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Welcome to the first edition of the HT Mailbag. Beware what you send our way, because it just might find its way into the conversation:


If I’m wrong tell me, but if the Celtics get 4 all-stars, then the Spurs deserve 3! Look at both teams. The two best teams in the league and the best record in their conferences. Ginobili and Pierce are averaging about the same scoring wise and are the driving force of their teams. Duncan and Garnett have almost identical stats (dwindled to their normal production), but both play the same vital backbone role on their team. And Parker, though not an assist getter like Rondo, is the punch in the paint. Come on! 42-8! Only because of these three being healthy! Yes I know the bench has helped but they wouldn’t be wining without these 3 healthy this year. I’m just tired of hearing that the Celtics should have 4 and the Spurs players are being ignored. What do you think? — Ian Smith (no relation).

HT: You’re wrong! Seriously, you are just wrong. Just because you have the best team in the league doesn’t mean you have multiple All-Stars. It’s not the same math. Tony Parker doesn’t deserve a spot over any of the point guards that made the Western Conference squad. By this logic, the Mavericks deserve three All-Stars since they are second in the West and the second place team in the East (Miami) has three All-Stars, right?


I’ve recently read your article on how Kevin Love was snubbed from the All-Star team and what not.  Of course I agree Love puts up all the numbers and deserves to be mentioned, but he doesn’t deserve an actual spot on the team!  I’m actually a Timberwolves fan and follow most of their games on League Pass, and while I’d love to sit here and say Love deserves it, in actuality the man isn’t there yet.  From an uneducated basketball fan’s point of view, Love looks like a monster.  He’s great to have if you’re playing fantasy basketball or if you’re just one of those numbers guys!  Unfortunately this is real life and Love’s impact on a game isn’t as great as his numbers.  We all need to remember that numbers can be deceiving!  When will someone have the gumption to write an article bashing Love’s porous defense? The man’s defense is horrible and he gives up just as many points as he scores.  If you watch their games closely, you’ll notice he also gets a lot of rebounds because he doesn’t play defense or contest shots, and thus lets his teammates do this and waits to grab the rebounds.  There have also been moments of him stealing rebounds away from teammates which is a pity to watch.  The man does play hard every night out, I’ll give him that, but the man also plays for numbers!  His lack of defense and selfish play for statistical achievements needs to be exposed!  The other night his continuous streak of double-doubles was in jeopardy against the Grizzlies, and what unfolded towards the end was just a slap in the face to the game of basketball.  The Wolves were getting blown out by 20 points or so deep into the game, and Rambis pulled everyone as expected but kept Love out there so he could get his numbers.  Love even received an elbow to the jaw which really was a good reason for him to come out in a game that was pretty much done, but he stayed out there just so his precious streak could continue.  Don’t get me wrong, Kevin Love is a great player and deserves his name to be mentioned with the All-Star talk going on, he just doesn’t deserve to actually be on the team and therefore it wasn’t a snub.  Please acknowledge the fact his defense needs work and that his numbers are deceiving.  I appreciate your time and consideration. — Marko Jevtic.

HT: I agree that Love won’t be making anyone’s All-Defensive team. And I’ve heard stories of his snatching rebounds away from his own teammates and concede that he could very well play with his stats on his mind. So what. The man is on a team that has won 11 games. He has to play for something. I don’t care what his motivation is. I care about the results. And if the coaches are going to make moral judgments on his metrics, like Bobby Brown said that’s there prerogative. Thankfully, the Commissioner saw through the mess and named Love to the Western Conference squad as the injury replacement for Yao Ming.


