Hang Time Podcast (Episode 43)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Have you ever wondered what the NBA All-Star team would look like if the players voted and not the fans and coaches?

Would they look anything like the teams that will take the floor in the 60th All-Star Game Feb. 20 in Los Angeles?

We asked the NBA’s reigning Sixth Man of the Year, flashy Hawks guard Jamal Crawford. And you might be surprised by his answer.

Crawford joined us on Episode 43 of the Hang Time Podcast, which also includes guest appearances from Kelly Dwyer, editor of Yahoo! Sports Ball Don’t Lie blog and NBA Entertainment editor David Thomas, who oversaw the Kobe’s Top 10 Plays project you’ve seen in this space the past week.

We grilled all three guys on a variety of topics you find here in Episode 43, which also includes plenty of Super Bowl discussion from the Hang Time Podcast crew:


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  2. Daniel Toma says:

    With regards to big events like the superbowl. You have the World Cup Final, the European Cup Final and the Champions league final (all soccer).

    The champions league final is massive and is in a different country every year, fans from different country’s (depending on who gets to the final) swarm to it! I would put it on par with the superbowl for hype but in Europe obviously.

  3. yungdeuce says:

    i don’t agree that jordan is the best player ever there’s no doubt that he’s icon but i gotta go with kobe and no i’m not a kobe fan but you gotta respect his game one thing jordan never did was guard the other team’s best scorer pippen did and as far as jordan’s team not being any good whoever says that is crazy he had a team built around him the best rebounder in the game rodman, probably the best point foward to play the game pippen, snipers in steve kerr and paxson, and great low post defenders in grant and cartwright. kobe has guarded melo,lebron,ray allen,pierce,ginoboli,and etc superstars and still put up 20+ while getting after it defensively i honestly don’t think jordan would do what he did back then now for one there’s way more superstars now then back then and he would have guard one of em’ instead of guarding the 2nd,3rd,and sometimes 4th scoring option on the floor

    • granting wIthout admitting that on Jordan’s time there are lesser Superstars…y did MJ still score over 40 at the age of 40 when he played on the Wizards? Is that How the superstars played poor defense against an old MJ? hohohohohoho!!!

      you gotta be kidding me…Jordan is god of Basketball and nobody compares to him….if Kobe had some high-flyin move and acrobatic shots? Well then, Mike OWNS THE AIR….mike is god AND YOU CANNOT COMPARE THE CREATURE AGAINST THE CREATOR…THAT CREATOR IS MICHAEL JORDAN… REMEMBER HIS NAME, REMEMBER HISTORY.


  4. Johnny says:

    here’s why Jordan is the best player ever.
    1. he made a terrible team into champions (six times)
    2. without a doubt, he was always the best player on his team / can’t say the same for kobe in the early 2000’s
    3. how he built his career. he fell to adversity several times (detroit pistons) before overcoming it. fans love this kind of story.
    4. he was always better than the hype surrounding him.
    5. he was in control of the game. 4th quarter, you knew jordan was going to win the game for the Bulls.
    6. he made his teammates better. Jordan was a ballhog, but that doesn’t mean it’s harmful to the team (same goes for Kobe). Even during practice, Jordan (like Kobe) was always the leader.
    7. kick ass shoes

  5. Ice Pogi says:

    @ RP
    Try to find a Cricket Forum… no offense in CRICKET but this is BASKETBALL forum… Everything in here is all about basketball… we do dumb comments sometimes but this is how WE basketball fans do… when the things heating up… we burn more…fighting on which team is the best… is what we do….regardless on team we are …. regardless on our differences…. even we hate on other commentators.. ONE THING IS FOR SURE….AND WE BELIEVE THAT WE HAVE IN COMMON…………………………”WE LOVE BASKETBALL”…..

    • RP says:

      Yeah no offense taken. Sorry about the previous post. Just wanted to illustrate that the players are very close to one another and not so far apart as people think they are. I just gave an example on cricket as this is one sport that there is a clear “best player”. Sports arguments will come and they will continue to come, and that makes sport and talking about sport nice and healthy.

      I love all types of sports, including basketball, cricket, tennis, soccer, AFL football (do you guys get that in the US?) – Aussie rules football.

  6. Ice Pogi says:

    @china kobe

    Are you saying that higher you get pay is the better player you are in the court???

    “Kobe is the best. who cares about the bad comments about him. His salary is higest now which means he is that damm good. that is all matters” Pleaseeee… check how you spell………

    Do you really believe on that theory of yours… So can we say Joe Johnson is a better shooting guard in the league than anyone in every team co’z he got huge contract and its $124M …can we say he’s better than KOBE or WADE co’z now he earn much higher than those 2 i think…..

    EPIC FAIL……..

  7. You've Got To Be Kidding Me says:

    @ Obie

    The ” Lebron plays for stats ” is the stupidest thing ever. What do you expect him to do ? Let Wade and Bosh score, rebound, and assist while he slacks off ? Think about that. Lebron is doing what Lebron can do. Score, rebound, assist, and defend. He’s not a stat hog like many of you idiotic homers claim. 26 PPG, 7 REB, and 7 AST is an all around player to me. Not a stat hog.

    • Jason says:

      Wake up! Where did the Lakers go when Shaq left L.A.? Then what happen to Miami when Shaq join Wade? A Championship of course…So we now knew that Shaq is the factor of Lakers downfall…No Shaq, no championship….Kobe Can Stand on his own feet..he even demanded for a trade till Gasol came to bail his sorry ass…..Of course Gasol can’t win on his own coz he’s sorrounded with below average teammates…unlike kobe who had Odom and Bynum..

