SCHOOL Conference to UNLV about one Tony Smith. These little dittis are great for gettin’ the rap started though, Hang-Time has done it once again!!!

  39. LOBSANGRAMPA says:

    Today Ray Allen made history but he also proved one thing……… that Larry was the best “shooter” for the Celtics. If this was the Celts of old Larry would have put the game out of reach with clutch shot after clutch shot. But the night belonged to Kobe…..simply put, he put Ray on the bench and then went to work and when Ray returned, Bryant made him look so human especially with that killer move at the end.

  40. why is kobe not in this conversation? says:

    why is kobe not in this converstion, he can shoot very well with a hand in his face

  41. JP says:

    Alot of u say that ray allen is the best shooter cause he broke the record. Reggie is the best 3 point shooter in the history of nba. More buzzer beaters and game winning shots, carried indiana for 18 years without strong players by his side, unlike ray allen that won a title with rondo, pierce and garnett by his side. Plus when they met in the playoffs reggie killed the bucks, put indiana on the map, and he has stories like the knicks / pacers rilvary and his personality that goes beyond the sport itself making him greater than allen. Ray allen is good and i don’t care how many records he breaks…Reggie Miller is the best!! and the celtics tried to acquire reggie miller a couple of years ago even with ray allen already on the team and with reggie RETIRED…that sums it all up!!

    • ray08 says:

      JP…..u sound like a crazy person…..Ray is the best shooter of all time now……deal with it……dont mix clutch shooting and rest of the other stuff into this……MJ is clutch…..kobe is clutch…..reggie is clutch…..but rayray is the best shooter….all time…..

  42. Samuel Morales Jr. says:

    Ray Allen isn’t the best shooter. He is one of the best, not the best. Three point shooting Larry Bird, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller. Ray Allen is a catch, and shoot player. He ain’t that great of shooter with strong defense on him. He has a quick shot, pretty fast for a shooter moving through screens, and the fast break. Bird could shoot the ball with the DEFENSE on him. Reggie, and Allen are similar, but Reggie did more of a fade away jump shot. A lot of shooters get good FG%, because of their role in the team. They just catch, and shoot because the defense collapsed on another player, like another superstar. Reggie was better player using screens than Allen. Allen was more of catch, and shoot. Still a great shooter, but I don’t think he is the best. Yes Bird could post up, but he still shot the ball over the defense including running through screens to shoot. Bird was the primary offensive focus with many weapons. Ray Allen is mostly a catch and shoot player where the defense is slow to catch up to him. As far as best all around shooter, Ray Allen definitely isn’t better than Bird, and yes Bird was mostly a shooter even if he played with his back to the basket, he just knew how to shoot over his defenders. A fall-away jump shot is still a jump shot. Just because Allen does a basic jump shot doesn’t make him a better “pure” shooter. That’s a travesty.

  43. Mauricio Perez says:

    Are we discussing Best 3 point Shooter ever or simply Best Shooter Ever?
    If we´re talking 3 point shots, then I have to handle the crown to Reggie Miller, simply because you must consider that he was the most important guy on his team and every shot he made was with a hand on his face. Second: Larry Bird (sane reason but his shot was way to ugly to see). Third: Mark Price. He really had the perfect shot technique. After that what about Drazen Petrovic, Steve Nash,etc.
    Allen is what? The 3rd or 4th option on the one team that was a contender on his career.
    Regarding best shooter ever, that´s pretty simple: MJ. Just take a look as his last shot as a bull in slow-motion and everyone will agree. You always new his shots were going in, specially the important ones.
    PS: it appears nobody remembers how Allen´s disappearance from the Finals after his 9 3 pointer display made the difference in last year´s finals.
    Greetings from Chile

  44. Rayray says:

    Ray allen is the best. No one will ever be like him.

  45. Dan Berg says:

    My vote is for Jamaal Wilkes. I have to laugh at all these people that seem to think the NBA is only 20 or 30 years old.

  46. Alex says:

    i believe PEJA STOJAKOVIC is the best shooter all time
    I love allen and reggie but
    peja only played about 800 games and is 4th on the all time list
    ray has played over 1100 games and counting
    reggie played about 1200 games and is 2nd
    so if peja played 1200 games and didnt get injured and have back spasms, he would be the best if not 2nd

  47. Sunsman says:

    As some of the blog team lead to, it all depends on how you define best shooter.

    At creating his own shot, at catch and shoot, at shooting in traffic, most points per game, highest fg or 3fg %, best feel for shooting (you know looks like everything the guy throws up is gonna go in).

    What amazes me is the amount of people who don’t rate Chris Mullin. Guy was a freak shooter – remember reading an article years ago with other NBA players talking bout summer games with Chris, and how he would go 15 minutes without a miss in pick up games.

    IMO Ray Allen falls into two categories – “best all time” catch and shoot, and up with the best for best feel for shooting – which is where Larry Bird and Steve Nash and maybe Stephen Curry fit. Creating his own shot is the likes of Jordan, Kobe, Dwayne Wade.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      I think Ray and Dale Ellis are the best shooters COMING OFF A SCREEN. Nash is still the best all-around shooter, though.

  48. Jay says:

    Growing up in Indiana, as a life-long Pacers fan, I think this discussion is all wrong.

    Bird was better than Reggie, but all Reggie could really do was shoot the deep ball and Bird could post up, rebound, pass, etc. So Bird was the better player and Reggie was the better pure shooter. I wouldn’t say Ray Allen is better or worse than a lot of players mentioned above. Dell Curry hasn’t received enough love on this post. Chris Jackson (sorry, I don’t remember what he changed his name to). Chuck Person and Mark Price should be on the table as well, and of course Drazen, rest in peace, would be a serious challenger for this as well.

    But the best shooter, with form, high percentage, etc? Alford. And yes, he did play a few NBA games so he should be in the discussion. If Ray Allen is “slightly undersized” as an NBA SG, Alford at 6’1″ (and he never played point in Bloomington, he was always a “2”) was severely undersized. And thus, his NBA career was really short.

    But none of those guys were pure shooters like Steve. Steve just didn’t have the size to stay on the court against these guys for long in the NBA. Clearly he got game-planned right out of the league – just put an average sized defender on him at SG and then he had the best looking jump shot to ever get swatted into the stands.

    Its too bad the basketball gods didn’t give him 6’7″ body to work with.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Steve Alford is the best shooter in NCAA history (though Austin Carr and Pete Maravich would surely have something to say about that), just not the best shooter in NBA history.

  49. Andres S says:

    To me personally the best shooter in the NBA currently is between Ray Allen and Steve Nash but, at the current moment Ray Allen is the best shooter because of the Milestone he is about to accomplish.

  50. Laker Fan says:

    To all you who are basing it off of the most 3s made stat. One, That stat cancels the old greats out because these new players play way more games than back in the day coming in the league so young and leaving so late. They also have added more games. Anybody who actually knows the game can see that. Two, you cannot cancel other great pure shooters out just because they did more than chunk up 3s all game. A pure shooter is consistent and hits them when they are needed. (unlike Ray Allen in the playoffs other than game 2 in the finals). Three, third player on that list is Jason Kidd who is a perfect example of these two points because he doesnt even belong in this discussion. Scroll up and see what else I said if there are any more questions. You guys are killing me.

  51. anjo says:

    no doubt ray allen is the best shooter.. but he can compare to larry bird and reggie miller.. larry bird is better player but ray allen is the best shooter.. it is beautiful to watch and very soft/sweet. that’s why he was called sugar ray.. and he’s shooting is very fast.. it is tough to defend..

  52. moke says:

    I have to give it to Larry Bird. I grew up watching him. I have seen the rest too. Miller was great, West, and the rest discussed here as well. And obviously, that I am a life long Celtics fan, born into it, I love Ray Allen’s shot. You gotta ask though…what do you mean Best “pure” shooter ever? If you mean the prettiest and techinically superior in form, well yeah Allen beats out Bird. Larry threw up some ugly ones….But I believe the meaning is the best at shooting period. The best from anywhere on the court. The guy that you have the most confidence that no matter where he ot the ball, no matter how he shot it, jump, fade away, fade left, fade right, lefty, righty, top of the key, outside the arc, paint, anywhere, that it was going in. No contest Larry Brid. He was money. Saw him shoot it from BEHIND the backboard falling out of bounds, up, over and swish! I love Ray Allen, but man the guy can really be off. the last championship the Celts won…Ray was dog meat. Yeah everryone has bad days but I get frustrated with Allen missing, way more than ever did with Bird, even near the end when Larry’s back was trash. No disrespect but Bird is/was the best money shooter ever….Best pure shooter…not best pure SHOT. Best shooter. Give him the ball anywhere anytime and you got points.

  53. clone says:

    Ray Allen is clearly the best 3 point shooter of all time and maybe the best all around shooter. He has made clutch shots. His free throw percentage is phenomenal. He has a finals game 3 point record. His form is the best. He has the most discipline. His field goal % is high. He has made more threes than any other player (very soon). Reggie Miller is in the discussion for three pointers but does not beat Ray Allen. Larry Birds 3 point percentage is .376 which he has not even made in the top fifty for total 3 point shots made. Yeah, he was clutch… ill give Bird that… his total stats are phenomenal but… he doesn’t compare to Ray Allen as a shooter. As far as Reggie… his shooting percentage is lower and he will be #2 maybe even by today on total 3 pointers made of all time… RAY ALLEN! As far as Kobe… stop. Kobe is a great player… but please don’t bring him into these conversations… he is a different kind of player.

  54. James says:

    Watching Allen in person is the only way to, truly, appreciate his ability. I think Steph Curry, Peja, Reggie, and even Korver have great, pure, shooting techniques, as well. However, what sets Allen apart from ALL of these talented men, is his quick release. No doubt, the quickest of the bunch.

  55. MRS NASH says:

    yes, steve nash is the best shooter, thank you! haha isnt it weird how Shaun Powell said nash is the best shooter, even when his first priority is to pass the ball? and Scott Howard-Cooper and Art Garcia both have Nash as one of the best. obviously nash is one great player, the best(: whoever picked the allstar teams are crazy, thats all im sayin.

  56. tom says:

    Chuck Person, Hodges, Dale Ellis, Dell Curry.
    Awesome shooters, and pretty underrated.

    Tracy Murray led the league in 3ptfg%, a couple of years when the 3point line went closer.

  57. Guillermo José Vidal says:

    1) Ray Allen
    2) Larry Bird
    3) Reggie Miller
    4) Steve Kerr
    5) Chris Mullin
    6) Dale Ellis
    7) Jerry West
    8) Drazen Petrovic
    9) Peja Stojakovic
    10) Kyle Korver
    10) Glen Rice

  58. i think i am the best shooter all time i want to challenge ray to a shootout

  59. Ray Allen is Good and so is Reggie. Steve Nash 3pt% is high and he knows when to shoot. but ray and reggie both shoot quick and in anyones grill. But for some of Reggies carreer he shot from 23.9 feet then they brought it closer to 22 feet. but Ray allen is my best shooter on my list. Peja has a lot of three pointers as well with so little games played……..

  60. yehboi says:

    kobe is a mimic.. he copied everything about jordan! loser! no originality!

  61. d.wade fan says:

    wade is the best shooter eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  62. […] Blogtable: Ray Allen — NBA's best shooter? « | Hang Time Blog […]

  63. poboscov says:

    I think we should put Shaun Marion vs Magic Johnson to see who has the most beaultiful shot!!! LOL

  64. malick says:

    when it come to shooting i give it up to ray allen i love his shot selection not only is his shot pretty it goes in too which is the most important thing

  65. rebirth34789 says:

    how come only great players are being mentioned here?

    larry is a great shooter, great scorer.. great over all performance.. i would call him a Clutch/all around scorer type player than a pure shooter.
    reggie miller is a great shooter as well, though his ability emphasizes more on range. hes a clutch/Pure shooter. but doesnt do alot of layups dunks, other mid to inside scoring like larry can.

    now ray allen… the only player in similarity is reggie.. because ray allen is only a clutch/pure shooter. which is a good roll and nothing to be down for. he will have more 3pt made than reggie since he shots more on 3pts itself than midrange.. reggie shots ” 50% of the time” in midrange, and “50%of the time in 3pts”. im talking about tendecies.. someone might not understand.

    but you cant forget Steve kerr… leading 3pt FG% in nba history… he is a great shooter/clutch. dont just involve great players… try putting players like steve kerr that are great in there category in the conversation.

    • moke says:

      ahhhh, in order to be considered the “best ever” or “best of all time” that player would kinda have to be great.

      Just sayin.

      • Jay says:

        So you’re looking for the “Best shooting ‘great’ player?” I think its fair to say that some of the best shooters weren’t great all-around players. What can Ray Allen do other than shoot? He’s not a great defender, great passer, great rebounder. Larry Bird was great at all of those but defense of course. But those other things don’t enter into the “who’s the greatest shooter ever?” debate.

  66. yong yong yee says:

    ray allen is not that consistent compared to larry bird and reggie miller….

  67. yong yong yee says:

    talking about mr clutch… how about robert horry??

  68. PBA says:

    ALLAN CAIDIC is the best pure shooter the game has ever produced.

    Search for this man in google or in youtube… he even kicked Glen Rice’s @$$, though he was way older than him 🙂

  69. celticboy says:

    ray allen is the best shooter in nba history.ther is no doubting that i and many other would have him take the last shot in the game if i had both ray and reggie.1 of the best in the nba and in nba history.ray ray is gonna beat that freakin record 2nite and what better way that 2 beat it against the rival lakers.buckle up ya’ll we in 4 a show 2nite.

  70. chris says:

    The two fastest killer – shooters were Ray allen and Reggie Miller hands down . But the shooters with the most beautiful style for me were Dale Ellis and Drazen Petrovic.

  71. KM says:

    RONDO is the Second best shooter in the NBA.

  72. KM says:


  73. Kenny says:

    All of you obviously haven’t seen Dale Ellis come on he was the best ever!!! In an era where you were hacked or worse he was unstopable. Chuck Person also was great, you guys need to look back beyond 10 years come on!!!

    • Jay says:

      Great choices. Some more: Dell Curry. Chris Jackson. Eddie Johnson.

      That was the golden age of sweet-shooting SFs. But back then, coahces had more discipline.

      When Reggie and Chuck were teammates, the Pacers didn’t even average 5 3FGA’s per game, and those guys were legendary. Last year, the Pacers had a couple of average shooters attempting 3 3FGAs EACH. (Granger and Murphy.) Imagine Rifleman, Dell Curry, Reggie Miller, Dale Ellis, Chris Jackson, Glen Rice, Mark Price, even Dennis Scott and Trent Tucker with the current gameplans, coaches, and non-stop green lights from behind the arc. They’d blow some of these overrated current players away!

      • Jay says:

        Typo: Granger and Murphy each shot 5* 3FGA’s a piece. (Shameful, isn’t it?)

      • MJBethancourt says:

        You really nailed it, there. Can you imagine if Larry or even just Hodges or Tucker were allowed to jack up ten treys a game? In 1990, I think the record for treys in a game was like 5 or 6, now it’s 12, by a guy who only hits about a third of his threes.