Please be aware that your Hang Time Podcast is also listened to in Ukraine, in addition to all that global audience you have. I discovered it about three months ago (don’t remember how I did that though) and have been listening to it since then. I like it very much and, to boot, it helps me hone my English language skills a little. Good thing you are doing! With this love for the game I am confident you will easily achieve the feat of The Basketball Jones. Being a kind-hearted person I do not have a lot of objection to you taking a week off like you did before the New Year and were harshly criticized by people for that. I can understand that there might be different matters coming up pretty much unexpectedly, disrupting people’s plans and stuff, that need to be dealt with, so as long as the podcast is released on a more or less regular basis I am OK with weeks off. And I am sure many people are, actually. They just don’t write to you to say that. Keep doing this good thing and I wish success and good luck to you, Lang, Micah, 3D, and all those involved in the process. With deep respect to y’all. — Oleg Seluchenko.

HT: Your English is fine, Oleg. And shout out to our friends in the Ukraine. Thanks for the vote of confidence. For the record, we are huge fans of and have nothing but love for the TBJ crew. On my honor, we will try not to take any more weeks off. But if we do, it’ll be Micah Hart‘s fault. You can go off on him on Twitter.


I’m from Los Angeles and a huge Lakers fan, honestly a huge basketball fan in general. And in watching the Lakers over the course of this season thus far, it seems almost obvious to me that the core of the Lakers problems is not what has been discussed most (defense, lackadaisical play by the team, Ron Artest‘s woes etc). How is nobody putting more blame on Kobe Bryant? Game after game, we see Kobe taking upwards of 20 shots, and only hitting 30%, maybe even less. In last night’s game against the Spurs, he shot an embarrassing 5-18, that’s 13 times he essentially gave the ball away. And what’s worse in this case is that three of the other starters were shooting over 50%. Pau Gasol was 8/10 on the night! If Kobe had taken only the 5 shots he made and given those other 13 to Pau, keeping Pau’s statistics consistent on the night, he would have hit 10 (10.4 to be exact – 80% of the 13 additional shots), giving the Lakers an additional 20 points and a sure fire win (assuming all else equal of course). These sorts of numbers have popped up time and time again. On one hand, yes, there are times when it seems the Lakers need to get more involved. But at the same time, even from watching the game on TV, it’s quite obvious that Kobe is going to shoot, no matter what, even over a triple team. Against the Celtics he took 10 consecutive shots, the only Laker to shoot from somewhere around the 7:30 mark of the fourth to the 1:30 mark of the fourth, leaving better options open time and time again. All that does is constipate the Lakers’ offense. When Kobe wants to facilitate, and make the team better, he can and does. But when he goes on these runs of refusing to pass the ball, insisting on shooting over and over and over again, it causes the team to become complacent. In other words – I don’t necessarily think the problem is that the team is complacent, I think the problem is that Kobe has a tendency to cause the team to become complacent. Obviously, the Lakers focal point is and should be Kobe. It just blows my mind that a veteran of 14-15 years in the league would insist on taking the number of shots he takes given the percentage that he hits. Kobe has arguably the best role players in the NBA (if you can even call the likes of Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom “role players”). I would be willing to guarantee that if he moved the ball around and got his teammates more looks, they would get inherently more involved, which could easily lead to more aggressive play at the other end, more points on the board for the Lakers, and bigger numbers in the win column. I would love to hear your thoughts on this? — Jake Simon.

HT: And I thought Jerry West and Magic Johnson were being a bit harsh, Jake. You mentioned those 10 straight shots Kobe took against the Celtics. Well, he made five of them. I’ll take that. I totally disagree that Kobe causes his team to become complacent or, as you put it, “constipates” the Lakers’ offense. Maybe you haven’t heard, this is Kobe country, bro! We’re not saying he walks on water or anything, but if he used his tip-toes … We don’t consider Gasol and Odom “role players.” Shannon Brown and Steve Blake, those are role players. So no, this Kobe-is-the-problem theory will get you nowhere around here. Bottom line, all the Lakers have to do is pop on the film from their last two title runs and see exactly what worked for them. I seem to remember several of Kobe’s teammates playing at a pretty high level alongside him in both instances. It’s a formula that actually works.


