Kobe’s Greatest Hits, VII

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’re going to table the Kobe BryantMichael Jordan debate for another day and go strictly with our ongoing examination of Bryant’s career.

Don’t get it twisted, that Kobe-MJ debate always delivers. And we love the passion of those arguing both sides. But it’s a totally irrelevant conversation where our Kobe Top 10 Plays series is concerned.

Today’s installment of the Black Mamba’s Top plays is from the 2001-02 season, and one you won’t want to miss:

Our series runs up until All-Star Weekend, Feb. 20 in Los Angeles, where Bryant will take center stage as always at the Staples Center.

If you’d like to, we can unleash the Kobe-MJ debate without any restrictions after that.


  1. AkbarDwn07 says:

    It is very arrogant for phil to say Kobe waaaaayyy better tan MJ

  2. Andy says:

    jordan never lost in the finals. he won all of his titles as the lead player. jordan has his own brand. he helped made the dunk contest as popular as it became. and he even led the league in steals once. kobe is incredible, but he can’t touch any of that.

    in any basketball conversation, you can basically walk into the room and say, “Michael Jordan” and then leave. Let’s put this “debate” to bed.

  3. Kobe Bryant says:

    sup yall

  4. rae says:

    yes, Micheal you were right..so stop comparing KOBE AND MICHAEL BOTH OF THEM ARE GREATS……GO LAKERS

  5. Michael Jordan says:

    It is hard to say who ever is better between me and kobe because our primes have been at different times but kobe has became one of the best players to every player and im proud of him

  6. KEV says:

    anyone else think kobe can be so much better if he doesnt take those ridiculous low percentage fadeaway shots so often?? i think he should pass it instead. he is so much better for his team when he gets double digit assists

  7. YAZ my best player ai better than kobe says:

    guys like kobe with good teams win without kobes good team he want have all the expoger he has now , ai great offensive player and my vote is puting in the all time top 5 guards so as kobe. 1.jordan 2.allen iverson( me personally 3 . kobe 4 . and the rest dont even matter to me. last is ai is the man but doesnt have a good team do the math no ring! so please guys if u want to make an argument that kobes better than ai dont base it on his rings base it on skill !
    thank u

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  9. phew says:

    if moves are the basis, answer this Kobe fanatics..


    end of story

  10. Jack Jordan says:

    All ya haters out there, “KICK ROCKS”

  11. It’s funny. I have watched Jordan and around 2001ish I started watching the Lakers and fell in love with Shaq and Kobe. I have been a Lakers fan since. I have watched over and over again all MJ’s highlights. Some are better than KB’s and some of KB’s are better than MJ’s. Both are really equal in that regard. I mean a lot as to do with circumstance. Like for instance KB would have never hit 6 games winners last year had Lakers never played so lax in those games. MJ I don’t think ever hit that many in one season. Why? He wasn’t in that position to do that. MJ will probably average more points per game than KB only because KB started when younger and started on a good team and was on the bench so it’s not fair to compare that. Critiques of KB when he gets 40 points are funny. He took too many shots, He didn’t get his teammates involved. And yet, KB didn’t average 37 points like MJ did. MJ average more 30 point season than KB and yet KB is the ball-hog? HUH?? KB gets the bad end of the deal all the time. The man is under a mirco-scope all the time and the reason I came up with was because he is the best of the best he is under a more critique than LBJ or anyone.