    • live-on says:

      lebron is being lebron, a stat hog.

  8. RP says:

    If you compare sportsmen in general and you try and compare someone is greater than the other, you always compare players of similar ilk. If you want to know if one player dominates any other in basketball or for that matter any sport you need to look at who players went up against, the quality of the teams, and if he dominates the sport so much so that the next best player is streets below the other. In basketball I dont see that happening. Kobe, MJ, Lebron are equally good. Just players of these kinds are marginaly if best better than the other. In what order I dont know and statistics in the end will be the best way to judge.

    If you want to see a sport where you can definitely see a difference in player ability, then you need to see a game like cricket. I know this is a basketball forum, but in general Sir Donald Bradman has a batting average of 99.94. Compared to players today or in the past in cricket, no one compares period. The next best average is like 60. He is so far in front no one compares. He is the greatest period, possibly the greatest sportsman of any sport.

    • RP says:

      Just as aside, if you want to compare greatest ever sportsman in any sport, you would need to look at the standard deviation of there statistical record to any other.

      Charles Davis, a biochemist did some statistical analysis to try and compare the greatest ever sportsman of all time. On the Don Bradman wiki page are his findings:

      Quoting from wikipedia:

      World sport contextWisden hailed Bradman as, “the greatest phenomenon in the history of cricket, indeed in the history of all ball games”.[1] Statistician Charles Davis analysed the statistics for several prominent sportsmen by comparing the number of standard deviations that they stand above the mean for their sport.[232] The top performers in his selected sports are:[233]

      Athlete Sport Statistic Standard
      Bradman Cricket Batting average 4.4
      Pelé Association football Goals per game 3.7
      Ty Cobb Baseball Batting average 3.6
      Jack Nicklaus Golf Major titles 3.5
      Michael Jordan Basketball Points per game 3.4

      The statistics show that “no other athlete dominates an international sport to the extent that Bradman does cricket”.[2] In order to post a similarly dominant career statistic as Bradman, a baseball batter would need a career batting average of .392, while a basketball player would need to score an average of 43.0 points per game.[233] The respective records are .366 and 30.1.[233]

      When Bradman died, Time magazine allocated a space in its “Milestones” column for an obituary:[234]

      … Australian icon considered by many to be the pre-eminent sportsman of all time … One of Australia’s most beloved heroes, he was revered abroad as well. When Nelson Mandela was released after 27 years in prison, his first question to an Australian visitor was, “Is Sir Donald Bradman still alive?”

  9. Jason says:

    think it for real. When kobe won those first 3 rings, whose player should be credited the most? Is it KOBE? The Right answer must be no,, Otherwise, you’re an idiot…Shaq (SUPERMAN) is the 2000 MVP..No Center at his era can guard him..Superior on both ends of the court…When AI was ask about their defeat in 2001 NBA FINALS..AI’s answer was simple “It’s too much of a SHAQ” AI never said Kobe is biggest thorn on their team..Then comes the time Shaq left L.A….Then where did the Lakers go after Shaq left? Kobe even demanded For trade bcoz he can’t lead L.A. even to the playoffs(2007)

    then how can u credit those ring to Kobe? In 1999-2000 season SHAQ is the 1. season MVP 2. All-star MVP 3. Finals MVP
    plain and simple,,Kobe rides the shoulder of the GIANTS to win championship….P.S.(those 2 remaining rings would have also gone elsewhere hadn’t GASOL join the Lakers.)

  10. Anthony says:

    @ The Jordan/Kobe comparison..You say you watched MJ and hes better than Kobe? Statistics wise yes he was. But in the NBA to be the Best Player you need not to be just good at basketball but also bring excitement. I grew up watching MJ, im from Chicago. I cannot sit here and say I’d rather watch MJ than Kobe, it just wouldn’t happen. You never know what Kobe Bryant is going to give you. Kobe makes over 1,000 shots everyday. He put hardwork into his game. Their both similar, MJ might have won more awards than Kobe, but thats because MJ also did 2 years of college. He was the No.1 Overall Draft pick, which means he was a starter. Kobe was a backup for his first 2 years..so he couldn’t of established himself like MJ did. Also at the remark that Kobe wouldn’t of won his rings without Shaq or Gasol. You cant sit here and say MJ would of won without pippen. Pippen was the 2nd best player in the league…he was also a Ron Artest defensive figure. Comparison’s will always continue but in my mind..If im going to follow a team it will ALWAYS be Kobe Bryant’s team. “Because you never know what you’re gonna get” – Michael Pietrus

  11. john says:

    what I am saying is that Kobe has been the easiest stars to get their championship if they want to compare two individual players is to see if it was mvp to get his ring

  12. Dan Shy (CANADA) says:

    Kobe is the best in the biz right now. no dispute about that. Lebron can keep getting closer, but not even close. In everyone competive sports, players are ranked by their individual skills and ability to win.in soccer people talk about Pele because he won at his time. same with Jordan. if any player should be compared to Kobe it should be the Tim duncans