  74. LakerFanatic says:


    NO. 1 : REGGIE MILLER!!!!! ( THE BEST!! very very QUICK release, and has the SPEED to run through screens. )
    2. Larry Bird ( weird looking shot. but was automatic.)
    3. Ray Allen ( fast release too, but not close to Reggie’s,
    4. — ( dunno! like who cares? LOL)
    10. KOBE BRYANT – for me his stroke is pretty amazing and the follow through.. fade away jumper, ,,
    turn-around left-handed buzzer-beater? IMBA!

    * any shooter can shoot AIRBALLS too, so STFU! did you see ray allen airball? how bout peja’s? or steve nash, or Dirk Nowitzki? it’s NOT only kobe who made an airball shot though, how bout Kareem? Magic? Larry Bird made few airballs too.
    * Reggie has the NBA record for most 3 point shots made ( WOW!)

    I put them not because of just stats.. like everyone could have a bad shooting day..
    perfect example of shooters having a bad day is Ray Allen’s 0-14 and Kobe’s ,

    not sure if Larry Bird and Reggie Miller had a bad shooting night though..
    I was not fortunate to watch Larry shoot the lights-out, neither Reggie Miller,
    have only watch their amazing Highlights through internet..

    RESPECT dude, coz I respect your opinion…

  75. jonathan says:

    warren das from the philippines is the best….

  76. Nickel says:

    Tang Wing Yui is the Best Shooter~~~

  77. Nickel says:

    Tang Wing Yui is the best shooter~~~~

  78. NBA MASTER says:

    RAY ALLEN, REGGIE MILLER, LARRY BIRD, DIRK NOWITZKI, KOBE BRYANT, and other candidates they are all 3 point shooter but as you can the title of best 3 point shooter are already awarded to reggie miller and it is now time of ray allen to claim that title for being a best 3 pointer in his era. years will past that this title will be crowned once again to other player/s. but we should give ray ray credit for his accomplishment so far.

    RAY ALLEN – best 3 pointer NO DOUBT!!!!

  79. Curt says:

    KYLE KORVER has one of the sweetest strokes I’ve ever seen but ray ray rocks.

  80. Miguel says:

    A few players still playing deserve a mention, like Michael Redd and Peja Stojakovic. Or how about some legends in Chuck Person and Dan Majerle? They perhaps don’t compare to Reggie or Ray, but they definitely worth mentioning for top 5 accolades.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Dan Majerle = unlimited shooting range.

      The guy can still drill halfcourt shots, while sitting down and wearing a suit. I’ve seen it, he did it a few times while broadcasting games … totally amazing.

  81. Filipini says:

    If there were no injuries in his career I think he would shared first place with Ray Allen. Simply, he was born to be a shooter.

    Sorry for my bad english i am from SERBIA!!! 🙂

  82. michele ferrauto says:

    ray is the best from behind the 3 point line.if we talk about the shot generally, maybe larry bird is the man…BUT RAY IS A GOD

  83. Lance Bontogon says:

    Reggie Miller is definitely better …

  84. Bonn Mendoza says:

    i think ray allen is the best pure shooter to ever play the game. His form is just perfect. I’m not saying this because he is my favorite player but because it is the truth. Maybe one day, someone will take his throne just like ray ray is taking the crown from reggie miller. But right now, he is the best..

  85. costin says:

    shaq is the best three point shooter off all time :)) i think…i don`t know for sure …but i think is over 50 & from down town … :))

  86. HighGuySmokinHerb says:

    ive got to say shaq has one of the best strokes ive ever seeen…..But then its a good arguement with dwight howard.

  87. NH_Hondo says:

    Hands down BIRD then RAY
    Kerr had MJ and Pippen
    DURANT will be the next best thing!!!

  88. Brent says:

    Yes he is. Someone said Larry Bird- He may be one of the best players ever but the best pure shooter- THATS RAY ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!

  89. IQ239 says:

    Ray Allen can’t be considered the best shooter ever. He is one of the greatest “three-point” shooters ever but as far as shooting overall he isn’t. I believe that Reggie Miller is the GREATEST SHOOTER EVER!!

  90. Anonymous says:

    Honestly he is the best the league has in 3 point shooting. He makes most, if not all, his shots every game. On game day every defender on the opposing team knows that he will make 3 if he gets open. I have seen great shooters like Peja, Peirce, Bryant, Wade, Bird, Kerr, Dirk and Reggie Miller. Reggie Miller was the best in his time but the torch has been given to Allen. Since joining the league he worked on his jump shot everyday fixing his flaws and still does to this day. I think Ray is the best 3 point shooter in the league. He deserves that title.

  91. hOtSHoT says:

    Ray Allen is the best pure shooter today. But KEVIN DURANT will take it after he leaves!!!

  92. DoubleA says:

    ray is definetly the best 3 point shooter ever ive seen in a long time — i guess hence the reason he will shatter the record for all time soon enough — and even after that he still has the rest of the season to make even more 3’s — pete maravich was def a good shooter as well

  93. Sterling Davis says:

    Steve Nash is the best shooter in NBA history he constantly shoots 40% from deep, 50% from the field and over 90% from the line, Nash is the best shooter the NBA has ever seen!!

  94. MJisTheBest23 says:

    miller and allen

  95. MJisTheBest23 says:

    Best clutch 3’s

  96. MJisTheBest23 says:

    2.Allen (beautiful shooting form and release) Textbook
    6.Kerr (record for 3pt fg % in a season

  97. Mario says:

    Dražen Petrović WAS IMO BEST PURE SHOOTER.

  98. standard247 says:

    I am Ray Allen fan and although he his definitely one of the best shooters the league have ever seen thus I agree with the analyst that it’s hard to hand out the “best” title to anyone and there is not someone else who pops up on the scene sometime after. However Ray Allen form is a work of art!!!!!!!!

  99. lebroncin says:

    I now you guys haven’t seen enough of him but have you considered Juan Carlos Navarro? Only played in the NBA for one year, even though he did leave his mark. This guy has been insane everywhere he’s been for more than 10 years, and definitely got himself known in Memphis. Pure stroke, lighnting-quick release, and the best floater in the world hands-down.

  100. Awesome says:

    Today Ray Allen is the BEST PURE SHOOTER but Im not so sure about him being the best all time.

  101. rulezz says:

    there is no answer to answer that question .. but i would say … maybe ray allen isnt best shooter but he is the most effective shotter … peja stojakovic , larry bird , billups , nash and others are maybe better but threes makes him most effective shooter that ever played in nba

  102. Emanuel. says:


  103. Raymond says:

    i think reggie miller is still the best of them all. carrying his team to beat bulls, i think 1995 playoffs. Ray allen cant make big shot. so he is not a real pure shooter. like what he did in game 4 or 5 last finals against lakers, he miss several time even now in 2011 season there was a game that he play’s salty. he’s still rusty in winning.

  104. poboscov says:

    Know this is kinda of off topic, but u have to remember brazilian superstar Oscar Schimidt. Although he’s never played in NBA, the guy was a legend back in the 80s (just ask KB24, he’s a fan of the man).
    Here are some facts:
    1) he scored carreer totals of 49.737 points (playing mostly against lousy defensive teams, but still impressive)
    2) 5 olympic appearences, with 1093 points
    3) 30,5 PPG in 1.615 games (including world championships and olympics)
    4) 55 points in an olympic game
    6) 1760 points in 40 games playing the 90/91 season in italy (amazing 44 PPG)
    7) 90 straight free throws made playing for flamengo at the brazilian national championship
    8) 22 straight free throws made in one game
    9) made 50 point games 4 times in a row
    10) shot 1000 3s AFTER practise every day during his hole career (wich ended when he was 44-45)
    11) only left practise after hitting 20 straight 3s
    ***the following r non confirmed facts, but still fun to mention
    12) made 196 straight free throws one time while training with brazilian nationals
    13) made 90 straight 3s one time training in brazil

    • Erik says:

      Could also be the description of Nikos Galis´ career —- yes O. Schmidt was great!!!

      • poboscov says:

        But amazingly, Galis was a PG with 6’1!!! The guy was the Iverson of his era!!! Oscar, on the other hand, was a 6’7 PG-SF that took half his shots OVER his defender, somewhere close to what Dirk does today.

  105. kilaaa says:

    i think ray allen has the best form but i dont know why people try to discount reggie miller, his form was weird but that man was like a god when it came to hitting clutch 3 pointers. come on playoff vs knicks 7 points in like 17 seconds.. come on let reggie live for now he deserves it

  106. wangbu says:

    ray ray ray all the way!!! break the record on tomorrows game againts the showtimers!!

  107. mika says:

    when it comes to shooting…there is only one name… REGGIE MILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  108. redman says:

    I think samuel dalemert is the best of all time…jkin:D ray allen… nbas finest

  109. peter says:

    best shooter ever. With a release of 0.7 seconds ,always the same shooting ,simply the best 3pt shooter … 🙂

  110. larry says:

    just watch this:

    ray allen is one of the best shooters ever!!! he can shoot it from everywhere, with or without defenders, he can create his own shoot and he makes clutch shots too!!!
    people forget the times in milwaukee or seattle. in seattle he was the man!!! just watch the games…

    of course there are more good shooters but ray jumps higher and releases quicker than anybody else!!!

  111. ZTIB says:

    Im a Boston fan and i definitely like Ray the way he received and shoot, just a blink of an eye and ball is right there at the net. but i say Steve Nash is best due to percentage area. everytime i check nash stats, i always look on the asst but not the points, so it means his scoring area is greatly affected and reduces as he looks on the player rather than concentrating on shooting like Ray as recepient most of the time. imagine nash dont have assist but only point, he aint steve nash, but seeing nash having 25 asst and 14 point, 3of 3 above the arc, then thats amazing, nash is a point guard and is busy making plays for his team,not waiting to receive a pass and shoot. what if nash starts to be a shooting guard, who do you think will be on the stats….

  112. Scott Ferron says:

    Jerry West, Pete Maravich, George Gervin and Larry Bird are the best pure shooters in NBA history. Chew on that!

    • Jay says:

      Maravich was better known for fancy ball handling, and Gervin for his finger roll. I’ve never thought of them as exceptionally good shooters, but they were great, great scorers.

  113. shooterinthebackyard says:

    Ray Allen is, arguably the best shooter I’ve ever seen.

  114. Eren_Almighty says:

    Ray has the purest and the fastest shooting style in the league but if we are talking about the best shooter in the league than the answer is Dirk Nowitzki. The most consistent and unblockable shot in the NBA is his.

  115. RONDO says:

    DeShawn Stevenson one of the best 3pt shooters

  116. David says:

    Loved the scribe’s responses to this question. Ray Allen doesn’t rest on his laurels, he works his craft. He hones his skills, elevates his game, focuses on fundamentals. I’d love him just for his work ethic, but frankly he’s also got game. I’d include him on a list with Larry Bird and Reggie Miller, and that’s as high as it gets at game time. Larry was a cold-hearted assasin who simply would not fail in his duty. Loved watch him work: Miss seeing him out there! Reggie was another Bird-like, last-second, go-to, put-the-ball-in-the-hoop guy with deadly aim. Ray doesn’t have the “fighter” mindset of those two guys, but sometimes being simply smooth is just as lethal. With the game on the line, Ray can have the ball any time. Guys like these three are why I watch NBA basketball. By the way, does anybody notice that Doc Rivers ain’t too bad of a coach? 🙂

  117. igor says:

    I think that you forget one and only “Basketball Mozart” DRAŽEN PETROVIČ !!?? One of first European basketball players in NBA!

  118. Kaleb says:

    Richard Hamilton and Reggie Miller. What Reggie did in MSG is something only a pure shooter could do with all the animosity in the building.

  119. KendrizB says:

    In my opinion Ray Allen is the best, but remember to Reggie Miller and little far Peja Stojakovic.

  120. Femi says:

    Yeah, I think ‘Heat Ray’ deserves the title of the best pure shooter. Like ’twas said in 2K11: He has the sweetest form, not only does it look good, it goes in as well. I try to copy my jump shot with him 🙂

  121. sanchez says:

    how about chuck person?

  122. Raitis says:

    Ray Allen was, is and will be the best shooter in NBA ever!

  123. Lou says:

    no doubt, Ray Allen is the Best Shooter and with the most graceful release ever!!

  124. nuno says:

    sorry kids, i love ray allen style, but this isnt a beuty contest. i do my list by the level of danger, by the deffence allert of the other team, and by this i have to say that Bird, Drazen and Reggie are better than Ray. They are legends for many reasons but foremost by the shooting threat they represnted, Ray is a very good shooter but i doubt i could make the 50 best player list.


  126. Crousher says:

    Ray Rays release is so dam quick – thats what raises him above dirk & co and thats why hes the best shooter imo

  127. slaviksv says:

    Spurs champs

  128. slavik says:

    best shooter

  129. Barry Bricktov says:

    Michael Olowokandi? Ben Wallace? Robert Swift?

    Two Words: Money.

  130. SOT says:

    Ray Allen, Peja Stojakovic, Reggie Miller, Larry Bird. Full stop!!!

  131. passerby says:

    Once again, you can’t have this discusion without including drazen petrovic. his sudden death had prevented him from scoring as many 3-point shots, but if you just take a look at some of his games, you’ll see what I mean. and when it comes to deciding who takes the top spot, you’re getting in the same endless conversation, just like the one about the best guard, best center, forward, or the best player……………… there was naver meant to be only ONE

  132. Brylleskie15 says:

    Shaq is da best shooter

  133. Andrei-Romania says:

    The list in my mind is as next :
    1.Ray Allen;
    2.Reggie Miller;
    3.Larry Bird.

    So,yes, I belive ray-ray is the purest shooter. And also placed first on my top on quick – release shot.

  134. Capt. Clark says:

    Ray is the candyman: he has a perfect style during the shoot, using all his elevation. I think that he’s the GOAT.
    Larry Bird was perfect in everithing: pass, shoot, rebounds… he’s on another planet.

    But folks, take a look to the italian shooter: Danilo Gallinari. He’s young but got style.

  135. schnitzler says:

    Ray Allen is amazing!
    No doubt about that…
    But is he the best?
    i would say he is one of the best!
    With Miller and Bird.. They are all extremely good

  136. Celtics33 says:

    Gotta go with Larry Bird for a few reasons. First, since he was such a dominant player, he usually doesn’t enter these discussions about pure shooters simply because there was so much more to his game than just being a perimeter threat. Also, Bird had said before that he was a better shooter in his college years than in the NBA. The reason, he had broken his index finger on his shooting hand the summer before his rookie year during a softball game and it healed in a crooked shape. Regardless, he was the best pure shooter in the history of the NBA.

  137. JAYAPE says:

    Well theres 2 ways you can look at this.

    Kobe in the other hand, shots a whole different variety of shots, and clutch ones too. fades, floaters, spins, one on one, double team….etc
    -so in a way kobe is a better shooter.
    -but shooting 3s period, Ray Allen is a better 3 point shooter.
    -Ray A. needs to run like 30 ft just to get an open shot, compared to Kobe where he just fades away(tougher shot, better shooter?)