    People bring up MJ had better shooting % than KB’s. However, the era has a lot to do with this. I have listen to so many people gab about this and yet I don’t think I have heard one person on here bring up that Jordan only shot 1,778 3 point shots and Kobe has already shot 4,000 3-point shots. Now if you put Jordan at 4000 3 attempts with his .327 % he would have only shot about 46-47 % about KB’s. So, people STOP STOP bring this point up it’s sooo stupid. I mean the year MJ average 37 points he only took 62 3’s. Not even one a game!!!!! This is WHY people constantly say KB has better range than MJ which he does! The reason why he didn’t was he simply couldn’t. The reason why he also didn’t was because the 3 wasn’t popular when Jordan entered the league. It started to get popular because of Larry Bird. One other thing, people PLEASE stop giving all the credit to Shaq for those 3 rings. I can just see KB inducted into the Hall of Fame “KB who has (however many rings he has at the end) but people we must bring up that 3 of those were with Shaq” OH COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KB was the one with the ball at the end ALL THE TIME whether to make or pass it out to an Horry or Fisher. Why is Shaq given all the credit when he COULDN’T HIT A FREE-THROW for the life of him!!!!!!! KB made all the clutch free-throws. KB average 22.5, 28.5, 25.2, during the championship run. That’s NO 2ND FIDDLE!! Him and Shaq were 1 and 2 some night KB was the 1 and some night Shaq was the 1. Both led that team. Come on haters, stop it just stop it!!! And I am SOO sick of hearing KB only shot 6-24 so he is a loser. He PLAYED AMAZING defense and rebounded AMAZINGLY!!!! MJ shot poorly in a lot LOT of playoff games and even the one he hit the game winner of 98 he shot poorly!!! And in the final game of I believe it was the Settle Supersonics he shot 29%!!!!!!!!!!!!! So people stop being haters and become Lakers!! 😉

  12. Whiz Ball says:

    Cross-over moves by Kobe? I had seen it done many times by Tim Hardaway. It’s not Kobe who invented it, He only copied it. He is an impersonator. It was the time of Jordan when it was invented and it is not new when AI and Kobe could do it. Check your history.

    • Phil_Jackson says:

      my point was ……what separates kobe from Jordan is KOBE’S INDIVIDUAL SKILLS/TALENTS…..that allowed kobe to perform SOME OF THE SICKEST MOVES the nba has ever seen for a BIG 2 GUARD…..

      that made kobe more exciting to watch, THAT PROVED KOBE IS MORE SKILLED,,, omg did u not see those hesitation dribbles that dropped players like shawn marion flat on the floor? MY GOSH!!!

      remember IF U WATCH NBA.. the only people who are capable of doing KOBE caliber type crossovers are MUCH MUCH SHORTER players 6’0 to 6’4….. THAT IS WHY ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOO IMPRESSIVE TO SEE A 6’6 guard doing those type of moves!!!
      –the only other player at 6’6+ to have kobe like handles was probably a prime time penny hardaway before the injury when he had his own bubble head dolls

      I’m the coach and witnessed it myself….JORDAN NEVER PICKED UP THESE MOVES…..SO WHY THE HECK DO PEOPLE SAY JORDAN > kOBE???

      obviously some addicting drugs played a big part….because KOBE IS THE MOST SKILLED player in the HISTORY OF THE NBA!!!!

      Teams win championships, NOT PLAYERS….It don’t matter if you are the leader or not, IF U AINT GOT A TEAM U CAN’T WIN!!!



      the moves he put, the crossovers!!! wow!!!

      Go buy rings i have Bill Russell at 11 rings
      go by stats i have wilt at 50ppg and 22rpg
      more stats? i have robertson at a triple double in a entire season

      ON A STATISTICAL SCALE JORDAN IS NO WHERE NEAR THE ELITENESS OF THE LEGENDS….so why did they put Jordan in front of them even though hes stats and rings ain’t as impressive????


      IF MOVES PROVE U TO BE BETTER because it obviously proves that jordan is better than the legends because of his moves…..


      END OF DISCUSSION! THE COACH HAS LEFT THE BUILDIN! u just got .0078% smarter

  13. Phil_Jackson says:

    Thanks for having me here again guys. Coach Phil Jackson

    I coached both of them and I can understand why you feel the need to express Jordan. But Kobe is clearly the more skilled and talented player. Jordan was a player of the 80s, he played basic basketball like I said, we ran him through pick/roll pops all day, or pick/roll drives to the rim.