  13. A Logical Kobe Fan says:

    First of all, I will comment on the Kobe vs. LeBron debate. it is true that LeBron is a much better athlete than Kobe is or ever was, I think that goes without saying. However, Kobe is a much more aggressive and deadlier player. It is true, that he can be extremely arrogant, but all greater winners are. He doesn’t get triple doubles because he doesn’t want them. He is an ass hole, and becomes an even bigger one when he enters “The Black Mamba”. But the thing is, Jordan is too. He always was and always will be, it is just the way he is. LeBron is closer to what Magic Johnson was than anything, and I think when comparisons are made between him and Kobe, or him and LeBron, they are just wishful thinkers wanting LeBron will go down as “The Greatest Player ever”. He won’t be, because he chose to leave Cleveland. He is still great, but his reputation is now tarnished because of “The Decision.”
    Second of all, I realize that Kobe will probably never finish a season with over 50% in FG. He takes a lot of crazy shots, but he takes them because he honestly believes they will go in. He has the same competitive streak that Jordan has. He is the most similar player to Jordan there has ever been. He is a clutch player and lives for the big moments.
    Another problem with these debates is this “Kobe had a better team” garbage. He did have a great team with him during all 7 of his Finals appearances, but here’s a big surprise, basketball is a team sport, no matter how much the Great Players make it seem like it isn’t. Jordan’s team, believe it or not, was pretty good too. I will not go as far to say that his team’s talent was greater, but it was still a good team. I cannot imagine that Jordan would have won 6 Rings without Pippen.
    Last but not least, there are plenty more Kobe Haters than Lovers. He’s booed in almost every arena except in Staples, and on occasion has even been booed in there, of course he was booed for good reasons. Jordan was booed too. What irritates me the most is the people who say he sucks. He has five rings, which is a pretty good number. He has left his mark in the NBA record book without a doubt. And even though many hate it, he really is the only person who compares to MJ. I don’t like to compare the two because MJ is retired and Kobe isn’t. When Kobe finally does retire, it will then be decided, although personally I would have to say MJ will still have him beat.

  14. Compare teams says:

    Mo Will-Smush Parker
    Jamison-Vlad R.
    Shaq, Z- Mhims,Kwame
    Wonder who had the better team..?

    • fan says:

      do i really have to answer it?
      the whole team, beside kobe, could not defend. how can they beat san antanio with that kind of defense? championship is not an individual effort, its a team effort.
      jordan didnt win it by himself, he didnt win it with pippen, he won it with the team which ran good triangle.

  15. RP says:

    How about greats, the likes of Wilt Chamberlain? Why is it that we also say the greats and only look at MJ, Kobe and Lebron. People need to look at stats like that of Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt def has to be one of the greatest players to ever play basketball period. He not only has the most number of points in a game, but there were rules placed because of his dominance in basketball (ie. the key).

  16. Boo L.J says:

    L.J wins no championships then seeks to team up with fellow star. C’mon now. hes not a competitive guy period!!!!!
    K.B wins 5. at 31 still the best player and most mature player in the league right now.

  17. jessy says:

    for me kobe bryant is the best player among the rest..

  18. Hybrid says:

    Championships belong to teams. But teams have their “It” guy so there is a tendancy to say “IT guy” won X rings for team Y. We can’t deny that Lebron has to make a serious effort to put up his numbers the same way Kobe. The key difference between Kobe and Lebron is clutch, leadership quality, desire to win it big, winning effort, team support. I believe it is those qualities that bring players stats and/or championships.

    On a side note, Where does Shaq rank? Where should his number be retired in the hypothetical situation that his number is retired?

    • live-on says:

      lebron doesnt know how to get the team involve, thats why today’s cleveland is so bad because they are so used to having lebron doing everything. that is just not a good team player or leader, thats why he never won a ring; no one single player can carry the team to victory during play off final.

  19. PKQ says:

    Hi, This is more for Sekou than for teh mostly one sided people who post here. You said there was some story that you were missing so I’ll start of there; Bosh: I know most people dont think he deserves an all star spot and noone even mentions him in the same breath as Wade and Lebron, 1st of all Let me say that Bosh, in my view, has never been a great player- he is somewhat limited by his position in tha he needs to have offense run through him to be effective- but I think he deserves it because if anything at all he is more consistent this year (minus the first few games) in terms of production and rebounds, he is averaging about 2 points less than career average, about1-2 rebounds less and in much less minutes. The difference is his nightly figures are closer to his averages. When he was in Toronto, he was the game changer and frequently put up 40 point games to get them wins. the fact is in some games when they needed him, he had 8 points and he had a tendency to get lost in their offence if they didnt look for him. Miami doesnt want him to be a guy who scores over 20 points per game, thats Lebron and Wade’s job, they want him scoring exactly what he’s scoring, they might like a rebound or two more more but they got what they paid for. He is adjusting to his role very well and I believe he is not too far behind Wade and Lebron in terms of talent; any guy of lessor talent would have gotten lost stat-wise next to Lebron and Wade, yet even though he is lost highlight-wise he still remains critical to their offense. Btw talking about Cleveland, look what losing Bosh did to Toronto too.

    Now on to the black mamba. Before I start, I never saw a lot of the greats players but I saw Magic and Jordan. Michael Jordan was and is the most powerful player that I have ever seen. HIs stats and acheivements are incredible. Kobe Bryant is the closest thing player since. Kobe will never be as great as Jordan not because he lacks the talent but simple because he whilst he maximised his size and agility in his prime, so did Jordan, and Jordan has a big advantage in size. Most people believe that Kobe is a ball hog because he wants to get scoring accolades. No, I believe its because he wants to win. The closest player to Kobe Bryant in terms of style and offence is Monta Ellis or Wade. Lebron is not yet as good as Kobe, but if he plays stays on course he has the best chance of surpassing not only Michael’s impact on the game but his championships as well. The only problem with Lebron James is that right now its all ifs. Another caveat is that while Bosh is “content” to be the third guy, Wade is not used to being the second guy and every year he plays with Lebron they are both going to push their personal stats to establish who’s better. Eventually it may end Kobe-Shaquesque. They need championships ASAP

  20. dlonrabm says:

    i will not appreciate players with no championship experience, kobe is not my idol but his great than lebron. lebron is best but not great.