    So we all have a different say in this.
    On top of this Reggie Miller is a better 3 point shooter than both of them.

  138. mskako says:

    RAY ALLEN .. he is the logo of 3point shooting , the catch release and shoot in millisecond , faster then light ..
    But guys how you talk about shooting without talking about KOBE , Mid Range shooting is what he is doing the last few years .
    The pump-fake fade away shots are unstopable .
    he is one of the most perfect offensive weapons off all time , and he’s driving to the basket too rare in the last 4-5 seasons . All his great scoring matches are from mid range .
    Although Bryant isn’t the perfect 3 point shooter, but he also holds the RECORD for 12 3-s in a game which ties with D. Marshall
    I have been watching the nba since the spurs vs knicks finals ..
    the best shooters i can remember are: Reggie Miller,Glen Rice, Allan Houston,peja ,nash, dirk and of course Ray Allen . And i give the credit for mid range to Mr Bryant.
    But you don’t have to forget some other guys like J-Richardson: IN 2007-2008 3 3pts per game 40.6% shooting (most among all)
    and last year 2.5 3pts per game 42% shooting.. That are great numbers

  139. […] past Dale Ellis in a …The greatest NBA shooting guards of all time: Top 10 listYahoo! SportsBlogtable: Ray Allen — NBA's best shooter? (blog)Allen needs two 3s to break markWorcester TelegramBleacher Report -Gloucester […]

  140. Ivo says:

    No question, it’s RayRay. For sheer consistency and accuracy of the longest time? To argue any different is to be in denial.

  141. sangers says:

    Guys, its clearly between Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. If only we knew the end result of this shoot around:

  142. Robert Ling says:

    Ray Allen. The greatest shooter. Not only the greatest, he shoots in style. Solid and stylish shooting skills. The calm cold hearted assassin.

  143. Jun says:

    LARRY BIRDDDDDDDD!!!! Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! No body comes close!

  144. Steve says:

    Sort of sad to not see Del Curry on this list – one of the greatest (and absolutely the quickest) catch and release guys in the game. Wow, memories are short…

    I wonder whether his son Steph might make this list in the future.

    • Jay says:

      20 years ago, when the Pacers had Rifleman and Reggie, we pretty consistently had the best shooters of anyone on the court. And then we’d play the Hornets, and man, Dell Curry would outshine both of them.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        The craziest thing about watching Dell shoot, was that his feet didn’t even move… just an effortless, flat-footed flip of the hand.

        Eddie Johnson is another great shooter who is handicapped in this conversation because he played in an era when coaches only allowed you to shoot treys at the buzzer in close games, not throw up ten of ’em by halftime.

  145. JMNGOHO says:


  146. Dan says:

    Ray Allen hands down! Best stroke, best form, best quick release, best off the ball shooter. He’s jump shot is a work of ART!

  147. Paul says:

    i guess most of you are really young becouse im reading some crazy things here.

    wade and kobe dont belong here.

    dirk? he is not in the same league.

    the best of all time has to be miller, he was better than allen.

    remember that miller took this team to finals ALONE.
    remember what he did in the garden.

    and remember that miller won sooooo many games with the last shot, ray didnt do that.

    he is a great shooter, i love him and i love boston, but miller was better.

  148. Passing by says:

    Ray Allen is among the best, best shooter to date maybe, but best of all time, no… In my humble opinion there can’t be a best of all time in this category, ’cause shooting form is something you can work on your entire life/career as Allen himself says it(and if you look MJ’s Wizards vieos you’ll see how his shot form changed/improved from his rookie days even his last Bulls season), If you wait long enough someone else will come along who has worked on his shot a bit more than ray ray and then what, he will be best ever?

  149. darko says:

    guy”s you all forgot Chuck Person!!!
    and his duel with Larry Bird…..
    how abouth him???

  150. Allan says:

    Mitch Richmond, Reggie Miller , Larry Bird are all better, imho

  151. MYSTERIES says:

    If you match Ray allen and Steve nash i still feel Ray allen wins if you look in different areas of the game.

    Ray allen (this season) FG% 507 3P%462 FT%860 3P taken 115 249
    ***career FG% 452 3P%398 FT%893 3P taken 2559 6425
    SG 6’5

    Steve nash FG% 523 3P%403 FT%913 3P taken 54 134
    ***career FG% 490 3P%430 FT%904 3P taken 1538 3573
    PG 6’3

    As you look at these 2 players been in the NBA for 14 years Nash 37yo and Allen 36yo fairly even. But i feel you need to look at area’s beyond that with Nash as PG and Allen as SG different terms as a player i feel as Pure shoot as Miller and Larry, Nash i feel cant beat Allen, Larry and Miller as they are called volume shooters Nash not even close bec will never need to take that many shoots as thats not his game style as Allen game. Don’t get me wrong i love Nash as a player shame i cant see him ever win a title with the suns as getting old in age. Nash should play the passing game style we all love him for but is Nash top 5 or 10 assist player of all time? Funny as it is Boston will have 1st and 2nd spot as all time pure shooters in the game.

    I still feel its hard to pick between Larry and Allen, when you look at Larry shot it was ugly way to shoot the ball over the head then you see nothing but net fading away out of bounds. But i feel Allen wins, look at the game style we have now back in the year Larry was around i feel we have taller players higher leapers to block your shots and more muscle to push players around everything has changed now in the NBA in the year of Larry so my vote would see Allen win.

  152. Eduardo del Amo says:

    I´d do a remarkable difference between a pure shooter and a clutch shooter, for the second one all of we think in MJ. But for the firsts ones my rankin is: 1. Larry Bird; 2. Ray Allen; 3. Allan Houston; 4. Reggie Miller; 5. Mark Price

  153. Rattus says:

    Im going to go with mark price what a beautiful looking shot he had and what a quick release!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. lakersfan says:

    shooter refers to percentage shot not “clutch” ray allen isn’t even in the jockstrap conversation of most clutch to all time you idiots putting clutch next to him…. pure shooter not clutch he will finish a top 5 but number one no way in hell….. Jerry West(47% fg), Larry Bird (49% fg), Reggie Miler(47% fg) , and John Stockton (51% fg), and ray allen (45% fg) the lowest of all the “pure shooters” mentioned and ALL hall of famers….. so this article is way out of line

  155. the black mamba Serbian says:

    Peja is king ……he will 3-rd three player……..Peja is better than Allen

  156. tristan says:

    chris dudley is the best shooter in the whole universe!!!

  157. I’ve seen Allen Houston’s name mentioned a few times in the Feb 9th discussion about the NBA’s best shooters…. Ok he isn’t quite in that elite class in regards to the clutch situation element of the conversation. However if we’re talking a little bit about form on the ‘J’ I’d challenge anyone to name me a player in the history of the game with a prettier jumper!? I’ve watched him from UT to Detriot to NY! He’s pure.

    Love the blog Sukou, take care.

  158. Melo says:

    Ray Allen The Best

  159. DeRosePg1 says:

    well probably ray has one of the sweatest jumpshots of all time, but my opinion is that the best shooter (at least untill last season) and the best of all time is Kobe Bean Bryant

  160. Erik says:

    With career averages of .515/.384/.826 I think JOHN STOCKTON is at least missing in the discussion. MARK PRICE, CRAIG HODGES, there are a few more to mention. DETLEF SCHREMPF in the 94/95 season .523/.514/.839 and so on and so on… NIKOS GALIS needs to be mentioned, being a machine but being in the NBA when the NBA wasn´t ready for all the non US players as it is today.

    But what means “best shooter”??? Clutch, accuracy, versatility, number of shots made……. then you have of course BIRD, ALLEN, MILLER, MULLIN and so on…

    BUT taking a look at career stats so far STEVE NASH with .490/.430/.904 is one of the best overall and ahead of some of the mentioned players.

  161. alphaeng says:

    Come on. Don’t dice, slice or dissect, Sekou Smith. For discussion’s sake, who’s the best shooter? Jesse James and Billy the Kid are excluded. Anyway, I agree that Ray Allen is a great shooter. He has velvety/ feathery touch. Everytime he releases the ball, you can’t help but to expect that he will make it. But anyone cares to throw Michael Jordan nd Kobe the discussion to spice things up?

  162. Dan says:

    gotta give some love to Steve Nash here. percentage wise he’s a better shooter than Ray Allen, we just don’t talk about him as much because he’s seen as such a great passer. if Nash had no passing game and made shooting his trademark, a lot more people would be talking about him here. Nash is just as clutch, and given the game on the line, I’d rather give it to Nash – even though he’s short, he’s less reliant on screens and has a knack for somehow getting his shot off while being closely guarded.

  163. Ljuma says:


  164. Chris says:

    Stupid kids. Go and watch some old games of Larry Bird. Ray Allen and Reggie Miller are not even in the same league as Bird.

  165. RPM says:

    Jerry West

  166. damachina says:

    this sort of ‘pure shooter’ talks are really dumb in my opinion.
    who in the history of nba only make shot with the form of the traditional definition of ‘jump shot’ even when he is only 2 ft away the basket? none. ray allen doesn’t take the ball to the hole or dunk at all but only making long d jump shot? if not that what does it really mean to be a pure shooter??

    form wise, jordan is just as good as allen if not better in normal jump shoot. jordan also has better elevation for the most part of his career over allen. just because allen or miller made a sxxt load of 3s doesn’t mean they are better shooter than jordan or other so called ‘ non-pure’ shooter. and perhaps the long distance 2 pt shot % of jordan are way above allen ( possibly the amount of shot he made too) and jordan is out of the picture of this ‘pure shooter’ talk because he also happened to be able to drive, do lay ups, and dunk the ball ? that’s is really illogical to me.

  167. Peter says:

    I think people are saying Ray Allen is best shooter. but they must really mean he is the fastest release shooter and making them. But isn’t the best shooter the one that can make it in not only clutch, but at all angles, may it be fades, off balance, and whatever shots are out there. Ray Allen is a great shooter off of screens and the fastest release arguably. but he isn’t able to entirely create his own shots in clutch like how Paul Pierce is back down his opposing defender and hit a fade. Ray Allen is better at coming off screens to knock down his threes. The definition of a BEST shooter is one who can come of screens, create his own shots, get the feel of fade-a-way shots, and clutch shooting; even at off-balanced attempts (if I miss any more, please let me know). Ray Ray is only about 2 of those…

    • MJBethancourt says:

      … just described Steve Nash, Pete Maravich, and Larry Bird to a tee. Those are the best shooters ever, Allen isn’t even in their league. Allen mostly just shoots off of screens.

      Mark Price and Steve Nash have the same, identical, perfect shot mechanics.

  168. Purvis says:

    Kobe Bryant is an amazing shooter …. best shooter in the NBA …Allen is a great pull up jump shot guy … Kobe is better at leaners and fades and shooting of the dribble… I would say that Allen is a more consistant 3 shooter and has a somewhat quicker release most of the time…. kobe gets it off as quick as he needs to if he in rythem… my list goes …. Kobe , Allen , Nash , Pierce , Wade , Lebron , Anthony, Pual , Rose , Durant , Ellis , …… just a quick list of people who come to mind..

  169. Laker Fan says:

    I agree with M. Ray Allen is too inconsistent to be a greater shooter than Larry Bird. Be serious. After hitting the most threes ever in a championship series in game two last year. He went like 2 for 20 the rest of the series. Be serious. Do not disrespect the greats so quick just because of who is hot right now. You all want to talk stats and clutch well look at the past three playoffs and see how streaky Ray Allen is. I agree he is a great pure shooter. But it is no way that I will allow people who do not know the history of the game to put him above a 1st ballot hall of famer who is one of the best(not only shooter) but players the league has ever seen. Ray Allen is not even a top ten player in the league right now. Sorry Ray Allen you are a great shooter despite how bad this post looks. haha…

  170. Tenki says:

    Just a question? Why isn’t Drazen Petrovic in the conversation?

    • TrueChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

      didn’t play long enough. No one would even think of mentioning craig hodges either. Petro was great…too short a career. Same goes for other sports like hockey….Pelle Lindberg was one of the greatest goalies of all time…for 2 years. Car accidents have taken away a couple of potential “GREATESTS”.

      • Jay says:

        That’s bogus.

        Are you looking for the best shooter ever, or the above-average shooter with the most longevity?

        Now, Reggie and Ray are better than “above-avarege”, but there are many better shooters than Reggie and Ray that, for whatever reason, didn’t play as long.

        You can make the argument that some of the best shooters weren’t good all-around players and that limited their careers and their minutes. But Drazen was killed in a car wreck, that’s why his career was so short, and nearly all of the players being listed here can’t measure up to what Drazen did in his NBA career. He just didn’t accumulate thousands and thousands of 3FG’s because he was tragically dead.

  171. Daniele says:

    Drazen Petrovic – Best Europlayer ever
    Pete Maravich – Simply the best
    Ray Allen – best ever pure shooter
    Bob McAdoo one of the best NBA and Euro player ever
    Reggie Miller – the 3 pts men

  172. RealNBAfan says:

    This is just the usual hype cooked up by the NBA media. In reality, making it as the all-time 3-point scorer doesn’t put Ray Allen in the conversation as one of the all-time best pure shooters. The same goes for Kobe, just because he’s in the top 10 in all-time scoring doesn’t put him on the top 10 greatest players of all time.
    The best pure shooters:
    1. Larry Bird
    2. Reggie Miller
    3. Jerry West
    4. Allan Houston
    5. Glen Rice
    6. Rick Barry

    • TrueChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

      Your list is bogus. Enough respect to all of them, but Ray Allen is by FAR the best pure shooter of all time. Larry Bird, a Small/power forward, who scored only 9% of his total points from outside the 3 point line should be way down the list. He’s a legend, but a pure shooter? No way. He pulled down 2.0 Offensive Rbs a game.

      Stats dont lie, nor do they have an opinion:

      Ray – 35% of his points from 3, 47% from 2, 18% FT line
      Reggie – 30% from 3, 45% from 2, 25% from FT line
      Nash – 29% from 3, 53% from 2, 18% from FT
      Bird – 9% from 3, 73% from 2, 19% FT

      I haven’t looked at guys lilke dirk, mark price, peja, allan Houston….but I suspect that they are nowhere close to Ray statistically. Ray’s production comes more from his shot and any other player with a decent career in the NBA.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        Talk about bogus…

        … you’re judging guys based on what percentage of their points came on treys? You’ve got to be kidding! First off, that eliminates EVERYBODY who played before 1980, which is ridiculous. The standard also hangs on a very ignorant perspective on the history of the 3-pointer. For instance, when Bird was playing, if you were the best shooter in the world, then the coach would give you the greenlight to try a three; if you made it, he might let you try another one later. Generally speaking, players did not have permission to shoot in anything like the kind of volume they are free to do now; up until Dan Majerle and Reggie Miller came along, if you took more than three treys in a game, you would get benched and get labeled a “mad bomber”.
        Guys now will jack up ten treys in a game if they can make a third of them. Does that mean that everybody now, is a better shooter than anybody who was playing back in the 1980’s when the 3 was still an experimental shot that coaches hadn’t figured out how to properly utilize?