    The crossover didn’t arise until the mid 90s and towards the late 90s that was when every guard in the league started to get the notion of it. The two players that did it the best was Kobe and Iverson, of course Iverson being at 6’0 wasn’t impressive because the average 6’0 can crossover anyone at any given time
    ***please youtube…Iverson crossover MJ****

    That move Iverson did on MJ made me rofl at Jordan during our next practice. It clearly made Iverson famous over night, because Jordan a player of the 80s got slapped with a player from the 90s. Again, the players of the 80s clearly could not compete against the players of the 90s+, simply because moves were being developed to separate individual talent/skills around the league….
    —-unfortunately we try crossover, hesitation dribbles w/o losing your dribble, hesitation dribble crossovers, behind the back crossovers, studder step spins between 2 players…..and etc..
    —During this big change in the NBA we tried to run Jordan through many many drills so he can pick up these moves, because obviously he was getting his behind crossed by Iverson, Kobe…etc BUT because he was a player of the 80s, he just simply couldn’t pick up these moves….

    –therefore he simply was stuck with basic basketball pick/roll… yeah I was embarrassed myself, people call him the Goat and he has zero skills…just pure basic basketball…..***oh come here steve kerr, pippen, or rodman, i can’t seem to get pass my defender, please set a pick for me…***

    Yea we use to make fun of jordan everyday in practice..

    As a coach I speak for the rest of the NBA coaches and fans out there. When Kobe came in, Kobe evolutionized the entire NBA. Kobe was the reason the NBA was able to evolve into having players like D-wade, LBJ, Durant, Rose, Roy….etc

    Clearly if they watched Jordan’s game they would be playing basic basketball, but they watched Kobe’s game. During Kobe’s prime these players were still in high school or college, and had the fortune of watching Kobe’s skills being put on the court every time he stepped on it.

    In today’s game the SUPER-STARS has separated themselves from the rest of the league players with UNIQUE MOVES that was passed down from Kobe. Players like D-wade, Rose, westbrook, durant, Melo…these guys don’t play basic basketball

    If Jordan played in today’s era….with the lack of moves and poor dribbling ability, I would put him in the same argument as a Ray Allen or a Rich Hamilton, because with the other player’s unique moves, IT WOULD OF DEFINITELY SEPARATED THEM FROM JORDAN

    yeah I am sad myself, as a coach you want to see your best player put on sick moves, but when i coached Jordan i never saw any of that….can you believe it the other day i went onto youtube and searched Jordan Crossovers and unsurprisingly I found NONE lolz ….yeah I know can’t believe I coached a guy w/o any unique move..sigh

    • Whiz Ball says:

      Cross-over moves? I had seen it done many times by Tim Hardaway. It’s not Kobe who invented it, He only copied it. He is an impersonator. It was the time of Jordan when it was invented and it is not new when AI and Kobe could do it. Check your history.

  14. karim says:

    john stop talk fool.

  15. karim says:

    kobe is a good player, he is simply a scorer . I think he has worked hard for all that he has, but his deffence is geting easy to pass he has to put a harder deffence. i think the game given to artest is not his game at all when he was with the rockets he was the leader a scorer, that is what phile jackson needs to do whit him. i also would like to see another regular scorer for LA some one who averages. paul gasol come an you are playing like a big no talented person and all rebound should be for LA three big men cant get one ball that is a disgrass . but i know LA can make it, they just need to play like its the last game. kobe you are the best player in the nba. make the games more exciteing

  16. yaz says:

    very true jerry west and i totaly agree luv kobe but please guys give credit to the greats that couldnt win a ring because of there team or the setuation they where put in ! iverson had the crapiest team i just think if he was given a solid team like the lakers he whould be up on nba site highlight reels i mean come on !! this man iverson had so many highlights doesnt he deserve credit ?? am sorry my man kobe i luv u i luv watching you are the closest to jordan but i like iverson more. you may have 5 rings but the only reason why you won those rings is because of your teams help !!! end of story

    sorry kobe

  17. Jerry West says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to weigh in on the subject, and for the first time on record I will have to agree with Phil Jackson’s comment. During my prime, I would not be able to get an invitation to today’s pre-season teams, much less an NBA regulation game, not even for the Cavaliers.