  21. john says:

    lebron did and not only that, also won over 60 games

  22. john says:

    simple, put a cleveland kobe to see if it leads to playoff jajajajaja

  23. Nelson tun says:

    The bottom line, Kobe is the best of this era. The experienced and skillful player. Lebron is good but need more experience to get to Kobe’s level. Try more Lebron, my friend! Let me see how you are rising and how long you gona take to get to Kobe’s level. That’s it.

  24. Foreal says:

    Why does everyone only care about stats? And why do people fail to realize the overall pool of talent in the NBA is higher now then it was in Jordan’s time? I’m not saying Jordan is garbage, but he realistically could not put up the same numbers now. Do people honestly believe his fg% would be in the 50’s for 6 seasons in his 15 years?

    • live-on says:

      exactly. we have better defender these days. however, i have to admit jordan is our founding father of the game today.

  25. justme says:

    to all the NBA.COM alyaws criticize kobe you guys is not really fair you always compare kobe and lebron this guys has different play and move’s inside the court they have different style, why are you guys always give negative to kobe always say badtihngs to him, is kobe did something wrong with you guys? i don’t understand when kobe shout more than 30 you call him ballhoger when he score nine you still comment a bad comment, still kobe’e fault when the team lose the game when he score 12 something only when he score 20 to 30 you call him ballhoger eventhough the lakers won so what is you point here if im kobe i don’t know where is my place to this to that still his fault, doesn’t make sense anymore, i know guys everytime kobe is you topic you guys earn a lots of money so congrats to all of you for criticize him because of him guys you earn a lot…good jod guys keep up the good work…!! poor kobe…!!! if they don’t like you it’s up to them if they like lebron we can do anything to change there mind…but please be fair enough sometime….lebron is not perfect…

  26. Jason says:

    Kobe is good but his goodness isn’t lasting…the main reason y god MJ is way Special from any other player in the NBA (all-time) is that MJ creates his own team to win championship…Kobe, Wade, pierce and other stars have won with the help of a dominant BIGMAN..in the past 12 seasons no teams in the NBA had won championships without a dominant BIGMAN.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Yeah I feel you with that one. I don’t know if it’s because the league is better or what but Jordan honestly won his first few championships with one good wingman and your average NBA roster. When you look at the wins for LA, Detroit, San Antonio, Miami, and Celtics this past decade you see some pretty stacked teams. I guess it’s just the way the leauge is now. Before you could go really far with that one player but the talent is just too much now.

      • live-on says:

        average players? the guys know what they are doing in the bulls. they ran the triangle well with good team chemistry, this is what wins the game.
        dont get me wrong, i dont think kobe is better than jordan, but i also dont think jordan is better than kobe or maybe someone like magic. magic might not have as much points as jordan, but thats because he doesnt attempt as much. And media wasnt even that big until mid 90ish, and jordan was simply lucky to be in time period winning champions and made his name big. if magic stayed just a little bit longer, we might be worshipping magic right now.

        my point is, when people are great, dont compare them.

  27. daki13 says:

    Guys, kobe is a great player. I am NOT a kobe fan, i actually hate him. But i accept the fact of his greatness. Let us not fool ourselves into believing he is anywhere near MJ’s greatness. MJ is the greatest basketball player who has ever played the game. His legacy lives on even after he has retired from the game. Although right now, kobe is the closest that we can compare to MJ. I am a Lebron fan but he hasn’t reached full maturity yet. His time will come and he will win a ring. But kobe has the edge on him. Though we should not be comparing kobe to Lebron because they are totally different players. I honestly think kobe will lose if they play one on one. But as a team player, kobe has the edge. Compared to MJ, both of them do not stand a chance. MJ’s competitiveness and desire to win is beyond comparison.

  28. driz says:

    Here in the philippines I remember lebron guessing on a radio station and he calls himself king james. I mean Lebron James is a nice name right? When the interview started he call himself KING james. He’s that arrogant. still he’s a great player so much power. But kobe is just too much skills. KOBE all the way

  29. SCORPION says:

    lets not forget that kobe had made championship compared to ur so called king james. as we all know that d blackmamba played only one team. At kobe’s height /built size to d king james, is way not a match. Ur like a sedan vs SUV.if u put Kobe to Lebron’s age and size, I dont think no one can ever bet Kobe in making those points. PEOPLE pls!!!! CHAMPIONSHIP IS SWEETER AS A TEAM NOT INDIVIDUAL STATS….. period Okey???????? peace..

  30. Tes says:

    I’m enjoying these Kobe top 10’s. Can’t wait for his 00-01 and 02-03 season cause he dunked on everybody, especially 02-03. keep em comin David Thomas!! You should also do a top 10 career plays(i.e. top assists, plays, dunks, etc.).

  31. karl says:

    kobe is the best player in the NBA. lebron didn’t prove anything yet. he is a ball hog. a forward bringing the ball down?? that’s crazy. players are just afraid to contest his shots because he is so big.