        Attempting more treys does not make somebody a better shooter. That is just crazy.

  173. Cyrus Clay says:

    100% percent best shooter off the screen catch and shoot for me he’s the best among the rest….

  174. Cyrus Clay says:

    100% percent best shooter off the screen catch and shoot for hes the best among the rest….

  175. romaniaguy says:

    Ray allen isn’t the best shooter all time. He knows just to shoot 3’s when he is opened!!!! There are a lot of guys better than ray allen..

  176. […] past Dale Ellis in a …The greatest NBA shooting guards of all time: Top 10 listYahoo! SportsBlogtable: Ray Allen — NBA's best shooter? (blog)Allen needs two 3s to break markWorcester TelegramBleacher Report -Gloucester […]

  177. OhMen says:

    Greatest? The nickname says it all: Larry Legend. When you look at his shot, it’s as if he’s just “throwing” the ball into the hoop, but with form, ease and accuracy. And the clutch moments! Oh my, you ever seen his buzzer beaters? Dang.

    And then there’s Reggie Miller and Ray Allen…

  178. jefsen ang says:

    ray allen is the best quick release 3-point shooter of all time.. might as well the best 3-point shooter. no doubt about it.

  179. Kobe Beef says:

    KOBE is the best shooter of all time!

  180. STEVE_NASH Hands down says:

    So let’s be clear about this guys..
    Best PURE SHOOTER the NBA has ever seen?
    That was the question everyone’s arguing about, right?
    50% FG – 90%FT- 40%3PT (four times or probably even five when this season’s over) BBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This conversation is over baby!!!

  181. STEVE_NASH Hands down says:

    So let’s be clear about this guys..
    Best PURE SHOOTER the NBA has ever seen?
    That was the question everyone’s arguing about, right?
    50% FG – 90%FT- 40%3PT (four times or probably even five when this season’s over) BBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This conversation is over baby!!!

  182. Follower says:

    all-star game gets voters..

    2012 all-star should come out with “Legendary 3-pt contest” where voters like us vote for 3 legends to compete.

    scrolling through all the comments, can easily get Bird, Miller and Kerr on the contest for 2012.

    Shooter? Ray is phenomenal, Dirk and Rip Hamilton are as deadly in mid-range.

    Agree with one of the guys here mentioned MJ as deadly accurate especially during playoff time, now that’s crucial.

  183. john says:

    to me RAY ALLEN is not the best shooter of all time because of his 3pt fg made if your teamates are good you can definitely shoot the wide open 3pt shot and we all know how hard to shoot a contested shot and fall away shot and we all know even CHARLES BARKLEY’S grandmother can shoot wide open shot. DIRK is the best shooter big men of all time, and best shooter of all time either LARRY BIRD or REGGIE MILLER

  184. defense says:

    I have respect for Ray Allen’s career. But he did not show up in the Finals 2010. They gave that championship to Kobe. Literally gave it to them. Cause Kobe didn’t show up either. Maybe they were both tired. The Celtic’s should be headed to #3.

    Ray Allen has a great stroke. Pause. Great shooter. The Celtics have a vision.

  185. MJ int fan says:

    Michael Jordan with the Washington Wizards should deserve a consideration. MJ’s form is so flawless and so good that he still torches people at his age 39 and 40.

    Seriously, you guys have to watch Jordan’s shoot form while he was with the Wizards

  186. mm12/89 says:


    reggie miller all the way…

  187. One says:

    I agree, RayRay is the best of his Era. But its never safe to say he’s the best of all-time when you have the Larry Birds, etc. You’ll never know who’s gonna show up in the future. Even now we have the likes of Stephen Curry, Dorrel Wright(Leads the league right now in 3’s made), etc.. as potential challengers to the 3-points made Ray Allen is gonna get.

  188. Celtic5 says:

    Ray ray for sure but reggie miller was also really good.

  189. Eli says:

    Ray Allen could not carry a team deep into the playofffs, he wasn’t capable of that in Milwaukee or Seattle. Reggie Miller and others like George Gervin, Rick Barry on the other hand were capable of that.

    • Peter says:

      being able to carry a team to success doesn’t match the qualifications of being the best shooter in the game’s history. You can not be the best shooter and carry a team to success. Is MJ the best shooter in the game? No he wasn’t even mention once in this discussion. The point is a player carrying a team to success doesn’t have to be the best shooter in history of NBA, but a great at all things aka an GREAT all-around player.

    • KvPt says:

      In order to carry a team deep into the playoffs, you need a good team as well so, you can’t blame him for that. (by the way Milawaukee reached the ECF once)
      And how can people say that Larry Bird was a better shooter than Allen? I mean if you just have a look at his stats ( you can clearly see he had 4 seasons under 30% and he never made a 100 in a season, so I guess time makes things seem nicer for some people.
      And about last years Finals, you can’t put him out of the conversation because he had bad games, and of course you can say that they would have won the finals if he plays better, but I think Perkins’ injury meant more, when they led 3-2. And last year was definietly not Allen’s best year, he was 34 and i can imagine that he got tired, and i remember that he had some problem with his leg in that game where he didn’t make a 3pointer, so i guess he had some injury that could bother him troughout the rest of the finals. And saying that he missed all of those shots because the defense was better is just ridiculous, you really thhink that those that he made the game before were all easy shots??

  190. Eli says:

    Drazen Petrovic has to be mentioned as debatably the best pure shooter ever

  191. Tenki says:

    Best shooter? I have to go with Larry Bird, Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, respectively because;

    1.Bird is almost as clutch as, if not greater than, the Icon himself;
    2.Ray Allen is the leading three point field goal player all-time, and;
    3.Reggie was the best three point shooter in his era prior to Allen.

    Frankly, I wanted to put Jerry West ahead of Reggie Miller, but all those threes in Miller’s career is the reason why Jerry West is fourth among my list of the greatest shooters of all-time. For some, it might be the other way around, but it’s just my opinion.

  192. Jalen Steve says:

    If anyone who DOES NOT believe Ray Allen is the greatest shooter, they should JUST LOOK UP the numbers. If you compare his 3-pt. percentage with the great Larry Bird’s for example, you will note that Allen’s is not only higher, but that he has also MADE over 800 more “treys” than Bird ever even ATTEMPTED. This is not a close call. There are opinions, and then there are facts. Ray Allen is clearly the best jump shooter of all time.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      If Larry played in today’s game, then he would have permission to throw up ten treys a game, like Allen does.

      If Allen played in 1980, he would be lucky if his coach let him shoot more than one trey per game.

      Learn your history, It was a different game when Bird played. The NBA did not even adopt a 3-point-shot until the 1979-1980 season, and for the first decade, coaches were afraid to really even use it.

  193. aaron says:


  194. M says:

    I’ll tell it to you all like this. If a young Larry Bird had been a celtic last year instead of Ray, Boston would still be the NBA champions. Enough said. You can’t be the greatest of all time and only shoot the lights out in one out of 7 finals games in a series and be the best shooter of all time.

  195. nbafan says:

    i’m not gunna get deep into this, and i agree that ray allen is one of the greatest shooters in history, but i have to put him second to reggie miller. miller had that awesome game in NY when he scored like 6 points in 7 seconds!

  196. NBAalltimer says:

    When we say best shooter of all time we include ALL NBA players. The best probably would be Jerry West. If 3 points were already in his era then he would have probably upped his avg to above 30+ in his career.

  197. nan says:

    Allen can have the shooting record of all-time. but still, i think Bird and Miller are the best. Until the NBA releases 60 or 70 greatest players of all time, Allen will only become a great shooter. If that happens so, it is just an addition to the 50 greatest player that they have documented before (I’m also curious in how Kobe will be placed on the list, since he was still young back then – probably still in high school)

    Bird, despite having star-studded cast was the main man. Miller underwent the same thing as well. It’s like remove Bird and Miller to their team and they are just good until the second round of playoffs. Now here comes Allen’s story comes – he had the likes of Kemp and Payton before and now, Pierce – who are easily the starting (and most of the time ending) point of clutch and game-defining baskets.

  198. bugtoyski says:


  199. tom says:

    Someone has to remember some non NBA lights out shooters, like Oscar Schmidt or Wilfredo Ruiz. NBA wasn’t so global when they were stars, and they were huge.
    Drazen Petrovic can be compared to Ray Allen for his shooting abilityand his form, but he played just a few years in the NBA.

  200. Jerome says:

    I think the 3 pt contest during all-star weekend should bring back bird and miller and other great shooters from back in the day to compete it’s not like you ever lose your shooting ability just let them warm up before hand

  201. what a? says:


  202. The City says:

    Chris Mullin was a great shooter, especially mid range. He’d get my vote

  203. Joko says:

    Don’t forget that if it weren’t for “Downtown Freddy Brown” we wouldn’t even have a three point line. He was my favorite to watch because of his % of made shots from almost half court. He could always light it up.

  204. TRU-BALLER says:

    THE fact that there has been so many people discussing about this only shows how great of a player Ray Allen is. And I am happy to see that I am not the only one thinking that Ray Allen is a pure basketball shooter. And all this I think is due to his footwork (HAVE Y’ALL PEEPED HIS CAVS?…RIDICULOUS!!!) and his dedication (heard he never eaten a CHEESEBURGER…Helloo!). He is a man to RESPECT and THE BEST 3-PT SHOOTER I’VE WITNESSED.

  205. sean says:

    I say Byron Scott. Great 3pt shooter, mid-range, and free throws. I bet he is itching so bad to get in uniform and show the Cavs how to put the ball in the basket.

  206. Homer Page says:

    Larry Birds style did not look as fluent as Ray Allens, but I still think Bird was possibly the best shooter of all time.
    Reggie Miller is up there too, obviously.
    Not to take anything away from Rays shooting, but does anyone else notice that he travels before almost every single 3 point shot? The Celtics have him run a semi-cirlce from one side of the arc to the other, past a screen set by one of the F/C, and runs onto the pass from Rondo, but he is running so fast that he takes 3 or 4 shuffling little steps without putting the ball on the floor. It happens every single time, and the Celts pick up 3 points most of the time too – pretty unfair!

  207. O'D says:

    Bird, Allen, Miller……Nash is the most over rated player of all time the fact he got 2 MVP’s makes the NBA look weak…read Bill Simmon’s The Book Of Basketball and it will make it clear, way to many points to type but once you read it you will agree

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Fine… then the most over-rated player of all time is also the best shooter in NBA history. I’ll take statistical facts over nasty, ugly, ignorant opinions anyday.

      Simmons must be real wizard, if he can make it clear how a player who gets no respect at all, in spite of being a lock-on-Hall-of-Famer for his stats and is statistically the best all-around shooter ever, is actually the most over-rated player. Sorry O’D, but I’ve watched Nash play hundreds of games over his career, and I don’t think some sniping, mud-flinging book is going to change my opinion over that. I know what I’ve seen: utter wizardry the likes of which I have only seen from Magic, Bird, MJ, and Maravich. I have a few unhygienic suggestions as to what you should do with that book.

  208. DJ says:

    I think when all things are considered, Nash has to be up there. Not only is he an unbelievably good shooter, but he is also one of the better point guards ever to play in the NBA. Add to that he would never actually be able to see the ring thanks to all of that hair in his eyes. The only thing that would stop me from saying Nash is the best shooter is that Ray’s shot is soooooo pretty.

  209. NUMBERS DONT LIE says:

    please keep nash off of this message board, he doesn’t compare to Ray Allen, I am sick of you Nash groupies throwing him in every conversation with no records and no rings! We are talking about NUMBER 1! That would be Ray Allen!! NUMBERS DON’T LIE!

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Numbers? Three numbers tell the whole story:

      40 – 50 -90

      Give us a call when Ray joins the club. Until then, he’s not even in the discussion.

  210. zach says:

    theres a lot of people out there who doesnt know the NBA… they probably dont watch every basketball game… its obvious they watch only when theyre team is playin… larry bird is the greatest shooter of all time… greatest all around player of all time…

  211. I watch film says:

    Ray Allen hands down is the best shooter. However I would love to slice and dice with Sekou. He broke it down to mid range, off the dribble, on the run but he left out off the screen, although he did put the etc in there. A Pure SHooter can do all of those and Ray does and has over his career. It’s easy to say it now because he’s close to the record and the lights are on him but when you sit back and think about it who has been a better PURE shooter in Ray’s career. NOBODY. Reggie is a shooter and heck of a good one but when Ray shoots it says PURE EVERYTIME, it’s so pure when he misses you still are like “how’d that happen”. If you haven’t seen some of these guys play dial up the way back machine, thats what we have video for. We love to debate but we fail to do our homework. Hersey Hawkins and Dale Ellis are vastly underrated as shooters. Bird was clutch no doubt but his form isn’t as pure as Ray’s. sorry Ray is the best PURE (off dribble, screens, mid-range, FT, long range and any other way a JUMPSHOT may be attempted).

    Ray Allen, Larry Bird, Chris Mullen,Reggie Miller, Hersey Hawkins, Bob McAddo, Pistol Pete, Drazen Petrovic , Dale Ellis and Ricky Pierce in that order as far as PURE Shooters

    Shaun Powell has a point, if there is a logo change (which I hope there is not) it should be the form of Ray Allen…PERIOD!

  212. Yi says:

    steeeeeeph curryyy.

  213. Baller says:

    Reggie had the best off the ball game, but that’s because he was also one of the dirtiest players.
    Rip in his prime was a better shooter that everyone gave him credit for.
    Ray has the purest shot, : he has the title so no arguement

  214. Chris says:

    According to Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash is the best pure shooter in the NBA.

  215. zach says:

    leave kobe, lebron, dwayne, MJ etc. outta this!!! the choices are reggie miller, ray allen & larry bird, thats it! ill go with larry bird… for you guys who dont know larry bird, do the research… you will be enlightened…

  216. Jason says:

    Ray Allen is a pretender rather than a contender..I am a Celtics fan but for me Allen shoots best without anyone guarding him…remember the recently concluded NBA Finals..he showed flashes of brilliance in Game2 but when the defense on, Allen is nowhere to be found..clobbered by Kobe on the offensive end and posterized at the other end….when the standard of a pure shooter is measured, Allen’s shooting prowess is failed..

    He doesn’t have the nerves in crunches time,,, no wonder he’s not the main man…

  217. jeyson says:


  218. Lamont says:

    The best pure shooter ever is Bird. Maybe Jerry West was up there, but honestly he retired before I was born so I have few memories to work with and am admittedly biased because of that. When Larry Bird shot the ball though, I didn’t even expect it to touch the net as it went through. And the closer the game, the more accurate he got. Reggie was good too, and Glen Rice and Allan Houston each had 3 to 4 year stretches where they looked like they couldn’t miss, but from start to finish in a career it comes down to Ray and Larry. Ray’s J is great, and unstoppable if he gets on a roll. The only place I think Larry has him beat is consistency. Allen has ups and downs, but it seems like Larry was lights out every night. Of course I was 10 years old the last time I saw him play (with the Dream Team).