I am a loyal fan to NBA TV and I love me some NBA.  To the point : I believe that the All Star voting is very biased, the ballot only allows you to chose from specific names and positions, causing sometimes strong candidates to be left out. I believe that if it is for the fans to vote, everybody should be available. And for any position. Let’s say if I wanted to vote for Luis Scola as center for the west (which i believe along with Gasol, Nene and Dirk Nowitzki to be the best). Let’s say just for arguments sake, that if I wanted to pick LeBron James at point, this would not be possible to do. How would I go about submitting my vote that way?  Also, why are the Lakers such a bad team according to everybody? They are still at a steady second in the West, to only the Spurs, which are having their best year yet. They are at the same level with Chicago and Miami. As far as the playoffs go: Atlanta, Orlando and Boston are all very strong teams. It will be difficult to predict who is going to sneak through all the way to the Conference finals, but I believe, as it stands now,  NBA Finals: “Boston vs San Antonio” I like Chicago though. They are a good team. — Federico Antun.

HT: You nailed it Federico. The ballot is the biggest problem with the All-Star voting process. And you have guys like HT’s very own Art Garcia to blame for that, as he explains here. It’s 2011 for Facebook‘s sake, there’s no way every single player in the league shouldn’t be allowed to be a part of the voting process. We part ways on the positions, though. LeBron’s not a point guard, so there’s no way you vote for him there. The Lakers are currently third in the West behind the Spurs and Mavericks, but your point is well taken. The panic button has been pressed prematurely. We plan on waiting until Game 4 or 5 of the first round of the playoffs before sounding the alarm. As for your NBA Finals prediction, we shall see.


There are always noteworthy articles posted on catching sometimes the slightest to discussing the most major changes in the league. If a team starts messing up (if even just 3 games), you notice it. If a team is a train wreck, you talk about it. If a team does well, you notice it too. I think the clippers deserve to be noticed! They started out 1-13, and they are now 19-29. With a little bit of math you would find that they are 18-16 in their last 34. That’s a 53 winning %, and if they had played like that from the beginning they would’ve been in the playoffs this year. Blake Griffin deserves credit, so does his team for supporting and playing well with him. They had some pretty good victories too (they beat the Lakers at some point) They are improving at the fastest rate in the league this year, and noon is noticing or saying anything! The Clippers deserve an article. The team, the coach, griffin, there’s credit to be passed around there. At this rate they might finish the season with 45%, which is very decent considering they started 1-13! They are 6-4 in their last 10 games. Even the Lakers are 5-5. They are becoming the better show at the Staples Center, which is a tall order to accomplish considering they share it with the two-time champs! One article of praise for the team. There’s more to the clippers than just griffin free-style dunking around! I mean of course, the Blake show is awesome, but what started out as a circus act has now become a serious team! P.S. I am a Heat and Celtics fan. Just so you know I’m not being biased for my favorite team or anything here. Although, they are getting there. — Imad Akel.

HT: For a Heat and Celtics fan (if it’s possible to be both) you seem pretty passionate about the Clippers. And your math skills are impressive. I’d say the Clippers and Heat have gotten more than their fair share of play here at the hideout, certainly on and everywhere else. In fact, can you remember a time when the Clippers received this much positive attention in the past decade? The Clippers do have the raw materials that you look for in an upstart. I watched them in person last night for the time this season and there is plenty to be excited about. So I imagine you’ll read a lot more about the Clippers here in the future.


I’m looking for the information on the worst one season turn around in NBA history, meaning best record one season to the worst record the next season. Do the Cavs have this clinched or are they in contention? — Tom.

HT: Great question Tom. It’s too early to say how their record will end up at the end of the season, but according to NBA TV stats guru Kevin Cottrell, Jr., if the Cavs keep their current pace they will become the first NBA team to ever do the first-to-worst turnaround. Just so you know, the best regular season turnaround is 42 games by the 2007-08 Boston Celtics. The 2006-07 Celtics went 24-58. The 2007-08 Celtics went 66-16.