  32. Olalakers says:

    You know guys don’t get me wrong but if you really know what basketball is its about team chemistry who ever great players you discuss or how good they are if team chemistry don’t click you won’t be in the playoff check history the New York Knick when they won the championship they don’t have big names on the team except Willis Reed, Check Chicago Bulls during Michael Jordan’ early run they win games but not playoffs until they get someone who will be compatible with MJ’s game like Scottie Pippen and those good role players in the team, That is why there is team to trade players to experiment the teams chemistry, Kobe or L James will not win games by them selves but team needs them for their leadership but KB and LJ are both terrific game finisher.

    • fan says:

      do you notice how bad the rest of the team is whenever lebron joins a team? because he is a not a good leader and team player, his game doesnt involve teammates much. i agree he has some skills and really been gifted with his athleticism, thats why he can carry his team to victory without having them do much, which bred this useless cleveland team because they were so used to having lebron doing everything.

  33. kelz says:

    5 rings says it all… if he retired tomorrow i wouldn’t be mad…….would miss his game play but heyyy…hes unstoppable only person that stops kobe is kobe…being injured doesn’t stop this guy…kobe fan 4 lyfe…booom

  34. jc2011 says:

    kb24 is way better than lebron, he is a better finisher, has a better footwork, makes impossible shots and he has 5 more championships lebron only cares about stats kobe cares about championships

  35. Q-jay24 says:

    kobe’s the best, enough said..

  36. a tyson says:

    kobe is not close to mike and never will be no one is he is the god of basketball so cut the bs basketball fans andkobe has always played wit all stars melo next wow everybody need to stop riding kobe d–k hes one of the greatest but not even close to the greatest

    • cris says:

      That jus shows how great he is by playin wit all-stars.to put up the numbers he has wit all-stars on his team is remarkable

    • fan says:

      shaq crank up 30+ points and expect to be fed with the ball? do you see pippen do that? exactly. if kobe had gasol earlier, his career wouldve been a lot lot better. this is why stats is not as meaningful as rings. if you really want to compare stats, lebron has way more impressive stats on his resume than jordan, does it mean lebron is better than jordan?
      hmm i will let you answer that.

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  38. karex says:

    what can you say about the footwork of kobe?? lebron is not in the same page Kobe is way much better

  39. kb24 says:


  40. McReins says:

    Bryant is the most intelligent, competitive, and talented player the NBA has ever seen. I’m done final answer. Bye

  41. kb24 says:


  42. MJ FTW says:

    WTF u guys smoking, your saying that KOBE Is the best player. You idiots have obviously never seen Jordan Play. That guy was a miracle. KOBE would be nothing without GASOL

    • Ratbee says:

      where was gasol without kobe? memphis lost in the first round playoff. before he joined the lakers, he hasn’t won any playoff game. now you are saying, kobe won win a championship wothout gasol? be objective man.

      • Really? says:

        Lakers didn’t make it past first round after Shaq left…then finals appearance the same year Gasol gets on…Yeah I’d have to say LA would be nowhere right now if not for the combination of Kobe&Gasol. Be real with yourself. Gasol helped bring in the championship BIG time!

  43. kb24 says:


  44. Jaime says:

    lebron is one of the best players in the NBA, but I also think that he is the most hated player in the NBA

  45. jason says:

    One of the reason y kobe receives alot of criticism is bcoz of his arrogant personality…want example?
    if you recall Lakers game last december against the Heat, Kobe blame on his teammates after they lost on X’mas eve..
    In my point of view, only the Headcoach can do that with limitation of course…Kobe is Talented but his uncontrollled ego is more than enough to destroy his charisma to the fans and even his teammates….A self-centered athlet who demands more than he deserves..without mentioning their bad relationship with Shaq during Shaq’s farewell season with L.A….We knew Shaq was the MAIN MAN on that team and Kobe wants to take his Role.

  46. iRog says:

    Man, the fact that Kobe is always in the debate of being the best (and also compared to His Airness), says enough.

    Bottom line, Kobe is a winner who knows how to win, wins gracefully, and always tries to win. It’s either you love him or hate him….Those that hate him, are usually supporters of his opponents. It’s the same way it was with Mike.

    All being said, as one of Kobe’s avid supporters, it’s been great to see him rise from a bench player to an unmatched Great thru this era.

    I will still give Mike the edge as far as greatness, but Kobe brings a new meaning to the word!


  47. Anthony says:

    Kobe and Lebron are two totally different players. You guys say that the media has been bagging on Lebron since day 1? Did you not read any news articles? Kobe was bagged on since day 1…He was told he couldn’t make the adjustment to the nba. Lebron was what?? 1st overall pick? Kobe? Oh yea 13th…. Kobe is called a ball hog almost every game. If he wanted to average a triple-double or something close to it, he would without a doubt. Thats not his type of game. The last 5 games kobe has averaged 8.7 Assists. 2 games he had 10+ assists. Kobe Bryant can share the ball….Also having low assists doesnt mean you dont share the ball it simply means his passes arent being converted because of his teammates. Kobe Bryants type of game gets him his rings.

    Whats the difference between Lebron and Saturn? Saturn has Ring’s

    • Think About it Please says:

      Yes Kobe was bagged on when he entered the league. However, it is BECAUSE of Kobe’s success that Lebron didn’t have to go through the same thing. Kobe is great, but there is a LOT of doubt that he would be able to average a triple double or something close to it. You are right, the two are very different players. Kobe is not a rebounding machine, he’s not build for it, and at his age and size can’t begin to now. I agree with everything else you say though.

      • fact says:

        thank you for point out facts.

        lebron is a bigger ball hog than kobe, why isnt the media point that out? oh yeah, you are right, they are too busy licking lebron’s balls. lebron basically went to heat and took over the team, why didnt the media talk about it? i want to see how heat fans deal with this.