  219. 1-Bird/Allen, 2nd:RegieMiller/DrazenPetrovic says:

    1- Larry Bird / Ray Allen: Just give me Bird at forward and Allen at guard.
    2- Regie Miller
    2- Drazen Petrovic. (Best foreign shooter ever). And a very nice & but short NBA carrer. Not everyone can score over 112 points in a game, most of them shooting (in the Yugoslav league), I bet you can’t do that even at your child’s league.

  220. Nicholas says:

    Jeff Hornacek & John Paxson… leave them free at your own peril.

  221. Erwin says:

    @Mitchell: “Allen is not the best “pure shooter”, He’s the best 3 point shooter of all time.. That’s it.” – he shoots 3pointers bcoz, why make 2 when you can make 3 in 1 shot.
    there were no zone defence in the 80’s and Ray Allen in not the #1 option in the Celtics now unlike Bird. so the defence was concentrated more on Bird than on Allen. ergo, more easy shots for Allen than with Bird.
    with regards to form, do we have to include that in defining a pure shooter? i think stats would suffice.

  222. bombero 290 says:

    we cant forget the black mamba either….

  223. bombero 290 says:

    drazen wouldve been until his untimely death… but the nod must go to jesus shuttlesworth….

  224. Jimbo says:

    Ok, Ray is one of the best ever. Bird probably the greatest. Here is a list of great shooters, form and accuracy.

    Dell Curry, Steve Kerr, John Paxson, Jim Paxson, Jason Kapono, Kyle Korver, Wesley Person, Dale Ellis, Mike Miller, Craig Hodges

    Jordan, Barkley, Reggie Miller were all great scorers and shooters too

  225. John says:

    i get goosebumps everytime ray allen is behind the 3 point line.. unguarded or guarded and he is about to shoot against my team. breaks my heart everytime. lot of respect to this guy.. Ray Allen. no doubt.

  226. NBA GURU says:

    I would like to take the time out to end this conversation once and for all.
    If you were to discuss the purest shooter/s of all time they would be in this order: Ray Allen, Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller, Larry Bird, Steve Nash, and then RIck Barry.
    This reason for this is that you have to take shooter and imagine them in any era. because a shooter can shoot at anytime anywhere. A shooter is a shooter anytime in any era. If you where to imagine Jordan in today’s NBA you can see him dominate. I don’t see Larry Bird in today’s fast pace super athletic game being as prolific as he was in his era, but you can put Ray Allen in any nba era and he will make the shot. You have to take a few points from Reggie because he did a lot of his work with a very big and talented big man in Rick Smitz. Jordan, Allen, Barry did it without a center who can open the floor for shooters. Steve Nash just proved this season that he can still shoot without a good team let alone a good center. Larry Bird was surrounded by Hall of Famers who helped him open the court, but Jordan didn’t get any significant help until Pippen and Horace came in the picture. Allen was a great shooter on a various teams regardless of the coaches philosophy, without a significant big man (Milwakee and Seattle). So looking into these scenarios you would agree with me that this is the order of Pure shooters.

  227. rayray20 says:

    since ray allen debuted as a buck, he change the whole 3 – pt rule in his own hands! even though reggie [miller] and larry bird have their own era, ray ray had a different taste with his 3 pt skills. watch out, when his confidence got higher, he won’t miss a 3 pt shot with his quick release shooting style and i believe that’s made Ray Allen made a big difference among other 3 pt shooters in NBA. RAY ALLEN is THE BEST SHOOTER EVER!

  228. BigDIK says:

    1. Ray Allen

    2. Larry Bird

    3. Reggie Mille

    4. Steve Kerr

    5. Allen Houston

    ‘Nuff said,

  229. Daniel Medina says:

    Jordan and Bryant!! Are you kidding, not even mentioned.

  230. Farzan says:

    It doesn’t matter what people think. The stats talk for themselves..

    Ray Allen is the best shooter in the history of NBA. HANDS DOWN.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      What stats?

      What single piece of statistical evidence indicates that Ray Allen is the best?

      Going by stats alone, it’s Nash, by a mile.

  231. Ha Ha Ha says:

    What? are you crazy Bong Bong What are you saying your not answering the right question

  232. coolviper says:

    For me Ray Allen is the best pure shooter i ever seen, because he is my all time favorite in NBA. 🙂

  233. Kev says:

    ..Ray Ray is awesome as he has shown us over the years!! Huge celtics fan but to answer the question as asked… and i hate to admit it… Kobe takes the crown. Pure shooter if i ever saw one!!

  234. John Smith says:

    Shaun Powell is a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but seriously, Steve Nash is the best All-around shooter the world has ever seen. Even with the hair

  235. bob says:

    reggie miller. enough said

  236. brusco says:

    We are talking here about pure shooters. Players who usually scores in the perimeter. Nowitzki and Bird have similar type of play. Good shooters, but they also play in the post. Ray Allen and Reggie Miller are the true pure shooters. They live with the 3’s, jump shots. Their teams usually have plays designated to them to come off a pick then catch and shoot. That is pure shooters. Jordan, Kobe and the likes are good shooters too but they could also create their own shots off the dribble. They can penetrate the lane and jam the ball to the hole. But Allen and Miller just don’t do that. All they have to do is catch and shoot and that is what a pure shooter do.

  237. Mike says:

    Ray Allen in my opinion is the best. Watched him at uconn and throughout his career. Gives me that euphoric feeling everytime he shoots. Think with regards to endurance. He guards the wades, bryants ect. Then has all the will to run off screens sensational player doesn’t get enough credit for his all around game defense included.

  238. WadeSlam101 says:

    Obviously he is not yet but I think that kevin durant over a period of time very could become the best we’ve seen in the nba.

  239. goddess says:

    RAY ALLEN is the best shooter! and that is based on facts, not votation or anything. We all see how he made those perfect shots. Wait, y is Kobe in this discussion. It doesnt mean that he scored 12 3 pointers or 80 points in a game, makes him a best shooter. The reason why he makes those scores is because he is so selfish that he always has the ball. While in Celtics, the score/points havve been contributed by many players and not just to 1 player. BEST SHOOTER is not synonymous to MOST POINTS!!! Therefore, Ray Allen holds the title BEST SHOOTER, and no one else.

  240. Tarrance Johnson says:

    Ray is the 3rd best shooter to me the 1st is LARRY BIRD second is REGGIE MILLER Ray was never as clutch as these two guys and Ray is doing it now but who was doing it first!!!!

  241. Juan Luis Maldonado says:

    There is no doubt about it.. Ray Allen is the best shooter the NBA has ever seen. Larry Bird is a legend and famous for his clutch performance but in terms making 3’s Ray is way ahead the competition. Reggie had his time being the king of the promised land but now is time for the real deal…Ray Allen, the best!

  242. awesomeman says:

    Dirk Nowitzki – Best mid range jumper.

    Ray Allen – Best stroke in shooting the 3.

    Steve Nash – Best “shooter”.

  243. Hybrid says:

    KD, Carlos Arroyo, Yao, and best by far is Shaq

  244. Numaan Unia says:

    kobe is the best shooter ive ever seen even though he takes a lot of shots he is still a great shooter he got 12 3 pointers in one game

  245. kobe is the bestest ever says:

    Larry birds is the a great 3-point,atcual the best, im a big kobe fan i amidt is is not the best 3 point shooter but he around the top 20s. But ray allen is awesome at 3 three he is the purest shooter,he is the 2 biggest behind larry,

  246. julio9 says:

    I would have to go with either Steve Nash or Jerry West. Steve hasn’t been much of a scoring threat throughout his career because his much of his focus has been on getting his teammates involved, but look at his numbers. Man, they are insane! Plus, his dribbling is fu**ing sick! If he would have had more of a scoring mentality throughout hes career, he would have certainly been just as dominant as Ray if not more. Also, don’t forget the man who’s silhouette is the NBA’s logo. “Mr. Clutch” was deadly. He could score from anywhere on the court. If the 3 point line would have been around back then, his 3 point stats would have been incredible. Jerry West was a flat out scoring machine, and don’t forget his lighting-fast release. For me, I would have to choose between Steve Nash and Jerry West.

  247. KEVIN MARTING says:


  248. LOBSANGRAMPA says:

    Best shooter ever? Larry Bird

    I used to watch the Celtics games from the 80’s. Every time Larry shot one you’d hold your breath (as a Laker fan) and he’d make them falling away on one foot, a one hand hook, a scoop shot,another one from the 3 point line, posting up with his back to the basket he had an array of moves, just so many way that guy could kill you! Simply incredible and the best ball handler I’ve seen for that size of player.

  249. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Let’s be real people LARRY BIRD is and forever will be the best SHOOTER. With respect to West, McAdoo and the rest before him, Bird created a bigger legend in terms of shooting. Like Jordan, like Magic, Kareem, Wilt, West. These guys are immortal as far as spots in their perspective categories. They changed the game and for that they forever hold their #1 spot.
    Allen will be the best three ball shooter tomorrow an best in his era but never the best shooter of all time…be real.

  250. jason says:

    A best 3-pt shooter is nor measured by how many shoots he made w/out anyone guarding..A great 3-pt shooter is someone whom you can rely on in crunch time, under pressure, he game is on the line and of course guarded by a defensive player..

    I’m a Celtics fans but for me Ray Allen did not passed on that category…Larry Bird is the man..when time is winding down and the game is on the line and the shot u take is all or nothing.. you gotta give it to Larry Bird..double teamed or what kind of defense is sent to him the result is just the same,… swesh!!! allen broke the heart of the celtics fans last NBA finals…in the big game he is nowhere to be found.

  251. stevO3 says:

    I think Reggie Miller is the best shooter. Ray Allen is to me second best 3 points shooter. He won’t catch up Reggie Miller if Reggie didn’t retire so early. If he kept playing.. I believed that Ray won’t catch up, but no doubt Ray is one of the top 3 shooters. 😀

  252. B says:

    It’s crazy that nobody is commenting on his Seattle days and everyone trying to disprove Ray Allen as the greatest shooter of all time only use his averages in Boston to argue it. Nobody is even mentioning the years Ray Allen lead The Supersonics to 50+ wins and averaged 25+ ppg. For me he is hands down the greatest shooter theNBA has ever seen.

  253. mightymouse says:

    One thing I’ve always noticed about Ray is the consistency in his form. No matter where from the floor he’s shooting from, no matter what type of shot (fading away, set shots, runners etc) – he always gets his shoulders squard and releases the ball at the exact same point. Greatest shooter of all time or not, it’s a thing of beauty.

  254. Soccerboy says:

    Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan the best u ever seen kobe’s fadeaway jumper the best ever

  255. dave says:

    Ray Allen is a great shooter and he definately has the best looking shot ever, but Steve Nash is closing in on his %th 50-40-90 season, and have you ever seen the rediculous shots Nash takes? Best ever go 1. Steve Nash 2. Larry bird 3. Ray Allen

  256. jo says:

    Peja Stojakovic, best pure shooter, and if he stayed healthy he would have been even better than he was

  257. A.Ali says:

    Ray Allen is best standing jump shooter but that does’nt make him the best shooter. The best has to be either Dirk or Bird, why because they can serve it any way you like.

  258. Heat says:

    I would have to say Miller just because he had to create his own shots, and Allen gets off-ball screens set for him. They are both great so its hard to pick just one.

  259. GUS says:

    what about mid range best shooter JEFF MALONE

  260. JcT says:

    try to look at Allen, it seems he doesn’t aim when he shoots.. Best Clutch would be Jordan, Bird, Kobe… but pure shooter…
    hand it to Ray-Ray.

  261. Jcity says:

    Allen doesn’t look at the ring(aiming of course) any more when he shoots, so quick to release that shot. Best Clutch would be Bird. but shooter.. hand the crown to Allen..

  262. Diego Alonso Velarde Delgado says:

    I think the best pure shooter NBA has ever seen was, is, and will be Mr. REGGIE MILLER! … … I mean, talking about “3-D shots” … … but in general … I can say the BEST OF THE BEST is definitely LARRY BIRD!!!!!!

  263. Celtics_Fan says:


  264. GUS says:


  265. sir charles says:

    Who is the greatest? Debateable. What is great that Reggie has past the baton to Ray Ray. Greatness is relative to the
    given moment my friends. We should, (at least I do) consider it a privelidge in my life that I experienced the beauty of
    many players who had the ability to shoot with not only the accuracy and purity of the art but also the consistency to be called possibly one of the best or the best during their era. I have read the list of my fellow fans and agree with their choice to some degree and I cherish to this day the players they chose as the elite of the elite…my final thought is that when Ray reaches that plateau we embrace his efforts and remember the torch that has been passed from prior and look forward to the next..Long Live The NBA and the Greatest Shooter.

  266. Korver says:

    Kyle korver is second best shooter after ray allen in my opinion

  267. Bodom Child says:

    Rip Hamilton, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen all great shooters and great with moving w/o the ball

  268. C says:

    Don’t forget The Stinger, Mike Glenn!

  269. MR2-3 says:

    For the TWO people who mentioned Mitch Richmond… Thank you! If you look at his career stats, his percentage is no different then Ray-Ray or Reggie but he took HALF the number of three point attempts!! Double his attempts and Reggie and Ray-Ray would have been chasing him. Not to mention he only played 14 years in the league unlike Reggie’s 18 and Ray’s in his 15th season (so far)…

    I’m just sayin if I could choose one person to take a shooting lesson from it would definitely be Mitch Richmond, his form is better then Larry, Reggie, and Ray Allen. His elbow is always tucked, releases it off his first two fingers, and doesn’t use an ounce of his guide hand…

    If we were talking about clutch performers I would lean toward Larry, then Reggie, then Ray Allen BUT keep in mind that Mitch Richmond was hidden in Sacramento most of his career and wasn’t really on the big stage as often as those three…

    Anyway big ups to Mitch Richmond and if any of you kids are trying to improve your jumper, I say mimic him, there’s nothing better out there.

  270. Devastator says:

    I’m a Celtics Fan but I wont buy anything about Ray Allen. Yes he’s shooting lots of 3’s but he’s a selfish player. Maybe I’m so bias on players personalities. But when we talk about best 3 shooter, I really like the way Reggie Miller and Larry Bird shot 3’s.Those two guys are so pure shooters. Took those winning shots a lot, They show leadership and heart. The quickness is always there. Ray Allen is too slow and has no heart. Allen turned in the worst shooting performance of his career, remember, when he shot 0-14 from the field on last years NBA game 3 finals. Even in my worst game I can even score at least 1 field goal but not 0-14. That’s crazy. Another day ruin, outdoing an 0-for-9 in 2008. His only previous postseason came in the Celtics’ Game 1 victory against the Cavs in the 2008 Eastern Conference semifinals when he missed all four field-goal attempts and finished SCORELESS. Do you really want to buy when they said Ray Aleen is the best 3 shooter? Think about it, HERO!