The All-Star format is what it is and will be. Curious what you think of more transparency in at least having the coaches publicly list their respective subs. Would definitely up the ante for some matchups come the season’s second half. — Justin Ryans

HT: Best idea I’ve heard in a long time, Justin. The college football coaches give up their ballots every week. So this shouldn’t be a big deal. But don’t hold your breath.


  1. LAKERFAN from Cavite,Philippines says:

    Hi Sekou, I hate to disagree, but Jake has a point. There are time Kobe tends to be a ball hog and it hurts their offensive flow. Based on statistics when Kobe takes more than 20 shot per game. Lakers most likely loses the game. But when he takes shots below 15 per game and his team has their fair share of shots Lakers most likely wins!

    We all know Kobe can hit the most difficult shot, he can create a shot wherein there is no available shot at all. But this a team game. Kobe must trust his teammates like he did in game 7 when he pass the ball to Artest for three with under two minutes to play.

    Kobe is a great player. And he has team loaded with talents. They have bench players that can be starters for other teams (e.g L.O.).

    But ofcourse the rest of the team must step up big time. Just like their game this morning (Philippine time) vs Memphis. Wherein they have 6 players in double digit.

  2. LB6 says:

    ummm Love.. Wins Rebounds but doesnt win games.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hello, i have a quick question that i hope you can give me an answer too.
    Umm the Mavs are doing good and all, 8 games won in a row.
    WHy arent they making a push to trade for Melo?
    Woulnt he like it in Big D?
    we have some quality players to trade, dont you think soo?

  4. Darko Believer says:

    Marko, great email, and great job to opening up some dialog on this and making HT look like the amateur. HT you need to talk to the folks at and get this guy to write some articles. He writes with an unbiased heart unlike some of the thoughtless and meaningless articles posted on this site. I am also a T-Wolves fan and am proud to say I am going to a game this Firday. If you watch the interview posted, all he talks about is how he was worrying about the All-Star stuff before the game. He should be focusing on preparing for the game. Again, just another example of the already discussed selfishness. If you are comparing Love and Aldridge, both players have certainly improved their game this season, no doubt. If you look at it from a team impact prospective, Aldridge has carried Portland with all their injuries and has them in playoff contention with his numbers. Love has carried the T-Wolves to the cellar with his numbers. If Love is able to work on/care about defense this off-season and not steal rebounds and play more of a team game not only will the T-Wolves be better, but he will definitely deserve to be mentioned with the All-Stars.

  5. Fastbreak says:

    Kevin Love maybe an ALlstar now, but he was still choosen by the commish, not fans – and for good reason.

    I mean look at Griffin, he IS an allstar. Why? Because we all know without Griffin Clippers would probably be scratching the bottom of the barrel with the timberwolves. Instead the team is actually winning some games, given the crappy start they had will stain this season, but he has made the team this year have hope and energy.

    Love has done nothing but pad statistics. Not even saying he is selfish or whatever, I honestly haven’t watched any of their games. But how would his team look without him? He just hasn’t had an impact on the team at all. I mean thats basically translates into this, when you put him on a team, he doesn’t make it better. So when we put him on the west Allstar team, the team didnt get any better, its just a center.

    With all that said, I would put good money on Love not getting anywhere near his avg pts or rbs in the allstar game. Maybe that will end the hype?

  6. uclastudent37 says:

    “Game after game, we see Kobe taking upwards of 20 shots, and only hitting 30%, maybe even less.”

    Up until that game with the Spurs, Kobe had actually been shooting 50% in the past dozen games or so.

  7. Herr says:

    The problem I have with Love is that the poster is right. He is a selfish player that cares more about stats than the franchise. He gives up as many points as he scores, and he’s on a team with players that can’t compete for rebounds either. He is a great rebounder, but who else on that team is going to get boards? There isn’t anyone else on the team that can get a double double, there is no competition like there is on Blake Griffin’s squad, or LaMarcus’ Aldridge’s squad.