    Jordan dominated his era because he was both, talented and durable. He was one of the first athletes in the NBA to really take up the combination of nutrition, training, and studying video of himself as well as opponents as tools to have an edge over his rivals. Everyone else was living in excess off their reputation, or trying to catch up to Jordan’s trail. Just look at the Jordan tapes dunking on Eaton or owning Del Negro, yes he did play I. Thomas, and it took him many tries to get passed him, of course after Thomas was out of his prime and same could be said for Bird. From Jordan’s era, you had maybe one player on each team of all star caliber, much less Hall of Fame material. Now a days Kobe has to deal with one HOF player, sometimes 2 on elite teams. Defenses, rules, and everything has changed since I played with a peach basket.

    So the edge goes to Kobe why? because I am the logo! I drafted him! and I say so.

    End of Interview.

  18. REALTech says:

    STATS STATS STATS. We hear them all the times, but no one for sure do not want to walk away from the game without a RING. When you compare greats and legend RINGS will always come up no matter what scoring rebound stealing or whatever. They define your greatness no doubt. Look at Barry Bonds with all the Homeruns and NO RINGS. I hate to say it but legends are judge on RING. People remember winners not losers. Kobe has all the stats but his will to win drive and work hard and IQ but him over the top clearly. Fact he clearly the best player since MJ left. He is the closes thing to MJ. I love Bron but when he jumps shipped as being the MAN to Miami it hurt his legacy. Kobe started on the bench and became an all-star starter. Won DUNK contest and people still waiting on BRON. Kobe never complain about being hurt in the playoffs and finals. THIS GUY CAME OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL BEING COMPARED TO MJ. HIGH SCHOOL. FACT MJ AND KOBE HAS PHIL JACKSON. Please stop the SHAQ thing because MJ team was not any BUMS. Rodman was a beast and he was the player that put the bulls over the top just like Gasol. Where would Gasol be know with the LAKERS AND KOBE? Hmmmmmm I love Bron but why could he not close out teams in the playoffs and Beat the magics and celtics. No one give Dwight Howard for beating the Celtics in game 7 in the Garden and beating a Favored title team Cavs. Think about it. This guy came out of HIGH SCHOOL. Love or hate KOBE. He know players and legend are judged on RINGS.

  19. john says:

    kobe is not even the best laker HAHAHAHAHAHA history much less the shadow of mj23

  20. yaz says:

    ok buddy lol just because you win a few rings dont make u better than a player skill wize , thats all evryone talks about is geting a ring give me a brake you are forgeting the main point kobe had a team always!!!1 ai never had a supporting cast ! 2 ya boy kobe won 3 of his rings with shaq and a sick ass laker squad 3 as an example kobe failure when shaq left the first two season he couldnt win a ring on his own what does that tell you ??! then gasol comes and few other good guys lol . kobe has always had it good but i swear and dont care what anyone thinks i find watching allen iverson more exciting than kobe, he has farther way more talent than kobe , kobe when he first came sucked!!! ai balled all the way out , i bet if ai had garnet or shaq on his team he whould have won a title .iluv kobe again ! hes my 3rd favorite player but sorry ai deservs alot of credit and has just as much as fans as kobe so yall make your pic . the only diffrence is again there will never be a iverson . kobe nearly copyed all of jordans moves and there will be other players in the next 10 years doing the same thing but will there be another ai ??

  21. Whiz Ball says:

    I admit Mr. Sekou I’m guilty of MJ vs. KB thing. I’m just carried away and tempted to answer to the claim that KB is better than MJ especially when it comes from Kobe’s fan. It’s always the fans of Kobe that drag the name of Jordan everytime there is an article for KB because LBJ fans will contradict them. I guess they just wanted to do it to piss off the LBJ fans. To separate Kobe from LBJ they always drag the name of Jordan. That’s what I observed. Thank you.