    • uoykcuf says:

      lol, compare urself to ray. You gave me a good laugh, worst case 1 field goal? in YMCA? against your 5-5 frds? They are in the NBA! grow up son!

    • FXV says:

      You’re an hypocrite if you call yourself a celtics fan. The celtics are the most unselfish team of the NBA right now including Ray. You say Bird and Miller hit winning shots but Ray doesn’t? For your information, Ray is among the leaders in most game winning shots made… As far as leadership, I guess that it does’t mean anything to you that he helped Rondo and Davis improve their shooting technique, that he is the one taking most shots at the end of games (given that PP is in the same team and is a VERY good clutch shooter) and that he wants the ball at the end of games to go to the line. You say he’s slow but it only takes him .7 seconds to get a shot up and gets himself open running through screens, if he was slow then i don’t think he would be shooting almost 51% and 46% from 3, and I’ve seen many times that even if he’s having an off game, he keeps working hard and hits a big shot in the last minutes of the game to give them the lead, but you say he doesn’t have heart… So he’s not one of the best shooters of all time because he had a few bad games as a celtic? Then I guess Reggie isn’t either because in a decisive game 6 against the knicks he shot 3-18 and in the first game of 2000 nba finals against the lakers he shot 1-16!!! Shooters are bound to have off games every once in a while and that doesn’t mean anything… You probably wouldn’t even score on a fastbreak layup by yourself… for a reason you’re not in the nba…

  271. Joe says:

    Your all messed in the head if you think ray allen is the best shooter of all time haha what a joke that is, how can a guy with a fg % of 0.452 and a 3pt % of 0.398 is crap and nowhere near the level needed to be classified as the best shooter of all time, he is just in the top 10 of all time if that and the greatest has to be bird and i would rate jordan and bryant over allen anyday specially in clutch times, just take a look at rays post season last season it was shocking he couldnt get a bucket if his life depended on it so how the hell can any of you consider him to be the greatest lol your all a joke including all the expert writers in this article who said allen was the best.

  272. ditobeasley says:

    hands down, shawn marion the ‘best-est’ ever

  273. Chris says:

    What about John Stockton and Jeff Hornacek and Jerry West?

    I think Jerry West is the best shooter of all time,

    If Jerry West had played in this generation, he would have been on fire from 3 point land all day!

  274. Tomahawk Jones says:

    Hersey Hawkins

  275. Slam Dunk in your face! says:

    Steve Nash the best shooter. Sekou Smith the best hang time blogger! Lol!

  276. E says:

    You people are nuts for putting Ray over Larry or even Reggie, i followed NBA basketball since the 80s and i can easily tell you this =

    1. Larry Bird
    2. Reggie Miller
    3. Ray Allen

    Ray Allen is just as good catch-n-shoot, set shooter as them…. but he was not as good all-round shooter as Reggie or especially not Larry. Larry could put the ball in the basket from anywhere, from any situation, same with Reggie but somewhat less….. Ray was not that kindof a all-round shooter, Ray’s jumpshot is not as effective at all as Larrys/Reggies jumpshot when fading away or shooting from out of balance…..

    Another thing, Larry / Reggie were much more clutch aswell than Ray……..

    Ill forgive you few guys who said Ray is the best shooter ever, but only this time, lesson learned i hope?

  277. tramaze says:

    hey wooo… hate to break it to you but kobe would be considered a scorer not a shooter……i dont think your understanding the term “scorer” which is what this blog is about……

  278. littlefoot says:

    I go with Ray Allen and Dennis “3D” Scott…

  279. alex says:

    Ray allen is the best of all time….. No doubt.

  280. passerby says:

    there’s one guy almost everybody forgot: DRAZEN PETROVIC!!! I mean, you can have a conversation about pure shooters and leave him out of it!!! His early death robbed the game of basketball more than you young generations could ever imagine… Petro all the way

  281. wing says:

    yeah! allen is the greatest (soon to be) 3 pts shooter in NBA history, cause he’s cool & got no hesitation whe he’s needed at the decisive moment. he’s natural born winner.

  282. Jaytee says:

    1. Larry Bird (Alltime greatest)
    2. Chris Mullin (Feak of left handed nature)
    3. Michael Jordan (If the games on the line he’s my pick especially if it is playoff time)

  283. power23 says:

    ray allen is the best for me

  284. TG says:


  285. lester says:

    ray allen is the best for me.

  286. Gaby Steph says:

    Lebron James is the best shooter. he can throw 3s from the opposite side of the court…

  287. Sean says:

    Percentage wise (3 Point, Field Gold, Free Throw) Steve Nash is the best shooter of all time !

  288. macmac23258 says:

    yah….i agree,,ray ray is the best pure shooter now in NBA…no doubt about it,,

  289. jero says:

    i agree with tutuwo regarding with nash but not with bird..

    yah nash for me(just overshadowed by another great ability: passing & ball handling +
    2 time mvp).

    then allen(i still remember after making a record in game 2 on last year’s finals againts L.A. he just lost his touch for the rest of the series)..

    then miller(my personnal favorite)..

    with all due respect put larry bird in today’s game he will just be like a troy murphy or mike dunleavy type of a player (respect bird though) back then theirs not much of a perimeter defence and athletic guys who can harrast him.

  290. bhead says:

    Sam Jones.

  291. Spacejam13 says:

    Gotta go with Reggie. Even though Ray is about to break his record and it only took Allen 15 years to do it, u look at the percentage and Reggie is only like one percent lower then Ray and Reggie played 18 years, plus Reggie had to carry a whole team on his back for those 18 years and the Pacers offense went souly off of Miller so i mean hes gonna take a lot of shots and he hit almost over half of them so i gotta go Reggie

  292. Bong Bong says:

    good, it did. i like Allen Iverson but the best shooters: Kobe and RayRay and Aminu, Al-Farouq. Curry, Eddy is alright i guess. 2 more i like are Udoh, Ekpe and Yi Jianlian.

    • O'D says:

      Are you high? Aminu is a rookie how can he be the best shooter of all time? And Eddy Curry? thats so stupid it really doesnt deserve a reply

      • rhys says:

        hes obviousely bout 15 years old and has no idea bout anything but the last 2 years….. hahah im only 16 but i know my stuff…. haha… everyone is forgetting chriss mullen????

        rey rey.. probs best 3 point shooter.. but there have been better all round shooters… larry, mullen, MJ(in the later years), nash, kobe(in the later years), steve kerr….. and kyle korver can even be thrown in to the mix.. he does hold the best ever one season 3 point %….

        BULLS 2011 champs… D,Rose MVP

      • Awesome says:

        I think that the Bulls will win the title BUT NOT NOW. They are good but There are teams who up them in almost any level. And D. Rose is not YET gonna be the M-V-P yet cause James ups him in ALMOST EVERY LEVEL.

      • expertadvice says:

        I havent seen kyle Korver??? WHy lol

      • Who's who says:

        Kyle korver? who is he? a bench warmer or a rookie?

        Idon’t bother to know his name…

  293. Carlene Johnson says:

    Ray Allen is the best shooter in Basketball, whether it’s two point shots, three pointers or free throws. Wishing him all the best in breaking Reggie Miller’s record on 2/10/11.

  294. RachelDee says:

    In terms of form, Ray Allen is the quintessential pure shooter. In terms of skill, that’s up for debate. There’s a lot of great shooters in the history of the league. However I tend to pick Ray Allen for that as well. The best clutch shooter in history would arguably be The Black Mamba with MJ at a very, VERY close second.

  295. Joaquín says:

    Dirk Nowitzki is by far the best shooter the NBA has ever seen.

    • Heat says:

      He’s the best shooting Foward of this generation, but you have to think about Bird, Kukoc, and probably others that I don’t know about. There are other shooters that are better than Nowitzki right now. Not to say he isn’t a great shooter because he is, just not the best the NBA has ever seen. That’s a bold statement.

  296. Bong Bong says:

    the best shooter to me is probably Aminu, Al-Farouq. Curry, Eddy is alright i guess. 2 more i like are Udoh, Ekpe and Yi Jianlian. I think these are the best shooters in nba history. please comment!

  297. ervin terrado says:

    Ray Allen must win the 3point shootout first before i can call him the best pure shooter.

  298. Bugoy says:

    For me, the best clutch shooters ever played the NBA were Larry Bird and Reggie Miller. Too bad for Larry Bird that he was hit a back injury during his peak. Otherwise, he could have won more Championship with the Boston Celtics.

  299. Franklin says:

    Craig Hodges… You punks.

  300. densyo says:

    Yes Ray Allen is best shooter in his era BUT, he was never been the focus of their opponent’s defense. Good defenders like Bowen, Christy, Bell or Anderson (Shaq’s teammate in Magic) will give Allen a hard time. For me, Ray Allen is excellent in screen from his team mate or a kick-out , but he can not create one for himself. SO unfair to compare him to the likes Bird, Miller or West, those guys do a lot a things aside from shooting. Consider this, what if Allen is giving the attention from their opponent’s coach that kind of attention that Kobe, MJ or Dirk has been dealing with ever since. Example, Allen had the 3 point shot history stuff during the finals, but was 0 when Phil Jackson gave him respect and designed a defensive play against him. I am a Boston fan, but Allen being the best shooter, I doubt it. If nash wasn’t a point guard and settle for a shooting guard? My money is on him. Sorry, just my opinion

  301. dmz says:

    Well the mere fact that in any conversation like this the “pure” shooter phrase comes in shows what kind of shooter Ray Allen is. Yeah, I’m a Celtic and Ray won’t ever be my favourite shooter, not over Lary Legend. BUT, he’s the purest shooter ever. It’s been said over and over. Ray misses a 3 more gracefully than most players make one.

    Other marksmen have been deadlier, streakier, had ridiculous seasons, etc. But none while having the kind of career Ray Allen has. This is a guy having a career year at age 36, shooting riddiculous percentages, fit as a teenager. If I ever saw a player i thought could play till 40 years old, it’s Ray Allen. Knock on wood.

    Ray, bask in the glory. Purest shot in the game. And it ain’t even close.

  302. gemzel16 says:

    I try imitating those shots when we were playing and I can’t do it!! HOW DID YOU DO IT RAY ALLEN??? LOL

    BTW No one could really decide best pure shooter ever.. I just really love that shot when I see it

  303. John J says:

    Don’t forget Chris Mullin, Mark Price and Jeff Hornasech. I have to admit that Ray Allen is the best fast shooter and no doubt the best 3-pointer as well.

  304. kyub says:

    give me Steve Nash, whose career numbers are 90 percent from the line and 43 from 3-point, all the more impressive because of the added burden of ball-handling.

  305. james says:

    Mahmoud Abdul Rauf..He was doing it way before Ray Allen…He is very much forgotten.

    Mahmoud Abdul Rauf
    Mahmoud Abdul Rauf
    Mahmoud Abdul Rauf
    Mahmoud Abdul Rauf

  306. Rustum says:

    You all Forgot RICHARD HAMILTON

  307. MJBethancourt says:

    You guys are all crazy…
    Steve Nash is the best shooter in the history of the NBA. That’s not an opinion, that’s a statistical fact. The guy is a career 40-50-90 shooter, something that all the other great shooters only ever did for one season, at best.

    CAREER 40-50-90 SHOOTER

    Nobody else has got anything even close to that.

    Also, everybody forgot Walter Davis. Blockheads.

  308. Ryan says:

    Ray Allen is the Best 3-pts Shooter in the NBA.

    Numbers dont lie, He is the first now in the 3-pts made in NBA history..

    More 3-points to come..

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Numbers don’t lie… Celtics fans just use numbers to bolster their lies.

      If you and me both go outside to shoot threes, and I shoot twenty of them and make ten, and you shoot a hundred of them and only make eleven, does that make you a better shooter because you made more than me, even though it took you a hundred shots to do it?

  309. no doubt says:


  310. ALVIN says:

    Lets talk about the greatness on the last second of each games with the game Boston is down by 3, 2, or by 1 or the game was tie.. and the commentator say “inbound play.. the ball pass to ALLEN.. quick release.. and this is for the WINNN!!! (or say.. and this is tie the GAME!!) AND HE SCORES!!!.. wHAT a Great Shot!!!!!

  311. tutuwo says:

    50–40–90 indicates a great all-around shooting performance and is considered as the ultimate standard for shooters.
    Nash and Bird are the only players who achieved 50–40–90 in multiple seasons; Bird achieved it twice consecutively and Nash achieved it four times in five seasons.
    ray allen never add those numbers he just have that much 3 cause he shots 100X more times than nash behind the arc
    its not me its wikipedia and the facts
    the best pure shooter of all time its nash and bird is second

  312. buyant says:


  313. Follower says:

    Past Era

    1) Larry Bird
    2) Reggie Miller
    3) John Paxson


    1) Peja Stojakovic
    2) Ray Allen
    3) Anthony Morrow

    • Follower says:

      Bird (Legendary)
      Allen and Miller (catch & shoot supremo)
      Peja (Best international shooter)
      Paxson (best reliance after MJ trap)
      Morrow (youngster quietly making his name)

  314. BooP says:

    ray allen, reggie miller, larry bird best pure shooters, shooting form: definitely ray allan and jordan – shooting as it can’t be nicer to watch, perfection!

    i am just a little surprised that so many people here are giving dirk so little credit – consider his height, he is i shooter i’ve never seen before in the league – unbelievable touch by such a big fellow!

  315. Ken says:

    Two guys that haven’t been mentioned that I thought had great shooting form:

    Del Curry

    Mahmoud Abdul Rauf

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Mahmoud might have been the best shooter ever, if he hadn’t lost his mind and lost his focus and washed-up early. Back when he was still Chris Jackson, the guy didn’t miss.



  317. PJ says:

    is everyone forgetting one of the most pure and astounding clutch (and showboat) three-point shooters out there before his little locker room confrontation? GILBERT ARENAS PEOPLE!! COME ON. but obviously Larry Bird takes the cake for best shooter of all time. Reggie Miller was amazing beyond the arc, threes just flew from his hands.

  318. jero says:

    yah nash for me(just overshadowed by another great ability: passing & ball handling +
    2 time mvp).

    then allen(i still remember after making a record in game 2 on last year’s finals againts L.A. he just lost his touch for the rest of the series)..

    then miller(my personnal favorite)..

    with all due respect put larry bird in today’s game he will just be like a troy murphy or mike dunleavy type of a player (respect bird though)

  319. GeneseoCeltics fan says:

    Ray Allen is my favorite player in the NBA today as mentioned by a lot of people there’s a lot of different categories for shooting but watch the replay of Allen over Joakim Noah for the win in that first round playoff series from 2 years ago when KG was hurt and there’s no way you can tell me Ray doesn’t have the best quick release catch and shoot in the NBA

  320. mcohen54 says:

    you are 100% right.

  321. mrperfect says:

    Michael Jordan is the best shooter

  322. John Mountfort says:

    Best Shot to Look At: Glen Rice

    Worst Guy to Leave Open: Chris Mullin

    Most Fear-Inspiring: Larry Bird

    Worst Guy to Leave Open Behind the Arc: Steve Kerr

    Ball Most in Need of a Parachute: Jamal Crawford

    There’s just way too many ways to do this.