    And your reasoning is stupid, sorry to say. He plays with motivation, but his team doesn’t? You’re kidding right? These guys are professional basketball players all playing for contracts. They’re lucky to be there with how bad their team is all together. Love doesn’t help the team at all, and is selfish, yet the NBA, especially by David Stern (who just wanted the money), puts him in the game. That team has lots of motivation. If Kevin Love was truly an All-Star, they wouldn’t be dropping games to teams like Toronto, New Jersey, and all the All-Star-less teams that are nearly equally as bad.

    The thing that annoys me is you look at Zach Randolph and LaMarcus Aldridge, who put up great numbers, which are very similar to Love’s and Griffin’s. Yet, both those players (ZR and LA) are winning games and both have their teams right now competing for the 8th spot with winning records. So their records, and numbers, are completely ignored because Griffin is a rookie and flashy and Love had a 31-31 game (in a loss). Meanwhile Duncan and Gasol are having absolutely horrible seasons compared to what they can do (not so much Duncan, because he’s playing low minutes, which is another reason he shouldn’t be in there over other players). They have the wins, and not the stats, and get in.

    The NBA completely contradicted themselves when picking the All-Stars. You have your reasoning for Duncan and Gasol based on their wins. You have it for BG and KL for their stats. But you ignore Zach Randolph and LaMarcus Aldridge who have the stats and the wins.

    Does no one see a problem with this, or are you all just a bunch of hypocrites? What kind of lame excuses are you going to make for claiming Kevin Love, Tim Duncan, Pau Gasol, and Blake Griffin deserve a spot over LaMarcus Aldridge and Zach Randolph. You guys are professional analysts and have yet to give a non-biased reasoning.

  8. Freddy Ramirez says:

    Hi Sekou, my stand on the positions differs from yours a bit. While I agree that for example, LeBron is not a guard and should only be voted for as a forward, there are many players who can play multiple positions. Lebron may not play point guard, players like Pau Gasol, Tim Duncan and Stoudamire can play as either power forwards or centers. I would’ve loved to be able to vote for Pau as a center.Seeing how people voted for Yao Ming instead of everyone else despite Yao being injured was kind of sad, ‘cuz it meant meant tons of people thought that everyone else who was listed as a center on the ballot was not worthy of being voted to the All-Stars. If I could suggest anything for the upcoming All-Star ballots it would be to let people vote for players on ANY position they can play at. For example, this year I had voted for Durant and Gasol as forwards, with Bynum at center (I’d rather vote for the 2nd-highest vote-getter than vote for an injured player). I wasn’t satisfied with that. I would’ve liked to vote Durant, Griffin as forwards and Gasol as center; unfortunately Gasol was cast as a forward, and stayed a forward during the whole voting process, even though he HAS played center regularly during the season (especially while Bynum was injured). If Gasol could’ve been cast as either a center or a forward he would’ve definitely nailed an All-Star starter spot as a center. I know this may be somewhat complicated, but seeing that your response to Federico was that LeBron doesn’t play PG so there was no way for anyone to vote for him like that, I wondered if it was possible that the ballot COULD be changed to vote for a player on any position he can play *as long as the player has actually played regularly on those positions during the season*. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Sekou Smith says:

      The ballot is put together long before we get deep into the season. The only way any of this works is we go strictly with an electronic ballot (which might not be a bad idea).

  9. typper says:

    I agree. The Tony Parker should be an All-star!

  10. SK says:

    The Spurs are a team team that has come out of the gates this year breaking all kinds of franchise records. Their record of 42 and 8 ranks currently 5th all time in league history through 50 games! Please tell me how in the world did they do this without a masterful efffort from their floor general. The Spurs have asked him to score the basketball and he does it. The spurs have asked him to inolve his teammates the same time and he’s done that; five Spurs averging double figures this year. Winning is one thing. Doing it while making NBA history is on a totally different level. Tony Parker deserves to be an All-star along with his two teammates.