  48. el manu says:

    love him or hate him, but at least everyone has a special feeling about kobe. Some nba legends are only seen as famous names and we forget about these guys. Kobe could never be in this category. He may never be the greatest in the game, cause the game is always evolving and you’re only the greatest in a certain context, but in 20 years, we’ll still be thinking about him in a particular way.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      Your a complete idiot KOBE is and will go down as one of the best ball players ever!!

      • Think About it Please says:

        Again THEHEATSUCK, stupid comment becauseel manu never said that Kobe isn’t ONE OF the best players ever. Please understand the comment before making yourself look uneducated.

  49. McVay says:

    Thank you Mario!!!! I’m glad someone realizes that lebron has a freakish athletic body…and thats it… Lebron=physique
    KOBE=Finesse… Ive seen MJ play live and on tv(a lot), ive seen Kobe live and on tv a lot, and ive seen Lebron.. Personal opinion= Kobe is the most talented player ever in the NBA!! best footwork and killer instinct EVER!!!

  50. bataraza24 says:




  51. kelz says:

    kpbe isnt the best player…………….he’s the effin best player

  52. MarioKb24germany says:

    Hey Sekou,
    As u know Kobes a Heartbreaker ! Tell me another Player who made nearly as many close shots or game winners as kobe !? theres noone ! He is the Best Player in the world!!! His Skillset is unhuman! look at lebron and his Body hes a machine Kobe doesnt habe advanteges like that or like MJ does heve Big Hands°!
    I think the kobe discussion is unneccesary … and people are just mad at him because he doesnt play on there team !? show me a righthanded player who shors a 3 point shot with his lefthand in a Game and makes it !!
    All those imposibble shots he made last year doesnt matter if they were buzzerbeaters or just the first shot of the Game ! I love Lebron But Kobe is better ! and its not fair that the best player in the last 10 -13 Years only has one MVP !? Come on!
    MIchael revolutionized the game Kobe brought it 2 perfection ! Word up

    • obie says:


    • jason says:

      Larry Bird is the answer..He can shoot the same with eyes blind-folded…And for Kobe? that was simply LUCK!!!!
      if he’s given 20 balls to shoot the same….he’s good if he can make one..

    • Really? says:

      Brought the game to perfection? His numbers are no were near perfect. Now if you want to say he’s had a great career there would be no argument. Honestly I know when Kobe fans are misinformed or haven’t followed b-ball long enough when I hear stuff like this.

  53. china kobe says:

    Kobe is the best. who cares about the bad comments about him. His salary is higest now which means he is that damm good. that is all matters

  54. john says:

    parece que es obligado tener un superheroe en la nba, y nos ponen a kobe por donde quiera que uno mira. porque? porque se parece a su magestad mj23, pero recuerden que parecerse y igual no es lo mismo…

  55. ImRule says:

    Have all u guys been up to date with the media lately??? The media feeds off KoBe, i mean he only lives in LA. The media has been bashing lebron since Day 1….especially when he decided to leave Cleaveland!! How about when Kobe wanted to get traded from the lakers in like 2007??? What then?? They had to bring in Pau Gasol to stop him from whining. Lebron stayed in Cleavleand for freakin 7 yrssss….do u see the team he left behind???

    Anyhows… the media always bashes lebron, no question!
    Like, did he give up in the playoffs? or was he gonna leave cleaveland regardless??
    SO yea, the media ❤ KoBe

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      The media has been bashing lebron since day one?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you serious?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The media hasnt taken his ball sack out of their mouth since hes been in the league dude what the heck are you talking about. Lebron has more mouths wrapped around his sack than anybody ive ever seen. And he doesnt even deserve it. LOL!!!!!!!!!

      • Think About it Please says:

        THEHEATSUCK, i don’t see any supporting evidence to your words. Therefore, your comment is void. And if you didn’t know, ImRule reference of Day 1 is to Day 1 of joining the Heat, not the 2003 draft.

      • fact says:

        heat is dwade team right? but why the media say nothing about dwade and talk so much about lebron?

    • cris says:

      the media has been bashing lebron since day one? lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll outta here with dat noise. i can only think of a few instances dat the media got on lebron 1. not shaking the magic players hands after da game 5 or 6 loss 2. bumping his coach 3. the decision 4. da nike tape. this guy is loved by the media man.how else do u explain carmelo not winning or atleast sharing co-rookie of the year award i mean they averaged about the same numbers except for assists where lebron had more than him but melo i believe took his team to the playoffs and da cavs did not go to the playoffs in lebron’s rookie year so WHAT DOES THAT TELL YA ABOUT LEBRON AND THE MEDIA.

  56. KOBs says:

    Yo Kobe is sick, nobody can say he’s suck. He wins championships with any players! Of coarse he is not as athletic as L but thats just because he is older, much older. When he was in his early years, he was dunking 360 and windmilling all the time. So Kobe is the best, no doubt about it.

    • Gary says:

      Really, win with any players huh? 2003 to 2008? also 2003 season with Malone, Shaq and Payton what happened?
      Also when he was young he had some good highlights and some really bad ones. Air-balled four shots in a row so, yeah he may be good now but let’s not act like he came in being great like MJ or alot of others.