  22. JZ says:

    MJ has more achievements and better stats but this is not because he was a better basketball than KB. It is just that MJ was in a more suitable era for his skills. As Phil Jackson noted MJ mostly had a height advantage against his defenders but in his championship years he also played alongside great 3pt shooters in Paxson and Kerr allowing him more space to take high percentage shots. Also in Jordan’s years the average shooting percentage was much higher which explains why he has a better fg% than Kobe who is a superior shooter. However to be effective in the current era players need to develop more skills to be as effective as previous era players. This makes it even more difficult to compare MJ & Kobe – different opposition, different teammates & different eras. MJ’s greatness has also a lot to do with timing/luck of when the NBA grew as a global brand which is an aspect KB or future stars can never match.

  23. long live kobe says:

    I enjoy these videos but i must admit that i find it rather stupid when fans come about this annoying debate by themselves let alone when urged on by a supposed sports writer.In no other sport that i know of or even country i would say do you have such a stupid debate.I follow a lot of team sports such as rugby,football,waterpolo. In NONE of these those this occur not even in a sport like football which had superstars such as Maradona and Pele(who are easily the MJs of footy)do you have these stupid arguments/debates.No football fan will ever say Pele was the best to play the game or Maradona was better than Messi. Its just not done because you can’t compare different players from different generations not to mention these are TEAM sports and everyone has their own role to play in every team you can’t even always compare an attacker or SG from one team to another in the same generation because of the whole team dynamic.Not even in non team sports such as tennis,motogp or F1 do you have these arguments i can understand comparing ones which are in direct competition such as Nadal and Federer and still the second one of them retires he will be forgotten and not held as an imaginary bar raised even hire by ppls imagination for all future tennis players to be compared to.I personally think its a very annoying thing to do both for true fans of the sport not just one specific player and also for the players themselves can you imagine how annoying it is for every new player in the league after Mj to have to be compared to someone that retired(the first time) when some of them were still like 12.and to be compared and part of this stupid debate not just by fans but by your peers and sports writers and journalists who should definitely know better.I don’t know it might just be an American thing but i don’t get it.

  24. long live kobe says:

    very nice video but i prefer the last .

  25. Phil_Jackson says:


    I would take Kobe over Jordan any day. Kobe’s skills and talent dribbling the ball allows Kobe to get any shot in the court he wanted, double, triple, quadruple team, you name he can do it. When I coached Jordan we ran a lot of pick and rolls for him to find his shot. Certainly the crossover dribble was not around when Jordan was at his prime, and therefore Jordan never picked it up throughout his career. I know a lot of people don’t find pick/roll pops a really awesome or skilled/talented way to score because its so easy anyone can do it.

    Jordan shot nearly 49% his career was all thanks to my design, we ran him through a lot of pick/roll pops which made Jordan get in more quality shots.

    Kobe on the other hand, we just give Kobe the ball and run isolation on the high post, and just watch him torch his defenders.

    Kobe is the better player, Kobe is playing against the best athletes the NBA has ever had. Jordan played with a lot of shorter, weaker, lighter, less athletic players back in his day.

    –but throughout Kobe’s career hes always had to play against players that were 6’5 to 6’9 that were defending him. While Jordan only had to deal with 6’3 to 6’4 shooting guards at that time. The level of difficulty for Kobe to get his shot off is much much higher than what Jordan ever had to deal with.

    The 2008 Celtics finals, we lost that series due to having Trevor Ariza injured. I realized that during Jordan’s 6 rings he had with me. He never really needed to defend any ELITE hall of fame players, other teams had HALL OF FAME centers or power forwards that played in favor to us, because we rested Jordan on Defense. Whenever we go against a super star in Drexler, we had Pippen to defend him. I think Jordan’s greatest fortune was Pippen, because that allowed Jordan to roam and REST on defense, basically our plan was to have Jordan rest on defense and unleash his wrath on offense. With Jordan not having to defend a hall of fame caliber player, it benefited us much, because the rest on defense payed off.

    yeah…I don’t really understand how Jordan got the Defensive Player of the year award also, I mean who did Jordan defend or shot down? I coached him and I know most of those teams with a wing player, they averaged a career points of 2.4 to 8.7 ppg their whole life.

    But with Ariza out, Kobe had to defend the other team’s best player or scorer. I don’t care who you are or how good you are, YOUR LEGS ARE GOING TO BE SHOT/EXHAUSTED if you have to defend a hall of fame player in Paul Pierce, and with Ray Allen running through cycles of picks, you will be tired.