  323. lebron says:

    we are comparing totally different players. Though Ray Allen will have the record for the most when it comes down to it the last minute is when it matters and nobody was more clutch when it came to 3’s in the last minute then Reggie.

  324. Ernst Mécéjour says:

    What we have to consider is the impact! When Ray shot and you are the opponent, you will pray that he misses! No doubt on it. Larry Bird and Reggie Miller had the same impact on opponent mind.
    For timing: Ray and Reggie needed less than 0.7 seconds to catch and shot, no matter the screen from opponent.
    Larry had a gift like a magician, it was unbelievable and he played Small forward. Ray and Reggie are shooting guard and Ray passes Reggie now by dribbling off and shooting more accurately.
    so with allen et Bird, (two Celtics) the discussion remains! old school vs new era. Just let try to make translation in time! Will Bird do now (with teams way better on defense now) the same thing he did by shooting in 80’s or will do Ray the same thing he’s doing now on 80’s with slower defense ?
    Ray is better, cauz this quickness on shooting against defensive minded teams ! wow just OUTSTANDING!

  325. israel says:

    reggie miller all the way

  326. israel says:


  327. madj says:

    Ray is a great player, great shooter. I think they are very good players from the Balkans, such as Pit Maravic, Drazen Petrovic and Peja Stojakovic. Drazen and Peja playing time in Europe, so it did not show anything in the NBA. In addition Drazen died young, and Peja has a problem with injuries

    • Ruben says:

      by “Pit Maravic” you mean Pete “Pistol” Maravich right?????
      and by the way he was not from the Balkans!!!

  328. wadeonfiya says:

    STEVE NASH best pure shooter in history! 50% FG 40% 3pt FG 90% FT even ray allen cant even get this stat

  329. Phscyiipfer says:

    ALLAN CAIDIC is the purest!

  330. hOtSHoT says:

    Agree! Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen are the best shooters in NBA history. And sooner or later, KEVIN DURANT.

  331. Mimibasketballislife says:

    being born in this era of Basketball and watching all the time , Ray Allen would have to be my pick. Such pure shooter!

  332. Mitchel says:

    Allen is not the best “pure shooter”, He’s the best 3 point shooter of all time.. That’s it.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Not even the best 3-point-shooter: he is the “most prolific” 3-point-shooter. On his career, he misses more than 60% of his treys.

  333. Mike Sessions says:

    1) DJ Mbenga
    2) Ray Allen

  334. Christopher Cartier says:

    Sam Jones anyone? Ask anyone who watched even one Celtics game in the sixties and you’ll get your answer.

  335. Glenn says:

    larry bird is the best pure shooter… no doubt about it… and i think you forgot to mention mitch richmond…

  336. Ivo Loureiro says:

    Clutch- Larry Bird , Steve Nash

    Pure 3pt shooter-Larry Bird , Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Steve Nash

    Shoot of the Dribble- Steve Nash, Larry Bird

    Shooting Technique- Ray Allen, Steve Nash, Reggie Miller

    All Around shooter- Steve Nash, Larry Bird

    Shooting %- Steve Nash- FG..49,0% 3PT.43,0% FT.90,4%, Reggie Miller- FG.47,1% 3PT.39,5% FT.88,8% Larry Bird- FG.49,6% 3PT.37,6% FT.886%

    so the truth is Nash is the most complete shooter with higher % and the beas guard in the league

  337. cku says:

    Allen the best~! he’s got rings~!

  338. MarkDNZ says:

    Oh and heres a comment for Wooo – Nobody shoots as much as Kobe either …. Even when he’s having an off night, rather than pass the ball nooo Kobe will put up 16 – 24 bricks and guess what – the Lakers lose

  339. willd says:

    I don’t like Ray nor the Celtics…but stats don’t lie…I agree on him being the best pure 3 point shooter f all time..until the next one arrives..It’s best 3 point shooter guys!!

    • MJBethancourt says:

      the question was best “Pure shooter”. That includes all shots, not just treys.
      And the stats do not indicate that Allen is the best trey shooter of all time. He has the most makes, but nowhere close to the best percentage. That’s just volume shooting, percentage trumps volume.

  340. MarkDNZ says:

    To me Larry Bird is the best ever – but for Ray Allen to be 2nd to the best player – not bad in anyones book.

  341. Nate says:

    Steve Kerr statistically is the best shooter…….Steve Nash also is better statistically then Reggie, Ray, Bird, etc.

    Ray is amazing becasue he shoots well of the dribble & has a quick release….Ray also has many other aspects of his game that make him better than Reggie….oh yeah Ray has a ring too!

  342. MiamiFan says:

    I think Durant is arguable the best shooter in the league as of now, if not he is only succeeded by Mr. Allen and in a year or so will take the best shooter title -if not now that is-. Of all time probably Larry Bird, but eventually I still think Durant will take that title

  343. jonathan W. says:

    YO what about Allan Houston? I remember there was a poll, on who was the best pure shooter. Allan Houston, Peja, or Ray Allen. His nickname was H20 because of his technique. Everytime he released his shot i felt it going in.

  344. dli says:

    without a question, ray allen is the best shooter of all time

  345. Rafael Corrêa says:

    Ray Allen sem dúvida é o melhor dos melhores quando o assunto é bolas de 3 pontos. Ele ja é uma Lenda viva e vai quebrar esse record amanha contra o Fakers. Go Celtics – Ray Ray MITO

  346. joe elizalde says:

    i still remember bird raising his hand even before the final ball goes thru the hoop during the 3 point shoot out, xavier mcdaniel recounts larry tells him where hes going to shoot a clutch jumper against his defense, makes the shot and is disappointed because he left time on the clock. the difference is bird had swagger and could get his shot off one on one and have the audacity to do it in someones face. allens form and timing are impeccable but id have to go with bird.

  347. Dshadow says:

    Ray allens has a nice jumper, but how can we ignore what happened during the finals against the lakers… record game one night, the rest of the series, some of the worst shooting ever seen in a finals. Did bird ever do that? Nash? anyone else?

    • Gary says:

      Your right Nash never did that…play in the finals that is lol.

      • DJ says:

        Ah come on, man. If ever there was a player who deserves to get a ring it’s Nash. He runs his team so well, constantly racks up 10+ assists on most nights, and still manages to put up shooting numbers that any 2-guard would be more than proud of.

  348. Joe says:

    Also no one is as good as Dwight at shooting his career 3pt percentage is 100%

  349. Jesse says:

    I don’t know why, but when I watch the Celtics play I never seem to see Ray Allen score all that much. Maybe 10 points or so. I see much more missed shots from him than anything.

  350. Joe says:

    I am the best pure shooter ever I once went 100 for 95 on NBA three point shots.

  351. jr28 says:

    Larry bird.. he was the all time best shooter for me men..

  352. fan8119 says:

    There is a big difference between a shooter and a scorer.
    we are talking about the best shooter, and RAY deserves that title.
    he is gonna surpass Reggie soon.

  353. Glen Rice….. One of the best pure shooters in league history. Ray Allen is probably the greatest of all time, Jason

  354. thirdstringballer says:

    ray allen ray allen ray allen. can you say enough? i mean come on he’s a spot up shooter and nash is a point guard. not to mention he would torch steve (no offense) in any shooting competition, plus he ended up taking sorry shots in seattle because his team was, in the words of charles barkley, ‘just turrible’

  355. ray allen is the best shooter ive ever seen!! the speed, the foot work and the unbelievable QUICK RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! no doubt about it!!

  356. dvae says:

    gary neal

  357. didi says:

    best shooter ever
    far second
    2. reggie miller
    3. ray allen

  358. CrazyNBA says:

    Ray Allen is the greatest shooter of all time ^_^…..ah i almost forget a 7 footer NOWITZKI

  359. bobby says:

    kobe better then ray HAHAHAHAHAHAHA thats completely laughable of course an ignorant kobe fan would come in here when kobe has NO BUISNESS of being spoken of on this topic. Kobe is a much better player then Allen overall but shooting its not even close Kobe cant touch ray period.

  360. Adz says:

    to quote wooo “kobe scored 12 threes in one game
    ray allen has never done that and will NEVER be good enough to do it”. That’s not the issue you moron. We all know Kobe is a better player. He’s possibly the greatest player of the post Jordan era. If you’re talking clutch or shooting over or around people ordan did it more often than Kobe and looked better. The issue is who is the “purest” shooter no clutch, over the top, dipsy do, dunk on head or anything else. If that’s the case Ray takes the cake and at 36 is like a fine wine only getting better with age. What a stupid and irrelevant comment to make.

    • wooo says:

      i said it clearly
      kobe is a better shooter.

      • weee says:

        ^stupid enough to know whats “best shooter” means.
        81 points in a game nor 12 3’s in a single game doesnt mean his the best shooter out there,

        on ray allen, he doesnt score 30 points each game unlike kobe whom motly hug the ball all the way to the hoop, but ray has the perfect shot to be called the best shooter out there, not just that,

      • MJBethancourt says:

        wooo, by your rules, Wilt Chamberlain is in fact the best shooter of all time.

        … good luck finding anybody who agrees with that.

    • Turk says:

      actually, if you look at that stats there a quite a few players ahead of kobe when it comes to clutch shooting… carmelo. look it up.

  361. Ballerz says:

    Ray allen is the best three point shooter that ever lived. he shoots the same way each time and his footwork is amazing.
    i am just like ray allen im on the sr boys b ball team in middle school and all i do is knockdown threes.
    i look at ray allen and learn from him. i wish i meet him in real life one day.

    • Jesse says:

      Don’t try to compare yourself to him. You shoot a 3-pointer from 8 feet closer than NBA. Step back little man

      • Raven says:

        anything can happen here in the cyberworld..maybe you are making up your own wanna-be ray allen stories dude! but if that’s for real,,I applaud you to that!

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Kid, that’s really distasteful comparing yourself to Allen.

      I bet your ego is reeeeeal popular with your teammates.

  362. rafael says:

    what about john paxson??

  363. MILLeR TiMe says:

    Reggiee alll day babiee garden

    • BOSTON 2011 CHAMPS says:


  364. Ankh says:

    best shooter? miller time, john(stockton and paxson)

  365. tricky boy says:

    I’ve never seen any other player released the ball in perimeter and beyond the ark like RAY RAY (RAY ALLEN), he’s simply one of a kind!

  366. Jason Kershaw says:

    I think Ray Allen is the best shooter that i have ever seen. From his form down to his release. Also he has a very quick release and a very good off balance shoot. This season his free throw % has gone down since last season but gis 3 point % has gone up, and at age 35 hes still in great shape and still playing the same way he did when he was younger. I also want to say that once he steps in the arc 9 times out of 10 he will make it in.

  367. Zack Heffler says:

    Ray Allen is the best pure shooter his jumper doesn’t just look good but it goes in too. He makes fundamentals look godly

  368. NBA fan says:

    Ray Allen is the best shooter of all time period.

  369. jose says:

    What about Steve Kerr?? I dont think Ray Allen is clutch like him!!

  370. Jack says:

    Shaq is the best shooter.

  371. fan8119 says:

    Ray Allen, best shooter NBA produced so far….
    numbers don’t lie…..
    take the sanctions off him and give him his credit already.
    1.Ray Allen
    2.Reggie Miller
    3.( u pick )

    • MJBethancourt says:

      What numbers, dude? What are you talking about?
      “Most treys made” is volume shooting, doesn’t make somebody the best.
      Numbers don’t lie, and the Numbers say Nash.

  372. Kanye West says:

    “Imma let you guys finish but i think Ray Allen is the best pure catch and shoot guy of all time” –

  373. KHALED Zahaby says:

    no matter what ray allen will always be one of the best shooters or actually the best shooter because it takes him about 3 sec to shoot the ball and when he does he swishes it BOSTON

  374. ishtupid says:

    @woo we’re talking about pure shooter not a ball hogger.

  375. Alvin Fong says:

    Peja and Mitch Richmond are my personal favorites.

  376. NBAfan says:

    ohh and who even need to shoot 12 3points in a game? maybe a ballhogger would, ray not, he is one of the best shooter but he plays for a team

    • Justme says:

      It wasnt even that he shot 12 3 pointers its that he made them. theres a huge difference than shooting 12 and making 12. thats why 12 is the most ever made in a game and he only shot 18. so thats 66.7% thats not being a ballhog thats being on fire.

      • Sean says:

        im a kobe fan and you gotta know that statement is untrue, any person who is a kobe fan and wont admit hes at least somewhat of a ball hog is an airhead,
        Donyell Marshall hit 12 3 pointers in a game aswell and he did not need to hog the ball the whole game and take a total of 35-45 shots, whatever kobe took that day he scored 81

  377. puppydog11 says:

    How about anthony morrow he qualified for a list of top 10 3pt shooters and is best after steve kerr!!

  378. super ray fan says:

    ray allen is the best shooter of all time

  379. andy1 says:

    to me its ray allen with dirk really close to him

    • Paul says:

      i guess you must be young and didnt have the chance to see reggie miller, he was the best.

      dirk is not where near ray or reggie.

  380. wooo says:

    Kobe is the best shooter!
    he can actually make shots OVER people
    not get blocked by pau gasol
    pau in 2009 blocked ray allen jumpshots
    he can only make open shots or shots off the pick
    kobe makes it over anybody
    kobe scored 12 threes in one game
    ray allen has never done that and will NEVER be good enough to do it

    • NBAfan says:

      1 or 2 blocks means you are worst shooter? what about the shooting form, what about %?…. cmon, be serious kobe is not the best shooter and he is not even a top5 shooter of all the time

    • wisdom1 says:

      Hey wooo, what are you talking about? Kobe Bryant has not been even mention by anybody but you. Kobe shoots like 38 shots per game and probably will hit 40% of them. We are talking about 50%+ shooters here, so you might be in the wrong blog.

      • wooo says:

        kobe has a low percentage because he gets special treatment
        every coach puts kobe as the number one guy to stop
        remember 81 points 61% thats not ball hogging if youre on fire everyone will pass to you
        how about 41 and 55% vs the celtics on jan 31
        shooting is more than making open shots
        its just making shots anytime anywhere anyhow

      • who's that says:

        this guy brought up kobe, what for i have no clue. he must be on that lakers wagon to mention kobe’s name. Kobe is not worth anyone’s time to agrue that he’s the best shooter because he’s not. if u give kobe and ray 100 free jumps shots, ray will make the most and that’s not the most important part, that most important is ray’s elevation. his jump shot is so nice to look at more than the net making the swissssssh sound. I call his shot “THE RAINBOW”.

        p.s. kobe is not better than Lebron but it’s allabout BOSTON because we will anyone


    • Jason Kershaw says:

      I do agree with you tha kobe has done that but in the 2010 finals game against the Lakers Ray Allen hit 8 three pointers setting the recorde for most three pointers maded in a finals game ever.