    • Jesse says:

      Just because Tony Parker is playing well doesn’t mean he should be and All-Star. Every day of the week I would take Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Monta Ellis, and Russell Westbrook over Parker. Paul, Williams, and Westbrook are triple double threats every night and Ellis is averaging 25 per game. You only think Parker should be there because he is on the Spurs. You need to look at stats as well and you will see he is not playing well enough for an All-Star spot.

      • SK says:

        Tony is doing what’s best for the Spurs not the Hornets, Jazz, Thunder or Warriors. The impact and end result is what you need to look at. Stats don’t mean anything if you can’t convert those to wins.

  11. LOL says:

    Wow, HT thinks that the Lakers can switch it on the intensity anytime. I hope they do soon because they aren’t getting any younger ya know.

  12. bataraza24 says:

    i think Lamarcus Aldridge deserves to b an all-star…look at the porland w/o Brandon Roy
    21.2 pts, 9.10 rebs no.8 in west
    i think Aldridge should b all-star > love or griffin

    • QuestionMark says:

      I dont think he should be in it besides Love or Griffin, one reason their stats. Love is averaging 21 and 15 and Griffin is averaging 22 and 12. which are better numbers than Aldridge, but I agree he should be an All Star.

  13. OhMen says:

    Who cares if there are 0, 2 or 3 spurs in the Western All-Star roster? Regular season wins are more important than an All-Star Nods. Who cares if you’re an All-Star and putting “historic” numbers when at the end of the season your team’s just another punching bag for the top 8 teams in the conference. *cough* T-Wolves *cough*

    Off Topic: 42-8 is better than 11-39, right? =)

  14. Magnum says:

    I’m really curious on how the NBA is selecting its slam-dunk contestants. If the all star game starters were selected by the fans, can we not do it on slam-dunk too? I think everyone will agree that we want to see the top Dunkers competing. And maybe other NBA players who really can dunk with a high degree of difficulty wants to participate too.

  15. Phil Dietz says:

    The Spurs team does not really care who is an all-star THAT is exactly why they are consistent winners. There eye is on the Prize not the ego of each team member. They are TEAM if they win it all they WILL BE THE ENVY of all the so called all-stars. after all, isn’t that what ALL the teams want? 4 championships and counting.

  16. Gary says:

    “WOW! ” regarding the HangTime crew’s reponse to the question about the Lakers. Pop on a film, or basically flip the switch huh? Yeah I’d believe that too if it was 2002.

  17. ricy says:

    HT i dont get your response to marko. Thats such an invalid arguement, Love should make the all-star team because he is motiivated to be a selfish stat-stuffer.SO WHAT? SO WHAT? If you care about the results the result is that his team only has 3 more wins than the Cavaliers. To me all-stars should make a difference in the game. I hate the argument when people are like Love is on a bad team and he shouldnt’t be punished for it. The fact is that his team has just as much supporting talent as a lot of other teams in the league and the diffenece between losing and winning in this league is star power and clearly Love does not have the ability to lead his team to wins.

    • Champkobe says:

      Why should we punish Love, who is having a historic year, for being on a bad team? If he had more talent around him, this wouldn’t even be a debate. If Love’s team had a winning record, he would even be in the talk for MVP. You mentioned yourself his team does not have enough talent to compete with other teams. Is that his fault?

      • Imad Akel says:

        dude that’s not a good historic year. i’m pretty sure this is cheating.
        love is going to go down with players that got those stats while lifting their team to victory. Love is doing it at the expense of the team.

        Why? because winning even just 1 more game per season is worth those extra 3 rebounds per game everyone is so happy about.