    Kobe never had that luxury like Jordan. If Kobe can roam/rest on defense, he would be shooting 60% from the field with no problem. But now times has changed and we can’t play kobe anywhere else. The shooting guard or wing positions are the CELTIC’S best scoring player positions on their team Not only that throughout Kobe’s whole career we didn’t really have a special defensive stopper, so we had to put Kobe on pretty much the other team’s best player due to the number of all-star wing players around the league.

    Yes I’m talking about the first 3 peat with shaq, People say that Shaq did this and that, but our defensive specialist was kobe bryant defending guys like tmac, Iverson, pierce, Hill, Allen. reggie miller…etc

    Where as in Jordan’s era we had all-stars in centers and power forwards. So you can tell its obvious that Jordan had a lot of credit where he didn’t really deserve.

    Well thanks for having me on this interview. I’m glad to be a part of it, I’m going to retire soon and just wanted to let everything loose. I coached both of them I know their weaknesses and strengths and KOBE BY FAR IS A LOT MORE SKILLED/TALENTED THAN JORDAN EVER WAS.

    • igador says:

      I still believe that defense in Jordan era is hard than defense of Kobe’s time. If we will let us Kobe, Lebron play in Jordan’s era I don’t know how much injury they can get.

    • Kobe Bryant says:

      Can’t believe you took the time to type all this. Lame, lol.

    • phew says:

      you said it yourself, Jordan never picked up the crossover dribble..
      imagine, how much more of a offensive threat would had he became if he learned it.

      obviously, you don’t know anything about Jordan’s era.
      much more obviously, you’re a kid 10-15yrs old or just somebody who watched basketball since 2000

      i’ll just point out one thing. for me, Paul Pierce is not HOF material.
      don’t get me wrong. he’s a good scorer, but the only reason he’s getting those shots because he’s the only good option before and now he’s the “eldest” on the team. sorry, not hating but Ray Allen deserves it more because he’s about to be the leading all-time 3 point shooter

  26. Tenki says:

    Sekou, never do a Kobe-Mj debate if you want to have some tranquility here. Everybody knows what MJ has done, and Kobe isn’t there. Never ever make it. I swear that Kobe fans are gonna be MJ converts at the end of the discussion if you do so.

  27. KOBE BRYANT says:


  28. charles says:

    Jordan’s moves were great and electrifying!!! Kobe’s moves are also great to watch and somewhat unique. I think Jordan dunks more than Kobe during his younger days. Anyways, they are both very fun to watch. Who is better depends on eye of the beholder…..they played on different eras and scenarios so its hard if not “impossible” to compare.

    • Lebron James says:

      Jordan dunked so much because he sucked at 3pointers and jumpers, just like me in my rookie year, but i’ve improved those two. Oh and till I get rings, kobe is the best player, even better than Jordan of course.

      • Kobe Bryant says:

        Thanks Lebon but I gotta give MJ credit for the shot I learned from him. Not to mention the inspiration when I was growing up. Also I can relate to you on the 3 point shooting. I air-balled four of them in 1998 against Utah, but I’ve also improved.

      • wl88 says:

        It’s OK, you were only 18. Shaq was fouled-out, Eddie Jones and Elden Campbell shot 5 of 27 combined and also Malone and Stockton burned your team with 30-20 and 20-10 double-doubles. You were the youngest player on that team and given the ball in the most important moments of 1-3 series, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

  29. Gary says:

    These are great. I’m glad you guys got a set of NEW clips for this one. I’d have to say number 2 is my favorite, but when it comes to Kobe vs Jordan I can’t say his highlights impress me more than what Jordan did. Maybe because I grew up watching MJ so most the plays Kobe and others did just reminded me of him. But that’s not taking away credit from Bryant because he’s got his own set of moves and these are all still nice.

  30. doomriser says:

    Maybe hes not better than Jordan but he can entertain like no one else ever.
    Those shots are separateing Kobe from other players in the leauge esspecially from Lebron.
    Nice video btw