    • lal says:

      I’m a long time Kobe fan and Kobe is not the best shooter, best scorer maybe but not shooter. Kobe just isn’t a pure shooter, look at his form. Kobe himself has said, his shooting technique is far from perfect. Kobe can make shots from anywhere and from any position, but he just doesn’t do it efficient enough to called the best shooter, look at his percetages compared to pure shooters. And i was afraid that someone was going to bring Kobe up, even when he actually is out of the competition here, but i guess that can’t be helped.

      • wooo says:

        sorry man
        youre not a true kobe fan then if you dont know kobes great shooting ability
        just go on youtube and watch kobe shoot man
        precentages dont matter
        if kobe just shoots 10 shots a game then he’ll have the best precentage
        ray allen is not even the number one guy hes just backup for paul pierce
        paul scores most of the points ray just gets the open shots without having to work hard
        remember in 08 ray allen was screwwwwwwwwed by kobe
        he couldnt guard him
        he shot in his face all day what did ray allen do
        he took a couple shots everygame and made most of them
        reggie miller on the other hand was the leader of his team and the best shooter
        i dont know how he did that
        Reggie you da man

      • Gary says:

        Wooo I bet you’d say Kobe’s the best rebounder too, best stealer, best blocker best everything right? you must be like 13.

      • uoykcuf says:

        This 8 years old got mixed up clutch and pure shooter and asked ppl to go watch youtube. HA! I still got the vhs, wanna borrow it? Kobe is pretty clutch now but his shooting wasn’t as good as ray ray. Remember those air ball 3s kobe jacks up against utah? I’ll save you so time and give you the link reggie is clutch but shooting form a mess. My vote goes to shuttleworth. The form, the arc, the balance, the follow through. No. 1 is this era.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        LAL hit the nail on the head… Kobe has incredible shooting SKILLS, but with his low PERCENTAGE he really doesn’t qualify for the best “pure shooter” conversation.

    • Janethan23 says:

      You’re a moron.
      OVERALL Stats on both Kobe and Ray Allen throughout their CAREER on 3pt category proves it.
      Just shut up and be smart enough to just agree.

    • DaveFish says:

      so many parts of your claims are wrong.
      Kobe is most certainly not the best shooter, no even in discussion
      Ray Allen does make shots over people (ex: a 3 over Joakim Noah in a clutch situation two times)
      Great, Pau blocked a guy like 6 inches shorter than him, that must make Ray suck
      He only chooses to shoot shots that he knows he can get off or off the pick because they are high % shots and there are other offensive options in the celtics that is better than him shooting a 3 off the dribble.
      Did you notice that kobe has the ball in his hands every possession. Theres no wonder why he would be able to launch up so many 3s and shots in one game
      And you don’t think he can do it? Hes shot 8 3’s in one game many times. If he has one of those nights, you never know when he’ll stop.

    • By ur logic says:

      Are u honestly saying that Kobes never been blocked on a jump shot before?
      For one thing he went 17-47 once Ray Ray will never do that
      Kobe shoot 45% fg 34% 3p
      He has way more below avg days shootingwise
      but no, go ahead and keep worshipping him
      its amazing how many pages that have nothing to do with Kobe wind up with dilluted fans forcing his name into the conversation

      • Sean of Oz says:

        Dead right By ur logic. Kobe = most overrated player in the league. Not even the best player in his team. He has never won anything without a dominant centre – FACT!!

    • Nuts says:

      ur out ur mind wooo. the defenders of kobe are gving him space whenever his on the 3 point line. Unlike my main man ray-ray that dfenders will always try to stick 2 him.

  381. Tommy says:

    ray-ray is the best shooter !!!!! I saw the game when he got the ball and in 0.5 seconds scored three point shoot, no problem for him…but ofcourse there are games when he is in bad shape, like the game with lakers last year in finals, shoot 0-14.

  382. Jaheen Ahsan says:

    ray allen is the best pure shooter in my opinion. my runner up would be kyle korver

  383. Nuno Santos says:

    Hello NBA fans.
    Ray Allen is no doubt an extraordinary shooter, but for me the #1 will always be Larry Bird.
    Nuno, Lisbon – Portugal

  384. stevieooo says:

    if you talking about pure shooter,the best i seen is probably Jason Kapono who doesn nothing but catch n shoot.Ray allen and reggie miller arent jus shooter they are basketball players.But ray allens shooting form is just too nice

  385. GA-MA-TOS says:

    Allen is the one shooter that can score 30 points on 10 3-pointers by coming in contact with the ball a TOTAL of 5 seconds during the entire game (that’s 0.5 secs per shot)..that’s my definition of pure shooter and no one does it better than Ray.

  386. ithink says:

    nash is the best shooter of this era. cant say ever out of respect to larry bird, reggie miller and ray allen. allen is the best 3 point shooter of this era but nash is the best all around shooter today

  387. i believe says:

    Nash is the best shooter of this era. cant say ever though out of respect to larry bird, reggie miller and ray allen. ray is definetely the best 3 point shooter of this era but nash is the all around best shooter today

  388. […] a record he certainly deserves. (Boston Globe) "It just seems like it happened so fast …Blogtable: Ray Allen — NBA's best shooter? (blog)Miller passed on shot to join CelticsYahoo! SportsReggie Miller could make the call of […]

  389. celticsfan2010 says:

    Larry Legend gets 1st place in my book, ill give ray allen 2nd.

  390. Tim says:

    Larry Bird was a tremendous clutch shooter. Probably the best ever. I cannot agree with the writer as to form. Larry Bird’s form was awful. You would never teach a young player to shoot like that. Yes, it worked for him. But, it was terrible form. Absolutely horrible. When he would actually shoot a jump shot, it was much better, but the set-shot was awful. Best professional shooter of all-time, however, is Rick Mount. No question on that one. Purest form the game has ever seen. No one even close. In fact, he still is the greatest shooter in the world, hands down – and that at age 64.

    • GaryT says:

      Most of you are close when you mention Allen, Bird and Miller as the best ever. You could make a strong case for any of them and I wouldn’t protest too much (as long as the discussion is limited to the NBA). But for those of us who had the privilege of growing up in Indiana in the 60’s. Rick Mount is still the best shooter of all time. This guy was unbelievable. Mount shot way over 50% from the floor for his career and that was with four or five guys hanging all over him. He scored 61 points against Iowa in 1970 without a 3-point line. The athletic department at Purdue reviewed the film of that game and determined that, if there were a 3-point line, Mount would have scored 74 points. Now if there had been a 3-point arc, he would have shot everything from behind the line. He might have had 85. All you need for proof is to see his signature shot, which he hit at least four or five times each game it seemed like. Mount would run through four or five picks, race full speed to the right baseline corner, jump out of bounds with his back to the basket and shoot a turnaround jumper. The ball had to travel over the backboard and he would make the shot. But Mount couldn’t guard a trash can (which did him in when he went to the ABA). With the college 3-point line so close to the basket, the NCAA would have abolished it because of Mount and Maravich just like they did with the dunk during Lew Alcindor’s time.

      • Nick says:

        Mount is pure, no doubt… his D-1 camps for youth he talked so much crap when he was a guest shooter and then backed it up by drilling like 30-40 shots beyond the 3 point line in a row…………………….but Reggie is the best, he perfected the long ball. Bird had so many other attributes he just made us think he was the best……………..either way all 3 of these guys have ties to Indiana so what’cha al’ think bout dat!

  391. LakerzAlDaWay says:

    Ray allen, Reggie Miller and Larry Bird are the best shooter. All are the same

  392. yungdeuce says:

    to me it’s between miller and allen in my time watching nba i’ll probably pick miller though the 9 points against the knicks in the closing seconds killed me cause the knicks was my team in the 90’s

  393. steagle says:

    Ray Allen is undoubtedly the best pure shooter in the NBA right now – I think all the analysts agree on that. Best of all time? Hard to say Ray Allen is “better” than Larry Bird, even though his shooting stats may be. Larry Bird was the total player, while Ray fills a very niche role for the most part. He rarely gets double-teamed, doesn’t get fouled hard and doesn’t create a lot of shots by himself (without screens) like Bird did, therefore Allen enjoys a much higher percentage shot, and more of them. That doesn’t downplay his ability though. If I was the opposing coach I would have him played so tight that he can’t even see his teammates. Even then, he’ll still hit the jumper 🙂

    • Pete says:

      All the more impressive that he’s able to run back and forth around so many screens all day long and still have the energy, the composure and the body control to catch and shoot.

      Being a Celtics fan I watch Ray Allen shoot on a constant basis, and the wide open ones are the ones you expect him to hit – when he’s up against a weak defender the gets stuck on picks, leaving him plenty of space to get his shot up.

      But then for every two of those shots, theres one where he’s running off a screen with the defender right on his tail, heading towards the baseline, catches the ball in the corner, fades back off ballance with the defenders hand right in his face…and bang – nothing but net. Every time I think to myself “dude, that’s a rediculous shot…even for Ray. It’s not going in”, and yet almost every time he proves me wrong – it’s like a free throw to him.

      Dirk is great shooter, but he gets so much benefit from the fact that he’s tall enough to be a centre, so he can straight up shoot over the top of pretty much anyone who defends him. Sure he takes tough shots and he’s rarely open, and he’s obviously a great shooter as well… but because of his size, when he shoots a fade away none of his defenders are tall enough to get a hand on the ball or in his face enough to put the shot off.

      Nash is also a grat shooter, no denying that. But as great a shooter as Nash is, the fact that he’s so dangerous as a playmaker means that he doesn’t get quite as much defensive attention as ‘pure scorers’ such as Dirk, Allen, Kobe,etc. He’s shot a higher percentage from three over his career then Ray Allen, but he has also taken less then half as many attempts. Nash takes his share of three’s, but he doesn’t shoot anywhere near as frequency as Ray Allen does – int he games I’ve seen, he’s taken many of the type of open shots that Ray Allen would never get a look at.

      Allen is a guy who has a reputation throughout the NBA as being arguably the best shooter in the game, quite possibly the best shooter in history – the amount of defensive attention he gets in every game he plays is insane. Teams invest rediculous amounts of attention into trying to keep a man on him at all times, and the impressive thing is that despite all this he still continues to find a way to get his shots off – and they aren’t always easy one. Running off those screens often only gives him a mere instant to stop, catch and get his shot off – if he didn’t have such a quick release on his shot, many of those would be blocked or would be too tightly contested tohave a chance of going in.

      All the impressive is that a 6’5″ Allen isn’t big for his position – in fact you could probably argue he’s slightly undersized (with average size for a SG being around 6″6) – so the fact that he can continue to get off those shots is a testament to his ability to run around tons of screens and still have the strength to get a shot off, the quickness of his release, and obviously…his shooting ability.

      I’d rate Ray Allen as the best shooter of his time, but as some others said its difficult to compare him to great shooters in history who played in different eras when the game was played differently.

  394. Jean B Talent says:

    What about Allen Houston?

    • shooterinthebackyard says:

      is this a combination of ray ALLEN and allan HOUSTON? then he might be the greatest shooter in the

  395. Joaquin Miranda says:

    Steve Nash needs to be in this conversation, he is the best free throw shooter in league’s HISTORY. He has hit 90-50-40 in FT, FG and Threes respectively ofr like 4 seasons, Larry Bird is the only one to do it more than once, and did it twice. Nash is one of those guys that has a great ability that may be overshadowed by another great ability, in his case, passing.

  396. anderson3151 says:

    what about Hubert Davis?

  397. […] him a chance to return to the NBA. Mark Cuban called him to play with Dirk Nowitzki(notes). …Blogtable: Ray Allen — NBA's best shooter? (blog)Reggie Miller could make the call of Ray Allen's recordSportingNews.comOl' Ray […]

  398. Debenz says:

    Ray Allen is the best shooter of All Time. When I watch him play especially in clutch time and he makes the shot, I get a feeling that I’ve never felt before from anyone who has been clutch(besides MJ). The way the ball sounds when it goes through the net, no one can make a sound like Ray can. Ray All= 3 POINT KING!!!

  399. LABRYANT says:

    LARRY Bird Ray Allen Reggie Miller the three best of all time ….you can decide the order

    • Rodriguez says:

      Reggie miller Ray allen Dwyane wade

      • joman says:

        dwayne wade??why is he in this conversation?

      • Mr Holt says:

        Wade ain’t even in the conversation. Give me a break, child.

      • goceltics says:

        Dwyane Wade? Great player, good shooter… not great. His highest 3-point percentage in any season was 31.7… he’s better at getting to the basket and drawing fouls, but you can’t compare him to Ray Allen and Reggie Miller when it comes to shooting.

      • steelkobe says:

        wow ur stupid…d-wade??? ok, kobe bryant and carmelo anthony are better shooters, hell, wades not even the best shooter on his own team!!! jones, house, miller, even lebron shoot better than he does

  400. Gary says:

    Sekou is right, you have to be careful how you use the word best in correlation to players. Personally I’d give Allen the crown for this era and that’s over Miller, Nash, Dirk, Kerr, Peja and Barry. But I can’t compare him to the likes of Bird, McAdoo and West because that was a whole other generation and different type of ball. Tonight Ray will be crowned until a rightful successor is found.

    • u r stupid says:

      man u are stupid–ray allen is the best pure shoter of all time

      and i am a lakers fan i can admit that–i hate the celtics—but i hold a lot of respect for them–

    • Heat says:

      I agree, Allen is the best I’ve seen but I’m only 18 yrs old. I never really saw Bird and the others I’ve only seen stats and highlights so I can’t really compare. The only person I would compare Allen to is Reggie Miller.

      • Imad Akel says:

        lol watch some NBA history games guys! they’re fun to watch even the ones where you know the outcome before hand…

        I’m 21 but i’ve seen a good deal of larry bird games. I love the current day celtics-lakers match ups (last year gotta admit good championship series even tho we lost :P), but these match ups are nothing compared to the original lakers-celtics match ups!

        Rent a DVD or something.

  401. alvaro says:

    Larry Bird Must be the best shooter of all the time! there’s no doubt about it!

    • J.Carter says:

      Ray Allen is the best ever …no doubt about it

      • Ginobili says:

        Larry Bird is without a doubt thee best 3 point shooter the NBA has ever had. The last money ball at the all star game, left handed 15 footer offf the glass, etc.

    • Imad Akel says:

      The question said PURE shooter. I’ve seen my fair share of NBA history games, and there was nothing pure about larry bird’s shot.

      Larry bird threw the ball from above or behind his head (and had really high arc).
      Also larry bird barely lifted his toes even in defended situations, he just cannon balled the ball over his defender’s arms.
      Reggie miller’s release was pure form but it was a really fast release, and the trajectory from his long arms was also highly arched.
      Peja stojakovich had a perfect shot trajectory but his form looks like he is blocking himself.
      Ray allen has the purest shot, from the jump to the release to the trajectory of the ball as it glides through the net.
      He is the best pure 3 point shooter.
      If you want to teach people who are new to basketball what the best (perfect) 3 point shot looks like, that’s ray allen.

    • fesjizzel says:

      Larry Bird all the way!

  402. daniel curry says:

    ray allen is the best shooter ive ever seen,theres alot of good shooters but to me ray allen is the best no matter what anyone says.