      • Jesse says:

        Malone and Payton were playing in their last seasons so they weren’t any help. Kobe and Shaq were going through their fued and weren’t playing together as they had the last few years. He is the best period. He may not have done much after Shaq left but then I get this nagging feeling in the back of my head… oh yeah BACK-TO-BACK!!! When he retires he will have passed MJ’s scoring record and will have at least two more rings. Remember he has another 5 quality seasons followed by another year or two of his cooldown years where he is more of a piece of the puzzle like everyone else. He will be HOF first ballot.

      • Ratbee says:

        Oh really. When lakers win championships during those time it is because of Shaq but when they lose it is because of Kobe. Be consistent, man. If Shaq is the leader of the Lakers that time,win or lose he is the one responsible.

        Look back at the games that time. If it is a close game in the fourth quarter, Shaq would be at the bench because Phil tried to avoid the “Hack a Shaq” strategy of the opposing team. Who is left behind to carry the team? Kobe!!!!!

      • Learn Something says:

        Doesn’t matter what season Malone was in and Payton wasn’t in his last; He won a ring with the Heat. Yeah he got back to back the past two years. No argument there, except for the fact that as great as he’s supposed to be, couldn’t take his team past the first round until he got TWO dominant centers, a and some young hot shots like Ariza and Farmar. C’mon on, Iverson, James, Wade, Nash and Dirk do so much more with the teams they have who don’t even compare to those line ups but Kobe get’s praised because of rings!? And as for 5 quality seasons, man that’s wishful thinking but I guess we’ll see. No disrespect to what your saying either but that’s just how I see it.

  57. dj says:

    kobe is the best period

  58. media criticize kobe? says:

    i don’t agree with you, mr schneider..
    of course kobe is an outstanding player who have his moments in the clutch but don’t forget how often he shoot under 45-40% from the field and how often he take too much shots.
    you remember when lebron bumped into his coach? they’ve showed it over and over again..i don’t think nba.com or the media show up only the bad character of kobe…would they show then the top ten of kobe’s highlights year by year??nope

    • Ruben says:

      what a non-sense comment, comparing 2 different eras.

      And doing that you are wrong, real wrong dude.
      Vlade Divac was traded for Kobe Bryant so they never player together ’til Vlade’s last year on the NBA. He played just 2 years with Eddie Jones and Elden Campbell, then they were traded for Glen Rice. Van Exel got traded because he had an issue with Shaq.
      Rodman played like 17 games for the Lakers. Cedric Ceballos played in the early 90’s for the lakers.
      And i don’t consider Jon Barry as a nearly superstar.

  59. Sam says:

    I totally agree with Roy Schneider.
    When Kobe scores more than 35 or 40 NBA.COM or other medias call him ball holder, Kobe not trusting his teammates and.. but they call L, a King. But their King have no even one ring and I doubt he would get one even with other two super stars. L, might need all star team to get one.
    But I like when they make comments about Kobe because that makes the Black Mamba motivated to get more rings and that’s we expect from Kobe and that’s why we have seen the Black Mamba 7 times in NBA finals in a decade.

    • wrooong says:

      we’ve seen black mamba 7 times in the finals, because he had the best team with him..he may have 5 rings on his fingers but the championship is a team effort!
      oh, thats the standings after kobe had not the usual “supportingcast”
      2006-07 Los Angeles 42 40 .512 2nd Pacific Division 1 4 .200 Lost West Conf 1st Rd
      2005-06 Los Angeles 45 37 .549 3rd Pacific Division 3 4 .429 Lost West Conf 1st Rd
      2004-05 Los Angeles 34 48 .415 4th Pacific Division – – – DNQ

      • truthteller says:

        were you going somewhere with this ’cause I don’t see your point.

      • obie says:

        in the beginnig of kobe’s career he was getting a free ride to the playoffs and finals
        he was not even in the scouting reports in his early days and having shaq and horry and company
        there was no pressure on him and he still would make the lakers loose games he got better as time went on
        but he’s more lucky than jordan was in jordans early days he made a bunch of no name player averging less than ten poins a game some less than two poins a game famous till this day

        scottie pippen*
        orlando woolrige*
        bill wennigton
        will perdue
        bj armstrong
        craig hodges
        cliff livingston
        bill cartwright
        stacey king
        steve kerr
        john paxson

        compare these players to:
        shaq *
        robert horry*
        nick van axel*
        eddie jones*
        elden campbell*
        vlade divac*
        george lynch
        cedric ceballos*
        jerome kersey*
        byron scott*
        travis knight
        john barry*
        glen rice *
        rick fox
        ruben paterson
        dennis rodman*
        j.r reid tyron lue

        *superstar or almost a superstar

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Whats your point? Are you saying Kobes 7 rings mean nothing and Lebrons tripple doulbes mean more than rings. Are stats more important than championships? Is that what your saying, because thats all lebron accomplishes, stats.

      • ballgamefan says:

        the era is totally different, why compare jordan and kobe?
        if shaq was so great, why couldnt he do it in other places without relaying on another guard? exactly.
        kobe needs shaq, shaq needs kobe and dwade. just like jordan needs pippen. actually, jordan’s team was great, everyone is reliable.

  60. KobeFanMiko says:

    Roy Shneider I think this same! There are as many Kobe haters as Kobe lovers! I am sure that every team would like to have Kobe in his team when the time is running out and it’s for example 99-100. I don’t live in the USA, but in Poland so I don’t “feel” NBA like you, but many of my friends says that “Kobe su*ks” and when I ask the “why?? He is very good player and he’s got much experience!” They just don’t know what’s the answer,… Why? Because they are just afraid of him when Lakers play with their favorite team. I don’t understand Kobe haters… I understand that they may not like him, but why HATE? I do not see in this beautiful of this sport… NBA does not have to be a place of fighting between fans…

  61. hermit says:

    There are no commercials in the world cup… c’mon Hangtime. They have product placement within the game… but there are no timeouts in soccer.