        People ask why hasn’t anyone done this before, i will tell you why. Because no one has ever been so selfish and single-stat minded with such an incomplete game.
        I HATE KOBE. He is a ball hog and probably single stat minded towards points. But kobe is even more driven towards winning, and that’s why his defence is pretty decent. He doesn’t focus on scoring alone if his defence sucks. He wants to win. And he wants to get stats while WINNING.
        Love on the other hand, wants to get Rebounds and Double Doubles, and he’s willing to get them while LOSING.
        I have no respect for someone like that.

        How about next season, the wolves pick a player that takes EVERY SINGLE shot. That player will average 41ppg and make history, and at the same time, the wolves can try and break the record that will be set by cleveland this year for worst season….

    • HiredGun says:

      Dudes, he already made the All-Star team, aight? And I don’t think he’s selfish; it’s just that any other Timberwolf, you know, sucks.

    • LB6 says:

      I agree with RICY

      Is LOVE good enough talent to make his team better? if not he shouldnt be an allstar.

  18. Larry O'Connor says:

    I think all fans should boycott the slam dunk contest. Send a message to the NBA we want the best dunkers. Blake YES but over the last few years we could have seen Kobe compete with Carter and LeBron vs Dwight, Josh Smith compete with Amare or Wade, Rudy Gay vs Rudy Fernandez. But we had to endure a million failed attempts by Nate. and a parade of boring dunkers. I like Nate but too many attempts and its just not fun anymore. Cant the NBA make them compete? These millionaires are too good for the fans? BOYCOTT!!!!!

    • QuestionMark says:

      I wouldnt say Carter or Kobe, as you can see they dont got hops like they used too, I would like to see Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, Wade and JR Smith. But I think this year will be fun, especially between Derozan and Griffin. Also you forget that there are others that can dunk besides the top dogs, top dogs being the superstars.

  19. HiredGun says:

    Mr. Sekou Smith sir, you just proved Mr. Ian Smith’s point in his letter, that Spurs players are being ignored, by giving a response like such. Seriously, why would you think Tony Parker does not deserve to be an all-star? And who the heck will you put on the West team from the Mavs besides Dirk?

    Then again, personally, I’d rather have NONE of the Spurs in that weekend. Let the other coyotes get the small chunks of meat while the Spurs, as a whole team, gnaw at the whole frigging prey.

    • Champkobe says:

      I would’ve chosen Ellis over parker, and all the current all-star guards on the roster completely deserves their spot. Westbrook is one of the best emerging point guards in the NBA, and Williams is playing with extremely high efficiency. Unless you want to take Ginobili out for Parker. Plus, the west has a far greater pool of talent for the reserves than the east does. If Ray allen had been playing in the west, he most likely wouldn’t have made it to this years all-star game.

      • HiredGun says:

        Of course you’d choose (name) over Parker.

        Manu deserves to be there, so no, I won’t have him out of the game. I’d rather take Duncan out, though. Or better yet, I’d take the three of them out.

    • Manu says:

      I agree with you. But of course it’s much more difficult to make the West All-Star team than the East. If the Celtics played in the West they’d probably only have Rondo and Pierce in the All-Star Game. Conversely, all the Spurs big 3 would easily walk into the East All-Star team. As a Celtics fan, I too would rather sit out the Celtics stars and give them some rest – especially Garnett.

      Maybe the All-Star game should stop being East vs. West and just have the 24 most deserving players regardless of conference.

  20. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Travis Weaver, Sekou Smith. Sekou Smith said: HT Mailbag: You Talk, We Listen: […]

    • Imad Akel says:

      always been a fan of KG, and love rondo’s play for celtics.

      but i’m a sucker for hated teams. that’s why even though i’m usually with the Celtics, so many people hated on Lebron’s move (which, in my opinion, made this season alot more interesting and intense than last season), i just had hop on the heat train just to spite all the haters lol.

      Hence, i’m a heat and celtics fan 🙂