Kobe’s Greatest Hits, VIII

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Technically speaking, Kobe Bryant‘s 2006-07 season was one his two best in terms of sheer numbers (he was even better the season before).

He averaged 31.6 points per game, shot career bests from the floor (.463) and the free throw line (.868) while also averaging 5.7 rebounds, 5.4 assists and 1.4 steals.

As you might imagine, KB Bryant piled up plenty of highlights that year. That provides us today’s installment of our Kobe’s Top 10 Plays series:

As great as he was that season, the Los Angeles Lakers went just 42-40 that season and got bounced in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs. Guess you can’t have it all, all of the time.

Be sure to catch the next installment of our Kobe’s Top 10 Plays series, a career look back at the top highlights from the Black Mamba‘s Hall of Fame (you know he’s a lock) career. We’ll wrap it up just in time for the 60th NBA All-Star Game, which will be held on Bryant’s turf Feb. 20 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.


  1. REALTech says:


    I understand what you saying. All those STATS are nice to know. At the end of the day beyond those stat people are going to judge by RINGS. Mj and Kobe did things like scoring assist drive will to win dunks clutch shots or whatever. All that means something but RINGS put you over the top. Beyond all that greatness player still will be judged by RINGS. I understand your point. Kobe coming out of High school is amazing. Also what a player does in their era can separate yourself from current greats at that time. All I am saying people may not remember all those lovely stats MJ had or kobe. BUT THEY REMEMBER THOSE RINGS.

  2. JpBonham says:

    Whoaaaaa! love you kob!! thank you!

  3. REALTech says:

    STATS STATS STATS. We hear them all the times, but no one for sure do not want to walk away from the game without a RING. When you compare greats and legend RINGS will always come up no matter what scoring rebound stealing or whatever. They define your greatness no doubt. Look at Barry Bonds with all the Homeruns and NO RINGS. I hate to say it but legends are judged on RING. People remember winners not losers. Kobe has all the stats but his will to win drive and work hard and IQ puts him over the top clearly. Fact he clearly the best player since MJ left. He is the closes thing to MJ. I love Bron but when he jumps shipped as being the MAN to Miami it hurt his legacy. Kobe started on the bench and became an all-star starter. Won DUNK contest and people still waiting on BRON to compete. Kobe never complain about being hurt in the playoffs and finals. He has been in the finals 7 times in the last 10 years. THIS GUY CAME OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL BEING COMPARED TO MJ. HIGH SCHOOL. FACT MJ AND KOBE HAS PHIL JACKSON. Please stop the SHAQ thing because MJ team was not any BUMS. Pippen was maybe one of the best if not the best SF ever. Rodman was a beast and he was the player that put the bulls over the top just like Gasol. Where would Gasol be known with the LAKERS AND KOBE? Hmmmmmm I love Bron but why could he not close out teams in the playoffs and Beat the magics and celtics. No one give Dwight Howard for beating the Celtics in game 7 in the Garden and beating a Favored title team Cavs. Think about it. This guy came out of HIGH SCHOOL. Love or hate KOBE. He know players and legend are judged on RINGS.

    • Phil_Jackson says:

      I understand your concern of putting Kobe ahead of Lebron …BUT that is not nearly enough

      Greatness is not judged by rings or stats. Its judged by how a player played the game, the moves he put the excitement he brought to the game.

      Look at the past history legends stats and rings
      —wilt 50+ppg and 22rpg
      —robertson triple double
      –Baylor 38ppg and 24rpg

      and dont forget BILL RUSSELL even with 11 rings he averaged a career high of 15ppg and 22rpg…HIS ENTIRE CAREER

      the single game BEST performances, KOBE is right there with Wilt at 81 pts…..JORDAN is no where near the top 5 of single game performances

      So this means that MEDIA critics put Jordan to be the GREATEST player to ever played the game, NOT because of rings/stats…..BECAUSE AS YOU SEE…CLEARLY Jordan is NO WHERE near the top of the list of STATS OR RINGS…i forget but there were about 5 or 7 players within the range of 6 rings and 11 rings.

      Jordan’s 37ppg and Kobe’s 35ppg….CANNOT be compared to the monsterous stats put by the legends, with the nasty nasty 38+ppg 24+rpg averages of entire season…

      SO….what does this mean??? MEDIA CRITICS don’t want to admit it…but when they compare JORDAN to the legends….THEY DISREGARD stats/rings…..THEY PUT JORDAN AHEAD OF THEM BECAUSE OF HOW HE PLAYED THE GAME….The excitement he brought to the game out shined the Legends of the 60s and 70s…..THAT IS THE TRUE REASON why he is considered greater player than the LEGENDS!!