  62. It stupit how the media criticise everything Kobe does and praises everything L. james does. If Kobe scores 40 or more points they will say something bad about it. If L. James scores 30 or more they will praise him and replay it all day. If kobe get an endorsement they will find something negative to say about his endorsement. If the Lakers lose its Kobe fault if the win the media will credit another member of the lakers team. If miami win its all about L. James if they
    lose its his team mate fault, it doesn’t matter James made 5 of 18 shots.

    • Jackson says:

      shut up

      • david says:

        its true what hes saying jackson espn hates him n they live in lebrons sack.

      • CJ says:

        Obviously Jackson your a Lebron fan because everything he said is true. If it were Kobe who scored that 51 last week they would have said “oh Kobe doesnt trust his teamates, this is why the Lakers won’t win it all.” But Lebron does it and everyone hops on him, when they shouldn’t because he has two of the best players in the league playing beside him, he’s the one that shouldn’t be scoring that much. Artest is in a slump all season Gasol is not being aggresive and Bynums hurt, the only other productive Laker right now besides Gasols big game the other night in Memphis is Odom, so Kobe should be the one that has the right to score that much. I think people worry too much that Kobe may very well end his career as the best player to ever play the game 🙂

      • peatbreaker says:

        i’m a celtics fan and even i know how the media talk loadsof trash about him

    • 3Peat,17,6 says:

      agreed bro like how they still play that 50 point lebron game on espn classic and they fail to show kobe’s 61!!!!!

    • obie says:

      all that is so true what you just said
      lebron has the most boringest 50 point games in nba history
      lebron gets the best stats but its kinda starting t seem like he’s actually playing for stats
      I know hes a great player but sometimes it just seem like he’s acustomed to the same kind of sats
      and he try’s every gmae to get a tripple double they say he’s not even trying but that is impossible
      to almost get one all the time and not be trying
      and now they are saying he’s the best passer no way!!!!!!!!
      iv’e seen better passers before dont even compare him to magic that kind of talk is makeing me not want to watch basketball no more, because of how overated he is i feel like his of trying to play the point gaurd takes away form the cofidence of his teamates Iv’e done my research and I noticed that he does not make his teamates better he just make them more reliable on him that has become a cancer in big games

      • You've Got To Be Kidding Me says:

        ” iv’e seen better passers before dont even compare him to magic that kind of talk is makeing me not want to watch basketball no more, because of how overated he is i feel like his of trying to play the point gaurd takes away form the cofidence of his teamates Iv’e done my research and I noticed that he does not make his teamates better he just make them more reliable on him that has become a cancer in big games ”

        Don’t even compare him to Magic ? The passing ability, size, and court vision ? He’s improving his post game aswell. What aspect of his game isn’t close to Magic’s ? Even if you think he’s an overrated passer ( I strongly disagree) theirs still more to being a Magic then just that one skill. Also, how does Lebron take away confidence from his team by playing as the PG ? He doesn’t. He has partial responsibility at the PG position for the Heat. And Mike Brown’s uncreative offence is more of a ” cancer ” then Lebron playing PG.

      • peatbreaker says:

        which aspect? his turnovers.
        hell, he holds the ball even longer than kobe. king james? yeah king of ballhog and accumulating stats.

    • justme says:

      i agree i don’t know why they hate kobe and they always give credit to lebron, i don’t get it, to all criticize kobe i think you guys really don’t accept the fact that kobe made lots of history in the NBA you need to accept it! and by the is not only kobe score 30 plus w/out assist, what about paul pierce, howard,durant,blake griffin why those people never called ballhoger, why all of your eye always in kobe’s played just admit it that why you keep wacthng kobe coz you him you admire him don’t be hypocrite and if you don’t like him just leave him alone, or maybe you just keep talking to kobe coz you guys earn lot of money, right guy? and by the kobe depend lebron when they lose at orlando (play offs) about the issue of not being support, i admire you kobe for being nice to lebron even though lebron is there favorite………..do you job kobe they so envy coz there favorite player is still nothing only know is showdown inside the court….right lebron?

    • richard says:

      i agree sir…

  63. Isaac Poku says:

    welll kobe would be on that list ! 116 man

  64. Zzanzabar says:

    C’mon guys, if you are talking about ‘pure’ shooters or ballers then the top of the list has to be Jerry West. Please don’t penalize him because there was no ‘3’ point play in his day. People tend to forget just how clutch Jerry was in an age where pure shooters were practically fouled (in today’s terms) on every shot they took. Jerry could just flat out shoot and was one of just a few who could master the ‘line drive shot’ that simply crawls over the rim and into the basket.

    • Abs says:

      u must be an idiot. West played in the time were no one knew hw 2 play Basket ball.
      if was playin anytime time frm 80′ s he wuldnt even be a average player.

      • Jesse says:

        No he would be way above average. He IS one of the greats. During his time the only way to get a push foul is to be thrown to the ground. Nowadays that’s flagrant and you’re kicked out of the game. It took a TRUE man to be able to play back then. There may not have been the superstars as there are now, but they played the game how it was supposed to be played. If you say Jerry West would stand no chance today, you are not a true basketball fan and you have no right to talk seriously about basketball. He would be a scoring machine since all these little “tap” fouls are being called.

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