Celtic Pride on the (3-Point) line

ATLANTA — From what we gather, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen get along fabulously. They’ve won a championship together. Allen attended Pierce’s wedding last summer. They have other common interests, perhaps. There’s a bond.

Oh, but can you imagine the trash-talking that’s going on between them right now?

Pierce will defend his 3-point championship in L.A. on All-Star Saturday and who’s the biggest threat? None other than the guy who’s poised to become the all-time 3-point shooter in NBA history. Yes, that would be Allen, who will take down Reggie Miller first for that career honor, then take aim at Pierce. Surely, this rift will divide the close-knit Celtic locker room and possibly destroy team chemistry for the season. Doc Rivers‘ job just got tougher, trying to referee such a bitter contest between two of his most important players.

OK. Joking.

Besides, Allen doesn’t talk smack; his verbal confrontation with Kobe Bryant years ago was the exception, not the norm. Still, there will be some good-natured give-and-take between now and Feb. 19. The burden is on Allen, obviously; he’s made a career from the 3-point line, while Pierce is a streaky long-distance shooter.

The title will probably be decided by a Celtic, because the rest of the field isn’t as good as it could’ve been. There’s no Kyle Korver, a 41-percent shooter. Or Matt Bonner, the Spurs’ specialist who’s making half his shots this season. Or Steph Curry, who lost to Pierce in the final round last year (perhaps Steph is being punished for that). Or Mike Bibby, a veteran 3-point shooter, or Kevin Love, a rare power forward with range. At least there is an interesting subplot between James Jones and Dorell Wright; the Heat gave up on Wright last summer partly because they were sold on Jones.

I suspect Pierce, in order to gain a psychological edge, might remind Allen of that 0-for-13 stretch in the NBA Finals last summer. Is that out of bounds? We’ll see.


  1. allen says:

    ray wil win defenitely… celtics go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HadEs says:

    Go C’s! Ray Allen 1st.. P. Pierce 2nd…. THats it!

  3. BROD84 says:

    This is a travesty! Not a single player from the Spurs, one of the best 3 point shooting teams in the league this season, was selected for this years contest. Matt Bonner, 50%, Manu Ginobili, 112 3PM, Richard Jefferson, 42%, Gary Neal, 39% and leads all rookies in 3PM! Is the league afraid of giving the Spurs more exposure or something? I mean come on. Daniel Gibson, from a team that just set the nba record for 25 straight losses???

  4. JMoon says:

    Daniel Gibson to win it all!

  5. barry says:


  6. Manu says:

    Where’s Anthony Morrow? The guy is among the top 5 % shooters of all-time!

  7. t.j says:

    My thouts exactly.Yesterday when i heard the news i was thinkin about how the celtic teammates would react.What is the NBA thinkin putting two guys on the same team in the contest.

  8. PIERCE vs. ALLEN says:

    pierce and allen baby!!!!

  9. Fabs says:

    How does the NBA select who competes in the shoot out? No bonner, neal, house, kidd, paul, but jones and wright, i don’t understand

  10. gaj91 says:

    This is so ridiculous. I don’t understand how they even pick these players. Why would Kevin Durant be here over somebody like Matt Bonner who is shooting 50% in threes? There is no doubt that this is a popularity contest….

  11. Quang says:

    Still don’t know why Durant is in it shooting 35%…..

    • Lebron James says:

      My thoughts exactly, why ain’t I in it. We shoot 3 pointers at about the exact same percentage.

      • Luke says:

        You probably got invited into it, said yeah i’ll definitely do it then bailed like you did with the dunk contest. You’re too cool for basketball that’s why you aint in it.

  12. BEAT LA says:

    Gary, Ray Allen in the 3point contest is like MICHAEL JORDAN (of the 90s) in the dunk contest!!

  13. witness_31 says:

    Ray ray! for threeeeeeeee!…this is what he does best, is too shoot those long 3 point bomb… ain’t no competition…no brainer as well, allen will win the 2011 3 point shoot out… that’s my prediction!

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  16. Gary says:

    Allen is the Blake Griffin of the 3-point shooters in this contest!