      Ohhh but wait a minute here…..IF we compare Jordan to the Legends BASED ON GAME PLAY…..and we COMPARE JORDAN TO KOBE ALSO BASED ON GAME PLAY…….Jordan IS NO WHERE NEAR KOBE BRYANT’S SKILLS AND TALENT…

      As exciting to watch as Jordan was in the past, KOBE brought another type of style to the game…that is INDIVIDUAL TALENT/SKILLS…Kobe brought crossovers, hesitation dribbles….spins…behind the back crossovers…hesitation crossovers…


      So why is it that WHEN WE COMPARE KOBE AND JORDAN…..people are like WELL..THE RINGS……WELL THE STATS????


      see no one wants to admit this…. instead they r ignorant and jump on band wagons

  4. long live kobe says:

    i have to say the past like 2 vids have been good but not even as good as the earlier ones.whats goin on folks?

    • Gary says:

      There scrapping together footage to span from now till the All-Star break. So not all of it will be show-stopping stuff. you’ll probably see some repeats like in the other blogs.

  5. Michael_Jordan says:

    Interview with Jordan

    As a player growing up, there wasn’t any streetball and1 mix tapes to watch. Everyone played basic basketball, I remember back in mid 90s when I was defending Iverson on the perimeter. Iverson did this move and crossed me up like I wasn’t defending him at all.

    I think If I played in today’s era, i would probably be a Ray Allen or Rick Hamilton type of player. I don’t have the special moves to put on my defenders. I’ll tell you a secret though, I retired from basketball wasn’t because of old age, it was because I was sick and tired of calling out for pick/roll plays, because I fail to crossover my defender.

    Sometimes I honestly wish Kobe Bryant would of played before me. I noticed this kid when he was in high school already. I knew Kobe played a lot of streetball outside of high school basketball. I knew he was going to be the most skilled and talented individual player to ever set foot on an NBA court.

    I just wish he would of played before me so that I could of watched his moves and learn from them. I was always stuck watching the old legends in those boring black/white television and dribbling the ball 1 handed full time.

    Yeah good question…I tell my fans the same thing. I tell my fans, don’t be stupid and blinded because of my achievements. It has nothing to do with my skills/talent, winning MVP and rings is an achievement from the entire team. You are talking about teammates to the coaches, to the staffs. Its not all me.

    I try to tell my fans, LOOK AT KOBE…this man is the sickest man on the planet. I can’t do moves like him, I am limited to my basic basketball dribble dribble shoot.

    I don’t have crossovers, i can’t drop a player flat on the floor with a hesitation dribble. I can’t studder step behind the back spin between two players. I can’t jab-step hesitation dribble crossover.

    I don’t have lightning quick-first steps like Kobe… I mean have u seen what this man does to All NBA 1st team defensive team players?? The baseline dunks he put on bruce bownen, dough christie, KG, Spreewell, barnes…etc Sorry I don’t have that lightning quick-first step… I can’t stare down a defender and just take off and leave him in the dust like Kobe Bryant did…

    So my Jordan fans, Please…Let me do me…I can’t be compared to Kobe, hes the greatest basketball player that ever played…. the arsenal that Kobe has up his sleeves can never be matched!!! Let me do me, let me be Jordan and him be Kobe.

  6. John Martinez says:

    Ahhh, the good ol’ Sonics!

  7. Kenneth says:

    I thought #3 should have been #1…

  8. Michael Jordan says:

    I wish i could have been this good

    • Jason says:

      LOL you’re hilarious xD

      i like your trolling sense of humour =P

      and that shot on diaw was so so so so amazing. he like… quadruple pumped?

  9. AK says:

    Aw that year had lots of highlights, a top 10 isnt enough for that year. Missing a lot of stuff

  10. Lebron James says:

    Maybe I should ask kobe how he got away with that travel in play 2, so I can do the same thing.

  11. hoopster says:

    The worst haters in these blogs are the ones that use a player’s name, and then portray them in a very negative light. You’re the worst kind of hater there is man. Blog somewhere else dude cause you don’t belong here as far as I’m concerned! You’ve got nothing better to say? Referring to the blogger here using Kobe Bryant’s name.

  12. cris says:

    is this the year where he facialed nash anyone? if so where’s dat play on this countdown?

  13. bataraza24 says:

    CLUTCH!!! i can’t 4get the no.1 top play of kobe block in ur face against deron williams…



  14. Kobe Bean Bryant says:

    Hi guys thanks for checking out just a few of my greatest hits! and please stop comparing me to anyone, for I am the best there ever was, is, and will be. Just thank your lucky stars that you live in an era to witness the greatness of the best basketball player in history. Other than that, I’m pretty humble!, just say hi!

  15. Allan says:

    sf. yeah!

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